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The Countess Bing... You know my name yet. And Anthony Lionheart Smith.


Ladies and gentlemen, we're back Monday afternoon. Antony's at home with the Bits of Bob. Not at home, I'm in a hotel as usual. How are you doing, brother?


I'm good. Just hanging out. The weather's nice. It's hotter than shit out, but it's a nice change of pace.


So kids are in the pool. You're at home, I take it?


Yeah, I'm at home.


The kids are in the pool.


Yeah, kids are swimming in the pool and we're hanging out.


When you say the weather's nice, what are you talking? What temperature?


I think it's 90.






It's nice. Still crappy in California, but still, people didn't come in for the news or the weather. But I tell you what, when you do watch local news, all it is is weather and traffic.


All of it.


That's all it is. If you have an iPhone, you don't need the weather. You can find out exactly what the weather is in your precise location on your iPhone or if you're one of those weirdos that has an Android like Brian.


You're in weird ass green bubbles. He ruins the whole group chat with his green bubbles.


How dare you people? And then also, if you have Waze, you don't need the traffic either.


No, you don't.


Or any traffic app. That just shows tipping Culture TV is dying. Rebecca keeps talking about cancelling our direct TV because we spend We.


Just did it last year.


Yeah, I think you mentioned it. We got to do it. I haven't bit the bully yet. We've got everything. We've got the movies, we've got the sports. I don't even watch sports, but we're paying for it. She's like, Michael, it's like $270 a month. We're cancelling and going, what streaming app have you used?


We use Hulu Live. It works really well. It's got everything I'd ever want.


Do you get the news with the traffic and the weather?


If you need it, it's on there. The local stuff is on there. But we got little kids. So if you get that Disney Plus bundle, you get Disney P, you get Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu all in the same bundle. Nice. And then we got Netflix and...


Yeah, all the usual stuff. We were going to get YouTube TV. Apparently, there's loads on there. One of the things is that they always say about TV or one of the most valuable entities in all of TV or whatever is live sports. But the NFL, I think, well, it was recently, a few months ago now, signed a massive deal with YouTube, something like, I don't know what it was, Brian, look at up 30 billion or something like that. So soon everything's going to be streaming. Simple as that. So I'm getting rid of it. Direct TV, you're gone.


Yeah, you're out of here. Oh, yeah. I was going to tell you, I had this real weird run in with the Terminax guy today. Not weird. He's a nice guy. Terminax is the company we use just like twice a year. They spray for bugs, they spray the outside, they come inside once a year.


How much do you charge for that?


I don't even know. My wife does it all.


I have no idea. They've got cockroaches. They've got to go, man.


I can't imagine it's that much. My wife is super cheap. She is such a cheap ass. I've never heard her complain about the price of that. So it shouldn't be too much. But he's a nice guy. It's the same guy that comes all the time. He's never ever said anything like, Hey, I know you're a fighter, or anything like that. But he'll just walk in and just start talking to me about fights. He's never acknowledged that he recognized me, but that's what he does. Today he comes in and he doesn't really say much about fighting. I'm sitting there and I'm eating lunch with the baby. It's just me and the baby in the house.


What are we having for lunch with the baby?


Well, I'm getting there. I'm sitting there eating lunch and I'm not even realizing what this picture probably looks like. But I'm sitting at the e have this bar off of our kitchen counters. I'm sitting at the bar. I have her high chair pulled up to the bar next to me. He just looks at me and says, Is this how all fighters deal with taking a loss? It set me back a little bit. And then I had to take a look at the picture. I have Dr. Phil blaring loud on the TV in the living room. And that's why I'm sitting where I am so I can see the TV. I got Dr. Phil blaring, me and the baby are absolutely Smashing McDonald's. I'm eating a double quarter pounder with cheese. She is double fisting chicken nuggets and taking one bite out of each one. Then we're eating fries, but I also really like Rolos, little caramel chocolate things.


Bro, they're English. I was raised on Rolos.


That was one of my favorite candies. Rolos are awesome.


I'm coordinating between French fries and as I'm chewing the French fry, I'm opening up a Rolo, swallow the fry, eat the Rolo, washing it down with an orange Fanta soda, and then just rinse, wash, and repeat. So I probably look like the biggest, most American piece of shit in the world. I was like, Yeah, I guess that's how we do it. We eat French fries.


See, that's why I have the real issue, Anthony. That's why the only issue. Nothing else you said there, I couldn't care less what you do. What you eat, whatever. Chicken Nuggets from McDonald's don't resemble chicken. If you put them in a DNA machine, there will be no chicken DNA. I don't know what it is. But going from savery to sweet...


That's my jam.


Then back to savery.




My jam. Your mind. I can't do it. I don't know what it is. When I eat food, I immediately the craving for something sweet is strong and I have to go for it. But I can't then go back to savery.


You can't? When I'm driving long distances, I'll go, Sunflower seeds, then Starburst, and then back to see. And I'll go back and forth the whole drive. It's always keep myself awake.


What category are you put in Sunflower seeds in? What are you a vegan? What are you a squirrel?


I think those are.


You've got a diet of some flower seeds, bro. What is going on?


I'm driving. It's salty and sweet. Salty and sweet. I just go back and forth. But I can imagine that picture, you know, he's probably like this guy's an elite level athlete, and there I am, S mashing McDonald's, eating rollos in between bites of French fries, S mashing a soda. I probably look like a big piece of shit.


Yeah. No, I think you'll find that, well, even on a cheat day or not on a cheat day, I think any level of athlete, they're allowed to enjoy, they're allowed to let their hair down, so to speak.


Yeah. Life's hard to sustain full-time.


Tell them to mind his own goddamn business and get back to crushing the cockroaches.


Yeah, get rid of the bugs, dude.


We try to have ours done because we do have a few little extra house members that aren't invited talking about cockroaches. So Rebecca leaves the lights on in the kids nature every night and it pisses me off because they come out in the dark. Do you know what I mean? But they're still there. They keep the light on. Lights don't stay on for free. It's just like, You're so cheap. I'm like, but still, come on. But we try to get an exterminator round, but they wanted to empty all the cupboards, all the drawers in the house because they had to treat everything. And it was going to be like, it was in the several thousand dollars mark.


And I was like, Oh, wow.


I'm like, oh, just for the first one. Then what we'll do is after that, we'll sustain the treatments. And that'll be a lot cheaper. But the first one is going to be quite expensive. And I'm like, Yeah, no, you're fine. Thanks.


No, it's definitely not that much. I'll tell you that. And they come once in the... When the weather changes, they come and it's got to be pretty cheap. It's fast.


We're talking about this on here, I'm not sure. But whenever I call up to have something done at my house, the first thing they always say, What's your zip code? Postcode for non Americans. And I don't want to give it to them. I just want a quote for the work. But they base the quote on your zip code because they want to figure out what income you've got because you can live in a nice area, we can charge these people more. Well, that surely, that doesn't matter. I just want to know what it would cost for this service. And that's the first thing we need, sir, is your zip code. Like no. Sons of bitches.


New motherfuckers. I've been having a hard time getting... Now I'm just on a soapbox here, but the pool heater is not working. I can't get anybody. I called probably 10 pool companies today and couldn't get anybody to answer the phone. And then I had to call my manager, and then my manager didn't answer. And then I called my wife, and then my wife didn't answer. And then I called my wife, and then my wife an answer. And I was like, What is happening? I was so pissed. Then my manager calls me back. I'm like, Oh, nice of you to call me back.




