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The Countess Bing...


You know my name yet? And Anthony Lionheart Smith.


All right. Anthony Smith back from where were you?


Arkansas? Mena, Arkansas.


I saw Dean Thomas was interviewing you. He said, I'm going on vacation. He said, Oh, great. Where are you going? And you went Arkansas. And Dean Thomas starts laughing his head off, thinking you're going to say Hawaii.


The Caribbean. That's what he said. He was like, I thought you.


Were going to say... Red Necks, you all son of a gun, to Arkansas on his vacation.


It was amazing. I had the time of my life. I rode probably 400 miles of trails, I would say. We went and found this awesome waterfall and just drank cold beers and rode trails. And it was a blast.


It was a blast. Does your wife get it? It does sound like fun, if I'm honest. It sounds great. And I want to do more outdoorsy stuff. So I think I might jump on the bandwagon. I don't think Southern California has many places to ride them now. And there certainly ain't no goddamn waterfalls either. In fact, there is waterfalls. And we've hiked to them because I've googled them. Really? We walked when we first moved here. Yeah. Maybe once upon a time, they were a waterfall. In Southern California, when in the middle of a drought. You get there, you're like, Where's the goddamn waterfall? There's just nothing.


It's just trickling. I searched for three. I found three on my GPS. I have this big screen in my razor and we found three and got to them and there was nothing there. And then the next day, we took an hour drive on the highway and eventually found one that was amazing.


Does your wife get involved with the razor ring?


Yeah, she has her own.




She does. So, yeah, I have me. And then the three older kids are with me. So it's two in the back. And then my oldest rides in the front seat and then the baby rides with my wife.




We got it.


That's very sexy stuff you have today. Why? So you carry the kids, you carry the precious cargo because women drivers and all that, right? That's what I'm assuming.


Well, she takes the most important, the most fragile one because it's probably the safest.


Because she'll go the slowest.


Yeah. And she has the patience. She has the patience to fight with her a little bit. We did get in some shit, though, on one of the trails. It was really funny. So there's this one spot where there's a gate and most of us, most of the crew, 13 side by sides, like UTV things in the group, and most of them fit through the gate. But mine's too wide and there's a couple of others that were too wide. And this big opening where three trails come to the middle and it's with a congregating spot where people come through. You park and it's a good spot to stop, eat lunch, drink beers. You just chitchat with people as they're.


Coming by. Say a few prayers because it's the congregation.


Yeah. Well, definitely an ark, it's on the Bible belt for sure. So there's this one spot where you have to climb over this big hill and it's sketchy to get around the gate if you don't fit through it. So we all parked and we're hanging out. This guy and this girl came through and they couldn't fit through the gate. Well, we were parked in the way that they had to go around. So the chick starts flipping us off. She's screaming and hollering at us that we're all parked in the way, we need to get the fuck out of her way. So one of the other guys in the group says, Hey, if you just ask, we'll move. S o she starts going off and then she decides that they're going to go the hard way. Long story short, they end up going off the drop off and almost roll. T hey're teetering on just two tires about to flip. So we run over and she's freaking out. The guy won't even speak because he's so terrified because if he rolls, he's going to roll 80 feet down this ravine, so he won't even speak. So we all push him up back on his tires and we'll have to walk him down this hill so he doesn't flip over.


S he's flipping us off as she drives down the hill. Well, one of their friends was on a four wheeler behind them. He runs up right behind them. They take off and he goes, I'm so sorry about your friend, or I'm so sorry about my friend. She's just a hothead. And he pauses and goes, Are you Anthony Smith? And I said, Yeah, I am. And then as he's mobbing away, he goes, I love the podcast. Tell Busby what's up?


Shout out to Arkansas Rednecks.


Yeah, I hope he's watching this. But yeah, that lady was pissed.


What is the top speed you get you on those things doing that on today? I know I've asked you before, but I've got a.


Segue here. It depends on where you are. But if we're flying through trails like those, probably 40 at the max, and that's really getting sketchy.


That probably feels like you're going ridiculous.


Yeah, but we drive 70, 80 down the highway if we're getting from one trail to the next.


Well, the reason I asked that is because this weekend... I don't know too much about the Isle of Man TT races. Obviously, growing up in the UK, I know it's a yearly thing and some of my friends are really into it, but I never rode motorcycles growing up. But this weekend, I just happened to stumble across a news feature. So I was listening about it. So the Isle of Man TT Races happens every year on the Isle of Man, it's a little island in between England and Ireland. And it's known as the most deadly motorcycle race on earth. And it happens every year. And every year, people die. I think since its inception in 1905 or 2007, there's been like 260 people died. Last year, six people died alone. And including a father and a son died at the same time in a sidecar. You know what I mean? It's just insane. The more I heard about that, the more fascinated with it I became. So I was reading all articles. As I said, I'm not a motorcycle fan, can't pretend to be. But something about that and the fact that these people every year still continue to do it.


They don't get paid a lot of money. In fact, if anything, they lose money. A lot of them are working full-time jobs. They fly out there. It's just purely for the love of the sport, the passion, the thrill, the adrenaline and for setting records. They go around this course. It's 37 miles long. It's an actual two lane street across the island. They close it down so no other traffic, obviously, so nothing's coming towards you. They go on average, something like 134 miles an hour is the average speed. They get over 200 miles an hour on the motorcycles. And yeah, every year, people die.


How many laps do they have to do?


I'm not sure off the top of my head. I didn't really retain that part of the article. I was more focused on the people dying. It's just wild. Do you know what I mean?


That's insane.


If I... Listen, what we do in mixed martial arts.




Dangerous sport. Fortunately, in the US, FC, we can say there's never been a death. Fingers crossed, there never will be. But every single time this event happens, it takes people's lives. What would your wife say if you said.


Oh, no.


They fly around and just ink. Incredible. Look at that. There's your mate going off in the razor.


Oh, my gosh.


They don't even do it for a lot of money. It's just for the glory. But you're literally, literally got a very good chance of dying. As I said, six people last year died.


And they just keep doing this race. No, I'm saying, Why do they have to make it so hard?


Because they want to win. They want to win and to win, you got to take chances. When you're going that fast, you're going round a bend at 160, 70, 80, 200 miles an hour, you hit a lampost. What they do is they put pannings on the lampost.


Yeah, that's doing it a whole lot. I'm sure the 150. That's going to help.


You faceplant the lampost at 200 miles an hour.


Yeah, it doesn't matter what.


A little bit of foam on it, you're good. You're going to bounce off.


I just feel like if you're an organizer, don't you think you might want to make the track easier next time?


I think that's part.


Of the appeal. Yeah, maybe.


I think it's part of the appeal. I mean, we'd have to get a motorcyclist on here, but it just made me think because people talk about fighting and of course, fighting is dangerous. And sadly, boxing people die every year. Mixed martial arts, fortunately, isn't the same. But there's a sport or an event where every single year people die doing it. It's like if we were going into the UFC and you're all weighing in and you're having that meeting where Dana comes along and he's like, Okay, bonuses, $50,000, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Now, last event we did, six people died. Would you still get into that octagon knowing there is a statistical chance that you are one of the people that are going to die?


Yeah, but I wouldn't like it.


When you think of it, think of it like that, though. Isn't that just insane? Just and you're not even getting paid a lot of money. Some of these people are even breaking even.


When I was younger, for sure.


Now I'm like, I don't know. This podcasting thing is pretty fun.


It's it is. It flies by. I was reading yesterday, it started in 1905 or something like that, the UK government set a speed limit of 20 miles an hour. So they went out to the Isle of Man because it's not like run by the UK government. They have their own Parliament there. So obviously no speed limits. So I think that's how it evolved from there. And they just fly. And they just fly around. The grand prize is around £18,000, says Harrington. So about $20,000 and you're going to risk your life. As I say, it's not for the money, it's just for the title, the prestige. And that is, I don't know, man. A father and a son lost their lives. I mean, I respect them to be so dedicated to their craft, but to put their lives on the line like that.


When I was 18 and 19, for a little while, I was working on power plants as an ironworker. In those bids, when these big companies come in and bid these jobs, there is a set number of deaths that they allot for during these certain builds. There was two people that died on the job site while I was working there.


How did they die?


Well, one of them was setting grading, which is like the steel flooring as the structure is going up because at that point it just looks like a stick structure. There's nothing on it yet. So you're just walking these 6 inch beams and then you set this... The crane flies it in and then you set the steel grading down, then you can walk on it and it creates the floors. He took a piece out to move it around because it's like a puzzle and just forgot that he took that piece out, stepped back and then fell off the structure. It wasn't tied off at all. It felt like 160 feet. And then another guy was just working in a lift and a guy dropped a welding lead and it swung down, hit him in the face. And he was a vegetable for a long time and then ended up passing. But just that alone messed with me. And I was like, I can't work here anymore. This is way too dangerous. It was crazy.


I used that as an excuse once to get into a nightclub when I was beat up. I swear to God. I said I was a stealer director and I had a fall. I swear to God, I got jumped off a bunch of people. Some guys whatever, had a small stool in my face and stuff like that. And a couple of days later, I was black and blue and I went to this nightclub and they were like, You can't come in. And I said, No, I haven't been fighting. I was working as a stealer director and I had a fall and banged my head a few times. And they let me in. It worked. It. But rest in peace to you two friends.


I didn't know those guys, but it was crazy.


What's the most dangerous job you've done?


Probably that one.




That one. It's huge construction like that building power plants. It's like a whole another world down there. It's just so much crazy shit going on. And it's just one small mistake. It could be catastrophic.


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What are we doing?


Michael Harrington, show yourself. By the way, we've got Benil Dariush joining us in 20 minutes. Of course, Dariush going up against Charles Olivera on the next pay per view in Canada. Harrington, you have a shirt on. That's an improvement. You got a cap on. You're looking good, you're looking healthy. How the bloody hell are you?


I'm doing great. I'm doing great. Had a nice family outing yesterday. Couldn't be more discharged and ready to start this week.


Beautiful. Memorial Day yesterday as well. You guys have a nice break. I know, Anthony, you were away with the family. Harrington, you were with the Gas Digital Get Along?


Yeah, we had a nice barbecue, like I said, or got to meet a lot of people, get passed around. I got to dunk on little kids in a swimming pool. It was great. It was great.


Fantastic. Never get the invite.


No. You were in Arkansas.


I still didn't get an invite. They didn't know that.


Even if I was invited, I wouldn't come. Just so you know. I didn't go down to this fight. I'm not going to come to New York for shitty cheeseburgers and hot dogs. I mean, what meat are we talking, Harrinton?


It was a great barbecue spread. There was pulled pork, there was brisket, there was wings. There was two styles of ribs, Saint Louis and Carolina. It was great.


Can I just say the ribs are overrated? I had ribs the other night, you know what I mean? And they're big and they look juicy, but there's not much meat on them a lot of the time.


I'm taking or leaving with the ribs. I'm a big rib guy.


Yeah, yeah. I knew Anthony was going to give me a change of opinion.


Well, I love ribs, but I don't mind food that you got to work for, though. You do got to eat a whole shit ton of them. I love crab fish, but you got to eat 400 450 of them to get full. It's a lot of work, not a lot of.


