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Countess Bing... You know my name yet?


And Anthony Lionheart Smith.


Just trying to stretch up my shirt out. I don't know if it shrunk or I'm getting bigger, Anthony.


We're going to go with it shrunk.


Yeah, we'll go with it shrunk. It hasn't shrunk. Listen, I'm in England. It's great to be back. Lovely to be back seeing friends and family. All I've eaten is pub food for a week. So it's fish and chips, steak and ale pie, stuff like that. Let me ask you, have you done a steak and ale pie, Anthony?


I haven't done a steak and ale pie.


Mushy peas.


Never done mushy peas.


Yeah. So we've got...


Lots of fish and chips, though.


Lots of fish and chips, lots of pub food, and a couple of beers to go with every meal. As I say, this shirt's getting a little bit smaller. Mushy peas. So we have Callum's girlfriend with us and Ellie's boyfriend with us. The Americans are not a fan of the mushy peas. Not at all?


Not at all. What is mushy peas?


Well, the peas and they're mushed.


Oh, I'd eat that.


It is what it says on the top of the in, Turkish. Anyway, everyone, welcome to the show. I hope you're all well. Thanks for tuning in as always. We have a stacked show because at the weekend we had a massive pay per view, UFC 289. Amanda Nunez, obviously getting the job done in style and retiring in style. But how the hell are you, Anthony? What's going on, man?


I'm good. I did the... I worked the event from Bristol, which is always fun to go to the ESPN headquarters, did. I had a bunch of paperwork and stuff I had to do there but I like watching them from the event but to be fair, sometimes the best view you get is from TV. It really is just from the feeds.


100 %. It always is. It always is. Even when you're commentating, we always say best seating the house. A lot of the time, I'm sure it's a conspiracy, maybe, Brian, you can chime in. They're always fighting behind the pillar. And I can't.


See it. It always seems like that.


It seems like they're like, Oh, listen, let's just make an effort to fight behind the pillar to obscure B isping's vision. We've only got one eye, but let's really mess with him some more. So to your point, you're absolutely right. When you watch on TV, that is by far the best angle. How was the atmosphere?


It was good. It's just the whole team in Bristol. So I actually have a lot of fun.


Oh, sorry. No, of course. What am I saying?


You weren't there. Well, yeah. But to your point, though, being there with the camera, just the people that work behind the scenes. It's always a lot of fun. I don't know why. They're just a lot of fun as I've integrated with the team. It's been a lot of fun.


Yeah, they are a fantastic team. And I know what you're talking about. I've been to the ESPN headquarters in Bristol, but I've never been there working for ESPN. Are you doing International Fire Week?


No, it's the one show, I think, till the end of the year that I'm not on.


Yeah, I'll be doing that one. But I've never done it in the studio, as you say. When we used to do it in the Fox days, it's cool, isn't it? You know what I mean? When you're a rookie and when you're a fighter and you find yourself in these TV studios and you see how big it is, the operation, the amount of staff, the cameras, the lights, all the rest of it. It does make it... I mean, don't get me wrong, it's cool being in the arena, but you feel you're almost a TV professional.


You're like, Man, I think I'm just cut out for this. This is suits and catered food and anything you could ask for.


We're killing the game. Let's get right into it. The main event, let's talk about. We got a lot to talk about the Kormane as well. There's a lot of meat on that bone. But we got to start with the main event. Amanda Nunez, incredible career. I really need to help Dana. I feel maybe having to look up the statement she came out with, she didn't show up. She just didn't show up. Let's just get right to the point. That's for multiple reasons. She said she had a bad night at the office, and she clearly did. But that was partly because Amanda Nunez had a phenomenal night at the office. I thought, Nunez, that might have been one of the best performances that we've seen from somebody to then go on and retire. Do you know what I mean? Because she looked better than sharper, faster, more powerful, deadly. I mean, she was on form. She was in the zone. It was a hell of a performance.


It was an incredible performance. The only other person you can even compare it to is Habib. And as far as just five rounds of just complete domination and going out with two belts and on top, even with money, we're still left on the table. I mean, there's still the Giuliano match up. There's a lot of other stuff. And that part of it has been so fun for me to see the Giuliana Amanda beef and the stuff they're saying in the media back and forth. And Amanda is so petty. And for whatever reason, I just love it. She knows that she just cost really on a whole bunch of money and opportunities. And she's like, you know what? I'm not giving her what she wants. And I'm going to go sell off her the sunset. I said last week I look forward to the day that she's going to retire. I got absolutely dumped on by the entire media saying, always look he's looking forward to her retirement. Just the way they write it, it's just the same shit. But my whole point was, did you see how happy she was when she finally got to lay those two belts down, put her gloves down, ran around in the octagon with her kid, pouring beer over her head?


That to me is a person who's been looking forward to that moment. And I was so happy for her.


Well, that's it. That's the fairytale. That's what we all dream of.


That's it right there. That's it.


The story book ending, the Hollywood ending. If anyone was to write an amazing MMA movie that ended on the highest of highs, a good film or movie might end with drama or whatever. But to end on the highest of highs, that's it. As a two weight division champion after just defending your belt, putting the belts down, the gloves down is what keeps fighters coming back because they all want that moment. They all want that final send off. We know a lot of people that should have retired maybe earlier because they want that. They want that last win. But to do it as she did, so dominant, 35, 45. I think the only person to actively defend two belts to do that, it's incredible.


Really excited to see her do it on her own terms. That's what everybody wants. They want to feel good about it when it's the right time. And I think for so many of us that right time never comes. And we're forced out versus whether that's our bodies or our minds or our spouses, the people to love you or the company or whatever. She did it on her own terms. And that's some fairytale shit right there.


Without question. So let's talk about the fight because I thought she started off great. She finished great. I think it was the second or the third round. Might have been the third as Nunez was advancing. Aldana catches her with the right-hand, sits her down momentarily. I thought, Oh, here we go. Maybe she's just been taking her time, trying to get some reads, just seeing what Nunez was going to give her and then was going to start to turn on the pressure from that point forward. But I was wrong. It was the one, I don't want to say the only shot she landed, but it was the only significant shot, the only one that really caught any attention from anyone, I would say, really. Did sit down quickly, but that was that. When she came out, she made a statement, but I think the moment got to it. It's easy to hype yourself up. It's easy to be confident. But then when you're walking out there and you realise it's Amanda Nunes, who's been through so many great fighters, that's when the mind takes over and screws you up the arse.


It's 100 %. I think that at a certain point, you got to just hit the F button and say, I just got to go. And no matter what happens, happens. I agree with you, though. I did feel like at the beginning, like, all right, maybe she's just taking her time trying to just download some information here. But she was just stuck in a defensive shell the whole time. And you know what? From one title challenge to another, I'm probably one of the few guys that can speak on this without anyone giving me too much shit about it. She just didn't show up. And I've been there. You know what I mean? Replay the visions of them doing those things they did to other fighters. How many times do you think she's in their hands, tight to her chin, not wanting to open up because she's replayed that Cyborg knockout repeatedly over and over and over in her head? Or worried about every kick that Amanda throws because she's seen her kick Holly Holmes head off her body. You know what I mean? Sometimes you got to just go. And I understand where she's coming from.


