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Hey, I may and this a sneak peek to the next mixtape called Pillow, I know you must be wondering me what's wrong with you? Why is your next mixtape called Pelo? Well, you'll find out in the next episode. So then here's a chance to keep you going. It's called Not a Love Song by Sungevity featuring Native Indian.


Father. Yeah, well. And let me tell you now, it's not a love song. Life goes on. If you had strong. OK, if you kind of fucked up, you can brush it off like stuff like the stuff I care about our story page. OK. Okay, just gonna move on. Go to head right through my head and get it on the first big battle, one of the mistakes. My biggest problem, I a big smile and that's all I never knew how to solve.


Inside, before the lockdown has been over, the shock that some been in the same case, stop playing video games. Let me just need to be the voice in my head and talk in my job. I have a train. I'm trying to teach my friends that I should write my name, meditate, and they're going to try and sort things over, get this done. I think of people asking, what's wrong? I fucking hate all these Lovesong.


Now, get is love come from.


It's not just my case. I love that I. And if it ever occurred to me that I'm not the enemy, no one was injured. I never missed a premonitions that on me. I mean, for me to red, not the messaging is like reconstructing the infinite pain. Got to take a pill for a moment, like a skillfully overcoming anything that I'm feeling and all the fortunately favors the brain. Would you rather live your life with. I thought something called the depression deepened and I looked at my watch and I never thought to come consuming.


The voice in my head ain't talking much, I'm a human chain with trying to teach me still good friends that I should try yoga. You know what? I'm trying to turn things over. A lot of people asking what's wrong? Fucking hate all these love.