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Believe U Me with Michael the Count Visbing... You know my name yet. And Anthony Lionheart Smith. These streaming services are so wildly underwater. I was just reading the Tyler Perry is trying to buy BT from Paramount Network, but a $3 billion dollars sale of just that property won't even lower their debt.


Harrington, choose your words more carefully. The streaming services are underwater. They're underwater. What are you looking in fun? My God, listen, we got to talk about this. It's the biggest story on planet Earth right now. This submarine at the bottom of the ocean that went to go down to the Titanic. It's so sad. And by all accounts, as we sit and record this right now, they have ran out of oxygen, apparently. Where do you start with this? A group of, shall we say, tourists, rich businessmen, they go down to visit the Titanic wreck. I just don't get that. I understand the obsession with the Titanic. You know what I mean? It's a big story. There's a lot of history there. Number one, it's a graveyard, so just let it be in peace. But going down to the bottom of the ocean, that's dangerous as it is. But then they've gone down in this subpar submarine that apparently wasn't fit to go down that deep. They're controlling it with a PlayStation controller. One of the guests was like, No, I've looked into this. I'm a landed in shape, pardon the phrase. So he didn't go down.


Then they've gone down now. They've lost contact. The world's been following very closely. They've ran out of oxygen. Go on.


Yesterday, they were saying that there was some hope because they were hearing banging sounds from the area of it.


Intermittedly, every 30 minutes, which again, I thought, well, if I was in that Submarine and they were banging, why would you do it every 30 minutes? Maybe every five, maybe every 10, every 30? I was like, Is that them? Every 30 minutes? But I just wanted to talk about this. Imagine, it's so sad. There's a father and son on there. There's an English billionaire and his son down there. Listen, I get it. They thought they were going to... 18 years old. They thought they were going to do something really cool. And I was thinking about this last night and my mind was blown and I was... It's heartbreaking to think about. Imagine you go down there, Aura. Say you're with Aura when she's older. The Believe Me podcast takes off. Harrington becomes a multi billionaire. Do you know what I mean? Harrington's got the Joe Rogen money. Now you take Aura down there. She's 18 years old. I take Calam and Lucas, or anyone listening to this takes your children, you think we're going to have an amazing experience. And you go down there, you lose communication, it's not responding, whatever it is, it's trapped in a propeller or whatever the theory is.


And you're slowly dying. And you know the oxygen is running out and you're sitting there and you've got your child and you're like, I'm so sorry. This was all my idea. I got us into this mess thinking we're going to have a great time. And we are slowly suffocating, knowing that the clock is tickin' down. Do you know what I mean? Because you would try and control your breathing. Let's use less oxygen, but you're going to have panic attacks. You're going to start freaking out. You're going to start crying. You're going to start hyperventilating. And when you're hyperventilating, the other people in there probably go, Whoa, control your breathing for crying out loud. You know what I mean? Because you're going to use more oxygen. And we just want a desperate situation.


Do you think it's up there with one of the most horrifying ways to die, for sure. I actually watched an interview with the CEO of the company, and he was talking about exactly this situation. And he said, yes, we put five days worth of food and water and oxygen in there as a precaution. But realistically, that's just to make people feel better. He's like, at the end of the day, what's going to kill us is an isn't any of that. It's the temperature. It's cold. It's 33 degrees down there or something along those lines. And he was saying that just being at that extremely cold temperature for that long, you'll end up dying of hypothermia.


And the space as well. I'm a clusterfoil, because I wouldn't say I'm, as they call, legit clusterfobic, but I don't like being in tiny, small confined spaces. I don't think anyone does. But they're all crammed because they're only meant to be down there a few hours. Go down, I think, 6 hours in total, something like that. Go down there, have a little mooch about, see the Titanic, take some pictures, have a great experience. Come up, sub merge. Wow, wasn't that awesome? But you're all crammed up. You can't stand. You can't even sit up straight. It's freezing cold. Jeez, oh, my God. You never know. You never know. As I sit here, maybe there's some miracle. But they're all very wealthy people. So I would say more than likely, they're all pretty smart people. You know what I mean? You never know. There might be some bloody genius down there that's figured out some way to restrict the oxygen or make it last longer. I don't know how they're going to do that, but that's my only thought, my hope. I mean, what a way to go. It's just bloody awful. The everyone's obsession with the ocean needs to stop, man.


The ocean is fucking dangerous. It's simple as that. It's fucking dangerous.


It's so scary. I don't know. There is a certain amount of... It's very scary. Alex put it in it into perspective for me last night, saying exactly that same thing. Could you imagine taking Aura on this thing and you have to look at her and be like, I'm so sorry that my decision... But at the same time, that 18 year old got to look at that craft, got to look at the fact that there's a GameCube controller that stands between them and certain death, and made the decision, Yeah, I'm going to trust this.


At 18 years old, you believe in your father. You trust your dad, especially when he's a wealthy guy. He said everything's going to be good. And that guy, never mind the child, but the father, the dread, the regret, the sadness, the people, the family members. I saw Charlie Arnold yesterday. You know Charlie that works for the UFC? He was the behind the stage reporter and stuff. She works on Fox News now actually as well. Lovely girl, by the way. She reported a story that this British billionaire, the guy's stepson, went on the day reported that they'd lost communication, that he went to a Blink 182 concert. I said, Well, Blink 182 is my favourite band. And I'm pretty sure my dad would want me to go check it out. And her take was that this wasn't very... She said, I hope that if he does make it out alive, he writes him out of the will completely.


Yeah, that guy's handle actually is Sound Guy 182 on Twitter. So confirmed, he is a massive Blink 182 fan. But this guy is making the most of the moment. He's shouting out to OnlyFans girls. He's letting people know on Twitter that he's single. I don't think this guy, I'm just going to go on a limb, he probably didn't have the best relationship with his billionaire step dad. And this might be the best thing that's ever happened to him.


Well, it might be. But listen, I'm going to give you a bit of advice out there to any stepchildren, unless you're a ginger step child, it's over. But if your dad's a billionaire, if your step dad is a billionaire, it is in your best interest to just go along, be a good boy, make your bed. Yes, sir. No, sir. All jokes aside, I'm a bit proud to tell the man to go fuck himself. But we're joking around. You want to be in that will. You want to be a part of that billionaire will. So yes, Daddy, you will. Anyway, it's a tragic, sad story. If the oxygen has run out, more and more people are going to go down there. They're going to find it eventually. There's robots deployed there down there. It's bloody awful. Anyway, so tragic. Mma, let's get into it. We got big fights this week. Is it this weekend, A leah Toporiora and Josh Emma?


That is this week. That's UFC Jackson.


We'll talk about that later. I guess the big story is regarding Conor McGregor and not the accusations that happened last week, but he's out of the testing pool now. He's out of the testing pool. Sorry, not part of me. He's not out of the testing pool. The time has expired for him to get back into to the testing pool to make the deadline of the last pay per view of the year. I believe it's December 16th in the T Mobile arena. I don't know if that necessarily means that the fight's dead in the water yet. I think there is maybe some maybe special circumstances, but according to the six month rule, if we're following that to the letter, then yeah, that's done. That's over. Who knows? Maybe they delay it. Maybe they do it in January. What do you think, A rrington?


