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This is exactly right. Hello and welcome to my favorite murder, the mini soad, that's Karen Kilgariff. Oh, that's Georgia. Hard start here to read you your e-mails you've sent to us. You know this vibe. Yeah, we asked for them. So it's not like you're assaulting us.


It's like a we're sharing. You know, I meant I meant the listener. Oh, no, no, I meant them. Do you want to go first? It's not like you're assaulting us. We demand that they send us emails. Don't stop this this last week. This isn't. No, no, this isn't. We're not in a fight. Just so you know, like the approach should be. We are totally getting along great. The US and the listeners.


Yes. Yeah. And you and you and I, I feel like for myself across the board, I'm doing very good. I feel like this whole podcast was a misunderstanding.


I should we erased this. All right. Yeah, right. I'm like, oh, do you want. Yeah, absolutely. Why not.


Whatever isn't going to cause a fight or you know, whatever, whatever you want. All right.


Well then I'll go first so I don't start screaming. OK, this one's called Gravestone Repair and archeology. Hi, Karen, Georgia. And Stephen, I heard you talking about at Lady Topos, which is the Instagram I recommended, and her gravestone cleaning on the episode this week and was super excited because I am an archeologist and gravestone conservator. I'm currently doing my PhD in archeology, studying early seventeenth century graveyards, and my husband and I have started a small business to restore and clean historic gravestones in our province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.


OK, we're this is like a show you would watch. I feel like this is the beginning of a TV drama mystery. Oh yeah. You would watch her grave cleaner, the grave cleaners of Labrador. Yeah, they're like, hell, yeah.


Maybe there's a mystery every time they go to a different cemeteries, their house haunted. Is every cemetery haunted. Of course all they are.


And they have to solve for someone's. It was just someone's ancient murder. Yes, we have to read and maybe it's not like a murder. Maybe it's like a reuniting these two long lost loves. What was Jennifer Love Hewitt? Ghost, both dead.


Yeah, hers was Ghost Whisperer. Yes. Which I actually thought. Right? Yeah. Is it right. And you got it. I've never seen an episode.


I actually there was a time that I really it was so like, quaint, you know. Mm hmm. All right.


So anyways, here's the thing. I would never argue the talent or the career of Jennifer Love Hewitt. No, she was a child actor. She was a tween actor. She was a teen actor. She's been an adult actor. She's been killing it for decades. Back to back the. You can't argue it. Do you think her and Anne Hathaway are best friends, either their best friends or they're intensely passive aggressive acquaintances? You know what I mean?


Or they're they're like beautiful, beautiful ingenue types who have to pretend they get along and bad.


Look for both. Do you? So they're like, good to see you. And this smiling is like vicious, the most vicious, smiling, you think for each other's birthdays. They send them as these bouquets. But the kind that when they they die the like the stuff gets everywhere and it's hard to clean up. You know what gross book is?


No offense to people who like this, but I can't if there's a lily in a book, that odor just straight up funeral home smell. Yeah, it's just like that. I'll always go right up and just be like Plunket. Put that outside. Yeah. All right. I'm glad we worked that out because they love each other. That's right. Oh, and then she says it's called Black Cat Cemetery Preservation, which I feel like you'd appreciate and I do fully.


So I was trained in gravestone repair while working for Woodland Cemetery in London, Ontario a few years ago, and I had the honor with a U of restoring stones for the dead who have no one to clean their stones, and for family members who thought their relatives gravestones were gone.


But the most amazing gravestone I've ever worked on was for a 17 year old named Robert Cooper, who died at work in a soda water factory in 1871. The large high pressure cylinder he was carrying ruptured and the force threw him into the ceiling, killing him instantly. Oh, no.


As a result of the horrible accident, laws were changed around how many times a high pressure container could be repaired. So like no more bandaids on that thing, you know? Yeah, right. You get rid of that thing as it was a faulty repair that failed and killed him. We found his gravestone sunken under the grass and we're able to raise it and clean it with water, a soft brush and deep to which I was reading about this. I want to buy it a safe cleaner that doesn't damage Stone and laid it on packed gravel for drainage.


The most amazing thing is that the gravestone has a picture of the very thing that killed him carved into it.


Oh no, it almost looks like a bomb, one of the most unique gravestones I've ever seen. And then she said she attached. So let's put that up on the next page. It's an honor to share his story with you all. Thank you for taking the time to read it. The best part of my job is helping these gravestones stick around a little longer so we can help people long past still tell their stories, hoping to see you live again one day when things in groups are allowed again are Robin L.