It's tough. It's really tough.


It is. It's very tough. I was talking about this on BT the other day. As fans and even as the fighter yourself, you sit there and you think when you watch the fight back, you think, Why didn't I go? And you beat yourself up and you hate yourself and you're ashamed even. Have you ever had that, Anthony? I've watched fights back of mine and I've felt pure shame. I've been embarrassed. I have sat there watching some fights back of mine with other people watching and been cringing inside because how shit I felt the performance was. But then you go back and you remember, hold on a minute, there's a reason. It's because every time the guy swung at me, I could feel the wind of the punch almost taking your head off. You know what I mean? So it's very easy to criticise and judge and past.


Judgment, as I said. There's subtleties that people can't see from the outside, whether it's you go to advance and you see a little bit of a twitch of the right-hand, you're like, All right, that's coming every single time. Now, how do I get around that? There's little things that people don't see from the outside, so I don't want to criticize her too much. Because at the end of the day, I think what we've forgotten from... Maybe she's not been as active as we would have liked Amanda to be. And then we remember the Giuliana Pena fight where she gases early, gets taken down, gets her back taken, and taps relatively early before the choke's even in. You have that in your head and you forget this is Amanda Nunez we're talking about. She knocked out Holly Holmes. She finished Meshie Tate. She beat Shefchenko twice. She knocked out Chris. Then when Aldana is in there, then she realizes, Oh, this is Amanda Nunez. This isn't the quitter that everyone wanted to make her out to be with Giuliana Pena. We can talk about motivation and all the other bullshit before, but once you're in there, it's a real deal.


There's absolutely no way you can call Amanda Nunez a quitter. Just like you can't call Charles Oliver a quitter. My God, we're going to get to that one in just a minute. Hall of fame, without question. Here's the question for the four of us. Would you say the greatest female mixed martial artist that the sport has ever seen? Because when you look at the resume, as you say, she's beaten a lot of the other people that may be in contention. Chris Cyborg certainly deserves a mention. She was on top of the world. She was the scariest woman on the planet at the time. She destroyed her in 51 seconds. Ron De Rousie, of course, she changed the face of the sport and inspired generations of women. So of course, she deserves a special mention and will forever have a special place in the history of the sport. But she beat her very easily. Holly Holme had kicked her. Do you think that that was, up until this point, the greatest female fighter we've seen?


Yeah. I think she's the greatest combat sports female ever. I think she's in the top three of greatest of all time, just with her accomplishments. She's top five for sure, men and women.


It's funny you say that because on BT the other day, one of the lads said that. And I went, you're out of your model, man. They said they might be the greatest of all time. Never mind women, men and women. And I was like, you're having a laugh. But it's not a bad... I mean, top five out here, that one.


Top five for sure. Because it is tough when you talk about Demetrius Johnson, who gets left out of the top five sometimes. And there's a lot of greats that get left out of that top five conversation. But with just the two belts thing, people could say what they want about the 145 pound title. Just the she just... So what? She knocked Chris Cyborg out for it. Regardless, that matters. You know what.


I mean? And I think the undertone of what a lot of people thought was that they created that 145 pound belt for Chris Cyborg because she was such a wrecking ball of violence. She went out there and destroyed it and put an end to that. Put an end to Chris Cyborg in the UFC, essentially. Yeah, listen, she's incredible. And one of the coolest girls you'll ever meet as well.


You spend a lot of time with her. Yeah, she's a sweetheart. She's fun. She's always smiling. She's always good. You always find yourself laughing and smiling when you're around her. She's fun. She's a fun person.


Yeah, she got great energy. She's incredible at an incredible career. That made a fair bit of money as well. So congratulations. Travel the world with your wife.


Get another baby on the way.


Another baby on the way. And you have to go through the.


Hardship of that, though. No, she doesn't. But I love that John A neck mentioned this on the broadcast that... I don't know if anyone else is listening, Gary, but they used Amanda's eggs for this baby.




Right. Okay. So then they implant the eggs in. I think that's super cool.


Yeah. No, it's amazing.


It's just a little Brazilian monster.


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I'm going to give them to you at a great discount. Go to manscaped. Com one more time. Use the code bisping 20 % off and free shipping. Make this Father's Day one, he won't forget with Manscaped. You mentioned pregnancies and stuff there. So I had two knee replacement and Rebecca had three children. She always says, because you will know... And what does your wife say? You will never know any pain. There is no pain like that of giving birth. Whatever you've been through, it doesn't compare to what we went through giving birth. Do you hear a similar thing?


Oh, yeah.




I just razz her about it constantly.


She's a little annoyed now, Rebecca, because Grace, that's Caleb's girlfriend's mother, she came round to say goodbye and thanks for taking her with you. Just being polite. And she had a knee replacement recently and we were talking about it. And she said way worse than giving birth. The recovery was way worse than giving birth. The luck of Rebecca's face, I'm telling you, oh God, and I have not stopped mentioning it ever since. Brilliant. Anyway, we're not here to talk about child birth. Absolutely nothing about it. Well done to Amanda Nunez. Congratulations. Well, in fact, before we move on real quick, got to talk about Giuliana Pena, right?




What did she say? I scared her so bad that she retired.


Yeah. She's not doing herself any favors right now. No. Did you see the video of her... I meant to send it in the group chat, but the video of her while Amanda is giving her retirement speech.


No, I didn't.


Oh, here it is right here. Don't compare.


Yourself, Anderson Silver. Do not.


Compare yourself, Anderson Silver. Raging.


He's pissed. Yeah.


So here's my take on it. Giuliana Pena has always been a fantastic fighter. She's as tough as they come. Heavy hands, great wrestler, great conditioning. Until some of this stuff, I've never had a bad thing to say about Giuliana, but she's making it too clear that Amanda is what she's clinging on to to be popular. She's never had this huge crazy fan base until she beat Amanda Nunez, deservingly so.


I was going to say that.


She deserves that. But you got to spread your wings. Without her feud with Amanda Nunez, she doesn't have anything left. And I'm sure she'll probably end up being one of the challenges for the title. And maybe she wins it. But she's just attached herself so much to Amanda that now that Amanda is retiring, she has nothing else.


It's a very interesting point that you bring up, Hans, and I'm still struggling with my webcam alignment and my picture alignment. Sorry. It's an interesting point that you bring up and a valid one, I think. Because she is a great fighter and she's going to fight for the belt, let's be honest. It's probably going to be her and Raquel Pennington. Raquel was the backup fighter. Penny was supposed to be the fighter. So logic says she's going to fight for the belt and she's got a very good chance of becoming the champion again. So when she became the champion, of course, she grew in popularity. She made some money. She became more famous and achieved something incredible. But you're right. I'm choosing my words very carefully because I might end up commentating one of her fights. And I've got nothing against Giuliana Pena. Nothing at all.


