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The McElroy brothers are not experts, and their advice should never be followed. Travis insists he's a sexpert, but if there's a degree on his wall, I haven't seen it. Also, this show isn't for kids, which I mention only so the babies out there will know how cool they are for listening. What's up, you cool baby?


Here come the McElroys, we've got jokes and bits. We're gonna give advice and do funny bits. Laughter, it is in store, come inside and see. It's time to start, it's My Brother, My Brother, and Me.


Hello, everybody, and welcome to My brother, My Brother and Me, 2021.


Oh, my.


I'm your oldest brother, Justin McElroy.


I'm your- I'm your middlest brother, Travis McElroy. Oh, boy.


And I am Cyber I and I am cyber man.


Looks like we made it if I was so bright.


If you're listening to this, it's 2021.


If, if, that's a big if, Justin.


Huge huge if


But if they're not listening to it then it's still 2020.


Yeah. While we record this still 2020 is still pretty, pretty bleak out there. Big hopes. Twenty, twenty one big ray of sunshine sun'll come out tomorrow and drain the swamp and we're actually stoked for that.


I actually feel jealous of the listener, you know what I mean.




Because we're having to do this, now, on you know in the


We're still in the stink year. And we're not-


It's still the stink year.


Do you think that there was a time during the Dark Ages where somebody said, "I think next year is the end of the Dark Ages," and it sucks that we're still in the- like, do you think that they had that kind of awareness then? That they were like, I can't believe we have to stay in the Dark Ages for one more year.


Yeah, they were like, "I just heard about this thing called bloodletting, and it's going to turn this shit all the way around.


Y'all heard about humours?


That's- we're not here to complain about the bad state of things, though.


No, that year's done.


That year's done.


That year's done. And but now we're out in the new year and gosh, gosh, guys.


Oh gachapon.


Here it is. This is the episode. This is an annual tradition in much the same spirit of Candlenights. Candlenights, is by the way, either over or still going. I don't know.


Yeah, no one knows.


We may be on the next one already.


I would like to begin this annual tradition, which is the naming of the year. What is the naming of the year? Well, it's a chance for us to sort of pick a theme. A punny theme for the year.


I would take umbrage with that. It's not always. Is someone chewing gum?


Someone chewing gum?




No, I'm not chewing gum.




I have a very wet mouth today. It's gonna be a wet mouth show.


Oh, boy.


OK, cool.


So in previous years we have been doing this since we began the show. I don't know, we did name the year, even though we started in 2010.


It was Zolo




That was a-


Is anybody looking?


I'm looking.


No, I know off the top of my head.


OK, I want to quiz Travis on it then.


OK, ok. 2011 was Zol. No, no it was 20. What was it.


It was 2011. Get right. Christ. Right. OK, great. I know the next one is 20.


Does 20 guys getting it and then it was 20 and I can't remember if 13 is first or 14 is first. You don't remember. Yes. Dirt team is 13 and 14. Sorry, 2013. Dig it up. Get it out. This one was our weakest 20 forward. Oh, 20 forward.


That's right. I don't love that. It's a little obvious.


And this is where I think they really get good.


20, 15, 20 guys on the corners on the title of the year is so important and then it's twenty sixteen building bridges.


Well I want to stick a pin in twenty fifteen. The con is on because it may be the last time we d ended up being correct. Correct. It was eight which is not that like we would now encourage everyone to get on the grift and the con but that everybody back in 2015 sure as hell did I feel like twenty serpentine zangana.


Everybody did an OK job of zagging on them. I guess so. Now I can't remember. Twenty, eighteen, twenty eighteen was collaborating. Collaborating.


That's right. Stronger to get stronger together. And then it was Frankenstein to become the monster.


People took the spirit of collaborating stronger together. Yeah yeah.


But yeah yeah we did our best but it still was kind of a dog shit year.


But that's not our fault Frank.


It's nineteen. Become the monster. So good.


And then a very good one. There was twenty. Funny. This one is, this one is contentious.


We need to slow down a little bit.


Travis felt very strongly that the year's theme was Twenty Honey down to business and being a game that Griffin and I felt very strongly that it was twenty.


Funny Fill Your Life with love. Yeah. And now I guess I conceded that I believe a few months ago. Yes. Said it was twenty honey down to business.


I did change. I did change if pupate did and it, it, it evolved.


I think what we can do is history will remember it as honey funny.


Fill your life with laughter and BS. I think that that is the culmination of the two becoming one. Right. That is the year to sum it up honey, honey, fill your life with laughter and BS.


OK, that covers just to, just to. Do you think that we as a nation because the only Americans listen to this show, good red blooded Americans from the real America.


If, if and if you do know what I'm talking about.


The underground America. Yes. The time. Do you think they got down to business? Do you think folks got down to business? Do you think that in any kind of sort of sticky, coordinated way?


I think that there were periods of time. Yeah. Where there was some solid, solid civil action that was very down to, oh, fuck.


Yeah, you're right. We got yeah. It got wicked down to business this year I would argue. Yeah. Well, well, well put Travis. Now this is going to be a different year, not twenty, twenty one. Yeah. This is going to be a tough one because OK, I'm going to tell you is it because there are so many syllables.


All right. Thank you. So.


Oh do you want to know something really. This is like the most the that this story could be true. It's spiritually true. Right. Before we got on to the call, I had this thought to myself, oh, I fucking got this year. I got this one. Oh yeah.


No, let me finish. So finish please. Oh I fucking got this year twenty Bunty. That's what should be the subtitle. Oh I got it. Just get on base twenty. Bunty just get on base. What two facts did I forget in having that thought. Well one it's twenty, twenty one and two. I had that exact same title for twenty twenty subtitle included. OK that's the kind of fucking year.


It's just Justin three. That's awesome. Not how Bunting works, it advances the runner but your problem.


Oh yeah. The Seconds proposed subtitle that was proposed by you. Correct. Correcting me. Twenty Bunty Advance the runners was the other.


