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Welcome to love it or leave it back in the closet elect. So we went into the closet for the primaries and he stayed in the closet as the nominee, the media called him in the closet presumptively, but now he's in the closet and that is still a straight shooter. Now he's in the closet, let's say, to run, and now he's in the closet. And also pundit, now he's in the closet. This car that I live in, love it or leave it.


That incredible song was sent in by Matthew Cassocks, if you want to make a theme song for Love It or leave it, send it to leave it at Crooked Dotcom, this is actually our last back in the closet elect episode. We will have a new name starting next week. What does that name? We don't know yet, but send us a theme to mark the inaugural and maybe you'll hear it in the show. Also, a little housekeeping.


We have some great guests on the crooked pods this week. Representatives Karen Bass and Pramila Jaya Paul are on Histeria to discuss impeachment and last week's insurrection. Friend of the Samantha Power, who was just nominated by Joe Biden to join his administration, is on policy of the world to discuss repairing American credibility. Crooked Dotcom editor in chief Brian Beutler is launching the second season of his podcast Rubicon to walk us through the first hundred days of the Bush administration and their biggest decisions week by week.


Subscribe and listen to the trailer right now. Episodes will drop every Friday starting January 22nd. And lastly, Monday is Martin Luther King Day. Join us for the Presidential Inaugural Committee's National Day of Service. You can find covid, say, volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved at votes of America. Dotcom volunteer.


Later in the show, I had a great conversation with Kara Swisher about Parler, Twitter, Facebook and the future of social media.


And to mark the end of this gruesome administration, Jon Favreau and Tommy Vietor joined to face a gauntlet of questions to see what they remember about the last four years and what they may or may not have tweeted about.


It was awesome.


But first, look, this is our very last Back in the closet episode. And even though we won't be going back to the Improv, it has been a very long time since we were in front of a crowd. I miss the audience. And as we head into this new administration, I want to take a moment to talk to some people, like the old days. So we decided to bring the monologue directly to the people on a website called Omegle, Omegle, Parazit with a random person who shares an interest.


So I told lowly fans that I'd be scouring the web for them. So here we go. I agree with Scott.


Hi. Hi. What's your name? Who are you?


What's up, Emma? I'm Julia and we're here with Lawrence, who I am. How are you doing? Wow. Doing a lot.


Do you like our karate background?


I love your sorority background. I love the beautifully appointed feminine frat paddles. I think that that's a cool touch. Yeah, I like the blend of toxic masculinity with a kind of wing adjacent pink vibe. OK.


Yeah. So OK. You ready? All right. I'm going to I'll start telling your jokes and you can react, laugh, do whatever you want. OK.


OK. I'm just so happy to see you all. What a delight. Good night. All right. Here we go.


Let's get into it. What a week.


On Wednesday, the House voted to impeach Trump.


Trump is now the first president to be impeached twice and then re-elected. Oh, I'm sorry. That's a draft for 2024.


I'm really sorry that I wasn't. Well, hey, that's what that's the level we want.


We want is pity. Applause All right.


Representative Liz Cheney, a member of the House GOP leadership, joined with 10 other Republicans to vote to impeach Donald Trump. Obviously a difficult decision to go against your party, but every Cheney understands regime change is worth some friendly fire.


Oh, yeah, that's what that's right. Not a laugh. More of a very dark kind of really kind of hard joke. Yeah, it's tough. And I. And I get that. I totally get that.


Hi. Hey. What's your name? Stephanie. Stephanie. Nice to meet you. How are you doing. I'm good. All right. What part of the world are you in right now?


I'm in New York. Like Long Island. You're in Long Island? Yep. I'm from Long Island. We're on Long Island.


Are you, Jeriko? We've definitely had this discussion before because I was on the pod before.


Yeah, OK. Right, great. I'm from from Syosset, Woodbury, you know, on the corner. All right. So far we've done this before. All right. Sorry. No worries. Sorry. This is like worry. Why?


It's nerve racking for me. I have to tell a joke there. Are you ready for a joke?


Yes. Here we go. A new ABC News poll found that fifty six percent of Americans think Trump should be removed from office. And even Mitch McConnell has signaled he might be open to convicting the president. And then all of a sudden, Mitch McConnell finds himself standing at a Whole Foods picking up Akito friendly brownie in the checkout line after Olaine asked him to pick up tahini and a subdominant gummy on the way home from Pillsbury. Oh, my God, Mitch said to himself, it's happened.


It's still happening. I don't know what I'm saying. Did you see how to get these follow up to netnet? What am I talking about? Who is Michael Barbaro? Why can't I stop listening to old?


Why is he groaning all the time? Well, when did I get a test? That's that that's it. It's not really an impression, I don't know what you could call it. It's good. It's good.


I was just pretend to be a turtle and, like, got to be a turtle.


Got to bring your hood and bring your head up. Kind of act as if you could kind of bring you bring your face deep into your body, bring your face deportation.


All right. I'll do one more. All right. One more. You ready? Go for it. Snopes debunked a viral tweet that claimed one of the rioters who stormed the Capitol died of a heart attack after accidentally tasing himself in the testicles while trying to steal a painting. In reality, he survived. And we're all wishing Rudy Giuliani a speedy recovery.


Nice to meet you by New York State Bar Association is opening investigation into whether Rudy Giuliani should be expelled at the organization received hundreds of complaints related to his attempt to overturn the election. He'll fight this in person. So in addition to open an investigation, they should probably crack open a window because he's partying all the time.


Yeah, because, you know, disgusting because he's saying I'm not one of her dating profiles of her biggest fear is still true.


But really fear. Yeah, something about the whole like touching himself doesn't sit right with me.


No, I get that. I hear that. I think that that's pretty fair. I'm not really a fan either. Oh, wow.


Hey, look at that merch. I see a call Congress had. I see. It's not great down on the shirt. What's your name? My name is Jeremiah. Jeremiah, where are you right now? I'm in Spokane, Washington.


Spokane, Washington. I want to come to Spokane, you know.


