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U Me with Michael the Count Visby and.


Anthony Lionheart Smith.


You're in Vegas, Anthony, right now for the Grafflin bash tonight?


Yeah, my wife just got here.




She's over here looking all sophisticated, set up at the back of the bed, reading a book.


Ellie does that. She comes downstairs in the morning, I'll get out of bed, I'll look out and I think I'm all up early. She's in the garden with a cup of, I don't know, green tea, reading a book with her legs crossed, listening to the squirrels and the crows in the morning.


I always judge people like that a little bit. Not judge them.


Well, for being good people.


Yeah. Right now, even. No, I would never judge you. What are you talking about?




Never. Never. I always feel like when you see someone reading, like Roshad, in a park on a bench, don't you guys have shit to do? Who's got time to sit around and just read?


Then you want to go and drink some beers. You know what.


I mean? How free it must be to just have nothing to worry about and nothing to do. You just have time to sit.


And read. Listen, don't get me started. Rebecca Bates, she's a saint. Lover to bits. You know what I mean? She's put up with me for many, many years. So that's like a life sentence. But you know what I mean? Oh, she's going to do? Get out of bed. Anyway, talking of judging people. And I saw this on the news yesterday and I was like, what in the world? What would you say to someone that was sitting there chowing down on a... Did you see this on the news from Wendy's? The Pretzel Bacon Pub triple. It has over 1,500 calories, 44 grams of saturated fat and 1,890 milligrams of salt, which I don't know anything about salt, but that sounds like a lot. And I thought we could chat about our diets and whatnot, but 1,800 calories or something like that. Have you seen this thing?


No, I haven't. It's a lot.


Right. If you can click on that link and show it. I mean, it looks amazing. It looks delicious. But Jesus Christ.


You said it had a pretzel bun?


It has a pretzel bun.


I can't do a pretzel bun thing.


Yeah, that seems very dry. Very, very dry.


I can't ever do pretzel buns.


If you do a fast food... I mean, look at that thing there. Oh, wow.


When I was just in England... It doesn't look terrible.


It looks bloody good, if I'm honest. I was just in England, right? And obviously we had Jose, that's Callum's girlfriend, and nick, that's Ellie's boyfriend. We ate out a lot and they were struck by the difference in portion sizes. And I'm all for it. I love it because obviously it's great to get a nice big breakfast. But when I started going back to England, you call down to room service or something, you say, Can I get the omelette, please? They bring it up, they have the big silver dome, they pull it off, and there's literally three eggs in the shape of an omelette. Where's the hash browns? Where's all the good stuff?


Where's the rest of it? Did you eat it on your way here? When McKayla and I went to Paris, same thing. In Europe, they just have smaller portions. So I was ordering two of everything, and she was like, They probably think you're the just fattest American, most typical American. You all take the steak, but I'll take two of those meals. I know the slides. It's two sides too. I'll take all the sides.


What diet do you follow in your everyday life, Anthony? Obviously, in FITCOM, that's one thing. But do you follow a strict or do you have a diet that you follow a regime.


Shall we say? Nothing too strict. My wife is pretty close to all Keto for the most part. She started doing it initially to like... Mckayla just gets real bad headaches. So doing Keto really curves a lot of her headaches. So she doesn't eat a lot of carbs at all. And I really don't either. I'm probably pretty close to the carnivore diet, I would say mostly. She tries to force some veggies on me and stuff. But as a family, we don't eat out a whole lot, so we cook a lot at home. But it's not anything crazy strict, but it's fairly healthy. It's a good portion of protein, and we force the kids to have to eat the veggies and the rice and all that stuff. But it's nothing that would be too hard to follow. It's fairly healthy, but I wouldn't say it's not strict.


Now, we're all on a a kit or kick at the mom because we all came back from England and we've all put weight on. I look a bit better now. On Tuesday's show, we've just got to look at reflections of ourselves and I'm like, Holy shit. Look at the state of me. So I'm on a diet, Callum's on a diet, Becks on a diet.


What's your diet look like? Is it just To.


Be honest, yeah, I wouldn't say Keto, you know what I mean? But it's based around the Keto diet. Minimize the carbs because you don't need them. Only try and eat twice a day. We try and do intimate fasting. Most of the time, if I'm on a good one, I won't eat until two o'clock in the mid of the afternoon. And then I'll have a dinner and then go to bed. You know what I mean? And it's so much better for you. And if I'm fasting, I'm so much more locked in, so much more focused. You know what I mean? I don't get tired as much. And apparently there's tons of health benefits like restricting cancerous cells from growing and things like that. So give it a try, bro. Get on the.


I wouldn't have too hard of a time doing a Keto based diet. It's just the training and that time where your body is switching over and starting to fuel itself with fat instead of carbohydrates. I just don't know if I have time to do that. I would just die in training camp. I would just.


Kill it. Dude, I remember because the worst one I did did. I worked with this nutritionist and it was before there was a Keto phase. It was essentially just a Keto diet, as we all know what that is. But this is 2011 and I came over here, fat, and I had a fight in a few months and I was like 240, something like that. And it wasn't a jacked up.


Two year ago. It was.


A massive beer belly. But yeah, trying to get through the training camp with no carbs whatsoever. Oh, my God. It's just bloody horrible. It's horrible. What are you waiting for this match with Glover? Tonight?


I waited in at 222. So we were supposed to be under 225.




So I just was walking around about 222, 225 ish. But he didn't even get here until 830 last night. So we were supposed to be here on one day. And I don't know if you've seen, but it was like 2,000 flights across the country were canceled the day before yesterday.


Yeah. And then there was day before yesterday, but yeah, I think yesterday there was like 5,000 or 7,000. And then some crazy weather over on the East Coast. But I haven't seen the news reports about it.


Yeah. He was trying to get here from Newark. So he couldn't even get out of Jacksonville or out of Jacksonville because he was there cornering Wellington Termin. And apparently him and his wife tried to actually last night. I ran into Glover's wife. I thought this whole time.




She hated me.




Got off the elevator when I was getting on last night. We had a lovely conversation. She couldn't have been sweeter. She was like the sweetest person. It made me feel so much better for whatever reason. I just always thought she hated me. And maybe I just always caught her when she was busy or whatever. But anyways, they tried to get back from Jacksonville, had to end up driving. Then they got him to Charlotte. Then they had to drive 10 hours from Charlotte home. Then he was on five missed flights. He was boarded on a flight the day before yesterday and couldn't get here. So long story short, we didn't actually have a way in. Yeah, oh, really? He said he's 235.


So it's no big deal. That's a grappling match. It doesn't really matter. Do you feel any pressure coming into this grappling match against Glover? I mean, obviously he's a very high level grappler. We all know that. One of his strong points on his game. But coming into this, how do you feel? Do you feel like you have a... Because you are a professional fighter. I did a similar thing with Cale. I didn't feel any pressure then. So that's why I'm asking, because do you feel that if you were to lose, it would reflect badly on your fight career? Because I don't think it would.


But do you feel that? No, because everyone knows how high level Glover is and how good he is, how much he trains, and he's still training with all the guys. So I don't feel any pressure at all. Normally, the day of a fight or something, you wake up, right now I'd be a little bit of anxiety, a little weird. I'm actually feeling very excited. I wish it would hurry up and get here. I'm really excited. It's going to be a lot.


Of fun. Yeah, because it's not like going into a fight. The day of, the nerves are an incredible thing to handle. I don't need to tell you, I'm telling the.


People this thing. Especially first thing in the morning. When you first wake up, it takes you a little while to shake them and get moving. We're okay. But first thing in the morning, right when you open your eyes, it's.


Like, Fuck. Yeah. No, well, I'll be watching. That's on fight pass and that's tonight.


Yep. It starts at six.


Well, by the time this comes out, it will have been done. It'll be over. You know what I mean? Because we released it. Nine AM, PM, California time. So what should we get into? We got a bunch of good stuff here, but I think the big one is we touched on this the other day, I think, about the Mexican Independence Day card. But Dana Myer, my yesterday made it official? Alexi grasshopped up against Valentin and Shefchenko and Kelvin Gastolam in the co main event against Shavka Rakhmanov. I got to say, you got to hand it to Kelvin Gastol. You know what I mean? The balls on this, man. I know we touched on this recently, but now it's official. What is Shafikov? Something like 16 and all.


17 and all.


I think so. 17. Yeah. I mean, fair play to him.


Like you said, the balls on Kelvin Gasol, and this first fight back down at 170, which I think is probably the more interesting point for me because he's always done well at 185. But I think Shaqqat looked human, looked more human in his last fight. He was just wrecking people. And I think he fought Jeff Neil, I believe, in his last fight.


I think that one was that.




