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Believe U Me with.




The Countess Bing... You know my name yet. And Anthony Lionheart Smith.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Believe U Me podcast. Do not adjust your screens. Anthony Smith has not gone through a Polish transformation. We are joined by the one and only, Jan, Mr. Polish power, B lehovych. What's going on, brother? How are you?


I'm good, thank you. Remember, legendary Polish power.


Oh, the legendary Polish power. Yes, this is correct. I'm so sorry. No worries. Mate, since we spoke last time, a lot has gone on in your life and in the light heavyweight division. You lost the belt, you won the belt, you knocked out Reyes, you defended against Issy, you lost the glove. Then you fought for the belt again. It went to draw. Jamal Hill becomes the... Gary vacates the belt. Jamal becomes the champion. Jamal vacates the belt. And now you're fighting Alex Perera in what is being called or rumoured to be a number one contender match up, right?


Yeah. This is the number one contender match. Nothing changed to this moment. We will see. Maybe tomorrow or next week they change something. But for now, nothing changed. It's a normal fight. We're going to win. I believe that's going to be me. So next fight will be for the title. A lot of weird things happen in our division, but show must go on.


So it is what it is. The show must go on, correct. What we'll get to the fight with Alex in a little bit. But what did you think about Gary vacating the belt? And what's your thoughts on Jamal doing the same thing? Because I think, listen, we all know it's a very honourable thing. Gary wanted the division to move along. That's great. That's good. And I think Jamal, because that's how we got the title fight, he feels you should do the same thing. And I respect that as a fighter. But if I was managing them, I'd be like, what are you doing? This is the lighthighweight champion above the world. You don't fucking walk away from this.


Yeah, it's always it's two sides. I'm also a man of honour, so maybe I will also leave the belt if such a situation like this. But of course, my manager will tell me, don't do it. Stay here and wait. If they will take it, then you will give it. Now, don't give it like a present.




I respect what they do because they don't hold the division. So like we say, show must Go On.




Wish them a fast recovery. Erie, I think it's already good. So now we're waiting for Jamal. But anyway, it is what it is. Anyway, after my fight and then Alex, next fight we're going to have a new champion in the two of us.


So you think if you beat Alex next week, do you think you'll get a shot against ERIE?


We will see. I think it's only one way to do it because he was a champion, he lived the belt. When I beat Alex, my next fight will be against Uri somewhere in Europe. That would be amazing. But now I focus about Alex, I don't want to go so far because I need to focus about Paredta right now.


Absolutely. Paredta is, as we know, incredibly dangerous on the feet. But we saw Adesanya was able to take him down. He was able to out grapple him a little bit. I'm assuming, and you don't want to give too much away, but I think anyone who knows anything about mixed martial arts probably thinks you're going to come in and grapple a little bit.


For sure.




You know how it is. I am a stand up fighter and I like fighting stand up. So I have to check my stand up against someone like Perera. But if I don't feel good, if I take some punches, for sure I'm going to use wrestling and take him down because also I am not stupid. I know how to know what I have to do to win this fight. And I use all my tools to do it.




I will not go for the take down from locker room. I will stand in the middle of the cage and punch with him. And if something goes wrong, then I will start the wrestle, but not earlier.


Again, if I'm your manager, I'm going crazy. You're walking away from belts. You choose to stand with a dangerous kickboxer when you're in a great wrestle. I'm like, These knuckleheads. What are you doing?


I live my life how I like. And that's it. I have to. I have to check my stand up against him.


Of course.


But if I don't have the opportunity to take him down, I will do it. It's not a secret. They knew that for sure they're going to be ready for that. And like I am, I am ready for his stand up. So I think it's going to be great match up, great fight to watch.


Two more.


Weeks and everybody will.


Know everything. You are probably two of the hardest hitters in the light heavyweight division. Of course, he's making his debut. How do you think he's going to fair at 205? Because at middle weight, he was very big and he was very powerful. Do you think he'll still stand out as somebody super dangerous at light heavyweight? Or it'll be average now?


I think he's going to move similar in a lower division, but he's just going to feel different timing, different power because I'm bigger than Adesanya, I'm bigger than the guys from lower division. So that's going to be different for him. He train with bigger guys. But fight is a fight. Sparring is a sparring. It's two different things. And he's going to feel it inside the octagon.


So this is taking place in Salt Lake City. You've ever been there before?


Yeah, I'm here in Salt Lake for four days already, five days. Because attitude is different, time zone is different. I am Philip, so that's why I'm here earlier to catch the climate. And five days. And today we do our morning session and I feel very great. So everything is perfect. Perfect.


Looking forward to it. Salt Lake City is a bit of a bizarre place. If you go out and you meet Alex Perera, I don't think you're going to be able to get a drink. What are the Polish going to do? I'm pretty sure you guys want to celebrate in style.


I've got good manager and I'm always after the fight when I come back to the room, everything waiting for me. So I don't... She know what to do. How to do so I'm not worried about this. But anyway, for sure, we go to the city and we will see how Salt Lake City live in the night. Why not?


Was there any talk, did you hear anything from your manager or from the UFC about this fight potentially getting bumped up to a title fight?


Yeah, I've got this on my contract. If I won, next fight for the title.


Sorry, but I meant you and Perera. We don't talk of that.


Being for a fight. No, we talk about this. They will change the status of this fight, but for this moment, they not change anything. But we talk about this, yes.


No, of course. How's life in general, Jan? I mean, obviously... All good.


Everything is perfect. No injuries. Everything is like should to be. Everybody around me healthy. I'm a happy man.


How old are you, Jan?




You're 40 years old. Wow. Still going strong, about to.


Become a two.


Time champion.


I still like to do it. When I go to the gym, I go there. Not that I have to go there, but I go there because I want to go there. To do something, to train, to kick someone, take the punches. I just like to do it. Yeah, but I feel that I'm 40 now. I don't feel like 10 years ago. So I changed a little bit in my preparation and everything is like should to be.


Yeah. No, good. Good. I'm excited for the fight, man. What are you think about that main event, Justin Poitier, just engage. I mean, that's a ridiculous fight.


Yeah, good Justin. That's a very nice fight to watch. We will see who's going to want to fight. But I'm focused about my fight right now. But after the fight, I will go to the green room and watch what's happening over there. But that's going to be also like... I think that they bring some heavy punches to the side inside the octagon and that's going to be a great fight to watch. But but I don't want to choose who's going to win.


Yeah, of course. Next Saturday night when you're in the ring, Mark Goddard, Herb Dean, whoever it is, when they say fight, you and Alex Perera go forward. What have you seen in your mind?


What I see? Great fight in stand up in the first round, but second round, I take him down or knock him out or submit him on the ground. This is what I see. This is what I do when I do my visualization.


Yes. Obviously, he trained with Lovett Tuchera, who's a tremendous coach and obviously was a great fighter. Do you think, though, that there's not been enough time for him to be able to truly learn the skills to be quiet?


For sure he's going to learn something, but I think it's too short. But I will answer after the fight.


For this.


But I think I have to be ready for everything. But maybe he's like someone like superhero and he learned so fast and he will be great on the ground. So I have to be careful about this. So we also do this part of the job in the gym. But I don't think so. He's stand up fighter and he will try to be all fight on his feet.


What happens if he walks out and he does the bow and arrow and he sees you in the cage and...




Bring my shield, I bring my sword, take his arrow on my shield, got the the... My story. This is what I prepared for him.


Yeah, of course. I saw on your Instagram, you're still going back to the place in the forest?


Always. Before each fight.


Grabbing energy from death.


Yeah, that's crazy, man. I know you used to do it, but you're still doing it.




Do you truly believe that? And it just gets you in the mindset. You have to believe.


You have to believe in something like this because if you will not believe, it will not working. It's like a placebo or something like this. If you believe, it will be working. If you're not believe, it's not going to be working. I believe in myself. I believe in my feet. I believe that I can knock him out. If I will not believe in it, I will not go inside the octagon. Never. So you have to believe.


No, but by going to the forest to the site, what is it that you believe that that does?


You know what I believe? I believe that... Because I found this guy. He's hanging out. So I think I just helped him to go to the other side. And now he's like, he gave me his energy from different place. This is what I believe.


Interesting. No, I like it, man. It's cool. It's cool as hell. What a story.


Maybe if someone will... If someone, different people will find him, maybe they will stole something from his pocket or something like this. I don't touch him. I just touch him.


Now I'm laughing, but when I found him, I wasn't. I touched him, the stick, and ask him, you are alive? But that was stupid question because...


That's crazy. I didn't know that. You're prodding him with a stick and you're like, Are you alive? Hello?


But you know, he was like this. No, he wasn't alive.


Wow. Yeah, it was creepy, very creepy. I hope so the first one and I hope so last one.


Yeah. You're a married man, right? Are you married to your partner?


No, we just live together. She's my fiancée, but I don't put ring. I put a lot of rings, but not that one.


You got to be careful. You got to take your time, buddy. I was engaged for about 14 years. You can't believe it.


Of course, I would say yes, but this don't change anything. We've got son, we've got two dogs, we've got home. So we are just living together our best life.


It's just a formality. Does she ever I mean, how does she feel about your fight career? Does she love it? I was lucky. My wife...


When I was.


Getting older, she was like, Maybe you need to retire now.


So first of all, I meet her because she worked for KSW before. Yeah, everything was happening on backstage. It was on her head. So when I go to the fight, she come, grab me now it's your turn, go there and have some fun. So she is in this sport all her life because her brother also was a fighter in Poland.




