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This is exactly right. The story had everything except sex. I'm Kate Winkler Dawson, the host of Tenfold More Wicked on exactly right. Season three is a wild Texas story about a prominent family ripped apart and a killer that might have gotten away with murder.


It's a story about family secrets. You know, my grandfather was the town angel and the home devil.


It's about a killer with a grudge and some serious problems that were never treated.


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The podcast was recently included in Newsweek's top True Crime podcast and most gripping True Crime podcast of Twenty Twenty One. Written, researched and hosted by Kate Winkler. Doors Season three of tenfold More Wicked is called Murder in the Court. It's a historical true crime story about a fractured family in 1930s Texas. On one night in April of 1935, revered associate Supreme Court Justice William Pearson and his wife Lena were murdered, and the suspect shocked everyone with a controversial defense that still angers people today.


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More by. Hello and welcome to my favorite murder, the many Soad, that's Karen Kilgariff, that's Georgiade, Stark and O.J.. OK, go, go. Bye. Do you want to go first this week? Absolutely right.


If you're new to many. So this is where we read your emails back to you based on all kinds of subjects we've asked for over the past five full years.


And hey, if you're starved for more many sodas as of right now, we're going to start doing a separate fourth each mini. So it's called what?


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So and until then, there's exclusive content. Right, like the mini many brand random copyright trademark. All right. Here's the first email on the subject line is Home Fire. Hello, all y'all. Are you still interested in home fire stories? If so, then I have one for you. I'm from a northern Canadian town and I lived with my husband and three young kids on a hobby farm in the country. On days with a lot of snow, the kids would stay home as it was too dangerous for the bus to transport them to town from school.


One such snow day, I was headed out to the barn to do chores and thought it would quickly grab the cold coals from our fireplace and take them outside to dispose of them in parentheses. You see where this is headed? I grabbed a stray cardboard box. Parentheses. Yes, I said cardboard. No, you really know where this is headed. I shoveled out the fireplace into the box and tossed it out back to grab on my way to the barn, feeling confident that all the coals were cold and there was so much snow to damp the potential fire that I went and got on all my warm gear and told the kids where I was headed.


I believe they were in middle school at the time, so well equipped to look after themselves. I went out to the barn in and did my chores and turned to come back and noticed a big black cloud of smoke coming from the house, specifically the deck by the back door of my house. I ran to find my deck on fire to the point of coals rolling from the hole it had created towards the wooden wall of my house. Oh my God.


I ripped the door open and screamed at my kids to quote All caps bring me water. The deck is on fire. I began shoveling snow on it and it hissed. But it hissed at me but kept smoldering. The boys came out with two glasses of water and my middle guy said I came out with water to put it out before. But Sheldon and then in parentheses, my oldest child said, You must be doing something. So we went out to play our game.


Oh my God. So I continue. We went. So we went back in to play our game. Oh my God. Teenage boys.


Oh, Sheldon and his little brother. I love that show. I don't know if I should be proud that they think I'm quirky enough to be creating some kind of fiery project on the deck and that they would leave me at my quote unquote art or alarmed that they think I'm capable of lighting the house on fire while they are in it and just walk away regardless. They have made it to adulthood. And the big black hole in our deck was a good story for many years.


Stay sexy and don't put coals even if you think they're cold in cardboard boxes.


Oh, no, no. Oh, that is a good cautionary tale because I feel like really people underestimate the power, the burning power of coal, of coal. This episode brought to you by the coal industry, by the burning power of coal. Wow. What is a hobby farm?


A that's just when you raise animals, but until they die or just for fun. And so you're not competing at the fair, you're not selling off your stuff.


No one gets eaten at Thanksgiving and. All right, unless they're very bad.


OK, gunshot wound. But injury. National Park. Yes, thank you.


What is my ideal birthday party?


Hey. Hi. Hello.


I'm a park ranger for one of the country's most visited national parks. I know I should stay out of the forest, but too late. Yellowstone as part of the park's search and rescue team, I go out on calls to help people who have been injured. Typically, these are broken or twisted ankles, altitude sickness and other somewhat boring ailments. Last summer, we got a call that was definitely more exciting. Two gunshots were reported near the park's most popular destination, an alpine lake about two miles up trail.


