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How many other banks have you had, George? None. What about down in San Diego, George or anybody?


In 1980, a devastating bank robbery shocked Southern California that killed at the scene, but unfortunately was the driver of the van.


When my best friend. Yes. Well, and that officer. No officer had clear the air for. So went through, it was carried out by masked men determined to outlive the apocalypse cold. Jesus is coming back, repent and turn to the Lord and save yourselves from this evil generation, sunspots and solar flare.


But the robbery would quickly spin out of control for for a green farm with weapons.


We jumped in our cars and terrifying broadcast.


That's when I saw him and that's when I heard the gunfire. The gunfire just went and went and went, and it's so intense and so heavy. It's an avalanche. The Norco bank robbery happened at a time of economic depression and global anxiety, a time not all that different from today. It's a story about people preparing for the collapse of society, even to this day, they're still a part of him that feels like he's going to still got to be the one to rescue and save me and save our family.


It's nothing we normally like to think about when what we know to be our world goes dark.


But for some, it's a thought that rarely leaves their mind about the militarization of law enforcement when they talk about the arming of police in America.


It starts here. It starts with the narco bank robbery while people start to 15s in their car.


And about the very nature of policing, we actually make a joke that they bleed blue.


Do you think that's healthy? No. Fight ahead of them. 16. I would have killed every one of those men out there that day.


Do you think that would have been justice being served? The odds have to be in our favor.


I'm Antonia City and this is Norco 80, a new podcast from L.A. Studios and Futuro Studios about God, guns, survivalism and the bank robbery that would change policing forever.


You, sir. You know what I was doing?