Well, I mean, if they do it in January, that means that the clock is already ticking for McGregor to jump back in by next month.


Yeah, we know that. And if you do the month after, it's ticking for that one as well.


But there's no urgency.


Just like the sub Marine. The clock is tickin'. Time is always moving on. We know that. You don't need to point that out, Harington.


Come on, bro. Look, other than him having a boxing spa with Dylan Danis at some crappy gym in the Lower East Side here. There's nothing that's indicating to me that Conor McGregor is switching that gear to put himself back into any a training camp or any a killer mode. Like I said, I just don't see that urgency for McGregor to get back into the testing pool.


I saw a little... Is there a video of him and Dylan Danis?


I think it was just pictures.


Let me check. Yeah. No, I saw a report. I didn't click on it or anything. But listen, the man's got a lot going on right now. He's a lot of distraction, shall we say? He's always distracted, of course, he is, because of his lifestyle and who he is and the success that he's had. But obviously with this thing in the Miami heat... And by the way, now she's coming out, I saw that she said she was offered 100 grand by the Miami Heat security to stay quiet. Also sounds a bit weird. The security guards have the authority. All right, listen, we'll give you 100 grand. Okay? Do you know what I mean? It just doesn't add up. But we talked about that. We're going to go back to the fight. What did Michael Chandler say? I know he was like, where the fuck is that guy? Who the fuck is that guy? You got the exact quote from him, though, what he said?


Actually, Brian, if you want to bring up... I think he posted a video on Twitter that shows it, because if I'm not mistaken, on the day that the McGregor thing expired, USADA actually showed up to Michael Chandler's house and he's like, Wait a minute. Wait, what's going on here?


Hold on, before you play, I thought that was a joke. He said the only way... What are you going to do? To add insult to injury if they show up at my house.


Okay, maybe I'm going to.


Hook the way that went down. Play the video. Play the video, Brian. Want to see what I do. See who's back to wrong on the edge of my seat here. All right, guys. You guys have all seen the news. Connor's not in USADA. 179 days left until December 16th, which is this is going to be the last pay per view of the year. And comically, USADA shows up at my door today. Oh, they did. You were right. My bad. All right, guys. So they did show up at his house. My bad. Sorry, I read it wrong. So that does add insult to injury. They show up at his house. You can't write it. That's comical genius. You would think, listen, whoever's the USADA appointment maker, secretary to the USADA, you might say, you think they might be like, Look, listen, don't go today. Today's the deadline. We've been testing iMate channeler day in, day out. He's clean as a whistle. Don't do it today. Maybe track down McGregor and see what's going on. Oh, dear. Channeler is the big loser in this one. Simple as that he really is. The reality is the sport of mixed martial arts continues to move on and it even will continue to move on.


And there will be other stars big stars. Don't know if we'll ever see another McGregor again. I'm not sure if they will. But the sport always continues to move on. But that was going to be, regardless, a massive payday for Michael Chandler and for the fans, for the public, because Chandler is always fantastic, entertaining as hell. Every single fight, win or lose. I mean, those fights against Gagy and Poirier, Classics, Dan Hocker, that was awesome. While it lasted, the fight with Charles O'Liverra, sensational. Him versus McGregor would have been a brilliant match up. Mcgregor doesn't lose out. Mcgregor's not arsed. Who knows? I could see a world where he'd probably never fight again. I know he loves fighting. He loves to talk about it. He loves to actually take part in fights. But the reality is with the money that he's made, the lifestyle that he's got, it's just not conducive. I don't even want to hear about silk sheets. When you're rolling around in silk yachts, you know what I mean? And you get all these accusations and whatnot. It's fucking hard, man. It's just hard.


Yeah. But you did mention Michael Chandler, Great Fights with dust and Poirier, Great Fight with Justin Gay. Do you know who else had Great Fights with dust and Poirier, Great Fights with dust and Gay? And a couple of Great Fights with Michael Chandler.


Yeah, Eddie Alvarez. He says I'm cleaning as a whistle. Also, the only thing I'll test positive, what was it? Protein shakes or some shit like that. He said, Dana White, you got my number. I mean, that'd be great. I'd love to see it. I'd love to see Eddie Alvarez back in the UFC, but it ain't McGregor, is it? So yeah, it's a shame. It really is a shame. All right, believers, let's talk about Seed and their awesome product, the D So1 daily symbiotic. D So1 was developed for systemic benefits beyond digestive health. The first in the pipeline of a clinically studied next generation product. It's a daily probiotic and a probiotic. Now, that is fantastic for your gut health. One of the areas that gets overlooked and not focused on, but believe it or not, and I don't know the science behind it, but I've read many, many reports, gut health is so important to a long and healthy life. Now, what is it that sees there? Well, it's a 24 strain, broad spectrum even, broad spectrum probiotic and prebiotic formulated for digestive, gut, immune, and additional systemic benefits from the viability of 33.6 billion probiotic bacteria.


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Go to www. Seed. Com. Once again, seed. Com. Use the promo code B elieve when you go to seed. Com for 25 % off your first month's supply. Now, Harrington, I'll throw it to you. What's the next biggest story? Do you know what? Let's talk about this. I'm not going to throw it to you. Let's talk about this. Number one is the Michael Chandler Conor McGregor thing. Number two, Tyson Furious says there's no chance in hell of getting in an awkward to go with Jon Jones. Number three, though, Kelvin Gastelman said that he would welcome up a match up with Shavakat Raghmanov in his return to the 170 pound division. So balls you, Matt?


Absolutely. Because Shavakat said this a few weeks ago, and it just fell on deaf ears pretty much. Gastelman said he was on vacation, so he didn't have a chance to respond to it. But he likes it. And he thinks he's a nightmare match up for Shavakat.


Yeah, well, I don't know about that. Shavakat is a nightmare match up for anyone. I think he's 16 and all finishes, 16 or 17, whatever it is, he's undefeated and they're all finishes. But here's what Gasolim said, for those that haven't saw it. He said, These are the fights that I want in the welterweight division. This puts me right in the mix. Swimming with the sharks is either sink or swim. I like this fight. I think he's ranked five or six. Harry, just look up how many losses Gasthelum has had recently whilst I read this out. But he said that this puts me right up there. I want fun fights. Given I win this, which I will, I accept, Shavakat Reitman, of your challenge at £ 170. And not only that, I'll give you a date. Dana White was talking about doing a huge Mexican Independence Day in Las Vegas, which happens to be in September 16th. On the dot, me being an outstanding Mexican American, I would gladly really represent where my people have come from and where we're going. September 16th at the T Mobile arena, which wherever it may be, as your man in Kazakhstan, Gérardic O'Loughlin would say, Big drama show.


Let's get it on. I accept, Shah of Cat, I accept your challenge. Now, tell me, Harrington, this is not Khabib. This is a little more high pitch. Okay? Brother, brother, this is number one bullshit. That is Khabib. But this is big drama show. How many losses now turning into borad? My wife, how many losses has Raghad Al Mazroui recently?


