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Hey, guys, it's big cat again, you're probably sick of hearing my voice at the start of every podcast. Well, I have something for you. If you go and watch Rough and Rowdy 13 Friday, February 5th, Jose Canseco versus Billy Football. I will stop doing this and you can play on the play barstool app. You can pick who wins with a cash prize. Rough and rowdy 13 February 5th, Billy Football versus Jose Canseco by Arenado.


Go do it.


On today's part of my take. We have two great interviews for everyone. We have Cousin Sal, his new book, We Talk Everything with Cousin Sal.


His cousin Jimmy may have heard of him. Jimmy Kimmel gambling his book Everything Super Bowl Props. We also have Ozzie Guillen, manager, baseball player, world champion, and also hopefully giving us advice for Billy Football on Friday night. So Ozzie has hit us up, said if you want to beat Jose Canseco, you have to listen to me. We had him on.


We talked about baseball and also beating Jose Canseco.


Talk a little Super Bowl, hotsy cool thrown and guys on chicks and the debut of Billy's fight song for Friday night, written by PFG.


And we're on the show, Enron at the end of the show.


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I'm starting to think I might bet on the bucks.


No, no, let me talk you out of it, because you know, me first thing this past of this told me.


I know. I know. I know. I know. I want you to talk about it. But let me first say this. The quote the tweet that I saw, Tom Brady has had the house to himself with his family out of town. It'll be twelve days of preparation alone. He said he's never had that much time to prepare his mind and body before. The more film I watch, the more I understand that got in my head. And I was like, wait, what he has?


How much time he's never had this much time. Oh, I'm starting to like the bucks. I don't like that.


Takes him out of his rhythm. You, Aaron Rodgers hasn't had his family in his house for years. And look where that got him last week.


So I don't make five hundred dollars. I hate him. But he does. I like I like the bucks, but I love the Chiefs. So this is you from the past. Yes. No, I know. I know. I know. I know.


Hey, Hadyn. I'm sure the diet's going really well and we agree that it hasn't started yet. Listen to that. You're looking really nice and slim. Full beard is looking great. You haven't shaved into mustache. And I think that you should bet on the chiefs because don't be a fucking idiot. We bet on the remember with the bills. I know you said that if you bet on the chiefs again, you have to beat the chiefs. If you don't bet on them, you're going to get smoked.


You can feel like, well, what about Eric Fisher? Andy Reid, Andy Reid? Is you going to get a double cheeseburger if he wins? He said he's got. I know. I saw that. That's a big carrot on the end of the stick.


I do love I do love the the attack of the olds for this Super Bowl that the big storyline is like, hey, you want the young shiny head coach?


Well, guess what?


Bruce Arians and Andy Reid, they can still get it done. Yeah. Yeah. But also because they have really good players on both of their teams. They're both good coach.


I want to see Bruce Arians give a speech after winning the Lombardi. I think that would be great. He'd have a cocktail in his hand in before he got to the stage. He would do an ice luge down the Lombardi trophy. He put it in the freezer for like five minutes after the game was over. Bring it back out with the bottle. It's probably something cheap, like like a sky vodka.


And by the way, can I just go off the rails real quick about sky vodka and how much I hate sky vodka? Sure. It's always marketed as being like a fancy fucking vodka. It's in the cool blue bottle. When you try to drink it, it tastes like piss. Anyways, that's probably what he knew.


Everything back is the only vodka we drink. Absolutely. We are going to do all of our props on Friday's show and we will hopefully get some new props.


I already know we have one new prop in the barstool sports book. It's going to be the score Ogami.


But I wonder if we get a prop for the Gatorade bath like plus a million Mitsuse Bruce Arians gets dunked in. Yeah. In like a I don't know gin and tonic. Yeah.


Or at least have like a couple of lime wedges, giant lime wedges on the side.


I could see, I could see it and be like listen boys, if we win this game I want just, just dunk me, just, I'll do a keg stand, I'll do a handstand into an enormous jack and coke.


He'll be like landfill from beer fest except they're going to put them into the Gatorade cooler, but it's just going to be filled with like a kamikaze. Yes. He's just going to suck his way out of there. But I think. Don't overthink this. I know, but I'm mean, the only thing I can do is told him there's so much time covid concerns me because they've got like, is it DeMarcus Robinson and one other guy, Killgore the center.


But it is. But that was that wasn't covid. That was close contact was usually the guys are able to to still play credit to the NFL for still pretending that they're doing covid tests.


That's that is more than I expected. I'd expected them to go straight to. Oh yeah.


Everyone's positive or everyone's negative. Everyone's negative. Everyone's negative without testing anyone, but apparently they're still testing.


What do you think would happen if Mahomes and Tom Brady both came down with COVA this week?


