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This is exactly right. What's up, Portland? Oh, we love it here. Hill low, high, huh? Wow. This is our night, our second night here, and it just feels like the first. If. Thank you. No, stop, stop. I like you, you won't you won't commit to it by singing the words, right?


That would be for nerds.


Instead, I make a joke of it, but I still get to do it anyway.


Oh, this is exciting, right? It's fun.


Can I just talk about a couple of things, OK, waving has been, if you can tell already, look at how your rings Georgia has on.


First of all, this is and I was waving and some of them don't fit. And I was like, don't throw a lot of money out to the audience. What do you want to explain once you are OK?


It's like this friend who lives here in Portland named Carrie Selen better. Hi, Angel. Hi, Carrie.


Oh, they put her and you put her back in. Sorry. Sorry. She has jewelry like antique jewelry that she sells under Kassidy, vintage jewelry and dot net, you know, dot gov.


And last night we were all drinking at a bar and she's like, do you want to wear my jewelry tomorrow? And I'm like, yes. And I'm going to you're going to be regretting this tomorrow. Because whenever I hang out with her, like, take all her jewelry off and put it on me and they play house.


So there's like a ring box that's all open and Georgia's in it like a fuckin raccoon in a garbage can. She's like her both hands and part of her head. We're in this thing and I'm thinking like I picked one. I'm like this.


It's neat and interesting. And she's wearing one that's just I don't need to floss Georgia. On the other hand, I need to fucking floss. It's just like, hey, are you ready to go? Hilarious. It's just like I feel like it's a dream come true. Carrie, I should warn you, I've already lost my own wedding band.


So while I was going it's with one hundred dollars from J.C. Penney. It's fine. Not terrible. Terrible. Oh, yeah. They're on loan. We're just having fun. I just feel fancy.


We're having fun with it in the schnitz. We're finally at the snits.


You guys, can you believe it? We graduated from that McMeniman bullshit, and now we're at this. Can you believe I said that? Can you believe I said that in the state of Oregon?


Karen is starting a turf war door for me outside of looking by you all.


I love it. I love it. There's nothing I love more. Tell him about the bling on your boots.


Oh, yeah. This is. Thank you. It's from 18, too. These are from Janet Jackson's last tour. No, they gave me this happened right before we left.


They called me from I'm on a show that's not on anymore called Talk Show, the game show. And they. Thank you. Up in the balcony. No, no, it's too late.


And they called and said, hey, do you want all of your wardrobe from the show? And I was like, OK.


And then they truly dropped off twenty five pairs of shoes that I will never wear. And, you know, like 50 shirt. It was crazy, was just a haul.


And so I've been wearing clogs with dresses for almost all of all the tours we've ever done, mostly to piss my sister off because she gets really mad when she sees this dance, gets kicked out with a dress for some reason.


I don't know, she was hurt deeply by a nurse or what happened to her, but she gets mad.


It's hard standing up here for ten minutes before we sit down. I know it's really hard for her. It's difficult. Are you going to wear these? Are you going to go back to class? What do you think? I'm going to wear these for the rest of my life.


I'm not DeKnight Beech Mountain, 92 year old Karen's just like I thought I said it as a joke and now I have to do it. It was worded really quick.


My dress has pockets and it's important. It's important. Big ones. Oh, oh, oh.


We're in. Last night at the meet and greet, there were these two girls standing right around where you guys are last night. You might feel their spirit. They had I kind of vaguely saw that they had what were they called pentagrams on their shirt, big pink shirts with Brown Pentagram. And I was like, ignore those two. You can't get involved a Satanist right now. But when they came in through the fucking meet and greet, we realized that the pentagrams made every season.


Yeah. And by the time they got to us, like I'd say, a good nine reasons had fallen off of each. So they were like quickly on the way to becoming stars with arches nearby. Like the pentagram theme was falling away quickly. But literally, I just had one in my pocket. I must have taken it off our shirt. Like, here's my prize for the evening. I was like, what's that? That could be something bad.


Oh, it is. It's a raisin. The worst thing there is here. We'll put that there for the hometown person with a hometown. Gets it. Yeah, that's right. That's right. That's your prize. Why did I touch it? Tell a good story. I just feel gross now. Oh, who likes old grapes.


Who like sad grapes. They're called I.


So I told you the story last night about how when Vince and I were on the plane yesterday coming here without Karen, I missed my plane.


Forgot about that until just now. Here's the thing. When you live right next to an airport, you're like, I don't have to be there at the same time as normal people. I'm different than normal people. I'm the exception to the rule. The rule is going to leave the normal, normal time as normal people have to get there.


You have to get there in time to make your plane. Turns out, I guess that's the rule at airports. I love it like I did. I don't have to get there. I'll just hop the fence because it's your backyard. You just go. I just just run across the tarmac. Yeah, it's me. It me. Oh, it's the neighbor. It's a neighbor. Yeah. Later on it's fine. But you need sugar. She getting on the.


Here's the thing about fucking Alaska Airlines as lunatic Christians.


When I walked up and I honestly think I was like three minutes late, Max, when I walked up, I was like, put my ID down and I was like flying to Portland. And they're like. Only 11, 20, and I was like, yeah, whatever it was, oh, yeah, it was the nine 30 that might have been the problem.


I do have a problem with the clock. I think we actually landed 11, 20. OK, did you get the wrong. No, I got it.


No, OK, I'm just fucking totally insane.


So when I tried to check in the ladies, like for the nine fucking thirty, whatever it is, and I was like, yeah, of course.


And then she's like, the doors closed the way she said it was like either she was auditioning for a soap opera or like I ruined her birthday party.


I was just like, hold on, I'm the one in peril here. Right. Why are you mad at me? Fucking blue vested bitch. I didn't say that. I didn't say it's made me show I let you on. I'm like, whoa, whoa. There's an alpha in the room. Yeah. We're going to need her. We're going to need her on the plane for safety.


Yeah. When the shit kicks I want this. We want that crazy can't on that plane. No. You know what actually happened. Oh yeah. The balcony likes the word cunt and here's what he lights up.


People are just falling off the balcony. Here's what happened now. So, Vince, I checked Vince, George's husband, our tour manager, the greatest proxy, Karen's husband, who is my proxy, and I'm like his. So I miss the point.


They're sitting on the plane. I missed the plane.


And by the way, she could have fucking made it at that chicken open. Whatever. I don't know. Is there a magic door behind where you check in that they let you in there and going to make it? I probably could have.


Someone lied to you, but I texted her. I'm like, I missed the plane. He's like, I'm getting you on the 11:00, whatever that was like the make up plane. And but guess what? It was on this is the way he's teaching me to never miss my plane again.


Fucking Southwest.


Have you lately have you lately flown on that fucking cattle truck of a horror show?


Oh, the lady sitting next to me had her leg over my thigh. It was just like, let's just make the best of this. It was so awful, so awful on that.


It's like they open the door to run so you can go to the plane because in Burbank you have to like walk across the tarmac and then they just yell at every single person you've ever been stuck behind on the fucking freeway just starts, oh, I hate everyone. Oh, just so once we take off and get your flight, we take off. I am a I am a very ugly sleeper. I sleep. Yeah. With my fucking head tilt back.