Yes. Oh, I think we just you I believe you guys came over here and I just missed you guys either covid or some snow thing. Smoking has a lot of disasters. Something happen.


All right, Jeremiah, it's good to meet you. All right. I'm going to tell you a couple of jokes. See you think?


You know, I think we did. President Trump is reportedly dissatisfied with Rudy and his attempts to defend the president. And Trump has instructed his aides not to pay Giuliani's legal fees. I can't imagine what this news is going to do to Giuliani. He was a melting, farting, ranting bag monster when he thought he was making twenty thousand dollars a day. What is he going to be like when he finds out it was pro bono? I think he needs the money.


I think he needs the money. And I think he needs the pardon and he needs the money. And I think he wants the pardon, actually. You know what? I think he wants the money. He needs the pardon.


That's probably the that's probably the order. I've never had a joke. Made me be sympathetic to Rudy Giuliani before.


OK, good. That's good. That did that one did that happen for you? Is that what happened? That happened for me. I felt bad for Rudy Giuliani there for a second because like, wow, he just really embarrassed himself because he thought he was making 20 K and he just was. He's just not. Yeah, well, who would guessed Trump would have sold him out like that? Wow.


You can't trust Donald Trump. Who can you trust anyway? It must be pretty stressful for Rudy. I bet he's dying to get home for himself a drink and then let off some steam by adjusting his microphone.


After metal detectors were installed at the entrance to the House floor, many Republicans flipped out before walking around them and yelling, what is this, an American high school?


This is a little close, honestly, it hurts, I know, I know, I know, I know it hurts.


It hurts. Vice President Mike Pence told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday that he will not use the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office. Pence likely has presidential ambitions of his own, and he wouldn't want to alienate any of the voters who tried to murder him the other day in the drive to kill him with Biden.


He's like, I don't want to make him. I obviously I would love I love your support.


Oh, hi. How are you doing? I'm so good. I saw calling three times. Oh, you're all getting that.


Colin is. Here I go. Oh, that's exciting. That's something for me to look forward to, sweetie. Colin, what's your name and where are you?


I am Cheyenne. Cheyenne. I'm in Illinois. In Cheyenne. In Illinois.


Hi. Nice to meet you. You too. This this is awesome. I'm like today is my day.


Bruce Willis was reportedly told to leave a Los Angeles pharmacy for refusing to wear a mask, which is a nice change of pace because usually people ask Bruce Willis to leave polite society because of Die Hard four. Hey, if this Bruce Willis guy is not careful, he'll end up on oxygen, intubated the whole nine yards. It's like he has a death wish. Twenty eighteen. Oh, my God.


And angry. Just thinking about it. Armageddon, angry.


Just thinking about it again. What's going to be the twist ending for this one. That's it. There's no twist.


There's no pizza. Hi. Oh my God. Oh how are you doing. Yeah.


Holy shit I we talking about the pizza. I'm at the Taco Bell. I'm at the combination Pizza Hut, a Taco Bell and I love it on the screen.


You're at a comedy. Wait a second. Are we investigating a combo for tonight. Is that happening tonight.


You. No, it's this tick tock song. Oh. And it's supposed to be like two things combine to create one thing. Sure.


Oh, hi. Who are you? What's your name? Hi. Hi, I'm Grace. I'm her fiance.


And what's your name. Is he. Is he.


Is he Ingres. So nice to meet you. Thank you.


Can we ago. Oh here we go. I was fun. That was fun. Remember that big crowd show. The Mylord show. I barely remember the mallord show. Peter Sagal from.


Wait wait wait wait don't tell me was like how are so many people here to see this, this fucking guy he had this look at his face like this comes out on Saturday.


Do are you ready for a joke? I am ready for a joke. I'm going to be here.


I'll do will do do do a joke. Here we go.


Parler the Abwehr, where pro Trump extremists organized the siege on the capital was functionally shut down after Amazon, Apple and Google kicked it off their platforms, Parler now descends to Apple. Say hi to Flappy Bird for us.


That motherfucker, a piece of shit. Fuck that. Fuck that crap.


Deleted the Flappy Bird hurt so much because I knew it was never going to come back. But I had. So I was like I was too young to control my anger. And so I kept like, wow, no, no. So my mom was like, you got to you got to delete it.


And I was like, use your words. You got to use your words, use your words.


Don't use violence by clicking here for so long.


Have you seen Callon yet. For Colin, Colin, I'm coming, Colin, I'm trying to find you. All right, I'm going to tell you what you're trying to find, cause I'm not trying. I mean, I want to see him.


Look, I don't want Colin to get a big hat or I'd be great to see him. All right. But I don't need him. He's here if I need them. Great to see them.


All right. Let's see the shirt. What is this? What's a show with traumatism sic merch? What's your name? Samantha. Samantha. Nice to meet you. Where in the world are you right now?


I'm in Hampton Roads, Virginia. All right. All right. I tell you joke. Are you ready? I'm so excited.


The PGA has canceled plans to hold its 2022 championship at Trump's Bedminster, which White House sources say left Trump got it. Turns out golf is the only way to get his attention. Eric and Don Jr., have you tried, like, being a golf course?


That's perfect, Samantha. So great to me.


I'm not a huge fan. I love you so much. That's so nice. I'm so tired.


You're so good to see everybody again. It's a new year. It's over. Well, on the other side, it's pretty good. All right. Everything is now better. And some some shit that happened can't unhappen. But we're 20, 21. All right.


We made it made it the of the insurrectionist in the camp Auschwitz shirt. The Kuhnen Shumann and the Olympic gold medalists were all arrested this week for participating in the violence that swept over the capital.


Which sucks because I was like fully half of my group for Burning Man, who kind of starts like the one where it's like they walk into a bar. Yeah, like, yeah.


Yeah, that's right. That's like the rhythm. Yeah, that's exactly right.


So I like to analyze the comedy at a level that's a level.


