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Today's pardon my take we have Baylor star superstar Jared Butler ready for the final four on Saturday talk to him. We also have Tate Frazier of Titus & Tate Fame DieHard UNC basketball fan. Also college basketball analysts Irwin talk to about Roy Williams retiring and the final four before we get to know your fire fast. We have an opening day April fools before we get to all that Bacardi Bacardi rum Bacardi our Patron tequila blended whiskey Scotch blend is any of this sound delicious to you? Well, this episode has brought you buy Bacardi limited their portfolio feature some of your favorites like Bacardi rum Patron.


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Electric Avenue Apartment internet far to the pardon my take is going to buy Bacardi limited use that code watch with Bacardi and you can get $5 off your drizly order of Bacardi limited products Bacardi rum. Tranquila. Dewar's blended whiskey Scotch Bombay Sapphire Gin and more. Today is Friday April 2nd, April fools guys get it. You I think it might be now. I don't want to be accused of not liking fun. But I think April fools. We it feels like I was ready for there to be a great April fools return because last year was obviously serious with covid-19.


David streaming the unibrow in April Fool's rice still have has a come forward and say I don't think I don't think I'm comfortable with it. The best one that I saw the only one that made me laugh before. Yeah. Well, you know getting when people can't get got DJ Quik had the best ones Lie Part he had on Instagram. He posted. I'm on my way to the hospital someone just shot into my car 7 to 10 times on the freeway. I got hit twice pray for me.


And then the next Instagram Story 4 hours later was oh yeah, I forgot to add that second part. That's awesome. I like that wet. So great one to be like, hey guys. Just kidding. I'm not dead wasn't there a NFL player few years ago that said that they got a DUI and they posted like it's red apologizing for it. And then they came back and said April fools like a joke was I got arrested. I blew a .20 the old Marshall Henderson social experiment Billy did get caught on April Fools.


Came in and you eat. The first thing you said to me is like seeing any good April fools. I got my high alert. I know that someone's going to try to get me but I'm not going to get caught and then maybe five minutes later. He announced to the entire office Julian edelman's going to the box and I said Billy. What did you just say 5 minutes ago about April Fool's. It. It was Bruce is Bruce Irvin when he hears what he tweeted out does 2015 before this hits the media.


I just want to apologize to my fans and the at Seahawks organization. Once again, I made a terrible decision driving after I had a few drinks. I will do everything to get your trust back and we become a better person out of this how many y'all thought? I was serious? Haha. April Fool's Gold Series. My other favorite is one of Brands create something but it's actually just a really good idea. So I saw Culver's Restaurants did the Kerner Burger, which is a cheese curd inside of 2.


Patti d'arbanville, I was like wait, that's not a joke. Could you guys accidentally joke on yourself? Because I want that on the menu. Yes. I'm a little disappointed Brands this year because you had two full years to cook up these April Fool's tricks and you didn't although I kind of look at April fools like a lot of drunks. Look at Saint Patrick's Day when they're like, oh, it's amateur amateur hour. Like when you lie 365 days a year you get pissed off at the brands coming in try to look like act like they run the place where they leave the bits to us guys.


Yeah, it wasn't, you know, there was nothing really great with anything that you loved because you are the whole someone on the show.


No answer when I tweet about Roy Williams super like it's a joke, bro, you fell for that. Yeah, so we're going to make out with that. I don't think that's a joke would be funny. If you call the Press was actually 4 minutes at 4 p.m. So incredible, he's going to Duke April fools. I got four five stars. Just sign them boom. I'm back. I love it. It is opening day and I've got I have a confession to make I'm doing an experiment this year. I've decided to watch baseball to own a fantasy baseball team.


You're really going to care about no I am I care. I did my draft last night. I got Juan Soto is Juan Soto no matter what on my card and I am the sea Pet Express is coming through as a team.


I'm going to be a Major League Baseball fan this year for anyone to know it's almost more important to me that way. What do we think that wise? How quickly till PFT just forgets he has his team. Rager. Yeah you soon as you like. He's going to miss a transaction or something or not start the fact that you don't know anyone there zero reason to me. I don't know. Do you know anyone in the leak was better? I will respectfully disagree. I'm doing this for the Love of the Game.


The only reason you play fantasy is to stay in touch with friends right won't so I had some help doing my draft one of my friends that he used to play rugby with in college. He was he's been in fantasy league for 19 years. He's won five out of those years, but the people that star.


The league with them to people in the league are now major league baseball general managers and they went to the same high school together. And so he's like this dude is legit my fucking stack. I'm ready to go. I do love when people have their stats at the ready to go there like listen 15 years for championships. Yeah, where you run a Rob's you can say that I know my fantasy. It isn't ever missed the playoffs. It is impressive that he beat two major league general managers Who currently serve in that position right now, I would say it's semi impressive but also like when you break down fantasy, usually the person who wins has the most time on their yeah, it's true.


He's bounced around a couple drops the most active on the waiver wire usually wins fantasy. Yeah. I think it's made perfect first for Slackers, like it actually evens the field when you play against real baseball. I think I'll have to call it a rotisserie League. Yeah. Well, how's the scoring work? I'm not sure.


Who do the the tried-and-true this guy is on Pace for this many home runs season's over, you know the good stuff you bring it out for one day and it's fun to have opened a always does feel like a big deal and then you realize oh, yeah, it's just cold weather baseball for the rest of the month and it kind of sucks. There was snow in Detroit today. I love those early to have games in like Minnesota and Detroit where the weather is just awful just like City.


It's the snow games and then you have a month where nothing happens. Then you have the fight and then you have a month where nothing happens when you have to be to lay then the Home Run Derby. Did you see in the snow game Miguel Cabrera hit a home run with the ball got lost in the snow. So we thought he had a double knee slit in the second Bryce Harper shoes. When I first saw him he if you missed it, Bryce Harper is wearing the Philly Phanatic basically a a stuffed animal Philly Phanatic on both of these shoes, but it was the like practice shoes.


You know, how like.


How to do that you and Hope Springs Eternal and all that stuff. I was going to say that if somebody tried that in the NFL Rodger Goodell with calling a drone strike on him. Yeah, we met game the Giants Gabe kapler. He has a message that's written on his a whiteboard in his office that says wind time of possession stop with the Giants are going to try to do this year. They're going to try to control the pace of play and keep the defense on the field as long as possible.


So they get bored. That's what Gabe kapler's it might work. He says like you only have so much attention in a three-and-a-half-hour game. So putting them on defense makes it more likely that they're going to make an error. I actually kind of believe that old-school Smash Mouth baseball absolutely play a little small ball. Keep them out there then we also have NFL pro days or still going.


