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Now, Andre's part of my take. We have Brett Farve on the show, Hall of Famer Brett Farve on the show. I can't believe it. I'm sure people who are listening to this right now can't believe it. But it finally happened. We have Brett Favre on the show. We have college basketball, wild night. We have JJ Watt going to the Cardinals.


We're going to say, Hank, you said to Hall themes on the other day, what was the second one? I'm sure he's in the Mississippi State Hall of Fame. Yeah, of course.


OK, and personal hall of Fame of quarterbacks I dislike, who also seem like they kind of could be cool guys if they didn't play for the Packers.


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Welcome to part of my take presented by the all new Chevy Silverado, the greatest truck ever created. Today is Wednesday, March 3rd.


And Illinois is officially the number one team in the country, according to my power rankings.


One night in college basketball, if they beat the best team in the country, Michigan, then they deserve to be number one. I agree. I'd have Michigan at number two, the Baylor game. We can get to that in a little bit. But if you go to overtime, I feel like you should drop in the rankings that should be reflected on the back end. So, yeah, I like Illinois number one, Michigan number two, and then the rest kind of just shakes out from there.


And so it's a two team tournament this year.


A lot of people were were coming at me because of my Michigan number one ranking. I want everyone to understand that the rankings are not predictive. They're reactive. So I reacted to the last week.


Illinois was number two in my rankings. They absolutely kick the shit out of Michigan, which no Ohio. They go in. They're using theory. I don't even know if you want to do it. I think it might actually just be the Doug Gottlieb theory. He tweeted right before tip off. He was like, no, Eyo. Tonight, Michigan has too many dudes take Michigan big. And then it was like the complete opposite happen. But either way.


So I want to say this for real, though, because I obviously am partly partly trolling with my rankings, even though I do believe them. Gonzaga is a really, really good team. Gonzaga played and beat a lot of really good teams before conference schedule. I do think, though, a night like tonight is a perfect example. When you play in a big boy conference, it's hard to get up every single night. It's hard to get up three times a week or twice a week.


And there will be weird nights like tonight, like Illinois played absolutely incredible. Michigan is not as bad as they looked. And those things happen when you play in the Big Twelve or the ACC or the Big Ten or the SEC, and you have to play night in and night out against really good competition.


So it's a great night of college basketball. It was awesome.


And what you're getting at with that game is like it did actually look like Illinois wanted it more tonight, which is the most it's the most hilarious analysis that you can give of the game, because all of my worst coaches are my worst teams. That's how they would analyze losses when I was like playing youth sports. It's like, oh, the other team wanted it more. That's why you guys lost. They got body tonight. They got body. Like, I just looked up the rebounding teams.


I think it was like forty five to twenty six or something like that.


Michigan didn't look like they were trying to get physical tonight.


So goofy Coburn is is something has clicked with him in the last month and he is playing like he has figured out that he is just a monster and he can do whatever he wants. And his his entire defense has taken a different level. And I just Illinois I mean, I they were my number two ranked team going into tonight. So I thought they were very good, but they were very, very impressive. And again, I think Gonzaga is going to probably win the tournament.


They probably are going to win the tournament, whatever. I'm just telling you that I, I reward teams that have to play tough competition every single week and every single night in Michigan look like a team that was coming off three emotional games in a row and a gantlet. And then they get to Illinois and they came out flat and they look and you get exposed like that when you play against a good team.


We won't say hundred Dickinson's name on this podcast until he wins another game about that. How about that? You can't read the press clippings. Illinois, they.


Yeah, I mean, they played really well, so they're such a fun to watch. I didn't realize how fun Illinois was to watch until the last players out.


Yeah. Yeah. Until like the last week. They're they're a very, very fun team. I like I think Georgia Tech is a team. You know, they beat Duke tonight, but they they have some really shitty losses. I couldn't believe I was looking at their schedule because like you haven't heard, Georgia Tech talked about being a good team because they're not really that great. But they've been a lot of good teams and they've lost to a lot of really shitty teams.


So they're like they're super confusing.


Well, the ACC is like that overall. The ACC is headed down year overall. DCC basically has Florida state in Virginia and then it has a lot of the USC up and down, Duke up and down, Georgia Tech up and down. Pittsburgh is look good at times, would then really bad NC State. So that's kind of been the M.O. for the entire ACC. Am I missing anyone, Jake?


I think that's like that's on the case in Louisville or there is a perfect example of what. Saying to you of the up and down teams in the ABC, the ABC has had, like if you look at the entire FCC the entire season, you could pick a point in the calendar and be like, oh, they look like a tournament team. And then the next week they don't. That's pretty much the entire toughest news conference to lose. Yes.


So the Baylor win was huge. Unbelievable, especially when it looked like they were going to lose that game in regulation and their first conference title in 71 years, which is insane, but also makes sense because you play in a conference with Kansas and Duke is officially ranked. You want to do you want to have a postmortem on our Posthumus post? Mostly on those mostly talk about Duke. They're out.


Yeah. I mean, my only my only takeaway is basically that, you know, it's better to do this now than in the middle of March when it probably would have stung a little bit more.


I don't know who the ref was.


People were tweeting me. Like I said, it was a rough show because some of those calls on Matthew her were a little bit questionable. Apparently, that ref likes to make it all about himself.


But either way, it's every college ref. Duke Duke had their chances down the stretch and they just didn't look like a team that was going to do any damage in the tournament anyway. So why why even bother?


Why you just cut just cut the cord? I actually agree with that. I think that not making the tournament is actually way better for Duke than making the tournament and getting stomped in the first round, just getting blown out.


You're not disagreeing over here and you're close to be excited. Ted Valentine call.


Yeah, of course it was. Yeah, he he literally is just there so that everyone will watch him. And I'm going to disagree with that just because if you're Duke, you have how many years in a row has it been to know how many years in a row have they gone to the tournament like they haven't they they haven't had a tournament in 96, I don't think six that been some calling it on courts.


That means something gigantic.


Like when Wisconsin didn't go to term a few years ago, I was bummed out. Like, I think that when you go to the tournament every single year, there is a little bit of pride for that. Ninety five. There it is.


So I think that's not going to turn my Hank. That's I mean, you can't you do catch a cold this year, dude.


It's a cold this year's tournament. You come this whole year anyway. Listen me, it's OK. But if you're Duke you cannot miss the tournament in a normal year.


I would agree with you. I think it's a little bit different this year.


Don't get me wrong. Like Duke should have made the tournament with all the talent that they have and Coach K being allegedly we were told that Coach K was the best coach in the nation. That's my favorite thing said, by the way, is like we were told this and then you can just say whatever afterwards and then argue against that strawman. But like, it is bad for Duke not to make the tournament. But if you're going to pick a year to do it, this is without end.


Well, it is two years ago because remember, they they withdrew last year before it was canceled. But it's way better than now that you have to do it this year than if it was a normal year.


No, I think if you ask most Duke's Duke fans, they'd rather make the tournament lose in the first round than not make the tournament, which is still on table because you are Duke, you can't miss the tournament like that actually means something to not have missed a tournament since nineteen ninety five. That's that's crazy.


The the ending of the West Virginia Baylor game was that's college basketball in a nutshell. I agree that game was over like seven times or should have been over seven times. It is to foul shooting. Like, you know what I'm going to do this year. I think in the tournament I'm just going to bet against the spread on the team that shoots better foul shots like the team has a higher percentage just blindly in the first round, because when it comes down to not come time, when it's a big game and if it's in the tournament like there's nerves, absolutely become a factor for the worst foul shooting teams.


Well, it's not even foul.


It's foul shooting. But it's also, you know, when you have college kids making decisions at the end of games, you saw the exact same thing in Georgia Tech. And like, you can't get the ball in bounds. So you say, hey, fuck it, I'm just going to chuck it halfway down the court and nothing good ever happens with that. And I it's just, oh, Billy, fuck you. I just don't get the sixty nine ping pong ball right in our face.


A shoot hole.


You asshole, you know what I thought? I thought that was like a little on screen text that Billy edited in there somehow.


No, he was pointing to it. That's why I lost my train of thought, because he kept on pointing to it either way. Awesome. A Hoopes shot up, by the way, the Horizon League. The Horizon League. I have long time said that is maxin for basketball. It's I mean, it exists just for basketball. Cleveland State, Northern Kentucky, Milwaukee, Wright State, Youngstown State, all these teams. There was four games in the Horizon League tournament tonight.


Three out of four of them went to overtime. One of them went to double overtime or no triple overtime. And the biggest margin of victory was for the only game that didn't go to overtime was a one point game. It was crazy. It was absolute insanity in the Horizon League. So shout the Horizon League for giving us a great night of hoops. And yeah, I mean, I just love this time of year I, I get all the TVs going.


I just fucking eaten up. Whoops. Left and right. It's great.


I'm, I'm excited and like I joke about not getting into college basketball until the very last week of February. So we can say that it's not just because March.


But I was going to say when you said I realized like a week ago the Illinois was good, I was like, well, it was that that's when I started.


The first time you watched it, I was like, wait, it is not on the team anymore. No. I mean, I get really into college basketball for these six weeks year, which what's up deep, deep, deep, down, deep, deep brown.


Yeah, my bad. But I get really into college basketball these six weeks of the year, which I think is like maybe one week more than most of America gets into it. But it's it's different. It gets your blood going late at night and there's always another game on, which is incredible. Yeah.


So we also have JJ, what did you want. Got shocked the world signs with the Arizona Cardinals. No one expected it. I love these signings.


We're not even like Schefter was surprised. Rappoport was surprised. All the insiders were surprised. JJ, what is signing with the cardinals? I just assume it's the most money. Like, I can just say that like it is it's the most guaranteed money. I know calamari and all this stuff. I think it's the most guaranteed money. And he probably just didn't want to play in the cold.


Yeah, that's it literally was the most guaranteed money. I think Cleveland was right around Buffalo and they're in the fifteen million neighborhood. Fourteen, fifteen million. And so he's like, you know what, I'd rather just I'd rather go not live on the shores of Lake Erie, rather go to Lake Havasu instead of Lake Erie and and collect that extra million or so. And it does make a difference. Like a million. Two million dollars. Yes. To your deal.


Like, yeah. JJ, what's made a lot of money, but he's nearing the end of his career and he's obviously going to take the like. If he's not going to take a discount to play with his brothers, he's not going to take a discount to play for the Bulls at this point.


He said, why would you take a discount? Yeah, I never understood people who are like, I guess if it was maybe three years from now and Juju, what was literally a shell of himself.


But this is a 32 year old guy who has one last chance to make a ton of money, because even if he went into a career of media right afterwards, he's not going to make this money like not like how many media jobs are out there. How many guys are getting Tony Romo money one. So it's like this is his last opportunity. And it's just baffling when people are like, wow, why wouldn't he go chase the rings? Because rings are not guaranteed.


And I don't know if someone's offering you seven million dollars more or whatever it may be.


I probably take it it was one of those slap your forehead moments, because when he signed with the Cardinals, everybody was like, wait, why is he going to the cardinals? We have to obviously money is one, but also his former defensive coach, Vance Joseph, is there. Right. And so that was like, oh, yeah. We probably also spent more time talking about that and less time talking about his peloton, trying to figure that out, which that was that was a hilarious moment when people were saying, like, it's down to Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Buffalo because of his peloton account, which was fake.