I am fucked up just so my mouth. I sleep like this like wide fucking almost like a snake John and oh it's really actually you can eat a large egg if you were sleeping. Huh. Cool. Absolutely. And the fucking asshole in front of me has this is the listen look around on a plane next time listen and look around and listen and look.


Are you the only person with your fucking window open. You're an asshole. Everyone hates you. Everyone hates you.


She means the shade. Yeah.


Roll that fucking window. Right. Roll it out. Roll it out and killing everyone. So then I would have it. I have my sunglasses on because I'm fucking too cool in that guy. Shut his fucking window. Right. I have my whole combination of those two things. My hood on.


Well you know what? And then Vince takes a photo of me. Oh, do we get to see it. Yeah. Last night I forgot. But then OK, let me just show you. OK, right.


Oh oh oh. I guess we're not exaggerating. Oh I see. I did a beautiful photo. Right. It looks like you're doing an impression of that Lindsay Lohan paparazzi photo.


I'm not even drunk. It's like nine am. I'm not a trying. I'm not. I'm not even drunk. OK, OK, so here's a normal Maddington on her. A little plain look at her. The coolest Paddington ever antiblack. Pretty great love. Know your teeth are great when I wake up. Vince is like giggling and he shows me the photo and I must love him so fucking much because normally like this is off limits. Don't take a photo of me when I'm sleeping because I look like that.


But I think it's funny. But then he shows it to me and he has his earbuds in because he's listening to something. So you know how you yell shit when you think and you're on a plane but you think you're speaking like a respectful waiter, right? You got he pointed at me and he goes he tells us on a plane, Unabomber.


The Unabomber on a plane, not wrong, he's not wrong, he's not wrong. How good is that, you know, if the Unabomber was like, I love Paddington there and marmalade sandwiches, I don't want to anymore, and then I yeah. By the way, welcome to this is my favorite podcast, by the way.


Just just in case case, you know, that's Karen Kilgariff. This is Georgia hard, sir. Thank you. Thank you. Is not here right now. Literally hasn't been in like a year, you guys. But he is taking care of my cats at home.


And I'm always talking about, like, photos. He sounds so afraid you're going to throw that Razan away.


Don't touch it. Stop. Put it on my ring. Oh, my God. Why isn't anyone come out with a line of raisin jewelry instead of carrots? How many carats is your ring? It's actually just one. It's the reason we decided to go with one reason, but he sends me photos of the cats and videos and I'm always my hair just came off of me and flew right on to you saw me.


Leave it. It's good luck.


He sent me a photo this morning as I was as I this morning, as soon as I woke up and changed my murder last minute and I was like, send that to Vince because I need to put it up on the screen tonight because I need to show you guys what my it's the best get you a fucking cat sitter who does shit like this.


Oh, Karen hasn't seen this.


This is a great. Fuck the fuck is he doing? I'm afraid I'm going to Kelsey Grammer and fall off the stage, but you're not really back. Thank you. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Look, you're really fucking mad dog. You said this to my mom and to my mom. Let her know how I feel. Let her know what's going on. Please. He's just it's like every day is a new journey for Steve and every moment he's not broken.


Yeah, no. Well, we're I think that he might be completely Teflon. He's like Kevlar lets his teeth look good, too. Yeah. You know, he looks good. He doesn't look good.


But how could you not be like, I'm fine. The cats are fine. I mean, he's not fine. Look at that face. No, Mimi isn't. Mimi is traumatized. He's doing something before or after that picture. Yeah. What's in his hand that we can't see. Yes.


Oh, what if he looks like the most fucking psychopathic, like he's Mr. Sweet Steven and then like he's taking these pictures and showing you, like, I just poked your cat with a needle and then I was like, no, wait, wait, go with me.


This is a fun improv. It's fun. What if somebody was secretly torturing your animals? No, no, no. Just my thing. What if you just didn't have pants on enough? What are these naked from the waist down in this photo? That's got to be it. Not Mimi Nose.


Mimi has a very small cell phone in her hand. She's like touching that emergency number.


Maybe it's poking him what it means poking him with the needle. Oh, like, I don't care.


I love cats. I don't care what they do to me. Tell my mom everything's fine.


Tell her. Tell her you like it. Yeah. So that's Stephen. And what else is there?


Should we have your nails? Should you sit down? I just painted them truly two minutes.


I put this ring on and then what I had on every fingernail before was just the very last vestiges of this exact fingernail polish from two weekends ago when you painted him backstage in Durham, North Carolina.


Right. So right. Therms in the house. So I put this ring on. Then I'm like, well, that would be gross if I then had this is like, you know, lady must gross fucking engagement ring or whatever.


I mean, the history of these someone insane must have worn these like they're haunted as Father Hunt.


There's no way they're not. But look how I look. OK, let's sit down shall we. Yeah, let's do it down.


Oh. Just this a fun fact we have we love trivia here, you know how we love trivia. These chairs, not only do they circle all the way around flirtation, mine didn't last night. And I got real angry. And so someone obviously got the note.


Yeah, your side clears as does mine. OK, great. So we can sit down.


Thank God these were flown in by special request from Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.


So you don't have to here's how they do it.


They go they do this exact same thing and places like this and they order a set that's must be very similar to this, although I bet you they go with a different kind of rub, but then they leave the chairs behind because it's too expensive to ship them wherever they're going next.


So they just buy new chairs in every city and we keep following them and then getting these sweet ass chairs where we're just like like you don't normally get an armrest cushion alone is a big deal, much less a tasteful leather gray. That's right. I mean, everything about it is even.


Here you go. I don't know what that was. I don't either. Here, take your pick and just give me my fucking reason out of here. Mine.


Nasty. OK, I'll take my nasty tissue and you take your nasty. What if I got them mixed up on accident?


Oh, my God. That raising right up my nose.


Can you imagine how to get taken to the hospital from here like this song to playing a feature it disgusts or just what have we become?


Oh, this is a true crime comedy podcast.


For all you people who have never participated before, but somehow someone tricked you into coming tonight. Welcome back to a nice dinner and you wouldn't be that long. It's basically a murder mystery theater. Someone said that we weren't someone we were someone was in the meet and greet line and and they were like we told her it was a murder mystery theater. She had never heard it. So she's listening to us tell the fucking most fucked up stories of all time, thinking that we're all, as a group, going to solve it at the end or that what you know, she's going to get a one tap on the shoulder and she has to pretend she's like that theater class I took in community college 20 years ago is finally going to pay off.


Now I'm the victim. But no, no, nope. Sorry, but we do like to tell people this. If you've never listen to the podcast or your new or, you know, you just have season tickets to the Schnitz.


Listen, Drag, especially you. This is important.


We talk about true crime, which, of course, are often murders, mayhem, disasters, all kinds of things that are very difficult to talk about.


But then we also do it comedically.


And so sometimes people find that combination a little bit complex, maybe a tiny bit difficult, and they don't know that yet, that they can trust us.


Right. That you're in good hands, that we're conscientious, caring people.


Right. And sometimes they don't like it.


They're offended by that. They don't like the word cunt. Right. Or what have you. Any number of things that can go on here?


Yeah. So we just want to say to those people, if you don't like it, please get the fuck out as soon as possible.


In 2012, a 72 year old man named Samuel Little was charged with three Los Angeles murders dating back to the 1980s.


So we finally got to where we were going. The crowd at Liverpool roar after only one appeal.