Justin Fields is now he has been the anointed one to fall down draft boards for no reason whatsoever. I saw that there was a report dinner Los he was saying so he wasn't there Austin was doing the old I'm not saying it but people are saying to me which when you do that, you're still carrying the water for the people and giving them Credence in one of the points was the Justin Fields. They don't know if he loves football enough the guy Justin Fields you basically brought Big Ten football back yet.


The guy that broke his ribs. He has Drew Brees happened on the field and then he came back like one series later and dominated. I do think I I do think dinner off. She's getting a little bit of a raw deal because it is one of those like one guy one guy takes a quote tweets it and then everyone runs with the Tweet without ever actually watching the video in the context in which that does like admittedly that sucks. But it is an anema Scout season where teams I just assumed whenever we see like Justin Fields slang.


Justin Fields, it's a team somewhere in like the 5 to 10 range. That's hoping to Justin Fields will fall to exactly do if you have somebody from the Jets being like Justin Fields sucks. I'd stay clear or if you have like to have the 49ers being like man. Justin Fields not going to take him at the very least. You can encourage somebody like try to trade up and waste some pics behind you. Yes, but yeah, it's definitely smoke screen tees. I just decided that they're too many good quarterbacks.


I don't know who to pick out of the lot. I think that I like I think I like Zach Wilson because of red flags not a captive not a cab to Los Angeles very very hard to not be a captain as a quarterback in college. You want to hear it takes almost impossibly. This is what you should have done with your quarterback bracket. You should have had Kyle Pitts winning the entire thing. I think I'll pitch you get drafted number one. Yeah. It's like with Josh games did Josh Allen you want to run through like the things that you have with help itchy.


Runs like a Deere he is a chess piece Miss mismatch and then he keeps opposing defensive coordinators up at night the up. Those are the three things that he does negatives. His name is Kyle. Yeah, but he does not look like a Kyle. I don't hate. What do you mean? I'm just saying we have we were described work among several. Kyle's who look exactly like Kyle Kyle's house or the Kaiser funny Duets hard and they, you know pound monsters they bang monsters constantly. Yeah. I usually love life also have like the racing stripes on the side of their car.


Maybe the you know, what are you say you have them in front of the care too much about like a sport XL. In high school opening day that he's giving me the signs to steal home. I like it. It's awesome.


I think if you look at teams that won Super Bowls recently, you can go to the list. They all have dominant tight ends is the tight end the new quarterback. Yeah, because it seems we've forgotten about Gardner Minshew pretty quickly on their game changers are the best. Yeah. All right, what else we have? We have all the final four. Do we are we expecting answers to be Gonzaga vs Baylor? I think we all are right. Yeah. I'm going to bet on UCLA to cover but I think it's a gas can which situation I want I want you see you later when just because I like Mick I like have somebody pointed out to me was it was Jay Wright 511 on Twitter.


We should be calling Hep. Hep C Yeah. We actually we did we just hit a sports advisors and Rico Bosco said last trip and was like, what the hell is he? Is he sick? He's killing them. Someone ask what's his name? And I was like probably have to type this right that has to be it.


His name is Hepatitis C. So I'm excited for the final four but it definitely does not feel like the most anticipated final four this year. And we're going to watch it. You have the Battle of taxes and then Gonzaga vs UCLA and hopefully Gonzaga Baylor happens on Monday night. That would be imagine if we get like he watched. Yeah. What if you if you got a big ass out there, what time is the game channel? 405 hours? Yeah. Yeah people stuck in traffic. You can't have that.


There's an element of Rick Pitino coach Mick Cronin. Yeah. I didn't realize that what a great job another feather in Rick pitino's cap Paisley his National Championship. We're going to let him put the tattoo back on the show that they win the game.


How do you rank this you've been to a bunch of final fours in one final four tournament? Where do you rank us if we can get Gonzaga Baylor about this great for like enter college basketball fans, but the Casual sports fan, maybe not they won't let us out. What time does Duke vs Kentucky in the championship? Oh, I also speaking of that. I have to walk back something I said on Wednesday. So I got confused sweet 16 had crazy numbers at least they didn't write so hopefully they don't keep the elite eight on Monday at Tuesday.


So we have some hope. Yes, we just finished the day. I hope that they go back to the old way, but it what happens if there's like a positive Covetous this weekend. I think they're going to ladies Hunter think about it.


She said no one should get to ask because if you get only the winners only the champion should have access to coded test. Yeah. Yeah, it would be quite a story. I mean the Nationals in the Mets having to cancel the first four games of the Season kind of sauce. Do I have to bench one soda now yeah you do you already but you already are behind what happened what happens when it if there were to be a test. So you think that they would they would delay the national championship on Monday in a controlled environment.


I don't know. Let's just hope knock on wood by the way Bill Walton ever text me back, but I did hear through his people that he was allowed to come on cuz ESPN so yeah, but whatever it's fine.


Give you all the tree to me saying he saw Bill Walton on his bike and just screamed at him go on fighting I take eventually he'll just I don't know end up in a bad, you know acid trip was like I got a new part of my tastes are really good Acid Trip. Yeah, well bad one where he's like just forgets everything is like I got into this podcast. Yeah. Yeah, and then we bring them back to the light. So then it's like we're back to the life anything else before we get your interviews anything else anything else Kittle prank to that wasn't very funny.


That was the funniest one by far cuz he's our friend to a troll face.


Wait Wichita fast was it it was the OGG you do an impression of the troll face guard oil and emotional at the podium and is not an April Fool's joke that is really the saddest part is we're losing one of the all-time best we can get into the state if you want, but I actually do feel like my take about him being a better Coach than Coach K has been Vindicated at this point North Carolina 5 final four appearances. Duke's only had three they've won the ACC in the regular season 9 x to the Coach case 3 since he's been there they've made the NCAA tournament.


They've only missed it once Duke has missed it twice. I believe you do flights ever County last year.


Oh, okay. Yeah, I found out. Yeah, but what about Coach K have any more championships in more wins? But since they've been because he coach for longer. I think Roy Williams Williams has I think he's got a higher winning percentage than Coach K does but you can also make the argument that Coach K Duke had Christian Laettner take him essentially single-handedly won those two national championship. I think that Roy Williams been a better Coach since he came to the ACC than Coach K S. I think in terms of the ACC it actually is cut and dry.


Their Roy Williams has been a better Coach since he's gotten species.


