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On today's part my take, we've got a Friday, Tufa Lombardi, Lenny Leonard Fournette off his Super Bowl championship. He's family now.


Great to talk to him. And then we have Chris Hogan, new PLL draftee. He's entered the PLL draft.


We talk about football with him. We talk about his lacrosse career.


We also have Carson Wentz got traded finally firefights the week Fernando Tatis got paid a shitload of money for a billion years. Let's do it all.


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OK, let's go. Right. No violence on the life. I'm like, oh, oh, oh, oh, I don't know. It's part of my 10 percent high school sports loving part of my take on it by Verizon 5G. Today is Friday, February 19th.


And finally, Carson Wentz has been traded to the place we all thought he would end up the Indianapolis Colts. It is official. It is done. We can move on. The biggest losers being the Philadelphia Eagles, I would say. Yeah, I guess in a way it's the loss.


In a way it's a win, though, because they don't have to keep talking about it. I would say it's a big loss. It's done. He's gone. I well, it's only a loss if you frame it in the context of the Eagles were saying we're going to get two first round picks for.


Oh, I would I would frame it in the context of the Eagles traded for him to draft him overall.


Yeah. Then they gave him a ton of money. Then they got they it will maybe end up being a first round pick. If he stays healthy, then they they also gave him a ton of money and 33 million dollars against the cap and their franchise quarterback that they thought they had traded for and everything was hunky dory is now gone.


Yeah, I'd say that's OK. That would be a yes. When you look at it from a macro perspective, from micro perspective, like did they get enough for him? They probably I would say that the Colts got the better into this deal, but the Eagles got rid of it. They're ready to move on. That's probably dropped another quarter and they will probably draft another quarterback this year, I think. I mean, he's probably going to be a decent fit in Indianapolis.


This always made sense to me. I always thought he was going to go to Annapolis to the reclamation of Carson. Wentz, like Frank Wright was where he had his success earlier in his career. And, you know, last year was very bad. I do think that he can I'm not throwing them out. I'm not saying that he can't find old Carson Wentz. And the best place for him to do that is the Indianapolis Colts.


So I wouldn't be shocked if they do OK with him like it wouldn't be. I'm not. I was never in the camp of Carson. Wentz is trash. He can't, like, figure it out. I was in the camp of if the bears trade for him, their coaching staff can't figure them out. And Frank Reich makes sense for him to go to the Colts.


Yeah, I'd say that the the losers of this trade would be the Raiders. The Raiders lost this trade because the Colts tried to get Derek Carr first and the Raiders were like, no, we're not going to start with Derek Carr. That's a loss for the Raiders right there. The Bears, I would say, won the trade by not doing it correct. And Carson Wentz won the trade. This is actually like a huge win for Carson Wentz because the last couple of years he has been like he's just reminded me of a dog that needs a forever home.


He just looked sad. He's looked very upset in Philadelphia, like he obviously did not have the confidence of the franchise, didn't have the confidence of the fans. He gets to go to a new place, a place that will probably have less scrutiny on them from the fans, I think just say, well, Dan Dakich, Dan Dakich is there breathing down his neck.


Jimar say is going to be very, very supportive of him. I would love roofers open. I would love for Andrew Luck to come back tomorrow.


That'll be the funniest story. It would be very funny. I also know what I'm ready to be back. Another kind of under discussed part of this trade and just the Eagles franchise in general is how perfect it is that their GM is named Howie, which is the perfect name for Philadelphia fans to get mad at. It just sounds awesome when they're like fucking Howie, how he screwed everything up.


They Eagles fans are mad and they do have a right to be mad because there's this weird thing that happens in sports. And if you win a championship and then you're expected to say, oh, well, it's all good and there is something that is involved in that. Like, you know, if you win a championship, there are gravy, you know, grace periods. But the Eagles winning Super Bowl three years ago and you thought, oh, my God, this roster is set like they have their franchise quarterback.


Carson Wentz, even though wasn't part of the playoff run, did win a lot of games that year, was an MVP Darkhorse. And now you're looking three years later and you don't have your franchise quarterback. Your roster is pretty barren. Our colleague Smitty said that I think that the Eagles are the only team in the last seven years to not have drafted a pro bowler, which is kind of a crazy stat. So the Eagles fans have a right to be mad and they're mad usually anyway.


But I do think that saying, oh, well, they just won the Super Bowl three years ago, they don't have a right to be mad.


You kind of you kind of fuck this up like it should have been.


They should have been they should be competitive. They were said they. All the pieces in place to be good for a long time, so, yeah, I listen, I'm never going to tell Eagles fans not to get mad. You might as well tell the sun not to shine because that's not ever going to happen. They're going to be mad no matter what. But you're right. They do have they've got a reason to be pissed off in this situation.


It's it was just never going to work with Carson Wentz after the last couple of years. It was just very, very obvious. Yeah. That he was not going to be able to stick around there. What's also going to be funny is the Eagles, if they don't draft a quarterback in the first round, they're probably going to take a wide receiver, is probably going to take like Lamar Chase and Carson Wentz is going to like what the fuck like I did when I was there.


We get like the best guy that we got was Arcega Whiteside and then I leave.


Well, they now say they drafted a wide receiver last year. Jalen Reagor Yeah. Yeah. I mean they you mentioned Jeffrey.


I just think Carson Wentz is he lost all his confidence and he became just a terrible, terrible quarterback. I don't I mean, yeah, I don't, I don't really blame it. It's weird because it wasn't like the Eagles. The Eagles did try to put they got a lot of injuries in there, wide receiver court. They did try to put some talent around him. And he also just became a shell of himself essentially overnight this year.


I do want to take my hat off to the the ESPN social media team for having the Photoshop ready to go. Like with the trade announcement, they already had the Carson Wentz in the blue with the blue arm sleeve. Yeah, the blue arm sleeve looks weird. It was cool when it was like he had the camouflage arm arm sleeve on when he was in Philly and that worked because it was already green, like it was similar to the Eagles colors.


The blue arm sleeve looks very strange to me. Looks like a Smurf. Yeah. Ginger Smurf. Yeah.


He, it's, I mean I guess it also like I really did just think this was the only way, the only place he was going to end up. So it makes sense. I do think the Colts are going to be they have everything kind of set up to if Carson Wentz is like, I don't know.


Ninety percent of what he was at his peak, maybe even eighty percent, they should be in a good shape.


Yeah. It's also funny that they both franchises kind of did a wife swap with offensive coordinators and head coaches in the last couple of years. So Sirianni comes to the Eagles and then immediately sends Carson Wentz back to Rike, who was the offensive coordinator for Carson Wentz in Philadelphia. Yes, two franchises are inextricably linked.


Yes. And then we also had the big bad news where kind of ominous saying the big bend is on the roster and the Steeler today doesn't feel like it doesn't feel like they want Big Ben around next year.


Well, they didn't say Big Ben is our guy. They said that's a conversation we're going to have to have later. Yeah. So Big Ben, he's just going to keep showing up until you tell him he's probably just going to keep showing up even if they cut him. Big Ben, if he gets released, I don't know what the I'm not a cardiologist. They're screwed.


I said on Wednesday when we were talking about, you know, a potential trade for backup quarterback. They don't have any money.


Yeah, they're there. If Big Ben stays, it's forty million dollars. If he leaves it twenty million dollars like they don't and they already don't have money anyway to sign anyone. So they're screwed no matter what.


So what if they cut him though. If they just cut Big Ben. Twenty, twenty two million I think or twenty million.


So that's what they might end up doing is just releasing him and eating that money. And Big Ben will probably be like, you don't have to pay me, I'm just going to keep showing up to work.


It's OK with you. He could just take a pay cut and you could I think, essentially pay him less. And he like you. I was reading about it today. They would like push it off. And so they would take the twenty million dollar cap hit and use Big Ben this year and then hope that he's like decent instead of just cutting him and letting him walk when we're going to get a lot of very tearful Big Ben quotes the like if.


Yeah, if they decide to move on from Big Ben, he's going to give at least three press conferences. He's going to cry. It's going to be sad. Big Ben doesn't take no lightly. No, that's what we know about him.


