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You're listening to believe You Me with Michael the Count Bisbing and Anthony Lionheart Smith.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have, fresh off their victories at the weekend, matt The Steamroller Fravola, who put a beat down on Cron Gracie. And we also have Charles no, pardon me, charles Ezordain, who put a beat down on Cron Gracie. And we also have Matt Fravola, who knocked out our friend of the show, your friend, Drew Dober. Man, when you get to know someone, it's hard to watch, isn't.


You? It's not even so much just knowing them, you know their backstory. And I know so much about Drew, and I know he's got a baby on the way, and he was just trying to get one more in before this baby comes. But he's got a great attitude. He's got a fantastic attitude about fighting, so I'm sure he's not too down. Hold on a second.


Hold on.


There we go.


Cheers, bro. Cheers. We've gone into the mug industry. We have, believe you me, brought to you by a couple of mugs. I mean, a lot to talk about. And we've got some non MMA stories that Harrington has also compiled for us. But where do you want to start? Hold on. Let's start with this. Tomorrow you're getting on a plane, going to Charlote. Yeah, it's exciting times.


I'm pretty excited. I'm just ready to get there and just get going through the fight week stuff. I did get my schedule, though, my media schedule. And it is normally you fly in Tuesday and you check in, you get your gear and all that stuff, and then it's usually a pretty easy day. I'm bell to bell. As soon as I land, I'm going all day. I kind of wanted to be funny and be like, hey, I know that we're not the main event anymore, but this media schedule says otherwise. What are we doing here?


Welcome to the world of being an international mixed martial arts superstar. You know what I mean? It's a good thing. It's a gift and a curse, because when you get there, it's a pain in the ass. It really is a pain. But you got to sell your product. You got to sell yourself. You got to show the world who you are. That's why when I see fighters and listen, I used to bitch about it a little bit as well, but it's a necessary evil, and it helps you in the long run, you know what I mean? Exposing yourself to more and more people.


Well, it's free, and it's free media. It doesn't cost me a thing. I think this is the part that gets missed a lot. You're getting thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars of exposure all week long that you could never get just on your own. So I'm happy to do it, but it's kind of one of those. Like you said, it's a blessing and a curse. That the reward for being good at doing media is more media.


That's right, yeah. Because if you can't string a sentence together, they were like, yeah, your schedule.


Is not very heavy.




They're like, no, we're good, thanks. Ali eskab kakramanov chidorobandarov. We don't need him.


Probably not getting media.


Yeah. Not that there's him on the card. I just made up a name, by the way. Welcome to the show, everybody. So, feeling good? Weight is good?


Yeah, I was 214 this morning.


Oh, beautiful. Yeah, I'm light water loading already?


Yeah, it sucks. I'll probably have to pee here in ten minutes.


Don't worry about it. I'll join you. We'll take a communal piss break. All right, final thoughts on the fight.


I feel like something really special is going to happen. Mike, you ever have those feelings where you always feel like you're about to turn a corner and you just need that performance? It's like you're constantly trying to level up a little bit and you can feel it right before you burst onto the next level? That's kind of how I feel. I think it's going to be kind of a breakout performance. I don't know, especially watching the fights. I can tell when I'm going to have a good performance. When I'm watching fights and my temperature starts to raise and when I'm really edgy, I'm a pretty happy guy all the time. But I don't know, the last two weeks, it's like, fucking like that. I'll snap. And it's not like let me ask you this, crazy. I have zero tolerance for bullshit. Zero.


Well, I better choose my words carefully. But let me ask you this, because Saturday night, obviously, I'm at home now. So great to be home. Jet lag is a nightmare, but it is what it is. Saturday, I got back Friday night, Saturday. Didn't leave the house, just chilled. Watched the fights from the first prelim all the way to the know. That's a long stretch, but I enjoy those know, sit on the couch, have a little chilled beer. Bruce Buffer, as we all know, is a goddamn legend, and I'm going to kick it to you in a second. But even though I've been through it so many times, I've fought in the Oxygon so many times, I commentate so many fights. I'm around the sport. I'm sitting there on my couch, as I say, from 03:30 P.m., it's now almost 1030. Bruce buffer's doing that intro. It's the main event. We are alive, it's time and all that stuff. And no matter how many times you hear that, I was like, I was having a little shadow box. I'm like, here we go. You're fighting next week, so talk to me about your emotions as you're sitting there watching the same thing and you're having the same emotions, but they've got to be massively heightened compared to what I was experiencing.


Yeah, well, they've pulled me off of, like they pulled back my sparring and my real heavy contact stuff last week. So they do that so that I'm just chomping at the bit because I'm so used to it's been 1012 weeks of just constant physical contact. Well, you're kind of burning off your energy, and you're burning off your aggressiveness every single day through training camp by doing that. So then they take it away where you don't get to do it, and you're just like a dog on a leash, and you just keep yanking at the collar. So I'm already a little bit hyper aggressive because I haven't been able to spar. I'm still training. They're just taking away the fun part. So I get to the end of the training session where you would normally start your flow rounds or a little bit of Sparring or your hard rolls, and then they're like, no, you're done. You got to shut it down. I'm like, oh, God, I just want to go there's. That and then I'm watching the walkouts, and I'm like, imagining it that it's my music, and I'm just my temperatures getting high. I'm like, God damn, it's hot in here.


What is happening? And then you're just visualizing that it's yourself and then you're in there. Of course, typically I'm watching fights, even the frivola fight, we're going to talk to them. I'm imagining typically I'm watching them as an analyst. So I'm like, Drew's doing this, frivola's going here and seeing how they're dealing with each other's problems. And I'm not even watching fights like that anymore. It's it's more like, oh, I would wreck that dude right here. It's like how I would deal with it. It's less about how those two guys match up with each other. It's how I would deal with that problem because I'm imagining in my head that I have to deal with that same issue pretty soon.


Yeah. Well, I can speak on behalf of all the believers. Come Saturday night, we are all going to be sitting on the edge of our goddamn seats. We can't wait. Now, we do have Matt Favolla joining us pretty soon, so we better get into some fight stuff and no doubt some nonsense, as usual. The main event, we got to start there. Al Jermaine Sterling versus Henry Cejudo. I picked Henry Cejudo. Yes. I was wrong. Did I underestimate Algermaine Sterling? I don't think I did. I just think he once again leveled up from where he was last time. I was so impressed. And by the way, we're going to get to Marab. Marab stole the goddamn show. Awesome. I love that guy. He's got the jacket over the cheeky. Little know. But you know what impressed me the most about Al Jermaine is the way he just went at Cejudo straight away from the opening bell. He's the taller guy by far. He's got a seven inch reach advantage. He's fighting an Olympic gold medal. Know, you could say, let's play it safe. Let's use the jab. Let's use the straight shots, minimize the kicks. Don't engage too much, because if you engage, he's got a good chance of grabbing you.


You've got all these theories and game plans that you can come up with. He just no. I'm fighting this guy. I am going at this guy. He was super aggressive right from the get go. Granted, Sahudo got a pretty easy takedown, and I thought that was troubling for him. But he got back up, he turned it around. He almost took the back and back and forth. He went for five thought. And by the way, Cejudo was tremendous as well. It was a very high level mixed martial arts contest that I thought was thoroughly enjoyable. But the way Al Jermaine Sterling fought him, that's what really stood out to me as particularly impressive.


Yeah, the pressure initially was surprising, and I picked Aljo, and I thought that.


Was shocking, that he would just of course you did.


Well, that's just not how I suspected he was going to do it. I thought he would stand the back foot a little bit, defend the takedowns without being too overly aggressive, like kind of running onto a takedown like he did early. But it makes sense, though, looking back at it. Of course, you would pressure a guy like Suhudo and keep him defending so that he can't get his offense going. It's a fantastic idea against someone with really heavy hands and such a good wrestling pedigree, because it is hard to shoot takedowns backing up. It's hard to land. Suhudo is not typically known as a power striker. He's kind of an offensive guy that's got to get rolling downhill and get his momentum going and kind of get into a rhythm. And he never allowed him to get into that rhythm. And even when he did get taken down, he got back up and got right back on him right away. And I think that sets the tone mentally right away, because Suhudo did kind of the guy's a coward. He's not very good. I'm going to out wrestle him. He's a D Three guy, like, kind of shit on him a little bit.


Yes, almost big boying him. And then as soon as the fight starts, it changed the entire attitude I think Cejudo had on Al Jermaine. I think he was expecting to kind of walk him down, bully him, put him on the fence and beat him in the clinch. And Aljo never gave him the opportunity. And I think that that flips that mindset that Suhudo probably had right away, like, oh, shit. Yeah, he doesn't give a shit. He's coming.


It's a shock. It's like whoa. I thought this guy was going to have a strategy. He was going to be technical. He was going to do this. This mother effort is coming right at me and trying to knock my head off as well as take me down. And look at that. Four takedowns against an Olympic gold medalist. I mean, who'd never been taken down. Never been taken down. I don't know about that. I think he had his takedown defense was only 93%, which would lead I.


Thought it was 100. I thought he had 100% takedown defense.


Leading up to opinion right here. I'm not saying you're right, I'm wrong, but I did see 93% on the screen.


I thought I heard Annex say something about that was the first time he'd ever been taken down. But that doesn't make any sense because he fought Mighty Mouse twice. There's no way Mighty Mouse didn't get one right.


I'd assume that he would, but yeah, I mean, look, listen, we know it was a great fight. We don't need to go through every nook and cranny of the fight. I'm assuming most people that are watching this show saw it. The decision seems to be a point of contention for some people. Of course Henry thought that he won. You always do. I thought it was the right decision. I thought Aljo won round one. I thought Henry responded well. In two, three, four, I gave to Algermain and five. I thought Cejudo answered like a champion that knew he was backwards against the wall and he had to do something special trying to get the finish, which he never did. So I didn't have an issue with the scoring. I thought it was correct, but give me your thoughts.


I thought it was right. I thought same thing. I thought Cejudo got two and five. What I did think was weird, though, is I think Aljo made it a little closer than he needed to because it looks like he took off round five. It looked like he was like, all right, I'm going to be safe here. See who's back is against the wall. He's going to go for broke. So I'm just not going to be of course, it's the fifth round. They've been doing it for over 20 minutes. So sure, he's a little bit tired, but he wasn't really engaging. Instead of the forward pressure like he had done for four rounds, he kind of backed off, skated the cage, threw out some kicks and I think he almost gave that round away a little bit by just trying to be safe. I think it would have been much more there wouldn't be any questions had he kept his foot on the gas because it didn't seem that Suhudo really had any answers.


Do you know who one of my all time favorite corners? I mean, Ray Longo. And they're just it's just awesome to watch and I don't know. Brian and Harrington, welcome to the show. Jump on, please. You guys are from New York, so maybe you could do a better fucking accent than I can. But it's like, hey, don't like this on the fours. You know what I mean? Don't be staying on fours no more. And he had a point, because a lot of the time he was on all fours, but he was pushing the pace, you know what I mean? He was trying to get the takedown and forcing Henry to defend. And Hamilton and Brian, please give me your best. Long island. Get off your old force. Al Jo. Come on, man.