A fake peloton account was breaking news about where JJ Wall was going to go, which is that is that's the widest possible thing, like a parody account on Teletón move over Hamilton tatoos that it doesn't get wider than that.


Not only that, but we had already ruled out Pittsburgh, like Pittsburgh had already said. We're not in the running. Yeah. So it was we got duped by something that couldn't have even been possibly true. I'm watching right now, Purdue. I can't stand the fact that Purdue just grows eight footers. They just have fucking the tallest dude always at center who just is five feet taller than everyone else.


Or they transferred to BYU. The guy Haarms yes Matt Haarms Purdue says they always have tall guys in Pittsburgh.


Always has the like the biggest ass in college basketball in their team.


Fucking sucks.


I do, I, I do like the move for the Cardinals defense though. Like from a football standpoint again if you get.


Eighty percent of JJ Watt, like I looked up the stats cardinals, they were tenth in DVOA last year, but I don't know, I don't want to give you like I used a plus, which is just DVOA plus whatever my gut feel is about that defense. And my gut feel is they were kind of candy ass. And like in that division, if you can hit the quarterback, like if you can hit Russell Wilson, you can beat the Seahawks twice a year.


Well, you may not be he may not be in that division. I just yeah, I their defense might be better.


They still have Cliff Kingsbury's, their coach, so I don't believe in them. Yeah, no, that's that's not sorry. I also don't get the whole like everyone out there that's like, oh, everyone wants to retire in Arizona. I don't I don't want to retire in Arizona. It's way too hot. Hank, why are you why are you shaking? Arizona's great.


If you guys just hate, like, nice weather.


No retire in Arizona. It's like one hundred and ten degrees is great if you like. A dry heat sweating on a golf course owned by Dan Marle with like four retired car dealer owners in front of you.


Then I return to your pool. Yeah. Kill a couple scorpions. Yeah. Yeah. Get a little dust in your beer. Unretiring Arizona, unretiring Arizona diverted to Florida. And Arizona has Portillo's. Depends on what part of Florida. Yeah, the panhandle, yeah, fair, that's fair.


Now, if you say anything bad about Orlando and the medieval times that they have Orlando, that's that's the goal.


The only the last thing I have with JJ, what was it was hilarious seeing the people being like we didn't even want them. That one guy who tweeted, like from an inside source in the Texans facility, JJ wants to meet first guy and doesn't even know all he cares about himself like that had nothing to do with the fact that you didn't get him. And then the t shirt thing, which Hank, I know you loved, JJ Watt had five t shirts of his five finalists sent to a friend because he was worried that the FedEx or the UPS person was going to leak it.


And I respect that he was keeping a secret. Thank you.


You actually fell for the peloton and you were like, I can't believe that JJ is doing this. Like, what a drama.


I just said, come on, it's just sad that you're biased. You're fucking biased. What you want me to do.


You're biased against Big Jay. Like, disgusting.


How about how about the guy?


How about the guy who's who's number. JJ watch stealing. I know. Jonah Yeah.


So this guy he respects so that is these are two World War Two veteran.


He fought in the Pacific.


He's probably one of the guys in the war genius that he's probably one of those guys ready for the longest Instagram caption of your fucking life once it gets official.


So he took 99 troops from that guy. Yeah. JJ, just take no for selfish reasons.


Yes. I mean, seriously, though, Hank, you're such a hater.




No, I respect the troops before we do Ozzy Calderon, do we have to have an intervention? Are you good about what you know? You know, what about. I actually don't know which you talk about. Responding to a certain someone on Twitter that I said you were going to do, yeah, well, I understand them that I read like Dwight Schrute on the office.


So, I mean, he's out here running his lips, talking all this shit, saying like, I'm ducking out.


You couldn't resist the fact that I'm using the company to duck them and say and you just wanted that as an implicit threat to be a good one, two million dollars. You just came up with two million dollars out here. And then my bosses said, no, we don't want to gamble any dollars.


We want to pay him zero dollars.


We don't want to do a financial transaction, d'Urbervilles, because he's a loser. And so now turns like, why are you hiding behind your company? They can make five to seven million easy off it. And so I told Darrin, if it's that lucrative of a business proposition, Darrin, sounds like you should probably put the fight on yourself and I'll show up for free just in Venezuela.


That just kidnaped me. If we're going to jump down Ravell, I would hop in the car.


I'd be good. No big cat. I know he did.


And he responded to him. But I last week, through the whole epigraphy. Yeah, we went through this was like fifty theoretically vanderveldt. We do. What are you going to do.


Yeah, we went we did like live practice and and you just got on the field and threw an interception right away. You saw like the first pass rusher, you just threw it right into a guy.


Looked too good.


I couldn't, I couldn't help myself because he was he was coming at me.


So I will no longer be replying to OK, great possessions but Espiner clear tokens. We should be one month of not tweeting. I should go.


We should take something away from you that you love every time you do it. No, you can't punish me. It has to be look like a 12 step program with step one.


I'll start by not responding to Darren Rovell No. 12 step program. Let's say look looking up right now. Oh man.


Step program steps, acceptance, denial. Yeah, you're in denial. I'm talking about grieving. Those are the steps of grief.


Yeah. 12 step program. What are each of the honesty stuff you haven't been honest with yourself is honesty. Recovery can begin with one simple admission of being powerless. There it is.


Or something. There it is. You haven't done that. You just said I won't respond to I. Real honesty is I am powerless to respond to unravel. It will probably happen again.


I can stop at any time that I want. Yeah. Right I can. OK.


OK. I hi, my name is PFG and I'm Ravell, I, I can't stop, I'm powerless over myself. I can't stop replying to his tweets. You also you also started it yourself. Yeah, let's not ignore that. Yeah, you did. You. I started the whole thing. You didn't. He didn't. He responded to you because you you basically were like, hey, I want to talk about reveal today.


I just thought he looked good as a girl, that's all.


You're obsessed. Listen, I'm funny, man. I don't want to say why not believe part of me thinks he might live a little Renfree he's paying. He's he's it's rent controlled.


Well, he's he's so the rent is like three thousand dollars.


He's only paying nine hundred bucks a month. It's rent like in that Blackmar episode where you get for cheaper if you're brand strong.


That's, that's what I give him. He's living rent rent controlled in your head right now, Jake.


I just need you know what you know what I'll do every time I want to apply to Darren. We have a better version of Darren here. I'll just direct all that energy to Jake.


You can direct it to me, but I'm not going to tweet at him because he's still going to get what he wants. No, no, no, no, no, no.


This is we're keeping this all in-house right now. We're close in circles here. No, no, no.


This is yeah. This is going to work because you're just going to you're going to address him and you're going to say it to Jake like you're tweeting so you can start some tweeting him is going to get you off that way to Jake. This is going to work.


I start calling what you're doing in our group.


Just you just basically found a way to drink like twenty five nonalcoholic beers and just make a burner count fifty. Do what an adult does. I should make a burner.


That's a great idea, Hank. I'm going to make a burner account. Yeah, I have a burning Twitter account.


OK, yes. What if we send in a message and say like promo for the fight we're going to like a WWE pre. We jump out of any wood and beat him up and tell them like we're not everything we're going to jump on Billy.


OK, we've got a jump in it. No move off that.


Oh, yeah, I'm getting worried again because this is the problem.


Sometimes I like Billy, who actually physically wants to jump Daredevil outside of his house. Pfft, he can't stop replying to him. And what, the ship is sinking right now. OK, I've got it. I've got it under control. Burner accounts can set up tonight. I'm not going to say what the handle is, but it'll be there.


OK, but if it's obviously you, it's not going to be obviously me. I don't it needs to be something that people don't realize so that you can get it off your chest. But then as soon as people are like, oh, that's funny, then it's going to get the attention and then it becomes a thing. So you have it almost has to be completely anonymous. It'll be 100 percent anonymous. No one will ever know.


And here's why it'll be anonymous, because the people who actually set up multiple people who actually do reply to Darren's tweets are way meaner to him than I would ever be. Like, OK, like out of bounds mean to him. So I'll I'll blend in seamlessly. OK, let's get to hotsy cool thrown is brought to you by our friends at Jack Pocket.


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OK, hotseat. Cool Throned Henry, you're looking good today.


Thanks, big cat. No problem. I'm going to get a haircut just pumping each other up. I've been in a little bit of a lull, so I'm just like, I don't know. It's I think it's seasonal.


You don't want it. You know what it is? It's the hat. That's a sweet. Yeah, it looks great. The housebreak invited the pastel sports store. And I'm also pumping up Billy this week. Even though he didn't do sympathique last week, he just failed to do that. But I am going to reciprocate and actually give him a pump up week. I can see. Nice to be what I can see.


You can see what? That you didn't.


You said if it was if it was not being nice to Billy Week this week, I would point out that you're not wearing your headphones once again, but it would be nice to know it doesn't matter on that.


It doesn't matter. I can see also Billy's here today. So that's I mean, a. Hundred percent improvement over the course of the week. Yup, very nice, really sweet corner, Bill. It feels great being nice to Billy.


I love being nice to Billy. OK, Hank Henry, good looking, good looking. Thought of a guy. Hank. Now you think I'm fucking with you now and now I think I'm fucking with you, but I'm not. I think you actually look good today.


His hair. Hank, is it like curling out at the edges? It's flowing.


The problem with it is it looks terrible without a hat on.


And it's like going like three weeks. No, no, no. Let's see it. Take the hat off and screenshots live forever. Take the hat off. Absolutely not.


I'll take my hat off. You take your glasses already. Three to one. OK.


Former Nike VP, accurate, crazy story that came out.


And the funniest part is that this kid did it all to himself. Yep. He is this kid who his mom is the VP in Nike, so high up, worked at Nike for 25 years, worked her way up as like the VP run and shit. Her son is a sneaker reseller, started a company called West Coast Street Wear, which, you know, classic starts to wear company, West Coast girl's name.


That's like the car company that exhibit ran. And yeah, my right.


Yeah, he would use his mom's credit card and like bot's and like did all this stuff to buy all of the sneaker releases like before they come so people can buy them and they would resell them at a price, make money off it. No one knew that his mom was the VP of Nike. He went out of his way basically to do a story and like tell all this information to Bloomberg. Yep. And called the Bloomberg reporter one time to, like, ask about the story.


And because his mom paid the cell phone bill, her name showed up on the caller I.D., which made the reporter obviously look like that's interesting, looked it up, connect the dots, put it together.


And then so the story that the kid was just trying to like gas himself up, basically it was it's all ego like he was trying to get press for himself. Ended up like getting, like, fucked his mom over. His mom had to quit and like, exposed the entire Nike industry, greenware resell business. And like, it's all just because this kid had a huge ego. He's trying to like it's get free press.


It's the perfect story for twenty, twenty one. This kid, like, paid for Bloomberg to write a story about him, where his, you know, being like, wow, this guy is such a great entrepreneur. Oh yeah. Forgot to mention that your mom's a fucking higher up see. Sweet person at Nike. I like it. Just perfect.


