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So we're more than halfway through 2020 and what a year it's been, action packed, drama, tragedy, more drama, more tragedy. And of course, we're still here in our own small way, still trying to chug along, doing something in the corner of the universe and hoping that you're all safe and treating yourself to some good music. My mixtape this week is called Pajama Party. Well, because for most of this year, I've been in pajamas.


Now don't forget, please do subscribe, read and review our humble little indie podcast. It helps people discover the show kicking off this week's mixtape. I have two guitar virtuosos, Rudy Wolong, who hails from Chalong and is one of the founding members of Soul Mates, one of the biggest blues bands in the country, along with Warren Blackstrap bluesman Dansa. They've come together to create a song called Zarni the Boogeyman. This track alludes to covid-19 is the Boogie Man.


But why don't I let Rudy tell you more?


Well, basically, the song was written on the 20th of March. Woke up with these lines in my head, the idea was basically to record it very simply, just the guitar and vocals and put it up on Facebook, but then it ended up sounding pretty decent. So I said, OK, why not turn this into a proper song, include the band. And then I thought of Borneman Dancer. So after we recorded the drums, bass, my guitar, parts and vocals, I called Warren and I told him that I have a song and would like him to play some guitar parts with some.


Sent it to him and he said, I'd love to play some slides. I said, OK, whatever you feel like, however, the song moves you and well, he did that. And then he said, you want me to mix it? And I said, Yeah, why not? If you're willing to mix, it, must do it. And that was how the song came about. But the basic idea behind the song was about the bogeyman.


Well, the virus is a bogeyman, but then at the same time in our country and I guess a lot of places, a lot of countries in the world, there are a lot of bogeymen around. And we just have to start denying them their privileges, just like we deny the coronavirus the privilege of infecting us. Well, you just heard Rudy Wolong talking about how to deny the boogeyman, which means it's time for the music. Everybody sitting at home today, nobody's going to go.


You'll be the boogey man. Too late now. Welcome back. You just heard Deny the Boogie Man by Rudy Wolong and Blackstrap Blues moving from Sri Lankan Magalia to the poor in Nagaland. I have pop rockers Trance Effect who are back with a song from their debut EP, Clowns, that they released in May this year. I've been a huge fan of theirs since they emailed in November 2013 with their truck stop. Pretending, which featured on a mixtape, are released in April 2019 called You Got Mail.


Now, over a year later, I'm thrilled for you to listen to. Their new song Took Me a while. It was written by bassist Emna Imjin while he was going through a rough patch in his life. The melody came from drummer so sung ALCA one morning where he woke up, thought of it recorded immediately and sent it to guitarist Toco. The song talks about how we try to come to grips with the harsh realities we face, how we work towards overcoming our difficulties and fixing our mistakes so that we can move forward in our lives.


I'm sure at some point or the other we've had to deal with that. So I hope you feel for the song as much as I do. Here's Trance Effect with took me a while.


And so we are going to figure out how to fix some. You just heard took me a while by trying to effect keep those pajamas on for this party as I have a brand new lock down single that was released last month by a pop singer songwriter that I've been a huge fan of for years. I have Thetis new single lead from his upcoming album, Outlast, telling us more about his song, his status himself.


Hey, everybody, my name is Stagers. You're about to listen to my song Lead. It's the first single from my upcoming album, Outlast. The song is kind of different from the previous songs that are released as singles or just generally in my albums, not for any particular reason, apart from the fact that usually songs take a really long time for me to write them. I usually take at least a year to finish writing a song, some songs even closer to five years.


And but this song is one of those which came together quite naturally. And I think it's because it's a very personal song is kind of about the legacy that we inherit from people who came before us. In my case, my parents, I am the first musician in my own family. And because of that, it's obviously raised a lot of questions. I'm sure a lot of people relate to that whenever they're doing something that, you know, is not the family business or something.


I've always had to kind of forge my own path wherever I go. I didn't grow up in India. So even when I came here, it felt like I was coming to something that I didn't belong to me. Really carving my own kind of little space has been an interesting journey. But that's the only way I know how to do it is by creating stuff and find some value in my belonging to some place or something, you know, putting perfection after progress.


So that's what this song is about. I hope you enjoy it. It's called Lead. That was lead by teachers. I have another Mallu following that Mallu and her name is Tanya. No, Tanya is a vocalist from Delhi and I first heard her on a song by Dacey bass producer Suriel. She put out a new single in April this year called Stranger in Our Bed. Tanya said that she wanted to write a song about how fickle relationships are these days, but with a sassy approach.


So she created a character who catches her partner cheating on her, but she learns to move on quickly. Now let's hear it. This is Tinamba with her track Stranger in Our Bed. I is broken to and understood that our Movahed. I worked on that's no change my track. Well, that's for sure. I think any of. John, doing what we've done so well. There is no love in Iraq. They were right about it all the time.


