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God bless you. It's great to be with you today, and I hope you'll stay connected with us throughout the week. We have a daily podcast that you can download. You can go to our YouTube channel, watch the messages any time, or, of course, you can follow us on social media. I promise you, this will keep you encouraged and inspired. But thanks for tuning in and thanks again for coming out today. And I'd like to start with something funny.


And this is just a joke. Please don't be offended. But I heard about this man. He was sitting in a dark restaurant. He said to the lady next to him, Would you like to hear a blond joke? The lady said, Well, before you tell me, you should know that I'm blond, six foot tall and a professional bodybuilder. The lady next to me is blond, six foot two and a professional wrestler. And the lady next to her is blond, six foot five and the kick boxing champion of the world.


Now, do you still want to tell me? He thought about it a moment, said no, not if I'm I'll have to explain it three times. I needed a ride home today, but here we go. This is my Bible. I am what it says I am. I have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do today. I will be taught the word of God. I boldly confess. My mind is alert.


My heart is receptive.


I will never be the same in Jesus name. God bless you. I want to talk to you today about settled accounts. We all have to deal with unfair situations and people that do us wrong. You can't live very long without someone being jealous and talking badly about you being cheated in a business deal. A friend not keeping their word. A lady told me how coworker said things about her that weren't true. She went around spreading these rumors. People believed it and it kept this lady from a promotion.


It doesn't seem right when you're being your best and someone else put you at a disadvantage, their choices set you back. But God said in Hebrews, I am a just God. I will repay the exact compensation of you. I will settle the accounts of my people. God sees what you're going through. He sees who did you wrong, how they walked away and left you to raise the kids, how they manipulated things, made you look bad, how they were dishonest and took what should have been yours.


God is saying, don't worry, I'm going to pay you back. I'm going to make it up to you. You don't have to get even. You don't have to vindicate yourself. The most high God is going to settle your account. You are not at the mercy of how other people had treated you. They don't control your destiny. They may have walked away, said things that damage your reputation. Seems like they put you at a disadvantage.


Stay encouraged. Your time is coming. God is not going to leave your account in a deficit. He's not going to let you stay down. Mistreated, shortchanges. No, get ready. Payback is coming. God is a just God. You don't have to settle your account. He's going to do it for you. And the good news is God never brings you out the same. He makes the enemy pay for bring into trouble. Someone may have tried to push you down, said things that were hurtful.


You didn't have a good childhood. There's a lot of abuse, manipulation, jealousy. But when God settled your account, you're not only going to get what you were owed, but you're going to come out, increased, promoted, honored. Better then if he would have never happened. Better relationships, better position, better opportunities. This is what happened with Jacob in the scripture. He fell in love with Lavon's daughter, a young lady named Rachel Leyburn told him that if he would work for him for seven years, he could have Rachel as his wife.


They had this agreement very clear, seven years and she's mine. Jacob worked those seven years being his best. He didn't just pass the time. He excelled because of Jacob Laybourne became very wealthy. His flocks multiplied many times over seven years. Finally came. Jacob was so excited in those days at the wedding, the bride wore a very thick veil. You couldn't see who was in there after the big celebration with partying and dancing. I can imagine Jacob went to bed that night with a little too much to drink.


The next morning, when he woke up, he leaned over to kiss his new bride. But it wasn't Rachel. It was her sister, Leah. Jacob nearly passed out.


He ran to Leyburn, said, What are you doing? Trying to trick me. I didn't agree to marry Leah. I agreed to marry Rachel, Laban said. I know Jacob, but we have a tradition. We have to marry the older daughter Allfirst first work for me another seven years. Then you can have Rachel Laybourne was dishonest, manipulative, conniving, all at Jacob's expense here, Jacob did the right thing. He went overboard to carry out his part of the agreement.


But Leyburn deceived him. And Jacob was either so in love with Rachel or so dumb, he agreed to work another seven years. He eventually married Rachel. He told Leyburn that he wanted to move back home. Laven didn't want him to go. He said, Jacob, I know God has blessed me because you were here. My flocks were very small, but now because of you, I'm enormously wealthy. He recognized it was the favor on Jacob that caused him to be so blessed.



When I leave, nobody will have any doubt that what I take belongs to me. Laban agreed. But he was so stingy he had his workers sneak out in the middle of the night and take all the mail streaked and spotted animals. So when they needed, Jacob wouldn't get any more flocks. The funny thing is when the solid colored animals mated, they produce speckled and spotted offspring. It didn't make sense. This went on and on to where Jacob's flocks were getting bigger than Lavon's.


