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On today's part of my take, we have seven time NBA champion big shot Bob Robert Orey.


Awesome interview with Robert Ory. The guys benter like a million different awesome NBA stories and series and teammates and everything. Coaches, we have guys on ChiX.


We have Billie back in person. Great to see you, Billie.


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So Chevy. So thank you. Okay, let's go.


Right. No military violence and no luck. Look, I'm not going to be a straight guy and I going to be a great guy. It's putting my two cents back for school sports.


Welcome to part of my take presented by Chevy Silverado, the strongest, most advanced Silverado ever.


Today is Wednesday, February 17th, and everyone is quitting on Coach K.


It's the beginning of the end of the season. I give Coach K away. You're saying everyone's quitting on hardbody and hardbody? Oh, is that you tweeted that picture? Yeah.


Well, first of all, Hank, we tried mixing in salads. We tried getting healthy and nothing bad, nothing, nothing good has happened since we ate salads. We started eating salads two weeks ago in that time frame, begats passed a kidney stone. Know, I've passed a kidney stone. I've got like seven more on deck. Big cat got coronavirus.


You got bronchitis. Jake got potty mouth. Liam it's probably a hit by a car again.


Billy's back, nothing good. Yeah, so fuck eating healthy.


Well, you say, Liam, I locked myself out of my apartment yesterday. That's probably worse there on your way to get a salad. Right. I'll see you. All the cars in New Jersey were like fresh meat, baby fresh meat on the roadway. Kid doesn't have an apartment going to.


Down here it with potty mouth. With potty mouth for charity. You have potty mouth for charity.


That's a fact. Billy, do you have anything to say for this? You are a doctor. I got a sunburn. OK, great.


Billy problem is a vacation to hold this coward, you coward. Yeah. Well, you sick stuff. You were outside too much. The sun.


You strained because he was on it. He was dropping off his helicopter was doing some copters, what do you call it, chopper skiing. What was that.


Hello. Hello. Skiing. He was hella skiing. All right.


So moving on, moving on back to the juke LeBron. Everyone's quitting on Duke.


Hey, Comet, I'm just curious, how do you get more than one kidney stone at one time?


Oh, come on, Hank. Let's not deflect on this. No, they actually do come in threes. Really? Yeah, I've got I got one. He got two. I have an undetermined amount of kidney stones. Actually, I have an appointment. I'm running on names for him. I already got I got Stoney Romo, Stoney Siragusa, Kidney Stone, Kid Rock.


I've got I got a lot lined up but not enough to deal with all the shit that's going through my system right now. Although so many people have told me, okay, you can attest to this, that passing a kidney stone through your kidney, into your bladder is actually more painful than childbirth. Yeah, so true. Yeah, I know all you award winning listening females out there that are giving birth, I feel your pain. It sucks. But you know what?


I didn't miss a show.


I don't think the cowboy hat works. Oh no. I just say, yeah, you liar. I have gotten I've got nothing but rule. No way.


Twenty 20 year olds are like dude that say look sick. I don't, I don't know. Jealous is not a good color on you know, it's not jealousy.


I'm being again we had this discussion on Monday. You can't let someone in the crew just change their entire law is from Texas.


Yeah but like I, I've been there.


I can stand and start really strong with this is solidarity with all my friends that don't have energy.


You're not even wearing headphones anymore? No, I'm Ratdog. That's a Texas way. That is this is is it my way to wear the pants? What do you do? That's New York City slicker stuff. I don't need electronics involved in this. What do you this is you, me and Hank sitting down having a chat. We don't need to bring headphones.


Jesus Christ. All right. Well, he's going to be like, are you actually going to do this? No, I'm probably going to give it up after. OK, all right. You know what?


I won't say anything else. If you're if you at some point the next two weeks, you come in, I'll quietly by no later. It's just there's no cowboy hat anymore. Yeah. I'll ride off into the sunset. OK, can say in the world that'll be the last I talk. Have you or have you not bought more cowboy hats. You still have your generic your generic first one.


No this is very much still me because this was a free cowboy hat. This is given to us by the good people at PBR. So I'm going to wear this one. And I still have my old Texas clothes, which are a lot of purple snap shirts. You know what? I got my first kidney issue after I started watching a show literally called Yellowstone. Hmm. That's another issue. Yeah, maybe it's not the salad, but no, I'll like most things, I'll just kind of forget about it.


OK, let's start doing. It's totally fair. Yeah.


I mean, we're in a weird it's February where it's like, hey, football's over. March Madness hasn't started. It's a wayward time.


I mean, honestly, like not biased at all. I look pretty good in the sack. I agree. I pulled it off. Thanks.


Yeah, I know. But it's like it's just a weird thing to be. I'm not saying you don't look good.


I'm saying he's like, well, you should like your mustache, but your hair with what?


Braids. What are we talking about? Willy nilly dyeing my hair. You think I shouldn't know your hair dyed?


That's the reaction I get. Same as me coming in and never had that looking like Joe West.


No, but like being all the time cowboy hat guy is a totally different thing. Yeah. You become a different person. Yeah, that's me.


Also people were saying that you kind of jack white socks style.


Oh I've been wearing this cowboy hat for you. Right. But he's the cowboy. He's the guy. I'm not a cowboy. I'm Hoss.


OK, different.


Yeah, there it is. Are you high on Percocet? No. I took to that point early this morning. Yeah. The Texas. That was nosy. You're like, hey, we should go. Stylist said, I don't know how to respond. So we're just going to rip off Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. No, I'm just saying, like, if we had if we had a stylist come in and just dresses up, that would get sorted out.


That would have everyone go back to go back to a shop. It's not exactly acting like we're fifteen years old. Exactly. That was the entire purpose. And to be fair, the text was Percocet idea because I was just getting out of the hospital. Yeah. So not to brag, I'm not taking this bracelet off for weeks.


Oh, this is like the Kabul look. Yeah, exactly.


I mean, Billy. Billy, do you still have. Party bracelets on, OK? He doesn't even remember if he does know. Wow, we're totally sidetracking that. Duke is the whole entire empire is crumbling.


Hank, Coach K has nothing is nothing left.


It's it's a it's a covid year. I mean, people have are you get kidney stones as a duke out covid. There's a lot of things going on in the world. And I think this is just a telltale sign. And also people talking about Carlina's is also unranked and probably making time.


No one is talking about and asking for opponents on Twitter. Exactly. Yes. Yes. They say any anyone, any time, anywhere. Duke won't do that because they canceled the nonconference schedule.


Remember that when Coach K did that, now they still got those home wins.


And against that point and then what I said is that they wanted Non-competition saying they the it's not smart enough to realize what you're saying, Jake.


So he just jumped on.


I was they did play nonconference games. They canceled the nonconference schedule, but not because of them not wanting to play nonconference, because they suck, because they already got the win against Bellarmine and Coppin State.


Right. Played the record. Right now, though, he's able to of those winds are compensated embellishments. Right. Which proves that they were not afraid to play nonconference games. Stop agreeing with.


Thank you, Jake. You see something? That's if I do what Hank doesn't even remember.


But a couple of years ago, this is I think even before the on thing, you said that, like you would get a cat. No, you didn't make the Internet. Absolutely. No, you did. You did. You did. It might not have been afraid that Norman will impale the cat with his penis.


Probably. I have to actually be like a sex doll phenomenon.


Oh, all right. So are you as a Duke alum, are you saying the Jaylin Johnson is a quitter? That's really the line on Twitter. Do are you the line on Twitter now as a sports fan, are you man enough to call a college basketball player a quitter? He is a quitter.


However, it's as like as long as, you know, a Dukey, a die hard Kameron crazy runs in my JD and your bachelors from there. Yep. And my yeah.


My film degree, everything. If they had a shot, even like a chance, like they're clearly they're clearly not going to make the tournament. They're terrible this year. If it was like they were like even a bubble team or like close to a bubble team and he quit now would be like, right, fuck this guy forever. But now it's like he's a top draft. But it probably wouldn't if if he got injured, if he got injured, playing for a team that's not going to make the tournament like that is really dumb.


You know what he did to put it into terms that people can understand, he opted out of the Idaho Potato Bowl. Right.


OK, like, I love the Idaho Potato Bowl, but he did the same thing. It's OK to opt out of the Idaho potato.


He opted out of games that would just be meaningful for people that are on their couch betting on those games, correct. Games that are not meaningful for anybody else unless you're a big night fan, which I guess those exist. But now do they might even make the unit now? Because the scuttlebutt what would happen if they went on a run here?


Because we what's what's our theory that when you lose your best player, that would be the the Bryce Bryce theory?


What was it?


The Harper was the Bryce Harper. The ha ha ha parenthesis parentheses. When you lose your best player, you actually do better as a team. If they made the tournament, do you think you would opt back in?


I don't think you can do that. I think once you sign an agent and say Coach K doesn't really if he signs an agent, you can't. But if he's just like chillin and taking classes, I think I'm sure he's going to be I'm sure he's definitely taking classes. Yes, I do like that. The debate is like any guy, an athlete all all the way. Is this guy a quitter? Like, yes. By the definition of the word, he did quit the team, but he's we have to rephrase it.


He's an opt out. Right? He opted out. I like how now, like, any time you quit something, you can just say opted out.


I just way better. I actually I I'm going to opt out of wearing cowboy hat.


I have I have his back simply because I didn't have any chance of going to the tournament. I wouldn't want to be paraded by a senile old man and Coach K for the next month and a half.


No, not that sounds miserable.


Go make your millions dude. I mean Coach K, he is going to opt out himself, right? Yeah.


Also there is an argument like, oh, well, his teammates might be upset. Listen, if I were his teammate, I'd be like, dude, that's a good move because I hope that you make the NBA and you take me to a state.


That's exactly what I say. You can't be too upset because it's like that's your chance. Yes. Yes. That's the first thing I think of. Everyone is like, oh, he's quitting on his teammates, dude. Do you think his teammates are really going to be like, hey, Jalen Johnson, lose my no, bro, right?


No, I bet you Coach K has some weird rule for him. Like when he told Coach K that he was quitting, he was probably like, well, OK, I'm going to need your Duke issued tops, your bottoms, the pen, the notebook that we gave money that Jeff Capel gave you. I going every brown bag that you've touched in the last six months back Millander for Jeff Capel, none.


Why does the bench mob, you know. Yeah, Jeff Cappadocia. We got too much money, Jeff. And we'll wait another part of the family.


