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Here we go. All right, John, please fill this in. Tommy, you can help as well. Dear Rudy Giuliani, we hope that you stop farting and we're excited to hear about how badly you've been losing.


Yeah, yeah. The Supreme Court's decision to deny your petition this year has been so exciting for love it. Jenna Elfman and Mario Lopez. Yeah.


Who's in a very sexy Kentucky Fried Chicken for advertisement. Correct? Right. Along with Susan Sarandon.


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Love it. Use the code ten as they say in Scotland Java which is Gaelic for. I'm excited to see Tennet at my house.


Welcome to love it or leave it back in the closet elect. Another week in quarantine. Today, we're gay for democracy, can't be over it until it's over, a little over it, still moving forward, finding inspiration in a little after we can gather from our Saturday morning. He's back back back in the closet. Get off Twitter for a minute. We got to say the Senate is back. Back back in the. The soul of the nation, we voted and we saved it for now, it's all hands on deck, so make sure you wash them and wear a mask.


He's back in the closet. Love it or leave it.


Thanks to Ashlynn Parsons for sending in that incredible song. If you want to make a back in the closet elect theme song, please send it to leave it at Kirche Dotcom. That's leave it at Krüger Dotcom. We're only a few weeks away from the runoff in Georgia on January 5th that will determine control of the Senate. Early voting starts on December 14th. And if you're looking for ways to support groups on the ground, sign up to adopt Georgia. We'll be sending new opportunities to donate and to volunteer every week between now and January.


So head over to vote Save America Dotcom's West Georgia to learn more about what you can do right now. Also this week, there is a brand new episode of With Friends Like These, and it is fantastic. Honor talks to Matthew Hengel Gedling about an unusual fight that broke out in New Hampshire between libertarians and bears. I love this story. You will love this story. So go listen. And don't forget to subscribe to with friends like these wherever you get your podcast.


Later in the show, we are joined by Senator Brian Shots and Darcy Carton. But first, she's a comedian, actress, writer and host of her new show, The Sarah Silverman Podcast. Please welcome back. Returning champion Sarah Silverman.


You call everyone a returning champion. I know that.


Well, thanks for being here. Thanks. First of all, tell us about the podcast. Oh, I have a podcast called the Sarah Silverman Podcast. Yeah. So I take we listen to voicemails and then we I guess the railway and then I that kind of steers the trajectory of the podcast. And, you know, it's one of those things where I go, how am I going to Felic podcast talking. But it's like when you go to therapy and you go like, what am I going to say?


I don't have anything to say. And then 50 minutes later, you're sobbing and your therapist is like, we have to wrap up. And then you're like, this relationship isn't real.


They never you know, you try to fight for an extra two minutes. That never happens. You know, you just want an extra two minutes.


So much empathy until the time is up. And then it's all. And it's not an hour. No, it is not. Is five zero minutes. Exactly. That's not love. It's not love.


It's never been love. They don't love you. I remember years ago thinking my therapist is my best friend and I had been seeing her for years. And then I, I one day I asked her one question about herself. Do you have kids? Yeah, I have four. Yeah. That's not a friendship. I'm not being a friend. She isn't my friend. I'm paying her.


No. Well I actually think it's. She is your best friend. You're her worst friend. Yeah.


Right. She's not asking me to be a maid of honor. I'm not even invited to the wedding. I'm not even a part of her life. I'm anonymous.


Even when she reiterates things, if she reiterates things she doesn't.


If she can bring the things that you bring up.


And that's the thing she goddamn doesn't does she.


Her goal at the end of every day, actually is to try to forget you exist so that you can have a night. Yeah, she does want to think about you, your work.


Well, Sara, thank you for being here. So here's what we do. We're going to go through the week's news. I'm going to share some jokes of varying quality and you can judge them. Oh, appreciate them, dismiss them, fix them, ignore them, say whatever you like. The options are almost endless. So let's get into it. What a week.


With a big MIT study of fake news found that false information consistently outperforms the truth on Twitter. And it's not because of bots. The study analyzed some one hundred and twenty six thousand stories, tweeted over more than ten years and found that a false story reaches 1500 people six times quicker than a true story on average. The author of the study went on to say, I have a massive penis.


Ha ha ha ha ha. That's a good one. I didn't expect that one. There was a twist a little bit. It was unexpected.


And it wasn't even like, oh, that's clever. It was like a it made me go the onomatopoeia of ha. Thank you. Huh.


That's what we did up to the top. I thought it had a shot I a shot thought out a real shot.


Attorney General Bill Barr is reportedly considering resigning before the end of Trump's term, the equivalent of leaving the party early after clogging the toilet. Just because you left doesn't mean we don't all know what you did in there.


I like it. That made me smile. I like it because it isn't clever. It's not clever. I don't like a clever joke. I like a joke that gets me well done. Four out of five stars don't spoil you. Don't spoil you. All right. I mean, come on. No, I appreciate that. I appreciate that. I appreciate that. Armed protesters gathered outside of mr.


And Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson's home on Saturday night, shouting obscenities, conspiracy theories and demands to overturn the election results. Oh, great. Kuhnen is now offering home delivery.


It's more of a it's cute. It's cute. It's cute. It is cute. It's cute.