But since then, it's become clear he is the most prolific serial killer in the United States has ever seen, 93 victims, 19 states. Samuel Little has become infamous, but his victims, some of whom remain unidentified, are stuck in the shadows. It's time for that to change.


My experience in working with some of the victims families is that he was dead wrong. They were missed. They were very loved and their families were hurting.


The Fall Line presents a special limited series. The victims of Samuel Little will cover both solved and unsolved Southeastern cases and tell you how you can help the victims. Still waiting for justice, featuring rare interrogation tape, FBI interviews and in depth detail. This is a series you won't want to miss. Episodes begin on September 16th from Exactly Right Network. Find us on Stitcher Apple podcast or wherever you listen.


All right, this is I'm going to do you Portland, my God, it's hard to come here because you guys have so many good murders, which means which means we've done a lot of them.


So we have to dig. But that's fun, too. So then sometimes you have you have these ones that everyone grow up knowing about who is from Portland and around here. And then people like us who aren't had never heard of them. And then like like, holy shit. Anyways, this is one of them.


What if you were doing a third one and you're just like, I'm not doing that, then there's. Yeah, no, I am doing the Peyton Allen murders. Nobody you guys didn't go.


Oh no, it's true.


It's definitely too late for that. It's very unnatural to clap after a three second hold.


OK, so I got a lot of information. There is one really great article from the register guard called Hidden History and Mystery by Randy Bjork's dad, who fucking they moved into this house.


They tear down a wall. They find a bunch of papers in this wall like clippings, and we are drawings and shit. And one of them was a clipping of this murder that took place in 1960. And it's and there's some mystery around it. And the guy's like, what the fuck? Yes. So he fucking tracks them down and found out that it was a kid's room. And like, the little brother's a child murderer. Well, no, it was like twelve years old and just fascinated with his brother was like, he's dead now.


His brother was like he was fascinated with murders and he got really into hypnosis. And there was like a notepad with all this hypnosis shit in it and like it's just bananas. He was right about it.


A little murder right now, just waiting to just waiting for his time, hiding shit and was pretty great.


OK, so in 1960, Larry Paten of Portland and Beverley Allan of Port Townsend, Washington.


Oh, you said Washington like you've never heard that word for word. Washington. Washington is how you say it. OK, Washington. Mm hmm.


They are they're nineteen year old sweethearts and students. He's at Portland State College and she's at Washington State College. Maybe the fighting mulberries.


Right. And the and the the wrestling match again.


And sometimes I can just pick men. Right. That's true. Then does anyone have a what do you call it? Mascotte.


That's just a man fighting man the fighting. Did you know, like other fights with everybody, he's out there fighting the fighting drunk. Just a drug guy.


Oh, that's Notre Dame. OK, so they admit during the summer of 1960, they were both students and had summer jobs at Crater Lake Lodge, which and had fallen in love.


What a lake. What a large. I like him a lot. They go so well together. That's right at Crater Lake is where I had done a murder there before two years. And I did the mysteries of Crater Lake.


That's right. Right now, we're fucking experts and we know everything we know.


We're walking Wikipedia, which means incorrect in too many commas filled with our heads are filled with that.


So Thanksgiving weekend in 1960, they had both spent the weekend with their families and then so on the twenty sixth they met up to smooch. Like, let's be honest, they're 19.


They're like, we're going to go into town. No, they're like, we're going to neck and heavy pet, heavy pet and neck. It was 1960. That's what your parents did.


OK, so the couple go out for a drive and they end up as fuck and couples do in horror movies.


And in the 1960s on a dirt road on a dark lover's lane. Oh, yep. It's one of these stories necking.


Maybe maybe they were talking. I don't know, they weren't talking on the lover's lane.


So anyway, do you like maps or horticulture? I do. Cool, cool, cool. So I started the scene over here, but I should have done it with you now.


Now it's great. That wasn't cool at all.


Now there's three people in the car on Lover's Lane and I'm in the middle KPR and they're there in Forest Park in Portland Hills, which is like, oh, it's so weird because in L.A. I hear like, oh, you're there on the Portland Hills and they're in like a beautiful, you know, outdoorsy area.


So I'm like, they must be hours and hours from town in L.A. There's nothing beautiful there ever.


It's a it's a sad it's a sad day, but it is the saddest dad in the whole parking lot. That's all it is.


But it's actually just like you can see it from here, it's like a ten minute drive and then you're in the most beautiful fucking place in the world.


It's great. All the dads are stoked as fuck up their dads everywhere. Dads loving life.


Oh, they park in his 1949 Ford and start necking.


Here's a photo of them necking. I know he looks like suddenly seemore.


He is really funny. And then look at how gorgeous she is.


Yeah, they're just like yeah it's like out of a fuckin movie. Larry Payton and Beverly Allen.


OK, so the next cut to the next evening. Yeah. To melanoma, melanoma, melanoma.


County Sheriff's deputies, they're trolling the Forest Park in remote areas looking for stolen cars when they happen upon Larry Payton's car the next evening at nine thirty two p.m.. That's got to be creepy, right? Anybody in that car? Larry Payton is found dead in the car.


He's discovered in the front seat of his car. He had twenty three stab wounds. Fuck, I know. And a severe blow to the head. There's blood inside and outside of the car. He had obviously fought for his life.


There's a bullet hole found on the passenger side of the front window. All the bullets are gone, though. There's a man sock on the road nearby and also 18 inches of green nylon cord lying behind the car. And finally, there's a small penknife that have been placed on the hood of the car. But what's missing is Beverly Allen. But part of her blouse is discovered in the car and her handbag, which had money, was on the floor, not taken.


Her jacket is there as well, spattered with blood on the front seat. And her glasses are by the car smashed as well.




News of the crime and grips you guys. And also all over the fucking country, people are you know, it's a lover's lane slaying.


It's crazy. And it's like everything you've ever heard by a fucking campfire. Right? Like, it's so it's scary. Just a car on a lover's lane is scary, but it's totally and it's 1960. So everyone's like, this doesn't happen, you know? So boop, boop, boop, boop.


OK, people, combe officers and volunteers comb the hills looking for Beverly and when we can, 600 people show up, including a contingent, I obviously copied and pasted that from Crown Zellerbach Paper Company where her father worked.


Huh? Oh, my God. The heiress to the crown zellerbach paper Fortune is here tonight. What's up, Ashley? She's like, I'm going to buy all those jewelry. She's like, I will have every reason. Wearing Ashley Zellerbach and cheered for a paper cup like this.


Town rules so hard. Local paper. Beverly's dad worked there. So everyone came out to look for her as well and they couldn't find her. People kept reporting, seeing someone who look like her.


But of course, it turned out to be cases of misidentification because sadly, 43 days after they found Larry, he on Monday, January 9th, 1961, Beverly's body was discovered by highway workers down a slope off Highway 26, 40 miles west of Portland in the town of Timber.


So there's a student named Phil Stanford. He's a he's a private he was a private investigator and a former columnist for the Portland Tribune, an Oregonian.


He wrote a book about this case called The Payton Allen Files.


And he says that the that the authorities, of course, ruined the crime scene, quote, they didn't secure it and people were walking all over the place, reporters and photographers and cops leaving footprints and dropping cigarette butts. Yeah, I mean, if you look back to the 1960s, essentially people walking on anything and putting cigarette butts everywhere, I also think that that with crime scenes happened up until like 1997. It's very reason that people are like, you know, we're not going to have the reporters come in first.