Where are you right now? Are you in some kind of some sort of a college. Yes, we're just a Delphia Drexel, Philadelphia, my adopted home state, my adopted home state for the election, you know.


Yeah, yeah. I voted in Philly. I'm from New Jersey, but I knew it was important to register here. So we waited on line. We really didn't feel like we waited in line for like four hours and it felt really good. And I was inspired by you.


So that's so nice of you to say. Thank you for saying that. So nice to me. Thank you for everything you did to make sure we won Pennsylvania. You know, we have been in this for so long and there've been so many wins that been sort of like we haven't been able to really celebrate them. So I hope that on Wednesday this is our last show of the Trump administration. How great is that? I hope on Wednesday we can really take a moment to celebrate, let that all go and like, look forward.


You know, 20/20 got on our twenty twenty one a little bit in this first couple of weeks, like we're almost on the other side. So thank you so much. So nice to meet you and much.


Bye bye.


The CDC will require a negative coronavirus from all air passengers entering the U.S. this way. The strain of coronavirus they contract at Newark International will be American made.


Baby, you really got to make sure that we are exporting as much covid as possible. We can't be importing any at all.


I don't want to see I don't want to see another American covid virus lose its jobs to its foreign competitors.


No more. Build a wall for covid. Keep it in. Yeah.


And then we'll let it go out. All right. To dark. Bill Belichick said he would not accept the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Donald Trump, which is too bad because he could have joined the ranks of recent Donald Trump recipients like Devin Nunes, Rush Limbaugh, Scrooge McDuck, the stingray that killed Steve Irwin Amelio Barzini for his commitment to the drug war.


All I'm glad I felt that that one might be for all the guards at Shawshank Prison.


Beck Robin Williams character from the film One Hour Photo Shelly Miscavige accepted on her behalf by her husband and J.K. Rowling.


But for her political writing only not Harry Potter. Absolutely, no. Just your wife politics. It like it's just a piece of metal he troll. Nobody's going to remember Trump when you are at your Hall of Fame speech or whatever.


Like shame on you. Oh, my. That's what Amy coni Barrett said. No one's going to remember who gave this to me. I'm taking it. No, he's selling the Medal of Freedom. You don't accept the Medal of Freedom. Hey, Jeremiah, I don't know what you're doing, but if you could consider what I spit on him as I received the medal.


That's two wrongs don't make a right. Columbia is contending with a new invasive species. Feral hippos descended from the one smuggled in by drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. Did you know that? I didn't know about that.


They got well, I knew he had them, but they got out there and now they're spreading hippos, invasive hip. We complain about the kudzu root, they've got invasive hippos. Now, here's the problem. All right. I'm very interested in this topic, but I have a lot on my plate right now.


And I kind of want to return to the hippo story out of Columbia Post. Cou could you imagine invasive hippos? That's pretty cool. That's pretty cool.


Almost as bad as invasive Trump supporters. Hey.


Hey. That's pretty good, huh? That's pretty good. Nice. Proud of you. Proud of you, Jeremiah. Jeremiah, you're the best. Thank you. So good to me.


You too, John. Oh, my goodness.


On Monday, the price of Bitcoin plummeted by more than 25 percent. The drop in value began when a creditor asked the cryptocurrency community, wait, what the fuck are we doing?


Something like that to be like that.


Is Ingres so lovely to see.


Thank you so much. Bye bye. I know one ivonka joke is going to be somewhere.


OK, would you like me to skip to it a banker joke. Would that be good. You want me to do in a bank a joke. Can I. I can do that. You want to make a joke.


Here we go. Let's see. We have some down here somewhere. So people are really, really digging this today. What. This story. Yeah. OK, here we go.


And finally, this was going to be my last joke, but I'm going to skip this week. The Washington Post had one of the greatest stories of all history. The Post reports that Jared and Ivanka would not allow the Secret Service to use one of the six point five bathrooms in their truly stunning home. So the agents had to go to the Obamas house, which is around the corner, to use the bathroom.


But then and this is really in the article, a supervisor messed up the Obamas bathroom so badly that the Obama detail banned the Trump detail from using the toilet. So everyone take a moment and remember the Secret Service agent who took a bullet for Barack Obama by preventing the shit was all right.


That's that's what we got. That's what we got for this story. It's the story is so funny. You don't really need to you just let it live on its own, let it breathe.


Know. I mean, I was I was laughing and just with all the commotion on Twitter.


But Jaén, so great to meet you. This was the buzz. Thank you. This Best Buy get Colin.


So thanks to everybody who joined on omegle. This is our last show, the Trump administration. It has been a very long four years. And when Biden is sworn in on Wednesday, it will be bittersweet because of all the damage that's been done, damage that can't be undone because this pandemic has caused so much pain. But I also just wanted to say on the political front, I do think over and over again we have been robbed of moments to take pride in our accomplishments.


Democrats win the House in 2018 in a huge wave, but it looks disappointing at first and took time for the scale, the success to become clear. Democrats are to win the White House, but the counting of absentee votes takes days, and the president refused to accept the results. Like Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche at the end of trading places, making it harder to celebrate our victory until Trump is truly gone.


And then Raphael Warnock and John OSV win an incredible feat for those campaigns, for Stacey Abrams, for fair fight, for Latasha Brown, for black voters matter. For all the great organizers in Georgia, we won the House and the Senate and the White House and then the insurrection happened.


So, look, four years ago, we woke up after the election with Trump in the White House and Republicans in control of both the House and the Senate. And then over four very long years, very hard years against misinformation and right wing propaganda and the bully pulpit through a pandemic and economic crisis. And Daddy's home, too. We won them all back.


And we don't know as we're recording this, how much chaos there may be between now and Inauguration Day. But at that moment when Joe Biden takes office and Kamala Harris takes office, I hope we can all take a moment to celebrate it. I hope you can take a moment to appreciate how far we've come and what so many people fought so hard to make possible from everyone who donated and made calls and volunteered to the work. John, Tommy and I did through the shadow to hamstring Bernie Sanders.