Leyburn couldn't understand it. He said, Jacob, I've changed my mind. From now on, I get all the speckled and spotted animals. You get the solid colored ones. You know what happened? All the animals that were born were now solid.


Laybourne was scratching his head thinking, what in the world is happening? God knows how to settle your accounts. He knows how to pay you back for what should have been yours. Deceptive people can't stop our God. Manipulators are not going to get the best of you. People that lead you out, push you down. Don't keep their word. Don't get upset. You're not on their payroll. You're on God's payroll. He controls the universe. He knows what your own.


He knows how to make it up to you. He will bless you despite people trying to keep you down. They can't stand against our God. Now, quit worrying about people that have done you wrong. Losing sleep over that person that left you out, that contract. You were manipulated out. They may have manipulated you, but they can't manipulate our God. When he's ready to pay you back. All the forces of darkness cannot stop him. He'll make things happen that don't make sense.


He'll cause people to be good to you, that don't even like you, cause doors to open. That should be closed because promotion when you weren't next in line, God is a just God. He saw Jacob's account was in deficit. He was doing the right thing and not being treated fairly, working hard, but not getting Rachel what he was promised. That doesn't go unnoticed, God said in verse twelve. Jacob, I have seen all that Leyburn has done to you.


People may think they're getting the best to you. They don't have any problem putting you at a disadvantage. Do like Jacob, stay on the high road, keep being your best. You don't have to vindicate yourself. God will not only vindicate you, but he'll make it up to you. The time is coming. Where you going? To see blessings that you can't explain promotion you didn't deserve. Great people come looking for you. What is that God paying you back for how you were treated.


Paying you back for what should have been yours. Jacob said Leyburn. You have reduced my wages ten times. Think about how unjust that was. Here's a man that calls Laven to be incredibly wealthy. If it were not for Jacob, he would still be struggling. But instead of blessing Jacob, instead of promoting him, he kept demoting him, decreasing his wages. Jacob went on to say if it were not for the grace of God, you would send me off without a penny.


But God has seen your cruelty and he's seen my hard work. That's why he's blessed me in abundance. God, Saul, what was unfair? And he saw how Jacob kept passing the test, taken the high road. Jacob ended up leaving with more flock's than leaving in a short time. He outgrew leaving the. Blessing on his life caused him to come into sudden increase to acceleration. What was that? Payback time?


Don't be discouraged over what it looks like you're losing, how you're being short changed, not getting what you deserve. When you come into your payback time, you'll see a sudden increase, unusual growth, extraordinary blessings. God knows what you're owed. He's storing up the blessing when he releases it. It's going to catapult you ahead. Now, here's the key. Don't look to people to make it up to you. Look to God. That person that hurt you, the friend that did you wrong, the company that let you go, they can't pay you back the way God is going to pay you back.


If you get it from people, it's going to be less than what it should have been. You have to pass the test of being vindictive, trying to get revenge, showing them that you can play at that game. That's a distraction. That's not a battle that you're supposed to fight. Let God take care of it. Too often we're trying to get something from people that they don't have to give that person that did you wrong. The friend that walked away, the boss that let you go, their part in your story is over.


Don't give it any more time or attention. They don't have anything that you need. You're not on their payroll. God didn't promise that they would pay you back. He promised that he would pay you back. Get your eyes off of who hurt you, quit losing sleep over what they did, and start thanking God that he will settle your accounts, that he will compensate you exactly what your own. If you'll be Ajaka, keep doing the right thing.


Keep a good attitude when it's unfair, be your best when you're not being treated right. And then when it's all said and done, you'll not only be vindicated, you'll be promoted, honored, blessed at a new level.


Years ago, Victoriana went into partnership with this gentleman that came across our path. He had a project that we were interested in and we agreed to do it together. He would be a silent partner and we would give the leadership and direction. We worked out a very fair contract. Everything we earned would be split. But when it came down to the operations, he wanted himself and several of his people to be on the payroll. We didn't need any of them.


These weren't starting salaries. They were executive salaries. We were struggling to make ends meet, trying to get it off the ground. We talked to a couple of times about how that wasn't what we agreed to would be better once we built it up, then we could take on more staff. But he was set in his ways. He wouldn't hear it. And rather than fight about it and get into a big argument, we just kept being our best, doing what we could trust in God to do what we couldn't.


And if you don't understand that God will settle your accounts, then you'll get frustrated, try to get revenge, manipulate things, let God pay you back. Trust him when it's not fair. He sees exactly what's happening. That's why he told Jacob. I have seen all that Leyburn has done to you. That little detail could have been left out of the scripture. No big deal, but God had it recorded. So we would know that he sees when it's unfair.