She's my manager.


Oh, my God. It's all in house.


Yes. So all money stay at home.


That's the perfect set up. It's the perfect setup. All right. And what about your son? How old is he?


Two and a half.


So he doesn't know anything.


But when I turn off the TV and show my fight, he say, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy. My Daddy, yes. So he recognized me. Maybe two more years and then he will start understand what happened.


Saturday night, you're going to go out... Are you the favourite with the bookies? I would imagine so, with the bets maker.


With the what?


For gambling. Are you the favourite? I would have thought so.


I don't know. When they announced the fight, I was. But now I don't know. Maybe it's something changed, but I don't watch them, I don't care. I can be under them, I can be hookers.


It doesn't matter. I think stylistically, you've got a very, very, very strong chance of winning. And that's no disrespect to Alex. I'm a huge fan of Alex. I think he's incredible fighter.


I've got a lot of respect to him on paper. I should take him down and submit him. But fight is the fight.


You never know, right? You never know. I think you shoot within two minutes.




Will see.


But I like stand up. I like stand up. I like fighting stand up, but you will see. I've got game plan. I know with coaches, I know what to do. Let's go. Have some fun inside there.


Indeed. All right. So you get this job done, very good chance you'll go up against Jürie Prohaske. But that's down the line. I'll tell you what we're going to do right now. We're going to ask Harrington our producer. We've got some questions for you on Twitter, Jan, if you don't mind. So, Harrington, please join the show and pick the good ones, please. And don't be offended by what it looks like, Jan. Okay.


So the biggest request so far in the questions is whether or not you have another song for us.


Another what?






Song? Yeah. People love it when you're.


Playing on here. They want me to sing another song?


They would love for.


You to sing another song. Last time you sang like an Irish... That's an Irish, a Polish Irish, an Irish gig. No, last time you sang like a Polish folk song.




So give us another.


Give me one second. I'm not good singer when.


I'm not drunk. You're fantastic.


I am. But I need drink three beers and then I can sing everything. Yes.




Will give me another question, please.


Okay. Hold on. Give me the Polish national anthem.


It's very You cannot sing Polish national anthem like this. You have to stand up. I cannot do it like this.


You have to stand up and hand.


On your heart. It's not the situation.


All right. No, I respect that. Thank you.


Okay. So you were just mentioning KSW a second ago. You were prominently at their Coliseum show where they had 100,000 people in the football stadium. Can you just tell me what that was like? And if that's a dream for you down the road in your UFC career?


Yeah, that was amazing show. 50,000 people in the national stadium. Great show, great fight. There will be something amazing if UFC go to Poland and do me against Prohaska on this stadium. It will be crazy.


Yeah, that would be incredible. That's the fight I think a lot of people want to see, especially I mean, that would be a huge fight in Europe, man.


Yes, I agree.


And Jürgen Prohaske, what do you think of him? Because he's an incredible fighter.


Yeah, he's a weird guy, very crazy style. But it's yeah. But this style is working. Crazy, crazy man. Crazy, but in good way.


I like it. I was going to say, I like the crazy because he is. He's a little... He's not your conventional normal type of guy. But I like that. I like characters. I like interesting people.


But I read one time that he go to the basement, was there three days or something like this, because he need to fight against his demons. And this is different between me and him. With my demons, I'm a very good friend. I don't have to fight against them.


Yeah, we got to embrace the demons. What are your demons, Jan? If you're happy to share. I mean, I've got demons, my God. You got any that you're happy to share?


Sometimes we will better don't say too much.


Yeah, I know. We'll keep those private. J arred, do we got one more before we let Jan go?


Yeah, Niko Baro Burilevitz wants to know, what is your favorite fight so far in your UFC career?


My favorite fight? Second one with Jimmy Manhoel, for sure. And for sure with Reyes.


Michael Hjeldeus?


With Reyes. But we're talking.


About my fight? Yeah, Dominic Reyes. I thought you said Michal Laird.


No, Dominic Reyes and my image against Jimmy Manuele always.


Okay. And I'm sure next week will be another classic as well. We're looking forward.


To it. I hope so. I believe in it.


Yeah, can't wait. No, we're a massive fan of you here, J an. Thanks for taking the time to join us today. Really appreciate it. I'll let you get back to Salt Lake City. I'll let you get back to the altitude. You're going to be here or no? No, I'll leave for London. I'm jumping on a plane today. I'll be there for 10 days. Oh, you're going to London?


Yes. Say hello to Martin Tabura.


Yeah, I will. Hey, Martin Tabura, Tom Aspin all this weekend. What do you think happens there?


I always support March in. We are friends. We train together sometimes. And he's got everything to show the world. And I believe he's going to want this fight. Yeah.




A heavyweight guy because he's heavyweight, but he move like light heavyweight.




Yes. And this is his very good weapon because you don't expect that.


Yeah, but that's what they say about Tom Aspin all as well, because he is big and he does move very light. So yeah, interesting man. Interesting. All right, well, listen, Jan, thank you very much, buddy. I really do appreciate your time. All the best next week. Kick some ass. Looking forward to it.


Thank you.


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Yes, sir.


And it's been said in the comments.




And welcome to the show, everybody, ladies and gentlemen. Big shout out to Jan Blahovicz. We also have Bo Nicholas joining us shortly as well. When someone says, I know you're little... This is really... I don't want to be that guy. I'm not perfect. I'm far from perfect.


I am not perfect. Whatever you're going to say, I need to hear it.


Don't be overly enthusiastic to what they're saying. The faces, man. The faces. They could be a bit much. I know you're trying to... But I love you.


Here's the thing. Mike, you need to understand this. I'm not a tough guy. I'm not a fighter. I'm a nerd. I'm an absolute nerd for MMA. So when I hear these guys, look, I see, Jan Blahovitch was just on a phone call with me. It's mind blowing to me. In fact, we get talked to him every week. It's amazing. So that's actually genuine. And anybody who gives me hate for it?


I hate it. Hey, well, if that's the case, I'll take it all back. I'll take it all back. How have you been, man? Good to see you. And ladies and gentlemen, as I said, Anthony Smith is in training camp, of course. And where is that right now? He's got some WiFi issues, so he'll be back on Thursday. But we got B o Nickle, we got Jan and we got Michael Harrington. We've also got a lot of stuff to talk about. Obviously, at the weekend we had Holly Holme versus Mayra, who I know, Silver. I thought when our Silver looked incredible. No disrespect to Holly Homes, she's been around for a long time, but when our Silver just walked her down. She was more aggressive. Of course, Holly, we know the drill with Holly, excellent boxing, beautiful kickboxing, fantastic footwork, tons of experience. But Mayra Bueno Silver, man, when she got that ninja choke, it wasn't just that. It's when everything she threw, she was throwing with nasty intentions as opposed to Holly, which was her game plan was always about maintaining range, using jab, straight shots, and a lot of circular movement. But I thought she did fantastic, Harry.


Yeah. I really thought with this new Holly home that we've seen over the last few fights where she's been getting take downs and adding the wrestling into her game, I thought that was going to serve her really well. I thought she was going to be able to stand up on the feet and outclass her for the first two rounds and then able to get her wrestling going in the later half of the fight when she was less dangerous. Instead, Mayra took it to her on the feet. That was crazy.


No, no, no. Well done to Mayra. Obviously, I think we're going to have Jessica Penny versus Ruker Pennington for the vacant Bantamweight title. I think my Web of Rorinel Silver is right there. She'll probably get the winner. Have you seen Jessica Penny lately? She is going full heel on Twitter and stuff like that. Have you seen it?


So I've seen quite a bit of her talking right from the moment that Amanda Nunez retired in the KJR. Oh, God.


I know. Listen, I'm not talking crap about Jessica Penny, but to say that Nunez was scared and all the rest of it, it's crazy. But still, J adela Madalena, right? Oh, man. I got to give a shout out. What's his name? Basel Hafez. Oh, Basel coming through shock in the world. My God, unbelievable. I thought, look, listen, anytime you take a fight on five days notice, you're trying to get into the UFC. And of course, Anthony Smith was talking about him last week and saying he's really good. He's a great grappler and all the rest of it. And to be honest, if anyone listening to this, if you are a young fighter that's fighting professional and you want to get in the UFC, I don't want to hear about training camps. I hear people talk about, oh, this camp, that camp. When I used to be down the gym, someone that's had one fight, they're talking about training camps. You don't have training camps at that stage of your career. At that stage of your career, you're always in training. You're always staying in shape. You're always taking fights when they come available and all the rest of you trying to get a fucking reputation.


So there's no training camps. And you can see that with this Basel Hafiz because he was in great shape. I mean, he was forcing those those take downs against Jack De La Maddalena, which, of course, you want to do because Jack's boxing is ridiculous. If you saw the fight, very close, right? Round one, clearly went to Basel. Round two, Jack De La Madalena landed some heavy shots but half as had some control time. You predicate it on damage, though. That's the number one criteria, I guess. And then round three, I think that was clearly J acks. I thought Jack was so refreshingly honest, though, on the microphone. It was hilarious when DC said it was a split decision. And he said, I wasn't sure, but the judges make a lot of bad decisions these days. So I thought I might be in with a chance.


Oh, man, that was awesome. The biggest take away for me, other than Basel Hoffes's chin being, Let's be made of granite, that was, he ate some insane shots in that fight. It felt like Jack went for that guillotine 16 times. And every single time he did it, Hafez had the answer to just get into top control. And then Jack had very few answers there. For a guy who was supposed to be fighting Sean braided this weekend, number like a top 10 ranked guy, is that a hole in his game that's massive enough where this might have been a blessing in disguise to get this step back and fight Basel versus top 10 opponents?