Meanwhile, in Idaho, ADA County Commissioner Diana Lashonda had to leave a meeting about public health guidance because a.m. mass protesters had surrounded her home and were terrifying her 12 year old son, who was home alone.


But little did those protesters know her son Kevin had set up traps all around the house because Kevin, he cooks, he cleans and he kicks them.


But the tagline that's the tagline I that the tagline of Humalog, it's actually very complicated.


It's like they forgot Kevin. But don't worry. He cooks, he cleans, he kicks them. But it's a very detailed tagline.


It gets a lot of information out there that seems like a tagline that went through many filters and many lawyers because we're like, this is a child home alone. We can't make light of this. We have got to say he's OK.


I do think that the reception for Home Alone would have been different if they show the next scene after the wet bandits are arrested, which is Kevin being permanently removed from the home because he was abandoned. And it was completely unacceptable to know anyone in the city of Chicago, maybe a neighbor and their son, a neighbor.


Check, call a neighbor, call somebody. You got a kid home alone.


It's in the title. It's too, too young to be home alone for a week. Too young.


Well, you know, young kids growing up too fast. I came home when I was seven. I was home alone for an hour, a couple of our night. Not overnight, not a week.


But your parents are gallivanting wherever they were. They fly first. And those kid the parents fly first. Kids are in these kids. This is the way it works.


It's true. These people are rich. They live in a mansion. McAllister's are doing great care. People don't talk about it.


I don't mean to bring up the Sarah Silverman program from so many years ago, but my favorite episode was an episode where I sue the movie Home Alone and I win.


Why did you sue? Because I set up a prank where I paint. When the guy opens the door, a paint can swings and it decapitates him and he dies.


That's the other thing. That's the other thing. Some of those wounds would have been life threatening. Yeah.


Over the weekend, Rudy Giuliani announced he has tested positive for covid-19, but he's doing everything he can to challenge the results.


Yeah, it's OK. Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis has tested positive for Coronavirus after attending a White House Christmas party on Friday. It might have been unwise to attend, but she just really wanted to see all the ugly sweaters, especially Rudy Giuliani.


Ha is sweaty. His sweat is sweaty of the sweat. Yeah, a lot of sweat.


Do you think Rudy Giuliani, if you searched his search history, says like no drip, hair color, wind with no drip in quotes, trying to maybe find something more.


I get better.


Yeah, sweat proof. It's just falling apart.


I look, I've said this before.


I respect anything a person does hair wise for men to want to have, you know, longer hair, comb overs, wigs, weaves, plants, whatever, whatever a man wants to do up there to keep it going. I get it. I get it. I embrace it. I support it.


But Rudy making the the ring around the back of your head, beneath your glass is jet black. That doesn't do anything for you. No.


I mean, come on. What is he, thirty, thirty five. Hey, Mr. Giuliani, when's your father going to get here? We have a press conference.


You know, I want they should remake the movie Rudy and have it be about him now.


So apparently there was a movie about Rudy's life, the Rudy Giuliani story starring James Woods.


And it's absolute garbage. However, it just speaks to how much has changed because Rudy was Time's Person of the Year in two thousand and one. And then soon after they make this movie, it's a absolute complete travesty of a film. James Woods was nominated for an Emmy for it. I think he may have won that Emmy. I think he may have won that Emmy. Yeah.


That was a time when if any actor from movies does something on TV, you're that's just you're guaranteed an Emmy nomination.


It was just trying to say, like, thank you for coming here. Thank you for coming in the small screen.


Yeah. We appreciate it. Is the transitional window. We're sort of still kind of reconciling what happened to George Clooney. We're not yet big little lies is not in even anyone's imagination. Right? We're still not there. We're still not there.


It's still a question mark. What's going to happen to the friends we can get, James?


At the Emmys, yeah, we're going to nominate him if he just, like, retired, he could have been America's mayor. That's how he would have been remembered. America's mayor.


You want to make some cash and now he needs a pardon and he needs that. He needs that sweet, sweet part. You don't tweet. Thank you to my dear friend Donald Trump unless you need a pardon.


Yeah, he's got to get that pardon. Dolly Parton. I'm sorry. No, it's good. It's good. It's good. People are crashing their cars right now.




Right now they're freaking out because it sounds like Dolly Parton, the singer. Yeah.


Sounds a little bit like a Dolly Parton, huh?


I'm going to ask you one of those, Dolly Parton's Jolene on the Justice Department to get myself a pardon.


Oh, stay at home. Orders have gone into effect for tens of millions of Californians. After I see you, capacity's in Southern California dip below 15 percent. My message could not be simpler. It's time to hunker down, Garcetti said Wednesday. It's time to cancel everything. And if it isn't essential, don't do it. Of course, while the message couldn't be simpler. The order certainly could have been as it allowed a host of confusing and seemingly contradictory exceptions.


But I will say, Sarah, I've barely been able to keep up. I was really I was at this amazing seven course dinner at the French Laundry. They do this truffle foam. It's exquisite. That's a Gavin Newsom gag, right? Well, you know what? There have been so many people issuing orders and then going on various trips and restaurant meals. I mean, it's not just the mayor of San Francisco did something similar. The mayor of Austin did something similar.