Meat is crab fish. There's a place called Joe's Crab Shack here. I've been a few times and they bring you the crab and you get the... It's a lot of work, man. It is. And you've got to know what you're doing. And I'm dedicating far too much time. I'm probably burning more calories than what I'm going to ingest on the crab meat by getting it out. And when you do get it out, you get a tiny little piece. That's great. Now we're going to go back to work. I'm going to go back to mining the crab. Can you just give it to me on a plate? You know what I'm saying? Anyway, Harrington, big news in mixed martial arts. What have we got? Give us a story. Something to wrap our teeth around.


Probably the coolest thing I saw over the weekend was Cain Velasquez. Just getting some work in. He had his hearing set the other day. He's not going to have an actual trial date until the end of the summer. So he's spending his time wisely. And AK posted this video of him working pads with Benield R ight away.


No, that is cool. It's in no way, shape, or form the biggest story in mixed martial arts. And it's nice. It's great. I'm happy to see he came back. He's got his little ankle on his tag there. Tag on his ankle, pardon me. And it's lovely to see him working out with Benil Dariush. And back with his family, more importantly.


I was happy to see... Since he's been out, you haven't really seen much of him. So it's cool to see a video of him just out and about doing his thing. It's still such a sad situation, though. It is. It's a good there's a chance that that's not going to be his future and that sucks.


But it's not the biggest story of mixed martial arts. It's lovely, it's heartwarming, it's great. We know he's been out for a while. It's fantastic, but I haven't seen... That is not the big... I said specifically, before you started the comic, this picture of me to Herrington, for having a laugh, what's the biggest story in mixed martial arts this weekend?


Conor McGregor at Monaco?


That does seem to be making headlines, to be fair. It's been enjoying it, pulled up in his yacht. He's there. He's dancing around. He's dancing with Kali Minogue. Do Americans know who Kali.


Minogue is? No, I don't know who that is.


You don't know who Kali Minogue is? Who is that?


No, just looks like a hot blonde.


I should be... No, what's it, babe? The locomotion. Do the locomotion with me.


That's her?


That's her. And she had that song. I just can't get you. She's a bloody pop star, bro.


Not star enough.


She's a big pop star. Anyway, they're dancing the way he's enjoying himself. Hamilton with the finger wag. Yeah, he's a... I was going to say.


Anthony are about the same age, Kiley Minogue is right in that wheelhouse. Her hits were like 2000, 2001 when we were in middle school. She was at all the dances. Kiley Minogue was.


Pretty bad. I wasn't.


Going to fucking middle.


School dances. I was already at country parties at Kegger. Years. That's not.


A middle schooler. Kiley Minogue was big in the 80s.


I'm looking her up right now. Her first hit was in 1987.


Yeah, what was that called?


The Locomotion. I wasn't even born then.


Yeah, the Locomotion. I must admit, Cali Minogue was the first girl I remember having a crush on. I remember the first ever time thinking, What is this sensation? What's going on?


What is this beautiful woman?


I like the look of this woman. Can we rewind that and watch this again? But anyway, so McGreg is out there. He's partied. I just saw this morning on my feed, everyone's going. The Daily Mirror and the Daily Telegraph, all these crappy tabloids just looking for a story. They're like, fans are concerned. It's like, Bro, he's got six months until he fights.


He's fine.


He's fine. A lot can change in six months. I might have been horrendously hung over two days ago. Now I'm feeling on top of the world. Imagine the difference you can make in six months. Listen, the man broke his leg. He's been out of action for a while. The ultimate fighter debuts tonight. By all accounts, he's back in the testing pool because he made an announcement, said the fight will be going down sometime soon. And the announcement will be made. I would say that's going to happen in December. Inversions with Michael Chanter will be a great fight. And with six months, as I said, a lot can change.


I find myself, I'm just going to have a moment of honesty here, Michael.


Do it.


I find myself envious of Conner sometimes. And that never happens. I don't ever really get jealous or find myself, I guess envy is a good word. But you see him in this amazing Lamborghini just pulling up to random places. He just looks like he's having the absolute time of his life and he looks like he has no cares in the world. I think that's what it is. He just Maybe that's bullshit and he's got his own problems and insecurities, but seemingly.


From that. No, I don't think he has. I don't think he has. He lives in his world. And I'm not saying that in a negative way, by the way. He's God.


I don't know that I'd be dancing around because I don't dance anyway. It's not really my thing. But honestly, I don't know that I'd have the ability to do some of this shit. Even if I did have a couple of hundred million dollars and was doing whatever the fuck I wanted, my wife's not going to be letting me go to some crazy race and dancing in clubs. No. There's no way. No, she keeps me grounded. I'm not that guy.


But that's very honest of you that you'd say that, that you find yourself being a little bit envious. Well, you know.


I was a small deed house.


I want what he has. I won. Yeah, for sure. But we always want more. We always want more human beings. We always want more money. We always want the bigger house. We always want the bigger car, whatever it is in life. You know what I'm saying? But that's not it's easy to say. It's easy to sit here and say that. But I saw a video because he was pulling up his dock. And by the way, I'm not knocking on McGregor, he's got a Lamborghini Yard. I don't even have a bloody dinky. You know what I'm saying? So I ain't talking shit. But just to expand on what you said there, because people always want more. If you were Connor, we're looking there and looking at Connor and I'm trying to find the right words, pulled up with his yard next to his yard with some gigantic yachts.




Way bigger one. That made his look stupid. So what? So Connor's sitting there going, I want one of those yards. That's not a dig at Connor. I'm just saying to your perspective there. That's fair. You know what I'm saying? You always want more or whatever. You got to learn to be content and happy with the life that you have.


You know what.


I'm saying? You don't want more.


That's amazing you brought that up because I seen a video. This might have been just right after he had that Lamborghini. Right after he posted it and revealed it. The yacht was pulling out and it was someone from another yacht and I zoomed in on Conners going down. And then it zoomed out and there was a yacht eight times the size of Conners right next to it. And it was Conner standing on his looking at the other one.




Was like there's wealth and then there's real wealth. And it was next to it. So maybe he is doing the same shit that I do. He's looking at other people. I wouldn't be looking at that.


Probably not. He's very happy. And again, for the record, we don't have Lamborghini or so.


I don't. My boats are 95.


I'd like a Lamborghini, though. Not going to lie.


I probably want to start with a Lamborghini.


Just a regular one. But it doesn't keep me up at night. Would you drive a Lamborghini? I don't think I can do it. No.


I have a friend that has a Ferrari. It's like the super fast edition. And I drove it one time and it was like, it's pretty cool. And it's cool to say that I drove it, but it's not real comfortable.


My mate does. Good friend, used to be my tire boxing coach when I was competing. He's a bit of a super car guy and he had a Lamborghini Aventador.


They looked awesome.


Oh, yeah. They sound awesome and all the rest of it. But I remember I was in Manchester when I was still fighting and we were in there. It was a sunny day. The top was off. We're in a Lamborghini in Manchester. You don't see many. And he's driving down the street and there's some little guy walking down with a can of beer in his hand. He goes, You're fucking dickheads. You know what I mean? That's what regular people think. Because I used to have a fast car, a Maserati and it sounded...


I remember you had a Maserati. Yeah.


And it was embarrassing. It was obnoxious. You know, you're going down for a pint of milk from Ralph's. It's like, No, I just need something lowkey. Anyway, we are on Mixed Martial Arts podcast and we do have Benigno Daryl, who's joining us in just a few minutes. Let's let's have a look at the notes. It's not the biggest, most action packed week, but Volkanovsky says that the possibility for him to fight... Sorry, Volkanovsky says the best possible fight for him would be against a prime McGregor at 145. I don't know if you've seen this talking of McGregor. They've been going back and forth all morning talking a little bit of shit. Volkanovsky came out and said, Any way, anywhere, anytime, McGregor goes, Hold on a minute, why are you saying 155? And then also saying, That's my expression, by the way, which I don't think it was, but he says, The UFC pound for pound number one, this is McGregor, needs weighing scales and specific divisions to compete against me. So who's really who and what's what? The BMF title, the baddest jackass is in the sauna title, little bumps, little one division, never champion bumps, nothing bad about it.


Yes. I'd like to see that fight Valkenovsky and McGregor.


I would too. The problem with Conners, obviously he's been injured. But in order to really build a fight like that, you feel like you'd have to get him in there more consistently. And honestly, who gives a shit? The UFC book that right now, I'd pay to watch it for sure.


Well, if McGregor beats Chadler, it's a big if. He's getting a title fight.




For sure.


If you're Connor, though, that just seems like you're setting yourself up because Islam is all... Yeah, Islam is just a tough stylistic match up for a guy like Islam. I don't know. If I was Connor, I'm not, I would never think like Connor, but I'm not sure that I would take that path.


Well, you know the path is going to be. It's got Leon Edwards.


See, that's the path you take if you're Conner. And I'm not saying Conner beats Leon.


No, but stylistically, it's a more favorable match up.


It is. He just struggled with... He struggled with Habiba. He struggled with a little bit of the wrestling with Poirier. He struggled with even Mendes before Mendes Gasped. Listen, I'm a terrible wrestler, but I'm just not sure that the path is to come back, battle back from an injury, fight a guy like Chandler. Maybe you get a win over him and then just throw yourself right back into a Habib Junior. That's a tough path for.


His style. Habib Junior. I'm sure he loves getting referenced to that, but you're right. I do agree. We were talking about Cali Minogue a minute ago and I said that it was the first time I remember being physically attracted to someone of the opposite sex. Who was the first celebrity crush that you had, Anthony Smith? Because I'm sure some of the Americans would love to know because I'm sure a lot of people don't know who Cali Minogue is. But you're going to give us... Who was it from Law and Order?


Yeah, it was Olivia Benson from Law and Order.


I remember. Is that your first one?


No, it's not my first one. That was not my first one. My first one was Mariah Carey.




Carey. Yeah. Mariah Carey. Does your wife have one?


My wife have one. Rebecca, do you have one? She's in the background spending more money. She's ordered a few bits we need. Celebrity crush, Rebecca. S omeone that's famous. She likes people and this doesn't bode well for me, she likes people that aren't good looking. That's what she says. She doesn't like handsome features. But give me someone famous that you find, as the people say, hot. Come on.


She's not giving me one.


Don't say Israel out of Sonia. I always tease her because she says this is her favourite fighter. But come on, come on, B et. Don't just give. Anthony, this is how you know this is bullshit. I'm thinking.


I'm thinking. Oh, I know who my wife is right away.


And I'm going to fight him when I see him. Who would yours be now, Anthony?


Mine now?


I'm thinking as well. I'd probably go Margot Robbie in Wolf of Wall Street. Not in that shitty, bloody, barbie movie. That looks terrible. Although it probably looks similar in that, to be fair.


I don't know, Machine Gun Kelly really had me staring at Megan Fox. Yeah, it really had me staring at Megan Fox again.


Machine Gun Kelly had me staring at Megan Fox.