I just go off on her. I'm like, I don't need your goddamn phone all day.


Do you have a pool guy?


No, we didn't get no goddamn and pool guy. I like my marriage.


Hey, no Sancho coming over here in his board shorts with his abs and tattoos out there just being sexy for my wife.


Well, our guy does have abs and tattoos, and it sounds lardy down, but he comes about round once a week, throws a few chemicals in there and anything like that, he fixes that extra cost. But talking of our pool guy, and for the love of God, I hope he doesn't hear this. He was, but it's crazy because it changed, but he was probably the most rude, grumpy person you've ever seen in your life. I knew he was rude, so I would just ignore him. I was like, Whatever, he's here 20 minutes every Monday. He comes by, he does a few things. Whatever the hell he does, I'm like, Whatever. Rebecca deals with it all. She pays him, cuts him the check, everything. But he was so rude. He wouldn't even respond to Rebecca. Sometimes Rebecca would talk to him. And he was that rude. He was the ruddest bastard you could ever imagine. But you know what? He had a stroke. He had a stroke and he almost died, right? And now he's the nicest guy on planet Earth. To the point where it's so annoying, he's a real chatty catty, right? He won't leave us alone.


He won't leave Rebecca alone. Not chatting her up just like you're just being all pleasant and talkative. He leaves a dog treat for Harry every week. Guaranteed there's a little love heart dog bisque on the thing. And it just caused a show like, as I say, he was a grumpy son of a bitch, had a stroke. Maybe that caused him to reassess his life or whatever and stop being such a wanker because he really was. But then something like that.


There's a lot of people like that. My uncle Todd, he comes to my fights and I grew up on his farm my whole life. Back in the day when I was a kid, he was the toughest, just strictest. He was an asshole. He'd get pretty sourced up and he'd be the guy in the bar fighting all the time when we were kids, like growing up. Then a while back, he got cancer and battle through that. Now you can't even reckon... My kids, when they see Uncle Todd and they're running, he's kissing them all in the foreheads and they ask for anything. It's no question. He's getting it. He's calling. He don't even give a shit about talking to me. He wants to talk to the kids. He's the same way with his grandkids and his own. I don't know who this guy is. That is not the man I grew up with. But he just has a new lease on life.


I think from that we can take away, though, is obviously somebody like you mentioned in the pool guy, and I'm sure there's a lot of other examples that people could think of about this type of thing. You take life for granted. And then when you almost have it taken away, you suddenly get a new perspective and you think, Holy crap, I was almost gone. Let's enjoy it. Life's a blessing. I know that sounds cheesy, but it really is. When you see the misery that surrounds us each and every goddamn day, and then you think, Wow, I almost lost my life. Why am I going through the one and only life we get with a frown on my face being a negative prick? You know what I'm saying? Because...


Mark Montoya's got the same thing going on right now. Me and him, we would battle in about... I'm a late guy. I'm targeting everywhere.


You mind if I just say, because for those that don't know, Mark Montoya, because it was mentioned on the UFC broadcast, he's recovering from cancer, correct?


Yeah, he had a.


Cancerous tumor. And that's your culture, factory X, for those that don't know.


Yeah, he had a cancerous tumor on his kidney, so they ended up just removing his whole kidney. He was in the hospital for a long time, leading up to that with a bat. They only found it because he actually had staph infection in his leg and was having a really bad blood staph infection in his leg and they were cutting pieces of it out. Then they just were doing an ultrasound and they just happened to graze across his kidney and they're like, Oh, that was weird. And went back. So we got lucky that he had staff. But long story short, me and him, we would bang heads a lot about just little shit, just very similar to father and son type of shit. Then with this whole cancer thing, he's a little more laid back. He's a little more tolerant of my bullshit. A little more. He's still pretty tough on me, but he's a little more tolerant. So it's weird. It's too bad that sometimes people have to go through that to maybe sometimes just get a little bit of a.


I don't know.


A little change of attitude. Yeah, it's a perspective.


All the world is but a stage. I don't know the next bit. And all the men and women are merely players. Shakespeare, baby. I'm quoting Shakespeare right now.


I was like, Is this another movie?


No, it's not a movie. It's Shakespeare, brother. I studied the final arts. No, know. The point of making is this is not a rehearsal. This is not a rehearsal. And I know a lot of people believe in heaven and an afterlife and all the rest of it. But don't bank on that.


You see Nate Marquardt today?


Oh, no, the crazy Bible guy. What's his name?


Nate Marquardt started a podcast recently, and I haven't watched any of it, but I can imagine it's very faith driven. And he put out a challenge to Joe Rogen to have someone that can defend Christianity on his podcast. The comments are pretty much what you can expect on Twitter. Yeah. Well... Do you ever train with Nate?


I did it. No, I had many verbal running with him, though. Not in person, though. All over.


The Internet. He whoop my ass one time. Not quite that long ago, probably 2018, 2019. He was training in Denver. He was still fighting. I don't even know where he was fighting, but I was like, Oh, this is Nate Marquardt. He's an older guy. This would be a fun sparring session. He beat the shit out of me. He's pretty good.


He was a great fighter. In fact, I asked to fight him a couple of times, but we never got matched up. The thing that always bothered me about him is that, listen, he gets on his soapbox and he lectures people whilst testing positive steroids on multiple occasions. I'm like, come on, bro. He said once that I was bad for the sport and then he tested positive. And I'm like, dude, come on, what are you talking about? And then every time he loses a fight, and again, I'm not knocking anyone's belief in Christianity or whatever religion you're a fan of or you believe in, every time he would lose a fight, it was the old cop out. It's not God's plan. It's not God's plan. And that really bothers me. Do you know what it's like? We're all responsible for our own wherever we go in life, whatever... Well, it's.


Free will, right?


We're not always responsible. You know what I mean? Sometimes shit happens to us that we're not responsible for. Sometimes you might be a victim of something. But if you're stepping into an octagon, the God is not looking down and predetermining who wins and loses. And if he loses, it's all part of God's plan. And I was here to... He was teaching me a lesson in humility.


Okay? I wish he'd stop teaching me lessons.


Yeah, I wish.


He'd teach me the tutorials. I don't need any more lessons.


I need a lesson or two.


I'm full up on lessons, Mike.


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And that really is what's important, the road to be in a better you, to be in a healthier minded you, not waking up riddled with anxiety and regret and sorrow and sadness and depression. Try and get that stuff in order, man. I really do wish you the best of luck. Go to betterhelp. Com believe to get 10 % off your first month. Should we talk about some fights that happened in the weekend?




There was some good stuff. I mean, McKinsey during that main event, absolutely phenomenal. Listen, excuse me. And by the way, everyone's saying, This has been blowing my nose. My nose is just completely blocked all the time.


I mute myself all the time when I do it. So I'm sure people see me do it, but don't hear it. It's because I have to like, I just grabbed my mouse. I've got to start muting. Yeah, I just muted it. It's tough with the live stream. Laptop. It's really tough for the laptop, but I have this mouse, it's right in my hand.