I think that's since Roy Williams got there. I would say yeah, I think so right now 3 winning numbers. They wanted 2010 over Butler in 2015 over in North Carolina has three 2005-2009 2017 how many how many 191 9201 2010 25th Street hook up before Roy Williams got the right 433 correct? Okay for that shot missed the UNC shot went in now they're eating it for ya. I mean I hate Coach K but I think he's is resumes still better than Gordon Hayward.


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Dot-com go or downloading the gopuff mobile app today use code. Pardon my take for $25 off your first order as well. Pardon my take on the gopuff app $25 off your first order. That's on us do it right now. Thank you to go pop. Okay, here is Baylor's Junior great player Superstar player Jared Butler. Okay, we now welcome on a very special guests. He's playing in the final four on Saturday against the University of Houston is Jared Butler from Baylor. Awesome to have you on congratulations first and foremost pretty pretty damn cool to be in the final four, especially given everything that's happened this year.


So has that what what's the like plan going into the final four? Like did you guys eat the game with late you guys finish the game Monday. Have you had like a second to let it all kind of soak in and be like, holy shit. This is pretty damn cool work two games away from immortality.


Yeah, totally went like make it to the final four is just a pretty cool thing. I'm cutting this down like just a big hoorah what not and I think it's time for some people like different people. They were like, even at the celebration they were like all we got two more to go. Like, you know don't know. Even happier that celebration. There's other people that are just like while we made it to the final four and kind of taking like a day and a half to get over it.


And yes, it is definitely important for us. Like we said and Eli are we going to be it's go time. Does she today I think today is probably like the last day you could ever think about it. Where did you fall in that Spectrum? Were you like we celebrating? Were you where you going crazy over you like a guy stop? Stop smiling. We got a game fair for one of the guys like when I woke up. Like I was I was over it cut the net that's always confuse me because it seems like there's some guys to get up at the top of the ladder and they know exactly how to like cut down the net properly.


So the next guy gets his peace.


He's like I try to get the biggest Seas I can get out like, you know, and I'm like, you know how to load just put on my hat and just have extra just in case but yeah, that's me. I don't tell you anything. So I was reading an article about how you know, you last year you ever see we're thinking about going the NBA you came back to Baylor you worked on your defense and one of the things that you said help was you were watching film in a different way.


What was that? How did you like for me defense always comes down to really effort but you could have got so much better in so many different ways. How did you do that? That's a great Point like most watched film for defense and like, you know, they don't see different place where they could have, you know, got to steal or like just a better technique. But yeah, I was just want me and one of those watch film in there be so many instances where I was like man I could have got this deal or I knew that that passes going to let you know come in after just watching, it's like I'm I'm not hesitating anymore.


Just going to eat no makeup on the ball and and see ahead and watch them how she do that to see your head. And yeah, that's that's really helped me a lot this year when you were growing up as a kid. Were you were you daydreaming about playing in the final four like to just remember when I was a little kid, I would think about like in the last shot the buzzer beater and they're always be like a particular play. I would run I do the countdown out loud like 321.


Is there as you thought about growing up is there like a specific dream that you have or play that you'd run in your own head picturing yourself in this moment for sure. I was always the kid is like I wanted to go off in the like, you know, just like 10 threes in a game. Like I was I was my dream the game when it stopped was like kind of like, yeah, I guess everybody done that like as did that but like I just wanted to go off and just have like, you know, back-to-back two back-to-back threes and just people just like why I let you know that I was going to happen on Saturday.


Is it to shoot in Lucas Oil Stadium versus the places you guys played?.


Earlier games and I all the other places that the games were taking place is so different just a backdrop. And you know how far the the back wall is the back for its perceptions change and the first game we played in the in the Lucas Oil and like at this point. I'd like to had to come over come down and just like our like we're going to play on these chords and then this is going to have you fully Vindicated your decision to return to Baylor for another year like it have you officially silence the haters since you got to a final four you like look I made the right choice.


I think I'm going to another level if they like, you know, I I came back to Baylor and now like I don't play for people's, you know, Vindication or validation or you don't know play Poor People's, you know opinion on me like at this point. I've become just have peace at just where I'm at in life and my bass what career is who I am as a basketball player and so like I think that's where I'm at. I'm over there like you're trying to prove the haters or you know what I mean?


And also you were originally enrolled at Alabama then transfer to Baylor so you have like, I mean, I know that you never talk bad about Alabama, but you watch that game and you're like, oh well, that could have been me on that, you know Court losing in the sweet 16. Yeah totally and you know, but I think you're a great job this year. And yeah, it's a good feeling.


It's amazing. Grace. You you never talk bad about that. But that was nice good just really good that it plans really good job. Do you like Alabama nasty typing? And then most of the guys are Alabama now, like I only know about 3 guys like John Petty Alex Reece & Herb Joan. So like and there's a new coach Avery Johnson not there anymore. So yeah, so when you decide to go to Baylor I read on Wikipedia, so it's probably wrong but it said that you decide to like when you were being recruited you were confused why they weren't recruiting you harder.


And that was that actually like it ended up being a great technique where it was like now, we don't we don't want this guy that made you want to go there more.


No, no, I didn't like the reason why I was mad because my high school coach sent to other players to Baylor Ricardo gathers and 3D Carter and the like it was like a no-brainer like the next best kid under the code so I can know they're going to stay know who I am and they just took to like the last month of my my junior year, you know the summer. And then they finally offered me. So I just felt kind of disrespected and don't know it and I ended up coming to Alabama and I think a little bit but I just know this is where you need to be every both had to like let go of our egos, you know what I mean?


Let's say there's 10 seconds left your down one who's taking a shower in your teeth. Are you saying to coach Drew? Like hey, I'm the guy or or maybe not I don't know. I need to know who's who's who's taking the last shot on the Baylor Bears.


I think it's usually it depends on who's got it going like throughout the game. You know it I think it's easy to tell her who's like, you know, who's been hitting shots and like in the last 5 minutes like what happened and I think either way goes like it's just like that's just a weird question cuz it's definitely just falls on who's got it going in and who's got the best chance for us to Macon. I was just trying to get a headline-grabber cuz I wanted you to be like, yeah, I'm taking the last shot.


I'm the man. You're you're the coach but you're also playing but your two different people but as the coach if your drawing up the last play who gets the last shot again, you just got to go with the hot hand at the time of the earlier like you didn't dream about him the last shot in the cereal you dreamed about just going off. So at what point have you went off during a game? What is that like.


2426 point is that going off or like if I hadn't missed the through the whole game that that means I'm usually I'm using one or like like that means indication for hot news, I guess. Yeah, I think the West Virginia game in the Kansas game this year. I feel like you were that was your in the zone in those games for Jerry Butler's and then one masio Teague who does coach Drew have to take the last shot who's ever got the hot hand. It may still seems like for called guys in the game like you got to go over to Jerry's his life for you guys.