Al Joe crawling around in octagon.


Forget about it. Come on.


You can't be doing shit like that.


Over yeah, what we're doing over here? Come on. Al. Joe. Great fight. Great fight. Well done to Al Jermaine sterling. We'll try and get him on the show to celebrate that, because it was phenomenal. Henry Cejudo was non committal to either retiring or sticking around the sport afterwards. Now it's come out. He wants to fight Marab. I'm sure you saw the police. Yeah. He said, Dana White I want to I forget what he said now, but he called out Marab, which is a tough spot for Marab, bless him. It's like he's right there in a title fight, and now he's going to go through Henry Zahudo.


Well, Dana said he's offered it to him in his post fight press conference already to Marab. Yeah, but he's not going to fight Aljo.


Well, no, he's not going to fight Aljo.


Marab no, of course, that's the tough spot to be in. You're just hanging out. But Dana said that we offered it to him and he won't take it.


Oh, Marab won't take it?


He won't take no.


Ah, interesting. What do you think his motivation is there? I mean, I guess that's just.


They'Re just best friends and they won't fight.


Oh, no, sorry. I think we're getting confused here. Matt Fravola. Can I get a Steve?


What's up? What's up? How are we doing?


How's it going?


Good, budy. We're good. Hey, we were just we're going to get to your sensational knockout in just a second. We were just talking about your good friend Al Jermaine Sterling's victory at the weekend. Give me your thoughts on that. On what? You saw what went down, and we were literally just talking about Marab de Valesville and Henry Cejudo. What are your thoughts?


Matt yeah, that was a great competitive fight, and Aljo beat him. It was super competitive. And Henry's a gamer, and Aljo just beat him, and that's what Aljo's so good at. He could do that to anybody. He also could strangle, you know, he could knock people out, too. But Aljo's the bantamweight goat now, so it was a great night for the.


Yeah, well, I thought you had another question.


Sorry, my bad.


No, I thought it was I normally.


Do dominate and speak too much, so I apologize.


Anthony that's all right. No, it was a great night for the team, man. Drew Dober is such a tough guy to fight for anybody. What's it feel like when you get a guy that, regardless of how you feel technically or where you compare with that type of a guy, just a dude who's so hard to finish historically, you know he's going to be in your face the whole entire time. What's it like when you get that name come across your email?


Oh, man, I was so pumped. I've been watching Drew dober from the beginning. He's been in the 20 fights in the UFC. Some of his highlight reel knockouts is one of the best I've ever seen. So I was so pumped when I got this fight, and especially now. He was on a three fight winning streak. I was on a two fight winning streak. And styles make fights. And I think they knew that the way that he fights, the way that I fight, it was going to be a banger fight and somebody was going to get finished and I got the finish.


Yeah. Listen, I think everybody knew when you looked at that fight card, that was a fight that stood out. And I'm not just saying that. I work on a couple of things. BT sport over in the UK, everyone was pumped for your fight because, as you say, styles make fights. Drew was he was pressuring you. By the way. Where are you? Are you at home? I see you're on the balcony.


Yeah, I'm at home. Good old island starting to get nice out. Summertime's coming. Jacked and tan all summer.


There we go, bro. You're in fight shape. You got to keep that shirt off for as long as possible.


Yeah, I'm going to try. I'm not going to get not cream roller this time.


Not going to be the yeah, but hold on, hold on. Never mind the fight. I think universally all fighters say that, right, Anthony? Because I used to every time I go, right, that's it. I feel great, I look great. I'm not putting the weight on this time. And then five weeks later, I'm back up 30 pounds. You know what I mean?




I'm going to definitely enjoy the nice bacon, egg and cheese this morning. Eating a lot of Sonelli's pizza. But it's know, I'm gonna lift some heavy weights. I'm gonna know big body steamed out a little bit. Enjoy summer. Get get back in the gym and help the team know we got a lot of guys coming. Nazim Saudikov should be fighting soon. Billy Q will be fighting soon.




Right back to the gym.




Sharpens iron.


There you go.


How quick are you trying to get back? Because I got some friends in New York and it sounds like New York is a pretty fun time during the summertime. What's a summer look like on Strong Island?


Oh, man. There's nothing better. You'll see right out here, I'll set up the badminton net.


There we go.


A couple of things I'm good at. I'm good at fighting and I'm good at badminton. And I think that's pretty much then we're in the water and stuff, and we're training and it's sometimes always a good time.


Badminton is a fun game. I haven't played that since I was at school. You know what I mean? You don't strike me as your typical badminton player, do you? Rock up to the courts and all the other the housewives and the women and you're less intimidating looking guys and like, who the fuck is this guy? What's he doing?


This is the only place I play badminton is right here at my house. And whoever wants to come and challenge me, but to get a shot at me on the badminton court, you got to beat this guy first.


No. Is this your old mom can't play?


I still beat these kids every summer. We have a huge badminton tournament. You beat Aljo? I beat no, I beat yeah, he beat.


Oh, we're going to have to talk to Marab about this. See if we can get one of these badminton tournaments.


Exactly. Exactly. Let's go back to the fight with Drew. He was pressuring a know, you came out of there like wild. You're throwing a lot of shots, a lot of offense. As always, he was cutting the cage if he was pressuring you a.




Know, because when he fought Bobby Green, he took a lot of shots and he's got a tremendous chin. And I don't just mean to look at either. He's got one hell of a jawline, but he can take a punch. I think perhaps he had a false sense of security that he could take your shots. You know what? He was just he was kind of walking you down with no hesitation and no respect of what was going to come back with respect to Drew because he's awesome. But when you hit with that jab and then that right hook, I mean, when that connected, you feel it on your fist. Did you know? Oh, this is knew it.


I knew it landed good. And then I saw him drop and I smelt blood and I went for no disrespect, but the old Dan Hendo.




I love this guy.


I don't know what to say. I'm going to start crying my eyes out in a minute.


He just dodged it.


Son of a bitch.


He dodged the old Dan Hendo. But then I just kept the grounded pound coming and I landed a couple headbangers, some left headbangers, my hands a little sore, my wrists a little swollen from, I think, all those left headbangers, and then some old school Donkey Kong ground and pound to finish them off. So it was a nice finish.


Were you having a tough time with maybe the range and the pressure? Because it did seem like obviously, with all due respect, it seemed like you were having a tough time with either your timing or the range, kind of at the first half of the first round. I don't know if maybe the crowd had you super hype. And you were a little bit you were just swinging really wide and kind of letting them fly for a little bit.


I always got that right hand on a hair trigger, trying to control that a little bit. But I honestly, sometimes my game plan was to wrestle him, and I was planning on wrestling him once he got over aggressive with his strikes, but I felt good standing up. I was busting his face up. I cut him with that head kick. He was leaking, and I was landing, and I was moving. And my awareness, I've built my awareness up. Shout out Coach Longo. Ray Longo wants me to build my awareness, build my awareness and work in my movement. My movement feels good. I could strike moving backwards. I could strike moving forwards. But he was a southpaw, and I love fighting southpaws. Honestly, I love my attacks against the southpaw opponent, and it's fun, but eventually I want to wrestle, too, show my jitsu.


No need to keep knocking people out.


Like, yeah, I'm mad about it.


We were just talking a second ago. It's funny you mentioned very long ago. What are you drinking there, by the way?


I got some g fuel. Check this out. Dragon Ball Z. G fuel.


There we go. Are you a Dragon Ball fan? I got to be honest, I think I'm the generation ahead of Dragon Ball Z. You know what I mean? Maybe I'm a little old.


I'm not really anime guy, but I love dragon Ball Z is sick.


Let's go. Let's go.




So we were just talking a moment ago about Matt Sarah and Ray Longo and how, as viewers sitting at home watching, they're one of the most interesting, fun, and obviously very capable and skilled and experienced corner teams. When you're in there in the gym on a day to day basis, what's it like training with those guys? Because I'm assuming, you know, whilst they're obviously so experienced and got so much expertise and have a wealth of knowledge listen, I know Matt Sarah very well. He's out of his goddamn mind in the best way possible, and Ray Longo's got a great sense of humor. I'm assuming you guys have a lot of laughs through training camp as well, which is, I think, just as important as obviously working hard and training hard, but it keeps the mind happy. You know what?


You know, honestly, the reason that makes this so special, what we do is the relationships we build. And it's like, you walk into law, and it's not even like, right to technique and fight talk. It's like, oh, how's the day going? And just talking about family stuff. And then Raylon goes always there. He's always sitting on his chair or rolling out on a softball on the mat or doing his stretches, and you're just talking and hanging out at the gym, and you got the TV on. You talking about the fights from last night or from the weekend. And whoever's got the fight on, we're watching their fights on the TV. It's just a great environment. And then at like so many awesome Jujitsu Play guys there from New York City policemen and firefighters and just Long Island community. And they're all nasty at Jujitsu. They all can strangle anyone out there. It's a great environment. With Matt Sarah walking in, you could just feel his energy from the other end of the room. And you got his wife, Anne Sarah, who's just smashing pads with Carol in the Cape. And Anne Sarah, you can always know because she makes like, awesome noise every time she hits.


She's a kickboxer, right? She does some kickboxing, yeah.


Two and O is an amateur kickboxer. And her fights are awesome. She goes to war and she does not back down.


That is my obviously with my relationship with Wideman, I've gotten to know Ray and really, really well. And when I watch them corner people, they're like a hot and cold kind of in the corner that almost seems like it works, but sounds like it would be a little bit crazy from the outside, but it does seem to work. Like even watching when before right before he fought, you know, Longo was around and he's so like I was watching him in the corner with Aljo. That first round was kind of wild. Aljo's pushing the pace. He's kind of going off on Cejudo. Then they get in the scramble and round ends and it seems like it's kind of chaotic, right? And then Longo comes in and it's like his voice just kind of brings the temperature down a little bit and then it goes to Sarah and he's going fucking crazy. And then Longo kind of ends it with come on. Just is that the same kind of relationship that you guys have through the entire training camp? That's just how I perceive it from the outside. Is that how you guys you know.


It'S a great dynamic. And when Ray Longo tells you something, you know it's the truth. He's not sugar coating. He's not he tells you what it is, how it is, what you need to hear and what he says. It's the truth. And it goes and then again, it's calming as well because just all the training you put in. And I feel like it also reminds you that you have family of life. It's not all just your family and everything's going to love you, like win, lose or draw. Kind of like calming you down. It's a great ride, honestly. And it's nice having such an awesome team and family out here in Strong.


Sorry, I thought you were done. That's such a good point. You say, though, because I remember one of my coaches back in the day, right before I fought on the Ultimate Fighter Three finale, he said to me right before, he says, remember every second of every minute. Of training that you have ever done comes down to this moment. This is all that matters in life. And I was like, you're not saying the right things. And he's absolutely right. Listen, this is cool. This is great, and we're trying to make a living, and we're trying to take our career as far as possible, but also, there is other things in life, so it's a good way to keep that in perspective. Now, let me ask you, this Saturday on the microphone, you maximized your time on that mic, right? Paddy Pimbler was the call out. Elaborate, please.