Five losses in his last seven fights. All in middleweight.


Yeah, who was the competition? It was all top dogs. Jared Kahn.


And he... Israel Adesanya, Darren Till, Jack Hermansson and Robert Whitaker.


Yeah. All top tier competition. He's going down to welterweight. He struggled at welterweight. He struggled to make weight. That's why he moved up. Gas to live is a great fighter. He's had some amazing performances. Gave me my last loss. You know what I mean? So he's awesome, but I'm not sure if that's the right answer. I think people going up is the answer. Not going down, but go on.


Four, five. I'm sorry, I'm just doing the math here. I think he went seven and two in the UFC at welterweight. Remember, he joined the UFC when he was 19 years old off of the ultimate fighter. So I can understand a young man having an issue, making weight and having the discipline and everything. But if you're now looking at it 30 years old, you've been in the company for a decade at this point, and you see this as like, okay, this is my actual run. I'm actually hitting my prime. My best performances in the UFC happened at 170 pounds. I need to be disciplined enough to get down to that weight and consistently make 170. I think that's something that a much more mature, older Kelvin Gasolim can do.


Yeah, but the problem is the body starts to slow down. The metabolism starts to slow down. You got propensity to put on weight easier. The wear and tear on the body. You don't want to get out of bed. You're not a spratly young spring chicken anymore. That's why as people's careers go on, I understand what you're saying, as you get older, maybe you control your emotions better, and certainly you do. And maybe you have a better job of getting the handle on your training regime and having better discipline, without question. But there are certain physiological things that happen inside your body that make that harder. That's why generally, as people go on, they go up the weight ladder. They don't go down. Now, maybe there's some people in the completely wrong weight class that need to readjust things and go down, but generally, if they're doing it correctly, the whole way. And he struggled to make weight back in the day when he was young, when he was slimmer, when he was riding high on success, when he had all the motivation in the world. I'm not ripping on Kelvin Gasville, I'm just saying I don't know if that's the right answer.


What are you laughing at?


Well, he was also like, he had a win turned into a no contest because of marijuana back then, if you remember, right? This is the guy who might have been partying a little hard in his early 20s, and God bless him. I just think there's a certain level of discipline that comes with becoming a nd older man that could help.


Yeah, no, of course, we just went through that. Only time will tell. That's the conversation we just had. You're literally repeating yourself.


I'm just saying I could understand you're smoking some weed, you're eating some ice cream. It's like, all right, let's put that to bed for a few years, win a title, and then go back to it in my 40s.


Yeah, well, it didn't happen. But we'll see what happens with Kelvin and wish him the best of luck. And hopefully, I hope he proves me wrong, but when you're cutting weight, I say it all the time, it affects your ability to take a shot. It affects your stamina if you're in five round fights. But I respect his balls, man. Colin Ashavka Rackham and off accepting the fight and saying, Let's do that. I mean, he's absolutely right with great risk, great reward. Beats him. He's certainly in the conversation, but it's a tough one. It is a very tricky one. So we'll do a little bit of non MMA real quickly. What have we got? What did we... Mark Zuckerberg versus Elon Musk. That's what I wanted to get into. This is brilliant. So Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, apparently got the fight in an octagon. Send location is what Elon Zuckerberg said. Obviously, Mark Zuckerberg is winning Jitsu tournaments these days. He's looking all right, to be fair, doing a little bit of training. Something was going on and Elon said, Yeah, I'll happily fight him in a cage. So then Zuckerberg says, Send location. And he says, I'm up for a cage match if he is.


Brilliant. What does it say there? I heard he goes to Jutsu now. Okay. Anyway, it's just small on my computer screen. I can't see it. Anyway, listen, here's the thing. To the richest, most powerful, clearly geniuses, do you know what I mean? They want to fight inside an octagon. What does that tell you, Harrington? What does that tell you?


That we will have a star in MMA bigger than Conor McGregor?


No, what it tells you is that it doesn't matter, does it? That is the strength strength of what being a fighter is all about. Because even though they're joking, they're joking. But let's just imagine for a second, they're not joking, but there's a lot of people out there, they want that. They want to fight. They crave that. Look at the modern society these days. Everybody wants to be a fighter. Everybody wants... Because like Jake Paul, perfect example, he's got tons of money. He doesn't need to do this. Yeah, he wants to challenge himself. Yeah, it's good for you. Doing martial arts is great. Boxing, tie boxing, jiu jitsu, whatever form you want to call it. It's going to give you great benefits, discipline. It's going to give you confidence to be able to defend yourself, but also in social environments. It's great for children to do. But these guys are fighting and they don't do it for money. People fight and they put themselves at risk of mental health risks, regardless. In boxing, people die. Mixed martial arts is very dangerous. You can blow your knees in training. I lost an eye. We don't need to go through it all.


They choose to do it, though. Him, a lot of other people that have money because they want that. They want to feel like a bad ass. They want to feel like an alpha male. They want to dominate another man and they want the world to know that they can do it. And that is the allure. That is what it's all about. Being an alpha male, going out there and showing, listen, I'm the top dog. Because nothing beats that feeling like getting your hand raised. We're never going to see Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg throw down inside an octagon. But if they do, I'm fucking compensated. I would love to. I would love to.


Oh, dude, that sounds awesome. I feel like it is baked into us as a people, going back to the dawn of time. Man has always been in conflict with the environment and conflict with nature. Young men used to always, no matter what, you go to battle. So I feel like that's hard wired into us for hundreds and hundreds of years. Now in this modern society where that's not really prevalent, that warrior mentality is like, there's an age that needs to be scratched there. Good on these guys for diving in.


Yeah, so one of what you just said there, and Michael Jai White, the martial arts actor, he put it far more eloquently than I ever could. And it's on my documentary. If you know it's in there, go check it out because it's not just about me and my fight career. Predominantly it is. But there's a section in there where it talks about the psyche of fighters. And it's done very well by Vin Deasels on there, Michael Jai White's on there, R ogan's on there. Some very profound words. Notice I'm not talking about those bits. The profound words did not come from me. No, but Michael Jai White was saying because he did a movie as Mike Tyson. And he said everyone always wanted to hear the Mike Tyson stories about him and all the rest of it. And then he said, if you're in a restaurant and you're sitting in there and you're with a governor, a big time politician. You're with an actor, you're with a musician, whatever. And then Mike Tyson walks in the room, everyone turns and looks at Mike Tyson when he was in his prime because he is the alpha male in that room.


He was the baddest man on the planet. And that is something that all men desire. And there might be men sitting here listening to this go, well, you're wrong. Well, you're fucking wrong because you do. You just don't recognise it yet. To be able to dominate another man, any man on the planet, do you know what I mean? Is a very special gift and a tool to have. Michael Jai White goes on to say, Bless those that don't make it their own, their identity in life. You know what I mean? That's the true part. It's like Jordan Peterson always says, he talks about you want to be a... I forget the exact words now. I haven't heard it for a while. I saw a video. You want to be a vicious man or you want to be a menace or something like that. Forget the exact words.