Pledge allegiance to the believers that from now on, going forward, I will do this. Untapping, tap, tap. Right, so I will do that. What was I saying?


Oh, Angela Hill. Mckenzie Dunn.


Mckenzie Dunn. Listen, there's not anyone out there that I don't think doesn't appreciate Angela Hill. She's a sweetheart of a girl. She really is. She's a real one. She has a very frequent fight schedule. She'll step in on short notice. She'll bring it. You know what I mean? She's got great striking. Saturday night, and I don't like to say this because it's almost an insult, she really impressed me with the beating that she took. And the way she stayed in there. I was able to see the final bell because McKenzie Dunn came out of there like a bat out of hell. We touched on it a little bit in the... Well, I mentioned it very briefly on the call. I didn't want to get too in-depth with it because it's personal but she's going through a divorce. So obviously not the best time in her life. But as I said, I didn't want to make that the focal point, but it's relevant. She had some struggles with camp because Rockhold was... Sorry, Pueblo was in Colorado with Rockhold. So she came out there and she fought Angela Hill. I don't know, cliches, took her lunch money, but she was a sworn enemy.


That looked like it was a personal battle.


That was personal. That's what it looked like. I don't think that makes a lot of sense now. I guess I never thought about the with Pueblo being with Rockhold and Denver and then some of the personal stuff maybe she's going through. She looked phenomenal. She is ultra aggressive. She is so aggressive and just nasty. Everything she does is with bad intentions. It didn't necessarily show a whole lot of growth, but it's tough to do that maybe when you got a bunch of personal problems and you got some one of your main coaches isn't around, which is where she needs the most work is in her striking. So she's very blessed to have a great chin, incredible power just naturally. And just her ability to know that no one's... She knows no one's shooting take downs on her. So you don't have to worry about your over extending on punches because Angela Hill is a fantastic striker, not necessarily super powerful. So she can throw huge bombs and rush and get over extended because everyone's worried about her overhand into a take down or right-hand into a take down. She's going to have to develop that a little bit and refine that striking in her entries a little bit.


But I think...


Wouldn't that be a nice feeling to be able to just swing and throw and just not care if anyone takes.


Her down? Yeah, it doesn't matter.


I want you to take me down.


Please. Please. Make my job easier. Yeah. Angela Hill did... You're right there, though. I don't typically mention people's just toughness and ability to survive, but I left that with a feeling bad for Angela because I know how bad she wanted that and how hard she worked on her wrestling and trying to... But I think her Jutsu work really showed. She spent a lot of time in grappling exchanges in really bad spots with McKinsey Doerne. And to survive those, she was deep in two arm bars. I was just.


Going to mention that because that's what really impressed me. I think it was even round five was one of the arm bars or the end of round four, regardless. It was a tough night at the office. She took a lot of damage. Remember that knee flush to the mush? Flush to the mush. We got the T shirts coming, guys. Flush to the mush, though. She took a lot of heavy shots. She took a lot of ground and pound. And the venom of which McKinsey Dan was hitting her with was just insane. But then to be that deep in an arm bar, right? And you get in such a hiding, she could have just let the arm bar go.


And then tap. And then it's all over. But no, she fought tooth and nail to stay in that fight, knowing that I'm going to win on the judge's scorecards. I got to try and get a finish. And yes, she didn't get the finish, but that was the plan, to try and come back. And that I will have endless respect forever. Because people don't know how hard that is. And you can at any point just curl up in a ball because there was times when McKinsey was hitting it with elbows and a lot of shots being super aggressive. All you got to do at any time, you could just decide to go in a defensive shell, take three or four runs and blows and a good referee will stop the fight. That's all you got to do. And there's no shame.


You can actively quit. You can actively quit and no one will know.


Yeah. And you're not quitting. Well, it won't look like you quit because people say, Oh, she's hurt. She's covering it up.


You know what I mean? No one will know. You can just let that grip break and tap before it even gets extended. You're like, Oh, she got submitted. And no one will know that you want it out.


So well done to McKinsey. She said she wants to fight Rose and I mean, Unice next. That's a great call. I'm not sure what's going on with Rose. I know she's out there having the old... And I'd like to hear Brian's take on this, even though people give me shit for not taking his conspiracy theory serious. But she's out there, she's all about the... What is it? The chem trails. I just saw a post from Rose yesterday going, What is these? And it was alluding to chem trails in the air. I think they're called clouds.




Control in the population with gases.


I don't have an opinion on this.


Come on, Eddie, bravo.


Yeah, we know you're a lion.


You're a liar, Brian. You're a liar.


You have to government do something to control the weather, Brian, with some...


Don't. Well, I mean, it's no secret you can make it rain. They do it in the Arab emirate rates all the time. You can cloud seed and make it rain. I can't imagine why that wouldn't also be functional to put something other than just water in the air. But it's not something that I necessarily subscribe to.


No, they are. And the Earth is flat. Harrington, come on. You had your little Pinky finger up in the air?




Were you going to say, bro?


China is working.


On a way to... Back off from the microphone. Sorry. That's just.


The thing I.


Know from working in this industry so long.


China is.


Actively trying to mass produce that where they'll be able to.


Control weather in their.








That'll help.


Control crop rotation and stuff.


Like that. Yeah, I'm sure it's called using science to your benefit. I don't think they're.


Doing that. Yeah, they're doing Dubai.


Yeah, I don't think they're trying.


To control. They should do that in Nebraska.


We're such sheep, haven't we? We should know. We're sheep. We're sheep. Did you not know the Earth is flat?


No, I had no idea.


Bro, it is. There's a lot of conspiracy believers on here.


They are the conspiracy believers. We should get rice Mitchell and Eddie Bravo. We should get on here at the same time.


I asked Rebecca's brother, Daniel, is a pilot.




I was with him in Australia recently and I asked him, I said, you know these are flat Earthers, obviously being a pilot and flown 40,000 feet above the Earth many, many times. I said, what would your rebuttal be to someone that says that the Earth is flat? He says, Well, because I've seen it. He said, When you go up, you can literally see the curvation of the globe. You know what I mean? You can see it. And the one I always say is that, Well, if you went in a straight line, you'd just fly off the end of the and you carry on into space. You wouldn't come back to the same part where you started.


You know what I mean? That seems like that would be the easiest. There's been several people that hold records for flying completely around the world. How do you do that? The world is fly. It doesn't make any sense.




Insane. No, they just went there and they turned around and came back and didn't tell anybody.


It's bullshit, bro. It's a lie. It's all a conspiracy. Anyway, we won't get into all that stuff because we've got lots of lots and lots and lots and lots and lots more to talk about. Do you know what? We're going to get to the core main event in just a second. But I was just checking into this hotel where I'm at because here for the fight on Saturday. Powers lap on Wednesday, just had the fight of meetings. Is it live?


It's live.


Fuck yeah.


Power Slap Slapped. One of the contenders, Cole Young, I think it was Cole Young, let me just double check, check. He was going on about you.




Did he say? Yeah, Cole Young. He said, Where's Anthony Smith here going to be a catcher. I know Anthony Smith wants to be a catcher. I want Anthony Smith here too, as well.


That is awesome. Was Zak there?


