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Anyway, we are rolling. This is the show. So, ladies and gentlemen, as you all know, Anthony Lionheart Smith, Brian, stay on the screen. And, Harrington, that's quite the shirt. It's quite the shirt you got there, buddy. Looking good. Looking good. Anthony has a job to do. He has a big, big fight this weekend. So don't be offended, Harrington, to fill in for his absence, which we know you do a fantastic job, but we have got a stacked show. We have the Champ, Al Jomain Sturley. We have the contender, Sougar Sean O'Malle, we have the Bernicle sensation, Mike Platinum Perry, and potentially, Anthony Smith as well is going to give us a quick face time if he can. Do you want to just shoot him a text, boys? Just to remind him. Sure. He did say. Now, before Aljo jumps on, because you've done a tremendous job on the nose as always, lads, having to chill and say.


And Brian. No, that's clear. You're not slitting me by saying you're replacing me with Aljo, S ugar Sean, and Mike Perry. If that's what it takes to replace me, I'm doing pretty good.


You're happy with it. You're happy with it. Okay, all right. No, they are joining. So it's going to be great. It's going to be great. How are you boys? We got to talk about this real quick. The one chip challenge. Two things before Aljo jumps on. I want to talk about the one chip challenge. We're doing it. We didn't do it last week, but there it is. That scares me. What's the and give me some details on the chip.


It's like a million Scoville units or something. I don't know what that is in dollars, but I'm sure it's fucking quite a bit.


Yeah, that scares the crap out of me. So we didn't want to do it when Anthony has a fight. Okay?


It comes.


Fully isolated, so nobody accidentally touches it.


Yeah. So no dipping it in milk before we do it. I want to see everyone rip them open. So next week we're going to do that. As long as praise the Lord, that Anthony does well and gets the job done and isn't black and blue. If he is black and blue, we're not going to subject him to a 1,000 chilli peppers. We'll do that the week after. So that's happening. So stay tuned. And then also this Saturday, this Saturday, this trio right here, and I'm going to try and get a guest fighter on as well, someone else to join us. So there'll be four of us. We will be doing a live fight companion watching Anthony Smith's fight, some of the prelimits, well, the main card probably. So we'll be live. So keep an eye out on that. We will schedule that today. It will be up.


There, right? Yeah, I have the artwork for it already.


So by the time this goes live, it will be there. So click a little reminder and come and join the BYM fun on Saturday because I don't know about you guys. I'm nervous.


I don't know if nervous is the right thing. I'm anxious, you know what I mean? I think for sure this is going to go Anthony's way, but who knows?


What's up, man?


That's why Al Jomain Sterling is a real champ. Because not only is he on time, he's early. The man is early. What a guy.


I didn't know if this link was even going to work this early.


Well, believe it or not, this little Rinky Dink show, Brian sends out a proper link. How are you, buddy? Are you well?


I'm good. Just a little swollen still, man. The when you kick people as much as I do, it's the worst. It's all good in theory until after the fight.


Well, it's funny you say that because I was literally going to say that you're looking good. You don't look like you went through five rounds at the weekend with one of the greatest banter weights or one of the greatest that we've seen in the lighter weight divisions. You don't have a mark on you. But let's have a look at the shin bones.


I don't know if you want to see that. It's like super bloated. I'm super bloated, my ankles, everything.


Well, at least you did go five rounds. I'm super bloated at the minute, but I've got no excuse. That's just too much beer.


There's nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with a little beer.


But the last time I saw you, where was it? Was it Kansas or San Antonio? It was San Antonio, right? San Antonio. I was indulging in a couple of drinks at that time, but you were obviously preparing for the fight, correct?


Yeah. So I didn't drink at all. I didn't drink since the stem cells, which was the first week of February. I went to the bio accelerator thing and tried to just do it the right way.


And that's down in Columbia, right?




How was that? Because stem cells is... And did you feel any benefits? Because the reason I'm asking that, obviously we're going to talk about your fight in just a second because there's a lot to talk about there and what's next, et cetera.


Are we on right now?


Oh, yeah, we are rolling, brother. We are rolling. This is how it is. We're rolling with the punches. Stem cells. Did you see any benefit from that? Because I've heard mixed results and I've broken back in two places and I wanted to try stem cells. And the doctor talked to that, I saw it said, That's a waste of time. But everyone else says, No, Mike, these work. So what was your experience, Aljo?


So far so good. It's definitely a lot better with the pain. The only thing I will say is it's not 100 %, but I also didn't take the full recommended time off that they asked me to. I told them I had a fight and I got to make money. So they said, Just listen to your body. If something starts to hurt, try to back off of it. There were some days that I felt like I was overusing a little bit with some of the grappling sessions because it was pretty grappling intense with the training session, getting ready for that fight. So other than that, I feel good. I think now... And I followed the diet for about a month. It's hard to do no sugar. It's hard to do completely no red meats. That's going to give you... That's going to be like an anti inflammatory diet. So the only thing I could really eat, they recommended just fish and chicken, which was really hard for me to just stick by that.


So I did. So when you have the stem cells, there's a certain diet, a certain protocol that you have to follow to get maximized results.






Was tough for me and doing the PT stuff, and I don't eat the cleanest all the time. So it was a bit of a challenge for me because I don't like greens. That's one of the hardest things for me to eat. But I think I did relatively okay and I can still see results up to a year. So I still got another seven, maybe six and a half months.


I'm going to reach out to those guys at Bio Accelerator. I'm going to reach out because we did have a little bit of dialogue before. So I'll reach out. Anyway, that's not what we want to talk about. We want to talk about that stunning performance because it really was out of the chain. And you know that there's people out there that have talked a bit of crap. There's been a lot of haters, for want of a better word, on your career. And I saw you say this week, people eople cannot deny you anymore. I mean, what you just did at the weekend was phenomenal. Congratulations on an amazing fight. The thing that impressed me the most, of course, all the skill that was on display was incredible. But it's the fact you took the fight right to do him right from the open and Bell. You wasn't playing it safe. You were thinking, I'm not going to kick because he might catch them. You weren't trying to accentuate your reach advantage and stay on the outside and dance around. You just went right at this man's hair. I'm going to fight you. I believe in myself.


I'm the better guy. And ultimately you were. Just talk to me about it from your perspective, because it really was an impressive fight.


Honestly, I thought the fight was close, but at the same time, I knew we both knew in our minds who was winning the fight, who was getting the better of each other in there. Everything I said was, it had some validity. I think he was being very dismissive of me, and I couldn't tell that was just mental warfare to try to get me to doubt myself. And I will admit, there were some parts that I were like, am I the delusional one here thinking that I can do what I think I can do to him based on what I'm seeing and training? And thankfully, I'm pretty bulletproof, man, up there. For 13 months, I got rid of killed by everybody in the entire world with the Peota Yung fight. And I got to shut him up. I got to shut them all up as well. We all know these split decision wins. We look at the San Hagan versus Chido Verra. And I know that's your boy. But in what universe is that ever a split decision? You know what.


I mean?


People could say whatever they want, you are winning all these fights very close. I'm like, Dude, it's not my fault. It's like they just don't want me to win. I'm not saying the judges have something against me, but I think there's a little bit of a bias based on what I'm doing and what I think and the interpretation of the rule set are for judging fights. With that said, going into the fight, I knew I had the skills to beat the guy. I knew I could take him down and I knew I could hold him down. I wish I was able to get a hold of him a little bit earlier, but there was a little bit of hesitancy because I think he played a good job of making adjustments to my adjustments. And it was a high level chess match. And I think that was a tough part. But Henry's who he says he is. And I think he brought a really tough game, a really hard challenge to figure out. But thankfully, we did enough. And in the training room that we were able to get the job done in the fight.


Listen, you did. You absolutely won the fight, in my opinion. I know Henry put a video up when he was watching it in his hotel room in the middle of the night with his girlfriend and things like that.


Listen, you know how weird was that?




Don't know if it was. I'm like, Henry, is she your coach? I mean, hey, man.


She was saying you shouldn't have done that at one point and you should have done this.


I'm not saying she was wrong, but it was just awkward to have that piece out there like that because then I'm just looking at it, I'm just like, I could only imagine putting on a video with Rebecca and her telling me what I could have done better. I'm just like, Baby, you've never even trained. I know.


You've worked. Is your partner called Rebecca?




Is that your wife's name? Oh, so it's mine. I thought you were talking about my wife.


No, it's not funny. No, no, no.


That is That is funny. And we'll talk about her in a minute because I know she's been by your side right from day one, correct?




Which is phenomenal. Behind every great man, there's a great woman and the rest of it, let's be honest. Was there any a time in the fight that you were hurt? Because he was loading up, he was swinging. And I think that was telegraphing some of his punches. And listen, he did a lot of good things as well. As you know, it was a close fight, but I had you winning it clear. But it was competitive. Was there any times that you were rocked or hurt in the fight?


No, not at all. And I was annoyed with Dominic Cruz and his breakdown of my style because he's 100 % right. I got those positions where people were like, Oh, you're playing on your knees. I'm like, I'm not playing on my knees. I'm being very strategic about how I get back to my feet. I'm not going to just stand up and get blasted in the face. And that's exactly what Henry said in his videos as well. I shouldn't have just hung out there. I wanted to hurt him, and I was waiting for him to come up. And I'm like, Get the F up, dude. Get up. But it's a strategy. You don't just get up and walk into something. And then when you do, there was two times where he almost knee me in the face because I just got up right away way instead of taking my time, trying to get his hands off my head so I can see where I'm going. And I'm just wrestling. I'm literally just wrestling and taking my time while he's squeezing his arms around me, not doing anything. And we're in a stalemate position like wrestling in a wrestling match.


That's what happens when two guys are in a position in a take down situation and nothing is happening for a certain amount of time, usually about 10, 15 seconds, the ref blows the whistle and restarts the position because it's a stalemate. No guy's advancing position and nothing's going to happen. So that was what was happening. Henry needed to disengage. And when he did disengage, I got back up to my feet and we just resumed exactly where we were leaving off. So that's the game. And I think he wrestled more than he probably should have. And I think I just outsmarted him in those positions.


Because Ray Longo did say, I think it was end of round four. I know for this on all four stuff. Sarah, pardon me, but I agree with you because I was arguing your case. I do a show on VT Sport and one of the guys on there had it for a Seahawk. And he said, You don't win a fight by beating on your knees. I'm like, Dude, what are you talking about? He was pushing the pace. He was trying to go for take downs. Not only that, he outstruck him as well, as well as taking him down four times. I said, the reason he was on the knees is because he was shooting for take downs and Henry had good take down defence. But you don't win a fight by defending. We know that. What you were doing was trying to be aggressive. And I'm not kissing your ass because you're on it. That's literally what I was saying. How do you get has it annoyed you at any of the talk that Henry should have won and all the rest of it? Or at this point, is it water off a duck's back because you truly know that you won the fight so you couldn't care less?


I couldn't care less, man. I know I won the fight. He knows I won the fight. And I think he's looking for validation from other people to tell him and make him feel like he won the fight. And he even said it. I like that he was honourable in his defeat at the press conference and acknowledged that if people really thought I won, then I should have had the belt. And he didn't. And that's what it's all about. At the end of the day, the three people that matter the most, even though it could be unanimous across the world, they said, I won the fight. I won the fight. And we've seen some pretty bad decisions where clearly, like a Patty the Patty, Jared Gordon situation. And it was no Patty to Patty, Jared Gordon situation. I think everybody, for the most part at home, had me winning the fight. And even after the final bell sounded, it was like, Dude, I think we both could look at each other and know who won the fight. I landed way more strikes than you. I took you down more times. And I think I landed the more devastating strikes.


Even the elbow at the end of that first round, look at his face, look at mine. I busted up his legs. Yeah, my legs are swollen from kicking him. My calf is a little swollen from him. He landed some solid kicks as well. But I think all in all, I beat him up a lot more than he beat me up. And I think.


That's the first round, I remember sitting there watching it because obviously we all know about the wrestling accolades of Sejuda. That's what he's known for. That's his best weapon. He never mentions it, though. He never mentions it. Listen, I like Henry so I'm having a bit of fun. So I'm not like two face. When you get away from all the king of Cringe showman stuff, he's actually a solid dude. So I like him. But in that first round when I was watching and when you first engage in that clench, I think it was a body lock and he took you down. I was like, oh, man, see, there's the difference. But then you got back up and then you took him down and then you took his back. Talk to me about the emotions. What was going through your head when he did take you down? Were you like, shit, he is that good? Just be real and be honest.