Yeah, that's the fight to know. I've been calling that dude out for a while now, but I think the stars aligned now. This is the time to do it. Time is now. I'm on a three fight win streak, three fight knockout win streak. He's on a four fight win know. I think it's what the people want, and that's what makes the UFC so great. You get the fights that the people want to see, and you can't be picking and choosing your own bullshit fights. And I think he accepted it. I don't see why he wouldn't want to fight me. He's got to fight somebody. He said, I'm the easiest way to the top 15. Listen, you look at the top 15 of the lightweight division, and it's a murderers row. Yeah, you got to fight somebody. Fight me.


You think he'll still take a fight with you, even because there was some talk about him and Drew fighting and the timelines weren't matching up.


But with me, it's about making sure that the UFC will make this fight.


I love that. When do you want to fight? Because he is coming back from an injury, right? When do you want to fight? Are you willing to wait a little bit longer?


Best case scenario madison Square Garden in November. I always got that starred.


This is a big fight. That's my favorite event of the year all year long. I love Madison Square Garden. Fights are just different in the Garden, and it's perfect.


Like, beginning in November, right before Thanksgiving.


Right before Christmas, right before New Year's.


And that gives him five months as well to heal up, because he's obviously recovering from ankle surgery. Five months. He could probably do that. That'd be interesting.


I've had ankle surgery, too. I got two pins in my ankle. I fought in six months after the surgery. Yeah, you should be hungry by then to want to fight.


I'm sure he does. Listen, Patty does like to fight. I mean, a lot of people talk a lot of shit because he's one of those guys. He's outspoken, he's loud, and all the rest of you know, you're right. He does need to step know. He had that win over Jared Gordon. Now it's time to take the next logical step. And I do think I mean, Drew Dober would have been great, but, you just took that spot, simple as that. So, yeah, for what it's worth, I sign off on that, but that doesn't mean anything. I don't make the fights, Matt. We've got a lot of other people to speak to, so we're going to say thank you very much. Thanks for joining us. Go back to the badminton, back to the what is it, the drink, what was it called?


G fuel.


Get back to that. G fuel. Hey, congrats again on a sensational victory Saturday night. Always love watching your fight, been a longtime fan. Thank you for joining us and hopefully talk again soon.


Congrats, man.


Thanks to both you guys. You guys are both legends.


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Oh, really? I just have in passing. Never, like in never a long conversation.


That's what I mean. I've said hello and whatnot, but I've never had a proper chat. It's always cool to do that. So yeah, man. I mean, he was phenomenal Saturday night. I guess we should follow on from there. It was hard seeing Drew Dober go down like that, because, again, you get to speak to them and obviously you know him. You know him very well.


Yeah. That's the game, though. That's the game. The better man won, and Drew's okay, so it is what it is, man. It's a heartbreaking sport, honestly. What crazy power in that dude's hands, though. Like Drew Dober's never he hasn't been knocked out in I mean, it's that's a hard dude to finish with punches. So credit to him. Yeah, that's tough.


No, absolutely. We got a lot of fight stuff, a lot of stuff to talk about at the weekend. Harrington come on, brother. Give us a bit of brother. Give us a little just a little misdirection from mixed martial arts. Just fucking give us something else to talk about for a minute.


All right. How about the family in Sydney that is refusing to sell its property despite the fact that an entire neighborhood has been built up around this one house? Have you seen this?


I have seen it, but I don't know if you were this Hamilton, there was a bloody the King of England got crowned at the weekend. Is that not the leading story in the world?


That'll happen a couple of times in my lifetime, probably.


I don't know.


This house is Sydney, though.


Yeah. Let's have a look. So look at this. Yeah. Hold on. Is there a video there, Brian? I think there is.


Go to the right.


But it's not yeah, so this is way back in the day. Go on, Harrison.


Yeah, this is just the time lapse showing the entire neighborhood growing around this.


I love that. Those people are my new best friends.


So they've just said, no, we're not selling.




And now they've been offered $50 million.


If they don't sell after the $50 million offer, they're fucking idiots.


They're idiots.


It's a great story now, but if they don't sell for $50 million, you're stupid. Because their property is not worth $50 million.


It's not worth $50 million. And I get it. Listen, it's like, no, this is our land. This is our farm. This is whatever the hell it is. But over time, you can clearly see it's become a massively built up area. They're holding out strong. They own that land and they're like, no, my father left me this land, or whatever the case may be.


I'd be sorry.


Dad, they've just offered you $50 million. Right now. It's time. Take the offer. Take the 50 million. That guy's I don't know the person, but I'm assuming he's not a young man. Take that $50 million, go and live your life. Do whatever. Yes.


Brian what if there's a body buried on the yard and they're just trying to protect their family from a murder charge?


Brian's Conspiracy corner.


I would have never thought of that.


You never know. Maybe that's what they're definitely going to.


Find it when they're digging foundations for houses and stuff.


Well, that's what I'm saying. You would be like, no, I'm never selling this place just because I don't want Grandpa to have a just move the bottom.


But there's a similar thing in England. There's a motorway freeway called the M 62. And as you're driving along it, the freeway is either side and there's a farm in the middle. It's not a particularly big farm. And the story goes that the same thing. They tried to buy that piece of land and he said no. So they just built a freeway either side of it and it's pretty miserable. Do you know what I mean? It's a pretty miserable existence. Cars going past all the time. Sell that house, $50 million, live out your wildest fantasies, do whatever the hell you want. And when the time comes that you pass away, you can leave generational wealth to your family.


I don't think you can do that in the US. I don't think you can do that because when I was growing up, you couldn't hold out that long. They'll just take it from you. When I was growing up, they were extending the highway that came in between the two small towns, like, I lived in one. And then there was another small town 20 miles away where they were turning the two lane into a four lane highway. Well, there was all these houses and farms along the original highway that sat Backaways, but they needed that land to build the roads and extend the highway and all that stuff. And a lot of those farmers said no, that they weren't going to sell because they didn't want it. And I believe a couple of them were in a situation where the county said, here's the amount of money we're willing to offer you, and if you don't take it, we're just going to take the land anyways.


Well, Harrington just chimed in with two things. He said, the right of the government and its agent to go on. Harrington, explain.




So that's called eminent domain, which is exactly that, the right of a government or its agency to exporiate private property for public use with payment of compensation. So whatever they say, exporia. Yeah, I'm not the best speaker.


You know, just break down. We got Charles Jordan. Welcome to the show, Charles. 1 second brother Exporiate. What does exfoliate mean?


Harrington it means we're taking your shit, man.


Yeah, exactly.


Yeah, they'll just take it.


Well, that's not very red, white and blue.


Yeah, there was a lot of people really pissed about it, but they held out as long as they could. But it's got to a point where they were like, all right, this is the most we're going to give you, so take it, or we're just going to leave the money here and take it anyway.


Well, that guy in Sydney. If you do happen to be a regular listener to the Believe in Me podcast yeah, just tell us, sell and give us 10 million. If you had $50 million, if you had a piece of land you could sell for 50 million, what would you do? And I know we've spoke about stuff like this before, and charles Arrow Jordan, I hope he comes back. I hope he didn't hear us.


It's probably his land.


He's like, Fuck this podcast. They're talking about farms for 50 mil.


I'm not talking about exfoliating with these nerds.


I don't like this. Are you intoxicated 50 mil? Anthony? First thing you would do, okay, I.


Would find another farm, which wouldn't be hard to do. I would find another one. Good point. I don't know. You'd probably find a pretty goddamn big one for, like, $5 million and then buy some cool toys and shit and then invest the rest. La like, if you had $50 million, how much money would it just say you spent $10 million on your home and then you spent another $5 million and all? I probably couldn't spend $5 million on dumb shit like cars and toys and just fun shit. I probably couldn't spend $5 million on that. And then the rest, what do you do with it?


Well, here's the thing. $50 million, you do not put if anyone wins a lottery or whatever, anyone comes into a windfall of that amount of money or anywhere near that, you don't put that in the bank. Because if that bank goes under, which a lot of banks are these days, I think only $100,000 changes on some banks is guaranteed by the government. You would lose the rest of it. So you give it to somebody to take care of a business manager, a wealth fund manager, whatever. And those guys can get seven to 12% on average. About seven or 8% interest, which is crazy. Three, 4 million a year. Anyway, just live off that. Keep the 50 mil. Charles arrow. Jordan. What is up, my brother? How are you, man? Thanks for joining the show. I appreciate you.


Thank you very much for having me. You are both incredible fighters and it's an honor to talk with you guys.




No, listen, you were sensational Saturday night, man. And when I watched that fight back, I thought, we got to get Charles on. I've been a huge fan of your fight. The way you bring it every time, such an entertaining style. And then Saturday night went out there against Cron Gracie, and it was the perfectly executed game plan. You stuck to it perfectly. Talk to me about the experience.


So basically my record right now in the UFC is five, five and one. So it's not an incredible record when you see from the outside. But I've been on the edge of so many razor sharp decision, like the majority one with Shane Burgos that many people thought I won. And he was ranked number 14. So that was my big thing. There was also with Andre Philly, a split one and then a draw in Abu Dhabi. There was always that because of the fact that I was so immature and so wanted to entertain more than to win, I was on the bad side of it. So in the past eleven years, fighting, the last eight months were the first time I took such a long break since I fought Nathaniel Wood, our fellow Englishman of yours. Very skilled man. And then I decided, okay, I need.


To take is that in Paris?


Yeah, that was in Paris. My 6th fight in the span of a no, sorry, my fifth fight, but six weight cuts considered. I went to last minute to fight Tuporia at one point, but Tuporia fell, I think ill during the weight cut, so he couldn't fight. So it was six weight cut. I was very drained. Like I rehydrated the night in Paris. I rehydrated from 145 to 147 yesterday. Sorry, two days ago I reiterated to 160. So, yeah, in Paris, I was destroyed. I went in, I fought. I really wanted to be on that Paris cart, no regrets. But yeah, I needed that little break just to make sure everything start realigning. And yeah, I stick to the game plan with Cron. And yeah, it was a good performance.


How stressful is it just to be very real? How stressful is it to fight someone that's such a specialist but has so many holes everywhere else? You know that you have a clear path to victory, but if you wane just a little bit and end up in just a bad spot for a second, that can change everything. How stressful is it preparing for that?


Yeah, exactly.


I know if I would get out of line and I think my last two or three fights, there were sometimes when these guys had my know because I was so immature and excited during the fight. So I knew one mistake with Kron, he takes your back, takes your head, and then you're done. So it was very stressful, but it went a little bit like I expected. Either way, I'd get submitted by Cron. Oh, cron's back. Kron is the big thing. Everything or, oh, Cron gets destroyed because he shit at MMA. I saw a lot of critique of him online, but one thing for sure, I understand the family he comes from. He was very dangerous in the guard. So even though he didn't have his best performance, I think I blocked everything he wanted to do. I cannot give myself some credit for not allowing him to push his Jujitsu game.


