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There it is. We're back, ladies and gentlemen. Lionheart Smith is back on the show. Oh, the world is a better place BYM is by far a better place. You left me. You left me alone with Harrington and Brian.


I did, I'm sorry.


Exactly. Never mind what happened at the weekend. Never leave me with Harrington and Brian ever again. We did live through the fight. I'm telling Harrington to shut the fuck up because he's coming out with Know. He says you're going for triangles when you got him inside control and stuff. You know what I mean? Don't subject me. Never mind what you're going through personally losing a fight.


What am I going through? How dare you think about what the.


Fuck is wrong with God. Look, listen, first thing I want to say to you and then I'll kick it to you, obviously, because it's your fights, your moment, your experience. I just did a little live earlier, talking about some MMA news and there was a lot of people in the chat all saying, listen, and I'm sure it's the same in the believe you me community as well. Like anytime there's idiots, there's assholes, there's haters, but there's also a lot of people that support you, Anthony. Do you know what? There's a lot of people that were invested in you and they still are. And they're on an emotional journey with you. So just know that there's a lot of people that care about you. You know what I mean? With that said, give me your thoughts on what went down Saturday night.


Yeah, first of all, I feel the love too. It's probably the most hate that I've got, probably ever. You need to retire. You're trash, you suck, you don't belong. Like, whatever. First of all, I'm not retiring. That's not happening. Not like that. That's for sure. I'm not going out like that.


And why would you?


Yeah, listen, I still have it. There's some problems that I got to fix for sure. But I don't know. It's definitely not going to happen like that. It's not going to be on a whim. It's not the first time I've taken my gloves off in the cage before. It's very documented. I've had lots of hand injuries. The gloves and the hand wraps bother just they cramp my hands. They're tight, they hold them open, they bother my hands.


That's exactly what I said on the live because Anthony and Brown were always taking his gloves off. And I said, yeah, I said, but the thing is, when you've just been through a tough fight, sometimes your hands are wrapped so tight and they get extremely hot. And a lot of the time, the first thing I ever wanted to do was to take my gloves off, just get these goddamn gloves off.


And they're brand new. They're brand new. When you get a new pair of boxing gloves, how long does it take before they're comfortable? It could be a month. And you'll wear them for the first couple of rounds, and then you got to put your old ones back on because it takes a while to get that break in process. Every single time you fight, you get brand new gloves. So it sucks. First of all, I want to get that out there right away. Not retiring. I don't have no excuses. I had an incredible training camp. I left no stone unturned. I didn't cut any corners. I put all the work in. I was in great shape. I felt good. I was uninjured. But there is a glaring hole in my game, and it's no longer a.


Hole, which mean because I never saw a glaring hole.


But please, it's the leg kicks. It's become a liability at this point. It's not even a hole in my game anymore. It's a liability. I'd love to see the numbers and see how many late kicks I've absorbed in my UFC career. It's got to be in the thousands. And at this point, checking them isn't even good enough, because I checked a good number of those kicks, and it got to the point where the checking didn't even matter. It hurt worse to check it than to just lift it and take it. So I think over time, I've taken so many that my body is just not like my leg isn't just taking them as well as it used to. We've addressed it over, and we've changed my stance, we've changed my movement, we've changed the block, we've changed the defense. I do it in practice, and for whatever reason, we get into the fights, and I can't do it in the fight. I don't know. Um, andrew Sanchez destroyed my leg with leg kicks. John Jones destroyed my leg with leg kicks. Vulcan Ozemir destroyed my leg with leg kicks. Hector Lombard, even Alexander Gusfusson a little bit.


Alexander Rakich put me down with.




It's a liability. I can't take it's. And Johnny Walker had an incredible game plan. Stay on the outside, stay really composed. Don't engage in the boxing, and pick at his leg until he can't move. And then once you take away my movement, I'm just a sit and duck. My whole game is kind of based. Not that I do a bunch of big, flashy, incredibly athletic movements, but my movement is one of the biggest parts of my game. It's how I ease my way into distance. It's how I ease my way just outside of range. It's the slight, real subtle angles. Like, if I can't do those and I can't do them on my timing, it changes my whole game. And if you do that and you don't engage in the boxing offensively, he had incredible counters. But if you don't offensively do that, and I'm forced to come to you, then I'm just waiting into your kicking range and then just taking bombs from the outside. So again, credit to I have no excuses. Like credit to Johnny and his team. He really stuck to a game plan. He was more composed than he's ever been.


He was fast. He didn't let me bait him into any bullshit. He was hard to get to, especially after I was compromised. But he took advantage of me, and that's exactly what he's supposed to do, and that's exactly what I would have done to him if I could have. But he was just better there, and I don't have any excuses for it. He was just better, and it's frustrating. I put so much effort into this, so I've never really cared about the trolls and the online people talking. Shit never really bothered me before, but I'm real angry about it now. It was everything I could do to not come at the media and freak out on every single because I haven't done anything to anybody. So why people feel like it's just where we are today in society, but people are so comfortable just shitting on someone that they don't know. I'm like, I'm a good dude. I take care of my family. I help the people around me. I'm nice. I tip really well. I do all the things right. You know what I mean? And I put in all the effort. I sacrifice.


I run myself into car accidents every single day. And on those bad, like, it wasn't my night. He did a great job, and he was better. He took advantage of a hole in my game, and he did it better than I could. And that's the game. But I just can't believe the way that people are talking about me. It's insane. It makes you really jaded. Makes you really jaded. Like, why am I so cool to the fans? And then I got to remember I'm only focusing on the negative because then when I think I'm getting way more positive than negative, just the negativity is louder.


It's always a vocal minority.


It is. They're so loud. And so then you got to keep reminding yourself at the end of the day, man, this wasn't the end of the world. It was pretty bad, a pretty bad spot yesterday. I'm a little bit better today, but I just wanted to win so bad, and I try so fucking hard. That's the problem. I just try so hard. I was throwing till the end, even though I was like, how many people are standing in front of Johnny Walker at range and staying conscious? You know what I mean? Not many. Not many, that's for sure. And I was hurt early. I got overextended. My leg was compromised in the first two minutes. And then I got caught, thrown an overhand like overextending. He clipped me with something. I got the takedown, and it was like, I don't know. It is what it man again, like last time. But congratulations to Johnny and his team. They did a great job. But what do you do? What do you do today about well.


You do exactly what you're doing right now, which is be a man. You hold your hand up, you be honest. And you said, you know what the better man won on the night he did. I've been thinking about what to say to you, you know what I'm saying? And it doesn't really require too much thought to be honest. But you identified the leg kicks there and you are right, because when the fight started, you were standing in like a moitai stance. But the lead leg wasn't even bouncing up and down. It was held sometimes for two or 3 seconds in the air.




So it is like you were always so focused on defending leg kicks, you know what I mean? And then on the live or when I talked about it to someone else, people were saying, well, what do you think Anthony did wrong? And I was like, Well, I don't think it was so much what you did wrong. It's what Johnny did. Very know. We have to give the man credit. I mean, because I remember there was one point in the fight he hit you with a succession of three leg kicks in a row with the same leg kick in bum bum bum, real fast succession. That's not easy to do, do you know what I'm saying?


It's not normal.


It's not normal. And the man's a freak athlete. And it sounds like I'm just sitting here now saying this trying to make you feel better. Johnny Walker's a beast. He's a physical specimen. We know that. He's bit of a weirdo. He's a bit of a weird character. He's a nice guy, but he's a freak athlete and he is getting better and he's gigantic for the weight class. And again, it sounds like I'm making excuses.


I had problems with it. I had problems with the size. He's big.


These are just facts, though. He's big and he's a monster and he's getting better. And the reality is, and I truly do mean this, I'm not saying to try and make you feel better on his night. Johnny Walker's capable of beating any man on planet Earth in that weight class. He really is. You know what I always had? I always had some kind of concerns with this matchup because when he burst on the scene, he was the next hot thing, do you know what I mean? And then he had some shortcomings because he was a little bit spazzy in there, you know what I'm saying? But he's getting better.


He's had some cartoonish knockouts. That's why he got a lot of flak because he's been hurt. And he had like r1 boring matchup with Santos. Yeah, kind of a cartoonish knockout from Jamal Hill. So then people kind of shit on him, but I was always hyper focused on him. I'm just like, I went in there knowing that I was going to win, and then when you don't I don't know. And then you got everyone telling you, like, you don't have it anymore. You got to retire. And it's like, I don't feel like that. I don't feel like that. I absolutely have something I got to even I don't even know how to fix it right. Like, it's not unfixable. It's not impossible.


I don't know if I need to.


Start fighting Southpaw for forever. Maybe I just switched to Southpaw forever. I don't know.