Zak was out the room. Zak was out there. I said Zak's the guy you got to speak to, not me or maybe even Dana. Anyway, so I'm here for power stuff, so I'm here for a few days, hence the different surroundings. I was just checking into the hotel before. And as you do, because there was a long line, I messaged you all. We're going to be a little bit late. I checked my DMs on Twitter because I had just had a little notificatio n e. I had one. Looked at it. Jake Paul.


On Twitter? He's on Twitter now.


He's on Twitter DMs. I don't know what promoted this or what's the word I'm looking for. That have responded. Prompted? Prompted. There we go. How do Dana's nuts taste?


What did you do?


I don't know. We've had our back and forth on Twitter many, many times, but we were cordial last time, and then he was trying to get me to join a Fires association and stuff. So I just backed away for the conversation politely. And he goes, Oh, you went dark. No interest in helping Fires. I'm not having this conversation. And then he did, How did D ennis nuts taste? I said, How did Tommy Fuey's amateur uppercut taste? And then I was like, That was the worst comeback ever. It was terrifying.


That's pretty good. Did he respond?


I thought about it. No, not yet. Not yet. I don't know what prompted that, but still.


There you go. You know what? I almost messaged Dylan Dennis the other day, but I was like, Here's what's going to happen. I'm going to send him a DM, and then he's going to talk trash. And all he's going to do is piss me off, and he's just going to be messing around.


He wants to come on the show.


He could fucking bring him. I got a bone to pick with him.


What's the bone you want to pick? The finger?


After my... And he was the first one I can get to.




Yeah. No, I'll take a skull. I would take that one.


It's the best bone.


It's the the best one. That's what I want. I just don't like... Again, it goes back. I'm in a much better place, but I was bummed out after my fight. And I'm just scrolling and people keep tagging me in something. I was like, What is this?




Look at it and it's Dylan Danis on three posts talking shit about me. I would smoke that guy in one and he sucks. He needs to retire. I started to type out a message to Dylan, pretty much threat it. Something I could get charged for for sure. And I was like, you know what? All this is going to do is piss me off because he's just being antagonistic and I'll just give him exactly what he wants. But I was pissed.


Well, I've quoted this way, the several times. But we're going to try it again. Harness the good energy, block the bad. Harness the good energy, block the bad. It's like a carousel. You put your quarter in. What is that?


Damn it.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Happy Gilmore. Happy Gilmore. Come on, bro. Don't waste your time with it. Let it go with the negativity.


I'm going to waste my time for sure, but.


I'll do it anyway. I know. Isn't it weird how that happens? The negative comments get you.


It's because he's such a troll. I don't know. Whatever.


Anyway, let's get back to some of these fights. We're going to focus on a few of the big wins at the weekend, then we'll move on with all the MMA news and we'll even hear a non MMA story from Harrington if there's a recent one. Anthony Hernández got the job done in round three with a TKL against Edmund Shepardian. Shepardian started off, he looked fantastic. He looked really good. Gasped really quickly.


That tames away from his thing, right?


It seems to be. But Hernández, Fluffy Hernández, four fights now, two stoppages in a row. Four or five wins treat, sorry. Improving every time. Keep an eye for that name. I think he's going to do big things.


I do too. He's overcome some adversity in a couple of those as well, which I think that helps you grow a lot too, because you can take all the lessons from a loss without actually having to take the loss. So I think he's getting a lot of experience. He looks more comfortable. He's got a hell of a chin.


Great Jutsu.


Great Jutsu. He's got a submission win over...




Viera. Rodolfo Viera. He's a real deal. I do feel for Edmund a little bit, though, because the kids got all the skills and abilities.


I have to interrupt you really quick. Why? Because we just got a notification in the chat about Harrington.


What happened?


He's going to leave in four minutes. If we're going to get any chance of abusing Harrington today, we've got to do it now.


It's going to do it right now.


Hamilton, come on, brother. Jump on the show.


Why always just messing.


Everything up for you? To be fair, we started today.


Oh, look, he's hooking his microphone back because he's.


Already leaving. Oh, shit. Because he was leaving. Oh, God. I feel bad now. But to be fair, we did start late today. And he did say he's got to leave at a certain time because you got something else to do. So totally get it, Harry. Do you want to just throw one story at us quick, buddy? Before you get out of here because you're a valuable part of the show.


I appreciate it. Yeah, real quick. I've been getting tagged in this left and right.


The guys want to hear you talking.


About this. Tiktoker Mizzy.


He's been running amok in England.


There was a video of him walking into a.


Random person's home. There's another video came out over.


The weekend of him ripping up library books. The one that I put in the notes here, he stole someone's.


Dog out of the.


Park for clout. Hello.


Hi. He got a nice dog. Sorry? He's got a nice dog. She's lovely.


She's a.






Big gang, whole lot of gang. They are silent.


He's walking into people's homes as well, apparently. I saw this on the news the other day. Apparently, he's not the only one. There's videos of several people because in the UK, we don't have guns. If they tried that in the States, I'm sure that would be a bad idea. People just walking in, sitting on the couches, going through shit in the house. As Harrington said, ripping your books in the house. If we have another video, I'd love to see it. But I tell you what, Ms. E and anyone else that's doing that shit, you need to get your shit together because I tell you what, you are A, not only cruising for a bruising, shall we say, but you're just a dick.


You put yourself in some really precarious situations as well. You'd be safer to walk into my house and take my dog, probably. You walk up and just grab someone's dog, like.


Let's go.


No way.


And that's a nice house. James?


Have you seen my door right.


Now, please? James? Hi. Hi. Hi, man. Tom? Hello, man. We need to speak to James. James?




No pranks. Oh, not James. Is this where the study group is? No.


What a bunch of assholes.


Bullies. And then look at them just walking around his house.


No way.


Then sitting down on his couch.


Oh, no. You've got.


Kids, man. Oh, you've got kids? I'm sorry. Oh, I thought this was the study group. I actually thought, I tell you what, that really, really makes my blood boil.


Yeah, that pisses me.


Off too. That makes my blood boil.


There's kids in that house.


There's kids in the house. They think they're young bad man, as they say in that part of the world. In fact, Brian, you were, Brian, before we went live, had a nice little impression. Come on, Brian. Hit me with your rhythm stick, please.


Whoa. I don't even remember what I said. It was just... What did I say?


You're talking into people's asses, bruv.


Oh, yeah. Come on, bruv. I'm just here for dinner.


Come on, bruv. That makes my blood boil on so many levels. That's just bullying.


Yeah, I would just freak out, too. They've been pretty lucky, apparently, because most... I don't know. You feel like a lot of people just lose their shit.


You don't do that. You don't walk into somebody's home. That's their home, especially when they have goddamn children. That's a line that you don't...


Well, that message was people don't understand, especially with my... Even with my break in that happened here, it still messes with my kids. That can definitely cause lasting effects, for sure, especially for kids.


Without question. Psychological trauma for sure. And you know, this is, you know, I said, oh, you got such a privileged life. It's not an unheard of thing in the States or elsewhere around the world, but we live in a gated, garded community. You know what I mean? Rebecca always says, because I want to move, because it's a little bit on the boring, quiet side. She's like, I don't think I could live in another area that wasn't on a guarded community. Because now she just got so used to it. We've been there for 12 years. She's like, I just feel so weird that a random person on the street can just come up and knock on the door. Or in this example, if you don't have it locked, just walk in and sit on your couch and mock you in front of your children and just make it light of the whole situation. I tell you what, if somebody were... Well, we know what they do in your house, I'd beat the shit out of the guy.