Jeff Neil gave him a good go. You know what I mean? It wasn't a stoppage. It was a decision, right? I think it was a decision. It was a stoppage in the third round. In the third round, it was. It was a stoppage.


Was it?


I think so because they're all stoppages on its record, I seem to remember. I mean, I do have Google right in front of me. I could look it up. If I had a Harrington that was here on time that could assist in such matters, or a Jamie, pull that up, Jamie. If only we had something like that that could fact check us, we're talking and understanding the believers.


Look, there he is.




Up, buddy?


I'm great. Third round rear naked choke in the Jeff Neil fight.


Back away from the microphone. It's a little.


Bit loud.


Either way.


Jeff Neil did give him some problems. He pushed him and made him work hard, made him look a little more human than he's looked in every single one of his previous fights. Kelvin is the top of the food chain. As long as he can get on weight, do it in a healthy way, then he's 100 % when he goes in there. I think Kelvin has all the tools in the world to give him a run.


The thing with Kelvin is, yeah, there's been some losses, but it's always the top guys that he's fighting. That's how much he believes in himself. Going down to 170, I'm not sure if that's a good.


Idea, man. Why?


I don't know why. Well, because he's struggling at 185 with the elite. He wants to be a champ.


Yeah, but sometimes that's not a size thing. It's just a who... It's just a you thing. I don't know that I've ever seen Kelvin in there and thought, Oh, he's a little small for this weight class. It's just those guys are good.


Those guys are very good. And they're just as good.


At it. But at 170, I guess I do see maybe a clearer path.


Yeah, we'll see. But the pretzelburger, I'm not going to lie, I'm tempted to try it. If you're already in fast food, what's your go to? If you want to treat yourself and just have a little smack lens.


Oh, I'm a Taco Bell guy.


I think we had this conversation. You're disgusting. That's disgusting, man.


Why is that disgusting?


Because it's just slop. Do you.


Know what I mean? No one said it.


Was good. You can get plenty of taco s and quesadillas and burritos. Anyway, get good ones. You know what I mean? This taco stands everywhere. Why you got to go to this massive Corporation? Or Chickfil A is good though.


Yeah, it's either in Taco Bell or Chickfil A.


I do like a bit of Chickfil A. Do you know we had Sunday night? We haven't had it for ages. Not Sunday night, Monday night when we got back from traveling. And by the way, thanks everyone for sticking with us. Monday, I was out of it. I was not in a good place. I couldn't string the centres together. I wasn't looking good. I wasn't feeling good. I was absolutely exhausted. But we're on form today. When we get back, it's like it's past midnight and we're starving. The only thing we could get on DoorDash, McDonald's. I didn't have McDonald's in ages. We ordered 10 bacon double cheeseburgers and a bunch of fries. I'm not going to lie, I devoured two of those bad boys. It was bloody deli, just hit the spot big time.


Mcdonald's cheeseburger is never a bad thing.


Yeah, well, no, that's it. Mcdonald's is awful, right? It's 10 out of 40.


When they're like a guy that survived for a whole year, a nothing but McDonald's or something and lost a shit ton of weight? There's a documentary called Supersize Me.


Yeah, no, it didn't lose weight. It got fat as hell. You guys have come, Supersize Me. He got fat as hell.


Yeah, his health metrics went to... They were awful. He was ready to die. Well, there's something about a food that doesn't... You see those things where they put the cheeseburgers in a case? Five years. Five years. It looks exactly the same. The cheese doesn't mold. Yeah, it can't be.


Great for you. Yeah. No, not good at all.


I find it fascinating how... Sorry to cut you off.


No, you're good, man.


How some foods will do... Really, cheeseburgers and how do you digest something that just sits in the case for five years? That's weird. Or energy drinks. We knew someone one time that had a case of liquid ice. It was a cheaper brand energy drink, tastes like Red Bull. And their case, they had a whole palate of it in their garage. And the bottom cases had broken open and leaked and they didn't know it. And when they moved the palate, the energy drink had eaten the concrete on the garage floor.




Drink that shit? Exactly. Exactly, man.


We try and keep it all natural, but listen. Yeah, me too. Yeah, exactly. He's drinking the monster. Let's go. Did you see someone die, I think, or had a heart attack from drinking prime recently as well? Because they were just drinking so much. You know what I mean? The kids love that prime stuff. It's a bit too sweet for me, but they absolutely bloody.


Love it. I think it's a social thing.


How do you mean?


The prime drink thing. Anytime we're in a store and my oldest sees a prime drink. It's like the cool thing at school to have a prime.


Yeah, well, it's not cool to me, bro. International fight week next week. I'm excited for this. Obviously, it's often the biggest, what's it called? One of the biggest events of the year for mixed martial arts. You know what I mean? The first one was 2009. Who was that? Brock Lesley versus Frank Mir. George St. Pierre, Diego Alviz. I was there. I got knocked out cold against Dan Henderson. And then every year, they started doing that because I think the reality was around the fourth of July, I think the history is not a lot of people were going to Vegas because obviously it's bloody boiling. So the city of Las Vegas wanted to get the UFC to commit to putting big shows on them. They started doing the expos and all the rest of it. And now there's concerts, there's signings, there's expos, there's fights. Sometimes there was a few years ago, there were three fight nights on a Thursday, Friday, and the Saturday.


I fought and I fought on one of those.


Or did you really? Which one? I fought.


On the Friday night card.


Right. Oh, yeah. Who did you fight?


César Fajr.


Yeah. How did it go? I can't remember.


I lost.


My decision. Oh, you did? Oh, shit. Sorry, I was in the bus.


It's a long time ago.


What was that? Ufc 200, right? I think that was. So what year are we talking now?


Yeah, I would have driven... Remember what.


Year I fought them? 2016.


2016. There we go. I think the economical impact on the city is something crazy, like $200 million in tourist revenue is brought to the city. There's something like 200,000 hotel rooms all booked up for the week. It's insane, man. Absolutely insane. But you're not going to be there doing nothing.


No sign or nothing. No, I'm actually excited just to hang out for the week at home and just watch the fights from the house.


No, I'll be bloody working.


I don't get to do that that often.


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Max Hall away, Korean zombie.


And then they just added Rose Nama Younes versus Manon Fioro at Paris the week after. That's a great one. Rose Nama Younes going up to 125 from a straw weight. What do you think about that? I don't know if that's necessarily required, should I say?


Yeah, I don't think it's necessary. She's good enough to be champion on any day. I was surprising that she's moving up, and maybe she has been struggling with her weight cuts, and we just haven't heard about it or known. I've seen someone in the division talking about how they were coming down to 115, and then Rose was going up. So it was like they wanted that fight. It's Tatyana Suarez. So that was funny because that was always a fight that I always thought was really interesting to watch. T atyana versus Rose would have been a cool fight to watch. But yeah, I think that she does fine at 125. I mean, she's one of the elite. I guess I always want to know the reason. So I'm curious what the reason is.


Well, yeah, you got to think. That last fight against Carlos Sparza. I'm a fan of Rose and I'm a unit. I love the way she fights. I really do. I think on her night when she's on form, she's one of the best in the world. She's so technical. But that was it was one of the worst fights ever. And we had Cheeto on the other day. And when he fought Corrie Sandegun, he didn't show up until the later round. So to speak, shall we say? And I just think it's interesting, isn't it? Because people sit here and we sit here and criticise and critique and all the rest of it. But even the best fighters at the top of the food chain that have been champions have those nights where you just can't put it together. You can't pull the trigger. The anxiety takes over the nerves, the pressure. I mean, Rosey Muniz, she's a killer. I guess Esparza didn't show up. Same with Chito, never really showed up. And probably so many other examples.


I just don't feel like that... It wasn't like it was a... I guess that's what I was getting at. It was one of the worst fights ever. But it's not like you can use fight very loosely in this scenario. There wasn't much of a fight. So what part of that performance made you feel like you needed to go up a weight class? That's what I don't get, but whatever.


That's why I brought it up because it's interesting. I mean, hey, listen, I'm sure you could compete. It's only 10 pounds.


Yeah, for sure.


185 to 205, that's the biggest jump in all of it. I mean, I guess 205 to 265, but you don't have to be 265. That's a 60 pound weight jump. But in terms of dropping down 205 to 185, that's a big one. 10 pounds. But I guess in boxing terms, that's massive. But it's not that much at the end of the day.


I think that there's probably more interesting fights for her at 125. If she can get herself into a title mix, I think her and Alexo Grosso and Shefchenko and there's some interesting matchups up there for her.


Well, we'll see how she does against Man on Fiora. That is not an easy fight. That's not an easy person to make a debut against. Man on Fiora, if you don't know her, which is she's ferocious, man. She's unbelievable. She really is. The kick boxing that she has matched up against Rose because she's an excellent kickboxer. That should be a sensational match up, but not an easy one to make your debut at. And certainly in Paris, her home country.