You want to be a monster.


You want to be a monster. Go on, Brian. He said, You want to be a monster, but you don't want to be a tyrannical monster, but you want to be capable of that. Because a man that's just going along with things because of the sake of it, because he got no option, well, that's not impressive. But a man that can, you know what I mean? But chooses not to and chooses to be sound and to be reasonable and all the rest of it, but can be a protector at the same time. That's what we're looking for. Okay, boys and girls, girls and boys. Brian, how are you buddy? Jump on the show.


I'm good, Mike. I'm just scrolling through some questions we got for later.


Good. You guys have questions for later. Don't do your thing, Hamilton, right here. Send them into by mport@gmail. Com and we will answer them shortly. But, Hamilton, give us a story, man. What's on the tip of your tongue?


Okay, let's see here. Do you want to talk about this ESPN's Fighter of the Year nominations?


Yeah, absolutely.


Yeah. Sure. I thought there was some interesting omissions here. So they have their ESP awards. It's like the Oscars for sports coming up. They do it. Baseball is All Star Week when there's absolutely no American sports on the one day a year. That's when they do the ESP. So the Fighter of the Year candidates are Jon Jones, Islam Makhachev, Leon Edwards, Makhachev. Sorry.


I get it wrong all the time.


Leon Edwards and Amanda Nunez.


Right. I mean, they're good choices. So this is for last year, right?


Yes. Well, I guess it's like the World MMA awards where it's like July to.


July or something. Oh, I see. Because I was going to say John Jones didn't fight last year.


John Jones returns back after a lay off and we know all about his resume. Don't need to go into that. Defeat Ciro Galv, become the lightweight champ. Leon Edwards, if we're talking July to July, he beat Kamara Uderzo n twice. Once by a knockout, backed it up with a sound decision. Amanda Nunez, what got rebounced against Giuliana Pena and then beat... Who did she just beat Arr in Al Dhabna. And who was the other one? Islam?


Islam, yes.


So Volker Nofsky, and who else was in there? Charles. Charles and Volker Nofsky. Who do you give it to? What's your pick?


The best resume there is probably the beating Charles Olivera and Alexander Volkerovsky.


Correct. But I'm going to say, and I hope he gets it, I hope Leon Edwards, I hope he gets it because that would be incredible for him. Yeah, listen, Islam, without question. But knocking out Kamara Usman like that, nobody saw that coming. Nobody saw that coming. And then to beat him again in the rematch, you know what I'm saying? A lot of people might have thought, well, in that first, well, the second fight, he was dominating him and he got caught. So in the fight after, he's just going to going to Molly Whop him again. Take him down, control him. Didn't happen at all. And then when you look at the resume that he had before that, being undefeated for so long. So I think I'd give mine to either Islam or Leon Edwards. But go on, what are you laughing at?


Just that I forgot how crazy that was. He was in his home country. He had just beaten the guy, and he was the underdog going into that fight. Which is just seeing how that fight played out and how Leon really did dominate Kamara there, it's just mind blowing to me.


Yeah, it's mind blowing that John Jones is there as well, to be honest. Not that he doesn't deserve recognition, accolades. He gets all of that anyway. But to come back and have one win...


But that one win for the heavyweight title versus the only other person I feel like there was a couple of missions in there. I think Israel out of Sanya who had a loss in the last year and Alexander Volkanovsky, who had a decision loss in the last year. Those were my two omissions. Jones is perfect compared to them.


But in that time frame for Israel out of Sanya, how many wins and losses are we talking? Because I'd say Israel out of Sanya because you not only defined of your losses and your victories, but it's the story and what he did. So I'd say Israel out of Sanya to get stopped, to get knocked out, but then to fight him again straight away when he didn't have to. That is the fighter of the year, in my opinion. That's the fighter. That's the definition of a fighter. That's someone that says, you know what? I've done it. I've made money. I was the champion of the world. I was a dominant champ. He's probably got 30, 40 million dollars in his bank account. He's been busy as hell. He could go travel the world. He could take the time off. He could let Alex Perera fight it out with other people and then come back after a while. But no, the fighter in him said, I want to be the one to beat him. I believe in myself. I know I can do it. And he was at a massive... Imagine if he lost that. Imagine if he lost it again.


You know what I'm saying? That took bold, it took courage, fighting spirit. To me, Israel out of Sanya was the fighter of the year. But what were the wins and losses in that time frame?


So I'm not sure exactly when their start date is, but he beat Jared Canoneer on July second of last year, had the loss to Perera in November and then beat him in April?


Israel out of Sanya all day long. No one's story comes even close. Listen, Sital Ghana Great fight. Stylistically, it was a good match up for John Jones. Islam, okay. Listen, Islam is incredible. It deserves to be there. But I just given the storyline, come on, this is the Mahache all day long. Speaking of Islam, he's an annoyed that Benil Dari... Well, not annoyed, that's a strong word, but Benil Dariushche says that throws, it flips the entire lightweight division. Harrington, do you want to give us the quote, please?


Yeah. He said, I was rooting for Dariushche. I thought that would be a new challenge for me. Dariyouch had eight wins in a row. I don't know. I can't say yet if my next fight will be a rematch against Charles. We'll have to wait. Now, Justin and Justin will fight. Then the UFC will decide. Of course, I want a new name on my resume. It'll be better for me. If Olivero will not fight me now, everyone will say I'm avoiding him. I never choose my opponents. I will fight anyone the UFC gives me. I don't think he can do anything. I'm not afraid of his grappling like the rest of the fighters. I can take him down anytime.


Yeah. Sorry, just reading the text. I understand what he's saying because Biddil Darrius was already pegged by Dana, apparently. So in his mind, he probably thought he was going to get it done. And it's a fresh challenge. It's somebody new. As a champion, you want to be out there, you want to be beating new people, adding names to the resume, cleaning out the division. He beat Bokenovsky in a tremendous fight, close fight. They're talking about a potential rematch down the line. Charles O'Liverry would be a rematch. Rematch is a mentally taxing, you know what I mean? Because you know that you beat them, you know what I mean? But that's not guaranteed the next time, you know what I'm saying? So it's an interesting one. I still think Charles O'Liverry, baby. The way that he beat Benil Dariush, I think that puts Charles right there. Abu Dhabi, come on, all day long. And for Islam, he should go into it confident because he handled him very well last time out. What do you think?


Well, I mean, yes, but there's also, like you said, I feel like the dusted and dust and fight is going to be like, we're going to be singing a whole different tune no matter who wins that fight because I don't know who wins, but I guarantee you this, it's going to be a war. It's going to be exciting as hell. It's going to be must see TV that we're all going to be talking about out on Monday, like, Oh, my God. Can you believe X, Y, Z happened? And that is going to drive some momentum for that fight. So it is mentally taxing to figure out who gets that shot.