Yeah, we're going to get some scientists in here first before reporters and photographers. You seen this new fangled invention called Glove's.


Yeah, I, I don't trust him. I don't trust it. Turns out they're not just for blowing up and and hitting them at each other. You put them on before you touch a crime scene. No, I'm Catholic. I can't do that.


Sorry, I'm not doing it. OK, ok, fine. Uh, detectives chase many leads.


They questioned a sailor who went missing from Tunt Point Naval Station.


Went to look at me like that because it's name talking point naval station and we have one recruit from there. Thank you so much for your service. Thank you for your service. We do appreciate it. That's near story. He had gone.


There's one guy from there.


Every city he had gone. He had gone AWOL the day after the murders. And it turns out they just determined that Beverly had probably died right around the time she was kidnapped. So she wasn't held anywhere. So turns out two weeks after he had gone away on January twenty third, 1961, the day two weeks after Patton's body was discovered, the sailor named Wayne Budd, he did OK. You guys ready for this? He was discovered twenty miles east of Astoria along Highway Thirty.


And according to the story in The Oregonian, his body was found, quote, blown to bits by a charge reported as TNT.


Either heat he blew himself up or someone else blew him up, but they thought that he might be the killer. I'm sorry, Wiley Coyote was in the area.


I know. That's crazy. Did they ever find out what he was what happened?


No, but he'll we'll talk about him in a minute. Oh, that's not just a random fact.


I mean, it is. He's OK. There might be. I don't know. I see. I'm sorry. You're trying to lay out possibilities. Am I?


Am I or did I just finish those twenty minutes ago? Another suspect was a local who was picked up a week or so after the murders, he was he had been paroled, who's a paroled convict who had recently come to Portland.


He had a bullet wound in his arm, a recent one. Remember, there was like a bullet, but there was no hole, but there was no bullet.


He said he got it while target shooting.


You know, when you're like, I'm going to get the target behind me and you're like, shoo, shoo, Bindiya, your next. Oh, shit. Yeah, sure, dude.


But before please bring him in before they could question him any further. In all the articles, it says that he escaped, but then in a couple I could like a couple of old ones. I found them. It says a man showed up who said he was the detainees parole officer and someone just let him go.


So we might have escaped by outwitting the cops. But they're just like, just say he escaped at the end of the day. So he and then he took the fuck off, which is which is what innocent people do. Yes. You just have to leave sometimes. Yes. More on him later, OK?


Despite the fervor of the community wanting this crime solved, the case goes cold for eight years.


And that is until August 1968, when three men are charged for the murders.


Brothers Edward and Carl Jorgensen, their 36 and 28, and their friend Robert Brohm, they all get charged because a witness had come forward, a woman named Nicky Essex. And she's like, look, look, here's what happened. I started going to therapy and recovered this crazy fucking memory.


Oh, it's so bananas. Her memory had been wiped away by the trauma of the incident, she said, and restored years later only after extensive therapy, including hypnosis and truth serum.


Sodium pentothal, right? Yeah. No way is that. Yes, yeah. Yeah. But that's cyanide. No, it's not. No. Oh, I remember it after taking cyanide. But also how bad is your therapist if you have to use truth serum. She then remembered and then testified for the prosecution at the trial that she had been with the Jorgensen brothers. And she said that they had which she she had once had a quote, and this was in the papers confidential relationship.


That's what I'm fucking I see a lot of manila folders and like raincoats and shit.


I think that's nineteen eighty six terms for they were boning. Yeah. Probably confidential. A confidential relationship with Edward off the record boning. Right.




And that the night she was with Edward and Brohm, the night of the murders and that she had seen them fighting with Larry Paten after he nearly forced that they had been drag racing and that supposedly Larry with Beverly in the car had like almost driven them off the road. And so she says that basically they they killed them because of that and that one. And obviously, she's probably full of shit.




But one thing, we're all getting that feeling. Yeah, we're all on that because I'm surprised everyone thinks she's full of shit. Getting stabbed twenty three times usually doesn't come into play when you're doing a chicken thing with cars.


Yeah, usually we don't know who can judge. I mean, but one of the things she did say that that struck me that wasn't in a lot of the articles was that she said to them that they had put socks on their hands like mittens to wipe away the fingerprints. And no, there was a sock lying near the car. That didn't make much sense. I do remember, but that could have just been like could have been fed to her by the, you know, police.


So who knows if that's true. The jury, though, finds Ed Jorgensen guilty and he receives life sentence plus twenty five years and then several months later at his own trial, his brother or several months later, his brother. They all get separate trials, Carl. But the brother's acquitted of the murders because his attorney successfully argued that the young woman had been, quote, brainwashed. So he kind of got a good attorney. It sounds like just the one guy, the younger brother, the older brother gets 25 life and plus twenty five younger brothers acquitted.


Then in early 1970, their friend, the friend Brohm, he was the last to be tried, is also convicted and sentenced to life was twenty five years. And the case is officially closed. And that's the end.


No, it's not. This is all this is all just type words. This is my food diary. It's really long.


OK, there we are then inexplicably in 1973. So that was 1970 and sixty eight and seventy.


Five years after being convicted, Jorgenson is paroled from prison. Oh, you're right. Graham is released in 1977. That's just seven years after he had been in the work release program in Portland for a year. They released him. The chairman of the parole board at the time said that that prison officials considered Brahim to be the best inmate they had ever had.


Oh, he was so polite. He was so fun at dinner. He was on time. He just was good with, like, banter and conversation. Yeah, he just made you relaxed. Other prisoners never threatened anyone with a homemade shiv. No, that's all it took. It just wasn't what he was about. Yeah. Great basketball. Great. It's concrete, not killing people.


Sports, concrete sports center. No. What's that? LeBron can explain to us what what I was talking about is kind of like a playground of the different things you would do, like for your outdoors. I don't know if I had a lot of protein tonight before the show is really just hit me.


Sorry, but, you know, you did a concrete sport.


OK, fine, let's share it. Fine.


Let's split it uses with it. I don't know if I did either.


OK, but but but all the men. So all those dudes are like great and fucking split Oregon because that's what you do. Yes. They're like, fuck this place. All right. But but the guy got life plus twenty five and he was out in seven years and the other guy, they're both out at this point and they're and they fucking later it at a town. Great. But of course there's a lot of doubts still that still linger that these guys were even guilty at all obviously.


And the Oregon Parole Board did OK, because at the time, especially even then, especially for the parole board, were really fucking like their sentencing was strict and they stuck to it. So it was really weird to everyone that they let them out. And it said to a lot of people that even they knew that they didn't do it. So they let them go in and fill Stanford's book about the case. Paint Allen files. He argues that the convictions were an injustice and points to a more likely suspect in the case.


So now we're going to name our favorite theories. OK, remember that dude? That's right. Remember that dude with the bullet hole who shot back?


I'll never forget him and his arm. He was picked up early, early after the murders. He was also seen hanging around the crime scene when they were like photographing it and shit like a looky loo, those kinds of people. Oh, yeah.


Turns out that he was around there, too, and had a bullet hole in his arm. No.


And no one noticed because they were like, I want to scan the crowd, but I have to smoke and throw it down in this crucial area. Fifteen. Put it out in the blood. Yeah, well, he split town after member.