No, I give him credit. I took my hat off to him because he timed it perfectly as I think I threw a left hook and then I turned around or I did a fake knee and then I stepped in. Then as I turned in, he ducked his head and he locked his hands. This was the exact position we worked on and if he's being short and stumpy, if he locks his hands, he's going to be really strong there. Just with his wrestling accolades and him knowing what to do in that position. There's wrestling strength and then there's strength in the weight room. I knew he was going to be wrestling strong when he gets that clench. He's going to be strong there. And that's exactly what he was. So when he bit down and he stepped behind my leg and took me down, I was annoyed, definitely annoyed. I was like, This little freaking goomba took me down way too early and I'm annoyed. So now I need to get the hell up and gas pedal him because I can't let him get ahead on the scorecards this early in the fight. I need to set the tone of this fight.


And that's what I was able to do. Once I was able to get the butterfly guard in, he pulled me away from the cage, which was probably... He probably thought that was better for him, but it was honestly better for me because it gave me more room to work and get the butterfly hooks in, elevate him a little bit. And he didn't know damage with any of his take downs, literally no damage whatsoever. So with that being said, I knew I had to get the take down back and I knew I could take him down with my own body lock. And that's what I did. I got him back down and I had to just remind this guy, like, hey, you're in for a fight. All that talking you did, all that Olympic gold medal. Like I said, I'm going to take that gold medal and I'm going to shove it right up your ass. And it's exactly what I did.


Yeah, you did. And once again, proved to the world that you are the greatest bantamweight. You brought Dominic Cruz up before. Did you see what he said, though? He did have something good to say about it. He said that I'm glad that Al Jummane won because we're going to have a proper challenge and a guy that's going to defend against all the contenders in the division. What did you think of that? Because Dominic Cruz is a legend in the sport.


Dom is the man. And what I said earlier is not like a snipe at him or whatsoever. I was just.


Like, damn, Dom. Of course. No, no, no. Of course.


Yeah, like you're giving.


Away my seat. No, no, no. The sniper, wait. Dom deserves all the little slaps and snaps and whatever because he's a little shit, but I love him like my little brother.


Yeah, I hear you. But yeah, he's a smart dude, man. He wasn't a former world champion for no reason. He's a very good analyst. He knows what he's looking at. I got the opportunity to train with him and pick his brain as well. And he knows what he's looking at. He knows how everything is working and what the purpose is behind certain stuff. And it reminded me when he said, I think Conner is trying to rest here with Khabib, and then Joe Rogen cuts him off. He goes, I don't think he's resting at all. I think he's just getting smashed. And there's a bit of both where they're both correct because, yeah, Conner is resting conservative energy because there's nothing he could do. And then Khabib is trying to smash him where he can't smash him. So it was like a little bit of both. And that's the game of inches that people have to try to understand. But you don't really know unless you know. But I was very appreciative of Dom's compliments. And yeah, man, he's right. There's something to be said about taking yourself out the testing pool, taking yourself away from competition while everyone fights each other, beats each other up.


And then you just jump back and say, Hey, guys, I'm back. Can I cut the line? I waited this whole time for two, three, four years. I finally get to the front of the line, and then you just cut the line. There's something a little bit annoying about that. And don't get me wrong, I respect Henry's resume, but there's something a little disingenuous about that as a champion. And I've done it the hard way and I've done it the right way and I plan to continue to do so.


No, you certainly have done it the right way and you have done it the hard way as well. I was just looking at your record right there as you were talking. 2016 and '17, that's when you've got those losses appeared. The only ones on your record. Since then, I think it's a nine fight win streak that you're on. You're now the champion of the world. You're dominating the division. What changed? Don't get me wrong, you were an accomplished fighter already and you're fighting the best people in the world. That happens. Dude, I've got nine losses on my record. So there's no shade. You know what I'm saying? But what do you think was the mindset or what clicked or what changed to where you just became the version of you that you are today?


What clicked? I think it's more so after the knockout loss was just trusting that, hey, man, being knocked out is not as bad as people make it out to be. It does suck because obviously you're like, damn, I got knocked out in front of all my friends and family. Yeah, that does suck. But I think when you.


Get comfortable... It's embarrassing more than anything.


Yeah, but it's like that unknown. And I think for such a long time, I was so hesitant to compete and mix it up like a fight fight because I was nervous of what it might feel like to get hit cleanly to the face. And then after that, I was like, Well, there goes that. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. And I was able to let my guard down a little bit and get a little bit more comfortable, get a little bit more loose in the cage, and be more of me than what I'm doing in the training sessions. You want to open up that you do? Because in my sparring sessions, man, I do a lot more than what I do in the fight. And it's also because I'm like trial and error. That's always the way. I'm trying to see what's working. But then in the fight, you got to take a little less risk because you don't want to be as risky where you're trying to figure something out in real time and then you get caught and that could be the short night. So you don't want that.


But you got to have a balance, entertainment, but at the same time being goal driven to get the job done and get the win.


It's always the way, isn't it? Because I used to say if I could just fight in the octagon, the way that I fight in the goddamn gym, I will be the champ like that. But of course, on the night, you got the pressure, you got nerves, you got the crowd, you got all the rest of it. And we all know about gym fighters all over the world being fantastic, but can't put it together on the night. So yeah, no, I totally hear you, man. Totally hear you. I want to talk about Omalet and I want to talk about Marhab, definitely, because that shit was hilarious. But you mentioned... Is it your fiancée or your girlfriend, Rebecca?


Yeah, my fiancée, Rebecca.


Your fiancée. I saw, I think it was a post on Instagram the other day or somewhere where you said, she's been by your side right from day one. And I'm very lucky that I've got the same thing as well. And it changes your life, having someone that's... I'm sure a lot of people think your lady is a very pretty girl probably thinks since you become the champion and you've got money and some fame now that all of a sudden you've got this girl, it's like, no, she's been there since fucking day one. What has it been like to have that rock in your life?


She's amazing, man. I probably don't tell her enough how much I appreciate her, but I truly do, man. She makes my life a lot easier. And having someone you could confide in and trust to open up with. I'm a very emotional guy. Behind the scenes, I grew up with not a lot of love growing up, and I feel like it made me very, I don't want to say awkward, but very just different with the way I handle things with bad situations. I tend to more so blow up than anything. She's definitely helped me find a happier place. I feel like I would hide behind it, behind jokes and being silly and whatnot. But really, I was more of an angry kid because my parents were like... It was just a shit show at home growing up and all the fighting and things like that. So having her around, she really helped me out almost like, I don't want to say a shrink, but someone for me to really just be myself with and open up and express a lot of things that bother me and whatnot. She's very helpful when it comes to preparing as well.


Anything that I need, she'll go out of her way for me even when she's tired and exhausted from work. She'll work long hours and still come home and still cater to me. Sometimes I'm like, I don't know how she does it. I know I'm exhausted and I had a tough day, but I'm not doing as much in the sense of working the long hours, being up in the morning and things like that, making sure I have food and things like that still. So she's a very good woman, man. So I'm blessed in that regards. And she's got a great personality. She lights up the room whenever she goes somewhere and people get to meet her. So definitely a gem. And I probably cause her more headaches than I probably should have over the years. And thankfully, we're still together and she stuck by me because she could have easily not. I've probably given her all the reasons in the world not to. And I just think we just have a really good connection with each other that even through that, we've been able to find our way back to each other. There's no perfect relationship.




But thankfully for us, I feel like we have less of those than I just think we have a lot less of that, the bumping of heads thing. And of course, you know better than I do, man. Better than anyone else. With this spotlight, being an athlete, people just just assume you're just rich all the time. Even when you're like, you're one fight in the UFC, they just assume you're rich. They assume you have all these things and perks and whatnot. And when you start to win and you do a little bit better, those things start to go up a little bit more. So they get a little bit amplified. And thankfully, I didn't really let... At least I don't think so in my perspective. I don't think I let it get to my head where it had me doing too many reckless things and forgetting about her and things like that.


So she's.


Been a very big part of the journey. And like I said, I'm blessed to have her. She's smart. She does the right things. She treats me right. E can cook. She's very hygienic, which is a big thing for me. There's a lot of gusty and dusty people out there and she does it.


You haven't met Brian and Harrington, my producers on this show. My word, they are the epitome of crusty and dusty.


Oh, man.


Rude. Yeah, sorry. I see you saw that. No, you're absolutely right. And to hear you saying those things, so much of it resonates with me. It's the same thing. And I think, to be honest, a lot of fighters are the same. And I was lucky enough, as you were, to meet somebody. And it's funny, you used the word shrink because she's like, it's been subconscious therapy for me over years because I was wild. I had a crazy temper. I had some shitty circumstances, you know what I'm saying? But she came from a great family and she loved me for who I was, even though there was all this shit going on here. She could see the real version of me that would sometimes pop my head up, but then be surrounded by all these other nonsense. But she could see through all that and helped me to become me. So yeah, a lot of what you're saying sounds very familiar.


Yeah, because I'm from a family of 20 men, so I got 20 plus siblings.


It's a lot of us. 20?


Yeah. So there's a lot of chaos just between the mixed families and the baby mothers and marriage, divorces. So like you said, she comes from a very good family as well. And to have to go deal with me, I'm surprised we even work. And it's a very different dynamic because I grew up in chaos. A laa, Quintana and the coaches, they almost make fun of me. They're like, I feel like you do better when you're in chaos. When everything is going the right way, we get nervous because we're used to you just having all kinds of chaos happening because I vent to them sometimes about my brother or my mom or my dad thing. So situation. And they're like, Dude, I don't know how you have the mental capacity to separate. And I could never say this word compartmentalize.


I always brutal... Compartmentalize.


Yeah, compartmentalize. They wonder how I'm ever able to do that and focus for fights. And this has been my entire career. Just chaos in the back of my mind that I'm always dealing with. And she had to deal with a lot of that and still deals with a lot of that, too. So it's a even for this camp, I think this was probably the most that I try to just quiet the noise. And I was almost wondering if it was too quiet because I was like, Man, this might be a bad thing that is too quiet like this because I'm just used to it at this point. But it's a little bit more peaceful just finally starting to tell people no and just not giving a shit anymore because you can't please everybody, man. I try to be this nice guy all the time, and I'm honestly over it. I was hoping Anthony Smith was going to be on because I was going to ask him something. I was going to be joking a bit.


But at the same time I was going to.


Be a little serious.


You're the came in for an answer. Now, go on. Ask the question now because I am interested to know what the word of that was.


He's made some couple of remarks in the past about my fight with Peoria. And I wanted to ask him, do you really compare your knee to the head? Anywhere close to the type of damage that I took to the head where you saw the knee, I didn't see the knee. The impact of your knee versus the impact of my knee. And then have the nerve to say it aids gracefully and try to almost like pick himself up while giving like, almost like you're not trying to put me down, but you are. And I like Anthony.


He's a nice guy. I was literally going to say a minute ago, say, Wow, this version of Alphabet, this is what people are going to love love and want to see. And then now you're attacking. They love Anthony, the believers on this show. They love Anthony. You know what I mean? You were going up the hill and now you've just gotten back down the hill. We're going to pull you.


Back up again. It's okay. You can still love Anthony. I love Anthony. I love watching him fight. But when you got a bone to pick with somebody, you got to call it how it is. I don't want to be that awkward space in the room where we're together. I had to listen to him for multiple occasions talking about it. And I redeemed myself and I shut everybody else up. I don't want to hear about it anymore. Don't say your thing age gracefully. If anything, I could probably say you're a moron. But I'm not doing that. That's your honor code. I'm like, Dude, you think I want to be rolling around on the floor? I'm supposed to be this tough bad ass, and I'm rolling around on the floor. I don't know what I look like. And then when I go back and I watch it, I'm like, Yeah, that looks pretty bad. I look ridiculous rolling on the ground looking like that.


My eyes rolling back. That was in the past. That was in the past. And that was what I'm just saying. Two, three years ago? Two years ago?


2021, yeah.


That was two years ago. Look what's happened since. You've put all that to bed, right? You've beat TJ D'Elechon, regardless of the shoulder injury or whatnot, regardless, you beat him, you beat Henry Zahoudo. And I know you probably experienced that. I bet some taters out there are still like, Well, Henry had three years off, TJ had one arm, Peorian hasn't won a fight since. You know what I mean? Well, it's all very convenient if they want to make that storyline. But the reality is you are dominating and you're taking out great. But Saturday night when you went out there and you won, the people of New Jersey were still fucking booing in the crowd. What did you make of that, Al Jumaine? Because I'll be honest, I struggle with that a little bit. Do you think it's just they're not understanding you? Do you think you're playing the heel a little bit too much?


I don't give a shit. They want me to be the heel. I'll be the heel all day long.


So let's go. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring that up to be a dick.


No, I know. Listen, man, I take anything with a grain of salt. I don't get butt hurt over things. I will remember stuff and then dish it back. I always say just make sure if you dish it, you can take it. That's what I always say back to people. So I got thick enough skin where it's like, I could take a good joke. It doesn't matter.