I would have been nicer. I would have chosen my words a little more carefully. She hates me already anyways.


That's okay then.


So it's.


Like, whatever. I don't know how she feels about me, but I like her. She's a great girl. I've got nothing against her.


I don't have anything against her either. I'm just speak of fact.


She can't hold a bloody candle to Amanda Nunez. Is that the expression? A flame, a candle?


Yeah, whatever it is.




In popularity, not in just overall accomplishments. And she's never had a title fight that didn't involve Amanda Nunez. So she shits all over Amanda. Amanda gave you an opportunity, you beat her fair and square. Nobody's taking that from you. You look great doing it. It was a fantastic performance. But then then in the rematch, it was the polar opposite of what happened the first time. So it's like, I get it that you want to get that back and you feel like the style change and the stance switches and all that stuff threw you off it. That's fine. But that's what people are going to remember.


But to be fair, this is what she's supposed to do.


For sure.


If she's trying to get that fight, you never know.


She's got to pivot. She's got to pivot better. As soon as she retired, it shouldn't have been, I scared her away. She didn't want to fight me, I ran her out of the UFC, I ran her into retirement. It should have been, All right, congratulations on a great career. Now I'm fighting for the title. And then you just move on to yourself. I hang out with a lot of media people and the experts behind the scenes that talk about engagement and how some of the best ways you could have directed a narrative. S he took the total opposite direction, the worst direction she could have. Instead of just trying to grasp and just hold on to the man and nune s thing, let it go and now start making a fight with somebody else.


You're right. But let's consider this for a second. And I'm in no way disagreeing with you or defending what you're saying. We're as fighters, we're emotional beings. You know what I mean? And it's easy to have a level head and a rational response when we're not emotionally involved. Emotional intelligence, that's still something that I grapple with to this day. Do you know what I mean? I like to think that I'm a very nice guy 99 % of the time. And then that 1 % comes up every now and again where I act like a total dickhead. And then I hate myself for it afterwards. Not turning it to talking about me, but I'm just giving some experience. And she's in that. She's emotionally attached. She wants to fight her. She wants to make some money. She wants to become the champion. And she's emotionally invested and she's acting emotionally incorrect. So it's easy for us to sit here on our comfy stools talking in a podcast saying, you should do this, that and the other. But when you're the one that's involved, it's not always that easy to see straight. And that's coming from a guy with one eye cross eyed.


You're 100 % right. But that's what we do. We play Monday morning quarterback and say, here's what she did. Here's what she could have done. I get it. She's sitting there cage side. She travels all the way to Vancouver She just to be there cage side so she can challenge the winner. I get it. And then Amanda throws a wrench in the hole. And Amanda did spend all week in the media taking jabs at her and poking at her. So she's a little bit fired up anyways. This is her moment. Amanda's going to win. She's going to get the belt wrapped around her waist and boom, camera cuts to Giuliana Pena, next title changer. Let's get this shit set up. I get it.


It's the closest thing to a rivalry that Amanda's ever had. So she's going to talk a little bit of shit and rightly so. You never know though. Let's just imagine this scenario. Raquel P enniton and Pena wins. She becomes the champion. She defends it once or twice more. She's always talking shit. Do we see Amanda Nunez come out of retirement, down the line just to come back and shut her up, once and for all?


I don't think so. I think she's too excited. I hate to shit on that great story because that sounds like fun, but I don't think so. I think she's done.


All right. Well, I hope so. We're going to talk about the Coman event because that was a sensation from Charles Le Vey. But first of all, if you were on a plane and that plane crashed into a Colombian jungle, everyone died. Your parents died, your coaches died. I hate to say it, your family died. But your brothers and sisters were on there. And you were the oldest at 13 years old. And they were at what was it? Harrington? 11, nine, and a one year old. There's four of you. And look, basically, I'm saying there's four fucking Colombians. A plane crashed in Columbia with four children. They survived in the jungle for 40 hours. Goddamn days. A 13 year old and an 11 year old, a nine year old, and a one year old.


For how many days?


40 days. Jesus. After the plane crashed. And sadly, I should have been making light of it. It's an awful story. But talk about the will to live. Apparently, I don't know how you do this, and they're better than me already. They had a pound of flour and fruit that was growing. That's how they lived on. I wouldn't know what to do with a pound of flour.


No. Where do you get fresh water? Were you.


In the jungle?


Yeah, but it's not fresh.


You got.


To drink it.


The tree canopy? The tree canopy.


Sounds like a way to get the wicked shit.


Yeah, well, it does. It does. But isn't that just unbelievable? Now, granted, they were.


I'm a grown ass man. I'd have a hard time surviving 40 days with a one year old here at my house by myself.


With a one year old. That's the impressive part.


Brian? It says that during the search, they were dropping boxes of food from helicopters into the jungle, and the kids may or may not have found those.




They expected that there were survivors or.


Thought there might be. We're not giving them too much credit. Yeah. They were having food dropped in, Michael. My God, slow you roll. No. So they searched the wreckage and they found everyone dead, but obviously those children were missing. And then there were some little clues along the way. There were some food packages that were eaten. So they knew there were people alive down there, but still took them 40 days to find them. Keep it a one year old. Me and you, or you and your wife, me and Rebecca, keeping a one year old alive in the.


Jungle with.


Nothing for 40 days. Days, that's not easy.


No, that's crazy. And just can you imagine how those times where I'm like, camping and I'm safe, I know that there's nothing crazy out there and we're protected and have things to protect ourselves. And even at night time, what is that? There's something so I can hear something walking in the trees and get paranoid. Can you imagine being a kid in the dark, the jungle gets?


Bro, never mind that. In Columbia, it's Is that the Amazon? I don't know if the Columbian rainforest is the Amazon rainforest. It wouldn't surprise me if it was. There's a lot of Beets down there. We got pumas. What else we got? We got dangerous animals down there.


They got dangerous animals for sure.




Like I said, here in the States, I'll get nervous hearing things rattling around out there. I can't imagine being in the pitch black jungle.


But you do have grizzly bears and black bears. You don't have bears down there. I don't think there's bears. How many of you just look up at these bears. If you like to have a train to join the show, let's just make fun of Hamilton for a second. What's up, buddy? How are you, mate?


Okay, Harrington hates us, too.


These parts of the show.


Sorry, I thought Brian was bringing me up while I was looking up these bears. There are And in bears.


Or these... Brian's down as well. We'll have a four shot.


Come on, man. Yeah, come on.


Don't make it weird. Go on, Harrington.


It says the And in Bear or Speckled Bear is the only bear native to South America. It is a clever abhorreal animal that builds platforms and nests and trees for eating and sleeping. So yeah, they do have bears in the Amazon.


The word is abhorreal. It means they live in trees. There we go.