This was for me, seriously, for me, this was the hope I held on to for four years what I told myself in the worst moments, not just the hope of getting rid of Trump, but imagining what America could look like when Trump was gone. But we were all still paying attention. So as long as we are all still paying attention, allow me to clear the deck so we can start the Biden administration fresh. Here we go. Florida project was robbed at the Oscars.


Connecticut pizza is actually really, really good. And I love it. I love Pepé. Senator Chris Murphy, you were right. The thing we cut out of Ronan's Newlywed Game with.


It makes no sense and not in the cool way that Inception makes no sense. Spencer is real. Bloodborne is better than Dark Souls. I am not sorry for making a joke about football in New Orleans so bad that Mayor Landrieu had to step in to calm the crowd. Pundit does not bark.


And I will say Texas barbecue is the best barbecue. But our Kansas City show was canceled because of the pandemic. And for all of you in other places that claim great barbecue, we'll be back and prove me wrong when we come back. Kara Swisher cake.


Don't go anywhere. There's more. Love it or leave it coming up.


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Maybe Parmelia Paul will frame the mask that her Republican asshole colleagues refuse to fucking wear a secure location made me mad, you know, just to keep that memory alive so you never lose that thing.


You know, like Al Pacino and he, you know, keeps him on the edge, keeps her on the edge where she's got to be, you know, snapping in it.


I've been thinking about it a lot. I'm thinking about it a lot. For some reason, it's been rolling around my mind a lot.


I mean, everything about the final scenes from Goodfellas. Oh, yeah.


Somebody put footage of people being arrested to Leila, you know, insurrectionist. And it was that song we had for the last couple. This.


Yeah, yeah. No witness protection program for you people. No egg noodles with ketchup for you. I don't picture Jared Kushner going up to the fucking prison cafeteria and asking if they have omakase.


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I love it and we're back. She is the host of the podcast Hsueh from the New York Times and pivot from Vox Media.


Welcome back, champion Kara Swisher wearing my beautiful Orange Theri T-shirt. I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel right now.


Yeah, that's it.


Look, I think we've all changed our standards. Yeah. In terms of what we wear day to day, this is what I dress like before, so I am lying to you really in so many ways. So in 2008, you wrote this in The New York Times and Facebook, as well as Twitter and Google's YouTube, have become the digital arms dealers of the modern age. These companies began with a gauzy credo to change the world. But by jeopardizing pretty much everything that could be weaponized, they have mutated human communication.


Connecting people has too often become about pitting them against one another and turbocharging the discord to an unprecedented and damaging volume. They have weaponized social media. They have weaponized the First Amendment. They have weaponized civil discourse, and they have weaponized most of all politics.


Egg on your face saying I'm a genius.


I wish I could say I'm a genius, but I know I in fact am. It was so obvious where this was going to go, the consequences of what was going to happen.


And as they continue to do this, this was two years ago or three years ago that I was saying this. You could see the beginnings of what was happening that many, many years ago.


I interviewed Ralph Reed. And one of the things reason I did was because I saw the right wing really beginning to use digital tools because they had been based out of regular media.


They had before Fox News. Most of the big networks were, I wouldn't say liberal centrists sort of left leaning, but they were based out of mainstream media.


So they moved really fast into Internet.


And you could see it happening all over AOL, wherever it was, because this was the first time they had an ability to organize themselves and to express themselves. And you could. That's fine.


That's perfectly fine. But as it kept going, you could see it becoming more and more radicalized, whether it was on YouTube, whether it was on Facebook, primarily, by the way, or even Twitter, you could start to see the cracks.


And then when Donald Trump exploded onto the scene on the Twitter scene, it was super obvious what he was using it for, campaigning for radicalization, for just anger coalescing. I don't know what else to call it, just getting everybody all hopped up.


And so that's why I wrote that I was like, these tools are not being used for good things. As Mark Zuckerberg, Gozi, you know, it's community care.


I can't even tell you how many times he told me that it was like, no, it's dangerous. And then when the New Zealand thing happened, you could see it and you could just begin to see where it was going to occur. And what happened at the capital should be no surprise to those who've been following this.


You just published two interviews that I think they go well together. They do like a wine pairing for the end of democracy. I don't know. Yeah.


The Apocalypse Mindarie, you talk to the the the creator, one of the creators of Parrilla, the, you know, right wing fringe social media site. And then you talk to the somebody from Dominion about the chaos that right wing conspiracy theories have unleashed on that company. Yep. And it was interesting listening to the parlor interview after the conversation about Dominion, because here you have this person of dominion saying this has been incredibly destructive.


This is all bullshit. It's incredible.


Both Sydney Powell and Rudy Giuliani and President Trump being spread across Facebook, social media writ large, YouTube everywhere. And just somebody confronting this, you know, this multiheaded be like you can't, you know, chop off one head, it pops up somewhere else and how how destructive it is. And then you have this person from parler who has this incredibly aloof, purposefully aloof, let's say, approach to the extremism, hate, racism, threats of violence and the harm that they can pose as they appear on the site.


But what was striking about the parlor conversation, I'm curious what you think about this.


It struck me as a more extreme version of what Zuck.


Yes. And Jack would have said a few years ago. A few weeks ago. A few weeks ago. But about something, you know, the extreme version of the worse things on Twitter and Facebook and the extreme mentality about this idea of creating this public square.


Yeah, I was sort of struck by one that he was woefully unprepared for the interview. He sort of was like, hey, hey, now. So what I was doing it during the coup, that which was incredible. That was what it was.


So I was emotionally I live a mile from it. And so it was like I was in a worrisome point of view and I sort of had it with these people.


And he kind of had this Alfred E. Neuman. I kept thinking about you and what me worry. Like what? So there's a coup.


I had nothing to do with it. Well, they planned it on your site. Oh, no.


It's a neutral sounding, you know, this sort of casual attitude that was sort of this. It was. It was.


Even though he lives in Las Vegas, he had this sort of tech bro attitude, which was sort of which I've been living with for so many two decades, essentially.