Yeah, I mean, look, listen, as I said, your game plan was perfect. I'm very disciplined. The boxing, as always, was phenomenal. The combinations were fast, they were crisp, they were nice. And then you got out of harm's way. You would move away and then reset, essentially, and let him come to you. Obviously, he's trying to take you down. He couldn't take you down because the wrestling side of Jiu Jitsu is a little bit flawed, in probably everybody's opinion. But then he was pulling guard, and he managed to do that successfully. When he pulls guard, he gets you down. You land in there, you were perfect. You clammed up. Also, you shelled up. You didn't play the Jujitsu game. I thought you did it perfectly. But what was going through your mind when eventually he gets a bit of success and you're like, Shit. The whole game plan was not being this man's guard. Now I'm in his guard. What was going through your mind?


It was the inner control of the biceps. It's very common in Moitai, because if you don't, there's some elbows, but he wants to bait you to attack his face. That's why I was attacking the body, because once you attack the face, he can separate your upper body from your arm. And there you go. He's trying to snatch an armbar. So in my opinion, I was in the guard holding the bicep, giving some shots to the body. It was either the ref would get us up, which I would win, or I'm on top, and you're not lending any submission, so I'm winning. It was the first time in my career I heard some booze. But I think the booze came from the fact that he was pulling guard. And me protect myself. Like, I cannot turn myself into a ground and pound machine against one of the guy who have a very dangerous guard in the 45 pound division. So that's why I was a little bit conservative.


Regard, you have to be. And even it was like, takedown attempt after attempt, and then he pulled guard. And I felt like such an idiot because I didn't even consider like, I was like, oh, God, he's pulled guard. Because most of the time, Cron is probably the only guy that could pull guard in MMA. And me be like, okay, that makes sense. So I thought you did a fantastic job dealing with, like, I felt like at times, watching you fight, although I've enjoyed every single second of it. But I remember the reason I asked about the Paris thing, because it reminded me. I remember standing in one of the little tunnels watching the fight. And I think that you gave a perfect analysis that maybe sometimes you get wrapped up having too much fun and not so much. And maybe at times weren't so focused on winning the actual individual positions as you went, because it was an incredible fight and I loved watching every second of it. But there was definitely moments where if you just backed off, slowed down just a little bit, I think he could probably win most of those exchanges.


He just isn't focused on that. I feel like this fight with Cron, though, was probably your best performance, in my opinion. Not just because you won and you did it by such a large margin, but because you were so forced to have to focus on winning each one of those positions and not getting out of control. I thought it was your best performance. Do you think maybe fighting him helped you level up and maybe fight a more disciplined, kind of focused fight?


I would say it was more losing twice in a row with the fight that I rewatched. I can't believe that you did those stupid mistakes. It's time to level up. So, yeah, I think losing is not a great thing, but it can be a great thing if you use it properly. And, yeah, that's why eight month layoff was one of the best gift I ever give myself, just to take a step back, analyze and be like, okay, I'm starting to understand this longevity thing. The guys say it's a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time. And also, when you lose, it doesn't matter how much the crowd enjoyed your fight or not your fight pay is cut enough in UFC, so that hurt a lot, the financial aspect of it. And also, if you want to be in contention or reproach to the top 15, you need to be a little bit smarter. But I'm getting older. I'm getting there.


Yeah. I mean, it's a thinking man sport, and yes, you were disciplined and all the rest of it, but I'll be honest, I love it when Charles Jordan just goes full Charles Jordan. You know what I mean? When you're Sparta kicking people, when you're throwing flying knees, when you're being absolutely crazy, because you have had some crazy moments inside the Oxygon and some incredible fights. Tell the people. And this is the first time we've spoken at length. And again, thank you for your time, but everyone watching this. What can you share with us about a younger Charles Jordan? Tell us about you growing up. What was life like? Were you a kid getting into trouble or anything like that? Give us your life story, please.


Got to get over it. I grew up with three brothers, so there was four of us. With my father, it was five men in a household with our mom. And, yeah, it was pretty intense, pretty rough, pretty pushy. And we had a father who was very strict, not a man who talked a lot, but he would discipline us when we needed it. And, yeah, just four turbulent kids. And then I found martial art one day. Actually, my first interaction with UFC was when Anthony Perez threw the cage kick to Benson Anderson, and it was all over the news because there was no YouTube and everything back. We just there was YouTube. But it was started for me. So me, I was going to bed with my cookies and my milk, and I look, and then I see a guy on the cage kick, a guy in the face.


I'm like, oh.


And then I went to watch. And then my father's like, yeah, he called it UFC back then. Like many amateurs, when they don't know, they say, oh, it's UFC. But it was WEC back then. So, yeah, started bringing us to casual spa, which is a sports bar here with my younger brother. And I think there was a pay per view every, like, once a month. And I think the first one we ever saw was 137, where George was supposed to fight Nick Diaz, but Nick pulled out, and he was fighting BJ penn instead. So Nick Diaz against Bjpen was one of the first event, and they were like, okay, sign us up. Started training. Started fighting amateur just for the fun of it. There was never a UFC dream or whatever. And then, damn, we're pretty good at it. And then me and my brother start fighting amateur, and then we went to Thailand to just live. And the first time I got paid for a fight was $40.


It's not a lot, but that's how it goes.


Exactly. But you get money for doing something you love. It changed my perception. I'm like, wow, if I put my mind through it, I can achieve something with that. Then started pro, start winning belts. Then you arrive in the UFC, you're nine and one two division champion. You think you're the shit. You think you're the fighter Canada ever seen. Then you get into the UFC and you're like, oh, my God, I was special. But amongst sea level class fighter, now I'm fighting monsters and monsters and monsters. So, yeah, getting to the UFC, I start understanding when George said, getting to the UFC is easy, or even becoming champion is easy. Defending some things that George said, I start putting perspective into it. I'm like, okay, I thought I was special, but there's some special motherfuckers in the.




There definitely is my road that led me to this warriors path that I really enjoy.


Let me ask you about sorry, Anthony.


No, go ahead.


Let me ask you about Cron, because he's a very intense guy. All fight week on the embeddeds and things like that. And I've interacted with him as well. And I'm not necessarily saying that's a negative thing, but he's a very intense man. What kind of moments did you share? Did you see each other in the hotel? Was there any kind of beef? Was there any trouble?


I know he wants to make people react just the way he square himself up. That's why I saved my hand with my pocket, and I just wanted him to understand. Whatever you do, you're going to adjust to what I'm doing. I'm not going to adjust to what you're doing. So every time we had interaction, it was always him just poking. But I understand what you mean. I saw the embedded. Everybody in the UFC staff was saying they had terrible interaction with him. He was this, he was that. But take step back. I think before you judge, you need to understand, but once you understand, you don't feel like judging. So when it comes to cron, I'm a big fan of his father. I'm a big fan of him as well. And you understand comes from I remember Cejudo and Sterling were having beef, their team saying that to this guy. Every time we were going to the lobby or whatever, there was always these crazy fans insulting each other. And I think it takes a little bit from the martial art aspect where respect could be something important. I know there's a build up and everything, but I felt Krun hated all those confrontation around, and he felt it was stupid, so they was getting up to him.


That's my take on it. Even at the press conference, it was very nonchalant. And he's there to fight, get his money and go back to Montana or whatever he is. So I send him. But also, I understand that UFC makes money off personality of fighters and interaction in the way you build up the fight. So, yeah, there's like two sides of the coin. But for me, myself, I'll forever be a fan of Crown. Gracie.


Yeah, I'm envious of Crown a little bit because he acts during fight week how I want to, but I just can't. You got this crazy media schedule, and you kind of just want to say, fuck it, to everything, and say, I want to be a pouty little bitch this whole time, and I don't want to talk to anybody. I just want to train. I want to go back to my hotel room and play video games or lay in bed and watch stupid videos on Instagram, come back down and take these pictures and go back. That's how I would like to be. Because sometimes not all the time, a lot of times I like interacting with fans. I don't mind doing the media, but when you don't feel like doing it, that's how you want to act. So when I've been around him. Like, man, I wish I could just be like him a little bit and just well, number one, I wish my Jujitsu was as good as his, but also I wish I could just not give a shit as much as he does. Yeah. It seems a little intimidating, though, when I've been around him.


His quiet, intenseness I don't know, sometimes.


An aura, for sure.


Yeah, I'm too loud and boisterous sometimes. So when I'm around him, like, okay, I better be a little quieter because I'm going to annoy him. But I don't know why I care.


Yeah, very intense. And like you said, the aura you feel sometimes those aura, like, there was a big difference between, let's say his and Cejudo. Cejudo is all happy, making all those fun things fucking sterling and everything. But if you see, if you would close your eyes next to both of these men, there's a killer instinct that comes from one and yeah, it would come from absolutely.


Yeah. Yeah. Well, listen, as I say, I'm a huge fan of your style. Saturday night, great win. Who do you want to fight next?


I talked about it in BarBosso, but he replied, Sorry.


That's right, you did. My apologies. Correct.


No problem. I talked about it, but I threw it out there. And if the UFC wants to do it, I'm good with it. But he's high in the rankings, and I know that they don't want me to step over, let's say cassettes. And all those 1415 guys, and I understand me is not about the ranking. It's just, fuck. I've been preparing three months with black belts from around the world, starting with my back. Judo black belts. It was a camp. It was horrible, man.


You're like, I'm sick of grappling.


It was so awful. But it paid dividend during the fight. But, man, it was one hell of a tough camp. Like, there was morning, I would wake up and I'd be like, I can't believe I'm going there, and then go there, get beat up by all those monster, like, ABCC guys I couldn't name. All the guys who came to help was so now I would like a proper kickboxing stand up.


Yeah, exactly.


I put it out there, and if it comes, I will be happy. But whatever UFC says, I'll make a plan, make a strategy, and come up with the solution to defeat whoever front of me.


I appreciate the honesty, because I think that's something that the fans at home don't always understand, that different styles that you have to prepare for are more grueling and taxing, depending on what your own personal style is. I'm a jiu jitsu guy at heart. But if I'm fighting a better jujitsu guy, those are just miserable training camps, because you have to find, like, five guys that are way better than you, which means you're spending every single day in the worst possible position losing to people that are people that would probably put you there even if they wanted to. But then you have to start there.


It's tough.


So I appreciate the honesty there. That's a shitty camp.




It's incredibly taxing on the body. The mind like, you tap. Let's say you're super tired, it's your fifth training partner, and then he gets you with something and you're like, man, this guy has nothing on the guy I'm fighting, and he's tapping me. Oh, my God, I'm going to lose. And then your brain goes bananas. So, yeah, it's quite awful. But, yeah, you don't want to be the king in the gym. This is something people think, oh, in the gym, you must be I'm not the best. If I'm the best in my gym, I would get beat up in the UFC. You need guys to challenge you in every area of this. People are like, oh, in the gym, you must beat everybody. No, I'm getting fucked in the gym.