My God it's a flat circle full. We are just stuck in it.


I do want to give one more. Our shout out to 20 PALMINTERI chats to the front party in the back was that last year, last year and also power went out for 20 twice.


Subtitles include WAMMO in second chances twenty twice feels so nice twenty twice we'll roll the dice 20 Dice Sugar and spice 20 twice twice as nice 20 twice. Let's all be nice.


20 twice a second look twenty twice to the buddy of those would have been lost the plot in those last two it feels like now at twenty twenty one time to look forward.


I have three but I feel very strongly about.


Well before we get to new ones can we in any way just to start the conversation.


Because Travis, Travis I feel like spoiled the, the, the Apple bunch a little bit on the last time we spoke, you did. You professed that you had it and you knew it and you crushed it.


And so, like, I don't want to start with that if, you know, I'm saving that one now, that's a third out of three. OK, but what I want to get to before we get to any new material is, is there anything we can salvage? No. From OK, that is finished. No. Hey, Griffin, if you're trying, can we use anything from last year? Again, last year is dead to me.


I don't want. And then you've got to let me finish, but you got to let me finish by. OK, finish bud. Just bud bud finish it.


We would salvage it but we would also add a rhyming word of one to it to the end.


So we want to I think we listen I think Griffin we didn't leave a lot of meat on the bone and we have a whole decade like this is this is what I'm running into. We are going to have to match the sound. Twenty, twenty for ten years, God willing.


And the creek don't rise. Right. So, yeah, I do think so.


Um, so something like twenty funny fun empty now empty your bucket of laughter and life. Now what I did it's funny you should mention that yes. This is my first one when I played with is the syllables. Right. All three of mine are syllable and rhyme based.


OK, so twenty good clean fun was what I went with.


Just one last one. Fun is cool but it's also not even close. It's not but it's not twenty good clean fun.


Twenty, twenty one. Right. So I'm going with that and then I and my subtitle twenty good clean fun. Let's get silly.


Are you saying that we should grant ourselves the ability to ignore the second twenty having already rhymed it in the first part.


Yes, and not only that, there's a precedent here for nineteen twenty seventeen. Right. It doesn't have to. Exactly. Sometimes it can just be close enough collaborative. We didn't even have a twenty in there.


Yeah there's. What do we want people to do this year.


That's, that's why we have so many syllables to play with. Because if we could narrow that down because I don't think it can be anything as trite as like let's get let's work, let's work together. I agree. Be good to each other.


It's got to be it's got to be, I think, more concrete, especially we're starting out the year in isolation still.


We've got to you know, it's not going to we're not going to be able to collaborate. Let me hit you guys with this, OK?


Let me think. What do you think about this one? Twenty Bunnie fun. And what this does is it just says that at some point in the year you've got to get twenty bunnies together and have a little fun. Just have some fun with the buddies. I love you that the year is. You're good right. Just like fun. I like that it's actual. Let me throw this one out.


It's prescriptive in a way that I could achieve which. Right. You just get twenty bunnies together and maybe once this is safe, you know, you could make a day of it with his life. Is live bunnies necessity here. Oh absolutely not.


I don't want images of twenty live bunnies that would give me hives. I want you know I think that that is completely fine. But I would also love to see people surround themselves with 20 stuffed bunnies and just have some fun with, like, bunnies. Oh yeah. Yes. Twenty bunnies to twenty chocolate bunnies in your own.


And what about Justin is very actionable and I like it.


I'm going to throw out one that is completely unacceptable in the second of three. This is my second of three. This is your friend should get a term before Travis takes another turn, even if you have one, please.


Yeah. I don't know how great this clean energy I had.


Like I what popped into my head when you were talking about just sort of syllable synthesis is twenty woebegone, but that's how we'll be gone is it is a word that you hear it and you think it means happy because you're will be gone.


But it actually means the opposite and it means that you're very, very, very woeful, which seems like a bad like word.


Seems like you're going with those just like twenty sad. Yeah.


Or I don't want that though. The other one I came up with was twenty marathoning. But who were not even in the one yeah, it's not a marathon. Yeah, I. This one goes along a little bit with a Frankenstein theme become the monster.


Right. Where I think this one's up for interpretation is 20 laser gun pew-pew motherfucker. No. Now the cussing.


The cussing makes it non toy, which I hate while you put a fun asterisk in there.


And then it's like kind of fun where she's like, oh, I know what it means.


I don't think because we could also like it doesn't take much one gentle step to the left and it could be 20, 20 Tommy Gun Brat.


And I don't want to necessarily champion that particular, you know, arms bearing. I see. I see. You know what I mean? You don't want to do. I did at one point think 20 Biegun. Let's just do it 20 bucks a gun.


Let's just do it is maybe the worst of both worlds. Yeah.


No, I see see it's like it's like twenty bunnie fun in that it is prescriptive where it's saying much like 20 bunnie fun says go get twenty stuff bunnies and let's have some fun with it.


You say your objective, should you choose to accept it, is to go purchase a firearm.


And I don't think that that's on Brand.


No I wasn't going to do that when that's not included in my three that's just one that kept popping into my head and I couldn't stop it. Yeah. I would like to just go ahead and lay out my third. Just do it. Yeah, just do it.


I thought a lot about this thought in the past. We've had it was too amorphous, it was unachievable, it was ambiguous. And I thought here is a straightforward one that everyone can achieve that is universal. OK, twenty on a bun, eat a hot dog parentheses at some point in parentheses who.


So this is kind of like the thing you put on your to do list just so you know you'll be able to check it off. Right. To feel like somebody could do that today.


And then I'm sorry about the the motto for the year and the whole and the whole year is achieved at that point.


And at twenty bun eat a hot dog Broonzy's at some point in parentheses and I figure it leaves us opportunities for some fundraisers.


You know, it's like get a hot dog, give a hot dog, raise some money for food banks. And let me be clear, doesn't have to be, it can be like vegan hot dog.