Yeah, he was another very nice guy there. I don't even know what we're talking about anymore. I love the show. I'm this is February. Pardon. My tape is very interesting to see how Coach K spins this in the in the book that he's going to write in three years about how this was actually his best season coaching getting. You know what? I don't think that they've had have they had any covid on their team.


No, because they canceled the coach playing Coach K is going to say, like, this is actually his most successful season coaching. Yes. In his history. He's going to write a book about it and the chapter about Jalen Johnson opting out with coach. Coach K is probably going to say like I advised him to, because he's going to go to the NBA, make a lot of money. That's what we want first and foremost. First is their health.


And then secondly, we want them to get paid a lot of money. So I told Jalen Johnson to quit that.


I mean, that would be the Kotlin Cal Cal would be all in on this. All right. What else? Oh, gee. What might be a brown, which that is the that would be the greatest move that he's ever pulled.


Oh, I would love it if he goes to the Browns or the bills. Like everybody who's not a fan of their direct rivals is going to be so happy about that.


I think he's got to do the Browns, though, because to play against his brothers. So that's the only thing is like JJ playing twice against his brothers. That seems like a bridge too far. I mean, he loves the spotlight that goes on them when he plays against them once, like once a year will be perfect. But twice a year it feels like that's a little he doesn't want to put his parents through that big.


Yeah. Did you see his Instagram caption, though?


What? All gas? No brakes. That's Robert Sallas line Sassella.


That's North. Western. Yeah. Spiro's yeah.


There's strength coach jets actually on. Oh you think he's just dropping a little JJ going to the Jets would be an all time bonehead move.


Billy, how's the quarterback comps going. Good. Oh OK. So you really hard at work, huh. Yeah.


He's, he, I still think he's going to go to the Titans, the Packers, a timeline, something like when can we expect the comps.


Oh yeah. It's a rough. Yeah. Like give us some work on Kyle Trask right now. OK, yeah. So give us one thing about Kyle Trask.


He looks like he played at University of Florida.


He's got a sweet but I'm thinking Kirk Cousins. Hmm. OK, that's a mid mid-level.


OK, OK. Tom Brady outside.


OK, Tom Brady upset Kirk Cousins mid level and then Paxton Lynch is Jamarcus Russell.


You might have a little of that. I do think so. I was actually thinking about the quarterback situation because I know that your bears have been linked numerous times.


First by part of my take to Carson Wentz, but I feel like Marcus Mariota is the guy that nobody is talking about out there. I think it's under contract. Yeah, but I mean, he's going to be is he under contract?


I'm pretty sure, because that's why people are talking about I think he's available like he's been known to be available. Well, no, just resign Peterman. Right.


I think they want to get rid of Derek Carr.


I've heard that Mariota is being mentioned in like trade talks or I don't know if it's free agency. I need to look at his contract. I might almost.


Yeah, no, he's signed a two year deal because right here he's he's. Here's what I would do. Here's what I would do though. If I were the Pittsburgh Steelers I would trade for Marcus Mariota to. Sit behind Ben for one year, I don't think. Ben, what is it he's going to say? He's coming back. What are you doing, Billy?


Well, you're breathing because I've a while. You're just scrolling through. I have a buckled septum. I can't breathe. OK, Big Ben has said he's coming back.


He said, like, right after the season was over. Oh, yeah. But I think there will definitely be a conversation. I mean, that's Big Ben.


Yeah, there'll be conversation. But I mean, wouldn't it make to pay him like forty million dollars. Yeah.


But would it make all the sense in the world to get Marcus Mariota on the Steelers. But wouldn't you want to just do it in a year when he's a free agent and not have to pay ten million dollars plus 42 million probably in an ideal world.


Yeah, I'm just thinking that like it would make sense for a lot of reasons for him to go to Pittsburgh.


Yeah, I just think that the Steelers are already in like CAPPELL because of Big Ben. So adding more salary at the quarterback position would probably not work. I mean, I, I, I feel like he he trends on Twitter every other day. Yeah.


Big Ben's also negotiating against himself though, because in addition to saying that he's coming back next year already, he's like gone to the press and been like, I'm going to not take as much in salary next year. I'm waiting for them to come and talk to me and then I'm going to, like, cut my salary in half. So big Ben's already he's pre forfeiting. Right. Like half of his salary.


I don't even know if he can. I don't know how much more they can push off. I don't know. I think this is the end of the line on the Big Bend. No, what if they again, this is what they've all they've been building everything for, like, oh, this sucks. This is the Big Ben championship window. Oh yeah. Yeah.


Like this is there I mean I mean, in the salary cap, the NFL is always just like I feel like you can just make any move and then all of a sudden, oh yeah, that money just doesn't exist anymore or push it off.


But I do know that the Steelers are in a pretty bad situation.


Yeah. The the JJ Watt free agency thing, though it seems a little one sided right now. I want to be more like remember when Peyton Manning was like taking his pick? He was getting flown to different cities. I want to see these teams making like like new Amazon headquarters type offers to JJ Watt. Yeah, I don't see, like, cities putting together packages with the key to the city for JJ, like wine and dine them a little bit.


This is the only time that JJ is going to make everything about JJ because he's way too classy and low key and humble of the guy. Yeah. To do something like that.


So Big Ben is his this is his last year. His cap numbers 41 million dollars.


That's significant. That seems pretty high. That's significant. Yeah, that is significant. That's a significant. Yeah. There. Thirty million dollars over the counter.


No, we really blew it, by the way, when we were talking about cool guys by not mentioning Big Ben in the fedora.


Yes. One of the coolest hats when he looked like a booger. That's actually a textbook like this is not a hat guy trying to pull off a hat moment begats that's in the dictionary.


Yes. Everyone is like, dude, you can't do this. All right, let's do Lesueur Hotsy calls or anything else about Duke. Just, you know. Anything to I have one other thing. Yeah, that was my hotseat, Duke. Yeah.


Oh, do tell what happened with them. I had to Duke Johnson quit the season.


Oh, he did quit. He quit your word. Yes, he did quit. OK, so it's official. He has quit on the team.


Didn't quit on the fans. Yeah. But, you know, they're not in stadium this year. So I think the crazy is he's not taking away from like the senior senior night or anything. Yeah. OK, good.


There's a lot of there's a lot of seniors at Duke. Yeah. Always a tradition unlike any other. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


All right, let's get to hotsy them excellency's brought to you by our friends.


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OK, Hank hotsy cultural had two high thankfully and prepared. My other one was Larry King's ex-wife.


Yeah. What happened was the silent seventh one for Larry.


Seventh out of nine I think something like seven. Oh I think I don't remember standing at eight.


I think he had seven because Tom Brady has as many rings as his wives do.


So so he was like that was actually like almost three full. But no, that's just the fact that. But that is a requirement because we we discussed it like we are required to say Rip Rip, Larry King, his wives have as many rings as Tom, but he's also like, you got to give Rick Wiley, like at least six months.


Yeah, it's Tom Brady just won his seventh round and he just died.


Right. He wrote he updated as well on a napkin, basically writing his ex-wife, his most most recent ex-wife out of the well because she was banging their son's Little League coach, like all the time malarias. So totted her.


She's kind of she fucked her. So I love Bill Belichick. A lot of money. Just like a napkin. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's actually a great point is like presumably his ex-wife found the cocktail napkin was and she did the right thing. She was like she won. She wanted more to brag that she was fucking her son's third base coach. Then she wanted the money. So I take my hat off to her money.


I think Larry King, did he have a lot of money? He was on TV for sure. He had seven wives.


How old was the last kid you like?


Keep losing money every time you get divorced? I'm pretty sure Larry King was the king of prenups. Yeah, like he you learn after your third divorce. So you learn to make the type. You have the right. He won. It was probably a split move, which I respect. Larry King, by the way, if you go back and you watch his interviews like clips from his interviews in the 80s, 90s, he was the goat you used to go to use the Joe Rogan of his day.




My cool throne is I have a couple as well. Pacman Jones.


He's back back to unpack things. Got arrested for being in a fight and Happy Gilmore.


Yeah. Twenty fifth anniversary was today of getting released. Adam Sandler did a video, just a simple cell phone video of him doing the Happy Gilmore swing. Very enjoyable. Brings a smile on your face. Shouldn't Magavern disturbing him? It's just a beautiful thing to see. It got me scared, though.


I'm I'm just going to, you know, pray for the the purity of the Internet and that he was just doing it to celebrate the 25th anniversary and not as like a future.


Oh, for Happy Gilmore too. Because that would be so happy girl most.




So I think chap's pointed it out, but if you went to Adam Sandler's Twitter, it's just it's just the obituaries.


Every tweet just rip his Instagram pics in a couple like Bruce Arians. Yeah. That yeah.


But like he like Adam Sandler's the type of guy though he's not on Twitter. It's like man this is sad. I got to share my, you know, condolences. All right. That's the only thing that's worthwhile of him getting to know.


But it's big time. Bummer mix in a couple like going to get Chipotle, something like that.


I also I find it hard to believe that in twenty five years you haven't done the Happy Gilmore swing once. He hasn't. No, he said it was like the first time. Got it. Like he hasn't done it. And I wonder if he. Plays golf often, I probably don't pick up basketball, I think once you get that rich, you have to play golf. Yeah, you probably do, although he might be so rich, he doesn't have to play.


He just owns the course. He just. No, he just has guys like, hey, we don't play golf.


You just have to come and play pickup basketball with me. No, I don't think that's boner dogs production. Yeah, that's true at all. All right. Put your hotsy quarter on my hot seat is trading cards.


Yes, trading cards on the hot seat. Big time. I know that some people have gotten really into collecting them recently, but they're getting cooked in a major way by a new trend out there. I think it's called NBA top shot. I'm trying to learn more about it because it makes no sense for me. But I'm also certain that there are so many suckers that believe in it that I can make a bunch of money doing it. It's these hologram things.


No, they're selling. They're selling video. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. They're selling gifts on the Internet and you can buy a gift online.


Somebody just bought Spiderman like a thousand dollars.


Someone just bought like a nine second video of of Zion Williamson blocking a shot and they paid one hundred thousand dollars for. It's a video you can watch on Twitter right now. It's on the Internet. You can find it on YouTube, but they own that video on this website. And because they use the word block chain when describing, well, what they're doing now, it's worth money. I don't know. But they've they figured out a way to monetize gifts, and I think I'm in on it.


Yeah, I was going to say I.


I mean, I own Dogecoin, you know, Dogecoin heavily. I don't. Yeah. I don't think we can point to anyone to be like, how could you do this.


Yeah. Yeah, exactly. We own a fake dog. I made nine hundred percent investment on buying a dog. Yeah.