You've got to.


I'm getting outstriked. They say I'm a very good striker. I'm getting outboxed by those professional boxers. I'm getting beat up in order to prepare properly. So this is something fans might think it's the opposite, but no, we're getting our ass kicked in the gym. Me, personally.


That's the way it's got to be. If you're the one doing all the ass kicking, it's time to go to a new gym. Charles, we'll have to say goodbye, my friend. Thank you so much. Congratulations again on a sensational victory. Can't wait to see your next fight in there. Love what you bring to the table. You're a class act. Lovely to talk to you, my friend. And, yeah, thank you for everything.


Thank you very much for having me, gentlemen. Have a nice one.


Yeah. Take care, my guy.


Take care. What a class act.


Really smart guy, too. Really intelligent. Just the way he breaks down his own career. He was very honest about some of the mishaps and the immaturity and his decision making, and it takes a mature, intelligent person to be able to notice those things and then be able to talk about it. That's a big deal in growth moving forward.


I mean, you said it perfectly. You said it perfectly. Because when you look at Charles, he has had some kind of emotional moments inside the Oxygon, so you kind of think it's the first time we've spoken. You never know what you're going to get. But when you speak to him, he's very analytical, clearly understands the fight game on a very high level.


He was clear. He said he's five five and one in the UFC, and then was able to break down three split decisions that he lost because he was making bad decisions and being immature and trying to entertain and not win. That sounds like a guy that's about to go on a win streak to me.


And him versus Edson Barboza. Oh, my God, what a fight that would be.


I loved his reasoning, had nothing to do with what Edson's done. It was like, that guy definitely's not going to shoot.


Yeah, well, no, people don't understand when you're just doing training camps, defending takedowns, defending rear naked chokes, escaping armbars, rear naked chokes, all that stuff. It's. Oh, God. Another day. Another day. Here we go again. Can we just do some sparring? Can we do some nice, a little bit of have some fun, dance around a little bit? No. Today we're escaping anacondas. Do you know what I mean?


Today we're dealing with guard poles all day.


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Death of the afro.


The death of the Afro. But I was talking about this on BT sport. He's a savage fighter and all the rest of it, but you go out there, you want to fight dominantly, but if it doesn't go your way, you've got to be able to every round, put that behind you, put that in the rear view mirror. And it's easy for us to say that when we're sitting there at home, we're not the person fighting with one arm because it clearly, in my opinion, when he shot in for that takedown in round one, bilal timed the kick. I think the knee connected with the shoulder. I think that's what caused it. And he was fighting clearly just with his kicks and his right hand after know, so it's easy for me to go, oh, you need to forget about that round. But it's hard to focus positively on the upcoming round when it's like, bro, one arm isn't working. I can't grapple, I can't shoot, I can't can't I have less offensive weapons? So we should be talking about and just a look in his face, he looks so defeated, man, you know what.


I talked a lot about like, man, Bilal's got some balls. He's putting this win streak on the line on short notice. And it was like, I didn't even consider that Gilbert was doing the same. Did it seem different because he'd been more active and was coming off of a fight as well? But I didn't consider that he's coming off of three training camps, that's three weight cuts, that's three really tough fights. I didn't even think about that. So he was in a similar position just in different ways as Bilal. And then he doesn't get a fair shake at it. First round, go in a first out of five, then you tear your shoulder up and you're one arm be like, man, that's a whole lot of risk. There was a lot writing on it. And then if he gets beat fair and square, like, whatever, that's just part of the game. But man, I did feel for him. But God damn, Balal looked incredible though. He looked totally different.


Yeah, because I even started the conversation talking about Gilbert Burns. We should be talking about, you know, listen, he took the final short, know, he just went through Ramadan. He was riding a nine fight win streak. That's a lot of pressure, as know, because again, on the BT sports show yesterday, the lads were like, he didn't bring it. If you've got a one armed opponent there, you've got no excuse not to finish that person. I didn't see the eye of the tiger. I didn't see a hungry man. I didn't see a person that wanted to make a real stamp on that victory and say to the world, I'm fighting for that belt next. I'm like, yeah, but hold on a minute. Look at the pressure the man's under, you know what I mean? He's worked for years and years. He's unbeaten in the last four years, won no contest against Leon Edwards. That's a lot of pressure. And that goes out the window and listen sometimes. I mean, Dana had already announced, listen, whoever wins this fight will get a title shot. So, listen, we all want to be fan friendly, we all want to put on those amazing fights and get those knockouts and those stoppages as well.


But I just think we got to be fair to Bilal. There's a lot of pressure there, and if he can cruise, which he kind of was doing, and I guess that's the criticism, I mean, even Conor McGregor came out, didn't talk to a bit of if what you're doing is winning every round, almost, then you're not really forced to change it. Granted, as fans, we want to see someone go out there, push the action, put on a blisteringly long combination, get the knockout, but if he's winning every.


Round have we ever seen Bilal do that, though?


Well, correct.


That's not what he does to be fair to him. It's not fair of us to expect him on three weeks notice against one of the best welterweights ever, in my opinion, to go out and do something that he's never done before. He's not a blistering combination guy. He's out there outstriking a guy that he shouldn't be able to outstrike. Realistically, he shouldn't be outstriking Gilbert Burns, but he doesn't have the choice to shoot takedowns because it's not any better of a place down there. Know, as much as I would also have liked Bilal to put his foot on the gas and show me something, get exciting, give me something crazy, that's not his style anyways. It's not fair of us to expect him to fight way outside of himself when he's already doing something, in my opinion, that's way outside of himself. And that's switch, I mean, he was switching stances, his kicking game was on fire. He's never really fought like that. So I thought that he way outperformed my expectations by a lot, so I just want to give him some credit. I thought that he looked fantastic. And although the criticism of everyone saying that he didn't wow anybody, and it's a hard performance to claim a title shot off of, if he had a style that was able to do that, he'd have done it six or seven fights ago.


Unbeaten in ten fights now, though, do you know what I mean?


At some point, at some point, you win.


Just like Leon Edwards. Just like Leon Edwards. Eventually you get the shot. If you keep winning relentlessly, nonstop for.


That long, like John Fitch, like, at a certain point, you just couldn't tell him no anymore. He didn't have a crazy style. He wasn't knocking people out, he wasn't going insane. He just beat everybody and you didn't have a choice. You had to put him in. He had beaten everyone.


Yeah, yeah. We can't sit here and listen. I'm a fan of Bilal. I think he's very funny. He's got a great personality, hell of a fighter. We can't sit here and say that he's like one of the most exciting fighters in the no. And he's effective, though. He's effective good. He's talented, he's strong, he's dynamic, he's tall, and he's getting the wins. We just had Charles Jordan on, just saying, listen, winning in the UFC is really hard. Getting there is the easy part. Winning fights, winning ten in a row. And then when you look at the record of some of the people that he's beaten, obviously we just had Gilbert Burns at the weekend. There's Damien Meyer on there. There's Stephen Wonderboy Thompson. Although I'm just bringing up his record here. I mean, it's been Sean Brady, obviously.


Who was I thought that was a great win, too.


Sean Brady was undefeated at the time. My bloody computer's being weird. What's he doing? Oh, my God. There we go. Vincente Luque. Steven Thompson. Damien Meyer. Diego Lima. Lyman good. All right, so the name value drops down, but the last few leon Edwards, Damien Meyer, Stephen Thompson, Vincente Luque, undefeated. Sean Brady, and then Gilbert Burns. I mean, come mean, what more can the man do to be fair? What more can he do? So he'd rightly get a title fight. I feel for Gilbert Burns because you hit the nail on the head. The training camps, the fights, the weight know, we love those type of people that go out there and fight all the time or throw down and I'll step up short notice, that gets people excited, but it comes at a price, it comes at a cost. And would that shoulder of injury have happened had he not had such a rigorous schedule throughout the whole year?


Maybe not.


We don't know. We don't know. Maybe that kick was so powerful it would have blown out his shoulder or whatever the issue is regardless. Or maybe he's just wear and tear.


Worn down, not resting enough.


Not resting and not recovering know? So listen, well done to him. Did we see this? Hamilton and Brian, I'm going to put this on you right now. I saw a thing this morning. Colby came out because obviously Colby's fighting Leon next. Regardless of where that fight's going to happen, he's saying it's going to happen in America. Leon, obviously, is calling for the Abu Dhabi fight. Colby came out this morning and said, what's Belal going to do, sit around forever and wait? He's going to be sitting on the sidelines for a long time. He also then called him a racist, which is just Colby being Colby, but.


He'S been calling Bilal racist for a while.


Has he really?


Yeah, it's been a while.


What grounds?


I don't remember what the initial thing was, but I'm sure Harrington probably remembers, though. But I don't remember why he initially started calling it racist, but it's been going on for a couple of months.


I think I've got the quote here, actually, hold on a minute.


You don't give a shit about us.


Yeah. No, I know. Where's our little backup? Bloody research, bitch. Where is he? He says bitch is a bit of.


A stretch, but I was actively pulling.


What'S the initial reason that he keeps calling him racist? Where'd that start?


So I believe, if I'm not mistaken, I'm going to double check this, but I believe he's the one who know he's getting Dana white privilege. And Colby was like, oh, you're coming to me because I'm white? You're racist.


I've got the quote here. He said, I think Harry can put.


It in the notes, too.


Forget it. He says, if anything, they're just trying to get rid of that racist. Remember the racist Bilal Mohammed. It's disgusting, man. Bill lill is a racist. The fact he said, I earned something on the color of my skin because I'm white, nobody earns that's disgusting. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Colby does. Colby doesn't it? He is a sound bite machine. And, yeah, he says controversial stuff and he might threaten to kill John Annex family. You just take it with a pinch of salt. Now, granted, to be fair in this day and age, throwing around the racism thing, not that I care, you know what I mean, because I'm not a sensitive little sissy, but somebody, some people are. And if they are, grow up. It's just Colby. It's the fight business. People say stuff.


Well, those two are in a position to fight it out if they have to. Go ahead, Harrington. Sorry.


I just wonder how Colby Covington is going to say anybody is holding out too long. The man hasn't fought since March 5, 2022. How are you the authority on how long a guy can sit out and get a title shot? That's crazy.


Well, now you're speaking in stuff that makes sense, Harrington, and that's not always something that Colby Covington does.


Yeah, but to be fair, he's got the title fight.


It's true.


So one could argue he played it perfectly.


Yeah, you can definitely make that argument.


He's fighting for the belt and all.


He had to do was make weight.


I'll tell you what, though, I do think that Colby will give Leon a test.


Yeah, it's a tough one. It's a tough one.


But if Leon can do Leon, and this is no disrespect to either man that fought Saturday night, but if Leon can get through Colby, I don't see anybody taking that belt off him anytime soon, if I'm honest. Just because of how good he's looking lately. And we kind of saw when we.