So was he using her position to get the shoes. Erlinder like to win the auction. Well, so because all I know I don't think anyone ever actually wins the sneakers auction because I swear to God, I've never seen anybody be like, this is awesome. I just want it's always like, fuck me, why am I doing this? I waste another Saturday morning.


So there are two things. One is that he was using so he was pretending that he was like this big entrepreneur and like, wow, like, you know, does sound like he's got a good business.


I'm doing it all on my own. Grinding out here. He was using his mom's credit card. And there was also he he, quote unquote, found three Marty McFly shoes in a in a warehouse in Oregon, like just happened upon them, these super, super expensive shoes. And they think like that was clearly his mom just giving them to him. Yeah.


So he's also he was using bots that were legal then. He was also basically like conveniently he he had, you know, information about when shoes were going to be taken off the market forever. So it's like he would be able to buy those shoes before they got taken off the market. And then once they got taken off the market, they're worth a lot more. So he and then he in this article, basically, he was like, well, you know, if you live in Portland area, there's so many Nike and Adidas.


Exactly. It's just a good place to sell shoes, like if you know the right people. OK, he's saying not to mention the fact that the right people was his fucking mom.


He was like, this is information you could glean by just hanging out in a coffee shop. Right, Portland. Cause everyone's talking about these shoes and when they're going to go on sale. But his mom saying that she had nothing to do with it. No, his mom quit.


I mean, yeah, it was he was using it for like you were twenty five. He was using her credit cards, her retirement plan, her dad. I mean, that's the thing. It's like he'd better sell some fucking Jordans.


You better hope that it was he was involved, her mom was involved because otherwise like the kids screwed for life, like even if her mom was taking a cut or whatever, then they're in it together. But there's a good chance that.


He was just he just fucked his mom over and her entire career when cloud chasing goes wrong. Yeah, it said he was making 250000 dollars a month. She better have had something to do this year.


And he had a change like a young kid who has like probably a million dollars.


I'm just going to say this. I kind of like this kid. No, the kid saw an opportunity and he maximized his earning potential wrong. I he by stealing his house money. Yeah.


You know, his own warehouse due to that. That kid is a fucking CEO boss. No, but I like that line about like I would have no help. I was like, it's all self-made. Like he was he was turning out that he was a self-made entrepreneur of like he's like he had all the money came from his mom. He's not on the inside information.


I mean, he's the reason the other person's parent, like parents, had money. That's how they became rich. He just he stole it.


But he's the reason why you don't win sneakers, auctions like these type of people who are basically gaming the system with lots. It ruins it for everyone else. It sucks. I'm happy that this kid got exposed and maybe like regular people can start buying shoes.


I don't know. I don't fuck around with these made up marketplaces like sneakers. I spend my money on solid investments like Dogecoin and Alex Caruso gifts. Fuck this kid.


I'm so happy. It was such a great story, especially the fact that he, like, sought out Bloomberg to do the story about him and the fact that he's making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.


But his mom is still paying his phone bill, which is like the smoking gun of how he got caught. Right. He had this one. I so there's one picture of, like all these shoe boxes that he had on this deck where he had I don't know, it's probably five hundred shoes that he's just marking up and ripping people off.


Oh, it was beautiful story. Like, it got to be too much where it's like a warehouse. He was almost running his own. Like you literally had no more room. Right. You are now at the point. It's like it's like almost it's almost as if, like a ticket scalper bought 60000 seats to a football game. It's like, well, what the fuck, dude? No one can go to this game now.


It's just it's sad to see you guys not respecting the grind of a youngster out there. Oh, I love this story. It was so great to see this kid get it. All right. What's a cool drone?


My cool thing. I have a couple of first one, Jason Sudeikis. He won best actor for Tabla. So I just watched the show this weekend.


So it was like it was one of those things where, you know, you watch the show over the weekend, all sudden boom, Golden Globes, he wins.


It's like, good for Jason. Yeah.


I don't know why he hasn't come on the show at any point. It's a it's it's right up our alley.


Ted LASO is one of those shows that I sat down, started watching. I wanted to hate. It was goofy. I wanted to hide it because I was like, this is a commercial. Corney they're turning a commercial into a full length show.


And it ended up just it warmed my ice cold, tiny little heart. I felt good. After watching every episode. It's so rare to find something in twenty, twenty one that you consume and you actually feel better about the world after watching it. And Ted laughs It was one of those things, although I didn't like to play that he drew up at the end the football player.


I don't, I don't, I don't know. No spoilers.


I suppose it's the most meta show ever because you start it and you're like, this is the corniest, most obnoxious thing ever. And then you fall in love with Ted LASO. Just like everyone falls in love with Ted LASO.


They do it to you. It was goofy. And then I was like, crying, crying. It points. Yes, it's incredible. Yeah.


They broke through the television screen because I think everyone had the exact same experience for like, whoa, this is corny. It's a fucking commercial made into a show. Oh, wait, I love Ted last. I wish Ted Laszlo's my dad.


Yeah, well, by the end of it I was like, I would like for the Washington football team to hire Ted last. Right. Like, you can't convince me that Ted LASO couldn't take the Jets ten and six. Yeah.


And then in his acceptance speech, I don't think he was expecting to win because he won.


And then he he was like, well, OK, yeah, I'm like ten assault. I mean, you only have like a minute in those awards shows. You look like he was enjoying some three. It took him like five minutes to get his thoughts together. He also three cheeba. But you think you're just going to be sitting there like waving and then also when you get called on and you're like, oh, I have to I have to speak.


This is bad.


He won, though, that that award show not only because he won the award, but the fact that he would didn't dress up like the losers who got in their tuxes, like, dude, this is the one year where you don't have to dress up, be a normal person like don't you don't have to.


The most abnormal thing you can do is dressing up in a tuxedo in your own home and then hopping on a Zune. Yeah, like just be yourself. And so seeing him and then Don Cheadle telling him to wrap it up in his talk show like, all right, Jesus is one this because he's just hanging out on a Sunday night.


It also have been sick if he was wearing like a suit top and then just no pants and he, like, stood up to accept the award in his underwear, that would have been cool, too. But it is it's one of the best shows that I've seen on television, like the last three years. It's very good. Very simple for Ted. LASO, hard over here.


All right. Your hot on my hot seat is unpaid internships, unpaid internships on the hot seat. Billy is paid. I don't like that. Look on your face, Billy.


You had someone to look at because you stole one of his high school. Three. All right, we pay.


We pay you and we're out in rabbit meat on a biweekly basis. So you paid handsomely, but. Jane Slater, full disclosure, she's a friend, I like Jane, I think she's a very nice person. And she she tweeted out yesterday that she was looking for an unpaid intern for her friend or for like an acquaintance who is setting up some sort of, like, digital media thing. It was going to be like a part time thing for a student who is still in college.


And Twitter came down on her with the heat of a thousand suns and just did not stop. And I think like it became a thing where some people were using the excuse to talk about to like backlash against the backlash to be like this is how how hard I grinded on my way up, you know, like I where I worked 10 hours a day unpaid and walked uphill both ways to it. And certainly there's like a lot of hard work that goes into where we got at this point.


But I'm not going to sit here and act like it's not because we're hot, like at the end of the day, like we slept our way to the top like anybody else. But people people were saying, like we that unpaid internships are like the worst thing on earth. And it is actually like it sucks. Unpaid internships suck. It's not really fair for people that can't afford to take them. But it became one of those things where it was just a day of dunking on Twitter.


I felt bad for at the end of the day, but some of the people were making a good point, which is like, hey, if you can afford like I was saying earlier, the NFL was looking for unpaid in the NFL could afford. If you can afford to pay interns, you should probably pay interns.


I just wonder I totally agree that you internship should be paid.


We've passed that, you know, I mean, like ten years ago, that's how it was that you can get there's unpaid internships everywhere.


And my take is just because it sucked for some people doesn't mean it should suck for everyone.


Like we should move forward and be like, hey, if you're doing work, if you're doing a service, you should get paid for it.


But I just I love when everyone just makes the same point on Twitter just and like, continually dunks on someone or dunks on a topic. And it's like, you guys aren't doing anything. You're not you're talking to no one. You're just shouting into a void. Someday you're going to realize this was all worthless.


Yes. Yeah, it was. It was a day on Twitter that I felt worse after. Yeah, they all right. I felt I was just like this kind of I was like, I got to go home and said, Laza, the point's not wrong.


It's just it's obnoxious when everyone makes it over and over trying to be like, here's how right I am. Yeah, exactly. Yeah.


Billy, in defense of unpaid internships.


Oh. Oh really. Oh right now I feel like I love it. Yes. Being negotiated.


If I want to go negotiate and not show everybody in the room was like you should pay interns more and then Bill is like actually I if I were going to be nice to Billy this week, which I am being nice to Billy this week, I tell him to shut his mouth right now, not go any further because he's about to dig himself a grave.


But go ahead. A lot of people who are qualified for the unpaid internships are part of institutions, private or public firms that provide funding for people who take unpaid internships. Hmm. It's in their vested interests that their students are.


So you're saying like like Northwestern University Middle School of Journalism, right. We pay our students to take unpaid internships.


Exactly. It's just a matter where the money is coming from.


Right. But what about people that don't go to those schools, like hypothetically Northwestern, these like elite institutions that you're speaking of? It's free to go there, right? No. OK, so you do have to pay them to go there so they'll pay part of your salary.


So the point, Billy, I think what people are making and I agree with but again, it was a noxious how everyone had to make it over and over and over ad nauseum. But the point I think people are trying to make is that when you have an unpaid internship, you're basically stopping a bunch of people from getting that internship because they can't afford to live with no pay, whereas some people with a safety net can be like, oh, I'm going to go have an unpaid internship for a year.


And, you know, my parents or someone will help me out financially, whether it be rent, food or whatever it may be. So you're basically shutting off an entire group of people who can't afford to take an unpaid internship. Therefore, that's wrong. And I agree with that. Do you get that part? Yeah. OK, OK. So be nice to Billy. Yeah, Billy spent a lot of growth.


Actually. One thing I've noticed about him in the last couple of weeks when he's wrong about something instead of being like, no, I'm not wrong. And then thinking up new lies to tell you about why he's not wrong, he's actually been like, yeah, my bad. I've heard Billy say my bad like five times, even though that does make you better. Yeah, I'm just conceding this.


You actually make Twitter. There should be one boss like blue checkmark who just makes the one point and then leaves it Magic Johnson. Like, that's it.


There's the point. Instead of like a thousand journalists all making the same point and and talking down to people and then eventually making everyone be like this kind of sucks.


Yeah. Who do you think the best journalists in America would be? Peter King. Peter King? Maybe. Maybe Peter King. But I feel like. Peter gets dunked on a lot, too. He does, he does. Richard Deitsch and Peter King definitely is a back in my day guy. Yeah. Richard Deitsch for Canada. OK, ghost of Walter Cronkite. There you go. Yeah. Start the Twitter account. Michu throne is Chicago Bears hydration levels.


Oh, you stole that from me. What do you mean? I stole that.


I was my my hotsy cool throne. OK, well, we can discuss it together. OK, so the Chicago Bears hired Tom Herman, former Texas correct head coach, as their special projects coach, meaning he's going to do one of two things. When I hear special projects, which is a hilarious name for an NFL coach, that you're hiring the special projects guy. I think one, he's either just going to be the full time. Cordarrelle Patterson, offensive coordinator, just designing plays nonstop for Cordarrelle or two.


