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U Me with Michael the.


Count Visby and.






Smith. Look at this. Yeah, it's nasty.


Goddamn, Johnny Walker. Let's get it.


I'm going to wrap myself in a blanket like a bag because I'm cold.


Well, you're okay. Now you've got an excuse when you're around the house and your wife's like, Can you get me this? My leg's hurt. I would love to, babe. You would. But I sacrificed my body for the family. So you're going to have to make me sandwiches and coffee for the next few weeks and I can't do shit.


Well, you know, I'm out of training camp. I'm back on the bush late.


As long as not a bud light. We'll have some problems. People are subscribed.


The stock's going to dip.


Oh, my God. You were saying you just came back from the zoo?


Yeah. Chaperone and fifth grade girls.


Hold on. Nebraska City Zoo?


No, the Omaha Henry Doryl ee Zoo? I know.


It well.


I bet if Brian or Harrington googled it, it's like the number one zoo in the world.


No, not totally.


Top five for sure.


Top every zoo on planet Earth claims to be the best zoo in.


The world. Okay, Harrington, you're on your Googler?


Get on your Googler.


Well, it's definitely number one in the country for sure.


Well, San Diego says that it's the number one zoo.


I've been to the San Diego Zoo. That shit's whack.


All zoos are whack, let's be honest.


No, Omaha's is bad ass.


Well, it would because it's in Omaha. But, but...


Harrington, where are you at, bro? I need some help.


Yeah, but hold on.


The thing is... I'm feverishly typing, hold on.


We'll type more feverishly and having to organise your camera more feverishly. My God, we are the fever crew here. So I looked it up. Go on.


On their website, they say they are top five in the world. They don't say they got best in the country.


Top five was the top attraction, Anthony. What was the best animal you saw today?


So Omaha has been... They're like the leader in breeding elephants and giraffes. So there's a shit ton of baby elephants that was pretty cool to see today. There's one that's only a couple of months old, and it's always cool seeing them run around with their moms. It was cool.


It is now. Zoos are so controversial these days. You know what I mean? They are a little bit. They should be free and they should be, but still they do a lot of help with the breeding programs and stuff like that. Anytime I go to a zoo, I want to see two things. I want to see big cats and I want to see guerrilla or chimpanzees. Yes. Look at this. Gorillas, man. They are incredible. I started following this page recently, gentle monkey or something. It's just like guerrilla is in stuff eating. Gorillas are amazing, unbelievable. I can't imagine the world.


What's your favourite animal?


Favourite animal? Probably a grizzly bear.


I like grizzly bears too.


I like grizzly bears. I like guerrilla s and I like big cats.


I like the big cats. My favourite animal is an elephant, though. As weird as that is.


They never forget.


They never forget.


No, elephants are cool as well.


Elephant are cool as shit. They're super smart. I don't know. I don't know what it is. Just always liked elephant. So it was cool seeing the baby elephant, the little mama giraffe walking around with the little baby giraff. It's only a few weeks old. It was cool.


I went to a drive.


What is it with a bunch of fifth grade girls?


Jesus Christ. Was that a pen in the ass or what?


Yeah, man, you know how it is. You've had a fifth grade girl there. I don't know what it is about fifth grade. Something happens in fifth grade and they just they're all idiot.


How old is fifth grade again? 11. It's a different system.


11. They're all mean as hell. So they're all all the time there's some drama happening in the class. They're all super awkward. They got a real bad case of FOMO. And they're all very much like, Watch me. They're all tension seeking. It was.


A mess. And they're all on the verge of becoming women as well. There's a.


Lot going on.


It's about.


Half and half right now. So tomorrow, they have to watch the human growth and development videos where the girls watch the videos and then the boys watch the videos with the male teachers. But they also have to watch each other's videos. So the girls have to watch the boys' video. The boys have to watch the girls' plus their own.


The Birds and the bees.


It's the birds and the bees. So it's about to be the most awkward fucking school dismissal in history because they watch the videos and then they dismiss them from school. And so they get picked up by their parents. So they all have to walk out of school after they just seen boners on a video. It's going to be awkward.


We know how it works. We know how we got it, mum and dad. What were you guys doing? You're disgusting. Welcome to the show, everybody. Yeah, guerrilla. I went to this... I always have bad run in with primates. I was in Australia. I don't know what it is. I always try and communicate with animals because I'm trying to get them to react because they're just sitting their mind in their own business doing nothing. So I'm like, I make stupid noises and stuff thinking they're going to whatever. And I was in Australia. What was it called Minato? I think it's called in Adelaide. And they had this guerrilla enclosure. And there was this big silver back. And they just terrify me. But they're just so magnificent. I'm just obsessed. Fascinating. Fascinating. But it just wasn't moving. It's stoic, like a real man just sitting there just minding his own business. And I'm like, knocking on the glass, which you're not supposed to do. But I'm gesturing and I'm just trying to get it to do something, you know what I mean? And I guess in the end, it just had enough of my shit because it went from zero to 100 real quick.


It was just sitting there and then it just ran at the bloody glass on the glass where I was. And I shit my pants. I jumped out of my skin.


There was a couple of years ago there was.




Big, huge silverback gorilla at the zoo here in Omaha. And he ran at the glass and jumped and just double hammer fist at the glass and cracked it while there were people on. And it was all over the news. It was insane.


Which tree was that?


Here in Omaha.


Top five in the world.




Got shitty glass now. They might want to triple glaze.


Have you seen this video that's been making the rounds on social media? It's of this big male lion. He's got this huge man, he's standing at the fence and there's this big dumb guy and he's got this huge chunk of meat, raw meat that he's going to throw over to the lion. He throws it over the lion's head, but it goes over his head and the lion never takes his eyes off the guy. He was following him with the meat. It's not the raw meat in your hands that I actually want. He didn't look at it at all. He just kept right on that dude. I was like, Oh, wow. That's crazy. Yeah.


Anytime I go to the zoo out here because the weather's hot, you got to get there either early in the morning or in the evening. Otherwise, they're eating the food and they're staying out of the sun. It's a boring day. What's going on, Anthony? You dressed as like, what can only be described as a gay dark mole or something. You're like the Emperor in Star Wars, but the LGBTQ version.


It's not hot as shit outside, but my wife, there's something wrong with her. I don't know what it is. She constantly has the thermostat set, freezing cold in here. That's good. My office here is in the basement. M y basement is very cold so my basement's free. So I'm just freezing. It's cold as shit in my house.


Because when you said you were boiling hot, I'm like, You might want to take the hoodie off.


No, it's hot as shit outside and humid, but it's colder than hell in my house.


The weather here in California has been crap all year. We've had a few nice days, but it has not been good at all. It's not what we pay all these goddamn taxes for. I'll tell you that. Jesus Christ, rain.


Almost every year. Get some nice weather here and pay some low taxes.


I'll tell you what, we're going to move at some point. Not going to stay in California for the rest of our lives. Speaking of California, everyone says, Oh, he's going to the dogs. He's going to shit, and all the rest of it. My son is at college in San Francisco. I'm sure you've heard what people say about San Francisco. He's going to shit and the homeless and all the rest of it. And I went there when he first signed up and I went for a run. And to be fair, there is a lot of people shitting in the streets and stuff like that.


But really, those people... You see Jake Shields talk about it all the time, too, about how San Francisco... There was a he had posted a picture one time, someone shitting on his BMW. People really do shit in the streets.


I didn't see anyone shitting in the streets, but I saw a lot of very desperate, homeless, and tragic people. It was very sad. It was very, very sad. But last night, my son's on a wrestling scholarship at San Francisco State University. And last night, he gets in an elevator and there's... Don't show it yet. And there's five guys walk in. Five black guys walking and a girl. And they're chatting shit to him because Callen's a big guy. He's a big guy, but he hasn't got an intimidating face. You know what I mean? He looks like a nice guy. You know what I'm saying? I always said to him, when you get older, son, you start going in bars and stuff, just be careful because you're a big dude and you're young p unks, you're always going to be a target for some of them because A, because you're bigger and B, with no disrespect, you don't look like a mean guy. You don't look like a nice happy go lucky guy. He's got a nice friendly face.


But someone you could pick on.


Well, if you were that.


Type of person.


Yeah, exactly. And he gets in the elevator and he's just looking at his phone. He's got his headphones on and he can hear them talking shit. So he looks over and they're chatting shit. And he just carries on looking at his phone. And he walks out the elevator. And as the doors are closing, they go, That's right, P ussy. Walk away. And he turns around and he said something back like, Oh, fuck you guys, or whatever. And then the door shut. And he's walking towards his car. Then all of a sudden he goes, I hear, like, Oh, you dickhead, or whatever, whatever they said. And he turns around, there's five of them running at him. Boom. One of them cracks him in the face as hard as he can. Split all his lip wide open. So I was picking Lucas up from training last night. I get in, he's FaceT iming Rebecca. He's covered in blood. She's freaking out. She's terrified. I'm like, What's going on? He goes, I just got jumped off five guys. I'm like, What the hell? I said, What happened? Then his mind was going a million miles an hour. But he handled it.


He handled the situation. He handled it well. So I said, What happened? He said, Well, one of them, he punched me in the face hard. I saw a flash. He says, Then I just instinctively, I picked him up. I slammed him on his head. I body slammed him and I went down. He said, When I hit the deck, and then I remembered, in a street fight, you always said, I don't want to be on the ground because they might stamp on his head. So he gets up and then there was another one there. So boomf, he body shots him. He falls on the floor and the Jit starts throwing up. I said, No, he said, I swear to God that he was throwing you up. And the other guy was all messed up on the floor. And then the other three, he went at them and they all backed off. And they're going, Look at your face. You're all fucked up. He's going, What do you mean? Look at your boy. He's dying. And he was on the floor and then the other one was throwing up. Anyway, they disappeared. The cop showed up. He didn't press charges.


He said, I don't want to do it. I don't want to go down that path. So, yeah, Brian, he's got a little... He'll be all right, he'll survive. I think he enjoyed it. There's a little cut there.




Shit. That's a good one. And on his lip there. So he'll have a nice little scar. But he's never had a fight in his life. So it was a little shaken up. But we were talking to his girlfriend because his girlfriend called us and she was really upset about it all. And I'm like, Listen, it's fine. You know what I mean? Sadly, it's a rite of passage for a young man. These types of things happen. And she's like, No, I'm making sure that he tells his wrestling coach because he can make more of a stink about it. And she's absolutely right. She goes, What if Kelvin couldn't defend himself? What if he didn't know any martial arts or wrestling or any of combat background, and they just kicked the crap out of him. He said, He could be in hospital right now, and I'm like, You're absolutely right, girls. That's a very good point. So five little punk bitch is walking around San Francisco Keep your eyes out, boys and girls.


And one of them with some sore ribs.


Oh, yeah. One of them with some sore ribs that can't take a body shot.


The other one with a headache.




Well, good for him. That sucks. That's shitty. No one wants to be in that situation. I don't want to be. We do that for a living and I don't want to be in a fight with five guys that I don't know in the street. That's not so...




It could have ended up way worse. So I'm glad it didn't end up.


Any worse. Yeah, no, it's fine. That's what I was saying to his girlfriend. I'm like, Listen, don't worry about it. He's fine. He's got a little cut on his lip. Rebecca's like, You got to go to Virgin Co and get stitches. I'm like, Babe, he's not going to do that. You know what I mean? It's 10 o'clock at night. He just wants to go and probably have a beer and go to sleep because he's got school in the morning. He'll have a little scar, a little boo boo. He got black and blue legs all like you, Anthony. How's he feeling?


They're tender, for sure. They're a little tender. Yeah, they're sore for sure. I'm getting around okay. I mowed the grass on Sunday when I got back and worked on my deck and I'm fine. I walked around the zoo all day. I probably walked five or six miles today at the zoo. I'm all right.


Best thing for me, though. Best thing for you is to get the blood flowing to it, brings all the nutrients and helps it heal and.


Stuff like that. I'm hoping that I'm going to train tomorrow, probably.


Get out of town.


Yeah, hah. I got that grappling match with Glover coming up. That's why. So I can't take up too much time. It's only jutsu, so I'm not getting kicked or anything.