Because she just came out of... I think she was everyone's celebrity crush for a long time after the Transformers. And then she just went off the grid and then Machine Gun Kelly drug her back into popularity.


She went off the grid and on the grid. Okay, well, anyway, just made me.


Think about that. My wife.


Loves Mark Wallberg. My wife?


Mark Wallberg? Yeah, I might find him.


You look a bit like Mark Wallberg from a distance.




That's what it is. A taller version.


It is. Fucking way cooler.


Give me a Mark Wallberg impression, though. What did he say?


I don't even know. I don't even know how Mark Wallberg talks. I'm just sick of hearing about Marky Mark in the house all the time. Anytime there's, Oh, there he is. There's my future husband.


I know he has a... He's a shareholder in the UFC.


I quit.


You work for.


Mark Wallberg. I quit. Not anymore.


I quit. You were for Mark Wallberg. Anyway, just do a quick non MMA story before Ben Neil joins us. We're not going to have time for this one. 700 feet, a plane's landing in South Korea. Some guy is uncomfortable on the plane. What does he do? Opens the plane door. Do we have a video, Harrington or Brian? Because I hope we do. How much would you shit your pants if some weirdo, for some reason... I mean, granted, they were landing. They weren't 40,000 feet in the air, but he just decides.


To open the goddamn door. You might as well be 700 to 40,000. What's the difference?




Feet. Yeah, but everything above 200 feet is certain death.


Oh, my fucking God. Look at that.


Oh, no. How terrifying.


That is terrifying. Why would he do that? Apparently seven people had to go to hospital with their breathing injuries. Oh, true. Must not have been able to breathe or something like that. But, Harrod, can you shed some light? Can you give us some facts and some details, please?


Yeah, like I said, you nailed it. Those people were hospitalised. The man has been arrested and he's facing up to 10 years in jail for the action.


Oh, what about these kids, too? This is random. I'm not trying to hijack the story. You see these kids that sprayed a bunch of real strong fart spray in a high school.


I do believe Harrod's got that in the notes as well. It's all highbrow stuff. Harbence, no, go ahead. No, tell us about it. Because I didn't hear about it. I was just looking at the nose. I'm looking for MMA stories and all the rest of it. And I've got stories about fart spray. Okay, to be fair, I'm saying, Who's the celebrity Chris Hugh had? So I'm not exactly going highbrow today either. Do you know what I mean? But what have we got with the bloody, the fart spray?


Yeah. So it's along the same line. So these kids, it was high school seniors, they were pulling a prank as part of their... Seniors do. It's part of a ritual in America here. Yeah, and they just let out a Fart Spray that was so bad it got into the ventilation. The school had to be closed down for three days so they could get all the spray out. And I think six or seven kids were hospitalized because it was so bad. So now those two high school students are now also facing 10 years in jail, possibly.


How did you get so bad that you get hospitalized? How did you get hospitalized on the smell? How are.


You going to go to prison for that?


Ten years. Listen, I'll be honest, that's a funny prank. Yeah, I thought it was a high school for high schoolers. Just stick some spray into the ventilation system. That's hilarious.


Do you ever do a prank at school?


No. They can't think of any pranks. Not really. What about you?


No, I never did any. During senior prom, someone greased up two pigs with baby oil all over them and let them into the prom dance and no one could catch them because they were covered in baby oil.


That's funny. I've got to see a picture of Anthony Smith at the prom.


I probably have one.


Did you have a fully shirt?


No, just a nice tux.


We didn't do proms and stuff like that in England. I think they do now, but no, certainly not in my time. No proms, no school dances. And even when there was a school disco, they were lame. Boys on one side, girls on the other, all leaning on the wall.


I never really went. I went to one prom, I think, but then all the other ones, they had started threatening me that they were going to do breath elisers at the door. I was like, No, I'm not going to that. That's a test I can't pass.


Ten years for some kids, I'm assuming that's not going to happen because they always say that whenever you see a crime or whatever, the maximum penalty is this, that, and the other. There's no way anyone's getting in the jail time for a bunch of kids letting off a bit of farce, right? What should happen for a bit of jail time, though, is that very disgustingly sad story which happened recently. Harrington, it's about the family and the young child, an 11 year old kid shot dead by the police. Did you see this, Anthony? It's bloody awful.


So a boy and his mom were at home. They lived together. Her ex showed up, I guess, assuming drunk, three o'clock in the morning, banging on the windows, trying to get inside the house. The mom gave the boy the phone and said to call a family member or grandma or something like that. The boy did that, but he also called the police to say there's some guy who's trying to break into the house. Yeah, he ran out the back door. I guess his mom was in the driveway talking to the police. He ran out to be with his mom. And as he was running up, the police shot him.


Why? Cops got scared.


Oh, my gosh. He's alive. He survived, right? He's going to be okay.


He did survive. He went to the hospital. He has been released. So, yeah, he didn't die from it. Thank God. Horrifying still to.


Be 11. Eleven years old. Call the cops because there's some bloody asshole at the door or whoever it was, the stepfather, whatever, and then get shot. I understand the police are on high alert and they think that someone's going to be armed, but come on. You got to have a level of training where you can identify a grown adult that's a possible threat from an 11 year old boy.


Yeah, that's insane. I'm obviously a big supporter of the police, but there's a lot of mess ups that happen. And shit like that can't happen. People got to go to jail for that.


You can't... Well, they should. I mean, you're talking about someone doing 10 fucking years for letting off a bit of fire spray. A cop that certainly needs to be straight away suspended, an investigation, look at the body cam footage, and then probably go to jail for being too bloody trigger happy.


For sure. And I get that there's a lot of police officers out there. I got a lot of police officer friends. I do a lot of training with police officers. I get it. A lot of them are afraid. Some of it's a culture thing, though. I think back in the day, there were more cops. There were more street guys that were a little grimey or different. But nowadays it's a lot of just... I don't want to get too far down this rabbit hole. I'll piss a lot of people off. But anyways, there's just a lot of people that aren't used to a lot of altercations and confrontation in. They're afraid. It's that simple. There's a lot of really scared people out there.


Working as police. Well, you hit the nail on the head there because they're a little bit more, shall we say, a little bit more squeaky clean, less street. They're not as used to confrontation. So when they're faced with this situation, they're on high alert. You know what I mean? They're scared. I don't think any police officer goes... I mean, I say any police officer, I can't speak for everyone, but I think I would say police officers are going out there with the intention to shoot 11 year old boys. So it's a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, verysad, awful, awful error for want of a better word. But practices need to change because 11 year old should not be going to shoot off the police, regardless. Anyway, we need to talk about some goddamn mixed martial arts. Harrington, you're fired on the count. There's not a lot. He's got about 30 fuckers here now. We've got government officials in India, draining entire dams. We've got police in Mississippi.


We've got the TT races. We've got all kinds of stuff. We ain't got no.


One to blame. The guy drained in the dam for his phone reminded me of you. What do you mean? We were in Vegas one time and I remember you left your phone at the front desk or something and couldn't find it. You look like you would have been willing to drain an entire damn to find that goddamn phone.


Well, just to give people a little bit of context on what we're referring to here, where is it? Where is it? Where is it in the notes? Where is it? How did you want number?


I believe it's the last story.


Yeah, here it is. Number 7, a government official in India has been suspended for draining an entire dam, over 21 litres of water, so that he could retrieve his phone that had fallen in, that he claimed contained sensitive government data. India has, on average, 163 million people in the population without access to drinking water. While the official claims that the water drain was not safe for drinking, it could have irrigation at least 1,500 acres of farmland. Did I see Bernal Daryl, you used to jump on then?


No, sir.


No? Oh, I thought I saw something as I was reading the link. But yeah, hey, listen, when that phone goes, it's the worst feeling in the world. When you temporarily can't find your phone for five seconds, the panic.




Know what I mean? I don't think I'm fucking put an entire nation's drinking water. Jezebel, though.


In jeopardy.


I might. Yeah, you probably would. Anyway, so you brought that up. So with no proper UFC action over the weekend, there was Road to the Octagon, but I never got a chance to catch that. Did you catch any of that stuff in the weekend?


I didn't even know it was on until after Allen started posting stuff he did while he was there.


Allen Joe Ban was over in Shanghai. And in fact, Dean Amasinga, who runs the Performance Institute over in Shanghai, he wants to jump on the show and talk about it because he's in charge of training a lot of the fighters out there. They're doing very as well at the weekend. I believe the Chinese fighters went seven and one. So we'll get him on at some point. He's a great guy. Israel and Asanah and Alex Pahada keep running into each other. Have you seen this?


How do these guys keep running into.


Each other? I don't know.


He lives in Brazil. He has the same manager or something, then they keep sending him to the same places.


Alex lives in Brazil. Isi lives in New Zealand. They're literally on other sides of the world. But somehow, some way, they keep bumping into each other. And they were both at a rugby, different rugby team events in Sydney, I think, over the weekend, if I'm correct.


Okay. Yeah. I need to get into some.


You know what? Do you know what I like about that? Obviously, there were very, very intense rivals. And there was a bit of stuff because he mocked his son or whatever afterwards. So it got a little heated and things like that. But as we see here now, it seems like it's all playful. It's all well and good. Of course, it's competitive rivalry. But anytime you share an octagon or a fighting environment four times, look at that again.


Look at him. He was like, Let's get it.


He should have shot the bow and arrow from the back of the TSA line, Dick head. Yeah, no, it's great to see.


I think they seemingly have just a little bit of a different bond with each other since they've shared the they've just competing against each other so many times. They probably just get sick of being angry at each other all the time. So it's like, if I get the chance, I'll beat the shit out of you. But you got this weird respect for each other.


But the weird thing is, though. Yeah, okay. So I think they were both in Sydney. They're both doing training sessions or something with different rugby teams. But even still, to be in the same line at TSA, at the same airport, six or seven people separated. I mean, what are the odds of that happening? It's just insane. All their paths keep crossing. You know what I mean? I think they are destined for that rubber match in the UFC.


You think they'll fight again?


As a fan, that's the one that I want to see for sure.


Absolutely. I'd love to see it again. I would too.


Out of all the opponents that you faced, who's won a former opponent that you would say you have, I don't know, not a bond with, but the bigger relationship with?


It's probably two. Probably Glover and probably Diego. Probably Diego Santos.


See, Diego Santos is a weird one. Tell me about that.


Yeah. Well, we just had such an insane fight. It was only... I think he hit me with a body shot in the second, end of the second. But the first round was just absolutely insane. He's spinning, heel kicked me. We dropped each other with elbows. It was just really insane for a little bit. I remember we were getting stitched up in the back. Both of us had nasty cuts in our eyebrows. I remember he reached over and I don't know if you know his manager. He manages a lot of the resilience names Alex. He's an older guy. I wish I remember his last name. But Alex was in there translating.


Does he do Anderson Silver as well? Does he wear glasses?


He does wear glasses sometimes. Yeah.


I think I know who you mean.