Kind of seen the Balal leon thing wasn't with all respect to Balal, he's grown. He's gotten better. He's done a lot since then.




They weren't even close then. No, it wasn't close for a second. So if Colby wins, though, I also think that whoever is coming up for that title is going to have a tough either. Whoever wins is going to hold on to that title for a minute, because I think Colby's a different version of just he's more willing to continue to shoot takedowns repeatedly over and over and over and over. Where? Kamaro? Really? I don't know that he's physically in a position to do that like he used to, but I think that Colby and Bilal is a nightmare matchup for each other.


And did you see that, sticking with that kind of division? Kamara usman was calling out hamza chimev.


I love that 185. No, it Dana.


Catch weight. I think it was at a catch. The reason I'm saying that, because I saw Dana saying, listen, I don't like to do catch weights. It's not our thing. It doesn't really have and he's right. It doesn't have any relevance on any division. If it's at a catch weight. He said if Kamara wants to come up to 185, fine, we can do that. But at a catch weight? Doesn't make sense. Hey, respect Kamara, though, man. I mean, that is trying to go right back into the deep end. That's not trying to pick an easy fight to get back in the wing column. That's saying, hey, I can't fight for the belt. We'll give me the next toughest test. And that's with respect to everyone else.


Yeah, it's crazy. No one's calling Hamzat.


No, they're not. He's been very quiet lately.


Yeah. Sounds like just usman. And.


Did you watch the king's coronation at the weekend, Anthony?


No. I did see a bunch of people chanting, not riding, but they were like.


There was anti monarchy protesters. He's not our king.


Protesting. There we go.


Yeah, protesting. Yeah.


I also seen a meme that my wife sent me that said it was like, shout out to all the side chicks out there. You still have a chance. And it was like because isn't his wife was his mistress.


Camilla. That's the Queen of England you're talking about.


She was a side oh, she was.


A side piece for a kid.


Shout out to the side chicks. You still have a shot.


Shout out to the side chicks. Oh, my God. Well, it was a big deal in our house. Rebecca loves all that kind of thing. The problem was that the coronation started at 04:00 in the morning.


Before we go too far, can you tell me what a coronation is?


It's actual him being crowned as the king.


Like a ceremony?


Yes, a ceremony of him actually being crowned the king. There he is. I mean, look at that. And you know what they had to do as well. They toned down. I mean, it might look elaborate and festive and grandiose, but they actually toned it down a lot compared to, like, when Queen Elizabeth got coronated. I don't know if that's the right word. Because of what's going on in England, with the cost of living crisis and everyone's suffering and all the rest, they didn't feel it was appropriate to have it quite as lavish as usual. But Harrington and Brian jump on the screen. Let's have a chitchat. Because I'm sure you guys have got something to say about this because I'm not a big massive fan of the monarchy. Even though in our house, Rebecca, she just loves all that type of stuff. She wanted us to get up at 04:00 in the fucking morning and have tea and crumpets in fucking teapots and whatnot. And I'm like, Babe, you're out of your goddamn mind. I'm not the biggest fan, but I do think I do like the tradition of it and I do like to know the historical reference and all the rest of it.


But a lot of people that I know, they were bitching and complaining and all the rest. And they do have a point. And I'm sure this is where Brian's going to jump in because number one, that little prick Prince Harry was there. He shouldn't have been anywhere near there. But more importantly, King Charles's brother who paid off a potential rape victim. Is that correct? I think it was a potential 12 million pounds.


Stayed out of court, from what I understand.


He fiddles kids. It's just the way you say it. That's why I'm laughing. I'm not laughing.


I was trying not to laugh.


Yeah, I'm not into that.


You probably should have left those people at home.


He had lots of trips on the Lolita Express over to old Epstein Island. He did?


Yeah. No, he did. He did.




You know what? Of like, turned me off.


I think I watched an interview one time of he did an interview or came and did an interview one time and it was him denying all of that stuff, but it made him look.


So much more guilty because you know what it was? You know what it was? This was one of his excuses when he got interviewed. The woman that was accusing him or whatever, a girl, I'm not sure. The details said that he was sweating profusely and his defense was, well, that's obviously a lie because I can't sweat. I have something wrong with my sweat glands and I can't sweat. Brian's looking feverishly for the exact quote.


I'm sure, I'm 99% sure he was sweating in that interview when he said that.


Wipes his head. Like, oh, I don't sweat.


I do remember that happen. But, I mean, this guy looks like one of the bad guys from a Harry Potter movie. He's obviously not good.


He is a villain.


I don't like him. I don't like him.


Yeah, I must admit, I didn't like I mean, I'm a fan of it all to be know the historical references and the rich British culture and history that we have, of course.


But I will say, when you have the royal Family like that, you're bound to have at least one bad dude. So the fact that we only got one, that's a monster. You guys are probably doing all right.


Yeah. Speaking of, this conversation did not go in the way I thought it was going to go. Do you know what I mean? Did you catch the coordination of King So cooler kids? The diddling? Oh, God.


There was an awesome guest list. It included Katy Perry, Lionel Ritchie, and one surprise guest. It seems the Grim Reaper popped up at the coronation. Did you see this?


I saw it because you put it in the notes. So I took a look at it and I'm like, what are you talking about, Harriet? But press play. Let's have a look at this.


Dude, this is nuts. This actually happened. So this is the guard coming in, and look at the doorway here.


What the hell is.




Just some nerd just decided to walk by?


But hold on. It never occurred to you? I mean, this is like, everything the costume and all the rest of it is very medieval. Like harrington maybe it was just somebody walking past with a cloak over the head.


Is that a normal thing? The people just walk around with fucking cloaks?


I wonder if it's one of those Esoteric type of things where it's like, this guy represents your mortality or something. Like, I'll look it up, I'll see if that's like a thing. It could be, like, part of the show.


Yeah, no, I don't think so. I don't know. I don't know. Anyway, do you pledge your allegiance to as an honorary Brit? Anthony, this is serious now.




Do you pledge your allegiance to II?




My dad does it. My dad was in the army. Proud soldier. He was very proud. He has been very active on Facebook. He's like, he's not my king. He's not my king. And I'm like, Why is that? He said, well, ever since he messed around on no, no, that's it. He's not my king. And we've got to get my dad on. He's got a lot of crazy political views, but that's out of his goddamn mind. Shout out, dad, if you're watching. All right, Harrington, what MMA news story should we get to? We've been going for a while. We've had a great show. We got lots of questions to get to as well. But what's the big stuff, bud?


Well, I mean, just a couple of other bonus winners from 288. Yanjao NAN and Mob and Diego Lopez on just six days notice, getting the extra fifty K I thought was pretty cool. And then yeah. Did we talk about the O'Malley thing?


Oh, shit, no, we didn't. We didn't. O'Malley.


That's probably the biggest talking point of.


The I don't really care about O'Malley. I love that Marab took his jacket off. More like took the jacket and then put it on. Oh, my gosh. I didn't like this in cage stuff, though, at all.


I liked it. Look at Marab there. He's getting in there, he grabs the jacket, and then all of a. Sudden you see a bulb go off in his head. He's like, oh, I'm going to put this jacket on. He puts it on, then look at the face on him. Now, hold on, where is he? He's so happy with himself, you know what I mean? He's like a little Hobit with a Michael Jackson Thriller jacket on.


You did like it. The mess.


All right, so some people might say that that's an ugly scene, an ugly stain on the sport of mixed martial arts.


I wouldn't go that far.


This is promotion. It's promotion. I liked it a little bit mean. I'm certainly interested in seeing the fight with O'Malley and Al Jermaine now. So it did that know? No, I loved it. I loved every second of, you know, call me a flawed human being. I don't mind a bit of drama.


I enjoyed the drama. It feels cringy at times. I just didn't like the cringiness feeling to it. But I'm excited about the fight. I like that they genuinely don't like each other. I definitely don't mind that. And that was Mara. I hope that in all the promos that they put out, that they make sure they get in Marab putting his jacket.


Know, if I was a fighter, if I was Marab, one of my prized possessions would be a picture of me in that jacket.


Oh, if that was me, you'd have never got on the way. No way. Once I'm wearing it, it's mine.


They almost got into a fight over it, though, didn't they? I think that's what was going on. It was all hell was breaking loose. In fact, Brian, you were there, you were in the arena. What actually happened? Because they didn't show it on camera, so obviously we can see I didn't.


Have, like, an elevated position. I had pretty good seats, so I couldn't see anything through the body. Like, all the bodies, they didn't put it up on the screen. Yeah, it was just like a big scrum. That's it.


Well, Thursday we have Sugar Sean O'Malley joining the show, so we'll get his take on everything and his thoughts on the fight and all the rest of it. But, yeah, I thought that was a great way to cap things off. I did enjoy it. Let's have a look. What have we got? Hamilton, any big MMA news, though?


Some bad news for I'm pretty sure he's been on the show. Friend of the left. I think it was a club or a bar. He hit two parked cars with his car flipped over, airbags deployed. When the police got to the scene, he refused the field sobriety test. So he was charged with a misdemeanor DUI and his license was revoked on site.


Yeah. I don't want to kick him on while he's down.


Yeah, no, this is a tough one.


For me, because he's down. He's lost five in a row.


Tony is down periodically, and it's not always his it's. Tony does have some struggles personally, and you can tell how Tony's doing, like in here and in here very easily by seeing how he acts. And Tony's just not in a great.


Place, right mean, I mean, to be know the five losses that he's had have know it's too. Oh, there he's getting, man. It just sucks, doesn't it? Because, I mean, listen, I'm going to give my thoughts on the whole drink driving thing in just a second, but for a lot of people that might get arrested for drink driving, it's never a fun moment, is it? But then when you're Tony Ferguson or you got a bit of notoriety, a little bit of fame, whatever you want to call it, you plastered all over the local news to I mean, listen, he deserves it. He got behind the wheel of a car. I'm just saying I don't like seeing somebody from our community, somebody like Tony, that has fallen on hard times, that's had some tough fights, that's had some, and I do want to choose my words carefully, some struggles with mental health, shall we know? I think that has been bit of an issue for him. He's had some tough wars inside the Oxygon. And again, I'm not making excuses. I'm not. I'm just saying why again, when I see him on there, it's sad to see when I see yesterday, I'm sitting there watching news.


That's how I found out. It came on the bloody news. I couldn't believe it. It's a massive height to fall from when you're matched up with Khabib five times and you're El Kakui, you lose five times, you get knocked out. Granted, Gagey Chandler, Olivera Dariyush, you know, all top of the food chain guys. But then it's like, should he retire? And then he's getting arrested for not only drink driving. Listen, could hurt. And that's the good thing.


Nobody got hurt, right?


But you get behind the wheel of a car, maybe you've had a couple of cocktails, that's one thing. He flipped his truck all the way over, smashed into two cars. The cars were smashed to pieces. His cars were smashed. Amazing. Nobody got hurt.