In fact, any other news? Fernando Tatis signed for fourteen million dollars for forty years. For three hundred forty million dollars. I still don't.


I feel like I'm doing a bad Jerry Seinfeld bit, but like, why fourteen y fourteen years I guess maybe. Oh actually you know what I, I think it actually I read that it was four years were remaining and then ten years on top of it but fourteen feels like a random number.


Yeah. How do they bargain. Is that it is.


It's a funny tidbit on fourteen years. Meaning something when his contract ends the mezzos of one year on Bobby Benito's.


It's like a J. That's perfect. OK, I'm so glad that you beat he who shall not be named to that Funston who thinks Naomi Osako is boring.


Yeah. Is she. No, not at all Jake.


We're a soccer soccer kind of soccer. Should be Serena. Well deserved, but big fan.


Any rapper, how can you be born which plays boring sport narcissism.


You throw me every tweet. I feel like that was just the fake tweet to no hats thing. Yeah.


Why do you read tweet for yourself? Every tweet is a fake because talking about Hank previous tweet.


All right. I'll remember that he hated me to read. I was joking and then I tweeted something about like, know, sarcasm, service, sick, and then victory tweeted, Well, you were very excited about the match. Yeah, it was a great match. I said I didn't give a fuck. People were like, how can you not be talking about it? Like, I do not care.


And I'm I'm excited for your excitement.


Yeah. I appreciate you giving me a lot of impressions.


So I'm wondering what the fuck is up with hankie panky retreat's? I don't even know what I.


That's a callback. Joga.


I went to Nate to say that about me.


You give out. You give out. Petti Richard Petty petty ricchiuti reach. OK, that's ok Hank. Totally. I knew it was a P word. Totally different meanings. Yes. Nate said that I when I retweeted Nate trying to like help like boost him up, he said it was a pity reach.


That's what I was. I was like, how does that make sense? I'm actually trying to be a nice guy here. And he called it.


Yeah, but why do you and Petey are totally different? Meaning back to the comment about her being born?


I was confused as to what I I'm as casual of a tennis fan as you could ever run across. You might not know it because on the show we get pretty in-depth with things. Sometimes we have great research staff, but like we don't really follow tennis. She stands out as being like actually a pretty exciting person. But hey, what rapper does she date? Because you can be dating. You can't be boring if you date a rapper. Why the encore day?


Oh, that was made up. Well, tell us the real I was going to say this, Macklemore. That's real. Let me read it. Word for word so he doesn't. Well, actually, he said she's on the bottom rung when it comes to emotion and personality. So I guess that's tough.


Is that true? No doubt. People love her interviews. They go viral. It's a compliment coming from him being like, I don't think she has a good personality. I think.


And I think that person who said that is probably like a little sexist. Yeah. And just doesn't journalism.


I don't know how you can see her and think she's boring. I I'm not a tennis fan either, and I know her because you're dating a rapper, which means I know her outside of the tennis world, which means she's not boring.


Yeah, right. If Hank is aware of her then she's not boring. Yeah, probably. Yeah sure. Not boring.


All right. But but it's still a boring. Yes, but Fernando Tatis. Yes. A boring good for him. He's getting what, 340 million dollars. I'm going to know. Yes, he's great. Great. Three hundred and forty million dollars.


So yes. To live in San Diego. Himan Machado. Yeah, it's what it's him. Machado, Mike Trout also in Southern California. And then Mookie Betts, I think are like the four highest paid players in baseball, all living in Southern California for the next like twelve years their life is set. That's the dream is playing in San Diego for the Padres and getting paid a shitload of money to do it where nobody will ever hold you accountable because you're on the Padres.




And, Jake, let me go back to you. How many years until Fernando Tatis junior is a Yankee?


I mean, because that is now back.


I love that whenever someone signs like a fourteen million forty year deal, they're like, wow, he'll be a Yankee in six years.


Well, I mean, the Padres, they obviously were an electric team in the shortened season last year. They go, yes, I am Diego.


So if they don't win a title and what, the first four or five then you know what to you know what?


I don't know. You know how we're saying that the Dodgers, nobody pays attention to San Diego. So, you know, they get it. They get a pass when it comes to national media. We should we should hold ourselves to be the ones that are putting San Diego in the accountability spotlight. Yeah, like if San Diego does not produce their frauds. Yeah. Be the only ones getting pissed off about that, lovelies.


The problem is we'd have to stay up for the games. I'm not going to do that.


Well, yeah, we're not we don't have to actually watch it.


We could no move to San Diego. Yeah. Whomever we could. OK, who should move there. All right. The deal is still out there. What we can move to the West Coast.


You you cannot go into a body of water. I'm down. I don't care what a pool or an ocean without the shower. Nope. Was nothing. You know, no hot tub. You can't be that deal.


No, we be fucking ourselves on that. And having to live with stank. Lockwood just smelled up the studio the whole time.


I put a big wall up. You can't go into a single pool for the entirety of the world.


What about that was the deal we made, wasn't it? Let's just let's just go out there for the Super Bowl for like six months next year. What about this? What if what if we moved?


I've already I've been once I've been thinking a lot a lot about the Super Bowl.


You're allowed to go swimming. You're allowed to go swimming indoors. I'm planning you can bathe. You're just not allowed to go outside.


I'm down my would. That deal was made two years ago. I'm down there. We could we could move there. And you just can't go into any water. I just think because we the minute we moved there vacation, Lockwood comes out and the occasionally is something that exists inside me.


It all leaves. He would leave out there. He'd be in a fucking. No, because I can I can I can go I can go for a run in the morning to the beach.


I won't have to go running trips to go to the beach.


Like this is like right now I have to live right now. I have to plan I have to take time off to go to the beach if I can go to the beach. After work, I wouldn't miss work when we say we have to stay late and do this or we have to do that in your life.


No, it's it's I'll go surfing in the morning.


No, no clouds in the sky. And we're three hours behind the real world.


No, same time. No, no. You know, we had this discussion.


It is not Hank saying here, don't try and become like an ultra marathoner. Yeah.


Everything must be a pro kite surfer. You don't have to get up at 5:00 a.m. every morning. That's fine. You got five a.m..


No. Oh, I think they would in thirty was this morning.


They would take looking for an answer. One listen to Hanks' yawns in California. Throw him out of the state.


Yeah, the deal is out there. All right. So think about it. I will. No pools, no hot tubs. You you're looking at me right now. You can't you can't be trusted in nice weather.


Why we can't move this or moving this entire operation to nice weather. You you have to put on the headphones every time you have to.


You have to every time.


Every time. It's like, really I'm talking.


If I didn't get you yelled at there, Billy, I want on the record I did not mean to get you yelled that. I didn't want to get yelled at. Are you OK.


Billy's got some anger in his chest. Didn't say anything. I went to move the microphone.


He did. I know. But I'm saying like that from now on, every time headphones. Just so when you do, you can hear yourself and you really hear if you're talking.


I didn't mean to get you yelled that.


I'm sorry son. Do to believers or you know, it would be.


So what if we what if we just said Hank and Billy out to like scout out San Diego and they had to build the studio just themselves out there?


I would love to see that magic Billy in super nice weather trying to tame that fucking wild horse.


Had a great, nice weather. Good for my joints. Use sunscreen. Really. Oh, true. All right.


Anything else with anything else cookin. That's about it.


I did see we're getting into NFL draft season where teams are just very obviously like throwing out bullshit smokescreens. I saw one anonymous scout was comparing Zach Wilson from BYU to Patrick Mahomes.


Well, he's got him ranked higher than Trevor Lawrence because of the because of baseball background, I think. Yeah, I think Zach Wilson does. OK, Billy, I actually totally agree.


I did watch because I like, actually started watching everything, like way more BYU.


Was it you? Were you the anonymous scout?


No, no.


But it's just the way it's it's the way he uses his base in separation to his upper body when he throws it's very Mahomes asking very baseballers, OK, we can just agree that it was a scout for the Jets, though, right?