I think so. Yeah. So he was back there translating and Tyreke was just saying how much of an honor it was and how the battle was crazy or whatever. And then we ended up having a real bro moment where we're both getting stitched and just he gave me five and we just held hands for a second. It was a cool moment. And then every time I see him after that, he doesn't speak much. He doesn't talk much. His English is much better, but he doesn't have a lot to say. But you see him, it's handshakes and he just blows people off. But every time he sees me, it's just his hug, like, how are you? How's your family? And then we separate. It's just always a weird... We have this respect for each other that's very odd.


A weird handshake that extended too long. Yeah, it does. I had a little issue all. There was a little bit of electricity between the two of you. What am I feeling.


Right now? Me and Glover have always had this. Even before, I think I've told the story where he helped me in Brazil. Lo and long time ago, my UFC debut in 2013, I blew my knee and I was walking through the airport trying to get home and needed surgery and he.


Helped me or whatever. That's beautiful.


He's always been so nice to me. We've always talked about him coming here and me going there and barbecuing and cooking, but we keep competing against each other. So it keeps messing all that up.


And when are you competing against him again? Because that's coming up soon, right?


Yeah, June 29th. I'm just going.


To keep competing.


I'm going to keep competing against him until I beat him at some thing.


He's one of the best guys in the whole of the UFC, though. Just something about his energy, the warmness, you know what I mean? Because he's just so real and so warm and friendly and the smile and the hug.


That he.


Gives you.


I'm worried, though.




Because I helped... Jamal asked me to come help him before their fight. So I went and helped Jamal. And then they fight. And during the fight week, it was fine. When we were in Brazil, I'd seen Glover. He shook hands. You could tell he was in fight mode, so I didn't really bother him too much. And I was the backup. So I didn't want to be too friendly. And then something happened and we ended up fighting. But then afterwards, he was so beat up and he was so just just banged up. Rewind. I think I talked about this. Some of the fans that were with Jamal or people that were cheering for him were screaming and hollering at Glover's wife and his sister. But then after their screaming at them, then they're like, Anthony, come over here. So I made it look like I was with them, but I really wasn't. And then I seen him in the hotel afterwards and he was pretty beat up and he had glasses on. But you could see the swelling even around his sunglasses. And his wife just glared at me, clearly didn't like me. And I went to shake his hand and he was talking to someone else and I just didn't want to bother him.


So I hope that he's not mad at me because I still would like to be his friend. But he just lost the title fight.




I just don't want him to.


Be upset. You're retiring from the sport. It's your final fight. It's your last hurray. You just swung song, whatever you want to call it. It's for the World Championship as well. It was a tough fight. It was a rough day at the office. It's black and blue. He's tired. He's beat up, Dave's confused. You're being a traitor, a son of a bitch.


That's how I felt.


At that moment in time, you didn't want to be your best friend. But I'm sure now the healing has happened. The bruising is gone and the bruised egos have also healed. And that's what it ultimately comes down to, right? For sure. For fighters. And I'm not talking crap about Glover to Cherith. It's the ego. He said, That son of a bitch beat me in a fight. You know what I mean? Because that's what drives.


And powers all of us. That motherfucker helped him.


That motherfucker helped him. No, but seriously though.


Yeah, I get it. I get it. I would never be mad at him for being upset about that. I get that. No. I just don't want him to be. For my own feelings because I like him that much.


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Hey, man. Good to see you.


Good to see you too, brother. So you just finished a training session by the looks of it?


Yes. I got a hose outside, so I hose down, so at least I'm fresh and clean. The worst feeling is being gross and sweaty and then sitting in your car, driving all the way home.


It's disgusting. I remember a Jutsu gym that I used to go to. That's what they had. They just had the hose outside because they didn't have the showers. Yeah, a little bit of shampoo, the hose, you're good to go. However, right now it's freezing in Southern California.


This is freezing?


Well, it's cold. It's miserable. Rebecca's got the heating on in our house. My wife's.


Got the heating on. It's like telling the outside. You're going to... This is great because it's not an ice bath or anything like that. But compared to my ice bath, it's a nice breeze. It's refreshing, especially after a hard practice where you're steaming in the room. It's nice to cool off.


For sure. How are you dealing with the... You're talking about training, you said when you first jumped on that you're just beat up and banged up. How's it been trying to stay motivated with such a long time in between fights? I'm assuming you've been training this whole time, right?


It's t feels like a 20 week camp. Obviously, if I don't have a fight, I'm training. I do two days no matter what. But the thing that changes is the intensity of the practices and the duration. So if I have a fight, I do shorter practices and they're more intense. And so there's less learning, I would say. They're still learning, but less learning is more sharpening the tools. And so it's been frustrating because it feels like a 20 week camp and 20 weeks of hard two days. I like to learn. When I'm learning, I'm more motivated. I can go into the gym more. It's been tough, but you just have to remind yourself where you're at. And once you do that, you can reset and just continue to be fresh and go back into the gym and train and not care about whether the UFC is going to give you a shot or if Charles is going to pull out and I'm just going to do my job and my job is training and I love my job.


So regardless, five days a week, fight or no fight, you're doing two training sessions, pretty much guaranteed, not always crazy intensity, sometimes maybe just focus on technique or whatever. But generally, two a day, five days a week?


Six days a week. Saturdays, we finish early, but we do sprints and then we have a wrestling practice. The sprints are about 20 minutes. The wrestling practice is an hour straight and then we're done. We finish early the day and then we spend the rest of the day either we hang out with the team, we barbecue, we do the sauna ice bath stuff and maybe play some games like monopoly. But yeah, typically it's six days a week.


That's unbelievable. That's pure dedication. It's almost like you're getting ready to fight a former champion and then maybe one of the best in the goddamn world after that. I spoke, you got your own gym, right? It's the Kings MMA in Yoruba Linda. I was with one of your students recently. I was in the sauna and I'm sitting there and a guy comes in. I don't know if you told you or not. And he started asking questions. He said, I train with Benil Dariush. Very nice young man. Did he mention that to you?


Someone did mention that. Was it Caleb or was it Grif? It was one of those guys. I think it was.


Probably Caleb, I think. I can't remember.


Yeah, they're big fans of you.


How do you like teaching?


I don't teach, to be honest with you. I have people... What I do is I have people teach and then I'm in the classes, I'll train with the guys. And so that's the way I contribute to my school. When I have a fight, I don't train. I don't do regular Jutsu classes anymore. I don't do regular striking classes. Everything gets really specific and personalized. But when I don't have a fight, I train. My coach, I go into the kick boxing class. I go into the Jutsu class. I just train just to train. Then with the goal of absorbing knowledge, getting new things and things like that. Then once I have a fight, I take specific things that I want and I put them into practice and I constantly do situational training. I do all my focus is on those situations that I believe are going to take place in the fight.


When you're outside of training camp, are you like the fine-tuning guy that people just train with? You give him a couple of little tips and then you just move on to the next round?


No, I'm the guy you go with to feel miserable because in the gym... Remember, they know my mentality. So if anybody taps me, they know they can hold that over me forever for the rest of their life. These guys are chasing me, and that's the idea. You want guys chasing you. You want guys trying to kill you. So in my gym, first things first, I have to beat their ass. After I beat their ass, maybe I'll give them a couple of tips, but it's not a fine-tuning thing. It's a discipline thing.


But you're doing what every coach says we should do. You know what I mean, Anthony? Because it's like, listen, what we do is in training camp, you're working towards that. You work on the technique and you work on your strength and you do your squats and all that in between camps. But that's on paper. The reality is life gets in the way. My coaches would say do that, but that's not what happened. In between fights, I'd go away, I'd get fat or whatever. I'd sit on my ass a little bit too much. But you are truly living that life. And I believe the proof is in the pudding, Neil. Eight fights, eight victories in a row now against a massive competition. Going up against Charles Olivera, who's an incredible fighter. Talk to me about how the training camp is going and ultimately what the plan is with this guy.


Training camp has been really good. It's been a little bit longer than I would like. If I had fought May 6, it would have been the most ideal date, but it is what it is. Let's see, training camp has been really good. The goal for this fight is to really just bring it to this guy. I don't feel there's a situation where I can't beat him in. I know a lot of people talk about his Jutsu. I don't have a problem... When I look at his Jutsu, I think he's more aggressive than me in terms of chasing submissions, but I don't think he has better Jutsu than me. I think in a Jutsu match, I beat him every single time. I think in terms of wrestling, I out wrestle him. And in terms of striking, again, he's more aggressive and less defense. And sometimes I make that mistake, too. But I think on a good day defensively, I'm better than him. And so that's going to allow me to overcome him even in the striking. So there's no situation I can't beat this guy. So my goal for this fight is domination.


I was going to ask you about the Jutsu part of Charles's game because he has such a prolific finisher. Do you worry? I don't even know how to ask this. I guess what I'm getting at is I think sometimes people go into these fights with Charles and they're so focused because he is such a finisher that maybe he's not the most fundamental Jutsu player. He's not always positionally minded. He is just chaining submissions together. So I think people, I don't retract from him a little bit, like a cat in water. And then he keeps training them together and eventually he'll catch people. But even people with really great jutsu, I think, have gotten into problems with him because they're just worried about his finishing that they're not play in their own game. So do you just go in there and you just do like mentally, are you just going to play your Jutsu game the way you play it and just be fundamentally sound? Or do you worry about that at all?


I just make sure in the training camp, I put myself in the crappy situations that I could possibly end up with. And if I can deal with it in the training, there's no reason why I can't deal with it in the fight. And I don't really feel like he's going to pose a threat to me in the Jutsu. Obviously, I could be wrong, but I don't feel like it. I've had my friend Damon Gracie. He's been helping me a lot for this fight. I pretty much be like, Okay, Damon, I'm in bad situations. We're working here. He's like, Oh, great. It sounds good for me. He loves it. Great for Damon. And it's great for me, too, because I have to work my way out. And for him, he has to work out looking for the submissions. And if you've ever seen Neiman fight, people are basically trying to run away from him all the fight because his Jutsu is so scary. So it's the same thing right now. My goal is to get up. My goal is to reverse. My goal is to find a way out. And his goal is to do what he does in his fights, chase the guy down, hold him, submit him.


And so I think Damon is taller. Damon is bigger than him. Damon is better Jutsu. And if I could deal somewhat with Damon, I could deal with this guy.


Yeah, for sure. I got to choose my words very carefully when I say this, because I've got a tremendous amount of respect for Charles Olivera. I think that reign that he was on was one of the most exciting. His fights were just incredible because often he'd find himself in a bit of hot water. He'd get dropped or whatever, but he'd still find a way to finish it. And I really respected him so much because from the reputation that he had, people said that he was a quitter and all the rest of it, which is absolute goddamn nonsense. I do believe the fight at 145 exhausted him a little bit. But against is the Mahachev, I don't know, the tap came a little quick. As I say, I want to choose my words very carefully because I've got a lot of respect for him and everyone, basically. But what do you think he's trying to do here? Do you think he's had his moment in the sun? Do you think he's... Or do you really think he's hell bent on becoming the champion again?