Yeah, he'd be fighting. At a minimum, we're fighting.


He'd definitely get one punch for sure.


For sure. 100 %. Gated community.


What about it? There's lots of places with that.


Alex Hernández, Trains of Factory X, obviously Cody Brenners, I talk about him a lot. But they're outside of the norm of a lot of fighters.


Alexander Hernández, who we were just speaking about.


No. Who? What is it?




No. What's his first name?


Alexander? Antony.


His name is Antony Hernández. Yeah, I'm talking about Alex. Their name is the 505.




My bad. They just don't come from the... They're not like come from Street. They're not street kids.


They're fancy portion with silver.


Spoon types. They're gated community gangsters. Alex is the Texas chapter. Cody Brendan is the South Carolina chapter. Now, Michael is the.


California chapter. You're not the chief. You're the President. You're in the Hells Angels? No, bro. Gated community gangsters. We got to get a teacher of that one.


I was laughing my ass off when I heard them say it the first time. It was so funny.


They said it like making fun of themselves.


They Yeah, they just make it fun in themselves.


That is a good one. You know, it was funny. Last week when you were there, the hoodie on, someone said you look like E. T. When he's on the front of the bike. You look like E. T. When he's on the front of the bike, you look like E. T. With the hood up. I'll have to get a T shirt of me riding the bike and you on the front of.


The bike. Me on the front?


That would be funny.


That would be goddamn hilarious. Anyway, I'm assuming Harry is left, right, Brian?


He sure did.


He sure did. So shame on him. All right, let's talk about HDLT supplements really quick. Listen, HDLT supplements, they've been very kind to provide me with some of them. And I got to say, they're very good. I love them. The protein powder tastes amazing. The pre workout is fantastic. The shredded has been has been losing weight like a goddamn maniac. But listen, you haven't got to be an athlete to take advantage of these supplements. Science backed human trials have shown clear benefits for sleep, mood, and energy, performance, wellbeing, and weight loss. So whether or not you are an amateur athlete, a professional athlete, or just a regular Joe that wants to be a better version of himself, then you got to try out these supplements because I have done the fantastic, as I say, high quality, science backed human trials. They have done their homework to bring you the best products available on the market at a great price. And when you go to hdltsubs. Com, when you use the code you will therefore get a further 10 % off. So whatever it is that you're looking for, HACL subs have you covered. As I say, they will improve sleep, mood, energy, performance, wellbeing, weight loss, give you energy for the workout, give you the protein boost for the recovery and do it all while tasting delicious and you can support them and support the podcast.


Go to htltsubs. Com, check out everything from the pre workout, the proteins and the supplements and use the code bisping to get 10 % off. Once more, htltsubs. Com, code is bisping for 10 % off. Joaquin Buckley, Andre Fiala. We had a good few knockouts. Vecistov Borshchev took my shate out. That was a beautiful knockout. Slava Claws. Slava Claws. Then we had Diego Fahad and knocking out Michael Johnson. That was a brutal knockout. He was out a long time, seemingly. A long time.


A long time.


I didn't enjoy it. I like Michael Johnson, too. How can you not? How can you not, man?


I like Diego too, though. How can.


You not? It's too good dude.


It's too powerful dude. Does Diego look different?


I don't know. I don't know if it.


Was his hair or he just.


Looks like a different.


Person a little bit. It's weird. Michael Johnson. Thirteen years in the UFC. He was very.


Open, I think.


Maybe this time last year or whatever. I think he was a three, five win streak going.




Saturday night. Before that.


I think it was four in a row which he lost. And he talked about the tough times, the down times, the financial hardship, losing fake friends. Obviously, when you're on top of the world, everybody wants to be your buddy and all the rest of it. And then you lose your four people not returning your calls. So he was very honest and he was in such a positive place coming into that one. But that's the sport. That was the breaks. But it wasn't about knockout. He was out cold and like the stiff. They're always the ones that are hard to see when they're really stiff. Yeah. The camera was following Diego and every once in a while, I would pan by Michael and.


You could still see his feet, his toes were still curled and I was like, Oh, he's been out for a while. Like posturing for a long time. It's hard to watch, man. It really is. And then after that, Joff, it.


Knocked out Andre Fiala head kicking round two. Fiala's been... That out there. That was brutal. It was a beautiful right hook by Diego, though. Carlos came off the header. Congratulations. You can't commiserate one and not congratulate the other. Right. It was incredible. Incredible shot. It really was. Karolina Kovacevic got back to winning ways. Joe Bob Bina did. Rodrigo Nassemento got.


The split decision against Elia Latifi. And Femba Garimbo.


Got his first win against Takeshi Sato. So what do you want to talk about? Mcgregor seems to be back. The paperwork is in order. Six months and the clock should be tickin'. Dana confirmed it. I saw that McGregor had some media day at his pub in Ireland. Yeah, I think Ariel was there. Yeah, Ariel was there and Eddie Herm was there. There's a few people because they had the big fight in Isle of with Katie Taylor. I never got to see.


It, obviously. I was trying to tell.


You the fight. But yeah, he's going to be coming back. He said that's all under way. Six months. What do you think? What are your thoughts? I think I want to go eat at his restaurant, but I don't think I'd probably be welcome. I see all the.


Videos and stuff, and it looks like a really cool place to hang out. Every time I see it, I always think, Man, I'd love to go have a beer there and eat a meal and just check it all out. But I don't think I'd probably be too welcome at the Black Forge. That was called Black Forge. The Black Forge. But we're not here.


To commercialize it and give advertisements for free. That's true. I don't know why we did that.




Are you doing?


Well, if Connor wants to, he can pay us for an advertisement. He can fly us over to Ireland.


Put us up, get us a meal, and then we'll give him a drink. We can all talk all the shit we want, right? And we can have your issues or whatever. But the sport of MM A, is a better place with Conor McGregor up there, r egardless of what you think.


Of it. It brings excitement like no other. I don't even have a problem. I think what happens sometimes with some of these bigger names and you're Conners, you're John Joneses and guys like that is they forget that they're just regular people. So guys like you and me talk about them like they're regular people. So it's okay. Me and you have had conversations where like, Oh, no, I disagree with that, Mike. And then we don't take it personal. I don't have a problem with Connor or most of the things that he's done or his career or any of that stuff. But every once in a while, you're like, I don't really agree with that. I think that sucks, or I think that that's not very cool. But that doesn't mean that I'm trash and Connor. It just means that one individual thing I'm not necessarily cool with or down with or agree with or whatever. I'm not on board. Same with John. I don't know John, but he gets so pissed if I say something negative. I say a billion things about you guys, how great you are, and I don't ever get a fucking.


Thanks for it. But the second I say something you don't like, then it's all I'm the biggest piece of shit. I don't know what I'm talking about.


Well, if I don't know what.


