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You're listening to believe You Me with Michael the Count Bisbing and Anthony Lionheart Smith.


Steve A said thanks for joining us, man. Really, really excited to talk to you. Obviously, there's a lot of stuff going on right now. Uh, you're fighting John Jones. That was announced last. Massive, massive news. Before you talk about Jones, would you mind? Just like, since last when did we speak, Anthony? With Stipe? About a year ago.


Yeah, it's been about a year.


Yeah. From your perspective, Stipe, what's been going on for the last year? Talk of Jones et mean, trying to.


Get the know it's what, you know, science finally here, so thank God. Also, you know, I got a full time job. I was working part time. Now I'm full time fire department. I have two kids now. Well, I think I talked about that before. You have a child, but already have a second one is born. Working out and getting better and getting bigger and same old, same old. Always the grind.


What kind of process was it to get that John Jones fight done? It seemed like it was done early, and then it kind of faded away and then it kind of popped back up again. Was it a pain in the ass? Yeah.


Moments. A lot of times we'll talk off camera.


But you were ready to go, right?


Yeah, just the one time. The first time they asked, I said, not right now, I can't give me and I told them a few weeks later, but they said they know. They said it's okay. And then other things came up. But people don't understand there's a lot more to it than me not trying to fight.


Is this one of the tougher ones to get done in your career?


Much tougher ones. USC always has a thing they need to get to and sometimes just didn't work out. Know, it's a business. I get it.


I mean, this is going to be a massive fight. We've got the greatest heavyweight of all time against what some people would call the goat. What is your thoughts on John Jones being the greatest of all time?


That's good for him. Fortunately.


I've been hearing a lot of you kind of see as the fight gets announced, you see the rumblings of what people are kind of saying and expecting or whatever. But I have seen a lot of people making a big deal of you working full time as a firefighter, and maybe people are saying maybe you're not.


Are you talking about Dominic Cruz by any chance? Anthony?


Did Cruz say that on the pre.


Fight show sorry, steepe on the pre fight show on Saturday for the pay per view. We mentioned your fight, obviously, and Dominic Cruz was like, and this is everywhere. This is not me ratting on Dominic Cruz. If you just Google it it's all over. But who's Steve Petrie anyway? What is he shadow boxing trees? Is he fighting fires? He's going up against John Jones and he's out there fighting firemen. I'm like, Cruz, what are you talking so sorry. Sorry Anthony, I thought that's what you.


I mean it's that know people are saying that you've been firefighting full time now and I guess this is your opportunity. I mean you're obviously still training super hard. Last time I seen you, you were jacked as shit. So you're obviously working.


Yeah, I mean I'm doing anything I'm supposed to. I haven't changed anything I've done. I can still work out the station. I can do things there too. It's not like every day is a sparring day or a conditioning lifting there's recovery there's. I don't understand. Take a break. I take a break.


Jones was just announced as the ESPN or the Espy. He won the Espy for the best fighter of the year. After being away for so long, he came back, fought Cyril, gone. Right. A guy know with respect to Cyril, love the guy. Kind of a tailor made matchup, right. Great kid, boxer, not much grappling. What do you think about him coming back, beating Cyril Garn, becoming the champion and now being the fighter of the year?


Good for him. It's awesome. He's doing supposed to and a few prizes here and there along the way. It's great.


We all like prizes.


Good for him. I'm not worried about that though. He won the fight. Good for him. But November lent it's. Different story.


The couple of times you and I have had just conversations just about the potential matchup and how you would approach it or at least mentally approach it, I've been fascinated by your mindset because everyone else who talks about John Jones it's, well, I got to deal with this and I got to deal with this. And he does this very well. So I got to neutralize that. And that's not the vibe I've ever gotten from you. You're probably the only person in the world that I've seen that's been completely I don't want to say dismissive of his skills because obviously you respect him as an opponent but you're just not that worried about it. It's fascinating to me. So I wanted to dig into your mindset a little bit. Like when you look at him as an opponent, I know you're not going to trash talk or we're not giving up game plans or any of that stuff, but just how do you look at him as an opponent? Because I don't get the vibe. You see like a guy that you're super worried about. You don't feel very threatened. At least in my opinion.


Every fight you feel threatened because it's a fight you never know what's going to happen. But at the same time though, I train my ass off to prepare myself for every situation. I listen to my coaches and I'm not going to let him dictate what he wants to. I'm going to dictate what I want to do. I'm going to do what I want because the minute I let him decide to do what I want, I lost the fight. But if I want to do what you know, then my chances are a lot better of winning than losing, for sure.


When you look at him, obviously everyone's seen John's fight. He's been around forever, and he's very good. Of course he's long. He has good takedowns. He uses his range well. What do you think is the biggest problem that he presents for you?


I think he's real good at just throwing weird stuff in there, not seeing, like, space stuff and just kind of sometimes off the wall stuff that it works. And I'm not like that. You just say I'm a basic bitch. I'm more 1212.


Steepe. The basic bitch miyachich. That rhymes.


Pretty much what it is. But no, he's very dangerous from anywhere. He does things that you wouldn't expect.


So you have to pay for it's. So it's so wild to me how I guess your mindset and my mindset when I fought John is so like, Cyril gone, went to that whole training camp expecting, okay, I got to worry about the wrestling. You don't seem to have that one thing in your head. It's just, I'm going to go out here, I'm going to do this and go get it.


So we work on everything. He definitely you get a train partner or the pad work, whatever it is. You work on stuff that he's good at, but also you work on stuff that you're good at, stuff that's going to neutralize it, stuff that's going to counter it, stuff that's going to hurt him, stuff that's going to win the fight. And that's what I do every fight. Sometimes it doesn't go out of the plan, but most of the time works. I've done well with it.


Is this a fight that you're excited for? I mean, obviously, it's John Jones, Madison Square Garden. I'm not sure if you fought there before, but is this something that it really fires you up and gets you out of bed in the morning wanting to train?


Yeah, I love it. The minute I'm not having fun, the minute I'm out and I'm having fun, it's great to be out with the guys, young guys, and just learning from now. I'm still learning. I know I'm 40, but, man, just seeing things and just trying new things, if it don't work out, don't work out. That's why it's practice. So I do things that might not be comfortable for me, but if I get used to it or make it use it the way that I can make it work. But it's been.


To I don't know how to ask this. Is it going to take guys like John Jones or fights like, listen, man, you've been we've we've talked about this a you've. You're the greatest heavyweight, most accomplished heavyweight of all time. You've won the title. You've fought in your home city in front of everybody. You've been all over the world. You've made a shit ton of money. Like, you got a beautiful family. You kind of done it yet. That's what I'm asking. It's the John Jones types of fights that continue to get you up in the morning.




So you go in there, you beat John. What's next? What's that next thing that's going to get you out of bed?


Not worried about that. I'm going to worry about oh, definitely my kids, that's for sure. They're definitely getting out of bed, there's no question there. But right now, I'm not worried about Active. I'm worried about it right now. Present worry about November 11. That's all I care about. Obviously, my mentality is ever since I was a kid, my mom, they just told me, like, listen, get what yours, always work hard and good things will happen. And that's what I've always done. A lot of people don't give me a good shot to be a good heavyweight champion or even do well in UFC. Look what I've done. I just like shutting people up. That's what I do.


Is there any chance that this would be your last fight?


Yeah, I'd say every fight after my first fight, 36. We'll see. It's definitely getting closer to the end. There's no question about it. But I feel great.


Yeah, you feel good. This is just me kind of nerding out a little bit. Your body has definitely changed. Like, your composition.


You're checking me out?


I mean, a little bit. I've talked about it on the podcast before.


That's all he talks about. Steepe looks amazing. He's jacked. He's got a six pack. His skin's all shiny, man. He's got a lovely tan right now. He's got a fresh haircut. He's like, bro.


I mean, there was a point when you fought Francis when you were super lean.


I could do that. Try it so hard. I'm probably, like, 245 right now. My body will adjust. It's been hot, so I've been sweating a lot more.




Just here. I'll gain a little more weight back. Bobby 45. 250 for the flight. No questions.


Do you think that the size thing with John, him coming up, and do you think that that's going to be better or worse for him? Do you think he'll be better if he's heavier or you think if he's a little lighter, it'll be a little bit tougher to deal with?


Yeah, I don't know. I think every guy is different. I think when I was 230, I felt great, but also I definitely lost some mass. A couple of flights would have helped me, but it didn't. That was a time as a way my wife's, like, eat, and I'm like, you're literally feeding me three or four times a day. It's really falling off. I don't know what me to do, but right now I feel grand. 245, 250, and I just think I'll get back up again once my body gets adjusted to the heat again because it's got really hot now, so a lot guess, you know, that's what I'm saying. But I'll be back up.


The fight games filled with a lot of highs and lows. You've been there, you've done it. Anthony mentioned there the Francis and Garner fight, that was your last fight. I've been there, you know what I mean? You stick around and fight the highest level for long enough, it happens. Absolutely no shame. What was the period like after that stipe, if you don't mind me asking. Obviously people deal with that in different ways. How did you deal with that?


Just came home and just enjoyed life. I just worried about my family, worry about kids. My wife was six, seven months pregnant. Our son was born in August, so that definitely helped me out a lot, just to keep my mind off of things and it was a blessing. Twice as average, so good.


Was there any talk of a rubber match? Because that seems like that would have been the natural flow.


I definitely tried. I definitely tried. Unfortunately, it won't happen, but good for him. No, he's on to better things and he got a great payday, as he should. He's got a good fight coming up against Tyson Fury. I hope he does well. It's a tough one, but he's definitely got the power.


What do you think about that, though?


Yeah, I was going to say I have the same question as Mike. How do you see that whole Francis kind of ordeal? Obviously, I know you wanted to fight him, but then once he goes out, you've always kind of been the quieter voice in kind of making sure that you are treated the way that you think that you're treated. And it seemed like that was Francis's whole kind of I guess his whole process was getting what he wanted and being about the fighters or whatever. Did you find yourself kind of rooting for him as that was all going on?


Yeah, I appreciate that, him going for the fighters, but the problem is it's like one guy jumps in and doesn't matter. It's kind of selfish. It is, but the kid's also trying to make a living for himself, so it's just a tough spot. But I understand he was doing it was great. I got it, it was great. I saw what he's doing, but unfortunately right now, it's not the time.


Right. Do you think he beats Tyson Fury?


Good fight. I mean, on paper, no guy would say no just because paper, even me, just because we're going to his world, but also it's a fight and he can happen. He hits hard and he goes wild.


Yeah, you never know. You never know. But as you say, it is a fight. It's two human beings of Francis is big enough, strong enough, powerful enough, and I think brave enough to go out there and fucking swing you know what.


To do the same thing, man.


I wouldn't give a yeah, John Jones. How do you feel about the guy? Do you guys have a relationship at all? Do you know each mean?