That I don't own so I'm down for this. Yeah. So I'm in, I'm not going to buy it but I'll support it.


But it's, it's weird to me like getting into the culture because you see that people are like Windhorst wrote an article about it today, that's how you know it's really hip. And people were replying to the tweet like explaining how they're making money on. And it's just like the biggest dorks that you could ever imagine. But they know something that I don't know. Yeah. So I feel like it's one of those things I'd rather just kind of like be bullied into accepting as being the future.


I mean, then try to fight against the windmills and be like, I'll never change.


Yeah, I guess gifts are sounds cool to me. Gifts are monetized. Yes. Yes. My cool throne is fucking at work. Oh. There was MTA worker that got busted. They were a train conductor and they got they're getting paid overtime on the clock and they got busted fucking in the rail yard with one of their employees. OK, and I, I actually think that if you work a blue collar job, especially if you're a train operator, you should be allowed to have sex on the clock.


You know, you don't want someone who's dangerously horny to be driving your train like you want someone who's mellow, relaxed, has a Postnet clarity. You don't want them getting like turned on when you go into a tunnel. You don't want the vibrations doing weird stuff. You don't want them going fast to impress the babes. So I'm all in favor of blue collar workers being afforded a fuck. You don't even you don't get a cigarette break anymore. Yeah, unless you fuck somebody just before it.


So just let people have fuck breaks at work. It's the new trend.


I'm yeah. Why not. The train conductors are people too. I feel like that's also something that exists in Asian cultures. I fucking. Yeah. No. Yeah. A lot of fucking. Well I mean China has the most people but just like getting, getting nap breaks or getting fuck breaks at work. Feel like a lot of Asian cultures have like hotels that are built into office buildings, nap pods, not pods, exactly like the Ohio State locker room.


And we went through there and there were the nap eggs. Yeah, that's I mean, everyone needs a nap every now and then.


Recharge battery, recharge your phone, might as well recharge your body. My hot seat is so we talked about a Carson Wentz is still out there. I think he's going to get traded.


I have a bad feeling that Ryan Pace is behind this. I don't know if you've noticed, but like Collin Coward essentially calling coward Basken, I think Orlovsky all were like, if the Bears get Carson Wentz, they're instant Super Bowl contenders, which is not true. Well, Orlovsky just loves.


Yeah, but it feels like there's something going on. Something's afoot. And I, I would like to to stem the tide. I don't think I can, but it feels like something's afoot here because the bears are not a Super Bowl contender with Carson Wentz. What did you get that. Absolutely not.


With like giving up a first round pick for if you get that Carson Wentz though from twenty seventeen.


I mean, the other thing is like Eagles fans, I don't understand, they still have such an affinity for him.


Like I, I've heard the line. Oh I'm sorry. Like he'd be the best quarterback in Bears history. Yeah. Every quarterback would be.


That's not a bar that we're trying like you could just name a name like.


Yeah, you'd be the best quarterback in Bears. I actually understand where Eagles fans are coming from because any time you have a quarterback that is like that, good for a brief period of time. That's how you choose to remember him by. Yeah, but at this point it's over, so you should, like, don't I would divorce myself from those feelings, right.


But it's very it's tough to do. Like, I still think that Robert Griffin is going to win a Super Bowl one day, even though I know that's insane. Like a lot of Eagles fans know, I have the feelings for Cutler. Yeah, because like that that thought, that memory, those like two or three months exist in the back of your head where you're like, if he could get back to playing that way. Yeah. Then yeah, he'd be legit.


But the problem is he hasn't been like I think most of them have accepted the fact that he's not going to get back to that point. But if you tell them, like, what if he, like, showed up this offseason, he came back for training camp and it was 2017 again, they instantly, like, get those feelings. Yeah. Yeah, he's the best. Yeah.


Either way, I think something's afoot. And then my cool throne is LeBron, because you would have been the best two sport athlete of all time making a NFL roster.


I actually believe him. That's not I don't know why anyone would say like, oh, LeBron couldn't make an NFL team.


No, he absolutely could. Without a doubt. You might go as far as to say like he is the best two sport athlete. He's the best tight end of all. Yes. Just give me that's actually a perspective business. Yeah. Who's better than him?


I think I actually go as far as, say, he's a better tight end and he is a basketball player.


He the high school he monitary in sports that are tweeted out like a high school highlight tape and he wasn't even like scoring touchdowns.


It was just like he scored like an Ohio state wrecking one pass and getting tackled like five yards if he wanted to go play football. Right now, you don't think every team would give him a tryout?


Yeah. Be Tim Tebow. He just be there, sell tickets.


Yeah. Because he was so good. I think LeBron James, we should say he's the best American soccer player.


Jake is showing me a clip of LeBron shooting from way too far away, being selfish. That's all I see. Oh, it's terrible. Yeah. Oh, terrible. Shot pulled out from half court.


I thought he switched it. He pulled it from half court, enabled it.


I do like I think in high school he was actually listed as sixty nine to seventy playing wide receiver. So he was actually bigger. He was told that that actually squares up with the fact that he loses weight and size during games, remember. Yes. How much weight. Oh no, no, no. He, he gained weight during one game. Yeah.


Which I think was just a sweatshirt. Yeah.


He was wearing a talent. I do think though he would have been he would have been a very, very good football player. You don't have to dribble football. You travel.


All unions usually aren't that big. What get is a monster. Yeah.


And LeBron is bigger than Gronk. I know, that's what I'm saying.


No, he's probably too tall, right. Yeah. No, that I mean that might be true. I think it's hard every day. Hotseat, beef.


Bill Gates doesn't want us to eat steak and wants to eat synthetic beef.


I saw that and so on. Someone went viral being like true.


The No, the author was like, it's not really what he said. No. Yeah.


So so the recommendation was, if you eat less than if you eat three steaks a week and you decrease it, you will like greatly help the earth. And then someone was like, who the hell is eating three steaks a week?


And I just did the Homer Simpson gift like I am for sure.


You eat we all eat three meals with steak. Yes.


Yes. Cheesesteak in any reason. We just out for dinner, right? Yeah. Don't you, Billy. You do it. Yeah. I mean this this is just guy talk.


Just let me talk like it's I do chicken and then I do steak and then I go back to chicken. Pork sometimes mix in pork but it's mostly just steak. True chicken.


Come to think about it, most of the salads that I've eaten have steak in them.


I when I whatever the opposite of a vegan is, that's what we are like. I don't remember the last meal. I've had non breakfast that didn't have meat involved.


Paleo. Yeah, always toppings on pepperoni.


What do you have. Sausage. You got no cheese pizza. OK, Virge. Oh well you say really cool.


Yeah. Mardi Gras. Oh yeah.


Because it's out, it's way too cold this year. Oh. But they also canceled it already.


Oh so. So you're not missing out on two birds with one. Nice. Yeah but nipples in the cold had different arms.


Poke an eye out Jake. What do you have hotsy calls wrong hotseat as the Baltimore Orioles. So fan grab him with playoff projections of percentages and the Baltimore Orioles have a zero point zero percent chance to make the playoffs. And there's one hundred and sixty two games, zero point zero now.


Incredible smashing. Yeah.


I mean, that just makes no sense. But I guess like Astro City, it's us against the world.


Yeah, that's right.


Zero point zero, I guess. And I'm cool. Throwing is bills mafia. We talked about the Australian Open last week. Some long lines. Yeah. Developing Serena still in and so is Jessica Poola. She is the daughter of the bills owners and she's. Having a Cinderella run right now, she's even in the first set, so could she could be done by the time this podcast is out? Yeah, maybe some stories and A versus 13. And the final Dolphins owner versus Bill's owner sees the dolphins in Washington State.


Yeah, got it. I like that, though. I think we have to root for the bills right now. Yeah, Australia is if if Buffalo was a country, it would be Australia. Mm hmm. Yeah. So we're all in on bills, mafia tennis version. What time do we play The Australian.


So they're 16 hours ahead of us. So they're just starting right now. It's 2:00 p.m. ROFO beyond like a foreign country.


Laughs I'm going to pass on the Australian Open. We got in the action for tonight. Now relax.


I'm going to pass on the Australian Open. Woke me up when Wimbledon starts.


Strawberries and cream baby breakfast at Wimbledon nonprofitable Venus fourth wheel in Sydney.


The king of PLI, they call him. Yeah. King of Clay. Yeah. We're going to play the summer again. Right. I won't get hurt. Yeah. Oh, I forgot you got hurt. And then this guy getting hurt. Remember that Billy.


Billy is so Billy are you just reading Instagram comments of of a picture of you knocking on Hosie. I know.


What the hell. That's a lie. We're not of those other guys. I hope not.


Honestly, how long did you spend and girls like actually doing that, seeing what people were saying about your knockout? I just kind of logged off. Yeah, sure.


Yeah. All right. All right. Let's get to our interview on the ground. Oh, well, I wouldn't like what I know. You didn't want to see people being like, fuck. Yeah, I was just chillin.


Just chillin. Your meme, though, Bill. And that's what does it feel like to be a meme? It's crazy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. The shirts are coming out eventually three weeks after the strike while the iron is hot. All right.


Before we get to Robert Orey new sponsor, alert from our friends at Neum, think about everything you've ever learned about getting healthy. There's a lot of contradictory information out there. And things like that old fashioned food pyramid aren't much help.


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N o o m dotcom slash pmt. OK, here he is. Robert Orri.


OK, we now welcome on a very special guest. It is seven time champion. Big shot. Bob is who you Noma's. He's got a podcast there you got to go listen to right now. It is Robert or his podcast is on podcast one. It's called The Big Shot Bob Pod, which I mean that you almost had to have a podcast because you have that nickname is that let's just start there. Is that the coolest nickname to possibly have to just be like, yeah, that's big shot, Bob.


He always hits the big shots.


You know, it's funny. A long time I was like, oh, I didn't realize if you get a nickname, that means you made it right. So either you can go the other way. But I kind of embraced it as I got on it, got on in life. And it's it's funny because when you meet other athletes, they come they would like what's a big shot? I'm like, do I even know what my real name is?


Yeah. That's pretty cool, though. Yes.


I read that you prefer big shot Rob to big shot Bob. Is that true?


No, it was actually my mom. My mom didn't want me to be called Bob. I don't I don't care. I think Bob sounds better. But my mom didn't want me because Bob, because this would call my dad. And so she's like, you know, Joan. I didn't say that, Rob. I'm like, I don't really like Rob. So I just I did it as a joke. And then next thing you know, everybody, it was a big shot, Rob.


I'm like I kind of like Bob, the the background that you're on right now.