No, I don't think you need to look at that. And I don't want to go too much deep into analysis because we got a lot of stuff to talk about. I m basically going through the mail in the cold mail and I'm just trying to get to what's her name? I'm just trying to get to help me out. Chelsea Janley. I'm doing the running man. We'll get to that in a second. I think for Jack De La Madalena, look, he's been in Vegas for weeks now. He's done multiple weight cuts. I think all of that is a draining process. It does affect your energy. It's keeping the carbohydrates low. He's doing two weight cuts that affects your power, your strength, and all the rest of it. Not taken away from Basel Halfharts, I thought he was incredible. But yeah, there you go. Jack De La Madalena, still undefeated in the UFC, one of my favourite fighters. Although he'll learn a lot from that. You can't jump to the guillotines like that. I mean, you've got to maintain top position. Granted, he came close, but still. Anyway, right there, last one, then we're going to move on and we're going to talk about this live heavyweight situation.


We have Bo Nickle joining in four minutes, actually. And he's always on time. Okay, if there's a man that's on time, it is. And this time, be ready with the questions from Twitter. Do you know how to do we do this?


I got it. Have a little look. I'm already on. Have a.


Little look. Chelsea Chandler, going up against Estela Nunez, right? Is that who it was? Where was it? She's not in. You haven't put this one down. It's Norma Dub Man. Norma Dub Man, Chelsea Chandler. Let's listen, Norman Dub Man got the job done. God bless her. Good for her. She looked very good. Chelsea Chandler went in that one. There was a bit of spicyness at the weigh ins. And I'm seeing the memes. Brian, can you play some of the memes? Because it's a harrington put them in. And I feel for it. I do feel for Chelsea Chandler. Because listen, she took some heavy shots, right? And you're in flight or flight mode. Simple as that. Do you know what I mean? And at that point, she almost got bingo. This is a good one. Look, knocking the Sony rings out of her. And then off she pops running through. Oh, God. They're bastard. They're bastard. She licked it. They're Indiana Jones. Oh, that's brilliant. Oh, my God. Show me some others, Brian. But look, listen, you're trying to get out of there, right? And I get it. I get it. People are going to talk crap.


There we go. New Year's resolutions. It's me on January second. Listen, I understand any criticism. The reality is when you step in there in the octagon and you turn around and you do that, you are going to get some shit. And it's a shame for her because it takes balls to step in there. So I'm not mocking her. We're laughing at the memes and all the rest of it. But it was in that moment I knew I fucked up. Yeah, no shit. That'll do, Brian. But look, listen, we've seen it before. I mean, Conor McGregor did it against Nate Diaz in the rematch a couple of times. There's that picture of Nate Diaz pointing and laughing as McGregor's going for a little jog. Caleb Stones, what he fought... Was it Nate Quarrie? Nate Quarrie. Yeah. I mean, he got a lot of shit for that one. I think he got let go from the organization as well, right?


Yeah, I think so.


Well, he was going to lose his streak anyway. So I don't think that was the reason. But yeah, I guess that you support...


Go on. I was going to say just this year, C. J. Vigara did it against Daniel Asserta in a fight where the only way he was surviving was doing the running man, and he came back to win that fight.


But still, people don't like to see fans don't like to see it. I don't necessarily like to see it. I'm not criticising Chelsea at that moment in time. Do what you've got to do to stay alive. That is actually a foul on the scorecard, timidity. You got to fight. Intell and defending yourself. You could say that's intelligent defense. Would you say that's intelligent defense?


Look, if someone's punching you and you run away from them and they can't punch you, I'd say you've intelligently defended.


And that would be my number one rule.


My mom always said that that's the smartest thing to do.


Somebody's trying to fight. It is. It is the smartest thing to do. Ladies and gentlemen, don't be a tough guy on the streets. If someone's trying to kick off, just walk away. Just walk away. It takes a big amount to walk away. My mom always used to say that to me as a child. I said, Mum, what are you talking about? Because I was always getting into scraps. It was like, Michael, when will you learn? It takes a bigger man to walk away. And it's all true. Of course, conveniently, I'll say that these days because I walk away. I've had a few violent situations, I just walk away. Do you know what I mean? It's not worth lowering myself to them. But when you're in there, you sign a contract. God bless you, listen to it. Give it a couple of days. Mma news moves on. She's even got a sense of humor about it herself.


That was her meme, was the last one. That was.


The I News. Fair play to her. Let's talk about the light heavyweight situation then really quick because I touched on it a little bit when Jan Blahovic was there. The news broke last week on Thursday after we finished the show. Jamal Hill, sadly ruptured his Achilles tendon, I think, or toward it or whatever it is, he's out of the fight and he's very nobly stepped away from the light heavyweight belt. And as I was saying to Jan, I feel he's done that because his predecessor, Urie Prohaske, tore his peck. He did that to keep the division moving along. As we know, we have a laugh sometimes, but he's that martial arts Samurai code that Urie lives by. And I really, really respect that. And I think because that's what got Jamal a shot in the first place. He feels that he needs to pay that forward to the rest of the division. And I'm a huge fan of Jamal Hill. I love him as a fighter. I think he's incredible. I think he's a great champion. I think he's a worthy champion. And I totally get this. I understand. There's two sides, just like Jan said, there's two sides to this.


One side, I totally get it. I admire it. I applaud it. And then another side of it, if I'm wearing the manager's hat, is crazy. Do you know what I mean? Because that's what interim belts are for. Again, don't get it twisted. I'm not criticising Jamal Hill. I'm just giving two sides of it. One side, let's go great. Martial arts code. If you truly believe you're the best in the world and you're the champion, then you're going to come back and you're going to beat everybody. I do admire that. I do. But from the other side, the practical side, the managerial side, the thinking logically side is you don't walk away from a really coveted, you have to see light, heavyweight championship of the world. That's what they're bringing interim belts for. Again, I'm not criticising. I'm just speaking from a managerial side because I don't know. But if you walk away from the belt, you vacate the Belt, should I say? It's a better term. You vacate the Belt, when you come back, do you get pay per view points? Because you're not the champion anymore. Maybe you have a deal with the UFC, but there's real financial implications for one.


The world is a funny old place. Nothing's guaranteed. You don't know what's going to happen. Do you know what I'm saying? Maybe you call me a Coward or you won. But I'm hanging on to that bad boy for as long as I can fucking live. Do you know what I mean? Bringing interim titles, bringing whatever you want. I'm the champ. I fucking earned that. I dedicated my life to it. And yes, the Samurai Code. We talk about the Sam Rockett. There's no guarantee you're going to get that bad boy back.


Yeah, that's true. But I think it's a severity thing. You know what I mean? The Achilles rupturing, I just know about it in a basketball tence, that's typically a season and a half long injury. So for somebody like Jamal, who I don't think he was keeping that belt for the length of recovery for his injury anyway. So all you'd be doing at that point would be holding up the division.


You know what I mean? Yeah, but they were bringing it into the title. They might have made young versus Alex for the interim belt. Now I guess they actually vacated it and Uri Brahaske is about ready to come back. So that's such a shame as well, because that would have been a sensational fight between Jamal and Uri. Hopefully we get to see that down the line. And of course, rest up, rest up Jamal, friend of the show, friend of Antony's. He's such a great guy. I've got so much respect for him. I saw a little rumor that someone was saying he was playing basketball with DC when it happened. Is there any legitimacy to that?


So a respected MMA reporter, I believe it was Dan Jackson. I'll double check that when Bo comes on. But he came out and said that during International Fight Week, there was the pickup game as part of the festivities, Team Cormier versus Team Hill. And they were the their speculation, according to him, that's where the injury took place.


Now, well, listen, no one's fault. It is what it is. You're out there playing basketball, you're trying to have some active rest, you're trying to stay fit. Shit happens. I don't know much about Achilles. I've never injured my Achilles.


It's not a muscle you would... It makes sense for it to be a basketball injury because that's the sport you see it the most in that and American football because it's the planting muscle that gets.


Messed up there. For sure. But still, it's going to be a while. All right. So in terms of mix martial, I think Bo Nicholas might have forgotten.


You think? I mean, it's 405. There's no Penn State wrestler who's going to be that late.


No. And Bo Nicholas is one of the best dudes you could ever meet. And he just talks about gratitude and being on time and living a disciplined life. I reckon, we just arranged it yesterday. Maybe it slipped his mind. 12 Seconds Later.


What's up, guys? Sorry I'm late.


No, do not be sorry. Hey, Brian just switches over. There we go. Don't be sorry, Bo. Don't be sorry. We actually just had a little joke there. We just had a little joke because we said, Bo Nicholas is so dedicated. He's so honourable. He's such a great guy. Talks about gratitude. He's not the type of guy to show up late. Literally just said, I think you might have forgotten because we only did it last minute yesterday. So I apologise.


No, I feel bad. I was got a elk mount from last fall. I shot a bull elk and so I was mounting it on my wall and I got distracted.


No, don't be silly. Don't be silly. So you hunted an elk, a giant elk. You've taken it home, obviously slaughtered it. I don't know. What do you call it? What do you call it when you chop it up?


Put your head or process it.


Okay. Now you've got the head mounted on the wall.


I keep it classy. I go with what's called a European mount. So it's just the skull and the antlers. It's not like a full shoulder mount. I like them both, though. I just think the Euro mount looks classy.