I agree with you as far as his legendary status. I think Charles is amazing. The fact that when he pulled out in May 6, one of the reasons why I still stayed and said, Okay, I'll fight this guy is because he is such a great fighter and he's such a talented fighter. He is a legend. I believe in our sport. That was one of the reasons I stayed on. The second reason is I really truly believe he is motivated to fight. When you watch his interviews, he's talking about he wants this so bad. A couple of people have sent me some of the... They send me short clips because he doesn't speak Portuguese. It's hard to watch his interviews, but they'll send me clips of him. And it talks about him wanting to get the belt back. It talks about him being so motivated. And then as far as his last fight, I've even heard he was injured. So that's one of the reasons why he didn't look so good the last fight. My thing is I look at Charles and I say, What is the most dangerous Charles I could fight? How would I prepare for this Charles?


And what is necessary to be victorious and not just victorious, dominant? And that's how I've been approaching this fight. It's just to look for the best Charles.


Okay. So the best Charles. What is that, or at least the most dangerous Charles for you? Because I feel like you felt like you had a 20 week training camp. I feel like we've been talking about the ins and outs and the Xs and Os of this fight. I've never once looked at Charles Jutsu as a genuine threat to you. And maybe that's me just overlooking it. But I guess I'm just such a big fan of your Jutsu game that it just seems like, all right, well, at worst, that cancels each other out. For you, where do you think he's the most dangerous? Is it his aggressiveness? You've talked about that a couple of times.


Yeah. So I think what makes Charles dangerous is the fact that he will give up good positions in order to go for a submission where he doesn't have it for sure 100 %. And the fact that he is so reckless with his offense sometimes, he'll risk a secure defensive position in order to be extra offensive, very Uber offensive. And so that's what makes him so dangerous. And it's also what makes him so exciting. Sometimes he gets dropped, but then he finds a way to come back and win and it's made him such a fan favorite. The thing that I think... The best Charles, in my opinion, is the Charles who is Uber offensive, but he does one thing that he didn't do his last fight, and that's distance management. If he does a good job managing distance and is as defensive as he can be, he is so dangerous and he is such a good fighter. And so what I have to do is take that away from him. I have to take those abilities away from him, not allow him to be so in control of the distance. And so if I can do that, I could deal with his offense as well.


Are you talking about like the... Sorry, I'm going to jump in real quick. No, not at all. Are you talking about like... Because I noticed in the Islam fight, he didn't throw the front kicks to the body as much, or the long knees, or stuff like that.


So for example, he tried actually with Marketschew to throw a lot of push kicks. And Marketschew, what he would do was... It's not Perry, but he waived them off, right? And because of that, he got, not careless, is he got frustrated. And so he became more aggressive with his hands, which left him open more for counters and take downs. But the thing is, if you're throwing the push kick and the guy's not doing anything to you, just throw it again because it's going to eventually get through or set it up to throw a kick or something like that. But because he's like, Oh, it didn't land. Now I got to use my hands. And he would go in with his hands and get countered, or he wouldn't cut off the angle, fighting a southpaw. I just felt like he was rushing. That was the best way that I could put it. But then again, Charles always looks like he's rushing in this fight. It really is hard to tell what went wrong there. But if I was, for example, let's say I was Charles's coach and I'm in that fight in between rounds for the mock etch up fight, I would tell him, Hey, look, your push kick is working.


Even if the guy is parrying it, that's okay. Throw a high kick and then throw it again. Step outside more. You don't have to chase the cross because if you keep throwing the cross, he's going to keep throwing that left hand counter, or he's going to throw that right hook, and this is how he's catching you. So don't rush, rush, rush. And then that's how he got caught. He rushed in, got caught with the right-hand counter.


That's the thing with Charles, isn't it? He believes in himself so much. He believes he can hurt you on the floor. He believes he can snatch an opportunity of a submission at any second. And that is what makes him exciting. But I think, if he's very honest, when he looks at somebody like you in terms of a Jutsu match, certainly an MMA Jutsu, you can certainly hold your own there. In wrestling, I think he's going to struggle to take you down. I mean, look at what he did to Matias Gamma and that guy single legs everybody. So when you put all that together, are you expecting him to come forward like a multi maniac trying to take your head off? And then obviously if he connects with a shot of right handed, he's got good knees and use that to open up the submissions. Is that what you expect?


The thing is I have to look at it like how he's fought everybody else. He comes in with aggressive striking and then shoots. Even with McKitiff, he kept trying to take him down with a body lock or whatever, and he got reversed. But he does that. He did that pretty much all his fights, except for the Gagee fight. He didn't really get a chance to do that in the Gage fight. He got dropped a couple of times and then he dropped Gage. But what he does is he comes out aggressive with his hands and then he does shoot. He even shot against Chandler. So that's what I'm expecting is just him putting it all together. He uses his hands fence his knees and kicks, and then eventually looks for his take down. And so if I get too focused on the hands, he'll take me down. Okay, Matoos didn't take me down, but maybe this guy will. I'm not perfect. My take down defense is not perfect. If I'm not on, I'm going to get taken down. So the most important thing is to be on in all the situations.


Let me just jump in there, Anthony. I've got to ask you about this. So obviously, I mean, one would think, and I don't know what you've heard from the UFC, but this is a title fight eliminated, right? You would think that you're fighting for the belt next. Is that the official word? Because we know we've got Justin and Dusty for the BMF. What happens if Justin and Justin go out there, put on a fight of the year performance, and then they get to fight is the Mahal'Ev Next after you beat Charles Olivera?




I'm not trying to talk shit. I'm just trying to like...


I get it. I get what you're saying. The UFC has promised me this is the first time I've ever gotten word from them where they said, if you win this fight, you're the number one contender. Beautiful. This is the first time from them. I've never heard that before. So I have that. But then again, I understand the fight for the BMF, that is a title contention fight. It just takes place after me. I don't think they'll be able to skip me. Man, what a fight that's going to be. I am stoked for that fight just to watch that fight because those guys are legends.


I guess I've been ringing your bell for a long time as far as just your career in the last run that you've been on. It's been amazing. But it seems like with all respect, it seems like sometimes you do do yourself a little bit of a disservice, not because you won. I've never expected anybody to.


Talk to me. You never run this by me, Benel.


I've just been honest here.


He's going wrong.


In terms of just promotion, you always say the right thing, the most respectful thing, and you avoid the controversy for the most part. I always wondered if you're not getting asked the right questions or whatever, but has it been frustrating that you do seemingly get passed over because you don't always engage in a lot of the bullshit trash talk and all that stuff?


The thing is there's multiple reasons for this. One is if I get caught up in it, I'm acting like someone I'm not, something I don't believe in. I don't like the cookie cutter way of doing things. You talk a little trash, you do have to post fight, you call somebody out, you do this is cookie cutter. I don't like it. I don't feel it's of my nature, so I don't do it. Another thing is I always talk about is my kids. When I'm done fighting and my kids watch my interviews, Lord willing, they watch my interviews. I don't want to be a hypocrite to them. I tell them one thing and then I do another thing. It's just all of it plays into that. Obviously, I'm not going to be perfect. I'm going to end up being somewhat of a hypocrite no matter what. But I want to be as consistent as I possibly can be inside the octagon, outside the octagon. What I say to strangers who don't speak to anybody else about me or to my loved ones, I want it always to be the same. That's my goal. And so I'm not going to put on a show just because there's a camera on me.


I'm just giggling to myself because you're absolutely right. What are my kids going to think when they see mine? I'm joking. They've seen them. They've seen them. Sorry, Anthony, go on.


No. Do you think a win... So a win over someone that is a fan favorite and is as popular as Charles is because of that legendary run he was on, s ometimes at some point, the performance is, you've got to do all that work for you anyways, right?


Yeah. That's what I've been preaching. It's just get it done by merit. And I think Charles is the nail in the coffin. If I could be Charles, there's no more denying me anymore.


I know. Well, that's what Charles did, right? Because he doesn't speak a lot of English. He already, he just did it off of his fight and his excitement. And he didn't even have the ability to really talk a bunch of trash.


Yeah, he had a great run. He beat some amazing fighters. So respect to Charles, too. He did it the right way. And look at him now.


That's exactly what I was going to say because Charles doesn't even speak English, you know what I mean? I said to him before, and I was saying at the time, one of the most exciting fights that we've ever seen because his fights were all like that. And it's not through talking crap. It's not through selling himself out. It's not through insulting opponents. It's doing what he does inside the octagon. All right, let's talk about HDLT supplements. And I just want to stress right off the top that these supplements are not just for elite athletes. They're for the average Joe's, they're for the Schmoz, they're for the guys and girls that just want to live a better life. They want to be healthier and they want to see results. The HDLT supplements, they help overall living. Simple as that. Workouts get easier, motivation levels are higher, workout sessions are easier. Halfway through a normal workout where you're typically you're starting to dip, you're looking for your way out, well, you don't feel as gaffed. That's when you're taking the pre workout. Let me tell you, that thing is fantastic. And you don't feel all jittery either.


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So 22 and 4, Benel. 8 fight win streak. You go through the legendary Charles Olivera, Islam Mahachev. Now, he hasn't got a fight lined up, right? Is he still waiting. I'm assuming the winner of this will be his next one. Abu Dhabi, October. I haven't heard anything, but is that what it's looking like?


Exactly is what I got from the UFC. Because when Charles pulled out for the May 6 card, I said, Listen, I don't want to do it, but what don't we just do? I don't want to stay in camp, basically, but I said, Why don't we do this? Why don't we just set it up? I fight July against Maka'chev because this guy just pulled out. They're like, No, we have to save Maka'chev for Abu Dhabi. So that was the other thing. And then I offered to fight Armont Saruki in May 6, so that way I could just be done. And the UFC said no.


See that? I mean, look, listen, it wouldn't make sense.


If I was Sturuki, and I'd say no too.


But that's unbelievable that you were willing to risk what you have, your position that you fought hard for to go up against Armont Saruki and risk it all. I'm not kissing your ass, but that speaks so much about the character of you as a fighter because he's a risky fight for anybody. He's a very very talented guy.


For sure. I mean, the Gamow fight was a risky fight, right? So risky. Everybody's like, Don't. Bro, I'm not allowed, you guys. My management and my team didn't like to fight. Ali was like, no. Master was like, we can fight anybody, but why not fight somebody right ahead of us? And if I had waited for somebody ahead of me, I may have not fought last year. So that was one of the reasons why I chose Gamowatt. I was like, I'm tired of waiting. I got injured. I couldn't fight Malkovich. And to be honest, Gamowatt is so damn good. So I want to fight this guy. And that's how that fight happened. And then when Charles got hurt, I just figured I'd throw it out there, see if they want to put me against Arman. And they said no.


So Arman said no? Okay, I get that. I'm assuming...


Arman said yes.


The the UFC said no. They said they want me to fight Charles. They want to fight him. So that's why.


And that's obviously going down in Vancouver. If you've been up there before, I hear it's absolutely beautiful.


That's what I hear as well. I have not been there. To be honest, I don't think I've been to Canada since I was 17. So it's been 17 years since I was there.


So I'm assuming you wanted to fight or Gamera or just, sorry, yeah, Saruki or anybody just to get active. I'm looking at your record here. So you only had one fight last year, two fights in 2020. Obviously, this is how you pay the bills. You want to be busy, you want to move up the rankings, but you want to get paid as well.