And what was really interesting about it was the exact same sort of arrogant disregard for consequences. That's what I just kept thinking. They're like, do you have any understanding of the responsibility that comes with running a platform?


And so that's what Mark has been doing since the beginning. And Jack, to a lesser extent, but still the same kind of attitude. And I think he's been more thoughtful and has tried his best to come up with solutions except for banning Donald Trump, for example. But ultimately where he got is where he had to get. And so the carelessness is what struck me with this guy, the carelessness of what he was making.


Yeah, it was revealing to me, in part because of what it showed about the mentality that I think led to this moment. And I don't see and I actually don't mean this in. A pejorative sense, like, obviously, I have incredible credit, what I don't mean in a pejorative sense is there is, I think, a sincere not just spin, not just trying to sell the company like a kind of sincere intuition idea about how conversation works, how how discussion works that Jack had that that Facebook had.


Yeah. You see it when you talk to Mark Zuckerberg. And he at first wanted to defend the idea of there being Holocaust denial on Facebook. You see it even in Jack's tweet this week about how disappointed he was to have to ban Donald Trump. There is a I think, a sincere and fair discomfort that they have with this idea of being like editor in chief of democracy. They certainly do.


It's a laudable feeling. It's a laudable idea for sure.


But it does seem like now finally too late, they are grappling with the consequences. Do you do you see a change like a fundamental change in how these leaders in these companies are thinking about this challenge?


You know, I've never seen a more powerful and wealthy group of people push power off as if they don't have it. That's they always try to pretend we're just guys, we're just in our sweatshirts. We're just not that congressional Democrats. So, you know, that's exhausting to me.


I'm like, will you have more money than God like than anyone in the history of the planet? I think that's one of the things that really has bothered me. But no, I don't think I think at their heart, they don't think they are responsible for this.


I just think they they now are you know, there's political things that but, you know, they of course, they did it three years and 11 months and 28 days into the situation, like into the Trump administration.


I think they waited the last minute. They see what's coming down the road from the Biden administration, especially a Congress that is fully controlled by the Democrats. So they see vengeance coming, probably deserved vengeance. They see a possibility.


The links between them and what happened at the Capitol, I think are being investigated right now. And I think there's there's not some pretty things that are coming out about these platforms.


And so I think they kind of they sort of have this come to Jesus meeting because of what happened.


But they didn't do it until that happened. Right. They were waiting until something terrible happens. But by the way, something terrible happened in New Zealand that was all based on radicalisation online.


That was all based on then being broadcast online.


They've had these little like all of us with little realizations about Donald Trump, but none of them add up to like, let's actually kick them off.


Scot Gallie on my Pivot podcast, I think said the smartest way was he's been like a drunk driver, Donald Trump, who's been driving drunk for years and he crashed finally. Right.


But he's been doing it over and over again. And you've been seeing him do it and they allowed him to do it. And that's the only problem is we haven't had a crash sooner, but we certainly have had a lot of little crashes all over the place.


Well, we had right wing extremist mailing bombs to Democrats. We've had kuhnen violence. We've had, you know, people showing up at pizza parlors. We've had threats against the Michigan governor. We we had Charlottesville. Right. All of these are our moments in which, to a varying degree, there's been organization and incitement via these platforms. In fact, yes. That's the only place this can happen. Now, that is where that is where organization happens.


I think it's actually where their reluctance come from. Like, I imagine given truth serum, what they'd say is, of course, terrorism. Of course violence. Of course, insurrection was organized on Facebook. This is the town square. This is what we've built.


But it's not the town square. See, it's a private town square. And that's where you get into the censorship issues that the right wing levels at it, which is just specious, too. They broke the laws of a restaurant they were in and they started pooping in the restaurant. You can't do that, right?


You can't whatever they did, they did that to at the Capitol.


But you wouldn't allow if you put this into any other business, what Jack or Mark did is find this. They're private businesses. And that's another issue we have to discuss. They want to load it into the hole, stupid cancel culture debate, which if you listen to some people, it's the world's biggest problem right now, which it is not like we have quite like get in line, cancel culture people honestly. So it's always the same. The elite white people that are doing this, essentially, we have to separate the censorship discussion.


And it's not I don't use that broadly the discussion about violation of rules on these platforms and that they're private and they should have the right to do that with the overwhelming power these companies have to do nothing to. And so I'm very interested in discussing their power, but not because of censorship, because there isn't an ability for parler to go anywhere else.


Now, in Parlor's case, one of the things, because he's still not prepared is he went on and on about Amazon.


Amazon was really the deathblow for that company, taking them off RWC.


Right, which is their platform to serve it.


He was like antitrust. And I'm like, oh, my God, you idiot. There's seven different cloud services you could have gone to.


There's not there's not one cloud service. There's seven. So, you know, I think he had plenty of chances.


Nobody wants him and there's plenty of places to go.


And so they have to build their own technology, really the right he's got to, like, hook up with someone who's going to build that forum. But it's not not a difficult thing.


So it's super complex and it's been made to be reductive. This debate that's going on, I agree with you.


You know, cancel culture, not at issue. Well.


Sure, inciting violence, however, also an issue, Samantha, not on the new Sex and the City, it's right in there and it's like, OK, let's get mad about whatever I will say.


I'm more mad about that.


Let me just brief gay news. Gay news sidebar. I did a pretty deep dive into the long simmering tensions between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon and and Kristin Davis.


Yeah, and I will just say that in exploring that story, it's a rollercoaster because there are moments where you think, oh, man, they bullied Kim Cattrall, she was mistreated. And then you go a little bit deeper, you go a step down and you're like, wait a second, does Kim Cattrall suck? And you know what? I miss the low stakes of this drama.


I know this the low stakes of this film.


Where is Mario Cantone and all this? We need to know Mario can get Mario Cantone on the block. I also don't understand. I also like there's like a little bit of like she never wanted to do Sex in the City again. But then you hear the whispers like actually she wanted a ton of money and then got it.