Nope, nothing. Absolutely nothing. They say they played the game. They delay. They know they would play the game and we wouldn't find out, like they could both have it right now. We wouldn't get a single word about it. And Tom Brady's in a high risk group, too.


Yeah, he's. It's it's it's such a weird Super Bowl week because it's I saw a picture of like radio row, there's no one there. There's some there's a few people who are down there. But even Tampa was like 50 degrees. Everyone was complaining about it. But you didn't get the full complaint. I know. So didn't feel because imagine if it was a regular year. You get 40 degrees on a on a Super Bowl Monday. People are pissed at.


Adam Schefter would be complaining on Twitter about how there's a snowstorm in Dallas.


He Prisco would be wearing like seven scarves at a time. You couldn't even see the top of his head.


We can't even get complaints about the weather. This is such bullshit. Yeah. At the very least, could we at least get some, like Sochi, Russia style complaining where they're in Tampa all by themselves in a hotel? Like I want to see wolves walking. Yeah, I see people complaining about the faucets not working correctly in the bathrooms. We're not getting the full vibe. We did get a little bit of the vibe from, I think the guy from the L.A. Times, Sam Farmer.


He tweeted out yesterday, last time the Super Bowl was in Tampa, we got the boss. This time it's in Tampa and we get the weekend was complaining about it. And it's like, yes, it's strange how some things at some times are different from how they are at other.


But we had the boss, we did have the weekend was like, what? Fifteen years old last time that was in Tampa. Yeah, damn. Well, you're saying are you going to bet the bucks I'm a thousand percent, but not a doubt in my mind.


I'm betting the chiefs I want on the record. I'm betting the chiefs, but I'm telling I'm being honest with our audience and telling them that throughout the week my brain is going to bounce back and forth. And right now I'm in a real bux mood. I'm going to end up at the Chiefs. But right now I'm in a real bux mood.


I'm 100 percent better than chiefs. I'm probably going to put a nuclear waste on that box box box truck. Even Hank doesn't know who. The only thing that I've been wrestling with in my mind because we're where we're traveling, we're going to be in Philly for it.


I'm starting a PAC and I was wondering, I have a a lucky vest that I only wore for the playoffs, the Patriots playoffs and the three Super Bowls. I wore the same vest every time, three championships. And I'm wondering. No, does that can I. It's my lucky championship. It's a Patriots vest. It is for you.


Who did you bet on in the NFC championship game? The Bucs, I thought, been on the Packers. So Leweni Bucks.


Interesting. OK, what did you know, though, is also the vest.


I've worn the vest too, but it's one more than four. But that's what I'm saying. Like, it's my it's my. It's like what I need Tom Brady when I throw this vest on. But here's the problem. Should I bring it? Like I said, the problem, I think Juju.


Yeah, but if you have it, if the vest wins, if the vest gets Tom Brady, another Super Bowl, I think you've now erased all power for the vest for the Patriots. It's now a Tom Brady vest, not a Patriots.


I might be OK with that. I just frame it, just put it on the wall and be like, all right, we got four championships out of this bad boy.


If you're going to unload on the Bucs, I guess you probably have to throw everything out.


That's what I'm saying. It's like I mean, I have to wear something and like this vest, I literally sits in my closet. I don't bring it out except for like when I need it. Here's what you don't need it.


You bring the vest, you obviously bring the vest, but you don't put it on at the start of the game. If the bucks start to win, you leave the vest off. Yeah. If you need to change up the vest mojo, then boom, you've got the vest, right.


Don't waste the vest because maybe the bucks will win on their own. Right. You don't need it. What Bill is about to bite his fist. We need those fists for Friday night. I just want to see them like this hanging headphones.


Does Hank think that it was Belichick or Brady? Oh, is that apply to. That's a discussion that hasn't happened before. Both It's the whole team.


What what do you what do you land on it? Well, where's Hank?


Who won the breakup really well, Tom Brady, of course. Well, he hasn't won anything. Did you guys see the report to the Gronk the most Gronk thing? This is what sucks about not having Super Bowls. We get the stupid stories and we're not there for it. And it feels like some of the stupid stories aren't coming out because there's just not enough like media around digging for. All right, it's Wednesday. What the fuck am I going to write about now?


Oh, I'm going to go visit Hulk Hogan's house where he got illegally taped by Bubba the Love Sponge and like to report from there. But Gronk had there was a report that Gronk in the off season, the Bucs wanted to make sure that you staying in shape and they would make him send videos of him sprinting and he would just change his shirt. So he did all his workouts in one day. Yeah. And then just kept on sending them on different days.


I mean, that is the genius Rob Gronkowski dunks don't have metadata. If no.