Are you never seen do you watch her games? Yeah, I do but I I do not want why do I have one? Who is Taylor? I just said that can skin West Virginia game. You also beat my team the Badgers in the second round, but you guys doing I know. I know the mullet guide can dunk, which is crazy. But what is the call God actually like how did that start Macy has like a signature like celebrations after he's the three side call guide, you know, it used to be just like just call me but now it's like, okay.


So if you hit if you hit a couple call guide, what's the difference between call and garden and praying kind of same thing?.


Yeah, same thing 1 guys on speed dial. You're leaving a message after the town. Ye he hit the ignore button, but call God. It's like I got a direct line when you pray it's delivered when you call God it says it's a got a read receipt on. Yeah, I like to snap. God make it disappear real quick. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, what's it like right now in the bubble because I would have to assume that there is sometimes were you just get bored? Like there's only so many team building activities you can do.


I know that Alabama said they went to the zoo, which actually sounds amazing. I'm still thinking about that too. I've been up to today. I kind of keep you together and keep your mind from water too much.


It's a Grind cuz like you would have none to do for me personally, I've just been like trying to find good movies on Netflix which is like the hardest thing in the world cuz I you know, it's just it's just Netflix you play a lot of Connect Four and it's been a lot of competitive Connect Four games and we've been you know, just doing that replacement corn hole in the in our meeting room some guy PS4 is whatever and casino. You know, what was the level of panic in the Villanova game when you guys were down early?


Cuz I you know, you guys do have such a great team and I feel like the the strength of your team is that you guys when you want to just ratchet up the defense you feed all of that and you guys start basically runs on defense, but you guys are down at half. Was there any Panic was there any like what's going on guys? Why aren't we playing better or was it like hey if we just get a couple stops here. We're going to be back in this and beat them there wasn't any panic, but I think it was just.


All right, like you know like we got to like Uncle down or like it serious or like our there's no more fooling around like you know, and like and I think that these are all the aspects of our game and sometimes we're not hitting shots. It can affect our defense but I think you change from like IR defense is going to be good. No matter what and we're just going to live with holidays on offense. And yeah, I mean one side even speaks out. It's it's it's pretty hard to beat us.


But yeah, I think it's it's fun watching when you guys are like, we're going to just start clock now there up 10 out of nowhere back to Netflix real quick a little birdie told me that your big rom-com guy. What's your favorite income?.


I always say that the break up with Jennifer Aniston and I want to go. Yeah, you like that you like that they split up at the very very good. Look at the look in their eyes as you can tell I do think they get back together. I think so, I don't know but like I love that like even debating about it. That's a good one. Actually. Yeah, I love that you have you never seen Love Actually. It's like six different plots going on and wanted pretty much the best rom-com of all time.


It's fantastic you love it. It came out like what mm 5 mm for 2003. Yeah. Yeah. I think you a few really do like rom-coms. You'd love that.


That's really God. Damn. That's good.


What about When Harry Met Sally Katz Deli and then the other lady goes I'll have what she's having.


I know you love it. Actually, you might not have noticed. I don't know if it's something that you're coached on but your team attends to shoot a lot of layups like a lot of Runners kind of in the lane where you don't really jump you almost put the layup up a half step earlier. So you don't give the defense of chance to like key on that and go pain and swatted. Is that something that you guys actually make a point of emphasis on no actually don't ever talk about it in practice.


Like we never know. This is like, you know, it's like a little finish to do is actually just in game type thing. I've noticed it too. I mean you guys just might also be faster and better than everyone to so that also plays into it yet noticed that you guys are really fast and really good.


So yeah, I do think sometimes you drunk too much and too hard.


I've have thought about that sometimes, you know, you just kind of got to be a little nice sometimes cuz you don't just want to disrespect the game. But you know, and then there's other times you like if that was it's like they're just as hard. So yeah, I was going to say if I could dunk I would only disrespect the game. I'll just be constantly disrespecting the game that sounds like the fun is part of the game is the disrespected.


Yeah, no, but at the same time to nice of a guy getting back in in like watch the tape of that game against Wisconsin and just probably like six or seven points the game. Where was just like, all right, we get it. You're you're so much better at basketball than was unnecessary to just keep jamming it through the crust of the Earth on these guys. You guys were really fucking good and you lock down on defense in a lot of fun. But like I felt like Wisconsin was like really like a like they came into the game pretty confident like after you beat North Carolina by like 20 and I decided we're going to be Baylor to like, I don't know about that.


But like I don't know if they were actually thinking about just about that going to the game. So maybe that was why I don't know if that happens every year where Jim Nantz gives his tie to the best.


You're on the team that wins national title. You probably heard of it is probably one of the most coveted award in basketball. Is there a senior on your team right now that you kind of have circled as being the guy that's going to get Jim Nantz tie if you win the whole thing. It's really between Mark bottle and miss you a t.


And that's like a tough one because Mark has been here for five years. He's been committed to Baylor since like eighth grade, you know, just this ridiculous, you know Baylor for life, I do then there's Macio Teague, you know it just, you know, heavy contributor, you know, just you know bacon fake time competitor. Like I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I think you got it. You got to get that to both of them are Robert Griffin has he reached out to his is Robert Griffin like around the team.


Is he giving you guys like Adam boys are like hitting you up and ensuring you guys on now, he doesn't play Kansas. I think I want to say last year. We came to the game. He was like Courtside that was pretty cool. I didn't get a chance to talk to him. But that's about it. I don't think he's not that involves. I don't I don't know what else he doesn't the football teams that but I had one last question. Do you ever baylorfans? They do the bear say.


Like that. Yeah, do you ever look up in your like this looks kind of ridiculous cuz they show it on TV and it's like a bunch of grown men going like this and it looks a little car like the Texans. Yeah that the TCU Horned frog when everyone's like this, you know, cool. Everybody's being weird at the same time is awkward, but it never was do it together. It's cool. Yeah. It's actually a genius hand sign because you can't go horns down with it. Like I'm trying I'm trying to go down.


You can't turn it. It's hard to turn it upside down if you guys if you guys win are you going to go cougs down or you going to go like this?.


Aspen Houston is not like us getting to the gym shoe game. So it's like why would even do that. You would be the first to do it though that be cool to fans. Obviously, the legalization of gambling have people do people tell you the spreads. Do they like whisper to you? Do they say? Hey like Nice Shot there at the end or anything like that are players aware of it. I get a lot of likes on Instagram DM's when I like I just don't have money like mess up the spread or whatever.