He sees when you're being wronged. He sees when people are taking advantage of you. If you stay in faith and keep honoring him, the time will come where he will not only vindicate you, but he will honor you in front of those that tried to hold you back. He's preparing a table in the presence of your enemies.


That means when you have enemies, when it's unfair, you're not being treated right. There's a table there. Instead of living frustrated, why don't you take a seat? Why don't you stay in peace and let God make your wrongs right? Our attitude should be, father. Thank you. That you will settle my accounts. I know you are just God. You will pay me back all that I'm owed. Several years went by and we just kept on doing the right thing.


One day out of the blue, this man called and asked if we would buy him out.


He had never given any indication that he didn't want to be a long term partner. But for some reason he suddenly changed his mind. We bought him out at the same value. We purchased our part. About a year later, a company contacted us about buying the business. We ended up selling it for more than ten times what we bought it for those few salaries we paid for several years that weren't fair. God compensated us many times over if that.


Man would have waited a few more months, he would have received a huge return on his investment. Instead, it all came to us. When God pays you back, it will be average. It will be ordinary. It will be more than you can imagine, David said in Psalm 18.


The Lord rewarded me for doing right. Then he compensated me for my innocence. When you keep doing the right thing, God will compensate you. And I believe many of you have been doing this. You've done the right thing when it was hard. You've been good to people that weren't good to you. You stayed on the high road instead of paying people back. God is saying, I'm about to settle your account, I'm about to vindicate you, promote you suddenly turn things around.


You didn't see it coming, but suddenly he's going to trust you to a new level, thrust you to abundance, thrust you into greater influence on opportunity. Like with us, you're going to come out with much more than those that tried to stop you. They tried to push you down. But when God settled your account, it's going to catapult you ahead. Listen, you are closer to your payback than you think. Don't get tired of doing the right thing you do.


Season is coming. The unfair situation, the bad break. The people that left you out didn't go unnoticed. God saw your innocence. He saw your faithfulness. He's about to settle that account. The Israelites had been in slavery for four hundred and thirty years. They were mistreated, forced to work long hours with no breaks. Given quotas that were impossible to meet. It looked like that was their destiny. But God is not going to let people continually mistreat you, continually take advantage of you, he said.


In Exodus. I have seen the affliction of my people. I have heard their cries. I am coming down to deliver them. God was saying, enough is enough. It's payback time. I'm ready to settle this account. God didn't just deliver them. He didn't just free them from the pharaoh. That would have been a great miracle. But when you're on God's payroll, when you honor him with your life, he's keeping a record of everything that's on you, everything that should have been yours.


They didn't leave Egypt empty handed. The scripture says God caused them to have favor with their oppressors. They gave them their gold, their jewelry and their clothing. Think about how strange that was. The people that had held them all those years made their lives miserable. Now they're giving them their valuables. What was that? God paying them back for four hundred and thirty years of working without pay. It says in Psalms that they left loaded down with blessings.


For years they had been loaded down with burdens, loaded down with pressure, loaded down with discouragement. But when God settle their account, they were loaded down with gifts, loaded down with joy, loaded down with blessings. You too, may have been through some unfair situations. Seems like the struggle, the loneliness, the depression is your destiny. Know your time is coming. God is not going to leave you at a deficit. Yes, there are seasons where we're tested.


Things happen that we don't understand. But that is not how your story ends. Payback is coming. You're not going to be loaded down with burdens but loaded with blessings, not loaded with lack, but loaded with abundance, not loaded with sickness, loaded with good health, with strength, with vitality. Everything that was stolen. God is going to restore the joy, the peace, the health, the finances, the relationships, the dreams. He's going to pay you back for the childhood that you never had.


He's going to pay you back for the person that falsely accused you for those years you lost in an abusive relationship for that promotion that should have been yours. Now, why don't you get an agreement with God instead of focusing on who did you wrong, what you didn't get, how unfair it was? Lord, thank you for settling my account. Thank you for paying me back for the Wrongs Road. I know you will compensate me for my innocence that what was meant for harm.


You are turning to my advantage. You don't have a victim mentality, have a restoration mentality, a payback mentality as they have said. God will give you double for your former shame. When unfair things happen, someone does you wrong. In one sense, they did you a favor. They just qualified you for double instead of being just. Father think that double is coming. Thank you that you will show out in my life. I saw a story about a young lady named Dawn.


She grew up in a very dysfunctional home. Her mother struggled with addictions. The mother's boyfriend was a drifter. They'd live under a bridge in a shelter, and Don would attend elementary school for several months. And then when the boyfriend would get arrested, they'd move to another city. She grew up with no stability in and out of school. Much of the time, she didn't have running water or electricity. Despite all this, Don was an amazing student.