If if you if I were a coach on the Bucs and Tom Brady in Gronk sent me one of those first clue that it's fake is like there's no chance that Gronk is wearing a shirt and right to work out something is amiss. Now, if he had gone shirtless and changed the shorts, that would have fooled me.


Yeah, well, like, if I'm if I'm watching Rob Gronkowski work out on a high school football field in the summertime and he's wearing a shirt, something's bogus.


Yeah, it's not like I mean, he also definitely sent them a video like when it was raining all day and it was sunny. Yeah. He he didn't go that far.


What do you think if they announced the uniform colors. Yes. The big bucks are wearing red, right. No. Yes.


I think the bucks were correct. I don't like that check. I don't like that one of the chiefs wear last year white. She thought they were wrong. So they're wearing red shoes, are wearing the same color, they were like. I think that's correct, yes. Yeah, I remember was just the same as last year. Yeah.


Bux White. OK, that's good for Tom, is it. Yeah. Why they always win the Super Bowl when the Patriots are wearing white. Yeah. Did you see the stat that Tom Brady is six and one against animals and 012 against her.


Yeah, 012 against non animals in the Super Bowl.


Chiefs aren't an animal. No giants are immune to what Bubba.


Yeah I know.


Six and one. One loss. One loss.


Once I once I read the quote you read earlier I, I know I was already, I was already at peace with my pick, but that just made me think it's going to be a blowout that quote.


And Tom Brady is not like us. Like if I had twelve days repair I'd be preparing on day eleven and a half I would be like, oh sick.


I got twelve days. I'm going to sit in bed and scroll on Twitter for 11 of these 12 days, and then I'm going to start focusing on the big game. Tom Brady is actually probably like he that scared me. That means that he's going to uncover something that he never saw and it's going to come out in like the fourth quarter and then Peter King's going to fucking masturbate onto a piece of paper being like Tom Brady found this in our, you know, 746 of sitting in his Tampa Derek Jeter house by himself.


Yeah, Super Bowl.


You could see that. And Peter King, except he just intro it with Tom Brady, called me on my phone fifteen minutes after the game was over and told me this.


Yeah, I was asked to toss that in that same phone that was funded by illegally stolen hamburgers. Peter That's very true. Pete Yeah. I'm still scared. He's still not going off the Chiefs. But yes. No, no, you're right. It's scary. It's scary to think about. And the white uniform stat that actually scares me a little bit more. My brain has flopped twice in the last thirty seconds because I can't picture the chiefs winning Super Bowl, not wearing their red uniform.


So if the Bucs were going to be wearing red, I was going to be more inclined to bet on them. But now that I hear the Tom Brady stat about him always wearing white winning Super Bowls, that makes me want to flop. I'm staying with the chiefs I'm staying with. I am, too.


I just I'm being honest with everyone. I even said this last week when I said I'm going to bet the chiefs I was like, listen, I'm going to go back and forth. Good thing is I'm going to take the over no matter what, even though it looks like there might be rain.


But who cares? That's fine. Who cares? No one cares. And I think it's supposed to clear out beforehand. So I love looking at forecast seven days in advance being like, I totally know what's going to be happening on Sunday.


Yeah, I'm actually looking forward to the storyline and I'm surprised nobody's talked about this yet. The Tyrann Matthew Bruce Arians connection about how Bruce took the chance to draft Tehran because back when Bruce was in school, he got kicked out partying a little bit too high up. And then he's like this guy, this honey badger reminds me a lot of me. Back in the day, I did see the storyline of Bruce Arians, the greatest rushing quarterback to ever come out of Virginia Tech over Michael Vick.


But I need more of that content of Honey Badger. I feel like the Honey Badger has been a little bit overlooked this season. Yeah. And he's like my favorite. I think he's my favorite defensive player in the NFL.


Yeah, he's yeah. I mean, he the Chiefs defense overall has been overlooked. I mean, I know that the Bucs defense is statistically better, but the Chiefs do have that vibe of like when they need it, they still have like Chris Jones, you put up Chris Jones against pretty much any other defensive player in this game, which is crazy to say, but it's like, yeah, they might have the best defensive player in the game. Yeah.


Obviously, it's up to debate Chris Jones. Is that fucking good? So we'll do the whole preview. Prop bets, everything on Friday. Friday, we will have a Hall of Famer on the show and also Jose Canseco. So that will be a great show.


It's going to be great show. We're going to be in West Virginia. Billy's ready. The other story we've got to talk about real quick, LeBron James, first courtside, Karen.


So LeBron James.


Now, Billy, I tasked you with this. I know you're busy, but apparently LeBron James, how it went was he called this guy who was sitting courtside, who was talking shit, old steroid ass, and then the guy's wife started screaming at LeBron and got kicked out. And then afterwards was like, I'm defending my man. I can just tell you, I I did a deep dive on her Instagram just so that I would be prepared for the show.