Listen, here's the good stuff, though, Anthony. What you're feeling right now is what you're supposed to be feeling if you give a damn, if you give a shit. Do you know what I'm saying? There's a lot of people that go out there, and they're happy to be there, and they're happy to be in the UFC, and they're happy to get the fame and the attention and to make the money and be on TV. And sometimes when they win or lose, they don't really care because they had their moment or they're having their moments, and they're not too bothered about being a champion. When you're a true competitor, this is how you're supposed to feel. It's a good sign. And there was people there's a lot of comments, oh, you should retire. You should hang it up and all the rest of it, and it's like, Hold on on that. Just stop. Think about this. Should Gilbert Burns retire? Has anyone said that Gilbert Burns just lost to Bilal Mohammed? I'm not taking away from Bilal, but he lost. Should he retire? No, he's fighting at the highest level. Who else just lost? There's another one.


Just had a bad loss recently. My God. I had it all in my head. I had loads of fighters lined up. I can't remember. My mind's gone blank. But when just because a fighter loses a fight doesn't mean that's now time to hang everything up.


Rankings came out. I'm still in the top ten.


Exactly. You're still in the top ten. You're 34 years old. You recognize you made some mistakes, and you recognize that Johnny Walker was the better man on the night. You did recognize Carelli, because the leg kick things, that is a given, you know what I mean? You need to handle that. But that's good, because if you go out there and you're like, I did everything perfect, and I still couldn't beat him, that's not the end of the world. But you're sitting there saying, listen, the leg thing was in your mind. You were so focused on that. You were standing on one leg for the majority of time, and Johnny Walker was good. Right? It's when you give up on yourself. Cheeto vera. Sorry, that's who I was going to say. Look at Marlon. Cheeto vera.


No, one's saying he should retire.


Marlon's a good friend of mine, and I have so much respect for him. He had a bad night at the office against Corey Sandegan, right? He knows that. The whole bloody world knows that.


And he's not making excuses either. He's just like, I got to get better.


Cheetah Gilbert burns the UFC. The top talent. When two men or women step into a sporting endeavor, when it's one on, 150 percent of those people go home a loser, and 50 go home the winner. And that's the hard part, because it's the thrill and the agony, as the UFC say. You got Johnny Walker, he's break dancing in bloody charlote. He's enjoying himself. He's having a good time, and you on the other side feel like bloody throwing yourself off the end of a cliff, because it's like momentarily, it's like your world's collapsed.


The world just fell on your head. That's how it feels.


You had a bad night at the office, and today is the first day.


Where I woke up like, okay, all right. You got to stop feeling sorry for yourself. Then you got to start making calls, all right, how do I fix this? Like, whether it's I talked to Mark and like, all right, what's the game plan? How do we fix all these problems? How do I fix it? Who's next? Okay, when are we going to go? How long do we have? Who do we want to fight? And then it's talked to Eric Nixick today, and then I talked to Tyrone Spong, and then I talked to Mark, and it's like, Just give me all the information. Let's get all the best brains in the entire sport. If you guys can't all fix it together collectively, then it can't be fixed. But I'm not quitting until someone says it's unfixable. I'm not fucking giving up, and I'm damn sure not retiring like that. You're not going to see me tucking my tail and crawling out of there and getting mad, oh, I lost. And then just throwing my gloves down and then just to take it back two months from now and say, oh, I was just mad about it.


When I retire, it'll be the last time you see me, and everyone's going to know before it happens.


I won the belt in 2016. 2014. I got choked out by a one armed guillotine by Luke Rockhold. Everyone said it was over. Tim Kennedy beat me.


How old?


Belfort beat me. I was 32,014. 35, right? 35. 35 years old. Everyone said I was done. Everyone said I was finished. I remember, and I might have said this before, so I apologize if I have. At that press conference when I fought Luke Rockhold, I remember speaking to a journalist and he said to me on the phone, he said, this is it, right, Mike, this is your last chance. This is your last shot. You've been in these kind of situations before. If you lose this, you're never going to sniff the World championship ever again, right? And I said, no. What are you talking about? If I lose this fight, I'll be devastated. I'll be gutted, but I ain't going to give up. I ain't going to quit. As long as there's still breath in my body and I'm still healthy enough to do it, I'm still going to keep on trying, because that's what you have to do. The moment you say to yourself, I can't do this. I can't compete, I'm not good enough, it's okay to say, I've got work to do. It's okay to say, I've got improvements. But if you just decide to just say, you know what?


I'm not good enough, that's only when it's over. And that's what I said to Cheetah Vera, and I think he posted something similar to those words a couple of days later. It ain't over. It's a hard sport. These are the best mixed martial artists on planet Earth, right? And you're fighting at the highest level sometimes. Listen, it's great to be a Conor McGregor when he was on the rise, to go out there and destroy everyone. DC John Jones. I don't know these people, these truly phenomenally Rampez Jackson, these insanely talented people that just have an ability to do it, they're just so good, and that's great, and people love to see that. But people also love to see the journey of the underdog. The guy that goes along and gets kicked back and gets stopped and loses fights and it doesn't go his way, but they don't give up. And they don't give up and then claw the way to the fucking top because this is who they are and this is what they're fucking built of. And I know this is what you're built off. And of course you're sad and you're depressed and you've got a little fucking black eye, but you were always an ugly bastard anyway, so who cares?


Do you know what I mean?




But you got a beautiful wife, you got a beautiful family. You got all your faculties. You can't check a leg kick to save your fucking can't check a fucking.


Leg kick to save my life.


We're fucking good to go, baby. Come on.


And I've been saying from the very beginning, it's world champion or die trying. That doesn't mean it's world champion or die trying unless it sucks. I'm getting stitched up like I'm getting these stitches in my face. And some media person comes back and says, hey, the media room wants to know if you're retiring. I wanted to explode. Here's what it is. These people that are, like, pushing that on you and these trolls on the internet and the people that are talking shit, you know what it is? I make them uncomfortable because they know that they couldn't continue. That's what it comes down to. These people that are just begging for people's downfall and begging for people to quit when it gets hard and saying, yo, you don't got it anymore. No, you're afraid I don't have it anymore because you know I'm not going to quit. So, yeah, it sucks really bad right now. It sucks real fucking bad right now.


The reality is sorry, go on.


I expect it this week to be much if I win that fight, I'm fighting for the world title. I lose and I should retire. No, that's not how this works. People look at our sport so much differently, but if you take your favorite basketball team or your favorite football team or name your sport, most of your favorite athletes lose more time in one season than I will my entire career.


And not making excuses. You were coming back from a leg break as well, right?


And I was a little bit uncomfortable in there too.


That might have been playing a factor on your mind.


I don't know about ring rust, but I will say and I'm not making an excuse or saying this was it, but I will say that I need to be more active because the one fight a year, for three years, I've been a very active fighter my whole career. So now the last three times I've gone in there, I felt like it's very new. It's a new, fresh feeling, like it's the first time. So I'm not super familiar in the Octagon. The whole fight week stuff is unfamiliar to me. The last three times, I don't feel like I'm in a groove. I don't feel like I'm in a rhythm. That's another thing I need to fix. That's nothing on anyone else. That's on me. I need to stay healthy and I need to be able to get into some sort of rhythm where I'm comfortable and not feeling like this is the first time. So I think that's some of it, for sure. As far as just how I felt when I was in there, that was the one different thing. It just felt new, and I don't like that.


Going back to the haters, if you will, for want of a better word, what you said. People coming out the woodwork and talking a bit of crap, doing what we do or any sportsman or anyone anyone that puts himself in the public eye. There's going to be a certain percentage of society that looks at that and are inspired and that take great pleasure and support you. There's also going to be a lot of people that are quick to talk a lot of shit and talk crap, and sadly, that's just human nature. I kind of lost it a little bit at the end of the life, someone donated two US and said, hey, I forget what he said now. And I said, Take that $2. I said, Shove it up your fucking ass. I said, how dare you. Come on here. You got a guy going out there who's trying to fight in the toughest sport on planet Earth. It didn't go his way. And you want to kick a man while he's down. It's just the same kind of people that go out there and talk crap, these trolls on Instagram and comments on Facebook or on Twitter or whatever, it's like, what is going on?


The problem is with them, you're out there, you're competing in the toughest sport on planet Earth, okay? You're fighting at a very, very high level against a freak athlete who's very good, who's getting better all the time, that had a tremendous amount of hype, and you came up short, okay? There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. You should be really proud of yourself. You're given a great life to your family. They're happy. You're financially stable. You've got your faculty, you've got a great brain. When the time does come, when you hang the gloves up, you've got a huge amount of options that you have commentating, ESPN analysts, podcasting, you name it, you can do it all. There's a million things you can do. But right now, you're focused on being a fighter, and that's what you're putting everything into. And that's why it hurts. And that's why this seeing the reaction, what you're having is a positive sign. Because if you don't care, then you don't care, and you're not going to get better, and you're not going to.


Write the wrong you're not going to fix it.


You're not going to fix it.


Yeah. God damn, it sucks. Losing sucks. And it is part of life, though. It's part of life for most people.


As I said before, there's this small subsect of the society.


I liked how you explained that, too. Some people are just born winners.


Yeah, there is. I hated them.


Rashad me, too. Rampage was a great example. Like, some people are just born great, and the rest of us have to scratch and claw and fight and rob and steal and whatever else we got.