It can be a bronkhorst gluten free bun. Yeah, it could be chicken, you know, chicken and apple sausage. Right.


But it has to be a wiener of some sort and and a split top bun of some sort. OK, twenty otterbein.


Justin's been alarmingly quiet for a little while and that makes me think he's on the time zone.


Yeah. Thanks a ton. OK.


Hey Tony. Thanks a ton. Now I say just it's a little rude.


What you just did to Travis is great suggestion, which I'm starting to think you didn't even you weren't even sort of twenty.


Thanks a time. Twenty on a bun.


What was twenty on a bun. Eat a hot dog. Travis, if I could take it and just twist it just a little bit. Eat a hot dog today. Not any time.


You know, yours is a little different. Like whatever you hear it in time you think of it, it's like the game. Yeah.


If you think of it, it's like, oh shit. I got to I know what I don't know what I'm doing today except for for one meal or big beefy snack.


I will be consuming a hot dog on a bun today. Joe.


Why I don't necessarily like OK, we may not be themed year and like so much of our branding.


Yeah. Became about bees and I'm not sure I want that.


You don't want. OK, Justin, you don't want Penns designed where it's us is hot dog voice. Yeah but it's just like right there.


It's just so I know what you can't tell me that that's not adorable. Twenty on a bun. I like Tony on a bun actually but I, I feel like a hot dog.


The day is worth tripping me up like I would always refer to on a bun and then the style is something about trying new things on.


But no, no, no. See here's the thing Justin. In the past we tried to do these like inspirational ones.


Then the year has come back to bite us. Salvadoreans. Yeah, yeah.


But people but like, OK, I don't want to get too maudlin or self-important, but that is life.


You start on January one and you're like, this is the year I want to take it, take it by storm and run it in the end zone. Then life's like, actually I'm not so sure about that. I'm going to do some bad things and some good things I haven't decided yet.


And then at the when you get to December, you're you should feel good if you like, moved it. It'll be a hot dog if you like. Moved, moved it a little bit.


Yeah. Like, like the length of one hot dog, a bun sized frank needs to be aspirational and then you fall short.


I've never had a hot dog so I haven't heard a lot about these guys lately.


Well, whether or not they're a sandwich and it's not good for anybody like even the like if it was about hydration so I could get on board with it. But the idea that if you consider our year, you have to eat a hot dog, that's like some. Reverse version of the ring cannot get on board with this is one saying eat a hotdog at some point. Right now, everybody walk over to that big white board, the keep on the wall full of your yearly goals and just write eat a hot dog all day some point.


Questionmark. Yeah, TBD, TBD. I had I was percolating.


OK, well, now we'll get to Justin's. Thanks, Tony. Thanks a ton. Who are we. Gratitude. Gratitude is something anybody can do, no matter how bad things are, and if you're feeling gratitude for the things in your life and more importantly, I think the people in your life.


That takes a time to make a subtitle because you didn't 20 thanks a ton. Hey, thanks a ton now.


Oh, that's good. I'm going to write that down.


No. 20 and put it on a bun. Tony, thanks a ton. Gratitude. Gratitude. OK, Tony, thanks a ton. Gratitude, attitude.


Gratitude, attitude. OK, yeah. I mean, you got a rhyme out of it.


Now, what if it's just gratitude with attitude, gratitude. Gratitude. Oh, I was percolating on 20 on the run. Like let's get out of here. Let's lay low 20 on the run like cheese it. But then I also won. I wanted to explore 20 born to run. Let's figure out Bruce has been a big thing for a while now. Yeah. What's his. And I'll, and I'll be honest that I have not explored the gentlemen's body of music.


Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba.


Big boy with Jersey boy Bruce Willis.


No, you know, I love Bruno in his great jazz, but I'm speaking now specifically about Bruce Springsteen because he did the song Born to Run and not Bruce Willis.


Now, I did because I thought of on the run to Griffin in my the subtitle, I thought before it was 20 on the run and then a hasty getaway. And it's all about like, hey, you know, once we're allowed to travel, let's get out there.


Let's get out there. Let's explore new places because I like I don't want to run.


Let's lay low because this could be the year that may be your goal is just like. Get off the grid a little bit, not a whole way, I'm not going to like Tony on the run to be in person. You're right. Are Tony on the run? Could be just like make yourself harder to get at.


I don't feel like that could actually be a very powerful goal for a lot of people is just like, hey, have you gotten the mic lately?


I haven't mikes. Really hard to get at. Yeah. You can't get to them and get your stinky little fingers all over.


What's neat about that really super neat is that I feel like twenty, twenty one hour inclination and everybody's inclination in this place. What country of ours is that.


Once it's over baby, we're going to fucking rip it.


We're going to rip, we're going to ruin it like we're going to smash it and ruin it and fuck it and just like blast it and whale on it for like forever because we earned it.


We didn't, but we earned it. And now it's ours.


I feel like maybe a 20 on the run let's lay low almost encourages you to like patience, like even more patience.


Yeah. Like even when it's like party time, like maybe don't be the like maybe hang back and like let's let's let's rebuild a little bit before we get out there and just start smashing.


Yeah. I mean to be fair, people are definitely going to be needing to build up their their tolerance, their social tolerance once more. Sure, sure. I'm at this point if I rolled out to a party full of thirty people would be too much, too much too soon.


Give me two people. Oh Max what about. Oh what. Oh OK. What about twenty. Chased the sun. Well live in that beach life.


Oh that's ok. I don't know. OK twenty chased the sun live that beach life ok.


Huh. You know what. Oh twenty. Chase the sun. You bad. I don't like live that beach life. Oh yeah.


I think we can sum it up better for Griffin Twenty.


Chase the sun to me feels like spiritual. Yeah. Yeah. I'm very much picturing boatie from point break right. This like eternal summer. You know, I'm just following the waves live in that beach like the sun.


It's not even that. It's about the, it's for me it's about the D and I mean we would need to be careful if we walk this tightrope because obviously sun sun safety is obviously very near and dear to our hearts.