As I'm gearing up and our team is gathering to head out to the call, the story develops. Every detail is more strange than the last. Here's the scoop.


These are the. We live for national parks groups right on the next, a man in his late 60s decided to carry a firearm for the first time in his life while in the park with his daughter and young grandchildren for, quote, wildlife safety purposes. I understand the concern about wildlife encounters, especially for folks who are not used to this environment. He had nothing to worry about, though, as he was in the most populated part of the entire park and would be more likely to come upon teenage skinny dippers or a group of Christian campers playing their music way too loud than bears or cougars.


Blow them out of the water either way. The naked Christians get those Christian guitar playing hippies. Blow them out of the water, Grandpa. Well, at the lake is his old timey revolver, got caught on something inside his fanny pack, fired and shot him in the back side of his upper thigh. Sir, you said old revolver. Old timey revolver. That's the guy named this guy. Decided to fucking bring with him like an old Colt 45 down the chute.


So he shot himself in the butt. But she says, let's just call it what it is, a gunshot wound in the butt. An FBI agent just so happened to be off duty at the lake with his own family. And when he tried to confiscate and unload the gun, he shot another round off into the lake.


Oh, Grandpa, how old was this gun? Civil war? I don't know. But this is why once law enforcement rangers entered the scene and determined it was not, in fact, an active crime scene, we were able to rescue the injured man. We bandaged him up, put him on our mountain adapted stretcher and rolled him on down the hill.


So I know nausea. Stomach down. Yeah, down the hill. Not sure what I'd love to see them. Just like push them down there. Yeah. Nauseous and drugged up.


He asked our lead why he was hearing so many female voices. Well, you have a lot of female ranger is helping take care of you today, to which he responded, I know a lot of guys who shoot themselves in the ass on purpose just to be carried out on a mountain by some beautiful women. Yes, it's fun to know that even with a bullet inside their bodies and the knowledge that they could have accidentally shot their seven year old grandchild, old white men still have the capacity to make a pass at you while you're sweaty, frustrated and carrying their body down a mountain.


I found out a week later that this man's buckshot was somewhat of a blessing in disguise. Through his hospital visit and testing, he discovered he has cancer and is now able to seek treatment. Oh, my God. Turns out shooting himself in the ass might have saved his life. Yes. Stay sexy and don't carry your gun and a fanny pack.


Say it with us, everyone. A she her. Oh, my God. Twists and turns. How old was that gun?


I need to know. You know, he bought it at like some kind of a weird exhibition where it has a pearl handled. I told them that like they told him that General Custer shot.


There's Mother Billy the kids brother lent it to him. Yeah.


I just see him with two gun in each hand shooting in the fucking. What was his name in the cartoon then. Yosemite Sam. Somebody fucking zamin it up. Oh, I wonder if it was Yosemite. I mean, that's what he thought to be the perfect day.


Oh Grandpa, I guess I'll just bring my gun camping with my family.


That's right. I might need to send off a bear, you know, in case a bear comes. Right. This guy. Oh, stay out of the forest.


If anyone, this guy needs to stay away from everybody. OK, let's see. The subject line of this is sleepy English village murders, hauntings and a highway woman. Yes, a special hello to Frank. My dog is also called Frank, but he is an asshole. Minus two. He was just laying here licking the carpet.


Frank Oh, Frankie will be happy to do it.


He's like, I can smell something.


It's a lot, Frank, OK? I grew up in a traditional little English village called Wheat Hampstead. I bet you that's not how I Plumstead said what it was. Stethem said we we stand in in Hertfordshire with them, said sorry, no interpreter. We instead we we. The Hampstead is the epitome of the typical idyllic village. So obviously we have a long history of murders. In the seventeenth century, there was a spate of highway robberies on Ferrer's Lane, a street named after the rich, aristocratic family that owned most of the parish at this.


Point in time, highwaymen were not uncommon, however, during one raid, the Highwaymen was mortally wounded and upon checking the body they found it was not a highwayman, but in fact, a highway woman. The woman was later identified as Lady Catherine Ferreras, the only child and sole heir to the Ferreira's fortune. Catherine was raised as a lady, but by age 14, she had been orphaned and married off to a man who took control of her entire estate.