Is what it is. But the fans of New Jersey, I made my UFC debut, my MMA debut in 2011 in Moristown, New Jersey. I fought a ton in New Jersey. The fact that I was getting booed was it is what it is. For me, it was more so feeling like cheers than anything because I'm like, listen, this is me showing you that I don't give a fuck. I'm here to win and that's what I did. And I did it against one of the best guys out there, the self proclaimed greatest combat athlete of all time. Now, what does that make me? So maybe they're mad that I'm going to keep running up these checks and keep looking good. It while I'm doing it. And that's it, man. I'm out here to get paid.


Well, guess what? If I can give you a bit of advice on that, Al Joe, and far be it from me, because I was universally hated. I remember walking into bloody arenas. I remember it was the Honda Center here in Anaheim, and there was a UFC event on, I forget which one it was. And I walked in and 20,000 people all just universally booed me. So I just stood there and I did this and I laughed my head off. And then some guys came over to me. It was like the executive for the Clippers's basketball team. It was like, Oh, man, that was the best response, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, the point is, I've been there. You just keep being you. You keep being authentic. You keep doing your thing. They'll all come round. Not that you give a shit, but you know what I mean? They will all see and realise the greatness and the realness because there's nothing fake about you. You know what I'm saying? And the reality is as long as they show an emotion, the last thing you want to do is go out there and have people just indifferent and not really give a shit.


I never cared if they were cheering or they were booing. As long as there was emotion, as long as there was energy and atmosphere in the crowd, you're delivering what people want to see. You know what I'm saying? That energy and that experience that other people will never get to live.


Yeah, and I agree 100 %. That's why now I'm just like, it is what it is. Before, I wanted to be the guy that people cheer for. Now, I legitimately don't care. I know some people are going to say, Well, you do care because you read the comments. I'm like, Yeah, because I have social media. I'm a human being and then I'm going to.


Do that. You read the comments, we're curious beings.


Yes. And it's not like it's making or breaking my day. I'm not going to be butthurt about it. Some Joe Smith, I don't even know from a back hole in the wall, like, the hell, what are you doing with yourself? I'm out here doing great things. What are you doing? You know what I mean? That's the way I look at it.


Listen, and I'm sorry, I should have brought that up, Al Paco. I wasn't trying to bring it down. I said that I just... I don't know, whatever. We were just having a.


Good conversation. I don't give a.


Shit, man. There was certainly no disrespect let's talk about two things real quick because in eight minutes O'Malle shows up and if you want to dip off because you can't be bothered with that negativity, I totally get that. Obviously, you're going to fight him next. I just saw rumor it's going to be in August in Boston. Is that correct?




By the way, that was on some Instagram post. It wasn't from the UFC. It wasn't from anything official. And it had you, Brad Husker. So God knows that is not me knowing any inside information. But regardless, Sean O'Malle will be the next opponent. That's clearly evident. What are we thinking?


Sean O'Malle, he's definitely the number one contender. So he's going to get the next fight. But he's not this big drill that he thinks he is. Because if he was as big of a drill as he says he was, he would have done bigger numbers than Bo Nickle did on the contender series. And I think we all know that's not the case. So in his universe, he thinks he's this big guy, but this is the Al Paco Maystone Show. So he's coming to the Al Paco stone show, and I'm going to pick pick dictate and pick where we're going to fight. And it ain't going to be freaking Boston.




Of my is not going to stay and where this fight is going to take place. He's going to fight on my time. And when I feel like going out and competing again, and I said September, so he better pony up and be ready to fight in September.


Obviously, when he came in the ring on Saturday night, it got a little wild, got a little heated. I loved it. I got criticized for saying that I enjoyed it. I thought, call it what you will, maybe it's the thug in me, but I enjoy that little aspect of it. We're going to fight. I like to see a little bit of prefight aggression. But what was going through your mind when he stepped in there and he pulls the jacket off and all the rest of it? Were you enjoying that? Or talk to me about that.


I didn't mind it whatsoever. The goal was to sell the fight and I was going to call him out, which I actually, I guess I did call him out right before he came in. I told him to bring his sweet ass over here, bring that sugary sweet ass, sugar tits.


Bring your ass to the.


They brought him in the off the gun and it's all good, man. You want to step into my cage, just know this is where it's going to go down and I'm going to beat the shit out of you in here. So at some point we're going to fight. Whether or not he was in the off the gun with me or sitting case sides, running his mouth, it's going to happen. So that was the purpose of that, to.


Build the fight. That makes you more money, though, Al Joe. That makes you way more money because that's really good promotion. Obviously, you're the champ. You get a cut of the pay per view. That will boost pay per view sales for sure. So that's just going to mean more dollars in your bank account.


Yeah. Maybe I give him a cut of the pay per view sales. He's saying he's this big drill. We'll see what the numbers come back looking like and maybe I give him a little PC of that.


Yeah. Well, I'm looking forward. I am genuinely excited for that one. Marad Al Balajvili, one of the funniest things I've ever seen is, because he takes the jacket off. Sean is a showman, he's great. And then hands it to Marad, you two are screaming at each other. And Merab sticks the jacket on. And the look on his face, he looked so happy with himself. It was hilarious.


He looked like the Kingpin standing in there in the middle with his arms crossed, smiling. That was the best part of the entire promotion.




I thought it.


Was great. It was hilarious.


Merab is just a funny dude. One of the nicest guys in the world. But he's also a little troll. He's a little troll. He's got a little dark side to him. I love it. It's the funniest thing because now that his English is so much better, the jokes all hit a lot better, too. It's great to see. That's our little trifectant, I guess, a little love triangle that we got between myself, Marouh and O'Malle.


Well, Sejuda is making it f ootsome. Let's be honest. Sejuda is calling out Marouh now.


Yeah. I guess maybe we'll figure out where this fight is going to be. The only thing, Boston is.


Good for. Do you think that could be on there as well? Because that would just be phenomenal.


That would be great to do. But I know it ain't going to be Boston. Boston, the only thing that they deserve is to keep on losing to the New York Giants. So we'll keep that going and we ain't going to Boston.


Yeah. No, as I said, I was just scrolling Twitter or Instagram or something this morning and I saw a poll. So I was like, Is that true? Is that out there?


I know Dana was talking about buying me a Lambo. So maybe that might be the little incentive that he's trying to get. I think Dana is trying to...


Dane is going to buy you a Lamborghini?


That was one of my requests. And he damn sure will. He damn sure will. He wants this fight in Boston.


He's going to have to do a lot of things. I'm offended. I never got no bloody Lamborghini.




Remember... Because I remember UFC used to be sponsored by Harley Davidson, didn't you? And I remember the time I was resigning my contract and I texted her. I said, Hey, I heard there's some pretty decent signing bonuses going around these days. He's like, Bro, you're not getting the signing bonus. Okay? If you want a contract, take the contract. I said, Okay. I said, What about one of those Harley Davidson's? Could you swing me a Harley Davidson? He's like, Dude, you're getting paid a lot of money. If you want a Harley Davidson, buy a fucking Harley Davidson. But you're getting a goddamn Lamborghini. What color? If you were to get this Lamborghini, what would you go for?


I wanted to get it in a midnight purple with a Lizard green on the accents of it. Kind of like how I got my Tesla right now. And the reason why I like that color is because I did that for my very first T shirt that I made when I went pro. And on my shirt, I had a quote. It said, When I dream, I work reality. And I still live by that. So it's just coming back full circle. And I dreamt a lot. I worked a lot. I'm living out my reality now.


You conceived, believed and achieved.




Believed, and achieved. I hate to bring this up, but as you were saying there, you want the Tesla, you got the Lamborghini. Oh, Ali has got a pretty jazzy Tesla. I think it's in bright pink. I think he's got a pink Lamborghini as well. You guys have got something in common, though.


I like sugar tits, man. He's a funny dude when he wants to be. I don't get the infatuation with him. In terms of his personality, when he talks, I'm like, I don't get what the big deal is about him. Like, Conner, I get the Conner thing. The stuff that he says is funny, it's witty. Sean ain't saying no shit like that. He's just talking. I guess it's just the colorful hair, the face tattoos. He's got some serious skills. I guess it's just the knockout highlights and Snoop Dogg.


Karl Hems, Sougar Shireen. He does put a good show on. He does put a good show. He is popular. And his performances mainly, you know what I mean? Granted you're a big step up in competition or he had a good fight against Peor and Jan, that's his biggest win so far. But here he is. Now he gets a shot at the champ. How do you expect that fight to go down?


I think he's going to use a lot of footwork. He's going to be trying to snipe from the outside. He's going to realize, start trying to pick me apart. I'm going to.


Start picking him apart. O'malle, this was not a plan. I did not know that Al Jumaine was going to be on at this point. He came on 40 minutes ago. This was not planned. This was not planned. I repeat, this was not planned. So if you guys want to talk.


You can talk. I'm pulling bullshit on that one, B ish Ben.


No, he's been on for 40 minutes, Sean.


Hey, didn't your parents teach you not to talk with your mouth full?






What's up?


Hey, what we'll do is we'll say goodbye, Al Joe.


Don't go to that. Don't do that.


Yeah. Al Joe, you're the man. Honestly, Sean, that wasn't the plan. But do you guys want to talk or do you want to say bye to them?


I think Al Joe's had enough time to chitchat.


We got enough time. We'll do some more chitchatting in the cage in September.


You guys got plenty of time to talk. Al Joe, thanks again. Congrats again on a great win at the weekend and we'll say goodbye. Great talking to you though. I really.


Enjoyed that chat. Great time. Soon to be four time, baby. Funk out.


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Yeah, it was. It was cool to be able to be there. Cagedide, watch those guys live in action.


Yeah, no, absolutely. Listen, this has been a long time coming for you. When was it you were on the content Center? What was that? 17, something like that?


2017, I believe. Yeah, that was it.


Six years and now here you finally are. You get a shot of the Bantamweight Championship of the World. It's been some journey, Sean.


Yeah, I can't complain. I think it's gotten damn near perfect. And it's been training for about 12 years and it's leading up all to this moment. Or I'll say August. I'll just say September.


Yeah. He was just saying that actually. He was just saying that he said this is not going down in August.


Well, I'm fighting for the belt in August, so I don't know if he wants to hand that one over and go up to 45 just slide out that way or what. But I plan on fighting for the title in August.


Did you know, because I just found this out, you guys have something in common. You both have... Say it again. Nothing. Massive dicks. No. You both got a shiny Tesla with a loud car. Yours is pink and he's got a Lamborghini, he claims. A Lamborghini and the Tesla. So you got that in common there, Sean?


Well, I have three Teslas and I've had a Lambo longer.


Yeah, but he hasn't got the Lambo yet. Three Teslas, Jesus Christ. Which ones? Model S, Model 3, Model Y?


S is the only one I don't have. But did you know that when Elon made them, and Emeral actually told me this, he planned it out to make it spells out sexy. The model S, the model 3, Model X, and the model Y, it spells out sexy.


Wow. To be fair, the man, he's a smart guy. He planned that. I mean, do you think he did that on purpose or is that just a coincidence? Yeah, I had to love. Come on. The ultimate troll. How have you been, Sean? Since last time we spoke, it's been a few months.


I've been good. Same old, same old. Just been waiting for this fight to play out. Was going to be the backup fighter at one point, decided, you know what? That's really not worth the weight cut. The money's not worth the weight cut at this point. I don't know how many more weight cuts I have at Bantamweight. I'd like to use them for fight specifically, not just for just in cases. Just been training, doing the same old, same old. Just waiting for this fight. That fight was a big deal. Now it's finally announced that I'm fighting the winner. And yeah, here we are.


How hard is that cut to 135? When you show up on the Tuesday or whenever you get there, what weight are you typically?


I would say I would say 152. The weight cut's not easy. It's not fun. But it's not. I think it's easier than Aljo's weight cut. I'll say that.


Yeah, 16 pounds. That's about what I used to do before water loading and all the rest of it. But you're with respect to 135, so it's a higher percentage. So the plan is you go out there, you beat Al Jomain Sterling, maybe one more, and then go up to 145?


I think I have more than those two. I do respect Al Joe in this. I think he's defended the title three times. That's a true champion. Stay down, defending the belt, defending the belt. So I would like to stay around the phantom weight. But you never know who's the featherweight champ at the time. Champ status is a big deal. So I'm not even looking past this fight. I haven't even became the champ yet. So for me to talk about champ, champ is silly. I got to go out there and take care of Al Jamey and Sterling.


Yeah, absolutely. It's premature. What did you think of that Saturday night? Obviously, you were ring side, you had a great view. So Houdah versus Sterling, obviously, what did you think?