We talked a few times, but that was a while back.


So this is just strictly business, nothing personal, nothing like that.


I'm good.


Speaking of getting personal, you get any respect at the firehouse yet or they still treat you like shit?


Hey celebrity, what's up celebrity? I'm like, well I'm not celebrity like yeah you are. And then 4 July we had to do some stuff for the city, for the fireworks, and I was a bike medic. And they're like, hey, you can have a camera crew falling around all day. It never ends.


They're bastards. But you wouldn't want it any different, would you? I mean, because that's the treat you're normal, the busting your balls. That's what you like.


Yeah, they don't bust your balls to me. They don't like you, so I'm doing it.


That's a good point.


That is a good point.


What else has been going on outside of the world of mixed martial arts? Because Anthony tells me if he tries to talk to you about MMA, you're not interested. But if you want to talk about anything else, you're all about it.


Yeah, I mean we did talk about.


We had dinner at your fight though. What?


Talked about your fights and stuff.


Oh yeah. But I guess my point was you don't watch.


It's not about me.


I mean you're not sitting around watching every fight night card though.


No, not at all.


Which I think that's part of a lot of the reason you are the way you are as far as your mindset going into fights, you don't consume yourself with it and overly concern yourself. I think that sometimes we get myself included. I get too into the weeds and I'm almost overstimulated with the sport a little bit and so I can never get away from it. So even when Mike was know, how did you get know? What was the time like after the Francis fight? I suspect that it was probably easier because of your mindset. That when I lose, I'm right back on the desk or I'm right here with Mike on Monday and that's all we're talking about. So it's like I can't get away from it. So you're very your with your friends and your family. I think that that helps a lot.


Yeah, it does. No question. I'm real tight. We have a lot of good friends and they're real tight. But they'll ask something but they never bring it up. They don't really talk about it. I can really go out there and get dropped in 1 second. And they're like, all right, cool. Hey, you want to go to the barbed ball. They don't care. They don't be fighting. Just care about me as a person, which can have a team like that.


I do know what you mean. Because on the flip side, that's all people talk to me about when I'm going about, you know what I mean, my day. And they want to talk about this fight, that fight. And I'm like that's work. That's work. To me, I will talk about anything else. I don't follow sports, so not anything.


And like a lot of my friends, if we all go out or something like that and there'll be someone new, they'll go up to him like, do not talk about fighting at all.


Yeah. Oh, my God. They're steephead. He's on a fucking night out.


And I play a dumb card too. Someone comes up to me and I'm nice about it. I'm like, yeah, I kind of just.


Keep drifting away, like disappearing.


Yeah. The only time I watch the Anthony fights or like Wyman fights or one of when he was fat, fighting heavyweight.


Outside of the Octagon CPE outside of your family, obviously. What do you like to do? What's fun for you?


I do like golf. I haven't played this year though, unfortunately, because it's just been so busy. We got the pool, so use a pool. Not even so much for training, just to just enjoy it, just enjoying life. I don't know, I just love in every aspect. I know it's family stuff, but a lot of it's the kids that are still young. So it's just I love doing things with them and watching them. Like my daughter's, like, she's getting the sports now and she's in soccer and cool. So I would play soccer this year. Coming up this fall, my son, he just wants to fight, which drives me nuts, but it is what it is. He's not even two yet. He hits everything with boxing gloves on. He's like ready to rock and roll. He's like, boom, boom.


I'm like, oh God, sounds like a natural.


Yeah, we went to the gym yesterday. My daughter does like the little leaders know for discipline, learning how to do stuff. And my son walks around the whole gym with his chest puff and gloves on, just hitting everything, and I'm like, yeah. I'm like, this is so bad.


You still train with Alexis? Is he still training with you guys?


Yeah, we worked out yesterday together. August 5 or twelveTH or something like that.


Yeah, I was going to say he's coming up pretty soon, right?




Is he still tough as shit?


Yeah, I fucking hate sparring, the guy. He's getting crafty. I'm like, Stop it, dude. He's getting in better shape because you got fight coming up and I'm in good shape now too. But then he gets more on point. I'm like, Stop it, young son of a bitch, stop hitting me so hard.


So he's young guy.


So what are you weighing right now? Steepe, like 245. And is that heavy for you?


No, I was heavier when I saw Anthony. I was about closer to 255.


Oh, I see. So come fight night, obviously it's John Jones. And I know you don't talk trash and I really respect that. But of course, your confidence is going to be high going into this, because it should be. How does this end and how do you expect the fight to play out?


How do we expect to play out? Well, I'm walking out with the belt wrapped on waist and new. There's no question about that. And I'm just going to be in every aspect of your game. I'm definitely going for the finish.


Do you think he takes you down?


If he does, I'll get right back up.


Do you think he pokes you in the eye? I'm sorry, John, if you see that, it's a joke.


Tits and giggles, definitely. I'm definitely walking out with the belt peppermint waist. There's no question.


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Mr. Bispen?


Right, we have the greatest heavyweight of all time. What have you got on your A?


It's a headband.


Oh, my God. We have here and that's what you chose to wear?


Yeah. Looking good.


I'm sorry, guys.


Steve, this is our producer, Harrington. Harrington, this is the greatest heavyweight of all time. Steepe Miyachich, you sent a question this morning about some people in Australia. Dinks, they were called. Yeah. Pose the question to the group. Have you got two minutes? Steepe, give us your thoughts on this. Go ahead, ask the question first. Steepe is like well, it depends what it is.


So a 34 year old Australian couple, they were looking to be celebrated online because the husband got a vasectomy. The concept there is that they are not going to be having children. Therefore they will not be contributing to greater climate change. And instead they will take the money that they would having kids and traveling, seeing the world, essentially just living out their lives as people with no kids. Should these guys be celebrated?




Sounds boring.


Nothing to do with climate change, but.


No. So the headline was, these people are selfish and all the rest of it. I'm like, I read the story because Harrington sent it this morning. Like, it was groundbreaking. And I'm like I'm reading through. I'm like, where is the story? Where's the story harrington? It's like, all right, they got a vasectomy because they don't want kids. They want to travel the world. Well, good luck to them.


So they made a list, right? Like an Amazon wish list of stuff you could buy them. Like instead of getting stuff for a baby registry or like a wedding registry, this is their registry for stuff they're going to need for their life with no kids. Do you think that's a little bit out of pocket?


Yeah, I mean, they're going to get whatever they want because they don't have to spend the money on a kid every year.


Yeah, they can just buy it there. You know what? I'm going to make a list and I'm only going to send it to Stipe. I'm going to say, listen, you're the greatest heavyweight of all time. Here's my list of things I need to feel good about.


I listen, I got a vasectomy too. I mean, right after my second one, I was in it as well.


I'm going to get mine done. I've got to get it done. We cannot have any accidents at our age.


Honestly, it was 20 minutes procedure. It was awkward.


Yeah. Someone's chopping your dick off.


Yeah. And you have to shave your tweezing berries. They come in all ready to go.


Manscaped. Manscapes will do it nice and easy.


Yeah. And of course, the girl nurse was getting me set up and she was like, I just want you know, we're huge fans. I'm like I was like, all right, cool. And then the doctor comes in, he's doing this thing. We literally had a conversation the whole time about he was going to Florida. He went to the Browns game. I'm like, this is really happening right now. It's crazy.


I'm too afraid.


Anthony so we asked Stipe about his fight with John Jones. Man a few words. We asked him about getting a vasectomy. The man comes alive. He's holding court. He's telling us all about Dear. So obviously there was a story yesterday with Elon Musk which tied into what Harrington just said there, because they're going on the day, on not having children. We're all fathers here, right? I think we can all easily agree that being a father is the best joy in the world. Okay? But not everyone is lucky enough to have that. Elon Musk came out yesterday. He's like, Kids make you happier. Simple as that. Oh, here we go.


People just don't understand. Nothing will make you happier than having kids. It will absolutely improve your happiness level and have kids. If it wasn't rewarding instinctively to have kids, we wouldn't have them. So I think that's important to understand. You will absolutely be happier if you have kids.


Well, that's I know. So how much is sending that thing in there yesterday? They're choosing not to have kids. That's great. Elon's out there saying kids are the best thing ever. I don't know where I'm going with this, but we thought they tied in a little bit.


Happy that those parents did that because maybe they wouldn't have been good parents. Maybe they'd been crappy parents. The kid would have a terrible upbringing.


Well, you're right, because a lot of people get brought into this world that don't have a choice. Obviously, none of us have a choice in it. You know what I mean? But they're brought into terrible situations.


Yeah. No, there's no question there's some kids that they're in a bad situation, and it is what it is for those parents, maybe a blessing disguise them. They shouldn't have kids.


This is something I wonder, do you think that it made you tougher or softer when you had kids? Some fighters have kids, and it makes them real nasty because they're so much more motivated. For the first couple of years after my first kid, I was kind of a pussy. Like, I was kind of a big softie. It kind of fucked with me a little bit. It was hard to be a mean and nasty fighter while you're, like, holding on to this little baby girl all the time.


Yeah, I think it definitely helped me. Definitely motivated me more at a purpose. I think that was big. I think there's all big softies, no question about it. But at the end of the day, if I'm getting punched in the face by another man, I'm going to get nasty, too, real quick, for sure. I'm trying to teach my kids, too. My daughter, she's a girl. She's sensitive. Of course, but also she's a savage. She don't care. And my son is September. A virgo, right? And August September. Is that virgo?


I don't even know. No idea.


Yeah, he's definitely got attitude. I'm going to check that real quick. My dog like a sweet sour. 1 minute she's sweet, next minute she's like, destroying everyone. My son, he's just straight sour. So I just got to check his little attitude real quick. But he's a good boy. There's nothing bad about me. They both got the Alpha in them. That's what I want. That's why I keep driving into him. Want them to be the alpha.


Do you go in for all that? What is it, astrology or the star signs and stuff like that? Is it astrology? What do they call?


Yeah, astrology.


Do you believe in that stuff?


Yeah, a little bit. I do not. Like, actually, I dated a girl for like a month. Not even she called a text one day, and she's like, we're not compatible today, or something in the newspaper.


I didn't care.


I was like, all right, see, it was so awkward. But my wife, she's definitely a Leo. My daughter's a Leo. So definitely. There's a lot of button heads, but it's good. It's all good.


What are you? Steve Pay? What are you?


I'm a Leo.


I'm a Leo. Leo star sign july 26. Yeah, I remember that.


These are the traits for a Leo star sign. Leos are the natural leaders of the zodiac. Oh, fuck off. As magnificent and strike. Oh, God. Of course you both believe in this. Hold on. As magnificent and striking as the lion embodies their sign, leos are radiantly, joyful, liberal with their appeal and endowments. They are fiercely proud and confident. They love and live life to the fullest rather than being in charge at home in work and oh, piss off.


