Happy Scribe

The next mix tape we have for you are made in India is called Wait for it, take it in. Unbury. Yup, it's called Breathe. I'm, of course, going to explain why in our next episode, but till then I have Ahmed Mohammed Al Khalifa, a.k.a. Oddisee, a Sudanese American emcee and producer from Washington, D.C., with his track Still Strange, featuring singer Dragoo and St. Ezekial on guitars. We don't make the mistakes that we used to be replaced by something useful, but I'm still straight.


Nothing's changed. We told lies only truthful. You go back to what we used to. But I still say nothing has changed, took you for granted, only now I understand it going in the wind and now the wind just makes me feel vindicated. I'm all alone in isolation and the only thing I'm testing is my patience, thankful I'm alive and wait it out. But place I almost became depressed. You gave me. I'm at your gate. I'm stuck.


Most connection problem that they need to make it work. I lost you first. Make matters worse, I lost my job. I'm nonessential. Maybe don't wash their hands of me. We should be closed by the British distant. You hate what we've become but to live with we plan to be our focus. But still randomly. My thoughts are sweet. My whole life. The awkward phase is sure. I see we don't meet them. I'm at a loss, thought I was better off than the people I could go jogging, know that I won, I can't run away from me now.


Am I able to ignore me at the man and then admit it better? When you were the way you were? Never met me with benefits. I'm letting go of my ego when faced with something in general. We should go chasing the happiness I believe that needs to come with the membership. Not that freedom was limited, simply equal. So we could say that this could be something I need to fight for you on the front lines when we get to legal reform, communicating like we need to keep change, see through, kept moving, kept on getting serious.


Now we don't repeat when we reform, we don't make them. We don't make the mistakes that we use, so they'll be replaced by something useful. But still straight. Because we're told like it, you can go back to where we used to.