Politicians across the country have been issuing these orders and violating them. And then like, I don't know, but I without naming, I won't name names. But I don't know about you, Sarah, but I have heard about one too many fancy L.A. rich people having secret events. There are so many people playing fast and loose.


You know, I can't even believe it. I don't trust anybody. I see my my dad's eighty three, so and I see him at least once a week, usually more. I can't take that shit home to him. No, absolutely not. He's elderly. He's elderly. I just turned 50. I kept it real low key, had a party of not even fifty people and a really small space. First of all, I don't think it's going to believe you're 50.


Oh, come on, Cohen. No way. You are so bad. Yeah, go ahead.


Looks like you're too pretty to get covered. And some people are saying that.


Some people are saying a lot of people are saying that Bernie Sanders and Republican Josh Holley have come out for another round of stimulus checks in the White House, has agreed to support 600 dollar checks, which will go a long way to paying off everyone's rent from the first two weeks of April.


Very good. That's more of a snarky thing. Snarky, little snarky little snow in Georgia.


Runoff news. Senator David Perdue didn't show up for his televised debate against opponent John Ancef and instead was represented by an empty lectern. Sadly, the debate ended in a tie.


Sorry, I'm just vote.


Your ass is off. All right. Vote for us is just kidding.


I read a simple jingle. Let's hear it. Johnny yourself and Rusty Baunach for Georgia and the USA. It's that simple. Thanks. He's a genius. No, it's simple. That gets in here. That's the bug. The earworm that's going to win.


So good. So good job. John upsets the guy that they made his nose bigger in an ad so he look for a wink wink. You know what.


Yeah, a little more. A little more in New York.


Yeah. Little must see TV. Yeah, but that was the code when it was Seinfeld and Riser and Jonathan Silverman and one screen that guy shows little must see TV. Wow.


It was like the three parentheses of the times. Oh, man, look, that was what a block that was, huh? What a triumph for the Jews and male Jews.


I will say this. I remember like Seinfeld was on and I remember we got to the Festivus episode and it was like, am I on Mars? Are we sitting here and pretending that George Costanza is Christian? Like, am I in outer space? He's Italian, right? Jerry Stiller is his dad. We're talking these are not Jews. These are people that have Christmas presents and Jews play Italians.


I know. But it was a shock to me. I didn't know that Italians play like tough Italians, right?


Yeah, they do know. I feel like De Niro. There have been some. There's been some. We've gone in both directions. We've gone in both directions to narrow gets to play anything you wants.


Lorraine Bracco played Jewish in Goodfellas, I believe. Yeah, I believe her character was Jewish. Yes.


Karen, her parents were none too pleased with that situation and that felt very true to me. In Jordan, it was announced that Joe Biden might send Pete Boota judge to China as ambassador after Kamala Harris made the suggestion to Joe Biden in a Zoome with her camera off sounding suspiciously like Amy Klobuchar exacting revenge.


Yeah, I don't want to send a mayor to China.


I think it's cool. I think it's cool if he takes on that job. That's a job George W. Bush had. It's a really big ambassadorship. I just like the idea of Amy Klobuchar having carried a grudge and somehow managed to take over Kamala Harris Zoome with with Joe Biden to kind of pull the strings. And then it's like I am, you know, I imagine Amy Klobuchar descending from the ceiling.


In my mind, Amy Klobuchar has become a kind of John Wick figure who scorched earth occasionally must call upon her powers.


You know, it's funny.


Everyone understands why, like John wicket's his dad killed, he's going to murder a lot of people and it will be justified.


But human beings getting killed, it's just like, hey, in the film Face Off, there is a moment in which Nicolas Cage in the body of John Travolta or John Travolta in the body of Nicolas Cage, I don't remember.


But one of them ends up in a prison, just the prison, you know, and has to escape. And he shoots his way out of the prison. The heat, the prison just thinks it's a mastermind, super criminal. We know as as members of the audience that that's actually the the good guy in the body. Right. So the good guy in the body of the bad guy has to escape from jail to save the city. But he shoots his way out of the prison.


And I remember just sitting there in the theater being like from the point of view of the people working at the prison. Yeah, this guy sucks.


Yeah. Just murdered. I always wanted to see a movie where it's like the good guy, rather like killing a bunch of people and then it just goes to one of the people he kills and you just back up and watch their whole life up until that point. One of those one of those fruit stands that James Bond drives through. Yeah, what the fuck?


The Federal Trade Commission and forty eight attorneys general have filed landmark antitrust lawsuits against Facebook, alleging that the company illegally crushed its competition by buying up its rivals and weaponize its staggering troves of user data. The FTC is recommending Facebook's spinoff, Instagram and WhatsApp, leaving Facebook to focus on its core business, promoting Dan Bongino and finding ways for high school exes to arrange disappointing marital infidelities. Just more of a thinker.


You know, it's it's a lot to process.


Yes, I think there is a lot that's a that's a that's something that I I'll put too much in, you know. I mean, I'll put too much in all overseas season.


But can the joke carry the weight of it? Sometimes you can this time seems like maybe not.


Maybe not. Yeah, maybe not.