Yeah, I don't really like her. Why? I think she might she might have a little bit of and we like him either.


He's Karlo daddy was his Instagram. Yeah. So I don't think I like them. I'm a little terrified of her. Yeah. I don't think I like me. And I'd also like to throw a flag on courtside. Karen, we can embrace debate on this. I think she's more of a Becky than a carrot.


I think courtside if she if you tack like an extra twenty years on her and like, give her bangs, well then she's a right now this is textbook. The difference is courtside. Becky yells LeBron courtside. Karen tells the security that LeBron was calling her husband a steroid ass. Yes. So that's the big. Difference, I think so, yeah, I agree with you there, yeah, I just I don't know I don't know if I'm down with, like, their whole lives seem interesting.


So, you know, she's 25, he's whatever.


This isn't his first time going viral. Oh, really? Yeah.


There was a picture of oh daddy, please get it right with a different woman who is his girlfriend. At the time it was the Hawks cleavage post.


So their cleavage out is nothing better than seeing boobs.


Yeah. On like court side or front row, you're like, whoa, I didn't expect boobs there.


Wait, I'm mixing sports with boobs.


Like, I usually go we should start the website, usually go to Yuji's for my porn boom. I'm just tuning in the game. That is boobs. Yeah. Fuck yeah.


That was a different era of the Internet to when somebody could actually go viral just because there were big boobs courtside.


I mean the headline is just massive cleavage on the sideline at the Atlanta Hawks. That's all you need. And I want to, Lenny Dykstra, smash those buttons, those boobs. I'm looking at it right now. I'm looking at the picture confirmed for everyone who's wondering boobs.


So Billy sent this to me because when the story was breaking, Billy was like, oh, I'm checking out this guy's LinkedIn right now. It's sweet. And I looked up. Karlo is LinkedIn here. It just lists all the different country clubs that he's a member of.


Yeah, I think he's one of those guys that you don't want to fuck with because he's richer than rich. Could be.


But no one really knows why or how they're there are those guys floating out there and they all kind of look alike. The spray tan, the alleged steroids. That's by LeBron, not me. I didn't allegedly used steroids. The wife that's like 40 years younger, they all kind of have that vibe.


Well, you said he wouldn't need to do steroids if it wasn't for the women he dates. Oh, so much younger. Yeah. He's just trying to keep up with them.


He also has I think he went private on Instagram.


But I looked at I looked at Karlo Daddy this morning and he had he actually Rob Gronkowski, the picture with his own son, where he was. It was like a picture of him reading with his son. And then like a week later, it was a picture of him reading with somebody wearing the same shirt. So I think it was just one section.


Either his son completely lacks trip or it was just taking the same section.


But he had a bunch of fish that he caught shirtless. So credit to Karlo Daddy for that.


This was the biggest mindfuck for me. When I looked at the couple, I was like, that's got to be a typo. This game was absolutely played in Miami. This is a Florida. Yes.


Well, no, they migrated north. They are. If you if you see her Instagram profile, I think it says Atlanta.


Miami, Atlanta airplane. Miami airplane. Yeah.


What steroids and a little bit of HGH. But I don't think it's the good stuff. Oh, he's like he's loaded, but I don't think he's like Jeff Bezos knows where he can get the real good stuff.


So how how did you come to the conclusion with TRT, his biceps? What was he his it's his republic national distribution company has relations with anti aging clinic guy.


Yeah. Like xenophobic anti aging Asia. Oh clinic. I can't and talk to have against Asians aging. Oh OK. Agist. All right. We disavow anyone who's anti Asian of course. And anti ageist. No we just don't know. Anti aging too. We have teenagers. No ages.


No. I'm actually pretty high on antiaging. Yeah. Just inside my own brain looking down on my body.


How many people out there think that I'm actually twenty.


I think a lot of people here. Twenty, twenty, twenty, twenty two times.


I think we've actually spoken that into existence there. I got a lot of people being like man you look like shit for twenty eight which.


Yeah I do. I'm sorry. That's, I live a tough life. Well it's better than whatever I get when everyone's like dude you're only thirty six. Well that fucking hurt my feelings. Thanks a lot guys.


All right. So TRT and HGH, I think these are this is alleged by LeBron by the way, not by us. LeBron called him an old steroid ass.


I think they're young. Version of Gun Couple takes a while.


No one is going to say, do you think LeBron was projecting a little me thinks the lady doth protest too much. I don't know. Interest.


Oh, I don't know. Whoever smelt it dealt it. What do you think that guy thought when Jeremy Lin played on the Hawks knowing his antipollution. Yeah. Stance probably boycotted games.