And I I'm no, here's the thing. Come on. It's always Hollywood.


I just love a low stakes 2014 era online curfuffle.


So the Hilaria Baldwin thing was something you enjoyed this Ivanka and Jared not letting the Secret Service use the bathroom in their Kalorama mansion like this is the this is the level that I'm on. Have you have you seen this yet?


No, my my ex lives nearby. I feel I have a great opportunity here to tell you in real time, OK, that The Washington Post published a story. It's worth reading every word today.


Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump would not let the Secret Service detail that was protecting their lives and risking their lives for them to come inside to use one of their six point five bathrooms in their mansion.


Yeah. So at first they set up a porta potty. Then the neighbors complained about the porta potty.




Then that's a then the then the Trump Kushnir detail would go to the Obama house, which is very close.


Yeah it is. It's a use that it's spitting distance as they say.


But then and again I brings me no pleasure to report this. I'm just sharing with you what is in the in The Washington Post. Democracy does die in darkness. Don't forget a supervisor on the Kushnir detail. Yeah. Made a mess so bad in the Obama bathroom that the Obama detail banned them from coming back.


And so they had to go to the penthouse or ask neighbors or find some other way to use the bathroom until they rented a nearby studio basement apartment so that they could have a restroom while they were guarding Jared and Ivanka, because, again, they would not allow Jared and Yvonne get to use one of six point five bathrooms.


Wow. That's a story. You know, it's all this stuff is going to drop now. Everyone's going to drop off all the embarrassing things because the Trumps are about to be out of power. And so you're going to see both ridiculous stuff like this and really serious stuff like drop.


I know an alternate and I'll focus on the serious stuff, but I want to you know what?


Are you shocked by this in any way? No, people are not shocked that they report them.


They hate like he was watching TV and calling the protesters low class.


That's a low class cuz we want a higher class cuz like they should be dressed better if they're going to destroy the government.


You know, this is not like in any case, let's go back to the tech people who you know, that's what gets me.


Here's the last part we'll talk about is the relentless amount of lies that these people have been told has have steep them into a kind of situation that is on Facebook and Twitter and the rest of it and parler have have crawled down these people's brain stems and pumped them full of lies.


And they are going to have to be deprogrammed. I don't you know, it's feels like Nexium, you know what I mean? You're like, come on. Well, don't you see what's in front of you? And that's really the how do you do that? How do you pull that out once they become addicted? How do you change that? And that?


I don't have an answer to I mentioned the town square metaphor, which obviously doesn't work because they're not only private, but I talked about this with Zeynep Tufekci. It's also inadequate to what these companies do. And in some sense, what they do is not take you into a town square. They create for every single user on Earth, a public seeming, but quite private and individualized square in which they are given a version of reality. And you can have any version of reality.


You want a left wing one? Yeah, you can have a center left one. You can have a center one. You can have a right wing one.


You can have a completely off the wall right wing conspiracy addled Funen, a square for yourself. And that's your reality. That's the world. But it's not. It's created by these companies. It's a 100 percent artificial. So you talked about the power that they have. We talked about the fact that Democrats are now going to have more capacity for oversight. Sure.


How much of what has driven the decisions they've made been public opprobrium? How much has it been internal pressure from people that work at these companies? And how much of it is fear of coming regulation?


I think it's all those big. I think the employees are unhappy. I think one thing that employees have compared to other industries is power in these companies. And I think Mark has already worked everybody last nerve at these companies, at his company at least. And that had been a very complicit group of people working there as they never complained about it and like Muslims.


So what? Like, you know what I mean? Like Google, at least the head of Google went to the airport.


Right. Sergey Brin. And he himself is an immigrant.


When that happened. I think that they have the employee pressure. For one, they've got pressure from not really from investors because their stock is doing as good as it can be.


One of the things that's left behind is all these people have gotten richer by a factor of like doubling their wealth in the pandemic, during the pandemic, during this problem. And so one of the things that is interesting, you know, you have Elizabeth Warren, who Mark Zuckerberg called an existential threat. Do you remember? Yeah.


And again, I was like, Mark, I even think a comet hitting us is more of an existential threat than Elizabeth Warren.


Like death is not. I was sort of amazed by that when I when he said that. But one of the things that's really important to think about is what is the threat to these companies?


So its employees, it's regulation, it's antitrust, it's fines.


It's a new FTC that's going to be run by Democrats, which is going to be although the guy who ran the FTC, I have to say, has done a pretty good job, the Republican.


And so but they're going to get funded more. Amy Klobuchar is behind is going to be behind a lot of funding for the FTC.


And then there's going to be legislation. And one of the things I'm worried about is I don't think either Kamala Harris or who would be stronger on this because she has been attorney general of California and she did do some things, you know, anti tech, but she's sort of centrist in this arena.


I mean, I'd be curious to talk to her right now. And I don't think Joe Biden knows anything about 230. The stuff he said about 230 seems undereducated, I would say.


And so I am hoping that the people that really know things like Senator Mark Warner or Senator Klobuchar and Senator Warren will be at the forefront of this, because I think that's really what needs to happen. You have to deal with it on the on the platform point of view without violating things that we don't want violated. And at the same time on the wealth part, because that's sort of separate.


And one of the things that's been floated is a one time wealth tax, you know, this year, because these like I think nobody has gotten rich this year because of their innovation. It's not suddenly there's so much better at Amazon or Tesla. Tesla, he's now the world's richest man. He's added the wealth, the GDP of something like hungry.


Scott Galloway was saying, like, you know, and it's not because suddenly the Tesla is that much better. It's because of what the stock market's doing. And so there's going to be a lot of things that people can pull on here because it happens to be that the tech people are the richest people in the world. All 10 slots are tech people. Yeah.


Yes, they're powerful. Yes. These are private companies. No, there's not a First Amendment issue at stake in banning Trump from Twitter. There are free speech issues that are different and are special to this. In your mind, what what do you hope? What is your first column about what regulations they should do when the Democrats take over? What are you hoping they start looking at in a way that is respectful of the unique, unique role these companies do play in national privacy bill to start with and some antitrust action.