Right. I just think Arman is a great fighter. I think he's going to be top five. He's going to be challenging for the Title. What one day. So I just figured, why not just fight him now? For me, the belt's cool. Don't get me wrong, I do want the belt. I believe the belt's important, but it's not the most important thing for me. The most important thing is making sure when I'm done with my career, I didn't skip anybody that I thought was an amazing fighter. I want to make sure I fight everybody, and I want to fight the best guys.


So I don't want to knock on wood. I don't want to get you thinking too far ahead. But just as a competitor in the same division, and you guys were booked to fight before, how do you feel about the champion? How do you feel about Maka'chev and his skill set out compared to yours? When you watch him fight, anytime I watch it, I watch it in my own division, I always say, Well, I would do this, or I got to worry about that. How do you feel about that?


I would say the two things that make him great are his basics and his composure. He doesn't put a pace like, let's say, Habib does. I know everybody compares him to Habib. Well, they do have technically similar moves, but in terms of the way they use their basics and in terms of the pace they set up and their composure, they're very different fighters. So I would say what makes him great is his composure and his basics.


Yeah. Listen, he's not doing anything particularly flashy. He just does everything at a very high level. I was just looking at your record again there, 34 years old, Justin Gagey, 34 years old. Justin Poirier, 34 years old. And the reason I bring that up is because Justin said recently, he said, Look, listen, I'm 34. I'm definitely getting towards the end of my career. He wants to have the BMF title. He wants to win that, then fight for the belt and maybe defend it a couple of times, and then he's done with the sport. Obviously, that's in a perfect world. That's what he wants to do. Do you have a similar career path, Bernal? When I say, I mean, laid out in your mind what would be perfect?


No, I don't, to be honest with you. Because I thought about it like, man, there was a period where I was praying, when am I going to retire? What do I do after I'm done retiring? Hearing. I remember just going back to the Bible as like, Worry about the day. Don't worry about tomorrow. God will take care of tomorrow. I worry about today. As far as retiring goes, I think there's going to be a day. I remember I had a weird dream. I was walking into the octagon, getting ready for a fight, and I was fighting some young kid. As I walk into that octagon, my music plays, everything goes the way it's supposed to do. I'm inside that octagon, I remember I didn't feel anything. There was zero excitement. I was not excited for the fight. I had no butterflies. The enjoyment of the fight, it wasn't there. And I woke up. And I think there's going to come a day where I'm going to go inside that octagon and I'm just not going to feel anything. And that's going to be the day I'm going to be like, Okay, that's it. I'm done.


I was going to say, so what do you think that dream was a sign of? Basically, what you're saying is, though, you're going to keep doing it. And when the time comes where you don't get that feeling, that excitement, those butterflies, the nerves, whatever you want to call it, when that time comes, then you'll step away.


And to be honest with you, right now, I surround myself with guys who are current contenders. I surround myself with older guys to learn from. And then I also have a ton of young guys around me who are coming in from Division 1 colleges. They're new MMA guys. And these are the guys I try to work with a lot because I feel the contenders, it helps me see where I'm at in terms of my level. But then also these young guys, are they hungrier than me? Because that's another one. Because if the young guys are hungrier than me, then there's a problem. I know it's hard to say this, but if a young guy is out working me, we have an issue because I've been in this fire, I've been in this grind for a long time. There's no way a young guy comes in and he could do it better than me. I make sure I keep up with all the practices. I make sure I'm learning new things. And so as long as I have the desire to do that, I don't see myself retiring. But if that starts to disappear, that's going to be another sign for me that, Hey, you're not in this anymore.


So what is the mindset, though? So say you're in the gym and a young guy does come in, right? And he is out working you, and he is out hustling you, and he is going hard, and he does seem hungrier. What is the internal thought process that you're going through? You're like, What the fuck, Benel?


Yeah, that's exactly what it is. How the hell is this guy doing this? Well, but here's the thing. I haven't met that guy yet. And I have a lot of young guys around me, they work very hard. They're absolutely dogs. They're very hard workers, but they're not going to outwork me. Whether it's on the mat or off the mat where it's time to learn, it's time to study tape, things like like that. I'm still top dog when it comes to the hours I put in.


I do the same thing in training. I think Mark Montoya told me a long time ago, when you stop wanting to take out the new guy, is when you should start looking to doing something else because I still... You get someone that travels in or you go somewhere else. The PFL light heavyweight champ, the first time I met him when he came to factory X, I remember feeling that like, oh, no way. There's not going to be anybody better in my weight class in this gym. Can't do it. And Mark always said when you stop feeling like that is when you should start looking to do something else.


Yeah, that's a great example. One guy that him and I go back and forth all the time is Marv in. Marv in Vitori, he is so good. He's a stud everywhere, right? And so there'll be weeks where he's getting the better of me. You know, and then I'll see what's going on, study tape, find new moves, and then I'll go back there and then I'll start getting the better of him. But here's the thing about Marv in. Marv in, he may not look it, but he knows when to humble himself and ask questions. Marv in will be like, Hey, what did you do to me here? And then I'll be like, Okay, come on, let me show you. So I'll show him everything. When I show him everything, he actually learns really fast. As soon as he learns, he will take that stuff and he'll apply it next time, whether it be in the defensive manner or it'll be in the offensive manner, but he'll apply it. Now all of a sudden I'm back to being the losing guy. I'm the guy with the losing again. So then I have to go again and find new things to add to my game.


So guys like him, I have guys like him. I have Gigi. I have other guys to train with that I'm constantly having to add things to my game. It's so good. It helps me grow so fast.


And that's how you get better, though. And that's why you need those training partners, because if you're the top dog in the room and you're whooping everyone's ass, it's only them that are getting better and that are improving. A couple of big fights, got to ask your opinion on. Obviously, McGregor is going to be fighting Chandler at some point, probably in December. Dustin thinks that Connor gets the job done. Eddie Alvarez thinks Conner gets the job done. They have in common, they've both got smoked off Conner McGregor. So I think that's maybe swaying their pick. But what do you think?


I'm leaning towards Conner as well. But here's the thing. Chandler has been in the fire. He's been fighting, he's been active. I think that's a big advantage for him. And the other thing is, if Candler uses all his skills, all his tools, it's an easy fight for him. I shouldn't say easy, but it's a very winnable fight for him. He he has enough striking to engage with him and then look for the take down. Then once you start mixing in the take down, I think Conner will be more hesitant for his counters or for his kicks and his movement. It's going to close off his movement. But I just don't think Chandler is going to do it. I think Chandler is going to try to put on a really exciting fight and he's going to try to be a showman and it could cost him the fight. But who knows? Maybe this is the one fight where he says, no, I'm going to be as tactical as possible. He comes out, wrestles the first round and starts striking in the second round and then goes back to wrestling in the third round.


He's going to fight the fight that all just engages, Coach, which is, want Justin to fight. He's going to use the wrestling. On that one, Justin versus Justin, the BMF, who becomes the new BMF champ?


I think Justin can do this. I think he's hungrier. I think he's gotten better in terms of defense and footwork. But at the same time, Justin Poirier is such a dog. When it comes to stand up fights, he just gets stronger. I don't know how to explain it. He reminds me of the guy. He could be completely out of shape and he'll find a way to go five rounds. As he's going those five rounds, he finds ways to win, basically. He finds little openings. Credit to him. That's special talent. That's not something you just get with training. That's something... I don't know if it's his eyes or the way his brain processes stuff, but even when he's exhausted, he can find the little gap. Lots of credit to him in that term. But I think Justin Gay G's hungrier and I think Justin Gay G can do it.


Yeah. I like the Faze fight, I think, showed a lot with Gay G's growth and just his hunger because you wonder. They start getting these big checks. They're in these huge fights. You challenge for the title, you were turned away. Then they feed you to a guy like Raphael Faze where you're just like, Wow, that's a tough fight. And then he goes in there, looks fantastic. You're just like, All right, this guy's still hungry and still chasing. Let me.


Be honest with you guys, the Fazeb fight, the thing that I think Justin surprised everybody with was, or at least surprised me with, was the speed of his footwork and his in and out. The way he would fake and then go to the low kick was light years better than what he did with Charles. Because with Charles, he just threw the late kick a million times. And it landed a few times, but Charles was ready to check. But with the Faze fight, he would fake it and then go. He would fake it, then he would throw punches, and then he would angle. And so you couldn't find him. Even a guy like Faze, who's such a great striker, he couldn't find him. That, Justin, is going to be a problem for anybody, especially with the fact that a jab from him hurts. The guy, he can throw a jab and he can hurt you. The last round with Faze, he threw a bunch of jabs and he busts it up for Steve. That's incredible. Both guys, they're special athletes. I think Justin Gay G has more power, obviously, and his speed and his footwork is through the roof.


So he has that going for him. And then Justin Poirier, his ability to go into a dog fight and to overcome is, I think, the best, even against a guy like Justin Gay G.


And that's why the fight for the BMF belt. And I'll be honest, I had no problem with it. I'm like, if there's two guys, if they're going to bring that belt back, that makes sense for all the reasons you just said. No point asking you who's going to win between you and Charles Olivero, because I'm damn sure you're not working your ass off to go tear it up and lose the fight. So we'll wrap this up. Benil, I could see a little bit of blue sky starting to pop up down there. You're in Huntington Beach?


No, I'm in Anaheim. My gym's here in Anaheim. It's close to Eureka. I just finished the wrestling practice. I'm in May wrestling.


Well, listen, all the best with the rest of the training camp. Benil, we truly appreciate your time. Thank you very much because I know it's been a long, long camp, 20 weeks, but still it's all going to pay off. All the best. Thank you very much and hopefully you'll come back and do this again soon.


Appreciate it, guys. Thank you for having me.


You all have a.


Great one. All the best. Take care, man.


Take care.


Take care. Bye, bye. There he is. He's doing nicer guy.


In the hole. It doesn't get me not.


To watch the lads. It doesn't get me not to watch them.


I had myself down a rabbit hole there for a second. I knew what I wanted to ask, but I didn't know how to say it.


You're kicking yourself in the feet.


I'm not. You do yourself a disservice sometimes when it comes to fight catches and bookings and I'm.


Like, Manil is one of the good guys. Take it easy, Anthony.


But once I got stuck in a hole and I couldn't get out.


I like that.


Guy a lot. It's like.


That, isn't it? It's like that because they're just not talking about Benny or talking about doing this job. You know what I mean? Over the years, I've got better and more natural. I remember when I first started interviewing someone, I was like, I'm not an interviewer. I don't know what I'm doing. I'm making this up as I go along. You know what I mean? But yeah, that's going to be incredible. It's going to be fantastic fight. I can't wait for that one. Him versus Charles Olivera, Nunez versus Aldano. That's a tremendous fight. But the one that's jumping off the page for me, it's got to be the Ben Niel Darriusche and the Charles Olivera. I think that's fair to say the people's main event. What else should we get to? We got some questions to get to, which we will do later. It's a slower Newsweek, as I've said 75,000 times when I'm filling up a bit of time. Ian Gary. Yes, Harrington?