For those listening, it's the ultimate flex. You've got seven pictures of yourself, and I'm assuming that those are from seven different title teams, right?


Yes. The funny part is I put it on my resume and I don't know how to take it down. So it's but it's not a bad back drop. So it's it's it's a it's a significant moment in each championship. So and now represents the seven rings. Yes.


So another thing that would that be, I assume is great about the podcast is when you have guests on, you always have more rings in them unless you have Bill Russell. Right.


Like that's the only one that you can't have on and and be like, listen, as a seven ring holder, so do you do you flex on your podcast? Guess when you have on.


No, I don't flex back because the pictures in the backdrop. So that kind of flex for me, like you said. But it is weird that, you know, if have Bill Rossmo, it will be an honor to have him on my podcast because think about Duke won 11 championships, man. You know how hard that is. I think he won 11, 13 years is hard. You know, I only won seven and sixteen. So, you know, it doesn't compare to his his legacy.


Do you ever do you ever put all the rings on it?


Once I did it once I had some friends. And, you know, I'm really good friends with Antonio McDyess. And after we beat them in the playoffs in 2005, when he's with the Pistons, he kind of came over for my birthday and I kind of had him on just messing with him. But I really put them on. You know, I haven't seen him in about three or four years because they're in a safe deposit box.


So talking about today's NBA and we're going to talk about your career as well, because I have a bunch of questions for that as well.


But the idea of peaking too early as a team. So right now, Utah Jazz are like on fire. Absolutely on fire. You were part of seven championship teams. You know what it takes to have a championship? You know, pedigree in that mix is there from our side because we're dumb, you know, sports fans that usually have bad takes, but we will say, oh, yeah, they're peaking too early. Is that is that a real thing?


Like is that can you feel it when you're on a team like, hey, we have enough to do it when it counts. Don't worry about February, March here.


You know, peaking too early is I don't know where it came came from. Let's say if this was the Los Angeles Lakers on this run. But they say they're peaking too early. You know what they say, the bulls back in the day or Golden State Warriors, are they peaking too early? No, it's just a team playing good basketball. That's what it's about. Because now they put in a situation every night where do it die? What I mean by that is teams now want to beat you because you have the best record in basketball.


It's not one you like four or five in the road. And it's all we got to go to Utah, just go for it. And and I know they want to beat Utah. They want to. And if they have a streak, they want to show them that they're not that good because every NBA guy has pride, every NBA guy wants to have that that one notch in their belt. So to say when they go out and beat a team is the best in the West and think about it, they're the best in the West.


And you've got the Clippers, you got the Lakers, you got Denver, and you've got all these good teams. But they're on top of the world right now.


Yeah. And you played for some for some great coaches, honestly. I mean, like when you think about coaches that are able to keep their teams locked in over the course of the season, Phil Jackson and Pop come to mind is like one in one a I assume that they had like different methods of making sure that their team was going to be locked in because the NBA season can get really long and shorter this year, but it can be a long grind.


What was the difference between those two guys in terms of how they kept the locker room loose, how they kept people focused in over the course of a long season?


You think about coaches when you have the team, you can just sit back and let the team take care of themselves. And you have great leaders. You think about when were in L.A., Phil had great leaders have been Bishar, myself and Rick, who kind of ran that team to keep Shaq and Kobe in line. So you have guys like that when you're in a strong minded, strong willed. You know, people always think because you make the.


Money score the points that you, the leader of a team, is not always the case like that is the guys that the guys that doing all the scoring points respect because we've been in the league while I have won champs just because had been there. The league he played for a lot of great teams, a lot of great coaches. So we earn the respect of the players. So when you have guys like that, the coaches use to go to those guys, hey, get him in line.


Yeah, not always, because the big dogs are usually too busy doing commercials doing this kind of stuff. The. But first back then L.A. Lakers final Spurs, you had coaches that treated everybody the same. And that's another key because, you know, you could yell at Kobe and you go on in and yell at them and brown you going pop, you can yell at him and going in and benching. You yell that. I mean, it was it didn't really matter because we know what was at stake.


And when you have coaches that can respect the players and put the onus on the players to take over team, they can pretty much sit back and say, you know, drive me to a championship.


So pretty much Pop and Phil Jackson, but you're on the record saying Rudy was your your best coach. Why was he you know better than those two guys in your mind?


I say was my favorite favorite coach. Yeah, I because on a selfish reason, he ran plays. Let me know that too. So that's fair. Yeah.


No, because it boils down to I love it for me personally. I can only say when you ask someone your favor is my favor, you know, I might like hamburgers, you might like hot dogs. So for me my favorite was Rudy because I love it when a coach comes to you and ask you what's the feel of the game, what you see out there? And then when you get in a huddle, he looks at the guys, OK, what are we going to run?


That's just a personal thing to me because I know what field is like. Are we going to run this? This is we're we're going to run this in this. And when a coach gets a feel from a team like, you know, what do you want to run? You know, when I was with the Rockies nine times ten, it was like a run fifteen for dream and everybody was fired up to get out of the way. So you have to for me as a player, even when I was coaching, my son's a youth team.


We're getting a hold on us, your guys, which I want to run. And I remember the first time I did, they looked at me like you to coach. I said, no. I said, You guys got a feel. What are you comfortable with? What do you want to run? And it was like, well, let's do this. And and after that, they will come to me like your coach. They I could hear them talking.


They can't stop this play coach. I hear them talking. They have trouble with this. And as a player, you relay that message to the coach and it's up to the coach to take the information and put it out in that same field. And Pop didn't do that. But Rudy did it more often than those two.


Yeah. You're the guy that you would alternate winning titles with, Steve Kerr. I feel like he does a pretty good job of that with having Draymond is like his dog on the team, you know, like he's got the Splash Brothers, he Arcady. But when it came time to like really crack some skulls, he'd like, you know, to tell Draymond to go make something up and that would be the guy that kept everybody else in check. What did that look like for you.


If Phil was like Hey hey Robert, we need to make sure that Shaq is in line this week when he tell you to like just say it like a snide smartass comment to him in the huddle.


Or we tell you like throw an elbow into Shaq, see what he does know that we need to get in line. Shaq, you need to make your free throws. He will say things like there was a tight purse. He didn't give a shit about anything. He just say what he wanted to say, you know, think about it. He called Sacramento Kabletown town right before we played in the playoffs and everybody in the arena had cowbells and we couldn't even hear him coach.


So that was the best in the best game we ever had because we just ran what we wanted to run. So but, you know, he would come out and say stuff like, you know, we're not rebounding and look at Shaq like, OK, you know, we're not doing this. And then look at Kobe. And it was things that he was say. And then myself, Ray, Kobe showed Derrick could pull him to the sideline.


Do we need to work on this? I said no. You trying to do this? But this is our goal. You we will have this day and age. People always have team meetings. We would have a team and we just sat in the locker room at the practice. There's no need for a team meeting. I'm like, we anyway. So let's just, you know, talk about it. We own the bus. Let's talk about it.


We had breakfast. Let's talk about communication was the key to every team I was on. We talk about what we need to do. We talk about our faults. And we weren't afraid to tell each each person on the team if they're slacking in a certain area, they need to get better or, you know, even to come down to a person not showing up on time. You know, it's about respecting the process and respecting the team.


I like what you said right there, because the second you have to call something players only meeting, you've already lost. It's like if you're in a marriage, you don't say, oh, we should go to counseling this week. That should be like your ongoing conversation should be like just having good communication. So that's interesting, though. Like, yeah, if you're if you have really good team chemistry, your season is one big meeting with your guys and everything.


Everything should be on the table like all the time.


Our team is a let's go to dinner. And if we got a couple of days between. Next game, have a couple of drinks and talk about, you know, is this what it was? And I always hear these guys. Oh, we had a team, me in my mind, teaming up for losers, because right now you're floundering to win. You get rated points and fingers and people feelings get hurt in team minutes. And you just talk about it and you're doing it on a constant basis.


You get used to it. So feelings don't get hurt. You know, I'm not going to say they don't always get hurt. Sometimes, you know, people get feedback, but they know it's for the benefit of the team. It's not about you. It's about we. And that's what a lot of times when you have guys don't really care about the big dogs. You know, I laugh a lot of times these guys and look at the big dogs when they make a mistake they're scared of, they won't say anything because they're afraid of being traded or something.


I'm like, do you think I really care about being traded long with my paycheck? Still comes on the first and the 15th. You can trade me, you know, you just lose an exclusive asset. So and I think a lot of guys just have to think like that and just voice their opinion. No matter if you the top dog or you last, as long as that opinion is is affected.


So speaking of that and speaking of Draymond, I assume you saw his comments last night. You've been in a couple of interesting situations. You almost got traded to Detroit right before the Rockets won their two titles and then it went back because of failed physical. And you also got traded to Phoenix when Charles Barkley went to Houston and you were in a situation that you didn't like. I actually was listening to a podcast coming in to work today. You talking about how Danny Ainge basically admitted that he hated the rockets and like, you guys got off on a bad, bad foot right away when he was, you know, in Phoenix.


But what did you make of Draymond comments about, like, player empowerment and having a say and being traded and, you know, the imbalance that you see sometimes when it comes to owner versus player?


Well, you know, sports is always evolving and getting better and better. Draymond Green comments were right on point because it's so funny how. Teams get mad at players when they ask for a trade, but when a team says, OK, we're going to bench you because we try to trade you, it didn't it doesn't make sense. And in this day and age, if you're not happy with the situation, you know, as a team come together.


I know players sometimes should keep it in-house and I feel like they should. But when a team comes out like that, that's wrong. You want a player to keep it and you should keep in-house. And at the end of the day, it's a business. And we always talk about tampering in the NBA. And if a team decides, OK, we're putting Blake Griffin on the shift, who wants him? To me, that's tampering. You know, you don't you don't add it to the masses.


Why can't you make a phone call to the GM and say, hey, I'm a suggest this, but when a player says, oh, you know, I want to I want to be traded or I want my playing with this guy, you know, I would love that play was free will on a team get that Bama connection again. So but you can't say that because you have that friendship, that bunk when you both was grinding to try to get to the NBA.


It's a strong connection there. So guys just have to be careful what they say.


And it's not fair, but it's the nature of the business and you have to deal with what about in a situation like James Harden where, you know, he signs a deal, they build the team around him. And then he I think he admitted that he came in not in the best shape, wasn't really trying some of the last days in the rockets.


You know, he it was it was visible. Yeah. It was hilarious and visible. But that seems like, you know, I don't I don't really know what the solution is there because he he said he wanted to get traded, but he also the rockets have built something around him. So I don't know.