Oh, wow, that's very cool. Yeah, I love that. That's like a whole kind of nesh.


I won't call it an industry, but like area that I've never even thought of that. Like, I've seen several things on Twitter now about that restoration, that type. So cool. And it just reminds me of the things that I always wish. Like don't don't only listen to your school guidance counselors about what you can do with your life. You know, it's not just fucking business and industry. There's so many cool passion projects that you can turn into a business that's really cool.


I feel like these these I was like younger generations know that because they're such Internet children that they're like, that's correct. Everything's possible where it's like, oh, sorry, we're from the eighties where you had four choices of everything. That's your choices of TV channels. Jobs. Yeah, with the soda at 7-Eleven, like whatever it was, there were four, you know, make the best at their sport there. They had to come up with the number five just to give us more options.


And it happened in 1980. Ironically, I don't know what a missed opportunity. You know, also, it's going to make me say I don't think we said this last time, but this is strangely coming full circle because we have Mirch. I wonder if we still sell it. The merch that has the decoration with the skull and the wings. That is a design that was taken from a Victorian gravestone. Good tie. And Karen, the artist that designed that T-shirt for us, went through old Victoria like old fashioned eighteen hundreds or seventeen hundred gravestones, I think, in Boston and found that design to put on that shirt.


So we were thinking ahead of even the podcast that we know this would be a thing.


No brag, but we're visionary, at least the famous son.


Yeah, exactly. Send us I don't know. Do you do that for a living to send us the coolest gravestone or like story from a gravestone that you've uncovered? We'd love to hear it.


I was on a road trip one time and we were in way Northern California, like way up by Arcadia or the way north northernmost city that now I can't think of. But anyway, even Steve.


Oh, I was going to say Arcata or Canada. Yes, but there's another one up there that is the main one that like where the skunk train goes and stuff like that.


Like above. Yeah, it's above Humboldt, above Fort Bragg. Anyway, it does not too bad for me that I can't remember anything anymore.


So we're in these back roads. We basically took a super interesting way to get where we were going and we were so we were on a two lane back road. There was nothing around. It was just fields on both sides and on the left side of the road, it turned into like this hill that had big oak trees on it. It's kind of spooky. And I looked up and on one part of this hill, there was a tiny, very old cemetery that went straight up a hill.


And it was the coolest looking and it was the kind of thing where it happened like two cents. So I was like, it was that real like like families, small little plot of. Yep. And in this very like tucked away, I can't even explain how tucked away it was just like that. Felt like a little nip maybe. Or that I was hallucinating like slightly. Well aren't all right.


Hallucinations. Gifts too. Gifts from the Lord or whoever or whoever they were Satan who loves cemeteries.


If you're Satan and you love cemeteries, email us at my favorite murder and put in the subject line.


I'm Satan who loves you. So we know it's you. Yeah. Just be like it's me and maybe put the put that devil damn devil on there just so we recognize. OK, I'm not going to read you the title of this one. It gives it away. Greetings and salutations. In the recent in Minnesota, you asked for our rabies stories. So here is mine.


We did well. We're smart. Yes, we did. Last November, I was taking the compost out to our bin in the backyard at twilight. It's a short distance. It's a short distance. My wife and I live in Kansas City with a rather small backyard. As I was making my way back to the house, I saw something fly at my face. I stopped completely shaken, but went on. I suddenly noticed that my shirt felt heavier than normal.


I looked down and there was a bat staring up at me, clinging to my shirt. My high pitched scream was epic. My wife inside the house thought that there was a cat in distress. But alas, no cat, just me with a bat hanging out. Oh no. Luckily I was wearing my leather gloves. It was November after all, so I quickly knocked it off my shirt and it flew away. Oh, of course I did what any millennial would do.


I went inside and posted about it on Facebook. Within minutes, friends began to comment that I needed to get a rabies vaccine. Some frantic Googling determined that the CDC recommends a rabies shot following any contact with a bat. So off I went to the E.R. and I discovered, yes, I did need to get the rabies vaccine, a total of six shots that night with another three over the next year and a half. No job to get that vaccine for real.


For real. In order to get me out of the E.R. quickly, the head nurse decided that they could give me three shots at once and grabbed two other nurses. This is my mother annexion. Oh, this nurses are like, what's the problem? We need to get it taken care of. You're going to feel pain either way. Let's do all the pain at once. I'm going to decide for you. You aren't in a position to decide where we go.