Amazon owning as much as I like The Washington Post, Amazon owning. And I think they did the right thing in parler, Amazon owning a marketplace and also selling on that marketplace. Give me a break. You know what I mean? Come on. Google having 90 percent of the search market. Give me a break. Like, come on. And, you know, Facebook.


When's the last time I'll end with this? When's the last time a social media site was started? When's the last time a search engine was started? When's the last time an online commerce thing has been successful? It hasn't. And it's because these companies are too big. They're too big and has nothing to do with the Trump thing. They are too powerful, they're too big, and they have no legislation hindering them in any way. And they're not regulated, as is Wall Street, cars, planes, everybody else.


So they need to get in line and get regulated just the way every other powerful industry is.


And that is going to be difficult because we're in this hyper partisan environment where we all we discuss is Donald Trump being banned on Twitter. Well, guess what? He's gone. He's gone from Snapchat. He's gone from Reddit. He will be gone from Facebook.


We have to stop talking Donald Trump and talk about power.


And that's what this is all about.


He's also gone from Pinterest. Yeah, well, I was enjoying his scrapbooks, but it's his Nazi scrapbooks.


I don't know. What did he do on there? Whatever.


Kara Swisher, how as always, it's so good to see you. Thank you so much. And thank you for that bathroom and Sex and the City update.


I really appreciate it. That's. Thank you. I always learn something.


Thank you so much. And thank you for bringing us back on topic. Thank you so much to Kara Swisher for joining us. And we come back, John Itami, face a very tough quiz.


Don't go anywhere. Is love it or leave it. And there's more on the way.


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And we're back. So as all of you are very aware, this is the last episode of Love It or Leave It during the Donald Trump administration.


If this were the improv, the crowd would cheer loudly. I make a joke about, yeah, it's terrible. We get it. But it has been a long four years, just terrible. There's been a long four years and so much has happened that it is quite literally impossible to remember it all. But if anyone can do it, it's our next two guests. Please welcome back to the show. The star of Netflix is the chef, Jon Favreau, and sports and fitness editor for the Young Turks, Tommy Vitor Fitness.


Tommy, it's great to be back. Thanks for having us, John. Great to have you. This game is simple. I will ask each of you questions and whoever gets the most correct answers will win. And if you get the question wrong, your opponent gets a chance to steal. And it slipped my mind. I should have mentioned this is an oversight. When I asked you to be on the show, I forgot to say that every question has to do with something you tweeted over the last four years.


Oh, no. Oh, no. Well, a good, good trick, you monster. And so let's play a very special edition of First Tweet gets the fake question. One goes to Tommy on May 26, 2017, you tweeted Sweet, stupid little Jared. You could have had a fun little life losing money on Manhattan real estate projects. Now you're in deep shit. What were you referencing? Is it a Jared Kushner? I just accepted a White House job running the Office of American Innovation.


Is it B? The Russian ambassador told Moscow that Jared Kushner wanted a secret communications channel with the Kremlin. Is it C? A former editor of the New York Observer wrote a Washington Post op ed about how much Jared Kushner sucks at his job? Or is it D? Jared Kushner just fallen into an open manhole, plopping right into a river of partisanship.


I think it was B Tommy, you got it.


It was just how right I was and how long ago that was. Whatever that secret back channel. Anybody ever get to the bottom of it? Well, I was going to say I still think that was a bad part of that whole scandal. And we never knew what happened. Never heard about it.


Question two goes to you, John. In April of twenty eighteen, Michael Cohen's house was raided by federal law enforcement officials. Which of the following was not a tweet you decided to use to add to the public discourse around that event?


There's multiple there's multiple tweets I said about this. Is it a bad? Very bad. Is it B? Well, fuck, get ready, everyone.


Is it C, I bet the president will take this well or is it D, this is fucking bonkers.


Oh, which if it gets a bad, very bad. No, you you tweeted that now the one you didn't tweet was I bet the president will take this well, the rest of the rest of your contribution.


Next question goes to Tommy. On December 29th, 2017, you tweeted an image with the caption, Can we please stop arguing for a minute and come together to laugh about this again? What did the embedded image show? Is it a the photo of Sebastian Gorka wearing a strange suede waistcoat, holding a rifle and looking very serious? B the photo of President Trump screaming while pretending to drive a big truck. See the photo of Don Jr. and outdoorsman clothes looking off into the middle distance like a real American man or d a screenshot of Trump's infamous Caffé tweet.


A It is. It's how he got it. It is a it was.


How do I know? I know Tommy's better than I know mine. Wow, that's interesting. That's interesting. Or mine.


We're going to talk to I think about something about a question for John on March 23, 2013, you tweeted, Anyway, I'm not going to make it to 2020. Why was it a it was the day before the Mueller report would be released. Is it B, it was the day Devin Nunes sued Twitter for two hundred and fifty million dollars because of mean tweets. Is it C? It was the day before the bar letter would be released or is it D the day Ashleigh Feinberg found James Comey poetry Twitter account.


See, it was it was C it was right before the bar letter was released.


Who bonus question. John, this goes to you. This was the headline after the bar letter was released in the New York Times who wrote it headline A Cloud over Trump's Presidency is lifted.


Oh, who wrote this? Who wrote the story? Who wrote the story? Oh, the time Peter Baker.


He got it. That was easy.


That was really the news analysis headline A cloud over Trump's presidency is lifted.


If you look through my tweets, I probably have so many tweets that reference a cloud being lifted just because of the story and so does Ben Rhodes. Well, now I feel like I get I know you better know good. This has been healing.


This is a great game. Well, it's pretty fun.


It is pretty fun. On March 20th, twenty eighteen. Tommy, you tweeted out a politician, stop begging, pass a law. To whom did you tweet that and why is it a Susan Collins after she failed to support common sense gun legislation by Jeff Flake after he begged the president to not fire the special counsel, see Adam Schiff after he begged for Trump's Deutsche Bank Russia connections to be declassified or D.