Thanks for that, Mike. I needed that.


Your lions. I'm a fish, so Astrology can kiss my ass. All right, I think we've taken you for long enough there, Steve, unless you want to stick around a bit.


No, I would, but actually I think my son just got up.


No, no, I don't blame Steve. A, you're the man. Thank you so much.


I appreciate it, guys. Thanks for having me.


Take care.


Good luck with camp, and we'll see you in New York, buddy. All the best. Bye, guys.


See you, man.


Take care. And there he is, the greatest heavyweight of all time, but more importantly, one of the nicest guys of all time.


For sure. Yeah, he's a lot of fun. Sometimes the MMA part of it kind of takes away from his ability to have fun because he's just not your typical fighter. And so obviously all the questions we want to know, a lot of times he doesn't really give a shit about the answers. It's not that he doesn't want to answer it, as he just doesn't care.


Yeah, no, for sure. And I respect that as well, because it's nice. I mean, as you said, and as we were talking about, MMA is such a massive focus in my life. Literally everything I do is around MMA. There's a couple of things that aren't, but generally 98% of it is all MMA. He goes trains, fights, kicks ass, wins money and disappears, goes back to the fire station. That must be really nice.


Yeah, he's so insulated. It's on purpose, but he doesn't consume himself with it. He goes trains, and when he's not in practice, he doesn't really focus too much on it. You know what I mean? I kind of envy that a little bit.


It's going to be an interesting clash of styles. I mean, obviously it just got announced last week. That was the fight that everyone was hoping I think that was the fight that everyone wanted to see when Jones made his debut at heavyweight. But now there's a little more sauce on it. Now Jones is the champ. He just got voted as a fighter of the year, and Stipe is the heavyweight goat. So that's going to be massive, man.


Massive planning at Madison Square Garden, too. That's huge. Are different there.


And we are trying to do a live, believe you me, podcast in New York. Harrington, show yourself. I'm assuming you've booked the venue, wrote the tune, got the flyers, built a website, spoke to Ticketmaster. Tickets are on sale. Right?


Okay. So look, do or do not, there is no try. We're not trying to do a live show. We are doing a live show. I believe it would be November 10. Then the fight is the 11th. It did mess me up because all the venues I was talking to, I gave them a different date, so I have to go back with them and figure that out. But I guarantee we'll have a venue locked down very shortly here and tickets will be on sale. Super excited.


Stay tuned and stay posted. By the way, you look very smooth. I was only joking. You look cool, man. You look cool. Obviously, talking about Francis Ngano, that fight with Tyson Fury now has been made official. It wasn't made official on Monday, right when we spoke about this.


I don't think so.


And initially there was talk of an exhibition bout. That's why last week I'm like, well, that's ridiculous. The only reason I said it was ridiculous, because what does that prove? Why are two heavyweights going to fight in an exhibition belt? They're both in the prime, one's the champ. No one wants to see an exhibition belt. But it's twelve rounds, professional rules, knockouts allowed. And apparently I'm hearing Francis is going to get somewhere around $30 million.


Jesus. Good for him.


Good for him, indeed.


Good for I still kind of stand by what I think as far as the fight goes, but $30 million, he would never have to do anything again.


And he's already probably done very well as well.


Yeah. I mean, $30 million, that's life changing, obviously. That's generational wealth. You don't have to do shit.


Yeah. Especially if you have someone that looks after it properly and on top of everything else. And the PFL stuff. So good for him, man. I'm really happy for him. I saw yesterday what was it? What do you call it? The lottery? But it's the mega millions or something.


Like 700 million or something.


785,000,000, I think someone won it. And they had a financial advisor saying, what you need to do is make no visible life changes. I'm like, you're out of your goddamn mind. If I win 700 and something million dollars, you think I'm still going to work on Monday? You think I'm still driving the same car, wearing the same clothes, living in the same no, I was I seen.


Where the powerball was at and I started shopping. I was looking at boats and yachts and shit online because there's that yacht that it's owned by Phil Green, Philip Green. The name is Lionheart. It's like a $125,000,000 yacht. I'm, like, looking through it, like, I wonder what I could get this off of him for. I have the money. I'm already shopping and looking at this shit I would buy.


When I was a kid, we would go for walks with my dad. And I always remember this, because when you're very young, your mind and your imagination is incredible. And in England, it used to be called the pools. There was, like a million dollars or $2 million, whatever pounds, should I say? And we would go on these long walks on, like, a Friday evening, and we would talk about my dad would talk about what we would do if we won the Pools. And when you're, like, four or five years old, you're like, wow, good memories, good memories. Hope you're well, dad. Because he listens to the show every single week. Harrington put something in the chat there. Super yacht. Yeah, bollocks to that. Kevin Lee retired. Kevin Lee retired on Monday following the loss to Fakradinov. I mean, he did get smoked. Sadly. I don't like saying that. I was really excited for the return of Kevin Lee. He's talked like he'd matured. He's still a young man. Physically, he was always fantastic. Technically, he was great, but he would kind of some things would go wrong. He'd gas, he'd make mistakes. He wouldn't pace himself correctly.


I was super excited. I'm kind of shocked that he's hanging up the gloves.


I am, too. I feel like it does feel like it's out of frustration, because he's just not finding the success that he knows he's capable of. But at the end of the day, maybe that's just the whole issue, is that he's not able to replicate the success that he's having in the gym. And that's, sadly, a problem that a lot of people have.


It's a massive problem. It's one of the biggest problems. Simple as know it's hard doing it on the night. It's a shame, though, isn't it? It is a shame.


It's a shame because he's so talented.


And he's such a good guy. I like Kevin.


I do, too. I was so happy to see him in the makeup chair at the apex when he was getting ready to do his media and Chris was doing his makeup, and I was it just it felt good to see him in a know, UFC uniform. So it just sucks because he's got.


Superstar qualities as well. He's good on the microphone. He looks good. His physique's great. He's got a flashy style. I mean, remember that knockout of Gregor Gillespie? One of the best knockouts. Harrison, do we have a quote at all from Kevin Lee? Did he make a statement or did he just kind of do it kind of low key type thing?


No, I have it here. He posted a video on his Instagram. He said, to make a long story short, I've decided to retire from MMA in the UFC. It's been twelve years, twelve long years of me being the best fighter that I can be. A lot of hard work, a lot of dedication for me to be the best fighter in the world. When I look back on it, I had a hell of a career, fought a lot of the top guys and some of the toughest guys in the world. I've always put up a great fight ever back down, and I always challenged myself to do things, and I didn't think I was capable of doing that. I didn't think I was capable of doing.




Yeah. Well, again, fair play to him and good luck with the rest of your life. And you know what? I think it takes a lot of self realization, Anthony, to come to a point, because I'm not sure, without looking at his Wikipedia or whatever, I think he's around 29, 30 years old. Yeah, he's young, so he's still a young man. So that means he can still go off and do many, many different things. Life can take you on so many different adventures. You never know where you're going to end up. I mean, if you'd have said to me, and I'm sure you feel the same way that we'd be doing this, fighting the UFC, doing a podcast, working for the UFC, I'd be acting, whatever. You never know where life is going to take you and having the realization to say, you know what, as much as I love it and as much as I'm talented, I can't put the pieces together on fight night. So I'm going to take my skills, not my fight skills, I'm going to take my brain, my mind, my personality, my networking skills, my people skills, and I'm going to go and do something else, because that, sadly, isn't working out, and I commend that.


Yeah, well, there's a lot of us, there's a lot of fighters out there that maybe they've made those realizations the same ones that Kevin, that is making himself. And they don't have anything else to fall back on or they don't have the confidence to get out of it and try something else, because maybe this is all they you know, he talked a lot about maturity, and maybe this is him being mature and saying, this isn't working. Know, I need to take a step back and start looking other places. I'm still young, and I could still build another empire. Doing something do it's got to be a tough decision to make, because this is all he's done for a long time.


Because, let's be honest, there's a lot of promotions out there. If Kevin Lee did want to take his skills elsewhere, I don't think the UFC let him go. This is our thing. But he could always make money as being Kevin Lee, and he could still beat a lot of people. I'd say. I mean, that guy that beats him, keep an eye out.


He's good. Yeah, that's a tough matchup to come back on, too. I wish they would have given him an easier one. Not an easier one, but it's one thing to obviously Kevin's got he's super have they could have given him a more favorable matchup to ease his way back in. Because when you're not fighting in the UFC for a long time, sometimes you forget the level that you're no.




So all the best to know. On a similar note, I'm not sure if I mentioned it, callum just recently retired from wrestling because of all the injuries, and he was kind of down. I'm like, Dude, don't be down. You did that. It opened a lot of doors for you. Just I'm sure the same with Kevin. And a lot of people take the positives from what you do, from the experiences that you have in life and then use them to try and springboard you into something else. I'm like, Son, this is great. Now you can get on with the rest of your life. Now you can get on with being Callum Bisding, the person, not the wrestler. Now you can get a fucking job and start helping pay your own goddamn rent. How about that? Which he is doing, and I'm excited for, so good luck.


What kind of jobs is he looking at? What's he trying to do?


Well, he's doing a master's degree in business marketing, so he's looking at stuff like that. But right now, he's just trying to get a part time job doing anything, whole Foods, stacking shelves, whatever, just to get some income coming in. And he's also applied for a bunch of internships and things like so all the best to him. The BMF titles on the line soon. Anthony, I'm not sure if you're aware of this.


I am. I'm excited about that fight.


I'm really salt Lake City, Utah You've been there?


Yeah, I was there at the last salt lake city card when Leon Edwards knocked out kamara usman.


Are you working this?


Am I am Salt Lake City.


Talk to me about I've been there one time when a flight got delayed and I missed my connecting flight and I had to spend a night there. It's a peculiar.


It's a it's a strange of lots of nice people. It was really a I went to dinner with know everyone knows the man tate went to dinner with Tate and he's just you know how obnoxious he is. He's just walking around talking about how there's not enough black folks and he was just but everyone was super nice.


He's racist that they are.


Me and anik were walking around trying to find somewhere to get a beer or something after the event but they stopped selling alcohol everywhere at like 1030 ten or 1030. So that was tough. But yeah, it's a different type of place. Nice people, really pretty, and they have.


A hell of a fight card. Justin poyer.


I got a couple of good ones last year. The last one was pretty good, too. I don't know why Salt Lake City keeps getting these good ass fight cards.


But Justin versus Dustin, that's going to be wild. And now apparently Jorge Masvidal will be the one to go in the octagon and wrap the belt around it's.


What if it's Gaethje that wins, though?


Well, what's the issue there?


Well, Masvidal's teammates with Dustin so when he was talking about it in a couple of interviews before he was, you know, I respect both those guys, but Dustin's my teammate. I think he's going to go out there and essentially smoke Gaethje.