He was like he escaped after before they could question him and they were like, that's weird. Anyways, let's look into someone else. Yeah. Guess what his name is. Jerry.


No. Can I guess again. Dan. No. Edward Wayne Edwards.


Oh we know him. Oh wait. I think I have another phone. Let's go. Let's catch up real quick. Here's a photo of the car.


We're directly underneath the screen, I guess. Yeah, I did. Back it up. Right, right. OK. And then OK, so those are the three guys who went to my God, I should have caught up. I should write a picture on my notes. Steve. Yes. Seriously, they look like the cast of Arrow or something. What the fuck is this. These are some hot pieces split up. Why next week on The O.C..


Oh, yeah, God, guys, I know. Let's stay here for a minute.


I mean, imagine if they had, like, just a nice acoustic trio.


Oh, my God. Traveling Jorgensen's Oh, happy, sweet.


It's a damn shame that one plays a steel guitar.


I love a steel guitar but I'm very good. Thank you. That was a good. I've been practicing poo poo poo.


OK, so then we get to sorry to make you stand up because. All right Edward, this fucking guy. Remember this dude. Did we ever post you did him at a live show. Did we ever post that.


I don't know. I know.


Boop boop boop. But the way you got. OK Edwar wait. OK, let's talk about it. At the time of the Paten Allen murders, Edwards was on parole out of Deer Lodge prison in Montana.


Who we really are. He being sarcastic. They meant it well.


He was living in Portland on probation. And in early 2009, the Wisconsin State Police, they had a cold case from 1980. Someone had followed two young lovers as they walked home from a wedding reception and stabbed the man to death and raped and strangled his fiancee. The killer's DNA was taken and preserved. And when the technology caught up in 2009, the DNA was tested and it came back to match Edward Edwards, who at that time was just like a career criminal.


But I don't think any murders had been pinned on him.


So they get him, they have his DNA, they arrest him. He's just fucking he's his old man. And in a wheelchair on oxygen. He's charged with two counts of murders, a murder in 2010. He also confesses that he was the murder of two young lovers in Doylestown, Ohio, in 1977, again, execution style with a shotgun blast to the back of the neck. One of those people who suspects Edward Wayne Edwards of not just the Payton Allen killings, but also being the Zodiac, wrote about it on an August 7th, 2009, on her true crime blog, True Crime Diary.


She thinks Michelle MacNamara's. Tell me about Sarah. So she writes, she thinks he's responsible for this murder of Peyton Elmers and that he's the Zodiac, does you really? Yeah, she writes one of the strange results of DNA technology and this is right when they caught him. Is technology advancements is that it means a lot of tired old men suddenly have to pay for their sins from 30, 40, 50 years ago.


And she says it now suspects in the coldest of cold cases, so close to making it to the finish line without punishment, are being punished and are being pushed into courtrooms in their wheelchairs.


Yeah, that's right. That's so prophetic. It's fucking nuts. That's crazy. I know when I found it, I got fucking goosebumps. So, Edward, Wayne Edwards died on April 7th, 2011, just a few weeks into his life sentence in Wisconsin. Yeah, he never said he never said whether he did or didn't kill Larry Patton and Beverly Allen and more. Multnomah, Multnomah.


Thank you.


They county decided not to reopen the investigation after he was caught. And so we're not totally sure who the killer is, but a lot of people think it's Edward Wayne Edwards, and that's the murder of Larry Patton and Beverly Allen.


Wow, that was great. Thank you. Tonight, I'm going to present to you the very bizarre story of Edmond Critchfield and the bride of Christ Colt.


Yeah, this is this is a story that takes place for the most part, for the most part, it takes place in Corvallis, Oregon.


Yeah. Boxing promoter for yeah, because it's University of Oregon versus Oregon State. Oh, of course, Oregon State, the fighting. Hold on, she's going to answer. Well, now I know it's beavers, I know I was going to say the fighting fight orton's. Yeah.


And then, of course, University of Oregon, who are the Dutch. Yet the fighting Dutch. Great. The fighting Dutch versus the fighting fire tence every year is vicious. There are colors, there are lines drawn. Families separated, brother against brother will win the Dutch or the fire ten. I said fight the fighting fight intensified fight or to fire fire. Ton's is going to there. They don't care. They don't care and they don't care. I don't care.


It's because they're fighting so hard they don't give this shit.


You saw that fighting guys don't fight with each other over sports fighting. Fight with each other over turf. It's cooler. Oh, and rings and rings.


I got most of the information that I'm about to read to you from an article written by someone named Finn JD John.


So that's a name, some initials.


And there's another name that's not a real person. Clearly, no. But thank you so much. It doesn't work.


Good try. It was like an alien was like. Yeah. How do humans named themselves D at the end.


OK, good job.


He wrote it for offbeat Oregon Dotcom, your favorite website. Sure they love it. And of course I used the fuck out of Wikipedia because because there's nothing I love more than going into a document when I cut and paste a big chunk of text and then just deleting commas. I'm not kidding.


I think I might make a video just talking about commas and how we all you need to do is say it aloud in your head.


And if you pause, you can stick one there like she just past comma if you pause and stick one right in there.


But if there's no pausing comma, take your finger off that fucking comma button period.


Period we're going to period that one. OK, that's my new.


And close your window on a pretty aggressive grammar tips from Karen Franz.


Edmond Crisfield was born somewhere in Germany in 1870.


It's unclear how just starting with a lot of question marks, but of Edmond is what he went by.


And he first appears in Portland in nineteen eighty three. He's in his thirties. So he does what we all do when we're in her 30s.


We join the Salvation Army and, uh, he actually he gets sent on a mission to Corvallis to fucking fix it.


Dun dun dun dun it. Then then I'm on a mission that I know that doesn't that Donna. Here's the thing. Soon after he decides to break with the Salvation Army because they're not holy enough. Good choice. Those people fucking love the Bible. I don't know what this person is talking about.


So he decides to form his own church, which he calls the brides of Christ the fighting brides.


And look at them. Of course, he wants a bunch of brides and holy shit, they look like fun. Here's the thing about Christ.


I want to marry him and be his bride, but they. Yeah, yeah. I see the name Esther. I see the name Mae. You can I see the name on it. I'm not kidding. You get in their fucking names about Esther again. Did I say Esther. Esther again. Una there's an owner. There's an Edna. Jesus this is old timey. Is Methuselah up there. All the best old fashioned names.


OK, ok, we can leave that up there just so you understand what's happening.


Just hurry up. The fuck all goes where you can't see is that none of them have eyes.


OK, no, no wait. They have eyes. Oh they do. OK, I just don't have my glasses on.


So the brides of Christ. OK, say so. His church since the Salvation Army wasn't holy enough for him, his church, they are going to get strict. That's what this guy is all about. Great. So the brides of Christ are made to pray face down on the floor like.


Yeah, they're ABB's for a rock hard. Oh yeah. Shavasana Christ. No, I don't know who to pick. You're also fit.


But then as the service progresses and his services were super long, he was really loud, he was like crazy screamer great.


And as he preached they would go from praying face down on the floor to rolling around on the floor, like writhing around for the Lord.


He loves that. Yes, that's his favorite. He loves that he's burning. Bush is rolling on the floor. He really was like, I'm in the break dancing, but they didn't know what it was.


