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Know my name yet?


And Anthony lionheart. Smith.


Controlling. We're in the show, so let's go. Ladies and gentlemen, I just want to say the one thing. Every time we do the podcast in the comments, people are always saying, how long is Bisping going to duck the one chip challenge for? Why is it there's four of us on the show? I mentioned on the last episode that we will be doing it with the real gangsters. Please stand up. Anthony, tell me you've got your chip. Brian and Harrington, you got the chips?


I got it.


We got the chips. We got the dips. We got the chains and the whips. Chips, dips, change, whips. Anthony, what's the.


I don't know that one.


I'm going to say happy Gilmore.


No weird science. There'll be some bloody weird science going on later when we're throwing up all over the show. How you doing, Anthony?


I'm good. You got lots of water ready?


Well, I will have I have a beautiful assistant called Rebecca. She will be filling this up. She will be bringing me milk, ice cream, ice cubes. Because I just want to say this real quick before we start and I'll let you get a word in in a second. I've had too many coffees. My Ellie's boyfriend Nick has a very high spice tolerance. He gets this fried chicken sandwich, 1930s from Clyde's. I can't even take a bite of that. He gets that for fun. Okay. He did this chip. He said he couldn't even speak afterwards. So we're doing this at the end of the show, but I'm bloody terrified. Also, ladies and gentlemen, we got Mackenzie Dern joining us very shortly. So we've got a stacked show, we've got lots to talk about. But Anthony, I have waffled I have dominated for long enough. How the bloody hell are you? What's going on in your world?


I'm good. I'm pretty nervous about this one chip challenge, to be honest with you. I watched people do it in my garage one time and they took really small bites of this chip and it was pretty insane. So I'm a little bit nervous. But I'm good, man. I've just been hanging out, going to a concert tonight, so I'm excited for that.


Who are you going to see?


Oh, just a little brooks and dunn.


Little country. What is Brooks? Country music.


Country throwbacks. I'll listen to any I love live music. I went to a Lizzo concert a couple, like two weeks ago. Lizzo, it was insane.


Did I see something recently? And country music isn't really my thing, if I'm honest. But is Lizzo having some kind of health complication at the moment? That's what I saw.


I don't know. She looked fine a couple of weeks ago. This is my shocked.


All about. She's a healthy woman.


I mean, that's what she was moving around. I was actually surprised. She's moving around. Jumping, running, body positive. Pretty naked most of the time.




There's a lot of twerking. There's a lot of twerking.


With the greatest of respect, and I'm only saying this because I don't want anyone to suffer from heart disease, maybe she needs to move a little bit more or eat a little less. Yeah. Burn more calories, whatever.


She's happy. She's happy.


Hey, of course. And she's a hell of an entertainer. So Brooks and Dunn.


Brooks and Dunn.


You'll have to let me know how it is.


I'll take videos and send them to you guys.


Please do. We want to see them. We want to see them. We've got a stack show. As I say, we've got the one Chip challenge, and we've got Mackenzie Durant joining us. Harrington, please jump on. Show yourself. You did a good job on the notes. We'll start off with a little bit of comedy relief. I don't know if you've saw this, harrington. Anthony, someone sent this to me, or I saw it somewhere. I sent it to Harrington. And this might be a little bit taboo, okay? But do you ever hear of the phenomenon of gay?


No. No, I've never heard of no, no.


Listen, dogs, I don't know if they're gay, but I do believe that a male dog joining forces with another male dog, shall we say, isn't the most unnatural thing we've ever seen. Because I've had dogs that are trying to hump other dogs as well. Well, one guy had a dog that did that, and he was like, no, my dog's gay. Man, I got to get rid of this dog. And a news station reported on it. Brian, if you would roll the tape, please, if you don't mind.


Tonight, a local shelter dog, rather, is.


Looking for a soft landing after being.


Dumped by his owners because they say he's gay. Check this out, Anthony. Check the guy out.


Shelter Facebook post says the dog's owner surrendered him to the shelter after he humped another male dog, which dogs do.


Okay, what you want me to say? The dog is gay? All right, I didn't know that. Listen, from the shelter, okay? But he just sits around. A pretty good dog, really pretty good dog. Sits around most of the day, pretty lazy. But as soon as Ellen DeGeneres comes on that television, 330, just like clockwork, that dog gets up, hopping around, barking like he'll eat anything out the trash can. Wendy's pizza McDonald's. But he will not touch that Chick fil a.


And that's what I knew. That's what I knew.


He will not touch that Chick fil a. Oh, my God. That can't be real. It's got to be a bit it's got to be.


I hope it's real, but it's got to be fake.


I think that's him. The guy's having a laugh. But I think the news station reported. I mean, that seemed like a real news. What do we know about this? And he will not touch that chickfila. Oh, no, sir. Because they're anti gay, aren't they? So they will not touch that chickfila.


So I took a look. The Facebook post is real. It was reported by a number of news stations in Charlote. It's unclear if that was just edited in as silliness. I wasn't able to find the original broadcast, but the post is real. The dog has been adopted since and is apparently named after famous gay poet Oscar Wilde.


Okay. All right. Well, good old Oscar.


As soon as Ellen DeGeneres comes on, he's up and.


You know, you put your todger where you want to put it. I couldn't care less. Would you tolerate a gay dog, Anthony?


I think I have two of them. They're weird little dudes, but they cuddle all the time. They're constantly looking each other's. It's weird.


Yeah, yeah. No. Who cares? Please yourself, man, woman, canine, whatever you want to saw. That just cracked me up. That is know. I know. Anyway, there's a bit of stupidity to start the show. Harrington anthony, let me ask you this. Did you see, by any chance, the debut episode of The Ultimate Did?


I did. I haven't watched it for several you know, I'm assuming the reason they wanted Connor on it was to pull people like me who kind of were away from The Ultimate Fighter for a little while and pull us back in and yeah, I watched it.


Yeah, no, it did the job. I mean, McGregor being on there did the job for sure. I wanted to see Chandler as well, because, number one, the fight's going to be amazing. I want to see all the build up to it. It was interesting that they had veterans and prospects, so they kind of mixed up the formula a little bit there. Roosevelt Roberts was back, got a ten second finish. It was a good episode. I enjoyed it. McGregor never showed up to the first weigh in.




Well, it's a tough schedule. We'll give him a pass on that one. Do you give him a pass?


Yeah, because I've never done the Ultimate Fighter. I've been on it, but I guess spotted one time, and it just seems like it is a tough schedule, and he's got a lot of other things going on. He was there for the fight, and there was some good content when they were stuck in that room. Kind of the behind the scenes cuts that didn't make the show, but it was on Dean's post show on ESPN. Plus, I thought that was hilarious. Did you see Dean do the USADA pool thing?


Connor's back in the USADA pool. Dean Thomas in a jacuzzi with a ginger beard on doing an Irish accent. I thought dean's funny man. Dean Thomas is hilarious. I missed not only a weigh in, I didn't miss a weigh in. I missed one of the fights.




First coached it, I slept in.


No way.


I did, and it didn't go down very well. My good friend Dean Amasinga, hope you're well, brother. He runs the Performance Institute Shanghai. He's going to jump on the shelf soon and talk about all of his success and tell us about the Asian expansion, if you will, throughout China and stuff. But, yeah, I slept in. It was early in the season, jet lag. I might have been out the night before as well, but, yeah, that was very bloody embarrassing.


Was Danny pissed?


I don't think so. I don't remember him being overly pissed. But then I got invited out for straight after it, I got a text saying, you're having dinner, me and Lorenzo. And it was like, right after. I'm like oh, no. Oh, God. Here we go. And I had to meet up with Dana and Lorenzo, and I was like, on my best behavior, and we sat down. They're like, what do you want to drink? And I'm like water. He's like, really? You're getting water? Dana ordered a vodka, lorenzo got a drink. And I'm like, no, I'm fine with water, guys, I'm a professional athlete. They're like, Listen, buddy, we haven't called you here because you're in trouble, okay? You fucked up. You got to deal with that. You're going to get some backlash from it when it airs. But that's not why we're here. We're here to just hang out. Anyway, Chandler came out. Did you see that? Obviously. McGregor said, we'll fight at 185. Chandler goes, I'll fight you at 185. And McGregor says, you'll do as you're told. Yeah, you got to give it McGregor. He is a good showman. He does talk a lot of crap very well.


Quick on the trigger. He's quick, too. That came right away. That was fast.


Yeah. You'll do as you're told. I thought it was a good line, but Chadler, see if you can find it. Harrison, Chandler's, come out and he said that that was edited. He said that. I did respond. He said, but the way they've cut it together made it sound like I had nothing to say and no response. That is the beauty of reality TV.


The quote was he said, they cut back to me. I was tapping my chin. Let's just say that's not how that actually went down. But I knew it'd be edited, and that's what I signed up for.


Yeah, exactly.


What do you think of that weird interaction with them wallering around at the apex, kind of just in this awkward, weird kind of deal? Well, that's edited like that.


Well, no, but they kind of do that because they want to create those tense moments, you know what I mean? Just have the two of them there and cameras, you know what I mean? Maybe they're waiting for Dana. Maybe they're waiting for the cast to come in or something like that. But it does create these moments where they have to to and God knows where it's going to go. You know what was genius?


Because you kind of seen a side of Connor that people don't get to see very often, where it wasn't theatrical, it was just him having a conversation. Maybe not in the most comfortable situation, but he seemed a little more real and down to earth. He's still very much the same confident, cocky, self, but it was more conversational and I think people are going to.


Enjoy no, no, I liked it. I enjoyed it. I look forward to the rest of the season. Speaking of Conor McGregor, he's in the Notes quite a lot. Harrington, why is he in the Notes again? Well, True Jordy. Do you know who Jordy is?


I didn't until the other day.


Oh, you saw this. He's he's challenged McGregor out to a fight. Jake Paul's challenging McGregor to a fight. Everyone's looking to fight Conor because of the star of power. They're all out of the goddamn minds. True, Jordy. I love him. Before you came on full time, he actually co hosted an episode of the podcast. Out of all the options that Conor has, I doubt True Jordy is going to be the one. Harrington, give us a bit of background and give us the actual verbiage. Oh, here we go. Mr Oestrogen. What's happening? Fat fucking bitch. Who the are you? Your little borns victim looking thing. Fuck me, man. Who scalded you with a kettle, you're fat nobody. Your little feminine pussy of a thing. Pussy? Yeah, keep my name out of your mouth, you're stupid cunt. Sick of seeing your fat born face scaldy fat oestrogen head. Oh, my God. You can't understand what I'm saying, can you, not pal? You've got subtitles under the fucking thing saying exactly what I'm saying. So what are you saying? Your little fat no name?