He is just going to be running a 24/7 PC laboratory to make sure that they're maintaining those hydration levels. He's the guy in Texas that put the charts next to the urinals. And it showed like on a scale of seeman to read how yellow is your pee and then depending on what level you were at, that's how good you were going to play that week.


So three, which is actually I think the reality of the situation is Matt Nagy. And it's maybe the first smart thing he's done is if you hire enough people that you can then pass the blame around, too. It might give you a little more time.


That's true. And it's also a great excuse to incept other people, like when you when you say my biggest flaw is I need to get better at delegating, it's great because it makes everybody else think to themselves, that guy works too hard. Yeah. That guy is such a damn hard worker. He needs to learn how to not focus on being great at everything all by himself. He needs to hire a couple of people and spread it out.


So the interesting it's really a life comes at you fast moment for Tom Herman because it was, what, four years ago where he was hired at Texas from Houston. He remember he had the his his business card that said, like future head coach of Texas. Yep. He was the perfect hire. He was the dream hire. He was a plus slam dunk. And now he just got invited to the Titanic. And he's like, yes, first class, please.


Oh, you don't know that. Maybe he had a special projects coordinator for Chicago Bears. I don't know why you'd want to join this coaching staff.


I mean, they unless unless unless Tom Herman was told that they get they got Russell Wilson or John Watson, you were signing up for a ship that is basically his options probably came down to Chicago Bears special projects guy or the guy that cleans Nick Saban's toilets.


And he was like, you know what? I'd rather stay away. Big shot. Yeah, rather. Well, that brings to mind another question.


If you're talking about piss, like he might just be hired to design a chamber that's big enough for all of Nick Foles piss to fit in to analyze it.


It's whatever. I just hire as many people as you want. I don't care.


It's nothing's going to change.


I do I do love that strategy, though, to just be like I need to you know, my my biggest fault is I need to get better at letting go of things. Yeah.


No, they're going to pass it around. They're going to pass the hot potato in House Hall for the entire year next year where it's you know, you do this, you do that here.


You call plays. All right. What do you want to do, install here?


And then eventually it's going to lead to the same spot and everyone's going to be like accountability, accountability, communication, blah, blah, blah.


Fuck off. All right. I guess I have to on the fly, I'll change my hotsy cool. And they both got taken. My hot seat is the 16 game schedule for the NFL because it looks like we're going to seventeen and my Cutrona will be the 18 game schedule because as soon as we go to seventeen, we're going to go to eighteen.


It's the greatest like sleight of hand that the NFL is doing here where they're saying, seventeen games, seventeen games, they're going to do seventeen games and then they're going to be like, well, it's not fair that some teams get more home games than others. We got to go to eight.


Well, seventeen games just doesn't sound right. It has to be an even number. You can't just like commit to an odd number that throws everything on you. There's going to be no more teams that are five hundred. And Jeff Fisher is shaking in his boots somewhere.


I saw some of the rules that are going to change. It actually is awesome. So there might be a Monday Night Football playoff game. Yeah, I like that.


Yeah, they're going to do so. The Seventeenth Home game is actually going to be decided. It's just going to flip flop.


So one year, all AFC, one year, all NFC and then the extra game that they're going to add, which is very cool, it's going to be who you played last year division wise. So like last year, the NFC North played the we played AFC West right way back.


I can't think I've permanently blocked all Chicago Bears games, but no, we didn't play the Chiefs.


You play the Dolphins. Did you play the Jaguars? Did you Raiders? We played the South. We played the Jaguars. Yes, we play the cold. So you'd go top of the NFC North. No one in RC North the next year plays the number one in the end. I like that. I like that. That's what it's like almost whatever happened last year. And then you you match up that way. So you basically get, you know, four great games, hypothetically speaking, if.


All things stay the same, and I just and also we might eventually get to a point where we get Super Bowl and then presidents.


So it's going to happen this year. Yeah. What happened this year that I looked at the calendar and said that next year it would be the Super Bowl would be the weekend of Presidents Day to be incredible. We've all been lobbying for that the day after the Super Bowl to be a national holiday, which it should no one should be forced to go to work that hung over ever. It just makes the winter shorter. Yeah. It also Kux, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, too, because, like no one is going to celebrate.


I'm a big present day guy. I'm not going to think about them at all.


No, but do you have a full day to just two full days? Great. I like that a lot. And you're right. There's no way that's going to stay at 17. No, no. They go to a Winnie the Pooh verbal meme, 17 games, Winnie the Pooh and a top hat and a monocle 18 game season. So it's going to happen. All right, Bill, your hotsy Calderon.


I actually have a couple. Oh, I was surprised you didn't take on Soldier Boy is soldier boy versus the WWE soldier boy come to the rap game is than WWE. Now he's in a Twitter war with Randy Orton. OK, I'm not a great place to be, so. Yeah, soldier boy wish WWE another hotsy was internship's and then who's who's on the hot seat.


Soulja Boy. Because every WWE superstar says Good in the ring, man. Let's do this.


Is this a work? Yes. It sounds like Soulja Boy has an album coming out soon. I'm not actually. You don't be nice to Billy are not going to say that. I was going to say something about wrestling, whether it's real or fake, but I'm not going to say it is real. And I agree.


It's real hotseat. Everyone, deep fakes are getting scarily real.


The Tom Cruise and Tom Cruise one. Yeah. On the golf course. Yep. Yep. That, you know, we could get deep faked. Yeah.


I'm sure that I've been dead faked. All right. Everybody in this room has probably been deep faked at least once to make my cock big.


OK, my first cool throne is Dan Campbell. Oh no.


We're going to do that as a segment.


So skip to the next one by actually this is a do you guys know the story about DJ Cooper for twenty nineteen.


This is like Billy. Just open mic. Yeah.


Go a nice. Well he.


Let's hear about this one deejay Cooper. Yeah. You hear about it. Go ahead. No I didn't.


Well he was a former Ohio University basketball player who went to play overseas and he took a drug test as usual, Federal International Basketball Association. He tested positive for pregnancy.


Mm. Congratulations.


Yeah. Yeah. Which is usually a masking agent, correct.


No use. His girlfriend's pissed off to pass a drug test. Found out she was pregnant.


Now it's mixed up. So he got.


Well it's good. Well, it's bad. Wait, wait. What if it was a golden shower situation. What if he ingested some of rapists then when you piss that piss out, when you're pissed and say that you're pregnant, actually know when you're pregnant, you can't pee.


That's when the water breaks. You pee for the first time.


Anyway, it comes out suspended for fraud and the father are not nice. Jake, did you have anything? We messed up a few. Oh, well, like, for sake of timing, we don't have to do.


Oh, my gosh. Your best ones. OK, I'll do one of each. My hotseat is being scared. Oh, there was this local San Diego reporter named Jeff McAdam. He was doing a live shot and there were shots fired behind him. I did not flinch.


Yes, I saw that. Yeah.


So cool. Thrown would be vacations. There's going to be hell.


Yeah. Fully vaccinated attorneys for out in Israel.


Nice shoes are back.


I know. OK, yes. Fully vaccinated. Report back. Get get your shots. Hey this is only temporary.


This is only temporary. We'll have John on soon. Sunday night selection Sunday. Everyone keeps asking questions. Sunday is our roasting day.


I'm so excited for summer of being able to be a summer again. Mm hmm. Yeah. Spring on the summer. We missed the whole year. All right.


Let's get to our interview before we do that. If you had something you want to tell the people, I have a lot of things I want to tell the people. And most importantly, I want to tell them about three 3G three is one of our favorite products here around the office. I had some 3G on on Friday night, actually led to a heated discussions on whether or not I should get bangs, be the first dude with bangs since like the 70s and 80s rock bands.


It sounded like a great idea on three. I'm still considering it. It was a great 3G idea, is what I'm saying. 3G will make your evening complete. It'll put you to bed. You'll have a wonderful time. It is the industry leader and Delta eight THC. All their products are formulated by a biochemist. They're made in the USA with USA grown hemp three cheese.


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I highly recommend doing that on 3G. Had a blast go to 3G Dotcom, the number three dotcom shop for Delta, eight vapes, gummies, tinctures and oils that can be used to make your own homemade edibles. Use promo code. Pardon at checkout. Get five percent off your order. Promo code part in five percent off your order at three CZI Dotcom. And here he is, Brett Favre.


OK, we now welcome on NFL Hall of Famer Brett Favre. He's got a podcast. It's called Bowling in Farve Bowling with Farve. You can find our podcast one. Thank you for joining us, Brett. We appreciate it. I know everyone probably jokes and ask the question like, are you really retired?


I'm not going to ask that.


But I was thinking about what the first question would be. And I was curious, when was the last time you actually had a conversation about potentially coming back after you had finally retired?


After after my second year with the Vikings, there was there was no conversation. Not not on my. Now thank. I want to say my my agent bus cook received a call from from some time, maybe the following year, had a couple quarterbacks get hurt, but what I'm not sure on that. But I knew I was done. I had enough.


Well, I actually wanted I mean, we can get to this right now. I would love for you to tell that story to Cory Wootten story, because I just told you before we started that I'm a Bears fan. So you tortured me. But Cory Wooten putting you on the ground on that cold turf. And I watched the video where you basically came to eating a chili dog, is that right? Almost.


I was one of the few times in my career when I say a few, maybe one other time where I blacked out, where I was. This one obviously was it was actually the last play I ever played and. If you can remember, back in May, the game was played outdoors, converts to Minnesota because the dome had collapsed too much snow. So the feeling was they were done playing, so. They didn't think they'd be used until the next year, it was glazed over with amenities like hockey rink and it was one of the more harmless hits that I don't I wasn't even hit.


It really pushed me, slipped on ice, hit my head. Next thing I know, I wake up and our trainer, Eric Sugarmann, is kind of shaking me a little bit. Hey, buddy, you OK? And then I woke up. I actually heard myself snoring, believe it or not. I said, what happened? I didn't feel any pain, just kind of disoriented. And he said we had had a concussion. So as with each minute, the fogginess kind of dissipated and we went straight into the locker room.


Took a shower, took a hot shower, walked back out on the field, had a coat on, got me a chilly dog and a hot chocolate and. And I knew right then and there that I was done. There's never a good time. As we know now, concussions are a major, major issue and can lead to serious health issues, concussions. When I first entered the league, if you even thought about taking a couple of plays off because of the concussion, you were considered a WUST.


But that's changed. But I knew so I knew the seriousness of the injury and the possible repercussions, if you will. So I knew I said, you know, I'm telling myself all these things on side on. This is if there was ever. Aside, this is it, you know, not to mention I'm in my 20th year, you know, physically, I started feeling it was starting to take its toll just on everyday wear and tear.


And then I get this major concussion. So I said I'm done and I never look back.


Hmm. We are one of my favorite parts of every NFL season is is when people would just like, toss your name out there, because I think for the next five or six years after you retired, it was still like maybe we could give Brett Favre call, like the second a starter got hurt. Your name was the first one that would always come up if it were to happen right now, because I still do like to imagine if you had to step in for a weekend, let's say, was a system.


Let's say it was Jon Gruden.