Brian shots after he begged people to stop, quote, tweeting and just adding the word this I wish it was D, but I think it was B, it was it was Jeff Flake who was begging the president to not fire the special counsel.


Question six to John in twenty eighteen. I tweeted at you, Jonathan, don't do this here.


Why was it a you had just tweeted that I had admitted during sound check that I found Josh highly attractive.


B You had just tweeted that you wish Ruth Bader Ginsburg had retired in 2013. You said that a lot. Is it said you had just tweeted that you hadn't seen all the Star Wars films or is it d you had just tweeted that we were spending too much time focusing on impeachment, which was unrealistic.


C it was C about the Star Wars films, you know, love.


It always talked about Ginsburg, about retiring. I never did that. Oh yeah. Yeah, no it was you were right.


You were right. Just saying I don't have nothing against RPG us the rest in peace as I always I mean let's cut this. Yeah. Rest and power rest in power.


All right. You both tied. You're both doing really great in this game. Lightning Round. I will read a tweet and you both have to tell me who wrote it.


But it's one of us. It's one of you. Oh, OK.


At Marco Rubio, you know damn well he's not an excellent choice, you pathetic suck up, Tommy.


Yes, it was about John Bolton being named to NSA. Next tweet.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Assholes me.


No, that was Tony tweeted a clip where someone fell over trying to take a selfie on The Laura Ingraham Show.


I remember that. I'm such a dick. Jesus Christ. Next tweet. Good for Ellen. This is the right move. Every other CEO should follow suit and then speak out loudly against this lunacy. Oh, God, I hope that was Tommy. Me?


No, it was. John responds to WOAK by Elon Musk threatening to leave the White House Advisory Council of Trump pulled out of the Paris Accords. That's after he blocked me for for a decade.


I remember when I was a thing, all those CEOs were on those stupid boards. I criticized him. He blocked me. He said, good job for me.


That's good. That's good.


Next next tweet, Lindsey Graham is asking great questions.


Tommy John, it was actually me that was about Lindsey Graham's questioning of Mark Zuckerberg. I call him as I see him. You know, fair, that's fair. You're a straight shooter here, straight shooter, enemy of your enemy. You know, next, we haven't seen this many takes on a document no one read since Infinite Jest came out. Tommy. That's Tommy. It's very Tommy. That was after the Mueller report dropped. And finally, I screamed through the entire video, screamed, John is John.


You scream through the entire video. It was about Republicans getting worked up over that time. Obama wore a tan suit.


Look at John Lasseter, Millennial. Oh, my God. I'm screaming. So, so, so screaming. Right now I'm seeing. Right. We cannot help. The Tansu can see what an original an original controversy. But her emails. John, John still with her.


Tommy, I'm going to say you both won the game. You both won the game.


It's a tie. It's a tie. That's it. That is the last game. What? The last episode.


I want to play that all the time. That was very fun. That was very fun. That gave me flashbacks of, like, getting a call from you like 645 and running down to the Improv and doing some last minute segment about the Jared Kushner news about the back channel.


Yeah, and those are the days. A lot of a lot of breaking news in the in The New York Times about the Mueller probe. That didn't really amount to much.


No, no. I didn't know.


What did you know? We got him. We got him twice. Well, we got him. We got him. We got a guy twice, three times. If you include the electrica. Mitch, we got Mitch. We got Paul Ryan. This is the last game of the last episode of Love It or Leave It to the Trump Era. Thank you both for being part of it. Can you believe that? Wow. Four years. I'm honored to be here.


Good luck with your next venture. It's still going.


We're going to keep making it. Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor. When we come back, we'll end the show with the last high note of the era.


Don't go anywhere. There's more of love it or leave it coming up.


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And we're back because we all need it this week. This year, this administration here it is, the last I know of the Trump era.


High above it is Katie Frozen Peggy. And my highlight, I believe, is that although we couldn't get much in the state of Kentucky, voters in Georgia came through for us and we got this. Thanks for everything. You love the hi.


Hi, love. It is Claire from New Orleans. And I a high note of the week is that I got to go watch my boyfriend. He's a med student, got his first dose of vaccine at the VA center here. And I watched this. He got it next to Vietnam vet. And it was so powerful to see and gave me so much hope to watch someone I love get a vaccine. OK, thanks for all you do. Bye.


Hey, John. Love it. This is Taylor Swift from Burlington, Vermont, and I'm calling with my high notes of the week. I got the vaccine. I'm high risk, so I got the vaccine paid off my student loans. And I'm also a personal trainer and was on the news for doing virtual personal training. So thank you so much for everything you guys do here. Give me that. You guys are great. I'm excited you got Jason Concepcion because he is hysterical.


I love it. This is Danielle in Maryland. And my I know this week is that my dad turned 75 on Inauguration Day and he asked for a three gift for his birthday. He wanted a new president and he's going to get it. He wanted someone else to win in Georgia. He's gotten out and he wanted the vaccination. We're still waiting on. The third one that I'm really hopeful that it will come soon, have a great day and thank you for everything you do to keep us laughing and inform.


And if you want to leave us a message about something that gave you hope, you can call us at three, two, three five two one nine four five five. Thank you to Kara Swisher, Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor and everyone. We got to talk to you on Omegle and everyone who called in. There are four days until Joe Biden becomes president. I think that's pretty good. Have a great weekend and see you on the other side.


Love it or leave it is a crooked media production it has written and produced by me, Jon Lovett, Alyssa Gutierrez, Lee Eisenberg are head writer and the person whose gender reveal party started the fire, Travis Helwig, Jocelyn Kaufman, Pallavi Gwendoline and Peter Miller are the writers are assistant producer is Sidney Rabil. Lance is our editor and Kyle Segment is our sound engineer. Our theme song is written and performed by Shirker, thanks to our designers Jessie McClain and Jamie Skil for creating and running all of our visuals, which you can't see because this is a podcast.


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