We got his attention.


Have you been the victim of a voice note yet, Anthony?


From Connor? Yeah.


You got a voice note?


I got about eight in a row.


Yeah. You haven't made it in this life unless you get a voice note from Connor.


Yeah. I don't know. We go back and forth sometimes. I think deep down Connor respects us. I really do. I think he just gets irritated with us and wants to just stab think. I think if we were to run into, like not that we probably are going to be in the same bar that Connor would ever be in, but I bet we would sit and have a pretty good conversation.


Yeah. Look, listen, the reality is, when you're all over the place, when you're a man like Conor McGregor, he makes headlines. He's a talking point. You got to get a thick skin. You can't be going back and sending voice notes to everyone but Brian. There is Harrington put in the chat the response from True Jordy. If it's not too long let's have a little listen and see what he had to say. We've got a little bit of time. We've got fights this weekend. We've got one chip charge. We've got mackenzie, dern. He basically just picked him for a fight. But let's have a quick listen. Talking about fighting. Michael chandler. Michael Chandler right now is the safest money you're ever going to bet on a fight in your life. He is in no way ready to fight anyone, not even me.


And the funniest thing is, the way he's talking about is in this video.


The way he complained about Nate Diaz.


Being too big for him, too strong.


For him at 170 pounds, mate, I'm.


300 fucking pounds and built like a rugby player.


I'm the size of the guys who.


Lloyd Mayweather and you hire to protect.


Them when you're walking around in public. I would pick Conor McGregor up like.


A shopping bag with one arm.


He is so small compared to me.


And I know his fans are going.


To think he's like Superman or whatever, but they've got weight classes for a reason, bro. I'm more than twice the size of this man. And look, if you want to do a charity fight, anything, all right, we get it. He's asking for a charity fight, and I'll give all the money to charity.


Can true jordy fight?


To burns victims.


To burns victims. Who threw a kettle on your face? Oh, God. I like Brian. Shout out, Brian. Hope you well, budy. But can he fight? I don't know. He's probably done a bit of boxing. He's a big dude, though. 300 pounds. But that leads me into another segue of the year contender right now. Okay? Because he's saying that he's the bigger guy and he will beat him. Well, let me find it in the bloody notes. Where is it? Oh, here it is. Sean Strickland came out this week and said that a small champion could mess up an NFL player. Like, what's that little Mexican guy, the champion. Who is it? Oh, Brandon Moreno. Who's that little Mexican love the guy. That guy. It's highly likely that he goes out there and picks up an NFL linebacker. Highly likely. Highly likely. Now, so Moreno versus a linebacker. True Jordy versus a podcast. Basically what I'm asking is, do you believe a way smaller guy could defeat someone way bigger because they are a trained martial artist?


Yeah, I do. NFL linebacker. Yeah, I think Brandon Moreno probably I don't see him going out and just knocking him out, but he'll be kind of spider monkey. I bet he chokes an NFL linebacker unconscious with the quickness pretty no, I totally agree.


Size is good. Two men with equal skill, the bigger one will yeah, but a guy that's a world champion like Brandon Moreno against a guy that's a linebacker that's never done martial arts, that's probably had a couple of bar fights, that just if he got his hands on you, they could pick you up. But if you pick up Brandon Moreno, he's going to do something flash.


Here's a conversation we have in the gym all the time. I don't know, it's just something Mark and I go back and forth and we'll pick a guy in the like I'll just use Cody as an example because I talk to Cody all the time. Our question always is, Mark will say, Cody, you think if we trained, if Anthony and I trained LeBron James for six months, do you think you could still beat LeBron James in a fight? And I always say no, but it's really just because I'm just riling up Cody. But like, how long do you think you would have to train like, an elite level athlete in another sport to make them competitive with a high level fighter? Maybe not beat them, but competitive. Like, if you took a LeBron James, I don't even know how big that dude is. He's like six 9280.


Yeah, that came out kind of recently as well. How someone would do against LeBron James. If you've got proper martial arts training, you can beat a bigger guy. That's essentially what it's all about. That's how it all kind of started, obviously, self defense on the battlefields many, many years ago. But for mean, number one, they're going to get tired. I mean, look at that. We saw it recently. What was it? It was with the mountain from Game of Thrones. Who was it? Dustin Poirier, I believe, was grappling him. I think he choked him out. I think he choked him. Yeah. No, no, it's an interesting one. Brandon Moreno versus a never. It all depends on the individual, do you know what I mean? Yeah.


Like, did they wrestle in high school?


Correct. Have they got an aptitude for fighting? You know what I mean? Are they a natural fire? Because I bet a lot of those NFL guys, I bet they're not the quietest of people, but still. Anyway, we could ponder that all day. Justin Gagey came out and he was talking about the best style. Harrington, can you give us the quote? Because I want to put it to Anthony Smith what you think the best style for mixed martial arts is. In fact, Harrington has decided to take the day off. I'm chilling.


Justin Gaethje says Sambo is an aggressive sport with submissions and I think that's a better fit for this. But ultimately, I think wrestling is they both create the person that you have to be to be confident in there. So I think they're both great things. I just think Sambo is just a little bit better.


What do you think is the best staff for mixed martial arts, Anthony, or the best background, the best skill, the best attribute to have if you're going to be a professional fighter?


I would say, like catch wrestling. Maybe not just straight wrestling, but I think catch wrestling because one, you can dictate where the fight happens at all times. Say you're a Division One wrestler. You can kind of dictate whether the fight hits the ground or not. Like Bo Nickel, it's kind of in a pretty good spot. Like if he gets in trouble, he can shoot a takedown for the most part, he's going to get it every time he wants it. And if he's got someone who's a nasty, jujitsu guy that he doesn't want to be on the ground with, that guy's not going to take down a guy like Bo Nickel. The punches and the kicks and the striking part of it, if you already know how to wrestle and you're already an elite level athlete and you know how to move and footwork is your thing, you can learn how to strike. Wrestling is a really hard sport to learn, and it's hard to be good at. It's weird. You can put enough time in striking and eventually you'll get good. People can wrestle their entire lives and never be good. It's such a weird sport.


So I think the catch wrestling part of know like wrestling for sure, but you add in catch wrestling makes you a little more dangerous on the ground when you get there.


Yeah. Justin's point was Sambo, because it's essentially wrestling with submissions as well.




But I've got a slightly different take because yeah, of course, if you had to pick one martial art as the most effective, then wrestling. I see the arguments all day long, and we've seen many, many specialists throughout the course of the UFC's 30 year run. We've seen ground specialists like Damien Meyer do tremendous things. We've seen elite kickboxers like Anderson Silva and Israel Adesanya become dominant champions. We've seen wrestlers like A Habib or so on and so forth. There's many Matt Hughes. Use that. I think the most important attribute to have is this, because it can all be learned, you know what I mean? If you've got the work ethic and if you've got the mindset of a fighter and you've got the work ethic to get off your ass, it can all be learned. You don't have to be an amazing wrestler. Israel Adesanya is the most recent dominant champion that we've had in the middleweight division. He's cruising towards taking over Anderson Silva's reign. You know what I mean? He can't wrestle. I mean, yeah. All right. We saw him with Logan Paul the other day having a little move around, but he's not a know.


Damian Meyer wasn't a striker. He never became a champion. Who else is really, really good? Well, Mackenzie Durst joining us later. She's rounding out the skill set. But when you look at all those different attributes and skill sets that you can have, I think the most important weapon to have is a strong mind.


Yeah. Dorian Price, I talked to him the other day and was kind of asking us dean asked him a really similar question. And his question was, what's the one thing that people are missing to be great Thai fighters? And he kind of expanded the question and said that he thinks the most important thing that's missing in fighting in general is courage. It's like mindset and courage. As a coach, if you have someone that's willing to put the work in and learn, you can teach them everything they need to know, but you can't teach them to have the mentality of a fighter, and you can't teach them courage. So I guess in terms of skill set and training and stuff like that, I think the best thing to have would be wrestling. Maybe the most effective, I think maybe would be jiu jitsu, but we can have that argument all day. But I think just overall attributes. I don't disagree that your mind is the most important thing when it comes.


It comes down to the individual, because all of those skills can be learned. If you're going to be a successful fighter, you're going to go through many training camps, you're going to spend many years getting better, refining yourself. But having that kind of mental fortitude to mean, I lost many fights. You're kind of in that situation, Johnny, having that mental fortitude to say, Hold on a minute, no, I ain't done. I ain't done. I'm just getting better. I got to improve to be able to look at the losses that you've had, realize why you did it, assess the situation, break it down, learn, get better, and still have that kind of staying power, that work ethic. To get up out of bed, go to the gym when your body's falling apart and you're bloody exhausted and you want to take a day off. You know what I mean? All of that, that's more important. You can learn to stuff a double leg takedown. You can learn a double leg. You can learn an armbar or how to escape an armbar. You can learn striking. But if the individual is a lazy bastard, if the individual hasn't got that courage, that bravery, and it hasn't got that determination to continue to try and bounce back from defeats, well, then having all the wrestling you want in the world doesn't make you a potential UFC champion.


No, it doesn't. And I think you've experienced this probably as much as anybody, too. How many guys have you met in the gym that have just been world class everywhere, but then they have sub 500 records, or they're one in five, two and ten? Like they just beating the dog shit out of me in practice.


Oh, yeah.


As I'm getting ready to go fight in a main event. And these guys can't win a fight on the regional scene, but they're winning every round I ever go with them. That's what it comes down to, is that mindset to be able to turn it off and turn it on and put yourself in a position mentally that you can get into these high level situations under the bright lights when it all matters and put all that, that just expands on your point. It's one thing to have the mindset to do it, but then do it under the pressure and the bright lights and be the guy that's the game time guy. I think that's probably one of the saddest things in this sport to me, is, like guys in football, if you're good, you're good and they just play. But MMA and even boxing, not really like that. You can have all the skill set in the world, then you got a whole nother set of skills mentally that you have to have.