That'll be fun.


Yeah, I'm going to flow roll a little bit tomorrow and Sunday, so see how it feels.


Are you getting paid for that?






Nice. Yeah, it's a decent one. It's a decent... It's fun competition with really no stress.


Yeah, exactly. I remember I did an exhibition, Grappling Master Chai Sun and years ago after me on the a silver fight. And I remember I got a call from the people promoting it and they said, well, they were going to offer to pay me. And I couldn't believe it. I was like, yeah, I'll do that.


I had the same feeling. I was like, we're just grappling, right? They're like, yeah. I was like, yeah?


Yes. They said, I'll be honest, they said 50K. I'm like, what? I do Jitsu all the time for free. You know what I mean? They're like, you give me 50K to roll with tailson and I'm like, 100 % I'm down. So we went to Arizona. And then it's a grappling match. And I just fought Anderson Silver a few weeks ago, similar to your situation. So I go to a steakhouse the night before and have a few glasses of wine. I'm a little bit tipped here and I'm walking in and the promoter is like, What the fuck? You're not taking this serious? I'm like, Dude, it's a grappling match. Calm down. Calm down. Do you know what I mean? I don't need to... It's a Jutsu match. Just chill your boots. Do it every.


Single day. Did you beat him?


We went to a draw.


The rule set on this one is pretty cool, though. It's three, four minute rounds that are being judged on a 10 point system. So you don't get any reward for stalling. The way they're scoring it is if you're just on top stalling and the guy on the bottom is attacking submissions, the guy attacking will win. It favors me a little bit.


The promoters are this one said to me, they said, What rules do you want to do? So I thought to myself, I don't want to lose. You know what I mean? I said, How about we just do this? How about we do one 10 minute round? And if there's no submission, then it's a draw. And they went, yeah, okay. I can definitely not get submitted by jail.




That a double. Make that a double because I don't need to bother about this one. Anyway, we're not here to talk about that stuff. And Callum messed up, buddy. We're going to get him on the podcast and get his version of events, probably. But a lot going on in the world. Harrington, how are you, buddy?


I'm doing great.


Good. Glad to hear it. Why so good?


I actually got to spend the morning at home with my baby, which was real nice. I haven't gotten that much this week. So that was just nice. I don't know. Being a bee, a guinea, and mushy.




Man. Goody and mushy. Well, we don't want that. We don't want to talk of gooey and mushy unless it's Callum's Lick, which is a bit gooey and mushy right now. I guess the big announcement yesterday, what is it? Ufc 290. What was that yesterday or the day before?


I don't know. It was right after we recorded on Tuesday. They dropped all that.


Right after we finished.


That is one.


Hell of a fight. Just engaging just employee A2. It was rumoured they were both talking about it, both said that they'd be up for it. Main event in the pay per view, BMF belt back on the line. I don't care whether it's a BMF belt or an undisputed belt. I could not care less because that fight will be ridiculous.


That would be insane. I suspect it'll go very similar. I don't know who will win at this point, but there's just no way that... Neither one of those guys can help himself. They're just in firefights, and that's the only way they know how to do it. They walk forward and Justin Gay, she's going to swing crazy hard, rip leg kicks. Justin Poore, he's about as good as taking late kicks as I am, half the time.


Listen, it's a rematch and Justin won the first one, but that was five years ago. And you could say this...


Was it five years?


2018. Where does time go? I can't believe it's Thursday again. It's the end of another week. I'm like, where are these weeks going? But yeah, it was five years ago. So you could say, oh, they're different fighters now. They're not. They both fight the same way, which is a very, very proud fan, crowd pleasing, fan friendly style. They lay all on the table. They go for it. And I'm such a fan of both of those guys. So that's going to be ridiculous. Hamilton, what are the count? Oh, no, we got the other fights right here. B lehovych, Alex Perrata. What do you think of that one at 205 out today?


I think B lehovych wins that fight. And I think it's where out of Sonia came out. I don't know if it was if he tweeted it or if he was on Instagram or what it was or an interview, but he said he thought B lehovych would push him up against the fence, take him down and beat the shit out of him. He picked B lehovych to win. I talk about this all the time. I feel like I'm beating a dead horse. But Jan B lehovych is one of the best kick defenders in the game today. He wins a lot of fights against guys that base their entire style around the kicking game. He does a really good job. He gets on top of you. That's a wrap, probably, if you're Alex Perrero.


Look at them both. I mean, Izi and Alex... Sorry, yeah, Izi and Alex. Izi took him down two rounds. If Izi can take Alex down, then you got to think more than likely the logical reasoning would be that B lehovych can take him down. More than likely, but you never know.


How do you think that power from Alex translates to 205 in terms of a fight with Jürgen?


I think it'll still be there. I think it's still going to be a considerable factor. Of course, Jan B lehovych hits hard as well when the man's got good knockout power. But yes, I still think even though he's going up to 205, I still think he's going to be probably one of the hardest hitting guys. I do think that I think it'll still be a factor. I think his cardio will be better at 205. He hasn't got to do those weight cuts. He'll take a better shot. But that doesn't help his take down defence. And that's his one glaring weakness, I would say.


Yeah, I totally agree. I do think that his power is going to translate. I don't know that it makes sense. I don't know that he'll be as special as far as the power goes at 205 as he is at 185. Obviously, he's got plenty of power to knock anybody out. But I guess we'll see. I wonder if his body composition maybe his body comp will change much. I bet he looks very similar.


Probably not. Yeah, I think he'll look similar. I think he'll still look lean. You know what I mean? He just won't have to do quite as big of a weight cut. Tony Ferguson, Bobby Green.


That's a good one.


That's a good one. There'll be some shit talking that one for sure.


Oh, for sure. And I think Tony can make it interesting. He's obviously on the downhill slide, downside of his career, but with his funky style... People forget that he hurt Chandler with punches in their fight. He got knocked out pretty brutally, so people forget about what happened leading up to that. But I would go out on a limb and say Tony was winning the exchanges in that fight up until then. I think he had a.


Good opening round. He had a good first round. Granted, I think it ended with Chandler on top eventually, right?


I think so. It was a while ago, but yeah. But everyone remembers the nasty knockout and what Tony's face looked like after the connection of that kick.


So chicken nugget. It looked like that was the meme that was going around. Look like a chicken nugget. Poor old Tony. But that's a good fight though, because Bobby Green, listen, he's fast, he's slick and all the rest of it, but he's not exactly the biggest power puncher. And I say that with respect, Bobby, before you come after me. He's phenomenal to watch. I'm a fan of Bobby Green. I like his attitude as well. Do you know Bobby much? Do you have much of a relationship?


Yeah, I know him well. We came through Strike Force together. So we've always had that connection. I've always got along really well with Bobby.


Yeah, he's a good guy.


He's much calmer these days than he used to be when I first met him.


Hell of a story as well. He came on the show.


Yeah, he was a maniac when I first met him in Strike Force. He was an absolute insane human being.


Other ones on that one as well, Pablo Costa versus Iqqram Ali Scarov. Ali Skaraf, who did he just knock out? Was it Phil Haws?


Yes. I think it was Phil Haws. Pretty bad too.


First round knockout and then he got a first round submission. Obviously he's a Daghestani, so keep an eye out for that name. But Pablo Costa coming back. I'm a fan of Pablo Costa. He's out of his mind. He's fun on Twitter.


I'm a huge fan of him too. It seems like he's getting fed here a little bit. F eels a little bit like a punishment. You don't fight Robert Whitaker? Here you go. Take this guy.


Yeah, you're probably right because I think his record is 14 and one or something. So Alex Gerrard off, hasn't got the name value, but he's dangerous. And as you say to your point of Robert Whitaker or whatever, or someone of more high profile, you lose to them, it's like the court of public opinion. It's like, well, it's not bad. He lost to one of the top guys. Everybody loses to him. Yeah, you lose to this guy. It's like, oh, Steven Thompson, Michelle Lewis versus Marco Rogerio Delima and Michael Kielsa versus Kevin Holland.


Derek Lewis has finally got like a... He's had a rough run, but he's been in there with nothing. I mean, Pavelvich and tied to Ovasa and...


Seralgana. His last three or four fights have been Killers. This is a pretty even match up. This is maybe favorable for Derek Lewis. Delima does throw crazy leg kicks, though, especially in his last fight with that Puerto Rican guy.


You don't talk about him. You're obsessed with leg kicks right now.


I am. But it's just what popped in my head is Delima just won his last fight and he threw like... He landed 60 lay kicks or something and Derek Lewis gets kicked a lot. So I was just thinking the match up in my head, like, boxing wise, it's a great fight. But Delima does kick a lot and Derek Lewis doesn't do well.


With it. For Derek Lewis as well, I think it was three fights in his home state of Texas. Ciro Garden went on to fight Francis for the Belt, tied to a Varser who's capable of knocking anybody out. And we all love tied to a Varser, he's incredible. And then Sergey Pavlovid, you potentially may fight the winner of John Jones versus Steve Peer, Mianetschich, if and when that fight goes down when I think it's going to go down Madison Square Garden. So a lot of good announcements there. What else is Harry to put in the chat here? What is that? Waldo Acosta Cortes. What about him, Harry? What are you going on about?


That's the guy that Delima just fought and.


Leg kicked him.


Johnny Walker to death.


To bits. All right. Okay, well, that's fun. Let's just take a second to thank our sponsor, ManteS leep. High level athletes and performers, they know quality sleep is the foundation for everything good that happens in life. Driven by that belief, Mante is on a mission to give light sleepers control and mastery over their sleep. With Manta sleep, you can maximize the enjoyment of life and unlock your full potential. The masks are 100 % blackout for deeper sleep. That's what we're talking about here is, masks that you wear to help you sleep. They're made of soft, breathable and durable material, so you'll never worry about it stretching out or falling off. Also, they got lots of varieties. You can check out the brand new Sound maskfeaturing razor thin Bluetooth headphones with a 20 hour battery life. Now, as always, Manto features a 60 day risk free trial and free shipping in the USA. Go to the website, manto s leep. Com, see their full selection of sleep accessories. They have body pillows, weighted blankets, sleep machines, everything that a light sleeper needs. Be sure to check out mantaS leep. Com. Use the promo code bisping to get 10 % off the perfect gift for you or the light sleeper that everybody knows.


Manta, sleep better, anywhere, any time. You see Tyson Feuddy? Go on, Harrington, jump on. What are you going to say?


In that same announcement, the 292 was announced as well.


Oh, yeah, the Boston card, right?


Now, I believe it's Sydney, right? New South North Wales, Sydney, Australia?


No, I think that's 293 is Sydney, 292 is Boston. Yeah, I think I got that right. 290 is the...


And who's in Boston? I didn't see that.


O'malle and Sterling. Algerno Stirling and then Waley versus Lemaire Limoch.


And having to know who... When we had Sean O'Malle on last week, because I know each one of them won in September, one of them won in August. So when is that fight happening and which one.


Is that date? August 19th.


O'malle won in August. To be fair to Al Jameyne, he said he won in September because he wanted some more time to rest. But that card is going to be in Australian now. And then the one after is also. So he just wanted to get it in, I guess, when he could.


I was hoping to commentate that one down in Australia. I love going down to Australia. It's a great place. You ever been?


I've never been. No, I've never been. Love it.


People are amazing.


When I worked the pay per views for ESPN, when they're in Australia or the one in Singapore or this one in June is in... Where's the June one at? I don't know. June 10th.




Is it? Canada.


Oh, Vancouver. Sometimes when they're depending on what the travel looks like, we do them from Bristol.




Remotely, which I'd love to travel to Australia.


There's pluses and minuses. You're never going to go as far. You're not going to deal with jet lag and all the rest of it. But you do get a free little... It's a great trip.


I don't really care about Canada. I'll stay. Not that I have any problem against Canadians. It's just like Upper America.


It's the same place. Let's be honest, it's just colder.


It's just a bit cold. But Australia would be cool.