Yeah, you'd think you have a great view. The poles get in the way, right?


Even when I'm compensated, sometimes the pillars are for crying out loud. I'm like trying to see round it.


Yeah, I had a decent seat. From my perspective, I thought Henry won. I thought he won at least three rounds. I was giving him four rounds. Considering that last round, I thought he definitely won. But I haven't really watched.


It yet. Chicken.


Orlando doesn't want chicken. But yeah, I thought he'd won. I thought Henry won. I haven't gone back and rewatched it. And I keep saying I'm going to. And I am going to sooner than later. Tim and I are going to go watch it together game planning for Aldermain. But yeah, it was cool to watch them in live, in person. It definitely made me more confident, especially getting in the cage with Aldo face to face. The dude's shredded. He's a big guy, but face to face he's not... I wish Henry I would have got a little face to face with Henry too, because it's just for shits and giggling at that point.


If you had the choice of fighting either one of them, who would you have preferred to win? That's a better way of putting it.


I thought me versus Henry would have been more like a bigger fight, considering what he's done. But Aljo went out there and beat him. So really, I think me and Aljo is going to be a similar size fight. I think I have a Henry, I don't want to say easier to opponent, but I think Al Germain is definitely more of a difficult challenge than Henry is.


It seems like there's real animosity between you and Aljo. What do you think did this all start?


He's got something I want. He's got the belt. That's really all it comes down to. That's it. I want to go out there and slap him because he's got the belt. Henry, I'd like to slap him just for shits and giggling, but for Milk Joe, it comes down to he's got what I want and that's enough for me.


That's ultimately what it's all about. Because I used to be the same way. If I was fighting somebody, I don't know what it was, a switch would just go in my mind. And all of a sudden I hated this guy. He was my enemy until the fight was over. And as I say, seriously, I promise you, that wasn't the plan that you guys were going to overlap. But we were talking to him and he was being all cool. And then as soon as you show up, boom, he goes into being a prick again. Do you know what I'm saying? Because that's just what fighting is about. Are you aware of that? Are you conscious of that? Or is it just something that it's just the way your emotions go?


Yeah. I mean, you said it, you got a fight booked against that person. It's not like we're going out there playing basketball. We're going out there getting in a fist fight. Well, in my case, we're going out there and getting in a fist fight. In his case, he's going out there getting in a grapple and match. So it makes it's just primal, alpha. We're going out there, Kill or Be Killed style. And yeah, something about it. I definitely wouldn't go to dinner with him within the next 12 weeks.


Were you always like that grow in up? We've never talked about this. At school and things like that, were you a kid that was getting into a lot of scraps?


No, I didn't like confrontation. I didn't like... If there was a fight, I would watch, but I'd be like, Watch from the far back just in case someone wanted to fight me. I didn't like that. Didn't like that in high school. Even when I started kick box and even when I started knocking people out, I always had seen it as a sport. I really like the sport aspect of it. So growing up, I definitely didn't get it. Didn't get in any fights.


When did that all change then? Because obviously, you don't shy away from confrontation now. You're one of the best bantamites in the world. You're fighting for the title. Was there something that changed? Was an event in your life or you just grew into the man you are today?


Yeah, just grew into it. Just because it just happened and never... Even now, I wouldn't go out looking for fight and stuff. Just my personality. But when it comes... This is a sport. It is a sport at the end of the day and I love competition. But yeah, I'd say I probably just grew into this personality.


Yeah. Just remind me and forgive my ignorance, what's the name of your daughter again?




Elena, pardon me. And how old is she now?


She's two and a half. Yeah, it's the best thing ever for sure.


Yeah. And I think I mentioned this last time we spoke, but it always impresses me about you. When we were in London and you were like, No, I'm leaving. I got to get back to my princess. I got a fight camp coming up soon. I want to get ready for that. And I need to spend the little time that I have with my daughter. You didn't want to stay in London. You didn't want to party. And as I said, I think I did bring this up last time. But just seeing what a proud father you are, I'm assuming that fuels everything that you're doing, right?


Yeah, absolutely. Even before Atlanta, I've been living this lifestyle. Sometimes you guys see me party or I'll be out with the Nelf boys and I'll do that. That's a very small percentage of my year. If you look back last year, maybe I partied six or seven times total. But yeah, I lived this lifestyle as a fighter since I was 18 and moved to Phoenix. And then the last two and a half years, I'm a fighter and a father. And yeah, it definitely brings an extra layer of motivation. But for me, I was always living the fighter lifestyle. So I was always home. I was always trained. Chill, trained. That's two days, multiple times a day. It almost makes it easier now to live that. Honestly, you could say it's more of a boring lifestyle. You train, you're fucking sore all day. You go train again. You do the same shit every day for however many years. Now it's like having a lane, it's like having a little sidekick, a little buddy to hang out with throughout the day. So I'd say it definitely makes it more.




Living this a lifestyle.


Yeah, you're absolutely right. Because it is funny, isn't it? Because when people look from the outside, for example, you were there Saturday night and you were looking dope, you got the bloody... You got the outfit on, you got great style. I could have pulled that shit off. I'd look like an absolute fool. But you do it, you nail it, you got the confidence. And people think it's a rock and roll style life. And yeah, there is elements of that. Of course, there's glitz and glam, certainly when you're in the octagon, you're the main event or whatever. But as you say, most of the time it's a goddamn grind. And in between, you're just so fucking tired that you want to be at home, you want to be resting, recovering, and spending the little time that you have with your family.


Yeah, for sure. You said it right. You're definitely not going out and hanging out and just having a hell of a time every day. Not even on the weekends for me. I definitely don't go out on the weekends. I don't really do shit. I have a mission and I have a goal, and that's to perform at the highest level for as long as I possibly can. And that basically means recovery is a priority. It's as important as the training session. So for me, that's been the last three, four years that I've really clicked with that. And I think that's going to help my longevity in the sport.


Yeah, you're absolutely right. Because that's something that I didn't do. I never focused on recovery. As soon as I finished, I was out the door door. I didn't really stretch. I wasn't getting massaged. I wasn't phone rolling. I wasn't doing it. And there's many, many other things now. All the Reggie's, the ice baths and the cold plunge and the saunas and everything. Do you do any of that stuff?


Oh, hell yeah. I mean, I had a cold plunge at my house for the last probably four years. Hot tub as well. I've had a cold plunge, hot tub and sauna at my house for the last four years, at least. And that's a religious thing that I do is recovery.


It feels great, doesn't it? Because I was just out in Tenerife shooting a little part in a film and they had the cold plunge in the sauna and everything there. They had a beautiful spa. I was very lucky. And every day I'd have my workout, I'd do the sauna and then get in the cold plunge. And I fell on top of the world and my back's always killing me and my body's beat up and it feels fucking awesome. I cannot recommend it highly enough to anybody. Anyway, you're not here to talk about the benefits of cold plunging. So the fight with Al Jumain Stirling, what's the plan in training camp, regardless of whenever this fight is going to happen, August, September, October, November, who cares? When that happens, obviously we know he's a good wrestler. He just out wrestled to Houdou. Do you think you're going to bring in some high level wrestlers? What will the approach be for training camp?


I've been training for, and I'll remain, I've been training for high level grapplers for the last five, six, seven... Since I got in the UFC, that was always like, Let's train with the best grapplers we possibly can find. We're not running short in Phoenix on guys that can fucking grapple, wrestle, wrestle and do Jutsu. We're not running short at the MMA Lab, at Tim's gym at TW, and Puri. We're not running short on guys. Definitely won't have to fly anybody in. And we have a good idea of the training partners we're going to be using in this camp. So we got that dialed in. But like I said, I've been training for a guy like Al Jummane for a long time who I think is a lot more dangerous, in my opinion, than Henry, who's obviously a high level wrestler, not much of a grappler as far as jutsu and submissions. So we've been training for grapplers. We've been training for guys that will try to take you down, take you back, submit you. We've been doing that for a long time. So pretty much just keep doing the same stuff. Just dial it in, get a little bit more specific and get ready for August.


Yes, there we go. August, August indeed. Talk to me about Marab, what happened on Saturday night. Because I got to be honest, I did enjoy it as a fan. I have been laughing because because you two were going back and forth. You were getting into your little thing. But you take your jacket off, again, cool as fuck. Marouh puts it on, you know what I mean? And he had that cheeky little grin on his face. Talk to me about it from your perspective because it kicked off off camera. What happened?


Well, two things. You can't tell me Marouh doesn't look like a doorman. Some guy I just can't bear to hold his clothes and look at. You can't tell me you don't think of a doorman when you close your eyes. Marad's little face and his little body, he looks just like that. I'd like to say that that's why I handed him the jacket. But the truth is, I thought Tim was right behind me. They stopped him at the cage because he was coming with me, too. You never know. Every time I'm in an octagon, we're fighting. So you never know just in case you see what we'll have with Connor Haviv. Tim's fought a lot. He's got a lot of pro fights. So you want someone in there just in case. Not that that was our intentions. Definitely wasn't going in there to call the fight.


But I thought it was nice to have a wingman with you just in case. Yeah.


So I thought he was still right behind me. I take my coat off so I could size up Aljo and let him know. I handed my jacket directly to Maraad. He never stole my jacket. But in there, I thought I handed it to Tim. And then Maroub has my jacket so I thought Maraad stole it from Tim. So now I'm a little aware. Okay, maybe some shit might happen. But at the end of the day, my dumbass handed him the jacket. He looked there's the first... Only time he's ever looked stylish at all. So you can't be mad at him. And yeah, definitely no hard feelings in there. I'm sure I'll get a slap grab one of these days after Aljo moves up to 145. And I'm the champ defending the belt.


As I say, it happened off camera. So what happened? You asked for your jacket back and did he say, no, this is my jacket? Or what was the situation?


Yeah, I thought he jacked it from Tim.


Sorry, pardon me.


Yeah. So I thought he jacked it from Tim. So if I would have really realized that I gave him my jacket, how can I be mad at that? In the moment, I thought he jacked it. I was like, This motherfucker stole my jacket. I'm going to slap him, put my gum in his fucking hair if they let me close enough.


So yeah, it all ended up good. No one was looking at one got slapped. I was yelling at Henry too. I was telling him he's lucky he lost because I was going to sleep him. But yeah, it was good. It was fun. I had a good time.


Yeah, absolutely. A couple more and we'll let you go. And again, thanks for your time. And as I say, I swear to you, that was not the plan at the start. It wasn't, Sean. It really wasn't. Because I even said to Brian, our producer, I went, Oh shit, we got to be careful because they're going to clash. It wasn't the plan because if that was, I'd always run it by you first. But anyway, so assuming you're not going to go into a fight expecting you're going to lose. So if you go out there, you beat Al Jameyne, how does that happen? You see a finish, you see a decision. I mean, be honest, how do you see that.


Going down? I truly, truly in my heart believe I can put his lights out. I've seen him walk. I've seen in his striking, which is awkward and it's not necessarily great, but it is great for MMA. It's effective. That's what it is. It's effective. He's good at not getting in a fist fight, which, hey, you can't hate him for that. No one really there's very few people that are like, yeah, I want to get punched. So he doesn't really want to get hit. But I believe I can bring him into that fight. I believe I can crack him, hit him hard and hit him off. Does little aspect loves. It's not about how hard you hit. It's about accuracy and speed. I don't believe I hit that hard. I don't have a thud. But if you let me throw my fist at your chin, don't need to be that hard. It needs to be fast. And that's what I can do. I can hit people fast and I can hit people often.


Damn, it's a good looking dude right there. See what I mean? We're overlapping all over the place. What's up, Mike Perry? Sean Homan. You guys know each other. I'm assuming?


A little bit. I know Sean a little bit. I never had the pleasure of really turning up with him, though.


August 19th, after I knock out all the made Sterling, one of our brothers, we could we'll party.


That's what's up, bro. Yeah, you've been doing your thing lately, man. Keep going.




Sir. Real quick. I just want to say thank you for knocking Luke Rockhold's teeth out. I've always wanted to, but I can't because he'd whoop my ass. So thank you for doing that.


Thank you, brother. I'm rooting for you, man. Some big fights on the horizon and you got an awesome style.


Yes, sir. Absolutely right, Mike. Hey, last question, Sean, we'll let you go on again. Thanks for your time as always. I know you're a busy man and you got a heavy schedule. One second, M ike, I apologise as well. Diaz, Paul, it just came out they're going to be testing for marijuana. As a man that likes to blaze up yourself, what the fuck is Nate Diaz going to do?


Nate Diaz probably isn't going to give a fuck. He'll probably fight, test positive. I don't think Nate will care. If they don't move it out of Texas, I doubt you're going to get Nate to quit smoking before he's just fine.