Yeah, that's why it is the toughest sport on the planet. Fighting generally. Not saying what form, what style, or whatever, but competing physically and fighting another man, as you say, something goes wrong, the nerves get to you. The moment, the anxiety, you don't game plan right, you rush out the gates too hot, then you get tired in later in the rounds, or you just don't show up. Sometimes you have bad days. I mean, I hate to bring it up, but a prime example, cheeto Vera versus, you know, the skills of Cheeto Vera are second to none, but for whatever, he had a mental block on that night. And to your point, yeah, it happens all the time. I see fighters that used to whoop my ass, but they can't win a fight on the bloody regional scene because when it all comes down to when the pressure's on, then this lets them down. That collapses. So, yeah, I'm just interested to get your take on that. We mentioned Israel Adesanya a second ago, and we also mentioned Sean Strickland. Strickland believes that if he wins his next fight against Abuse Magomedoff, who's had one fight in the UFC, he is next in line for the title fight.


He said this, if this next fight goes my way, it 100% should be on the cards. A fight with that Asanya. I effing had a close decision with Jared Cannonier. Knocked some brain cells out of me. Solid guy. I thought I won on the scorecards, but it is what it is. I truly believe I should be the one fighting Izzy. I lost fair and square. I'll pay my tenants, I'll get some w's, but yeah, that one needs to happen. What do you think of that?


I think he's a little crazy, but that's kind of Sean Strickland for you. He's not far I don't think that he's that far off because I think his I got a lot of love for Jerry Cannonier, but honestly, I worked that event live and watched it and I thought he won. I really the you know, judges seen it the other way and it was a close fight for sure, but I would have given it to Sean Strickland. But a loss is a loss. And off of a second fight. UFC Guy a win isn't probably going to get you a title shot. Robert Whitaker and this Duplex duplic is coming up soon.


That's international fight week, right?


Yeah. All things point to I don't even know when the date is, but I think all things pointing are that the winner that gets a title shot I think Adesanya has said that if Whitaker gets a win, he's open to a third fight and obviously he wants to fight. So it sounds like the winner of that is probably getting a title.


Know for sure. I mean, listen, he's very good. I've always said that he's got a great grappling game as well. He just very rarely uses it, I think because he doesn't have the wrestling to get it there. But on the ground he's unique.


He's so unique. Watching him fight do a podcast or.


Do an interview is unique. He wanted to murder Harrington. You weren't on the show then, were you? Harrington. Jump on, Brian. What did he say when he came on? He did. He said he wanted to murder Harrington or something.


He said he would happily fight Harrington to watch him die or something like that.


So you made the point that at one point I was homeless and he said, oh, well, you were just staying on society. I wish I could have run into you at that point. I would have beat you to death for fun. Just to make the world a better place.


Yeah. His fight style is so interesting, though. I always get such a better grasp on. Like you get it all the time because you're right there watching these guys fight. A lot of times we're watching from the studio or watching from behind in the apex and where the desk is. So anytime I get the opportunity, I'll go out and watch them fight in person. And I always get a different perspective on their actual styles. When you're in person, like right there when I'm sitting next to you or something and he's just always just a little bit out of the way and he's so tense but also seemingly relaxed. It's weird. It was very interesting to watch, to be fair.


As you said, I don't think he's too far away. And at a sign you're going through everyone, you got to think it's probably going to be Whittaker. That beats duplesi. If Izzy can get past Whitaker, then, I mean, who else is there? If Strickland can put together a couple of wins, he'll probably get one. Harrington, we've got Mackenzie Dern joining very shortly, but give us a non MMA story. In fact, I'll throw it to you. Anthony Harrington, you'd be ready to give us the background. Do you want to talk? Orcas attacking fishing boats. Do we want to talk? Al Pacino fathering a child at 83 years old and his good buddy with a 29 year old woman. That's good for him. What else? Or an eating disorder helping. Tired. Tried firing all their staff members an eating disorder helpline. Tried firing all their staff members who fielded coals and replaced them with an AI chat bot. That's boring. Orcas. Or al Pacino.


Did we not talk about this orca thing the other day? We did a little bit, didn't we?


Did we?


That was before the show. Oh, yeah. I've been looking into this. It's wild.


Do we have a video to play? Because I want to see it. And we're going to give some context because I did see it on the news.


I did a whole bunch. I dug deep into, like, a 30 minutes deep dive on this the other day.


Let's have a look at this.


This next one's wild.


Look at that. Look at that thing.


It's insane. They've figured out I don't know, there was one whale. It's like just one orca has it's been hit by a boat? Now they cry or stuck in some fishing net or something. And this one female orca started attacking boats, and she figured out by biting on the rudder underneath the boat and then the other ones are ramming it. She figured out how to sink them. So they think that that orca has taught other orcas in her pod how to sink boats. And then those orcas are teaching other orcas in other pods. So it's socially being pushed across all these different pods of orcas, and they're teaching each other how to sink boats.


They have an agenda, attack of the killer orcas.


They do well, they're not even trying to kill people. There's actually never been a death like an orca attack on a human in the wild. They just don't even know.


They call them killer whales, which is wild.


Yeah, it's crazy. There's another video somewhere I've seen where they put the camera under the boat and the orca swimming upside down, has a hold of the rudder, and the other ones are just smoking. It's insane.


You're showing us nothing videos there, Brian. It's okay. You showed us a nice bit of water in the back end of a boat. I love it. I love it.


The orca was slamming into the boat. You couldn't hear it. I was talking. I'm so into this orca thing. I don't know.


No, no, it's amazing. I mean, listen, they are beautiful animals, mammals, in fact, extremely intelligent. Why do you think they're doing this? You think they just figured out how to do it? And they're like, hey, guys, this is fun.


I have no idea. The articles that I read said that they do believe that it's one whale figured it out from being hit by a boat. Or had two accidents with a boat, so it was angry. Or looked at it as a threat and sunk it and then just started teaching the other ones. So at the end of the article, it said the other ones probably don't know why they're doing it. It's just something they're being taught so they think it's what they're supposed to do.


Just learned behavior.


It's just learned behavior from wow. Because they're so smart. Have you seen the ones where the orcas will break icebergs or, like these huge sheets of ice? There's a seal in the middle of it, and they can't get to it. So they swim together, dive, and create these waves and break the ice and knock the seal off so they can get to it.


Oh, they're smart bastards. I've seen videos where they play. I think they're one of the animals that play with their food. Have you seen the videos where they just toss seals right up in the air, like 100 foot in the end? Seals just spinning around the poor little bloody thing. You know what I mean?


Bad day to be a seal.


Oh, God. Oh, God. Anyway, I think I've spent my knowledge of orcas mixed martial arts. I could talk a little more. Harrison, what's the big story in mixed martial arts that we need to get to before Mackenzie Dern joins us? Okay.


Yeah, I'm really on the spot here. Oh, probably. What's going on with PFL? Big news. Rob Wilkinson tested positive in the latest round of PFL testings that now makes ten fighters for the season. And it was already a pretty thin roster to begin with, as Brendan Loughn highlighted on the show.


Here ten. And I know Rob Wilkinson is a friend of yours as well.


I just found out like an hour ago.


Yeah. What's the word around the campfire?


I don't know. I haven't talked to anybody. I talked to one teammate right before I got on here, and he said that they've all known for, like, a week that he told everyone before it came out. He's not denying it.


He's not denying it.


Not denying it.


So he's just holding his hands up and be like, yeah, all right, whatever. I succumbed to temptation, the pressure.


I guess I'm the only one he didn't tell. But it's also not a surprise because we all kind of know how that's going to go. Everyone knows my opinion. There's no reason to say anything about it. This really sucks, Mike, to be honest with you, because I really like him. A, like, we got really close through training camp, and I remember being halfway through and just being kind of down on myself in training camp because I was just fucking wrecked, and I was just struggling. I wasn't recovering as fast, like, even between practices from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday morning, I was just struggling. And I'd walk in the gym, and I'm stiff, and I'm having a hard time moving, and I'm tired, and I got black eyes, and it's like he's all happy, bouncing around and you ready to go. And I remember just being like, fuck, I wish I could be like him. Why am I so beat up and we're grappling and he's so fucking strong and I can't take him down and he's just never got tired. And I don't know if any of that has anything to do with it, but I remember thinking that all the time.


Like, fuck, I wish I was like him.


Well, now I'm it does. It has a lot to do with it. And I'm not trying to knock on Rob Wilkinson, but that's the thing.


I don't want to shit on him either because I like him, but honestly, he kind of deserves it.


But listen, you do the crime, you got to do the time and you got to take the court of public opinion. All the things that people are going to say, not just about him, but anyone that does. And that's the big thing. People always say, oh, steroids don't make you Superman, but it allows you to train like Superman. I say this all the time, when you're feeling the way you were feeling, he can walk in with a pep in his step, feeling good, feeling energetic, fully recovered, not every muscle in your body aching. So then that therefore allows you to train harder. It allows you to kick harder, throw harder, because you're throwing more and more and more. Your conditioning goes through the roof. You can lift more weights because your muscle fiber repairs at a faster rate. So it does have a massive, massive effect. Ten fighters, though, in the PFL.


I mean, that is four light heavyweights too.


Four light heavyweights. Ten overall in a very short space of time. I mean, PFL are going to have to do something about that. I know they're making a lot of headlines right now. They got Jake Paul joining next year. They've got Francis Zinganu, obviously, but they need to do something about that because half the roster is going to be bloody suspended at this.


I don't and I don't know what to seen. I think Ali tweeted something yesterday about kind of just trashing the people that have tested positive, including the guys that are under his banner. And I didn't know what that meant, but I guess it meant that there's another round of people that are coming out, coming out of testing positive. I suspect that Rob's not going to be the last one. He's just the most prominent right now because the previous champion. But I've never had anyone close to me or like a close training partner test positive before. So it's a weird. And the shitty thing is when Tiago tested positive, he was on Instagram commenting, talking shit. Talking shit like, oh, I should get three extra points because I fought someone on steroids. Like, come on, dude from the same fight.


Listen, we can't change the rules, we can't bend the rules, we can't change our stance. And especially when the guy admits it's not even like he's saying it was a contaminated sub.