Yeah. No, for sure. But the both got beat by Charles. They both got beaten by Charles, recently. And then Charles from that video. The only thing is about Charles getting another rematch is that we did see it recently. You know what I'm saying? So I guess that might make him jump the queue. I say throw Charles O'Livere in there with Michael Chandler again. If Conor McGregor can't make it in December, that's the logical matchup. Chandler and Charles, the rematch baby. Take my money. And then you give.


The winner of the BMF Charles... Sorry, Islam and Abu Dhabi?


Yeah. But the only problem is turning that round. They fight at the end of July, August, September. How badly do you want to be the champion, boys? That's the real question. Do you want to get back in there? The way them two fight, though, the BMFs, Justin and Dusty, Hinds. They're going to be knocked. Nobody do. And that's why we love them. That's why we love watching them fight because they throw down every time. They take a lot of damage. And then they're going to beat the crap out of each other for five rounds. You never know there might be a finish, but it's going to be tough to finish either one of them the way that they fight, the will that they have, the heart that they have, etc. So what else we got?


All right, let's see here. Okay, you want to, Eddie Hearn on Nate Ds?


Yeah, I saw this. Brian, can you play this clip, please? You know that it's going to be a mismatch against Jake Paul, don't you? You're telling me this? Yeah. I know you love Nate Ds, and I love it. Listen, I've only met him a couple of times. What a gent. But for it to be a mismatch against Jake Paul. You think he's getting smoked? Yes. Really?


Yes. Embarrassing.


They just upped it to 10 rounds now. It won't go four. Really? Well, listen, it now won't go four. Right? Jake Paul, ight? Listen, listen. It's going to be embarrassment, right? It won't go four. I don't know what he said, but this is how he talks. Jake Paul, Nate Diaz is a great fighter, right? I love Nate Diaz. Watch it. Watch it. I've got a Tyson Ferry. I've got a Tyson Furey's dad. I got a no man alive. I've got a brother. Brother, listen to me. And now brother, now I've got a Eddie Yeehan. Do you know what I mean?


My biggest take away from that is how has he not gotten a cameo in a Guy Ritchie movie? He sounds so perfect.


For it. Shut up, Hamilton. We're trying to talk about Nate Diaz and Jake Paul. Right? Do you know what I mean? Fuck you now, mate. Relax. Stay on topic. Right. Anyway, Turkish. I agree. I agree. I'm sorry, Nate, for listening to this. I agree. Did we see that video of him hitting pads recently?


I did not see it.


No. Brian, just look that up if you can. Nate has hit him pads recently. Put that in. I think it comes up. And look, listen, hitting pads is one thing. And I think in that video actually, Eddie Heard goes on to talk about that. Hitting pads is one thing training is one thing, a fight is a different thing. Jake Paul, there's a reason that I picked this fight. Because Diaz is a real fighter. He's a bad ass. He's a very accomplished fighter. We all know this. But look, there he is. It's a little on the sloppy side, but he's effective. It doesn't matter. You don't have to be the crisp push. Timing and accuracy and stamina and cardio, will to win. There's way more things that go into winning a fight than just technique and form. But they are important. But Jey Paul's the bigger guy. He's the younger guy and he hits harder. I regret to say this, but I think Eddie has won. I don't think it will go for. I don't think it will either. I just don't. I don't know about going for. Diaz is hard to finish. He's got a hell of a chin.


But there's a reason why there's weight classes. And he used to fight at 155.


He also has 100 times the scar tissue that Jake Paul has. Maybe like 90 times. You know what I mean? So honestly, all Jake has to do is land a few big shots. Boxing isn't like MMA. We've seen Nate Diaz fights called off in MMA because of cuts. You don't think they're going to have a much quicker trigger in boxing?


Yeah, but hold on a minute. With the boxing gloves and no other weapons, yes, of course, cuts can happen with boxing gloves. And we see that in boxing all the time. But in MMA with the smaller gloves, with the knees, with the elbows, there's definitely a higher chance of getting cuts. And you're talking about nick and Nate's, both struggle with scar tissue. And obviously the Maz Vidal fight for the BMF belt, that's the one that got called off because of those cuts. So it is a fair point what you say. But I don't think it will be quite as much an issue in a boxing match. However, Jake's the bigger, more explosive guy, and that's why he's picked this fight. And I hope I eat my words. Of course I do. But it's a very smart match up. It's a very smart pick. And now, over 10 rounds, if Jake Paul does his work, listen, I thought he looked very average against Tommy Fuehry. We've talked about this. You know what I mean? There's a reason why he's fighting Nate Diaz and not Tommy Fuehry again. Because he got exposed in that. Tommy Fuey is a big dude.


Tommy Fuey is not one of the best boxers in the world either, but he is a boxer. And Nate Diaz is tough. He's a tough guy. But no one ever looked at Nate Diaz, come on, let's be honest, and I'm not shitting on Nate Diaz in a mixed martial arts cage in a UFC octagon on the street, whatever. He's not someone you want to try for with. But you take away a lot of his skills, you know what I mean? And just relying on boxing only. He's got good power. He wobbled Leon Edwards in that fifth round. He wobbled Conor McGregor in the second round. That's how he got that win. So I'm not ripping on Nate Diaz, but you never look and go, he's got blind and light and fast hands. You know what I mean? He can take a shot. He keeps going forward. He's tough as nails. And he's got great jitsu and grappling and mixed martial arts skills. I think Getty Hearden is right here.


Yeah. And you look at Nate D as his biggest wins, right? And he's got the decision against Michael Johnson, sure. But the Conor McGregor fight was a submission. His last fight against Tony was a submission. The Jim Miller fight, submission. Go me. And it's like you go through and it's like, Oh, yeah. That is without a doubt his best weapon. It's never been his knockout power.


Yeah. And it's a good point that you bring up there. Thank you, Harry, because it is. I mean, the submissions and the Jutsu, we've always known about that. And to be fair, though, it's the hands that set them up. Or if he's taken down, the ability of his back, you know what I mean? Because he is very dangerous off his back as well, which isn't a thing in boxing. But the hands, the knees, the clench, everything, you put it all together, he's a well rounded threat. He's not a well rounded threat in boxing. You know what I mean? And if you look at that bit of pad work, he looked a little sloppy and a little off balance. But who knows? Maybe it's just a crap clip. Andre Ward, he was talking about Nate Diaz recently, and he said I did some sparring with him. He's way better than what you think. He's tough and you think a lot of people are going to be surprised. Andre Ward, of course, is going to say that because they've been training together. You're not going to come out publicly and shit on the guy. I'm not saying he would shit on you.


I'm just saying what I'm saying is I'm not saying that Andre Ward is lying. I'm saying that Andre Ward would never say anything negative. You want to go out there and say, Yeah, I was training with such and such. Wasn't too clever. Well, I don't think it's going to go for Turkish. You see what I mean? He's not going to be saying that. You just don't. You know what I mean? So I don't know. I hope that I'm wrong. I hope that I'm wrong. But we're going to see Jake Paul take out another UFC legend. And that's what pisses me off.


I don't know.


But maybe.


I mean, if.


Nate's in the fight... Would you like to bet on it?