I'm talking about, then I'll stop saying good shit about you. Well, it's because of these websites. I'm trying to think, bloody hell, if I just Google my name right fast, like a total narcissistic prick. Some of you said that's taken out a contest. Yeah, for sure. It happened a lot. It happened a lot last week and it happens all the time. And the click bait websites want to get their clicks, so they take it out of context. They give a not 100 % accurate headline, and they leave. And often people like McGregor, McJones, or McJones, or anyone for that matter. You might see that headline. They don't waste their time reading the whole thing. They don't then go and fact check it with the source material. They just think me and you you were getting on our soapbox and talking shit and trash ing their careers or whatever. And maybe sometimes we are because we have to give an honest opinion. But generally, I don't think I do as a person.


Too much. I talk about.


Their sports, their performances, how they did. Sometimes there's issues that you may or may not like, but that's generally what it is. And human beings are sensitive. Fighters are the most sensitive out.


Of them all.


And yourself included. And myself included. Isn't it weird?


You would think that fighters.


Would be the toughest. And the most thick skinned.


We are literally amongst the most sensitive. Emotionally, we're the biggest pussies. No, for sure, we really are. Goddamn, you're popular over there, just digging away. Well, because I just took my phone off the WiFi. My thing just came up, b isping. I googled myself. Just try to... There was some stuff last week, but all that is coming up, it's everywhere. Oh, no. This was it.


This was on the podcast. Michael Bates, McGreggan Needs to Get Off.


The Good Stuff. It was a very passing comment. We were talking about it. It was very passing. I've seen that one. And it was a long conversation. It was a long conversation. I'm like, Yeah, you just need to get needs to get off the good stuff and get back on the back of the part of the protein shakes. It was not.


Going down that route. It was not.


Talking shit. It was not accusing him of the steroids. He's got the testing booth.


For crying out loud.


Everyone knows. But that was what they went with. But anyway, now what everyone's going with is it's everywhere. Michael Bispin, Chokes Unconscious, Steve O. Did you see this? I did see it, yeah.


Brian, if you can.


Pull up a little clip, I think MMA, Mania have one or whatever. How is that? Well, I'm commentating and finish. And Steve O comes over. And Steve Oh is great. He's been a massive fan of the UFC for years. Do you know Steve Oh? Have you met him? No, I've never met Steve O. He's great. He's great. Such a good dude. And then he just says, Hey, Mike, me and Steve from the Delk Boys, we're going to get choked out. Do you want to do one of us?


Bobby's going to choke out, Steve will do it.


Do you want to do me? I'm like, Hold on. Hold on. I'm like, Are you sure?


Are you sure?




Like, Yeah, as long as we can film it for YouTube. Yeah, it's crazy.


It's crazy. But I was really.


Concerned because, Brian, if you play the take now, it.


Takes a big breath. Which makes the.


Take longer.


Which made me look like I have no choke. Oh, no. Oh, yeah.


He's out. You okay? Oh, you look nervous.


I was terrified. You look like two or three seconds there. You're like, Oh, I killed him. Because he didn't respond for a bit. Do you know what I mean? And when I was choking him out, I could have swore I heard, I was like, you know, he's an older dude. Steve, that was awesome. I don't know. Maybe he's got a frail neck.


All the years of stunting.


Has caught up with him. Do you know what I mean? I'm like, tell me, for the love of God, I didn't just break his neck. On camera. On camera. There was loads of other cameras watching it as well because Steve from the Nell Boys came round.


Like that.


And he came out pretty quick as well. But there was a couple of seconds there where I shit my pants.


And I also drooled on him as well. Oh, did you?


I drooled on him because I was so panicked and then saliva started coming out of my mouth. Oh, God. He's a great guy, though. I would love to hang out with Steve, or at least meet him.


I don't know. He probably.


Don't want to hang out with me. No, he's great, man. He's great. He's sober these days, though. But still, there we go. Right. So Harry's just done a terrible job of the news, of the notes, shall we say? These stupid ass notes.


Harryton came up with them. What we've got going on in MMA says, T atiana Suarez is back at 115 against Vima Janda Domba. Fantastic. Very happy for her. Apparently a crappy winner in the weekend. A crappy scorecard between L owm Vechenko and Danny. I didn't see that fight. Did you watch it? I did watch it. Sorry, I'm just taking a look at these notes. Yeah, it was not great. It was not great. All the rounds are pretty competitive for anyone that watched it, I don't think anyone.


Would disagree if they were competitive. But I thought it was pretty clear to me. I thought Lomache nko won. But you know, boxing is like... Even though I was in my mind, said, Oh, yeah, Lomache nko definitely won that fight. I still thought, Who knows, though? It's boxing. You have no idea. Isn't that awful, though? You have to factor that into the equation.


That's such a sport, a great, magnificent, and dangerous sport like boxing that is so established throughout hundreds of years that when you're waiting for the result, you have to factor into the equation.


Yeah, but it's boxing. You never know. It could be a clear unanimous.


Decision one way. Maybe there wouldn't be one round that would be contested and you still don't know for sure. I never saw it, of course. So it was close then, you said? Yeah, it was competitive.


For sure. It was very, very competitive. There was only a few rounds I thought that were clear clear. So I wouldn't say that it was a robbery, but I had Lomachev co winning. The feedback that I saw online on Twitter and.


Things like that was.


That Lomachev co got robbed. Brian De Sesna and then they all said it in the news that they're going to contest the decision to put an appeal in. That's very hard. What we got here? Is this the press conference? Let's have.




Look. It is. This is the biggest robbery in the middle of the day. For other team, Christmas came in the summer and we're not going to let it go. I guarantee we're going to protest. I guarantee we're going to appeal that decision because somebody... Just pause it real quick, Brian. Just go back and pause it. Show me the image, though. Just leave it there. It's fine, whatever. Because it doesn't matter.


Because what I'm about to say.


The look of that chick's face.


In the background.


With the brunette, with the light.


The brown hair, the big cheesy grin, you know what I mean? He's giving serious news. Do you know what I mean? He's talking about confed. She has no idea what they're saying. She has no idea.


This is bad. She's not.


Listening to anything.


Just bring the smile down a notch. Just turn it.


And this girl over on the far right, she has no idea what's happening at all. The blonde chick? No, the dark hair chick on the far right. The African American chick? The black chick, yeah. The black chick?


I know who you're talking about. Those, right. Yeah. I'm trying to be proper here. But yeah, the black chick, she was just like, I'm sick of this shit. Sick of this. Well, anyway. I wouldn't.


Say it's a robbery.


I think they got the decision wrong. All right. Well, love a take off. What a legend he is. So speaking of boxing, Katie Taylor lost the Tile, I didn't see it either. I didn't watch it either. I didn't watch it. Algerno Malle, this is according to Hamilton. I did see some talk about this from Dana. I said, Algerno Malle can't get on the same page for a date. Dana says that this is expected to go forward at UFC 292.


In boxing.


Sterling now says that he'd be happy to go in July. I saw a little story or a post from Al Joe saying, Hey, let's see if you're made from that or about that live.


O'doherty said, I'm not. He said, I ain't.


I ain't. Let's go.


And then data, meanwhile, said that he's already getting calls from Henry Sohootho to fill in for Al Joe if needed. What do you think Al Joe's doing there? Being a nuisance. Just making headlines? Yeah, he's just bothering people.


That's what he does best and it's working for him. You know what I mean? It's the Al Joe way. He's just being difficult, which I think is okay. No, I think it's great. Hold on, I'm going to show you something here. Where is it? O'malle? Not O'Malle, what am I saying? O'malle. Hold on, hold on.