We're just human beings. Some people extremely talented at whatever sport it is that they decide to do, whether it be football, I'm talking about soccer, but American football. Throwing a ball, jabbling, athletics, running. Some people are just born for that shit. And other people, that kind of life might choose them. And we love it and we're good at it, and we're talented, but we got to work our bloody ass off and we got to sacrifice, and we got to itch and scratch and claw our way to the top, like I said before. And you know what? When you're that type of guy and you finally do it, it feels even better. You know what I mean?


We'll get there. We'll get there.


You're going to get there.


We'll have big, shiny gold belts as one of the bits and bobs in the back one of these days.


There we go. There we go. There we go. Well, on behalf of everyone, all the Believers. We're all so proud of you, Anthony.


The love from the believers has been incredible.




I can't even tell you how many messages and comments, and I see them in the comments defending me against the trolls, so I appreciate the absolute shit out of you guys. And you know what? We're going to run it back in there here, sooner rather than later, and we'll just do it again.


I don't know if that makes me.


Stupid or smart, but we'll just roll back and do it again.


I'm going to wind everyone up when I say this, but what about a boys trip out to Thailand? You want to work?


Not a bad idea.


There's no better bro, it's not a bad idea.


There's no better place to work on leg kicks in Thailand, I'm telling you.


Though, all jokes aside. So I fought Martin the b stepstein for the cage rage belt. It was my third fight, I won it. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I was way over my head, but I beat him. Then we had a rematch and I was comfortably winning the fight. And then in the third round, he started attacking me with leg kicks and he almost put me on my ass. He must have kicked me 20 times. I was limping about all over the place. And as luck would have it, I caught him with the right hand and finished, sealed the deal. But then straight after that, my coach at the time was like, bro, you got to get out to Thailand, man. You have got to learn how to check leg kicks and just get better with your moitai. And I went out there and I went and lived in this crappy gym for about a month. Well, I lived in a crappy hotel right by the gym and yeah, they've fixed it like that, you know what I'm saying? Because that is the best spot on Earth. And if you're looking for a beautiful place to go on holiday with a family and a little training holiday, or the boys can go, we can all go.


A trip to Thailand, I'm telling you, no better place on earth for that stuff. I'm telling you right now. That is their culture, that is their moves, that is their techniques, that is their life.


Well, I was laying in bed last night, I was thinking about who are some great people that deal with calf kicks and then throw them themselves? And I went back and I was like, well, it's not like I'm the only one that has this problem. Think of Israeli in his last fight with Pereira, like, he was pretty compromised in the first round of that fight with those kicks as well. So I'm not the only one with this issue, for sure. But then I was like, there's lots of people that do a really good job. This is funny. I talked to Tyrone Spong. In the hotel afterwards, and he couldn't have been kinder to me. It was a real motivating speech or not speech, but conversation just about my mindset excuse me. And how his mindset was in his career. So I'm asking for advice. And he just so cool and chill. Was like, well, I mean, what am I doing wrong with this whole kick thing? Just broadly, what do you see? And he was like, oh, I never check kicks.


Again. He's one of those one percenters. Don't follow that advice.


I never check. He was like, if anything, I just get out of the way. I was like, I would if I could. Yeah, that was an option. I would definitely do that. But yeah, it is what it is, man.


We'll fix it.


We'll get back, we'll run it back again, and we'll probably find another problem we got to fix, and we'll fix that too.


Don't call it a comeback, but I'm looking forward to the comeback. It is what it is, man. That is it with sports. Harrington and Brian allow you to be present on the screen.


Harrington's somewhere else right now, but I'm here.


Is he? He didn't want to hang around, did he not? All right, well, good for him. Good for him. How you doing, Brian? You well, buddy?


I'm good.


I'm just wondering if everybody has their chip on them.


Well, we do, but today's not the day. I even said this in a comment earlier. I mean, we can't do that today, right? It seems like there's always a reason. Seems like there's always an excuse.


But the doctor said with these stitches to stay away from extremely hot chips.


Oh, I get that, dude.




That makes sense.




You eat a hot chip, your face gets all swollen and red, and I start sweating. I can't sweat in this thing.


That's what you've got two vaginas on your eyeballs. You can't be handling hot chips.


Look at this one. This one's pretty good too. They were like they didn't know if they wanted to stitch that one. You know what else sucks? Here's something people don't know at home. The canvas looks very smooth because you see people slipping around sometimes, and it looks very smooth from the outside, but it's not. It's very rough canvas. That's very textured material, like fabric. And my knees looks like I've been trying to suck the truth serum out of a wiener for fucking four days. My knees, there's no skin on both of my knees. From the small grappling exchange in the first round. That's going to be the power screaming.


Because the blue parts of the canvas, they are slippy, but the sponsored logos, they are like the coarsest sandpaper. I ripped the bottom of my toe off once in the main event.


I got a huge tear on the bottom of my foot, like where my toe connects to my foot. And just from the canvas, it's crazy shit.


First world problems. Guess what? That's going to heal up. You're going to heal up. Everything's going to be fine and dandy this time.




Next week, moscow Mule with a straw. I'll allow it. This once.


Just this once. I got, like, cuts on the inside of my mouth.


Just this once. Okay? So did you manage to watch any of the other fights? I mean, there was performances. Ian Gary got to give him a special shout out. He was phenomenal. I'm sorry. This sucks. Let's talk about the people that did really well on the fight.


No, it's fine. No. Ian gary looked really good. I thought he was going to have a tougher test. I was also surprised at how much he was picking at Drod. The whole time, all week long, he was fucking with week. All week. He messed with Drod the entire time. He knew Drod was having a tough weight cut. I don't know how he found that out, but he put those pizzas and, like, some weed or something or some gummies or edibles or something. I know. At his door. And then even in the know, then he's yelling at him when he missed weight the first time, but not really being an asshole so much. He was just picking at him. Like, it was almost comical. But I could tell if you were Drod, you'd be pissed about it. But I thought it was uncomfortable. Then he was messing with him in the back before weigh ins, before the ceremonial weighins, just constantly talking to him and picking at him. And you could just tell, like, D Rod was bothered, and I thought that was a terrible game plan, because I don't know, for anyone that maybe doesn't know what he looks like, you have to look him up.


That's not a dude that I'm just going to go around teasing. He's intimidating, like in he's yeah, he's.


Got a colorful past. As Gary did not care. It was a sensational performance. He actually picked it as well. He said, I'm going to get him with a head kick, which he did. Put him down in round one. Two minutes 57. He called it. He nailed it. And now he's asking, I don't know if you saw this for Stephen Wonderboy Thompson, main event in Dublin, wonder Boy Thompson, Ian Gary, take my money. Because that and again, got to give credit to Ian Gary there. That's a big step up. And stylistically, it's a tough fight, fun fight, brilliant fight for fans, but for him, maybe a tough fight. I respect that. Okay. hglt supplements. Listen, these guys are absolutely fantastic. They sent me out some of the stuff recently. The protein shakes taste delicious. The pre workout gets you going. It makes the workouts easier. Halfway through your workout, you might be fading. You might be thinking, you know what? I've done enough for today. But with the pre workout, you are absolutely flying. A two hour workout feels like a 30 minutes workout, and each week is better than the last, as if you're aging in reverse.


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You just want to be able to get off the couch. You want to feel good. You want to feel great. You want to live a long, healthy, fruitful life. Go to HDLT subs, use the promo code Bisping to get 10% off your order. I saw a meme the other day, and it was hilarious because Rebecca's always like, you don't listen to me. I'm like, I do, because I say, you're the one that doesn't listen to me. Because I'll always say, like, oh, so God damn. I'm commentating here next week, and I got to do the Continuum on Tuesday. Then I've got to go to then I'm commentating somewhere out the country, and then it comes closer to the time, and she's like, you never told me. I'm like, what do you mean I never told you? I specifically told you about it weeks ago. Anyway, I saw a meme the other day that you know how a meme works? There's a picture, and the woman comes over. She goes, what was it now? Something like, you never listened to me. Did you hear what I just said? You never listened to me. And it's like his response is, that's a weird way to start a conversation.


So, anyway, whatever. Harrington, what is going on with this man's leg on an airline?


Well, according to the man, he got onto an American Airlines flight. His luggage was lost, unfortunately, in his luggage, he says, was a prosthetic leg. He went to baggage claim after they handed him a check for $600 to cover sensibly the clothes that would be in the bag, and then he went home. He has since been arguing with them over a $25,000 prosthetic leg that he claims was lost. And American Airline says they have no documentation of that, so they can't pay him.


I was going to say, yeah, $600 for a prosthetic leg? Doesn't sound like it gets close. However, I will say this. Some people are known to if something goes missing, you know what I mean? Maybe they'll just exaggerate what it was a little bit. Anthony, you ever had bags go missing? Things go missing, prosthetic legs, guns go missing?