That's a weird situation to me that feels different than a Drummond or Blake Griffin.


Yeah, every scenario is different. And in in James Way, I think, you know, I love James as a player. I think he handled it wrong because when a team, an organization does everything, you know, you asked for this review. Did you ask for that? We gave you that. And now you ask for trade. You you have already have a great relationship with that team. Go to them and say, hey, you know, I'm a come in and do my best for you, but I would like to have a trade.


And these are my teams. And and and you think about it, if I was the owner, there's no way. And heck, I'm trading you to where you want to go. You know, there's no way. And for them to actually still bend over backwards for this guy and send to where he wants to go shows you what kind of art, how much love they have for him. Even with the GM that did everything for him was now in Philly.


Right. So I just I just feel like the way that city embraced embraced him, they embraced him being embraced dream and better. They embraced Mario Canice. Everybody who want to champion T-Mac, they put their love and heart and soul in this guy because he was James Harden and he did a lot for the organization, but he didn't bring a championship there. And so when you don't bring a championship that you should respectfully go to the organization that's done everything for you and do it quietly.


You know, in that case, when he was in New Orleans, I you held you are benched me, not me. Benched myself. I want out. Right. Right. Nerio is different. Yeah.


No, it's true. We are we talk about the clutch gene a lot on this podcast. We're big believers in having the clutch gene. I think you exemplify whatever the clutch gene is to you. Like what's it like? Are you in the zone when you hit those last shots, like at the end of the game in a big moment? What is it like walk me through the brain of Robert or when you get a kick out or like a tip out ball game five against the Sacramento Kings, what's going through your head when you're hitting that shot?


So the scenario is when you start on the bench, when they call a play and it's not for me, but I'm the second option. So I know it's for me. And I know that makes sense because every team knows you play, every team puts out your first option. So to me, it's a confidence is better than no to players coming to me. And the fact that I know my teammates believe in me, all I'm saying is know it's like taking a walk in the park.


Don't think about catch, shoot, hold it release, you know, all that kind of stuff. So I don't really think, man, you know, and I know it sounds weird, but every time the ball comes to me and I, I'm more comfortable in that situation because I know I have to take the shot, usually get a pass is like ten six on the shot clock. You always looking for that other option, looking for Shaq.


I'm looking for team. I'm looking for dream of looking for Kobe and looking for you look for all these different people. But when it comes down to the last second shot, you got to think about nobody but yourself. And so when that shot comes, I'm not thinking I'm reverting back to those days when I was a man in high school, when I was in college, I'm taking a joke. So I think about nothing because it's just playing basketball.


And it's just like, you know, getting up in the morning, like I always say, and walking to the bathroom, you don't think about going left, right, left, you just do it. And that's what I do. I just do it.


What about one of my favorite big shot, Bob moments was actually a dunk that left handed dunk in the finals against the Pistons. Spurs, Pistons, that one. Had you thought about that one? I mean, that one was different. That one was you went left handed and one who did you. Duncan was a Tayshaun. Rip Hamilton.


Oh Rip Hamilton. Yeah. That was that one was like significant. That was not, you know, just shoot and playing in the like you you did that and there was malice behind that.


Well I want to shoot the ball with Bruce Proofpoint threw the ball at my ankles, which allows the defense to get in his way because people do so many things when they play basketball, when they don't think it just comes natural. And for me, I, I got to that moment. And if you watch being layups, I practice that all the time. I practice taking off and trying to get to the rim and dunking the ball. I know I'm right handed, but I broke my thumb in college, so I really come from the ball that well.


So I always dunk left handed because I can, I can really grip it. And so for me at that moment I just get to the hole and I and I just started taking up I thought I took off too far out, which I almost did. Yeah, it is it was one of my favorite dunks of all time because it was on somebody, it was in the finals and it was doing a key moment in game five where I was just like smoke from outside.


So it is good if you look closely. Is that there. Yeah, you can see the ghost in that one. Yeah. Actually it's called ghost thing and you can see me dunking on hell.


Yeah. What's, what's going to explain that to us. I mean we know what it is but our listeners might not know.


But Gostin is where they likely put a like it looks like a ghost and it looks like a slight pain in the back of a drawing. If you look closely enough, you be like, oh, is that. Yeah. So the last three pitches all have ghost moments in it. So, OK, that's sick.


I like what you you has shooting at three over Chris Webber game for. Don't get me hold up seven championships when you that's crazy. So the opposite of clutch, you were on the court for Nick Anderson.


Well, told you. What did you think I was going to say?


Do you think I was to say that I should top of my last shot as a Laker? Oh, yeah. Well, you did have I do wonder, like, you had a couple of shots that you missed the big shots was that that must mean, like, what the hell just happened?


Do you go back and look at the film? Look at my face. I, I missed that shot against San Antonio that I put us up. Three, two. Yup. Going on. And I missed that shot. I've never been that dejected since high school. And it was and you should seen me talk to myself. The other had a camera on it. It would be like, hey, do got a big ego because I literally said, I don't miss this shit shit, you know, and I missed it.


You know, I was so pissed.


I don't think you made it three in that series not to bring up bad moments. You didn't make it three in that series, correct?


I didn't make it three all playoffs. If you really want to make a bad move at the end of three thirty eight, I just you know, and and the crazy part about that is I had an awful playoff series from three and the Lakers thought I was washed up. So that's one of the reasons they got rid of me. This is so but I'm like, do you realize that this is I've won five championships at this moment. I played more playoff games than anybody on our team together, and my body just was tired.


I went back and looked steady to film. My jump shots were probably like an inch too short because I didn't have the legs in so many things. I remember once I was playing Rick Fox Field right next to me. I was so tired. I just looked down and kept walking and I was literally tired because also in that season. I went up from 23 minutes a game to 30 minutes a game, I know people said seven minutes is nothing.


Seven minutes is a lot of minutes in the NBA when you only used to play 23 minutes a game to twenty four minutes a game. So it was it took me beyond what my body could do. And I needed a break.


Yeah. So wait, so the Nick Anderson though that how bad did you feel? Because that's one of those moments where you didn't at all even a little bit like, holy shit, is this guy OK?


Because that's what I'm talking about. You know, it's still like that's that is the opposite.


I actually will. I'll count that for you. He probably saw big shot Bob. And, you know, you weren't all the way big shot Bob yet. But still like that is the absolute opposite of big shot. Bob missing those free throws.


Yeah, we you know, we always talk about this thing to get tight on that one in four minutes for free throws. And and if you look at his career, his career was never the same and never it was just, you know, and I love Nick as I used to love watching him in Illinois. I watched him play. He was one of the most dynamic guys. I remember when MJ came back that year, he locked up MJ.


You know, it was he did some fantastic things and then all of a sudden missed those four free throws in a row and allowed us to win game one in the building. I think it hurt him because every guy knows that confidence is the most important thing when it comes to playing a sport or doing anything. You've got to have that confidence. And if you don't have that confidence is your issue. You can't.


And he was like, was he like an eighty eight percent for surgery or something like that? It's just Twitter didn't exist for that, do you. That's one of those moments that he would have been roasted forever. Yeah.


Do you think do you honestly think like big shot Bob standing next to Big Brick Nick on the foul stripe. You think that he like he felt that presence. He was like, I can't live up to this guy.


You know, I think realize the role that we were playing with the Houston Rockets, being in their building, playing them that close. You know, there's a lot of pressure now. He's stepping up there and he missed it, too. But when he gets the rebound, he's like, oh, crap, I'm doing it again. It's a lot of thinking going in that process. Of course, you got Clyde Drexler talking trash and you got Kenny Smith talking trash to and in half with the goggles on, just look at him like, dude, come on, you need to make these guys look bigger.


Yeah, it was a lot of pressure. Yeah. Yeah.


I think actually your most clutch play that you've ever had, it wasn't a shot, it wasn't a dunk. It was against the Suns when you hit check. Yeah. You hip check Steve Nash flip the entire series like you did a great job of him checking him sentiments like the scores table basically. But then in the aftermath of that that worked out so much better than you could have ever planned that Stottlemyre comes off the bench. I think Raja Bell came off the bench on the court.


It was, yeah, you you you you gave him a little elbow in the face. Yeah. So it was almost came off the bench then. I remember Stottlemyre run out there. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Still right when you saw them come on to the court and if I how long did it take to sink in. Like that's probably the best place that I've ever made.


You know, it's rude. Some of the Phoenix Suns fans actually said, I plan that. I'm like, damn, I'm a smart basketball player, but I hate that games more. Now, I can't predict what some guys are going to do. And for me, I didn't want them guys to get suspended because it it didn't really affect the game by stepping on the court. And I know people look at me because you want to win. You know, everybody else will if they want to got suspended.


This would have happened. This one, as you know, and I look back, I can say this now because I can't get fired. If you look at how Steve Nash got treated in that series and how he was loving him and give him every freaking call, that was one of the reasons why I was so frustrated when I went over there, because they gave Steve Nash a recall. I'm like, are you serious right now? I'm like, it was so frustrating when you can clearly see that the calls are, you know, equal and no people are to stop.


Hey, I know.


But, you know, I think what people are going to say is I think they're like Kings fans are going to hear that clip and be like, are you fucking serious right now?


But here's the thing to realize. In Game six, they got all the calls.


They got some called baby travois. They got some calls. We went out of bounds and they got the ball back. So the Kings fans have no right to say anything. I don't know. You know, they will talk about the foul because you can go back and look at the foul. You know, all the files were made by one or two. That was questionable. But for the most part, don't be mad because everybody started messing up down the stretch.


Chris Webber didn't want to shoot the ball down the stretch, so he can't control that. Obviously had no control over that.


Tim Donaghy was the ref. Yeah, he was. He was in the series, too. He was. So actually, let's talk about that shot. I alluded to it earlier, the one against the Kings. That one I got so mad at you after you hit that shot because I was with some friends we had, but I don't know, probably like five bucks or something stupid on the game because I was in high school at the time. I was so mad at you because you're six foot 10, that's the last shot of the game, they're driving to the basket to make that shot.


You should be crashing the boards. What were you doing standing outside the three point line, just hoping a miraculous tip out would come to you.


You know, I'm walking to play the players call. What the fuck is your life? And I'm inbound the ball. And I supposed to set a pick on Kobe and Kobe's supposed to come out. If my defender went with him, he's supposed to kick it back. And so he had the alley to the he had the lane to get to to the wreck. He missed it and it came off. So I'm still out there because I know Kobe has hit me so many times at the last moment.