Yeah. No, it does. We love some nice antlers in our house. We've got a few of them. So what do you do with the head there to get it to the skull? Do you just boil it down?


Yeah, boil it. Well, this one, since it's from Colorado, so it's not local, so I gave it to a taxidermist to process it. So I don't know exactly how they did it, but I'm assuming they probably boiled it and stuff.


And how big was the elk?


It was pretty massive. It was probably 7, 800 pounds. It was a 5 by 6 antler. So it was a good size. But yeah, I was eating it for pretty much the entire year. Got over 200 pounds of meat, so it was very awesome.


Because I think you said that right after you beat... Sorry, forgive me. What was his name? Val Woodburn. After you beat Val Woodburn, you said you were going to go hunting, right?


Yeah, that's the plan for this September. So I got a couple of hunks planned. We do Colorado, New Mexico, and then a couple more back east for some deer and stuff. So I got a few planned I'm excited about it.


Nice. Well, you got a few other things planned as well. We hear you're talking about Hamza Chimeyew, we hear you're talking about the allegiance Stadium. So a lot of lofty goals. But before we get there, let's talk about Val Wood Bird. First of all, congratulations because I think what you did there, and this is no surprise to you, but how much of a focus was it to go out there and use the hands? So you're not labelled as a wrestler.


It really wasn't a focus. For me, the goal is to just go out there and win. And I think that the more I develop as a fighter and learn to use these other skills and approach. I'm getting better at these other martial arts, obviously, that I'm practicing a lot. So I think that stuff like that just happens. But for me, the goal was initially go out there, take them down, submit them, get him out there, low risk, least amount of danger as possible. But the first real punch I landed wobbled him pretty heavy. And so then I just let the instincts take over and took him out.


Is that the first time in MMA you've had a stoppage like that?


No. My first pro fight, I knocked the guy out very similarly about 30 seconds. I've seen that.


I've seen that. Yeah.


So that one was... But definitely against a much lower level guy. My first pro fight, I was against an 0 and 0 guy who he had maybe 20 amateur fights, which was a lot of amateurs, but he was making his pro debut, same as me. But this time competing against a 7 and 0 professional fighter is definitely a little different. So I felt like my skills are just improving and it showed.


So I think I know the answer to this. And it seems like I've been looking into this far too much because when the fight started, you went out, you threw like a you level change, you threw a double leg attempt. And he stuffed it. And afterwards I was like, That was a fake take down attempt. He did not intend to take him down. That was to get him thinking about the take downs so he can let go with the hands. Am I right or am I out of my mind?


Yeah, 100 %. For me...


I cracked the code.


Yeah, you got it. Initially, I thought that this guy, he's a huge underdog. He probably doesn't really think he could win. He's going to come out and just rush me. He's going to blitz me, throw a bunch of looping punches, try to land something crazy, maybe try to throw a knee and just rush into me. Then I was going to slip outside, throw straight left hand and take him down. He didn't do that. He sat back. He was actually looking to fight, defend, which I think was an interesting strategy. It wasn't what I expected, but he stuck to the game plan right away. I had to make adjustments on the fly. I was like, Okay, so now I'm not going to be able to counter. He's trying to counter, so let me throw something at him. So first punch, straight. I threw a straight left, but I looped it a little bit just with the adrenaline and stuff, and they went right by his face and just barely missed him. And I was like, Damn it. I thought if I would have landed that, I think it would have knocked him out. But from there, I had thrown that punch.


He tried to counter me. And so now I'm thinking, All right, I need to get him more worried about my wrestling. So then one of my best take down straight left hand into a double leg. So I throw straight left hand and I'm just thinking, just hit him with my shoulder. Just get low, see where his hips are at, see how he feels and see where he sprawls. I'm not going to fully commit myself, but I'm just going to see what he does. So I throw the straight left, hit him hard with my shoulder and he hit me heavy with his hips. And I was like, Okay, that was good. Good little defense there. But all right, let's see what else you're going to do now. So not then. From there I started playing with my front hand. I dropped my front hand down just to see where his front hand goes. And he immediately, full arms down, looking like trying to under hook me. And then in that moment, it seems like when the fight is happening, it's happening in slow motion. It seemed like there was 10 seconds where I got to decide what I'm going to do next.


And so then I just decided, all right, bro, you're about to get a right hook. I dropped down, boom, come over with the right hook. I immediately knew that I hit him hard. And so then again, the time slowed. So it's like me deciding what I'm going to do. Am I going to throw straight left hand? Am I going to take him down? Is he hurt enough to where he's still dangerous, or is he not going to be able to touch me? And then I decided to throw straight left hand. I landed another shot. And then from there, I knew it was over. I knew he wasn't going to be able to hit me with anything damaging. So then I just put him out.


Obviously, we've spoke about your history in combat sports and you've been around it for so long. But again, that's that's proving so helpful because the way you're talking there, what was that, your fifth fight?




Is an incredibly high fight IQ and the fact that you're able to stay so calm and composed. And the fact that your mind is thinking like that. Because when I started fighting, I mean, geez Louise, the first 10, 15 fights, everything was just a blur, to be honest. I wasn't able to coherently think and slow my mind down. Have you always been able to do that?


I was able to do that in wrestling, and I think that helped me a lot in wrestling. And it did seem to me, towards the end of my career, that matches would just happen very slowly, and I'd be able to pick and choose what I decided to do. But with fighting, I feel like that's really come on my last two fights. Before that, there was, I think, a little more nervous energy, a little more adrenaline. And I was more so just get them on the ground or reacting. And now I feel like I'm able to slow the fight down a little bit more. I'm able to strategize plan and set my opponent up. That's what I've really been working on a lot lately. I would say the main thing I've been working on is how can I use my wrestling to set everything up, to dress everything up? At the end of the day, I'm more than likely want to take my opponent down. Or let's say if we want to strike, I'm probably going to want to land a straight two. That's a lot of times people's strongest punch. I have a good two.


So if I'm going into a fight, I'm not just going to go out there and throw the straight two and shoot a double. It's how do I dress it up? How do I make it look like something else? How do I get information out of my opponent to where I see how he's going to react? I can now predict it and then come at him with something versus just rush in blind. So now it's to me a lot about thinking, planning ahead. And that's a big part of fighting that I love is that strategy. And I just have really enjoyed competing in the last couple of times because I've been able to do that a little bit.


Yeah, excuse me. No, that's really interesting because still, sadly, there's critics to this sport that don't understand the finer nuances and don't really understand the technical abilities and the amount of training that goes in there. But just to hear you talking about that and talking about the strategic side, of course, we do that all the time as an analyst, but you laid that out pretty well. Let me ask you this, here's a question. We need the truth, we need the truth? We need the truth, Bo, because I know you're a wrestler at heart and you got to stay true to the boys, okay? To Penn State or your coaches, whatever it is. But UFC debut, pay per view, Jamie Pickett, take him down, you submit the guy, last time out. Pay per view, opener. You go out, you take him out with these bad boys. Which one felt better? Which one did you prefer?


I'll be 100 % honest. Like you said, I'm a wrestler through and through. Knocking somebody out is the best feeling in the world. You can't compare.


It's amazing.


It's incredible, really. When you put the guy out, it's over. They're on the ground. You get up. It's unbelievable. Even pinning a guy in wrestling, whatever it is, it doesn't compare. So for me, I just want to continue to be wise to that and know that I can't let that overcome everything else that goes into a fight. I'm still going to be fighting smart. I'm still going to train a certain way. Yeah, it's the best feeling.


Ever, but.


I'm just emotional.


I know. And I think you see, because it is a trap. You see a lot of great wrestlers falling into this trap. They come to the UFC, they're all about the wrestling, they start finishing people with the hands, and then they abandon their wrestling. And they're just pure strikers. Kamara Ubers with them. There's so many. There's so many.


For sure. Go ahead.


After the fight, any talk with the UFC about a potential return? I don't think you took a single shot. I'm assuming you're going to get it back in there pretty quick.


I haven't talked with Dana or Hunter. I'm going to take another week and just think about things. Talked with my coach, Mike Brown, my management team, First Round Management. We have a lot of options for me. I would like to fight again. Honestly, I would as a competitor, I would love to fight again as soon as possible. But then when I take a step back and I look at my career and the trajectory that I'm headed on and how the last years went and just assess everything from trying to be unbiased and not emotional because at the end of the day, my favorite thing to do is go out and compete in front of 20,000 people on a pay per view. That's the most exciting part of what I get to do. But there's also an analytical side of what's the best move for my career. I'm barely 13 months into being a professional. I fought five times the last 13 months, and I want to continue to develop my skills and improve and get better. And a lot of that happens in training. And when I train, this last year, I've really just been in training camp.


And training camp is a different animal than just training and working on your skills and being creative, that type of thing. So I could see myself fighting in December. I could also see myself taking a little more time off, maybe 6, 8 months and just training, improving, getting better and fighting early next year. So that's stuff that I'll, again, continue to consult my coaches on, console my management team and see what's best for me. But I m not in a rush. I'll get the belt when the time comes and when I'm ready to do it. I see myself fighting three, four more times, fighting the ranked guys, and I'm probably not going to have to fight 10 ranked guys to get to the belt. I'm probably going to be able to fight a guy in the top 15, fight a guy in the top five, maybe one more guy, get to the title. There's a lot of what ifs, but I'm just trying to map it out as best I can.