That's what I thought. I thought it would just take the fight. You know what I'm saying? Fuck it. Who cares? Hey, Sean, you're the man. Thank you very much. I appreciate you, brother. All the best with everything. We'll talk soon.


Peace, boys.


Platinum, Mike, Goddamn, Perry. What's up, brother?


What's up? Get the belts in there.


Oh, there we go. There we go. You get a new one every time you defend it?


Yeah. I have one for MVP and one for Luke, and I got both their names over here.


Let me guess, what's Luke Rockhole's called? Booger? Is it the Booger Belt?


Sure. Yeah. I didn't really give them their regular names, MVP and Luke Rockhole.


That's awesome. Hey, Mike, listen, we've known each other for a little while. To see what you've done, I'm proud of you, man. Thank you. And I truly mean that. And I I think a lot of the MMA community feels the same way as well. You know what I'm saying? Because, listen, you go to the UFC, you win some, you lose some. It's the way it goes. Whenever fighters leave the UFC, it can be dicey, you know what I mean? And you never know what's going to happen to people. And some people go off and they find another avenue. Some people become to get a regular job and some people go into fucking God knows what, you know what I'm saying? To see what you've done, man, that the people that you're beating, and I'm sure the money that you're making now as well, it's phenomenal, M ike, it really is.


Thank you so much. Really, I feel like you're someone who knows how long this road is. When I started competing professionally at about, I think I was 22 years old. I got to the UFC at 24. I was 7 and 0, 7 knockouts.


And you don't know. I thought always that there was no other plan. Sometimes I think about it, I'm like, shit, I got to go get a job. I'm going to go do some construction again or something. That's what I did before. It makes you strong construction work, doing those manly jobs.




The success I've had, boxing, fighting, and bare knuckle, and just getting to really prove how tough I always knew I was, really coming into my manhood, 31 years old now. Got my family. My fighting needs so much more now than it ever did. I have things to take care of. I'm grateful for all of it, all of the success I've had. I feel like I've earned it. I've kept my mind in the right place. I've really calmed down a lot of things that I used to do, and I really focus on the mission at hand. So I'm grateful for everything, the money included.


Yeah, of course. Talk to me about that, though, Mike. We'll get to your fights with Rockhold and all the rest of it. And as I say, you have proved a lot of people wrong in what you've done. And that's why I said I'm proud of you. Do you know what I'm saying? Because I do know how hard this path is. It's one of the toughest fucking paths on planet Earth. And people always say, do I want my children to fight? I'm like, no, fuck no, because it doesn't matter how good you are. You zing when you should have zacked or whatever. We all know the cliched sayings, you know what I mean? This much can be the difference between becoming a superstar, multimillion dollar world champion and being a guy that's going to be a janitor at high school. You know what I'm saying? It's a fucking tough path. You just said there, though, about handling your emotions or maturing a little bit. Talk to me a little bit about that journey because I was the same way. I was a maniac and I could still do with improvement now. But when I started to instlude this on a little bit better, then my results inside the octagon or wherever it was were getting better as well.


Talk to me about your experiences.


Well, part of the experience is probably thinking about, do I want my son to fight? And it's definitely a no for me, in my opinion. I want him to train. I want him to learn. I don't want him to have contact for a long long time. I don't want him to be hit. But he hits his head on everything in the house all day long. I'm like, damn it, son, are you destined for this? Because he can take a hit, man. He can take a hit just like his dad. But n another part, the mindset is like, as of lately, I've been telling myself this is the easiest job in the world. It's the greatest job in the world. Now, that's when I'm at the arena when it's finally time to fight and I put in all the work. That's the easy part. Oh, my God. I'm sitting back there. I sit down on the couch all night. I'm like, I'm not going to do too much. I'm going to warm up at certain moments. I'm going to get a little sweat and then I'm going to stop again. And then when it comes time to walk, I jump up and down and get my blood pumping.


And then it's over in no time. It's quick, bam, and I know I can take it. So I tell myself it's the easiest job in the world, but I cry on the way to the gym that I don't want to go. I don't want to do it. The more I feel like, Oh, my God. I really just don't want to do it. Or I feel like I can take a day off. The more I feel like that, the more I get my ass in the car and I go and work out even harder, even longer. Then once I get that workout in, it always does the same thing. My mind, any problems I had, anything, stress, I'm free, I'm relaxed, I'm happy. I go home, I shower, I lay down, I enjoy some good dinner. I hang with the family, we watch cartoons or something, and I'm like, Damn, I got to do it again tomorrow, but I did it today, and that's what's important.


Absolutely. And well said, because that is the hardest part, getting off your ass, getting off the couch. No one wants to do it. Even I say I like to run. I'd rather be doing something else, though, let's be honest. But when you start doing it, then it gets a lot easier. And as you said, the fighting is the easy part. The training camps is what separates the men from the boys, the champs from the contenders, the winners from the fucking losers. On the night, we can all show up. We can all be tough guys. But if you don't put the prep in, for eight goddamn long weeks where no one gives a shit, no one's cheering, no one's paying you, you don't get any fucking fame or nothing. Getting out of bed cold and hurt and walking into the gym and you're like, Fuck this shit. But when it comes to fight night, you're like, Let's go, baby. Let's go. Mike, listen, you're a rough and tough guy. You're definitely, with respect on the brawler side of things, I think that's why this sport, Barenacle, favors you. Did you see this happening, though? Did you think this is what I should have been doing all along?


I've always loved boxing. I've always wanted another chance at it. I was so successful in MMA because of my capabilities in boxing. And then when I got to the high level kick boxers and I have great Jutsu, but even when you're good at something, then you take down a masterful Jutsu player and he takes your arm home with him and you don't see it coming. It's really the type of fighting style that I prefer. We're going to get into a firefight at some point. It's going to be hit for hit, hand to hand, mono e mono. My chin versus yours and I pick myself in that battle any day of the week. But it does make me curious as far as successful mindset, what I could accomplish in all realms of combat. Like the way that it went in that fight, I just wondered if Luke had his kicks, if he had his grappling. It's not like he's this super wrestler. He's a grappler with a Jutsu. So it's like I would have still been able to strike with him and land significant blows. It makes me curious. Makes me wonder.


Yeah. So is what you're saying now you would be interested in fighting Luke in a mixed martial arts contest as well?


I thought about that with MVP as well. Mvp's legs are very dangerous. He put a dent in that one guy's head.




Boarding. Yeah. And he kicked that one guy's leg in half. That was his most recent comeback since he fought me. He was very intense in that show. He was looking to get a win. I do feel like in the BKFC fight against MVP, if I was able to do more than just punch, grab a hold of him, I could have done more and maybe even finished. I think my Jutsu is better than his. In an MMA fight, I think that fight, and it was never even brought up, Bellator did not want any part of me coming over there and beating their guy in MMA after he had a great fight with me in bare knuckle boxing. So, yes, I thought the same thing with Luke. I felt bad for him. Like, damn, dude, you had no chance in there.


Against me at all. No chance, though. That's the mindset. That's how you've got to be. That's how you've got to think. Some people call it arrogance. Some people call it foolish. But you got to believe in yourself, man.


Well, I thought he did, though. I thought he had a chance. I was a little worried. I was like, damn, is he going to be so big and strong? What's it going to be like? And then it was over and I was like, Are you kidding me?


That's what I thought. If I'm honest, you're right. You take away the grappling, you take away the kicks, the knees, the elbows and the Jutsu, which is very good at. But they're some of his signature tools. But even still, I thought the guy's 6'3, he's far bigger. Parrillo's coaching him, he's a great boxing coach. I thought if he uses the right game plan and stays on the outside, he can make it a tough night for Mike. And he caught you in the first round. I think it was a one, two, right? But then you... Straight left, yeah. Yeah, straight left. He's Southpaw, of course. But you kept coming in, swinging those shots, bust up his teeth. He's known for being a model. He didn't look like no fucking cover model at the end of that fight, let's be honest. And no disrespect to Luke.


No. Yeah, I felt bad. That was one of the last questions I got that night, walking out of the arena. This nice reporter, little dude with glasses. He's like, Do you feel bad for him? And I was just like, Thanks, everybody. I was leaving, but I did because I wanted more of a battle. He hit.




And it was like, Once he hit me, I realized the range, the timing where I should move my head. Sometimes you got to hit me first and I want to taste it. Sean was saying that right when I came in and you were finishing up with him, he goes, He's not one of those guys that likes to get hit. There's some guys that like to get hit. I was like, Yeah, I just came in the show. That's right. I like that shit. Go ahead, hit me.


That's when you really wake up. You want to have.


A head butt competition or something?




Asked me? I asked you that one time at the UFC.


Where was that? Where did that happen?


In the UFC when you were in the back because you're one of the commentators and you were like... We were doing knuckle punches and I was like, You want to fucking have a head butt in competition?


What did I say?


No, you're good. Yeah, you said it.


Oh, shit. That's hilarious.


You got nothing to prove, though. I still got to be hungry for another 10 years.


There you go. Do you have any idea who you're going to fight next? Because obviously we saw Conor coming in. We'll talk about that in a second. But do you have any idea who the next opponent is going to be? Because your team... Mvp and Luke Rockhold, back to back. That's pretty phenomenal, M ike. It really is. And I'm not just saying that because I'm talking to you now. I know Michael V enon Paige, he's tremendously talented. He's like, ridiculously talented. Luke Rockhold, same thing, former, he was a dominant middleweight champion of the world. You know what I'm saying? And you took them out consecutively. That's impressive. Do you know who's going to be next, though?


Well, those fights came out of nowhere, didn't they? People were like, Who's Mike going to fight? And then it was like, Whoa, he's fighting him? That's awesome. And then it was again, boom. Who's he going to fight after MVP? Oh, my God. He's fighting Luke Rockhole, former world champion. I said it. God finally brought me a world champion in knockout. It wasn't exactly a knockout, but they call it a TK for a reason.


It's a TK, buddy. And you know what? I laughed my ass off. At the pre write press conference, not only when you wipe the booger on him, which was fucking sensational, when he was like, I'm going to knock you out or whatever. And you were like, When's the last time you knocked someone out? What did you say? Brian or Harriett helped me out. What was it you said?


You said, Last time you believed in yourself, when's the last time Michael bisbeck knocked somebody out?


It was you.




Was like, Yeah, when's the last time bisbeck knocked somebody out? That was some good shit. That was really good, M ike. It really was.


I didn't mean to cut your boy off. I wanted to give him some air time, man.


No, jump on, Harrington. They haven't been on the show the whole time because we've had back to back to back guests, but it's great. He's got some questions for you from Twitter as well. So, Harrington, just prep those up in a minute. But did you and Luke get a chance to speak afterwards? You guys good now?


I spoke to him in the back. I was the one who told him. I was like, Man, I don't know too much about your mouthpiece, bro. I don't think I saw you with a good mouthpiece in there. I had a nice custom fitted. I thought you're a world champion. You've been in 30 pro fights. You got to wear a good mouthpiece. I don't know if you had a.


Good one or not. That's the only bit of protection you've got. That's all you've got, a good mouthpiece.


What the hell? That's all you got, man. So no telling who's next. You know what I'm gunning for, though? I want the Tommy Fury Boxing Match. All respect to the Fury s. It would have been a Jake Paul thing, but I want the winner. You know what I mean? I think it makes a lot of sense because guys ain't no pro boxers don't get super incredible opponents until they're 20 or more. Everybody knows I'm a dog, so he could think of it as a tune up fight or whatever to get him prepped for the big million 20 and old fights. But I love boxing too. And I was talking with some people and I would love to get in the boxing ring even with the pillows on my hands because I don't see a lot of people wanting to come over here to bare knuckle and bare knuckle with me.


Well, no, you're right. I think a lot of those names you just mentioned, and there's quite a few names in the YouTube world, the KSI's, the J. Paul's, the Tommy Fury. I don't think they would fight bare knuckle but you have got a name now. You are a world champion taking out solid world-class fighters, and that's a fact. Those opportunities may present themselves. But let me also present another name, Darren Till. Would that be something that interests you?


Yeah, absolutely. He doesn't want to do a bare knuckle.


Does he not? Have you guys spoken?


He's not as much of a boxer as me. He knows from when we spawned. We talked some shit the other day. My manager was recording it in the car. We was on FaceTime talking those shit. He's confident. He thinks he could do something, but he knows damn well what happened when we spawned. And when I get right up here in your face, nice and close, big, big, big, big, big. He's got that left hand from a distance, but his hips are a very strong point for him. He has very strong hips as far as like wrestling defense and putting his weight on you. He had good Muay Thai trips. He tossed me to the ground a couple of times, but it's just a trip. I got back in his face and popped him in the nose.


What are the funniest things? I remember when you guys, I think it was on an embedded or something, and you said, do you want to spa? And he thought you meant go to a spa and sit in the sauna and shit. That was hilarious.