No, I always knew where those were. But I did lose my luggage one time, actually. I was coming back from Charlote when I was training with Wideman one time and I was flying back, I land. I only had one of my bags, but the other bag had all of my training stuff, like all of my training clothes, gear, everything. It was a huge bag. It was like 55 pounds. And I call and they're like, yeah, we just don't know. We go back and forth for a couple of days. One of my managers lives in Charlote. So she goes to the airport. They have no idea. They're like, yeah, well, it's just lost. And I was like, no way, I'm in the middle of training camp. I need that. And she goes there and she just starts running amok. She knows someone that works for American or something. And so she's elevating it up the chain of command and she was like, all right, that's fine. Well, I want to see the cameras. And they were like, what? She said, you guys have cameras. The second you get onto an airport property, you're on camera. Every single place, corner, crevice of an airport other than the bathrooms is under surveillance.


So she said, I want to watch that bag come out of his car all the way till it gets in the back after he checks it. And then that was at like 06:00 at night. At 08:00 a.m. The next morning they called and they found my bag. They did not want their cameras looked at at all. No, they did not want it. That I have a budy that's paralyzed though. Actually, he used to travel a lot for work and they used to always break his wheelchairs. Yeah, they toss them in there.


You even see when they are fragile on stuff, they just throw it on. They don't care. They don't care at all. The airlines, I'm very anti airline these days. Me too. Yeah, because they just take the piss. Like booking flights where the whole family is going to go see my mom soon. Flights are just ridiculously.


Did you finally book those? I remember you said they were crazy expensive. Did they go down?


No, they were going up. They were going up by the day. I had no choice. I'm like bite the bullet. Shit, I should have did it last week. They're just getting more and more expensive.


I told you that too. I said, they're going to get more expensive.


I know sometimes these might dep. Anyway, so a story came out and I'll put it in the chat. And then Brian, obviously, because anything anti government, yeah, because he's Brian, but I agree with this one. And obviously some people might not, but it says the Biden White House is drafting legislation that will make airlines responsible for the extra costs associated with delayed canceled flights. When an airline causes a flight cancellation or delay, passengers should not foot the bill. Transportation Secretary Pete Boudig said in a statement he's a bit of a weirdo, to be fair. This rule would, for the first time in US history, propose to require airlines to compensate passengers and cover expenses such as meals, hotels and rebooking if there's been a significant delay or cancellation. When I saw that, that's been commonplace in the UK and Europe for a long time because my dad loves it, because my dad loves to game the system. And he called me recently, I forget where it was. And he's like, oh, son, out of result. He's like, yeah, well, the flight was delayed, right? We didn't land there for two and a half hours late, but we were on the runway for 45 minutes.


So you put the two and a half hours and the 45 minutes together, that's 3 hours and 15 minutes, 600 fucking dollars. Do you know what I mean? But that's what they do everywhere else, because the airlines need to be held to a goddamn standard these days. They don't care. Prices are skyrocketing through the roof. They cancel flights willy nilly if there's not enough people booked on them. And if they lose your goods, if they make you delayed, if they cancel a flight, they're not held accountable. So I put that in the chat and I said, oh, this is great. And Brian comes out with, oh yeah, great. Now the government are going to destroy the airline industry.


You can't mess it up any worse than it is. No, my wife's flights got delayed. Her and to on their way to Charlote. They sat on the runway for like an hour and a half. The flight was delayed anyways. Then they sat there for an hour and a half. So then she missed her connection in Atlanta and they're like, well, you're just shit out of luck. And she was like, what do you mean I'm shit out of luck? It's 10:00 at night in Atlanta. I'm here with my child, and there's not another flight that goes out to Charlote tonight. What am I supposed to do? They're like, well, you can get a hotel and just take this 07:00 a.m. Flight tomorrow morning. And she's like, Were you going to pay for my hotel? And they were like, no. What the hell is that? So then she was going to drive because it's 4 hours. Then she couldn't get a rental car. So she had to go to get a hotel. That place didn't have any room. So then she had to go back to the airport to take another shuttle to it was a mess.


It was a disaster.


It's a total mess. And you know, the other day and Brian, please, come on, give us a rebustle because we like a bit of a debate on here. The other day there was some airline industry expert on there on the news, I think it was Sky News, and they were quizzing him as to why the prices are increasing so much. And I remember I was on American Airlines, I think I said this and the food was terrible and it used to be really good. And the woman serving the food, I didn't want to pick a bone with her because she's just doing a job. But when the guy came around with the drinks car and I got a glass of wine, I said to him, I said, hey, buddy. And I tried to address it as friendly as I could. I said, I said, what's going on with the food? I said, I fly American all the time. I said, the food used to be really good. I said, I can't even eat it now. I said, what's happening? And he says, sir, you need to lower your expectations. The airline industry has lost billions of dollars.


And I'm like, well, you're not lowering your goddamn prices are so you've got a spending problem. Yeah, sounds like you've got a you problem. So. Brian, please. What is the issue with Mr. Big? I support the airlines, Brian McKay less.


Than I support the airlines. Then I like to fly places, right? So if the government's going to mandate that the airlines are paying all this extra money every time a flight gets delayed, the prices are going to shoot up to space. Like it's going to be impossible for regular people to get a flight anywhere. It's going to limit travel to everyone in the United States. I think that's part of the plan. I think this is part of some weird like, new World Order conspiracy thing, but we won't get into that.


I disagree, though, because it's not like that. And of course, I know we're not living in the know, but it's not like that in the UK. And it's not like that around Europe. Just look it up, Harrington, if you can. The ruling, if there's flights or if there's cancellations or significant delays, they have to be held accountable because you're paying for a service to take you from A to B on a certain time. You might have an important business meeting, you might be going to a wedding, you might be going to a funeral or something very significant and important. And if they don't hold up their side of the bargain where you give it your hard earned money and they just go, nah, we're not up to it today. Well, then they've got to be held accountable.


Well, from what I understand, if for some reason your flight is missed, they are legally obliged to bump you to the next flight.


And they do do that, right.


So it's not that you don't get taken care of entirely. It's not like they're like, up, you missed your flight. You're out of your know, it's like they do accommodate to a certain extent, but with the amount of people that travel in the America during with the amount of people that travel air travel in America, it's a much greater amount than it is in Europe. Like in Europe. Trains. You could take a boat to another country. There's so many other ways. Well, yeah, if you're like, in Italy.


You can take hold on. You got this version of Europe that we're all oh, monsieur, have you taken Zikanal? Well, I know the trains england or take the steamboat. The steamboat leaves at 06:00. A.m. International travel in the planes. The cheapest chips.


I did just imagine a real sweet dinner on a banana boat going through the Little river.


The smoke like, oh, my gosh, sitting there with your wife tucked in a.


Nice glass of wine.


Have you got any grape with pawn? I've got a little statement here. It says, oh, no, that's not the right one. What are you looking for, Brian? I just looked for because, as I said, we're going to go see my mom soon, and Ellie and her boyfriend, they want to go to Paris. So we looked it up. You can fly to Paris for $48 from Manchester.


No way.


Manchester to Paris, $48. If that's delayed, you're going to get $300. So I understand your concern with that, Brian, but that is in the way, and I know it's a different country, and a different country.


They better hope they get 5.2 billion. People travel internationally by train in the EU.


Yeah, well, that's another conversation, though, as well, and you guys as Americans could probably educate me on this. Certainly. Where I live in Orange County, people don't ride the bus. They don't go on the trains. They don't go on the bus. And public transport in the UK and again, this is better or whatever. It's just differences in observations that we're having a conversation about people happily ride the bus, people happily get on the train. But I've seen that there's a really negative connotation with catching a bus out here in New York.


It's different because it's the main version of, you know, in a major city, I would imagine it's live particular. You don't live, like, in La. Proper, you know what I mean?


La. No one catches a bus, bro.


Oh, fair there.


Well, the bus system here in Omaha is actually fairly used, but I get what Mike is saying. Sorry, guys. I keep changing this light because there we go.


Okay, just accentuates your black eye. Shout out Johnny Walker. Let's go.


Shout out, Johnny.


Shout out.


Oh, thanks for that, asshole.


We got to make a joke about it. Anthony you know what?


Almost posted I don't know if you guys seen my story that I posted with Gold Saint. I posted that story, like, thinking them for the ride, and my manager sent me the video, and she's like, hey, we got this video done for you. I knew it was coming. She's like, the video is done. Can you post it? I was like, I should hard post it. And the caption should be, maybe I suck at fighting, but my rides and my fit are always fly.


Oh, my God. That would have been funny.


She's like, I hate you right now.


That would have been funny. Real quick, just to give the credit where credit's due, brian Battle, first round knockout sensational.


I know you've kind of wanted to fly by that one. I had a conversation in the hotel lobby with him. He was standing there talking to a guy, and it turned out to be that guy was his dad, and he was a really lovely person to chat. He's very intelligent, like Brian or his dad, Brian. He's very intelligent, and I almost felt like I owed him an apology because you watch him fight, he's very free. Seems like a very free spirited person. He's got just a unique style. And then when I talked to him, he was so intelligent. He had a reason for everything that he did. I was like, that fight happened so fast. And it was a pretty quick knockout. Kind of in a fiery exchange. But in his brain, he had so much stuff happen. I was really impressed with just the way he kind of broke down the situation that happened in real speed. I just wanted to give him a shout out. It was a really awesome conversation. He was just a lovely person to talk to.