Being like, yo, actually, Trevor Lawrence sucks. Jacksonville probably shouldn't take him. I would take this. Thirty one year old from BYU instead.


Yeah. Oh. How old is that, Wilson. It's a good question. All right, let's find that out. Twenty one. OK, so he's got a mistake. He's good to go.


Well, I agree with BYU. No, I wasn't disagreeing with you. Oh, other huge news at the end of an era. What, Tim Tebow retired last night. Oh, yeah. I forgot that. Didn't work out. Didn't work out. I was holding out.


Did you have a prediction that he was going to be in?


No, no. My prediction was that the Mets should bring him up because they weren't selling any tickets and they should have brought him up several times to the big leagues because Tim Tebow puts asses in seats. That's just a fact. People would go out and watch Tim Tebow strike out three times before they would go out and watch the Mets win, you know, 30 percent of their games at home. So I think that they definitely should have brought him out.


Skip Bayless, it's a tough day for him. They had a debate on today saying, like, was he a better baseball player or a football player?


Yeah, he well, he might be the most overrated player in the history of two professional sports. I would say he's underrated in football now. He's he's got he's got so far removed. That is underrated. Yeah.


I would say he's underrated because we all clown on him and, you know, he wasn't great in the pros. But in terms of I mean, he's one of the best college football players ever, I think.


Yeah. So I'd say like top three college football player, I'd have to look through like all of it. But he is he's a legend in college football. It's tough to be like he was terrible at football. We just wasn't good at throwing a football, which he had to do in the pros.


So you would agree, though, that he was a better professional football player than professional baseball player? You want to play for him? He did beat the Steelers.


I mean, he's always said you want to play the opposite of Deon Sanders. That's how he'll be remembered. He won a playoff blow.


Jackson Blow. Jackson Blow. Jackson. OK, whoa, whoa. Jackson we keep working on it.


OK, bro.


Jackson. Reggie Jackson. Yeah, OK, that's a sacred bro. Jackson OK. I like bro Jackson. Sure showed Jack. Oh he's not really a pro.


He's kind of Chodas. Not really a bro. Yeah. You know what I mean. The most iconic moment of his career was probably just when he ran through the rain without a shirt on.


I was just crying on the sideline against Alabama. That to. Yeah, yeah, definitely. I remember Tebow going, yeah, that was the thing for the week. That was a lot of fun.


Press conference which won the speech. Yeah. This is my bar mitzvah. Wow. Okay.


Tell that story because this was my bar mitzvah and they lost all this.


But the speech was incredible. I mean. Yeah, but they lost.


Right. But they beat up winning championships. Yeah, right. Team working hard on them.


The start of the championship DVD is your bar mitzvah. Yep. There we go. Perfect.


Little fun. Sounds like a pretty good bar mitzvah. Yeah.


That's I think you're looking at it the wrong way Jake. They lost though. Yeah I understand.


But that was looking back, you know, putting them on the first and they just remember Jake becoming a man.


Yeah. And Tebow is promising that they were not going to lose again and then it happened.


I hope he goes back to the NFL. I hope he tries again. I hope he just keeps cycling, but I don't think he can. How great would that be, though? He just showed up for training camp. I don't think that's on the table.


Give him a shot. I mean, I. I agree with you. I hope he also goes back. Yes. I don't think there's it's probably not going to start on the tape. How is Skip going to deal with this, though? I mean, the bargaining stage hasn't even he's not even that far through the process of grief right now. Like, he's got to have to at some point. Skip Bayless has to figure out a way to be like I was right about Tim Tebow, even though he's been wrong about Tim Tebow consistently every day of his life for the last, what, ten years?


I don't know. I don't know. Skip's going to make it through this.


I mean, he's doing he's juggling that and LeBron right now. So, yeah, it's it's not easy for Skip.


Yeah. He's the only person who thinks that Tim Tebow is good and LeBron James sucks bad.


Yes. Tough, tough place to be in. It's quite a world.


All right. Let's get to our interviews. We got Leonard Fournette, Lombardi, Lenny first and then Chris Hogan. Before we do that, Chevy Chevy, the strongest Silverado ever, the strongest, most advanced Silverado ever. Silverado, strong, advanced, dependable, hard working Silverado is dependable. Like the people who drive them. The design is big, bold and commanding. And this truck turns heads a partner with grit and determination. Anything is possible and Silverado is a partner in that.


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OK, here he is a Lombardi LNT.


Oh all right. We now welcome on recurring guest.


It is Lombardi Lenny Leonard Fournette which by the way so we get an email before we have guests on and it says promoting what they're promoting. And for your email, it says Promoting Super Bowl champs. So that's pretty damn cool. Yeah, most definitely.


I'm happy to be a champ. Yeah.


So let's talk about it. How does it feel? I mean, it has it's obviously set in. I would assume it's been a week and a half, but has it just been the best week and a half of your life right now? Yeah, it has, man.


Like after the game, I couldn't believe it. I was still in shock, you know, especially like from where I come from, you know, I mean, and and how my season turned out to be and to how to have the friends that I had. Unbelievable to share that moment with my parents, my kids, my family. And it was no no other feeling like it in the world.


Yeah, yeah. I mean, you scored a touchdown. I bet on you score touchdown the Super Bowl. You officially became Lombardi Lenny.


Right. I'm I'm what you want. Don't worry about it.


It's not that much after taxes. It's basically nothing but that. Did that hit different in the moment? Was there like did it slow down? We got to the end zone. Were you able to soak it all in or was everything came out like that next level speed.


I was the score on. I think one of the all time stages of football and in front of millions of people, I was watching a game and just knowing that was at stake, you know, a lot of great players was on that field.


No, Pat Grant Brady. And this for me to be a part of that team and also to have a part of us winning the Super Bowl. I felt wonderful, man. My I life was great.


I loved watching the miked up. I think it's whatever showtime after the fact, you know, the Super Bowl miked up. Everyone's miked up. I noticed that your team, they love they love playoff Lunney like everyone was really rooting for you.


Do you do you feel that because you can tell, like certain teammates just resonate different with their teammates? And I feel like that was you for this team.


Yeah, I think I don't think it's not just that, but my personality, you know, I mean, I'm proud of what the young guys on the team and who keeps who keeps football fun, you know, I mean, I'm 100 percent.


But whatever it is and I love jokin. I love playing around. This is who I am. And and I think it kind of brings back towards team to guys like me associated with that that that attitude. Or you can say that personality of the offense. So I think guys look forward to guys like myself and other guys. We have those big personalities to bring that kind of spark, that offense. Yeah.


So going into the game, it was it was Coach Aryan's first Super Bowl. I'm sure he's picked up. I'm sure he's very excited for it is probably a little bit nervous. Who is in charge of, you know, the pregame speech. You know, you've put in the work during the week. You've got everything prepared, you're all set, but you need that one like last kick in the ass to send you out on that field. Was he the one that gave it?


And if if it was, what did he say to you? What was his message?


He gave a speech, but it wasn't it wasn't the speech we needed. You know, I'm not gonna say that he gave a speech, but the following speech, like Coach Booth, always give a speech. But the speech we needed to hear was from time, really, you know, and his speech is about honor, you know? I mean, and that's I got kids between the team. But it was a powerful message that I think we all needed to hear.


And when he I think is how he delivered it and I mean, you know, you have time to talk to, you know, how he delivered it to the team. It just woke us up, it gave us a spark that we needed before the game, you know, a lot of guys have motivation and they might be playing for the money, know their family or some people just because they love it. But when Tom said we played for Hannah and for the last nine years and I'm back, I think that kind of hit different phones know.


I mean, because we all have our last names and we are trying to be remembered. And he put that, I think, in a perfect scenario for us to go out there and work.


I ask off, what about the text message? You got the week leading up him, just Tom Brady came out that he was texting basically the entire team saying we're going to win. When you get that text message, I'd imagine that helps the confidence and helps you feel like, hey, we're actually going to do something here. A guy texting you, a six year old saying we're going to win. Yeah.