So you think Masvidal already in his mind thinks yeah, it's all good. Dustin beat him one time, he'll beat him again. So I'll put it around my buddy. But you reckon he doesn't do it if Justin Gagey if Justin Gagey beats his boy, you think Masvidal will? No, no way. I ain't doing that. Because he's kind of street and he's a man of principles.


He's a man of principle and he's see if his boy gets beat. I don't see Masvidal walking up there and putting the belt on Gaethje. I just don't see it.


I respect it. So basically Dustin wins, I'll do it. If not dana, come on. Where's the rock at? Get the rock. Come on.


I'm calling it now. If Gaethje happens to win, I don't think Masvidal is going to put the belt on him.


Who do you think wins? I mean, not official prediction but early thoughts, obviously without analyzing them too much. I mean, they're both great. They're both.


Leaning to be honest, I'm leaning a little bit. Gaethje, even though Dustin won the first, dustin's great, too. It's just Gaethje when he really wants to fight, like when he really wants to focus in on a game plan and stay disciplined. And he's focused on growing. He's dangerous, man. The fight with Fazeev is a fight that the old Gaethje a couple of years ago loses because he's going to go out there and swing for the fences. But he fought to a game plan. He was very persistent. He fought safe, his hands were tight. He fought a masterful fight. Versus Fazeef, that Gaethje shows up. I think Dustin Poirier has a tough.


I mean, I'll be honest. I mean, I called that Fazeef fight and Gagey was phenomenal. And the boxing was so crisp. And the adjustments that he made throughout the fight, it's nothing against Dustin because Dustin's incredible in his own right as well. I mean, the boxing on display when he fought Michael Chandler was fantastic, but the Justin Gagey that beat Faze, I struggle to make an argument for someone beating that man because he was just on fire. The punches were so fast and crisp. The combinations were ridiculous. You know what it means? We're in for a goddamn treat. I can't wait. And Dustin, they are two of the most excited on the roster. They bring it every single time. Throw Michael Chandler in the mix. Who would you say? The five most exciting fighters just in the whole UFC? Yeah, the whole of the UFC. I think we're going to go Justin Dustin. They're in, right?


Yeah, they're in.


Chandler, Olivera.


We're all lightweights.


They're all lightweights. You might even throw a McGregor, to be fair.


Yeah, he's in good fights. I've never been in a boring one.




Win, lose or draw, he's in good.


Fights and he brings the excitement. So are we saying they're the most exciting fighters in the UFC? Are we signing off on that? Justin Dustin?


Yeah, you can't. Chandler, Oliveira, I can't think of three or four people that are more exciting than those guys.


How would you come on a show yourself? Let's have a debate on this, please. You don't have to just annoy me in the chat and send him through.


Sorry about that.


Make no sense to me. There's a link. I don't know what the link is unless I click it. Alex Pereira is pretty exciting.


Yeah, pereira is pretty exciting. If we're talking like just the 125 pound fight we just seen, like, Brandon Moreno has got to be on there. No, Pantosha is in pretty good fights, but Moreno is always in those kind of fights.


I was going to say Hamza. I feel like there's just something in the air when that guy fights where it's like you can't take your eyes off the screen.


Hamza versus was exciting, yet for all.


19 seconds that it lasted.


Yeah, that was exciting. It was a back and forth exciting battle.


It got me off my couch going.


Kevin Holland fight got you off your wow.


Yes. Yes, of course. Go after him, Anthony. The man's clearly drunk.


Gilbert Burns versus Hamzat is to be a great fight of the year last year.


That's a great fight. I will agree with you. But is that more Gilbert or is that it's?


You have offended not no, I'm not offended.


I'm not offended. I just disagree that I think Hamzat's been in one very exciting fight, and I think that maybe it had more to do with Gilbert and less to do with right.


All right, let's play a different game. Give one name your most exciting fighter.


The most exciting fighter right now, in my opinion, I would say Justin Gaiche is the most exciting fighter in my bone.


I'm going to say you got to.


Say Sergey Pavich, because you've been Sergey Pavlovich. Sergey Pavlovich.


Wild card. I like it. I like it.


That is a 265 pounder who could put out anyone with one shot.




I would look at Pavlovich as someone who's supremely skilled and dangerous. I just don't know if I would say he's crazy exciting. Fair enough.


My vote, I would say Michael Chandler.


That's fair.


You know what I mean? I mean, he doesn't always win. He can wrestle, but he bloody brings it. I think in the past, it would have been McGregor and I think if he was fighting a little bit more frequently, because you got to be honest, McGregor brings it and the excitement and the build up and all the rest of it, and the sport is a better place. Speaking of which, Harrington, you put something in the notes about McGregor Tweeting and Deleting, which is his speciality, let's be.


Honest, that is what he does. I believe it was like the Santa Emoji or something like that, but he made a tweet in reference to the idea that he would be back in December to fight Michael Chandler. When he was asked for a mystic Mac prediction of how it'll go down, he said he was going to torture him for two rounds and then take him to the third and torture him and then I guess finish him in the third.


Well, the fight's going to happen, that's for damn sure.


I hope so.


Same. That's two of the most exciting I mean, it'll be massive. You see that McGregor's now Chandler's undefeated. I haven't been watching. I've been keeping up with the highlights and the headlines. Seven and now yeah, and Chandler's getting a little chirpy. He's talking a bit of shit.


They said that McGregor asked what happens if it's a clean sweep for Team Chandler? And the UFC's response was, we don't know because it's never no, no.


McGregor went up to Dan is like leaning over the Octagon. He's like, so what happens? What happens if it's a clean sweep? Dana's like, I don't know. Never happened. Because what that?


How many fights are left?


I don't know. I'd say if it gets to the semifinals, though, that's four people, you know what I mean? So if they're all on Team Chandler, I mean, McGregor can just put his feet up, have a beer and just watch the fights. No, I think what's happened in the past, chandler gets to choose who he wants to keep and puts the other two over to team McGregor. I think I seem to remember because when I was doing UK versus USA, not bragging, but we whooped your asses, Majorly. Come on. And it wasn't a clean sweep, but there was know it was lopsided, so we did something like that then, okay? Oh, yeah, we were one win away from being a clean sweep. Harrington. You're american. Have a bit of national pride.


Harrington, jump on here. Tell Mike to fuck off and stop talking all that shit.


Yeah, I didn't say that.




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So it's his ex girlfriend who's a professional surfer, and she shared some screenshots of text messages that he had sent her. They included, like, don't take pictures with other guys. Please delete any Instagram photos you have of you in revealing clothing or showing your butt or anything like that. They're accusing him of being very controlling of her social media presence, and she was arguing she's a professional surfer trying to get her career off the ground, and his rules were restricting her. He just went on the side of, this is what I'm asking for in a partner. And if that's not you, then let's leave us friends, right?


Terrible job. Love your brother, really do. And you're lucky fly for a white guy. But you didn't report that. Well, he said, plain and simple, if you need surfing with men, a boundarous, inappropriate friendships with men, you need to model and post pictures of yourself in a bathing suit and post sexual style pictures and friendships with women who are in an unstable place from your wild recent past that perhaps this relationship isn't going to work out. And I read that, and I thought that was a very measured, calm approach to say, look, listen, here's the way I am, right? And here's what I really don't tolerate from behavior in women, and the choice is yours. I think that's fair enough.


I don't see how that's abusive in that text thread. I didn't see anything that was very out of pocket. Now, whether you can agree or disagree on the things that he excuse me. The things that he wants or doesn't want, that's a whole different argument. But it's the way that he went about it. He was very clear. I don't like this, this, and this. And if you don't like that, then it's not like he's like, here's what you have to do, and you're stuck in this relationship no matter what. It was like, there's a door. If you don't like it, that's totally fine. And the way that he stated it, like, the boundaryless relationships with men, I don't see an issue with that. We all know what it's like. If your girlfriend or your wife has a friend who's just an absolute basket case and is just fucking everybody's lives up. You probably don't want her hanging out with her all the time. We don't all have friends where your wife is like, you act like a fucking idiot when you're with that guy.


So I understand that's all of my.


I don't know. My wife's pretty. I don't know. It's different.


Rebecca has no friends. She doesn't want friends. She's just a homebody.


Well, I don't think I would be super cool with my wife posting pictures of her ass on Instagram either.


No, it only showed a little bit because the way the message ends, really, I don't see how anyone has a problem with. This. He says, Blah, blah, blah, blah. Beyond your if you want to post sexual pictures, friendships with women who are in unstable places and from your wild recent past, beyond getting lunch or coffee or something respectful, if that's what you want, I am not the right partner for you. If those things bring you to a place of happiness, I support it, and there are no hard feelings. These are my boundaries for romantic partnerships. My boundaries with you are based on the way these actions have hurt our trust. I think he's just stating his case. I've never used a dating app. I've never been on these websites, but I think on those websites you can type type of girl you're looking for, type of things you like, type of morals and expectations, if you will. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, but.


Have you ever used a dating I've been I've been with Kayla way before dating apps ever started. She has a couple of friends back in the day where they would have, like, a Tinder profile or something. So I'd grab one of her friends phones and start swiping through and just because it was funny, but no, I don't even know how those things no, no.


These guys these days, they got it easy because I've been around friends. You know what? Yeah, they're getting busy. Any city they're in, they're just know and someone shows up. Hamilton and Brian, have you two ever forayed into the dating app world?


I've never had a dating app installed on anything that I own. I just meet girls through my friends like normal people.


But there's nothing wrong with dating apps, I think, in this day and age.


I don't think so either.


I have no issue.


Hamilton oh, I've had plenty of success on dating apps. I mean, when you're homeless, they just swipe till you find a bed for the night.


Mike and the boys. There it is. There it is. Oh, dear. What's the big MMA news right now? Hamilton let's have a look. Masvidal I mean, Kamara Usman, he said he stormed into Dana's office. You probably saw this story for anyone that hasn't. He said he went into Dana's office and said, basically, if Hamzat wants to know, then they'll fight. He said, hey, if you want to fight, cut the weight and let's fight. Be disciplined. He doesn't want to do that anymore. He's got money. He's living life. He's living good. He doesn't want to cut the weight. He wants to eat, and he wants to move. Goalposts for him. You want to be the champion. This is the goal standard right here. Cut the weight. Let's make it happen. If you want the fight, cut the weight and let's fight. But stop using my name for clout. Of course, Hamzat came back and said, oh, you're the bogeyman. I am the wolf. Boars. What do you think?


I don't think they're going to fight because it doesn't sound like Hamzat is coming to one. I don't think he can make 170 and I don't think maybe it's not that he can't. It doesn't seem like he wants to. And I don't think Kamara is going to 185. So I think they should both move on.