Where is it?


Hold on, Maroub de Valishvili. Maroub, you are the ultimate troll. What the fuck? I just put the picture. That's amazing. It looks good on me, right? It looks fantastic, brother.


Steve O from Jackass is about.


To get choked out. Anyway, Jake Ellenberg, I'm in the house, brother. He's wearing the jacket. He's wearing the bought one. He's wearing the bought one. He bought the jacket that O'Malle was wearing and he's rocking up. Brian, I'll send you the video so you can post it and edit it in maybe.


Yeah, he went to the Apeks to watch the fight in the exact same.


Jacket that O'Malle had, which I thought was hilarious. That's hilarious. That is the ultimate troll. That's taking it to the level for sure.


It's pretty good.


It's pretty good. Marouan Abbey is absolutely hilarious. Yeah. So Aldo's just cause it controversy for the sake of it. Just trying to make headlines.




Think he gets bored, too. I think he's like, Hey. Stay relevant. I don't think he's going to get put on International Fight Week. Isn't that card set? I do believe it's set. It's pretty stacked. All right, guys, let's talk about Manskeed, the world's leader in men's grooming, whether it's the face, the balls, the backside, whatever it is, the beard. They got you covered and they got you covered with the performance package 4.0. It's got the world famous essential lawn mower 4.0, the waterproof cordless body trimmer, and it has a ton of other liquid formulations to round out your grooming routine. Whether you're trimming your chest or the treasure chest in your pants, this is the best trimmer on the market. It's got a ceramic blade designed to cut hair on loose skin and reduce grooming accidents, thanks to the advanced skin safe technology. You can even trim an arrow pointing to the promised land. If you are bold enough or bit of a dick enough, let's be honest, because why would you do that? But still, inside the performance package, you'll also find the Manscape crop, not prop, the crop presaver, boldy origin, the prop survivor, bold toner, and then side chafing, bold deoderant, and moisturiser.


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There's a smile.


Antony's been losing his mind. I was. I was so close to throwing this computer through my door. It was.


This close. It is the most annoying and frustrating thing in the world. So what we're going to do is, unfortunately, because of this, because of the Lincoln Nebraska WiFi, we're going to have to cut this one short. We had so many topics to talk about. And by the way, J. Paul, did I mention what J. Paul, he sent me a message? So he's coming at me again. He's coming at me. In the time you were away, he goes, I'm 26, and I made more in that amateur fight than you made your whole career. Now you're on your nuts. Gobling Dana up. You don't know out of the courage to stand for fighters. And I said, shut up, J. Paul. What are you talking about, you absolute fool? I thought, well, did all that money that you made by those super fast money shoes when you ran away from Floyd like a bitch? You big, tough Disney guy pretending to be a fighter. Anyway, whatever. I don't want to lower myself. I just.


Did that. Oh, I would for sure.


Yeah. Oh, look at that. Now you're looking good, bro.


You're looking good. Dude, I got my wife going to... Let me make sure that's off. All right. I got my wife already on the phone with the internet people losing her shit because I just lost my shit on the phone to her. I was sweating. I had to get a towel.


Wipe my face off because I always got the angry sweats. But don't worry about it. Here's what you're going to do. When we finish this show, you're going to go to amazon. Com. In fact, you're going to scroll down on your phone. You're going to go to the app. You're going.


To order an L, A, N, K, able. You're going to be plugged in. You're going to be.


Super fast, crisp, be clear, sounding amazing. Yeah. I was waiting for this stuff to reload. I was like, I'm getting it now. So we're sitting there suffering life and Anthony's online shopping. I get it. I get it. All right. So what.


We'll do is, Brian, we'll try and do a question because your WiFi is bad. Is your phone on the WiFi.


As well? No, it's not. My wife said that all day her phone and her laptop have not been working, right? So I don't know if I can... Okay. That must be an issue in the area, just with your local provider or something. It's not the end of.


The world. It happens, buddy. It happens. Don't sweat it. Don't sweat it. Brian, do we have a question? Question, by the way, if you have one, send.




Into bynpod@gmail. Com, bynpod@gmail. Com. That's right. And use promo code BYM over at Gas Digital Network to get a seven day free trial.


Like and subscribe on YouTube. Do all the good stuff that.


Harrington usually says. Yes. Now on to the first question. We got.


Maddie Fats here from Florida. That's where he's from.


Bym boys. It's Maddie Fats from Florida. Again, Brian Harrington, Ham City, Mike, I love you guys.


Love the show. Keep up the.


Good work.


Michael, I'd like to let.


You know the amount of enjoyment I get every time you mock John Ferry. Spot on. I love it.


It's one of my favorite things you do. And my question is for.


You, Mike. It's personal.


Don't get.


Mad at me.


I was just curious.


How hard and.


How long was the.


Adjustment period to being a one.


Eyed man?


What were.


Some of the hardest things? How long did it take you to.




Driving again?


Fighting obviously with one eye is pretty extreme.


What were some of the hardest parts and what took.




Longest? And just what was the process? I'm curious because I can tell you.


Doing this is a nightmare.


Just doing that's a nightmare. I couldn't imagine it permanently. You're a trooper. I love you guys. Anthony, it's just one buddy. You'll get them next time. The haters, you can either come up for Ness'em. It's your choice. Love you guys. Do up the good work. Manny Fats from Florida out. Manny Fats from Florida. Let me tell you something. Let me tell you, no man alive could have adjusted the way that I adjusted. I've no man alive. I got to stop saying the no man alive, but he does say it a lot. Thank you, Manny Fats. We appreciate it. Next time, just back away. Back away from the microphone because you are coming through very loud. Do you know what? The adjusting to I live with one eye, it was hard. I don't want to stand there and bang on about it. Because everything's in 2D. When you have two eyes, it's 3D. My life is in 2D. Save you jokes. I don't know. I'm sure there could be some jokes. But yeah, everything just seems flat. Whenever I reach for a glass, a lot of the time when I reach for it, I'll miss it the first couple of times.


I still walk into lamp post sometimes. I walk into beams, I walk into doors. I do because if it's on this side of my face, I don't.


See it. And I'm already a bit of a clumsy bastard. I was never the most graceful, you.


Know what I mean? So it's all in the hyper accentuated, you know what I'm saying? But yeah, no one wants to hear the sad story. Everything's good. Everything's happy. I'm fine and dandy. We're doing it, aren't we? You got it figured out pretty well. I mean, you accomplished a lot of pretty good things with just one eye. Yeah, well, it is what it is. A new driver was asking me about that the other day because he watches the UFC and he was asking all kinds of questions. He's like, Hey, what are you going to do? You know what I mean? You've moved to another country. You've got a bloody... You just bought a.


Big stupid house that you don't need.


Your career is taken away. There's financial hardship. You don't want to go back home.


To England with your tail between your legs. Couldn't do it. Couldn't make it work. And I don't know.


Go back to make your life.


I was like, No way, I've got to continue. I've got to keep.


Trying to make it happen. Anyway, we did it. Everyone's heard the story. Don't want to.


Keep going on about it. Anthony, what did he say?


Either F' him or Furnesem.


F' him or Furnesem.