But like I mean sometimes like I just get DMS and stuff like that and I just say that's about it. But like nobody ever like owns me is like you get people what's the meanest thing. Someone said you on GM? I can't say no. Thanks as Jared Butler first.


Don't apologize to those people is crazy when you lie, cuz you know, I miss you were passionate sports fans, but you do have to I jokingly tweet all throughout the tournament. They're just kids but it's like part of the reason you do part of the entire Dynamic of not getting paid, which hopefully will get fixed eventually in the NCAA is like you got to take a little bit easier on them. Like you can't it's not the same as prose when you're like bashing guys online. Yeah, next year will mother fuck you and then we'll feel fine about it.


So just get ready for that. Thanks, man. It's been awesome. We appreciate you taking some time. Good luck on Saturday. I think I'll say it. I really want to see Baylor versus Gonzaga. So let's hope that we get that and good luck in the game.


Yeah presets off Master. Thanks man. Thanks man friends over at liquid IV liquid IV is the best way to hydrate when you push your body harder, if you feel run down you got to stay hydrated got to make hydration of priority. It helps you feel healthier on a day-to-day basis with one stack of liquid IV in 16, oz of water you get two to three times the amount of hydration as just plain water its water multiplier. It contains 5 essential vitamins more vitamin C than an orange got as much potassium as bad as a banana is healthier than sugar sports drinks.


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So you get 25% off anything you order when you get better hydration today using promo code take when you go to liquid. three is a friend of ours. It is Tate Frazier from the Titus & Tate podcast. He's actually sitting next to Mark Titus in their car. Oh wait, we're not even going to start again.


So it's a whole thing. It's where we now welcome on a friend of ours first time on the show use of Titus & Tate podcast Fame. It is tight tape Fraser. He's in the car right now with our other friend Mark Titus. Mark is texting while driving very legal but Tate you so the big news today Roy Williams has retired and I thought of you first you're a die-hard North Carolina fan uncf and you went there your from there. So we thought who would be better to have on than you and also maybe talk a little final four which we can we can Loop Market at the end of that.


But so let's start just off the top. How many timeouts do you think Roy Williams is bringing with him to retirement. I think at least five dinner first and foremost.


Mark Titus sitting right next to you been on the show plenty of time. So it's great to be here so I can you ask about North Carolina. I did not expect this time in Indiana right now. We're at the final war Titus is giving me a tour of Indiana is Homestead. I'm seeing how the Basketball Hall of Fame I saw where they shot Hoosiers today. I saw Hinkle Fieldhouse. I'm having a great day. And then the middle of this Dan I get a you know, text my brother that just says, oh no, and I know I'm thinking something to my family may have happened you I'm like, okay like what's going on here?


No, he's not a good basketball coach and it's time to hang it up and I just watched the press conference. I'm in a restaurant. I'm like tearing up as I hear him talk about North Carolina basketball and this whole day has just been a whirlwind and the fact that I'm in Indiana is probably a good distraction, but the rest of it is not so good. I do like the fact that you guys are always together like me and big cat always get the question whenever somebody sees us in.


Without the other person like hey is is your co-host there with you but you guys actually true you guys actually don't ever you guys sleep in the same bed right boys together and window in general like with Titus being here. It's been nice because we just did I don't know if you guys saw this two or three weeks ago. We did an emergency Brad Stevens podcast, which is all about where will Brad Stevens go next. What is the mood for Brad Stevens? We realized it wasn't I you but now I'm Erika wanted to be Carolina and I want to come on your show Nashville and say we don't want to watch NBA coach B Mike.


I hope he's now the coach of the Tar Heels next year just for that clip just because you put that all on the record of the best the case that I I am literally going to have to buy it because I do not want this to happen to send them to do. He's a private school coach than to do Davis and you're going to like it.


No, no, they're going to promote from within IMA. I'm a West Miller believer. I want what's going to be the couch at some point is Greer. I think if it had to be now, I'm much happier with him being the head coach then, you know, maybe some other candidates a big hat was just throwing out there. I love West basketball West Milford nose bleed while he knows how to recruit Jon scheyer. Who's the coach of Duke assistant coach hates West Miller with let me know. He's a really good shows.


That's how did you guys are scared of him? So that gives me more of a, you know, emboldening opinion on them, but I will say General if you North Carolina, you got to go outside the family or at least make some phone calls at least call Marky Mark Few release Spokane Washington and you know 8 billion dollars a year in North Carolina and Chapel Hill. I don't know. Let's see what he says. Let's go let's call, you know, we can't go.


Billy Donovan Celeste, not really a conversation but in general North Carolina and make the phone calls. Let's see who wants to take a running back. I mean his recruiting class laid the groundwork for Roy Williams. Absolutely.


Thought about what about Rick Pitino? This is what the dark web saying. 1402 Carolina. Why not? What why not what I asked you to the Moon I'm saying in general are God's not a thing for Pitino. He's a New York Giants. He's going to stay I've got jokes that I'm not going to say about Rick Pitino because we are a pro Rick Pitino podcast. If I were to say something about Rick Pitino, I would say like that that ain't thar on his heel like a natural fit there.


It would be fun to see Rick Pitino get sleepy. But what do you think is like the the timing with the Roy Williams saying cuz I have a theory that it's more about like he said, he's not the man for the job right now like in this day and age, I think it might have something to do with the name image likeness thing happening right now. There was just another Supreme Court judge for the NCAA basically the NCAA got bent over in front of all the justices of the Supreme Court yesterday.


How to change and I don't know if Roy feels like he can adapt to that I think you know a tournament and in general you go from having Kobe why cam Johnson to lottery picks a number one seed in the tournament you lose to Auburn but it's you know, it's okay cuz I'll ever make the final four and then you come back to that and then you have this season which is worse case scenario. You have the talent but you also have to play the game of I'm abusing Dad's.


This is a big time for college basketball dads. Like if you are a college basketball dad this involved invested in your kid, if you're a marinovich of Swords, you're doing great Walking Dead, you know, I think he may be broke Roy Williams a little bitty comes in there just said like my kids should be stressed by throw-ins like your kids sucks. Like you kids should not be playing. What are you talking about? I'm a street. National champion, and then you miss me and I'll stuff. I think that.


Adds another layer do witches. Do I really you want to teach an old dog new tricks know that that's the rule you don't do that and Roy Williams is the example of a college basketball guy of the 20th century of DD old guard for say he doesn't want to change and I don't really blame him. I just wish they had a plan in place because I think the plan right now as big cats that is Hubert Davis Hubert Davis will probably be the next head coach, North Carolina and I love you for Davis as a guy.