Yeah, that's a tough fight to test yourself in a different weight class, that's for sure.


Yeah. So I put this one in the notes yesterday. I saw this video on Instagram and it's a man convicted of murder. And obviously, you have to go into court before he receives the death sentence. And he decides, because obviously he's going to get put down, essentially. Well, he is. He's a murder weapon. What do you want? He's going to be executed. He's going to be taken from the planet. And he decides to give his attorney a little dig, cracks him in the face with a little elbow.




Looks like a piece of shit. I it out.


It looked like a little rabbit elbow.


To be fair, if you're going to get sentenced to death, there's nothing more they could do to you. Yeah, why not? They could beat the shit out of you when you got backstage. They could lock you in solitary confinement until the day where they pulled the trigger, so to speak. And I know they don't shoot people in the head.


I think Death Row is like that anyways, though. Yeah. It's a military confinement anyways. I just don't see any reason not... You might as well.


Yes, how do you feel?


Little bit of follow up with that guy. He was charged for the murder of an 11 year old girl and her babysitter. So he is a monster. Glad he's gone. He apparently had the word killer etched onto his teeth while he was there at the sentencing. And when asked by the judge, the lawyer said, No, I used to be a boxer. I've taken way worse hits than that. This guy don't hit like shit.


Yeah, well, no, it was a pathetic punch. So he's going round with a killer etched into his teeth. He's murdering a girl and the baby said, Oh, my God. Fuck that guy. Fuck that guy. It's almost too easy for someone like that to give them the death sentence. I'd like to see them suffer.


I was going to say something like that. I'm glad you said it because I was like, Well, people are going to think people already think I'm crazy on here.


They think we're sick.


There's way worse things that should happen to people like that.


He's going to be kept by himself. Then he's going to get a lethal injection. He's going to go to sleep pretty quickly. He's in a nice bed and he's going to get fed. He's going to have a fancy last meal. Have you seen Law Abiding Citizen?


Yeah, I love that movie. I do love that movie.


That's a good one. That's a good one. What would you get for your last meal? No, go on, Hamilton. Go on.


No, please. This incident happened in 1990. It is now 2023.


Yeah, I mean, that is an issue. It does take a long time. So what's that? That's 33 years. Did they have DNA evidence in the 90s?


So they just now caught him.


For something he did in the 1990s. No, I don't think he just caught him. I think he's... Has he been in the prison since 1990? Was he caught in 1990? Or has he just been fucking ignored like we are being right now?


I would imagine that appeals processes take a long time for death penalty cases.


Not until 2016 was he caught for the murder in 1990.


Yeah, well, F that guy, burn him, kill him, torture him, give him to the family, sell tickets to it. That's what they used to do back in the day. Yeah. No, it's true. It's true. So we were in Lancaster.


We're eating dinner. We got to go.


To the show. We were in Lancaster. Rebecca loves old castles and stuff like that, medieval and torture and what not. So there's a town called Lancaster, near where I'm from, and they got a big castle there. And it's known as Hanging Town because that's where they used to just hang so many people. And And we had a private, well, not a private tour, we had a tour of the castle with a historian. She was walking us around. And I don't know if I believe this, but this is what the historian told us. When we're having a tour, because the hangings were such a local spectacle. So everyone would come out, they would celebrate, they would all get hammered, they would drink loads. And then after that, they would all go off into the town and carry on celebrating and carrying on with the festivities because they've just seen somebody like a woman accused of witchcraft get hung to the death. But then the next day, they don't feel like shit. And she said that that's where the phrase hangover comes from.


Oh, I guess that makes sense.


But I don't believe her. I don't believe it.


I don't know. She might be full of shit.


She might be full of shit. Just fact check that one, boys. But yeah.


That's clever, though.


I like it. I like it. I'd like to think that. Yeah. So we were there and they were taking us on a tour of the castle and stuff. And there was a big thing by us in Kildare always they're called the pendulum witches. So there was all the witch trials there and stuff. You know how they used to test if you were a witch back in the day, Anthony? Do you know this? Well, they would take her, they would dunk her in a river. If she died, she wasn't a witch. If she survived, she's a witch. There you go. Dunk her in a river, Harrington. See what's going on.


Does it have to be a river? What about a bathtub?


We could use the toilet after you've taken a dump. The is a preferable... I'm sorry, that's really disrespectful. Talking about people dying and stuff like that. There was a big scare in Bellator last week. You might have seen these videos. Where was it here? Bellator fighter Chris Lencion is responding to stimuli after having a heart attack during training, which sadly led to brain injuries. His wife posted a video updating his progress. I saw this video yesterday and this is bloody heartbreaking. Brian, if you could just play it, please. He's responding ever so slightly.


Oh, man.


Were you aware of this guy? I'd like to say I was, but I wasn't suddenly.


No, I wasn't.


He's only a young man. Blood to hell. It's awful, isn't it? Why do you think he had a heart attack? I mean, we don't know his medical history, but... Yeah, I don't know. Chris Lencioni, if that's how you say his name, I wish him all the best. Yeah, that's so sad. Harrington, tell us about are you a Superman, Anthony? Because Harrington put this one in the note. Henry Caval has not been replaced, Harrington. He has not been replaced. He retired, I think, as Superman. David Varrant's sweat is now taking on the role. Caval is free from any franchise restrictions and open to step into the role of James Bond. I feel like this isn't your wheelhouse at all, Anthony.


It's not my wheelhouse at all, Michael. It's not my wheelhouse at all.


Do you like a bit of Superman?


Yeah, I like superhero movies.


What's your favourite superhero movie?


More of a Batman guy.


Yeah, Batman is cool.


I love the Dark Knight. It's a great movie.


Yeah, Dark Knight is one of the best. I remember watching the movies and just being like, this is amazing. I was great.


The Dark Knight Rises was pretty good, too.


I went.


After that. I'm a big fan of bad guys. So Bane is a really good bad guy character.


Yeah. Babe was awesome. Yeah. But how would you put that in the notes and not even jump on and share to add a little lighthearted entertainment on it? You put it in. That was yours, not me.


So it's big news. That's America's superhero right there. Superman does stand for truth justice in the American way. So replacing him is always big news to red blooded Americans like myself. But I think.


The thing is... Also, I'm not American.


No, you're not, Anthony. You're not. If you don't.


Like Superman. I'm America as fuck. I should be the mascot for America.


I'd say you're more American than Superman.


Yeah, I would think so.


Do you disagree with him, Harrington?


No, I feel like honestly, in 2023, Superman should have Lionheart Smith tattoos, at the very least. At the very least, should have your level of tattoos.


Oh, God. Could you imagine that? We've got one, but the new one comes out. He's not going to resemble Superman at all.


You can't.






Yeah. Clark and running around with love and hate on his... He's got the big bloody, those strategy things.


Or like a rose on his neck.


Yeah. Or he's a woman. We can be anything we want to in this day and age.


They tried that in the flash, actually. The other... What?


They gave him tattoos?


No, it was a female Superman. They go to get Superman and it turns out it's a girl. The other side of it, though, I saw it. What's wrong with that, Harrington? There's nothing wrong with that.


Charismatics or else? That's not what... That's enough of the information I hear in.


Your voice. Women can be big, bad.


Strong, independent. Women can be super heroes, Harrington.


Women can knock out skinny 100 pound women. They can knock out 300 pound guys with one punch. If you watch the CW, that's what happens.


As long as they're crypto nient. The other side of that I did find very interesting, though, is with cable being done now with the DCEU and not having any of these franchise obligations, one of the producers from Casino Royale came out and said Henry Cabal gave the best audition for James Bond of anybody not named Daniel Craig, and he would be excellent for the role. And I saw you, Michael, even endorsed him to be the next James Bond.


Well, yeah, it's a big deal if I endorse him. Yes, b righ t?


Just to note there, Henry Cavill signed on with Games Workshop to do Warhammer stuff. What the fuck does that mean? I got to.




This. There we go. I was feeling so whitewashed. There we go. I fixed it.


What does that mean? I don't know. It's a talk, I think.


Warhammers is a nerd culture thing. And Henry Caval's a nerd. I like nerds. I just don't always understand them. I just need them to explain stuff to me. It's like a tabletop game where you paint little miniatures and run around a table. And Henry Caval's a big fan. And Games Workshop heard him talking about that. So they asked him to executive produce all their stuff that they're.


Putting out. Nice.


Good. That's way deeper into my nerdyom than.


You're a fan of the James Bond franchises?


No, not really.


There's some good movies, man. Some good movies. But the thing is, James Bond died in the last film.


Oh, no. How do you keep that going?


No, I don't know. They killed him and he got blown to bits. And then I thought they were setting up for a female double lost seven, just like they have done with Indiana Jones and Indiana Jones because Harrison Ford is about fucking 90 years old or something.