And it should be an important thing for everybody but to chase the sun some days when it's nice and sunny outside and I go out and I do a little bit of yard work and I come back in revitalized by the day. Yeah, it's like something it's like a thing I don't get from, you know, food or sleep.


It's like a new energy. It's solar. Solar powered.


Yeah. Yeah. I love it. Twenty twenty.


Chase the sun then we get our Lord get the get the oil, grab the orb.


Catch that gasp. Grasp the order. That's the orb. What about clutch your clutch the your twenty chase the sun clutch the clutch this orb clutch this clutch this orb.


OK, now here's what's so great about this one. You are going to fare. Yeah. Yeah. And all you want you're not going to catch the sun. Well how about reach for the orb then.


Because then it's not about the grabbing. No, no no no no no no no no. Failure will not be inbuilt. Hoping to take it rightfully as we have every year. Yes.


Twenty chased the sun, clutch this, clutch the storm. And that way it leaves it like you're not going to do it, but it'll leave room to do it again next year, you know what I mean? Like, we can continue.


We must always clutch this orb.


I like that. I do like twenty chases. Now, hold on now hold on. Twenty chase the sun is great clutch.


This orb is also good if you start seeing clutch this orb which I feel is very powerful on on various merchandise that may go on different body parts like imagine it on a shirt.


It's not great. Clutch this or. OK, you're right. What about chase. This one reads for one specific star.


What about just chase 20, chase the sun, and then like something with solar power or solar power s o u l a r power.


Solar power. And I think you know exactly what it means, Graffin, I, I don't I need you to tell me Powers the powers someone made their New Year's resolution to start listening to our show.


OK. Twenty chases on solar power is great. What's next?


Do we want to ask people for their suggestions. I just put out a tweet right now. Yeah. OK, while you do that, 20 everyone, you're all and you're all invited. 20 come undone. Let's take apart this cage we made for ourselves now, because that sounds like a mantei pandemic or anti quarantine, I'm definitely anti pandemic. Hey, you've made that clear.


I like to think so. Oh. What about this twenty one on one, twenty one hour one. Is good, is it can be is that inherently sports? No, no, no, no, no, I wouldn't even think about that.


I would think about, like, occasionally dip off Sochi to talk, to talk, to talk to your, you know.


Your people in real life. What about twenty one on one disconnect, to reconnect, disconnect, to reconnect, connect? That's a little preachy.


OK, ok, ok. Uh, twenty one on one, I do kind of like it as like a get competitive like. Don't be afraid to get out as an enemy, you know, twenty, twenty one on one, prove yourself. Jesus, that was rough to even say.


The one time I went to you like I went one on one.


Do it, you fucking chicken. That you won't. I do like this.


This feeling of going from very aspirational and very motivational to much more like, listen, we're moving towards apocalypse. As far as we know. It's time to get tough. It's time to get we've all been building ourselves up. Now it's time to break it down.


What if and then maybe we can just do twenty chicken run and we're going to tell people I was taking a drink of water, you son of a bastard.


Just just just saying that it's a great funny flick and that, you know, we could encourage people and maybe turn back to it. It didn't get its day in the sun.


It did not get its day in the sun. It sounds like chicken run needs to chase the sun.


Yeah. How about how about twenty twenty dooen work on rhyming.


Are we is this from the audience. It's to celebrate. No it's to celebrate the release of tune. The major motion picture I have gotten thirty four. Oh my God. Yeah. I shouldn't have you really. You really shouldn't. I told you also the bad thing is I, you know Griffin told me to also I asked for them to be sent to both me and Barack Obama. So it's going to be a complicated day for him.


Oh, boy. Um, I'm just going to read them, and if you guys like what not to consider, I will tell you who said, OK, well, no, if you say it on the show, you should say who said it.


But people's usernames are so weird. I don't even. I can't. It is from blended chicken noodle soup, Cheney's got a gun. No, that's but we're not even going to get 20 in there. I feel pretty strongly we should at least have 20.


Yeah. All right. Um, see, I'm OK. Masad twenty twenty one we're in. But I feel like that is just Becky. That's right. Jagging. Some more buns, some some more buns. OK, trace mass face mass says 20, 20 done. We're not going to take it.




But this is this is also the type of thing like it feels so obvious, like we should all not we should also we should continue to not take it.


Oh, OK. Mr. Skeleton. Suggest 20 20 SHONN and it's a year about removing toxic people from your life.


I, I like the I like the idea but showing to me such a powerful negative feeling.


How about how about twenty twenty ston looking so good. That's that's not it. No, I'm just trying to think of rhyming words, I let's let's make a deal here. The second the second twenty has got to do some lift. Yeah, right.


That's got I think I feel like you can't just do twenty twenty and then rhyme with the last word. Right. That's why twenty on a bun is so powerful.


Yeah. Twenty overcome. Mm.


Not close enough for me but I am a stickler to be fair. Yeah. If, if I wasn't such an easily removable syllable I would give it to you. Yeah. OK, now here's one from Quere that I want to hit you guys with, 27 old oh oh, that's pretty good.


How about 27 save for the grape save grape.


This is like Traviss.


I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to save this one. Twenty on 27 year old Sauvignon. Wow, I can't believe I spelled that right and then savor the grape. So that one's kind of like Traviss hot dog one except for grapes.


Yes. OK, not bad. Not bad.


So what have we got so far in the list that we like? Yeah, I mean, honestly, it's 20 chase. The Sun is tough for me to chase the sun.


So solar power, it it really gets me going.


I'll tell you why.


Because it sounds like it sounds like something that would be printed quite cheaply on a t shirt that we would get on a Southern Baptist winter retreat. Yes, yes.


Yes. Or something along those lines, the sun solar power.


Aha. It's a little new age exercise class vibe.


So I don't know about that, but oh, I'm tempted now to be fair, given I think it would make it a little bit more Baptist if it was SLN.


But oh wait, wait, hold on.