Yeah, it doesn't sound like again, he hasn't talked to me, I would suspect. I know why, but it sucks, dude, because I really like that guy. And now what, I'm supposed to just go back and train with him? Like it's no big deal? I've been in the UFC, got cut, fought my ass off all the way back to the regional scene, battled my way with absolutely zero fucking athletic ability, mind you. Like a lot of try hard, some willpower and some determination, and made it to where I am. And it's just like now I'm supposed to just I don't know, now it just seems like we're supposed to be cool. You beat the fuck out of me for twelve weeks while I'm dying and complaining about it? Like, man, you're so strong, and I can't wait till I'm in better shape so I don't get tired.


Which goes back to what we were saying before about the mental fortitude of fighters. Because when you are in a training camp and you're working out with other people that fight for other organizations and they are handing you your ass, not saying he was handing you your ass, but you know what I mean? They're having good days at the office and you're having bad days in the training room. That affects your mentality, it affects your confidence. So not only does it give them an edge on fight night, but it gives them an edge throughout the entire training camp physically, but also mentally, because they're just growing in confidence and you believe in yourself even more. Oh, dear. So you've got four kids, right, Anthony?


I do, yeah.


You got four kids and you're 34 years old.




Could you imagine being an extra 50 years older? And we're switching to Al Pacino now? Could you imagine being 83, 80 and having a kid? I mean, listen, Robert De Niro did it recently. Robert De Niro had one at like, I don't know what he is, 79 or something like that. Yeah, rob Pacino refused to let him one up him. He's got his 29 year old girlfriend, Noor Alfala, who previously dated Mick Jagger and Clint Eastwood. I don't know why Harrington put that in the nose. That's throwing shade. Harrington.


Hell yeah, brother. That's what I'm talking about, my man. No, I don't. I want to be an adult someday. I'm going to get these kids grown and taken care of themselves, and I can be an adult. Who wants a baby in their 80s?


We'll think about the dad as well.


I don't want a baby in my 40s.


Just look up what's his name, al Pacino's. Net worth. Brian O'harrington.




He's not doing day to day child cares, I'd imagine.


But men, young men, need a male influence around them, a positive male influence when they get to a certain age. And I hate to say it, but there's a good possibility that Al Pacino ain't going to be around and all the money in the world is all well and good, but having a father figure is very important. And listen, I'm not casting judgment on the guy. Everyone go out there, live your lives, do what you want to do. But the reality is when that kid gets to a certain age, not going to be a father around. But I'm a massive fan of Al Pacino. Fair play to him for going out there and still got it, baby boy.


So he still got the ingredients?


Still got the ingredients. Would you ever think about having the not a circumcision. What do you got? The snip. Would you have the snip?


Yeah, I've had it scheduled a couple of times, but it's just never worked out. I think the first couple of times I had scheduled it and then I had booked a fight and had to go to camp or something like that and then just never seems like a good time.


Yeah, apparently it's not that painful. Apparently that's what I've been told. I want to get it.


One of my good friends lives like a block from here. He got it done like six months ago and it didn't work. So he went back, did the little weird test where you got to jerk off in a cup and then take it back and they test it to see if there's any sperm left. And he's still producing sperm. So they got to go do it again.


I'm laughing because we've got Mackenzie Dern jumping on any second.


She came in right when I'm talking about jerking off in a conversation that.


We'Re having, it seems like it was planned and it's disrespectful of just the natural flow of conversation. Yeah, no, I'm going to get mine done soon. The last thing we want, I mean.


We should go together. Let's go do a buy one, get one, buy one, get one deal.


We'll bring Harrington and Brian. We'll get some content for the show.


Go deals. I'm telling you.


Because we had kids. Rebecca was 18 when she was pregnant with Callum and I was 21. So we've had children our entire lives pretty much. And we were still kids back then. So the last thing we want now is to get another one. So we're going to go in for it. We'll bring the cameras. We'll bring Brian. Brian's never had a kid, but unlucky, buddy, he should have had one by now. You're coming with us.


I ain't mad at it. Who's going to call and ask for the buy one, get one half off?


Deal, dude, I'm on it.


I'm on it.


You don't think I'm already emailing doctors right now? I cannot have another kid.


Well, we'll tell you another thing. That harrington's also on. Feel free to stay on the screen. Harrington. The live believe you me podcast. Tentatively, we are planning this around the Madison Square Garden card in New York, which will be in November. But I will say this, harrington is going to take the reins and finding a venue for us. That will be the first thing. So this could all fall apart massively.


No, we got this. We got this. It's going to be a great show.


It really is. So stay tuned for that one. Stay tuned for the announcements. Before we get to Mackenzie Derm, what do we have to talk about? Harrington we got fights this weekend. We got Logan Paul Grappling with Alexander Volkanovsky in Israel. Adesanya, did you see?


I did. You know, I don't really mind Logan. I know he said some shit about you. He thought he beat you in a fight or something like that. But he was real.


He just said he could about it.


He was respectful about it. But I've never really minded Logan too much.


He seems like a well balanced guy, if I'm honest. I mean, he said that thing and I had a bit of fun with it. Yeah, I had some fun with it. That's all. Now, from what I've seen, when I see him do interviews and podcasts, he seems like he's got his shit together. Obviously believes in himself, but he's been in there with Floyd Mayweather and some other people. He's professional wrestling.


He's pretty good, too. I know you a big professional wrestling guy, but he's crazy athletic and he's actually fun to watch.


I saw him doing like a little clip somewhere, like jumping off the top rope. Oh, no. Jumping off the top rope into the crowd and landing on KSI or on a table.


Yeah, I'd be in the hospital.


I saw that and I was like, fake or not, that's very hard and very dangerous to do.


Yeah, I was impressed. I was impressed. Yeah.


Although there he is. There he is. Those wrestlers do put the body through a lot of turmoil, shall we say. And then the fact opening himself know, because he is a big, big public figure. Not like those dickheads on Instagram. You don't have public figure in your Instagram bio, do you, Anthony? No, thank God. Thank God. If you said yes, I don't think why do people do that? There's so many people that aren't public figures. No, that in their Instagram bio.


Instagram figure.


That says public figure.


Yeah. Brian, check my Instagram, make sure I don't have public figure in.


Well, let's do this will be funny. Get your phone out. What is your instagram? Bio? Let's have a look. Mine is probably former UFC.


I got a pretty good story on mine, too, that I mine is athlete, UFC, light heavyweight, ESPN analyst. And then oh, I need to add, believe you me, on here. I haven't edited that in a long time. Hell yeah.


Jay Paul's and see what he oh, let's have a no, it's all right. Founder, better founder of most valuable promotions. Founder, antifun VC. All right, fair enough. But he's a big deal as well. It's all these small time influencers girls and models and things like that and wannabes let's be honest, they all have bloody public figure in there. But I was going to say about Logan Paul, I respect this as well, because he is a public figure. He is very famous and well known with the prime energy drinks, with the boxing stuff, with the wrestling and the YouTube, everything that he does to go out there and put himself and allow it to be filmed, wrestling with Adesanya and wrestling with Volkanovsky, do you know what I mean? Because that's kind of and I don't know how you feel about this, that holds me back sometimes from training in some places because they're going to talk about it, people are going to get the cameras out. If you get tapped out or you have a bad round and all the rest of it, they're quick to post and socialize it. And of course, I'm not in fine shape anymore and I don't want people know diminishing me and what I was capable of doing just because I'm out of shape and I had six pints of Stella last night, do you know what I mean?


I'm like, you ain't doing this shit.


I don't train a lot of places. That's why I've always had such respect for Eric Nixick at extreme couture. He's always welcomed me in and never allowed if someone wants a picture, then we just take a picture, but he doesn't allow any of the phones. Because if I'm going to try to learn something when I'm on the road traveling or working or whatever, you have to allow yourself to be a little bit vulnerable. And by doing that, you're going to make mistakes and you're going to look silly doing new techniques and training with guys you've never met. And there's always that awkward, flowing, grappling kind of state. I think last time I was there, rashad pinned me on my back and mauled me for like ten straight minutes. I don't want that on all over. Now I told everyone, but you know what I mean, I don't want the video of that me being fat and chubby and out of shape and trying to come back from an injury. So I get what you're saying. I'm very careful about training situation.


It's not so much an ego thing, it's more just a case of that general. I mean, listen, Logan Paul, that's what he know. He is a kind of an internet viral sensation. And again, good for know. So him going in there, I guess he does get props for doing it and pushing himself and trying to compete against these guys when he's clearly outmatched, you know what I'm saying? I don't think anyone would expect him to dominate. I saw a video, volkanovsky had him. Oh, no. He had Volkovsky.


He was on Volkanovsky's back. Yeah, shout out to Volkanovsky for allowing.


That because, you know, listen, Volk would have got out of there. Bo could have probably smashed him, but they're just playing along. They're playing know. So I don't think anyone expects him to win, but yeah, I thought that was pretty cool to be Know.


I do expect everyone involved for that.


Unlike his brother Jake. Brother Jake's a bit of a tool. What's he been saying? He's been calling out McGregor as well. Hold on, hold on. Where is it, Harrington? It's in the notes here. Jake Paul. What did he say? What did he say?


I don't know what he said, but he definitely will never check both boxes.


No. Go on harrington. Do you have the.


Oh, sorry.


He said he just watched the McGregor documentary. I haven't seen that. But he said he watched it and he came out and he talked a ton of shit. Called him out for a fire, called him all kinds of names.


Guess what, Connor? I'll beat the F out of you. I'll beat the Effing F out of you. You can't box as good as me. Paul insisted on the impulsive podcast. I'm going to do to Nate what you couldn't, which is knock him the F out. You're going to be sitting there with your new beer company. That's failing. Drinking it drunk as F, realizing that you pissed your life away. Drinking. At the end of the bottle, you're going to say, damn, I really thought no one was going to do what I did in this sport. I really thought no one was going to be as big of a name. I really thought I was going to be the biggest forever. But you can't choose. You can't have both lives.


Yes, you can. And he's got it.


He's got it right now. He did a pretty good job. As we said on the last episode, six months. A lot changes in that time. And we've talked about Logan Paul. I guess now we're going to have a quick chat about Jake Paul. We're just waiting for Mackenzie to join us before we blow our heads off and Budy do one chip challenges. He just opens himself up for a lot of criticism.