Yeah. Yeah. He was like, it's just a feeling I have. It feels good. You know, you got to use a piece of cardboard on the ground or you're going to hurt yourself.


They're like, no, no, that idea's crazy. Hold it till the 80s, late 70s. But this is where we get the term holy roller. Yeah, that's right. I'm not kidding. I love one of these Fluxus. Swear to God, how can I was the only person who got excited, but they're all like, oh, we got top that in third grade. This is Oregon. The thing of the of terms etymology. Yep.


I love that so much where things come from. Yes. Well then fucking drink it in. Should we take a pot. I'm always like where did I come from. Where did the term holy rollers come from. Whole nine yards. What's that all about.


You know these are the mysteries of the universe. First of all, you came from your parents. Yeah, I think I had too much protein today.


Were you just like chowing down on cheese?


Lots of meat.


OK, OK. So holy rollers. Oh yes. No, no, it's fine.


This is this is what we're here for. These church services are loud, intense and disruptive to the neighbor.


It's full of wailing and gnashing of teeth, which that could definitely be.


That was definitely ripped straight out of NJT John's writing. So he might have just been exaggerating, although I love the idea, especially if you're gnashing your teeth, facing the crowd.


How many fucking raisins would you end up eating then? Oh, yeah, yeah. Pick up a little dirt. OK, so and they would last for hours and hours. And finally, when the church services started running into the early morning, the neighbors are like, get the fuck out of here.


And back then it's not like they're like next like they shared walls. No, no. This is like a guy lived fucking eight miles away and he was like, shut the fuck up.


All of my livestock is awake now. Yeah. What are you doing? Yeah, God doesn't like you more. That's what I would have said from my field. That's what I was shouted over the barbed wire, the handmade barbed wire. Did you do so? Eventually Critchfield is barred from holding his services within the city limits.


Of course.


OK, so they get around it though, because one of the devotees, one of the brides, one of those gorgeous ladies up there, the one named Sarah Hart, hurt sorry, invites the flock to move into her house.


Just. Outside of town with her and her three children, Modde, Frank and Mae, so they end up burning. What is this is so fucking weird. They move in and then they end up burning everything that was in the house. So I'm sure purpose. Yeah, they're like no earthly possessions. Goodbye. Yeah. Ouch. Yeah.


They burned everything, including. That's a beautiful vintage furniture. Yes. Furniture. All right. It says utensils which I was like, did they carve forks out of wood.


How did how did your utensils burn heirlooms and family pets?


Yeah, dogs like leave me the fuck out of this. Not only did they burn everything, they're living in a big, empty house.


All the people, they bar the windows and then eventually he starts saying, you're not allowed to talk to any outsiders. He does the classic cult thing of if they're not in this sect, then they can't be trusted there. He calls them infidels. And what ends up happening is because he's so strict and he has all these rules and he makes every he starts controlling what they can wear and all this stuff, they when they started out, it was like, you know, 20 families or whatever that were in this church.


But slowly but surely, all the husbands are like, yeah, I'm not fucking going to that church anymore. That's that guy is not the boss of me.


You know how men are so, so slowly but surely the men are just like, yeah, you can go to that thing by yourself. So the wives stay in the cult, the men are out.


And then Edmund starts saying, well, if your husband's not in the church, you have to stop talking to him and you have to stop fucking him. And basically you have to stop being his wife the way it's like, great.


I'm like, oh, no, that's all. If only God didn't want this, I guess I'll stay here and burn shit with my friends. Sorry, herbut so and they're like, by the way, keep the dog, keep it, keep it. Leave that fucking dog alone.


So then so, so now we get to the clothing. He basically is like everything because it's strict and it's religious and it's everything has to be very plain and simple and no you know, it's the turn of the century. So it's like no petticoats, no aprons, no extras. And then.


Right, well, eventually the women start wearing basically a plain cloth robe.


That's creepy, which is horrifying. I went to fucking bliss bars no Bragge the other day in Los Angeles to get a massage. And I put that robe on and it was just like a little small. Yeah. And I felt like I was walking around nude. It was one of the most embarrassing.


So like just to walk around in a robe or a can we roll around more like roll around were your robe can go higher and yon you know, zip it up, get some buttons on there.


Now you're a caftan girl. That's I can hear you. I'm turning turtleneck unitard girl. That's my jam.


So essentially the neighbors can see that there are women, it's you know nineteen oh five or whatever and they're working and walking around these fields in like just kind of a loose room and people are like what the fuck is going on over there. I see ankles. I see ankle. Oh my God. Look at those ankles. There's people lined up to stare at ankles. But of course the robes are inadequate to protect female modesty and of course, very easy to take off.


So the whole town is, of course, just gossiping their asses off. They're just like, who are those people? How much do they fuck? Let's talk about the fucking I love fucking, but I can't talk about it because it's nineteen eighty three. So let's talk about them fucking they get to leave their husbands. What.


This is all the and they're all. It doesn't help that they're all it's two men and then like twenty women living in a house together. So of course everyone's it's gossip period saying it's crazy.


One big red tent.


So uh I said that already and now they're out of sight.


They can't talk to their loved ones there, you know, and now this is when Edmund starts saying that God is talking directly to him and telling him things. Keep your eye out for that one.


Always just in and around your life. Somebody like helps you to the fact that God is speaking to them. You just fucking. Nope. Right out of there.


That's your right. And also, the locals are like, if you all live in a quote, live in the same locked house with a number of young girls and you do nothing like how could you do nothing in the world but be religious, that's impossible.


So in January of 1994, 20 vigilantes called the whitecaps seized Crisfield. Vigilantes are never well, you know what they're about. What? In Corvallis in 1984, they take him down to the river and tar and feather him.


Oh, what did he do? Yeah, what do you do know? What did he know?


Yeah, that sucks. I'm on the whitecap side. I think this guy is a creep.


But let's not let's not fight like the fighting fire Firestones. They tell him to leave town and never come back and he responds by appearing the very next day at the same house.


I'll stop tar and feather me. Now this hurts. It's really hot. Yeah, OK. The next day he shows up at the courthouse in Linn County. His skin is bright red from scrubbing. He reeks of turpentine, which is the only way to get that shit off shit. And he is there to marry one of his followers, Modde, who's the daughter of Mrs. Hurt, the house that they live in.


And she is the it's the family. That family is very highly respected. Corvallis Pioneers, which is a great idea.




So so basically, he's trying to legitimize himself and maybe keep from having that ever happened to him again.


And so in February of nineteen, for the next month, he is accused of having adulterous relations in Portland with MoD's and the girl he marries, she has an aunt named Donna in 1984.


Someone's named Donna, which is the best either a humongous mistake or the best thing that's ever happened.


Yeah, like they spell out the real name wrong.


Or what if they're just the lady with, like, supertight bellbottom jeans?


It's like in nineteen over Corvallis. She's having a glass of Shibly. She's just like, what's up? I'm Donna. She's chewing gum and drinking wine at the same time. She's like in Virginia Slim. Yet Donna, she's like, I painted my own nails and I'm here to party. It's me, Donna. Time travel is real.


Yes, I'm here to prove it. So because back then, adultery was a criminal offense, a warrant is put out for Edmands arrest. But he, of course, is nowhere to be found. A statewide manhunt goes on for months. And meanwhile, the holy rollers are fasting and they're spending all their days laying flat and praying for lives like he's not there.