Her husband wasted no time in selling off her family's assets to build back her dwindling wealth. She took to the night and became the infamous Highwaymen Wow woman where she ultimately met her demise. She was later nicknamed the Wicked Lady and is said to haunt the area surrounding Führer's Lane called the Devil's Dike. Now, this is where it gets creepy. In 1957, a local girl was abducted and murdered. In 1957, a local girl was abducted and murdered on her way home from a dance hall, and her frozen body was found.


A months later in the Devil's Dike. Police concluded that she must have been kept in a chest freezer and the case was coined the deep freeze murder. Only a handful of people at the time actually own chest freezer, so it should have been easy enough to identify the killer. However, the murder remains a cold case to this day. In 1977, the body of Janie Shepard, an Australian heiress, was also found in the devil's dike. The case was later linked to the beast of Shepherd's Bush.


In 2009, a suitcase containing a human arm was found by a dog walker on the common. It was discovered that a man named the jigsaw killer murdered his landlord, 49 year old Jeffrey Howe, and scattered his body parts around her furniture and Leicestershire. The killer is now serving 36 years. And sadly, these are not the only cases of bodies being found on Ferrer's lane. But that doesn't stop it from still being used as a popular location for dog walking cycle rides and cricket matches.


My God, you like this? I know, right? I Dylanesque Mervi, like this little collection of sleepy English English village murders. Thanks for all you do.


Is love love the idea of setting? I mean, this is like your favorite TV show essentially. And you know, it would be amazing. It was a British. It's the amalgamation of all my favorite TV shows because it starts in the long ago village era, the seventeen hundreds village era, and it moves all the way through and it's like layers.


Is it the same guy is a from empire. It could be like it could be like a fantasy thing, it could be bad forest spirit, eternal evil that lives in a certain area of the forest that's been unlocked, that that plays upon the idyllic ness of the the shire.


What about a generation of like the grandpa was the great grandpa, the the grandpa, the and then current day needs to stop with this line.


They're so greedy that they no longer want for money because they have all the money. Now they want human. What what if, like, they test the DNA from the 17 hundreds ones and realize it matched the killer's DNA, matches the killer's from because they're. I want to stick with the granpa thing.


You seem to really like the Draculas style. It feels like a vampire or like you need Turnell being kind of. I do. Yeah, I do, too. I do, too. I don't mind it at all.


The occult is always very interesting because then it's that thing of like, well, this could never happen in our town. It must be a gateway to hell. Right. Right. That's underneath the richest instead of the realistic thing. Like we want to pretend it's more sinister than just plain old, terrible thing. Hello, people and pets.


If there's anything to be thankful for in this shithole of covid, it's that my dad finally got enough whiskey in him to give me the details on his connection to our hometown murder. Hmm. Well, our hometown apprehension. I grew up on a small farm town outside Sacramento. And yes, I can confirm that SAC is just as shitty as Karen describes. Thank you. A town that's home to an elementary school, two churches, and for no logical reason, a nudist colony must be near the river.


Yeah, right.


The town that's home to an elementary school where they fuckin said that the colony over enthusiastically named Laguna del Sol sits at the end of a country road just about a mile or so away from where I grew up. Back in nineteen ninety one, I was at the ripe old age of six and my dad was working as a realtor. His office, his secretary, a lovely woman in her late 60s, was a permanent resident of the nudist colony, a life decision she decided to share with everyone.


She worked with a perfect visual.


One day her and a couple of her friends were lounging by the pool when her friends realized the guy at the other end of the pool looked a little familiar where they'd seen that face. And hopefully it was only the face they recognized before.


It was the guy from a recent BOLO, a be on the lookout that had been blasted out across California, the one and only Cary Stayner. Oh, no piece of shit. The piece of shit. Yosemite hiker. We've done that. We've covered that before. If you want to look for it, it's.


Yeah, that that's early days. Yeah. As the story goes, they realized who he was likely shit. They're nonexistent pants and then called the cops. Good play on words there. As they waited for the cops to come, they got a little worried Stanner might realize what was happening and try to leave. I can't imagine three nudists sprinting away from the pool was very discreet. So they figured out what car was Sustainers and then parked their car directly behind it to block him in.