So just going to work, you know, it'd be 5:00 in the morning before I guess he's four. He's the first person up. They lead by example. So he is. And he was just us. We will win this game. You know, our Hallworth, we're doing our job the week. You know, we made sure that, you know, like what we all did. And it just shows you a different side of him that I mean, like, you don't you don't get that too much, you know, I mean, like to witness greatness up close like that.


Like it was it was crazy moments. Like, it's sometimes I'm in a backfield and I look to the side. This probably doing a play like down with fucking Tom Brady. Like, this is crazy to me. So it's just it's things like that that I think this season taught me a lot.


You know, it was a harmless useful, too, but also. Just to recognize greatness, you know, understand this, this is the first game of global affairs, you know, you built. You're a 30 year old man in this game that I mean, you have a further life to live outside of football. But just seeing guys like him and how he approaches the game and how much he loves it, you really see why seven rings. And while he's arguably the best football player to ever play this game.




And how long after the parade did he wait to text the entire team, like, hey, guys, my bad. I know I was really drunk. Sorry about almost losing the Lombardi trophy.


Nah, nah. I think. Like, this is my first I've been a part of some bull parade, but I think this one was different and I think he deserved it. Yeah, no matter whatever it was. You know, I remember prior to the beginning of the season, there was I was too old. He doesn't have it. You seen a video. He put up the video. You put a reason on his face when they had me in this.


And I was was that him saying he's only noticed by the retie, whatever the case may be.


And I think this just believing in yourself and in doubt have nothing to say. And he did a remarkable job and we came back from it.


How fun was that parade, though? It looked like everybody was having the best time of their life on those boats.


Listen, I had a blast. You know, that big cars flying at us, you know the duck for cover, but the overall experience up on the water in boats, it was remarkable.


The other moment that I realized that you are probably the most like guy on the team is all the jokes you're making about GPP on the boat that I feel like I feel like you have to be in, you know, close to a guy to make some of those jokes.


It seems like you have a good friendship. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We are. We all have differences on team. You know, we joke around with each other all day and let's let's not get this let's not get this twisted. He may have seven and a half fingers, but he is a Hall of Famer. He's a Hall of Famer. He's a two time champion. And his resume and his credentials to have is remarkable. You know, like understand like even being a guy like GPP, you know, he's been through similar situations I've been in.


I mean, he's been traded or whatever the case may be. But I think he was the lead on the offense. I mean, different besides, Dan White was really vocal and. I think they of the guys who actually plead, plead and talk, talk to talk about sex, and my dad had two interceptions this year, so yeah, it's a little yes.


And he had a lot of deflected passes to like he has remarkably good hands for not having to feel like that.


Well, let's listen to his favorite thing I remember. I think it was. Some game, I had a bad game dropping balls like, I guess better than you, I said, damn you right that game you probably did. Did he did he say anything to Joe Hegg after he dropped that touchdown catch? Say it again.


The lineman. What's his name? Joe. I don't know how to pronounce his last name. Joe Hegg. The trick play you guys ran the TriMet who almost caught the touchdown.


Oh. Oh, no, no. It was just. No, the big guys, man, you know that they don't they don't, they don't they don't practice, don't train that hit get hit like that, trying to catch the ball. So he tried his best. He tried his best.


Yeah, I saw that. You guys are trying to bring everybody back next year. I think the entire coaching staff is coming back. It might have been a blessing in disguise that you guys, you know, obviously, like there's talk of Birhan left without getting a head coaching gig somewhere. There's always going to be talk about Todd Bowles with that defense that you have. You're essentially bringing back the entire team next year and the entire coaching staff. Is that something that you guys talked about, like how soon after the game did your way to get together and be like, hey, who here is committed?


Let's do this again?


I think it was like. I think. I think. They had a team meeting, you had things like that, and they gave it speeches like maybe one of teams do together and they're going to try their best to keep us together. And I guess I don't mind. I mean, they had a romance in that that I set out. I might I probably want to stay if I get most of or not true. I never came my and I mean so I mean, I enjoy that.


And I mean, I wanted to punch a man rojo, you know, in a kind of suit your body a lot too, you know. And I think this team we just one especially if we stayed together again. So hopefully that makes them happy and they get it done. I would love to I would love to rejoin him, you know, but things happen, you know, it doesn't work out. You know, it happens. So just straight up and I'm like, my age is no deal with that right now.


I'm still celebrating the world champion. That's that's hard. Yeah, that's hard. Yes, that's hard. So, like, I went from Laborie Limited to play offline. It's a Super Bowl. And so Nyarubuye, they called me Champ.


Yeah. Yeah, champ.


And you had the tweet, which I love. When you sign with the boxing, you're like, I can't wait to play in the Super Bowl. And then and then you quatrains like I can't wait to win the Super Bowl. It's all been pretty cool. And I know that it's not. You know, we last time you were on which we hash that out, I was, you know, regular season, Lenny, maybe not always the best playoff run.


He's a different beast. And your family now, you actually said that to us. So we. Yeah, you are back to Boston, Lenny.


Stool money. Do you want do you want to blog for us? I would love to.


OK, I'd say all you have to do, just like make a tweet thread and then I'll just embed that tweet thread into a blog and we'll just say it's from Bar Lenny. So any time. Yeah, anytime you tweet a thread, we're going to blog it for you. OK, all right.


Say let's go. All right. Well, Leonard, thank you so much. Man. Congrats again, Lombardi. Lenny is I mean, it's a great nickname. So I've won like. Oh, yeah, yeah. It's a great nickname. I'm just curious, what's the going rate? How much did you guys pay the officials before the game?


Yeah. I mean, I'm not I'm not gonna lie.


I'm not allowed to. But we came out, we came out of our minds, you know, we knew, we knew was going to be a battle, we just came out fighting man, as all we did, you know, that's all.


Yeah, it was an ass kicking. That's one that's one game you can point to and be like the more physical team won that game. Yes.


Yeah, yeah. Also, how many people are you taken out to dinner because you said you tweeted the other day, spread the word. I want to take some of my brothers from 2014 out, though.


So it's from is from my high school. Right. OK, I went to St. Augustine High School. So my my my graduating class, everybody, I graduated.


I going to come home, take out the, you know, you know, just like it's different and I mean, have college friends, you know, guys in the NFL.


But I think I cherish high school so much. You know, I enjoyed high school so much. Like, I still have a friendship with those guys. You know, we still talk. We still have a good match with each other, you know.


So in my school, you know, my my school is but my school, I, I went to sign from my seventh grade year to my senior year in high school.


So we grew from boys to men. And you guys have a lot of people out then or now. I mean, you know, that's bullshit. It pays off. So I got it. All right. I saw a lot of people replying, been like, yo, can I come? So maybe maybe when the when the pandemic ends, we'll go out to dinner with you. We can split it with you. But that would be fun.


They had the balls to lunch. Yes, exactly.


Lebert featuring Lombardi. Lenny. All right. Well, thanks so much. We really appreciate it, man. And we'll keep in touch.


I appreciate it. My guys. Thanks for having me. Thanks again. All right. Take care. Enjoy your offseason. Yeah.


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OK, we now welcome on a very special guest, Super Bowl champion Kris Hogan, who has now entered officially entered the PLL draft. We are all owners. We figured it'd be good to have him on. Talk about football, talk about lacrosse. So, Chris, thank you for joining us. Are you officially a pro lacrosse player? Do you have to be drafted? Is there like a chance you might not be drafted?


I'm entering the draft, so I still have to be drafted.


OK, I don't think that there's a chance. I don't actually. You know what? Let's put up some smokescreen. We won't we're not going to we're not going to take you. We've got you off four big board. We're just a smokescreen a little bit. Actually, I'd like to ask you some questions as as somebody who is kind of going through the combine interview process right now.


So I figured this was going to be an official interview. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So. Well, first of all, I just like to know, do you really love lacrosse? Because you took a lot of time off.


I mean, I chose it over football, but I went to go play college.


Wait, now, did you choose it over football or did. Lacrosse choose you, could you have made the Penn State football team, I don't know that that's a question somebody might someone want to ask. But I mean, I put all my eggs into lacrosse when I got to college. I loved lacrosse. I always have love. Lacrosse knew that I was going to make my way back to the sport in some way, shape or form. When I was done playing football, I thought about walking on to the Penn State football team, but I was having too much fun playing lacrosse at Penn State.