The people are very friendly in Canada and Australia. The people in Australia, they're so laid back. They really are. When you go to certain countries, and America is the worst, I've got to say, being a non American, because anytime I fly to Canada, there'll always be some Americans in the line for customs and they're always bitching how hard it is to get into Canada. I'm like, Bro, you want to try being a non American, getting into America with a criminal record? Oh, my God. It is tough. But when you go into Australia, and listen, I'm rightly so, you know what I mean? It's the border. You know what I mean? You go into Australia and they're so laid back, Oh, good. I might yeah, don't worry about it, mate. You're good. Just stamp your passport off your pop. It's easy peasy, man.


I love it. Is your wife's Australian, right?


Yeah, she's Australian. Yeah. That's what I thought. I was hoping to go to that one, but not on the docket. Did you see a not in the notes, Harrington or Brian, but Tyson Furey today on his Instagram. Did you follow Tyson Ferry?


Did you see it? I just seen it right before we got on.


He's going at Joe Rogen. If you can just find that clip, Brian, on Tyson Furey's Instagram page. I think Joe Rogen on his podcast, I'm assuming, was talking about Tyson Furey and John Jones. And if they were to fight, then Tyson Fury essentially wouldn't have much of a chance against John Jones. And I don't think he was being.


I heard him say it. It's been a while since he said it, but I watched the clip a little while ago. And Joe said, tongue in cheek but also serious, they box, that's one thing. But he said, if you take all the other bullshit away, if you put John Jones and Tyson Ferry in a room and you lock the door, who's going to walk out? And he was like, John Jones is walking out of that room every single time.


Without question.


That's what he said. And Tyson was not happy about it. He was.


Not happy. He was not happy. If you find the clip, what did he call him? A short little bold midyear or something like that. Listen, fighters are proud people. Oh, go on. Yeah, let's have it. In the prime of my life as well, I'm 34 year old, as strong as big as fucking farts I've ever been. I'm looking to sign a 10 fight deal. I ain't going nowhere. I ain't fucking going nowhere. I come in for all of you motherfuckers out there. I'm the baddest man on the planet. I heard Joe Rogen say something about me the other day and I've been off all the social media, so I didn't reply to that little pussy. That old fucking midget, balling a midget. I heard him say that John Jones could fuck me up if we were in the room together. I don't think so. Not a man born for him. Mother can fuck me up in a room on our own. Whatever happens in that room, I'd be walking out. Not a fucking problem. No man alive can take my son. Oh, God. Listen, listen.


Not a man born from a woman.


Not a man born from a woman. Well, in this day and age.




You never isn't it? Some men can have babies. I don't know if you know this.


Yeah, get it together, Tyson.


Yeah. Listen, we've seen UFC 1. We know how it ends. Do you know what I mean? Seral Garne. Listen, Tyson, fused an amazing boxer. He's incredible. And yeah, for sure, if he connected, you never know. But look what he did to Cirol Garne. It's a similar thing. You know what I mean? Just ankle picking right from the start to quote Tony Ferguson. I'm pretty sure he's choking me. Yeah, Chelsea the only, CSO. Elfos, Elfos, Elfos. What is that shit? Tony's out of his mind. I love it. Remember when Tony was... Did you ever see when he was on Fox as an analyst? Did you see it?


No, I didn't.


I wasn't. He was on Fox as an analyst. I don't think he got invited back again because he was talking to Kevin Lee and him and Kevin Lee were going back and forth. I think Kevin Lee had just fought and Tony loses it. Tony loses it. He's effing and Jeff and he's swearing and everything. He's on Fox TV live and all the rest of it. I was like, Go on, Tony. I don't think you're going to get booked again, but it made for some very entertaining TV.


That's incredible.


Having said, Kevin Lee just booked a fight, didn't he actually? Speaking of.


Kevin Lee. He did. I see that too. I don't remember the name, though. It was a tough fight, though.


That's your point to jump in, Harrington. Okay. Oh, there it is. Renat, fuck.


It off.


Fucked it off.


Fucked it off.


Fuck it off. Fuck it off.


Fuck it off.


Kevin Lee's going to fuck his head in.


I just hope he looks good.


Kevin Lee's insanely talented. I'm not sure how old he is. He's still young. So I think he just got to the UFC really young. He's a freak athlete. I was always a fan of Kevin Lee style. I loved his fight. And he would always start off so well. And then he would fade or whatever.


Fade a little bit.


When he fought Tony Ferguson, he got off to a great start. And then in the end, that's what Tony used to do, just out tough everybody, letting them punch themselves out. And then he'd just take over and submit them or whatever it was, use the elbows. But good to have Kevin Lee back. Look, here's Brian. September fourth, 1992. So now I've got to do math.


I put a 30 in right above it.


Oh, you did.




30. He's only 30 years old. That's crazy.


He seems like he's been around forever.


Yeah, he has. He must have been young when he got to.


The UFC. Don't you talk about my mom? Remember that one with him.


And Keos? That was great with Michael Kielis it. Michael Kielis eluded it.


There's three things that are for sure. Death, taxes, and you better not talk about Michael Kielis' mom.


I'm trying to get Michael Kielis on the podcast. You know him. I reached out to him in the text message. He never responded.


Yeah, Kielis is too cool sometimes.


Is he really?


He's wheeling and dealing. He's flying. He's an analyst. He's living his dream. He just got married.


He's wheeling and dealing. He's going to be flying and dying.


When I get on these. You need to get on these goddamn podcast. That's what.


He needs to do. You need to respond to my goddamn text messages is what you need to do.


I'm going.


To text them right now. It gives it the old super friendly one when I say, Oh, M ikey B, I want you to DJ at my wedding and all this type of stuff. And I'm like, I send you one text, key S, okay? And you can't even respond. Big time in the B.


And then A. What bullshit is that?


The BF Barracus podcast. Oh, dear. Alex Paredo, though, if he could get that job done against Jan Blachovicz, you know he's going to talk so much shit to his head because I'm not surprised he came out and said that because that will just... I mean, they've still got the rivalry. I'm very, very surprised that Perera didn't push for that rubber match. But hey, taking on fresh challenges, fair play to him, I respect that. But if he could get the job done against Jan Blachovicz, you know the first thing he's going to say on the microphone in Portuguese, is Isra'a d Isanya or.


Something like that. Oh, yeah. It's going to end with Isra'a d Isanya.


Yeah, of course it is. Yeah, basically talking shit.


We're three in one and I beat the guy that beat you.


Yeah. And then we had Francis ingano and Jon Jones going at each other this week again. Francis ingano on his YouTube channel said that I'm still the baddest man on the planet. Then Jon Jones tweeted, said, Who calls themselves the baddest man on the planet from across the street? So ingano goes, we'll cross the street then. Which I thought was good.


It was a couple of pretty good comebacks. It really was.


We'll cross the street then, buddy.


I don't know who won that exchange because they were both pretty clever. But Francis' response was pretty good.


So real quick, this is breaking news. I just saw this. Maurice Green was doing an interview. John Jones is his teammate, and they were asking him about Francis. And John Jones hopped on to give a comment. Brian, if you can that's in the chat if you want to pull that up.




I'll warn you, I tried listening through to this and I couldn't, but it's.


Apparently spicy.


Back away from it, and this will.


Be the last thing. Back away from it, right? As a fan, as a teammate, as Mory's screen, what would you have rather seen? Would you rather have seen Francis fight your teammate, Jon Jones, or do.




How Francis stood up for himself and got what he wanted and went to the PFL may be creating.




Ways for other fires to.


Do what he did?


That smile. Francis the p usy.


And always going to.


Be a p usy.




All that muscle.


That's funny.


Yeah. The nose ring, Maurice, get rid of the nose ring.


Yeah, he's got to lose that.


How do you feel about septum rings?


I think they're good. I mean, it's fine in your younger days. I had an eyebrow ring and I had the nipple rings and all the weird shit.


I had a pair of nipple ones years and years and years ago. I had them both. Oh, God.


Yeah, I had them both. I get it. When you're younger, you do the fun thing. Once you get older, you start having kids and all that stuff. Maurice Green used to train at factory X.


Oh, did he really?


Yeah, I played with him a bunch.


He had a couple of good fights, but you know the one thing going back to piercings and stuff? Oh, in fact, Callen, when we FaceT imed last night and he's, I've been jumped dad and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, but he handled it. As he's FaceT iming me and he's showing me his lip and everything, I'm like, What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What?well, never mind the lip. What's that in your ear? It's got a little fake diamond studded in his ear. I'm like, Never mind the assault. What is that in your ear? He's like, Oh, shit. I didn't I forgot about that. There's one thing here that I'm just talking about, piercings and stuff like that. And if you are one of these people that have these things, then I'm not being a hater. But I don't even know what you call them. But you know the things, those things that people put in the ears, like the disks?




They make the ear lobs all stretched out and stuff. Having to, Brian, bring up some pictures of them. I'm not a fan of those. I'm just going to throw.


It out there. It's definitely not for me. But it's definitely not for me.


But I mean, look, listen, each in the wrong, each in the wrong. No judgment, no judgment. And you want to express yourself. That's cool. Whatever. That's not a bad one, Harrington, Brian. But it's when they take the piece out and the.


Ears are.


Just dangling. I don't know. Listen, suit yourself, please yourself.


But please yourself.


It's disgusting. Please yourself. You want to do that? Great. Knock yourself out. Right. Israel out of Sanya is a real conversation. So you might have saw this, but just for the people that haven't. Israel out of Sanya is potentially facing legal action as his longtime ex girlfriend is allegedly threatening to take him to civil court for compensation, despite the fact that the two never married or had children. She claims that she spent far too much of her life with him to walk away with nothing. Is he responding with a tyranny of Instagram stories and he didn't hold back. Do we have a video? Because that'd be interesting to see what he said because I am 100 % on the side of busy.


No, it wasn't a video. It was just a giant wall of text. And he did two or three of those notes and just left them up for 24 hours. They disappeared. But I think we have an article that has them.


No, it's okay. Don't worry about it. What are your thoughts on that, Anthony?


I was actually talking about this yesterday because I think there was a quote there saying that she supported him. I've supported a lot of people. I support Lil Boosie in his rap career, but I don't need half of his money because I've been supporting him all this time. I get what she's trying to get at. But if you're not married, I don't know what the common law laws where they live. I don't know. But if they're not married and there was no agreement, I think she's just being fucking bitter.


Well, it sounds like she's a little bit salty. Again, we don't know all the details just going off what's going on.


But would you be pissed? Think of this. Would you be pissed if say, I don't know, 10 years ago, you and Rebecca were never married, and then you guys break up and then she goes off to be an absolute fucking superstar? If that was me and McKayla, we broke up, we weren't married, we were together for a long time, and then she goes off and ends up being a rich superstar? Oh, my God. I'd be pissed.


Yeah, it's going to hurt. Yeah, of course it is.


But I don't get any of that money. That's not fair.


But yeah, I don't think you've got... Listen, I don't know what the common law is in New Zealand. I think if you spend a certain amount of time with somebody, then maybe you do. But certainly, if there's children involved, I think that changes the landscape. But if it's just a girlfriend that you spent some time with and then you split up and, Yeah, all right. Maybe she did support him. And maybe it hurts since she supported him financially, but it doesn't...


Should have tricked him into marrying you, dummy.


Should have got married. Should have got married. Should have had a baby. You know what I mean? I'm sorry. I don't really agree with that. I'm on his side. If that makes me a male chauvinistic pig, then maybe I am. He claims she never gave him any money, only cost him money.


So they were definitely in a relationship.


Well, yeah, definitely in a relationship. But yeah, no, listen, she just wants a bit of that dough.


She hit me too.


How would you feel if one of your daughters grew up and wanted to be a professional fighter, Anthony?


I would probably try to steer them away from it the best I could. I wouldn't tell them no, but I would try to suggest other paths. But if they wanted to, I would guide them along.


Yeah. No, the reason I say is because I having to put it in the notes here about Rampage's son, Raga, he just won his fourth amateur fight via KO. So now he's going to turn pro. So we wish him all the best. And clearly the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. But that's something that people ask me all the time. And obviously, Callen last night, getting into that. I wouldn't wish it upon them, but if they wanted to do it, then I would support them 100 %. Lucas is loving MMA training, but I don't think you'll end up fighting. But again, if they do, that's what you got to do. You got to support your children. But Rampage's son...