So I'm just standing out there waiting on a ball and is no it was no need. And also, you guys think about I'm supposed to be the man that gets back on that plate. So I'm thinking about that, even though I'm like, OK. And then I'm also thinking they might tip it up because they can't get the rebound, you tip it out. It's too crowded anyway, is seven foot, isn't it? Something like a chilling wait.


So all these scenarios are going through my head and people say, well, why are you out? This even fish was outside the three point line. Nobody talks about him hanging out there. But in the crazy part, it was a perfect tip out. Yeah, it hit me exactly where I love it. And, you know, I raised up and knock it down and I tell people to ask. We would have never been in a situation that deal with a ransom place.


I mean, because I was hot, that game had already just made two threes from the corner, but I had no plays. So it was it was you know, it was one of those moments, you know, that that kind of solidified me being sick because that box, it was it was a great moment. I was doing the Laker uniform on the floor.


So perfect that it's called What the fuck? Because that's what that's exactly what I said. Yeah. That's probably the only words that I said for ten seconds after you hit that shot. Robert Oriya is being brought to you guys by our great friends at Shady Re's. I'm rocking some shady rays right now. They're the only sunglasses that I wear anymore. They are the presenting sunglasses sponsor of Parm. I take their my favorite sunglasses in the world. Not only are they stylish, not only are they super comfortable, they also have the best warranty in the biz.


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So speaking of Lakers, the Shaq Kobe like beef, how tense was it at times? Was it awkward for you guys in the locker room? I read part of the book, the Jeff Pearlman book and Kobe obviously like maybe all time competitor next to like Michael Jordan in terms of how serious he was and how how serious he took it.


Did they. Was it overblown by the media or was it real that there was tension all the time?


You know, I haven't read his book, so I have no clue what he said.


But I'll tell you one funny story. There was one story that you were drinking a beer, and it was Kobe's rookie year, I want to say. And he came up to you and was like, why are you drinking? We have a game tomorrow. And you were like, I'll be fine. Don't worry about it.


He said that to me. Yeah. Kobe said that to, you know, well, OK, that is such I always laugh at people who write stories and that was really there. I'm not going to call his name. I remember a guy talking about we had this thing where, you know, we do this. We. We will move on passing the ball and someone else was telling their story and they weren't even on the team, like, why are you telling this story?


You know, the background of that, if it's true or not, you're going by hearsay. Let one of us tell the story. Right. But, you know, the thing about Kobe was a rookie at 18, they took the beer out of the locker room because he was 18. So nobody was ever in the locker room drinking a beer. And Kobe got his seriousness from us, from Beashel, myself and Rick, because we came to practice, to play and we came hard know and everybody he think about his momma mentality came when when Rick differs with me, the guys who are workhorses.


After we left, he learned from us. And so his mom until tell it wasn't doing the three peat. It wasn't doing it. It was after that where he got these knuckleheads with them that didn't know how to play and then come to practice and worker now. Yeah. So now he had to have this mentality. So back to what you was saying is like. It was weird because we would be in practice, they were on the same team, they would compete, you know, the second team would kick their ass, Kobe, get mad when I talk to the second team for a while.


But there was never I never saw any beef with Kobe and Shaq on the court, even when he was on separate teams or in the locker room, because when we dealt with practice, everybody goes to the locker room, we sit down, we ice our knees, we sit there, we shoot shit. Right. And that's when, you know, when some guys come and call you like, oh, I miss with that guy. He said this about me.


It never happened. And I never saw it. And I tell people all the time. If I don't like you, isn't guys I played with and I won't quit at the end of the game, I hugging your ass, we win a championship, I'll go with you because I'm not going to give you any fake love. Why is it that every time we won a championship that those two guys were the first to hug? I don't understand it, but it is what it is.


And maybe I was blind to it. I can only speak for myself, but I never saw any beef. I never saw in the locker room. I never saw on the practice court, never saw it on a bus, never saw it on a plane. So I can't even. You know. I know. Yeah. He doesn't want to give us the juicy stuff, but I put down everything. I never saw it.


No, I mean, it's fair that the media you're basically saying the media overblown stuff. No way they do that. We do that all the time. You always do that. My job is way worse now than it ever was.


I mean, imagine if it was today. We we we pick apart every guy's every move, whether it be social media on the court and like every mood. And look, I mean, I, I want to bring it up, but like, you throw in a towel. Danny Ainge, could you imagine how that would lead every show on ESPN?


You know, I mean, because that type of stuff gets picked apart, people like Robert or a bad teammate, bad guy like that.


And I've heard you tell the story, but you that was a bad place and time for you in Phoenix. Right.


You know, the thing about it is people don't understand. I never liked Danny Ainge because Marwell is one of my best friends. And for you to point blank range and throw the ball and hit Mario in the face with it, just because you're getting your ass kicked is just that's just really unsportsmanlike in it for him. And when we first got that, I remember just him myself and say, I'm walking down the hallway and he says, yeah, I did that shit on purpose in me and say, I'm looking at him like, do are you really just going to tell us that, you know, you realized at that moment I never liked him, you know, and that didn't respect him then.


And then Cotton got resources. So he was a coach and then he quit on us. And then, you know, Danny took over like me and Danny had already had beef because I'm a true story in Chicago and we're trying to run to the triangle like Chicago. I think we get beat by thirty points is like one thirty to one hundred or something. And so we have practice in Chicago the next day and we're talking about Etemad. This feels like, oh, our offense needs to do this, I need to do that.


And I was like, yo, excuse me, we always talking about offense. Our defense sucks. We need work. And then Danny Ainge had the audacity to say I was the worst defender on the Phoenix Suns. We talk about Kevin Johnson. We talk about where's the person. We talking about Danny Manning. And I'm not going to talk ill about Wayman Tisdale, but he was on a team. Think about it. This was a team of non-dependent.


You talk about me who had one hundred steals, one hundred blocks and one hundred three. The first guy to do that. And you tell me I'm the worst defense team, so I go off on him. Right. I just tell him. I said, dude, are you serious right now? And I point at which the person I see you say I'm the worst offender. This dude can go to dance. Snell And so and two days later he becomes the coach.


I'm sorry. And I'm starting at this time. He pinches me. And on top of that, it's my first time back in Houston. Yeah. And I didn't get to start. You know how guys are you we don't want this, but you want to feel that love from the fans, right? So he pinches me in Houston and after that it was downhill from there and and it was just a bad moment. So and as soon as he became the head coach, I should have just you know, at the time, guys know she was a top tier guy.


You don't go ask for a trade. You kind of just deal with it. I said this myself, went to the organization, yo, I can't play for this man. I went out. You know, I don't like him. You don't like me. They match his situation. But I'm glad I did what I did because sent me to the Lakers. Yeah. Yeah.


Do you wish that you had thrown something like you wish you had thrown something heavier at them now? Because then I might've been caught up on charges and hey. And I did in Boston where he's loved by the masses there.


So, know, maybe, maybe you throw soup next time Cedric Savalas was on a jet ski or something he missed like a leg. You have to admit there are moments in your career. I'm sure you've seen like looked at it and been like, all right, I won seven rings. I said some pretty pretty good things go my way in terms of luck, like Cedric Smalls being on a jet ski, screwing up his contract in the Lakers, and then you get it straight.


And he went to go party Lake Havasu.


Yeah, that's right. That's right. About Lake Havasu. And I'm like, thank you. Think about it. You know, Shaun, I love him as a person, failed his physical. Then this happened and then, you know, Tim Donaghy refs your your series against the Kings.


And then you check Steve now. So, you know, I have a master plan, I plan all of that at all.


Yeah, I mean, you're in the right place at the right time, all the time. Are you just a lucky guy in general?


You know? You know, God has blessed me with a lot of talent and a lot of smarts and a lot of luck. And I think about never lost in high school. I won a lot in college. I just I never lost I won a lot high school. I never I never was a loser. And when I got to Phoenix and we started season up on 13, I didn't know how to handle that because I don't lose, you know, even I guarantee you we play cards or dominoes right now and kick your ass because I don't lose it.


Just I just have I just have that that rabbit's foot built in. And so it was it was hard in that situation. And it's hard sometimes to not sit back and think that because I also think about I since, you know, God bless them with a lot of talents, he did put some obstacles in my way, you know, referring to my daughter and her passing that, you know, as lucky as I was on the court, I wasn't so lucky off the court.


So I think things happen for a reason. And you just have to step up to the plate and grab it and seize the moment.


I'm also a big believer in making your own luck if it happens. Yeah. If you get lucky on the court one time, that can be explained away by luck sometimes. But if it happens repeatedly, it's a lot of little things that you've done over the course of a really long period of time that all add up to make those, you know, those small percentages turn into bigger percentages when you see them on the biggest stage. I think that's what we see with you.


I did see I just I just love the quote.


By the way, if I'm not a loser, I'm not saying like you're not a loser. Yeah, you are correct. You can confidently say I am not a loser.


We're going to have our stat. We're going to have our our sports Peski fact check that you're not a loser because a lot of people could be like, I'm not a loser, but yeah, you are, dude.


You can say I'm not a loser. I'm NBA champion. OK, it's OK.


But I have some pencils that were made for me because I had a quote and I said, winners don't take no shit. Yep. And because I was talking about, you know, moments in basketball where, you know, winners don't take no shit. And so all of a sudden I get a package is a bunch of pencils. This is what is don't take no shit. And so my son tried to take one to school, like, are you crazy?


Like seven years old at the time. I know. It's you have to you have to be in the right moment and when don't take no shit. Yeah.


I think Sean Connery said that in the Rock to La Cage. I'm pretty sure that was a line of dialogue there. Yeah, well, it's awesome to talk to you, man. I think that's about it for me. Oh, I had a couple more questions real quick.


So who who did you give more shit to, Ty Lou, when he got stepped over or Tim Duncan when he showed up to the arena every day dressed like Tim Duncan?


You know, Ty Lou. You know, he was just he was just on my podcast. We talked about that. And have everybody thought he got crossed over? I'm like he says he says he don't care because that step over made him famous. So I allowed that. But you got to think about Tim Duncan. This is to do at one time was top three moneymakers in the NBA. Yup. And he dressed like he was straight out the trailer park.


Oh, my. Come on, Tim. I will mess with him all the time. Was doing baggy jeans. I said I come on. I said, you can spend your money on clothes. You don't have to spend it on video games and cars. You can buy a suit. I think about this, the only thing to do owns a suit. And we always talk about people who have every dime they ever made in the NBA is do probably has every dad because he damn still didn't spend it on clothes.