No, that's really nice. And I found the same thing, to be honest, because I've had a few interactions with him, obviously, commentating, his fights and whatnot. And yeah, same thing. Smart guy. Now, this one, I haven't seen it because I was setting up the bloody the live watch along fight companion that we did, court McGee, Mark Brown, matt Brown went out there, got the knockout punch at the end of Brown one. Four minutes and 9 seconds. I'm ashamed to say I haven't seen him, but that tied him for the record. Now is neck and neck with the black beast for 13 knockouts, which, I'll be honest, and this is not a shade 13 doesn't sound a lot. But again, and I'm not trying to pep talk you again, it just shows how tough this sport is when the record the record is only 13. We're not talking 53 to get 13 stoppages in the UFC via fist punch, kick, knees, elbows, whatever. That's the record. Because that's how tough it is to do you know what I'm saying? Oh, thank.


Him a lot, too.


His story is so inspirational. But got to give it to Matt Brown, man.


Yeah. I sat next to Matt Brown on the way back from the ceremonial weigh ins on the bus. Matt Brown's always been a very slightly intimidating know he's an intense guy. He's very super. He's super intense. That's a great way of putting had a we had a great conversation and I had to ask him because he always is so he matt Brown looks like nothing bothers day. I feel like if you gave the.


Guy a million dollars or devil's avocado just to throw that one out for a first time in a while maybe it looks like everything bothers him.




Whatever he looks I'm about to kill everyone so I'm not going to say anything.


That's how it seems.


Never looked so mental in my life. My eyes, that's how it seems.


And I said, we're just chitchatting. He's got so much admiration for Mark Coleman, so it was cool listening to him talk about Mark Coleman and just how great he is, how good he is for his training camps and brings a different vibe and breaks up the monotony and just how much he enjoys having him around. It was the first time I'd really seen Matt kind of like lighten up and light up during the conversation. And I was like, hey, do you still get nervous? And he had the best answer. He said, when I stop getting nervous, I'll stop doing whoa. Like even Matt Brown gets was I don't cool. I've always kind of looked up to Matt just because of his mentality and obviously his longevity and the sport and the things that he's done. But it was just a really cool he didn't even hesitate. He said, oh, yeah, when I stop getting nervous, I'll stop doing this.


Well, you should get nervous. I always say you're either a liar or you're stupid if you don't get nervous. Matt Brown obviously tied the record for 13. Didn't take long for Connor to come out the woodwork and say, listen, I'm only 34. I've got eight knockouts, okay. I'm coming for that record. So Connor needs another five or six to beat the record to get that. I don't know.


Did you see Matt's response?


He said, I'll fight you for it.


He said, come fight me for it.


Yeah. I hope Matt Brownie gets that fight. It's never going to happen.


That'd be awesome for Matt, though, the.


Fight that everyone's waiting for. And it's the talk of the town at the moment. And I know Dana's getting asked about it a lot because I saw an interview with him at the post fight presser on Saturday night is when is that fight going to happen? And apparently McGregor came out today and said, well, he said it's happening soon, very soon there'll be an announcement. I think it's just my opinion, it'll happen at the end of the year, I think. T Mobile Arena. Michael Chandler versus McGregor. That's the perfect headline, the perfect way to finish off the year in December. Because, think about it, we're only in May. If he's going to do six months in the testing pool, he can still do it. He can still do it. And Chandler came out recently and said, listen, I don't think Conor would do that. He's not going to string everyone along. He's not doing this for publicity. You know, even though it didn't go your way Saturday night, it's the greatest feeling in the world. It's the best drug on the planet going out there, stepping foot in that octagon and winning a fight. And I'm not trying to make you feel bad, but we don't just do it for the money.


This sport chooses us a lot of the time, and we do it to make a living. But also when you start getting good at it, the reward, the feedback that you get is like nothing else on planet Earth. And that is what keeps some fighters that should retire to keep coming back because they want to feel that one last time. So that's why Yekon has got all the money in the world, but he wants to come back, but he still wants and Chandler. It's a good fight for both men. My bet would that be that goes down. T mobile ballerina. December something, end of the year.


That makes a lot of sense. It's a good time to because it seems like a lot of the pay per views are kind of locked. Um, or at least there's rumblings of other big events coming up. So the UFC has been booking out further too, I've noticed. They've been booking fighters further out, so I wouldn't be surprised to see, like, a December announcement coming pretty quick. Yeah, I hope either way.


There was big breaking news today, though. I'm sure you know what I'm talking.


Yeah, yeah, it's huge.


Francis Nganu signs with the you.


Were you a little bit disappointed in the announcement or is it just me?


No, I can't say I was think I think maybe the word you're looking for, maybe a little underwhelmed.


Well, I was expecting the PFL because you were okay. Yeah. I'm just a consumer, right. That's how I look at it. I'm just a fan and I don't really care about where he signs. I care about who he fights and when I need a who and a date. And so they kind of made this big deal. I kind of assumed it was going to be PFL. It wasn't bare knuckle. It wasn't Bellator, it wasn't one. And all the big boxing names are tied up right now, so that only left, um, so I figured it was just I want I was hoping for a name and a and it it was disappointing because it seems like he's not going to. Be fighting MMA for another in that.


In that regard, it is disappointing. Yeah, you're right. You're absolutely like, for example, when Jake Paul says, I'm making an announcement. Me and Nate Diaz were fighting August In.


Yeah, let's go.


Yeah. I mean, if you're a Jake Paul fanboy, I did not go, Whoa, let's go.


I mean, everyone else that's what everyone else did. We didn't do that.


No, because, you know, I was whatever. I'm like, oh, let's do a YouTube video on it. Um, yeah, listen, you're right. PFL, there wasn't many two other people around. I didn't think obviously it was going to be in the tournament bracket, because that payday. Even though a million dollars is a huge amount of money, he has been very vocal that that's not what he's looking for. Now, my friend I say my friend Anthony Evans, friend of the show, he sent me some bullet points on it. Here's essentially the deal, what he will be getting, just to summarize. Hold on, here we go. Expected. Not Francis PFL deal. As expected for a while, francis announces, sign with the PFL, we'll find the PFL Super League. Those are one on one matchups on the PFL pay per view. Now, they've only done one PFL pay per view, and I'm not standing there knocking the PFL. We don't know how much that sold. I think it was Kayla Harrison. Don't think Rumbles on the street that it performed too well, but you never know with a Jake Paul. With the Vanenganu, you never know. They didn't say how many fights he had signed for.


Francis seemed to indicate to Ariel Hawani that they signed for two fights. Won't fight in the PFL until 2024 because he wants to box this year.


But it's like a tune up fight, right? Well, boxing debut, I think something. Nash had put out some bullet points as well, saying that his boxing match was going to be a tune up fight, then he would go to MMA.


Seems a weird tune up fight for MMA to have a boxing fight. But in terms of boxing, I mean, all the big boys are booked. I believe so. But still, there's still lots of people out there. And Francis is Francis.


A minimum wage for his opponents?


Yeah, I was just going to say that's. Cool. Also has a position with the PFL to launch an African PFL league in 2025. Francis will be part of the leadership team there. That's great. That's really cool. A lot of if, buts, and maybes. I'm not saying it's not going to happen, but 2025 is two years away, you know what I'm saying? And if it doesn't all pan out, then you never know. But still, I'm happy for the man. I'm happy for the man. Boxing is free to set up his own deals, targeting one boxing fight this year. Listen again, anyone that steps in there and fights and does what we do for a living. I always want the best outcomes for them. So good for him. I hope he goes out there. I hope it's a crazy success. I hope he makes loads of money.


Yeah, dude, me too. You know what I think, though? I think part of the problem with him not well, I think some of the reason with him not having an opponent right now is really the roster. Some of it's the roster because you have to get a return on your investment. So you need someone that's going to sell. What does it take for someone to sell a fight versus Francis Agono? There has to be a reasonable path to victory for the opponent. You have to be able to convince people that there's a chance that Francis can lose. That's how you sell fights. No one's buying anything to watch Francis smash a can. There's got to be someone that they think has a reasonable chance to create a reasonable threat to Francis. So I think that minimum price for his opponent is now going to create a sweepstakes for the Francis Ngano fight. So what do you do? Do you create a tournament winner of that tournament gets to fight Francis? Maybe they do the next heavyweight tournament in the PFL. I don't know. But also, I think that's going to like, if you look at the top 20, just you just go world rankings.


Not even just the UFC, the world rankings. If you use, say, Tapology, the top 20 guys in the world are in the UFC, or like, the top 22 are in the UFC, I think you have to go down to 22 or 23 to find someone that's not in the UFC in the heavyweight rankings. I think what that $2 million price tag for his opponent is going to do is I think you're going to see some of the guys in the UFC start looking to fight their deals out and start looking for an opportunity to maybe get themselves into a Francis and Ganu PFL fight.


Well, Ben Rothwell came out of the woodwork. He's already raised his hand, and I'm not surprised. If that rumored number is correct, then obviously it's a tidy sum. There's one heavyweight that the PFL does have that I can see that would make sense, and that's Fabrizio Verdum granted in a while.




I was just about to say, hasn't won a fight in a while. He's a former world champion.