I don't know if you were Davis has account. So I mean, I do think the game is password by but he did feel like out of the big coaches, you know, if you want to see the big programs Cal Bill self coach. Can he struggled the most with like the one and done and getting those be no just stacking the team with fresh fruit and let him go to the lottery the next year like you think that had something to do with it because he did feel like he never was.


Fully Embrace that we're Coach K credit to him. He's a dinosaur but he did a doubt. He's changed his whole program. I told Titus this in the in the fall of 2009. There was a Skype call the changed everything and it was Harrison Barnes and he was Skyping in to say which school he was going to go to everyone in North Carolina was in high school the time senior and everyone in high school was saying, you know Harrison Barnes is going to do you love coche he's going to get his business degree to do and then he Skype in the Roy Williams that I'm coming to North Carolina the number one, North Carolina.


We all celebrate we're dancing real like r i p You Got Served housing where Brian zoubek LOL good luck. Meanwhile little do we know some you know, six months later Brian's do Backwoods, you know illegal screen his way to a title in Towson gurashi out of his ass beat, you know the championship game and do basketball with Kyrie Irving at Duke basketball and then like you said, the guy going to the one-and-done are out, which is the deck.


Of them being able to dominate on the recruiting Trail and and you know, just in general it's it's one of those things where you tell who North Carolina that time I wish I could have captured the moment. I wish I could have enjoyed that like three month beard before you got back and dominated and I told her this is a Coach K won the War of 1812 war like in 2010 2009 fall do it going in the 2010 Duke basketball was dead Carolina won the war. We are one of 2500 2009 Duke has no hope and he was able to outlast New York.


So congratulations to him. I have a spin zone for you cuz it seems like you're down. Here's the Spin Zone. Okay, unlike some other teams out there that recently had a hiring take place.


Chris beard is already a Texas Shaka smart is already at Marquette and Brad Stevens is staying with the Celtics. So you can't be you can't have three high-profile guys. Turn the job down further making it an embarrassment that they have to then go get a guy who's never coached a day of college basketball and has been quote-unquote called low energy to be that your program. I'm not talking to you Titus. I'm talking to take so that's good.


I will say this in general. I think the North Carolina job never gets offered to anyone. I don't think that there is a phone call that's made to a marks you or like I said before none of those guys get called and he just gets bumped up and that's kind of where we are earlier. If you were Davis's the guy then I did get that 18-month trial. Right. You see what 18-month looks like and if it sucks and if it looks like it's bad dirty 2.0 L.


I'm like with PSP said with the recruits, maybe he's got the recruits to keep them. But if it's meth 32.0 + things aren't going well. You got to go outside the family. You got to make a real high. I wish it would be West Miller. I wish you could Jerry Stackhouse. My long-shot is it could be Rasheed Wallace, right? That's what I want. That's that's what I'm saying ball. Don't lie. Both teams played hard. Think about that after a game. Both teams played hard and bottom lines.


Those are two pretty answers to all the Press. You don't have to do anything else. I will say smoke a blunt after.


Flanigan's probably is it what Carolina Panther Messer looking for? But for me some pretty good though. Those are my play on Tobacco Road. You can't be that picky. You know, you can be like woah marijuana. No, that's not our culture like the hard stuff. Then people will then now say when I when I get excited about the idea of Rasheed Wallace going to be coach it at uncp will be like, well, he's never coached in college. So, how can you say he'd be good but Mike Woodson is bad.


Well, I would say to that Mike Woodson is 63 years old. If you get a guy he's a little younger like a Juwan Howard so to speak and someone who maybe can talk to the kids and not be like back in my day when our plane and Peach baskets. You have a little bit of a better chance. I mean one of those two lovely Speedway and what about you on Howard being on the Miami Heat championship team. He forgot about that.


Food right now who I love with Ron Howard on the 92 Michigan that walks in the door in like you can public information to see how many ways May probably like a hundred fifty million dollars in his career.


Why that's usually retirement age. So Mike Woodson is going to be there in 02 years to years.


Why do fans are All Shook Up about Roy retire instead of waiting till after Michael?.


Will you bring them home?.


Bring up a really good point in something. I love to do. We just talked about just like what are the best jobs like if you would have ranked college basketball jobs, I would put you and see I mean definitely top five maybe top three. I mean for me I was right about this. I think the top two jobs in college basketball Arkansas in North Carolina and they're interchangeable to be so it's like to go to Lawrence and decaying and be able to do I need to do with the deal I go to North Carolina with Jordan.


Do I need to do get the kids? I want to play Because The Prestige you got Wilt Chamberlain to get Michael Jordan right at the end of the day Kentucky is probably number 3 on that list for me. I can get my necklace and a number three but we seeing Kentucky be a billy gillispie time. We we know what you know, Calipari has been able to do but that's a Calipari spin on Kentucky. I don't know what Kentucky is without Khalid. They want to find that out.


So we'll see I think UCLA's the fourth best job in the country because again you got La behind you got John Wood behind you got Kareem Abdul-Jabbar behind you so you got to get set up.


Cillizza pretty much my top floor. And then I think my fist school would probably be Indiana and I know you guys are going to laugh but I think Indiana will probably my top five. I think that in general you just have kids that want to play there because of the Gino prestige edition, whatever it is and you have Indianapolis which has a ton of the basketball talent and you know, the surrounding area in General Tso recruiting States. I like bread or three states and I like basketball state.


So I think those are my top 3 with you in Deanna's definitely Prestige job a top-of-the-line job, which just make the Mike Woodson High or that more bath one.


Right. I totally agree. I said if I was like Indiana is you do you basically the same list that you just listed where it's like you got a couple of the Blue Bloods it have been roaming these last twenty years their number one and then you know, what? What's up. We'll just move 90 miles west. Alondo Tucker's going to be your new coach and you're going to be like, I like it. I like he is a jumped out of the gym dude. He was.


Why was you need to shoot to score a perfect example, you don't need to shoot to score just got up. You don't want to go to Wendy's and yeah, let's talk a little less talk a little final four. We will now let Mark join the program after the cheap seats comments that he had their just guaranteed. Are we are we looking at Gonzaga Baylor?.


Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, probably I mean he's going to smoke you sell a for sure. I think you said you sent a message to master for Baylor but I think ultimately Houston and Baylor pretty much the same team uses just not as good at doing what Baylor does Pepsi Pepsi up in the UCLA upsets Gonzaga big cat, you know this we get to Wisconsin Kentucky moment from 2015 where America's just like, oh my God, I can't believe the Goliath Bell. You know what it means? Yes. You been is hilarious.


You know that.