Go spa now, mate.




Thought that's what I asked you? And I got some fucking payback for him, man. He made a beer off the fucking joke that he tried to say to me and my girlfriend.


What's that?


The raw dog beer. But I was the one raw dogging it. And I've been raw dogging this whole fight game for the past two years while Darren Teal has been on his ass getting raw dogs for the last six fights. So he definitely don't want to do it bare knuckle boxing. I don't think he wants to do it boxing. But we could make that fight somehow, some way.


And you never know with those words, Mike, that might just motivate a man to sign a contract. I'm going to reach out. I'm going to send this thing down.


Darren is a cheeky little cunt.


Hold on a minute.


I was just talking shit with the NBA junky about Cowboy Seroni, too, because after the bare knuckle fight, we didn't expect Conner to be there. When Conner pulled up, I'd rather get the face off with him. I saw a cowboy after and man, he's a sneaky little snake, man. I'm telling you.


Because he.


Looked at me and he looked scared. He looked sad. He looked pitiful like an old shitty old man with gray hairs coming out of his hat. He looked just sad and pitiful. I thought, oh, damn, why are you looking at me like that? I mentioned you, you know what I mean? It would be cool. I thought maybe you would like an adrenaline filled event like a bare knuckle boxing match. They've been telling me that maybe you wanted this. I was pretty sure you didn't. The look on your face says you do not want this at all in bare knuckle boxing. You are grappling ass. And then afterward, he had some things to say with the Schmo, and he had a chip on his shoulder and didn't want to give me no credit. But he already quit in that interview, too, because he's like, I have my teeth broke. I gave up, too.


So hold on a minute. Are you saying that there was potential of you guys fighting each other in bare knuckle? Because Seroni retired from the UFC, what, last year or a while ago anyway. Was that a potential fight?


I don't know. They talked to me. They tell me a couple of names. They tell me Seroni might be there. Everybody knows bare knuckle and how it works. And some certain specific UFC fighters would be a draw to see in it. And in my opinion, and I've seen Conor McGregor work in bare knuckle training and stuff. And I know he was there and he loved the show and respected the game. And it was just a more intriguing factor. And Conor beat Cowboy. And I fought Cowboy as well. But he arm barred me. And it's like, we could have a real fight. That was interesting. And then that's what I'm saying. They tell me one thing and then the other things happened the way they should. I'm down to fight them all.


What about McGregor? When he stepped in, you got face to face. I mean, it was polite, but there was a little bit of tension there. There was a little bit of tension. He was like, McGregor can't help himself. He's aggressive. He mentioned Serrano. He goes, What did I do? What did I do? Took him out in 40 seconds. You got on board. I took him out in 40 seconds. Everybody knows McGregor. Did you know he was eluting you, little bastard?


No matter where you go, he's aggressive and he's known for just being known. If you tell people you face off with somebody after you beat a world champion, you probably want to say it was Conor McGregor because then they'll be like, Oh, really? No one else knows anyone else unless I mean, even more so McGregor over John Jones. Anywhere you go in the world, people don't really know. I was grateful. I told him, Thank you so much for being here because he allowed me to speak the name of a friend with his presence there that brings everyone's attention to that moment. And I was able to just shout out a friend of mine.


Yeah, of course. And I know what you're talking about. I'm sorry for your loss there, M ike. I really am. My sincere condolences. Funny enough, I say that, but now what I'm going to say to you is this, I had you on the podcast before, M ike. Where was this version of Mike Perry? You came on. You were very because I thought, Oh, this is going to be wild. We got Mike Perry on. He's a fucking lunatic. So am I. We're going to have a riot. It's going to be fun. You came on. You were very cordial. You were very businesslike. You were very mild mannered. I'm like, What the fuck was that? I wanted this, Mike Perry. This is what I wanted.


Well, this is where I'm at now. I'm in this fucking... I'm in this shit now and I'm ready for it. I put all my chips in the right places and I'm like, I'm ready for what's coming to me. I also know that I have to be careful what I say. I can set myself up. I saw something the other day about Bruce Lee saying, That's why it's called spelling. Because you spelling, you put spells and crafts with your words out there. I'll just like, I'll be watching what I say but now I know that I got to just jump in and be the best me I could be, entertain. And, man, when these announcements get dropped, I hope the world goes absolutely crazy for my next set up fights because I'm going to go crazy when I get in the ring.


Words are powerful. Not only are you a Bernical Champion now, you're a philosopher as well. What has happened? He's a philosopher. The words are spelling. My God, it's so great to catch up with you, man, because it's been a while since we spoke, Mike. And I always liked and I always had great respect. Loved what you did in your fights, of course. But as a guy as well, we always had good interactions. So thank you for coming on. Harrington, what have we got on Twitter for the great platinum Mike Perry? And welcome to the show, Harrington. We've had three guests back to back. He's been sitting there like a good little boy backstage. I apologise, Harrington.


I've been putting little things in the chat here, little punching in when I can. Darren Till is the first question asked.


Hold on a minute. Give it to me. Give it to me. Come on. Oh, shit. You've got me. I'm putting it down. I tap out.


You're next for Bear Knuckle.


Hey, listen, I'm serious. I was like, if Rockhold beats Mike Perry, I'll have a do. But he didn't. Listen, with respect, fuck it, I'll have a go.


Hey, David Thelma, call him up, bro.


All respect.


For our families, brother.




Fight for the family.


There's the headline. We'll fight for the family. Hamilton, what have we got, brother?


First question, Darren Till asks, Why is Perry such a sausage?


Because I put it in your mouth, you queer boy.


Keep them going, Howard. You guys want me to see if Darren wants to come on?


Oh, please message him now. Message him now. I will as well. Just ask him a question, Howard, while I message Darren. This is the episode of all episodes.


I just sent him a link. I had it ready to go.


Okay. R. J and Casey wants to know how many fights are typical in a BKFC contract? And would you consider a move to Mazvidal's bare knuckle MMA promotion once your contract with BKFC is up?


Well, my contract is up. I'm currently a free agent. I fought it out. There are some lucrative deals on the table, and the bare knuckle MMA is not one of them. Bkfc contract was a three fight deal, and they treated me very well and we upgraded that contract a couple of times. But then before they re signed me at the end, before that Luke Rockhole fight, they had me finish that contract out. My management knew what they were doing. And now there's a big... I'm the top product in the stock market right now.


How many years do you think you'd like to fight in bare knuckle or just keep going until you feel you can't do it anymore? Or do you have a plan?


Well, I've said that I'm a contract killer for hire and whoever's got the best numbers. And like I said, it's intriguing to think about how I could take this successful mindset to all realms of combat. I'm interested in boxing. I do like bare knuckle boxing. It seems to give me quite the edge. And then there are other... I've got 20 professional MMA fights, too.


This is what I'm about to say now, it's a pretty obvious question, but it's the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that everybody wants. But the Jake Paul fight, you're doing great things in boxing. You're little, if he beats Nate Diaz, and by the way, who do you think wins that? The Jake Paul fight would just be perfect for you, wouldn't it?


Yeah. I said the other day on a post that I think Jake's doing some things wrong. He seems very green to me. He seems fresh and new in this sport, and you can really tell. I know he's had some big events already, but the learning comes... The learning comes slow. It's a long road like we talked about. He's coming off of a loss. Just because you might train harder or run a little harder, you might not be thinking properly. Nate has been around and he has the ups and downs in the game. I know he knows what he's got in front of him and what he's up against. Jake's got some power. He's sharp from the outside when it comes to boxing. He's going to change a few things since the Tommy Ferry fight. We all know Nate is very durable. We've seen him take beatings bad and come back and get victories. I can see him weathering a storm. I can see him peppering them. I want to see more speed. He did rock Leon Edwards, who is the top guy right now at 170. Jake is a bigger guy. Nate's really a 155er from back in the day, but now he's probably sits around 175, 180.


I'm assuming he's looking to be fast, pepper him up on the outside. He doesn't have to worry about kicks.


Nate's a smart... But hold on, let me ask you this, though. What you just said before about rock old, and again, I'm not taking away from you Win, don't think that at all. But in bare knuckle, rock old can't use a lot of the other good weapons that he has. Nate's known for being a great mixed martial artist. Is he playing into the hands of a Jp, Paul? We know he's got good hands. We know he rocks Leon Edwards. He rocks Conor McGregor. We know. But do you think, and the fact that he is 38 as well, what do you think about that?


Whenever I think about age, though, I think about... Well, first of all, I'm sparing for my camp with Luke Rockhold. I spared with 44 year old Liotta Machita. Dude, sharp as a whistle, man. Sharp as a tack. I don't think that's how the.


Fucking thing goes. Sharp as a motherfucker.


Yes, so sharp. And then I just played soccer the other night with Yoel Romero in Miami.


Dude, I love you. You say this to me.


I say I love you. Yes, I love you too, bro. Yes. Yoel's the man and he's very old. I know Dan Henderson, 47 years old. Fuckin, you fought all these guys I'm talking about. Age, 38 is not bad. Nate better come in there smart. He seems like he is. He's fucking with Jake. He's in Jake's head without trying. Jake's pissed about him for some reason. And he's going to be really mad when he's not having success against him like he thinks he's going to have. And he's going to be in his own head because he's green in the sport. This is what I see.


But he's coming off his first loss as well. Let's remember that. You know what.


I mean? Fighters are good when they come off of that.


No, they are good. But it can mess with this, though. You know what I'm saying? It's all well and good when you're undefeated. You're like, oh, my shit don't stink. I can beat anybody. Then you take a loss and you're like, hold on a minute. I am human after all. Now he's going to up against Nate Diaz, on paper, there is benefits to Jake Paul, but Nate is a proven bad ass.


I guess I'm saying with my heart, I'm like with Nate, and I always tell myself when it comes to betting, don't pick with your heart. You pick with your mind that Jake seems to be the much tougher challenge here for Nate and that he could hurt him, but I don't see him hitting him hard enough because Nate is known to take attrition.


Well, anyway, Bollocks to Nate Paul, Nate D aes and J. Paul, Bollocks to them. We'll end on this, Mike. And I've loved talking to you. This has been great. Thank you. I've had a great time with you, I've.


Had a good laugh. Your camera view and your set up, it looks so good, man.


It's almost like I do this professionally. You know what I mean? Now, look at my chair.


Look at my fucking chair. Let's have a look.


It's a broken computer.


It's the classic. We've all been there. Because when I was fighting.


That's all... Shout out to the.


Big Ds, man. There we go, bro. There we go. When I was fighting, I was always terrified of what I was going to do afterwards because I can't do anything else. I left school at 16, do you know what I mean? And then you find your way, you weave your way through life. What do you think you'll do? When the time comes, you hang the gloves up. What's Mike Perry going to do? And you're not even thinking about that yet.


No, I am because of what happened to my friend and I was struggling with that. But then I even told Conor McGregor that he helped me with that. I talked to a lot of people from that thing that happened and they were like, You have an opportunity right now. So depending on my opportunities right now, they're so large that I know that I have to keep going as hard as ever. That gives me a drive to be my best self, to strive and to work out hard. It gets me pumped. I'm not thinking about giving up because I feel like the next 10 years are very important for me and my family, and we can make a fortune in the nice time. That's what I'm thinking about. It has to be the right ones, right fights. There's a lot of interesting options for me. Mike Perry can fight anyone. Darren Till's whole ass didn't show up.


He never showed up. He must be in bed or something like that. What a hole. I'm telling him. I'm going to give it to him. Darren, you're the whole lads. What the fuck? We got Mike Perry all right here. Mike, I think that's a good place to end this. You are the man. It's great catching up with you. It's been far too long. Congrats on everything. As I said at the top, I'm proud of you, man. You deserve this because you are a real one. You're a real fighter. You know what I mean? And it's not an easy road. And it's always so satisfying to see people that fucking didn't they struggle, they lose, they win some, they lose some, and they keep going. They keep going because it's easy to quit and go do something else. But you've kept fucking going. You've made it work for you. You're making a ton of money. You're looking after your family. And that's what life is all about. Congrats, brother. And I really mean that.


Thank you so much, Michael Bateson. God bless. You're a fan. Peace.


All right. Take it easy, brother. We'll talk soon. There he is. The one, the only, the original, Mike Perry. As I said, where was that version last time, Harrington?


Dude, he had an MMA fight to worry about. Now he's got no worries.


He has got no worries whatsoever. Akuna Matata, as they might say in stupid Disney movies. Well, that has been quite the marathon of guests there, hasn't it?


Yeah, man, that's a full show.