It is. I'll never make any excuses for anybody get behind the wheel and driving.




And I'm not going to start now by making any for Tony, but in general, because of kind of where Tony has been in the past, like you said, that he's had some issues that I don't think are 100% his fault.


What do you got about that, Anthony, if you don't mind me asking?


Just the mental health stuff. He can't help that. He really can't. He wants to.


No, you're right.


I'm telling you guys, anyone that's listening, he really wants to. That's part of the shittiest thing that happens to people in this country, that there's not always the help that everybody needs. And it's not for lack of him wanting it. So although he's 100% responsible for drinking and driving. I think that there's probably some extenuating circumstances.


Well, yeah. No, because again, it's not his fault. No, he's going to pay for it.


He's going to pay for it. He was arrested. He's going to have to do his time and get his punishment. But he's not just some idiot that's just trying to go out and be a drunk, stupid idiot and then just get behind the just. It's not how Tony is.


Well, no, and then far be it for me to suppose about his, you know, I can attempt to put myself in his know, you're Tony Ferguson, you're on top of the UFC, you lose five in a row. Everyone's saying you need to retire. I've said it. You've probably said it. A lot of people say know, that's hard to deal with. And again, not making excuses. You feel like you've lost your identity, you feel like you've lost your career, you've lost your earning power. There has been notable struggles in the past that has been documented in the press and things like that without having to go into any so, you know, he's a little, know, cuckoo, for want of a better word, for el Kakui elkakui can be a little cuckoo. You know what I mean? And then the hard part is when you're someone like that and we all go through bad times and bad think I'm trying to find the right words, it's hard to know when the time is to reach out. You don't know when you're going through it. And we're assuming a lot here. We could be completely way off the mark.


He might have just gone out with his boys, got shit faced and not gave a fuck. But again but that might be a sign of other things. But whatever you're going through as a man or as a woman or anyone listening to this, you don't know because you're in it. You're living it. That's your reality on a day to day basis.


And by the time you need it, you're already past the point. You're already past the point of being in a place to ask. That's mental health in a nutshell right there.


Yeah. And again, it sounds like we're making excuses for him. We're not. And I implore everybody, please don't drink and drive. I think we've all been guilty of having a beer and driving. I'm not a drink driver. I'm not a drink driver, but I've definitely got behind the wheel of a car when I've had a beer. I'm not proud of it, but I have, and I think everyone has. So I'm not sitting there being some on my bloody putting myself on a pedestal and lecturing everybody drive a car drunk.


I'm no one to judge anybody. I got more than one DUI, and I've been in a car accident drunk. I mean, it's pretty documented. It was a long time ago and almost killed myself. Really?


I know that. Yeah.


I was on life support. I got lifelighted the hell out of town. Yeah, I was 20. I passed out trying to make it home at like I'd been drinking all night.


Sorry. Do you know what? I think you did say this. You talked about this.


Apologies. Yeah. Got lifelight. Almost died. So I'm not any better than anybody. I feel for him because he feels really stupid right now. I'm sure of it.


And the embarrassment, the embarrassment, it's the finger pointing.


And you know, you're wrong. You can't say anything. You just have to eat it.


No, I don't think anybody, unless you're a real piece of shit, has ever got busted drink driving and felt in their minds that they did nothing wrong. What are you talking oh, come on, don't be stupid. Don't be stupid. Yeah. No. Poor Tony, man. And I shouldn't be saying that because I'll tell you what, I think it's.


Okay to say poor Tony for the situation that he's in and not condone the things that he's done. You know what I mean? I think it's okay. I feel bad for him, although I do hold him responsible. Like, it is his fault. But it doesn't mean I'm not allowed to feel bad for him.


It's because of the fall from grace as well. When you look at the whole circumstances. And as I say, maybe we're wrong, maybe we're wrong, but it looks like from the outside that a man that's struggling a little bit. And as I say, you lose your identity, you lose your earning power, you lose your reputation, you lose your credibility in what you've worked so hard to build up. That's all starting to get taken away. Everyone's criticizing, finger pointing, saying, you need to retire. You can't do this anymore. He's only a human being. You make mistakes. You go out there, you got to live with it, and he's going to have to live with that forever. He's got children. They've got to see that. It's a tough time, man. Tough time. Tony tough time, indeed. Well, that was heavy. And deep. All right, let's talk about Shopify, which is the e commerce platform, which is revolutionizing millions of businesses worldwide. Listen, whatever it is that you're selling, whatever your business is, you need to have a presence online. And I always say it that can sound complicated, sound time consuming, sound very expensive. Well, not with shopify.


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[01:37:16] believe. Take your business to the next level today. slash believe. Should we fucking do a swift U turn?


Not swift.


Swift. U. Turn. Handbrake turn. No alcohol involved, though, of course. What else we got to talk about? Oh. Demetrius. Mighty Mouse Johnson. When I landed from the plane, I was watching that on Amazon on the way home. Shout out to Demetrius. Thanks for joining us last week. Got the job done. Before we get to questions, any breaking news or anything big that we need to get to? I mean, Harrington here is all is in a fit over Mark Zuckerberg winning a jujitsu tournament at the weekend.


I wouldn't say I'm in a.


Fit. Seems a bit like a fit.


You stop getting in a fit.


Harrington, would you bring it up of just some random other white belt? Won a jujitsu tournament?




Excuse me. He's a yellow belt, sir.


When Zuckerberg wins black belt adult worlds, you can bring it up.


I was going to say well, hold on. What bullshit system is he training under? Because last time I checked, if you're an adult if you're an adult, there's no such thing as a yellow belt. Unless you're doing the Dragon Typhoon law system from someone down the street. Homer said something bad there.


I looked at the pictures. He had a yellow belt with a green stripe on it. So, yeah, see, look at that.


That's the competition, idiot.


Okay, I'm dumb.


I'll give it to you.


Competition belt that they when you're competing, they put look, he's got a white belt underneath that one, and then the other one is so when they're given points, look at the wristband on the referee. It matches the belt he's wearing. You're an idiot. This is not breaking news.


It is pretty cool, though, to be fair.


It is. I'm just giving am I?


Because it's great to do.


We wouldn't have got the great yellow belt moment if I had.


Exactly. It's all in a fit over it. Harrington, defit yourself when we come back to you in a minute, I want to see you nice, stable, calm, take some deep breaths, okay? This is going to think for Mark Zuckerberg. Do you know what it says, though? I think that that further accentuates we always talk about it. And it's well known fact in martial arts, in mixed martial arts is a thinking man's game. The better fighter the smarter fighter, the more intelligent a person will win the fight. And I think that Mark Zuckerberg, because we can say whatever we want about him. I'll go out on a limb. This is going to shock you.




I reckon he's smarter than me. What do you reckon? What do you reckon?




He might be a little bit smarter than me and you?


Yeah. The both of us together, probably.


I tell you what, he couldn't think he was wear out of a fucking fire with me, though. I'll rip his head off.


Beat the shit out of that guy.


Yeah outsmart this dickhead.


He's not going to beat me in jiu jitsu. I'll tell you that, though.


He wouldn't beat me in jiu jitsu either. I will tie him up like a pretzel and pop his eyeballs out. Hi there. Becky just walked in with authority. Come here, Beck.




She's coming over. She's looking like a gangster. Come over here. Leave them on. Leave them on. She walked in with authority, swanning in. Walking in, like looking like something out of Buddy.


I do own this do.


She walks in like she owns the place. I own the bloody house.


Excuse me.


Well, Anthony's fighting on know.


I know. How do you feel?


I feel great. I feel really good. I'm excited. Michael said he was going to ask you if you guys wanted to take a couple's trip to North Carolina and come watch.




Such a liar.


Yes. I love to travel. I love to leave this house.




I'm going to take these off. I feel like an idiot.


Oh, hey, I got a good question because you guys have horses. The Kentucky Derby was just this last weekend, right?


Did you see that?




Like seven horses died during the race.


I'm not sure. I didn't look into the details, but that's awful.


Yeah, it was terrible.


Why did they die? You're just like pushing them too hard.


I think a couple of them were pushed too hard and then there was a couple falls, like during the race, a couple of them fell. Like one of them, they had to come out and kill on the track.


They couldn't even get off with a shotgun.


I think they shot it. Yeah. Wonderful.


I guess if it comes because it was suffering and I couldn't walk, they can't do anything. They can't.


It's crazy.


They will never heal.


Because I guess the UK version of the Kentucky Derby is the Grand National and there's a lot of people always complaining about the Grand National now he needs to be abolished because it's too horrendous on the horses and things like that. Is there similar movements? Go on.


Those horses, though, they are probably living a better life than us. They are treated very well, like the expensive horses they're worth a lot of money. So they treat them until they die.


I was just going to say until they retire. Because I watched this documentary one time of what happens to all those race horses once they can't make any money anymore. And it was awful. It was terrible. They just kill them. They take them to these glue factories and it's awful. It's awful.


You would think there'd be a better use for a fine specimen of a horse.


They sell them. They can make pretty good jumpers, apparently, so a lot of people buy them.


I mean, I can just put it out here in the field and just hang out.


Yeah, give it a nice retirement.


Some of them go out to stud. Harrington just put up that that's a.


Hell of a life.


That's a hell of a life. I'll take that one.


Michael was a stud for 17 years.


Thank you. I've been a stud for 43 years, actually. But you know what I mean. 44, should I say.


All right.


Go on, get out of it.


Good luck for Saturday. We will be watching.


We will be watching.


We'll be watching.


Awesome. Well, thank you very much. I appreciate it.


You're going to do great.


Yes, he is. He's going to kick some ass. All right, bet. All right. So that time of the show, we answer your questions and we do like to do this. And it's Anthony's favorite part of the show as well. Please send them into More interesting, the better. Look at that. Harrington's almost ready with his itchy fast right there.


He was fast. That was fast.


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I'm going to need some bits and bobs. Anthony needs more bits and bobs, I think.


So. I do need some more bits and bobs. I got a couple that were like drawings and stuff. They're incredible. I just need to get them framed. So I got a couple more things that got to go up.


We got more bits and bobs coming today. Our first question is from Marco.


What's up? By M crew. Marco from Miami back again. Hey, I have one question which I heard last night during the 288, and you cannot tell me. It's a stupid question because one of the greatest one ever asked the question. Big Daniel cormier DC. So when the Porter pause it.


Pause it, pause it. I know what he's going to say.


What's he going to say?


DC said something, and he said something about a black belt. And then he said, I got my black belt. And I think DC thought he said that he took his black belt away and he just recently got it back. And DC was like, I didn't know you could do that. I didn't know they could do that. I didn't know that once you got your black belt, they could take it away from you and then give it back to you. And I'm like, that's not a thing, DC. I love you, brother, but that doesn't exist.


So that is his question.


We'll just carry on with the rest of it. Carry on with the rest of it. Let's give him his time.