Play three programs that have no titles is now the underdog in the final four that's pretty ridiculous to me. I think you still wanting his worst case though. Cuz if uses in the title game think it's a go or UCLA will beat them in my opinion in Baylor's got like a weird Texas thing. They have an assistant coach at Houston that has a son that the coach of Baylor. I don't like any of the connective tissue there. So there's a little bit of a used enough said that I sneeze.


So I'm terrified of that. If you soon does win though, you'd have to if you're an Indiana fan you be like man The One That Got Away Kelvin Sampson.


What do I do want to put that program in in the death rate? They had to ended up being a hedgehog.


It is it is hilarious. No looking back at what Kelvin Sampson got fired for and what the whole Scandal was and I still like Pat 40 wrote an article about it when it happened calling it like in egregious miscarriage of leadership by Calvin said he was texting kids. He he sent like a few text messages out of season and now looking back at that scandalous like it was nothing it was it was literally nothing that he got fired for.


It's literally legal now.


In Indiana is the Best Buy Samsung was probably going to end up not being the right guy anyway for like awkward stuff the in Indiana fair go to revolted anyway, but I don't know. I think you could have won enough that it would matter like there's a lot of off-court issues and what whatever we don't need to get it through but I think he would have probably want to know it was a little more than just the phone calls phone calls reduce SBI world where like another you Sean Miller about Indiana real quick, cuz I actually do think Thad Matta is a game-changer.


I'm being honest. So you're at your old coach.


Who is a great recruiter who knows how to run a big program how much like what is his exact role going to be? I don't know that I've no idea. I tried to ask him and he I think he's just kind of there a course to the program and really Define what he does and that's like you're you're basically hoping because he knows all the high schools. He's obviously knows the area really well recruits recruits, Indiana. So heat I like a joke about Mike what's in it that has actually involved here that becomes a real kind of Tandem about my question like he's never chose to give a bath.


College soccer. No, just different. We're just kids.


He told you to get sliced bread garden christology. Did you not see northwestern's December when they were playing for out and it was changing the basketball.


Yeah, you saw but I do like the idea of those of dead body. It's important to just have a guy that the cameras go to in the crab. It does take heed off the coach when you have somebody like when Spoelstra took over in the Heat and like they did the cameras were just always on Pat Riley in the stands is good to take the heat off of an inexperienced coach this never before Coco game at that level.


I want to volunteer my services right now to get buzzed Indiana. I want to be that guy then I want to be involved in the program. Every time things are going poorly cuts and me and just be like, of course like Mark Titus is a lot to do with what we're doing right now is associated associated with me. So that way I can be the Fall Guy and I will gladly phone the store for her coach. They need me to last question. I noticed you didn't answer my question.


How many how many timeouts do you think Roy Williams booty cleaned out his desk for the last day tomorrow. He opens up a drawer and they're just like a thousand time out to be just never used it when someone's making a run on UNC. I think that if I'm if I'm right about what in Ft Czar, I think he gets her and this time I'll send it in fds, and then you can become a millionaire. I want to miss you much snow wrote. There's nothing in the Hall of Famer.


I loved you. I like you in Sebastopol. I think he's a hilarious coach and very good coach, but there's something very special about.


A team going on like at 80100 run Android just sitting there being like not going to use my title time out deal with it yourself.


Yeah, it was like always against this thing right going to learn on the fly. Like they like I'm not going to help my female but like at certain times like you said dick head when you text say them goes on a stick Dino Run in the tournament. You say I love Ray Williams you save Carolina basketball. I went to the blue-eyed and the year, they went in 20. I watch the blue white game. It was like watching two JV teams play each other Adam bun was their point guard Brian Morrison with our shooting guard and Jason William Jay Williams that do dominating and you want to play Carolina.


So I saw the worst of the worst Carolina Roy Williams game save the program won 3 titles did all he could so like at the end of day. I'm happy that I had to run that we had but I also my biggest fear is being in in Indiana basketball, and I could always be worse.


Yeah, you should be Wisconsin where you're like always. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no my friend my friend. I I have the self-awareness to know that they'll never win a title and I don't and I don't think they're anything they're not which means that I have happiness Indiana fans there much like Nebraska football fans. Where do you think they think the days The Glory Days are right around the corner from coming back, right? And that is torture that is true torch because as we know all of the best football recruits every year come out of Lincoln, Nebraska to keep them and stay there would be fine sleep during a recruiting video on how old is the man does not have a gray hair on his head.


Black, you're good. Johnny. I keep the hair black diet Whatever It Takes by best Coach K will try it a hundred with jet black hair that do you think that like ultimately I know you said that Coach K came back after Carolina. I buried them. If you would have put like Coach K vs. Roy Williams settle a bet who had the better career coaching. I mean in the better by all accounts is by far the better career and everything but if push comes to shove you asked me who I want to be with my coach Roy Williams a hundred out of a hundred times.


I want the guy who actually cares about me not the devil. Yai. Yai. Absolutely, Indiana. People can watch you tomorrow, right? Yeah. We'll be a reactor you basketball to be on Twitter. You know what I mean is it's the same thing every single year. All the time has come together. They have a team before guys a play three-on-three basketball against each other.


Be great and then you know from there type to take you to tighten take the podcast and yeah, we're living in YouTube.


Like what it don't wait for live. There was a worse moment of his life as a as a Carolina now, that's what we want to do when Mac trailer tires will have you back on.


Sam Howell gets an injury week one. Yeah Week 1 against an injury out for the year. We'll have you back on can I just say this Caleb Pressley will back this up North Carolina's football school always has been always will be I like it that whenever we have the future to just be like one as a primary guest and then the other person has to sit there later.


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Okay, let's do some firefest what happened really fired us breaking news.


Translate normal size Gap in your teeth. Actually. I don't care.


Will tell us he has a new app coming out called the play Barstool app where you can you contest will never even got his back. I wonder if you looked at yourself like all this is kind of cool himself into being like you should actually do this Michael. All right. Yeah, there it is the gap update. All right, fire Festival cake have a couple levels alive firefest. It's unfolding as a show has been going on but our Instagram getting hacked. What are the post? We got an email login?


That was like someone logged in from the Czech Republic and then I got another email login is AWS the show is going on. So I'm trying to deal with it.


Iron around by Arty and IRL sounds like Brogan roback all over again email. Your Instagram was changed from Hank Barstool. The phone number removed on your own for working on talking to Paul talking Instagram trying to get that fixed to ever get your shit. They haven't yet. I don't I don't know what's going on. But yeah, if anyone post anything, it's it's not us a LeBron James stand account for the day with crazy on it that my other firefest out before that was that this on Monday or Tuesday.