I respect Kamara usman so much for taking that fight because he loses two fights to Leon, back to back, loses the belt, loses the rematch, loses the pound for pound status, you know what I mean? And this sport's fickle, you're on top of the world 1 minute and then they move on and they forget the he comes back and faces Hamzat chimev, which, let's be honest, is a tough match for anyone, right. And usman getting a little bit older, and I thought he looked a little slower in that last fight. He comes back, he fights Hamza, he loses that fight, then the narrative is, well, maybe he should hang up the gloves. Hamza beats usman if they were to fire 170, hypothetically. He's right there for a title fight, then, yeah, he's next line 100%. But I don't think Kamaru would generate a title fight if he was to beat Hamza, you know what I'm saying?


Yeah, maybe not, not with two losses back to back. It would take at least one more, I think, in my opinion.


Yeah. But I do respect him. Who would you like to see Hamza face? Because it sounds like he's going to be at 185. And I know some little details from some people, but I'm not saying it. I'm not saying it. I'm not saying it. I have no idea about fights or anything like that, but just about the weight cuts. He's big right now, is what I'm referring to. He's nowhere near 170 apparently. So he's going to be 185. Him coming up to 185 fighting in Abu Dhabi. I'm assuming that's where he's going to fight, ideally. Who would you like to see him against?


There seems like there's been some hints online about him fighting Cannon Ear.


I saw something about that yesterday, actually.


Yeah, maybe one of his coaches was doing some film study and he had blurred out part of the fighter and said, sitting there looking at a film of Hamzat's next opponent, and then you know how Twitter is. The Twitter sluice went online and they were able to see part of a leg and the logos, and they matched up the exact second of a looks like it looks like they were watching Mean.


And the person that they were watching was holding the stones and doing the signs like this and harnessing the energy from the universe.


Oh, man, I love that guy. But yeah, I got excited about it when it was kind of hinted at that that's going to be the fight. It made me excited. I like that fight.


What was Cannonier's last fight? Just remind me. He got a win, right? Who was it?


Our friend Marvin.


Oh, yeah. And then yeah. Yeah. Oh, God. And that was a good showing. It really was. I mean, that's a great jared Cannonier, you know, is one of the top guys.




Hamza chime again, it's kind of like the Bo Nickel situation, because Bo Nickel now, I think, is going to struggle to get fights, right? Because either you're going to get smoked or you're going to give up your ranking that you've worked your ass off for. And it's kind of similar for Hamzat. Hamzat comes in there, you know what I mean? If he beats you, he's probably going to just work towards getting a title fight. But other people might not be in that situation. They might have fought for the belt. Like a marvin Vittori wouldn't be there. Jared Cannonier probably wouldn't be. I mean, who else is there? Robert Whitaker certainly wouldn't be there.




And Bo Nickel, he's calling out, Hamza, did you see that?


I did. Which wrestling? Right now, he's nowhere close. Hamza would smoke him right now, but.


I'm just getting the quote, carry on.


Once he figures out the striking and how to be safe there, and I don't know, it gets his MMA entries a little bit better on his takedowns. I think that that's a great fight right now. I think Hamza dispatches him. Yeah, dispatches him pretty quickly.


He said this is Bo Nickel. I would like to fire Hamza at 85. I'll get a couple more fights. My goal, Hamza, has always been the Allegiant Stadium. Sell it out for the belt and blow the roof off the place. When I smash that guy, I think it's going to take a little more time to build my reputation and get to where I want to be and for him to get where he needs to be in order to make that fight what it deserves and give it the atmosphere that it deserves. Hey, listen, fair play. Set your stall high. And he's absolutely right, because he needs we're talking a Legion Stadium stadium in Vegas. That's never been done before. It would be unbelievable, though. Have you seen that stadium?


I've seen it never on the inside. I've seen it from the yeah, yeah.


I just drive past it all the time. But I've seen the clips. Have you seen the clips of Bruce? Brian, see if you can find Brian. Find one of these. Bruce Buffer announcing at the Allegiant Stadium. Oh, my God. Because for those people that don't know, it looks like the Death Star. It's beautiful. It's a big, huge black thing in Vegas and screens all over it. It's massive. And then Buffer is on this ramp as if you're, like, walking out for a fight, and there's, I don't know, 80,000 people and brought to go. It's time. And the crowds are losing their mind.


My God, I'd love to be there just for that.




I'd love to see Buffer announce the Raiders. It would be here we go.


We got it in the chat. There Brian Harrington stuck it in the chat. Look at this. I mean, that's the stadium. Oh, there's buffer. I can hear him from the.


Philadelphia. What an awesome stadium.


All right. It's okay. The view I saw was, like, from behind Buffer or in his, you know, what the camera shows. I mean, it's cool to see it on screen. Of course, you get the idea, but when you see it from Buffer's perspective up high, and all the crowds and the cheering and, like, the smoke and.


The lake, what a life Bruce Buffer's living.


Bruce is the man.




It's unreal life. It's crazy.


I'd love to live Bruce's life for, like, a week or just to shadow him for a week to see what his life looks like.


Bruce Buffer will announce the UFC until the day he dies.


Yeah, he'll probably die in the octagon.


In the middle of because he lets it go, man. I mean, the energy and the boom from his voice and the veins are popping out of his neck. You never know. That might be the way he goes.


That'd be the way he would choose to go, I would imagine.


100%. 100%. I mean, you know the story of Bruce Buffer. I mean, you probably oh, here we go. Here's another angle. He's got the raiders jacket on Bruce. He's the man. Bruce Buffett is the perfect gentleman. He is, though. He's such a great guy, so nice and kind and polite. As I say, he's an absolute gentleman. And Michael Buffer is his brother, as you know. Of course. Isn't that just insane? He's the biggest thing in the UFC. Michael Buff's, the biggest thing in boxing. They were separated at birth, I think, or something. Like early brothers.


Yeah. And they both just happen to be doing the same shit. That's crazy.


Yeah. No, it is absolutely insane. Chino Vera's got a new fight versus Pedro Munoz.
















What do you think?


It's a tough fight. Pedro Munoz is tough for anybody. He just I mean, he was winning that O'Malley fight too, up until the eye poke.


Don't say that to Sean O'Malley.


What's he going to do, beat me? Mean, it's the truth. I'm not saying he was going to go on and beat O'Malley, but he was winning the fight up until the no contest happened. But Munoz is tough for anybody. I think it's a good matchup for Cheeto, though. I think stylistically, it favors Cheeto.


Did you agree? I think it's a great fight. Stylistically, I think it's better for Cheeto because of the lack of the wrestling. Not that Munoz or Pedro can't take him down and, you know, grapple. Of course he can. But we're talking cejudo. We're talking an Olympic gold medalist. Yes. A little bit different. John Anneck had some choice words to say about Henry Cejudo pulling out of that fight. Did you happen to see those?


I didn't. I did, yeah.


Yeah, I saw something on his podcast. He was kind of having a go at Henry Cejudo because he kind of felt like he was going to pull out. I don't know. Maybe I'm totally butchering that. But what did you make of Cejudo pulling out?


I felt like he was coming back a little bit rushed. I was actually surprised from the very beginning that he took a fight with Cheeto because Henry's always been the type of guy that just wants big fights and things. And as much as we love Cheeto, he's obviously very popular, but he's not like that kind of superstar opponent that I feel like Henry Cejudo thinks that he deserves. So I was super happy for Cheeto to be able to get that fight because that's a good bump in popularity for Cheeto, especially to get a win over a guy like Cejudo was. I just I kind of have a similar sentiment even when it was announced. But is he really, though? Is he really going to fight him? I didn't feel like it was.






Well, anyway, regardless, the fight isn't happening now, and Cheeto versus Pedro Munoz is. Love Cheeto. I saw him at the airport Sunday morning. Me, Perillo and Cheeto all flew back together, had a little beer at the airport. Not Cheeto. He was on coffee. Obviously, he's training hard for a fight. He's coming back after a loss. You're coming back. Your fight's coming up soon. Anthony, how are you feeling? How's training cam going? I see you're at home. I see you got the bits and bobs.


Yeah, I'm home with the bits and bobs. I'm actually working the desk. This.


Is Holly Holman. Maya Brueno Silva.


Bueno Silva. Yep. Yep. So be fun. I'm going to do some training in Vegas, too, so it's nice to just get in there with a different group of guys. I feel really good, though. I don't want to oversell it. I feel know, we're kind of addressing some things that I feel like is doing really well, so we'll fucking go back and try it again and see how it works.


What is the mindset coming into this one? I don't mean the mindset in terms of game plan and all the rest of it, but are you doing any work with Mark Montoya? You're talking about your feelings and your confidence levels and all those type of things? Because as we said before, we were talking about some fighters that can't get the job done on the night. I'm not saying you're one of them, but the mind, that's what affects them, you know what I mean? In terms of confidence and all around well being and mental health as a fighter, are you doing anything to address that stuff?


Yeah, I'm just trying to fix the problems. I think that that's where my confidence comes from, is just knowing that I put the work in. It's nice that I've already done a training camp for Ryan Span, so we don't have to really overthink. Just I'm just not worried about him at to not at, uh, we haven't even spoken about anything about Ryan Span. The entire we're, me and Mark are two and a half weeks in, three weeks in. We haven't spoken about him for a second. He's just worried about where I'm making the mistakes how do I fix those mistakes? And let's continue to drill it and then we fix it we critique it or we just I don't know just fine tune it a little bit and then we go back in know in there a more of a live situation with some of the really good guys in the gym and then we see how it works. I'm like, all right, well, let's try this just a little bit different. Then we go back in. That's all I've been doing. It's just drilling, fine tuning, and then fight it out and see how it works.


And if it doesn't work, we come back, we do it again. But I feel like I've got the answer. I feel really good about it. I don't want to like in my head, I'm like, I got it fixed. I think we got it fixed. But I could say that and then go in there and fight and look like a fucking idiot.


Yeah, I guess ryan Span, though, there's not much to fix there because the last time out, what was it, 45.


Seconds, two minutes, something like that? Yeah, it was quick.


It was pretty quick.


He's the perfect opponent, though, for the mindset that I'm in. He's super dangerous, man. He's crazy dangerous, insanely powerful, really athletic, big dude. And when he believes in himself and his mental game is on, he's a motherfucker to deal with. But there's not any spot where I need to be super mindful. It's not like he's a world champion jiu jitsu guy or he's a world champion kickboxer. He's just really good everywhere. So I don't have to really focus on anything specifically. I just need to keep sharpening my tools and really closing the holes, because if I don't close those holes, I'm not going to get to the spots to be offensive, that's been my problem the last couple of fights, is like, some of my defensive issues are making it to where I can't even be offensive. You know what I mean? I'm not even able to. Johnny Walker kicked me in the leg three times, and he did a great job, but he attacked my leg and kind of just drove a truck through that tendency in that hole. And so I was never able to get on my game. He kept me in neutral, so I got to fix that shit.