Did Jeremy Lin before? Yeah, I think so, yeah. If I played everywhere I played, it was definitely on the Hawks for a year.


All right, let's do hotsy cool thrown were brought to you by our friends. At what. In when he was twenty eighteen. Twenty eighteen.


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Of course, big game dream dotcom experience. The first big game ad that only runs in your dreams celebrate responsibly 2021 Coors Brewing Company, Golden, Colorado and Fort Worth, Texas.


OK, Hotsy Calderon.


Hank Hotseat is the stock market.


Not good. Bad day, I'm still holding no, you're not Absi. Oh, I'm not. I'm home. Yeah, I think I only made money so and I woke up, I was upset this morning. And then I looked at a like, you know, a six month chart. And I realized that when I bought it was that, you know, the very high, which was never, ever that close to being ever before and probably never will be ever again.


So I have no one to blame but myself.


Yeah, I actually I bought more this morning, so that was pretty steep.


I had that thought too. That's why I looked I looked at the chart. I did some. I did some. You know, the line. You can just look at the line. It's like it doesn't seem like it's going to go back up, but who knows.


Who knows. I know. Who knows. Do what you want. We're not Elon.


Elon needs to do a tweet, although he said he was off Twitter for one right now because it's fucking you know, Dave Dave got out like it's well, that was my other challenger without I was thinking about put it on the counter and I will I'm not going to do that.


That's good news. Good news.


Are you still holding on Doge? Because those are still up 600 percent from when I bought it. That's no, 8000 percent like it used to be.


I got a lot of bitcoin, a little bit of doge and way too much EMC.


It's just, you know, I think do what you want. People thought it was a revolution and I think it is think it was more of a fad.


The revolution is not over until you say I'm like I'm like this seven year old hippie that won't stop doing drugs.


It turns out that starting a revolution is very hard.


Yeah, very funny.


You got to get you got to have everyone fall in line. Starting one's easy. Yeah. Finishing getting one to completion. We're going to say, you know what to do once you're inside the capital.


You know, fuck, go back up AMC. Do it. Someone said you bought a glorified snack bar. That hurt my feelings.


My question is, is Canada. Oh yeah. I just Canada.


Great, great place. Great country. Great everything would be Mathabane one. No, I just, you know, I love you later.


I just love I'm just I just, you know, thinking about how great Canada was, which I love and appreciate your Canadian stoolies. Loyalest, what's up?


I just nothing. What's the play play bar stool has a Candelo there actually. Now you bring up the cat. OK, a lot of people when asking when and can you play play basely Canada starting today. You know, I got a question for you there, Hank. Yes. I'd like to put some wagers on the stool streams. Is that even possible for me up here in Manitoba?


Well, you can now, Gordo, and you can bet on football in the rough and rowdy contest on Friday. I say no way, Jose.


No way, sir. No way. It's not bad. It's free. It is free. It's for real money. Zero dollars.


You can win twenty five thousand twenty five thousand looney's. That's actually doing a lot of conversion. Is that crazy? All right. Fifty. What's your hotsy.


Oh, well, my hotsy was going to be hands because people are their hands are get tiny hands paper tiny hands. Alex Smith hands.


It really sucks for the guy who sold and also does have like extremely small hands. Yeah. Yeah. That's got to really suck. You probably have to be thinking like it's my fault. Yes. Drew sold his fucking AMC stuff this morning. Yeah.


David Carr car, my cool cars. My cool thing is Staten Island Chuck, because everyone's favorite groundhog predicted that we were going to have, what, just two more weeks of winter. So we're done. We're done. Winter's over. We're in the middle of a blizzard right now. Tropical storm or winter storm. Ursula, whatever the fuck this is, that's what's called get out.


It's got a name. They just make up names to get ratings. Now, that's how they get you.


Fuck Punxsutawney Phil. That guy sucks. He does suck.


It's such a surprise to anybody that that Jeff Lowe knew the name of the off brand. Punxsutawney Phil. Yeah, Staten Island. Chuck Staten Island. Chuck is a real one. I like his eye.


Fox with Chuck. I fuck with Chuck. And I want to punt Punxsutawney Phil to the moon. Yeah, right.


With my dog Bill de Blasio. Go down to Punxsutawney. You take care of that.


Well, that was the thing is probably Blasio dropped Chuck. That's a few few years ago when he killed them.


Yeah. He died after. That's why.


So he should. Yes. No, that's why that's why we did Lazio down there.


Winter storm or Laina or Laina. Yeah. Ursula or Lana, whatever. What's the difference between a woodchuck and a groundhog, by the way? No, nothing. Nothing.


Here you go, Billy. Feel really good about it.