Old. He's always.


Been old. As long as I can remember Harrison Ford, he's been an old man.


Yeah, I mean, he was old in the crystal school. When was that? Years and years and years ago. So in the new one now, they've got Feebie Wallaby and she's taking over. So Indiana Jones going forward now will also be a woman. I wish.


That was one of the last name.






Anthony Wallaby Smith. Yeah. All right. So we actually have a conversation about something interesting. Conor McGregor, it may be getting a bit tasty on the ultimate fighter after five losses. There's a little video here, Brian, if you want to do the honours, please, and just play that. Give them three rounds lads. They want three rounders here, Judges. Yeah.


It's two rounds.


Five rounds for a world title.


You ever had one of.


Those world titles, Michael? You ever had a five rounder? Yes.


Lots of them.








We don't need three rounds. We won both. Every time. Winner.


Give them three rounds lads. I've done it. I've coached it twice. It is annoying when your team is losing. You do take it personal because it's like... Because that's your rival, right? And him and Chandler are supposed to fight whether or not that comes to fruition. That's a whole another conversation. I hope it does. But he's not in the testing pool yet and he's had some distractions, shall we say? Miami heat, McGreg is feeling the heat. But yeah, that's the format. Two rounds. You can't bitch about it. If he had a one on one after two rounds, he wouldn't have had the energy to say then.


That's the thing. Typical when it's been the format the whole time.


It's always been that format. Yeah.


The history of the whole history of the show, that's been the format. When it's not working out for you, leave it to Connor to want to change it to benefit him. You have to fight within the rules that you fight in. Guys in the PFL, the guys don't end the fight and say, Well, if I had elbows, lose, I would have won. Well, that's not how it goes. That's not the rules. You have to fight under the rule set in the format that you're under, and it doesn't always benefit you.


Right. Yeah. No, I.


Mean, he's angry. And I get it. He's lost five in a row. He doesn't lose well. Connor's not a great loser.


Well, we got to be what is it? Gracious in victory. No. What was it? Gracious in victory and humble in defeat? Or was it the other way around? That's what he said.


But anyway, they.


Are hard to do. They are hard to do. They are hard to do. Will you be gracious when you choke out unconscious, love with the chair in front of his lady?


Of course.


What do you think you're getting with? What's the plan, Anthony?


I think I'll take his back.


Oh, you do?


Yeah, I think I'll take his back and choke him. I think that's just my game anyways. More of a back tag guy, but I don't think he's any secret. He's more of a slower methodical control guy. I think I'm just faster and more mobile. I think I'll get to his back.


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Did you see the video, Dave?


Oh, I did. Can we play that?


It was 20 minutes of debauchery.




Couldn't believe it. The shit he gets away with saying is amazing.


I don't know how he did it. It's wild. Some of the stuff that he said.


He would get crucified if we said that.


Can you imagine what he was.


Talking about that? He said, send the women back to the kitchen. Get them out of the workforce. That's what he said. And people just think it's hilarious.


Do we have the video? Yeah, here we go. It's like taking women out of the workforce. And maybe that's where we fucked up, you guys. We let women vote, no offense. But let me tell you guys something. Think about America prior to women voting. They try to ban alcohol. I don't even drink, but I'm not trying to ban alcohol. So what you did, man, you let these women come in the workforce. Now, we make less money. You got kids raising themselves on fucking TikTok. We need to go back to.




Especially after maybe 1958, after he fucked up the Germans. We need to put women back in the kitchen. We need to take fucking... Only one man needs to be working. So I think as a collective man group, e need to elect somebody that's going to put women back in the kitchen, put one man working, raise the wages, and build a fucking wall. Have you ever thought about going to therapy, Sean? For what? I thought that was a great response from us from the Mike live. You know what? Look, listen, you said we get crucified if we said that stuff or whatever. But we shouldn't. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. Sean's out of his mind. He's got some radical beliefs there. Absolutely. But if he wants to be a sexist pig, then let him be a sexist pig. You know what I mean? You know what I'm saying? And I will say this, I think he's misconstruedding and getting confused. He's talking about before... I mean, it's got nothing to do with the fact that women work or that women vote. But I do understand his point because the world these days has gone soft. The world is soft.


That's always his problem. His point is usually valid. His explanation of it is where he loses everybody.


In the crazy. Yeah, that's right. It's got nothing to do with the women voting. It's just the world that generally has gone soft and baby and pussified and wrapped up in cotton wool and everyone gets a medal. And you know what I mean? Being great, being dominant isn't rewarded these days. You know what I mean? It's like, no, everyone's fantastic and everyone's great. And I think that's his point. It's got nothing to do with women voting and women working. You know what I mean? That's why I think.


You should talk that shit in for a little bit of wow factor. That's exactly. I think he likes to shock and awe.


Yeah, because he knows that's the response he's going to get. And to be honest with you, some of the things that he said, that's not even some of the worst. One of the worst things that I thought he said was, What was that lady that died, the young MMA spy fighter?


They talked about that during the press conference again. And he double down on it.


I thought that was pretty bad, to be honest, when he talked about her and he said, Oh, you people are just doing it for likes on an Instagram video, which is for likes. I said, B y the way, she wasn't very good. She had a losing record. It's like, Dude, you don't need to say those things. But anyway, that aside.


And then he went hard on Dewey Cooper. Oh, I saw that. Which I thought was a little bit unnecessary.


Well, he was talking about Marv in Vitoro. About Marv in. Yeah. And that's his boy, the train together.


And he shit on Marv in, too.


He said, Marv is the dumbest fighter ever. And ever since he's been with Dewey Cooper, he's getting worse.


He's going backwards. I said he's on the shore bus. I was like, Wow.


What's the short bus? I don't get the reference.


Short bus is like... It's where you put the special ed kids. It's where you put the special kids.


I didn't know that phrase.


So it makes it worse now that you know it.


Strickland's a bit on the short bus as well, let's be honest. You know what I mean? Yeah. Anyway, he's.


Fighting this weekend. He took shots at everybody.


Yeah, he was fine. Abus Magomedov, who's in the main event, he's only had one win, but in the UFC, pardon me, he had only one win. I mean, it was over Dusty Stolzfuss in Paris last year. Took him out of there in something like, I don't know what it was, 20 odd seconds. He's a D agastani fighting out of Paris, France, I believe. And he's fantastic. He's very good. Just looking at his record now, he's bringing it up 25, 4 and 1. Took Dusty Stolzfus out in 19 seconds. And he says, listen, if Sean Strickland was to grapple, I can do that all day long. I spoke to him yesterday. He said, I'm more powerful, I'm more explosive. He's coming into this one very, very confident. I'm commentating the fight so I can't give a pick. But how do you see this one going down?


You got to be special. I think to get a win over Sean Strickland. I really believe that. Crazy shit is the aside that he says he is a really, really difficult puzzle to solve. Look, we've seen what C anoneer just did to Vitorri. And I still think that Strickland won that fight versus C anoneer. Even if he didn't, it was very, very close. I don't think that a boost is more powerful and explosive than Jared fucking Cain and Aarron. So, I mean, Sean's dealt with power. He can deal with expressiveness. He can deal with speed. And from everyone that's ever talked about it, yourself included, Sean's a great grappler. Yeah. Well, just not a great grappler. Yeah, not a great grappler. Really good Jutsu. Yeah. So I lean strictly on, especially the experienced high level main event. He deals with pressure very well. He seems to have ice in his veins.


I'm tell you, we'll see because if he can get through Sean Strickland, then of course he's in the top tier straight away. I'm not sure what Strickland is ranked, but he's in the top 10, probably like.


Five or six.


I think seven. Seven. Seven. Seven. Seven. So it's a big one for him. And for Sean, he was saying a while ago, I want a title fight if I beat this guy. I don't think that's going to happen, but it'll just be another big win for him, another main event, another spotlight on him. Every time in the main event, you're going to make the most of it. And I tell you, he does, to be fair. Listen, call him controversial, call him whatever you want, but we're talking about him today. And there's a lot of people out there that will resonate with him, that will see themselves in Sean Strickland. Not saying that everyone's out of the mind psychopathic, sexist, misogynistic pigs like he is. But it's funny. He knows what he's doing. He's causing controversy. He's the smartest guy. Kyle, what's that face for? No, I just saw Kyle making a weird face. I thought he was listening to what I was saying. Never mind. Never mind. Who do you think wins, though? Do you think.


Strickland gets it done? I think Strickland. Yeah, I think Strickland. He's hard to get to. He's hard to take down.


His style on the feet is weird. It's not like for a guy that knocking out his spying partners and he was fighting two people at once the other day. We didn't talk about this on Tuesday, did we? No. There's a video of him spying two people at once. Have you ever done that? Because our boxing coach used to get us to do that back in the day. Because it's an overload of attacks.