Sweet. Are you done playing football, though?


I am not officially retired, so that door is still open. OK, interesting. Some may say, though, you're juggling too many things at once you can use. What's the word? Give us a word. Can you stick. Can you cradle and could dangle. How are you dangling cradle at the same time?


I'm a I'm a multitalented guy. I can do it all.


OK, my favorite question that they ask at the combine is, would you rather be a cat or a dog? Dog was. That's the right answer. But I'm just I'm a dog.


I'm a dog person. I'm a dog lover. I have two great Danes myself, OK? They follow me around everywhere. I'm a dog person.


Would you be amenable to, you know, water dogs? Good point. We are the water dogs. Would you be amenable to maybe changing your name if we were to draft you to sell more jerseys? Like I was thinking, what's a good look? Just Chad, like.


Like I like your share. Yeah, just Chad.


How many how many lacrosse jerseys you think we would sell if it was if it was Chris Hogan. But it was just Chad number five on the back.


Yes, Chad. Yeah. The Chad or just Chad. I think just Chad. Pori Hulk. We could just do Hulk. We could do Hulk too.


Yeah, it's my Hulk. Might be a better seller.


There is actually a Chris Hogan who's seems like he's more accomplished than you because he has a bunch of books about how to become a millionaire. Do you know about cancer?


Yeah, I know. He actually pops up when you Google my name. He pops up before me. I think his picture does as well. Yeah.


How to become an everyday millionaire. You should write that book and be like play lacrosse and football.


I know. I look at all my Twitter mentions that actually start. I started following this guy seeing like what he's talking about.


Yeah, I'm curious, like on an actual note, like to know how coming from lacrosse into football, like how long did it take you to really get to the level with your hands? It was like fine skills that you use in in football that may not have gotten that much practice while you were playing in college. Like, how long did it take you to get to a point where you're like, yeah, you know what? I think I can actually be an NFL wide receiver.


Um, I made the transition. So it's like effortless because that just the eye hand coordination, the dodging, you know, the conditioning, the physical part of the both games like playing receiver and then playing like midfielder attack is so similar.


And then I think the biggest thing for me, like when I was playing lacrosse, I try to go over to play football once I learned how to run. But that was like the biggest thing for me. Yeah. Yeah.


What about did how often did Belichick just like, pull you aside just to talk about lacrosse?


Obviously we we had a little banter going back and forth because he's a big hopkins' guy. Yeah. So Penn State and Hopkins, they went into the Big Ten a few years ago together. So there is a little bit of that rivalry going going around. And Petro, the head coach of Hopkins at the time, he would come by every now and then. So and, you know, there is that the building was littered with lacrosse guys. His sons were both there.


You might tell Greeno he was a college lacrosse player, but Hopkins, he's a coach there. So, yeah, there is lacrosse stuff going on.


I heard you lit up Steve Belichick in college. Is that true? Was there any animosity that lingered after that zero zero animosity?


And that that story is. I can't I can't tell you whether that's true or not. I don't I know I played against Steve, but I didn't know we didn't know each other at the time.


So did you light him up? I don't think so. Believe right here saying yes. So we have a resident football video.


I mean, there's probably some video evidence of it that if if it's out there. Yeah.


Billy, what did you hear? He had a couple of points on him. I looked at the Rutgers Penn State game. Bocskor OK. All right.


All right. So there you go. Let him off the team up for he said he scored like 100 goals on no.


You know, Billy's his pre interview notes for us were like, you lit them up. It was sweet.


Yeah. Chris, I'm off camera, but I actually met you in middle school at a football camp. OK, Joe Davis football camp. And you're really awesome. And I just want to say, like, yeah, that was so cool.


You don't have to answer, do you? Wait. No, no. Chris, do you do you remember Billy? I don't know where we go from.


That was like one of like a bunch of kids, yeah, but I mean, maybe he remembered you, bro. Where was the football camp? It was at West Wisconsin joining the football camp. Oh, OK. OK, yes. There's a lot of kids there. Yeah, I know. I know. Yeah, but there's only one Billy, I guess like every kid in front of the camera and see if he remembers you.


We probably, we probably it we probably got a picture of it. Right. Yeah. You have a picture. I think I do.


OK. All right. We'll have to find that. That's a cool story, Billy, actually. Yeah. So that's a question. He's very Chris.


He's our intern. He's very excited to talk to you. He was played lacrosse and football, so he's modeled his entire life.


You know, I actually have some, you know, coming back to the game, coming back to lacrosse from football.


Of course, you're an amazing athlete. Do you think you're going to go into you know, these guys are pro lacrosse players. They're, you know, been in the game for longer. You know, they're back in the game. But do you think you have the skill set in the offensive stick handling to actually be an offensive threat? Because I I know you're going to be an amazing, you know, short stick defensive Mittie. I know you can be great in transition because you're an amazing athlete.


Do you think you have the skill set and, you know, do you think there's any rust or do you think you can have the same offensive production as you did at Penn State?


Good question. I think I think where my game will well excel when I when I first get back into playing well, like you said, would be that fast paced transition game, you know, trying to create those different, you know, three and four situations, just trying to use my speed and my athleticism. But I'm putting a lot of work in to try to try to contribute on offense as well. And I think the more that I continue to train and work on my six skills in shooting and there's a lot that goes into it.


But, you know, I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to try to get on the field and contribute in every single way that I can. And being on the offensive side of things will be one thing that I'm looking forward to that challenge.


So for the last seven years, have you like have you actively kept up with playing lacrosse? Would it be something that you would do to, like, unwind after football practice?


You're like, I'll go in the backyard, throw the ball around a little bit, or was it something that sounds like something that I had we had I had to stick in the locker room. Yeah. And I would I'd play how to catch some of the guys, play lacrosse at Penn State, I mean, on the Patriots. Some of the guys in Carolina I tossed around a little bit, you know, when I was there, when I was in the summer down the shore, I mean, my wife played and we would we would toss it around a little bit.


So I've had a stick in my hands. It's not like I haven't picked up a stick in 10 years. And this is like some foreign thing to me. It's going to take some it's like riding a bike for me, like picking up a stick. But I think getting back into actually playing lacrosse in that game, the game has changed since I played.


How so? I mean, we know because we're the Patriots, Baxter.


Oh, other basketball boys. We're basketball. There's more faster. OK, there's no there's no change that. It's super fast, quick, whistle's. You know, when I played there was you had to get in the box. Intense within ten seconds, the whistle the there was more whistles and at longer time there between whistles it's like everything out. It's just it's fast paced. And I think that's I'm looking forward to that. I think that will be fun for me to kind of get back into that.


Yeah. Billy, how do you like your pocket? Are you a low pocket guy? Pocket watch guys shooting strings. You kind of mesh just you know, that's a good question.


I I'm using epic lacrosse sticks and other gear right now, and I think that's probably the one thing I'm trying to figure out the most is how you like your pocket. Yeah, I mean, that changed. That changed, too. You have to have a certain number of shooting strings in there. When I played, you can have whatever was the Wild West. You can have whatever you're rockin I use.


Yeah. So, so it's, it's changed a little bit but that's I'm not like that. Concerned about I'm more of a Mehi pocket guy answer.


OK, who is who do you think would have been the best player on those Patriots teams if they like one of the guys that didn't play lacrosse, who would have been able to make the transition to the game easiest?


I mean, just his his athleticism alone probably. I mean, probably Gronk, to be honest with whom, you know, Gronk wouldn't even have to worry about, like, stick skills. I mean, the guy can, you know, just that the stick would be invisible. You'd stick them on attack and he would be able to run through everybody. Yeah, I mean, I've been out and, you know, there's some other guys, too.


I mean, you stick like, you know, a guy like Jonathan Jones, you know, who can just flat out fly. I mean, it's going to be tough to cover if he gets a running head start. You know, there's and all those guys are super athletic. I don't think they could pick up a stick and just be good at it right away. But if they put some time into it, I think they could be good, good lacrosse players.