I would have ended up Dan Bongino. Yeah. Yeah. You got go the Dallas Strong.


You're right. Focus on its core business promoting Dan Bongino. Yeah. You know, funny name.


I did this. It's true. It's funny. You know, the whole it's funny and rahal's myriad ways.


I think that after years of watching Letterman, my when in doubt, I just punch the end like he would when he didn't believe in what he was doing. You know, Dan Bongino oh, Dan. The former head of Israel's space security program, Haim Ashed, said that aliens are real in a galactic federation, contacted Israel in the United States, but that humanity is not ready. The Galactic Federation said they'd return once we figured out how to get rid of climate change, nuclear weapons and that overuse jiff of a woman from Big Brother doing a spit take.


Do you know that spit take? Do you know that talking about the one woman of that woman, she goes she just as a little take.


Have you seen that in your Twitter? Oh my gosh. It's relentless that I can picture it.


It's just a half spit take. It's not the full spray.


It's like a light spray. It's a light spray. It's a light spray. Now, here is our final joke. And you know what? It's a doozy, OK?


And finally, to laugh. Sorry, the numbers are up.


Are you ready to laugh? And finally, a lifetime in KFC made a mini movie called A Recipe for Seduction. And it stars Mario Lopez as sexy. Colonel Sanders, it's so graphic. You can only watch it on the 11 Herbs and Spice Channel.


Oh, don't fight for it. Don't don't that. Don't do it. I don't want that loud. I don't want it. I don't want it. The spice. You remember the Spice Channel?


I was permanently scarred because when I was like, I want to say eight years old, I want to say eight years old. I went to a slumber party at a boys home. I remember his name and I'm not going to say it. All right? I'm not going to say his full name.


Can you say just the like if you were just going to like banana bah bah bah. I will say his name is Jeffrey Buddah. And I remember that we had pizza. It was like very normal. And then the parents went to sleep and then he snuck behind. They had one of those big projection TVs like the kind of big the old ones that were kind of like giant boxes that were kind of had a terrible picture. But the big screen, the rear projection ones.


Yeah. You know, like that. Like you made it get a gigantic, terrible television. But he snuck somehow behind the television and there was a key and he turned the key. It was a key that apparently he must have stolen the key from his father, I don't know. But he turned the key and all of a sudden there was porn. And then I was with this group of kids watching heterosexual hardcore pornography from like one a.m. to four a.m. And when I say that those images are seared into my memory, it was harrowing because I imagine for the it must have been too much for all the boys.


Yeah, but at least some of them are like that seems cool in some fundamental way. For me, it did nothing. It was just haunting. How old were you? I think like eight or nine, maybe ten, maybe ten.


It was rough. It was rough. One of the parties, it was like there was a there was a New Year's Sex Party and it was chilling to the core.


And it wasn't until I was older that I was like, oh, my God, that's not what a New Year's Eve party is like.


That's not what adults do. That's just a creepy TV thing.


I had a I recently remembered something like a major lie I remember telling, which is I was fifteen and I went to New York and I was going to stay with some New York friends that were I had done summer stock with that were grown ups. And this guy said, you know, my job is giving me a night at the Waldorf Astoria. You can stay there instead of and I'll stay home, you know, my place. So as a fifteen year old kid in a hotel room by myself for the first time, so I meet him the next morning, he picks me up and he's at the front desk and he said there seems to be a two hundred dollar charge for adult films.


I spent the whole night watching every adult film available on the TV because I couldn't believe I could see naked people having sex. I didn't know it cost money or anything. And I was like, I did not do that. Like, it was just I just like I mean, but I think, sure, he knew I was lying. My face was beet red. I was probably sweating for the first time in my life.


But it's such a good lie. That is a great lie because, you know, you're lying. He knows you're lying. You know that he knows you're lying, but you still never have to have the conversation. Yeah, exactly. You both get to have the the lie is just a nice little plexiglass divider that keeps the truth droplets from passing between you, you know. Yeah, in a way, yes.


Put it in the current situation, very current. Think about it. It's very clear it's the aerosol truth droplets.


That's what we're trying to stop with that line. Yeah. Sarah Silverman, we did it.


Thank you so much for being here. We did it. We did it. Everybody, please subscribe to the Sarah Silverman podcast. It's hilarious. You will love it. I am so delighted to see you again. Thank you so much for being here when we come back. Senator Brian Shots, we will not tell him what we talked about, see some masturbatory stories from him. Yeah, yeah, shots take your best shots.


Don't go anywhere. There's more of love it or leave it coming up.


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What a crew. What a crew of people that was. I don't know. I don't know. I don't look. Where is the joke there?


I know there's here's I was working towards a joke where you think I'm talking about wanting some sort of relationship with Chris Evans, but really I'm talking about Foushee so you can write something in for yourselves out there and put the joke in.


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Love it to learn more auerback.


He is the Senator from Hawaii. Please welcome returning champion Senator Brian Shots.


Thanks for being here. Thanks for having me, John. So as we speak, there are tense negotiations over a covid relief bill, something that should have happened months ago and that is still uncertain right now.