Excuse me. The first time, it's very overwhelming. But yeah, we've done it a few times and it's a big pain in the ass.


It's fun though. It's fun.


It is. Especially if you're one of the two.


Well, because when you train, you're definitely one of the two. But you got to be a good training partner. You can't be that asshole that's trying to tee off and knock you out, especially when you're fighting two people. But things like that keep it fun and keep it fresh. You know what I mean? Here's a little bit of the footage, Chris Kerrigan. Yeah, look, they're just pressuring. They're not trying to knock him out.


But again, Sean loves this that we're talking about this. Yeah, I spot two people at once. I know people out.


I don't mind them when we run into each other. It's the shocking, the random crazy shit that he says. But he's always been fairly normal in person with me. He's always been pretty respectful, very kind, enjoyable to talk to. And then he goes in the media and just loses his mind.


And then he won that gets offended by that. So if you're just going to take it over the pinch of salt.


There are only words.


That's number one that is what he wants. But so what if he says something that you don't like, just don't listen, don't be a fan, root for the other guy to beat the crap out of him. I think the more characters that we have in mixed martial arts and sports in the world in general, I think it makes it a more interesting place. If everyone has the same opinion, if everyone's centred, if everyone's being told to toe the line all the time, how boring would that be? Yeah, it's not.


Very much fun.


I wonder this weekend if he gets the win and I'll go in the cage and I'll interview him. I remember it was last year, a couple of years ago, it was around Independence Day time and he's dropping the old 1776 on me. Today, Mike, 1776. Let's go. Usa. I'm like, all right, fuck it now.


Get up. Like you were there.


Yeah. I know. You personally beat me. No one in England gives a shit. In fact, I was testing this recently. A lot of people in England don't even know anything about it. You know what I mean? I guess you you don't commemorate the wars that you lost.


You don't celebrate the ones you lost.


You forget about those ones. Independence Day coming up this weekend. You got any plans for next weekend today?


No, I'm just going to lay by a pool, M ike. I have no... Well, that's a lie. I throw a big block party every year for my whole neighbourhood. We all get together and everyone pitches in and I go spend an astronomical amount of money on fireworks. And I throw the old Lionheart Classic, the old Lionheart neighborhood show. The whole neighborhood gathers for it.


I'm going to send something to Brian to play. Just keep talking for a second.


It's a little shit show. So we apply for a block party permit to legally block the street on both ends so that no cars can come. It's like we get 12 hours to block the street. Everyone pitches in and people bring food and games and music and we hang out and then we light fireworks at the end and piss off anyone that can hear.


Hey, what's going on?


Yes, hold on. How's it going? How are you?


Very good. Fember, hold on one second. Just stay on and stay on and talk to us. We're just going to play something real quick. We were just talking about it's American Independence Day next week. And they love some fireworks, and Anthony loves fireworks. Brian, I just sent you a link, an Instagram link to the chat. Can you just play this? Because this is ridiculous. So they're having... This is the Anthony Smith Block Party. The light in the fireworks.


Oh, it's going to go into the crowd.


Oh, no. Grab the baby. Watch.




No. Look at that. You're going to have to send that to me, too, so I can send it to my wife.


Look at that. It's still going. My God. Anyway, we just have to get that in. Thelma, thank you for joining us, brother. We've been talking about doing this for quite some time. How are you, man?


I'm good, man. I'm good. Thank you so much for having me on your show, man. It's a dream come true to just speak to Michael Bissing on the fight night and look at me now speaking to you again here on the interview. I'm blessed, man. Thank you so much, brother.


Not at all. So you've had two fights in the UFC. You took one short notice. Your last fight, you got a knockout early in the fight. And then since.


Then, I ended up with getting a decision, but I knocked down.


Yeah. All right. So you got the knockdown. You got the knockdown. Have you been following his story, Anthony? Have you seen much.


About them? Just recently. And I think that it needs to be talked about a little bit more, to be honest with you, because I felt like... I think it was an MMA junky article, but it was a short article. And at the end of it, I was like, Well, now I want to know more. And there wasn't enough left in the story. So I'm glad that you're here.


Yeah. So, Sambah, tell the people listen ing about your background and give us your story because it is so inspirational.


Yeah. So basically, for me, obviously, I come from Africa, I'm from Zimbabwe. It's probably one of the poorest countries in Africa. So growing up, basically, I grew up in the rural areas of Zimbabwe, that is my single in Bikita. My parents passed on when I was very young. My father, 13, my mother, and my mother at nine. I had to grow up very fast. I'm the first born in my family, me and my young brother. I had to do some things that I don't think I should have done at a young age, like going to the diamonds and smuggling diamonds and I think that alone, being at the diamond fields, is the reason why probably I fight because I was groomed from that young age that you know what, if you want something, you have to. Ou have to go for it, no matter what and even if it's dangerous. At 13, my father died and when I was 16, I went to the diamond fields and there I would see people dying in front of me. I've seen people getting shot in front of me. I almost died myself at the damn on the field.


You see, if you see on my body, there's like body these dog marks. I've been bitten by dogs. Like five German shepherds were biting me and lost blood and I almost died after that. And I think that was the turning point in my life personally because from then on, I didn't have heart for anything else than to just try more, try harder to achieve more things in life. Because I tell you what, I got beaten on a Saturday night by the dogs. But the next Friday before the other dog marks were even healed, I was already back in the diamond fields again. And people would think I was crazy. But there was no choice. I had to go back there and try to get money, try to get money so that I can feed myself and help out with my family, too. My cousins and stuff like that. So I think that is where I developed the character of never giving up as a person. Then obviously, I had to go to South Africa after that illegally, without passport, without anything. And I was deported on my first day. I got into South Africa. I got deported.


And I got deported around 4 PM. By 7 PM that same night, I was back again in South Africa. The second time, I succeeded. That's why I call myself the Cinderella man, because you know what? I always succeed with the second chances. That's who I am. I lived on the streets in Johannesburg, and I made it contact with my cousins in Cape Town. And you know the story of Cape Town. It's a little bit dangerous. I lost one of my cousins there in Cape Town. And I had so many difficulties in Cape Town and lived there. And that's when I started MMA. And I found MMA through a movie called Never Back Down. I joined the J ujitsu gym, started doing MMA. Three months later, I had my first fight. And you know what's funny? I was looking at it now talking about this number 7 thing with the $7 that I had before the fight. My first fight, I won it with 7 seconds knockout. And it's crazy that I'm thinking of it and it now comes back. I'm like, this number 7 follows me everywhere. Long story short, then I became professional, became the EFC Waterweight Champion, then went to fight in Abu Dhabi, failed that.


That was my first international fight when I went out of Africa. But then my second fight, I went to fight in New Orleans, Louisiana, and I succeeded at that. So again, the second chance, I always take off with it. And people don't know ow.




Froze. He's got a fucking story, man.


What a fucking story. I'm sitting on...


We lost your first, second temple.


I wanted to explain this further. People don't understand this. People asked why I was assigned to the UFC on a one fight winning streak. Long story short, I want to tell people, I was on the UFC radar for a very long period of time since 2019. And they kept saying, Okay, we're going to give him a chance. We're going to give him a chance. T hen the COVID happened. And I've always shown UFC, Sean Shepard and everybody that I wanted to be in the UFC and become a champion. I went as far as emailing them and showing them my tickets. I would buy tickets to go to Abu Dhabi, like the fight I had in Abu Dhabi. I paid for my own flights. I paid for my corner man's flights so that I can fight in front of Danawai so that maybe I can get a chance to get in the UFC. I fell short. And then the second one, again in New Orleans, from Africa, so expensive. I paid for my own flights again for myself and my coach to go all the way to fight in New Orleans, Louisiana. I fought there and won the fight.


It was not the best of the performances, but it was one step closer to where I wanted to be. And luckily enough, people must know that Corrie St. Hagan invited me to International Fight Week last year. And I'm going to be there for it, because now it was nice. It was a special place in my heart. When I went there, he invited me, he said, I got an extra ticket for you, Timber, please come to Las Vegas if you can. And I'll give you accommodation too. So I got there, went to the after party with him. And then at the after party, that's when I checked out where was a designer's after party. Then he wanted to win. Then I went to that win after party. That's when I met Sean Shaby. And Sean Shaby is like, you are Timber, right? I'm like, Yes. I didn't want to talk to him in person. I was a little bit scared. You'll make one miss, you'll never be in the UFC. And that's when I met Sean Sabe. I spoke to him at that after party. He was a little bit drunk. I thought, These guys are going to be in trouble.