Do you obviously, I assume you watch the Super Bowl.


Do you keep in touch with Tom Brady at all that texting while I text him every now and then and text him after the Super Bowl is on super happy for him? It's pretty, pretty cool to watch him all year and when he was able to do and. It was it was fun, it was fun to watch him kind of solidify his his legacy, a team that didn't even make the playoffs the year before have a winning season and turn that hope, that whole organization around and to win a Super Bowl.


I mean, that's that's nothing short of amazing right there.


Do you and Julian Edelman, were you guys did you guys tax at all being a little jealous of Scottie Miller, a guy he kind of he kind of stole your guy shtick that I liked.


And we didn't have any. I was happy for the kid. I mean, he's a he reminds me so much of, like, my role when I was my first year at the Patriots, you know, just kind of, you know, he's I mean, that kid can fly and he's definitely he's a lot faster than me. But, you know, just that deep that deep threat, you know, really taking it, you know, taking advantage of all the opportunities.


I mean, he had to get a solid year. Yeah, but Tom. So it was fun to watch no animosity towards the kid here. He had an awesome year. I'm truly it might have been a little salty about. Yeah. Oh, yes. He definitely was.


And he'd probably be the first one to say that we're we're I guess we consider ourselves pretty good friends of Jules and we always bring up to him how Thirsty is on Instagram.


He always has these pictures of like nine ABB's out that he obviously puts like extra filters on. He probably has a guy that just Photoshop his stomach.


Did he ever make you like, oh, he's got a shirt off. Yeah. Did he make you take pictures of them ever?


Now that I drew the line there, no pictures taken of.


Obviously, you're I mean, I don't want to assume, but I assume your body wasn't as good as his or isn't as good as his because otherwise you would have some shirts off. Right?


I mean, I just I don't like to flaunt my body on social media the way that he does. Yeah. He's out there, you know, trying to find his girlfriend. And, you know, I found my Forever Forever one. She's sitting right next right now laughing.


Probably the best one was he did it was a Father's Day post and it was his dad, like behind him.


And he had a shirt off. He was like, I love my dad, but that's just you with your shirt off, dude. So it gives some shit for that. But it listen, if I if I look like Julian Edelman, I would never have my shirt on either, so.


Yeah, exactly.


Yeah. The economy. Yes, yes. Yes.


So we're looking through the the course of your career here in the NFL. What happened in twenty nineteen when you were like, you know what, I'm going to, I'm going to play for a team that's not in the AFC East for the first time ever.


It was I mean that was my first year in free agency. So that was the you know, it was it was a cool experience. It's definitely different. And Carolina had called and I went down there visiting with Greg Olsen, the guy that I've kept. You know, he we went to play the rival high schools a little bit older than me. That team just was pretty stellar. And I thought they had a good chance of being really, really good.


And obviously now we were kind of real injuries that year and didn't really go the way that we wanted to. But it was it was I was excited to kind of get out of the AFC East for once and experience, you know, the different side of the league. You know, it was fun. That team was awesome. And playing with McCaffrey and those guys, I mean, that kid is incredible.


Yeah. All right. So when is the actual people draft? We know. I know.


I do know. But I'm curious what you think. This is one of the pre draft questions you March, March 25th, March 25th.


That's directly. Yep. Are you going to have, like, cameras in your house, like ready for, you know, draft day and everything?


That's. We'll see. We'll see what happens, OK? I mean, I'm excited about it. We'll see. You know, I don't I don't know what's going to happen. I mean, I'm kind of hoping that I get drafted and I get the opportunity to play with these guys. And, yeah, I'm definitely working towards it.


You don't have any, like, weed, gas mask pictures that are going to come out on the set, right? Oh, there's no skeletons in my closet. OK, good, good.


We're going to say, Billy, where would you want to end up? Which PLL team would you want to play and who would you who are you excited if you get the opportunity to play with.


I mean I got I got some some fellow Penn Staters, you know, Grant. I mean, obviously he's he's new to the league and he plays to The Archers because to play with them, Drew Adams is another guy. It would be fun to play with. Honestly, I don't know, wherever I end up, I'm just excited about the opportunity to kind of with these guys to answer. This is really it really doesn't matter who to answer. I'm just looking looking forward to getting on the field with these guys.


And trying to compete with that great answer, that's a very Belichick in Patriot like, yeah, that's a good answer.


And, you know, this is not my first time being drilled with these questions. I don't know.


This is probably since I'm part of the owner organization, you're not you know, you're not.


You're like you're like an intern. You have no shares.


I know. But can I just ask you. So Myles Jones is driving down the lane. How are you playing defense on Miles Jones?


He's probably built like he's big, like he's he's going to talk about his body.


How are you going to take him on? Do you think I'm going to play in the NFL?


I mean, I'm not I'm not going to I'm not one to shy away from contact. But, you know, I mean, I've been I've been doing it for the last ten years and I've been taking some pretty good shots from guys that are even bigger than that guy. So I think I mean, I'll take my chances. See what happens. I don't know how to turn out, but I'm not going to shy away from it. Great question.


Because you literally were just asking, can you can you take on a guy who's taller than you? If that was what your question was? Everything goes down to like fights.


And I would I've seen him that he's a physical, that he's a really good player. But OK, you know, we'll see.


Maybe I'll get the opportunity to let that happen.


I've always been curious because you don't get to watch your NFL games at home on TV unless you go back and you and you watch the broadcast. But it seemed like the only thing that you would ever discuss with Chris Collinsworth in your production meetings was the fact that you used to play lacrosse. Yeah. How much time did you spend going over that with, like, Joe Buck, Troy Aikman College with Al Michaels, those guys?


I mean, I didn't it was like it kind of took off after that one Monday night game where I mentioned, you know, Penn State lacrosse. And I think from there I just did a ton of stories. I mean, I never really did a lot of, like, know back story with these guys. And, you know, the day before games and the media, I think I did a ton of press about it getting into the league.


And, you know, leading up to the first Super Bowl, there is a ton of articles and tons of stuff written about my past and where I came from. And that just kind of followed with me whenever wherever I went for my entire career was this guy was a little brass player.


But, yeah, it became I think it's from our perspective, it's like the Antonio Gates played basketball in college. Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard. Yeah. It becomes a storyline that you can't escape.


And that's the first thing that everyone thinks of, which is good in this case, because March 25th, people are like, oh, yeah, Chris Hogan well won.


He's the millionaire on on online who who sells best selling books and to please the football slash lacrosse player.


Exactly. Yeah. All right.


Well, we will we can't tell you that we're going to draft you. All right. Billy has one last question. We can't tell you that we're going to draft you, but we're looking forward to possibly drafting you and giving you a shot on March 25th. And we'll end with Billy's last question, which I'm sure will have something to do with height. Oh, no.


It has to do with football's awesome, of course. OK, but, you know, when you play football, it starts to become a job.


Would you say lacrosse is more fun?


I mean, I think we're. The. We're trending in the direction where La Crosse is going to become people's jobs, right? I mean, we're professional athletes, that that's our job, right. So we're trying to you know what the PLO is trying to do? What we're trying to do is grow this sport so that this is a job for guys. You know, this will become a way for people to just make a living. And guys are already making a living doing it, and that's their job.


I wouldn't say once one's more fun than the other. I mean, for me, I'm a competitor. I like to compete, you know, and I get to compete. I got to do it for the last 10 years with the best athletes in the world playing football. And now I'm going to be able to do it again just by a different sport. So, yeah, it was my job to be a professional football player. And now hopefully I'll have another job, you know, being a professional wrestler.


But more from the angle of actually playing the sport like, you know, football you're worried about, like your assignment making the right read, whereas lacrosse is just a little more free form.


Really just wants you to say that lacrosse is more fun. Let's just kind of take it easy. Can you just dance around it? Because I'm trying to get some more political answer. Yeah, just say, yeah, I like Billy through a translator here.


Talk about how sweet it is to play lacrosse.


And it is super sweet how fast you shoot.


But I haven't been I mean, I was I was clocked in high school at my left hand was like one hundred.