She wasn't bitter. She didn't have a chip on his shoulder. She just kept being her best in high school. She worked as a janitor. She would get to the school two hours before it started, 5:00 in the morning, clean the halls and classrooms after school. She would stay and work till 8:00 at night. That's how she made money to survive. One summer, she went to a camp with the money she had earned. And when she came back, her mother was nowhere to be found.


She called the number where they were temporarily staying. It was disconnected. Her mother and new boyfriend had abandoned her, moved to another city, and the head janitor heard what happened and took Don into her home. She begin to excel in school. She made the honor roll straight A's. She was elected vice president of her class. When it came time to apply for college, her friends encouraged her to aim high. A few months later, she received a letter in the mail.


It said, Congratulations. You've been accepted into Harvard University. God knows how to settle your accounts. He knows how to make up for what wasn't fair, what you didn't get, who wasn't there for you, who walked away. Another person cannot stop your destiny unless you allow them to. If you get bitter, angry, lose your passion, then you'll miss the payback. You'll miss the double. The scripture says even if my father and mother forsake me, God will adopt me as his very own child.


He's watching over you right now. He's seen the lonely nights. He's seen the loveless marriage. He's seen the injustice at work. He has beauty for those ashes. He has blessings for the burdens. He has joy for the morning. If you do light dawn, keep moving forward. Be in your best where you are, then payback is coming. God will open doors that no person can shut. He'll give you a favor with people and cause them to be good to you.


When he settles your account, you'll go places that you've never dreamed. Think about all the people that came against Joseph in the Scripture. He was betrayed by his brothers. They were jealous and threw him into a pit. He could have thought, God, my own family has turned on me. The people that should love me before me are now against me. In Egypt, the man he worked for was a high ranking military officer. His wife falsely accused Joseph.


She lied and said he was trying to harm her. Joseph was put in prison. While there, he interpreted a dream for a fellow prisoner, Faro's former butler. All Joseph ask in return was for him to remember Joseph when he got out, the butler said that he would, but when he was released, he forgot all about Joseph. Two years went by and nothing. And the butler wasn't a bad person. He just got busy doing his own thing.


We all have to deal with broken promises, people that mean well, but they don't keep their word. Something we were counting on. We needed it to happen, but they forgot about it. It seemed like Joseph would end in a deficit. All these unfair things, betrayal, rejection, being lied about broken promises. Surely his story was over. No, people can't stop your destiny. And if that betrayal was going to keep you from your purpose, God wouldn't have allowed it.


If the injustice, the person that walked away, the boss that did you wrong, was going to stop God's plan, they would be more powerful than God. No, nothing anyone has done to you. No bad break, no disappointment, no betrayal has stopped what God has in store for you. It wasn't fair. It was painful. It shouldn't have happened. Yes, but God saw it and payback is coming. He's going to settle your account.


After thirteen years, all the odds were against Joseph. One day the pharaoh sent word for him. He interpreted the Pharaoh's dream and became the Prime Minister of Egypt. It has. And suddenly Joseph woke up that morning, a slave in prison that night, he went to bed, second in command of Egypt. What happened? God settled his account. You may have been in an unfair situation a long time. You feel like it's never going to change.


You're tempted to lose your passion, give up on your dreams. God has not forgotten about you. He sees your faithfulness. He sees you pressing forward, being your best, despite what they say it, despite how they treated you, despite how they made fun. Like with Joseph, he's about to do something unusual, uncommon out of the ordinary. Suddenly you're vindicated. Suddenly you're promoted. Suddenly you meet the right person or suddenly people that are trying to stop you are moved out of the way.


You're crooked places made straight. You're thrust where you can't go on your own. What is that? The power of the most time settling your account. You may be in a deficit now. Life hasn't been fair. People left. Your family member turned on the storm, set you back. Stay in peace. Your time is coming. God is going to make it up to you. Like with Jacob, when Leyburn was unfair, God knows how to make the street and spotted animals.


What belongs to you is on the way. You don't have to go after it is going to come to you now. Believe and declare. Payback is coming. Vindication is coming. Restoration healing the right people. Breakthrough's God is about to settle your account in Jesus name. And if you receive it, can you say amen?


Today I'd like to give you an opportunity to make Jesus the Lord of your life.


Would you pray with me? Just say, Lord Jesus, our repent of my sins come into my heart. I'll make you my Lord and Savior.


If you prayed that simple prayer we believe you got born again. I'd love to send you some free information on your new walk with the Lord. Just text the number on the screen or go to the website. I hope you'll get into a good Bible based church and keep God first place.


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