He said to me, Listen, what happened in your last fight? I said, I won. Then I explained to him the whole situation. And he knew about me already from 2019. Then he said to me, Can you fight next month, Timber? Then I said to him, Sean, I don't have to fight next month. I can fight next week. Then he said to me, No, screw the bullshit. Can you fight next month? I'll put you on Contender Series. Then I said, No problem, I'll do that. Then straight away, I booked a flight to leave Las Vegas that Sunday. I left Las Vegas to go prepare for the fight. Then the visa didn't come through. Then eventually, Sean decided to just sign me in the UFC. First time, I fell short. Second time, I won. I believe that I'm going to be a champion. I just have to keep working hard, believe in myself. Like you did, Michael B isping.


Hey, listen, I mean, Jesus, what a story.


I don't even know where to start.


Yeah, it's wild, man. People talk about having it tough, but tell me. It's insane. I want to go back a little bit, though. I just want to ask you because it's the first time I've ever spoken to somebody that used to work in the diamond fields. I hope this doesn't sound insulting. Have you seen the movie Blood Diamond?


Yeah, I have.


Watched it. Is that anything that's does it resemble anything like that? Are they close?


Some of the stuff that happened in that Blood Diamond. People at the Diamond, my friend, I tell you what, I think there's something to do with the mineral. It just creates that animal in human beings. Like, if you watch that movie and you see some type of characters people developed just by doing that stuff, that's exactly what happened when we were there. You become an animal. Luckily, I didn't do anything bad, bad. But I.


Was prepared. Not bad, bad. Maybe a little bad here.


Just a little bad. No, no, no. My life, that's probably why I'm here. But I was ready to defend myself. I was ready to fight for anything. There you have to... You're not only fighting the police because you're not fighting only the military. You are also fighting the people that are digging the diamonds with you. Because some people are lazy. Some people are scared to get into the diamond fields to go and get the diamonds because there's people getting shot, like I told you. There's the police, there's the dogs. So some people wait for you to go in. When you come out with the diamond, then the one I rob you off it. So you have to be prepared to fight for your life. And sometimes, like I tell you, man, I've seen people die in front of me. I've seen many people die in front of me being robbed, whether it's being shot. I've had bullets in my ear like many times. So that thing that you see in the movie Blood Diamond, it's actually something to do with the mineral. It just develops. It makes people become animals. A lot of things that you see in that movie actually do happen.


T hey happened when we were at the Diamond FooDS. If you ask anybody that went to the Diamond FooDS in Zimbabwe.


Okay, so or I guess probably other people like me that don't quite understand the diamond fields and how it works. So you go in and you... Where do you go? You dig out these diamonds and then you... Where do you smuggle them to?


What happened is that it was 2007, 8, the diamonds we discovered in Zimbabwe for the first time. And that's where they were discovered. It's like 100 kilometers away from my village. And people were scared to go there, spectic up a body in the beginning because no one knew. If I tell you what, in the beginning, the people that benefited from the diamonds were the people that weren't there in the beginning because people would get diamonds in a cup. There were so many diamonds that people would put diamonds in a cup and exchange for bread, meal, things like that in the beginning because we didn't know the value. People didn't know the value of the diamonds until someone came in and say, Hey, you are being stupid. These people are coming and taking everything from you guys for free. You guys must understand this one stone can change your whole life. And then that's when I went in also. The diamonds back in Zimbabwe, they were not like scars like everywhere else. There was one point myself, I was being chased by the dogs. I picked up a diamond. While I was running from the dogs, I just saw it shining from far.


I picked up, throw it in my mouth and then continue running.


Did you get away with the diamond?


Some dip.


Did you get the diamond? Did you get to keep it?


Yeah, I got to keep it. You put it in your mouth, you run with it, and you go and sell it.


How much did you get for that diamond?


Yeah. So answering Anthony Smith, you know, like, at the Diamond F ields, sometimes you have to dig so deep. If you want the pure, pure one. And the not so pure, the rough one is near to the surface because it's been exposed to the sun and stuff. But yeah, it just depends on areas also. There's other diamonds that you find inside stones, like the granite stones, you have to crush the stones. You have to crush the stones in the middle of the granite stones, you can find very clear diamond there. But that one is a little bit hard. I never did that part because I was young. I had not enough energy and power and patience to do that. I had to dig and go underground. That was for me.


When you're digging for diamonds, the idea is that when you find them, you hand it to the people that you're working for, right? Yeah, of course. But how much would you find it? You were just digging for yourself?


You dig for yourself. So you create syndicates. Syndicates is like, let's say, three of us. We are in the syndicate. Then within us, there's a group leader. And we dig together as a syndicate, we wash our stones and we find the diamond that we find, then we go sell it and we divide the money. They were buyers. So that's how we used to do it. It was not like you work for somebody. It was more like, yeah, you go and dig. But it was illegal. Whatever we were doing was illegal because the natural result of the country belongs to the government.


So all the danger, all the potential, the shots, that was from other people trying to steal your diamonds when you found them?


Yeah. The danger was not just from the people that were digging as well. From the policeman and the people that killed the most people there were the policeman and the army. The police, the army, they killed a lot of people. How much.


Would you get for one diamond?


The biggest I got was a 12 carat diamond. I got myself and my cousin, we shared 21,000 rounds each, then $3,000 per person. So it was a lot of money. At 16, it was a lot of money. It was a lot of money. But the other thing, though, is that the money wouldn't last long. For some reason, the money that we... I never did anything that I can go back and look and say, I did this with this diamond money because I don't know, man, it's like a curse. The money is like curse a little bit because you would spend... That money would not even last a week back then. It would not last a week. No matter what you try to do, things will become so expensive. And it was easy come, easy go. You want to go again and get more diamonds.


Well, you want to enjoy yourself. You think, I've got a diamond baby, let's part it. There's plenty more of them where we found that one. Let's go.


We got.


The fucking diamond.


I ate a lot of food and travel a lot with it.


Let me ask you this. The Rock. So $7. I mean, for people that don't know, he talks about it a lot. His production company is called 7 Books because he was broke and he was down to his last $7. And then you came out publicly talking about before your last fight, you only had $7 something in your bank account.




Rock saw this and was like, Oh, my God. This is unbelievable. Did you actually end up speaking with The Rock? Did he reach out to you?


Yeah, I speak to him. We chat on Twitter and stuff like that. And we are arranging a date where we're going to meet in person. Obviously, he's interested to meet me as well. And it's anyone's dream to meet The Rock, right? So we are organizing on a date. He's a busy man. Whatever day that he will say, yeah, let's meet, I'll be there. I do chat to The Rock, Dwayne Johnson here. I do chat to him. And it's crazy to think of it in your life. Like I told you in the cage that day, dreams do come true because some things that are happening in my life, to be honest, brother, I don't know. I don't have control over these things. I just don't understand. Sometimes it's like Sometimes I don't know. I cry. Just think of it like, to be where I am right now, people think, let's say, here just being like, I show you where I am right now. I stay here on this couch. I sleep here. And some people look at that and be like, Oh. For me, I have made it in life. No matter what comes in my life, bad or good, to just be here, to just be here in this country, I've already made in life.


And I'm not settling for less. I want more, obviously. I want to get where I want to get. But it's just crazy that some of the things that are happening right now in my life. And I guess we put it to God, man.


That's what I was going to... My question is along those lines, when you were, I don't know, in just those terrible situations and you're seeing people die and you're digging for these diamonds and it's like, what did success look like? What did success look like success look like to you at the time? Because I'm sure at the time you're like, we're going to dig these diamonds, we're going to do this, we're going to sell it. And then you want to move on with life and you want to continue to build and get better and do something better in life. N umber one, I think it's crazy that you went from that and just all the hardships to twittering back and forth with the rock. It's just insane. But I guess what did you dream about then? Maybe it.


Wasn't MMT at the time. For me, I think I've always been different. It's a lot of funnier when I say it, but I've always known that I was different. I was good in school, but I was going to school just because my parents said you should go to school. And then when my parents passed on, my cousin continued with the same thing. He was like, You should go to school. But I didn't want to go to school. P ersonally, I just thought this was not my path. And success like when I was in the diamond field, the success looked like this. When you are in the village, the most successful people have good cattle. So the more cattle you buy, the more successful you are. And that's how we looked at success. If a family has good cattle, they are very successful. So that was a dream. Then you know, okay, cool. If I get certain amount of diamonds, I'm going to buy this cattle. I'm going to buy that cattle. Then you are seen as a very successful person. And with time, you just like, okay, cool. You move on from being successful. If you get a kettle, you are successful.


Now you move to a city where you are like, Okay, cool. If I buy a bicycle, I'm successful. Those are the things that would look at.