Can you shoot. What can you shoot with you. Right.


I think it was like ninety five and then I on draft. Yeah. How can you shoot it. I shot in eighth grade, I shot eighty nine miles per hour. Whoa. So that was clearly the highest. Why didn't the fastest. Well then I focused on football. I got it.


And also this is the entire reason Billy brought up. How fast can you shoot. Said we could ask him how fast he shot. Yeah he was in eighth grade.


I was like a freak as a two year old man miles an hour. So you could imagine the potential I had your I have to say, Chris, you are good.


You've got the you've got the Belichick in Patriot Way, media training down really well. Was that something? Did they like did you have training sessions where they'd be like, here's how to answer specific questions?


Yeah, he would go over some different things. But like you also didn't want to walk into a a a Monday meeting, the day after a game or just another meeting where you were the highlight of that team meeting because it says something stupid to the media. So as always, you know, speak for yourself, speak about the team and nobody else. And yeah, I kind of I could jive with that. So like I was I didn't want to step on anyone's toes.


I didn't want Bill to call me out in front of the entire team, which he certainly would if he said something stupid. So I adopted the pitcher away immediately when I got there. Yes.


Yes. And now that makes you very draftable for the water dogs. Chris, thank you very much. Good luck. March 25th. Hopefully you're on our team, and I'm sure I'll just Billy will have some follow up questions. I'll email you. Whatever.


Thanks, man. Thanks, guys.


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The smartest way to hire.


All right, let's wrap up we a fire fest of the week. Hank, you want to start. Sure, which just farted yesterday inside not for high school students and not admitted it, and it's getting to the point now where it's just like, I don't know what to do.


I didn't even poop yesterday. How could I afford it? I didn't poop since Sunday night when, I mean, you were more likely to find no means I was airtight. There was nothing getting in, nothing getting out. I didn't fart. This is Hank doing fraud since I can't remember if you have my back or not with the Mountain Dew bottle.


I was think I was rooting for chaos and that situation then I don't give a fuck about. I root for everything. So are you to at the end of school. And this is to extremes yesterday, which is actually a very ironic name to have a program named that where there's a fart controversy.


But I wish we had just lost the championship. And on the replay of the video, there was a loud fart noise. I was right there. It was like Moelis Spider. Who else they got? They have who? Jake, our darling Jake and Jeff were also in there and I didn't hear a fart as it happened. There was a fart in the video that was almost like a loud, cartoonish fart. I actually think that Hank had like a soundboard in the truck.


A fart board piped it in to get more views on his little video exploding out. And then he wrote like two blogs about it. And he's too try to squeeze one out, pfft.


Has as been really going out of his way to to create other circumstances that it might have been instead of just denying it. It's all like it wasn't me. It was like I think you did.


I would I don't think it ever happened. And I have been to myself you out of the blue.


It was like, you know, it happened. You probably felt a little guilty about it. And then lo and behold, did you almost almost minutes after the broadcast ended, he tweeted, I haven't pooped in days, OK? It's just clearing your name for no reason.


Hank lying about everything after Hank wrote a second blog about it, you wrote to I wrote one blog and then which is basically worth like five zero five blogs essentially. Yeah, yeah. It's a lot of blogs.


And it means you probably were trying to boost the ratings. Yes. No, I'm trying to tell you. Did you did you did fart.


I didn't fart. He kept tagging me trying to get a pity. Retweeted something out of me. No petty Richard Petty tweet and I, I had no idea it was going on. And all of a sudden everybody was like, Yo, Puffy, did you fart? I didn't fart. I would admit if I farted, I'm telling you.


So I was physically incapable of farting until about nine o'clock last night.


When I finally let me ask you a question. Why do you think he's so ashamed to admit that he farted?


I don't know why the we've looked at the film. We've pulled all the angles. The people that were closest, whose asses were closest to the microphones were Spider and Big EV. But I don't know.


I don't know. I think it was pretty, but I really don't know the old joke.


Do you have a mic? Let me tell you, I was I was thinking. Yeah, if you have a mic.


No, it could have been. You know, that's not how it works.


This is what I'm saying. It's like doubleness. He's really trying to like, deflect, deflect.


One question that we're not asking is, where was Jay during this entire show? I wouldn't lie. I would fess up right away.


That's and also, I don't think he'd ever fall on a broadcast. You would have to. I would. Pretty significant.


Do you think I would. Do you think that this is a very low move of Hank? Yes. To try to boost the viewership of stool's streams, the thing he's obsessed about more than anything else in the world with just a simple fart?


I think it's a yes. It's a very low move. It's sophomoric.


I frankly would expand was to do that. That would be a genius move that's like diabolically smart. But I'm not capable of doing thinking that far in advance to be like, OK, championship, we know we've had to cancel 100 times.


Let's add in a fart sound effect, fun stuff like this, right when the thing ends. And then I just I'm not a good liar like that. I don't have the capabilities to to put all that in motion and then to this witch hunt.


OK, so now that I've got all the facts, I'll fart into a microphone. We can cross-reference. My father did.


You should make everybody I guess it was I'll put the sound in someone's shit, their pants.


Then you also it I know what the fuck the trouble they were. We didn't know what the fuck the truck they were.


You should make everybody take off someone iPhone and do do fart print analysis and compare it to the audio waves and see whose asshole. I have one last thing to present to the jury before before you make your decision.


It's it's really not about the fart itself.


Everyone farts, everybody poops. Everyone knows it's if I was to make a comparable situation, it's like if we put out a video, we're in the part of my take studio. We all thought it was a great video. And then all of a sudden in the comments, people are like, who ripped ass? And then you go back and listen and you're like someone ripped ass. You would want to know who agreed. Yes, that is where I'm at, where it's like, I don't care who was, but the fact that no one is admitting it is driving me crazy.


But I knew it was going out of your way to like you are being very defensive. Yes.


Responding to Hank Tagami like six times. I wasn't even going to comment on it because I knew it wasn't me. In fact, I didn't even hear a fart over there. That part is so loud that I would have definitely heard it spidered in here when there was a competitive machine going on. There's a lot of things on the issue I'm having here is Hank does make a good point that he's too dumb to actually, like, plan something like this out.


And you are being very defensive. I don't know. Billy YouDecide. You know, if no one actually heard it in the building, I think it's much more likely to be interference. Got it.


I think people I think people want to put a forward. Have you heard it yet? Yeah, it was little wet.


It was like it was too. It was, you know, I see it was a lap fart.


It is also very the timing is is nothing short of what is it, Michael Scott. Nothing short of predominant that you also have been talking nonstop about your bowel movements or lack thereof, correct?


No, I haven't really been talking about my bowel movements until after that. That's why I brought it up.


You were tweeting about Skyline Chili, and I know the wrong. Did you or did you not see your pants within the last seven days? Yeah, also I did. It's been a big bowel movement week.


I tweeted out Freelon Chili thing after school screams yesterday. Right. But afterwards he is right.


There has been a main storyline this week.


It has been bowl week. And I'll tell you what, if it was my asshole, it would have sounded wet because it was that was the farthest thing from what my bowel was like yesterday, you know, dry as a rock.


I think this time had gotten a colonoscopy lately. Hmm. No, you couldn't see anything up there. I'm just I think we're finished. Mm hmm. No, I think you guys are getting that. You know, I've still got thirteen years.


OK, no, honestly, it wasn't me.


If you want to pin it on me, I tell you what, it's one of those things where I thought it was a funny thing and I was like, how, you know, get to the bottom of it. Some will admit it and no one's admitting it now. And it's just like kind of people get defensive. It's like, wait, what's going on? Right. I'm not you.


I only got defensive after Hank put me on the defensive. I just asked, was it you? That's all I asked.


And being very accusatory, you started to say you were one of four people out the you know, that was like a good cop, bad cop, you know, just get it out of the way.


Can't you triangulate that audio? Mm hmm. Yeah, we're working on it.


I wish we send it out to the MASSATA, you know, the people that do that type of stuff.


The Forensic Files, apparently, I will fart into a microphone if you need to compare. I don't care. I'm an open book. All right.