Here we go. Counting down from three, OK? One stood at each of my legs. The third stood next to my arm. And when the head nurse said one, two, three, poke, they administered three shots simultaneously. After a few moments to catch my breath, it was one to three poke again. That was all six shots. I had to come back to the E.R. for my additional shots three times in the next six weeks for ten shots in total.


One time I could hear my nurse talking to the head nurse about my shot when suddenly the head nurse who had been there the first night shouted, I know this guy, the. That man is back, despite my ordeal, they're rather terrifying appearance and the fact that they can carry rabies bats, eat millions of bugs a year and are incredibly important to our ecosystem. They could use a little more love from people. I think I want to thank you both for being so mental health positive.


Listening to old episodes during the pandemic encouraged me to start seeing a therapist again, stay sexy and get a rabies vaccine if a bat flies into you, Patrick.


I feel like that they implanted something in his brain that makes him like, you know, how cats can do to make you the mouse. Not afraid of the cat it he's like, but bats are still great. I still love that.


Like he's been he's been mine were when he looked down at the bat that was on a shirt that looked up at him and sent sonic sonic sound waves of trance ness into his earhole trance music. And now he's a raver. He's a raver Forbess. He's a pro at Raver beautiful catcher. I love the idea of a bat flying at him wasn't as bad as the idea of a bat hanging on his shirt. Like when you said and my shirt felt heavy, I was out.


Yeah, because that means that bat had some real heft. Thank you to it helped. I was going to say gravitas.


Maybe he was a little boy at bat to listen to this.


Did I ever tell you about the time I was at this at my old house? I was, I think sitting at the kitchen table writing and I got a weird feeling like I wasn't by myself. And I looked down and there was a praying mantis on my arm. And when I looked down, it turned its head and blow up at me.


And they're so creepy. They're it's like having an alien alien on your arm. Yeah. And I screamed but didn't do anything because I didn't want to hurt it. Yeah. It jumped off or like moved up. How are you doing.


That is are just like coming in your house. Burbank baby.


First thing can happen and tell you about it in the corner of Burbank.


You got to move there if you love praying mantises. Oh but they're pretty cute. OK, yeah they are. This is just called Hometown Story and it goes hello. Congratulations on five years of the pod. You guys are truly amazing. I know you love saving your pet stories, so I'm writing in to tell you mine. Yeah, yeah. This is a good anecdote to the back story. When I was three years old, my family went camping at a local lake.


I was the youngest of all my cousins and siblings and I was constantly trying to keep up with them.


As a three year old, they started climbing on some loose rocks near the edge of the water. And of course, I followed. I was an incredibly, incredibly clumsy child. And then I was like, You're three, three years old. Yes, we all are. You're so boring to me.


And immediately slipped and fell into the lake. My mom's Rottweiler, Hannah, jumped in the water before any of the adults even had time to react. Hannah swam under me and I was able to grab on to her back. No, no, no. She carried me back to the land. She saved my life.


Yes, she did. Hannah. She was probably smiling the whole time to her big old Rottweiler. She is my big chance that Hannah was an absolutely amazing dog and she was such a protector of me and my brother when we were little.


My mom recently told me about what I did as a five year old. When I first got my black lab puppy, Casey, I carried her to the garden where Hannah was buried and introduce them to each other.


Oh, are you kidding me?


I told Casey how good of a dog Hannah was and asked her to be a good dog to Hannah is proof that the scary Rottweilers in the movies media is not the true narrative.


I've always advocated for the breed and I truly believe there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. Yeah, thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I hope you snuggle your pets a little extra. They truly love us more than we will ever know. SSD GM Courtney Miner will feel good today, by the way. That's good. I mean, hey, we need it. Courtney, that was a lovely story about your dog named Hannah.


I'd like to tell you a story about my dog named Frank, who woke me up at three thirty last night barking, barking like someone was outside, scaring the shit out of me. Then he went outside and I stood there at the sliding glass door three thirty in the morning waiting for him to come back. And he didn't come back for like ten minutes. And I was like, he I went he went and had an adventure by himself. And I was like, right, because it's three three in the morning.


I can't actually call for him in any meaningful way. And when he finally came back, he was crawling.


He was walking super low like he knew he was being bad because he just like he hears me calling and he just chooses not to come. So may we all have a. Our life, but I guess I'm the bad owner because I got a frank that's so goddamn Frank, it's uncool to come back with, like an arm bone that she had a stroke.