Who am I to say no? Exactly. I would look real stupid saying that. I'd rather they didn't.


What did your mother say to you when you started going down that path?


She liked it. She liked it a lot. She didn't necessarily like the fighting part of it. She liked how focused I was and how just obsessed with the sport because just a byproduct of that is I was a better person. I was focused on something. I wasn't out partying as much. I was chasing a goal. She enjoyed that part of it. The actual physical fighting part of it wasn't her favourite, but she enjoyed that focus for sure.


Yeah, well, for sure, because you're working towards something. You've got a goal, you've got a drive, you've got an ambition. A lot of the time that's what young people need. They need something to work towards. This young lad that I'm taking care of, I said taken care of, that's a bit much. But I'm helping him, guiding him on his path. He wants to be a fighter, you know what I'm saying? So I'm just helping him out a little bit and giving him direction and helping him out with training and things like that. And already he's got something that he's working towards. He's a total beginner. He's got a long, long path to go. But other than falling into dis repute, shall we say, hanging out with the boys, drinking, taking drugs, just getting up to no good, getting involved in petty crime and things like that, it doesn't. It keeps you on the straighter now. And as I said, it gives you something to work towards. So that'll be interesting to see how Rampage's Sun works out. So we wish you all the best on behalf of the Believe in Me podcast. Harrington, give us a non MMA story.


I believe... Well, what's going on? We'll throw this one to Anthony, right? We've got Anthony in the running. A vegan family sent multiple notes to their next door neighbour about the barbecue going on next door. We have Australian police being investigated after tasing a 95 year old woman who was brandishing a knife. She also had dementia. This is just... Heinz is unveiling a customizable condoment dispenser that will allow dinners to make over 200 combinations of sauces. Wow, we got to talk about it.


This is big news for the fat community. Michael Bissving, let me.


Tell you. What was the first one?


So there is a vegan family who lives next door to a family of meat eaters.


I don't know what this is, but go with that one.


So they.


Have sent them multiple notes and complaints and threatened to call the police and out them on social media because they family... They'll cook meat in a window and it'll go through the window into the vegan people's household and they say it sickens them. They've asked them not to do that or keep the windows closed if they're doing it. And then to make matters worse, they had a barbecue where all that smoke was going over and they just about lost it.




Need to get a grip.


You got to get a grip. That's on you.


You got to get.


A grip. I don't make fun of people that are veg for not eating meat. But I've had people, obviously I'm from Nebraska, it's probably the red meat capital of the country. It's where Omaha Steaks is. We're meat eaters and I'm very much a carnivore. I've had these conversations before where people are judging you for eating red... Whatever, fuck off.


Yeah, exactly. Listen, it's all well and good. And these people, they want to be a vegetarian for who knows what the reasons is. Maybe it's health benefits, maybe they're trying to do better to the planet or whatever. That's all well and good. You want to do that? Good for you. That's your choice. That's your option. You can't then dictate to other people what they should and shouldn't be doing. And you can't get on your high horse because your next door neighbour is having a barbecue. Take that energy and put it into something more useful feel. My daughter, she flirts with veganism. Well, she's not a vegan. She had a stake last week. But she's definitely minimised her consumption of red meat, but she's not going out there lecturing people. And I think a lot of the time they just want to posture and lecture people just for the goddamn bloody.


Sake of it. Yeah, just for the sake of it. I was watching, there's a political commentator. I think he's from the UK. He's really popular. I don't remember his name. He always brings people on and just shits all over them all the time, though.


Piers Morgan?


There we go. That's him.


Oh, yeah. It had to be. I tell you what, Piers Morgan is really good at shitting on people, though.


He's really good at it. But he had a bunch of vegan, vegetarian activists on his show one time, and they were like spray paint shit, and they were messing people's cars and messing people's businesses up. And then they bring out Piers Morgan while they're sitting there like a medium rare steak. And he just starts crushing it right on the news desk in front of him while they're talking. It was really funny.


Yeah. Well, again, it's been a part of society and a part of culture ever since humans, Homo sapiens, Neanderthals, any version of the human life form, they've been eating meat. And it's called the food chain. It's as simple as that. Do you know what I mean? Have you ever tried? Or is this it? Let's have a look.


It's like a shit version of it. I'll find a better one.


Yeah, don't worry about it. We don't need to see it, but well done. I appreciate it. But yeah, man, I love a good steak. How do you like your steak, though?


Medium rare.


Yeah, I like medium rare, but often it's too rare. So now I've started going medium.


If I trust the place and I've been there before, I hate it. I got to be comfortable there. I got this one steakhouse I go to a lot here in Omaha, and I'm comfortable enough there where I can say, Give me medium rare plus plus. Because I sound just such a pompous asshole when you say it anywhere else. The first time, I'm like, Listen, I want it medium rare, but sometimes it comes out just a bit rare. Can you just medium rare and then leave it for 30 more seconds?


Medium rare plus. I was in a fancy steakhouse one time.


And I said... I think we talked about this when we went to Barry's.


Yeah, and I'm like, Can I.


Get medium rare plus? Because they had this big Tomahawk when we were doing the lobster and all that stuff. And we both were like, medium rare plus?


And a bit. And a bit. I was in a real nice place once and I remember saying, Can I get medium rare plus? And he goes, No, we don't do that. And I'm like, Well, now you do. You're charging me a ridiculous amount of money. I'll have it cooked. You're asking me how I want it cooked. I'm telling you how I want it cooked. He said, Well, we don't do medium rare plus. I said, Well, just tell the chef. Left to leave it on for an extra couple of minutes. Do medium rare and then just leave it on for a bit. Can we do that? And then the guy said, No, we can't. I'm like, Well, get the manager. Get the manager over. And the manager comes up. I'm like, Sir, I said, No, China'd be difficult here. I said, I just like it a little bit extra. And he's like, Yeah, no problem. Fuckin' wait. Anyway, that went well. Good one, Harrington. What are we meant to do with that?


Speaking of, I mean.


Speaking of it, how do you eat your sticks?


Medium. Straight medium.


All right. Yeah. That's what dad's got. Burt the fuck.


Come on, Harrington. I would have picked Harrington for a well done guy.




Yeah, I don't know why.


I grew up with well done. So it's one of those things my mom would always just burn sticks until they were rubbery. And I'm like, no, no, no, no, no. Let me get a little blood in there. It's nice. You brought up Piers Morgan. Piers Morgan has been pretty vocal this week, arguing with an account given by a spokesperson for Harry and Megan. I don't know if you saw that.


Well, have you seen what's going on with Harry and Megan at the moment with this near catastrophic accident? It's ridiculous. This whole Harry and Megan saga. Listen, he is the most pussy whipped individual on the face of planet Earth. Okay. And she's a bloody idiot. Remember a while ago, they did a book, and in the book he's talking about Elizabeth's Arden cream. It's like a fancy cream. He was like, Yes, and my wife put it on my toddler. My mother used to use Elizabeth's Arden cream. It's like, Why would you say things like that?


Those two things together.


Yeah. And he's disbanded from the royal family, but they're out there. They've got books, they've got documentaries. They're just trying to monetise their brand, I guess, as much as possible. Well, then it's all over the news today. But saying that, we just have BBC News and Sky News on for the most part in our house in the morning when I'm having coffee. But it is a big story. If you put the news on, it's everywhere. They were in New York last night and they went to some fancy gala or something and they came out and they got in traffic and then they put it out through their press agent or something that they were involved in a near catastrophic accident because the paparazzi were chasing them. And you know what happened to his mother, Princess Diana.


The paparazzi.


Was chasing them. And she got in a car accident and died. So I'm sure that's very traumatic for him.


But everyone's coming out saying... Allegedly, right?


Well, that's what they say. Brian's conspiracy corner.


My wife's really into Princess Diana, so I watched a bunch of those documentaries. So I say allegedly, very allegedly.


And what did you say, Brian?


I mean, for sure, he got a kill by the Crown.


Oh, my God. Yeah. Potentially, you never know. Allegedly. But now they're saying that she was involved in a... They were involved in a near catastrophic accident. Anthony's warming up now.


I am. I'm laughing now. Once you get.


Laughing, it. But the problem is they're in Manhattan, New York City, and all these experts are coming on the experts.


Where are they going 3 miles an hour?


It's impossible to go faster than 50 miles an hour in New York City. So how on Earth could it have been a near catastrophic event? And as my wife said, if they were in a car and the paparazzle were chasing them, and it was so traumatic, just stop. Just pull over the car. Number one, you're in downtown Manhattan. You're not going to go. Faster. Brighton & Harrington. What would be the maximum?


If the paparazzle were smart, they would have got out and just ran up there. It would have been faster to chase them on foot.


That's essentially what happened. So if post security footage shows that it was like some people on bikes were riding up alongside them because you can't go faster than a bicycle in New York City most of the time. And just snap in a couple of pictures, nothing too crazy. In their official press report, they said that it was near catastrophic because paparazzi was driving on the sidewalk to try to get to them in this high speed chase that lasted two hours.


I saw a high.


Speed chase. No way they went 30 blocks in two hours.


There's absolutely no way. I saw some guy, I don't know what he is, I just turned the news on and he was talking. He was a guy from New York that's supposedly an expert in this thing. And he said, I deal with celebrities and people that have to face this thing all the time. He said, There's a few ways we can handle this. A lot of the time, they will leave out the back door. They'll have a car waiting for them outside and then out the fire exit, they will leave then. There will be no drama. Other times, what we can do is we use lookalikes that people dress like them. They look like them, but they put a hat and shades on and they walk out and they're the ones that get harassed. Or the third option is they walk out, they let them take a picture or two, they answer a couple of questions, and then they get in the car and they drive away. That's all they want. That's all they want. You know what I mean? So these guys are just perpetuating this. I don't know what they're trying. Well, they're just trying to stay relevant.


They're trying to stay in the public eye. They don't need to do that. He's the bloody Prince of Wales or whatever, the Prince of England, and she's a bloody nightmare. It's just attention. So much attention seeking.


She's got royalty at all, right? Originally.


Oh, no, she's not. She's an actress from America. She's not.


Royalty at all. Yeah, like a previously married actress.


Isn't she royalty by injection now?


What do you mean by injection? By penis injection?


Well, yeah, she is now. But she was just a regular ass American woman before, right?


Yes, regular ass American woman. What is Harry doing?




Basic as fuck. Ug boots, Starbucks.




Exactly. I randomly threw on Horrible Bosses last week for me and Alex to watch. She's in one scene for about two minutes to just have the guy say, Man, she's got a nice ass. That's her whole acting career.


Is it really? Yeah, I haven't delved too much into it, it is pathetic. As you can see, it's a bit of a slow Newsweek this week. We were supposed to have caught McGee on Saddle in Court, has to pick up the kids, so we're going to do him on Monday. So I'll keep an eye for that one. Cor McGee will be here. And I think Henry Sejuda is going to join us on Monday as well. That'd be cool. That ould be good to talk to him, get his thoughts on what's going on in the world. What's going on in your world, Anthony? Anything worth mentioning other than the zoo?


No, man, it's the end of the year stuff. So you know how I am in the summertime. So we're going to have to move around some of our episodes to think just a little bit. Next week, school gets out, but we're going riding in... It's funny, you always call it Arkansas. I'm actually going to Arkansas the day school gets out next week, so that'll be fun. We're going to go ride some trails and just I need to decompress a little bit. So I'm going to go hit the mountains in Arkansas and come back fresh.


That sounds lovely. We're actually in a couple of weeks, we're going out to England. Going to be there.


Most of the month. That's right.


You're going to see your mom. The month of June. Yeah. So we'll go see my mom, see my dad, see some old friends and whatnot. But we'll still be doing the show twice a week from the Facebook residence at home. Ellie's got a boyfriend and he rides Razors, by the way.


Does he?


Yeah, he's got a razor. Really? He went on the razor recently, yeah. And he's got a boat on the lake. I'm like, You'll get along with Anthony Smith.


Yeah, you should tell him to come to Arkansas with us.