I mean, you're.


Going to give me... Me and.


You, man to man. Give me nine to one? Eight to one?


Me and you, man to man. Not a financial bet. A one chip challenge bet.


I got to eat a whole chip?


No, because I'm not eating a whole chip. Half a chip. Half a chip. I will eat half a chip if J. Paul loses.


Yeah, you know what? I'm team D. S. Nick D. S. Army, mother F word. Yeah, let's go.


Nate, I got this. Let's go. You took your time there. For someone that's old Nate D. S. Army all day long, all day, every day, baby. Joe Rucker podcast, B&A, Train by Night. You took your time to take the bat. You're full of shit. All right. Do you know who else is full of shit? Well, no, it's just a terrible segue. He's not full of shit. Alistair Overeem isn't full of shit, but he's clearly been full of juice throughout his entire career. We all know that. Overeem, Uber Eam, Horse meat, The Demolition Man, whatever you want to call him. He's looking a bit more svelte these days. And give us that picture again, please, Brian. Oh, no, he's still in great shape. He's still in great shape.


His arms are still bigger than my head. Yeah. He looks like 170 pounder with the biggest arms on Earth.


Can we just go to when he weighed in against Brock Lesner, try and find that picture, Brian. And when he was competing in K1 because Overeem used to be gigantic. And I mean, Insanely gigantic. Of course, he continued fighting throughout the USADA era. And he had a lot of success as well. And he's very skillful, Alistair Overeem. But he's clearly now... I don't know. I mean, whatever. It's come off. I mean, look at that. Jeez, Louise. That's a big old boy right there. That's a big old boy. He doesn't look like that now. People get older, they lose muscle. But listen, odds on, he's probably not taking the gear anymore. Because I think when he came out of the UFC, he put a lot of size back on, right? If I'm not mistaken.


I think you might be correct about that.


I like Alex Rovery. He's a good dude, though. He's a very interesting. What a career. Alex Rovery, he was the K1 champ. He never became the UFC champ, though, did he?


No, he fought for it against Steve Bay once. Yeah, that was it. He never won it in Strike force, either.


Alex got over it. It totally like this. And Richard Evans likes to do it. I don't know who that sounds like. It's a terrible impression. But if you look at his record, it's crazy because he's so accomplished in kick boxing, but in mixed martial arts alone, 47 wins, 19 losses. And how old is the guy? Let's just have a quick look.


Forty three.


Forty three years old from London, England. I mean, last time I lost the ball, got to be what, Harry, I lost a Rosen stroke with that lip. But when you go back in the day, when you e were back when he was fighting in Pride, he was submitting people. I mean, he's known for his hands, but 17 subs, 25 knockouts. That man's had a legendary career. Simple as that. It's just a real what he accomplished.


I misspoke there. He won the inaugural Strike Force heavyweight championship and defended it quite a few times.


Yeah. Other guys from that generation as well, Ferdinand dos Santos, they're fighting soon. But this time in bare knuckle on Jorge Mazvoda's promotion.


Bear Knuckle, MMA, which is...


Oh, it's Bear.


Knuckle, MMA. It's truly one...




That Game Bright C is his bare knuckle promotion is a bare knuckle MMA promotion, which is very wild to watch.


I tell you what, he must have some money. He must have some investors with very deep pockets. I mean, Roy Jones Jr. Was on the last one. He doesn't come cheap. Verdue and Junior dos Santos, they won't come cheap. They will have a pretty decent price tag, especially to fight in mixed martial arts. So that's great. It's great for Maz Vidal. I mean, it's good for him. I wish him all the success in the world. It's lovely to see people thriving outside the octagon after the fight careers. We never talked about this at the time, did we? But his father shot somebody in his house recently, didn't he?


Maz Vidal?


Yeah. Did you not see that news story? No. Just Google it, Brian, see if you can find anything. Yeah, there was a shooting at Maz Vidal's house. And I believe it was Maz Vidal's father. I mean, I don't know too many more of the details, but I just remember seeing it at the time.


Yeah, I'm seeing the headline here, Horry Mazal al's father arrested, charged with attempted murder in alleged shooting, arrested in Miami. It was a Thursday in May.


Yeah. Anyway, we were there. We don't know the details. Was just we're talking about Mazal al that just popped in my head. But yeah, Junior dos Santos, Fabizio Verdome. You got a fancy Verdome losing in that one. You know what I mean? Junior dos Santos. Come on, who's a better boxer? Verdome or Verdome?


Well, but it's not not Boxing.


It's MFA. Vod oom or Vod oom? Wow. Tte all day. No, no, no. Dos Santos or Vod oom. All right, granted, it's not bare knuckle, is it? It's mixed martial arts in bare knuckle. All right, interesting. I'm not sure now.


Jds on a five fight losing streak. K. O. Or T. K. O. In all of those.


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Free shipping included on purchases of over $100. That is 25 % off at trueclassic. Com with the code bisping. Strengthen your core wardrobe today with True Classic. It's actually a very good fight card this week. We've got Josh Emma, Elia Toporia. What a fight. We'll talk about that. Macy Bob, Amanda Himaz, great fight. Austin Lane, Justin Tafer, two big heavyweights. David Navarro, Nava, Gabriele Santos, that's a good fight. Brendan Allen, Bruno Silver, Neil Magne, versus Phil Rho. Randy Brown, Rude Boy, and W ellyton Termin. It's a decent fight card. And then some interesting ones on the undercard as well. Clayton Rodriguez, he's back in action.


Jamal Emmers?


Jamal Emmers, great fight card. So that main event, Josh Emmett, Aliyah Toporia. Give me your initial thoughts because I want to see the Wikipedia pages. Go ahead, go.


Well, I mean, it's like there's shades of the... I think it was Giger versus Kelvin Cater, where this was a guy who was... He was rising through the ranks, just destroying everybody put in front of him. And he kept asking for that next level test, asking for that next level test. And certainly, Kelvin Cater was a bit too much, too soon for Giger. Iliad is coming into this fight with the exact same mindset. He is talking like, This is a foregone conclusion. He says he is going to be better in every single fast set of MMA than Josh Emmett, and he sees no real path for victory for him. Listen, from what I've seen from Elliott Teporia, I would have to agree, but he has certainly not fought the level of competition that Josh Emmett has. And he's certainly never fought anybody at Josh Emmett's level so far in his UFC run.


Well, that's correct. And you do have to step up sometime. But listen, last time I beat Brice Mitchell, Brice Mitchell was very, very... And look, listen, you all might think that he had the flu, but we don't know that for sure. And of course, he might have had the flu. But sometimes you make that shit up, dog. You come out with an excuse. And maybe he was man enough, but regardless, if we look at the fight itself, Topolius smoked him from start to finish and then finished him in the second round. Before that, Jai Herbert. He got caught off Jai Herbert, though. He got caught big in the first round before finishing him again. Before that, Ryan Hall finished him round one, Deman Jackson and Y usuf Zoghbi. I'm very, very big on Aliyah Toporior. And I think that... And he's great everywhere, great wrestling, great on the ground. And the hands, they're like bloody lightning. They really are. The Josh Emmett, as we know, fair play to him, rebounding, coming back pretty quick after the unsuccessful, undisputed featherweight championship bout in March in Sydney. Interim? Interim, yeah, sorry. Lost to Jari Rodrigez by a triangle.