Traviss brought up a good point that there is a hominum opportunity here, that we a hamin opportunity here that we should dip our snoots into. Justin, I need you to turn off Twitter just for a second so we can take this conversation.


What about 20 begotten son now 20 Chase the Esswein son. So you LHR power.


And then we are we have Mayday's, we heartstring.


We have really planted a flag in the front here according to new demographic.


Over in my brother, my brother and me, I have deleted the tweet asking for name suggestions. Hopefully that will stem the tide.


OK. I imagine that you got about 400 in the roughly three hundred and fifty.


OK, so what do you think, Justin, about a hard Christians though?


God. Does that mean there has to be to chase the sun? So, erm, yes, correct.


OK, man, it's just enough people that have a complicated past with Jesus and all of his great friend me.


I would love that. Yeah, yeah. Yeah I see that. I see that right now.


But now voice here's the picadillo we've gotten ourselves into now I feel like we can't go with 20 chase the UN solar power because people are going to think that we're trying to backdoor it.


And now that there's no backdoor Jesus, there's no way we're trying to get a little bit of Jesus in there for you.


Oh, there's just enough is just like silverback, you know, to me there's like a mild technolgy. There's a sliver of Jesus life house. There's just a kid to save a life.


House of Jesus life house, half teaspoon of Jesus. Twenty, OK, I am on rymes own now. Twenty megaton.


That scrawny megaton is like we don't need it.


We don't need that level of. But that's a powerful rhyme. I will do it. Is power good.


It's not, it's not quite as good as chicken run which I think we all agree is the way we're leaning right now.


Now I'm still sticking by Tony on a bone. The message that I'm leaning towards is this, and it's the thing that I think could be the most pragmatic and the kind of thing I would stand behind is that as the year 2020 has been dog shit. But I, I feel like the thing that has come out of it is a tough and hide plan or a an adoption of certain skill sets or, you know, becoming an expert in a certain type of thing or doing things that you didn't know you were capable of.


All of that is powerful stuff.


That is the kind of stuff that you do when you're faced with a with a rough situation. I want to encourage people not to, like, shed that, not to lose that, you know what I mean? Even when even when it's all over, there's good stuff that comes with, you know, toughening your chiton a little bit. Yeah, but I can. But how do you rhyme that with UN?


I'll bet you weren't building to a theme.


No. What about 20, it's begun. Oh, I like when it's begun. We did forget to do. Commercials, I'm wondering if we do those and then get back into, do you think that'll give me some time in the commercials?


People listen, I'm not going to be all in the right headspace for these commercials. I'm going to be thinking, how can someone say what time zone got a lot of on?


Yeah, that was I'm not on because Mastodon is good, but that doesn't ring with twenty one.


Maybe we all just start saying it's twenty twenty on and then we go OK, let's go to the money's on 20 twenty nine grand's folks. It's me. Oh.


A pain and or would be a paid endorsement guy.


And I want to talk to you about when you see this here Squarespace seems like I mean this isn't my kind of thing, but says here you can make a website and it's really easy.


They've got a lot of different kinds of people that are doing it, and it sounds like a good deal.


Oh, they got coaches on here and writers and designers, instructors and record labels and agencies and art galleries and health care and financial services. And they're all.


I'm making websites I never knew really how those were getting made, but I guess you can do it yourself and take it from me, a paid endorser. This is the number one way I know of to make a website. And he uses Squarespace that the templates on there, you got to see him.


Oh, boy. They're going to they're it's they are just top notch analytics. So you can make sure your dad's visiting as often as he says he is. And great hosting. You know, they'll put a charcuterie out or whatever for your guests.


I don't know all the ins and outs of this kind of technobabble stuff. Let me see here.


Oh, there's a so we've got a deal for our listeners. Take it from me. A paid endorser. If you go to Squarespace dot com, slash my brother up my brother for a free trial.


And when you're ready to launch, you can use the offer code. Remember my brother, sorry, my brother to save 10 percent of your first purchase of a website or domain. So I guess you have to buy the websites. I'm sorry, folks, I can't make heads or tails of it, but Squarespace seems like a good thing and they're a good friend of the show and a good friend of the program. And I'm just so happy to have a supporting my brother and my brother and me.


And Justin is just now taking off his headphones and leaving the sound booth. Oh, he's gotten in his car, driven away from. You know what I miss? What do you miss, Travis? I miss licking stamps. You remember when you used to lick stamps? You remember this? Sure.


And you lick the envelopes and send them to and they know your tongue and touch their envelopes and at least two places you're.


Yeah. It's like a kiss. Yeah. But like a tongue. I French kiss this letter for you. Yeah. You don't do that anymore. So what's the point of even going to the post office if you can't look novelas, you might as well just use at this point. It's the closest your tongue's going to get to those lot of lives. That's their slogan, the closest you can get. They bring the services of the U.S. Postal Service and U.P.S. and right to your computer.


Simply use your computer to print official US postage 24/7 for any letter, any package, any class mail, anywhere you want to send. And you can go ahead and lick it if you want. You don't have to. It's not part of it, but you can and withstands dot com. You get five cents off every first class stamp and up to 40 percent off any priority mail and up to 62 percent of ups shipping rates. So make twenty twenty one B, you stop wasting time going to the post office and go to and said there's no risk except for paper cuts on your tongue.


And with our promo code, my brother, it's all one word. You get a special offer that includes a four week trial plus free postage and a digital scale. No long term commitments or contracts. Just go to, look on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in my brother. All one word that promo code. My brother never go to the post office again.


Hey, I'm Dan McCoy.


I'm Stuart Wellington, and I'm Eliot Kailin. Together, we're the Flophouse, our podcast, where we watch a bad movie and then talk about movies like Space Hobos into the outer reaches of the Unknown and the things that we don't know of the movie. And also who's that?


Grandma The Zazzle zipper's breakdown, too. And backhanded compliment.


Elvis is a police man, baby crocodile and the happy twins left over potatoes station wagon three.