It's hard to disagree with you. I always say this, every time I speak to you, listen, we all know about your wrestling history and what you're capable of and what you've done so far. When you speak about yourself, it's not from a position of arrogance or boasting or there's nothing like that at all. I think it's just an awareness of the body of work that you've put in, the sacrifice you've made throughout the years, and the results speak for themselves. I do agree with you. I do think it is probably going to be that trajectory. You're very much sure as well. Sorry, I don't mean to condescend you. But a lot of fighters, their egos can get the better of them. You know what I'm saying? I don't pick up that vibe from you at all. I think your problem is going to be finding opponents, though. I know we talked about this last time we spoke, but I can't imagine. I mean, Val Woodburn in some ways was perfect because when you're not in the UFC, they say, Take this fight, and more than likely they get rewarded with another crack of the whip.


But if I'm just signed with the UFC, I don't want to take you on. If I'm ranked in the UFC, I don't want to take you on. I'm like, I fought tooth and nail to get to this point. And I'm going to throw it away to Bo Nickle, the wrestling superstar that's just going to rag doll 99.999 % of the population.


I think with that being said, UFC is definitely offering these guys a lot of money that can entice people. It's not something where it's like, Hey, fight Bo Nickle for 12 and 12. They're definitely up in the contracts. I know they're paying guys extra and stuff. I think a lot of people still don't really realize what they're getting into when they're fighting me. Again, I don't feel like I'm an arrogant guy. I feel like the way I compete, the way I fight is humility is one of the strong principles that I feel like that's my foundation. But I do think that at the same time that most of these guys just don't understand what it's like to actually get in there with me. They're confident until the bell rings, until I grab them. And so I think there will be guys that want to test themselves and believe that they can beat me. They've maybe wrestled with other division one wrestlers, maybe even an all American or maybe even an NCA champion type guy. But that's not me. I'm a different level from that. There was guys that were the top in the country that I would throw down and pin in less than 60 seconds on a regular basis.


And that's just the facts. You can check the stats on that.


It's not myself.


Sound any better than I am. But I think a lot of guys don't. They don't really understand that. They don't really know that. They've never obviously felt what that's like. And I think that they're interested interested to find out. I'm interested.


They are interested to find out. I'm interested to find out. Obviously, I'm old and washed up and my bloody body is destroyed. But whenever I hear about somebody like you, and there's other examples as well, I always ask, I wonder, how could you do? Because as a fighter, as a competitor, as a guy that wrestles and grapples and stuff, you do think, obviously you are a specialist of all specialists. So don't be alarmed if I grab hold you one day. I'm just trying to body lock you.


I would love to.




Me, I love rolling, wrestling, anything like that. It's the most fun thing for me. So whatever. We can roll for sure.


No, we'll make it happen one day. So I always say you're the ultimate good guy, the ultimate example. To young men, because so far, listen, early days, we don't know how you're going to end up. You might end up like Conor McGregor. The fame might go to your head. You start making the money. You're telling everyone to go fuck themselves. We don't know. We don't know where Bo Nickle is going to go. But right now, you're the ultimate good guy. And your ultimate dream is to go up against the ultimate bad guy, the bombed villain, Hamza Chimaev at the Elegant Stadium. Talk to me about this.


I just think, what better way to, I won't even say culminate a career, but to just have a milestone than to compete against a guy who everybody is afraid of, who has so much hype and so much excitement. And honestly, he's just that good. He's backed it up with every single performance that he's had. He's performed incredibly. And a lot of people aren't interested in fighting him for whatever reason. But I want to be that guy and I want to be the guy that... To get to the level that I want to be in this sport, to be the pound for pound number one guy on the planet and to go down as one of the greatest fighters that has completed in the octagon, that's the type of events that I have to be in. Allegiant Stadiums, 70,000 people or whatever in the crowd, me versus Hamza, USA versus Russia. I think that there's just no better story in MMA right now than that. We're really like two forces just headed towards each other, destined to collide, I feel. And I think at the same time, this is definitely in the future. For me, I want to get to 10 and 11 or 12 and establish myself in the game, build my reputation.


Hopefully, one of us is champ at the time. I think that it's a fight that has to be for the belt. I think that it would just be that much more exciting. And that's what a fight like this deserves. So that's something that I have in my mind, keeping on my mind every day, training, running, all the sacrifices I make. That's what I'm working towards. I don't think I'm maybe on his radar as much. And I think that makes sense just given our positions in the sport. He's running for the belt in the top five right up there. I'm just now starting. But at the same time, that's where my mind's at. And that's where I'm headed. And I don't think that there's going to be anything that stops me from getting to that point. I just hope that he continues to win because I think we both have to be undefeated at the time for it to get it to do again.




Fired up. I think about this stuff and it just makes me grind even more. I hope he's working hard too because I want to be his absolute best.


I mean, if you think about it, with the political climate as well, if you build this the right way, Russia versus USA, two undefeated in the UFC, that would be a blockbuster for sure. Well, listen, we're going to let you go with a few questions off Twitter. Harrington, our producer has been beavering away in the background, I believe it should have a few tasteful, respectful, and well nice. Good questions, Harry, today.


I got a couple of them. So just following up on that, just technically, the Twisted Steel 213 wants to know, give us your breakdown of how that fight goes down with Hamzat. Also, he wants to know about how your transition from wrestling to MMA, how effective it is to wrestle under the unified rules.


And then just real quick, on Hamzat's wrestling accolades, do you look at them and giggle?


Yeah, it was actually funny.




Saw a video the other day of him competing against a guy, and it was quite a few years ago. I were on five, six, seven years ago. But I was just watching it. I watched some highlights of him wrestling, right? And he looks good. But then he's competing against 16 year old kids. And it's like, Okay, that's a joke. But anyways, I was watching and then I was like, Okay, I'm going to watch this match break him down and see what he's doing. Literally, the only thing he did was fake, fake, fake, fake double leg. And I'm like, Dude, we have every eight year old in Pennsylvania can do that exact same thing at the same skill level you're doing. And yeah, he wanted to wrestle hard and stuff. But I was just like, This guy is a good wrestler? What are we talking about? I don't know. But I don't mean to be negative towards people's skills and stuff. I obviously respect his skills. And MMA is a completely different ball game. We're to wrestle in a match, it's a joke. It'll end in sub 60 seconds. I'll kill that guy. Not even competitive.


But in an MMA fight, like I said, different ball game. I think my skills in wrestling translate very well to MMA. I'm still learning. I'm still growing. With folk style wrestling, the application to MMA, I think, is the strongest out of any combat sport. And that's what I have, the highest level folk style wrestling in the world. When I look at his skills and what he does in the cage, I respected a lot. I think that he is somebody that he competes super hard. He has a good gas tank. He's got a lot of dangerous weapons. He obviously has good grappling. He's able to take a lot of guys down and control them there. I think that if we were to fight, that there's zero chance he's taking me down. I think I'm actually going to be holding him on the ground, especially given the fact I'm 210 pounds, I'm 6'1, and I'm not a 170 pounder like most of the guys that he's fighting right now. It's a different animal when you... 170 to 85 is a big jump. And I know he's a big 70, but you're talking about a different sized human.


And so I wouldn't be surprised if I dominated him in the grappling and was able to hold him down. And I guarantee you I'll get him tired as well just because I have too many competition reps in me and too much high level experience. I don't get tired in competition and I think that he would probably be super emotional charged going into the fight and I would take advantage of that.


Very interesting. I just want to follow up on that because I believe you when you talk because you're not the type of guy that's going to blow you on Trumpet. The proof is in the pudding. Throughout all the years of you working with these high level coaches, have they identified... I mean, of course you work hard, you're disciplined, you put in all the effort, you've got a good mind for the sport, you're analytical, whatever it is. Is there something, though, what makes you so good at what you do? What's always made you so special? Have coaches identified a certain character trait? I don't.


Know that there's one specific trait that has helped me Excel. I think that, to your point, I've just been really fortunate to be around a lot of great people. And I feel like my dad was a coach. And so I grew up very... I respected coaches a lot. I listened. I was coachable. And I think if anything, the main thing that has gotten me this point is being coachable is being open, not feeling like, Oh, I can't improve. I'm the best there is. I don't need to listen to somebody. I always had so much respect for my dad growing up, so much respect for my coaches. And it's the same thing at Penn State. I never felt like I was ever too good to do anything.


But there's a lot of people like that. There's a lot of people that are great. You know what I mean? I'm assuming you're strong as a bastard.


Yeah. I mean, I definitely don't feel like anybody I compete against is stronger than me. But it's just a lifetime of work. I think that while most people are coachable and they do all these things, they'll do it interminently. They'll do it for a couple of days a week, or they'll do it for a couple of months a year, or maybe they'll do it for a couple of years and then they'll stop. But I've been so dedicated and so focused on in combat sports since I was five, six years old. I remember at probably five, six, seven, I was wrestling 30, 40 matches a year. And then by the time I was eight, nine, and 10, I was wrestling almost 100 matches a year. From 10 to 15, I probably wrestled 200 matches every year. And then in high school, I was still competing 100 matches a year. So I have thousands and thousands of matches. And I was always dedicated. I played other sports. I played football and baseball. I ran track. But when I got home, I was watching film on wrestling. I would watch Big 10 Network, watch college wrestling, go on flow wrestling, watch the Olympics.


I just.


Lived it. Obsessed.


And it's something. Some people are obsessed for a certain amount of time and then they lose it. A lot of fighters, you see them, they start out their career or they're at the point in their career where they just skyrocket and then they lose it. For me, I've been obsessed since I was a little kid and now I'm 26 7. So 21 years of absolute obsession, it adds up.