So what's your fire first besides the fact that you got caught fighting and farting into a microphone and deny that I'm constipated?


OK, yeah, that's my fire, which is nothing. Which is the other thing. No, which is tough.


It actually I don't think that I farted in between Monday and and Thursday night is the thing. So it actually could have been me. But let that be a lesson. If you if you do have any sort of medical procedure and they give you pain medicine in several prunes, I'm talking prune juice. I'm talking all the fiber that you can find. I had to just say I'm done with the pain medicine because if you can't if you don't poop for three days, that throws off my entire week.


Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Or packet dinner. Mm hmm. So I actually I we're losing Jenga. Are losing Jenga. That hopes to. I did too, like nine pieces of nicotine gum last night to get things going.


That's good working. My other Firefox's is just like shout out people in Texas dealing with like a real fire fest right now. That's snow. That sucks the snow, no power, no water, can't take vacations that got all consumed.


Yeah, it's really tough. It's a big Ted Cruz guy.


No, no. I just you know, I just I'm on the front lines of vacations everywhere, I think. What. Hank Yeah. Hank, it doesn't matter. You know, Hank is just standing by what party we want to go on vacation tomorrow. And he's been a good dad and being like, OK, yeah, let's go to Cancun. Like, that's to me, that's what Hank is going to be like. You have a vacation.


Shaming in all forms is wrong. That's my stance. Yeah, I love it.


I do think that politicians just should not be on Twitter at all. I've seen way too much of politicians dunking on other politicians, like people that are in the Senate and House of House of Representatives spend like 90 percent of their time thinking about how they can get rich tweets. I think once you get elected to a national office. Right. That like that, you should just not be on Twitter. There's no point. Yeah, I mean, you should just interpret it.


Yeah, I got no fire first because I survived covid in life is good. You know, you got to celebrate the small things.


Some things because. Yeah. Some things exactly. Some things actually mean some things. That's true.


I'm not trying to get other people fired or having coaches that steal money on podcast's. Some things.


Jake, you're fired first. Yeah.


So I watch The Bachelor every week and for some reason, yeah I know that they're interested for some reason that's the only program on the only channel or the TV. NARRATOR voice just says everything. It's annoying. I can't figure it out.


What do you mean. Like Siri narrating The Bachelor for you. So it's, it's so you know how older than Chris Harris is like a narrative voice. Yeah.


But it's not on any other channel than one like Wheel of Fortune or whatever is on beforehand. There will be. No, no, no. NARRATOR It's just for that show.


What do you mean. NARRATOR Like, I don't even like a Rolls-Royce like Siri.


Reading Oh, I know what I'm talking. Oh yeah.


Oh, we're back. Ground, mountains and flowers, we heard it's only that show every week and only on your television so you can watch us that follow. You can't watch the show, right?


Yeah. I mean, you can watch.


How do you know you watch the show with that watch.


Yeah. I mean, you're a psycho, do you think, in your little studio apartment. That's the saddest thing in America right there. No, you just know, Monday nights suck.


Well, the big Monday, Virginia, FSU, you're sitting in your in your in your kitchen, no bedroom, etc., etc..


Do you have a way to talk to the wall?


Do you have a door in your kitchen or separate. It's just out there, but those are combined the toilets next to the fridge and the fucking robots just being like.


And they enter. Yeah. Oh my God.


If only for that. Have you thought that maybe you're going insane? No. Maybe it's all in your mind. We need to change this situation. Who you got winning?


Jake, I don't want to spoil it. Oh, you know, maybe. How do you know? Right. So, no, no. The person called reality Steve.


They know, but you don't to come out. Yeah, well, I like watching Jake. I do the same thing with Big Brother.


Oh, I always know the ending of Survivor.


They don't really spoil it, but big brother in The Bachelor. Yeah, I have a friend that does that for the challenge.


He wins this reality. Steve guy. You know, everything is just the plug. Yeah, I've heard of just the plug.


No he does get it. Everything right. But I do you guys. It's crazy. Also I like the first few weeks when it's the drama.


Now they're in the final four right now. There's really not drama hometowns.


Yeah. Yeah. But you can see sweet things. You know the results and you're in for it. Yeah. I still, I still like watching it. Wow.


Do look up movies before you go to see them. Now why do you DVR games and see the result and then watch. So I can understand those people who got to know right away.


You're that person.


No, just for the exact same thing you rely on. You treat reality, Steve, like it's the bottom line that you're watching that's wild on a game you haven't even told you. A lot of people do it.


People will treat me like I'm not people who say I'm crazy, but there will be people on my side. OK, we'll see.


Yeah, I welcome those psychos to show up. Billy, you're fired. First. You almost thought Hank earlier. No, I thought maybe they're going to go to prison.


Oh. Or OK, I'd be a billionaire. I like the first. Oh this is OK. This is before Billy gets into this. Yeah.


I walked back to my desk and Billy and Marty Mowhoush were hot on a new financial scheme.


Yeah, I well, it's pretty much guarantee that it's the dumbest thing in the world.


I walked in this morning and it was the exact same thing. I sat at my desk and Marty goes, yo, you want to make some quick cash? And then Billy was like, it's awesome. We're mining cryptocurrency at her desk right now. Sounds legit.


It's humans mining, not computers. OK, it's a very complex algorithm that you have to grasp. But, you know, a lot of people are like a lot of fools are fools till they get success and then they're visionaries.


You've definitely to convince yourself of that, like, hey, I might be dumb today, but surely some rich people are going to be like that guy.


Smart. I just got to get a little dumber before I get really smart. So explain to me what you're doing on your face.


It's kind of basically a cryptocurrency backed by a pyramid scheme. OK, nice. And but I think it's not like, you know, you're not buying anything.


But so if you go on to PI network use when the invite code put Billy football. My God. And I'm going to get so much pie right now.


You're going to be the Steven Seagal of Pi now. I know, but I was thinking about like going to jail. I'm going to go to jail because this is all legal, which I don't think it is, or I wouldn't make a ton of money.


Well, so I knew it was a solid. And how much does it cost when. MARTY Zero. Marty Nine. Yeah, Marty Mowhoush says to me, when I sit down, he goes, how do I make money?


It's free to do just need to decide where you can make it. It's like the play bars do it.


Yeah. No, this is no, no, no side of it.


There's a chance to make money. This is the the office scene where Jim draws the triangle.


Yeah. So so Billy's been constantly refreshing his app all day today and telling me how many guys in the office which is worth how much.


Well, it's speculative value. So how much is it worth?


It's worth nothing now, but it will be when Marketplace opens to use PI.


So you're down there in the coal mines just. Oh yeah. I mean, you're working crypto. Yeah.


And so what is entailed to mind that when this stuff it does, you just got to click a button every day and that's how you mind and then it's in, you use a bunch of anti robot stuff.


So it's not computers making you have to give your Social Security number. No, you're not going to get you know, you're not I'm going to stick to investing and using, like, gifts.


Sixteen, sixty six, seven. You know, it'll be awesome if you went to jail. So they should be very funny, Seventy-Seven If it sticks, it might not off, it's off. Someone's got to do it again. Do you have a fact for 17 puffins lose to you? Yes. Hey, what happened?


Hey, did you usually say 17? You always say seven.


Oh, I've been. I've been I'm not going to I'm not going to tell my strategy. There's listeners I probably could have picked up on it. And I was in between whether or not I'm just someone out there or someone out there will be able to tell them.


But I'm going to go and find the guy since I was 18.


He just is like one next to it.


I don't know if that's someone I've been I have started at one and I've just been going one to three four. But I thought I might have I literally was saying to myself, is it 16 or 17?


And I was like 16. Oh, but I might have already said 16, I guess 18 like a scratch off. Oh, no, I'm right about it.


So why at 70 is my lucky number. Wow.


So to win on a 17 would have been unheated.


Oh my God, I love you.


But it's important live for I didn't start to love you guys, but it was animal fact.


Puffins lose their beak during the winter, so they just walk around like a thumb. Yep.


No beak. That's weird. How do they kiss that sad because.


Time by. Jenatsch. This. The. Shining, shining.