At the end of the day, Stainer didn't try to leave and was arrested inside the nudist colony in an oddly calm manner. So that's the story of how Cary Stayner was arrested down the street from my childhood home. And it only took twenty one years for my dad to come in on the details. Here's the obligatory and well deserved shout out.


Thank you to you ladies. I've been working full time and going to law school at night for the past three years and you have no idea the sense of sanity that you've provided one more year of school. And then I hope to be advocating for victims rights inspired every day by ladies like you. Stay sexy and don't get naked with serial killers. Jenna Wow. Mr. Attorney, that was a good one. And it involved a national park again. That's right.


That's the theme I seem to remember because I'm pretty sure I'm the one that did the Carrie Stainer story. I remember that being the ending and that he stood out at that. If I'm remembering correctly, he stood out at that nudist colony because it was mostly like retirees and older people. I was not the thing where the older nudists were kind of freaked out by him. I somehow didn't remember that there was a nudist colony involved. But you must you would have covered it.


I think I did. I but now I it truly was a full five years ago.


I love naked six year old woman nudist colony saves the fucking day heroic that asseri with no tan lines.


That's the key.


She is everyone's hero. I feel like if I didn't have to look at other naked people I would be a nudist. So maybe I'd just like to be naked alone with Vince. Yeah. I mean, yeah, I think that's what your house is for. You can be a nudist. My house is a nudist colony. Yeah.


I think a lot of people's houses are, they just don't discuss it them it's when it's.


No no no. Not at all. No. I meant like it's when you feel the need to play volleyball all they want is what is the fucking thing.


I think that's a little bit more of an exhibitionist than a nudist at that point. Yeah. Or maybe you have like a really intense case of body horror where you're like, you know what I need to do, jump up and down.


That's what's going to really do. That's where in terms of, for me, freedom. Starting this month, Embark is launching their annual Maddis campaign madness highlight 16 adoptable dogs from 16 different amazing rescue organizations like Rescue City Dog Gone, Seattle Brown Dog Coalition and Lolas Rescue. Every Monday, you can vote for your favorite dog. Then the winning dog will receive a donation of up to five thousand dollars for their rescue organization. This is a really fun and absolutely precious way to learn about rescue organizations you may not know about and some of the amazing dogs looking for their forever homes.


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So we appreciate that so much. And one of the things we did on our way home, because, you know, she was found on the streets, we ordered this kit because I was dying to know what kind of dog she is. And we haven't gotten the results back yet. But we've been guessing every kind of dog in the universe since then and giving her the swab, you have to do the cheek swab. And I was like, there's no freaking way this is going to work.


And she was just like, chill about it. So it's really easy to collect it. I can't wait to find out what kind of dog she is because both because I want to know and because when we take her to the vet, we can screen for specific ailments that are, you know, genetic to that dog, so that dog breed. So I'm really excited. Yeah. Also, this Mutt Madness campaign is such a great like I think in a quarantine, a lot of people started realizing I have the capacity to take care of a dog.


I would really like to. That would be a really beautiful addition to my life. And now you're learning about all these different animal rescue organizations all over the country. It's really cool. It is really cool. And right now, Embark has an offer on their breed and health kit for our listeners. Go to embark that dotcom now to get free shipping and save forty dollars off your first embark in the health kit with promo code murder. So visit Umbach that dotcom and use the promo code murder to save forty dollars today.


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The subject line of my next one is The Lion, the witch in the medicine cabinet to hell is no longer a thing. Oh, hi, MFM. After Karen's story this week, which was the Ruthie Mae McCoy story of somebody coming through her bathroom mirror, I thought you might be concerned that architects are still designing bathrooms with medicine cabinet murder portals in them.


So I wanted to allay some of your concerns. This situation is no longer permitted by code for a few reasons. There is no code section on Candyman, so they're all boring reasons that sound like sound transmission and stuff. Now that you're a fire safety podcast, you may be happy with.


A lot of that is some sweet, sweet sarcasm right there. Yes, sir. Now that you're a fire safety podcast, you may be happy to know that one of the reasons have to do with preventing the spread of fires. Walls between apartment units are required by code to have a fire resistance rating of at least one hour. There are ways to maintain that fire rating around overassessed medicine cabinet, but all of those ways would result in a tight seal that would not allow your neighbor to simply take out the cabinet and hop through.