Well, it's all right. We'll do some chitchatting. I did feel guilty on our Malle because that wasn't the planet. And Brian and I, before you jumped on, were even talking about that. I said, We've got to be careful because we want to make sure that they don't... Because it's all well and good if you put that to them, you know what I mean? Say, Hey, would you mind? But you don't want to just surprise them with it. And that certainly was not the intention. We had 40 minutes with Al Joe, but Al Joe, he was going quite deep on his feelings and his emotions and things like that. And I was enjoying the conversation. And that 40 minutes flew by before we knew it. And I think O'Malle jumped on a little bit earlier as well. Before we knew it, he was on. So I think he was a little, as he even said himself, he was a little throwing off. And I think he might have been a little bothered. So Sean, if you see this, I apologise, but that was not the plan because I do have respect, believe it or not. But still, Mike Perry, O'Malle, Al Jameyne, thank you all for your time.


That was sensational. We have got stuff to talk about that, though.


But he's got a whole... We got a fight card this weekend. There's breaking news. There's non MMT stuff.


What's the breaking news?




Mean... Well, don't say it like that. You said that as if we got breaking news. You don't know, Michael, since you've been being the Howard Stone of the mixed martial arts world, Conor McGregor's just shot someone in the head. That's what I thought. Something crazy's happened. But I say that to you and you don't know what to respond with.


Well, I mean, there's the heartbreaking death of a 21 year old amateur fighter.


Don't bring it down. We're having a good show. It's not breaking news. It's breaking my heart. That's the only thing it's breaking. I mean, that is so sad. It's awful. And she's such a pretty young girl as well. Do you see the picture? Brian, if you can bring up the picture on Dana's Instagram. Dana shared a picture of her. I feel so bad. What was her name? I can't say the girl. I've got to give her her respects.


Shaylee Lip.


Shaylee? Shaylee Lip. Hold on.


A L I E.


Lip. Yeah, Shaylee Lip. It's so sad. She died in a car crash and she would have an aspiring mixed martial artist, didn't wear the seat belt. There she is, pretty young girl, 21 years old, aspiring mixed martial artist.


Just got back from Thailand training?


Just got back from Thailand. She had a journal. She put in the journal that Dana White will know my name. That was her goal. And then goes out there, gets in the car, doesn't put the seat belt on. I was taking Lucas to training last night and I was saying to him, Son, I told him the whole story. I said, always put the seat belt on. That will save your life. God knows why she didn't, but whatever. That's not important now. Just bloody heartbreaking. Then Dana came out posting, said, I know your name. Oh, God, hard. Good way to bring the show down, Harrington. Nice one. Thanks, bud.


It's what I do.


It's what I do. So condolence is to all of her family, of course. And then anyone else out there, put your goddamn seat belt on. Seems like every time we're doing public service announcements, don't drink and drive. Wear your fucking seat belt. And for the love of God, don't box Mike Perry in baronucle because you're going to get your ass whooped because the man's a psychopath. But yeah, of course, so sad. But let's change the subject because it's so heartbreaking. Something a little happier, but I hope that isn't deemed disrespectful to any haters out there. It's just it's so sincere condolences to her and all of her family.


Well, I mean, realistically, she went to Thailand, was doing all this to be talked about on platforms like this. Obviously for her mixed martial arts accomplishments. But the goal, it remains the same. We are talking about her. So God bless.


We're trying to say something nice and I appreciate that, Harold, but I don't think it was quite the context that she wanted to be mentioned in, but still. All right, let's just take a second to talk about Chuck real quick that are sponsoring this episode. We all love natural supplements here, believe you me, and our friends at Chuck are back with the only natural supplements worthy of the bisping stamp of approval. Look, listen, you see it all the time. People are training hard, they're working out, but they're not getting the results that they want. Okay, maybe the testosterone is dipping a little bit and you need to give it a boost. But you want to do it in the natural way. Well, Chuck has created an all new natural testosterone booster that's taken the sports world by storm. And I prefer Chuck for several reasons. Listen, the supplement industry is filled with weak, trashy, or dirty supplements, and Chuck are proud to stand above the rest in clean, pure, and healthy products. Chuck uses full disclosure labeling. They tell the exact amount of every ingredient. There's no label, fluffy, no under dosing, and all ingredients are measured to exact clinical research.


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All right, UFC, this is Happy Your Node. Ufc is returning to London. Friend of the show, Tom Aspinall is going to be the headliner for the event on July 22nd against Marceen Tybora.


Yeah, excited for Tom, obviously, as we know, snapped his leg last time out, which was such a shame in the first real exchange of the fight in the first round. Poor guy. I mean, if you haven't seen the interview with him, you got to check that out because he went all into his mindset and the demons he was facing and thinking whether or not he was going to ever do this again and come back and fight. But his comeback, it looks amazing. It looks phenomenal. And that'll be sensational. Marceen Tybora, good comeback fight. Not an easy fight, though. Marceen Tybora is now walking the park for any man. But as much as I am excited for that, Anthony Lionheart Smith is stepping foot into the goddamn arts. Come, Brian, show yourself, man. Let's have a bit of goddamn energy over here. Rebecca.




Well, if you want to We're giving you energy for the show for Anthony.


Give us a, guys. We're all going to watch you on YouTube, right?


Give us a, Whoa. I can't do that. When I'm doing lives on my YouTube, every time we get a new member, Beck goes, Whoa. But little bit of the Americans do, but I can't do it. If I, Whoa. That's how it sounds. And on this film, basically, the director was like, after you've done whatever it is that you're going to do, don't give it away. He's like, Give us a Whoa. I'm like, Well, that wasn't bad then. I'm like, I can't fucking woo. Give me the best one you've got, Harrington.


Hit him with the two stamps.


And the Rick Flair.


Just watch the best of Rick Flair. I feel like that's how every American kid got their woo down was just growing up with Rick Flair.


Yeah, that's it. We all got it.


From Rick Flair. If you're all listening to this at home, right now, I want you to give me your best woow. Just don't care where you are. Just let it go. You're on a bus, you're in a park bench, you're by yourself, you're in the police station waiting to get booked. Who cares? Just let out a goddamn who, and it's going to feel good. Get those vibes going. Talking the vibes, positive vibes only. Anthony Smith, Johnny Walker. We're all excited. We will be doing a live, as we said, on the YouTube channel. Johnnie Walker is a big, strong, wild, aggressive, unpredictable guy that John Kavanaugh has been trying to tame for a little bit, seems to be having success. I think, Anthony, if you break it down, I think when you look at all realms of mixed martial arts, Anthony is the better fighter. Without question.


Johnny's might be bigger than him, though. I don't know. I have never stood next to Johnny Walker. I've stood next to Anthony and he's a fucking mountain.


Anthony's not a small guy. I remember the first time I stood next to him, I was like, You're bigger than me.




But Johnny Walker is big. But I think when it comes to striking, J ujitsu, for sure, wrestling, experience, mindset, analytics. Anthony's far and larger head, but it's just that crazy power of Walker that does give you cause for concern.


Of course, anybody can beat anybody, but I think that Anthony definitely has, like you said, a much better skill set. I see him going in there and frustrating Johnny Walker to the point where he ends up making a mistake. Like you said, he's probably going to clip him and then take his back, choke him out.


No, without question, I see Anthony winning the fight. It's just because I care so much. That's the only reason I'm nervous. I'm not nervous because I don't think he can compete. I'm not nervous because I think he's going to get steamrolled. I'm nervous because anytime someone that you care about competes, it's bloody nerve racking. This is nerve racking for me.


Very nerve racking. The last time we watched Anthony fight, we're hoping for a much better outcome this time.


Well, correct. Exactly. Good input, by the way, Hamilton. Excellent analytical there. That was good. You said yes, once.


I'm just remembering the time that I was sitting next to Rebecca Bisping, telling her exactly that. Hey, you don't understand. When someone you know is in there fighting, it hits you a little bit different. And she looked at me like, You prick.


Yeah, you think I don't know about that? All right, listen, let me just look at these. We've got some funny non MMA stories, but we'll save them for Monday. And I think we've been going for two hours now. So I think we'll wrap this one up here because... Well, I need to pee.


We got a couple of questions, unless you want to say, I don't want to do it for Monday.


But we will do questions. You'll have to put in a quick edit here because I'm going to run for a pee. I'll be right back. No worries. Don't worry, you're okay. Just zip me back. You can leave this bit in, but I'm going to be right back. 346 minutes later. All right, so there it is. Packed Show. And of course, we will be live Saturday. Don't miss it. Fire companion, Mike Harrington, Brian McKay, Michael the Count, B isping, and Rebecca B isping. And I'm going to get a fighter to join us as well. So there'll be fun. So come and join in. Watch along with us. Anyway, if you have a question, send it in to bympod@gmail. Com.


And if you're listening on iTunes, Spotify, wherever you find podcasts, make sure you're subscribed on there. Leave us a five star rating positive review that helps out on all those platforms. If you're watching on YouTube, make sure to subscribe to the channel and you hit that notification bell to find out whenever a new video drops. And if you want to catch over 400 episodes, you can't find it anywhere else completely ad free and totally uncensored, head to gasdigital. Com. Use promo code BYN, get yourself a seven day free trial. Check out over 20 great shows on the network.


All right, first question we got here today is from Marco Maximus.


Oh, hey, guys. Yeah, just a.






One for Michael.


Do you.


Like the extravagant entrances.


That used to occur during Pride, modern day.


Boxing, kick boxing.


That thing? Or do you actually like the no frills, no bells and whistles entrances that are currently in the.


Ufc at the moment?


One for Harrison, what's your favourite porn category, mate? I think the listeners want to know. And Brian.


If you were a UFC fighter.


What would your entrance music be? Cheers, guys. See you later. A Horse With No Name. Oh, Rebecca. Hello. How are you, sweetheart? I was going to say you're not required now. I called you in a while ago. I thought you were coming in. I know she did. She's big and I'm not making you feel like an idiot. I was just I thought you were coming in to join. I'm like, we're doing questions now. It's passed. I'm sorry, babe. That was awkward. Horse With No Name asking quite a little bit insulting, Harrington, but in all seriousness, what is your favourite category of porn?


Are we really doing this?


We're really doing this. No, we're not. It was a joke. It was a joke. Okay, so that was actually a pretty interesting question, what he asked about the ring walks, because in pride, if anyone used to watch Pride back in the day or K1, or a lot of even I think Barranuckle did it. I think Bellator did it as well. They have these big, Wwe like entrances where they come down like a big, massive catwalk. There's fireworks going off and all the rest of it. And when you're younger and you're watching that and you think, Wow, that looks so bloody cool. I remember when I fought at KJ, you had a much scale down version of that. You would walk down the same thing and there'd be some fireworks and a couple of Dolly birds dancing, you know what I mean? But I remember Dana saying that he wanted it to be more like a sport, more like boxing, less like Wwe and more like boxing. And in the boxing side of things, it was always like that. And I understand that. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the fanfare. I like it.


I do. I still think that looks bloody cool. But I do understand the trying to differentiate between entertainment and payment and a sport. And even though those lines might get a little blurbed sometimes, generally, I lean towards that. How do you feel?


I remember when I first became a fan of the sport talking to my buddy being like, Why don't they do... Because I started watching UFC and then we did throwing a Bellator, throw on a Pride or whatever, and you would see that pomp and circumstance entrance. And it would be like, Man, why don't they do this in the UFC? It's to the point now, though, where I do respect the guy's a world champion and he's just running to the cage barefoot in his shorts. You know what I mean? To the point now where I see in Israel out of Sonya doing the 10 Guys choreographed dance entrance in the undertaker, or even Conor McGregor when he had Shingate O'Connor sing him in, it feels out of place and weird. And you're taking away from the momentum of the card. You know what I mean? It's everything about it just feels weird and off, and it doesn't sit right with me as a diehard fan of this sport.


I do know what you mean, and I understand what you're saying, but I also disagree a little bit because there's a part of me, the part of me that gets excited. I remember when Connor fought Khabib and he walked out and they did the dry ice above the octagon. Do you remember that? And there's that iconic picture of Connor doing the Billy stroke with all the dry ice in the octagon. And I was up there working for ESPN in one of the suites way up high. And I remember looking down and thinking, That looks cool. You know what I mean? That is pretty iconic. But also, I agree with you, what you say. It's there is something about when you see the likes of Mohamed Ali and these legendary boxers throughout history and Mike Tyson and Vander Hollifield, people like that, Roberto Durant, and they're going through the crowd. And there's a big sea of madness and there's a spotlight on the fight and they're going through and all the fans are reaching out and just get a fist bump or whatever. That's also in its own way just as cool. You know what I'm saying?


And I feel a little bit more authentic. However, I do like a bit of pump and circumstance, though.


Well, but there is the thing, for instance, Deontay Wilder versus Tyson Ferry, right? From the time the ring entrances started till the time the Bell went off to start the fight was about 40 minutes. And it's.