It's like saying it's like a cougar and a puma. A cougar is OK, a cougar and a cougar back is a puma, a cougar or puma and a mountain lion are all the same thing. And painted dog.


How are they different than a beaver? The beaver and the and the whatevers are huge.


What's the difference between a dog and a cat? Beavers.


I don't know. It's a stupid question. Beavers, if you saw Beaver in real life, they're like way. They're not like rodent sized. They're like actually huge.


No one thought they were big. No one thought they were. Beaver was a size dude.


Like people think, oh, beavers probably this big beavers are not that I thought of beavers like about as long as you're thinking how big is the beaver.


Bigger than a dog like around the dog sounds.


Depends how. 30, 40. Yeah, that's that's what we all thought. People don't know I don't think a beaver was American. Beaver Range is twenty four to seventy one pounds, 71, 71 pound beaver brown.


That's what I never thought of.


Beaver was like a rat. Yeah, but you thought I was like maybe like bigger than a squirrel. This thing's huge. No, I thought a beaver was like. Yeah, like a small dog. 71 pounds. That was pretty big. Yeah. That's that's about where I thought a beaver landed. Hmm.


OK, you were looking at different beavers and I. Yeah. Listen, beavers bigger than you think. Oh nice Billy. Not ours.


And you like your beavers bigger than. I saw a shirt the other day that was fake, was it or did you see the bigger the pooper, tastier the chalupa?


I like that shadow. Chris Christie. Chris Christie. All right. My hotseat. Well, my hotseat was going to be Punxsutawney Phil.


Fuck that bitch. My cool throne is E.A. Sports and the return of NCAA video game. The best that I haven't seen. The Internet universally love something more than this game returning. It is so fucking great. It is going to take like two or three years, which who cares?


That's the most college football thing to do. Schedule this three years in advance. Who cares? It will get here soon enough. Like you. You just set it and forget it. You know what I mean? Like this is this was a monumental day. This is a great day. It felt great. And then you just forget that it happened. And then in like two years, like, hey, guess what, next month we get the video.


Yeah, I'm very excited about it. It's so much better than Madden.


That instinct's never play the new Madden. Good. If they was smart, they put dugs in the game, put some codes in there. And thanks to Darren Ravell for that nice backhanded compliment, which I'm not taking any credit because it was it's the likeness rule. But he tweeted, I hate to say it, but I'm like, why did you have what he said?


He was he was a pussy Cheerios today.


Yeah, I hate to say it, but Big Cat was, like, monumental in bringing this game back. It's like, why do you have to say you hate to say it.


Yeah, he's he's still bitter that what's your name left him, Leslie. He still hasn't tracked the three year old.


But wait, is this going to be the same game? Because I saw some rumors out there that well, the first thing that stuck out to me after being excited about it was it's not called NCAA football. They call it college football workshy.


Are they are they still going to have like University of Notre Dame?


They're going to have, yes. Yeah. Are you sure? Yes, that's. Yeah, they're going to have the official. Yes.


Or is it going to be like, no, no, no. It's all the way back. It's all the way back in that respect. I hope it's not like Madden though, because Madden, they've made it's too hard to, like, move everyone.


Yeah. The game kind of sucked. They should just update whatever the 2014 version. Just make it a little bit nice.


But I'm worried that since they're changing the name, it's not going to be the same.


No, I think the whole reason why it's coming back is a likeness deal is because they actually can can do this for real now. So I'm excited. I'm very excited. Great news. It really was. I don't remember anything being like applauded unanimously on Twitter. We got to find the one guy who's like, fuck that game. Probably some probably some dude who's yelling about GameStop right now. I was like, all these millennials are going to just waste their life away playing video games and trading stocks.


We're so sure the stocks have gone up for GameStop knowing that the most popular video game was going to be coming out.


No, those old bastards at the hedge funds don't know entertainment.


Billy, my hotseat is how they can take them to skull fucking with my fists. Yeah, but also hotsy Amazon.


Jeff Bezos just step down, which is kind of weird as fuck. What does this anyway.


Something's coming. Your ass coming. My cool throne is pranks and boobs. A bunch of pranksters went to the Hollywood sign and replaced it with Holly Boob.


It's just funny. That's awesome. We'd say it again. Hollywood, the Hollywood sign.


Oh, Holly boob. Did they put boob.


That's w that's really it was the chick, the Julia Rose Flash at the at the World Series check. Oh those are just Vanderlyn. Yeah.


Why is, why is stepping down. I don't know where people are. They're like business people are like yeah if you didn't see this coming you don't you're not fall in business.


Well guess what, I'm not going to focus full time on developing more dogs, more robot dogs that are going to kill us all.


He's going to take over the world. Oh, that would actually be a boss move. Like I'd respect that if. Jeff, please. It's like I'm stepping down from Amazon to take over the world. See you bitches.