I, I, I've been hearing noises. And so I, of course, was standing there. I'm like, what if, as Frank was like walking around in the backyard, he get pulled into a bush and there's someone back there like he was the person his mind or someone tried to grab him. Can you imagine? Oh, that's right. He doesn't like being, like, kind of held or he can't be picked up.


You literally can't come on the ground. He's a he's serious. I think you're good. But it is like it's almost like sending him out to go find what the problem is. And then if he doesn't come back, you're mad at him. Not like, well, he found the problem and the piano there. Yeah. He and now he has a problem.


It was a little it was like a little bit of like a horror movie mixed in with like Lilo and Stitch or. No, no, no. That's the wrong one. Milo and Otis, my Lunna, it was like Milo Otis has a dark turn where it's like, wait, why he didn't Odem that he was playing George wouldn't go outside.


That was the other thing that was scaring me anyway, because the doors close this time.


Call the police, Karen, but you're going to be opening the doors for the intruders. And you're like, yeah, I just figure I thought I was going to pee and come back. It just runs out and literally runs back in like goodbye. It's three thirty in the morning. OK? Frinks Like I'm restless, I'm tired of quarantine. I want to go walk around. I'm not going to read the title. Gives it away. Hi guys.


Gals and furry four legged pals. Wonderful.


The college bomb scare in my hometown from Minnesota to 14 reminded me of a similar ish story from my high school. I went to a small K through 12 school in Lafayette, Colorado. Colorado. Wow, Colorado. Right outside Boulder. Yes. A lot of seniors smoked weed behind the dumpsters. And yes, I know your dad just say it one morning on my way went on my way to school with the carpool. Several police cars were redirecting traffic well away from the school and no one would tell us why.


So we went back home and turned on the news to find that a suspicious black duffel bag was found in the student parking lot around seven a.m. that morning. Naturally, the police were called suspecting it was a bomb. Other students and teachers held a lockdown at the school. A bomb robot was brought in to handle the duffel bag. And when it came to finally open it, law enforcement found several cans of spray on deodorant and a Kermit the Frog doll.


The doll was colored with a Sharpie and cut up to look like it was beaten and bloody. But apparently a few junior senior boys thought it would be funny to, quote unquote, kidnap Kermit from a teacher's classroom and pass it around, giving it its wounds. Two of the guys arranged a drop off of the doll. One guy didn't want the doll and threw it out of his car into the lot where it was found the next morning. They didn't get into any trouble with the police for this weird ass prank.


And I can't remember if the school punish them or not. But for the rest of my high school career, every January 25th was Kermit the Bomb Day. What a holiday. Stay sexy and don't mess with Kermit. Lauren Oh, my God. Teenage boys should just be locked up for four years. Also, I think this is such an indication of like if somebody saw a like a suspicious duffel bag in the parking lot of my high school, people been like, somebody go get that duffel bag, OK, but I can kick that the furthest.


It's exactly, exactly these days. It's like call every authority you can get on the phone. Yeah, which isn't. Which look is how it is these days. It is. With all the stresses in life, acne shouldn't be one of them, no matter what type of break out Proactiv has you covered Proactiv combines gentle skin care paired with the best acne treatment for your skin. Proactiv nose. We don't all have the same skin. And that's why they have three different systems designed for your skin type proactive solution as the original system that's suitable for all skin types.


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OK, this one's called I'm the teen photo lab worker in nineteen ninety eight who knew all of your secrets and oh and I think that's only because my sister, who was who's a photographer now had the same career job all through high school at the photo, one hour photo lab. And so we see a lot of cool shit and got a lot of free. I have some of those terrible high school like dramatized photos of me that my sister took that we got.


I bet you do. Oh, you know, I did some some glamours. I was a fucking glamor shot. Do you ever wear a feather boa? Many of them know there were.


These were artsy ones you don't like up in a tree. And then when she was learning how to, like, superimpose like another you, you're looking at yourself. But I was like super into, like, you know, raves and shit. So I get all dressed up with the fake eyelashes and them wisher. This was your very heroine. She was here when she thanked you for saying that. I've been waiting for you to say that for five years.


I give you the credit you are so rightly deserve.


OK, this says hi. OK, so you didn't ever ask for this specifically, but I think you're going to like it.


My first job was at the neighborhood one hour photo lab in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and the Cherry Hill, New Jersey. That's where that mall is. All caps, not Pennsylvania.


Lesson learned. And Friday, I was 17 years old when I got hired. And twenty years later, I still think about that job every single day. I worked there for about five years. And, wow, what a time. Something that most people never realize with that was that we had to look at all your photos, every single one of them, in order to balance color, control the exposure and check for dust. Every printed photo was looked at by myself or another one of the three employees.