I would like to read you the headline and part of the lead from a story in Politico that just ran describing the status of the negotiations. Stimulus debacle exposes broken Washington. It's the latest evidence Washington is broken at the peak of the worst public health crisis in a century. The White House and Congress are struggling to deliver another round of relief. And time in the lame duck is quickly running out. How frustrating is that narrative to you? And can you just tell us what is actually going on right now in these negotiations?


Yeah, this is Mitch McConnell's fault, and it is maddening. I don't want to get too much into media criticism, although I do some of that on Twitter. But this is maddening because this one really is one hundred percent Mitch McConnell's fault. There is a bipartisan, bicameral framework for around nine hundred billion dollars worth of covid relief, which we could put on to the the government spending bill that needs to pass by the end of next week. And Mitch McConnell is the only person who blocking it.


Some Senate Republicans are for it. The president, although I'm sure he doesn't understand it, is saying that he would sign it. The obstacle is Mitch McConnell and no one else. This is not a situation where the House passed a bill that has lots of our priorities, but the Senate Republicans have a different view. This is actually the product of a bipartisan negotiation. And Mitch McConnell is blowing it up and he relies on that kind of framing to make it such that he can get away with blowing up something that is absolutely essential.


And I'm quite concerned for people who have to pay rent. I'm concerned about layoffs in state and county governments. We need tens of billions of dollars to make sure this vaccine gets distributed efficiently and equitably and safely. And all of that is in the nine hundred billion dollars package. So we're going to keep pushing. We are going to stay engaged on a bipartisan basis. But Mitch McConnell right now is the problem now.


Is he standing in the way of this deal because he doesn't believe like obviously there'd be a big majority in the House that was bipartisan, there'd be a big majority in the Senate. That's bipartisan to pass. This is a desperation to pass something because we're in crisis, as you said. But is the reason he's holding it back is because he doesn't believes he has that a majority of his own members in the Senate would support it. Like what is his rationale?


Oh, I don't know. I actually don't know. But I think anything that he put on the floor could actually get a majority of Republicans because Donald Trump is pushing for it. And really, as we all know, they pretty much do whatever he says. And so I don't know what his calculation is other than he wants to prove that government can't be effective even in the most urgent of situations, because philosophically, I think that's where he stands on issues like this.


I think he regrets having passed the Carers Act because it helps so many people. And here we are.


How do liability protections currently fit into the negotiations? Some of the negotiations were about trading or equating state and local aid for some form of liability protection, which is to, you know, for companies to keep from being sued over over the virus.


Yeah, and this is such a weird thing because right now there have been 20 lawsuits in the first part of this calendar year related to covid in the workplace. And the reason for that is because I'm not a lawyer. But this has been explained to me by multiple people. It's really hard as a plaintiff to make the case that you can't cover it in the workplace because we're in a pandemic. You could have caught it anywhere. And so every employer has that defense, which is why lots of lawyers won't take a cold case, because you're not going to be able to win a trial.


And so this is kind of a cooked up problem. Nobody from the business community in Hawaii or nationally was demanding this, but they decided to take state and county funding hostage in exchange for essentially limiting people's access to redress in the courts. And that's all this is. This is hostage taking. And the kind of bummer about it is that the Capitol Hill press will frame this as you know, why don't they just trade liability reform for state and county funding?


And the answer is one thing is related to covid relief. And the other thing is just purely hostage taking for a long term priority that Mitch McConnell and the National Chamber of Commerce have had, that has nothing to do with the current pandemic.


Yeah, it reminds me a bit of the hostage taking over the debt ceiling where it was seen as Democrats trying to make a deal over the budget, over taxes, over financing the government, with Republicans taking the government hostage, using this sort of unrelated lever. The idea that preventing localities from laying off police officers, which Republicans claim to want to fund, and teachers and first responders and, you know, cutting back on infrastructure projects like the only reason that's being considered a Democratic priorities, because baked into our politics is the assumption that Republicans don't give a shit.


Yeah, that's right. That's right. And there's a Capitol Hill press that gives Mitch credit for being clever and wily and strategic, for doing things that if we did it, they would rightly call us cruel and venal and corrupt. Yeah.


Well, you know, and I started with that horrible headline because it speaks to how we end up in this situation. The idea that what we're seeing is Congress is broken or Washington is broken. You know, we're in now there's a bipartisan negotiation. Democrats had passed a much larger rescue bill months and months ago. They have come down and come down and come down. And now we're finally at this, what, roughly nine hundred billion is one trillion dollar package, far less than what Democrats and most economists would say we need.


And even still, it's being stymied. What what do you see right now? Is the hope? Are you hopeful that we can get to the end of this lame duck and pass something to help people in this crisis?


Yes, I am hopeful. I mean, I'm pissed and I'm determined and I'm not going to pretend. I'm not pretty seriously worried. But I continue to be hopeful because I think that everybody understands that we can't go home from the Congress not having passed anything. Democrats and Republicans alike, right? There is a time to kind of posture and say, well, if you don't want a bill, let's see how the voters respond. Right or whatever. But this is a situation where we're going to wrap up our work for the year in the next week or so.


And we cannot wrap up our work for the next week or so, understanding that people are going to be laid off, people are going to be evicted, people are going to lose their homes, and we're not going to be able to fund vaccine distribution unless we pass a bill. And so I think that pressure is enormous. And I think people of goodwill on both sides of the aisle are going to be able to come together. But we're going to have to roll Mitch McConnell in the process.