I think it's an important lesson tember for a lot of people to realise because... We were talking about this recently, Anthony. We were talking about, obviously, when you lose a fight, you might feel sorry for yourself and all the rest of it. And there's always someone worse out there. My mom, I was talking to her last week and she told me this story because my mom got polio when she was very young. She was in hospital for two years. And I said, Was that hard to deal with, mum? Because you must have been so depressed. And she said, No, because you know why? She said there was a young girl and she was paralyzed from the neck down. She had her entire body in plaster. They had to have a slit for her private area so she could use the bathroom. But that was that. And even though my mum was in hospital for two years, it could never really walk and now she can't walk at all. She's like, No, I never felt sorry for myself because there's always someone worse off. The fact that you've managed to stay so positive, to be here in America, I know you're now in my Ami training.


Is it the All Stars?


No, I'm in it by MMA Masters.


Mma Masters? I love those guys. I like those guys a lot.


Tell us about Colbie Covington. Tell us what he's done for you.


Yeah, man. Kobe, people see that guy differently. People think what they see on TV and all that. Kobe is actually a very nice guy. When you meet Kobe, you can understand him. I'm sure some of you have met him nd I feel like he should be like this more to the other people in public and stuff like that. But obviously, his sales fight what he represents when he's out there. But when you meet him in person, that guy is probably one of the greatest fighters I have met in person myself. Coming to think of it, I even mentioned it in the press conference. I didn't have to mention it or say it. And even him, when he did that for me, when he brought me food here, I was so down when I was here preparing for the last fight. Anything for me meant a lot. He didn't bring me food all the time, but he brought me food here and there. And I appreciated that. And once he even organized for me to go and train with him outside of the gym to do conditioning and stuff like that. He said to me, I will sort out your Uber, don't worry about it.


For me, I'm very grateful even for small things because you know what? If I'm not grateful for those small things, nothing big will come. That's how I see it. Because other people will be like, Okay, cool. I'm training with him. Probably, I'm helping him here and there. So he's entitled to give me this. I'm not like that. So I am very grateful of that guy. And he's one water weight. Personally, I would not even want to fight ever. No matter what the situation is, just based on what the person has done for me, from his heart. He didn't need to, but he did for me. And for me, that means a lot for me. And he is actually like... I hope Kobe can go out there and show the world who really Kobe is. Behind all the camera, behind everything. He is actually a very nice guy. And everybody that comes the gym, everybody that you meet that has met Kobe, he's actually a very nice guy.


I've said that a couple of times that I think he would be more popular now. He's got his crazy stick and he's the crazy guy. And if he just flipped it and then turned on the real Kobe Covington, now he has enough people's attention that I think people would really like him. He said some things about me. We've gone back and forth a couple of times. Every time we've been in behind the scenes when there's no cameras on, he's been nothing but kind. He's actually a really nice guy.


He's like Michael Batesping. I'll be honest, man. You know what I'm saying? Michael Bateson is crazy. But this guy is a nice guy. When I met this guy, I was like, Oh, my God. I couldn't believe when I actually was talking to him in the side of the cage because you just finished winning a fight. You are on your high. And this guy is talking to me. I'm looking at him. I'm like, Fuck. I'm in front of Michael Batesping. He's like, He's like, Most of these guys that are very successful, that go after things, they are very misunderstood. And you have to be crazy a little bit.


And you have to do stuff. For sure. Tell us then, Timber, obviously coming from Zimbabwe, and then are you living here or just training here on and off and going back to Zimbabwe? But the question I was going to ask, obviously, this must be a very, very different life than what the life is in Zimbabwe, right? Tell us about some of the differences which you've experienced.


I'm from Zimbabwe, but Zimbabwe is next to South Africa. I still live in South Africa. But the biggest difference, what I'm doing now for me is I was going to come here all the time and do camps, but my manager just somehow said to me, you know what, Timber, you cannot only do camps in America. You need to get better and then do your camp. If you just come here for camps, you are not going to improve.


Because when you come for... Wise words.


Yeah, smart.


Basically, I took his words and I'm like, Okay, cool. Jason, you are right. So I decided, you know what? I have to come here, train. Then now I'm training, I'm going for seven weeks here in America. Then I have to go back for 10 days. Then I come back now for fight camp because I'm fighting in October, like they say. But that's how I look at it. For now, I just make this sacrifice, being away from my kids, my family. It's not easy. You know, Michael, you've done this. When you think of it, everything probably I'm doing, you've done it also. And eventually, as a person, you would love to live here in America just for my families, for my kids, for the opportunities. This country has got so many opportunities besides just fighting. Everything is different. People want to say whatever they want to say, but if you want more opportunities, if you want more stuff, until you try to come here to America, please don't say anything because you have not seen what's out there. And this place, it gives you more opportunities in terms of everything in life. For me, I don't have to fight to be successful.


I feel like it. But I will continue fighting to be successful at fighting because I'm the person that does not give up. But whatever I choose here in this country, whatever I choose to do, I know that I can be successful at it because there is opportunity. This country gives more than it takes. I feel like much. Back in Africa, the opportunities are limited. And the opportunities back in Africa are limited for certain group of people. And if your family is not set before you were born, and then you get to be born, you grow up and you want to set up your life. There's a thing called black text back home, where if you make it as a black guy, you have to look after your whole family again and stuff like that. So it's hard for you to really make it when you're back home because you have so many things to deal with. For me personally, then I have to deal with my family problem, so much drama for this. So when I'm here, it's different. I'm only tunnel vision, focusing on my career. And also back there, you are the biggest fish in a small pond, right?


And everybody, for me, how I felt is sometimes people would not be genuinely tell you things that you need to hear. They want to tell you things that you need to hear, not what you should know. And it's a recipe for disaster. So for me, I'm here now. I know I'm held accountable most of the time here.


What's the next fight? You said you're fighting in October. Have you got an opponent lined up?


No. B asically, what we're planning to do is... I'm a person that when I'm not fighting, I can get better. When I'm not thinking about anybody else and thinking about just myself, I get better. So I'm trying to get better first. Then I'll heat up my manager and say, Okay, cool, we can book a fight. We agreed on seven weeks because now we deal with this number seven. We agreed on seven weeks of me just training. Then I leave and I go back to Africa for 10 days. Then I come back and I don't care who I fight, man. I know where I will be one day, one fight at a time, obviously. I'll probably fight in October or before that, who knows what happens in life.


Last one for me, what's stopping you from bringing your family and your kids and bringing them to Miami? What's stopping you from just...


Because you.


Seem to love America.


I want my kids to study back in South Africa. It's also nice for your kids to grow up knowing their original culture, just like I do for myself. So I look at that. But eventually, I will have to bring them here. There's nothing that is stopping me right now. I have opportunities now that are presented to me. I have sponsors that are coming to me and saying, Hey, we want to help. People want to help. But nothing is stopping me except me just wanting my kids to grow up knowing our African culture. Then we can migrate and come here. But they just have to be a little bit old enough to know exactly so that they can remember what Africa was like. I love that.


It is a little more complicated as well. When you bring over your wife, you got to get her a visa and all the rest of it. It's not the easiest process. Yes. But obviously, your story is so inspirational. There's a lot of people out there that will be listening to this that are stuck in a rut in life. They're depressed. They feel like they've been dealt a shit hand in life. I mean, if anyone had it hard, you've had it hard, man. What piece of advice would you give to someone that feels that their life is lost, that they feel like they don't know what to do, they don't know where they're going, and they feel like life is falling them apart. Everyone's doing well, but I'm doing shit. What piece of advice could you say to those people?


For me, the thing that I looked at is that you have to be grateful first for anything that you are going through in life, whether it's good or it's bad. For me, I would show you. I always write down things that is going to happen in my life and whatsoever. And I always like, I wrote here, everything that has happened to me in my life, good or bad, has led me to be successful. And I know this. So we shouldn't look at that f you are going through a rough time, it's God who's testing you, who's trying to put these things in your life so that you can have a different perspective of life. And of course, it's easier said than done. I'm a human too. And I go through a lot myself, even to this day, people think that, okay, cool. Now you're in the UFC, just one, you are meeting the rock. Your life should be fine. No, life is not fine because you know what? There's so many other challenges that you go through as a person. And sometimes you just have to sit back and let it play out the way it should.


We should just let the life play out the way it should. And it will end up being good in the end. Whether it's good for you or good for other people. Things happen for you in life, not to you. That's how I say it. Few things happen for you, not to you. And you should just be grateful for life as it is, one day at a time. It's easier said than done.


That's the hard part, man. It is easier said than done. Well, look, listen, so is becoming the UFC Champion. So we look forward, Tim, but to seeing the rise, to seeing your progress. Hopefully I'll be calling more of your fights. So we thank you for your time today. Thank you so much, Michael. Let us know when you're going to be fighting again and we'll revisit this and we'll have another chat. But thanks for your time and thanks for sharing your story because I'm sure a.


