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Hey there, kids, parents, and all you funky Homo sapiens out there. Welcome to Music Land Stories. We are coming to you live from the origin point for all music and adventure stories in the known universe and some of the unknown ones. This is the Music Land concert hall. I'm the conductor, the maestro of this epic, intercollectically, fantastical voyage. Currently, it's a little empty in here, though. Hear the echo? I need new music makers to make the Music Land concert hall resonate with sound. I'm about to embark on a year-long tour through the planets, oceans, forests and deserts of Music Land. That's where you come in. Grownups, don't be alarmed. I run a tight spaceship on all of my magical mystery tours, and this one won't be a semitone different. All I ask of you kids is that you arrive promptly every Tuesday to take part in a magical musical adventure never before heard with the human ear. You want to take a quick peek around the universe? Nowhere is too far from the Music Land concert hall. We can go the way you came in through the portal. We just have to find the right sound.


Let's see. Peccalow is no good. Did you redo? Not quite. A-ha! Steel drum. A quick bit to warm up the portal. And there we are. Go ahead, step one through. Here's just a sample of what you will hear this season. Our hero, Moe, a six year old drummer girl from the planet Syncopia, and her friend, Twylo, will go on an intergalactic hunt in search of the Great Krupacan's magical drum sticks. Each planet will offer special clues to help in their search, and they'll make some cool new friends along the way, like the Arquesta Obsura, the most righteous cosmic jazz band in the universe, led by 2-10 Common, Professor Pandimonium, the five armed, synthesizing, oscillating, folk master and his cosmic crew. And they'll be met with some minor interference from me, the conductor. But only in pursuit of our hero, Moe's higher purpose becoming a legendary drummer. You're new here, so I don't want to rush you. But we really do need to start our journey. And one more very important note. This is a listening experience you'll want to share with someone who loves adventures as much as you do. We're going to need all the help we can get.


Join us this season on Music Land Stories, premiering Tuesday, December 12th, airing weekly every Tuesday, from now till infinity. Grownups, don't forget to subscribe to Music Land Stories on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts so you don't miss out on any upcoming episodes. See you soon, Cosmic cats. Conductor out.