So I want to also ask you a bit about the Biden administration, which has been taking shape. Can you talk a little bit about the balance Biden has struck ideologically in the picks that we've learned about so far? What has made you feel confident? Are there any picks that have been of a concern for progressives in your mind?


Yeah, so, I mean, I think, first of all, the progressive movement has gotten their mind around this idea that personnel is policy. Right. And that it very much matters who you put into the key positions. I'm particularly thrilled that the economic team is also a climate team and that the national security team is a team that understands how climate change and climate action and climate cooperation is part of our geopolitical strategy. And so I'm really thrilled about that.


Know, I want to see the whole list of members and I mean of members of the cabinet and subcabinet before I make a final judgment. I'll also just make the observation that you don't really know who is going to be a progressive champion until they start doing the work. And some folks come in with lots of good credentials and disappoint and others you may have your reservations about, but turn out to be a pleasant surprise. So part of my job in terms of being a senator and and advising and consenting to these nominations is to do those interviews in those hearings and to understand how they're going to attack this job.


Are you worried at all about having another secretary of defense that requires a waiver? Are you worried at all about not having civilian control of the military? Yeah, I am.


Well, so I guess there's a couple of things. First, yes, I am, generally speaking, worried about that. I voted for the Matus waiver on the adult in the room theory. It's super difficult to imagine voting for Donald Trump's SEC defs waiver and then not Joe Biden's checkoffs waiver.


Right. That's actually the problem. Right? Right.


Is that now this is a pattern where we're taking a retired general or flag officer and then waving our own statutory requirement and then making them the secretary of defense. So, yeah, I think it's a concern. But this president needs to be able to stand up his cabinet and I'm going to vote for the waiver. Now, I haven't talked to General Austin. I have to evaluate him on the basis of his qualifications. But because I voted for the Matus waiver, I'm going to stay consistent and vote for the Austin waiver.


Now, do you think your colleague, Senator John Cornyn, was being sincere when he said his problem with Neera Tanden was that her tweets weren't civil enough?


Well, in a way I do. I think it's silly because everyone obviously pointed out that they spent four years saying, I don't see the tweets, I'm not on Twitter. And so on that level, it exposes their hypocrisy. But I do think they're I think their feelings are hurt. You know, and the fact that Neera Tanden is extraordinarily qualified to run OMB is not the point for them.


She said mean things about Republicans and that for them is disqualifying. So it actually doesn't surprise me. And I know I'm supposed to say, well, that's not a sincere grievance, but I think they're agreeing that I think their feelings are hurt.


Wow. It's amazing. It's amazing what you know, it's the old saying, you know. You know, for my friends, everything, for my enemies, the law. It's like for my friends, Donald Trump, for my enemies. Civility is good. I like that. It was OK. It was OK. I made it up in the flight. Thank you for humoring me.


The degree of difficulty was going OK. We talked about this before the election and I wanted to revisit it because I said that we what we talked about the fact that, you know, Trump was threatening democracy. He's threatening the bedrock practice of just ordinary politics that we use debates, facts, argument to wage campaigns. They're not always, you know, totally intellectually honest. There's bias, there's misleading information. But we let voters decide. We put our best case forward and we respect the results.


Trump was running against that in some ways, but we had talked about that based on polls, based on the genuine needs people had in their lives, that we should not talk about his threat to politics as much as we talk about what's happening inside of politics, about health care, about jobs. And and and I saw some feisty tweets from you from one Senator, Brian, shots about. The fact that in hindsight, you know, we're not totally sure if we can even rely on polls, we had these down ballot defeats.


We now have 18 Republican attorneys general basically saying they don't want democracy, they want Republicans, not democracy. And it's all based around the fact that these Republicans believe that there's more to lose in bothering the base than having integrity and respecting democracy. How are you thinking about this challenge right now about how we make an argument for democracy itself, how we campaign for these sort of bedrock American principles that seem to have lost purchase in one of our two parties?


Yeah, I don't have an easy answer for that. But I will say that, you know, looking back not just on the election results, but thinking about this in the sort of sweep of history, you know, maybe we should have pointed out the corruption a little more aggressively and not assume that just because some pollster told us that ACA was the main thing, that it was always the main thing. Now, there is a theory of the case that when you're dealing with elected leaders, with fascist tendencies, that if you freak out too aggressively about the behavior.


Right. And about the anti-democratic behavior that you can't win. This had arguably happened with Berlusconi. And there are other examples of if you don't focus on bread and butter issues, you sort of never get over the threshold of actually winning a working majority. But I think it's just worth pointing out that you've got 17 attorneys general, hundreds, I think one hundred members of the US House who want to overturn a democratic election. There are plenty of elected Republicans, maybe not quite half of them, but really strong, an alarming plurality of elected Republicans who are proudly saying that they want to overturn the election on the basis of nothing other than their guy didn't win.


And if we don't make the case that that's disqualifying for them as a party, then shame on us. Now, does that mean it's the main thing we're talking about every every time we open our mouth? Maybe not, but I feel a little sheepish about the extent to which I prioritize message discipline. Right, right over my own instincts to say these people are actually overturning everything that we hold dear.