I forgot what day it was. We're doing a livestream. I was sitting next to coach dog's nose a picture of me looking like extremely short next to him knock out without a bunch of times and I lashed out and then just started tripping you guys are necessarily because I was upset because there was a picture of me looking sure.


I was honestly pretty immature of you and I look perfectly normal is Photoshop and yeah, it was funny but still talk about that instead. Do you were so not mad that you posted bad pictures of Hank instantly Photoshop archive, you know, it was good meme is so much better. And so then I had to put up a meme talking about the game that we watched hasn't has kept me thinking about it because out of the blue on Friday out of the blue. Like I literally out of the Blues Friday night.


I got a tweet. I was about to tweet the fat looking no facial hair Photoshop take of you as reply to that girl who made the gas station coming but I didn't so it's like PFT knew it was a it was a messed up thing to tweet and then he hours. I think he was hurting and he was hurting and Annie Hall.


And he was instantly went to the I'm going to bring everyone else down with me right now. I'm just saying yeah real Marlins man's fault. It was real it was real. So yeah, I understand where you're going with this post a Photoshop picture of me looking shorter than I normally avoid in the first fight you when I came in the office next day. I was only upset because it was like realistically small looking at a big car. Small that it was very good Photoshop disorder in the picture.


So you're saying it's realistic.


Then dogs know the photo shop in question. First of all was from Russillo. I think they were still out of gym guys like you want the time for years ago, but still holding on plane to me when I literally like I walked in the 06 APFT like stepped up to me with this is a short guys trying to invade all of Europe. They just hold it in their chest forever in my tiny little chest by off. My small little heart is filled with a little Pequeno size piece of Rage.


Yeah. I may have been wrong to post that photo shop. But in the moment you got you got to get the internet talk if you got to get the internet moving off. So no regrets what he deletes a reply from two years ago. I was laughing Billy. I just thought they walked off and walk around the bases.


Yeah, yes. That was so sweet. I love it. All right PFD your firefest rest of the week is that I got the vaccine and I'm not I can't I can't post about on social media. I don't want to be that guy. That's the Tweet Siddhartha Instagram stories are the person I was Instagram page because that's lame. It's like what vaccine doesn't work unless you put on social media, but I want to tell people so like I said, I don't want to like using the platform that I have to tell people that I did get the vaccine today and after getting the vaccine, I'm basically half bat a Batman a superhero in a baby be be taking ping-pong.


In fact, you haven't said it. I'm not going to say it because like no one else like hey, I'm going to get sick and you guys all our I don't want to do that. So it's just tough for me to keep my mouth shut about something like that. That is the podcast was burning. My firefest is when we were in Detroit this weekend on Monday. I had a few hours free time. So I went and visited our good friend Tony Scheffler.


Who is a varsity women's head coach at his high school and I gave them a pump-up speech before I think it was like State quarterfinals and they lost my 40. So yeah, it's bad what you say. I don't know you guys like this been a really tough year. I will I have watched a couple of their games cuz he's a good friend. So like he'll send us a link in a watch it and like you guys are great, you know, keep playing defense & Tony's really proud of you probably didn't tell you guys but he tells me all the time.


I'll proud of you and everyone's like great exhausted their pumps. It was great. We took week we shot half court shots to like loosen it up before the playoff game and they got fucking smoked. So I'm retiring from the from the pregame speech. Should we do we give a pump-up speech that team at some point via FaceTime you I do one with gray.


With a rod Weise, there's been some pop ups throughout the years. But this one was the first live in flesh and it did not go well at all. Like it's like in the office when Pam and Jim, can you talk to my dad and make my parents? Not brave. What did you say whatever but not with my speech. Doing speeches Billy your firefest. My first firefest was falling for Julian. Edelman's April Fool's prank. It was only telling me that you're on high alert. April fools like The Purge.


It's like that's the best way to describe it 24 hours of just like really I think woke up early this morning. He's got posted on his Mirror Lake Elementary. Remember what day it is. And I think it's time to neuter my dog when you told us.


Story, I don't know if it was just me. Yeah, you Billy was like I might do to my dogs at some point as like you should know now because that's the right thing to do and he's like, well, he's been like this all over his bed. And then I have a very well-trained dog decides that he's never been aggressive. He's never humped anything, you know, he gets the Casual rocket but like the best dog ever like really well tempered. I was in my head like, okay. I'm going to let them grow like let him like, you know, so he doesn't get to hip problems later in life and Beyond the nasal stop and honestly, I might not new to him cuz I think would be cruel it like new drum in my head, but I will but yeah, so it's time because you started I looked this bad.


There's a yellowish white stuff very well trained.


How to renew nocturnal emissions nocturnal emissions.


Like just stepping back outside of this for a second. Like do you think that the chickens chickens dying frogs getting fucked at dogs jizzing? Do you think any of this is normal?.


What are what are those names of the why you said that it was not too. So yeah, I know it's it's pretty typical chickens die frogs get fucked now. Dogs to build build build. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, but I wanted to fuck once I want to know what it is like and then I'll try to see if you have a way with chickens Drive dogs. Like you could try to do this right through ya ya your him fucking in his dreams.


Is it slobber then? I realized what a life it is. Officially the return of the O Walkin someone from work hoodie and jeans. I'm a big sweater and uncomfortable now so sucks and I just the other sweating. That's why I do this every single year that have the exact same time like overextend hoodie weather and be like fuck now, I got to lose weight. Now, I'm not eating any carbs in a start having like a undershirt that you keep at work to change into the Triple S hasn't been so strange.


How can you get involved in that? You know, what's crazy so.


A single game against both of them. No. No, it was actually a blow. It was only 1/16 2116 could have been way worse than both guys. I did like to spin around shots. I was told him I tried to give him an extra point when he almost completely with on a serve texting is on the banned substance list. So I told him but when I got the vaccine, which I'm not going to mention I told him to put a floater steroids on there was a Jew. Me off.


So is it South Shore Bank?.


Technically if we're going by the factual thing that we do sometimes yes, but it was also the shirt. He's wearing it was so nice. I just was going to delete the Tweet same color. No. No, this is pink different if I checked it out.


Oh really? Chat Hills problematic crazy shot Billy cuz I know you learn milkshake duck last week. So good job using it in a sentence right away numbers. You got the picture of me and the gym locker room and vaccinated. It was Johnson Johnson 31 what?.




99 between is now deleted.


I believe this week.






Well, mommy TV 12 and expose infielder. Timer will see everyone on Monday. Have a good weekend. Love you guys.


I'll be coming for your love.