The code also requires that certain accoustic standards are met by the walls separating apartment units and specifically requires that the openings for recessed cabinets are sealed, lined and or insulated to maintain the sound transmission class of the wall. There is the Fair Housing Act, which requires that all apartments and buildings that have four or more units meet certain baseline accessibility requirements. Medicine cabinets over sinks are not prohibited by the terms of the Fair Housing Act, but are not typically considered all that accessible to people who use wheelchairs or people of short stature because most of the shelves within them would be out of reach.


And placing the cabinet low enough to be useful as a mirror could create a clash between the cabinet door and the sink faucet. All this complication and inconvenience of putting a medicine cabinet over a sink in a wall between two apartment units means that you almost never see it done in new apartment buildings anymore. If there is a medicine cabinet at all, it's often to the side of the sink in the wall that does not separate apartments. If, despite all this, there is a medicine cabinet in the wall between one unit and another, it would have to be fully sealed to prevent the passage of fire, smoke and sound.


Obviously, as Tick Tock has reminded us, there are plenty of buildings that were built long before summer. All of these things became requirements, but at least newer buildings do not have this issue. This concludes my lecture on medicine cabinets. Please feel free to promptly forget everything I just said. Stay sexy and don't drink the liquid in bottles you find on construction sites because it's never not.


Maria learned so much from Maria.


Maria had a lot of really good structural engineering information to share. Maria or say start your own. Maria teaches you to and teach us everything. You know, that was I think it actually does quell that fear that that could happen again.


It's like that all the things that came together to make that possible and were gone for me, someone who enjoys a good close up glance in the mirror while I wash my hands, I now appreciate why sometimes the medicine cabinet isn't over the sink and can understand them like. And I feel OK about it now, I could come to terms with it. It seems only fair because it has to be reachable. Yeah. And you've got to be able to swing around and get that one up like a whisker on your chin that you can feel right.


Not seeing.


And what better time than doing a thorough hand washing, which we're all doing these days.


I hope not anymore. Not not anymore. It's over.


All right. My last one is this one's called Hometown Story. Dear West Coast friends, I hope you're enjoying some lovely sun today. We are. I will try and make this quick. I volunteer as a medical advocate for survivors of sexual assault. When I am on my call, I am dispatched to any Chicago land hospital wherever a survivor of sexual violence is admitted. My biggest priority as a medical advocate, aside from communicating with medical staff and law enforcement so they don't have to do, is to sit with them and keep them company during what can arguably be one of the most difficult and vulnerable times in their lives.


Early this morning, around 2:00 a.m., I was dispatched to a survivor from the foster care system who had just experienced sexual violence at the age of 16.


Working with younger survivors can be difficult, not only because it enrages me beyond belief that a child has to work through this incredible trauma, but because also in my late 20s, I'm always anxious about not connecting due to a generational gap. I arrived at the hospital and after some standard questions, the survivor did not want to speak to me. Understandably, as I reached to grab something from my bag, my book on Jack the Ripper fell to the floor.


The survivor noticed and said, Wait, are you into a true crime? I am. Do you listen to podcasts? I said, taking advantage of this opening. Then we both made eye contact. My favorite murder. We said simultaneously we excitedly talked about your show, how you both feel like friends and our favorite episodes. This conversation led to another, then another, then another. This particular hospital, say, lasted from two a.m. to eight a.m., six hours.


And I could not tell you how grateful I am that our MFM connection made our facilities, opening her up to all sorts of conversations. For the remainder of our visit this morning at two thirty eight a.m., your show helped to bridge a generational gap and brought laughter and a moment of ease to a girl surviving through the one of the darkest times in her life. Thank you. I appreciate you sending you some crispy Chicago sun, Maria. Wow, that's really beautiful.


So powerful. And what an incredible service you're doing to women for women everywhere. Also, there's a lot of times we hear in these stories that we read where people are kind of brought to a hospital left there. It's it's a continuation of trauma. The idea that there are now people being trained to try to be a buffer or to help like very specifically in that situation. Not only is that to me, like the new generation of that kind of services people actually really need, but then the fact that murderousness are the ones that are that want to do it and are doing it because it's like, yeah, you're there to connect with the person and you're like, how cool.