Well, anyone who wants to follow in your footsteps, take a listen to that. Listen very, very carefully. Well, we got a million things to get to. We're going to let you go. We're going to thank you for your time. And we're going to say congratulations once again on the recent performance. Can't wait to see you back in there. Keep doing what you do. You're a huge inspiration to a lot of people. Thank you very much.


Thank you. Appreciate you for having me on.


You're the man, Bo. Take care, brother. Talk to you soon. Bye. There he is, the one and only Bo Nickle. All right, guys, let's talk about landscape, but more importantly, the unbelievable package, which is the performance package 4.0. The performance packages everything you need. If you're a man, you're gardening, you take care of yourself, you have pride, you clean your shower, you got to have a performance package in your life. Inside the package, you will find the game changing lawn mower 4.0. You know the one, trim the balls, trim the private parts, don't cut yourself, do it all in the water. It's got a long battery, it's waterproof, it's got a light on it, it's cordless, it doesn't cut your bowl sack. I mean, that's the main thing, but it's brilliant. You also get though the weed whacker ear, hair and nose trimmer. Nobody wants your nose hairs. Nobody wants the ear hairs, so you get rid of those. You get the crop preservable deodrant, you get the crop survivor toner. You get performance box of briefs and you get a bag to put all those things on, in even. So when you're traveling the world, you pull out, you got your package there.


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And then you got the rebreather going, so you combine everybody on the plane's farts into one thing. And trans Atlantic flight, that's pretty gross smelling by the end of it.


It's a steaming part of multiple farts all put through the rebreather. What's a rebreather when it's at home? You mean the air conditioning? Yeah, the.




Filtration system.


I'm pretty sure it's because when.


They pressurise the.




It squeezing you a little bit and you have to fart.


There is definitely a certain aroma to plain farts. It's disgusting. I literally.


Just made that up too.


So I didn't read that. Well, like a lot of the stuff you say, Brian, a lot of the stuff that you do say, it's made up, tip, boil nonsense. Anywho, that's another time. Let me see. So yeah, anyway, the point I'm bringing this up is, listen, flying can be stressful. Okay, you've got people farting, you've got kids screaming, you're missing connecting flights, you're tired, you're jet lagged, all the rest of it. And you're paying a fortune, by the way, these days, flights are ridiculous. The last thing I want to see, if I get on a plane and I am waiting to take off is this nonsense right here.


Were both young when I first saw you. I closed my eyes and the flashback starts to stand there.


On the.


Balcony in the summer air.


The Swifty s.


I got to kill the audio so we.


Don't get demonetized. Yeah, no, the Swifty's bad. I mean, the Taylor Swift phenomenon is out of control. Our local news here, they love to report on Taylor Swift. I don't know what it is. I think it's a very certain subsect of society. We love Taylor Swift. All right, get over it. It gives us luck. My daughter used to like Taylor Swift when she was about 12. But if I'm on a plane and bloody 100 Swifty start with that shit, it's not going to fly.


Here's the thing. So the plane was delayed. So I will say this, for the majority of that plane, that was the best time they could have been having. You know what I mean? Swifty's love singing Taylor Swift songs with other Swifty's.


You're a Swifty, aren't you? You're a Swifty.


Not at all. But I understand the phenomenon. I do. This is literally probably the most popular recording artist in the history of humanity at this point because there's more people. She's wild. She's breaking countless records.


Rebecca, I know they went to Taylor Swift. I don't know, man, a little bit of shake it off. It's a catchy little song, but so what? You know what I mean? She doesn't need to put in the news every day. And if I'm on a plane, respect my privacy, respect what I'm... I don't want to hear you singing. I have paid just as much money. Could you imagine if I was singing by myself?


Yeah, that would be psychotic.


That would be an issue. If I'm sitting there going, Give me a song.




Song, too. Yeah, you hoo. I got my hair jacked. No, no, no, no. But I had your bow jacked. People go, Sir, do you mind not singing by yourself like some maniac? But then it's okay for a hundred of them to do it. What about the one person that sitting there and he's like, I don't want a hundred Taylor Swift people singing.


Look, man, the sacrifice of the few for the good of the many. They're delayed just like everybody else on that tarmac. They're making the most of it.


You're stressed out. You're missing connecting flights. You're missing family. You might miss your meeting. You're tired. And on top of that, just to add insult to injury, you got these dick heads. Anyway, that wasn't the point of why I brought that up. I saw on the news the other day and you mentioned it as well. What was the ticket? I mean, the tickets for Taylor Swift concerts are going ridiculous. And don't worry, ladies and gentlemen, we're not talking about Taylor Swift. I'm talking about tickets for the average everyday person just to get to an event these days. It's out of control because of all ticket touts. They buy them off these huge companies buy massive, massive blocks and portions of the tickets, and then obviously they resell them at just massive profits. But what was that ticket? What did that go for recently?


So they're saying that the average ticket price on the resale market for a $250 ticket is $1,605. For Taylor Swift? For Taylor Swift. And there were so many people who were talking about spending five plus figures per ticket for this show.


Yeah. I mean, look, this is if you're a fan, you're a fan, whatever. You spend your money on whatever you want. But I see when I... I don't go to concerts very often, but when I've tried to treat Rebecca and we look at them, I told you recently about that Pearl Jam experience we had, we had to leave and they weren't cheap tickets. I know people have this all the time with UFC events as well, do you know what I mean? Because the ticket touts, buy them and sell them at such massive profits. I don't know. They've got to do something about this. This can't be allowed to continue.


Well, they are. I know the state of New Jersey just put this law in effect and I think they're calling it like Taylor's law or like Taylor Bruce's law or something like that because of...


Muffer gets his own law.


It's about time. I think it's Springsteen because he's a pretty hot ticket in New Jersey.


Don't say that's a Bruce Buford.


No, I'll tell him it's for him. But essentially, the concept there is that they would limit... What did you call?


Bruce Springsteen? Oh, the boss.


The boss.


The boss and the boss.


That's actually a good podcast.


Head to head, going down. Radio Stadium, the boss and the buff, who will survive? Only one Bruce can remain.


I was thinking they would work together. You want them to fight? No, they're.


Going out in the Coliseum.


All right. But yeah, that's good. Ufc 300. So they're limiting the amount of tickets that can be bought, and they're limiting the market that you can put on the resale market for tickets. And I think that's going to be something that's going to be picked up, if not nationwide, by a bunch of different states because this is a problem for every single spot she's gone to on this tour.


Yeah, well, no, they need to make it happen. I demand message s I get from people for UFC events and just whatever in general. People complain me. I'll stop. Yeah, no, but buying the tickets at the regular prices is fine, but the in the retail market. So it just blows my mind. And then when I saw Taylor Swift doing that. And I saw Luke Thomas as well. Luke Thomas had a good take on this. On Twitter, he was like, noise cancelling headphones. Thank God that they were invented. If I was on that plane, he couldn't tolerate it. And I'm with you there. Shout out to the one and only Luke Thomas. All right, so let's have a little bit of fun here. In terms of non mixed martial arts, did you see this Kingpin Boxing at the weekend? This might get us demonetized on YouTube, but we've got to see it for research purposes. Tell me about it, what is this Kingpin?


Kingpin, it's like an offshoot of Misfits. It's another one of those celebrity boxing things. I think the main event involved Anton Gibb, who's fought on a bunch of those KSI Misfit cards. So yeah, this was just another draw shoot of that. And one of these girls was an only fan star who got a win and celebrated.


Yeah, we could do that one. But then Brian, I have the other one of the face off ready as well because that definitely sold a few pay per views.


I think that's the point. They know what.


They're doing. Sure. Brian, can we get a little bit of the footage, please, buddy? I mean, they've got out there, they've put it all on the line.


Here we go. Getting emotional as they're reading the cards.


She's getting emotional. She's won. She doesn't know what's going through her mind. She's overcome her mind. She's got adrenaline running through her mind. Right now, she can't believe it. She did it. She climbed to the top of the mountain. There's only one thing left to do. There's only one way you celebrate and that's you whip your tits out. Fair play. Brian, can we play the square or the face off at the waves between two girls? Pretty girls. I'm not sure why they want to box. I'm sure they're getting paid very good money, but they walk up to one another. One of them goes, a little kiss here. And then the blonde is like, let's do this for real.


I'll tell you right now why they're doing this. Because 100,000 dudes must have signed up for the premium content that they have to offer, let's say.


Oh, yeah. No, for sure. And the only fans that'd be absolutely bloody killing it. Fair play to them. Fair play to them. So what should we get into? What's the big MMA news story? Obviously, it's the light, heavyweight belt being vacant. Would love to get Anthony's take on that as well, because I'm sure he's got some pretty strong opinions. The PFL, they've fixed their drug testing problem, apparently, right?


So we talked about it earlier this year. I think they had 10 people total who tested positive, including a number of people who are in the current season. So that did mess with their brackets. So to handle that going forward, by the end of the year, they will have implemented the USADA system, meaning that PFL athletes will be tested around the clock. And hopefully, this won't be an issue next season.


I'm surprised that they didn't do that already, though, to be fair. Why wouldn't you? Especially when you have such a big problem. And then now, as it certainly seems they've got a lot of money because f from what I'm hearing, the PFL are in the process of buying Bellator.


Yeah, I know that.


That's a pretty widely talked about thing in the industry. Bellator announced that they were for sale. Scott Coker said Viacom is putting them up for sale. I know PFL is, as far as I can tell, one of the bidder so far. I think the issue, the reason that they wouldn't do it up to this point is because it's the only MMA organization with an off season.


You know?