Let's say you you went to the Raiders, you got you got a Friday install. You got a dozen reps in practice with your center, with your receivers. How many yards could you go out there and throw four on Sunday right now?


I don't know. I probably need a few more, maybe a couple of weeks to kind of get my arm back in shape, which it's not that far outside. Don't get me wrong, I'm never going to throw the ball eighty, eighty yards like I did back in my prime. But in a real life football game, you don't throw, what, 80 yards, you throw it, you know, two, three yards, five, ten, fifteen, maybe an occasional forty.


But I could do that. I just they can't promise me they're not going to hit me. Right. Right. You know, I'm I'm 51 years old and I can't complain. I feel probably better than I should. All things considered that. So that would be the biggest issue for me. My last year, which was my last year, was in Minnesota. I knew physically it finally kind of hit me, you know, I'd be in practice.


And it was it was laborer's to get to practice, not to practice was necessarily hard. It was the same probably easier than it was in my early years, which a scaled back. But it was just it was hard to get through it. You know, everything got hurt, you know, maybe not terribly bad, but it was like right here I would be hurting along with my left ankle. Well, back on my right shoulder, maybe too sore.


So, you know, as far as going back to play, I could do it. But I think the repercussions would be I would regret it, certainly.


Well, the good news is, Doctor, he Gregg Williams is probably not going to be a defensive coordinator next year, so you won't have to worry about him busting you up like he did in that Saints Vikings playoff game. Could you tell even by Doctor Heat standards that he was turning up the heat a little bit high in that Bountygate game?


I've been asked a lot about that game. Did I have any knowledge or did I feel or sense? Something out of the ordinary. Yes and no, by no way, shape or form that I can envision that there was about it now. Now, keep in mind. Every defensive coordinator within the realms of legality would love to get the starting quarterback out, but but but in saying that, you know, not purposely to go on after his leg or, you know, a clean hit, we take the quarterback out.


We got a much better chance to win. I mean, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that that that makes sense. So with Greg Williams, I mean, I've known Greg a long time, No. One, his defensive philosophy, and he's a blitz guy. Yep, he's but he's a no rhyme or reason coach. What I mean by that is most ninety nine point nine percent of the coordinators in the league, whether they'd be offense or defense, they have tendencies.


And that's what you study week in, week out. So certain, three to six, there's broken down into its own category. And coaches had their tendency by thirty three percent blitz on that they play versus a three receiver side. They may play a certain zone. So, you know, you play the odds with Gregg Williams. There is a lot and that makes it difficult in itself to prepare because there's no rhyme or reason why you do. You know, if you blitz this guy, then they have to play this coverage behind it.


That's not the case with Greg, right. He'll roll the dice. And so that makes it much more difficult to prepare. So I wasn't really surprised at the looks that I was getting. What I was surprised. And not give you an example, Darren Sharper, who was a friend of mine and a teammate for about seven years, and Green Bay, I thought he was extremely talented safety he could cover to feel like no other. But he wasn't a hitter.


He was a good tackler, but he wasn't a big hitter like a running lot. Well, in that game against us and that championship game, he had two one they call the one they didn't call. It was actually worse unsportsmanlike on the quarterback, where he went after my head with this helmet, grounded his helmet, and it was way like that for all the ball. And I thought to myself, Now, why would Scharper, who's not that type of player, go over and beyond when he didn't need to?


And I actually completed both passes. That was two of the better passes I had in the game.


It was that type of game. It was it was, I think, the call of like five rough on the quarterback. But they should have called it like 12. Yeah, that's a strategy in itself. It's like make them call it every time because they're not. So we're going to get away with some of the times that we do it.


I don't hate Greg Williams. It is what it is. We've still had a chance to win the game with all that in mind, when I think about that game, but not for a second, I think about how they played against me. It's more what I didn't do at the end of the game, Gregg Williams included, the defense included. I still had a chance to make a play, to give us a chance to win. And I didn't make it.


That's what that's what I think about that game.


So you talk about defense and a defensive scheme. I think, you know, the part that everyone loved about Brett Favre, the player, was that there was a feeling that you were improvising a lot of the times drawing stuff up in the huddle. How much of that was true? Because I know the classic story where you asked you didn't know what a nickel defense was until your second year. So how much of it was really Brett Favre just being like, all right, you run this route, you run that route.


Let's just go a very little in regards to draw one up in the dirt from an initial point. Now breaking the pocket, scrambling around, extending plays, hitting a guy like one of the greatest passes I've ever had, if not the the greatest or maybe fondest was my first playoff experience at Detroit with the wait before we played in Detroit to end the season, the winner of that game got to play. We were playing in the playoffs the first round.


Regardless, we knew that had we lost, we had to come right back the following week into the same environment and there was no reason to think if we lost that we could come back and play much better. The following week, Detroit went late again. It was a two minute drill and I called Double Square out. I had Sterling on the right and I'm not even sure I had on the left and I ended up scrambling to my left. I think kind of knowing your limitations at that time, I didn't think I had any, you know, kind of a naive sense at that age and just starting to square out.


He didn't have a go and I extended to play. The one thing the coaches always preached to young quarterbacks is don't throw it right down the middle. Don't throw it across your body, across the field. And that's what I did. And hit Sterling for a touchdown. So that was the ad lib from an extended play.


So you made headlines a couple of weeks ago talking about Deshaun Watson. I wanted to ask a follow up to that.


So do you think that it was like maybe a little hypocritical asking about the shot or saying Deshaun Watson should kind of just play with the Texans right now not to make a trade when you you had similar points in your career where you wanted the organization to do something, whether it be, you know, let you go wherever you wanted when you were done with the Packers or maybe not get the training camp, do you think that, like, players should should maybe get a little more say in today's NFL on on player movement if they have been lied to by the organization and they feel like it's, you know, a relationship that can't be fixed?


Well, so I just I think it's a different the league looks different today. How they play is different. How they practice is different legality. You know how many times we practice in pads? I mean, when I was with Atlanta my first year, we never went without pads. Yeah. And I was a backup quarterback. Any backup quarterbacks today are not alive in practice. That that's a joke. Even think that I was alive. Jerry Glanville wanted to kill me.


So it's a different it's a different game. You know, my situation, regardless of what people might think, I didn't demand a trade. I didn't.


And where I went wrong in the only place I went wrong was retiring or saying I was retiring in April. But there's reasons for that. When I decided I want to play again, I want I want to play anywhere else other than the fact that I knew that I wasn't. Welcome back. And Bay, not not not by the fans and some teammates, but by the organization. So from that aspect, it's a little bit different. But I don't think a player should be able to.


The man who they want to interview, what players they want to pick up or let go, you know, I think that crosses the line. I mean, you think about it with you guys. You go to you've been on a team for, you know, just say 10 years and once thinking about leaving and the one who stay and says, well, I want this guy to come in and the ball says, I'm going to interview, I will want to interview.


And if you don't like it, you can hit the road. I think that guys in the league make tons of money. I'm not saying that this right or wrong, it is what it is. In 20 years from now, we're going to be laughing at the salaries that I made. In the guys before me made it, and it's going to be astronomical, just like it is now, but it's going to continue to go up. That's that's that's a given.


But I just don't think that it's right for a player to be upset and demand a train because they didn't interview someone he wanted to interview.


So I think it goes a little bit deeper than that with a Texans organization in particular, where obviously Deshaun Watson is a top I think he's a top five quarterback in the NFL right now.


He's a generational talent, is definitely the top five with the with the young, which there are some very talented young young quarterbacks. And he's right there in the mix. Yeah.


So I think with a guy like that, if he is the centerpiece of your organization and the front office told him, like, we want to make you a building block of this team, we want to get your feedback on things, we want to build this new franchise around. You guys are transitioning from Bill O'Brien. We're bringing in an entire new front office, new head coach. We want your input on that. And then he gave his input and then they ignored his input.


And then things kind of came to like a I don't know all the details that happened after that there. Apparently, it's been building for like the last three or four years.


I feel like in today's NFL, if you have a talent like that and you're an owner, you should know that you need to make that player happy if you want to maximize your chances of that guy winning a Super Bowl for your team in the long run. Because if it's an icy relationship that goes both ways, the ownership has to take some responsibility for that, too. So I'm sure you experience you probably butted heads with ownership in your career as well.


And you probably found that the most the most conducive environment for winning football would be when your star player and your ownership and your head coach are all at least on the same page and kind of communicating effectively, whether it's an idea that you have for an offense or, hey, maybe we should interview this guy.


Well, I'm going to go back to what you just mentioned about the Shawn Watson when I made those comments, also said I don't know all the details. Hmm. I don't think anybody besides and honestly, in fairness to Shawn or anyone in that situation, it's probably best that I didn't make the comments I made. I made it specifically based on. The fact that. Again, not knowing of the details, which I think obviously is very important, so I'm wrong and in respect to making comments without knowing the facts, but but if if the organization because what I was going to say before you made those comments, if they ask his advice, it's a different story, then you're including him in the conversation, whether or not you maybe maybe the organization asked his advice just to make him think that he's he's involved, fair or not, that that's their choosing.


But if they say, you know, if Deshon went to them. They never want to talk to him in particular, and he says, look, why don't you interview this guy or that guy? And and they say, we appreciate you, your advice, but we got this handle. That's their right. But if they ask his advice and ask him to be involved in any shape or form and and then ignore him. Then I can see where there is a problem, you know, is that enough of a problem to demand the train?


I don't you know, that never happened to me. I got a lot of feedback when JJ what I asked was released. I think, why don't I comment on that? JJ situation is different. Deshon, as you said, had become the face in the franchise leader. JJ, what was kind of the elder statesman? Not that he's not a leader because I think he certainly was, but I think both sides had run their course there. I think we all can agree with that.


And he wanted to try his hand somewhere else. And I think that they were willing to do that.


And they mutually parted Dashon situation. He has to face that franchise. I agree. I think he's one of the great young quarterbacks in the league. And there's no reason to think that he will, you know, shatter records and win a championship, if not more than one, whether it be there or somewhere else. I just you know, my my whole deal is if you demand a trade because they didn't listen to your input when they didn't ask for it, I don't want to say that that that's wrong.


Right. But again, in today's game, it's different. You know, who's to say what's right or wrong? But I don't know the facts. So it's really unfair for me to just say one way or the other.


Don't you think, though, that the players having more say in fans actually taking players sides is a good thing for, you know, like it feels like the transformation in the league? Right. So, for example, a Javon Walker situation where, you know, Jovan wanted to sit out and you had comments on that back when it happened. He came back, he tore his ACL. Now, guys, when they say they want to see it, I think most fans are like, yeah, they should.


If they don't get the money they deserve, they should sit out because they're risking a very short career, a very short earning potential for non guaranteed money. So I think that the conversation is interesting. And it's also just it's good that we're here where people actually are like, hey, Deshaun kind of can call his shots.


Well, maybe they both hold the cards right. You take it even further. He says he's not playing there. They say they're not budging. How will that play itself out? Remains to be seen. But say that a training I know like in my situation with the end with the Packers and I bring this up because it could happen to Sean. You never know. But I had to go to Green Bay in order to get something accomplished at the start of training camp that year that I was traded to the Jets.