Herbie Goes to hell.


New episodes available every other Saturday available at Maximum Fun Dog or wherever you get your podcasts by.


That was certainly enough time for us to come up with some good names for the year. I'm looking out like I was carrying a load on my shoulders of advertising, as was Travis girlfriend. Why don't you just love our mom, baby?


OK, I had 20. Never done. Keep it. Keep it going. Keep the fight. Keep the fire out. Done. What about 20 octagon? Let's all do in May again.


We're getting back into on territory. Oh, you're right. You're right. You're right. 20 tons of fun, 20 tons of fun. It could be the sequel to 20 funny fill your life with laughter and love that everybody.


That could be the sequel. The Operation from Tony Saskatchewan.


Again, you're back in on town, I need to get off whatever rhinestone page you're on because it's it's not just rhymes zone is the page, I mean. Yeah. What about twenty, twenty nine.


But in you in and then it's like quaestor up close like cloister. Yeah. That's all we need right now. We should be in.


No. Now I feel like we're one year behind at that point. Right.


We would have seemed absolutely prophetic if we had been like 20 quarantine. What do we know.


Hmm. Let's review where we're at right now and see if any of them are strong enough, because I feel like there's two for me, there's two right now, OK, and it's 20 Otterbein now it's 20 on the run.


Let's lay low and 20 chase the sun's solar power.


You're not willing to give 20 on a bun. Even the third spot there just I hate to drive like that.


Yo, I would take any of however, 20 out of 20 on a bun. This is going to be down to business where people are going to be like, you are demanding that I go on a bun.


OK, I want to walk you through my next pitch because I am looking at Ribe Zone. One of the rhymes on Rhyme Zone is home run. But how do you make that fit in with the right number of syllables? And what my mind immediately jumped to was twenty big home run.


When you take a knock, knock it out the park. Twenty twenty big home run. This one's for the game.


Twenty twenty big oh slam it if Grant Salomi angels in the outfield.


There's a lot of baseball stuff that's like inspiring to the, to the layman, somebody who doesn't really care about sports or baseball in particular.


There's a lot of stuff that I do know just through osmosis about baseball. We've just mess this up so badly every year. I just want to do it right. Yeah.


Like twenty on a fun. It's like really action.


How is twenty big homerun doing it wrong. Justin. I'm, I'm genuinely asking because I feel like you're pursuing what is my fate. My current favorite idea.


It's not that, it's that like imagine we get to July. Right.


And the bug king is like So you thought this year would be a whole Marad, a fascinating baby. Tell me more about podcast's.


I mean, but that's hoping that there's no such thing as false hope, huh? I could have a great year and not get a home run, you know, like I just think it would be cool if all of our fans were all of a sudden wearing baseball merchandise.


And then that is what the fuck like we could do. We could have some fun with that nasty, scary, ugly baseball man on the on the big fuck.


One of those movies they make, like a million of them, is like nasty baseball humor.


Major League. Major League. Thank you, Travis. Yeah. Yeah. I'm talking about we can have our own little Mr. Baseball guy, and he.


That's fun. Well, over here in Cincinnati, whose name is Mr. Redlegs.


Yeah, we don't have a mascot. And we could have a like a big baseball guy mascot for twenty big home run.


I think, OK, I'm I am on the hook for big home run 20, big home run. Now I need you to reel me in. Yeah. With that just killer tag subtitle.


Yeah, that's that's where we're struggling, huh.


Oh, what about 20 big home run. Now bring them home. Has home in it again.


Yeah. You can't have home in it twice I think.


Oh 20 big home run round and third like we're, we're almost there.


That feels Christian. That actually feels more than 20 20 big home run.


Doesn't it feel really cursed a little bit.


A big home run for our for all the marbles. But they don't really do marbles in baseball. They don't, do they?


Is there a way to incorporate angels in the outfield?


20 big home run. Thanks, angels. An angel today, I am I. Guys, I don't feel like you're going to shake me off to chase the sun. I feel like it's so powerful.


And can I can I try this? And I'm just going to try anything. It's a podcast.


I'm just going to try this every week. I don't I don't know if we brought up Zozo last year as like as a thing because the tune zero, right? Yeah, no, I get it. Can we do Tsosie.


Tsosie, OK.


But I mean, I don't know man, but it would it's a cool, it's a cool little, uh, little word there.


And Ozzy is nosey and you could it could be like something that you say in the in the dark a few times.


Oh it's it's perhaps the least matchable thing you've said so far.


Are you kidding? I mean, Zardozi I like that would be like, what is that. Who is that? I must date them. Oh, now we'd like to we could do an R.G. where we slowly reveal what Tsosie is over the course of the year.


And it's a it's a it's twenty, twenty one just. Yeah but I mean like the numbers is a luxury lifestyle brand.


Is it like what are we doing with it.


Let me see what Earles we get on twenty twenty five.


I also went to Soucy. Right because it can kind of be that and then I thought about how twenty twenty four could just be Soza and then you could do twenty big home runs. Something, something Sammy Sosa. So we have twenty twenty four.


Set that one aside. Put that one in the time capsule.


Yeah. So this is locked up. Twenty big home run seventh inning stretch. It doesn't mean anything. It's just very baseball.


Yeah. It's one big home run bases loaded. Mhm.


Think about what I like about that is it's saying like everything is in position for you to. To to blast off. Maybe you won't, maybe you don't. It leaves room for failure. There's plenty of time. Bases loaded and baseball doesn't always mean a good thing because it's a lot of pressure.


But she did just say big home run right before it, didn't you? I mean, you did. I mean, I think that that implies that the chances of success are high. All right. Yeah, but the rest of that could be this could be a big homerun.


Not that that one. So it's almost backwards, right? It is actually explicitly backwards. Yeah. You would want it to be bases loaded before you start thinking about the big homerun you're about to score, but you're stepping up to the plate here.