F' him or Furnesem. What does that mean? Throw him in the furnace? No, I think it's like just...


No, finess. Be smooth. Oh, finess. Yeah, F' him or Furnesem. I like that. But right now, fuck them. Yeah, that's right.




I'm on board with the Fing them.


As well. You know what I mean? Youtube is not just players, though. Youtube is players. I've been trying to do a better job. I've been trying to do a better job and not come to the question. Do better. I'm trying. I'm trying. No, I'm the worst for swearing.


But thank you.


M atty Fartz. We appreciate your brother. Brian, what.


Else we got, mate?


All right, we got one here from Liam Keneer coming from a beach down under. What's up, BY Empire? It's Liam Back with another question. My question is, is there any place in the world.


You guys haven't been to yet that you would like to visit? Maybe somewhere you see in a movie or just somewhere you haven't.


Been before? Coming to South West Rocks, New South Wales, Australia. Beautiful little spot in the world. So if you're ever in New South Wales, Australia, come check it out. Keep up the good work, guys. Catch you all. All right. Anthony Smith, one place in the world you are yet to visit that is on the bucket list. What would it be? Thailand. We talked about this a couple of times. I want to do Thailand. I'd like to do Japan, too. Yeah, you took my answer. It was going to be Japan. I mean, Thailand is amazing. It really is. The people, the culture, the food, the weather. When you get into the big city, Bangkok, you know what I mean? It's a fascinating city with every type of walk of life, if you will. But it's also very, very depressing, very sad. Like any big city. You know what I mean? These big cities have big problems and a lot of poverty as well. When you're in Bangkok or the suburbs, if you will, you're really hit by the disparity in life because you walk past one of the huge giantic mega mansion, and then next door to it, people just living in absolute squalor.


There's people, no legs and stuff like that begging. And it breaks your heart. And of course, we have that in other parts of the world as well. There's kids everywhere and they're begging, and they're saying they're hungry, they're hungry. I got told off once because I'm a sucker. If it's a kid and.


They're begging and they say they've.


Got no money for food, I'm like, Jeez, Louise, come on.


You give them a very small amount.


Of money, but then somebody, out of word, said.


Michael, you can't do that.


You cannot give to those kids because it's a scam. Because they're all part of a gang and they're given some... I forget what the drug was called. They're on a drug and they're forced to come out and to beg. And they don't use that money for food. They bring it back to the drug dealer, gives them a little bit more of that drug. And then you just... What you're doing is perpetuating a vicious cycle. I get it.


But I can't not. Yeah, you have conscious of it. You're being... Yeah, but it's a beautiful place. You got.


To be. Yeah, I definitely got it. It's amazing. The islands.


Are incredible. Japan.


Yeah, that's one for me. Always wanted to go. Talked about it many, many times. Want to see Tokyo. Apparently it's like going to the future, but I also want to see the countryside. I want to go to Okinawa. I've never been there, so I don't know where to go. But when I do.


Go, I'll figure.


It out and.


I'll let you all know and I'll talk about it. I know everything about Japan. Okay? Japan. I'll tell you all about Japan, but I've never been. But there's your answer. Thanks for the question. Did we have a believer one time have a Samurai sword in the video? You got to come back with a Samurai sword.


I got Lucas.


The Samurai sword for his birthday. Did you? I did. And it went that well. He liked it. He liked it. And then he was like, he was hanging bananas on the washing line and using the Samurai sword to chop bananas in half and stuff like that. Might have filmed it as well. It was funny.


Let's do one more, Anthony.


You good for one more? Yeah. All right. So we got one more here from Ben Smith. There it is. Yo, BYN Pod. Submitting another question. So Jacob is asking here from Pennsylvania, do you guys.


Think that the scoring judges in boxing or UFC will ever ever be actual fighters? Because we always see these controversial.


Decisions like Loma and Haney because boxing is very obviously. But even with UFC with Volk and Islam, do you guys think that having fighters as the judges would give clear, obvious, better decisions? Okay. With the thank you very much for the question, Anthony. I'll let you tell you that one first. Double X sword because fighters, we all have our own personal styles. So you're going to get... I probably would judge a grappling exchange differently than a lot of other people. I think if you just insert it all fighters, the judging is going to change for sure. But I'm not necessarily sure that it would be perfect. I think it would be better than what we have now, to be honest with you. But what I guess my point is, is I don't think that having fires judge fights is going to come without its problems as well. I think that will get them right probably more often than not, but it's going to come with its own issues because Holly home is going to judge a fight differently than a more grappling based fighter. You're going to have your differences. There's going.


To be its issues. I think it would be a better solution, but it's not going to come without issue. Yeah, you're right. I think there would be some, I wouldn't say personal bias, but there shouldn't be personal bias because the judging should be adhering to the guidelines of how to score a fight. But I know what you're saying. For example, Daniel Cormier brings to mind straight way, he's a huge fan of wrestling, a huge fan of take downs. And probably in his mind, it's more significant when someone hits a great take down. I think that's what you're trying to say. That's not saying, by the way, that Daniel Cormier isn't capable of separating, striking and wrestling and looking at it from an open mind because, of course, he is. He's one of the best commentators that we've got. But yeah, I hear what you're saying. But I think with the amount of fighters that we've had come through the UFC, the amount of people that practise mixed martial arts now and going forward, the amount of ex fighters that there's going to be. You know what I mean? The sport around the world has never been more popular.


There's more and more people taking part in it all the time. There's going to be a lot of people with a lot of understanding. I don't know if fighters are the way to go because fighters have relationships with other camps, trainers, coaches, fighters. So there's a slight issue there. But again, we've got to consider that they they wouldn't allow their personal relationships to forge their opinions. We got to give them the benefit of doubt. But then on top of that, fighters can be mental. You know what I mean? Especially former fighters. You know what I mean? I love Diego Sanchez, but I don't.


Want him.


Refereeing one of our judge in one of my fights. I'm joking, I'm joking, Diego. I'm joking, I'm joking. But I think if you look at some boxing judges and MMA judges, because generally, the commission puts the judges in place, and then the UFC, and it'll be the same people judging a boxing fight a lot of the time. There's boxing in an MMA fight. And they just don't have the criteria. So not the criteria. They don't have the knowledge. You know what I mean? Who was it? Was it Erich nick sick? John Wood, pardon me. He's married to Joanne Calderwood or Joanne Wood now. He was saying, I'll talk about this briefly, some judges came to his gym and were watching, and they were watching training and they were rolling Jutsu and they did not have a clue what they were looking at. Yeah, I remember that.


And then they left.


Because they were bored. They thought, What's this crap? And they left and they didn't have a clue what they were watching. So clearly by that, there's some things to do. There's improvements to be made. But there's improvements to... Something needs fixed.




Don't know what it is, though. I'll tell you what it is that needs fixing.


Your WiFi, bro. Oh, my God. I'm telling you, I'm going to have the crispiest, cleanest WiFi when we come.


Back on here. Well, I can't wait. And I'll be back home. I'll be in the studio. You'll be good to go. We'll be rocking and rolling, towing and throwing, bits and bobbin, getting the job done in. And we'll be back on Thursday with a nonpictolated Anthony Smith. Until then, you guys keep be well and keep smiling like a wide eyed white toothed Anthony Smith.