So I went on me and my wife, my agent and I met with Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson. It was an OK meeting. I went back to my house in Green Bay that same day that I. And total bust, my agent and my wife, what had transpired. And according to the Packers then I was there was two teams that were interested in Detroit. Were there more? I don't know. This is what I was told, and that was the Jets and the Buccaneers, you know, you choose.


So I went when I left Green Bay. We flew back home that same evening. I had bus tell the management with the Packers that I was going to go to the Buccaneers, and the reason that I chose the Buccaneers was Gruden, I knew very well he was. We were together in Green Bay initially. And the offense was the same, so I did have to learn a new offense and also, which was important to me, if we were going to stay in the same conference, I wanted to compete against Packers in the same division or conference, and they played each other.


I think it was the third or fourth game that year. So it made sense. I said, we're going to fly home, bust Tollman. That said, we're going to fly home. We're going to talk about it on the way home. But that's where he's looking to go. By the time we flew home, I got to my house, I was traded to the Jets, I could have vetoed it, but said, you know what, if you veto it and say you're not going there, people are going to say, well, what does he want to do?


So they kind of beat me to the punch and they tightened their grip on me.


In other words, you know, so I mean, that ultimately could happen to the shot that he ends up in a team that he doesn't want to end up with. I wish him well. I think he's a great talent and we'll see how it plays out.


So during those years that your career was a little bit in flux in the various off seasons, my favorite part was the the relationship that you developed from afar with Edwarda, where they would just send a kid down to your house, have him camp out at the end of your road.


I never knew if it was like an adversarial relationship between you and Ed or if it was like a worthy opponent where, you know, maybe bring him lemonade if it was too hot when he's standing out there at the end of the driveway or if you guys were good friends. But it seemed like three summers in a row. Edward R lived at your house. Yeah.


Let me get this clear. I did not invite Ed down.


We we sort of grew because of year in, year out saga that went on for several years. We've all had those relationships where you go, I don't know how it happened, but we became friends and we had a lot to talk about. Most of it was sort of the same topic over and over again. But yeah, every time I think you turn the sprinklers on on me, you know, he would accuse me. I said, no, they're on a timer.


Yeah, they're all the time. I mean, you just happen to be standing in my grass when I came off. I'm still to this day, we have a chuckle about it. Believe me, I could have done without it was hard enough to make a decision when I had to find it a different way out of my property to avoid the press. Yeah.


What was your favorite prank that you pulled on a teammate or your go to? Because I think that's, you know, part of the Brett Favre of legend is that you were a guy who didn't take himself too seriously and always had fun playing the game, which I think most people most fans do appreciate that, you know, you're playing a game and it's fun. So what was your go to prank or the one that you you look back and you like, yeah, that was a good one.


Like, I'm proud of myself for that one, but there is a bunch and I'm probably leaving out probably a better one. I think being in Green Bay, we think Green Bay thing, think, you know, Green Bay, they get a lot of snow. But during the season we got not during the game, but one week we got a lot of snow.


But then right after we got bitter cold weather, like the high was like negative on Thursday, you know, we would practice indoors. But the thing about Green Bay is Lambeau Field, the locker rooms that you dress in for games, you also dress for practice. Some teams are different, have a workout facility stepper. They're fenced in parking lot right there by the locker room, no problem. But for practice, you had to go down to what were the practice fields and the Hudson Center, which is the indoor facility or located.


It's at the end of the parking lot, one below. It's definitely too cold to walk. You know, it's probably a little more than a quarter of a mile from where you park generally to work in that parking area for the Hudson Center. Frank Winters response center and best friend and roommate. And we'd always goof off. Everybody was playing jokes on each other, but I took Frank's car. Before practice started, so like I had a meeting at, say, nine o'clock, and when I got a break, I had someone of the equipment guys following, I took Frank's car down to the end of the parking lot, left it running with a C wide open in one degree high temperatures.


And in this, we didn't go practice until like 12, 15. I think practice started at 1:00. So you can imagine when he found the car first call when he found it because he's like, where's my car? And, you know, there was this one long car down running.


I don't even want to know what the temperature was in that car. And we did that several times with different guys. You the guys got locked in their car and negated that. But we dig in their pockets and, you know, the old cold guy.


Yeah, yeah. I like that one. I like that one. I also read one where you you I know there's a stink bomb or something with John Madden when you when he came to interview you before a game and like. Yeah.


Almost almost killed. Yeah. Brett Favre and John Madden and fake farts is kind of like that's the pinnacle of football guy humor. Yeah.


I just told that story to someone a couple of nights ago. We've got on the subject of John Madden and then he asked me if he was still living and I said, yes, he is getting up there and age. And they said, boy, he sure like you. He did. I don't know where the fondness came from. He did a lot of my games. But I know that our production meetings the day before the game was always it was fun.


It was it hardly had football and it all involved in the conversation. We just talked about stuff. Tons of those meetings. You can imagine all the games we did. Yeah. This one particular time. I kind of like this one particular year. I kind of got on the stink bomb, you know, it looked kind of looks like an ammonia cap. Yep. That you that you bright and and it's got a terrible odor of rotten eggs and and it's made of sulfur.


And I found all this out after the fact. I just knew they stunk and I thought it'd be a cool job. It would just slip it on under the table, step on it and then watch everyone kind of cringe. And part of the reason that I picked that setting was really Remmel was our head of PR only. Remmel had been with the Packers for over 50 years and at the time was probably in his 70s. So he was getting up in age, still sharp, but he had a tendency in those production meetings to fall asleep.


So I was going really kind of play a jokingly, but with the whole group. So I, I, I figure when I busted the ammonia cap, the odor got terrible that someone would think that leaf farted in the sleep.


And that may have been true had it not been for John Madden as a ESET under the table step on it. No one has a clue within seconds. I mean it reeks of just rotten eggs. But John Madden was not the reaction I was thinking and Jeff Long and Mark Schieffelin, when they're with us, they were the younger PR guys, same age as me. And they encouraged me not to do it before I went. Yeah, just I don't know exactly why which it none of us could foresee what was going to happen.


So John starts kind of choking a little bit and he starts turning red now. And you can sense with each second it's getting worse and worse. And to point where this is not funny, if you and he puts his hand up around his chest in his throat. Long story short, they take him out of the room, come to find out he's allergic to sulfur.


Do you want to kill John Madden? But he almost killed John.


He probably laughed about that afterwards.


I was going to say so every game after that, we walked into production meetings, our order. You know, I know it's one of those sulfur bombs.


Oh, my darling. I'm sorry. Who's allergic to sulfur?


That's something you could not you couldn't draw that up ahead of time. There's no way to know that.


No, no, no, no.


So I did listen to your podcast. And I know that your Jeopardy fan. I know you watch Jeopardy! Are you going to watch when Aaron Rodgers host it?


If I'm not busy, at least. But I think you do a great job. You know, he's he's very well spoken and calm, cool and collected. He'll do a wonderful job. Now, will it be an Alex Trebek? I don't know if there ever will be another Alex Trebek, but he'll I'm sure that they'll get great ratings for that show. Yeah.


So back to your time in Green Bay. You played for Mike McCarthy for a little bit. He became, too. He became a legend on this show last year when he went to Dallas and he would smash watermelons before select games to amp his team up. He would just like have a watermelon. Brought in by Gallagher, no, Gallagher. Yeah, exactly, yeah, the Gallagher lost every bet when Mike McCarthy smashed to warn people don't talk about Gallagher enough anymore.


I'm glad you remember that. But did Mike ever do anything like that? What was his like, craziest motivational technique when you were with him in Green Bay?


But he was just the status quo coach. And I don't mean that in a negative. He's from Pittsburgh. He's kind of, you know, those guys from Pittsburgh. If you didn't know any better, you'd think they're from New York, you know, hey, hey. You know, kind of loud, boisterous. That was Mike McCarthy. You know, you get ready to go out and fight a heavyweight bout. He was giving that speech before you run out there, but he never, never brought in props that I don't remember.


Would he send you would he have you guys stay at worse hotels if you started sucking? Because I think I've heard that story that the hotels would get worse and worse on the road.


I think John told us that, yeah, they would get worse and worse on the road depending on how the team was doing.


No, that never happened with any coach with with in my 20 years now. OK, we're going to delete that.


We want to have John Koonce story be also because he was putting Brett Favre up in the good hotels. Yeah. Meanwhile, the fullbacks were staying down the street where the team stayed.


I just know where I stand. Yeah, right. Presidential suite where they were.


What was your favorite Andy Reid story? Andy Reid is obviously a legend. And he was, you know, one of your coaches. It was it actually. Let me let me ask this. Did you know at the time in the 90s when you looked at the coaching staff, you're like, man, these guys are really, really good. And there's going to be some head coaches here because it is crazy to look back and be like, you know, Andy Reid, Jon Gruden, Maroochy, Dick Jauron was on the staff.


When you're like all those guys end up being head coaches. Doug Peterson. Oh, yeah.


Like was the quarterback. Did you have that moment where you were like, whoa, this is kind of crazy. Like, I think we have such a great coaching staff here.


I think five guys out of that staff, whether it be initial staff or a replacement for one who left for head coach John. Five of those guys became head coaches. You mentioned Dick Tranh, head coach in Chicago. Unfortunately, Mooch, Marty Mornhinweg, Ray Rhodes and other coaches went on to be successful as well. But no, I think, you know, when when you're twenty two, even though I thought I knew it all in as I look back, you don't think about things like that.


You would think about how you would think about them later in your career or life. I knew we had good coaches. I didn't know a good team from a bad team. When I became a starter in Green Bay, I thought I did it for me. My success early was not because I was schooled and was up to speed on all the ins and outs, passing games and nickels and dimes, defenses and all that.


So the secret to my success early on was being naive. Hmm. And not knowing how good or how bad the opponent was or not knowing how good or how bad we were, or not knowing that maybe being risky on a play and roll into my life and thought all the way back to the right can get you fired. I just thought that was fun. Yeah.


It actually it reminds me a lot of one of our favorite quarterbacks on this show, Jameis Winston. He's a guy. He takes a lot of chances. He makes some head scratching throws, but he also he has the ability to throw a touchdown from almost anywhere on the field. And he is exciting to watch. Have you have you gotten the chance to watch him play? And does any of his play remind him of yourself?


Well, I saw one play this year. It was pretty good. Yeah, no, it was a touchdown. Perfect rating. You know, I haven't seen a lot of them. I probably saw more on when I think about James Lewis. I think about college and and he was a winner. You know, he's not going to scramble like Lamar Jackson, but he's got a wonderful arm. When you have something like that, it's like unbelievable jumping ability.


But maybe an OK shooter, you're going to have fantastic dunks that's going to put you on ESPN all the time. But at the end, the tell tale stats are a little bit different than the dunks. And that's kind of the way I look with Jameis Winston. If he could ever harness that and I was able to harness it pretty good based on how it first entered the league. Everything to me was a Hail Mary and it didn't need to be, you know, the check downs.


OK, Brett, in fact, police, though, the check, if it was third twenty, my first three, four years, I was thought to twenty or twenty one, if not third. Yeah, every time.