It is been on jewelry, it has been at all imaginable cars. But other than that, the attitude has been no money, especially on clothes. He probably have a closet, probably, but big is a shoe box with three outfits in it. Yeah.


Yeah I feel like it's all the same. It's Kohl's or Sam's Club. Yeah. The black and white striped shirt for Caldor that he got for fifteen percent.


I guarantee that's why he stopped coaching because that that one black jacket that he had probably fell apart.


Yes, I did like his jeans though. He was a legend of the flat front. He ironed his big jeans too. They weren't even properly baggy. They were like just straight down the front.


Yes, I wear baggy zip, snap and drive. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


I did want to ask you actually that big cap brought it up about that Spurs team because they were there were a fascinating team at the time they brought you on. They had Tim Duncan, I think it was Ginóbili second year. Tony Parker was getting into the mix. Then it was like one of the first international teams. What was that like? Do you think that there was actually like a benefit to having a bunch of players that might not have spoke English as their first language, only being able to communicate the important stuff with each other and not communicating like all the rest of the bullshit?


Well, trust me, those guys spoke really good English. And I think for us, it allowed Pop to just have plays, you know? Just hand signals and and the bad thing about that, he would do a hand signal if you're taking the ball out your back is to him sometimes. So you miss it. And I remember one play in the heat of the moment and mine is bringing the ball up, like, what's the call? And he starts speaking Spanish.


I looked I'm like, yo, what's the call? I do. I don't speak Spanish. So you have those moments where those guys revert back to their first language. But Manu, phenomenal player, excellent player. You know, Tony was one of those players who took him a while to understand his his speed. You know, your speed is going to be who you are and and relish it because he try to do things that he wasn't good at.


And like, no, you score more points, no more points in the paint than anybody in NBA for like four years. You know, even Shaq and, you know, Garnett and all these guys, Tony, would get in the paint and shoot his teardrop. So I said, do what you do best. And because, you know, everybody started trying to shoot threes, I'm like, dude, that ain't you. You got to know before that you got Turkoglu for that.


You got me for that. Do what you do. Get to the middle of the shooter, Teardrop. You don't kick it out. And those guys were just phenomenal players. And I think what made them good is because they started at such a young age playing against professionals. I think that's the thing that's probably going to take a lot of these guys in the league, that not nutty stance. They go straight to being professionals at such a young age and but only thing a difference in the foreign players that they go to school for that, you know, you go to school for three, four hours and then they go to basketball for ten hours.


And so they learn a game, a game against man, they're in the game. And that's why you see so many international players when they come into the NBA, they ready because they've been playing against grown men since they was twelve.


Yeah, it's a good point. It's a very good point. And it's also changed a lot. I think that the international guys like it used to be they're all soft or that was the tag and it's changed a lot.


I think that, like you said, a lot of guys, you know, look at Luke Lucas was playing at the highest level in Europe and then he comes over ready to go.


Let's be real here. It's not as if these guys would have came in during my era. Mm hmm. They still be sore? Yeah, just different. It was a different era where guys were you know, you wouldn't write a note to the monitor because some guys say I got hit in. Hey. Oh, we got to see if this is a flagrant one, flagrant two. You know, you get hit upside hit is just about playing basketball.


You know, some things are done maliciously and some things are. And I hate every time something happens, they run over to that monitor to check it out. Is basketball guys expect not to get hit now? So it's it makes me so mad. Now, when you see these guys, they always like look at the video like do is basketball. You can't get it right. You know, I cover the Lakers. I watch my as much as he does.


He never complains. He is hitting the head twice a game and he just plays. So he is the type of guy that to be able to play in that league. But these other guys, every time they get hit, they want a flavor. I'm like, really? Do stop it. Just play basketball and enjoy the moment.


Yeah. And sometimes guys do do it to a detriment where they're looking for contact. They don't finish a play. It's like they're looking for the foul before, like get the end one. You can finish, you know, play through contact and then hope you get a foul call.


It's so weird because now watch basketball. You know how these guys lunge into players that jump now. Yep. That was all charges when we played because it wasn't your natural shooting motion. Yeah. And in and we talk about the high scoring NBA. I want to see if they stop calling that call. It is who scores Scoresby. Because now we want the game to be moving to disclose the game down. Every time a guy jumps, you jump in to him, you get the call.


I'm like, come on, let's talk. Just take that out of the game. Because to me, I like the way the game is played now, but I don't like that part where you can jump in here and a guy lunges into you and you get the call.


So it would never change, though. Isn't Chris Paul like the head of the players union? Like I mean, that's that's like his favorite move. You would never let him do it.


That's the Rules Committee. He has been to do that. So, you know, it's like just like back in the day when Embiid had this crazy idea to change the basketball because petechial was Oh you can't use LeBron. I'll discuss kind.


Oh I remember that terrible basketball. Oh all you had to do was spin it really hard. It was stick to the backboard and drop it. So I'm like really. Come on man, we can't do this.


Yeah. Unders I bet under that year because everything sucked. You guys did it for like what. Like it was, it wasn't even a couple of months. It was like a kid like like yeah. Thirty or forty games and you're like this is crazy. This basketball it was so sticky you could, you could see how sticky it was, how I mean not that you can call somebody in a minute because you can grip it is easy is possible.


You can grip with your right hand. They need to have like Adam Silver did a great job, I think in most facets, moving the game forward. But they need a guy like Robert Orey on the Rules Committee, like an old school guy, the last of the hard to be like. We can't we can't let this get too out of hand. Let's keep some of the toughness in basketball, is there a guy out there that you watch and you're like, that's a guy that like a baby, a baby, Bob, that you see out there, you're like that dude reminds me of me when I got to the league.


Well, you know, it's weird because I look at Kuzma same high you know he kid he's a little bit more athletic than I was. I think I jump out at him. But as far as handling the rock, I was the type person like do Hollyrock taking too much energy out of me. I don't want to, I just want to come off the screen. Shoot spot up shoot drug is to do just dunk on somebody. So I look at Koo's the way he plays and that's the only person that's out there that I really, you know, look at and think that that reminds me of me because everybody else is you know, you're just three point shooters.


They're not dunkers. And who's a dunk on you?


Yeah. All right. My last question. So you played I mean, you're you're basically a walking history book for the NBA. You played in so many key series, so many great championship teams you played with. I mean, off the top, my head, Kobe, Shaq, Tim Duncan and Hakeem are probably four out of the top twenty five guys in NBA history. Who is the most unstoppable guy you played with?


Play with yeah. Unstoppable is that by far? OK, I was hoping you could say it came just because I loved the dream shake.


I love watching him pick somebody on my team. I'm taking a dream. You are OK. Yeah, but when you say unstoppable. Yeah, but when Shaq got in shape, think about the year he won MVP. He was unstoppable. And it wasn't like today where you might have, you know, four centers in the league. He had a bunch of senators that they went just skinny, like the little guys with some girth. And, you know, you know, you think about Florida.


You think about Greg Tag. Yeah. Yeah. All those guys, those guys with their bodies to try to and he just, you know, dominate. I think some of the time he should go to Kimbe him like, you know, and like the two thousand ninety nine two thousand. Shaq was probably the most dominant player ever in the NBA because he was in shape. He had no injuries and he was scared of field. So you want to win a championship?


It's it is crazy to think about like when you go through some of his game logs when he had those stretches where he'd be like 40 and 20 every night in the playoffs to wait. What do you mean? He was scared of Phil? What was how was he scared?


You know, when you get a new coach, you try to impress them. So you come in and say, so. I mean, he was this all of us. It was weird. That's the first time I ever seen a team where everybody was in shape when they came into the season. You know, sometimes you'd be right down the borderline or two or three more days you're in shape. But you look across the board, you know, Kobe had put on fifteen pounds, almost.


No, Shaq was in shape. I was in shape. I had put on ten pounds. And it was just everybody was just in shape and ready for that season.


So yeah. Yeah. That Shaq was usually a big I'm going to play my way into shape over the course of the first couple months. What was what do you think the heaviest Shaq was when you played with him?


I think it had to be my last season when he missed the beginning of the season with his toe problem. He had surgery on his toe right before the beginning of the season, and he was out like two months. And and so Shaq, I think he put on about fifteen to twenty pounds. And I think for me, I look at his body from that moment on, it was never it was never the same because I don't think he was able to get to the elite status again because of injuries and things of that nature.


So that told messed him up from being, you know, a dominant force for six, seven years.


I'm looking at it right now. It's so stupid to look at in that finals, in that finals against the the Pacers 43 in in nineteen forty and twenty four. Thirty three and thirteen, thirty six and twenty one like every night. This actually just reminded me though of of one last question.


My one of the funniest random things that I just remember from watching the NBA is a kid, Ruben Patterson, claiming that he was the Kobe stopper.


That was the dumbest thing I've ever seen. I I can I can actually visualize it. NBA on NBC, they're coming in. Ruben Patterson has got his feet in an ice bucket and everyone in the Portland Trailblazers locker rooms like Kobe stopper, Kobe stopper. Do you guys like is this guy fucking for real? You know, the crazy part about that is, Ruth, you used to play for us, used to try to guard Kobe in practice, you couldn't go out and practice.


And when he went going hard, you think you made the automatic game. Are you serious right now? You know, Rupert had a big ego when Rubin came in as a rookie. He thought he should have been start eating. You know, rookies always supposed to do stuff like bring your doughnuts or bring you coffee or bring your paper. You know, I know people thought that was the paper, but he supposed to do these things. So, you know, Rubin had that ego to add to, like, yo, I'm from Cincinnati, I'm his back.


I can do this. So he never did what he was supposed to do as a rookie. So one night in Sacramento, we said, OK, you go show you, rookie, how we get treated. We got a bunch of a bunch of athletic tape, taped him up, put him on a luggage cart, put him on the elevator and hit our buttons.


And so we just left and now I'm asking about that. Yeah, that is the room stop. A story that you don't want to respect because that's how you go. We got some book and I think the funny part is I feel bad. This little lady, you know, she's about to get on the elevator and she saw him like this. Oh, like tied up. And she's like, oh, it's we like we say, ma'am, it's a joke, you know, it's like, oh, oh, yeah.


You know, that's one night in Sacramento.


Yeah. That guy and that guy called himself the Kobe stopper. I just yeah. He had a lot he had a lot of confidence to call himself the Kobe stopper.


I imagine that pissed Kobe off.


All right. Well, Robert has been awesome, man. We really appreciate it.


Everyone go listen to Robert's podcast, Big Shot Bob Pod any time. We'd love to have you back on, man. I'm sure we just scratched the surface.