He won't know. You can tell him you prayed for him. He won't know. Also, there's a there's a roller derby team go the holy rollers.


And I can't stop thinking about them. Instead, they're all actually direct descendants of these people. They're great at skating.


OK, so in June, most of the brides of Christ end up getting committed to an insane asylum.


Oh, yeah.


So then guess what happened? Tell me when I turn the page. In July, Critchfield is discovered nude and starving underneath the house that they all lived it.


So the whole time he had just been under there, he was like, I've got the perfect hiding place and now I'm going to strip down to my knife. Yes, I just need to wait for my ladies upstairs to hand me food and then. But he doesn't know they're all gone. Oh, he's waiting.


They've all been carted away. And he would have known if they weren't praying for him. Oh, good one, Edmond. OK, his trial begins in fall of 1984.


He claims that he's innocent and he tells the court that having sex with Donna was part of that God ordered purification ritual that he convinced his followers was real.


So he basically, because he was getting messages from God, of course, you know, the next step is he's going to claim that he is God, just spoiler alert.


And he said spoiler alert.


Right. It's the same every time, like a horror movie. So he convinces everybody that you have to be purified by him, the guy, the one closest to God.


And of course, the way you purify people, you fuck up so that we dick we know that that that God give.


And talking about what is this? There are children here. No God that be horrifying when he gets out here. He he they send him he's found guilty, of course, immediately.


And he served seventeen months in the Oregon State PENITENTE. Sure. Let's hear it for now, Pearl. When he gets released a year and a half later, he claims he is Jesus Christ risen from the dead.


Wow, that was a quick turnaround. Yeah. And then his resurrection is his emergence from prison.


Oh, right. It's also symbolic. I feel like that's been tried before. Yeah.


And it probably doesn't work like you're just not that Jesus me. He also claims this is a good one, that he was responsible for the 1996 San Francisco earthquake.


That was what it did. He did it. You know, he had to he was forced. I and all of his followers who have since been released from the asylum and have come back, they all believe him, of course.


And and then the the groomer's, of course, are now it's crazy because now they're back and they're getting their act back together and everyone's going nuts. And so the rumors are some of the rumors are mothers in the sect are being debauched in front of their daughters. So it's like group sex rumors, essentially. But they took a really long time to say it in 1983.


They're rumors of child sacrifice, which were not true and were not in any way proven. But, of course, fun thing to gossip about.


The one that caught hold was that because he admitted to that God sanctified purification rite of fucking everybody, then this weird rumor started that he believed that Jesus was coming back and one of the brides of Christ was going to be marry.


And so he had to choose who Mary was by the laying on of hands, which bit, you know. But I bet.


Right, laying on of hands.


So they they also began to say that the new Mary was a girl, a 16 year old girl named Esther Mitchell, who is in the group. But so it's basically like the town is just creating these fictions because this crazy shit is happening right outside of town.


OK, here's him. This is Edmond Crutchfield after he got out of jail for adultery. Excited look at.


Well, it looks just like Jesus Christ is the spitting image of Jesus Christ. Look at his his face is like he's saying, can you fucking believe I'm getting away with this? He's like, come here, girl. Let me purify you. Oh, yeah. I mean, the stink waves that must have been coming off this fucking fella. Jesus, he didn't realize pictures were permanent. He did. He's like, I'm going to be pouting in mine because I'm mad I went to jail.


Oh, my God.


William Dafoe will play him in the. Totally right. OK. Oh, that was going on the front. Dandruff. That's horrifying.


How do you cure that?


OK, the laying on of hand among the devout brides of Christ are a woman named Cora Hartley and her daughter Sophia.


And so Cora's husband, Louie or Louie, I am not sure if he's a wealthy mine owner, OK? And he they had all joined the church together. Louis immediately was like, thank you, but no thank you. And then his daughter and wife stayed in and then stopped talking to him and were like, you're bad and you're an infidel. But when Crutchfield went to jail, they just went back to the house and they were just like, we're not talking to you, but we're still we're still going to live here.


Of course, all of the men who whose wives stayed in this cult were, you know, very shamed, publicly cuckolded once all this rumor started of like this one guy's fucking all these people there, you know, the horror and the scandal was was a lot.


When she gets home, she tells Louie or Louis, her husband, Edmund Critchfield, is Jesus Christ.


Oh. When she does decide to talk to him, he condemned the city of San Francisco and brought the earthquake. And he has condemned the city of Corvallis. And an earthquake will destroy this place.


Great. So did you see I put in a toilet. It's an in-house. I only want to talk about the earthquake like an outhouse. But in the house I. He will destroy you. Great. Where is my robe?


Yeah, Corra went nuts. OK, you like him. We get it. So Critchfield now calls his flock back. He's like I'm out of jail and now you need to follow me into the wilderness which was Newport back I guess back then it was nuts abandoned or something.


So they Corra and Sophea immediately pack their bags and they're just like, thank God they packed their one rose in their bag.


Every huge bag, single, very See-Through robe goes inside of a small Bible toothbrush, cardboard. But but Lewis is watching the cardboard for break dancing. Exactly. Lewis is watching them. And he's just like, yeah, this isn't happening.


So he basically follows them and he brings a gun.


And so just as Edmund Crutchfield and his a flock of holy rollers are boarding the ferry, Lewis Hartley walks up and he fires a revolver four times at Critchfield.


Crutchfield is not killed.


He's not shot. What happens is Lewis fucked up and he used center fire cartridges for a rim fire.


Oh, can you believe that ass fucking. Oh, you do that dummy.


Like, watch your cartridges.


So but what would be more convincing if you were in a cult and the guy that's like I'm God and Jesus was going to fuck me and then someone's like and he's like, anyway, let's get on this ferry. We have got to get to that wilderness. You would double down on that D. Yes.


You would just be like purify me tonight. EDMANS Yeah. No, I take it back. Eles Grove. I don't know about these live shows. They seem a little crazy. OK, so angry husbands and fathers are on the way to kill this man.


They all had it.


Yeah, they're so it's this is he knows this. Edmond knows this isn't going to be the only one. So he takes his wife mad and they flee to Seattle.


So I mean, OK, save it for tomorrow night.


So the one of the other people that was super pissed off and had a gun and he knew how to use was a guy named George Marshall, Miss. And he was the brother of 16 year old Esther Mitchell, who everybody was talking about and saying she was the Virgin Mary and that she had been, you know, purified by Kripa.


And so George Mitchell actually followed Edmund to Seattle and walked up behind him in front of witnesses and shot him twice in the back of the head and killed him.


Well, I gather now some bloodthirsty motherfuckers up here.


The murder attracted national attention and was major news in the Pacific Northwest for weeks. And there was widespread sympathy for George Mitchell, the murderer.


George claimed that the law wouldn't keep Crossfield away from his sister, so he had to do it himself and that that defense worked.


The jury finds Mitchell not guilty in spite of the fact that he had admitted in open court that he had, in fact, murdered Edmund Crutchfield. He was guilty. And they were like, no, you're not, buddy. No, you're not. You keep it up, you old so-and-so, you bro. But wait, I wrote that down.


Two days later, Esther Mitchell asks her brother George what he's free.


She's like, can we please meet at a railroad depot?