So if you see that coming up, yeah. Because you'd have to sign up to your year round testing.






Interesting. So it's like, why spend that money when we're not going to be even having fights in January, February, March, etc?


Well, they're not having fights anyway. What are you drinking that has? It looks like a Bailey's. I know you don't drink alcohol.


No, I started to make my own cold brew at home.


Oh, God. You've got full hips or have you?


Oh, yeah.


For sure. Look at this shirt. What's the benefit of home brew at home?


I mean, it's not not $6 a cup at my local coffee shop is the benefit. I got a little Mason jar.


You mean you just make your own coffee and then put some ice in it?


Well, no, it's cold brewed coffee. You have to make it a certain way. It's a nice little hobby I've gotten into.


Well, good for you. Good for you. Vander Ler Silver is expected to make his boxing debut against Brazilian bodybuilder and YouTubers, Filipe O. Franco. I have no idea what Filipe O. Franco looks like, but he's a Brazilian boxer and YouTubers. He's going to be juiced out of his mind. That's for damn sure. Vander Ler Silver never saw juice. He did not want to ingest. For some reason, when I think about that, I remember that time of Tito Juarez when he was going up against Chelsea Sunner and in Bellator again. Remember they were doing a thing on the news and Tito pulls out a can of juice and says, Yeah, you're the juice box. Here's what I'm going to do to the juice box. And then just smashes it up. Have you seen that?


Oh, yeah.


It's great. Poor old Tito. But yeah, do we have a picture of this guy? Oh, yeah. There we go. Yeah, totally natural.


Yeah, dude, that guy will pass the USADA test for sure.


Yeah, absolutely. Fair play. I'm in this Vanderley Silver. What did he do? He literally ran away years ago from USADA. Was it USADA? It was USADA. It was USADA. Yeah. It was USADA. Yeah.




Or was it the Nevada State Athletic Commission? It doesn't matter, regardless of whoever it was, I think it was at the World MMA Awards or something.


They got him in a bathroom or something. Yeah.


They tested him and then there was another time when he just liked it. Vander Laird Silver, you don't hear from him anymore. I mean, he was a bloody legend back in the day. Vander Laird Silver, he was one of the guys that when I first watched Pride, I was like, Wow, I love this guy. He is unbelievable. He was just so violent. You don't see fighters like that these days, to be honest, because it's become so technical. But Vander Laird Silver was just a wrecking ball of aggression, powerful, obviously great technique and stuff like that. As much as I'm not a fan personally because of the steroids. And obviously, we fought each other and he was talking a bit of shit, but I don't hold any grudges. But I'm not a fan personally. But as a fighter, his early career, man, you got to admire some of the performances he had.


For certain. He is now 47 years old and he has not fought since 2018, fighting a much younger man. And it's his first boxing match ever.


Who was his last fight in Bellator Heritage?


It was actually Rampage at heavyweight.


Oh, yeah. Have you seen Rampage? Did he knock him out? I'm assuming he knocked him out.


Tko in the second.


Fair play. Rampage is looking massive these days. Do you follow Rampage Jackson on Instagram?


I feel like I do, yeah.


Yeah. I mean, he got heavy. He got very heavy. He's always struggling with his weight. But he's been working out with some coach lifting weights like a maniac. Rampage is looking absolutely jack these days. Anyway, all be well, Rampage, right, give me a topic to talk about. What have we got here? There he is. He's lifting weights like a madman all day, every day. What have we got? Non mixed martial arts, Harrington.


Non mixed martial arts. All right. Non MMM. Check this out. A skydiver was in pursuit of... He wanted to film a lesson, right? So what do you need to film a lesson while you're skydiving? Obviously, you need the camera. He grabbed that. You know what he didn't grab? His parachute. Oh, my God. This is a rough one. This is a rough one.


So hold on. Was he the instructor?


Yes. It was to be his third jump of the day. The veteran jumper had been shooting tape with a specially rigged camera when he jumped this last time, just seconds ahead of an instructor and student.






He was recording. Then to his horror, the.




Realized that he was.


Without a parachute and.




Out of reach of the other jumpers, these images are.


The very last he ever recorded. So then just to clarify, what we were seeing there was the footage that he was holding. He was filming the other two people that the couldn't disappear when the parachute came up. And then he's like, Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Could you imagine? Could you imagine? Oh, shit. I guess in some ways that's how you'd want to go. If you spend your entire life jumping out of a plane, I don't know. What do you reckon? Do you think you would? Or is that the biggest insult ever?


I feel like, look, the numbers for skydiving, right? The deaths of skydiving are so infinestimally small.


But you have to. Yeah, we talked about this last week.


But you have to have to know, as an instructor, you're playing with that every single time. So, yeah, I do feel like career guys, guys who are going to make a living and film things and try to make their career as skydiving instructors, feel like it's in the back of all of their minds. Yeah, it's probably how I'm going to die.


I have a.


Friend of mine.


Who is.


Actually a.


10,000 jump skydiver, and.


He says.


That the.


Majority of accidents happen from these dudes who.


Have 10,000 jumps that are.


Just so used to going out that they just.






And that's always the case because they get complacent. You know what I mean? Like anything in life, you start to take things for granted. You start to not have the adrenaline. You don't have the fear anymore. You're like, this is just work. This is just another day in the this is what I do. This is my office. There's no fear here. This is what I do. It's totally fine. I've done it so many times. And you start to get complacent and then you make mistakes and then next minute you jump in that fucking aeroplane without a parachute. Jesus Christ.


You got to figure the same thing must have happened to Sigh, Friedan Roy. You know what I mean? Any of those things where it's like, this is a master at the craft and something goes terribly wrong. It's like, it must just be like, I'm too comfortable in this now.


Hold on, hold on. Just in your mind, so Sigh, Friedan Roy, you're talking about the Vegas performance with the Lions and the Tigers. Did he get eaten?


Yeah, he got malled on stage. I got his birthday show. I think he got real.


Vegged up, though.


He had to retire. Vegeed up.




Think he did make a recovery, but he had to quit performing after that, and he didn't live very much longer.


After that. That's right. Now, I remember hearing about it at the time. But yeah, you're right. Again, it's complacency. Even in fighting, look at Bo Nickle. The risk, you're that good. And I don't think Bo would because he just come across like that. But things change. People change. Success is a bitch. Success is great. You know what I mean? It's amazing. Amazing. Everybody wants to be successful. But then little characteristics might slowly start to show themselves. You might think, These guys are no good. I don't need to push myself to the limit every time because push in yourself to the limit is hard and it's not good and it doesn't feel good and you want to stop. Well, I don't necessarily need to because these l ock can't keep up, they can't compete. Next minute, you see Freedom Roy and he's getting butchered. He's getting vegged up. He's getting vegged up by Hamza Chimaev. You know what I mean? No, but that's all jokes and silliness. But yeah, that's what happens. Things in life start to stay for granted. The fear is in there. Next minute, wow. Crazy, man. Would you do a fair Hampton would you do a parachute jump?


I've done one before. Oh, you have? Yeah, I did it. I got the DVD and everything. It was awesome. It's unlike anything else I've ever done. And it's way harder to breathe than you'd imagine. The air is just coming at you so quickly. It's like, you have to get into it to get a breath. It's pretty crazy.


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And if you're listening on iT oon, Spotify, we're here to find podcast, make sure that you are subscribed to the show. Leave us a five star rating positive review. It really helps us out. If you're watching on YouTube, make sure to subscribe to the channel and you hit that notification bell to find out whenever a new video drops. While we're here, hit the like button. Also, if you want to catch over 400 episodes, you can't find anywhere else completely ad free and totally uncensored, head to gasdigital. Com. Use the promo code BY and get a seven day free trial. Check out over 20 great shows on the network.


Oh, and also, I spoke to George St. Pierre at the weekend. That's over on your.


Youtube channel.


On my YouTube channel. That I did about 45 minutes. He's offering to train me to come on and do the fight pass invitation. And I might just do it. I'm not sure my body can tell take it, not sure my knees can take it. I'm not sure my back can take it. Not sure my eye can take it. I'm not sure if my mind can take it or my wife can take it. I'm not sure that you guys can take listening to me, Waffle On, if I want to do it. But I think I'm going to do it. I'm going to go train with George, Paugey, and we're going to do it anyway. There you go. First question, Brian, what do we have? All right, so first question is from Dylan from Cork. Hello, Michael. Hello, Anthony. Hello, Brian. Hello, Harrington. Hope all you lads are doing well. My name is.


Dylan from Cork and I have a question surrounding the future of.


International Fight Week. Last week was just absolutely sensational.


From the prelims to the main event, everything was just... You just couldn't take your eyes off of it. And seeing the.


Amount of.


International fans coming over to see their fighters compete on the biggest card of the year, essentially, it never fails to amaze me how much the sport has grown since I would have first started watching it in the early 2000s to what.


It is now in the 2020s. And a lot of.


People this year, I haven't heard you say it, Mike.


They compared International Fight Week to what.


Wrestle mania is to pro wrestling. And wrestle mania was an event that would have started in arenas such as Madison Square Garden, the Allstate arena in Chicago.


So on and.


So forth.


And now it's.


Exclusively done in big stadiums.


And it just got me thinking, do you think in the next few years we.


Could see the UFC maybe try and put International Fight Week in the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas? With the.


Way the sport is.


Growing and the amount of international fighters that are becoming huge stars.


I think more and more people are going to want to see them compete on the biggest stage in person. I was looking at the capacity of.


The Allegiant.