Right. And here's the thing. Everybody believes in you, right? Because they're like this could be a big homerun. No one's saying, oh, no, I wish it wasn't them at the plate.


Right. What about 20, 20? Big homerun. We all believe in you. We're all behind you. We're all behind you. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Twenty big home run by your own angel. Oh. You're at the plate, the bases are loaded, you look in the sand, who's out with the wings? It's you. You're looking at you saying you've got you're also Joseph Gordon Levitt. You're your own angel BVC, your own angel, 20, 20 big.


How can I if if I could just drink 20 beaubrun. We're all angels now or no. Let's see that. No, just 20 big home run.


Be the angel 20 big home run by the angel because that means that you don't have to get the home run, do you?


You just have to see a big fail to recognize it. And maybe you're the one fly, but now you're going to fly, but you can fly your home, run your flap.


And now that's that. It's it's almost a weird parallel to 20 Frankenstein team become the monster. Yeah. Twenty big home run by the angel.


I like this because if you think maybe you're supporting yourself, maybe you're supporting someone else who needs it.


It's disarming. If somebody sees that on a shirt, they would be like, oh that's nice. But it's like no you don't understand. I mean, an angel in the context of cheating at sports to slam one right out of the fuck.


This isn't about like protecting someone just like out on the street or. Right.


I'm going to my dad. I'm trying to get my dad's love back.


And the only way I could do that or I'm defending my thesis today, I'm going to be the angel.


I'm not going to be the one up there, like hoping that somebody comes and helps me. I'm the angel in this one. This I'm a a being of celestial my. And I'm going to get up there. I'm going to win the roller derby.


Now, is it too late to think more about 20 funny fun 20 Bonifant feels like the one we're going to pivot to in August when we realize that no one was there.


Angel was there on Angel. We didn't chase the sun.


Nobody all because the thing is that this the one weakness of twenty big home run by the angel is that it is contingent. Are you having seen the film Angels in the Outfield.


Yeah. Yeah it does. It does require homework doesn't it. Does.


I feel like our listeners are of an age where they've definitely not seen that you started that sales thinking it was going to go one way and then it decided to go another way. Well, we have a wide swath.


Some people probably seen and enjoyed angels in the outfield. Some people find not seen it. I refuse to believe that. Some people have seen it, not enjoyed it. That group does not exist.


No, no. Twenty big home run.


But just just someone say it and I want to, like, message it to our our own staff artists immediately, OK, well, it's the tagline that's because, yes, a big home run is really getting 20 big home run, is it?


I think we can agree on that at least. But what's the most powerful thing it could be? Be the angel or be your own angel, I think is more explicit and that I like that.


But let's think about let's think about big home run terminology. It's out of here. Mm hmm. The big home run Slama JAMA, big home run. Knocked the skin off the dime, not the skin out of that greasy chatter I take home run sliding into Furt no big home run. Eye on the ball. Eye on the ball. Eye on the ball. Shoot them, shoot the moon, no big home run, call your shot. Who I like your shot is good.


We are right. It sounds like we are saying. Oh, Justin. Oh, Justin, I kind of got chills a little bit. Did you get chills? A little bit of chills from that 20 big home run your shot?


Oh, I like oh, there's a level of confidence level swagger. Yes, but I also you're the one determining the boundaries of your own success. You could call a very close shot if you wanted to call it our shot. You want this is it about just hitting it over there?


That's like 10 feet.


I know it's a few inches behind. Shoot your shot, which is like a thing. I feel like people said a lot this year, just like. Yeah, Sinda, you're in love with this Instagram.


I'll send them a message. That's how I met my wife. Shoot your shot. But this one's like last February.


But this one's like if you you can think about messaging the Instagram model that you want to marry, but you don't actually have to do it. Just call it cold. You call the shots. I would. I would. I would like to do that. You don't even have to do it at that point. See, that's the thing.


Everybody talks about that one time when Babe Ruth did it and nailed it. Nobody talks about the hundreds of thousands of other times that people point out that every time he pointed, I come on several hours, you start kind of waving.


He would just point past himself into the catcher's mitt.


Yeah, it's the golf shot. It's going right there. It's going to be a great pick from my friend Doug, who, just because he's on the other team, is still my friend. Love him. We still hang out.


There's an intentionality to this that I feel like will be genuinely helpful as we transition out of quarantine times to just have to just like set a set some goal.


That's all you got to do.


It's it's going to be a weird transition no matter what. But if you have if you call your shot, you might just get that big home run. Yeah. And it does. Again, boys, give us access to the powerful iconography of a big, ugly baseball head man to use on merchandise. I do like that idea.


We're already human bobbleheads. Why not bring township partnerships with big league chew?


I'm talking about baseball caps. Hello. I'm talking about sponsoring Little League teams.


Slow down, guys down. These these slogans used to be about the people.


No, no, no. I just got excited about actually sponsoring Little League teams or, you know, that's very good. That's what I would rather.


Is it possible to sponsor people's work softball teams now? I realize they're probably already sponsored by the business that they work for. But if I could pay to have my name above that business, Traviss Subway Warriors or something, that would be very exciting to me.


That's cool.


OK, now, in terms of your URLs, I think would be this way home home run artists excuse.


I can get big home run. Oh, you can't.


Big home run dotcom. Of course I can get big big home run.


Ah I like that. I can get big home run me big home run. Dockland you get big home run dog is just one big home run dot gov. Yeah.


Big online is. Big home run derbies is available. OK, what about the home run series, Dotcom? I'm not going to spend 18 hours and beg him round up. I like big home run. They have to run, but that's good, just like, you know, that feels good to say, big home run. It feels like you're changes in a little oh, this big home don't run. It almost sounds like that.


Yeah, big. All right. I'll get back home.


I like to take you to the big dog. Run, big dog. Run, run, run, run, run.


20 big home run by the big, big 20. Big Dog run. No bones about it. We lost the plot pretty major way, I think, man.