I mean, when you look at the history between the two of you, it's Ryan Span that needs to make some changes, right? I mean, you did your job phenomenally. What do you think he's going to do different? And again, looking because obviously you lost to Johnny Walker and what was it, magomed and Kalayev. What do you think he's going to do?


Well, I would imagine that his team is very smart, safe. I got a lot of respect for that guy.


Great coach.


If I'm fighting me up until this point, I haven't addressed the leg kicks, so there's no reason for them not to attack the leg kicks. It's a clear hole and it goes deeper than the leg kicks. If you attack my leg, where am I most dangerous? It's when I'm walking people down and then I get people circling the outside of the cage. If you get me running downhill a little bit and I'm just walking you down the whole time, there's no one that's going to beat me when I'm in my zone. But if you attack my leg, I got a really good jab. So people have figured out over the last three or four fights the way to kill my jab is to attack my lead leg when I'm jabbing. So then if I don't get my jab going, my offensive game is kind of built around establishing my jab first. If I can't ever establish my jab, I never get from out of first gear. I'm kind of stuck. So if I was them, I would probably work on attacking the leg. I'd probably stay off the ground with me if I was him because it didn't go well at all for him at all.


And you can feel the difference when you're a fighter, you can tell how far ahead someone is from you. And on the flip side, you can tell how far away someone is from you when you're the dominant one. So he hasn't had enough time to close that gap. He's going to have to keep his chin down and not get wild. I'm sure that because even on the interviews afterwards, they had a lot of emphasis on they thought that the reason he got caught is because he kind of freaks out at certain points. He's not very good at being patient and once he freaks out, the guys at the top of the division are going to start picking him apart and that's what happened. So he's going to want to stay calm. He's going to attack my leg. They're going to try to address the jab and stay off the ground, I would imagine.


Do you adjust your stance at all? I mean, obviously you're putting a big focus on defending leg kicks. You have mentioned it several times that you've identified that as a potential issue, for sure. So what does that look like in the room when you're training? Is it just drilling, checking leg kicks a lot?


Because that's what we've done up to this point, is just really worked on checking the leg kicks. And that's the problem. I check them in the gym always. I rarely get kicked clean in the gym by really good kickers, too, like Dustin Jacoby, even. We spent weeks just working with Chris Gutierrez, who's probably the best late kicker in the entire UFC, in my opinion. And it was going really then, you know, I just don't do it when I fight. But some of it's changing my mechanics, some of it's changing my movement, some of it's changing just my balance points and my, like well, I was going.


To say is your lead foot turned in like a boxer? Do you have it straightforward?


It's usually generally straightforward, yeah.


So then that's easier to check a leg kick, for sure. Mark Montoya is your main Padman.




Put a shim pad on and mix in.


Yeah, he's a fantastic kicker. He's a huge profit practice. He's really good. The issue is, even if I check and I'll just be honest, I don't think that at this point it's a secret. Even if I'm checking low kicks, my leg can't take the damage. So even I can't even if I check and I do everything 100% correctly, I've taken so many leg kicks over my career that taking a calf kick or taking a kick below my knee to that meat of the muscle in the front of my shin, I can only take about one or two of those clean before I'm compromised in the fight.


That's interesting, isn't it? Because not just talking about you, just generally when it comes to, oh, I just pushed a button down. Everything changed on my bloody screen, this bloody computer. Generally when it comes to leg kicks, and we're talking above the knee, thighs, traditional old school leg kicks, the more you kick that bad boy, it's just going to go duller and duller and duller. And you can take kicks all day.


Yeah, I can take kicks up there all day.


Daz Morris, my guy, like, when we were hitting pads and stuff, he would just say, kick me in the leg as hard as you can. I'm like, dad, stop that's nonsense. He said, would you? Go on, kick me, kick me. So you give him a kick and yeah, it doesn't bother me. I'm like, yeah, but I didn't kick you as hard as I could. Do you know what I mean? Because I'm not a dick. He said, well, just kick me as hard as you can, but I'm not a dick, do you know what I mean? But can you just put a pad on your leg? He's like, well, just kick it as hard as you can. I'm not going to do that. Anyway, back to the original point. So you're saying below the calf cake sorry, below the knee, that's where the problem responds differently.


Well, I don't know if it's like that for everybody, but I've noticed that over the last handful of to, I don't take them as well as I used to. Even when Rakich dropped me in the very beginning of our fight with the two, he hit me with three leg kicks in a row. Like low calf kicks.


That's right.


I remember I checked the first two clean and they still put me it's not it's not even a question of checking it's. I have to figure out how to completely avoid it. And actually it's really seeming to figuring that out is helping my game a lot and it's opening up a lot of other things. So it's been kind of fun.


And obviously you broke the ankle. It was the ankle, right? Or the bottom of the leg?


Yeah, bottom of the leg, ankle, same thing.


Do you think that's related at all or no?


No, because it was like that before. I think as my style has evolved, I didn't used to get kicked very much. And then once I started changing the style and trying to be a little bit more sneaky and elusive and a little bit more movement based and footwork based, I started getting kicked more. And then I kind of started going back to some other things that I did and really sticking my jab. But the game is so high level and these coaches are so good now. It's not even when people started dealing with my jab, which I was killing people with instead of them back in the day, they used to just address it by, okay, we got to work the head movement, we got to work the COVID the parry, the counter. That's how they used to deal with it. Well, I got so good of just weaving and going around and you go, jab, hook or hook, jab and hook, uppercut, or you start playing that game. I can play that game all day. But now the coaching is so good, they're like, okay, we'll just kill his lead leg every time he throws that jab, he's got to step deep, he's got to take the range.


So then they started killing my job with the leg kick.


Six weeks.


Man, these smart motherfuckers.


How dare they go out there, use their brains and formulate it.


How dare they try?


So six weeks time, you're in Singapore, singers, you're in Singapore. We're going to do a walk and talk around the bay. Okay, we're going to do that. We're going to do a little walk and talk. How long are you sticking around Singapore for? Because I was supposedly because Rebecca because the week after I'll be in Singapore, the week after I'll be in Paris. Rebecca was going to come to Paris. So Sunday morning after Singapore, I was going to jet right out of there, meet Rebecca in Paris, have a little fucking tourism before I work. And the one she's not coming now, right? Paris, she's too good for know whatever it is, what it is. So I'm going to stick around, Singers, for a couple of days.


I'm coming straight back I'm going to.


Be by myself in singers.


No, I got a trip already planned.


I'm going to Paris. Then you, Anthony, why don't you come to Wyoming? Singapore, paris. Why don't you all come to Wyoming?


Man, you can go from Singapore to Wyoming. Wyoming to Paris.


I guarantee there's not a direct flight from Singapore to Wyoming. My god. Singapore to La. 16 goddamn hours. All right. Today's episode is sponsored by True classic and true Classic. They have the absolute best fitting t shirts that a man can buy. Finding the right t shirt with big old guns or a little bit of a dad bod can be frustrating. Most t shirts are too tight in the wrong places, or they look too big and boxy. And if you're spending countless hours in the gym trying to look good, why not spend five minutes trying to get a t shirt that fits correctly? True Classic has helped over 2 million people finally get a better fit at an affordable price. Our listeners get access to the absolute best deal that they offer. By the way, for a limited time only, right now, you get 25% off by using the Code Bisping. Look, girls, they got the push up bras. Well, now you got the True Classic teas. We want to show off our best assets, but we were never given the right fit to do so. So, fellas, you're wearing the wrong clothes. Throw them out.


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Well, I mean, this might be pushing the boundary, but I don't think so. Marcelo B. Boy D'Souza Ribero. He's undergone some insane body transformations, including removing a finger and splitting his hand to make him look like an alien. Now he plans to cut off all his excess muscle and skin to continue to make him look more and more alien.


Brian, if you want.


To pull up a picture of this?


Yeah, yeah, pull up the picture. I just leave it on now because I want to study this man a little bit.


He had a finger cut off.


Middle finger. He looks like this. Now, what does he do? I would assume tatoo artist.


I don't know.


I think he's just a body, like somebody who's just super.


I know, but what do you do for work?


How do you make yeah. Hey, how are you paying your bills? If you're going to take my daughter out, I got to know how you do it. Never mind. You got no fingers, you got fangs for teeth, and you look like a goddamn freak. Wow. Need to know what you're all doing for a living.


Like this shit ain't cheap. I don't understand.


Never mind cheap? Who wants to look like that? You look like an absolute idiot.


You feel like a cartoon character.


You look like a fool. You look like a fool. Listen, I'm all for self expression.


Oh, for sure.


God bless you. Go ahead, express yourself. But there's a limit chopping off fingers. I feel like fingers are useful.


Yeah, you might need those.


Why would you chop off a finger? Did we get any is there any information on that? Harrington? I am curious. He just wants to be original, doesn't he? He just wants to be unique.


So the goal with cutting off the finger is to leave that extra slit in your hand so you can do like the Vulcan thing and you never.


Slip anybody off again.


You can do that with a little bit of practice. Anthony, give me a Vulcan sign. Give me a Star Trek.


Got it.


You can do that easy, can you?


I don't know if I can.


Hard for got.


Yeah, I can kind of do throwing up gang sizzles.


He chops off his finger. What an absolute weirdo. As I say, I'm all for self expression. Go out there, do your thing. If you want those massive things in your ears, do them. If you want to cover yourself in tattoos, I couldn't care less if you're a good person. That's all that matters. However, Callum came back from San Francisco with two diamond earrings in. I'm like, Dude, what's going on there, bro? That's what you do. Now, when I was growing up as a kid, and maybe I'm showing my age here, but if one earring was kind of acceptable, and I was always under the impression that two earrings was the feminine thing, and then maybe if you were a homosexual, then maybe you'd have two. It you know what I mean? So I said, Something you want to tell me? Not that I give a shit. And he's like, no, he said it's. If you wear one earring, that's when signal.


See, they need to start sending out memos so people know what the hell is going on. When know what all these signs mean.


Yeah. So then we sparred in the garage, and I knocked his earrings out. It's still in there. It wasn't on purpose, but we were sparred, and he goes on, my earring come out. I'm like, well, there you go. Now you got one. I found it the other day when I was tidying up. Tattoos. You have plenty piercings any?


No, not anymore. I used to have my nipples pierced.


We talked about that.


I had eyebrow piercing for a long time. When I was younger. When I was younger? Yeah. No other piercings.


These people that I mean, because tattoos are all the rage. And as I say, fair play to if you want to do them, how are they going to age? Do you know what I mean? How are you going to look when you're 80? Walking.


Look like shit when I'm 80. Either way.


Yeah. At least you look interesting. I guess. Anyway. How long do you want to live? I want to live as long as possible, but I don't want to be miserable with dementia and stuck in a nursing home and being spoon fed.