We'll tell him to come to Arkansas. What's the big story then in mixed martial arts that we need to get our teeth into? How about this one? Nine PFL fighters have been flagged by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and three have already been suspended. Three of them, Cristobal Jockel, Alexander or Flores, and Bruno Cappolozze have been suspended between six and nine months, with six others, including Diego Santos, awaiting a ruling. What do you think the situation is there, Andy? Do you think that they come out the UFC, they lead the USADA testing pool, and then they think that maybe the drug testing isn't going to be as stringent and they can get away with it?


Well, some of them have been outside or not in the UFC at all for a while. Here's what happens sometimes. The drug testing industry moves slower than the people that are using and the people that are helping them use. But every once in a while, they'll come out with a new test that either can pick up smaller traces that goes back further, that tests something different to get the same result for a different substance. That happened a lot with the USOT out there for a while where you wouldn't see any positives for a long time, and then all of a sudden you'd see three, four, or five guys test positive for the same thing. I think four out of those nine were the same substance. It was clomaphene, which is an estrogen blocker, I think. Not 100 % sure. I think it's an estrogen blocker. So I'm wondering if the athletic commissions have started using a new test test that is able to find it in a different way than maybe the old test. And maybe that's just the issue there. I think there's a lot of people outside the UFC that are using.


No, of course, I think we were talking about this last week, like on the regional season stuff. But anytime...


That'd be my guess, because it came out with the new test.


Yeah. Well, anytime there's an estrogen blocker in your system.


There's a steroid somewhere.


Or there was. Yeah, because I'm not schooled on this subject terribly well. In fact, it's pretty poorly, to be fair. But why do they take the estrogen blockers? Because when you increase your testosterone, it naturally increases your estrogen. And then.


When you come off of the steroids, your estrogen level spike. I only know that because Ciel talks about it in-depth a lot.


There's a man that would know.


A lot about it. That's exactly how he starts the conversation. If anybody knows anything about steroids, it's me.


And you know what? You got to respect Chai for that. Do you know what I'm saying? Because that's why.


I said. You and I don't give him enough shit for it.


I was going to say that's not the right way. We're going to give him respect. I don't mean.


Give him respect. He steers into it and he doesn't like, Oh, I don't know what happened. His first response was, Well, you guys caught me for three substances. You must have caught me on a low day because I had six in me.


No, what I mean is at least he's being man enough to own up and put his hand up. That's what I mean.


Listen, I have a theory there too. I have a theory there, too. People don't give C hill too much shit for his steroid use because of his style. He wasn't out knocking people out. He wasn't hurting people. People didn't come out of fights with Chale's son and sliced and diced and injured and going to the hospital and getting their nose straightened out and getting their eye sockets fixed. He was a gritty wrestler with great cardio, which probably was a little bit boosted.




I think that's part of it, though. He wasn't I like chill. I've always gotten along great with chill, but he wasn't scary. He was very good. He was very technical, really good at what he did. But I don't think anyone went into a fight with chill. Suddenly I'm like, Fuck, if I mess up, he's going to hurt me. He's going to take you down. He's going to wipe blanket you and you're going to have a tough time.


Yeah. Again, it's just the way he handled it as well. At least he hold up to it because there's one thing getting busted, do you know what I mean? Shame on all of them. Everyone knows my stance. I don't need to go into it again. And it's a pretty uniform stance, to be honest. It's not anything original, you know what I mean? You shouldn't take steroids. There you go. But there's nothing more... What's the word I'm looking for now? When you see a guy squirming and they start coming out, Where was the tainted supplement? It was this, it was that. I think Connor Ben, who's the son of Nigel Ben, legendary UK boxer, he got busted recently. And he had estrogen blockers in his system. And he was saying, Oh, it was from some contaminated eggs that he had or whatever. It's when they start coming out with all the stupid excuses and they try and get creative, it just makes you look even worse. At least be man enough, I think, to hold your hand up and just say, Oh, well, no, it doesn't make it less of a crime, but at least you can see they just go, Okay, you got me.


I tried to cheat. It is what it is. I was insecure. You know what I mean? At least you see the human element in it and you say, You know what? You're man enough to admit it. Not that I forgive them then, but it's like, Okay, well, you're man enough to You can move on. Do the crime and do the time. Correct. You can move on.


We can move past it. If you can admit it, we don't have to drill on it and say, Oh, once you admit it, all right, here's what you get. We can move past it for now.


Yeah, exactly. But anyway, shout out.


To our channel. I think Dilshaw did that too.


Dilshaw had to because he had EPO in his system and apparently there was no way.


That EPO could accidentally...


There was no way to get an EPO from tainted eggs. Yeah, you can't accidentally be in your system. So that was caught as redhanded as you possibly can be.


Well, in the way they tested him, too. I think they tested him and then they got special permission to test him real late and then real early. Because they were getting suspicious. So, yeah, he didn't have a choice. But honestly, there's a lot of people that get caught pretty redhanded and still try to make excuses.


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Okay. Well, do you want to talk about our friends down in the Tasmanian area, the Australian police?


I got a friend from Tasmanian.




Yeah, Rob Wilkinson.


Cool guy. Yeah, he was not on that list for the.


Band's substance. He's pissed too. He was like, I fought Diego Santos and got a win. Andy was on steroids. I want three more points going in this.


He's pissed. No point. He wants three more points because he wants three more points. But you know what? Sometimes because I fought a bunch of people on steroids. But one time when I fought Kong Lee, then he tested positive for human growth. I won afterwards. And I never cared because I'm like, Well, I still beat you. I still won. And if anything, it makes my win look better. Even on the performance enhancing drugs, you could have beat me. So that never bothered me at all. Do you follow Kong Lee on Instagram?


No, I used to. I had to stop.


Yeah, got to stop. I think I might have unfollowed him recently. I don't follow him. Yeah, he's a bit mental.


It's a lot.


For those people that don't know, it's all about the devil's coming, the reckoning is coming. The end of the world is coming. Look at this. Look at this. Look at this lava flowing down a volcano. That is a sign from the Bible that the end of the world is coming and we're all worshiping devils and things like that is a bit.


It's a less entertaining deal. Diego Sanchez.


They don't get much more entertaining than Diego, to be fair. Go on then, Harry. What's going on in Tas mania?


So yeah, in Australia, a 95 year old woman with dementia was seen walking around a retirement home with a knife when police were unable to get the knife out of her hand in a safe manner, they broke out the Tasers, hit her with them, which dropped her and the knife. She had to be rushed to the hospital and is currently fighting for her life after getting tasered at 95.


That's how I want to know. The reason I was smiling, that is because I thought I've got a movie quote that I'm going to tell you about. The police just said, I want the knife. What movie is that? I don't know. It's an old one. It's an old one. I don't know why it came in my head. I'm going to throw it to the panel. Okay. I'm going to do the brain. I want the knife.


Is it the.


Golden Child? It's the Golden Child. Eddie Murphy.


Damn it.


Have you seen The Golden Child?


I haven't. I haven't even heard of that one. I've been actually watching movies lately, too. The last three or four days, I've watched a movie every night by myself.


What have you watched?


I watched... Oh, my God. Now I can't remember the actual movie I watched. The Old Guard. I watched The Old Guard. I watched The Old Guard.


I haven't seen it.


That was a really good one. I watched... Goddamn it. I don't remember the other two.


Jesus, I haven't seen it.


Did. Oh, I watched Flight. Flight is good. I'd already seen Flight. I'd already seen Flight. I'd already seen Flight. I watched Flight. And then what was the other one I watched?


It was about the triple... Flight, is that the one where he's the alcoholic pilot? Yes. It's crazy because that fight stars, if anyone hasn't seen it, he's an alcoholic pilot. And so, spoiler alert, and he's involved in a car crash. And then anyway, they go for a trial and they're doing everything they can to keep him away from the news. And they take him to the hotel room, they lock him in and there's an adjoining room and he goes to bed.


And the door is open.


And there's a noise banging. And then he tries the door and he goes into the next room because it was unlocked and then he finds the minibar. And then he just cuts to it and he's hammered. He's directly entirely tied the mini bar. And then what's he called? The Big Fella, the big fat guy that's in it. He's hilarious. John Goodman. John Goodman.


No, I thought you meant what he was called in the movie. Yeah, I'm sorry. He calls him the Banana Man in the movie.


The Banana Man. They're like, We've got to solve for him up. So he walks up, he walks in like a business man. He says, Who cares? We're going to need a glass table, $100 bill, and a credit card. And he gets the lads a cocaine out to solve for him up real quick before court.


While I was watching that, take the cocaine part of it out of it, I have felt like that when I first started working the desk and I was traveling the road, there has been many a morning waking up like Saturday morning having to work the desk where I was like, Oh God, I got to pull my shit together. I'm in the shower trying to wash myself, wake myself up, get some coffee.


Go for a run. That's the one. Go for a run.


That's not like heading anymore. When I first started working the desk and I first got on the road in 2018, it was a mess.


Dude, when I first started as well, because obviously I was still fighting. So that was like, this was a side gig. Then I was in between fights. When you're in a fight, you're all disciplined, you're all drinking, all the rest of it. But now I'm in between fights and enjoying myself. My God, I used to shop sometimes at the fuck studios. I would be hung over. Very, very hugged over. But still did a good job. Still did a good job. Anyway, so a 95 year old woman was tased by police because she was brandishing a knife. She has dementia. I'm a missing anything, Hamilton. What are your thoughts on that, Anthony? I mean, they could have... I get it. They don't want to get stabbed.


But you can't. I know there's rules because there's a 21 foot rule. I don't know how it is in Australia, but here in the States, I got a lot of officer friends, and there's a 21 foot rule where if someone comes, starts to attack you or charge you with a knife, once they get within 21 feet, you got to shoot them. Because 21 feet is close enough that that's the distance that someone can take a shot from a gun but may still be able to get to you with a knife. So I suspect a lot of other police departments probably have a similar rule to that. But sometimes you got to look at the person here. Can't you just distract her? She's in her 90s. Have someone come up behind her and wrap your arms around her really quick so she can't stab you. I don't know that I would be too nervous about a 90 something year old lady with a knife with dementia. If me and one other person can distract her and I can wrestle the knife out of the hand of a 90 something year old lady, I promise you without hurting her.


I would think so. But I understand that they're just trying to do their job. They want to go home to the families. I get that. But I don't think I could pull the trigger on a taser on a 95 year old woman that's clearly having an episode, doesn't know what she's doing. But I get it. Just run from her. She will not catch you. She's going to be out of.


Breath pretty quick. She's not going to outrun you.


For sure. They didn't shoot her, to be fair.


Yeah. Well, you could trip a whole lady like that with a broomstick. There's a lot of things you.


Could do. The 21 rule is a bit crazy, though.


I don't think so. I think it's too close.


21 feet? You just shoot them?


Shoot to kill?


It's not that far. I did a thing when I was in boy scouts with the NYPD where you went to a shooting simulator. And it's crazy how fast 21 feet. They put that exact thing in there. They close it down quickly. Yeah, it's very quick.


Yeah. I mean, it's not particularly far distance, I guess. I'm looking at the room I'm sitting in now, it's probably 15 feet to the end of the wall over there. So it's not far ahead.


When someone's got a big ass sword and starts sprinting at you from there.




People take three or four seconds to die. That's enough to get that sword out of your body a couple of times.


I mean, the knife crime in the UK is ridiculous at the minute. It is just insane.


That's terrifying to me.


That's terrifying. We'll check this out. I follow a couple of Instagram accounts. There's one called Ferron, what's his name? Ferron Paul, I think, or something. And he highlights them because he's trying to bring it into public opinion and try to teach these young men. But you want to see some of the shit that these kids have because there was one kid, he was only 14 or 15, right? And these unmarked police, they pin him up against the wall, they search him and he's like, I've got nothing, I've got nothing. And then out of his pants and it's down his little trouser leg, they pull out, you can't even see it, it's this huge, massive... I can't even get it in the camera. This huge machete. And they've all got... They're about three feet long and about this wide. Do you know what I'm saying?




Terrifying. Insane. It's out of control. It's really bad.


Triple Frontier. That's that's the other movie I watched. Triple Frontier. I thought of it because...


Triple Threat.


Triple... Yeah, maybe. But in the movie, this lady gets her throat cut because this dude's hiding a knife. Are you really?