Once again. He won't check both boxes. Someone your size and young. He got young still no one his size. That's what he does. He won't check both those yeah, he won't check both those boxes as the true Jordy shit. And he's full of shit.


True Jordy is a big man. Conor McGregor is a small man. He's five foot nine. He fought at 145 pounds 40 fiver. I don't get it. How any grown man I could not lower myself to calling out someone 85, two or 5857-0554 weight classes below me, do you know what I mean? With a straight face. And not be called a bully.




That's called being a bully. That's called picking on the little guys. The fuck is he doing, right?


He doesn't care, obviously, about what anybody thinks, but everything he says is full. He did that. Remember he did that little speech thing to Tommy Fury and was talking about his kid and all that other like that real mean guy talk. Every once in a while he does that and I think he believes that. It's really intimidating, but it always comes off so fucking silly.


It just does.


Connor doesn't. He's got a failing business. He could have ten failing businesses right now and still be worth double what Jake Paul ever.


And on what level is the business failing? Does he have the books? Has he seen the account?


How do you know that? Even if it was so doesn't wouldn't change the course of Conor's day probably.


Yeah, and Conor's got a million people he needs to fight. True jordy. Jake Paul. Canelo Alvarez. Who else? Michael Chandler.


I was going to say Michael Chandler.


Maybe he's bloody calling out bloody everybody this weekend. We've got fights on back at the apex. I'll be there. Commentating. Very excited about that. Some interesting fights on the fight card. Jared Gordon's back, friend of the show. Of course he's going up against Jim Miller. Can you believe Jim Miller still going? I'm just going to look him up a second while you just talk about Jim Miller. 1 second, go ahead.


First of all, it's amazing to me that Jim Miller is on a winning streak at this point in his career and looking pretty goddamn good. He's getting finishes, he looks like he's rejuvenated, just like he's kind of turned back the clock a little bit. I think some of it is matchups. He's taken smart fights, but I don't know the longevity, his ability to stay healthy enough to continue to do this, to continue to make it through training camps, fight after fight after fight and go and still be one of those just dog tough guys that nobody is going to enjoy fighting. I thought the fight with him and Donald Cerrone was amazing. I thought the matchmaking was perfect. Those are the kind of fights I want to see Jim Miller in. Guys like Seroni and Lozan and actually Jared Gordon I think, is a guy that's kind of in that same vein of I don't want to see these. I know how the sport is supposed to go. All these aging veterans are supposed to take the Tony Ferguson route where you got to big up someone on your way out, you got to build someone else off of them on their way out.


But I don't mind these fights with a couple of legends fighting each other.


I'm sorry if I was pulling a weird, very confused face there. I'm just on Jim Miller's Wikipedia page and I'm trying to count the number of fights that he's had in the UFC. It's almost 40. I mean, I had 29. I thought that was a lot bloody. Almost 40 made his debut back in and by the way, when you're going through it, it's Joe Lowe's on Nate Diaz. Benil dariush Benson Henderson. Yancey madeiros BJ penn gray maiden. Of course, he became the champion, made his debut in 2008. So he's been going for 15 years. What month schedule? What month in 2008? Yeah, hold on, let me find it again. It was October 18, UFC 89 in Birmingham, England, where I headlined against it's 28 days.


Chris Leben it's 28 days after I made my professional debut. Not like he's been in the UFC as long as I've been a professional. Totally.




Crazy. To me, people say I've been around.


A long time, and he's had a lot of fights as well. So he's going up against Jared Gordon. That's an interesting fight. Kaikara France versus Amir Albazi. Albazi is the real deal, man. I think he's 16 and one. I think so off the top of my head, because I've done his research. 14 finishes going up against Kaikara France. I spoke to Amir Albazi this week for the commentary. He's brimming with confidence. He truly believes he's going to smoke Kaikara France. Walk right through him. He said, I'm better everywhere. I've got the rest and I've got the subs, I've got the stand up, I've got the confidence. And on the flip side, Kaikara France feels exactly the same way. Do you know what I mean? So it's going to be a good fight. Cora France, man, he's always a lot of fun to watch.


That kid's good. He has a hole in his game. I wouldn't say it's a hole, but I think in this fight, he's got a little bit mismatched in the grappling. I think that overall, his wrestling has done pretty well. It's definitely getting better. I don't think Albazzi wins a striking match. Sometimes Albazzi does get a little haywire and wants to start throwing some leather with guys. And I don't think Kaikar France is the guy you should do that with. I just don't think that he wins those striking exchanges. But I could be wrong. These guys grow and change so quickly, especially at that weight class. So I think it's going to be an amazing fight, and I don't think it's getting enough love for the level that I think these guys are going to fight at, because they are the smaller guys. They're not huge names, but I think it's a good platform. I like to see these guys in the main event.


It is a shame, isn't it, for those guys, because 125, the flyaways, they don't get the same attention. I mean, Carla France, last time we saw him, I think it was against Brandon Moreno fighting for the belt. Was that an interim belt?


It was an interim belt, I think.


Interim, yeah. Got stopped with a body kick, I think, in round three. But he was looking there. He was looking really good. Yeah. And those lighter weight classes, they do get kind of overlooked, and I think it's still and they shouldn't because I would say pound for pound. They're the most technical fighters of everyone. Absolutely. The moves they can pull off. I mean, Demetrius Johnson, we had him on recently. Some of the stuff that he would do was know Kaiko Francis got knockout power. They've got a cardio and a tempo. They go at such a speed. Thoroughly entertaining. I'm going to put you on the spot now, Anthony. Main event car of France. Albazi, who gets the job done?


I think that Albazi has been the recipient of some good matchmaking. I don't think it's been on purpose. I think he's just been in some matchup, favored him. I think that with Kaikar France being with the camp that he's at and the support of Izzy and kind of that championship mindset around him all the time, I think he's going to bounce back. And he said the right things, that he left that moreno loss in the OCTEON that night wants to move forward and get better. I just think that Albazi does tend to start throwing leather sometimes. And I don't know that you want to exchange with kaikar France like that. I'm picking Kaikar France. Long story short.


So, yeah. Kaikar, France. Brian, I've just sent you an email. Mackenzie Dern. I'm like, what time is it? She's waiting for the bro bruh.


I sent it to the email that I have.


I've just emailed you again. Brian, just the b to your personal email.


Oh, yes, sir. I'll get it.


Yeah, you just sent hold on. He said he sent sending again now. Sorry. Geez Louise. Brian. Brian. That's it. Brian has to have two chips.


I don't even know if I'll get a full chip. I don't have a second chip.


What are we doing? Are we eating the full chip? I don't think we should eat the full chip.


No, I don't think we should eat the full I think we should take a bite of the chip.


Half of the chip.


Half seems like a lot.


So this is the Paqui Paqui one chip challenge. 2022 nutritional facts. Calories. 25 calories.


Oh, I can't do 25 full calories.


He's in training camp. He can't do that.


I got a fight offer today.


Oh, you did?


I did.


Do not eat if you are sensitive to spicy I want to hear about your fight in a minute. Although you probably can't mention but he says do not eat if you are sensitive to spicy foods. I'm sensitive to spicy foods.


Allergic to peppers, fancy ass packaging.


I'm allergic to peppers. Night shades of capsicum or are pregnant. Harrington, you can't have it or have any medical conditions. I'm dreading this. This is going to be absolutely bloody terrifying. Harrington, give us a story while we fill because we don't know if Mackenzie.


Is going to I got a question for us. Harrington, there's a thing inside of here, right? This little packet thing. How long can you last before you short circuit, which is eating or drinking anything for relief.




No, it's just a question. 1 minute would make you powerless. Ten minutes, powerful. 30 minutes, supercharged. 1 hour, invincible.


Buddy, without drinking anything.




If you think a pamphlet like this can make me powerful, I've got a cult in Utah you can join.


Yeah. No way, dude.


I'm drinking immediately.


There is no universe in which I am not taking on some liquid. Thanks for joining us. Hope you well. Where are you right now?


Just at home. California.


Nice. Nice. I was saying this the other day. I was talking, hasn't the weather been terrible lately?


Oh, my gosh. Where's the sun?


Yeah, I said to Benil we had Benil on on Monday. And I said to Benil, I said, the weather's been bloody freezing. He's like, what are you talking about, Mike? It's 70 degrees, and I'm getting abused in the comments section. Now for California, this is miserable. And I'm sure as a Brazilian, you're not enjoying this.


Yeah, the same. It's, like, so cold.




Vanilla kind of let Mike have it. He's like, it's not cold here. It's totally fine.




Mackenzie, how do you feel after your fight as far as healing up? Did you have any injuries or banged up at all or you get out of it pretty uninjured?


Yeah, I mean, when I did get hit, I got an elbow here. I got a knee here in my eye that I'm still a little bit black eye. And I think I got a knee on my hip, so I'm kind of like feeling my hip. Like, it's a little bit hard to walk.


Isn't it weird? You know what I mean? You get punched in the face and all the stuff, but, like, a knee in a weird place like your hip, that's the one that really pisses you off.


Yeah, and I mean, it hurts to hit too. Like, my elbows are pretty sore too.


Well, I'm not surprised. Mackenzie, let's be honest. Listen, we all like Angela Hill. She's a sweet girl. She's a great fighter. She's been around for a long time. But you beat the absolute piss out of her for five rounds. And I like Angela. So you know what I mean? But she knows that. I mean, you went out there and you beat her up like you were mad at.


Mean. No, it wasn't anything like, I like Angela, too. She's so nice. And I've always had a good relationship with Mean. I think she just showed so much toughness, because I feel like almost any other of the girls, they would have or given up, like, an armbar or kind of just like, I'm good, you know, because that was kind of like my intention in this fight. You know, I wanted to, instead of me forcing a submission, just make the person give it to me, because I feel like all the girls, their defense is that defense. It's not defense. Not go to the ground. So I need to make them pay for anything they give me. So that's kind of what I came into this fight with. So I feel happy that the strategy worked. Fortunately for me, Angela, she kind of kept coming in the middle. I thought that she was going to be kind of more on the outside, like touch and I mean, I'm looking forward because the strategy we did, we made it intended for someone like Marina, like Yeon Shawnan, who I lost to, who are good at moving. So I think that's why I was kind of able to show my striking a little bit more in this fight just because she kind of did keep coming.