No, I want to be that guy, too.


You do?


I want to be the creepy old pervert in the nursing home.


There you go. You heard it breaking news. Anthony Smith wants to be a creepy old pervert in the nursing home.


In my eighty s. I think 80s probably good, though. No, michaela's grandparents are pretty old, too, and they're pretty happy and all about their faculties and got their shit.


I see some people when they're in the hundreds. There was a woman recently, she was like 110, and she was walking along. It was on English TV. Yeah, she's walking along. She's totally with it. She's walking. And I just thought, that's incredible. It just shows you got to look after your body, ladies and gentlemen.


Yeah, I think as long as miserable, like you said, not miserable and suffering, I want to live a long.


Well, anyway, there you go. Harrington before we get to questions, is there anything that we've missed? Any big, big stories that need to be addressed? I mean, Jake Paul says he can beat Conor McGregor in even. Do we warrant that with a but?


I mean, I don't know if you want to God bless. It's your show and you could do whatever you want, but there is one.


Kind of big story god bless. Was that I believe you mean God bless because that's an insult. If you remember back in the day.


I just say God bless everybody for everything now, because blessings are great. No, but the one big story, dana White himself, like, teased it. He said it's going to be a big announcement for Fight Are. UFC is moving hard into the grappling realm. GSP coming out of retirement this December for a grappling match at the UFC Invitational.


What do you guys well, last Thursday, I was at the apex. I was there all week, and I walked through Thursday morning, and there's George with his people. And I know George, we've got a great relationship. George is the man, and hey, what's up, George? And we're having a talk and we're having a laugh. We always just start we just end up laughing whenever me and George see each other, we just added something about each other's personalities. We just end up laughing our heads off. And he said, yeah, I'm doing the five pass invitational, and you did the five pass invitational. And I think I said at the time, I said, I was like, I was watching you doing this might give me a reason to train and get in shape properly. So I was talking to George and I'm like I said, yeah. I was saying to Anthony, I said, I might do this. And then the guy that organizes it, I didn't realize I thought it was just George's crew. He's there. Was it Steve? He goes, Michael, we're signing you up. We're signing. You mean yeah, I mean, I'm kind of interested.


He goes, right, we're doing it, we're doing it. So he's been texting me. Oh, that's awesome. Multiple dates. I haven't agreed yet.


You versus George. Go, that would be huge.


Yeah, he's a little bit skinnier than me these days.




I'm not sure if we can come to terms with the weight. Yeah, good. Thank God.


Yeah, right.


No, I think he's going to go up against adias, something like that.


I seen that. It was like ADIA's brother. Or there was one other name. Yeah, kamaru. Yeah, he was interested in the kamaru one. And then there was one other one.


The big rumor of the weekend, and one that he said he'd be interested in himself was khabib.


Oh, it's habib. That was right. That would be huge.


Oh my god, who wouldn't watch that? Khabib versus George. I mean, granted, it's only grappling. Yeah.


But you're going to stick that at the apex. You could do that somewhere. You could do an arena.


You could segue that into the middle of a pay per view event, for sure. And I don't think anyone would have an know. You might have a few morons booing, but imagine that and they get a full on walkout, you know what I mean? Oh, that'd be Khabib versus George in a little cage grappling.


You should make that suggestion to Dana, because that would be awesome. Like two fights, a grappling match with habib and George st. Pierre and then finish it off with co main and main event. That'd be fucking huge.


Yeah, just a little bonus. A little bonus. And it wouldn't take too long. By the time you do the walks, 510 minutes, ten minutes of grappling, or maybe two or three five minute rounds, however they want to bloody do it, I don't think anyone would have an issue. And I think that would be the way to monetize that and for those guys to make money as well, for sure.


That'd be huge.


I think that'd be a tough one for George.


It'd be a real tough one for George.


Yeah. I mean, I love George, honestly.


To be fair, though, most of Habib's takedowns are on the fence and there is no fence.


I know. See, this is the thing because I was thinking about this because when I grapple, if there's a fence there, I can hit takedowns pretty good, you know what I mean? No fence makes it tough. We got issues. And I'm like, can we do it in a cage?


Yeah, but if it was the middle of pay per view, it might be in a cage.


It'd be in a cage. I'll do that for sure. George is the man. Khabib he's the man as well. I would love to see it for both of and yeah. So Jake Paul says he can beat Conor McGregor in MMA. No, he can't. He says when I knock out Nate Diaz, I think Conor McGregor is going to see me want a payday and then get knocked out. I'll do MMA. I'm not afraid. I've wanted to do MMA my whole career. I have a wrestling background. All I'd have to do is learn some jiu jitsu and some kicks. Oh, that's pretty seems pretty easy.


Yeah, it's pretty simple. I don't think he's knocking out Nate Diaz because I seen a clip today, this morning of Nate Diaz sparring with like a 31 pro boxer and kind of beating the shit out of him.


Me and Brian were just talking about that. Brian was going to fact check that because I don't know who the boxer is, but they're saying a 31 pro.


Boxer if he's 31.


Yeah, but it depends who he's for. But Brian, did you find anything?


I have a little bit of info on that.


I got the guy's name. It's Esquiva falco. I'll pull up his record right now.


Right. The issue with that? Ben the Bane Davis. He's an MMA Twitter person. He posted that video and said that it was that Esteban, that 30 and fighter. Turns out it was not him and it was a guy who has never fought before.


Okay, well, how do you know much like Jake Paul anyways.


Yeah, how do you know that? Harrison? Real quick, how do you know that?


A lot of people were fact checking in. It in the Twitter thread that Ben posted. And Ben himself said, yeah, hands up, my bad. I'm not going to delete this because I have to own looking like an idiot. But yeah, that's why he's not going to delete it.


The reason he put it up there is to get more Twitter traffic, to get more retweets, to get more people talking about I'm not going to delete it because I got to own it. No, because you're full of shit, bro. Right. I knew straight away he's not boxing. That guy that is sparring there does not look like he's a professional with a record of 31. Anyway, so jake. Paul.


Well, now I'm like sorry, I'm all just watching it. Nice body shot by anyways, nice body shop.


Yeah. All Nate's Jake's got to do is learn some kicks in jujitsu. It's pretty easy. It's not hard at all.


It's a couple of weeks. He probably has a bar. He'll have a brown belt, you need to know, and a cap aware of.


Black belt.


A couple weeks.


Yeah. It's not hard.


Connor would just bounce a shin off that dude's fucking face so fast.


Oh, God. Shin on chin. But then, of course, one delusional dickhead to another one, his brother not to be outdone, he says, if Elon Musk and Eric Zuckerberg eric Zuckerberg mark, I will do my UFC debut on the undercard for free. I'll fight for charity. Anyone you know who I want to fight? Because that bitch ass Andrew Tate won't fight me. Give me Paddy pimbler. Well, Andrew Tate can't leave his house. He's on house arrest. He's looking at doing a lot of criminal time. I think that's more the reason why he won't fight you. Give me Paddy the baddie. Because he's a lightweight and I'm about 200 pounds. No, he says in the offseason, that boy looks like a blimp, but he'll come up to my weight class and I'll wallop him, bro. He's too small when he cuts weight. When he doesn't cut weight, he's an effing horseshoe. What does he mean by a horseshoe?


I don't know what he means by horseshoe either. I was going to ask you the same thing. Probably just a round joke that doesn't really land too well.


You're coming through very quiet, Brian. Just a little tippety bit.


They're both idiots.


They're idiots.


Idiots. I don't even know what to like. I hate when they're like, oh, I'll do it for free. Like they give a fuck about the like, Dana's gonna be like, jump oh, he said he'd do it for free. Like, he's gonna jump out of his like that man pays Connor fucking McGregor. You think he's worried about paying you? Like, chill out with I'll do it for free. No one gives a shit.


But he wouldn't do it for free. Everything they do is for money. Simple as that. You know what I mean? This whole thing about the fucking union shut up. Helping fighters. Shut up. There was people on your undercard that got paid next to goddamn nothing.


Worry about fucking FDA and less about Patty Pimblet.


Oh, yeah. Anyway, so, yeah, how about you fight someone you're on side, you know what I mean?


And give me one of those chains, one of them prime necklaces, because those do look sweet.


I wouldn't wear one of them if you paid me. Never. Imagine if I rocked up with a big gold chain, because that's all the rage now. It's not just a chain, but there's like a big plaque on the end of it.


Yeah, we need big BYM chains.


Right. I'm just throwing out there, if anyone's willing. Okay. If you want to send me a diamond encrusted gold chain with BYM engraved onto it, I'll take it. Okay.


Yeah, but you got to send four.


There you go, Brian. Now you're back to your regular volume. You got to send four. I mean, if we had real know Jesus Christ, if they really loved us.


And appreciated what we did.


I mean, I had a neighbor just recently carved me a big piece of wood with the count carved into it. That's a neighbor, you know what I mean? Could one of these gans not guys send us some gold chains with diamonds? All right. Okay. We're waffling on. We've gone on enough. Hollyholm myra Bueno Silva this weekend. That's an interesting fight, by the way.


That is an interesting fight. That is buenos.


Really impressive.


She's looked really good. I'm digging into that fight card tonight when I get to Vegas and really going to figure out just get into the X's and the O's, but just at a 30,000 foot view. It's a great fight, for sure. Jack della Matilena is the co main event.


Oh, he is? He's already got a fight.


Fantastic. Basil Hoffez an old teammate of mine.


Is he really? Because I was going to say oh, Basil. I don't know. Basil. I don't know.


Really tough jujitsu guy, really nasty jiu jitsu guy. He's really exciting. Power in his hands. Not afraid to bang. Kind of a dogfight type of dude.


I'm just going to give you some quick predictions off the top of my head. Bueno Silva, ten and two lost. A mana fioro lost to marina. Maros. They're the only two losses on a three fight win. Street will Yanan, Stephanie Egger, and Lena Lansberg. I'm just going to throw it out there. I think Bueno Silva is incredible. I think she's aggressive, she's got great jujitsu, and she's just nasty. But that holy home that we saw, was it San Antonio when she took on who did you fight last?




Who did you fight last? My God. I'm just going to click on the Wikipedia page. I don't care. Stop me, stop me. You can't. I've done it. I'm scrolling. I'm going down. Who is it? Who is there's? A lot of smoked? Yeah, smoked, man. I mean, my I'm going to I think, main event, holly Holme gets the job done. Are you leaning? Are you leaning? Can you lean?


Yeah, I'm leaning. Holly Holme for sure. Just because she always finds a way to win.


So Basil half s is your boy?


He's an old teammate for sure.


I'm sure. Throw it out there. I'm sorry to say to you, Anthony, your teammate's going to get smoked, probably.




I thought you'd be offended.