Stadium, 65,000, and I'm sure they could expand that even more for the UFC just with the way the show will be structured. I think it could be.


An interesting way of trying to.


See how a stadium show would work for MMA. As I say, we.


See it with.


Wrestle mania, we see boxing do it all the time. And I just think for.


The UFC, I know they've done it in.


Australia and.


Stuff, but for a North American stadium.


Show, I think it could be a great way to try it out.


Let me know what you think.


Absolutely love the show, guys. Keep up the great work. Talk to you all later.


Thank you very much. That was a great question. Well delivered, well thought out, clearly an intelligent man. And as he mentioned there at the end, we have had stadium shows. We've had two. We had one in Canada, I think it was when George St. Pierre fought Jake Shields, if I'm not mistaken, is that correct? Was it Jake Shields? I think, yeah. Was it George St. Pierre and Jake Shields? There was about 60,000 people there. Just looked that up. And then obviously we had the one in Australia that he mentioned there, Holly Holme, versus Ronda Rousey. There was about, again, 65,000 people there.


Wasn't Whitaker versus Adesanya two in a stadium as well?


No, I don't know. Maybe I'm getting confused. But still, I think it was because I seem to remember the walk out of Vise. But yeah, maybe it was Holly Holme, maybe it wasn't. But I'm pretty sure Holly Holme, Ronda Rousey, that was the stadium, a massive, massive guy. And then J. E. Sheilds, Joseph Pierre. Yeah, I mean, look, listen, if they did can do it in Canada, if they can do it in Australia, then they can without question do it in the States. The biggest fan base is here in America and it's got a massive population, especially when you compare it to Canada and Australia. You know what I mean? Their population is compared to the States, they're tiny. And of course, in terms of star power, putting on fight, International Fire Week. I mean, last week was incredible. The last International Fire Week. But it's not quite as simple as that. I think there's a few things in the background, like doing it in Las Vegas. I'm not sure. I don't know if you went out the T Mobile arena. Maybe you have to make a commitment to them. Maybe they might be exclusive to them.


There's probably things like that. But in terms of just an actual question, would it be possible? Yeah, absolutely. What are you looking up?


The GSP Stadium Show in Canada.


What did you find?


I wasn't able to find anything.


Yeah, I'm just talking to you. I'm trying to have a conversation.


I'm listening to every word that.


You're saying. You're trying to prove me wrong.


I'm not trying to prove you wrong. I'm trying to prove you right.


Well, J. C. E. E. E. E. L. S. V. E. J. O. R. J. E. P. E. I was in a motherfucking arena, okay?


It was at the Rogers Center in Toronto.


All right. There was a GSP one in a stadium somewhere. Trust me. It was about 50, 60,000 people there. Pretty sure it was Canada. Pretty sure it was.


How fuck? I look, to talk to my man from Cork, let me just say, I could listen to your accent all day long. That was exactly what my grandfather and grandmother sounded like. Love that. If I was going to see a stadium show in this hemisphere, I'd want to see Crow Park, baby. That's just me. But yeah, Elegion Stadium obviously would be incredible. Who knows what the non compete with? But I think for sizing purposes, a non compete wouldn't necessarily apply. If we can hold an event that has more people than you can have, then that doesn't break any contracts. But but I would 100 % love to see that. And I'd fly to Vegas for a fight at Elegion Stadium, for sure.


Okay. All right, here are the top 10 highest attended UFC events to date. Here we go. Ettead Stadium will be configured for 70,000 fans, but won't be required to break the record. Ufc 129. About between George St. Pierre and Jake Shields drew 55 000 people to the Rogers Center. 55,000 people. So was I correct? How many.


Of you was I wrong? You were correct. There was 55,000 people at the Rogers Center.


That night. 55,000 people sounds like a stadium. It might not be technically a stadium, but it's still 55,000 bloody people. And then yet Rousey's... Run the Rousey... Oh, no, that was the Staples Center. But Ronda Rowses, number one, George St. Pierre. That's the biggest crowd today, apparently. Or this is probably... It's got to be an old article. It's got to be an old article. But still, anyway, what else we got, Brian? All right, so our next question is from Andrew Cripton. Hi all. It's BYM podcast.




Anthony Harrington. Brian, how are you doing? My question comes on the back of one of the most boring.


Tough seasons.


That I've ever been. There's a lot of hype behind this from.


Mcgregor coming back and Michael Chandler.


My question is number one, what was your.


Favourite of a tough season? Number two, what was your.


Favourite prank. When the tough series, there's always a lot of pranks going.


My favourite season was.


When the Banger Juved on.


Michael Bisbon, season 14.






Lots of entertainment, lots of great talent and the fighters as well. Tj Dillershaw and Dodson, Diego Brandow, etc. And my favourite prank.


Also came from that season when.




Khorasaneh shaved Brian.




Head in.


The middle of the night. Brian Caraway chased him up the stairs, raging. Fucking hilarious. It was so good. So yeah, guys, it's your favourite season and your favourite prank that you can remember from any season.




On the good one, guys. Thanks. From Scotland, I listen every week. Religiously. Cheers. Thank you. Cheers. It sounds beautiful as you're walking through the Scottish countryside, you got the birds chirping and all the rest of it. Beautiful. Yeah, I mean, look, listen, obviously I'm biased, but I'm going to say season three for me, that was my favourite because I was a part of it. And that was one of the most amazing experiences and life changing and so many great memories. In terms of pranks, again, I'm going to say the ones I was involved with, as you mentioned, though, season 14, Akira Khorasan, do you remember Akira Harrington?


I do not.


Right. Swedish guy, great guy. We still talk a bit on social media here and there. He's coaching a lot of good fighters these days. I just remembered this. I saw a video of it recently. He had a sweaty jock strap. He walked out and it's on the camera. And someone distracts me. And Hakeem was like, Oh, Mike, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then someone runs up behind me and gets a sweaty jock strap. I m talking dripping sweat, a bowl sweat and sticks it all over my head or rums it in my face or whatever. So obviously, I have to get revenge. I pick him up, I slam him on the floor, I grab the jock strap, wrap it all around his face, stick it in his mouth, the little bastard. But in terms of pranking, it was on that same season because we had Tiki Goulson, who's an MMA manager and the coach. I used to train with him a lot. We used to be really close. And what's it? We came up with some good ideas, but the one we did against Jason Miller, we talked about this before, but we said, Right, here's what we'll do.


Because those walls on the ultimate fighter gyms are very, very thick. I said, Right, what we'll do is two through that wall, two through this wall, because our change of room and their change of room are adjacent. So we just stick a sledgehammer through two walls, right? And we stick two sledgehammers through the other walls. So we make four holes and then we just send in... We put in through the walls four fire extinguishers, right? And when we did this, smashed them all up and I kicked the door open as well. Fire extinguishers galore. And then, sending a Marriachi band. Okay, yeah. We were walking through a Las Vegas casino and there was a Marriachi band all dressed up in their outfits and whatnot. And they just performed or whatever. And we went, Hold on a minute. And we said, Can we get a card? And we got the card. So we hired the Marriachi band. So we did the Marriachi band, so we did it with the fire extinguishers. Then we sent in the Marriachi band. If you can find that footage, Brian, it's anytime... I was dying. I was dying. And those fires, I mean, they weren't happy.


They were like, Man, I got a fire in two weeks. This could really fuck up my lungs, and all the rest of it. And the more they were bitching about it, and they probably had a point. But whatever, it was funny. It was so funny. And then the bizarreness of the Marriachi band going in and all the smoke every where, mate. It was crazy. And then we had a lot of fun with the pranks because Jason Mayer Miller, what did he do? He filled our room with some tyres and we're like, Oh, you're going to mess with tyres? So what we did, we had his car, we had all the wheels taken off his car and left on breaks outside. And then what Tiki wanted to do, because we have high rental cars, here's what Tiki wanted to do. And they were going to do it as well because these rental cars, for the sake of TV, they're like 20 grand the pop, which is a waste of money, right? But still, it makes for good TV. They were going to lift up Jason Mayhem's car on a crane, right? And then when he walked out, let go of it, and it just smashed into the ground.


Did. That was what we put forward to the production crew, you know what I mean? And it was being considered then after a while because of health and safety reasons, they were like, oh, here we go. Here we go. Here's the season look at this. It was so funny. Where's the Marriott? Give us some sound, Brian.




Can't breathe. I can't breathe. Where's the Marriott? Whatever. It's a good little clip, all the same. Give you an idea.


How mad was Dana that you destroyed his locker room?


They don't give a shit. They don't give a shit. Those walls are designed for smashing. We've all seen rampage, ripping the doors off and all the rest. They expect it. I think they expect it. So yeah, there we go. Brian, we got one more question? We did have one more question, but you answered it right before we went to questions.


This gentleman here, his name.




Joseph. He's just asking if you guys are going to do the grapple invitation.


Okay. Yeah. So we'll see about that. We'll see about it. I'm up for it. I would love to do it. It will give me something to train for. I've always had... I can grapple, I can.


Who's the dream opponent?


George St. Pierre. When I was talking to him, he was saying that I should ask to grapple Anderson Silver. And that.


Might be fun.


Yeah, that might be fun. I don't know if Anderson would be up for that. I know he's still training. I know he's still competing in striking, boxing, getting beaten off Jake Paul. That's another thing. But yeah, and this is silver. But still guys, I'm going to jump on a plane. I'm going to call this one a day. Thank you very much, Harrington. Anthony should be back on Thursday. Until then, wherever you are in the world, thank you for watching. Take care. All the best. See you soon.