Triple Threat, check it out. It's this great martial arts film. I'm the worst martial artist in it, though. You've got Tony Jai, you got Scott Adkins.


What do you do if someone pulls a knife out and you're just there?


Growing up, I remember I did Japanese Jutsu and we did a little bit of weapons training and whatnot. And one thing they always had, and they show stuff on their McDojo live on Instagram about people with knives.


I love that thing.


I love that page. It's just so ridiculous. These martial artists that are showing these stupid techniques, shame on them because they're going to get someone hurt one day. But if you hold the knife out like this, like that to the front and you go and you clap your wrist like that, the knife flies out. We used to do that if you had rubber knives. Don't do it. Don't do that. Don't go like that and expect the knife to go flying out the hands because it doesn't work. What do you do if someone has a knife? You stay away, man. You stay away. My brother got stabbed outside the alter arena. I think I mentioned this after one of my fights. He was hammered drunk. He drank too much. Adam can't handle the booze, bless him. And he came out of the alter arena. He was trying to get a taxi. And I went off with my friends and we had a good night. I went to bed. We woke up the next day, me and my buddy Damion. I turned the phone and I've got some voicemails and I listened to it and it's Adam screaming in the phone, Michael, I've been stabbed.


I've been stabbed. It was like, Oh, my God. It was harrowing. What happened was he was walking along. He was asking these lads where they got a taxi. Maybe they said something, he said something back. They stabbed him. When they went to stab him, when he put his hand out, the knife went right through his hand, severed about four of his tendons. He had to have about three operations or something like that. He was fine. His hand was messed up, though. But yeah, it could have.


Been a lot worse, man. Better taking it in the body.


Way better.


That's crazy. I got stabbed in the hand one time in a bar. Really? Yeah, in a bar fight. I was working security and there was two big... I don't know know. It was a bunch of black guys and a bunch of Asian people, two gangs. And they had beef inside this big club and I was probably 21, maybe. But yeah, probably 22. Mckayla was pregnant with our first kid. I was working security at this bar and they just came together and started fighting. And somewhere in the scuffle, I was trying to break it up and then realized I don't make enough money for this shit. I'm out of here. But I was in the middle of it already. And there was a guy on the ground. I remember he was on his back and he was unconscious. And another guy had a bar stool and was just crushing him with the legs of the bar stool. So I went to grab the bar stool. And then as I took the bar stool, he just jabbed at me with something and it just went right into my hand. It wasn't any serious damage. It was a small knife, but crazy.


Jeez, yeah. Well, see that scar in between my eyes? That was a bar stool. That was a big metal bar stool back in the day. That was the good old days. That was the good old days. All right, let's have a look. We got some files this week and McKenzie Durn is back in action in the main event against Angela Hill. Mckenzie Durn has been out some of the best Jutsu, certainly in the female division. She's phenomenal. She's very creative. She's taking on Angela Hill. Angela, she fights all the time. She's fought pretty much everybody. I'm happy for Angela. I get the main event spotlight because she's a real.


Hard worker. She got a new contract, too. She's got a new contract and she's very happy with it. Good for her.


That's nice.


That's nice to hear. She's a lovely girl. And so is McKinsey, Darren, I like them both. I'm commentating that so I can't give a pick, but how do you see that fight going down on today?


I talked to Angela Tuesday and she seemed really confident in her wrestling. And she had a pretty good analysis that she doesn't think that McKinsey has evolved her Jutsu game and her attacks much. She said she's expecting McKinsey, if she ends up on the ground, that she's going to try to hold position because Angela is hard to hold down. She's really confident in her wrestling defense, though. And to be fair, Angela's wrestling defense has looked really good recently. She's a hell of a striker. She's always in exciting fights. And I don't think she gets enough credit for her excitement because I've never watched a boring Angela Hill fight. I mean, she will scrap and throw down. But McKinsey Dern, well, there's something to be said for those Jutsu fighters that have really powerful hands and not afraid to throw him because there's no threat of a take down.


Because even if you're taking him down.


She throws arms.


E's not afraid to mix it up. She's excited as well. So I'm expecting that to be a good fight. If it stays on the feet, I think Angela's got the cleaner strikes, the cleaner technique for sure, which is very polished.


When you watch her fight. I'm going to pick Angela Hill. I'm going to pick.


Angela Hill. Mckenzie is a little bit more less refined on the feet, shall we say? But if she can get her hands on it, if she can get it down to the ground, then obviously got a very big chance there. There's another exciting fight on there as well that I'm looking forward to. Andre Fiala Squarello versus Joaquin Buckley.


This is Buckley's first fight at Welterweight, too, right?


I believe so. Yeah. He's walking around the PI at the minute with his shirt off constantly. I miss that feeling when you're in fight shape and you want to have your shirt off constantly. You know what I mean?


I'm in it right now. I'm in it.


Right now. Yeah, you're still in it. And you say, I'm going to stay in this shape.


Yeah, I'm going to train tomorrow. I got to keep it.


That never happens.


Man, Buckley is interesting. He was really honest in his assessment. I've seen some of his media day. He said, Did you go to 170? Because maybe was it result based? Was it just you thought you could make it? So he tried and he said, I got tired of getting knocked the fuck out. And those guys in middle weight or power, those powerful guys. And Fiala is always in good fights. Again, he's one of those guys not necessarily as refined always on his feet, but neither is Buckley. So I think that's going to be a really exciting fight. And to be fair, I couldn't even pick it. It's a coin flip for me. Buckley is more willing to wrestle, though. Buckley is more willing to wrestle at this point in his career.


It's a good main card. I'm looking at it here. Diego Fahre versus Michael Johnson. First fight, the main card. Andre Fiala versus Joaquin Buckley. Emilio Decote versus Luppi Guardinas. Then you got Edmund Shepardze and Antony Fluffy Hernández. He's getting really good. Then, of course, Angle Hill versus McKinsey Darren in the main event. Harrington, what else we got, bud? Anything that we're missing, any big breaking stories or anything like that?


Because you missed the You missed the Dana White stuff before we got off the last time.


What's the Dana White stuff? Yeah, exactly.


When he dropped all the Spice, you missed that.


I don't think I missed that.


That's what I'm telling you. We didn't talk about it.




I mean, the fact that he looked so hurt that it's okay, Howard. I don't think it had actually been announced.


Yeah, it was actually. I was googling frantically to find the thing there. The only thing that I'm seeing here, breaking news wise, is Robert Whitaker says even if he wins against Dupree, he's going to play C, UFC 290, don't immediately book him in a turnaround at UFC Sydney for 293.


I find that a little interesting because obviously that's his hometown. I would have thought, I mean, look, listen, you know I know how hard it is on the body and the mind preparing for a fight. I think if he was to go through Dukis pretty easily, he might reconsider that. But I get it. I get it. Maybe he doesn't want to turn around straight away and go up against his brother. And by the way, we're assuming that he beats Dricu s Du Plessy. Du Plessis is a tough guy. He's not as polished as Robert Whitaker. Robert's phenomenal. When you watch Robert Whitaker operate, the technique that he has, speed, power, he's a complete martial artist.


And I love watching him fight. Put your analyst hat on.




Does Dricu s beat Robert Whitaker?


He's got a tough time in every department. Listen, Dricious, he's fun to watch.


Oh, yeah, I love watching. I'll never miss one of his fights.


A cliched term. He's a warrior because he is, because he finds a way to win these fights. And it looks, he starts off well, like against Darren Till in that first round, he was punishing him up against the fence. Then he starts to get tired and all the rest of it. But he still wound up winning that one. Again, it's Derek Brunson, he looked like he was gassed and he was dumb. But then he got the finish on the corner through the toweling. Against Robert Whitaker, if he gets tired like that, Robert's going to just run away with the victory. He's got the cleaner box. He's got the better grappling.


He's not a one punch horsepower knockout guy.


He could catch him, though. He could.


Catch him in one bullet.


That would be, honestly, with respect to him, that would be the only way I could see it. He catches him with his shot and hurts him and then follows it up.


I'm trying to now just look right past him. So I wonder how tough Robert Whitaker is going to have it. How tough it's going to be for him to not just look past him.


Harriett, what is that fight with and Robert booked for? Is that International Fight Week?


Yeah, that's the first week of July. Ufc 290.


Yeah. Oh, did you see the stuff that Dan Hooker was talking about? How he thought that Driccus went about a way wrong. He didn't think he probably had to fight Robert Whitaker. He probably could have just went right into a title fight.


Well, yeah, that's because of the whole beef between Izi and Dricious. The whole Africa thing. We talked about it recently. I don't think that would go any better for him. It's always nice to be a part of a title fight.


No, it's definitely not going to go any.


Better for him. Alex was saying, Is he just wants an easy fight. Granted, if someone pisses you off and they're in the same weight division and you can't fight them legally and beat the shit out of them and make some money at it, then why not? Why wouldn't you do that? I get it. But I struggle to say with a straight face that Driccus beats Robert. And that's not because I'm kicking in Driccus du Plessy, it's because I'm so high on Robert Whitaker. Me too. And for obvious reasons.


For obvious reasons. Totally agree.


But what did we say? Why did we get onto that? What were we talking about?


I don't remember.


What's going on with these Ukrainian and these dead soldiers with literally underground boxing match. What are you talking about here?


Yeah. So it was a pretty cool thing as a tribute to the people.


What's up with these dead soldiers? Oh, yeah, it's a pretty cool thing.




Don't know if you guys heard there's a war going on. So typically soldiers die in those. But the Ukraine honored its dead soldiers. They held a boxing match in an underground subway station to commemorate the soldiers who passed defending the region of Karakov.


Well, that's nice. That's nice. I mean, geez Louise, it's crazy, isn't it? We're now in the second year of that Ukrainian War.


It's insane.


And they're still trying to live life. It's on the news all the time. Don't know if you follow it.


A little bit.


A little bit. I'll be honest, I watch the news in the morning when I'm having my coffee and as miserable... This sounds really disrespectful, but I just can't ingest all that misery. Do you know what I'm saying? So I'll watch it for a minute and then I've got to turn it off because it's awful. It's awful. There's innocent people dying. Russia are bombing the hell out of them. Seems like Ukraine are doing a pretty good job of defending now. But there's a lot of people dying. I think there are like 100,000 thousand Russians passed away as well. Do you know what I'm saying?


I've seen this video of a Russian fighter. I don't even... Man, my feeds are just full of bullshit sometimes. I'm in these group messages on social media with a bunch of my friends and some of the most wretched shit comes through on those guys. So they send the worst shit. But there was a video of a...


I had to tell my buddy to stop sending some stuff because it was getting really bad. I'm like, Bro. Oh, it gets real bad. I don't need this shit on my phone.


Yeah, I delete the group chat a lot. But there's a video of a Russian fighter, and he FaceTimes the girlfriend of a Ukrainian fighter that he'd killed and just laughed at her. It was awesome. It was awful. That's the shit that people don't see. It was terrible. It was terrible.


It is crazy. This Hamilton bringing the mood down again. I was trying to have a joyous podcast. Let's talk about honouring dead Ukrainian soldiers. It's in the notes. I thought I'd ask. I haven't done my homework. Maybe that's on me, but there it is.


But it's crazy.


Because all those people dying, I'm like, we're going off here. Vladimir Putin could just decide to stop invading. Do you know what I mean? And I get it. There's a whole thing that they believe that it should be part of Russia and they doesn't want Ukraine joining NATO and all the rest of it. But there's a lot of people dying.


Just get your ball and go home.


Just have a conversation. How about compromise?




Years into this shit, hundreds of billions of dollars being spent. The UK just sent a ton of missiles to Ukraine. Russia came out and said, We take that as a very hostile gesture. I said, Well, I'm not surprised. Do you.


Know what I mean? Honestly, with all the shit they're dealing with Ukraine, what are they going to do about it? You can't afford to be in another war, so be mad.


We don't want to get bumped up Russia, though.


The biggest problem with making a deal is that the deal was made already in the '70s, I believe, with NATO, and the West didn't hold up their side of the bargain. So I can't imagine that Russia would come to the table with good faith at.