Yes, Harrington? Look, it's your show. I was going to jump in with something insanely different, so don't even worry about it.


Well, how different are we talking?


Just something else on the notes. This is a better story.


Well, Ian Gary says that he's going to bring the UFC back to Dublin and then take all the Irish champions in cage warriors over with him to dominate in the UFC. We've got three cage warriors Irish champions. We've got Cailan Loughlin, we've got Paul Sheehy, we've got Reece McKee. Those boys are all on the verge of signing for the UFC now. I think Reece McKee did sign for the UFC, Farm Fight Island against Hamza Chimaev, if I can remember correctly. So it's inevitable that the UFC are going to come back. They're going to come back to Ireland and I'm the guy that's going to make it happen and I'm excited for it. I believe after this fight when I beat Neil Magnit, when I smoke someone else in the top 15, I'm going to be able to pull them back to Europe to get that Irish base breathing again, to get everyone hype, to get that fire burning and then watch all these guys follow behind me to the UFC and set the stage a light again. I want to see versus bloody Waguih Buckley.


I don't know. Yeah, we need Buckley. That's the fight. That's the fight in Ireland.


Yeah. By the way, I'm not hating on Neil Magnet Neil Magnet is awesome. That would be a sensational fight as well. But just for the shit talk for them to. Listen, it has been a while since the UFC went to Ireland. And with Ian Gary doing the things that he is doing because he is doing big things. He's undefeated in his whole career, undefeated in the UFC, the way that he's beating people. He's trying to follow in the footsteps of Conor McGregor. So far so good.


He's got the mouthpiece, too. He sounds good. He says the right things. He's just the right amount of arrogant without being hated. I like the guy. We got the same manager. We spent a little bit of time together chitchatting. He's a nice guy, but he's got the media part of it down.


For sure. Not for sure. No, he's very well trained when it comes to that. But more importantly, inside the article. But still, you can find a different story. Harrington, come on then. Give us this brainstorming, astronomical, crazy, sensational story that we just absolutely have to talk about.


Well, just real quick moment of follow up on that last one. Brian Battle and Joaquin Buckley actually agreed they would fight each other. The winner would get Ian Gary.


Everyone's booking their own fight these days.


I like Brian Battle. We should get that guy on.


We should get him. He said the message, Harrington.


All right, I'm on it. As soon as this episode is over.


Also, while.


I'm talking, Israel Adesanya says that he gives Robert Whitaker a 75 % chance to win his fight with Dricus Duplac. And he says Dricis is a dumb dumb for not taking that fight to begin with.


Yeah, we spoke about this last week, Harrington. So you're a bit of a dumb dumb. We literally went through this.


All right. Well, he also did say that he'd be open to a Whitaker trilogy if and when Whitaker wins that.


That that was the reason that we spoke about it.


There's the rest of it.


Yeah, there was the rest of it. Hey, fair play to you, Howard. I know you're trying your goddamn hardest. All right, guys, FitBod is back. It's been a while since we did an ad read with these guys, but I'm glad they're back because this is a fantastic app that you need. Listen, you go to the gym, you don't know what you're doing, you got no inspiration, you're bored, whatever, you're not seeing results. You think, Maybe I need a personal trainer. But a personal trainer is very expensive. That is where Fitmod comes in. It is the app that you need. You put it on your phone, you open it up and you are off to the races. So whether you've been missing gym time or you've hit a plateau, a fresh start has never been easier. The app switches up your exercise so you can avoid overtraining and burnout. Even if you've hit a plateau and your program changes based on your personal progress for maximized results. So whatever equipment you have, if you're in the weight room and you've got everything that's fine, maybe you're not, maybe you're in a park, maybe you're in a garage, maybe you got a couple of little rinky dinky weights at home.


Whatever you have, the FitBod app will give you a workout based upon the equipment that you have available to you. Also, there is 4K videos. They're showing every movement, every exercise. Over 1,400 high definition demonstration videos. And a full year of FitBod will cost you less than the cost of a single session with a personal trainer. So it's an incredible offer. It's an incredible app. If you want to work out, you need a bit of motivation. You want a new routine, you're just bored, give it a try. If you don't have time to get to the gym, but you have time to do something to work out, give it a try. It'll give you something to do in your house, in your bedroom, in the park, on the field, wherever the bloody hell you are. Join Fitbit today and build a routine that lasts all year. And this is great, get 25 % off your subscription. Or this is even better. Try the app out for free at FitBod. Me believe. 25 % off your subscription or try it out for free when you go to FitBod. Me believe. The ultimate fight is it comes back tonight.


Tonight, yeah.


Were you a fan of that show when it's in its prime, if you will?


No, I was mad at it, to be honest with you. I tried twice. I tried out for the ultimate fighter twice when they used to do the open workouts, and I never even made the second round, ever. Really? Never. So I was like, Fuck, the ultimate fighter.


Yeah, but I get it. Because I remember when season one came out, and all the listeners of this podcast have heard this before, but all you new guys, subscribe and ring the bell, please, if you haven't done so. What are you waiting for? I remember when it came on, it used to show on Bravo TV in the UK. And it came on and I wanted to watch it. And Rebecca wouldn't let us watch it in the house. She said, No, it could be good. I said, Why? She said, Because you should be on that. You should be on it. And I know if you got on it, you'd win the whole goddamn thing. But I remember seeing that and.


Just thinking, this is amazing. What a believer in you.


That's amazing. She always was, bless her. She always was. I don't know why. But it changed the sport. It changed the sport and I'm glad to see it back. Me too. Hopefully we have some amazing talent on there.


I want to get back into it and just follow along with the stories and stuff. But I was bitter for a long time because it would have... I t had points, I thought, All right, maybe the way I did it was better and it worked out the way that it was supposed to. But God, I just needed a break so bad at that time. I just needed an opportunity. And I think that I would have been... And honestly, I probably would have been a shit show at that time in my life. I was young, I was partying really hard. I might have been the next... I don't remember that kid's name, the blonde kid that went all crazy ballistic all the time.


Maybe I'd have made it. Bang Bro. No, that guy, the other one.


Yeah, what the hell is that kid's name? I don't remember now. I don't matter. But I might have been a drunk idiot mess and blown my whole career at the time because I would have looked like a fool. So maybe it worked out for the best, but I just needed a break. I needed an opportunity. I just needed something to go my way so bad at that time, and I was just so bitter.


What seasons did you try out for?


What season were you on?




I think it would have been like...


Four was the comeback, so it must have been.


Five, six, seven. I think it was seven. I think it was seven. I think seven was middle weights.


Do you know who the coaches were?


No, I don't remember. I don't. No, I don't remember. I'm sure Harrington knows, though.


He knows everything. He knows everything. But yeah, it's going to be good to get back. I mean, listen, if anyone's going to... Because the problem was, people say, how many seasons of the ultimate fire did they do? It was a lot. It was a lot. It was almost 30, something like that. And then when you look at the amount of talent that came from the ultimate fire, it's unbelievable. I mean, season one, Kenny... Sorry, Stefan, rest his soul. Forest, Kenny Florian, Diego Sanchez. The list goes on. Season 2, Richard Evans. Who else? Joe Stevenson. There was Mimah Hammel, Kenny Florian, Ed Hermann. It's crazy that Ed Hermann just retired but it goes on and on and on. Kelvin Gastelman, I was in late season. The amount of talent that came through the ultimate fight. What a.


Feeding group. I think Cor McGee won that season that I was trying out for.


Did he really?


I think Cor McGee won that season, yeah.


And then he knocked out Robert Whitaker as well.


No kidding.


I forgot about that. Yeah. Cor McGee knocked out Robert Whitaker. And that's why Robert Whitaker moves up to 185. Isn't that wild?


Yeah, because I think Steven Thompson beat Robert Whitaker, too, right?


He did.


He did. That 170.


Yeah. And then that's when he went up. Liddel versus Hortiz, Harriett and Shane.


Was that season 7? No. Court McKeegan?


I had Hortiz versus Sam Rock. Sam Rock was the worst coach. Was he? Oh, my God. Listen, Tito Hortiz, Sam said, What do you want about the guy? He ran a fucking training camp. Did he? I'm telling you. Oh, God. The only problem was our tight ship. Seven days a week, no rest days. Seven days a week, we worked our asses off. It was bloody insane. Ken Sam Rock on the flip side, he showed up with his bodybuilding coach juiced out of the box and one of his buds. And a lot of the time, they were going for training and he would order pizza and they would watch old reruns of Ken Chalmok fights.




Swear to God. I didn't stand there in front of me and just all jacked, watching himself getting all hyped up and all the other people, they'd just slink off in the gym and go and get a paradigm bike or something. They're like, We're fighting in two days.


We got to do something. Ken Janmark. We got to do something instead of watching you jerk off to yourself.


Ken Janmark is coming to see us eating bloody pizza. Shout out to Ken Janmark. Legend of the game. All right, listen, if you got a question, send them into the byn pod@gmail. Com. We got flags coming up this weekend. We got pay per views coming up soon. We've got questions to answer because you're sending them in. Be aware of POD for gmail. Com. Arrington. If you're.


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All right, first question we got here today is from Mr.


Hold on, Brian, how are you? You haven't jumped in. There's been no one liners.


No, you guys were crushing it with BeNeil. I feel like...


There's no conspiracy corner.


I mean.




Is all sorts of stuff, but we don't have time to.


Watch 15 minutes videos. Yeah, we're dismissing you straight away. I'm here to listen. I'm here to.


Be educated. I do feel a little dismissed sometimes, but that's all right. We're not here to talk about the crazy things that happen in the world.


Yeah, but you just jump in and just totally fuck us off anyway. Hold on a minute. You just jump some guys, fuck off, and then off the camera. You know what I mean? Because you have the ability to do so. You're steering this ship. We can't. That's true. We can't jump in and out. You know what I mean? Yeah. Anyway, what have we got?


I'll bring something fun next Monday.


Bring something for the... We're doing an official conspiracy corner. How about this, Anthony? Are you going to be home?


Yeah, I'm here for you.


We got to do the chip challenge.


I'm in.


We all got it. Thursday, we're doing it. Thursday, we all have them 100 %.


Locked in. 100 %.


One chip challenge. We're doing it.


And we should have Brian bring one conspiracy to the episode.


On Thursday. I will. Brian, do it. Yeah, Brian, think.


About it. I'll text you guys a list of them and you can give me the one you want to talk about on the show.


I think we just let him bring it.


All right, fine. Just bring it. It's Conspiracy Corner, the one chip challenge. We'll have a guest. We got McKinsey Doherty joining Thursday. She couldn't do today. She was down to do yesterday, but it was a bit more little day and you guys were barbecuing and stuff. But Brian, what do we have then?


All right, so the first question we have here is from Mr. Joseph Fecate. I'm going to say I said that right.


Hey, BYM crew, I got a question for.


All of you.


I just seen this.


Morning that.


John Jones and Steve Bay fight is off. I don't know why it's off, but it's super annoying. My question is, John Jones wanted to fight.


Steve Bay.