It's interesting because I actually I'm happy you said that because I do think there is I always joke about the quarterbacks that are there. They don't really understand that they should what they're doing is wrong. Those are the dangerous quarterbacks. So like it sounds like that's what you're saying when you were younger. I also always have the theory that. Not every interception is bad in that a guy who, you know, when you say gunslinger, you think Brett Favre and a quarterback taking risks isn't always a bad thing.


It's the guys who, you know, when you look at the end of the year and a guy has no interceptions, like, well, he didn't take any risks. He was all checked out. He never actually took a shot. And that's easier to defend than a guy who's going to take those risks and try to throw it in the spots where maybe sometimes he should have thrown that.


Well, I'll give you an example. We played the Rams in the playoffs in St. Louis. And I think that year we were like maybe eight names, like Sherman was the head coach. We may have been nine and seven. We could possibly have been in 10 and six, but I don't think so.


So we were OK. We were playing the greatest show on turf. And they were and I mean, they were putting up 40 on everybody. And there's no reason to think that they're not going to put up 40 plus. And so the game sort of went like I thought it was. They got the ball, they scored, we got the ball, we moved it hot, they got the ball, they scored. So you get you catch on here.


So at some point I will they'll give me the underneath stuff all day long. Well, we're going to lose even if I take chances and come out on top, you know, on risky throws, we still might lose the game. I was the smartest guy from Star in my career to the end of my career career by no means. But I'm smart enough to know if I don't take chances. I'm a complete 60 passes, but we're going to lose by thirty.


So I started taking chances and they brought the whole game there. Go to Tampa to Rushworth for not giving any windows, throw it in, going against that type of Steini. You have to be patient. You have to be willing to go six employees in and grind it out to get a score. You know, win sixteen points and scored is hard enough. So I don't thought six picks in a game and a lot of the really the last one, but the last two they were like twenty one.


The game is over. Mike Sherman said hey and I think I will take care of it. I mean he was a full minute puts on end to win the game. It was over. Right. And I said to him just as clear and honest as possible, said if you leave me in I can break a record. Oh really. Six picks I think will tie the pack to record or NFL. And I don't know if that was true, but it sounded pretty cool, like if I got six, you know, I fall in the record books one way or another.


It's the difference between five and six.


Yes, six sounds a lot cooler in the last pick, actually, I said, you know what? I'm just don't think I'm a check it down. And I had a back who's running like a little angerer out of the middle of the field and I just don't catch it and get about twelve, maybe break a tackle and get a few more yards, 50 seconds left for the game or something. And he gets tipped by one of the linemen who doesn't rush and just like picked I'm like hell even when I do the right thing.


Do you have a favorite interception that you ever threw? There's no question. My favorite interception, and I can't believe I'm calling it my favorite, but a lot of things happen happened on this bloody kind, like my first completion was to myself. Yep. I can say that I had a lot of fun playing and it doesn't necessarily have to be wins and touchdowns. So we're playing the Giants. My first year as a starter in Green Bay were playing them in the Meadowlands.


They still have several of their guys from the glory days, Lawrence Taylor, Deborah Johnson. But they were you know, they were getting up in years, but it was a back and forth game late in the game. It's pretty chilly at Meadowlands, but not terribly cold. So we run at an angle, we're out like I was just the one I was just telling you about, we call it Texas. Twenty two, Texas. And so the fullback comes in and we had a little change up on this place.


So we added 20 to Texas halfback burst. So I was going to pump fake. The fullback in the backside back kind of did the same route, but came underneath, and so we're trying to get the backers to converge on the first guy and slip the other guy underneath. It usually was a good play.


Well, for Johnson looked as though he was covering the first guy and then fell off at the last second. I probably should have known better with an old craft to get, but it wasn't like the worst decision I ever made and it hits him right in the numbers. So I'm young, energetic, full of anger at this time in my career. He picks it off and he's kind of maneuvering around. And I'm kind of like the first and last line of defense because it wasn't a deep pass.


And so he's dodging and weaving a couple on and I get right close to him to make to tackle. And he kind of laughable turns and looks to his right. And I think he's going to pitch it to one of those guys. So I just dove for the ball and he doesn't pitch it. So I look like a complete idiot. Like, what did he do when I realize he doesn't pitch it? I can remember, even though it was a long time ago, I was thinking to myself, you're digging yourself in a deeper hole.


So I get up, come up from behind. Kachi, punched the ball out, create a fumble and recover it all at the same time. I'm willing to bet the farm that I am the only person to throw an interception, miss a tackle, cause a fumble and recovered all in the same block.


We'll look into that whole day. Can you look that up? That's like the Jimmy V speech. If you can laugh. Cry. Yeah, I did it all day. You did it all. Yeah.


You know the back. But the tragic news is the very next play a throw pick. The guy returns for testing.


I'm actually watching it right now. It's a hilarious play because he's like spinning around and you just got totally decked out and then you come back and get the fumble. So, yeah, that is that would be my favorite interception, too, because it is hilarious. Hilarious play.


So the next play I thought Pick Guy and I have a chance to make the tackle on the sidelines. The guy returns it to me. It's tied ever was was my backup quarterback and a great friend and he was funny. He was so funny. I make a mistake. Attack on the sidelines. The guy scores, the game's over. I go sit down on the bench and it was probably thirty, thirty two degrees in that day. And I'm sitting on the bench on my helmet on.


So Ty's laughing at me, sitting right next to me and he's laughing. And I thought it was kind of an odd time to be laughing, but that was time. So what's so funny? He says that big snot that's frozen down the side of your face that came out of my nose and it frozen solid on the side of my face.


That's gee, thanks, Todd. Yeah, that's a nice insult to injury. All right. So my last question, can you actually tell the Ty Detmer nickel defense story? That would be my last question.


I just it's a true story. It's a great story. Yeah. Ty typical ty fashioned, you know, sarcastic, very bright mind football. He had football intelligence out this world. Keep in mind, he won the Heisman through one hundred twenty touchdowns in college. He knew the passing offense better than anyone. And here I am, a starter but don't know anything but acting like I know at all. You know, I hear him say in meetings all the time, really bring a nickel and dime in.


And I thought to myself, I couldn't see what the difference was, really. So that's why I really never asked. And it did bother me a whole lot. But I just ate at me and ate at me. Just so finally I said I got asked. So I said time. You know, I hear him talk about bringing nickel and dime and all that stuff. I mean, what is it? I mean, what am I I'm not getting Magos was when I take out a linebacker, bring in a debate.


And I said, that's it. That's they're making a big deal about Nicholson, Nicholson, Nicholson. So that's it, I who gets a dam, the water, I had success against natural defense.


So what did what did you think it was called? Did you have a name for where you just like to bring the small guy out there?


I didn't care. It's 11 on 11. Yeah. You know, I found throughout my career and even even before then in college, don't judge a book by its cover. So so what if they're bringing taking a 250 pound linebacker out, bringing in 190 pound defensive back? He may be a better tackler than 250 pound guy. Mm hmm. I never cared. There were some things in meetings that I didn't pay attention to, and that was one up.


I love it.


All right. So my last question is the Roback question. Use code on Roback Dotcom for 20 percent off your first purchase, Arico back dot dotcom. And for our guest today, we'd like to give you a roback performance cusip on. OK, so we're going to send you one.


Do you think that it's maybe a little much at this point like the Packers having Back-To-Back MVP and Hall of Fame quarterbacks. Can you give us a break. Are are you like. I'm done with it. I hated you your entire career. I like Rodgers is the same shit. Do you think it's maybe it's time to to stop and let's have like a shitty quarterback go to Green Bay?


I think that you guys need to do all you can to lure Aaron to come play with you guys.


You said you said before when it when we were about to start and you're like, you know, it's less about the Packers, more about the Bears. And it's true, like the Bears getting in their own way consistently throughout the years.


Now, I'll say this as we speak. I think there's there's an outside chance that Russell Wilson could go there. Yeah, yeah, it's a team. I would say that would be a huge pickup. Yeah. I don't know what would happen. I don't know if they would they would be willing to let him go. I could see like a three team that would change the dynamics big time.


Hey, would he be the best quarterback in Chicago, better history instead?


I don't know. McMahon was pretty good. It's always said Nortman, right? Yeah.


Luckman has all the records in Cutler. Cutler was a bust cook, guys. Well, yeah.


You know the bears. Their best team, when you think about it, they had an unbelievable running game and stellar defense. Yep, yep. McMahon was, you know, statistically speaking, it was it he was the the crowd, if you will. He held everybody together, was, you know, wowing me with you statistically.


But he was jumping over guys. He was good. He was running I mean, he was in the trenches. And I'm not saying that you need to get a guy like that. You've got to get a winner. It just has to fall in place. Yeah. And when it happens, it happens and you'll know it.


Yeah. Yeah. That's kind of your career. I mean, getting traded to Green Bay after being drafted by the force thought that might be what it is for the bears. Yeah. We need a who who would have thought guy. That's our niche next year. Yes. Yes. Well, Brett, thank you. Everyone go listen to Boeing with Farve. It is on podcast one. You can find it. We appreciate you joining us.


And it was a lot of fun. Yeah. Thanks, man. Best of luck with the podcast. Thank you.


Appreciate you guys. Have a great day. All right.


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Coors Brewing Company, Golden, Colorado.


All right, breaking news.


There's a press conference right now in repace actually said that he has not ruled out bringing back much risk. Let's go.


Let's go. Yeah, talk it was. Is that the six year bull?


Fuck it. I don't know. It's fifth year, fifth year. But fuck, yeah, the people do not care.




I mean, it's has he said it's an open competition. I'd rather him than Nick Foles. Let's say that much.


No record is guaranteed this office. I always love it when really shitty teams say that like no one's got a spot. We're all playing for open spot. Well yeah you should. You went to N14 last year.


Yep. All right. So we have a couple of segments.


First up, we have King St. Kings, Dan Campbell when talking about who makes the final decisions, he or his GM, he says a true alpha knows when it's time to concede.


Yes, that's the greatest quote of all time because he's he's just admitting that he might concede. But you're really conceding. Yeah, because you're accepting the concession. Yeah.


If you accept the concession, then a then you took an order from the guy being like, you will I'm going to Alphie without you knowing it. It's Sun Tzu shit. This is Art of War, which I actually believe that we should read Art of War on this podcast. Art of the Deal. I've already read Art of War is it's an all time book for people that want to sound like the smart. This is actually it is Sun Tzu stuff.


This is a Sun Tzu quote. You ready for this check? Yeah, exactly. He says all warfare is based on deception hints. When we are able to attack, we must seem unable. When using our forces, we must appear inactive. And when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away. In other words, he's saying, let them think that they're winning. So it's the most alpha thing ever to make.


You know, he might even be going a step further. He might even be doing this to make his GM think that he's the alpha. But meanwhile, Ding Campbell knows like exactly like the Alpha is actually on this side of the table. I want him to think that he's stronger.


Well, that part's out the window because he said it out loud. It's true. He did say I'm a true alpha because I'm letting him make the decision. But it's still a great quote.


He is saying, if you need to know approx. Hands. Sighs Go talk to the GM if you want to know how his kneecap tastes, talk to me. Mm hmm. All right. I also had a sabermetrics before we get to guys on ChiX. Did you see this, Jake? NATO to actually look at this synergy is going to be on bench mob. Yes. If you already taped it tomorrow once. That's OK. Thanks. And if so, so I just saw an article a minute ago about the point.