I was trying to no, we don't train together anymore. He's at a different team in Denver, but fuck Basil. He's got a decent skill set. He's very dangerous on the ground. He's given me lots of problems in the jujitsu area, but the fight starts on the feet, and that's a problem.


Yeah. All jokes aside, Basil, hope you well, mate, and I wish you all the best this weekend.


And he made it to the USC.


I'm so high on Jadel and Madeleine, and I was so disappointed that his fight fell off last week. So that's tremendous that he's back on. And we got Ottoman Azatar Azaitar taking on Francisco Prado. He's decent. Albert dureev par.


That's a good fight. That's a really good fight.


Yeah. Norman de Mont. Chelsea Chandler. Terrence McKinney's back.


Terrence McKinney's in a good fight. Not a there's not a shit ton of name value. There's not a bunch of big stars, but some really good matchups. The Terrence McKinney fight is amazing. Otman a zitar is. Must see TV. That guy's a lot of fun to watch. Norma Dumont is always in pretty good fights, too. And that's a fight that was scheduled at 145, which is weird interesting.


Anyway, well, best of luck to everyone competing this weekend and hope you all make it home safe. So if you want to send the question, then send it into You know the drill, you know the dance. Ask us something interesting and original if you do have that in your wheelhouse.


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All right, so first question we have here today is from Mr. Jacob Zasowski, and this is what we call in the industry a callback.






BYM Pod. What is poppin?


Jake here from Pennsylvania with another quick question.


My question for you guys is about your kids.


What is your proudest moment as a father? Thank you.


Oh, God, that's hard.


Yeah, that's hard. It's really hard because lots of them.


So many. So many. And I got three different children, so I'd have to go through each child individually, because otherwise when they hear this, they'll be like he said, the proudest moment as a father.




You mentioned Ellie. She doesn't do all I'm joking. Ellie.


I would say generally, overall, my prouder moments are when it's like one of two things. When they're struggling with something and they figure it out. Like, they work really hard to figure it out, whether that's sports or school or whatever, or just them accomplishing something. But I'm very proud of them when they're having some Adversity and they battle through, and then you see the fruits of their hard work afterwards.


I was pretty proud yesterday because Lucas never used to give a damn. I used to always take him on the pads, and he's done jiu jitsu for years, but he never really tried too much. But he always enjoyed wrestling. But he's turned a corner recently. I told you. He's been going to this MMA school. And yesterday, because we went off to England and it's the summer holidays, then it was 4 July, so he hasn't been in. So yesterday I was on the bag, did a workout. I was like, Son, I went in, I said, Ten minute call, then you're in the garage with me. So I took him on the pads and everything. My God, the progress and the technique was and I was like, that made me proud. I'm like God. Go on.


Go on.


Callum makes me proud every day. Him being born, when the child's born, come on. That's a proud moment. But yeah, it's a difficult one. But thank you for the question, buddy. Because we got multiple children each.


I ain't trying to piss anybody off.


Or hurt their feelings having cry themselves to sleep. I just want my father's validation.


I just want my dad to love.


Yeah, Brian, what else, buddy?


All right, we got another question here from Claire James. She wants to know about you bucket lists.


Hi, guys. Claire from Sunderland, England. Here. How are you? Keep up the good work with the podcast. I just want to know what is on your bucket lists. So big things, small things, stuff things. Yeah, let us know. Good question. Interesting. I don't know if I've necessarily got a bucket list, but there's a few things I've talked about doing. Is there anything off the top of your mind?


Oh, yeah. I want to Skydive that's on there, which I plan on doing this summer. I actually bought a Skydiving trip last year, and then me and, like, five of my neighbors or so five or so of us were supposed to go. For some reason, I got that blood clot, and I was on the blood thinners, and I couldn't Skydive, so I couldn't go. So I still have, like, a credit with that company to go by myself. So I want to do that. I want to ride a bull, which I'm also doing in September.


That's okay.


Yeah, I can ride a bull.


I'd rather ride a bull than jump out of an aeroplane.


Yeah, I think I'm more afraid of the bull, to be honest with you.


I mean, one of us I mean.


They'Re dangerous animals for sure, but I'm.


In a like, rather ride a bull than jump out of a plane at 30,000ft or however high you are, you know, that's a pretty solid way to kill yourself.


It's fast, though.


Oh, for sure. When you hit the floor, you're not going to know anything about it.




1 minute you're there, 1 minute you're.


Not bouncing like a basketball.


The percentage of people or people that die in skydiving accidents or parachutes don't.


Open, actually, not that often. I looked it up one time. The people that do die in skydiving accidents, it's usually like, really experienced people that are showing off, like they're going pushing the boundaries. They're pushing the boundaries.


Yeah, that makes sense. I'm being silly.


It says fatalities occur in roughly one in 500,000 tandem jumps and one in roughly 220,000 solo jumps. So you got a pretty good stats there.


Yeah. Survival is in your favor.


It is, yeah. But if not, then you're not going to know about it for too long. You'll be scared for a second bucket list.


I don't know. They're pretty lame compared to yours. I want to hike Mount Kilimanjaro and I want to do it with the boys. I want to do Callum and to when they're up a little bit. I wanted to go off on a trip and go hike Mount Kilimanjaro. I've always said we're going to do that because it's the highest mountain that you can hike or climb without any real mountaineering training. You just got to be in decent kind of half decent shape and you can do it.


Where is that at?




Oh, that'd be cool. Africa was a bucket list for me, too. That'd be fun.


Yeah. Come with us.


All right.


I'd like to go on a safari.


Oh, safari. Is one of them going to Japan? I've never been to Japan. That's always been on the list.


A good one, too.


Yeah. I'm going to Thailand.


I want to go to Thailand. We've talked about this a lot.


Bucket list stuff. Yeah, I don't know. I mean, there's so many things I haven't done that I want to do, but I'm struggling to think of one right now. But thank you for the question. My pal from Sunderland, Howe Man, we like you calling in with the questions, pet. Brian, I don't know what this accent is becoming now, but you got another question for us?


We do have one more question here. This is from.


Anyway, this question is for all in you, Brian, and Arrington and all. What's your favorite beer? Mine's stellar. And also, what's your favorite spirit? I like JD, me. I've a good lads. He's a bit special, in he, but I like it because he's all right. Anthony, what's your favorite beer? I don't even need to know because you're going to do it.


I just absolutely happened to have one ready for when I was done with you.


Just happened to have one? You're in training camp. Sausage. What are you doing?


Oh, come on, man. I've been drinking beers my whole life. Doesn't change on the training camp.


No, it doesn't change.


God favorite spirit though. I've been on vodka heavy for a while.


Vodka light beer doesn't count.


Yeah, that's true. There's water and beer, too, so I'm hydrating.


Favorite beer. I mean, he would have a Stellar. I've told you this before. In Stella, they call it wife beta. You know that? No, you walk into in certain parts of England, you can walk into a pub and say, if we wanted two Stellars, I'll say, yeah, two wife beaters here. And they bring you two Stellars because you have ten of them. You go home and beat your wife. That's what they used to say in the 90s. You can't say those jokes anytime.


Say that anymore.


But that's what they used a wife.


Beater to me was those, like, tank top undershirts when I was a kid.


Probably a similar story behind your origination.


Well, most people get drunk off of ten Stellas and are wearing those tank tops and then go home and beat their wife. Back in the day.


He looks like a wife beater. This guy that sends me the question.


I'd love him.


Me too. He's great. You know, when you pick a wife beater, you have you to pick who would be a wife beater. It's never the big strong match or guys.


No, never the little wimps.


It's the little man. Should he take it out on a woman?


For sure.


And I know in this day, this modern day and age, 110 pound woman can knock out a 350 pound gigantic bodybuilder with one in a movie. That doesn't work in real life. Don't try that.


Don't do it, ladies.


If you're a woman and you've done a bit of taekwondo, don't do that.


No. Carry a gun.


I would say sapporo.


Sapporo? What is?


No, it's Japanese. I want to go to Japan.


Where would you get one of those if I was going to try to get one?




Oh, really?


It's so bougie and fancy. You've never heard of it?




It's Japanese bro.


Yeah, super fancy.


No, it's mainstream.


You got to go to Berries to get a bottle of that.


You got to speak to a supplier. They only come off the boat twice a month and they're gone like that. They're gone. No CVS, bro. Get yourself a sapporo.


I will.


The big cans, these are a bitch to get hold of the big 22 ounce cans, they're always sold out. So I have to get the twelve pack of the little ones. But I'm off the beer. Oh, God.


Yeah, I was completely off of the beer until these peaches came out. So I've been drinking.


No, I came back from England and then I was in Vegas last week. It's nonstop, nonstop, nonstop. And I'm like, well, I'm traveling nonstop all summer, so at some point I've got to pull the cord, you know what I mean? So I'm working out like a bitch. No beer, still a little vodka to answer the question. That's my. Spirit of choice. Don't really do brown spirits.


What kind of vodka?


I like a velveere.


Belvedere is very good.


Yeah, velvet is good.


I'm like belvedere. Mostly gray goose. Mostly gray goose. But if somewhere has Belvedere and I see it, I'll usually order it with Belvedere, though.


Yeah, Belvedere is the one. What was I going to say there a second ago? I said something.


Oh, well, whatever can't oh, you don't do dark. You don't do dark?


Yeah, I don't. Do you drink whiskey?


No, not at all.


No. Same here. Because Rebecca asked me never to drink it again.


My wife tells me I can't.


Yeah, same here. Because we had an incident. We went to a friend's house. We were drinking already. This guy, very nice guy, pulls out a bottle of whiskey, which is great. We drink the whole bloody bottle of whiskey, get into a stupid argument, I'm acting like a dickhead all night long, you know what I mean? Raising my voice and stuff like that. And I woke up the next day with a blazing headache. I'm like, wow. She was like, wow. She's like, yeah, you were harmful last night. And I'm like, I'm so sorry, I don't drink whiskey. And she goes, yeah, how about we don't drink whiskey as a general rule? I'm like, yeah, no problem. No problem with that.


She says no. You're right, Mike. You don't.


Yeah, you don't. That's right. You don't drink whiskey.


Okay, I'm the same way. I'm the exact same way. I used to drink a little bit of fireball whiskey when I would golf.


But then as soon as I'll still have a little whiskey, yeah, I'll take.


A shot here and there. But I'm not drinking.


I don't drink it as a rule.


Yeah, for sure. Totally agree.




All right, we got that out of the way for next time. We have some drinks together.


We're having whiskey. Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy your weekends, enjoy your fights. Enjoy the incredible analysis from Anthony Smith on ESPN. Wherever you are in the world, from Australia to Uganda to the United States of America, enjoy your weekends. We'll be back on Monday. Oh, and thank you to Stipe, and thank you to Ant for arranging steeper. Good job. Adios.