Duh. Yeah. We're not even talking about it. That's an ugly bear, though. If Harry Potter was a bear, that's it.




You're not.


Going to be a.


Grizzly, no? No way, man. No? No. If you were a bear, you'd be Winnie the Pooh.


Oh, honey bear? That sounds awesome, honestly.


Yeah. Cute, friendly, a nice smile, maybe a little docile. You know what I mean? You're not ferocious. You're not a grizzly bear. I always did just look up, oh, Brian, please, top five most dangerous animals in the Amazon jungle because obviously you got snakes, you got crazy frogs that you get super high off and can kill you. Very poisonous. You got the.


Wildlife down there. Those poisonous dark frogs. Yeah, we got giant centipede, piranhas, poisonous dark frogs, black caimans, big old cockroaches, green anacondas, electric eels. Green anacondas. Jaguars, armed spiders, it says here.


I don't know. They got a Second Amendment in Colombia? Jesus.


So I did read something about these kids. They had grown up, like, ancestrally in the Indigenous tribes. So the 13 and 14 year olds had spent times living, essentially on the land. And that made them way more equipped to be able to survive for those 40 days.


40 days in a jungle with a one year old, where there's spiders and anacondas and caiman and piranhas.


That's crazy. They were from an Indigenous tribe. So obviously, they're a little bit more suited to these outdoor conditions than what we are.


How long my kids would make it? How long would your kids make it at that age?


How long would I make?


My kids would make it 40 days without that?


It's hard enough for me to stay alive in the half mansion, let.


Alone in.


The bloody jungle.


My kids wouldn't make it 40 days without anything. No way.


They would have make it through Lent. Anyway, Co main event, Charles Olivera, Benil Dariush, everyone likes Benil Dariush. He's not a man on this planet or a woman. No man born of a woman, even. That can sit here and say, Benil Dariush is a jerk or he's not a good guy. He's just someone that you find it difficult to root against. And then they fight win streak, cruising towards that big title fight. Charles Oliver, where's he at? Is he going to come back? Is he going to shock the world? Has he had his time in the sun? Is he over? Is he on the down slide? Holy shit. It was unbelievable. It was utterly unbelievable. And what was so impressive was, yes, when you lose your belt, it's like, you could be forgiven for thinking, maybe I'm going to be a little tentative. I'm going to be careful. There's a lot riding on this. My career, if I'm ever going to be a champion again, is riding on this bike. But Daris is so technical. I've got to see what he gives me. I got to make reads. I got to look for openings. No, he just walks him down straight away.


Throws a goddamn head kick, lets loose. I mean, Benil Daesh took him down, landed some ground and pound, sure enough, made it interesting. But this is the finish that we're seeing right here. And what was so great, of course, you throw the right-hand, you throw the right kick behind it. That right-hand wasn't even designed to necessarily land. That is just purely to set up the head kick because the opponent is thinking all about the right-hand. They parried, they blocked, they slipped, whatever it is. And when that punch threat is gone, momentarily, you relax, you think it's over. Then all of a sudden, whoosh, chin on chin, flush to the mush. And that was the beginning of the end.


It was. And Charles Oliver has been... First of all, I'm going to start this off by saying this is my apology to Charles Oliver. He has been an absolute thorn in my side when it comes to being an analyst because you see the offensive prowess, you see the ultimate aggressive style that he has, the insane Jutsu. But then you also see some of the holes in his wrestling a little bit. And then you see maybe some of the fundamentals in his Jutsu. To a little bit as far as positioning. You see the defensive responsibility not always there. And then you look at his opponent like, where are they strong? Okay, this guy can wrestle. This guy's got heavy hands. Maybe he's a little bit more defensive on his feet. I just find myself, he's one of my favorite fighters. I find myself picking against him. I picked against him with Gitchey. I picked against him with Poirier and I picked against him with Chandler. To my defense, he was hurt bad in all those fights and had to come back. Maybe not so much the fight is bad, but he had to come back and win.


So then I'm like, all right, no matter what, I'm picking Charles Oliver. I don't care if they match him up against Francis and Ghana. I'm going to pick Charles Oliver because I'm done feeling like I'm shitting on him all the time when I don't want to. Then he fights Islam and then it makes me look stupid because I just decided I was going to just believe in him and stop and ignore what my eyes are telling me. And then he goes out and has a bad performance or was injured or says he was at 10 %, whatever. And so in this fight with Benel, I see Benel having positional dominance as far as the wrestling in the top game in his Jutsu. I see he has heavy hands. He's willing to engage. He's a little bit more defensive on his feet. All right. He just.


Doesn't make mistakes necessarily.


He doesn't really make a lot of mistakes. So then he goes in and then he fights. I'm like, Of course, that was going to happen because that's Charles Oliver. I think what I'm missing is you have to have the ability or some skill set to completely stifle his offense. Just being good enough to defend his Jutsu isn't good enough. You got to be able to keep him there the entire time and not hold him down. In order to do that, you got to have an Islam type of wrestling game or whatever. I think that's what I'm missing is that he's so offensive and so dangerous on his feet that you have to have something to completely stop that. And not a lot of people do.


He's very powerful as well. He is. And that's new. Yeah. I was literally just going to say that's something that seems to have come over since this new title run, to be honest, because he was not a knockout artist. I think when you look at Charles O'Libert today, it's very to say.


I was shocked when he dropped Michael Jainly.


This man is capable of knocking anybody out.


And I never thought that before.


No. A great tie boxer, vicious in the clinch. Of course, we know about the J ujitsu. But now this guy, and he knows it and he believes in it. And you can see that from the way that he fights, the way he walks people down from the opening belt. He truly believes in himself and he's willing to take those risks, willing to put himself in harm's way to be able to land his shot. And that is what makes me such a fan of this guy. And then on top of that, the way he handled the post fight speech, speach with DC, because he's got a little bit of charisma coming through. He's speaking a little bit of English. And even when he was using Fabiano, the translator, even through the translator, he had the crowd eating out the palm of his hand. Who's the champion? And then the entire crowd cheers and roars and he jumps on the cage mid speech and then comes back to DC. I mean, that man's a star. That man's a superstar. What he's doing, the way that he's fighting and the way that he's really now showing who Charles De La Varr really is, do you know what I mean?


It's a beautiful thing to see. He's some man. He really is.


To watch him walk people down every single time he goes in there. He got dropped in the gachy fight. He got dropped by Michael Chandler. He got dropped by Dusty Porya. He just got dropped and finished. It doesn't affect the way he fights at all, which is insane for the people at home. Anytime someone gets dropped or they get buzzed real bad on their feet or they get knocked out, there's a little bit of a gun shyness that comes with that later on down the road where you don't want that to happen again. You get worried about it.


Well, not just later on down the road, at the time, in the fight.


You know what I mean? When you get robbed... Let alone taking months to get rid of it.


If you got half a braid, you can't you play it safe, you dance around, maybe you clench, you Coast, you stay away, you disengage until you've cleared the head. You know what I mean?