Meet me in the middle and you know how we work with Perillo and stuff, sparring in the pocket. I have the striking and if I get there, but it's usually I don't fight girls that give me that opportunity. They touch and go. So I'm kind of chasing more. So I'm excited if I can be able to keep the same strategy and aggression and idea of cutting the ring off if they do run and kind of prepare to fight someone like that, maybe Rose, who knows? But I saw a lot of openings, too. Like I said, I still got meat in the face. I haven't trained with my back on the cage, so when she did put me on the cage, that's something I'm like, oh, my next opponent could see that and think that maybe that's a way to beat Mcgenbie. So I'm already seeing things that I want to fix. It was a perfect performance, but, yeah, I'm happy.


You had to been shocked when you got pretty deep on a couple of armbars and as soon as I seen you get to it, I was like, oh, that's it, let's just roll this show up, we're done here. But she just never really gave it up. Even later on in the fight, you were in some pretty good positions and we talk about this on the show sometimes about how you can actively quit. Like you can kind of turn and roll and they'll land a couple of punches and the referee will save you. Or she could have very easily given up the armbar and said, all right, I want out of here and no one's going to give her any shit for it because she got caught in the armbar. That is what it is. But she never gave up. So I guess first question is, were you surprised you weren't able to finish those couple of submission attempts? And then were you getting to a point where you're getting frustrated because she won't just kind of lay down and just give it up?


No, I was surprised that she didn't give up the submission, but I wasn't able to get it. I thought I did what would make her give it to me, but going back, I'm like, man, maybe I should have held here or there. But, yeah, she was holding on tough. I felt so much stronger than her. I worked a lot on my physical appearance for this fight and performance, but I don't know if you guys noticed, but sometimes people who are a little bit older, at least my dad, they have this strength that's kind of like.


Angela Hill has old man strength.


Mackenzie dern's got, old man. Oh, you said Angela. Does mackenzie Dern had old man?


No, her angela Hill, I could feel her strength was kind of like it wasn't like she was bring me to her, but she had just that she.


Had that old lady strength.


Yeah, because if you look comparison, I just looked so much bigger than her, and I always remembered her kind of a little bit. She seemed taller and stuff when I seen her. So when I got there and I felt like, oh, man, I recovered good. Like, my weight and everything, I felt like. And then going back and watching the fight, like me on top of her, I felt like she looked so small compared to me there. So I felt like, okay, I'm stronger than her on positions, but she still was able to hold me on the cage. And for me, who, I'm feeling stronger by planches on this stuff. I felt like, man, how is she kind of just holding me on this cage? And then, like, the armbar, I'm like, man, I should have been able to just rip that off. But I'm feeling her. Like, she was holding on for her life because of her age or her training. I don't know.


She's got old lady strength. She's got grandma strength. She's old. My God, I did beating her up for five rounds, was it? But I'm sorry, Angela, if you see this, because it sounds like we'll be disrespectful. We're not.


No. Yeah, but she's 38. That's older.


Oh, she's old.


She's lived her life.


That's it. That's it. You touched on it now, Mackenzie, you're right, because those armbars were deep. You know what I mean? And if she she could have let go, and that could have been a way out of the fight. And that's why I respect Angela so much. Know a lot of people given the kind of beating and again, with respect that you were putting on her, could have looked for a way out on many, many occasions, but she fought tooth and nail to at least stay in the fight and see the final bell, and you got to respect that.


No, because I went back and I watched the fight, and I'm seeing her corner and everything, and I'm seeing her I'm just watching her go back to her corner, and she's like you can tell she's kind of like I think you said, like, oh, push her back, and she's like, oh, it's hard. Like, she keeps walking through it, and she looks kind of like just tired. And then all of a sudden, she starts around, and then she's just kind of, like, giving it all again. She just looks like, okay, we're back in this. And I'm just like, how is she doing this? You know what I mean? She looks like this. I don't care. And it's goes and then goes, know, and then keeps pushing know. And I'm like, man, it's usman.


Oh, sorry to cut you off. Kamara Usman talked about Leon Edwards, how he would break him during a round, and then in between rounds, he said that Leon is the only guy that he's ever seen. Regain it in between rounds and then come back the next round like it never happened. And Angela Hill reminded me of that a little bit. You would break her through the round, and she would have some struggles, but then at the beginning of the next round, she had a short memory. That's got to be kamaro said in that first fight, it was the hardest thing to deal with. You can break someone and break them and break them, and they just keep getting it back every single time. It's got to be tough.


Exactly 100%, especially going into the fight, I felt pressure. Pressure on a good thing. Just pressure from my whole life, everything that's going on, not wanting to give into that pressure, because it was like my third mini event, and I had two losses there. So I'm kind of like people are like, oh, why does she deserve another mini event, you know what I mean? At the apex, again, pressure, because I'm like, what, number eight? She's number 13 or something. There's pressure, you know what I mean? And I was like, man, this girl, she's, like, tough. She just keeps coming, you know what I mean? So I'm kind of like, man, I can't give her I mean, there's, like, things where she's like, I think I overthrew, and she went underneath me, and she's on my back, you know what I mean? And it's like, these are things that be giving up. Thankfully, I still was able to work, but for me, maybe I can be tired and around and come back and recover in a minute. We trained that a lot, just like my recovery to be able to recover 1 minute and go 100% again.


But mentally, I'm someone who does get frustrated, so I'm trying to work on that now. But the fact that she has, I don't know, like, 30 fights, and she is getting hit like that and coming back, it's like a mental strength, and it's crazy to fight someone like that.


I mean, as you say, you were under a bit of pressure only to live up to your own expectations and the kind of the hype that was surrounding you when you signed with the UFC. You'd lost your last two granted to very good opponents. So I understand what you're saying, and you were very open fight when you talked about some of your personal things that were going on as well, and we don't have to get into all that. So it's very honest of you, because even though it was a dominating fight that you want to look back and you want to improve things you did wrong. But you said you watched the fight back. When I say this, what moment is this? When I say Flush to the mush, you almost need her head clean off.


Yeah, I mean, that's cool. I've never had that before. So even just like Dana, after he talked to me, I went talk to him. He called me back, and he was telling me how he liked the fight, and he talked about the knee. He's like, you could have knocked her out. You should have just kept hitting her more. And I was like, what did I do? And he's like, you grabbed her. And I was like, there's still moments that it's just kind of reaction. And the first reaction is, like, maybe she's out, but you still want to take it to the ground and just grapple. But maybe if I would have landed and had that calmness so I still don't know what it feels like to know that the person is knocked out. I feel a connected I can tell.


You what it feels like to be the one knocked out, if you want to know. That what you got. Anthony.


It'S actually funny, because when I fought Young Shounen, my other fight, the very first punch that she gave me was, like, the same punch she did with Jessica andrade just kind of running back, like, walking back and over. And it was the first punch of the fight, and I tried to slip, but it caught me in my eye, and I lost my vision for, like, 45 seconds. It was, like, blurry. And I'm thinking like min. I'm like bisping. Like, we have the same coach. It's because of our striking.


Hold on. Sorry. No, I'm blind in one eye. And you most lost your eye because of Jason Perillo's.


Jason Perillo's fault.


Jesus. I knew there was something wrong with this guy.


I mean, like, because we go for.


The again, were you thinking this in the fight? You thought about that in the fight?


All in the fight. I'm like, oh, my like, this is a strong, very first punch of the fight. You know what I mean? And I lost my vision. I'm trying to show my face, not show that I'm feeling it. But for me, in my mind, it felt like a long time, but it was about, like, 45 seconds until I came back, and I was like all of a sudden, you realize what you're into and you realize that all the possibilities that could really happen, and you're kind of like, I've broken a nose before. But imagine, lose your vision. And I'm like thinking, oh, man. That's when you kind of go more into the motion, and then I'm kind of, like, just trying to attack her instead of letting her attack me. I'm like, oh, shoot.


The things you think about in a fight.


Let me just go. Yeah.


Isn't it crazy? You do think about crazy stuff in a fight. Like, my mind, because they always say you got to stay focused for 25 minutes. And for anyone that's never done it, you would think, oh, how's that hard to focus on your opponent? But it's weird. Extracurricular little things in the environment. I don't know, the ring girls, the clock, a fan saying something. You start thinking about weird stuff that has nothing to do with the fight. Do you know what I'm talking.


Of? The good one of the bad things, I'll say the bad one first. With my fight with Marina Rodriguez, I'm like, fighting was in know, but it was really quiet. Not like the apex. This one, this apex. We had all my friends and stuff.


It gets poppins. Oh, no, you had a big a lot of support in the building. Yeah, some rowdy ladies.


But with Marina, I was fighting her and so quiet, and I'm like marina was one of my fights that I gained the less weight when I fought her. I think I gained, like, three pounds. I fought her at, like, 118, 119, I think. So I was really lean. And I remember in the middle of the fight, her coach is like, yeah, kick her in her chubby belly. And I'm thinking, like, man, really? He's saying I'm chubby right now? I'm in the middle of the fight. So I'm like, that's so messed up.


Fat shaming you, mackenzie not only beating you a fight, the coach is fat shaming you. We need to put an official complaint in. This is bullshit.


But then it was good, because then the good part was, like with Angela Hill, I only landed the knee because I heard her coach say right to the know. And then she went and did it. Right when he said it, and then she went and did it, and then I landed it.


You're cheating. I'm just kidding.


No, but I did hear him say it. I try and have my coaches speak Portuguese if I fight American, if I speak Brazilian, if I'm fighting Brazilian, have them speak English. But you can't kind of hear the know.


I don't want to continue with the fat shaming, but you are looking a little heavier these days, Mackenzie. The only reason I say that, but you look like, you've know, focusing a lot on strength and conditioning. And I remember Perillo after the fight, we were having a beer at the beautiful Santa Fe station, and he was telling me that how and I think it was for the Marina fight, you came in very light, and for the one just gone, you had to do you had to do a proper wake up, right? Yeah, that was a big focus.


Yeah. It was more like the water, losing the water. People don't realize that's what I'm saying. People don't realize. I don't know if all the fighters are like this, but people don't realize how many little traumas I think us fighters have. If you kind of could get superstitious, I don't know, to fight the same person that you lost to or to fight in a place where maybe you had a really bad performance. And as fighters, it's so easy for us to kind of get not superstitious, kind of like a superstitious, kind of like little barriers that you kind of have to push through. I don't know. Sometimes you want to make excuses for why you lost or went through hard things, hard times in the fight. So maybe sometimes it was just training. You didn't train enough. But a lot of us didn't let that get to us. So one of my traumas was because I didn't make weight in rio, and it was by a lot. So I had a lot of same things, same and stuff like that. So it was like I was kind of battling and then having a baby and having your body go down low.