Lot of people will take inspiration from it. Thank you so much. I've actually met you lying hard, but you don't remember.


Well, now I feel like an asshole.




Was it?


I met you at last year's International Fight Week. Because Corrie St. Argyan, I think, is managed by the same guy as you.


Yeah, we.


Got the same manager. After Party with you.


I was a big after party. I do remember that. After Party last year, International Fight Week? Two years ago?


No, last year. Not two years ago. After Party last year, wearing it when I just said, and wearing all nice, nice.




Thank you.


I think I have a video where I took where I was star struck with everybody like I was.


With my boys. That's awesome.


Thanks for coming on.


Thanks for coming on.


Don't change. Work your fucking ass off. We look forward to the rise of Tembika Rimbo. Keep an eye on this name because with the mindset, the things you've been through to get to where you are today, nothing is impossible. Nothing is impossible, man.


I'm in the middle of the day that I don't change. I just keep working hard. It's hard as well. But I pray to God every single day that I want to keep working hard and I don't get distracted. I just stay on this part that I've been in as well. Why must I change it? I just have to remain me. The world will judge it the way it wants, but I have to remain temple.


There it is. Stay on the path. Thank you very much for.


Joining us. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. All the best.


Take care, brother. Take care. Take care. There he is, Tempe Garimbo. He's going to push that little hang up there it is. People want to feel sorry for themselves. That's a hell of a story.


I heard a little bit of this story and it was like, you know how fucking enemy media is. They're talking about the money in his bank account and all that other stuff. When he started talking about the diamond fields and...


Seven German shepherds running.


Seven dogs on him at the same time and people getting killed in front of him, I was like... And then his phone froze and I was like, No, I have to hear how.


This ends. Yeah. I mean, unreal. Unbelievable. Because he relates. He's so happy, too. He's so happy. Of course. He's living the dream right now. And I see him on Instagram because he has a couple of couches that he puts together and he makes that his bed. And he's off with the moon with it. You know what I mean? That's what we were saying recently. There's always someone in a worse situation, we should count our blessings. And he's absolutely right. I mean, it sounds like life hasn't given him too many, but now every day is a blessing for him. He's out in America. He's fighting for the UFC. I mean, talk about perseverance and determination, showing up stop stalking Sean Gelbert. You know what I mean? Trying to make it happen, force it into reality. I mean, unbelievable. It really is.


Yeah, that's insane. I was trying to fix my face the whole time because as he's talking, I was just like, Holy shit, this is insane. How do you break a guy like that in a fight?


Well, that's a good question. That's a good question because people don't realise in a fight that's what you're trying to do. You're trying to mentally break them. It goes back to...


Bullets wasn't by his head. He's afraid of you.


Angela Hill versus McKenzie Dunn recently. You know what I mean? There was a girl that refused to quit, refused to be broken. And as you said, when you think of the hardships he's been through, a lot of fighters have got tough stories. Some are worse than others. You know what I mean? Some people lie to and fall into shit.


That's one of the toughest. Bro. That's one of the toughest I've ever heard. Not just some fighters, just in general in life.


Yeah, exactly. That's just in the Diamondfields. Can you imagine some of the stuff that he saw just in his day to day?


In Zimbabwe, even before the Diamondfields and then losing both his parents and Yeah.


And now even in Cape Town. I mean, Cape Town is a dangerous place, bro. It's the murder capital in the world. And I was almost murdered there. So it's a dangerous place. All right, we'll wrap this one up because you got to go and kick Glover to share his arse and I, Anthony. So we appreciate you making it happen. If you've got a question, please send it into the byn pod@gmail. Com. That is the website. The the email address.


And if you're listening on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you find podcasts, make sure to subscribe. Leave us a five star rating positive review. It really helps out on those platforms. If you're watching on YouTube, make sure to subscribe to the channel and you hit that notification bell to find out whenever a new episode drops. And if you want to catch over 400 episodes, you can't find anywhere else completely ad free and totally uncensored, head to gasdigital. Com. Use the promo code BYM, get yourself a seven day free trial. Check out over 20 good shows on the network.


All right. So today, our first question, we got a couple of questions today. Our first question is from Ben Fitzsimons. All right, boys. Quick question. Just been.


Listening to the podcast, so that's why I'm a bit sweaty. Conan McGregor, is he potentially.


Going to waste.


All of that potential? I loved watching him. He was amazing. You step in all hours watching his fight him because I'd run.


All up to Jozeel, though.


And now it's just.


A joke and I can't stand the guy.


So is he going to waste all that hard work, all that stuff he did at 145? And now I know he's a double champ, but he just boars the life out of me. Also, M ikey, met your dad while at the Trafford Centre doing a.




Signing, and he was telling us stories glories.


Whilst in the queue. He was brilliant.


What's the chance of Big Yard getting on the show?




Love it. Cheers, fellas. Cheers, Ben. That's very nice. Very nice. And thank you for giving my dad a shout out. And he does love to hold court and have a chat. And we will get him on one of these days. He's done it before. Long time ago. I'll just take the baton real quick on that. I understand what he's saying about McGregor. Some people might not like the antics these days and all the rest of it. But you can't say that he's wasted his potential. He might be not even throwing it away. He's a bit strong. You can't say that is wasted his potential. He became a double champion. He's made bucket loads of dough. He's super famous. He's got businesses all over the place. That's what we're all trying to achieve through this. I understand he's wasting his potential in terms of his fighting ability, but the fighting has got more than he ever could have offered.


Yeah, maybe his future, maybe what's left of those, maybe. But I agree with you. I also don't think that this season of the ultimate fighter is doing him very well. So I think people are... I don't think so. I think people are getting annoyed by him. And I don't think that's necessarily his fault. It's a lot of editing, you know what I mean? I just don't think he's being portrayed... He looks like a great coach, but he's also making him look like a baby. He's whining and complaining and.


Throwing tantrums. He's a diva, isn't he? He likes to get his own way all day, every day in every single way. He doesn't.


It, he doesn't get it.


Yeah, no, he doesn't. But you can't say he's wasted his potential. Yeah, he might be, I don't know. The man could go and do whatever he wants. But still, Ben, thank you very much. Thank you for the camera. It's appreciated. And Brian, what else we got, bud?


All right, we got one more here from Carson from Scotland.


You're right, lads.


Carson here from Sonette, Scotland. Just a quick question for.


You guys.


What is the crew's favourite video games? Michael and I know you're a street fighter, but if you've any modern ones, especially bonus points for that. Brian, I would love to know what your favourite video games are as well. Love the podcast, guys. Keep it up every week. New G, Mike, it be. Scotland loves you. See you later, lads.


Apps are fucking literally ready that's what I'm talking about. And then video games. Never really talked about this. Do you like video games?


What's your favourite? I'm a bit of a gamer, a little bit. Oh, you are? Yeah, a little bit of Xbox. What do you play? I play a lot of halo. But I play a lot of halo. I haven't played real recently, but I got a little group of friends. We get online, get our fucking nerd headsets on and chitchat with each other. I'm serious.


It's a bunch of dads.


Honestly, we've e all live within a block of each other.


Yeah. No, video games are awesome. I mean, I used to play them a lot, but not so much these days. They're too hard for me. They're so complicated. Lucas plays these games and there's more like, I don't know what the game is, he's walking through and zoom, he brings up his tool belt or whatever, and he's going to get this and he's going to get this and he's going to put it with that. And he's going to do some potions just to be able to eat. And there's grids galore. And I'm like, Just walk and shoot and punch. You know what I mean? I'm sounding like a boomer and I'm doing it on purpose. But they are complicated. And even when I used to play Call of Duty or whatever, if I go on live, I get slaughtered in the head straight away. I've got 12 year olds talking shit.


Yeah, I'm not great at Call of Duty either.


No, I'm not like the old school ones. Street Fighter 2, though, I will maintain. I will whop some ass on that game. Talking of gamers, Call of Duty is a... He loves Smash Bros. He does his own little tournament. He does his own. Do you ever play Super Smash Bros, Anthony?


No, never.


Yeah. So he's placed it in a few big tournaments. He puts his own events on. He's a little entrepreneurial thing. What did he call it? Active something or whatever they call it. But yeah, he puts his own little shows on. So we're going to get together. We'll do a little version of our own. And that's it. Listen, that's the show. Timber Grimble, thank you very much for joining us. And today, tonight, all the best to you, man. I'll be watching. When the people... By the time this comes on, I'm going to say, Where do people watch it? It'll be done and be over.


Well, you can go back and rewatch it if you missed it on UFC F light Pass. You can search UFC F light Pass Invitational 4. So if you missed it, it's already over with. I've already beaten Glover and you can go back and watch it.


Brilliant. Well, listen, all the best. Good luck. Thanks for watching, everyone. We'll be back on Monday with another show.