This point. Yeah. Well, there's always two sides to every story, though, Brian. You get in a very conservative feed, though. Just like the other day... Come on, Brian. Take a deep breath first.


We made a deal with Russia when NATO was formed that we wouldn't move. And then we gradually have. And nobody's really said anything. We've been kicking the can. We've been kicking it down the road. We had a general on the politics show that I was talking to, and he's got on here how this was... It's just a long term strategy plan to break down our economic rivals. It's there.


It is. It's more of aggression.


There it is. Like the other day. I was with.


You for a second. Do you know.


The other day we were talking about punishing the airlines. And you said it's a big conspiracy to get or they have the elite flying and the rich 1 %. I googled the amount of people in Europe and the UK combined, it's almost 500 million people. So I think there's just as many flights happening out there as what there is in America, Brian.


Yeah, well, my point was that international travel by train is much more accessible than it is here. We need planes to go places and the people in the UK don't. So it's not necessarily an industry that's all good.


But in the UK, you can.


Shoot it. You English fucks don't need any goddamn planes.


Well, the thing is when the airline industries have Americans in a stranglehold because we can't not use airlines, whereas in the UK, you can choose not to use airlines. So it makes a competitive market.


Yeah, but there's a world out there that people travel to, though. There's a lot of planes leaving England, trust me.


I understand that. There's an international airport there for sure. I'm just saying it's a.


Competitive market. One of the biggest in the world.


It's a more competitive market.


It's all right, Brian. It's all right. An hour and a half has flown by. That's been quick. Even though I feel like we've essentially talked about nothing.


It's okay.


It's been one of those shows, not much going on.


Before we get into questions or whatever we're going, I got a lot of really good feedback from our last episode. I just wanted to say that a lot of lots of believers reached out. That's nice.


I know it sounds so stupid, but it means something that people give shit. People are like, you know what? We hear you. We get it. We've been through struggles, too. We're with you no matter win or lose. Just people saying, whether you win or lose, we're still with you, means a lot. So I had to get that out before.


I forgot. Yeah. Well, no, that's very nice of you. I did see the outpour of love and support. It was overwhelming.


It's super overwhelming. Holy shit. Okay. And then I feel guilty. Look at these people that care. What are you bitching about? Just shut up, Anthony. Shut up. Stop bitching. Get back to work.


I was on my run this morning. I texted Calimah. I said, you okay? Son, just touching base on what happened last night? He's like, Yeah, although it was crazy, I said, Son, life is crazy. Life is crazy. You're 22. There's going to be a lot more shit, whether a violent encounter or whatever happens. The journey that life takes you on is all over the place and unexpected shit. And you always worry about something. I think I'm quoting a song here or something. It's not the exact words. I'm paraphrasing, but the shit that you worry about isn't the things that causes problems. It's the shit that blindsides you that you just did not see coming. You know what.


I mean? 100 %.


Yeah. On the live that we did when you were fighting, I was saying, this guy at the gas station where I go in, Will, Big Will we call him, 6'9, big, huge guy, big, long p ointail, really interesting dude. And I always talked to a young guy, I think in his early 20s. And I would always talk to him and go in there and give him some advice and just chat to him and shoot the shit with him for a while. And he always had such a lovely bubbly personality. And he was telling me that he had diabetes and he was in a bar and the police came in the bar and he fainted because his blood sugar or something. And he got arrested for public intoxication because I went in and I could see he was all worked up. And I'm like, What's wrong? And he was telling me, I said, So what? He said, Well, he's going to cost me a couple of grand. I'm like, Dude, don't worry about it. What's the point of worrying about that? At the end of the day, it's not a big deal. Okay, you might get a little misdemeanor, you might get a little fine, but worrying about it and ruining your life is not going to help.


Anyway, I went in the gas station last week and the guy that worked there, I said, Oh, where's Will? He said, Oh, he's not doing too good. He had a fall at work. I went, Oh, shit. They said, Yeah, he's in the hospital. I said, Give me his number. I'll give him a call. I'll cheer him up because I didn't have his number. I just the guy I talked to in the gas station. And then I went in on Friday. I went to the gas station, put some gas in, and I'm walking in. And as I'm walking in, I thought, Damn, I was supposed to call Will. You know what I mean? And I walked in and the woman that was working there, I said, Hey, how's Will doing? And then she almost started crying. He's dead. He's dying.


In the hospital.


No way. He died just unexpectedly.


Oh, my God.


He had some complications, like a heart attack or something. She didn't have all the details. But then she said to me, she said, Can I get your number? Because his mom has been asking for him because she wants to call you. Because apparently he talks about me a lot to his mom. She said, I want to call you and say thank you. I said, Yeah, of course. Give me my number. And then I came home and I remembered something because Ellie, my daughter, she's an aspiring actress and she's got an agent for commercials. She hasn't booked anything yet. She's just starting out. It's a long, hard road. But one of the auditions she got for an ad was for Circle K. And the store, the gas station is Circle K. And the audition piece, there was no set piece. All she had to do was talk about her experiences at a Circle K. And what she did was in this piece was talk about Will and how much of a lovely person he is and how my dad really likes him and always comes home and talks about him and always has the best experiences in such a nice family warming atmosphere.


And the poor man is dead now. And I said, Ellie, for the love of God, don't delete that tape. It. I said, Because when the time is right, I want to send it to his mom. You know what I mean? Just to say, people cared about your son. You know what I mean? Look at the difference he made. My daughter didn't even know him did a video about him. That's insane.


I googled his name and there was nothing as well. There was no report about it because he's just a dude that works at the gas station.


Just a regular guy that works at a gas station.


And it broke my heart. It really did. I'm like, his life is just as important as yours or mine or any fucking stupid celebrity.


That people fucking... When did you find this out?


Last Friday. Fuck. And I went down and did... Yeah, it just shows, man, life. You take it for granted. You never know, man.


You never know. Shit like that has happened.


Well, no, maybe not really. Shit like that happens, and I'm sitting here bitching about what happened at work. Well, you know. And that's what I got to remember. And the believers did a good job of just reminding me like, Really, I just kept thinking, stop bitching. And that's another great reminder. It could be so much worse. My family is healthy, I'm healthy.


And that's all that matters at the end of the day, isn't it?


My leg hurts. That's it. My leg hurts and my face looks like shit.


That's it. There's this song in England, you all know it's a good song actually, DB Boulevard, Different Point of View. It's an upbeat song and this woman singing. She's talking about how she can't pay her rent, she just split up with her boyfriend and all this type of stuff. But when you look at things with a different point of view, you realise how lucky you have it. And I know he's getting all deep, but right now, going back to that Harry and Megan thing, I said to my wife this morning because we were getting ready. I'd been for a run, I was having a shower and the news was blowing in the bedroom. And it was talking, going in-depth about Harry and Megan. But then on the bottom, like a little banner because there's some crazy floods in Italy, 11 dead, 30,000 people displaced. That's a tiny little banner, but we're making a big song and dance about Harry and Megan, how they're getting harassed by the press. Which is the fucking important one?


Where's the priorities in this country?


Or in this world. You know what I mean? It's crazy. Yeah, anyway. Okay, let's talk about Shopify really quick, which is the commerce platform, revolutionizing millions of businesses worldwide. Whatever you are selling, you've got to be online. If you've got a business, you've got to have an e-commerce presence. You've got to be able to sell to everybody on the internet. You're going to sell a lot more. But listen, getting online, it sounds hard, sounds complicated, sounds expensive and time consuming. Well, not with Shopify. Shopify has a great service. It's very easy. It's very cheap as well. And they've got everything you need. It's packed with industry leading tools ready to ignite your growth. Shopify gives you complete control over your business and your brand without having to learn any new skills in design or code. Thanks to 24 7 help and an extensive business library course, Shopify is there to help your success every single step of the way. Listen, you got to get online. Simple as that. Okay? Shopify is the way to do it. We have an incredible offer for you. One dollar per month. That is the trial period. So give it a shot.


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What do we got, Brian?


This is from me and Keneir.


Hey guys, big fan of the pod. Keep up all the great work. The other night on the way home from a mate's place, I threw a few too many ales.


Two dogs flew out of a.




Person's yard and attacked me.


Nothing too serious. Did look a little bit worse than that.






Able to fight them off. A question for you guys.


Is, have.


You guys ever been attacked by any animals or had any close.


Calls with any wildlife?


Keep up all the great work. Fuck you, Harrington. That looked like a nasty bite to be fair. You could see the puncture marks on the canines. Yeah, it.


Looked like a bad one.


I'm trying to think, Anthony, you got any stories that ring spring to mind about dogs.


Attacking you? Yeah. I got attacked by a dog when I was a little kid, but my daughter, my oldest, got attacked by a Great Dane lab mix, and she's had four surgeries trying to fix it. She got her shoot.


No way.


Yeah, she got bit in the face. That was nasty. It's much better now as she's getting older. She's had a bunch of scar revisions. So every couple of years we go back in and they revise the scar again. So you can see it now. Now she's getting older, her acne and face complexions changing a little bit. So her scars starting to show again. But there was a spot where it was from the tip of her nose to her cheek was just a big web scar on her face. It's much better now. It's much better now. But it's almost not noticeable. If you just talk to her and just real quick and passing, you wouldn't even notice it.


Yeah. Scars are like that all the time. They fade and they fade and they get worse. But I just said for a young girl on her face, I'm sure it was an issue.


And scar vision is actually cool. They cut around the scar like a real smooth cut. They cut the scar out and then they just close it. And then, of course, that's going to scar a little bit. But they just keep doing that and they just keep revising it. Each time the scar gets smaller and smaller and smaller to where now she's just got a little scar on her face. As she gets older, the scar does start to thicken up and get a little more webbed, and then they revise it, cut it out again. So hopefully, eventually it's not there at all. But yeah.


What happened to the dog?


They put it down. Of course. Yeah. But I've run into a bunch of weird hunting things. I got chased by a badger one time. Not ever hurt, though. So I've never been super injured by an animal.


Yeah, I don't think.


I have. I don't kicked off of horses and got squished inside of bull pens and all sorts of weird shit.


Yeah, I wish.


I almost got drowned by a catfish one time. A catfish? I almost got drowned by a catfish one time. I was noodlesing and it was way.


Better than that. What do you mean you were noodlesing? What's noodlesing?


It's hand fishing like catfish. You stick your hand in the little catfish holes, little dens and you grab it. But my friends were too far away. You're not ever supposed to do that by yourself. But they were far away and I could just barely get my feet to the top of the water because I was stuck in the hole. He had a hold of my arm and then I couldn't get my arm out and I couldn't get the fish out of the hole.


Let's have a look here.


Wow, that's a big fish.


It wasn't fun but I could just barely get my toes and I was kicking at the top of the water. And fortunately, my friends were paying attention. They came over and they helped pull me out because I couldn't get my arm out of the hole with the fish. Jesus. Wow. I was down there for a while, too. It was terrifying.


That must have been terrifying.


I was like, I'm going to die.


It's the worst feeling.


My hand went inside of a catfish.


I had a dog that was the opposite. I had a dog that bit a few people. I rescued this dog from Sam. He was a maniac. I've got a million stories. Yeah, he was a son of a bitch. But I remember it doesn't snow much in England and it snowed one night. So there was this hill of the castle in Clithero and it's like three in the morning. We'd been out drinking and whatnot and we end up trying to like, ski or snowboard or whatever, like random pieces of wood and stuff. We're all hammered. We were young and my dog with me. And my dog just attacked Darrell Aslan, one of my old mates for some reason. He got confused or whatever, bit into his leg pretty bad. I'm like, Oh God, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. But fortunately, this guy, Darrell, shout out Darrell, he's very much a country guy. He goes hunting and all the rest of it. You know what I mean? He breeds dogs. He has grey hounds and stuff. He's always hunting. He was the best guy ever because I was like, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.


He's like, No, your dog did the right thing. If my dog didn't do the same, I'd have shot him. And I'm like, Thank God, thank God, because I was terrified. My dog did do the same thing, I'd have shot it. You mentioned badgers. They used to go out badgering as well, which is now illegal. But he told me a story that his dad would pick up these big pieces of stone and say, Just stick your head under there and see if you can smell badges. And then they'd send the dogs down or whatever. His dad and his friend picked up this huge piece of sandstone and he stuck his head under and the stone slipped out of the hands.