You know, you are among many that have been sort of sounding this alarm. It's it's actually I think it's this harder problem, which is we can't solve it in one election. Right. Like, OK, we talked about it more. The problem is deeper than that. Right. Because it takes a very long time for these kinds of ideas. It seems, you know, that this rejection of democracy has been taking hold for a very long time.


It seems like we have to just be honest that talking about it won't be the answer for a long time. We have to make a really concerted long term case to figure out how to convince millions of the 75 million, some odd people that voted for Donald Trump who maybe are receptive to an argument that democracy is a good thing and we should try to uphold it.


Well, you know, one of my great colleagues in the Senate was talking about part of the reason for the distrust in institution. There's the party problem. There's the Fox News ecosystem and Facebook and talk radio. But it is also that institutions have stopped working for people. And so it's not just a theoretical thing or a filter bubble or just a question of what our messaging is. It's that the institutions that people used to rely upon, whether it was their union or their church or their government to make their lives better, are not making their lives better to the extent that it used to.


And so the difficulty for Democrats is that we're we have to make some of these institutions work. And so, you know, you definitely hear this on Twitter where it's like the Democrats aren't playing hardball enough and all the rest of it. But all that does is create I mean, obviously, we should play as tough as we can. But as it relates to making institutions work, we're the party of making institutions work. Right. We have to be because if not, then we're just presiding over a death spiral and maybe we'll win more elections, but we'll actually accelerate the death spiral of all these institutions.


And so what we have to do is provide covid relief. What we have to do is take climate action. What we have to do is provide money for state and local government, because that's what we're about. And it's our reason for being we might be able to win more elections at the expense of those institutions. But in the long run, that's not worth it.


Well, Senator Brian Schatz, thank you so much for your time. It's a big conversation and I'm sure we will be having it over the next two years as we fight to, you know, win.


Yeah. Thanks, John.


Thank you so much to Senator Bryan Shots for being here. When we come back, I talked to Margaret Keenan, the first person to receive the covid-19 vaccine outside of a clinical trial.


Don't go anywhere. Love it or leave it. And there's more on the way.


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Love it at checkout and we're back. It has been a long and difficult year and with covid surging again, it can be hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. But this week we all felt a little more hopeful. And I'm not just to Travis, I'm not. I'll just let everyone at home know that he put something there that supposedly gave us hope that is not appropriate. And I'm just going to leave it there.


I mean, of course, that the first doses of the covid vaccine started to be administered in the United Kingdom. This is obviously incredibly positive news. So we would like to welcome a surprise. Guess she is maybe the most exciting guest we've ever had. She is a 90 year old grandmother from Coventry, England. And earlier this week, she became the first British person to receive the covid-19 vaccine outside of a clinical trial. Please welcome Margaret Keenon, miss.


Is Keenon, how are you feeling? Oh, John, I cannot tell you how much of a relief this is. I saw one nurse on the telly say that it felt like she was injecting hope and honest to goodness, that's what it feels like.


The hope I felt. Well, it completely knocked me for six. Well, that's so good to hear.


What has been the biggest change you've noticed in your day to day life since you've received the vaccine?


Well, it's mostly the confidence. I feel safe as houses, John. You know what that means?


It's vaguely it's a British saying, yeah, yeah, that's right. I've started going on walks again.


I walk to a small bookshop on the High Street. Oh, I love the smell of old books.


I felt nice just to breathe in and breathe out in this small, confined space with my dear friend Mr Ghadry, the Boukman and his four adult sons who often stop in to help.


Dear old dad, would you believe those boys all work together at the prison?


Not sure that's such a good idea, but I'm glad you're feeling optimistic. I'm glad you're feeling optimistic. A little worried, but a lot of people are curious. Walk us through the experience.


Tell us about getting the shot.


Right, right, right, right, right, right. OK, well, it was quite a procedure. A lovely young woman came over to me with a test tube, you know, test to test and this wasn't sure. So that's right. This was interesting. It was a bright neon green colour, neon green.


I know that. So I didn't know that. I didn't know that it was neon. That's strange.


That's right. And everyone was cheering. And then I realised she had test tubes all around her waist like a belt.


And you can buy one for four pounds at three for ten pounds.


Well, John, I'm not ashamed to admit I was so caught up in the moment. I handed her twenty pounds and she pulled that shot right into my wee wee wee.


Mrs Keenan looking it up, I was asking you about are you talking about going to a to a club. Are you talking about a dance club. I was asking about the the vaccine. You're talking about a club.


Yes, yes, yes. My American Hebrew friend. I haven't felt this young and freezes. John Gielgud asked me to dance at the Royal Palladium in nineteen sixty two. But this time John, no names of modern hands of me. This time it's my turn. This is Mrs. Queen and I'm very worried.


Mrs Keenan is my mother's name. Call me Maggie. You never know. Use my new name, my Emunim. Call me Rogo.


OK, ok. Margot, I don't. I don't think this is safe. Can you. I don't. Can you at least just tell us, tell us what it was like for those who are nervous about it. Are you experience any side effects?


Well, yes, I'm a bit short of breath and a little dizzy.