In the third fiscal quarter, just quarter on continues, he posted video dunking, which is sick at 300 pounds.


OK, nice, nice respects, Marsh. All right. Did you have anything? Jake Yeah. Hotseat France. The Olympic basketball schedule came out in us, plays France first. All the crap out of them.


Can we please put Vince Carter on that team? Just for that one game, just so he can teabag another seven. He's definitely in shape enough and then cool thrown Vince Young, he's returning to Texas. He has, yeah, I saw that. I forget the exact role, but not a coach dude around.


Yeah, that's he's basically had that role at Texas for like three of the people, the coach, and they brought him back.


No, they just they always come up with a new title for him. He's like like quarterback, special assistant and athletic. Yeah. Quarterback and emeritus. Yeah. That works in Moraitis.


That's like the best thing to that's the best job to have if you're a legend and. Yeah. You're always welcome. Right, exactly.


Bigman, why would you say that about Vince. Recurring guest. Sorry.


Very rude. All right, let's get to our interviews. Let's do Cousin Sal first and then we'll have Ozzie Guillen right after that. Before we get to Cousin Sal, I was thinking about eating healthy this year. That's a lie. Well, you know, that's true. You were thinking about it. You help me out. If you're trying to eat healthy, I highly recommend Hello Fresh. They actually make it super easy. The worst part about trying to eat healthy is some days you get home from work and you're like, you know what?


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So OK, we now welcome on a very special guest. It is Cousin Sal. He has a book out. The book is You Can't Lose Them All Tales of a Degenerate Gambler and His Ridiculous Friend's Cousin. Sal, it's great to have you on. I want to thank you first and foremost for not sending us your book so we don't have to pretend that we actually read it.


Right. It's just easier this way, right? Yeah. You're the first person I think we've ever had on who's pitching a book that didn't even attempt like you didn't even ask, like, hey, what's your address? Let me send a couple. No, no, no, no. We're just going to pretend, you know, we're going to read it someday.


But everyone, you know, you got me back by sending me the zoom link to this interview. Forty five seconds before we started. So I guess it's tit for tat.


Keeps you on your toes. You're the king of pranks. Why don't you just why don't you describe the cover for us? Because that's all we were going to read anyways.


Yeah, the cover is me giving away my baby losing a blackjack hand. But everyone is confused. They think the baby is being handed to me by the dealer and they don't know that looking at the cards already, I can't get off on the right foot with the cover. But yeah, that's that's it. That's all you need.


I would almost be worse if if you lost a blackjack hand in your punishment was here. You have to raise this child. Yeah.


Yeah, that's true. That's a good point. Yeah. We need to look into that. Other pictures in this book. Yeah. I was thinking I was like, God, I have so many damn pictures. Don't people would rather people rather see pictures than read. Reading is terrible, right. It just sucks. And I don't I don't recommend anyone begin with my book. But yeah, I had like four pages of pictures and there's like six on each page.


And I'm like, why don't we do 20 pages of pictures like, oh no, that's that's not cost efficient at all. So, yeah, sorry. You just get this in my my big fat grandmother playing, playing the slot machine so well that I also see that you have the foreword by Jimmy Kimmel.


So credit to you for going outside your circle for that one.


Hey huge. You know my. Agent met him in Aspen and they hit it off and it's was like, hey, can you call in a favor? Yeah, no, it was one of those things where Jimmy would have been very upset if I didn't ask him. But yes, he did a good job slamming me left and right.


And he had you on his show for the first time, right? It's been like eight hours. And he finally invited you on. What's up with that?


I've been doing pranks for him forever and even on radio before then. But that was, in fact, the first time I sat down and got interviewed by him for for like six minutes. We ended up cutting out like two and a half minutes worth of inside stuff that made him cringe. But I think what was left was decent.


So speaking of the pranks, do you walk around the offices of Jimmy Kimmel Live and everyone just flinches?


Yeah, it's it's pretty crazy. Over the years, I've had my start, you know, now with everything, everyone's very touchy. So I had about six or seven marks that I can continually go back to. In fact, I once did a no prank prank in which the cameras just followed me around. I remember people were flipping out because as soon as they saw them and like I have a piece of pizza just to give to my friend Brad, who, like, kicked it out of my hand, they got nuts, I imagine.


And it's like that at your office to just a lot of shenanigans.


Yeah, I heard that you're you're the sober guy. So you don't drink, you don't smoke, but you hang around people who do. And then at the end of the night, they're easy marks for you. That's that's kind of bullshit. That's kind of batting practice.