On his head, smashed all of his teeth out. Oh God. Yeah. Wild story. Wild story. Anyway. But yeah, I've had no run ins with animals. I don't think I have other than guerrilla's trying to murder me through glass, but that's about it. What else we got, Brian?


Actually, I got a jet. I got that school thing.


That's right, you do. You got to go pick the kids up.


You're going to have to finish the last question by yourself, Michael.


I'll see what I can do. We will be back on Monday with Anthony Smith, C ood McVeigh... Not Corbin McGee. Matt Brown. Matt Brown and Henry Sejuda. But you enjoy your weekend. We'll talk soon.


See you, buddy. Yeah, sounds good. See you guys.


Thanks, pal. Later, right? Later.


All right, so we got another question here from your most specialist fan, Kana Khairet.


All right, Bs. How's it going on?


It's all pal, my old love.


Just want to shout out last video. Great, isn't it? Anyways, what do you think, T he Paddy? Do you think he's going to be champion sometime in future? Or is he going to be on any podcast anytime soon? Because I liked it last time.


Anyway, lads, have a good one. Take it easy.


I feel weird being on it by myself. I'm out here and I'm like, get on here with me. You know what I'm saying? We're not elitist. Just because Anthony's gone doesn't mean I've got to be only on the screen. Do you think... Because that's a very northern and it's a very broad accident that he has there. Do you think... I mean, that is how people talk in certain parts of England. You've made yourself.


I don't think you can get that Patty drink in America. So it's got to be at least somebody from England.


What were you saying, Brian?


You're still.


Muted, Brian.


Oh, your whole thing is muted.


What a dummy I am. Yeah, I don't think that's a put on at all. I think that's absolutely how he is.


Yeah. Well, God bless him. I like that guy. Keep him coming. Paddy, do I think you will be champion? I've said it before, I'll say it again. Listen, people like... At the moment, they like to shit on Patty. Hey, listen, the man's won four fights in the UFC. Three of them were stoppages, okay? He's doing very, very very well. He had a close fight with Jared Gordon. It is what it is. You know what I mean? Did he make some mistakes? Did he maybe handle the moment a little bit incorrectly? Maybe, but so what? You know what I mean? We're not perfect. You got the adrenaline running through your system and you're proud of what you just did. So whatever. Will he be champion? The hard part is he's in the lightweight division of the UFC and it's just absolutely full of pillars. I think he's a very talented fighter. I think he's going to have a fantastic future and you never know. But the problem is the lightweight of the division from 15 to 1 is an absolute role of Killers. But I look forward to see the journey because he's probably going to fight towards the end of the year when his ankle is all healed up, I don't know who's going to come back and fight, but he's come this far.


He's come this far. You know what I mean? Everyone right now likes to shit on people. I look at his social media posts sometimes and there's a lot of hate is out there. You never know, man.


You're doing it's just trash, dude.


Well, it really is.


To be fair, though, for a guy with the star power that he has, he's what? A three fight win streak away from a title? Legitimately.


Yes, legitimately.


If the talent keeps, obviously, he'll keep getting tougher and tougher opponents. But I really do think it's three fights to jump through the rankings.


For a bat.


The top of that division is tough.


Yeah, but you know, you ould, if you matched him up with the right people, you know what I'm saying? The right matchups. Let's have a look. Ufc light weight. Just bring them up on the screen because you might have done. It's three fights, right? Three fights, he's getting a title fight. Simple as that. Who knows with his popularity, two more wins even. But three is probably more accurate. I mean, if you want three more, that's seven wins in a row. So lightweight, not Vogue. There we go. So you got Isla Maresca, he's going to be a mother F er, of course, for anybody. Down the bottom a little bit.


Top five is horrific.


Yeah. Gage, Darius Chandler, Fazeem, Sarukian, Gamrot, dos Angeles, Jalyn Turner, is Magulov, Malkanov, Fervoley and Grant Dawson. I think one of them two, if you if you fight a ranked person, either a Grant Dawson or Matt Fervoley, that would be...


Matt Fervola might be the match up.


Fervola, well, he called him out as well, would have beat Dauber. So that makes sense for us. So Fervola will be the match up. And who knows? In the meantime, you get better, you improve. Every trading camp you do. Will he be champion? That's a hard one. It's a hard one for any one of those people. And it's not just hard for Paddy, it's hard for anyone. Being the lightweight champion of the world in the UFC, you got to be pretty spectacular. But, hey, I did it. Lots of other people can do it. There's no reason why he can't do it. And what's going on? You've decided to go...


Dude, I don't know. This is a we're just having some technical difficulties, I guess. And all the power in this room just went out.


Well, you look better. Thank you. I appreciate it. Less light on you. You look better.


Telling scary camp stories.


Yeah, dude, that's what it looks like right now.




Right, Brian. So this last message is from a guy who sent in a message a while back when Lewis was actually still on the show and he was having all sorts of issues. But he just sent this in today. So I'm going to play it for you guys.


Busy. Man, I want to thank you for something that you don't even remember doing. About three years ago, I sent in a video submission asking if you could be an alcoholic and fight on a professional level. And it was a laugh and a joke. And then even Gomes was talking talking about sparing me. And there was a part of that clip where you said, what was his name? And I believe Brian reminded you and you said, Michael Jene is going to whoop your ass. And you said that to Louis. And shortly after that, I fell further into my own alcoholism and I hit my rock bottom. And I found myself and I've been on recovery ever since. And I'll be three years sober this year. But what you don't know is I replayed you saying that hundreds, if not a thousand times of you saying my name, Michael Jeney is going to whoop your ass. And I'd like to thank you, man, for just seeing me. I know you guys are on a celebrity level and you're in the public eye, but you're also real motherfuckers. And I appreciate that, man, someone that lived in the dark for so long, someone like you saw me in that moment of time.


You didn't know what I was going through, and you never thought anything you say would impact my life. But I truly replayed you saying that, oh, over and over and over again. And it means the world to me, man, I'm going on three years sober and now I have over 1.6 million followers on TikTok and 500,000 on Instagram. And I speak openly and honestly about mental health and addiction. And I didn't even have social media before that. So it changed my life. And Anthony Smith, I love you, dude. I really do. I fucking would love to connect with you guys someday. I've never been to a UFC fight, never been to Vegas. It's a bucket list of mine. Maybe that will happen one day. But let's never forget, a wise man did say, believe, conceive, achieve. But an even wiser man said, shut the fuck up. Love you all.


Michael, you're going to jump on the screen, boys, because it makes me feel like I'm getting on my high horse and starting lecturing people here when it's just me. Michael, you're now, well, first of all, congratulations, because that is incredible. It really is. And often you hear people's stories, and I've heard many of them, when they hit rock bottom, that is when they decide to make a change. And this is what a friend of mine from Manchester, an actor guy, and he told me some wild stories about when he hit rock bottom. And he told me what his rock bottom was. And it was quite the rock bottom. And I decided to turn that around. First of all, I want to say congratulations because that's incredible. Secondly, I remember I remember you. I remember saying, Michael, Janet is going to kick your ass, Lewis. And looking at you there, Michael, it looks like you would as well because you're looking very healthy. So it looks like sobriety is treating you very well. And it's an incredible, incredibly hard thing. It is. I'm not an alcoholic, but I have talked about it a lot. I'm always saying I'm going to stop drinking.


I'm a social drinker and I think I drink a little bit too much and I wish I did a better job of that. And I always say I'm going to stop drinking. And people make fun of me for saying that. And I said, Well, hold on a minute. Well, what's wrong with trying to aspire to be a better person? My life is in full control. I'm doing well. I'm doing good in life, but I wish I could do better and I wish I didn't drink at all. The problem is in the social environments, the way the society works. Tonight, I said to Rebecca, I'm meeting a friend of mine tonight. Our family and his family, the children, we're going to get together and say, Well, meet at my house first. We'll have a little glass of wine before we go. And you know how that's going to fucking turn out. You know how it starts. Rebecca, you're driving home and I'll have a few glasses of wine and all the rest of it. I said, I'm not going to drink tonight. I'm not going to drink, but I probably will. Because it's those environments, it's very difficult.


I haven't got together with this guy for a while. They'd be like, Bro, I haven't seen you in ages. Come on, man. Well, you're not going to have a drink? Come on, let's have a drink and let's get a little bit silly and have some conversation and have some laughs. And that's the situations where stuff like that happens. And it's not because I wake up and I need a drink and I've got the shakes and all the rest of it. It's because of the environment I find myself in. I go and commentate, I fight, and then afterwards, we're all at the hotel bar and stuff like that. And you have a few you and then you wake up with a bit of a headache the next day and you think, I really didn't need that. Do you know what I mean? And I wish I didn't have that. It's not an alcoholism, but I guess it's a social dependency, I guess, to a certain degree.


I do the same thing.


It's built into the fabric of society. And the Harrington, I applaud you as well because you don't drink at all. And I'm envious of that. No, I truly am. I'm not ever joking about that. And I know it's a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of stop drinking again. Well, yeah, because every fucking week is a reset and it's a new day or every day. And they always say the cliché, try and be a better version than what you were yesterday. And that's a good match to try and live your life by. But it's also incredibly difficult. And then the weekend comes because I'm... Because Rebecca says, I said, Right, I'm not going to drink at all. She goes, What do you mean? I said, No, I'm just not going to drink. She goes, Yeah, but you'll have... I don't get hammered. I don't remember the last time I got blackout drunk. I used to do that when I was younger. I used to do it when I was fine because I was still in my 20s. I don't do that now. I'll have a few drinks.


I might get a little I don't even get gitty. I have a few drinks, I relax. So it's not like it's a huge issue. But I wish it wasn't a part of my life. And yeah, I talk about it. But what's wrong with that? And so people talk shit. How many times you're going to tell you in a quick drinking business, I'm going to keep fucking trying. I'm going to keep talking about it and try to will it into reality. You know what I mean? So, Michael, Janay, go and kick Louis' ass. Give him one for me. And thank you very much because that's really heartwarming and it's good to hear because you don't think about things like that. But I'm proud of you, man. I'm proud of you. Keep killing it. Keep doing what you're doing on social media. And we'd love to have you on some time to talk to you. Harrington, what about you, man? Have you ever been a drinker?


Oh, yeah. No, you don't quit drinking unless you really enjoy drinking.


Yeah, but some people just don't.


No, I know some people who, especially, they come from abusive households where they saw how bad alcoholism could be and they never picked it up. But I'd say for the most part, yeah, anybody who's actively trying sobriety and can tell you how long it spends, they've taken a drink. They really like drinking at one point. And you're right, the social element is massive. And to this day, it's one of those things where it's like, I feel like my career would actually be doing better if I started drinking again. But I'll tell you, my home life would be way worse. My home life would be so much worse. So it's.


Not worth it. Yeah. I watch a few videos here and there on YouTube. It just comes up on the feed and whatnot. And it's about people and how they did it and all the rest of it. And I saw some doctor and he was talking about it. And he was saying that there's certain people, there's a certain DNA makeup, if you will, for want of a better expression, that some people drink and it's a depressing tomorrows and it makes them tired and they want to go to sleep. They have a few drinks and it's like... But then there's some people where they drink and it gives them more energy and it makes them want to drink more. I'm definitely in that bracket. Me and my mates back in the day, we would fucking drink all night. We don't do that anymore. But I have a couple and I start getting that little feeling, that little buzz, that little tingle, you know what I mean? And I like it. I'm like, Let's have another one. Let's have another one. Let's get a bottle of wine on the way home.


Yeah, but then the morning is so rough.


No, I know. I know. So yeah, so Michael June, very proud of you there, man. Very, very proud of you. Well done. Well done. And thank you for those kind words. And I guess that brings us to the end of the show. As I said, Monday we got Matt Brown, we got Henry Sejudao, almost 99 % confirmed, but he probably will because they reached out to me. So fingers crossed, big show plan for Monday. Whatever you do this weekend, enjoy. Brian and Hamilton, thanks as always. We'll see you soon. Bye.