Not Charles. He does it. He's like, Yeah, I got dropped and finished in my last fight. So you know how I'm going to start this one? The exact same way.


The exact.


Same way. I admire that.


It's almost retarded.


It's a really bad decision. It's not. Don't coach. Yeah, I wouldn't coach him to do that.


There's no way. If I was coaching someone, it's like, do you know what I'm going to do? As soon as the referee says, I'm just going to go at him. I'm going to walk him down. I'm going to throw head kicks. I'm just going to unleash on him. I'm going to take it. I like the confidence, buddy. But just maybe take your time.


Maybe just be a little more strategic here.


See what he's going to do. You know what I mean? This is physical chess after all. You know what I mean? It's not physical checkers, you dickhead. Come on. Yeah.


It's amazing. He's such a... And you know what? Here's the rest of that. So now I'm like, Okay, what am I doing here? Okay, here I am finding myself not believing in Charles Oliver again. So now I'm like, I'm going to pick him. And then he's going to go up against Islam.




And you're going to.


Pick him to.


Lose again? I don't know if he could beat Islam.


Yeah. I know. I find myself doing that. There are certain fight is in that. He's such a.


Thorn in my side when it comes to being an analyst.


I got a lot of shit because I said that there was a potential. If he was to be, if he was to beat Islam, this was a story at the time, that maybe he was the greatest lightweight of all time. And I still get shit to this day. People still bring it up on Twitter and stuff like that. And what I meant was when you look at the resume and the people that he's beaten and the people that he's continuing to beat and the way that he's doing it, it's incredible. There was in no way any disrespect to Khabib De Maghamedov and maybe there's some recency bias that it was just loving what he was doing. One of my favourite fights to watch without question. I will never miss a Charles Oliver fight.


That's for damn sure. Never. And there is very... Sometimes Charles Oliver reminds me of Derek Lewis. You're like, All right, who's Derek? Or at least Derek when he was on that long run when things were going great. You're like, Derek Lewis has an opponent. He's a better wrestler. He's a better striker. He's a better jutsu guy. He's got better cardio. He's got O, he's more technical everywhere. With all that said, Derek Lewis by third round knockout.


Yeah. No, I know.


It was impossible to call these fights. Charles Oliver is just defy is all the odds.


All right, sweep stakes time. I know what that means. Islam Makhachev, Makhachev, if we're going to say it rightly. Charles Olivera, Abu Dhabi, unofficially. That's what Charles is gunning for. I'm sure UFC would like that. I'm sure Islam would like it as well. Islam already beat him once inside one round, you're going to say, Yeah, sure. Okay, let's go. Because obviously we've got Justin and Justin. You got to think they are the three front runners. Olivera beat both of them, finished them both. And I know I'm we're all big fans of Justin and Justin. If you love mixed martial arts, everything we just said about Olivera applies to them as well. They're savages. But he beat them both recently. So I think he automatically leapfogged them. Would you agree?


I do. I think it's a timing thing, too, because they don't fight until... When did they fight?


No, end of next month.


End of next month. So October is pretty quick. If they're not fighting until the end of next month, I think it just comes down to numbers because I think we all know what's going to happen in that Justin Gay chie, dust and porriet fight. Chances are whoever wins.




Not coming out of that uninjured.


They ain't making a quick turnaround.


They're not making a.


Quick turnaround. No, that's a very good point. So it's probably going to be Charles.


Sounds like Dana. I think Dana said in his post fight presser, he did. It did sound like he was.


Already making the fight. What do you think, though? Who do you think wins real quick? Let's go around the four of us. Harrington and Bryan, come on the screen, give us your predictions. I'm going to say... God, I don't know. Harrington, who you got?




He's just so sure.




I have never picked Oliver in a fight before. And every time I get it wrong, wrong, except like Anthony, that one time where I was like, of course he's going to win. So I guess I have to pick him this time, right?


Well, I picked him last time. I was wrong. I've just kissed his ass for the last 20 minutes.


Yeah, me too. I'm going.


To say he loses again.


I just said I can't not believe in him anymore. And then five minutes later, pick against him.


And that's it. It's the weird thing. That's the beautiful thing about mixed martial arts.


It really is. I'm going to say all of it, but I'm not confident. I just picked against him. I can't do it right now.


We spent a good few minutes talking about the dangers of the Colombian jungles, and nothing to do with the drug cartels. And we were talking about the animals, the threat of the animals in the jungle. But that is not the only place where you might fall foul to a predatory beast. You might have seen it during the rounds. Have you seen this video of the woman or the man, sorry, eaten by a shark in Egypt?


I think I seen it scrolling the other day.


Yesterday morning. It is bloody awful.




This is in a tourist area. I'm not sure how much you just look it up, or Brian, it might have been Charmel Shake. It's one of the big tourist hotspots down there. It's even more worse when you hear it with the sound, but we don't need that on Brian.


Is that his legs flopping around too? Oh, my gosh. How terrifying. He's getting tossed around, dude.


He's getting thrown around. He's getting eaten alive, quite literally.


Right. Looking at him like trying to get away and the shark just takes a U turn.


Right up on his face. That's it. Game over. Game over. I mean, just terrified. I mean, scenes like this make me think. But I do it just like I continue to pick against Charles Olivera. I will jump in the ocean and swim knowing that there's bloody whales as not whales, sharks.


No, I'm not a big ocean person. I don't really like it because I don't like sharks. I grew up watching Jaws. So we're going to the ocean next week. We're going to Orange Beach, Alabama. And my wife was like, Okay, here's what we're going to do.


We're going to ride. My wife. Sorry, I just had to do it. It's okay.


My wife. We're going to.


I'm very childish.


She wants to get this boat. And she was like, We're going to go out. We're going to swim. I was like, No, we're not. So a couple of days goes by, she was like, Hey, did you get that boat? I'm like, No, I didn't. We're not going on a boat. She's like, Why? I said, There's sharks. She said, No, I looked it up. There's no sharks. There's no real sharks around there. I was like, It's the ocean. There's sharks everywhere. Then I Google it and there's a bunch of shark sightings right there on the beach, right in front of the place that we're staying.


It is a real concern. But at the same time, you got to live your life.


You know what I mean? That's why I don't.


Swim with sharks. Yeah, people say you're going to get one life, bro. You got to live it. I said, Yeah, I only get one. I want to preserve it for as long as possible.


Right. We're doing enough damage to it as it is.


Tomorrow I'll be in the water, but I want to be in the ocean. I'll be in the nice rivers of England. So it's hot here.


Big river guy.


I love the river. And it's one of the main things I miss. And there's a river down here, where I'm from, we call it the Coe. There's a salmon trap and there's waterfalls and stuff. There's a big, nice bridge, beautiful park. It's beautiful English countryside. I'm going to go down there with a picnic, take a cool box, take a few beers, take a blanket, some food and things like that. Take a little speaker, chill by the river. Quintessentially British. And the only thing that you might... I'm trying to think, you might sting yourself on some nettle leaves. That's about it. You know what I mean? You might want to, maybe a pike, but they don't do shit anyway.