Big dog. But I never thought about it this week. We always do this. We had a big dog. Oh, there it is right there. Have you guys ever seen the movie Sliding Doors? So you will definitely achieve your no bones about it, No. 20 big dog read. Oh, good. We can and we can.


What's great is we can save 20 big home run for 30 one, if that's all right. Yeah, that's true. That's true. What is Big Dog?


Big Dog run. It does it does it.


Well, big dog run like it sounds fucking great to say it. Yeah, I already paid very well. Cool. Redirect that the big dog run up.


Big dog run. That's like it's like saying like.


Yeah, I was a little nervous about asking for a raise at work, but, you know, big dogs got to run but big dog run.


No bones about it. Yeah. Big dog. OK, so I could get Big Dog right now, are we going to get in trouble? Is the big dogs brand active?


Not I can get big dog run. Yes. I think Big Dog is is the W.J. now. I don't know now if you can get Big Dog, Big Dog run. They don't run a big run dotcom or big dogs that run. Can we get by then redirect to each other? Yeah, I'll get the infinite sort of, yeah. Twenty big dog run no bones about it. I mean, I think that that's OK. You can't mess it up, you can't miss it.


You can't look at it or you can generate at least one prescriptive one. How OK, if this is a mantra, which is I think ultimately what these year names are, when would one deploy it?


I think I think you nailed it. Right. Well, you know, I wasn't going to do it, but then I remember they got run. Right. And we're going to run into a bit nervous about actually running. Then you have the subtitle there that swings in to tell you no bones about it. Yeah, big dog run and but again, I do have to very important ask if the big dog brand is going to be upset with us.


I don't think that they can claim the idea of large canines is all theirs.


Listen, OK. I'm going to have to let me head over Trademark Office, OK? We've never done this on our website, on our podcast before.


So let me just check. Would be it would we would. I'm just just look at the database.


Big Dog Holdings, big dog. I mean, like, there's so many big things. I don't know that they can really get it. Yeah, I think we stand by it.


And you know what, Griffin? Maybe this is the year we get sued by Big Dog.


I feel like this is the year where we maybe tempt fate with Big Dog a little bit. What if we did get Big Dog to sit?


I mean, if we get sued by Big Dog that, would there be a better ending of this podcast than us being sued out of business by Big Dog?


What will be is will have to become like indentured advertisers for them, where it's just like every episode brought to you by the best case scenario.


Travis, that is the best that would be a great max fun drive push for us.


We no longer make ad revenue. We work for Big Dog on unpaid.


We are still digging out of that big dog hole and there's no bones about that.


So it's about it. This is it. OK, this is it, folks. This is the year we got to make sure we say twenty.


And I don't want a big dog run. I almost feel like twenty is unnecessary at this point. Twenty big dog run.


No bones about it. Nobody's got it so bad. OK, I'm looking at our trademark search.


I think we're good. There is one here for Big Dog. There's a there's a company called Big Dog Licensing that has the trademark on Big Dog as it refers to hot dog sandwiches here.


We're fine. Thank you, folks, for listening to our program. We hope you're satisfied with the theme of this year. I hope you can bring the spirit and energy of 20 big dog run. No doubt about it. In the year into your life, I'm sure we'll have merchandise available soon, which is secondary to the cymatics.


Can we still at least have one piece of merchandise and it will say twenty big dog run but will have the ugly, nasty baseball head man. Yeah. OK, cool.


Yeah. Yeah. We do that for you and your brother for crying out loud you know. Thank you so much for listening to our podcast. Trav, do you have anything that you would like to mention? I sure do.


If you would like to learn how to make your own podcast, which will determine the fate of the year.


Well, then, my friends, have we got a book for you and a free book event our our How to podcast book called Everybody Has a Podcast Except You. We're doing that live book event January 26th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time. We partner with six independent bookstores. If you preorder from them, you'll get an exclusively designed book signed by one of us with your copy while supplies last. Just go to Bitcoin like Macquarie podcast book event for bookstore links and more event info.


And in perhaps the most serendipitous occurrence, the January pin of the month is a cerebus pin with the three of our faces on it. It is literally a big dog.


Dog is a dog, my friends.


And that's going to be benefiting the NARAL, which fights for access to abortion, care, birth control, paid parental leave and protections from pregnancy discrimination. So get that Pet of the month, show your big dog lifestyle and support the NARAL.


Travis, we have to say big dog run lifestyle, every one lifestyle, and we can't give them ammunition to use against their right.


We've also got a Knights Templar to Wacky Wizards sticker to show that you belong to a secret society and that candlelights march. If you're listening to this on the fourth Carmelites March, posters and stuff still available with proceeds going to Harmonie House. So go get those MacRumors Stockham. The sawbones book is out in paperback now with newly revised and updated for 2020 slash sawbones paperback.


Get that book they got. Justin Zinny got totally boned and hosed and screwed when the book first came out with a series of O's and websites that were heartbreaking. But now you can fix it by getting this new better version of the sawbones book.


Yeah, please do that. Thank you. I really appreciate it a bit. I thought I saw this paperback and then you can get a bookshop dog where we give us thanks to Maximum Fine for having us on the network.


Um, talk. You wanna talk about some big dogs run and that's that network met the maximum fun network we've been in. That's where that's where the big dogs really run. I don't have a I don't have any ideas. I'm feeling fine ideas.


I just like make up, you know, let me I want to go the absolute first thing on Yahoo!


Answers, and we'll just cackle at it like the fans just want to hit us with the final Yahoo! This one is from Anonymous. Does fireballs brain shake around in our skull like a shell?


Bye bye.


Bye bye. Wait, wait. There's another one here. Atheists, what do you think about the discovery of a fossilized cage around a group of velociraptor bones?


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. My name is just a. I'm Travis Bagheri.


I'm Griffin Mackle. Audiences piling up on the atheists. This has been my brother, my brother, me, because on the lips.


OK, that was the show. You had some fun talking for an hour, and now our job is done, go back into the world first a day ahead. Please don't tell our grandkids. All the customers said.