Because he's considered the greatest heavyweight of all time, which he deserves. But he also said that he wants to retire after fighting Steve Bay. Since that fight is not going to go on now and he can't beat the greatest heavyweight of all time, do you think that he should just break his record of the most title defense and become the greatest heavyweight of all time that way?




Me know what you guys think.


Thank you. Bye. So the reason I was looking at my phone, because I googled John Jones's name because I haven't seen that. I know there's been some speculation, shall we say? I know C hill Sonner came out and said that it's going to be Sergey Pavlovych. I haven't heard.


Anything of this.


C hill says a lot. I love C hill. May or may not just make random shit up for the sake of a YouTube video.


C hill's next door neighbour with DB Cooper, don't.


You know? Yeah, there's another conspiracy for you right there. C hill, please know who D. B. Cooper is.


Who's DB Cooper?


Db Cooper is a guy who hijacked a plane, got a shit ton of money, and then parachute it from the plane. They never found out who he was. They don't even know if his name is DB Cooper. There's actually a Netflix documentary about DB Cooper, and they still don't really know for sure who.


It was. Hold on one second.


Mom? Hi, yeah. Is everything okay?


Yes, yes, sir. Did you get the message before?


I did it. Mom, I'm live on the podcast and so are you. Oh, are you? Say hello to the believers. Say hello, believers.




Hello, believers.


Hello, believers. Hope you believe everything that M.


Ikey tells you. Yeah, say hello to Anthony Smith.




Anthony. Hello.


Yeah, you can't hear me said hello because I got headphones in. I'll call you back as soon as I'm done, mum. We're just wrapping this up.


Is it true, Michael, that you might have to have a heart surgery?


No, it's not true that I might have to have a bloody heart surgery. Who's telling you this? We're live on a podcast, mum. Don't be talking about medical shit. I'll call you back, mum. Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Where the hell is she getting that shit? What's she going to...


You're not, right? You're okay?


I am not having heart surgery now. I have not been to a doctor anytime recently, so don't know where she's getting that from. My God. What was the question? Steve Pea versus Jon Jones. Go on.


Okay. So I did see Chales' thing. And all indications point that Steve Pea is good to go.




That's what I hear. Whenever. He's good. So that's what I hear. I haven't heard that straight from Steve Pei's mouth, but from Steve Pei's side of the road, sounds like his deal's done. He's signed. He's ready to go.


Okay, right. So basically from people from his circles that maybe have knowledge of the situation without naming names or anything like that, from what you hear of...


He's good.


Everything's good to go on.


That side. He's training. He's in camp.


Oh, really? Good. Because as a fan, that's what I want to see, for sure.


But there is some hold up, though, because there is no fight announcement. There's no date. There's no venue officially. You would think that the second they get that fight booked officially, that they would announce it, or at least on maybe a big event, or Dana does those big fight announcements, which I think is awesome. I love when he does that one. He'll just feed you 10 awesome matchups on a YouTube video. But yeah, so I don't know what the hold up is, but there is one it sounds like, but I don't know what it is.


It's going to be a good run, I think, towards the end of the year. Obviously, I think we're going to have Conor McGregor versus Chandler in December. From what you said, from what we all think, Steve Pay, John Jones in November. We got Fight Island, we got the BMF belt, we got a lot of shit going on. The question was, though, if... Let's just say hypothetically that fight wasn't going to happen. If John Jones was to defend the belt more times than Steve Pay? I think I'm paraphrasing, but almost that. If he defended the belt more times than Steve Pay, do you think that would make him the greatest heavyweight of all time without beating Steve Pay?


Yeah, there's an argument there for sure. I mean, if you defend it more times than anybody else, that would by default, put you there because that's how Steve Pay got that title. So yeah, you think even without beating him, you would have to say that.


Yeah. No, I totally agree. There's is no hard, it's not hard. It's just an opinion thing.


The only way that that wouldn't be the case is if he lost to Steve, say he defends it four times but then loses the steep A, steep A still wins that tie breaker. But yeah, I think you would have to.


But by all accounts, our friend here that sent in the question, the tweet you're reading this morning, brother, is incorrect. Madison Square Garden, it's going down, it's going on. The heavyweight gold is coming back and he's defending against Jonny Bones. Jon, at the most iconic venue in the goddamn world. And yes, I will need open heart surgery if I continue getting this hype talk. Brian, what is the next question?


All right, so the next question we have here is from Craig Cannel.


Craig. Paul, Craig.


What's happening, boys? It's Craig in a very surprisingly sunny Scotland right now. Two questions for you. First one, with the state of the judging and some of the decisions that are coming out these days. Have you ever seen a fighter or heard of a fighter leaving the cage pissed off and angry, trying to find the judge that called to fight against them? Or does the UFC have something in place that gets them out of the cage and gets them to fuck all the way back to the locker room? Or have you ever seen someone just scout out the judge that they know went against them and went up to go and question and say, What the fuck was this? The second question, if the UFC were to ever say, We're going to do a fan experience, would you? Was that something you guys would be up for doing? If they said there's going to be a young lad and his dad coming to the show and they want to see the behind the scenes, you take them through the day in the life of the commentary or the analyst work for Anthony, was that something that you guys would be on board for, if the UFC ever ran that idea past you?


Yeah. Thanks, so hard work boys. Keep it up.


Mike Harrington. Cheers, mate. Appreciate that, buddy. So I don't think so. I don't think I have experience or heard of a fighter. Go and take it up with a judge. Number one, I guess you could find out the name of the judges that judge your fight pretty quickly. Then you got to find them in an arena with 20,000 people. Maybe at the apex it's a little easier, but I think you got to be got to be professional. You got to be professional and you got to accept all eventualities. You know what I'm saying? One of the eventualities is that you can win, one is that you can lose. You can get knocked out, you can get submitted, you can get choked out. You can lose on points, you can win on points and also get fucked by the judges. I don't think going out there and kicking off with the judges... I understand the question, and it is a good question, but I don't think I can think of an example, and I And I feel that that's just... They always say, don't the Danes said it many times, don't let this go to the judges.


You know what happens? And we all know that. We all run that risk. Of course, we all try and finish fights. But I don't think there's ever been an example where a fighter is taking it out on a judge personally and berating them for their opinion.


No, not that I can ever remember. On the regional scene, I've seen guys screaming at them from the inside of the cage because they don't actually always know which one's which and where they're at. But I've seen them bitching and complaining and screaming about how the judges suck, but never anything more than that.


I don't know why, but I just... Go on, sorry.


Well, I was going to go on to his fan experience question.


That's what I was thinking about. Fuck the fan experience. We're doing live, believe you me podcast. We're going to do the Monday and the Thursday show. We're going to bang them out. We're going to do one and that. We're going to tour up and down England. We're going to come back. We're on the East Coast. We're going to work our way across the whole of America. We're going to be exhausted. Hamilton will die in the process. We will strangle him. We will put him to sleep. We will put him out of his misery.


He can't ride with us, though. From one place to the next, he can't ride with us.


Well, we're going to have silk's executive travel. So that's how we're going to roll in the UK. We're going to do it. We're going to get this going. We got to get this popping. Get your passports ready. Brian and Harrington, we're coming. After the show, we're going to put a plan together. We're doing it. It's not over to you.


He's got it with him in his hand.


Because it just came back from Jamaica.


So we got a question here. It's a trivia question from Mr. Brian Harvey.


We got to do trivia again. That was fun.


Hey, boys. Love the show. Keep up the good work. I tune in for the shit talk and I stay for the MMA stories. I've got a game.


Show type question for you.






Combat sportsman.


Also was blind in.


One eye.


And worked in a slaughterhouse like this thing? Pause it there, Brian. I'll give you the answer in a minute.


I know it. I've got his book.




Yeah. What's his name? You don't know, obviously.




No. Yeah. No, there was a boxer from the 1918s. I've got his bloody book. He's a lightweight guy, worked at a slaughterhouse from New York, from that area. Yeah. Harry Greb. Harry Greb.


No way. You remembered it.


Harry Greb. Just press a play button. Brian, let's see what we've got from Winston.


Joe Fraser, you're an amazing company.




A lot. Fuck you, Harrington.


What? No, listen, there was only one mix martial arts to do it. And now he's bringing out multiples? Joe Fraser had one eye since when?




Not to me, but Harry Grab. Brian, bring up a little Google on Harry Grab.


Joe Fraser. First thing that popped up was blind and one eye.


Are you serious?


Yeah. Years after his retirement from the ring, Fraser revealed that he had completed for years with a cataract and one eye, making him effectively half blind.


Yeah, fucking cataract. What's that weak ass bullshit? I had the cataract now. I was also then completely blind. Cataract. Can Joe Fraser pull this out? Hold on. Come on, baby.


Well, yeah, it was from a training accident. He developed a cataract. I was reading my phone. I didn't see you popped your eyeball out.


Joe Fraser got shit on that, bro.


That is no cataract.


Oh, God. No, Harry Greb. Just pick up a still of Harry Greb, the skinny little bastard. No, no, no. Harry Greb was...


Hold on, I was pulling up his Wikipedia. Give me one second.


I have that. Harry Greb, 1894 to 1926. He had a crazy record. Hold on. Where's his record?


108 wins. 261 wins.


49 by KL. 262 wins, 18 losses unbelievable. And apparently halfway through his career, he lost one eye as well. We got one more, Brad, before we all get out of here. Before I pee my pants because I'm on the verge.


You know what? I was almost hoping you didn't ask for this one, but here it comes. This one's for Son of a... This one is from Son of a bitch.


Hello. My name, Son of.




Bitch. I'm so on Instagram that.


You were chilling.








And Arnold Schreiber.






It? And Anthony Smith.


Do you know the.


Movie where this.


Quote is from?




La Vista.


The baby. Wow.


What the fuck was that?


I'm convinced that's Roland Vixer.


You think that's Roland?


That could be Roland, but more importantly, that's our fan base.


Did Roland disappear? Have we not seen Roland.


In a while? Roland Vixer has not been around for a while.


Really? That's got to be Roland.


It's a mentally the only handicapped person with the pig mask on. And as I say, that's our bloody fan base. That's who we're talking to. That's who's listening to us. Subscribe, ring the bell, please. We love you. Has to La Vista, baby. What movie?




Yeah, good job.


I got one.


When's the last... You got one? Oh, you did get one. I got that one. I'm proud of you. You did it after all this time. When's the last time? That's good. When's the last time you watched the Terminator?


Oh, God, I don't even know.


I'm trying to get.


Lucas to watch it. 20 years ago?


Yeah, it's good. The Terminator 2 is fantastic. After that, there's a rather big drop off. 1 2, classics. Anyway, that's it. That's it. We're done with the show, guys and girls. Thank you very much for watching. We'll be back on Thursday with McKenzie Dern and one of the guests that we're yet to organize, but we will do it. And we will do the 1 Chip challenge. Thursday, we're going down the.




Hats on, too. I'm getting you tintfoil. We got Cubs, Privacy Corner. We got McKenzie Dern. We got the 1 Chip challenge. We got a pack show.


I tell you. Let's do it. We got.


More shit to talk about than what we did today. Today was a waffler. Boys, girls, take care.