Yeah. There's not a whole lot in the rivers and waters here. Maybe you run into a snake that you don't want to get bit by.


Yeah, we don't have those. Maybe an otter.


We get snapping turtles. Got to worry about those. It doesn't leave me alone for the most part, though.


I think the most dangerous wildlife thing that we have in the UK is a badger.


That's about as dangerous as it gets. Badgers are pretty dangerous.


No, I know they are. I know they are, but that's it. Doesn't get much better than a badger or worse than a bad year for the UK. That's it. I think.


We have mountain lions, but not a whole lot of them. Don't you guys have big cats? Yeah, we got some.


Mountain lions. Really? We don't have big cats.




Really? No, we don't.


It's a shame. You're going to get a rabies infested coyote.


Here and there. We should introduce some big cats when we come out here and do the live podcast tour. We'll release Harrodden into the wild. Get into the and mate with a domestic house cat. Leave him alone in the jungle for 40 days in the forest of England.


Having a cat in a house cat. The cat will come back in Herrington, M ar.


Harriden and the house cat. I'd make that.


Well, you don't.


Think I could do Naked and afraid in the UK?


No. I love that joke.


I could do it.


In no way.


You could not do naked and afraid. They did afraid in England. In winter.




Way. Winter is a lot. Winter is a lot. Let's do fall.




Could do that. I don't think so. I don't think so.


The Irish could muster up the courage, the survival skills, the know-how, the knowledge.


I'll be hoping some big cats find their way over from Asia.


I'd rather see them go to some domestic house cats. They're nasty little bastard.


You know what I mean? Ian Harrington would not win a fight with a domestic house cat.


What would you rather have? One big cat coming kill you quickly or 100 domestic house cats just attacking you salvageably?


One big cat for sure.


100 %?




Quick and fast. Good children.


Good children. Okay. I love those. It's like the conversation, Would you rather fight a lion or a bear?


Yeah, which we have a lot here. We do this one.


All the time. Lion for sure. We have a question that's similar to that for the.


End of the show. The bear. No, I take the lion over the bear. The bear will just rip you to pieces. We got to give a big shout out to a couple of people. Nate Landau, I didn't get the job done. Dan Higgins was very good. He was very smooth. He was just a better fighter. Listen, I think everyone likes Nate Landry. I think he was beaten by the better man. Got to give a big shout out to Mike Malone. He looked phenomenal. Canada's own, 10 and 1, all star pages went out there against Dan Fugate.




About it. No, man.


I like him a lot.


Oh, God. Did you say that one on Saturday night?


I didn't.


I did not. You did not. Are you there? Do you crack jokes, Anthony?


Yeah, sometimes. No, I crack some jokes. I shit all over myself with the Charles Oliver thing. It was a good time.


We've all done that. We've all been there. So yeah, well done. And then, M arc and J. Barry Art looked really good when he beat Eric Anderson. That was a fun fight. Great way to start the show. So, Hamilton, we got a lot of big stories to get to in the world of mixed Martial Arts this week. And what do we think is the biggest in relation to anything, really? Let me just have a look. Go on.


I don't know. The one that was all over my timeline this morning is the G oddy family, the notorious New York crime family has declared war on the Mayweather family.


I thought that was true. Have they actually declared war? Listen, I think it's fair to say that every man and the dog, if they've been on social media, have seen the video of the huge riot kicking off at the exhibition match, but things have escalated. Yes.


So there was also a fight between TMT and the Goddy family backstage after that, which you can see here. And then Nicolette, who is John's sister, took to Instagram and in a story, vowed to come after Floyd Mayweather's daughter, the grandson of her daughter. I'm sorry, her son is the one that Floyd was carrying to the ring with him. So she vowed to come after that daughter, said it would take a year, two years, didn't matter, and then had some pretty choice words for her.


Why is he trying to come after Floyd's daughter? What am I missing now? Just cause?


Yeah. I guess after the fight, the way it went down, she's just saying, Look, that's a woman who's close to my age in your family. So I want to.


Come for her. Yeah. Listen, John Godddy, not that I know much about him. I know he did a bit of MMA, and now he's doing a celebrity boxing match or exhibition boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. This is Floyd Mayweather's fault. You play with fire, you're going to get burned. You're going out there. What do you expect? What do you expect? The guy's not a... I'm not talking shit about John Garry. He comes from a bit of a gangster. He's from a very notorious crime family. And that's the whole appeal here. The whole appeal is it.


That's why he's popular.


That's why he's popular. You're not in there with boxers or even a JPS or even YouTubers. You're going out there and doing these bouts there and they were talking a ton of shit and then it stops and it all kicks off, what do you expect? You know what I mean? If it looks like a duck and it walks like a duck, it's probably a duck. Quack, quack, motherfucker.


If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it's probably going to shoot you.


Yeah. I'm glad you said that because I thought I was going to be in the minority there. That's what you get. You want to go floundering away, fighting all these weird exhibition matches for boatload of cash, you can't get so greedy and just put yourself in a bad position. I don't know what you're thinking. I would never. I'd fight every single exhibition fight that he fought, except for that one. Really? As soon as they came to me, they said, It's John Goddy. No, I'm good.




You're just putting yourself in a bad situation. If you beat the shit out of him. He's not going to like it. He's not going to like it. And then he's going to talk trash to you. I know me. I've seen me say a lot of stupid shit in a lot of positions I shouldn't have. I've seen me do it. I know I would do it. I'm not putting myself in that position.


And the funny somewhere, but he doesn't need to do that anyway. At what point is he going to stop? Listen, you can't have the guy who makes the money, but he's made plenty of money. There's all these stupid people that go out and say, Oh, apparently he's broke. Bullshit. Shut up. They're just haters. I don't know where they get these theories from. It doesn't look like he's broke. When I see him on Instagram and he's showing off the cars in his garage and his watches and his house and all the rest of it. And yeah, you might say, Oh, but he owes a ton to the taxman. Whatever the situation is, you can't say the man's broke. He's got plenty of money. Simple as that. I get that he loves the sport of boxing, but I guess this is, you go back to my original point. What he's doing here is he's still trying to compete in boxing without risking his record. You know what I mean? He's trying to do it against people that are notorious for something. Well, you're going to get your fingers burned. You know what I mean? You're going to take the piss out of someone and say, I'll box you, I'll beat you.


But I'm not even going to give you a crack to take my undefeated record. I'm basically just mocking you from the very start to the very end. You know what I mean?


I'm going to box you. You're not even important enough to actually box.


I'm by far the smaller guy, so I've already won. I'm not even going to give you a chance to actually box me and get me on your record. Word. I'm going to talk shit. You know what I mean? Right? It's anyone that he fights, he's making a mockery of right from the start. I'm not hating on Floyd Mayweather, but it's how I feel about the situation.