Back in December. I'm pretty sure he said back in December, but I'm a foreigner. What I know DC works in the television, so he understood that Porter got a black belt back, and he asked the question, is it possible to lose the black belt? So my question today is, if you win a black belt once, is it possible to lose it and then you need to regain it or whatever? Can they take it away or whatever? Let's honor the DC and answer his question mark from Miami.


Keep up with Marco from Miami. Thank you for the question. And Anthony, I'll let you take this one because this guy DC, he talk a lot of crazy things. You cannot take the belt.


No, no. Once you get it, you get it. That is hilarious. So he said he got his black belt back in December. Back in December. Like, he received it again in December.


That's what he thought he I know. It was hilarious. I was laughing because.


I hope DC is working this week because he's totally getting shit for that.


Oh, God. You got to say when you knock him out, say, I just got my black belt back. Yeah, no, listen. He misunderstood the situation. But once you're a black belt, you're a black belt. I guess if you're involved in some crazy traditional school and your sensei mentor father figure and you wrong him in some way I'm just trying to help DC out here. I'm sure it has happened throughout the history of the human race, but generally, once you're a black belt.


Yeah. It's just a black belt.


Yeah, that's funny.


That's really funny.


Well, you do hear, like, what was that one of the Dagestani guys was talking about? Like, oh, somebody needs to take his black belt. So, like, it's not that people haven't joked about it.


No, no. We're not far be it from us to laugh at DC, right? Come on. He's got a good sense of humor.


Next question is from Matthew Burt.


Hey, guys, it's Matt from chicago right now. I'm at work. I'm a process server. So I go around and I ruin people's days. So that just made me think, has there ever been a time that it just made you very happy? It brought you great joy to ruin someone's day? Let me know. Every single time I fight, I'm trying.


To ruin what a great answer.


Yeah, every single time. Because if he's having a bad day, it means mine went okay.


That's the perfect answer. Because I was like, how do you answer that? I mean, I don't think I've ever taken joy, never, other than fighting, never from ruining someone's day. Although when I was younger, I would get so mad, I'd be like hunting someone out. You know what I mean? I can't wait to catch up with this little prick. I'm going to lay down the law. I'm going to tell you how it is.


You're going to have a bad day.


And I'm going to make you have a bad day, buddy. Yeah, but not this modern version of me.


Yeah. Other than fighting and competing, I don't really take any joy in ruining anybody's day.


No, I like to do the opposite.


I'm going to fuck Johnny Walker's day up big time, though.


There you go.


He's going to have a real bad day.


That's what we want to hear. What is the prediction in your mind when you see the fight, when you envision it?


Second round submission.


The process. Second round submission?


Yeah, I think I'll clip him. I think I'll clip him with something. And in the scramble, I think he'll give up something easy.


What do you think happens in the first round? What do you think the opening exchange is going to be? Because that's always one that I used to. You always kind of picture that. What is the opening? How is he going to start the fight? How is he going to how is he going to approach it?


I think he's going to be a little bit nervous and I think it's going to go one of two ways. He's either going to be really shelled up and very tentative, like he was with Tiago Santos, or he's gonna have that nervous energy where he just gets really nervous and then just explodes into something crazy. So it's going to be either the most boring first round or the most insane first round, I would guess it's going to be very boring and he's going to be very tentative.


How long is your flight to Charlote? About 2 hours.


Two and a half hours? Yeah, I'll be there by 1030.


You got a lot of people coming in?


No, not this time. And that's by design. I did that on purpose back in the day when I first started fighting. You just go and show up into these random places, kind of like a gangster. You go in with you and a couple of your coaches, a couple of your friends, you go in, fight and then leave. I used to always say we just come in, like sneak in under the dark of the night, snatch up all the cash and leave. It's kind of what I'm looking for. So just my wife, my daughter, and then a handful of friends that kind of just go to all of them. But it's not like a big thing like it typically is.


Go in there, sneak in, ruin Johnny Walker's Day and then sling, try to.


Hit him with some cool shit. Try not to get go, leave with a pocket full of cash.


Let's go, Brian. What else, buddy?


All right, we got another one here from Trayvon Madden.


SUP, guys, my name is Trayvon Madden and I've been waiting to give you a question for a minute. I'm going to get straight to the chase. So you have to pick an MMA.


Fighter for each of these events.


All of you guys have to pick three MMA fighters for each of these events.


One to party with, one to do.


Psychedelics with, and one to rob a bank with. Let me know what you choose and fuck you, Harrington. Love the show, guys.


All right, let's have a four shot then, because that's a kind of a fun question.


That's a good one.


Hold on. One to rob a bank with, one to party with, and one to what?


Do mushrooms with psychedelics? I don't know, but I would go with the professional and take chaos on.


Into I mean, it's not a bad answer.


It's not a bad one. It's not a bad answer at all. To party with.


McGregor, looks like it'd be fun. I've partied with McGregor. You know what?


Yeah, I was going to go with Mike Perry.


Oh, Mike Perry. He's joining the show Thursday as well. Mike perry would be good. Who else we got?


You got to go with the Goat. John Jones.


I bet a party with John Jones wouldn't be.


I'd say Jones would be a hell of a bank robber, if we're being honest.


Yeah. In terms of robbing a bank, though, Francis, Nganu wouldn't be bad to have by your side, you know what I'm saying?


Very identifiable.


Well, very identifiable, but I don't care. They can focus on him, the gigantic human being, doing all that stuff, and I'll be offered the bag of cash, make my way to the Bahamas, you know what I mean? I'm sorry, Francis.


Psychedelics is easy, though. Psychedelics is easy. Rashad.


He loves some psychedelics. Rashad loves it.


I have a little bit already and I would more than be happy to do it again.


Oh, really? Oh, you have an experience with rashad.


Will change your life. He will make you see the world from a different light, that's for sure.


Yeah, I remember the first time he told me.


I recommend it to everybody if you get the chance to do it with Rashad.


But I would. Say Eddie bravo.




You're just going to hear about him going on about the Earth. He's flat.


I would love it.


I'm sorry.


Also, not a fighter. I probably wouldn't have a bad time partying with Joe Rogan either.


I was going to say, if you're going to do psychedelics, joe Rogan would be a pretty good one. Robbing a bank? Yeah. Any big? I don't know, maybe not the smart. You want someone smart as well.


Smart and cunning, or someone who doesn't give a shit. Like Pavlovich. I'd rob a bank with that guy because I feel like he'd just kill everybody.


I think Sergey Pavlovich and Francis Zingarner could do whatever they wanted on the planet. If them two together, them two together, who's going to stop them? Unless you've got a shotgun.




Good luck. That's a good question.


That is a fun question. I appreciate that.


Thank you very much for the fun question. My friend Harrington, you've frozen up on us there, or are you just deep in ponderous thoughts?


Looked like he got froze up in the internet.


All right, we'll do one more and then we'll go and let Anthony do his final preparations, have an evening with his family and all the rest of it. Do we have one more, Brian, or have I thrown you for a loop there?


No, we got one more. I was just pulling it up. We got this one from Robbie McVeigh.


How's it going? Got black jiu jitsu on Friday.


It's about a week later, so it's still going pretty well, but.


Basically got.


It Friday, headed to tenerife and on the way home, the flight was shameful. Everybody was staring at me.


Just felt like, delinquent, as if I've been battled on the strip, when really.


That wasn't the case. So how have you felt and what.


Was your worst facial injury after a fight? Competition, sparring. What was your worst facial injury?


And the kind of questions you get asked and how you try to justify them.


One guy asked me if I do YouTube.


Like that kind of stuff.


Anyway, love it.


Beyond Pod. Crack on, lads.


Cheers. Absolutely. That's a good question. I like it. I like it a lot. Instantly springs to my mind was when I fought Anderson Silva, that third round, that knee hit me. It was a tough fight. My face was exploded, I had stitches here, there, there. Black eyes, nose bloody to the side. I looked a mess. And then Rebecca and I went off to Rome for a few days, stayed in a beautiful five star hotel, went to some really nice restaurants and as he said, he's had that black eye for a week. The longer it goes on, the worse it looks. And I looked bad, I looked terrible. So I'm going to all these places. Rebecca's all dressed up beautifully, we're going to a nice restaurant, we're sitting in the hotel. Everywhere I went, I was embarrassed because I'm in Rome. They don't know I fight in the UFC. They just think, who is this maniac walking into our nice establishment? Fair enough. Some people did know, but a lot of the times I found myself having to explain and, like, telling the waiters or telling the people at the hotel when I was checking her or whatever, oh, no, I'm a professional fighter.


I had a fight at the weekend, and Rebecca was like, what are you doing? Stop it. You don't need to explain yourself. I said, yeah, I know, but I can sense a lot of eyeballs. I can feel that they're looking at me going, keep an eye on him and be ready to call the police because he's going to rob something or attack somebody. You know what I mean? What's yours?


I looked the worst after the Glover to sheriff fight, for sure. That was a bad one. I had stitches under both eyes. I was missing teeth. And two of the worst, black. I mean, they were as black as our shirts. I look like a raccoon all the way around. I mean, it was awful. I looked and we same thing. Me and Michaela stayed in Florida with the kids. We had a big airbnb with some friends, so we stayed in Florida for, like, four or five days after the fight. And everywhere I went, I was in a store. I go to this grocery store, and I'm buying alcohol. Like, I'm getting I got beer and vodka, and I'm just ready just to drink my feelings away. But I got these huge sunglasses on, so you can't see my face. Like, you can't see my eyes, and I'm wearing them in the store, like typical douchebag. And the lady asked for my ID, and I hand it, and the store is packed. There's like 15 people behind me. And I hand her my ID, and she was like, sir, can you take your sunglasses off? And I said, I'd really like not to.


I don't look very good right now. And she was like she was young. She was starting to kind of be a bitch about it. She's like, why can't sell you this if you won't take your sunglasses off. I looked at Michaela, and she was just, like, nodded her head, and I pulled them off, and she started crying. She felt so bad for me. She was so embarrassed that she forced me to take them off. And then I took them off, and it looked like I'd been beaten in the face with a baseball bat. And there was, like, dried blood kind of running down my cheek a little bit because you know how it is with stitches. They don't always close all the way, so they kind of leak if you smile or move your face too much. And she was I'm so sorry. It just felt terrible. I thought it was hilarious. And that was one time I didn't feel so bad about ruining her day because she was such an asshole about it. And then everyone in the line, as soon as my glasses came off, it.


Was like, everyone just that is where sunglasses sunglasses come in very common. Sorry, handy, should I say, in those situations. All right, well, there it is. This will be the final one. Anthony.


Yeah, I know. You guys sound like you got a fun show on Thursday.


Oh, we got a good show. We got, old manley. We've got Mike Perry.


Maybe I'll just jump on for a little bit, like, from my phone or.


FaceTime from your phone for five minutes.


I might do that.


Dude, we would love that. We would absolutely love that. Regardless of whatever time, we'll text you when we're starting and when we're finishing. And if you can just press the link on your phone for five minutes and just check in with the believers, that'd be amazing. We'd love that. All right, guys, that's the show. We'll see you on Thursday.