She was the one who should have crossed the line. I agree with you, is over in my head. You let a stranger and I get at a law firm, but I won't fall. I'm sorry, I just don't get any time with you is over in my head. My love, every day. I try to stay strong in the get it, see the people Best Buy stuff, the whispers I hear is they walk on by deep down.


I know I was right. Hey, I don't mind matters that I trying to change the look. I am looking back, not being around the bush. I know you. You is over in my head. Hey, stranger, a the air. I won't crumble our side. I just don't get a dime with do is. I hope you find what you're looking for, don't come forward and looking at. All the games are played with me, and now you're free to do as you please don't get me wrong.


I hope you have better luck. Well, don't you worry about me. I'll be fine. I'd rather be alone. So I'm with you, is over in my head day a stranger when I'm there and I won't cry, but I won't fall, I'm sorry to shut down. I'm getting over some. I they met Stranger when I was about to shut down at a time. You just saw a tiny number with a stranger in our bed, next, we head east to Bingol, where we bring you some RB in hip hop than my Guha, a.k.a. the Harmony is a vocalist, composer and producer who released his first Bengali album, Sunil Golok, in April this year.


The giant that I like the most is called Zainichi and features on it A, B, a.k.a. Command Z, who's a producer from Delhi, as well as rapper Raunak Chakraborty a.k.a. CESI, telling us about what the song means.


Here is then more about the song Zainichi in Bengali, which means I have known it based on the harshest reality of life. Not everyone of us born with the silver spoons in their mouth. You can say it's an anthem to those people who struggle to survive in every step of life, we experienced better things than the good things, right?


Instead of dreams, nightmares come true, this song is dedicated to them, to their hurdles, to their struggles. Tunisie. I mean, it's good of you that you are, Yurek, although that is an image you showed off about here that showed how caught up from hollow shaft that she had achieved through the school year. She got her body changed, actually, and she showed up on another court on. I've got to admit, he showed off the ball on.


Caught up in Hollywood, Shahbazi, Nancy Antonio Chedid confesses to L.A. Schnorrer Nancy one day short of Sheppey Cook. Go to Dutko, I bet you're not part of a show like I'd go to a Tea Party, I study what he got is Glenturret. Candy Crowley, Heidi, chalk that though born to be called a bully until they can stop.


Declined that the stand today, a sick day come to come to dinner like Shay coopting as surely as obtained by. They can't be the. And they pay for and let you go with their son that you never have finished their budget, but he let it be known no to a climax in it, more determined to make sure that you need fun laughing with their showbiz buddy. My next. There will be very good as a bridge to for little. Hello, Schatzi.


Nancy. You just heard disharmony featuring Command Z and CESI with their check Zainichi, another bong at the pajama party is Sangeetha Bhattacharya with her CoLab featuring Delli singer, songwriter and guitarist Drew Vishwanath. Sangeetha, send us a little voice note to tell you what this song is about and how it came together.


What was written in early March. And I knew I wanted it to be a collaboration with a musician whose work I looked up to, someone whom I could relate to, and that ended up being to Vishwanath. The song is an ode to an unfinished form of love, which is troublesome, but it's addictive and it's beautiful and it lasts. There's nostalgia running through you, but it doesn't let you run away from it. And there's a lingering hope somewhere.


And that hope is more empowering than stability itself.


It was the first time that I actually even hung out with through and we ended up recording the song and he produced it and recorded it entirely in his bedroom. And I had recorded my vocals just once as a scratch, but we decided to keep it as a final because the lockdown was announced soon after and we couldn't get out of our homes to rerecord. And this is the first time we are releasing a song which is so completely raw and produced in such a DIY fashion.


So I'm excited for everyone to hear it. I see, could you see what you said might be the one that's not what I'm seeing, right? I don't. Oh, wait, I think you see your lips spun poetry in the. I do come here once again. I do. We in my. To draw the. Still, there was. Story we're tired of start. I think of you were breathing in a sleep. You know, I see those people and I think you you and find myself.


It's the size of a crime.


Were you worried by the. You say to other children. So there was. Tired of starting. Tired of start. You just heard watercolors by Sangeetha Bhattacharya featuring Drew Bissonnette, and then there was one at the Pajama Party before I could leave you with one final song, when you get the chance, do read interviews on the podcast app of your choice. It really helps people discover the show and do swing by and say hi on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


We're always happy to welcome more people into the fans. Lastly, before we switch off the lights and talk ourselves into bed, I have a musician who hails from Uttarakhand and lives in Bobby in Gujarat called Unschool Nittany a.k.a. Oh Mekki. The song where frigidity is called Is Shadmi and we have unschool telling us more about the track here.


Everyone is Shadmi is about how a city becomes a memory of its own after you have spent a significant time with someone in the city. So places become their memories, even food and culture of the city. So I wrote the song from this idea to Shandra's Who Tabby's. And I'm really inspired by artists like Dobbyn Millennium's said this guy Seven Lines and I really want to keep making songs and they xandra to draw people to electronic music. Thank you so much, unschool.


Here is a song is Shadmi. Nogami.