Emmett's fun to watch. He's fun to watch, man. He's got heavy, heavy hands. I think Topor is probably got more ways to win, though. I do. And Josh Emmett's a good wrestler. He's strong. He's built like an ox. And the heavy hands are absolutely ridiculous. I think Topor is a little slicker on the feet. I think he's got more slick boxing, better footwork. I'm leaning towards Topor. I like Josh Emmett. I like Topor. I could be wrong, but if you wanted to ask me, I'd say put your money on Iliad Topor.


Yeah. You just reminded me that the Yair fight was a submission. That's the one area I might lean towards Emmett in this fight. But if he's getting caught in submissions by Yaya Rodrique, I don't think Iliad Teporia is going to have a much harder time with him on the ground than Yaya Rodrique. So I would agree. Another thing Iliad is dominating at, though, is the microphone. Did you see this? You see what he said about Patty?


No, it's a new clip because he's been calling out Patty for a long time.


So he actually said the opposite. He's like, I'm not interested in him anymore. As a fighter, we all know he's not worth anything. I'm already leags above where I'd be by beating Patty Pimble it. He said he can't gain anything from that fight, so he's moved on.


He's not wrong, is he? He's not wrong. And that's not nothing negative towards Paddy. It's just clearly, if you look at the stats and the rankings, you know what I'm saying? He beat Brice Mitchell. I'm not sure what he was ranked. He was ranked very highly. Now he's fighting Josh Emmett. They just fought for an interim belt. Now he's fighting he's fighting Josh Emmett who just fought for the belt. If he beats him, then he's right there. He's right there. And these guys are not even in the same weight class, right? I don't know they are. No, he's 145. He's 145. So he's right. He's absolutely right. And that's not no disrespect to Paddy. They're not even in the same weight class, right? And he's going to be... If he can get through Emma, then it's a fresh test for Volkanovsky. And I would love to see that. Not saying I'd love to see him win, but I would love to see Volkanovsky in the army. Who else is it going to be at 145? Volkanovsky is going through all the big contenders. If Iliad Topol, he can get through Josh Emma, that would be a fantastic fight.


Who's Volkanovsky fighting in the summer?




Oh, of course he's Jair. They're the guys that are fighting for the undisputed belt. But if he gets through Jair, he's got to be next.


But that's it. That's in two weeks. So it lines up pretty perfectly for both men to get back into camp at around the same time. I mean, you look at the division, number two, Max Halloween, not happening. Number three, Brian Ortega, seen it. Number four, Arnold Allen, coming off a loss. Number six, Calvin Cater, probably not there yet. And then you get further and further down. So yeah, this is a big, big spot for Iliad Toporia. And it's like, I don't know. You can speak to this probably better than any human being on the planet. What is that like going into a fight knowing, all right, this is it. All my dreams can come true if I win this one.


Yeah. It depends how you handle it. You can go in there and think, Right, I'm here for a reason. Yes, if I win this fight, there's massive consequences in a positive manner. But there's a reason why I'm here. But then some people that might mess with their mental. I don't think Ali is going to have any issues when it comes to that. I think he's here for a reason. The proof is in the pudding. He's undefeated. He's 4 0 in the UFC. He's finished all of his opponents. He's made short work. As I said, I favour him to win this fight and it is perfect timing. The week after is International Fight Week. Happy to say that I'll be there in attendance. And if he wins this fight, he'll be in the crowd, he'll be talking shit. He'll be making his name known. He'll be staking his case. I don't even think he needs to. I think the UFC know. I think everybody knows. If he wins this fight. He's fighting Volkerovsky or Jair Rodrique, whoever wins that fight. But saying that, it won't win. It won't lose. If there's anyone that deserves an immediate rematch, it's Volkerovsky.


You know what I'm saying?


Do you think you think he takes the immediate rematch or go back up to 155 and try for that belt again?


No, he's taking the immediate rematch. Come on, man. You want to get that belt back. Anyway, enough of that stuff. Enjoy the fight this weekend. Everybody, if you have questions please send them in to bym pod@gmail. Com. And if.


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Connor Carl.




We're young and.


Old, probably all know Paulina LeBron?


Anyway, question for you is, what do you think of Jordan Peterson?


I think he's a great guy, me. Anyway, lads.


Have a good one. Cheers. Yeah, no offence. I think he's great at all. I think he's a Jordan Peterson is all right. I do. I don't care, regardless of what you do with your glasses. But it can't be his podcast.


You should see some of the questions I got in this week. We're talking about it afterwards.


We can't let him come on every week. He's like, oh, bloody, I'm sending another question in. I'm becoming a regular. I'm on there. I'm on bloody YouTube every week. Do you know what I mean?


He's down the pub telling his boys like, I got to show a bith thing.


Give us another question. I'll be on it next week. Guaranteed. These losers have no questions from anyone. I send them the dumbest question. They put it on like, they do.


Go on. I'm filming on a flip phone.


From the 90s. Jesus Christ, I had no iPhone. I've ever had. Anyway, Jordan Peterson, I think he's great. I think he's fantastic. Actually, I haven't read all of it, but when I was in Tenerife, I was reading his book, Twelve Rules for Life. Some important messages in there for anyone to read and how to live your life and just live a better, more productive life. I don't see all the controversy surrounding him. I think he's very factual in what he says. Go on, Hamilton.


I think the controversy surrounding him is with a lot of these guys, they have one great idea. The clean your room thing is brilliant. His initial thing when he came on the scene was picture perfect. And then it became a thing where it's like, oh, let's have him on rogue in once every three months. And you run out of things to talk about. So he dips into areas that he's not necessarily the most versed in. And he says some things that are a little outlandish and piss some people off. And it's like, Dude, just stick to the thing you know.


No, go on, Brian. Give us your take.


I mean, he's been a clinical psychologist for 40 years. I'm sure he has more experience and more things than you'd like to think he does, Harington.


Yes, absolutely. Because I love these videos on the... Just Google it, the BBC interview. People trying to take it down, a feminist trying to take it down and trying to misquote him and all the rest of it. They're fantastic because he just makes mincemeat out of them. He makes them look pathetic. He makes them look stupid. And then Elio go, No, that's not what I said. What I said was this. And then they'll say, Well, why do you say that? He said, Because I'm a clinical psychologist. This is an open for debate. These are facts of the matter. Done on thousands and thousands of hours of research and human studies. This is agreed data that I'm quoting. It's not an opinion. You know what I mean? And it just shuts them down so well. I think it's great for humanity. I think it's great for young men. And it speaks a lot of sense. And regarding this whole... It's controversial because the whole gender thing and all the rest of it. It's right in what he says. It is men that go off to war. It is men that die. It is men that commit suicide.