We were a standalone professional lab offering one hour service. So quality control was super important. And for some, someone curious by nature, checking every picture was the most thrilling part of my job. You're shaking your head.


No, I mean, it is until. Until that day. Until the day.


Well, I would it would take me a year to tell you everything I saw. But here are some highlights.


Every suburban mother who got breast implants would take titty pics in her bathroom mirror, every single one multiple times, because you couldn't you couldn't see what they look like until you looked at photos.


You know, not like now you can't see in the mirror. Yes, but that's the other way. You're only able to see them that way. Oh, you wouldn't you couldn't just take a selfie, whatever.


The county coroner's office had an account with us and processed autopsy photos.


Well, once I saw someone I recognized being taken apart, no no one even bothered to get Enda's, which still baffles me. I was seventeen. What the fuck should have these.


Yes, that should be in the training manual. Yeah, absolutely. That's insane. So many people taking secret weekend vacations with their sidepiece and then coming straight back home to their real life and finishing out the roll of film with a family birthday.


No one would throw the negatives away on the spot and ask for an extra envelope for the separate picks. The stupid ones do not battling grandmas. Two old ladies in the neighborhood had shared grandkids and they hated each other. Grandma a lot asked me to automatically grandma be out of any of her pics from the holidays. Well, Grandma B would try to give me a five dollar note and she said that's not enough to sabotage Grandma's photos with bad printing, but also make her a copy of good pics of the kids.


That is. Gee, I can't believe they they both were like I bet they would have if they had known the other one was doing that. They would have become friends because they were both so fucking sabotaging. Exactly that. You're a bitch, you know. Yeah, the same.


I knew about major life events happening with my schoolmates that they didn't realize I was privy to cancer battles, divorces, home sales, financial trouble, deaths of pets, car crashes. I hold secrets like a fortress. But that lame ass saying you never know what battles people are fighting is absolutely true. Except I know. And then she just said porn shoots. I never figured out the location. The billing address for the account was a P.O. box, but there was professional porn set somewhere close by and suburbia.


Wow. And they were required to take photos of sets and actors during production, quote, for compliance, whatever the fuck that means. OSHA, I never understood it.


This was the late 90s, many years before the era of inadvertently stumbling into porn on Twitter once daily. So the images were shocking to teen me. And yes, extra copies got printed out and put. Sure, but not by me. So think back to your 90s photos and realize that some curious local art team was rerunning your titty pics and side pieces because the color balance was off for the first time. We need that shit to look its best, say stay sexy and never go digital.


Oh, my God. That's first of all, thank you for for knowing us so well that you would know that we would adore this. Yes. It's perfection.


Yeah. And the idea that you are stupid enough to cheat on your spouse and take a fucking photo photo.


I think it's cheap enough to not be like, well, I only took 16 out of twenty four. It doesn't matter. But also it's just like so sorry.


You're going to go away for the weekend with your secret lover man or woman and then be like go over by that rock look so lame it is so oh I see pictures in my camera.


Let's just use these real quick elderly's these up.


That's fine. It's just like. So do you have a secret photo album like what's right. What are those secret photos called your glove compartment where you stash all your nerd nerd cheater? There's nothing worse than a nerd cheater. God, that's so good. If you also worked at a Fotomat or did you ever see that Robin Williams movie one iota? Oh, good God, it's good. It was so good.


It's good if you have if you had a job that you're like you don't you never like I'm sure bowling alley workers, you're like, what was your job? That you're like, you don't understand what it was actually like here because this person worked, there was a weirdo and that the old timer was this CentOS. I know. So we want to hear about your. Yeah. Your jobs, your barback at the local bar when things went sour. What did you see?


We love lists. Bullet pointed list. Creepy, weird, odd. The underbelly. It's very this is the David Lynch email series. The it's like it's suburbia but suddenly you're the seventeen year old holding the secrets. All right. You're the only person in town who hasn't drank the Kool-Aid. And you're like, oh, I see. All because of course you do your routine. Like, that's what you're that's what your job is, to be bummed and like observant and also would be just awesome if then you were like in school and then your math teacher is like, well, you didn't turn that paper in, so you're going to get enough.


And you're like, I don't think so.


I saw what you did this weekend. And then you're like, sure you do understand how printing pictures works, don't you, Mr. Hughes?