There's a reasonable threat there, though, when.


It comes with the submissions. Not the best wrestler on planet Earth. If you want to build Francis up, you give him a jujitsu guy with not the best wrestling, who Francis would with respect to Fabrizio, probably more than likely knock out. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. Bader is at number 21. Ryan Bader.


Will he's bellator Invader is the 200 and fiver.


I would not put Ryan Bader in there with Francis Ingard they have Francis listed at number 14, according to Harrington. But still, it's interesting. I mean, there was a lot of that. Now, Jake Paul didn't see it that way. He hit us. Oh, no, sorry. I'm just looking at the notes there. That's a completely different story, but it is revolving something that we need to talk about. Saturday night when you were at it, so was KSI. Did you see the clip?


I seen the finish. I've seen the finish. Yeah, with the elbow right elbowed him.


Right in the face.


It's kind of dirty.


I don't know.


It's a dirty way to lose. I don't know if he threw it on purpose, but, man, the whole situation is dirty. I'm not saying he threw it on purpose or not. There's no way of knowing. But what a terrible way to lose a fight. Like, what's his ref doing? You're not paying attention. You got to watch these weapons.


Well, it's not just that he hurt him with a right hand. And we're not going to spend too much talking about the YouTuber's turn box of KSI when we've got real stuff to talk about, but it is big news right now. So he was winning the fight comfortably. And I got to say, KSI, he did look impressive. But there's the finish right there. He caught him with a big right hand before that wobbled him significantly right there. I mean, he missed it big know, he caught him with the elbow clear shot. J. Paul came out and said, Nice shot. Wrong sport. Though. The exact comment was Wrong sport. Yeah, it was something like that. But listen, I like KSI. I've actually trained with well, not trained with him. Trained him on two occasions at the UFC set up. Nice guy, great energy. And from where he was then to where he is know, it's impressive because he's working his ass off and he's getting better. But that needs to be a no contest.


Yeah, for sure.


That's got to be overturned to a no bare minimum.


That's a no contest.


Or a, uh, on the side. That if it's not intentional. Listen, if you clash heads and the best example is Kevin Holland versus Kyle Dorcas. Remember that fight?




They clashed heads. Kevin Holland went down hard. It looked like a knockout victory for Dorcas. And then they have the review official. That's a new thing. The UFC have the referees look at it and they go, whoa, whoa, hold on. Stop. It was a clash of heads. It's a no contest. They have that. They have instant replay. They have videos. We have all seen it all over the world. Don't tell me the boxing commission that sanctioned that didn't see that. It needs to be made. And no context if the integrity of the sport is going to stand.


Speaking of integrity of the sport, how about that fight on the prelims? I was sitting in my hotel.


In Charlote. You mean?




Andy bomb g young kim yes.


Where the referee took a point, which I thought was kind of a little bit weird. That seemed like a situation for a hard warning when he pushed her off, or she pushed her off after the round was over. It's kind of all fair and love and war. Like you're kind of in this heated battle, they don't really get along, they don't like each other. She took her time getting up off of her. I feel like you just come over in between rounds, say, hey, you do that shit again, I'm going to take a point. Seemed weird to take point at the beginning of the second, then he calls it off and then takes another point. You can't stop the fight and then take a point. It doesn't work like that.


Some of the refereeing was a little questionable Saturday night. Like, for example, who'd he cody Stamen fight. I forget who it was.


I forgot who he was fighting, too.


But he took him down. What happened? What happened? He took him down. He got top position. I tweeted about it and they stood.


Him up for some reason.


Yeah, that's it. Thanks, Harrington.


Go on.




Go on, harrington. You have to jump off. You made him back away from the camera ever so slightly. Yeah.


No, he landed an upkick. The ref stepped in to warn him, gave him a hard warning and then stood both men up instead of giving him back.


So I tweeted here, give Stamen position on the ground. He worked hard for the takedown, eats a lame up kick and then warns Silver, then starts them back on the feet. So he's rewarding the guy that just up kicked him. He was taken down. Stamen worked hard for that. And he goes, Whoa, don't do that. Right. Start back on your feet again. Try and knock him out. What is the logic in that? I mean, that was just crazy. I don't want to talk bad about Mandy Bohm. Nobody knows how she was. That's a stupid rule, though. Yeah, the hand down thing. The hand down. The hand down rule.


It's got to go, it's got to go, it's got to go.




It's very if your knees down, that's a different story.


Listen, you can name me. You can name me. Hold on. Oh, look at that. Can't name me. Why is that? I mean, I get it. Even though the UFC is 30 years old this year, it's still in its infancy in many ways, if you consider boxing has been around for hundreds of years and rules are changing. Remember, it used to be you got five minutes for a nutshot, but when you got poked in the eye, you didn't get five minutes.


Yeah. It was the discretion of the referee.


Yeah. And then the doctor comes in. If you can't say that you're good to go, right then and there, they end the fight. Well, now they've changed that just kind of recently last year, I think now you get five minutes with an eye poke. And I think in some commissions, certain states that isn't a rule is be.


In North Carolina, they said it had to be weight bearing. So just the fingers touching wasn't good enough. It had to be actually weight.


Well, I like G Yun Kim. She's a nice girl. I met her at the Pi one time. Did she get cut?


I've seen it today. She got cut. Her and Jessica rosecar Jessica Rose Clark.


Has gone as well.


Yeah. Jesse Jess. It's too bad.


Well, it is too bad.


Part of the game, but it's too bad.


Just the game. Go on, harrington. What were you going to say?


Just a little bit of cleanup for the last couple of stories. That was Douglas Silva Deandrage who hit the upkick. The Jake Paul quote was, that was straight up. A right elbow to the jawbone. Good form, but wrong sport. And then John Jones and Francingano are going back and forth on Twitter right now.


What did he say? So John Jones Chase Sherman has been removed as.


Sherman. I like him, too.


Vanilla gorilla. So Joan said, how are you going to call yourself the baddest man on the planet from across the street? Francis responded, we'll cross the street, then.


Both have a point.


They both got points. I would like the comeback from Francis in Ghana.


Yeah, I do.


It's such a shame, because that's the fight. That's the fight. What do you reckon? Jones versus Nganu. Hypothetically.


I've always said the same thing. Francis, John Jones, 50 45. Francis Ngano without a mark on his face.


Yeah, I think you're right. I think you're right.


I like Francis as a person. I think he's a great dude. I love his coach.


I love his but, yeah, Fernand Lopez. Oh, no, sorry, that's his ex coach. What am I saying? Talk about Eric Nixick.


Yeah, I like Nixick. A just I don't know. I just think John Jones just picks at him from the outside, stays safe, gets takedowns when he and, well, he.


Is the greatest of all time.




And they got one common opponent, maybe.


We've seen how that went.


And we saw how that went. And we saw how that went. Okay, let's talk about chalk real quick. You know the one ch They got the natural supplements covered, and our friends are chalk. They are the only natural products worthy of the Bisping seal of approval. Okay? Some guys who eat well, they train hard, and they're in good shape, but they don't see the need for supplements. The thing is, guys, look, listen. You want to take every natural advantage that you can get. Men's testosterone levels are at an all time low. Another day goes by that I don't see a guy who's had a bad diet early on in life or low levels of testosterone naturally that could use a boost beyond their training. If you're unmotivated, if you feel lethargic, if your libido is dipping, this will take care of all of it. The supplement industry is filled with crap, weak trashy and dirty supplements. But Chalk are proud to stand above the rest in clean, pure and healthy products. Chalk uses full disclosure labeling. They tell you exactly of how much of each ingredient goes into their stuff. Never use proprietary blendings, no label fluffing or underdosing.


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It's not a bad yeah, I'm telling you, if I'm at an Am, I am making sure I take Psyllium. Husk is a little supplement that we use in this house. It's fiber, it's good for your gut health. It gets you going, it takes care of it. It evacuates the colon like nothing you've ever seen. It's like shouting fire in a hotel. It comes out because you don't want to be on a plane. Do you know what I mean? Last thing you want to be doing.


Is nobody wants to shit on a plane.


You're taking a good old shit, you know what I mean? And then you come out of the line of people. Like, I remember one time, and I felt so sorry for it, I was flying back, I think it was a flight from Brazil, and I wanted to use the toilet, and there was someone in there, and I really needed to take a pee. And after a while, one of the stewardesses came out, one of the flight attendants, and I went in there and the smell was so bad, and there was just diarrhea all over the bowl. But she knew what I was walking into, the look of shame on her face, and I actually felt sorry for her because it's just a normal human function. Do you know she obviously had a bad stomach or whatever. So yeah. Ladies and gentlemen, there, you heard it here. First words of know, always try and take a dump before you get on the plane. But Harrington, this is your cue. Give us the skinny. There's a story brought to light recently. I'm sure it's not breaking news or whatever, but Andre the Giant, apparently there's a legendary story, including the subject matter, which we were just talking about a lot of w's and concerning such a thing.