I was battling a lot of this. I didn't want to miss weight. So I was, like preferring to come in light to not even though my coaches are saying for me to eat stuff, I wouldn't eat certain things, you know what I mean? I wouldn't drink lots of water because I would see my weight go up and it would freak me out and I would think, I'm not going to make weight. I'm not going to make weight, and you're fine. And I'm still like, I'm not going to make weight. So it took me a lot of fights to kind of feel comfortable, to be able to kind of trust the process. Again, with roger camos, it's good because slowly we started to put more muscle and I started to accept the fact, understand that with the muscle, you let go of the water more. I still didn't drink as much water as I should have in this one, but I already made a good step. I lost, like seven pounds of water the night before. So for me, I would never lose anything. I would just wake up, like underweight. That was like a big step.


So I'm happy that I'm getting there, and I see the difference. I see my recovery. I was happy to see that I was still able to keep the same endurance the whole fight and not get tired or some of the symptoms. They say when you get stronger, I don't want to get too strong. I'm like slow. I want to be like a champion. I feel like all of athletes were kind of like superheroes in a way. So it's like, I want to be that level.


So you talked about fighters being superstitious or trying to recreate or avoid things that were maybe negative at times. Right. And again, it's your business. I don't want to dig so deep into it. But you did talk about some of your struggles a little bit. I think as fighters we try to recreate success. So like if you did this training camp this way and then you fought and it worked out really well, I'm just going to do that. Again. It seems like in your current situation that's kind of impossible to kind of recreate success because things seem to be going so different. Do you feel like you grew? Because I feel like at least in my career, personally, anytime that I've had a lot of struggles outside of the Octagon and was able to go in, fight and be successful, I felt like I grew a lot more and was able to battle through. And I don't think you could have had a tougher test in terms of having some personal struggles. And things are different, obviously. And then you get into a fight with possibly the toughest old lady grandma that the USC has to offer and she just won't quit.


She won't go away. You break her, she comes back strong. Like I'm sure at some point you're god dan, like, what do I got to do to get out of like because as fighters that's all we want to do. Everyone thinks, everyone celebrates because you're so happy. It's mostly relief and you just want to get out of there. You're relieved that you got out of there with a win. Do you feel like you grew a bunch and did you feel like you have a bunch of positives personally and mentality wise to take from this?


100% because again, the superstitious things, I was supposed to fight in north carolina, so even like that I was kind of just trying to run away from all facing all of it for me, from my idea, I was like, okay, I'm going to fight in charlote. It's a big card. So there's a lot of other big names on there. It's just three rounds. I'm coming off a loss. I'm going through so much. Let me just get in, win my three rounds, get back on the winning call and go home. Not do too much media, not have too much. I'm not even going in there to put off a performance. The lawyers, all this stuff is coming. I need to pay bills, you know what I mean? I just want to get in, get out and come back to organize my was he was with luke for four of all of a sudden my head coach. I don't have know. I started working with anthony morada because of the conditions that I was really I mean, I'm just trying to find sparring. So it helped me to see know, like I was saying before, the know strategically wise and what I need to do if.


I don't have a lot of sparring and things like that. I can't repeat what I did, how hard I trained for my last camp, which I trained like five, six months for Yan, and I lost still. So we had to be more tactical and just smart, train smart for this fight, get in the know. And I was trying to go undercover, and then all of a sudden it's like, okay, mini vent, five rounds. Like five rounds were good for five rounds, but just mini vent media and all these things. And I'm like back at a place where I did have all the trauma and all the stuff like that. I mean, like little trauma. I think the whole situation made me realize that we do have to have the judges. The judges are there. Even though I don't like to fight for the judges, they're there for a reason, if it is similar fight level. So I need to be able to use that and I need to be able to understand, not get panicked. No, I learned a lot. I mean, technically wise, how to go into a camp, how to be like a champion.


It's like to use to be as involved as possible on the personal mean. You can't let people stop you from going after what you like. Also, I have this main event and I'm trying to go to this fight in North Carolina and charlote undercover and I don't know, maybe win my purse. And for me, I'm like, okay, I'll just guarantee that. And then I got this opportunity and I was kind of scared, but we still decided to do it and go even though we were mean. For me, that's like courageous. Because whenever you're going against something when you're scared, you're being courageous. So for me, it took me a lot of courage, but did it was even better that I could ask for bonus of the night, fight of the night. The type of performance we did, the amount of media that was able to see it, I was able to kind of just get stuff off my chest that I needed to kind of defend myself to the public to mean. I felt like I grew a.


Know. I was talking to Jason about going from three rounds to five rounds. And Jason said, look, listen, Mackenzie does not get tired. It's as simple as that. He said, she just does not get tired. She can go, go and go. Of course you got the know. The champion is Yang Wei Li. And I think is she going to be fighting Yan Zhao Nana? I know it's not announced, but she's.


Like, no, she's fighting Amanda Lemos and Lemos.


That's right. What do you think about that?


I think Amanda Lemos is going to knock her out because she's Brazilian. Yeah. No, Amanda Lemos is a hard fight. She's probably one of the last person on my list that I'd want to fight right now. So it's like she has that older experience strength, too. You know what I mean?


Old lady strength. Old grandma.


Yeah. And you can just tell she's and I don't know from how I saw that, rose caught Jen in the tin with that kick, and it was just kind of like on the spot, like precise. And on the right, I can see Amanda Lemon hanging in. I think she's hard to knock out. She has a good base. I don't see whaley like Jessica and dread with big biceps in that style to submit her, even though I know John has a ground game. So I think Amanda is going to I mean, in 525 minutes, I think she can land a shot that will knock her out. That's my opinion.


You just mentioned Rose Namayunas there, and Rose Namayunas was the name that you called out after the win. And I thought, what a sensational call out. Obviously, Rose former champion lost the belt to Carla. It wasn't really a fight, let's be honest. It was one of those weird nights, and we all go through them. That's not a knock on Rose, you know what I mean? We was talking about it before, like Cheeto kind of experienced one of those nights and we were talking before know, it's such a mental thing know? But Rosenberg Yunus, I thought that was genius. Did Dana talk to you about that fight? Is that something that they're looking to make?


No, he didn't say anything to me yet. He didn't say anything. I just heard he said, like, oh, anything's possible. But I don't know. I left Paradigm, and I'm talking with Tiki now. Since I'm in the middle of this transition of managers, there hasn't really been too much talk.


But you got a lot going on.


You got a lot of managers.


You're beating up old ladies. You're back on the market. Well, no. You got a new boyfriend. Pardon me. Sorry. There's a lot going on in the world of Mackenzie Dern. Also, you were at Disneyland the other day with Mona.


Yeah, I was there. It was fun. Yeah, it was yesterday, so yeah, it was cool. Oh, no, wait, that was two days.






We were meant to have you Monday, but then it was Memorial Day, so we did the show on Tuesday. And you went to Disneyland. How was it? What was the ride? What was the best ride that Mona liked?


Well, you know, she liked she liked Dumbo.


Anthony. What's your favorite ride at Disneyland?


I'm not a roller coaster guy.


They're not roller coasters at Disneyland. They're very tame.


I get sick.


This was the first time. She's like the 40 inches now. I mean, she has like, a little heel. I let her go with a little heel to make her reach it. But she's 40 inches now. And so she went on Space Mountain. That's like on the dark, and it just turns and like, Thunder Mountain, that's kind of like a little roller coaster. So she kind of went on her two bigger kid know. But her favorite thing is, like, to see the princesses and the characters.


That's my favorite spot too.




Space Mountain is just closed down. I think you just made it. Or I saw it's closing down soon, I think. So she just made it. When I used to take Lucas he's 13 now, but when he was a little kid, we used to take it to, like, Universal Studios and Disneyland and all the rest of it. And I'm like, we want to go on the big rides. Okay. So I would lift him up a little bit, or we'd sneak him on him and he'd be going, no, Daddy, I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm like, shut the fuck up. You're coming on. We have not come all this fucking way to not go on the good rides. And I would force him on it. And he was terrified. He's still traumatized to this day. No wonder he abuses me totally.


I make my kids lie all the time. Like, if there's a certain age, they have to be under. No, I always make them say, you.


Got to pay full price. I'm like, well, you're eleven now.


Well, there's some places where you're like, all right, you got to be at least ten years old. Like, you're ten today.




Right before you get up to the line, you're like, how old are you?


They're like, eight.


Like, no, you're ten.


What else is going on? Mackenzie, how's life outside of the oxygen? Everything going well for you?


Yeah, it's going good. I mean, I'm just kind of recovering right now. Just two weeks, but I'll go back to train today. A little bit striking. Yeah. Working out? I have.


She surfs jiu jitsu. I don't know if you know this. She's a world champion. She's around Disneyland. She's been touring around Brazil, having a lot of fun as well, judging by the last few months on social media.


Oh, yeah.


Come on, it's social media. Oh, yeah.


The whole world didn't see it. Yeah, I love that.


But then I took like two months away from social media, so I was like, on the down low. You kind of go crazy and then you come back.


Yeah, of course.


You disappear. And you're like, okay, just training, training. I'm going to show up to the fight, and I'm going to come out of the shell and everyone's going to think I was partying. And it's pretty funny because Coach like, perilla. He's always mad at me after a fight. I take kind of time off, and he's always like, no, you need to stay in the gym. You need to stay in the gym. And I'm always like, no, I need a rest. I need to recover. I need know, take time for me. And then I come back and I always like, my cardio is still pretty know, and he's man, like, how is she? Still good? Always. He gets kind of mad at mean.


Well, he said you never get tired. All right, so Harrington, our producer, went to Twitter to ask the Twitter people if they have any questions for you. So we'll let you go on these. And, Harrington, come on the screen, please. No rude questions because Harrington doesn't have the biggest brain. Love you, buddy. I'm kidding. What have we got?


Okay, well, this one's an easy one at the top. Jazzale wants to know, would you ever let Michael babysit for you?




I'm offended. What about Anthony? Would you let Anthony babysit for you?