Oh, yeah. Yeah. I always got a plan. Use just use things to your advantage. Strategize. OK, my final one, this is an email. I'm not going to read you the whole thing because it gives it away. But part of the title of this is pre-cell phone times. Oh yeah. I think it's good to talk about that. This was two guys. Forget to mention it. You might not know this is pretty. You have to get all of your photos developed unless you're a and studio in your house, which nobody does.


Yeah, OK. It was such it was so different. Everything there was only four numbers as we told you. Look, there was four numbers. There was four possible picture choices.


Birthday blowing out a birthday cake, standing in front of a blow out, a birthday cake, blowing a birthday cake off a table into your mean grandma's face while your other mean grandma laughs at her. OK, ready, pre-cell phone time. Hi, everyone. Human and otherwise. One of my favorite stories happened when my sister's family came from Wisconsin to spend December twenty fourth through January 31st with the rest of the family in Illinois and. Right. That's a good long visit.


That's a month. This was a big deal because they were dairy farmers and it was difficult to get someone to care for the cows when they traveled. That's true. They had to be back for the five a.m. milking on January 1st. But my sister didn't care. She was going to visit with tons of relatives who would get to see how her toddler boys had grown on January 31st. Her husband said that they should get going at five p.m., but she wanted to stay for my aunt's New Year's Eve party.


They compromised by going to the party, but only staying till 10:00 PM. It was a five hour drive on a snowstorm and a snowstorm was coming. She took the first turn driving since she'd had to entertain the boys on the way up and hope they'd be sound asleep by the time her husband took over. That's very smart. She was she was also a little pissed. She couldn't stay later. This was the early eighties. So instead of car seats, the couch in the back of their conversion van was folded flat and dad in the boys stretched out on it being restrained.


Yep, yep. Oh, I went to my first concert in a conversion van with my friend Jennifer Mason, her mom and dad driving. And it was like we got to be taken in a living room to San Jose to go see the band Chicago place in a box. Traveling, living room with carpet on the walls, the floor and the carpet was the only protection you had in case of a car accident. That's right. And that would be rug burn.


That was a carpet rug burn was the airbag of the 80s. It wasn't good. She drove for about two hours total, only stopping for gas around the state line. The snow is getting pretty bad. And she was getting tired. So she hissed, Gary, I need you to drive. Being careful not to wake the boys. No answer, she whispered again. Gary, this isn't funny, figuring he was giving her the silent treatment after their disagreement, before finally she pulled over and stormed to the back of the van.


Her two boys were asleep on the couch, but her husband was not in the way. She figured he must have gotten out at the gas station. Forty five minutes or no, not sure what to do. She decided to drive to the next payphone and call the state troopers. She got to the payphone, started dialing and who walks in behind her. But Gary, was she he did get out at the gas station. He returned from the restroom just in time to see her pull away.


Oh, a couple who had gassed up saw the whole thing happen and said, hop in, buddy. We'll catch her. All right. They lost my sister, the speed demon in the storm, and after almost an hour said they reckon it was time for Gary to call the state troopers and take it from there. They happened to stop at the same rest area. But yes, my poor sister and Gary live in a tiny community in Wisconsin.


And it was literally years before people would let her leave any gathering without saying, hey, don't forget Gary now fucking annoying the first time someone did that she wanted and then she's moving into year 17 of like very, very heavy duty. A safe sex scene. If you don't want to get left behind, always tell the driver when you exit the road trip vehicle.


Julie, I was a good one. And also, you always have to tell your husband to watch your purse, even though there's no way he wouldn't want your purse. That reminds me, anytime I get up to go to the always to go to restaurants, watch my. And then I'd be like, why would he watch me if someone walked up and snatched my purse? He wouldn't say, Well, you didn't tell me to watch your purse. Yeah, it's very similar to when people get up and say, I'm going to go to the bathroom when you're at a restaurant with, like, friends.


Yeah. And I'd always like as people were standing up, but I always go, where are you going? Because it's like there's there's like unless you're going to drink at the bar alone and get up and then come back to the dinner. Yeah. There's really only one place anyone ever goes, but we always go like, excuse me, I'm going to the bathroom.


Right. Sure we know. We know. I know. Do you just say that to them when they tell you that I know you're going to go smoke weed by the dumpster.


And we all know that just like the kids in Boulder, those were great guys. Fun times and anything. Send any send it send was the scraps at the bottom of your purse and my favorite murder at Gmail. We want to we want to know we want to know everything about you.


Yeah, that's good. That's great for the relationship. Also stay sexy and don't get murdered. Good bye.


Elvis, do you want a cookie. Hi.