You know how brothers and sisters do for what her family members hoped was going to be a reconciliation. But instead, Esther walked up and shoots her brother twice in the back of the head, just like her brother had shot Edmund Critchfield shot. I won't. And the gun she used to do that was bought by CREF Field's wife, Maude.


Holy shit.


And before the case even goes to trial, mud takes a massive amount of strychnine and kills herself.


Oh my God. So she's out. Wow. Don't bring her up again. We're not talking about her anymore. Gerbi Esther's brought to trial and she's found not guilty by reason of insanity.


And she's committed to Western State Hospital in Steilacoom, Washington, Steilacoom.


I said the press tries to get her to tell them that she killed her brother because God told her to.


But that it's funny. It's interesting. We won't quote you, but instead, she tells them she did exactly what her brother did. The law did nothing about her brother killing Edmond Critchfield, so she had to kill him herself. And then she pointed out that George had done exactly what he'd accused Crossfield of doing. He'd branded her a fornicator because she said she had never had sex with Crossfield. And by making the statement that he killed Critchfield because he knew because Crossfield had ruined his sister, George had, in effect, ruined his sister.


Esther is released from the asylum in 1989, and a few days later she takes a massive dose of strychnine and fucking kills herself. And that is the end of the Brides of Christ Holy Rollers, a Minecraft field called The End. Mayhem, death and mayhem, that was a fucking. Oh, that was a roller coaster that was raised in your pocket, wasn't it? Oh, great. That was amazing. Thank you. Do we have time for a hometown?


You know, we do. We have two. Ladies and gentlemen, it's been several right there. Protasiewicz protein, so nice. See what you're wearing.


Oh, no, you didn't. I thought I was going to wear a ring. I forgot the prom. All right.


We have some rules for where the hometown that you've heard a million times, but somehow ignore them.


It's good to update. So here's the thing about the hometown of God. This theater is so gorgeous. It's crazy.


You didn't build the. Look at me like a cantaloupe ceiling. Yes, it's really beautiful. That's right. Uh huh. Listeners at home, we promise we're in a huge cantaloupe right now. I can't, Georgeanne, the giant cantaloupe. It is the most vegan show we've ever done. So if you get picked to tell your hometown, it has to be.


We really need it to be from Oregon. It's what everybody wants. If it can be from Portland, that's cool, too. Please do not come up here and tell us shit from Chicago. We don't care tonight. We care a different time. If you're like, I'm from here, but my murder happens and then I move there, then don't.


Then we both kill you with our eyes. Let's see what else. If you're drunk, make sure you can tell a story drunk and not like, oh my God, this is crazy drunk and shouting out to people that no one cares about and all that kind of stuff. Stay on point beginning middle and make it quick because everyone hates you for getting picked. And now Georgia will choose the home town for tonight.


OK, ok. Oh this is so hard and scary. Just go with your gut, ok. Feel a feel like. Yes. Come on up here. Go over there. Go that way. She's been chosen, their hometown has been chosen. Let's all look at my rings while she's on her way down, the line turned down. So she's having a panic attack. Oh, yeah. Yeah. City jewelry. It's called Kassidy Vintage. Agree.


But it is it is the dude. She'll be walking out of your night with a bag of jewelry. So just grab them if you want. No. Hello, Barry. Come on.


Get robbed right now. I'm fine, Mom. OK, great. She said I'm a mom. What? We're not going to be nice to you because you're a mom. I'm terrified. Isn't horrible. You do agree there's a reason, unless you are, you might earn a raise and so I'm shaking.


So I work for a local children's hospital here in Portland.


Thirty seven years. Wow. How many? Thirty seven. Thirty seven years. Yeah. I'm your oldest hometown bird. Right back back in 2007, our security guard, Shah, we both worked the early shift.


I worked in medical records and sure had a son. I'm shaking. I am too.


Michael Michael was 36 and he had this girlfriend named Jacqueline.


She kind of was stalking him. And so he finally broke up with her and got a restraining order against her.


Well, we're at work one day.


And On the news is a story about a murder in southeast Portland.


Insurers watching the news.


It's her house. Oh, and Jacqueline, two weeks before, had convinced some poor girl to call Michael to tell him that she had committed suicide.


Well, she hadn't. She was crazy, so. Well, we believe it.


Some months before that, she had actually stolen his house. Keys had gone in there. And I said church kind of like worried. She goes and now she's fine anyway.


So sees the thing on TV and is going, oh, my God, that's that's my house. Jacqueline was outside and Michael had no clue.


I thought she was dead.


Michael comes out to go to work and she murders him in front of his friend of his house out on Se Boysie Street.


Anybody who knows Portland and Charles watching this on TV. Oh, my God. Well, the police knew that Michael lived with his mother, but they thought she was some old lady upstairs. She wasn't.


She was our bad ass security guard at the children's hospital. And so the police get there. Jack takes off in her car.


She's like thirty years old. She takes off on speeds of 100 miles an hour to central Oregon to bend.


And yeah, she got bad. They finally catch up with her. She shoots herself in the head and ends up in the hospital and she dies.


So she didn't go to jail for this.


Well, come to find out, she had had over 80 restraining orders filed against her. So they I don't know if it ever got put into effect that when restraining orders are filed for those things that the person filing the restraining order is supposed to know about them. Because if Michael had known. He would have gone into hiding. She was she was absolutely crazy. Most heartbreaking thing, though, for sure, to watch that on the news at work and realize, oh, my God, that's my son.


Yes. So that's that's my hometown. Amazing. Cheesus. You guys gave it up for and that was. The band played a second that. That's for you forever. She gets the reason. Thank you so much. Great job. Oh, shit. They pick you up now, I have to eat the whole sandwich. That's what we're looking for. Do that's are looking for that for my Mary, Mary and Mary and beautiful thing, man. We need to bring a raise in every show to the magic.


Raises the fucking ante. That's right. It makes people really perform. Yeah.


Oh, my God. Portland.


Two magical nights with you guys. This has been honestly, we love it here so much. You guys, specifically Portland, you guys have been so supportive of us since the fucking beginning.


We could just do shows here forever, truly.


I hear you also.


I like it because I see it's I have observed that it seems like you guys are the ones that get the angriest when you don't get tickets.


And I like that, too. That's that's just as good as getting tickets is just rage. Total rage at us on Twitter, as if we can control it. But here's the thing. You guys have been there from the beginning. Like that's when they very first were planned, these tours. They were just like the our our tour. And it's just they do it all by numbers and by, like, little numbers and breaking it down. Now, I don't know, they're all up in your computer, but they're just like, well, you have to go to Portland.


And then we had to do three shows. We had to add three shows the first time, and then we had to do two. Four, they had to show this was amazing. So thank you guys so much for supporting us.


Also love it here. We talked about it a lot.


The Portland, one of those first Portland shows was the legendary one where everyone got so fucked up because they were doing a drink special of Tallboy Beers McMeniman and that girl threw up and then crawled up the aisle to the bathroom. So you guys have a special place in our heart. I mean, I'll never stop loving you because of that. Truly, but truly.


This is all you guys and you guys supporting each other and coming together and, you know, making friends and making these groups and just being the fucking best. Thank you so much.


We really, really grateful for everything you guys do for us. It's very fun we're having the time of our lives, we really are. It's the weirdest fucking experience, but it is the best and it's because you guys and your support. So thank you so much.


And stay sexy and just by you guys. Thank you, Portlands. Thank you.