So so you'll like this PFG in the Alabama practice facility. They have four different lines.


It's one point is for mid range long to two points for anything at the rim, three points for a college, three and four points for Steph Damian Lillard kind of area. OK, so he's basically teaching them or getting it out of them to stop shooting mid range.


Yeah. Yeah. The only thing I don't like about that is I love saying the lost art of the midrange jumper. Like that's something that kids need to be practicing but it's actually not in their right. In terms of setting it up this way. I'd like to see three points for two handed layup or how Larry Bird used to do it. I think Larry Bird set up a scoring thing when he used to practice being like like a basket is worth one point.


An assist is worth a point, too. So if you get like a clean assists with no dribbles, then that's worth more than somebody creating it on their own.


He also had this, quote, modern basketball. You're not catching a ball and putting it on your hip and staring at the defense for five seconds before you do anything. That's not how basketball is played anymore. But I'm sure Dad, Uncle, Grandpa, professional skills trainer, you're going to do all this midrange triple threat, all this old fashioned garbage. I love it.


A triple threat, though, is still that still counts. And beef bound. Follow through. Yeah. If you see Orlando, if CBS tweeted it reflects in the game, look at their shot chart zero mid-range jumpers, the layups or threes.


And in NATO, it's a great coach. I mean, it came from Buffalo. He's unbelievable. Like Alabama, as good as they are offensively, they're actually very good defensively, which I think that's the weird part, because you think of a fast paced team doesn't play defense and he's kind of proving that that's not the case.


He's a he's a football guy, isn't he? NATO? I think we had him one football guy the week. At some point we might have. He also has really nice.


He was a math teacher, high school math teacher. We go six years. I like this. I want to ask you also, where's great jackets?


I mean, ask him to pick his favorite algebra geometry statistics.


He taught all three little protip say fuck, marry, kill. I was three. That's like, yeah, that's what I do.


Yeah. Jay can't fuck marry, kill. It's harder to say. Yeah. Yeah. I would like to see a coach take it one step further and have you know they've got the GPS trackers on the players and practice anyways to see how far they run, how fast they run. All these advance statistics put like a little electroshock in there when they take a mid range jumper, just, you know, 200 volts of electricity to the spinal cord.


Just pull them out of the game. I'm sure he does. The old Bo Ryan, Bo Ryan's I watch Bo Bo Ryan pull guys out of a game ten seconds into it. I love that.


That's a little old school, new school coaching either way. I do. I like NATO. He's he's he's like fun.


He's different. Right. And he, like Alabama plays a fun style of basketball. I do not root for Alabama because I think it's unfair if they're really good at basketball, too. Yeah.


That's something you can't have. Yeah. You can't you can't win both in the final four. It's like Florida, right.


Yeah. Yeah. 06, 07. Gators won back to back and Tebow is on campus.


We've talked about everyone on campus. So you can't you can't just throw that away. Yeah. And Riley Cooper and Riley really win the Pouncey Brothers bounces a lot of people.


Guy whose interview you did not release. Ballsy who Danny be, oh, there he is, Arean probably thinks that he was the alpha of all malice. Yeah, no, he is. He probably tells stories like, yeah, I tried out for the team, but, you know, there I was too good.


I was too fat. I was too dangerous. I was like Shawne Merriman where they wouldn't let me practice.


All right, guys, I checked what I'd beat the shit out of him in a rough and rowdy. Who? Danville's there. Yeah. Yeah.


Make you sign a waiver and then threatened to sue. You see, I never release it.


He's he's tall, maybe short, you know, he's like exactly my size. So, yeah, he's exactly short, short, high PMT. My boyfriend always walks around his hands, his pants doesn't matter what time of day it is or what type of conversation we were having. But he claims he likes to keep his hand warm and cozy to all men. Do this or is my boyfriend a weirdo? That's cool.


Look, I do it. Yeah. If you're especially if you're wearing sweatpants, it's I don't do it when I'm wearing jeans.


But if you're wearing sweatpants, it's almost it's almost like a magnet where your hands just end up in your pants.


The other week I was standing in jeans and I caught myself. I had my my four fingers and both front pockets. And then I had my two thumbs in my belt loop. I looked I was like, this is too much your couch. It's yeah. It's too much. Well, thank you. It's too much accessories going on my fingers right now. But yeah, if it's if it's something that's less formal. Yeah. Put a hand on your pants.


Not a big deal. I feel like this person has to be European.


It's all read in a British accent. I recently started dating a guy and whenever we go out drinking, he has an ego problem where he will pay the clubs to pee on the floor or to pee. Someone's on someone's shoes. I don't think he remembers he's such an ass in the morning. And to be fair, he's paying thousands of dollars to do it.


Is this a red flag? I love that accent because it is. It's you said it was a European accent and it was literally a combination of like British, Polish, Italian and Russian.


One bilingual. Not a big deal. If so, if this is real, I'm in Ford just because I'm assuming that this guy is rich, if he's paying thousands of dollars for it. And I also make the assumption that super, super rich people, they just get bored with regular life.


So they need new challenges. And a new challenge is how many flaws can I piss on?


And they also think that money can actually take care of anything that might be wrong. Right. And the ultimate test of that is, can I can I go into this place and then use the bathroom, turn the entire club into the bathroom for the right price? And that's true that ultimately the goal of getting rich is to do whatever you want, wherever you want all the time.


Yes, stepbrother's.


I recently put in my Hinche profile that I'm looking for a fellow AWOL and so far it has not helped me find a man's. What can I be doing better to attract Wells to match with me?


Can we have some sort of secret code to put in our dating profiles so I can stop answering the question, what is NWA? Hmm.


What would the code be for a lady to say that they were I mean, just be the sup always works. I think.


I think just wearing our merch just buy all of our merch. Right. That that that would be the best way to do it. If you are men and women, we actually have a bunch of new shirts out by all of our merch and people like, oh my God, that's cool. What's that?


Or just put we don't say that anymore. Yeah, but really by all the all the merchant to push helps. Yeah, yeah.


We have St. Patrick's Day March, we have March Madness March. We have a torture chamber shirt. We got a bunch of merch.


I predict that if you wear, if you wear women's part of my tech clothes just out on the town, you won't even need a whinge profile. No.


You'll get you'll get hit on by the sweetest do will be swimming in cock.


Does Bill think of a guy like Billy hitting on you at every bar?


That's what's going to happen. You're welcome. Speaking, Billy.


It does get paid for his job and is a communist. Not anymore. So Billy doesn't get paid for his job anymore since he negotiated his way out of it. Yeah.


Now Billy gets paid. You get paid when you were first intern, right? We all pay. Yeah. Yeah.


We gave him cash under the table. We always got paid under the table. Very well taken care of. I have no complaint. You you hit us up. People forget that a year ago when this all started and we you came back into our lives, you did one appearance on pardon my taken in Texas. It was like, hey, guys, do you think you could help me out real quick with a little money? Alan, thank you.


Said thank you.


I think I see you 500 bucks. You bought a five with it.


Yeah, I used to make. Shame on me. Would be nice. Wait, wait, wait, wait.


What content did you make out of it? The UFC fight night. Yeah, that's true. Yeah. Good point Billy. Point five hundred dollars well spent on. Nice to Billy Week. Thank you.


Know I'm very well taken care of and you really like you have a job that you can't get fired from. That's what people trust me once. Once I'm graduate I graduate in the city.


Billy has the stuff he's been promising us like this new and improved Billy.


The minute he graduates, you realize that you've now written yourself so many checks you have to cash.


Oh, yeah, I'm going to cash them so hard.


OK, cool to be fist to fist or to be fisted.


That is the question. Pass to fist only fists in the face.


Oh it, it's got to be hoses. But he didn't actually hit him in the face, he just. I did lead down did it.


You know, if you're going to fight somebody you have to be willing to kill him. You have to have that mentality. Like I'm going to get in fights is a chicken or mode. I know. I'm just I'm answering for Billy.


No, I say I mean, I think it's a pretty obvious question, right? Like, you want to be the one that's doing the fist, rather. Be the hammer, the nail. Mm hmm, you got to put yourself in a check, checks my guys on checks, can't do it too much of an alpha.


Me actually getting fisted is the most awful thing ever because you're letting them think that they're the alpha. Little do they know that you gave them permission to fist you. Yeah. All right.


Speaking of fisting, this will be the last question. Hi, small cat. And pfft, me and my husband at the weekend at my husband's parents home, the guys went out drinking and left me and the other ladies alone at home. My husband's sister is a lesbian and is always flirting with me and complimenting me about my body. I never took it seriously until she got drunk and she tried making out with me. I resisted at first, but I always wanted to be with a woman and gave in.


It was great, but I felt bad about cheating on my husband with his sister. Should I tell my husband or just pretend nothing happened? Also, his sister is engaged to another woman and she told me not to tell anyone.


This is this is just the start of every porno that's on the front page of porn.


Not real, but accidently made out with my sister in law. If it were real, don't tell anyone. It seems like you shouldn't. It seems like there'll be a lot of feelings hurt.


I also think that the word making out is doing a lot of work here. I don't really know where that term came from. Maybe somebody can help me with that because like I made out with somebody is that it sounds like something that someone would say in the 50s, like necking, oh, I'm going steady with this girl. And we made out Pindar. I never really understood what making out meant. I guess that's just frenching. Yeah. Frenched your sister making out.


Making out is a term of American origin. Dating back to at least 1949 is used to refer to kissing, including extended French kissing or heavy kissing in the neck called necking, or two acts of non penetrative sex, such as heavy petting, dry humping.


There's also how long should making out last? Four to ten minutes. What? That's a lot of making out.


Yeah. If you guys are funny questions, why these are these are questions for people who have never made out the why.


Why does making out feel good along with the. Well, I don't even know the dopamine that make you feel affection and euphoria.


Kissing releases serotonin another feel good chemical practice making out is making out good for a relationship. Couples that are really good at making out together tend to have healthier relationships.


Wow, I like that. Really good at making out. How does a guy feel after kissing a girl?


Kissing, improves the bombing, eeks this.


You don't even I'd imagine like there's some poor like 13 year olds is reading all these things and goes back to school is like, well, I felt really good because the serotonin was released in my brain. You haven't made out.


Yeah. Let's bring back make out make out sessions. Let's bring back hickies and dry humping. Dry humping needs to be brought back. Your big dry no dry love, love, dry hump. All right. Numbers and animal fat.


Thirty five eight twenty two ninety nine eight two ton bull elephant once stood its ground against a locomotive which he thought was threatening his family of elephant. Fifty eight is that been trying to save his family from the locomotive.


He derailed it though for the first time. We really. Are we ever going to get it?


No, I don't think we are our ability and we love you guys. Really bring back sixty nine. No, love you guys.


I oh, I see. You know, I love you guys. I love you guys. Talking away way, I don't know what to say. Anyway, today's all day to find ye shall be the for love to shine. I'll be coming for your love keeps me down. Jay. Oh. And needless to say, someone said something stupid isn't to say to me, it's good to say some. To me, it's better to be safe than sorry.


Take Gowri. Oh, he. Oh, wow. Oh, things they say, oh, just.


To you, all things are up to him, and he shot all the way down, he did. Meaghan.