Dude, I've thought that these whole exhibition things are weird anyways. If you're going to fight, just fight. Why are we... I don't understand. But I'm sure that there's a lot of different... Some of the rules are got to be a little bit different. The rounds are different. Everything's it's weird. The whole thing is weird to me.


Yeah. Have you ever had any?


And I don't even know that he's fighting. I had no idea that he was boxing John Goddy.


I had no clue. No, I think I might have saw something. I think it penetrated my subconscious at some point. I think I knew something, but I certainly wasn't aware when it was or any of the details. But same with all the rest of them. He had another one recently in London, I think. There was hardly anyone there. You know what I mean? So no one's watching him try. I wouldn't know how they still generate all the money to pay him. How do they pay him?


I don't know.


I have no idea. Maybe some tax dodge, something like that. Who knows? Not money laundering, but paying some big events company, pay a ton of money to him and they write it off somehow. Maybe something like that.


I don't know where the money is coming from because it's not from pay per views. It's not from buys. It's not from gates. That's for damn sure.


No, it really isn't. Good friend of ours was in action at the weekend, Brendan Loffner. We want to give a shout out to Brendan, obviously. He went up against... Oh, man, forgive me. What was the guy's name?


Jesus Pineda. Pineda.


Yeah, Pineda. Got clipped real early. I think you do. I think I speak for everyone on the show, everyone that listens to the show. When you speak to Brendan, when you see the way he acts, the way he fights, but just the guy that he is, he's an impossible guy not to like. And we see it right here. Look, this is right at the start of the fight. A minute into it, they go in.


It's a knee.


Yeah, right here. There it is. He's got caught with the knee on the separation. And that was that. That was that. I messaged him.


Listen, he.


Didn't respond.


He didn't. No. I get it.


Yeah, I do.




100 %.


Yeah. All the fight part of it aside, he's a good guy and I just really enjoy talking to him. So you always want people like that to do well. So that was sad. And he missed the playoffs too, which is worse. That's the worst part. It's like he'll bounce back. It's not that big of a deal. He'll bounce back from the fight. And I'm sure we're going to see him come back. He'll do well and he'll be fine. But it sucks he missed the playoffs.


Well, it does. And that's just mixed martial arts, man. That's essentially what I told him. I said, Listen, man, hold your head up high. What you've done is incredible. A huge fan. Even afterwards, he was so gracious. He went over and he hugged him and he was saying congratulations. He didn't look bitter. He wasn't angry. He didn't lose his temper or anything like that. Carried himself with absolute class. You know what I mean? So that's why I think so much of him. And yeah, that's essentially what I told him. This sport is a motherfucker. It's a motherfucker. I'm sure Pineda is very good. But I'm also sure that you could probably beat him. And if you compete again, you probably will. Who knows? But on those situations with this sport, again, back to Charles Olivera, back to... I don't know. It's so unpredictable. It really is. Anyway, you see the news about D'Ante Wilder and Francis St. Gallu?


No. What did I miss?


Well, so D'Ante Wilder is saying that his team has been talking with Francis St. Gallu's team. In fact, Hamilton, if you want to come on and share the full story, then feel free.


So he showed up at PFL that same event that Brendan was talking about.


Oh, he did?


Yeah, he was there and he was taking questions from the media. And when he was asked, he said, You always see the MMA guys crossing over, but you never see the boxers crossing over. I want to make it more interesting for other fans and just my whole comeback family. I said, Well, how about you come to my backyard and after we have that business, I can come to yours and cross over. And I really mean it.


Wow. Well, I mean, does he mean it? I don't think he does because the caveat is that you come and box me first.


You first. That's the oldest trick in the book.


Of course it is. Of course it is. You first.


No. I think it would sell better if he came to MMA first, to be honest with you?


I think Deontay Wilder and Francis S inganu is a more competitive match up and more interesting in many ways than a Tice and Fury or any of the other names. Because Deontay Wilder has freakish power. We know what Nganu does as well. Not the most technical of boxers. R elies on the power of the power. A freak athlete is what he is. A tough son of a bitch, a knockout artist. Him and Francis S ingonno, I think that might be closer than what you think.


I think so too. I still would give the edge to to D'Aunté, obviously, but it's a more competitive fight for sure. I'd watch the Tyson F eery Francis S ingonno fight because I would have to because we'd have to report on it and talk about it and do all these different shows and whatever. But I wouldn't do it just because I'd be so interested in the outcome. The D'Aunté Wilder fight, I would get just to get because I'd be really interested in how that would go.


I am very willing to entertain entain an argument that Francis ing early would knock out Deontay Wilder. I am not willing to entertain that. In turns of he's always got to punch his chance against, let's say, Tyson Ferry. Of course, he's always got to punch his chance. But I believe that chance goes up to 60 40 against Deontay Wilder.


Whereas the other thing... I think 60 40 is a little liberal there. I don't know if I can do.


60 40. Oh, really? You think that's too much?


I'd probably go 80 20. I mean, there's a chance, maybe 70 30.


You mean in the middle of a cheeky 70 30?


Yeah, I'd meet you in the middle of a 70 30.


All right.


But it's possible. In the Tyson Ferry fight, I feel like that's a relative impossibility.


To be honest, now you mentioned that, D'Alete is way faster.


He's so fast. Other than weight, he's equal in size. He's like 6'6.


Yeah, but, bro.




Second Tyson Furi weight isn't like 205 pounds.


Yeah, he's skinny. Talk about the power that that guy has at that weight. It's insane. He's under 2'10. Doesn't that piss you off? It pisses me off.


So bad. I know. That's two guys that have spent their entire life, do you know what I mean? Trying to do that. They're just walking around with those skinny little legs.


Yeah, with those little legs.


Knocking people out left.


Right, and center. How was Tyson Furi way?


Oh, I mean, which version? The 400 pound version or the.


275 pound version? The 480 pound version. The 480.


280 right now? Something like that.


And he's hanging with the heavy, heavy weights and knocking them out. You've scored with big, heavy weights before and you think you put a good shot on them and they don't even budge? Yeah. This is stupid.


No, it is stupid. It is stupid. What news are we missing? We're going to have to keep it short. Well, I'm not saying we're finishing the show right now, but I want to make sure we get to the good stuff because it's past 11 o'clock at night. I'm in the bedroom, so everyone can't go to bed. And I've had the door get opened and say, How long are you going to be? We're going to be a bit longer, Rebecca. Okay, so chill your beach. But what have we got to get you, Harry?


Probably the biggest story from the start of the weekend. Conor McGregor showed up to a Miami Heat game and... No, no, no, no.


Bollocks to this. Fuck this. Fuck this. We're not talking about that. Bro, that's a PR stunt.


Is it?


Come on, Anthony, what do you think?


I thought it was initially. I thought it was like, oh, that's bullshit. No way that guy went to the hospital. But then Dana was talking about it and I don't know.


I'm not sure.