All right, well, that's good.


I got four kids. Come on now. Mike.


I've got three.


It's because you guys don't understand. MOA is, like, a little she's like a don't. I'm not even worried about you. Like, I'm not worried about her. I'm worried about what she would do to you. Like, she would make you guys go crazy.


Fair enough. Fair enough. To be honest, we were saying before my fathering days, I mean, I still have three kids, but the little kids, I'm done. I've tapped out on that stuff.


Harrington all right, scoo wants to know you and what other straw weight in the division would you pick if the two of you had to get into a street fight in a street fight.


In a straw weight division? Like another girl?


Yeah, another girl in your like, you.


Want me to call out a girl to fight on the street?


No, I'm saying you and her versus just, let's say five tough guys out of John.


Okay. Not fight against her.




Okay. Who would I want to fight with? Oh, it has to be Poliana. Poliana? Viana.




Yeah. Have you seen what she's done to.


The guys in or the robbery, which someone tried to steal a phone or something like that?


Yeah. And she's knocked out another guy. And she's a good friend of mine. Like, I know we have each other's back.


Brian just put in the chat here. That's who I would pick as pick her for the same reasons.


I'm just saying.


Okay, let's see here. Goofcon wants to know mackenzie, what do you say to people who say jiu jitsu is the worst base for MMA?


I mean, I don't even say anything. I just laugh.


Do you find that that's ludicrous, that people would say that? Because Justin Gagey came out this week. We were talking about it before. He said that wrestling or combat, sambo is the best base for mixed martial arts. And all martial arts, they all kind of favor their style. And obviously, Hoist Gracie brought the jiu jitsu into the limelight at UFC One, and everyone started training it like crazy. Do you still feel like jiu jitsu is the best base for mixed martial arts or in general, as a martial art to learn.


No, I mean, I don't think it's the best martial arts to learn. I don't think that. I just think for MMA as a base, not that it has to be the strongest part or it needs to be the favorite to use all the time, but I think it's the most important base to have. It's the most important that I think all other fighters should at least know the basics of that sport of jiu jitsu. So if anything, if they do fall, if they do, I think even like the cage, the cage is like a mix. But for me, who's a ground person, when I look at the cage, I think of it as if I'm on the ground but standing up, you know what I mean? So I'm thinking how I can just pressure you and set things up and try and make you suffer know. And if we do go to the ground, that's even better. But I'm just seeing it as the idea is the same way as the ground. So for me, I think as a base mean and you see, like, Hoist Gracie, of course that was martial art against martial art, but there's some truth behind was.


Of course, everyone knows a little bit of everything, but I mean, you can see fighters go into the UFC or whatever, and maybe they've never trained like, I don't know, taekwondo. Maybe they've only done like, karate or Muay Thai or know, but maybe they've never learned something of know. But I think it's really hard. You see a champion, even if they're a striker, and they've never done like one class of know.


Well, you're right. There's not a single UFC fighter that isn't learning armbars how to defend armbars triangles, all the rest of it. So that's a good point. Harrington, we've got one more before we let Mackenzie Dern get about a day.


Okay, so this is just real simple. Jacob Zasowski wants to know, after your last fight with Angela, you took minimal damage, so when is the next time you're planning to get back in the cage, man?


I want to fight like September, so that would be ideal for me. September, October. But I wanted to fight Rose, so I don't know if she will want to fight when she would want to fight, but I mean, I want at least her spot in the ranking if she's not going to fight, you know what I mean? So if they give me another fight, but it's for her number two, like up there, then I'll fight. But September would be ideal for me.


All right, well, as always, Mackenzie, we look forward to it. Thank you for taking the time. Really, really appreciate it. Enjoy the time off. Maybe I'll see you down at Ruka soon.


Yeah, thanks, guys. Always fun talking with you.


All right, Mackenzie, you take care.


Bye, guys.


See you.


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That is Mackenzie, and that is now. Oh, my God. I'm terrified.




What do you mean, why?


All the one chip challenge is up now.


Time has come. Yeah, we said we'll do it after.


The Mackenzie, so we're skipping questions today.


Oh, we're skipping questions. Okay, good.


I was like, we can't do the one chip and then do questions.


We can't do this. We need a four shot. Rebecca, I'm going to need emotional assistance, and I'm going to need milk. I'm going to need can we take.


A second so I can use the bathroom really quick?


Okay, go ahead.


I got to go back. We'll be right back.


And now for something completely different. Ladies and gentlemen, the time has so hold up your chips. You've unboxed yours.


I did.


Harrington, let me see that wrapper. Is it open?


It is open. I just unsealed it just a moment ago. But you can see the chip is in there.


I got a trash can next to me, too. He's been on camera the whole time. He didn't have time to fiddle with.


Anything I was going to say. I got out of it. There's no chip here.


I'm afraid to even touch it.


Hold on. Let's have a look.


I bet you it looks evil.


It does.


I'm cracking it open. Are we going to smell it?


I'm not. It smells more panic. It smells atomic. Mine's in bits. It's in bits.


I can't possibly do mine has a piece. This is a big ass. I'm breaking off a piece. I'm going to have to go wash.


My how big is your piece?


Biggest. Shit.


My piece is gigantic.


It's pretty big, right?


So I'm going to do this bit.




Is that big enough?


No, it's not big.


Am I doing the biggest piece?


You're doing the biggest piece. Brian's got the biggest piece. Rebecca oh. So join in the challenge. We've got a chip for.


You'Re. Such a lame.


All right, hold on. How do we choose a winner or a loser?


We're just going to sit here and cry? I think you guys ready?


I think we're all about to turn into losers.


Hold on.


Rebecca wants to see. Rebecca. Give her some chips.


Yeah, let rebecca she wants some.


Going to I'm going to give her one.


Watch your hands, gentlemen.


Do not yeah, don't put them in your eyes. Oh, I always touch my contact lenses.


Look at the dust on my staining. My hands dangerous.


Rebecca, we're live on a show. You're taking your time. You're taking your sweet time. If you're going to join, then skiddly. Daddily, get over here. Quick, quick. She's going to have a chip. Chip. Grab a chair. No, you just come sit down. Grab that chair. Grab that chair.


Oh, you're going to split it with it's?


Okay, I'm not splitting it. I'm still having the same size piece as you.


Oh, yeah. We're good, right?


I can't hear anything.


You can now.


Oh, my gosh. My wife has done this for you.


Okay. Hi, everyone.


How are you?




All right, I'm going to start my timer here as well.


Are we doing half a chip?


I'm going to start my timer.




Just to see there's a bit of a chip.


Have they got the same amount?


Roughly the same amount.


Do you guys have drinks prepared?


We don't, no. All right, so on three whole thing. I'm not doing that. I'm not doing most of it.


No, I got the rules. The whole thing right in one.




Let me snap a bit off then. It's still big.


Let's go.




That's hot already.


Oh, my gosh. Already gone, darling.


There's a bit there.


That's yours. It's already hot.


Did you swallow?


Feeling it?


No, I bought no.


Oh, God.


Are you gonna die?


Swallowed. Oh, my God.


I'm crying.


No, I'm a man. I'm a whole man. This doesn't bother me at all. Oh, my God. So hot. No.


My man. Hold on.


This help. This is not okay, guys. It's all mental.


It's all in your head. Save the movie.


Dumb and dumber. Dumb and dumber.




Oh, my God.


Not that bad.


You're out of your bed.


Guys, everyone saw. I had the same amount. Give him the milk.


Give him the milk.


Are you going to throw up?




His legs going like crazy. Darling, you need to calm down. You're panicking.


I'm not panicking.


I'm fine.


Am I the last one to take a drink? Do I win?


I haven't had a drink.


I need milk.


Add some more of that.


All right, rebecca.


My nose is running.


But I don't like this.


The milk helps. Not a bad choice.


I almost threw up.


What's the movie? I think it's because it's Anchorman Tongue.


Is everyone okay?


So hot.




Are you serious?


I'm serious.


Breezy gal's bad.


My head is killing me.


Brian, are you okay? You're very quiet.


Yeah, my microphone is off.


Michael, that's disgusting.


I'm sorry.


Oh, my God.


Oatmeal is helping.


No, it's not.


Get Ellie.


It's not okay.


I think I got a dud piece.


Dude. That'll be the third go again.


You're doing more.


This is the third one.


Yo, Rebecca's the savage.


How are you doing? Three.


Okay, because it's not that bad.


Oh, no.


I'm on fire.


I can't do it.


Oh, my God.


Going to creep up.


No, it's like a fire in my mouth.


Not that bad.


It's all over my hands.


We had the same chair.


Oh, man.




No water?




I'll be back. What's up, Cal?


All I can see is you, like, salivating and spitting and tearing up.


That was the strongest thing we've ever done.


I'll never do that again.


No. It's getting better, though. What'd you do?


Brian had a little reset.


I just put a bunch of water in my mouth. I was added.


Apparently that makes it worse.


No, I'm okay. It's okay. As long as I don't breathe out my lips. My tugs blue. Are your toggs blue?








I did joby TOGG. All right. You're blue.


Harrington. Isn't that blue?


It's pretty blue.


I think he swallowed without chewing.


No, I chewed. I chewed and then I swallowed.


The swallow was the worst part.


Yeah. That's just pure lunacy.


Michael, people are so grossed out right now.


I know. Well, I'm sorry.


That was rough. It's really rough. The things we do for you guys. Can I leave yet? No.


I don't know.


You're breathing out is the worst.


The breathing out is bad?




Do you feel it yet?


Yeah. I'm not trying to be hard. I'm just not being dramatic.


My lips are on fire. I need chapstick.


I wish it was snowing outside.


Yeah, right.


That was so stupid.


It's getting worse.


Still hurts so much.


It comes in waves.


It's bad. I'm not trying to be funny. I'm not acting.


He does this in a restaurant, too?


No, it's bad, though. I think I've got it in my eyes.


Oh, no.


Oh, my God. It's on the feet.


We got to go. Everybody. I got to go. I love you guys. I got to go. I give up. I'm out of here.


You got to go wash your eye.




Yeah, you should go wash your eye right now.


It's getting red.


Go wash your eye out. Mike Rumple. Sign off.


Oh, my God. I need to go wash my face. Harrison, Anthony, brian. I don't know why my eyes burning.


Stop touching your face.


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