Well, I'm sorry to hear that. What are the what are the doctors saying? That it's probably from the hooka touching. Oh, baby, baby Mugga the invincible hit had numbers yet again. I guess this vaccine makes me immune to losing, too.


Is that what it is, Mrs Keenan? Are you in a casino who should not be in a casino?


A casino doesn't do it justice. I'm at the Cosmopolitan Resort and Spa in the beautiful Las Vegas. The rooms here so cheap they're practically. To be had, John Little Johnny is key to this is Kenan, Margo. Margo, I'm going to put aside just how deeply jealous I am that you're in Vegas to ask you to answer some questions just about the process of getting the vaccine.


That's why you're here. I want to ask you about the process.


You're one of the few people who can give us information. And currently, please, if you wouldn't mind putting down your drink and helping us with this interview for just a moment.


Yes, of course. Of course. I'm so sorry. Although I can't really put down my drink. It's like a hat that I'm wearing with two big hands on it and a curly straw.


But yes, I'm sorry. I'll answer all your questions, dearie.


OK, ok. Thank you. OK, thank you. Oh. Where was I? All right, so in your opinion, having now had the vaccine, who do you think should get the vaccine first?


Oh, well, I think it's important to take care of those of us who are most vulnerable.


So senior men, single senior men who aren't afraid to whip it out of the old country buffet.


Oh, come on. You can't possibly be going to come on.


What do you expect me to not even to face right now? There's hardly any nine. OK, join me.


This is enough. Margaret Keane and everyone. And please, Margot, Margot, please, please stay safe. You're not supposed to it's not up. And you got to get you still to get the second dose. Second dose. Oh, dear God. Go to the hospital right now. Margaret Keane and everybody.


I'll go to hospital right now. I'll go right on.


I should have said it in a way that you would understand not to go to hospital. Otherwise, it's coherent. Doesn't make any sense to you. Go to hospital.


Well, Margo Keenan is now gone to the hospital. And here is Darcy Kardin.


My goodness, we've just missed you. Just you just missed Margaret Keenan.


Now, she was by Margot.


Just missed her. She's the first people to get the vaccine.


I really want I had a lot of questions for her. Hi, John. Hi. Hi, Darcy. Darcy, that was so funny. Thank you so much for being here. I love you.


When we come back, we'll end on a high note.


Don't go anywhere. There's more of love it or leave it coming up.


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Love it today.


And we're back because we all need it this week.


Here it is, the hired of the brain calling. They gave me hope this week as I work in a homeless shelter. We know we're in lockdown and just all the food the community community's making for us because people make almost every meal at their home and bring it in to feed people and hope people are stepping up and trying to take care of one another right now.


My hi, John. This is Deirdre calling from Everett, Washington, this past week with my wife, Christy, and my twenty fifth anniversary of our first date since it was a covid. Personally, we couldn't really go out and celebrate. So we had takeout, Thai food, wine. My wife and son watched the Seahawks game and my daughters and I wrote postcards to voters in Georgia about the upcoming Senate election. So maybe it wasn't really what we had counted on for twenty fifth anniversary, but we were all together and that's the pass.


Thanks, I love it.


It's Genevieve from Needham, Mass. And my high point of the week is that my husband, who really, truly hates to travel, was generally indifferent to London and Paris. The only travel he likes to do is to knock doors. So like Hollis, New Hampshire in November is his favorite place to be. And he who hates to fly, hates to travel, got himself on a plane and is staying in Georgia for a month where he can knock doors for Raphael Warnock and John Ashcroft.


And I'm so proud of him and I'm so encouraged by that energy. And I know it's coming at Georgia from all over. And I really, really hope that makes the difference in January. Thank you so much for everything you and your team do to keep me laughing. Literally. I think the only belly laughs I had in twenty twenty. We're listening to moderately. So thanks so much. Bye.


Hey John, this is Donald. My hope for this week was just listening to the high note from Toshiya talking about all of the amazing outreach work that they've been doing as 15 year old protecting our future. And it's just amazing to see such a vibrant community outreach and outreach from the youth. I think our world is in very good hands if we have even a handful of people like Tasha and her friends out there fighting the good fight. Keep it up.


Thank you so much for everything.


You guys do love the show, but thanks to everybody who sent in their high notes this week, if you want to leave us a message about something that gave you hope, you can call us at three two three five two one nine four five five. Thank you to Senator Brian Shots, Sarah Silverman, Darsey Kardin and everyone who called in. There are twenty four days until the Georgia Senate runoff go to vote Save America dot com to help and have a great weekend.


Love it or leave it is a crooked media production it has written and produced by me, Jon Lovett, Alyssa Gutierrez, Lee Eisenberg are head writer and the person whose gender reveal party started the fire, Travis Helwig, Jocelyn Kaufman, Pallavi Jenolan and Peter Miller are the writers are assistant producer is Sidney Rabil. Lance is our editor and Kyle Ségolène is our sound engineer. Our theme song is written and performed by Shirker, thanks to our designers Jesse McClain and Jamie Skil for creating and running all of our visuals, which you can't see because this is a podcast.


And to our digital producers, Naar Melkonian and Milo Kim for filming and editing video each week so you can.