Yeah, how cool that you did and you did such a good job.


It's incredible. It's another one of those things where it's like, thank you for mentioning us. We feel honored, but you are a fucking true hero. And, you know, it's this thing of like putting yourself out there to be there for other people is a fucking beautiful thing. And yeah, I just admire that so much. Thank you. And thank you, everyone who who does, you know, stuff like that. What a beautiful what a beautiful tribute and way to live your fucking life.


Yeah. And thanks for letting us know about it. That's really that was a lovely story. And thanks everybody that wrote in this week, all these. So there was so much information, there was so much a forestry, there was laughter and there was poignance and there were naked people playing volleyball as usual.


So I think we've done it. We've done it all. So now all there is left is for you to stay sexy.


Don't get murdered. Go. Hey, Elvis, do you want a cookie? I.


The story had everything except sex, you had family problems, you had mental illness, you had violence, you have all of the politics.


I'm Kate Winkler Dawson, the host of Tenfold More Wicked on exactly right. And our third season is set in my home state of Texas. It's a wild story about a prominent family ripped apart and a killer that might have gotten away with murder.


It was a memorable story. You don't have an associate justice being murdered very often.


This season is about a titan in Texas. Politics in the 1930s who was murdered one night along with his wife, comes across as a pretty caring, nice man, which I'd like to believe that he was very respected, politically influential.


It's about a killer with a grudge and some serious problems that were never treated.


He had these resentments, which were understandable. But I also think he had voices telling him that he should do something about them.


That just doesn't sound like something that would happen is an accident. What it sounds like is a failed suicide attempt.


It's about how we treat people with mental illness in the justice system in America.


Most people would agree that, yes, mental illness is in fact an illness and people shouldn't be held accountable for something that they didn't have control over. Unless you're the victim of that crime, then obviously you feel very differently.


I didn't really, like, know that I had been stabbed. I just realized I couldn't move my hand and I saw blood. You just want them to feel the pain that you felt. It's about family secrets.


You know, my grandfather was the town angel and the home devil. And most importantly, this season is about why these murders happened.


The question is, at what point is delusion profound enough for you to be forgiven for murder?


I'm Kate Winkler Dawson, and this is Season three of tenfold More Wicked, a podcast about a fractured family in 1930s Texas.


Season three of tenfold More Wicked is now available on exactly right. Subscribe now on Stitcher, Apple podcasts or wherever you like to listen. This episode is brought to you by the new true crime docu series, John Wayne Gacy, Devil in Disguise, streaming now only on peacocke discover the story of one of the most notorious serial killers ever.


You may know Gacy is the man convicted of murdering three young men in Chicago in 1980. Back then, this case shook the nation. But could we have seen it coming? In 1968, Gacy was convicted of sodomy of a teenage boy, and he was then released from prison early and seamlessly integrated himself back into society.


Only a few years later, he was linked to several young men's disappearances. How did this happen? How was Gacy able to murder so many before getting caught? See what's revealed in Peacocke six part docu series spanning five decades. This series covers events leading up to Gacy's arrest for murder all the way through the present.


When Gacy was convicted of sodomy in 1968, he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. But he was released after only 18 months, despite a psychiatric report classifying him as being someone who does, quote, not learn from experience.


Gacy returned to Chicago afterwards and resumed a normal life. He returned to his community and became politically active, joining the local Democratic Party, organizing large events like the Polish Day Parade, even performing for the children as a clown. But Gacy was a master manipulator, and this documentary shows that firsthand. Beyond that, this series holds up a lens to our modern society. Gacy's arrest and subsequent death sentencing were huge spectacles. It begs the question what causes our fascination with violence at either end of the justice system?


How did this case impact our obsession with murder trials? And most importantly, is there more to the story behind this notorious serial killer, John Wayne Gacy?


You know his name, you know his crimes, but do you know the full story? Peacock has new details, new footage, new audio straight from the killer's mouth. Intrigued, discover the story of the killer clown only on peacocke every episode of the gripping six part documentary series. John Wayne Gacy, Devil in Disguise is streaming now.


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