I'm not saying there isn't bad things that happen to women. Of course there is. But men and women, we're very different people. We're very different creatures. And men and women are so much better at so many other things on the planet than we are at what we'll ever be able to do. And that's the beauty of being a woman. And a man has his own strengths as well. You know what I mean? And we fucking just need to stick to them. Women are great. Men are great. You know what I mean? Men stop trying to fuck women. I'm not talking about genders. I'm talking about men's roles, women's roles. If you want to fucking put a dress on and call yourself Susan, be my guest. I couldn't care less. I couldn't care less. But a man should be a man and be able to be a man unashamedly. And a woman should be able to do a woman unashamedly. And I'm not talking about transgender issues or anything like that. I'm talking about traditional roles of a man and a woman, regardless of what you were assigned to at birth. But a man should be able to be a man and a woman should be able to be a woman.


And a man should be able to be proud of those roles. And a woman should be able to be proud of her roles. And there should be any controversy surrounding that whatsoever.


Can't disagree with that.


Can't disagree with that. I'd like to see you try, Brian.


Not me. All right. So next question we got here is from Carl Bolton. And just a warning, he's a ginger. Oh, God. There he is. Hey, lads. Carl here, sending in a question from Charlie, a little town near Clive O'Michael.


If you've heard of it. I've got a question for you, Anthony. Charlie Richard Services, let's go.


What is.


And what is for you, Anthony? The most annoying thing that stresses you out during your weight or during fight week? What's one thing that gets under your nerves?


Because you.


See a lot of fighters.


Say, Oh, I can't be asked with all.


The media. I'm cutting my weight, I'm miserable.


I don't want to be near.


My opponent. I don't want to see him on the fight. What is the one thing that just fucking got on your nerves the most?




M ikey B, you're a fucking legend, mate. You fucking inspired me to get off my lazy ass, make.


Something for myself.


Train MM, mate.


And look at this. When I got my first.


Fucking victory in my first fight, I.


Came out to a song blow two.


What a finger. Antony Smith, you're a.


Legend, mate. Can't wait to see you lift that title.


Every time you fight, I'm on the edge of my seat. Harrington, Congrats on the baby. You're going to be a fucking dad. Brian, you're the man. Cheers, lads. Lovely. What a lovely question. What was his name again? Because I was too busy talking about Park Hall and John and Richard's services.


Carl Bolton.


Thank you, Carl, for the kind words. Question, what is the most annoying thing about cutting weight? I tell you, I'm glad it's a good question. And this is all toward the corner men and other people out there, don't do this. Yeah, all right, cutting the weight itself, it sucks. Doing the media when you're cutting weight, that's not too bad because you haven't got to the hard part yet. You're just a little bit on edge because of the fight, because of the nerves. It's got nothing to do with the weight cut. That's because the fight is getting closer. You start getting on edge because of that. The annoying thing is when you're actually doing the weight cut, I don't know about everyone's cornerman, but my cornerman used to do this a lot. They tiptoe around on egg shells. Just treat me normally. They whisper and they're like, Oh, they don't eat in front of you. They don't want to mention food. You know what I mean? Right, granted, maybe I'm a grumpy old son of a bitch, you know what I mean? But I'm like, There's no need. Why are you all whispering? I was like, Well, we're going to go out and see the big men.


I'm like, Just be normal. The fact that you're making it not normal and you're all whispering, it's making me weird. You know what I mean? I'm like, What are you doing? And they're like, I'm lead down and you're all talking quietly and stuff. I'm like, Guys, just be yourself. Like Jacko, we were in Australia somewhere and we were cutting weight. And I have no problem if people eat food in front of me. I want you to. In fact, I used to order Jacko's food. I used to order. On the Friday night, after I done the first half of my weight cut, I would order a big steak. I would order an appetizer. I'd order my dessert. I'd get him some drinks and I'd lie down my bed like a smackhead. With joy from heroin going.


Just get.


A bit of that steak, dip it in the sauce and then get a bit of mash that's it. That's it. I'm talking through it step by step on how to eat it. I'm like, Right, dessert. What do you want? You got to get some dessert, Jacko. He's like, No, I'm fine. I'm like, Jacko, I'm living vicariously through you right now. You have to get dessert. That's one of the annoying things about cutting weight. You know what I mean? They're trying to help, bless him. They're trying to help, but it's just like, just be normal. Tell me to f off. You know what I mean? Stuff like that. But still, it's a tough life. Brian.


Real quick on that. He said he came out to Blur Song 2 for his first MMA fight. What is your feeling on that? Should fight songs be retired for guys? Walk out songs be retired for guys? Because that to me is the closest you can get to a Jersey in MM, like a Jersey number in MMA. Blur Song 2 will always be Michael Bisping. This guy comes out, becomes a triple champion in the UFC, and he's got Blur Song 2. Maybe he takes over that song.


And he's welcome to it. I welcome it. And I welcome the day when that happens. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, absolutely. I mean, that is very touching to me. Yeah, it's an honour. It's an honour. Listen, it's a fantastic song as it is. Maybe it's got nothing to do with me. Maybe they just like the song and they're like, I've never even heard of Bisping. Who's that? But if somebody did choose that to honour my career and because they like the song, then that is truly humbling and a massive honour. I wish you all the best with your career. Well done. Well done. I went into Bolton tie box in last night to meet some of the tie boxers in there. Some young lads, they got some fights coming up and whatnot. I went in there last night and gave them a bit of advice and stuff like that. So it was lovely to be back in that environment. But still, Brian, shout out to Sandy Hall. Shout out to Dazz Morris, my boy.


So the last question we got here is from Noel Castro. And he wants to know about cross promotion fights. Hey guys, Noel Castro here with a quick question about maybe some cross promotions.




Regards to.


Johnson & Garne, why can't maybe they have, say.


Game Bread or Khabib's promotion, get.


Together with UFC? And I would imagine.


They all have great relationships with each other or listen to UFC to.




That fight happen. I can see definitely Dana wanted to work with us when we're fighters and get in that big.


Money fight or.


The fight that everyone wants to see, too. So anyways, let's see what you guys.


Thought about that, how they can make that happen, maybe. Did he say Anganu and Jones?


Yeah, that's what he started with.


Yeah, well, Anganu's with PFL.


Yeah, I don't know why he brought in game bread or... Yeah, I know. That made no sense.


Brother, thank you for the question. We talked about this. I don't know if you watched the podcast, but that's been one of the biggest talking points of the last few months. We've been going back and forth on this for quite some time. So thank you for the question. But I'm not going to annoy everyone. Do you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to go down the river. We got a few more days left in England. It's a beautiful sunny day. It's the middle of the afternoon. The day is getting on. I'm going to go down. We're going to swim. We're going to lie in the sun, we're going to play some music. We're going to have some nice family time. Whatever you do, wherever you are in the world, I hope you're all well. Enjoy. Subscribe. Ring the bell, please. It really does help us out. Leave a comment in there as well because it helps the algorithm share our content to new listeners. Harrington, good job stepping in for Anthony Smith. He'll be back with us on Monday. But again, thanks for watching. Take care.