Yeah, we thought it was a pleasure, man. You know, I think, you know, it's a good thing is I got Mark Cuban on tomorrow, so, you know, he's always a blast. So, yes.


A friend of ours. Yeah. Yeah. We've had him on a bunch of times. He's been around, knows how good he is. He's going to run for president. Yes, I, I asked him about this, so. Yeah.


Listen, Mark, love saying that he's not going to run for president. There's nothing that Mark loves more than being asked to run for president. Yes.


When you have that much money, you can run whatever you want to run. Yep. Yes. Yes. Well, thank you so much, Robert. I appreciate it, man.


My pleasure.


Thanks to big shot, Bob was brought to you by Norton 360. For gamers, real gamers know that in order to get good, you have to shield up and not just in the game, but with your devices and with your connections. Cyber criminals could be attacking your new gaming rig with malware that could steal access to your gamer accounts. They can even take over your webcam. And if you're not protected, you can lose your in-game progress, inventory and everything you grinded for.


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All right, let's wrap up. We got guys on ChiX send you on your way middle of February. Valentine's Day was Sunday. So yes, it's President's Day. Yes, I say it was yesterday to the other. What. Oh yeah. Today's Lunar New Year. We talked about that a lot. Yeah.


Now we're just naming holidays. It's my neighbor's birthday was on president. Fuck. Yeah. I feel like know. Yeah. Like shout out Billy Tibbetts. No, I don't know what his birthday is.


I wish I was happy that my neighbor doesn't even know where I lived.


Every time I tell my boyfriend that I love him, he just squints into the distance like George Costanza. Do you think this is the end of our relationship?


It's not good. He might be.


Jeff is saying to the other, yeah, well, we're going to go down to. Yeah, right. It is.


Yeah. If he's never said I love you back then. Yeah, I think it's. Probably a good sign that you aren't meant to be. That's so weird to. How do you not reflexively just be like, I love you back. Yeah.


You get a lie. Yeah. I love you so much. That's why I came so fast.


I want to spend more time with my boyfriend, but he always gets mad when I ask him about rules. You always want to ask him rules about sports. Should I just cheat on him?


OK, those do not pass. Go go directly to like what?


There's no middle ground in this like he does. He gets mad when you ask him rules about sports.


So suck his friends dicks. Yeah.


I actually, I actually don't see another way. I'm saying it like you should. OK, if we're going to be totally fair here, you should at least tell him like, hey, next time I ask about offsides, try not to be a condescending asshole about it. Otherwise I'm sucking Billy's dick.


I think that's totally fair. If you give him a heads up he can't be mad about correct. Guys operate on actions and consequences.


Also, maybe send Hank your boyfriend's name and address so we can become friends with them.


OK, Sepoys, I'm a flight attendant. After being off most of 20-20, I'm going back to work. I have to do training this weekend in Dallas. My boyfriend says that he wants to come with so he can golf. It's been nonstop snowing here. You can fly for free because I listen, I'm on my plane.


I'm worried because he said there's a strip club in Dallas that was his absolute favorite jaguars. If I break, how should I be concerned? I was just going to be in a strip club for two days.


I've been I've actually had to they have the best breakfast buffet in the world. People say, like, I go to a strip club for a breakfast buffet, like I've been to Jaguars four or five times strictly because they're waffles and eggs. Are that good. All right.


This is the line. I didn't say a word because he said there's a strip coming down Dallas and it was absolute favorite. He loves strip clubs because of the buffets that are such a deal. Yeah, I actually was. That was just where you say you're going to get yourself in this one in Jacksonville.


I'm Dexter. There's a lot a lot of places and want to watch our clubs.


We've been in strip clubs and yeah, this kid that we were with was like trying to fill on the stripper took his phone in third across the room. There's a funny scene, but between Jacksonville, North Dallas, and that'll laugh.


Just to clarify, it didn't mean anything while I was trying to remember.


Where was that? There wasn't I like super relatable to clarify. That wasn't like two years ago. We went to Jacksonville right now.


This was twenty sixteen. I think way back. I think every guy should get one.


I should. Twenty fifteen. Yeah. I think every guy should get one favorite strip club in the country. Just being like this is my number one. If I ever find myself here I got to go.


Mine's in West Virginia, the place we went after. I want my first southern charm.


Yeah, my next southern mine's probably Kruzan Chevies, OK. And Wisconsin Dells. I'm going to go with two minutes in Waco, Texas. Yeah. And Gary and now lady. Oh, I thought, you know, the one from varsity.


This is is it. That's the franchise.


It's the actual one varsity blues that they land next to only news would say Spearmint Rhino.


Why doesn't water go up my the JJ when I take a bath.


I don't know, I don't know. It should buoyancy suction because then your pussy lips are too small. It pushes it back.




I actually, I actually don't know like how you if I would assume a woman would just drink all the bath water with her pussy, I think it's like it's a strong science right now.


If you, if osmosis, if you just took in like a deep breath with your pussy lips, it should suck up some water.


Right. You reverse me. I think if you. What do you mean. Yes, Queef if you queef queef is a burp. That's a fart.


No burp. Let me try to pass the vagina burp. What if you go in the water. What if you're in a bathtub and you fart. How come water doesn't go up your butthole. I think it does, does it.


I think water goes in your peephole just not a lot because people. Yeah, it's like you never know to it out eventually. Exactly.


You just. Yeah. Reverse it. Mm. What's up. Uno sir. Atwal Every time a chick goes in water they fuck. Yeah. You're fucking Poseidon huh.


That's why I can't get pregnant in the hot tub. True. True. What's up putzes. My boyfriend got me a car for Valentine's Day. I got nothing.


What should I get him as a great lake gift. We get a car or car. A car.


This is no time make up scenario that you're in right now. And I thought we were getting each other anything big. Yeah. Also like that, if this is true, which I don't think it is true, but if it is true, she is allowed to call us pussies.


She offered a car. She got a truck for Valentine's Day from not even from her husband, from her boyfriend for like road head. Yeah. Honestly, like that you can get a girl anything for any occasion whatsoever. And she's like, I got you a blowjob. And the guy's like, sweet. That's exactly what like my best case scenario was, hey, hello, big cat shortcutting hope all as well. I'm in a long distance relationship in college and would like to play a prank on my boy if I could think of No.


Two better individuals to hear ideas for this from looking forward to hearing what you guys think. Smiley face. This is definitely a girl because you said boys and used a little smartwatches with a Y.


Yeah. She wants to know how to prank her long distance boyfriend. Boyfriend. Sorry. I mean, a great prank is always if you have an identical twin, I have that person cheat on the guy and let him see and then be like, psyched. That's my twin.


Tell tell your boyfriend that you're pregnant. That's a good practice. Well, wait for nine months since you've seen him. So tell me you're pregnant.


Have them fly to you yet and be like have the sign at the airport. Be like, just kidding.


I just missed you so much. Yeah. Proposed to him. Mm hmm. Yeah. Just kidding. I'm not pregnant, but will you marry me. Mm hmm. And then that's a prank to give him a blowjob and he'll be like, OK, that was a good prank. Yeah. And they'll probably get your car. He'd actually be like, yeah, that's the best prank that anyone's ever gotten me with ever. All right, last one.


I've been dating my boyfriend for about a year now, and I've been starting to notice something strange. Every time we have sex and he's about to come, his voice gets super high pitched and he starts talking super fast.


The best thing I can compare it to is Jar Jar Binks. So do I say something or just let it go?


Billy, give us a reenactment so we can get in the mindset here. Come on, give us a reenactment. High voice really fast. Jar Jar Binks. I'm nervous.


Oh, let's go. You step outside, check you. They will be able to go my.


Hi, I'm honestly I don't even know I don't care about this question.


I'm just still thinking about the pussy drinking bath water.


It's it's international waters. Whatever happens on either side, five seconds. Either way of an orgasm does not count towards a permanent record.


You should just know.


But honestly, just accidentally do a voice record on your phone and then play it back and he'll be like, wait, that's what I said.


Because everyone hates the sound of their own voice, period. Everyone really hates the sound of their voice. So get them that way.


What have you just played the copycat game in bed. So you just repeated back to him everything that he said that would probably annoy him enough where he wouldn't do that anymore.


Billy, do you have to I'm going to smash a candidate for an exorcism because that vagina drink bathwater. Join the drink bathwater. Here we go, boys. I don't want this No. 13 daily wage, you're damaging your vagina. Yeah, increased infections, contagious. What happens if you suck in water through your vagina? OK, this one I'm going to ask this. I'm going I'm going to hit this.


This sounds like Gwyneth Paltrow website is not really feasibly anatomically. Well, this guy now.


So it's not really a whole. Yeah. What the hell. If it was a hole, then water would be able to fill it.




What I guess is it will probably just leak out like you would want to. That was you. That was written by a dude, although I can't imagine doing it regularly is healthy and I have no idea how you would do that. OK. Like what if you waterpipe yourself. Yeah. Yeah, OK. All right. What are the numbers.


Eight six fifteen ninety nine point eighty three zebra's run towards grass fires because they can't bring back sixty nine, you fucking asshole. Bill.


No, wait. Yes. You say that that zebra's run towards the sound of emergency zebra's run towards grass fires because they know they can run through them and get to the other side that's burnt out because they can't outrun the fire. Oh, very smart.


Would they be able to the fire's coming.


Why wouldn't they be able to outrun the fire? Because it's fast fires faster than a horse, dude.


Look it up. There's actually no chance this fast man versus beast. Let's see. A fire is faster than a horse grass zebra horse.


Let's see. Is he fire fast a horse?


And it's not like a Disney movie about a winning like the video in a movie jumping into the fire. And so you saw it once.


Doesn't mean they all do it. And maybe they were just pyros, just like the Marines commercial.


Maybe they just fucking their love fire when other animals run away.


Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh, is that the what are you Googling over there. It is pretty bad ass. I have headphones.


I dispute your fact and you don't have anything to back it up. It's besides you saw a video. He's not talking.


I can ask the zebra can run as fast as 40 miles per hour. And how fast can fire fire you fire because it burns the whole savannah.


So they're like, oh, jump to the burnt side. That isn't on fire. So we don't have to just run away from this fire the whole time. Isn't it still hot where the fire just burned up?


Yeah, but if you jump through, it's like putting your hand through it.


But on the other side, where you in training exercise, probably Savannah's pretty big a fully grown anywhere in any direction except the fire. So zebras are stupid. DBRS are morons, pirates love, yes.


It's pardon my tape presented by barstool sports.