Is a PR stunt to promote his new sports spray thing. Do you know what I mean? And then now he's spraying on it. I mean, come on. Number one, he's on the court. Look at the reactions of everyone else. No one's concerned. There's no security. This is going on for quite some time. There's no one. And they drag him out slowly, unconscious. Do you know what I mean? If that actually took place for real, the security would run on there. It would be.


All out. Okay, I knew that the.


Medics would come down. They would not drag him off like a dead body. Well, I knew that the punching him part was... Casualty goes back to.


His stand. Well, I knew that that part was definitely them promoting, but I thought the part where he actually, when he fell or something, hurt himself, I thought that part was real.


But that makes it a better story. You know what I mean? Because you're never going to be an expert in Brian's conspiracy corners to know.


Go on, Brian. I think what happened is when he hit him with that ground and pound shot, he hit him way lower in the costume. I think he punched him in the face.


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I would say. But anyway, another thing, another local of Miami is one, J oré Game Bread Masvidal. He was, I don't know, this is again, another bad acting, another scenario, another conspiracy, another load of shit that we're getting fed. Maz Vidal pulling up on Jake Paul's warehouse property, whatever. Did you.


See this? I did. Okay, I thought this one for sure was real. Was real? No, it's bullshit. Oh, right. Thank you. Yeah, it's total bullshit. First of all, how did he know where he was going to be? It's some random warehouse. Why did Jake Paul take a selfie video before he walked outside? He just knew he was out there waiting on him to walk out? It seems.


Very strange. Let's give the devil's Avocado version. Hold on, let's have a look, though. Let's listen. Okay, so apparently Mazlurda.




Up to.


The better warehouse.


Oh, apparently. And then.


Mazlurda walked up with the hands behind the back.


He tried to cause trouble. No one actually stopped him. He stopped himself.


It's your city? So you own this right here?


No, not that.


He stepped off out of that.


And they just let him drive through the gate?


Yeah, exactly. He's been.


Paying a lot on Erio Hawaii.


What do you think he's trying to do there? Because Mazl evela now is retired from mixed martial arts. Do you think he's trying to... And Mazda Mazroui out of the draw. Mazroui out of counter strike and he can box. Do you think that's going to be one of his next opponents?


Maybe. Maybe they're trying to build up some, I don't know, some bullshit here.


Yeah. As you said at the end of the day, what is this Mazl evela went on Jake's podcast right after that. So I think it was just a promo for the podcast. Okay, well, maybe you could have told us that in person before. You put it in the notes and get us to talk about it and make Jake.


Sound of ourselves. Well, now we look like geniuses because we knew that shit wasn't real.


Yeah. No, because he pulls up and... Because I was going to say, he's a YouTubersber and he's always got a camera crew around him and stuff like that. And if someone said, Hold on a minute, Mazl evela's here. Maz Fidel's at the front gate. Oh, yeah, I filmed this shit. Let's get this. So I'll give him that. But come on, the whole thing is ridiculous. I just can't wait for someone to batter J. Paul, if I'm brutally honest. But hopefully it's Maz Fidel. Hopefully it's Nate Díaz. You see the move in the fight? Did we talk about that?


We did. We did, yeah, because of the week.


Yeah, the move in the fight. Chris Wyman will be making his return.


Yeah, I'm excited. I think it's a good fight too. I think it's a good fight to come back to.


Brad Tavares.


Yeah, I'm glad to see Chris is healed up and back to old for him.


Just look up how old Chris is. He's got to.


Be 39.


I was going to say he's got to be pushing 40.


38 or 39.


It's tough for him to do, isn't it? To come back 39, obviously, a snap in the leg. And then he fought since then, right?


No, he did one Jutsu match over in somewhere in Europe, like some European Championships, and actually had a really great match with a really tough guy, but he hasn't fought since.


Let me ask you this, Anthony, as a man that's been through a similar scenario, so was Conor McGregor, feels like your return was way quicker than Weidman's and Conner's. Is that because it wasn't quite as bad?


Yeah, mine wasn't quite as bad as theirs. Theirs were displaced and both brones were broken. Mine was just in a lower, different spot, so it was a little bit easier to come back from. Still tough, but it was easier than what those guys are.


Dealing with for sure. Yeah. I think I saw a quote and correct me if I'm wrong where Wyman said that what he's going to do is when he goes out there, the first thing he's going to do is throw a right low kick as hard as he can, just so he knows it. He can get that doubt. He can get past that worst part.


I think him and Tavares should just have a gentleman's agreement.


What, not to kick?


No, just one freebie.


What, just let me kick you?


Just let me kick you one time, really hard, and I'll let you kick me back.


Yeah, but what if he breaks his leg?


Well, he's only going to break it on a hard check, right?


Yeah, but it might. But I don't know. But what if it really damages him and that's the end of the fight? You could end the fight with one hard low kick, one free kick.


A free kick. I did that one time.


Did you really?


It's called Jimmy Crude.


Oh, shit. You did. You beat the shit out of his leg.


Yeah. Shout out to Jimmy Crude. Shout out to Jimmy Crude. I like that guy.


Me, too.


I don't know. That's what I would do. If I was fighting Chris Wyman, I'd be like, listen, there's no reason to break your leg on a check. If you really feel like you got to get one in, don't throw the hardest leg kick of your life. Don't tell me about it first. Don't throw the hardest leg kick straight to my chin. One, I don't want the calf kick. Two, don't do that to yourself. I'll give you one, you give me one. We'll call it one freebie.


No, you buy it because number one, you did tell them about it. And secondly, when you're throwing as hard as you can, that's what we always say. You don't look for the knockout shot. You don't think about power. Power is something that you possess. When you actively try and generate maximum power, you telegraph it, you tense up. When you're nice and relaxed and flowing through and you whip the shot, when you whip the kick, when you whip the punch and you get the talk and the body mechanics perfect, that's what generates the power when you're really.


Going to hit hard now.


You're always going to hurt something. You're always going to be telegraphing that shit. Could you imagine Brad Tavares checks it?


Yeah. And he breaks his leg again?


Does he have a titanium chinbone?


He does have a titanium chinbone.


All right, well, it probably won't break.


It might bend. I think he has rods. I don't think he has plates. I think he's got rods.


Bend it like Beckham. All right, listen, I apologise, ladies and gentlemen. We got a show in today. We're going to keep it to a shorter one. It's my fault. I apologise. But I'm getting hustled by the lady.


We got the information in.


We got the information. We talked about it. We talked about the fights. Long live the memory of Amanda Nunez. Congratulations, Charles O'Liverra. More importantly, those kids in the Colombian jungle, they're the real.


Champions this week. They won the title this week for sure.


They won the title. They're the world champion Colombian representatives. And ladies and gentlemen, we will be back with another show on Thursday. Until then, be well, take care. Subscribe and ring the bell. Oh, by the way, we will be doing a question special on Thursday. If you have a question, please remember to send it in to BYM pod and do gmail.


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