Okay, so now imagine that woman that you saw come out of the bathroom after leaving a foul smelling dump was actually a seven foot, 8400 pound 9th Wonder of the world, andre the Giant. Brutus the Barber Beefcake said that once on a plane that was chartered for the WWF at the time Andre went in there, I've never heard anything like it. The sounds that were coming out of there, the smell that started coming forward, the back of the plane had a lot of people there were people falling out of their seats and into the aisles, gagging, puking, crying, screaming. We were all falling on the floor, laughing ourselves sick. I couldn't breathe. He must have filled up a garbage bag full of shit.


No, but the plane had to land, didn't.


It was it was absolutely horrifying to the point where the flight was not able to continue.


It had to land.


It had to land. You know what I mean? Andre the Giant shit so much in a plane. The smell was so bad, it had to land because people were throwing up and stuff.


The Andre the Giant stories.


Oh, fuck it's all right. Harring. Goddamn you did anything at the know.


The the Andre the Giant stories are amazing. I don't remember who it was. Maybe it was Jake the Snake was telling a story on Joe Rogan's podcast when they were driving somewhere and Andre the Giant was in the back of the car, the truck or whatever they were in. And they stopped at a gas station, he got a case of beer and he drank like the entire case of beer in like an hour and 15 minutes drive or something. Like maybe I got some of the details wrong.


I've got it here because I looked it up because I posted this on Instagram.


Did you?


On my story because it said, andrea the Giant holds the record for drinking the most amount of beers in 1 hour. And I posted it on my story and I thought I'll take that challenge. It says here, you won't find it in the Guinness Book of Records, but Andre the Giant holds the record for the largest numbers of beers consumed in a single sitting standard twelve ounce ounce bottles of beer. Nothing fancy, but during a six hour period, Andre drank 119 of them.


I remember Jake the Snake talking about it because he said and he never had to take a piss. He didn't pee one time.


119 beers.


However many beers he drank when he was with Jake the Snake I don't know if there was another time, but however many beers he drank in that vehicle with Jake the Snake, he never had to stop and pee. Not one time.


But you know when he did eventually pass out because he would have done with all that beer and carbohydrate in his system. You know, he woke up in the middle of the night. Yeah, he had the biggest oh, yeah.


Probably just wherever he was at. Jake the Snake also said that Andre the Giant couldn't fit on a normal size toilet. So when they were in hotel rooms, he would shit in the have to if anyone listening, gets a free little bit. If you look up the Jake the Snake podcast with Joe Rogan, there's a whole Andre the Giant segment. He just tells.


That'S amazing. Harrison, you ever shit in the bathtub?


No, I've never brendan Sharp.


Apparently. No, he pisses in it.


He's in the sink. Yeah.


No, I saw some YouTube clip recently. I'm not talking bad about Brendan. I like, Brendan. Howie Mandel was on there. And everyone was like, oh, don't use the sink. You can stay on. Brian harrington. And they're like, don't use the sink. They're like, why is that? Brendan pisses in it. And then I was like, what?


Immediately, the stream cut.


It was the best.


He's like, oh, we're having technical difficulties off.


That's weird.


So that was what I was going to say. The reason I have a hard time believing that Brutus Beefcake story, how is Andre going to fit in an airplane bathroom? Do you think he just had to poop in the aisle?


Shit, maybe. I don't know.


You would get arrested and probably locked up for being mentally ill if they chartered the plane.


Maybe not.


I'll tell you what, though. But yes, I see your point, though, because some of those airplane toilets are cozy.


I have a tough time fitting in airplane bathrooms. It's really the standing up part because it's always slanted, like right in front of your face.


The worst part is squatting like this.


Trying to crouch and pee at the same I just get weird and I sit down and pee.


Mike hey, I've sit down when I pee as well sometimes. But I do a lot of long haul flights, obviously, when there's international UFCs. And when you wake up from a nap, you want to brush your teeth when you're landing. So you go and brush your teeth. But then there's a tiny little tap and a tiny little sink. But then when you do it, you just get water all over the floor. Do you know this phenomenon of which I have talked? And then you walk out and everyone thinks you've pissed all over you pissed.


All over.


Because it's covered in piss as well.


Or you get it on yourself and you look like you peed and dribbled a little bit on your jeans.


Anyway, this is the highbrow stuff, what people tune in for. Should we talk about some MMA, for crying out bloody loud? Harrington what's a big story that we haven't got to obviously, we talked about Saturday night, we talked about KSI, we talked about Francis Nganu.


Let's see here.


Look at these notes when I say that. Harrington when I talked about Francis Nganu, that's like, jump in and save me because I'm flailing about here. Okay.


All right, give me your choice here.


Stop. Okay, I got it. We have to talk about this. Oh, no. Give me your choices. Go on. Hamilton sorry, but I didn't mean to cut you off.


No, you're fine. So I was going to say, brother of a UFC star put himself in title contention. Another organization, Nate Diaz, dealing with the Texas Department of License and Regulation. Their verdict came back, and Colby Covington is already talking about going after a second belt.


What do you want, Anthony?


What was the no, I can't do the Jake Paul thing. I am actually curious about Nate Diaz. Well, yeah, let's go. Nate Diaz.


Well, give him the details.


Hamilton so when Nate was at the press conference with Jake Paul, somebody had asked him what the deal was with him smoking marijuana with Texas.




The Dallas police said it was cool. Nate's management said, we're talking to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. They came back with a verdict and said he absolutely, there will be no exceptions. So they will be testing for marijuana, which means that if Nate does get a win, likely would be turning into no contest. Unless he stops smoking weed.


That fight's not happening in Texas. There's no way. There's no way Nate's going to not smoke weed.


No, there's absolutely no way, because it's truly part of his identity, and I.


Don'T think he want to take a suspension.


I don't believe he'll allow himself to be dictated to like that. No, he's that type of guy. I did think but if it's ruled in all contests, I never considered that part. I thought, what are they going to do, find him 20%? I thought, well, he'll just take the fine and just have the fight.


What if they suspend him? I don't know that he because he's still talking about wanting to do this boxing thing and then come back to the UFC. It's tough to do on a suspension.


Especially suspension hold up in other states where marijuana is.


Yeah. If any state suspends you, the other states will uphold it.


Yeah, that's right. They do. So you think they're going to move the fight from Texas?


Probably, I would guess.


That's a lot of work. He is the joint promoter, though, let's be honest.


I think he would not fight.


It was funny have you seen the video? Because they're talking about it and the camera's on Nate Diaz and somebody says, you're not allowed small marijuana in Texas. And he carries on talking about whatever he's talking and then he just stops. He goes, wait, what? You see like the light bulb go off and his head what did you just say?


Right? Shocked like, no, we can't do yeah, yeah.


Well, we'll have to wait and see how that one plays out. But I do want to give a special mention to Leon Edwards, the welterweight champion of the world, his brother Fabian Edwards. Fabian.


Good win.


Went out there beat Gegard Musasi Friday afternoon. I was watching that in Bellator Paris, geegon Musasi, I believe he's retired now. That was his final fight.


Was it?


Yeah. Well, that's what the commentators were saying. They were saying that it might be what a road rear. Yeah. What a mean.


The names on his record are insane.


It is know, he's a fantastic and well respected mixed martial arts taste. Gegar Musasi. There we go. Came up straight. Know, I was meant to fight, but they changed it to Anderson Silver. And when I was watching the fight, not that I was looking for an easier fight, I was know, I'm so glad they changed it to Anderson Silva because Gegar Musas is one of those guys that is as tough as they come. And granted, I'm not taking away from Fabian. Edwards. Win. Fabian beating fair and square, and he looked really good doing so, but it looked know it was maybe time to retire. He didn't look like the fighter he used to be, but I was like, I'm so glad they changed it to Anderson Silva because if you go out there, Gego Massasse is as tough as they come.


And he's good everywhere.


He's good everywhere. But you ain't going to get the casual fan base. People go who'd you be? You say Anderson Silver. Oh, you say Gego Musasi. They go, who's that? Yeah. 49 and nine. Let's have a look on some of the people roaring. McDonald, alexander schmenko, chris wyman, uriah hall, vito belfortiago, santos, talis lightes, lost you. Ryah hall with that spinning back kick. Costa, Philippe. Dan Henderson. Jacques Array. Mark Munoz. Leota Machida. Elia Latifi or vincent Pru. It goes on and on and on. Gary Goodwich. Reinaldo Babalu. Mark Hunt. Jacques Again. Melvin Manoff. Dennis Kang. Evangelist Santos on and on.


I mean, that's crazy.


The man has had an incredible run, and if he has hung it up, well done to him.


But I want to a what man has a win over Gary Goodridge, Mark Hunt, and like a guy like Vanderford, like that's three totally different generations.


I want to run on the UFC tally's. Light is thiago santos vito Belfort, uriah hall, chris Wyman. Then he went to Bellator Schlemenko Schlemenko, Roy McDonald, Carol Valor. Yeah, no, he's unreal, so we've got to give him his due. And big respect to him. And good luck if you have decided to hang up the gloves. Gay guard. But I wanted to talk about Fabian Edwards and Leon Edwards. So Fabian now is going to fight for the belt. I was just thinking, I mean, look at that. How cool is that? You got Leon Edwards, who's the welterweight champion of the world, and your brother has now got a really good chance of becoming the Bellator champion. Imagine walking around your local town, the two brothers, one's the UFC champ, one's the Bellator champ. Ain't no people messing with them, too. No, sir.