Like, and it cost him the fight because he was so tired from wearing that metal costume. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Worst excuse ever. Oh, no. But hold on. What else did he have? I think he was poisoned.


Yeah, there was tainted water bottles.


There was tainted water bottles. His costume was too heavy. There was one more as well.


There was a few. Oh, his corner man also threw in the towel or screwed.


Him up in some way. Yeah. Listen, Deo is going to deonto. So yeah, there you go. What was Brian's question? Brian, what would your walk out music be? Something that sounds like?




I don't know. Probably something like some from super joint ritual or I don't know, something like that. Waiting for the turn. Death metal?


Yes, maybe.


Some thrash metal.




The heavier side of things. That's how I live my life.


Yeah. It's funny, isn't it? Because, for example, my brother in law, Daniel, nicest guy you'll ever meet. He really is the nicest guy. He's a successful guy. He's a captain for Quantum S airways. You know what I mean? He's very smart. He's very funny, he's very, very calm, just like Rebecca loves the thrash metal. Do you know what I mean? Just loves it and has it blasting out. I'm like, it's just weird how some people lie there. I think that sounds fucking awful. If I'm being totally honest, I don't get it at all. But, hey, horses for horses.


That's it, man.


That would be terrifying to hear your pilot raging out to like, Roar. He's not flying a plane like that.


No, you got to listen to it at a reasonable volume as or you're hurting your ears. We have another question here and this one is from Joven.


Joven. Pym crew.


Joven here.


With the.


Video question from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I'm a huge fan of the show and I'm a huge fan of martial arts.


Now during those big pay per.


View events, I do watch a lot of the.


Ufc embedded.




Takes you behind the scenes what fighters do during those fight weeks.




Question for you, Michael and Anthony is, what.


Else do.


You guys do during the fight weeks besides the signing of.


The posters, the photo shoots and those media interviews.


And do you guys actually.


Like even doing it? Just because.


I feel like it's the last thing you want to be doing.




You're going into a fight. And Anthony Smith, good luck on your.


Fight this weekend. And I.


Feel hope.


You guys can.


Give a big shout out to my boss's birthday, which is this Wednesday.


His name is Adam Boyd.


So if.


You want to give him a happy birthday, that'd be fantastic.


All right, guys. Thank you so much. Now we've turned into a version of cameo now, have we? Well, Joven, happy birthday to your boss, Adam. I hope you get a bloody pay rise and it suits the ridiculous inflation that is going around the world right now. All jokes aside, though, thank you, Joven, for your question. Regarding fight week schedules, that's what Anthony is going through right now. Send him a text, boys. Brian, shoot him a text to see if you can just send him a link and just say, Can you jump on real quick? To answer your question, obviously you got to make weight and you got to fight, but you got to get there, you check your weight, you sign posters, you got to do paperwork, you got to sign some contracts, you got to do what they call ENG. You know that little bit when before at the start of the show and it cuts to, I'm going to kick this guy's ass or whatever. You know, like on a pay per view. But still, they call it E NG. You have to give some sound bites to the camera. You have to look down the lens as if you're looking at the camera and speaking to the TV audience, say some things.


You have to do the fighter meetings. You have to speak to all the commentators and whatnot to give some information about your training camp, what your approach is going to be. Go on, sorry.


I was going to ask that graphic of where the guys are, they do it next to the tail of the tape where it's like the guys will just be staying, like a cut out. They'll be standing. They'll be shadow boxing and then turn to face the other guy. Is that filmed week of every time?


That's filmed week of every single time. You have to go there. You have to do your photo shoot as well. Then you got to do your photo shoot. Then you got to turn 45 degrees that way. Then you have 45 degrees that way, all that type of stuff. Then you got to do the shadow boxing and whatnot. They spray you down, get you all nice and glistening. The first few times you do it, it's very cool. You're like, Oh, this is amazing. We've done it. We're here. We've hit the big show. But it is a distraction from the ultimate job at hand. But as me and Nancy were saying the other day, these are necessary evils. This is what it's all about. It's show business, let's be honest. The product, the package is fighting. But what we're doing is entertainment. It's sport, of course it's sport, but it's also entertainment as well. So you got all these bells and whistles that go with it that are a necessary evil. They have to be done just like the media has to be done. Otherwise, no one knows about your fight. Listen, if you're a superstar like Conor McGregor, somebody like that, maybe you can do not a single interview.


Maybe the fact that you know show a press conference like it almost looked like Nate Diaz does has that opposite effect where everyone talks about it. But generally, for mere mortals, you got to talk about it. You got to put it out there. You got to give the sound bites. You got to get people excited for it. So as I say, it's a necessary evil, and it's all part of... Every time you go into a fight, and this is the way I always used to be, you got to look at it as a separate business entity. This is a business this fight, and I want it to be a successful venture. I want the gate to do well. I want the TV viewing figures to do well because this all reflects you. And it all reflects back to what ultimately you're going to earn and what sponsors are going to pay you and how much the UFC are going to pay you. Because believe it or not, and as much as I know I should get a T shirt that says company man because you all say it, but it's true. Believe it or not, the people that are pulling in numbers, the people that are a drawer are getting paid.


And that's why you don't hear a lot of those people bitching and complaining. So you got to do all these things. Yeah, it's a busy time.


One thing I thought was pretty cool with Anthony Smith's fight week, specifically rolling around in the Maybach with the champagne in the back, with the seats on the headrest. I mean, must be nice, right?


He's rolling around in a chauff driven Bentley. It's not a Maybach, it's a Bentley.


That one's a Bentley And then he also, last night I saw on his story, he got picked up in the top of the line Mercedes Maybach, too.


It's a tough laugh. We just give a shout out to Gold Saint that was the sponsor there. Good for him and he deserves it. And that's how you got to treat yourself. You got to treat yourself like a world champion. You got to think like a world champion and you got to invest in yourself. And then what you're doing, you got to believe it. And I know I'm going down the rock hole's path, but it's so true. But you have to but you have to present the version, and this is not just environment, this isn't anything. The person that you want people to think you are, you have to present that to the world. We were just talking about it there, Anthony. We were talking about how you've changed, talking about how you're rolling around in chauffe r driven Benllys.


It was a nice car for sure.


Dude, beautiful. We were literally just showing it there. We gave your sponsors Gold Saint a shout out as well. God bless him. I was saying the reason you got to do that and that's good is because you got to present the opportunity, present the version of yourself to the world that you think you are, the world champion, all the rest. It's all about the mindset. That said, how is the Mind Dance in it? How's everything going?


I'm good, man. I'm really good. Things are going really well here. I'm actually just trying to get out of the hotel a little bit. So we're walking through the mall, just hanging out a little bit. You know what I mean? I got my last hard workout tonight and then the weight cut. I woke up this morning at 209. I had a nice dinner last night, woke up at 209. So I did that last hard workout, last part of the weight cut, man. I'll be the first one on the scale.


Three pounds over. That's easy work, man.


Yeah, I really put the work in, man. I really did. I know that we talk about it a lot on the podcast, but now people are going to see it now. I'm excited.


How good does that feel knowing that number one, you haven't got this arduous wake up to go through. But then secondly, you're going to take a punch better. Your cardio and stamina is going to be better. And that's a fact. How much confidence does that give you?


A lot of confidence because even if worst case scenario happens, I know I can work through it because I haven't put my body through a grueling weight cut. You don't want your hardest fight to be with the scale. I'm excited about that. And like I said, it just proves that everything I've been saying about the work that I put in and how hard I push myself. I haven't missed a meal. I haven't held back any water. My weight is just naturally coming down because of the shape that I'm in. Like you said, I'll be able to take a shot better. I'm going to be able to push hard for 15 minutes and I just don't think you can.


It's a nice in an early fight as well.


It is.


I had no idea. Super early.


That's even better because then I could just hang out with my friends and family. I got my uncle Todd and aunt Melinda here, and we're just walking through the mall. I got guys from USC.


Look at this. Look at these guys. Look at these assholes. Anthony Smith's walking around. He's got a fucking show for driven Bentley's. He's got camera crews following him. He's fighting in the most prestigious events in the world. People say that I'm Hollywood. You Hollywood son of a bitch.


You've been Hollywood. I'm just trying to be like you.


Harrington and Bryant, you're bomb boys.


I'm telling you, my new goal... I got two new goals. I've seen a pretty sweet Rolex earlier walking through the mall. I don't have a Rolex, so I got to get one. But also I got to figure out how to get me one of those Mercedes Maybach because.


That thing is nice. Dog, that shit was so baller.


I didn't see that one. How much is one of that? What does it look like? I'll have to Google them. I don't know what a Mercedes Maybach looks like.


It looks like a spaceship. Really? It's amazing.


How much is one of them?


They're like $350,000, so I got a minute.


No big deal.


Don't do it, man. Don't do it, man. That's too much money. I'll never spend.


That amount of money on it. I just get the same. When I win a title, I'm going to have one of these.


Well, listen, you do what you got to do. Do what you got to do. Man, we're so excited for you, Anthony. Let's have a look at it. Put it on, Brian.


Oh, yeah, that's the inside of it. It's on my Instagram.


Look at that. Not bad at all. Well, we don't want to keep you too long. You missed a good show today, Anthony. You missed one of them. I know. You guys got.


The good guests on.


Mike Perry was fucking insane in the best way. He was great. Right, Harriett?


Oh, man. Perry was the man.


Yeah. You got Al Joe and O'Malle?


Al Joe and O'Malle and Mike Perry. Yeah, got to hear that for a second.


You should have got Al Joe and O'Malle on at the same time.


Well, we did.


It was.


Not planned, but Al Joe was like, he was awesome, what a great guest he was. And we were having a proper conversation. He was talking about his emotions and his feelings and his fiance and stuff like that. You could see he was getting a little emotional at the times. And the conversation was just flowing. The time flew by.


And Mike Dombass just pulled Sean up without.


Telling him. O'malle just pops on the screen. O'malle was a little bit annoyed because like, you know... Not annoyed, but he was just like, Whoa, hold on. You never told me about this. So I felt bad. I did. We need to get here, Anthony.


That's what it takes to replace you, Anthony. Mike Barry, Al Jomain, Sterling.


I know. You got to get three guests.


To just cover my spot. And people are still going to bitch about it.


Oh, for sure. They're going to be like, You can't take the time to come hang.


So where are you now? Are you in the mall of Charlotte?


Yeah, I'm just in a mall. It's like 10 minutes from the hotel.


So what are you doing? Just having a stroll around?


Yeah, just walking around. I don't know. I was just thinking about maybe buying something, but it's like one of those things where you think you want to buy something, then I get here and I don't see anything I want, so just hanging out. I'm really just killing time till my weight cut.


Yeah. Well, it's a nice way to cut weight as well. Just gently stroll it off if you're watching. Walk if you're monitoring what you're putting in. Have you bumped into Walker?


Yeah, a bunch. He hasn't said much. He shook my hand earlier today and didn't really say much. Actually, one of his coaches came up and introduced himself and some real nice guy from Ireland. But he's around.


Amazing. All right, well, listen, we'll leave you to it, Anthony. We don't want to take up too much of your time. We will be doing a live, we'll be doing a watch along. We're doing a fight companion. We're going to be watching. We're going to be in the doctor gun with you, just so you know.


Hopefully I can grab my phone as soon as I fight and I'll jump on your live stream.




My God. That would be spectacular, dude.


Oh, my God.


You got to send me a link or...


Oh, yeah, absolutely.


You're the mastermind. You let me know. I used to grab my phone right away. So as soon.


As I'm done, I grab my phone. You're getting a fucking link. Hey, brother, listen, we'll let you go. We're going to... Listen, we're nervous for you. We're excited for you. You're going to do fantastic. You go out, you're the better fighter. You're the better technical guy. You got more experience. You got the better analytical mind. You've got a better striker, wester, jutsu, far more experience. Go out there, fight your fight. Better chin. Better chin. There you go. Better fucking...


All right, man. Well, I appreciate the shit out of you guys. Good luck, man. I'll see you guys on the other side.


Let's go, brother. All the best, Anthony. All the best, man. Take it easy, bro. Take care. All right. And ladies and gentlemen, that is it. That is a marathon episode of the Believe U Me podcast. Hamilton and Brian, thank you very much. You guys said questions, you did. Bym pod@gmail. Com. If you haven't subscribed and rung the bell, then what is your goddamn problem? We'll be back on Monday with Anthony, who is victorious. And Saturday, last time live, watch him on Fight Companion. Me and Rebecca, Hamilton and Brian, jump on the screen and say goodbye to the people. And then that's about it. We got five seconds.


Enjoy Anthony Smith's fight. The noon Eastern on Saturday.


Bye, everybody.


Yeah, bye.