Re no. I mean, what a cool feeling as just being one of them, knowing that there's a chance you're both going to be champions of the world and two of the largest organizations out there. How cool to just share that with your brother? That's crazy.


Well, and the thing is as well, because I talk about it. You talk about it? Yeah. Great coaches are awesome. Having a big team is fantastic, having the resources and all these different styles and all the rest of it. But the reality is, you only need one good training partner. And how about going through that journey in life, that emotional roller coaster, which is fighting mixed martial arts or any combat sport for that matter, and you're doing it alongside your actual brother. And you can both push each other to the limit there to lean on each other when it's getting a bit hard physically, mentally, you know what I'm saying? To go through that with your brother.


I wonder who's better. I wonder who wins those training sessions.


Yeah, I'd like to see that.


I wish I would have known that we were going to be in this situation because we could have asked Leon.


We should have done. Yeah. I wasn't aware that he was as good and as successful as he looked. Really good. Anyway. All right, listen, we're going to be back on Thursday with another show and we're going to get a guest or two on. But if you have a question, send them into Anthony respect for you to coming out today and facing everybody, because it is a tough thing. But as we say, you roll with the punches, you're going to be back, you're going to get better, you're going to learn, and we look forward to it. But in the meantime, harrington if you're.


Listening on itunes, Spotify, wherever you find podcasts, make sure to subscribe. Drive to the show, leave us a five star rating, positive review. It helps out on those platforms. If you're watching on YouTube, make sure to subscribe to the channel and you hit that notification bell to find out whenever a new episode drops. And if you want to catch over 400 episodes, you can't find anywhere else. Completely ad free, totally uncensored. Head to, use the promo code BYM get yourself a seven day free trial check out over 20 great shows on the network.


So Brian tells us. And hi, Brian. And welcome to the show, brother. Brian tells us. We have five really good questions to get to today. I'm just going to say, and you're all going to give me a hard time when I say this. I haven't got time for all of them because I've got a haircut, okay? Because I'm commentating on Saturday and I'm looking a little bit disheveled, I'm looking a little bit homeless. I got to go get it taken care of. So you can all shut up. You can stick it in your pipe. You can stick it up your ass. You can stick it with the sun, don't shine and smoke the shit out of it. We're going to do as many as we can. Brian, the floor is yours. Go.


All right.


First one we got here is Alan from Scotland.


Hello there. BYM Pod. Alan from Scotland. Big fan of the show, best being, big fan, Anthony Smith. Big fan of yours, too. Hope the legs healed up after your last fight there. My question today for you guys is I've seen recently Paul Craig has done a trial weight cut to go to middleweight. The first question, do you think that's a good move for him to go down to middleweight? Also, who would you like to see him fight at middleweight and why? Who do you think the best matchup is for him? Also, I'd say, Brian, you're the man. Harrington, you're also the man. Everyone says fuck you, but I think you're pretty. Cheers, guys.


Yeah, I just seen Paul Craig got booked. That makes a lot of I mean.


I saw this morning, there's a few websites saying that in London, he's going to be fighting Andre Mooniz. Obviously the Brazilian standout grappler.


I didn't realize I didn't even occur to me that Mooniz is a middleweight. I just seen the fight and I was like, oh, that. I thought maybe me and Paul could get this thing. It didn't register that Andre is a middleweight.


What do you think about Paul going down to middleweight? Because the thing is, Paul's a big man, six foot four.




And he's in great shape. He's not like a guy that when you look at him, you think he needs to lose a few pounds. Paul's always been an athlete.


I don't know if that's a great idea. I don't know how his diet is and all that stuff. But if he can do it and do it know, I don't see any issue with that. But yeah, paul's a big I what I'm afraid of. I get why he's probably feeling like that, because I just did. Yeah, johnny Walker will make you feel like, man, I'm in the wrong weight class. But realistically, Johnny's probably in the wrong weight class. We're just being honest here. He's just big and, you know, he can make it. And that's the rules. And whatever.


Power to him. Massive.


But, I mean, power to Mike. I'm telling you, he was 242-3524.


And with that hairstyle on top yeah. With that hair that he had, it's really funny. That gave him another five inches.


When it's all froed out like that, he sits in the back and does this and flops his hair around like just bored. This is what he does. It's kind of funny. Yeah. I get why Paul would feel like maybe I need to go to 185. Paul, it's not you, it's him.


Yeah. I mean, listen, I wish him the best.


Yeah, me, too.


Our friend that sent the message that he's done a trial weight cut, you know what I'm saying? So making the weights, those weight cuts are hard. They do take a toll on the body. Whatever happens, I wish him all the best. I like the matchup with him and Mooniz.


I do, too.


That'll be a fun jujitsu match. Like combat jujitsu between the two of them because they both favor the this. It's a fun matchup. I like that.


Yeah, I like that a lot. Good for him.


Brian, give it to me, baby.


All right, so the next one here is from Dan from Japan.


Dan from Japan. He is the dan. I live in Japan. As you can see, Tokyo Tower behind me. So my question is, do you think the UFC will come to Japan for a fight card anytime in the near future? And if they did, who do you think would be the best to headline the fight in Tokyo? Thank you so much. I love your podcast. Keep rocking. You know, it's funny because, Dan, it doesn't look Japanese at all, does it?


Doesn't look and sounds like he's from Boston.


Yeah. Of course, the UFC first went to Japan years ago, in the early days, like 2003, maybe even earlier. I think 96, maybe before the Pandemic. They were kind of getting into a semi frequent pattern of doing so, and then it just hasn't happened recently. And there was a big fall off for the support of mixed martial arts in Japan. I mean, it used to have those massive mega sold out stadiums, those massive pride events. But the UFC were going back there. I don't know. I hope so, because I want to commentate it.


Yeah, me, too. I'd love to go to Japan and work the desk, that's for sure. I couldn't even begin to tell you who they would have headlined it. I have no idea.


But one of the best people right now that they could have in Japan, the best headliner, in my opinion, would be Israel Adesanya. He's a massive fan of anime. He's a great kickboxer. He's a great striker. He's a massive superstar. Super charismatic. You know what I mean? I think Israel, he would do fantastic there. I've always wanted to go to Japan. Always. I'm going to do it. I'm just waiting for the UFC to pay for my flight and Hotel international Traveler for free. Brian we're getting through these questions. Give us another one, baby.


We got one here from Connor Cartwright, your biggest, most specialist fan. I'm not saying that he did.


All right, Mike, you meet me. All love. How are we going on? Anyway, I got a question for you. Would you rather have your eye back or be a billionaire? Let me know on that.


I want to enjoy this beer.


Yeah, go on. I like this guy.


I love that guy.


Connor Cartwright, I like that guy.


Answer it. What would you rather have? Right, hold on. Let me tell you. What would you rather have be a billionaire or beat Johnny Walker? Would you rather have give me the fucking billion dollars all day long. So you're thinking about it, right?


I think probably beat Johnny Walker.


Yeah. That's because you're the eye of the tiger. You can take both of my eyes. You can stick them, you can put them on a skewer. I will hire multiple people to guide me around and describe everything that I am seeing.


We'll get your robot eyes.




You should be able to buy eyes.


Well, you can. Have you seen those eyes that you can get where people are now getting fake eyes and there's like spotlights in them?


No, I've never seen this.


Just google that real quick. Yeah, it's a thing, apparently. I don't know if they give you vision. I don't know. I haven't got one.


We should get one.


We'll go half on billion dollars, we'll get two. Yeah, we'll have a full set. We'll have a full set. You are more special guests like we've ever had. I like you got to go get me haircut. But we'll do one more picture. One more, one more. Go on, just give another question, like, come on. That's a proper northern accent. Is that. That's how they talk, lad.


Found that real quick.


It's bloody mental what they can do these days, isn't it? That's how they talk where I'm from. Anyway. Hey, lad, what else we got?


Brian all right, so I got a question here from Al Hassan Mohammed. He sent in a question before. We like him.


We like him.


What up, guys? It's Altanya from Norway. I got a question for all of you four. Which partner? Woman do you like, us or tirits? Me personally, I like Harrison. Congratulations to the baby. I know you're going to become a great father, but when they grow up, don't beat it like my father used to do to me. And have a good day, guys.


Keep up with good.




You know, for me, I think that your father did not beat you enough because you are very misogynistic. And for this, you get slapped. But with that said, Mr. Smith, I don't think we can answer this question, but what do you all prefer? Tit or ass?


We're not supposed to answer both.




Why you got to pick? I'll take both.


Babe tits her ass. She's giving me the funniest look.


It was funny, like the pause. And it's the real quiet.


All right. I'm always late for my haircuts. All right, I'm going to be spit particularly late to this one. So that's the end of the show. We're going to be I'm going to wait for it to fall out. Wait for it to fall out. Wait for it to be done. Natural causes, though. We appreciate you all back Thursday. Subscribe and ring the bell, guys, let's go.