Oh, is it really? Yeah. Well, I don't I'm not you know, it's not totally selfless. Like, I have too many choices. I eat like a slob and I can gamble. And what if I drink like I'm not at all? I want to I want to stay. I'll have another six or seven years at least. So it's it's mostly because I'm not fun when I when I drink either.


But yeah, I like to have my my wits about I'm told that at one point you, you threw a piece of ham across the room and hit Dave Dameshek in the face just like sniped him. Absolutely drilled him with it. Did you did you intentionally choose him or did you think about going through like a harder meat, like a salami?


You know, it's what I did have an assortment of cold cuts and people were sleeping on a plane. And I thought that was you talk about rude and I think you've got to be up. You got to be awake and aware. And yeah, I went down the rows and through assorted Salome's of people and they've got the ham.


Lucky for him. Usually when we have guests on, I'll look up old tweets and mean things that I said about them. But I got to give you credit because I went to try to find it and all I had was from twenty fourteen. I wrote, How the hell did Cousin Sal end up on SportsCenter? That guy has a dream life of just being a guy.


Oh that's nice. That's terrible. Yeah right.


I actually you just said, I mean I think that we're, we might be cousins because the way you described it is like, you know, I don't really drink myself. My vices are eating like a slob and gambling as well. Do you bet on all sports? Because I know you talk NFL all the time, but are you are you actually gambling on college basketball every night?


Because that is the the best, worst sport to gamble on. It's terrible.


And I get nervous about like the next six weeks, like we're in the dog days. Right. Like before the NCAA tournament in the Super Bowl. I mean, I hate that. I hate that I have to do a podcast on this for hours and fill time and pretend that I care about if LeBron is going to win an MVP or not. But yeah, I bet everything I thought eating contest with legitimate books now that don't recognize award shows betting and hot dog eating contest.


But yeah, I'm all over the place with that stuff.


I when I was in the hot dog eating competition, I cash the over for everyone for eleven and a half. You dig right. Yeah.


And in the Nathans I, I love this time. I disagree with you so that really I'm going to maybe I'm going to maybe pull your gambling card there. I think February when you're betting like Providence versus Marquette in nineteen year olds are trying to make big decisions with thirty seconds left in teams foul and then they stop following and then there's no rhyme or reason. I love that stuff. That's my favorite. All right.


I know what it is. I think I'm just so depressed that football's over. It takes me a couple of weeks to rejuvenate and that doesn't really start until March when you that which which hot dog eating contest with how many years ago was it?


I was in Nathan's in two thousand fifteen. Sixteen, sixteen. PETA attacked me with fake blood. Covered me in fake blood.


That's right. Yeah I remember that. Yeah. Yeah. I think I wrote a terrible tweet about you then let me look it up, let me see if there's no I didn't. I bet that, I bet that hot dog eating contest and I bet that exact one. I bet Joey Chestnut who obviously won. Right. I bet that the winner would have under seventy two and a half hot dog consumed ESPN and is showing sixty four after ten minutes.


I'm celebrating. Finally I bet something you have to bet baseball in the summer. It sucks. I went and then that carnival barker idiot interviews them afterwards and it's like was sixty four hot dogs. It was enough. Not your best. And he's like. Actually, they forgot to plate ate 70 for now, like 70 for a new record, I'm like, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute, they're not going to check this. Really?


That's it. If you could just say whatever you want, see?


Yeah, you should have. I think you started following me a couple of years ago. You might not have been for me back then, but I was so I was backstage with Joey Chestnut and I was like, what's the deal today? Like, how we feelin? And he said that the humidity was perfect and they were fast buns. He said that exact buns, which I, I didn't know that was a real thing, but apparently it is.


So he kind of called his shot backstage. He's like, yeah, today's the day. Like, it's not too hot, not too cold. Fast buns. I already see him. So, yeah. You got I mean you should have just you should have done your research really.


That's your damn. It's so funny because I do research on stuff like that for like the anthem, the length of the anthem in the Super Bowl. It's going to be over on there. And I've actually had tips before from publicists who represent certain singers and they're like, oh, it's going way over the rehearsal. Yes. Six people in this rehearsal, she went for it and it was it ended up being bum advice. So I don't even know what to do anymore.


That was bullshit a couple of years ago when the singer saying the word brave twice and then they said after the first time she ended the word brave. That's the way it is. Like, how do you appeal that?


It's most controversial of all the Super Bowl pops, because not only what you just said, where the start and stop with brave, but also you're depending on the network and the director, because oftentimes they'll cut to the fighter jets overhead while the performers are saying brave, like I was at four seconds was at eleven seconds, I have no idea. So stay away.


Well, not not to out to generate you here, Cousin Sal, but like you, I mean this is pretty much my book. I should have written this book, but I actually before barstool sportsbook, I sing the rough and rowdy. We have a fight league, I sing the national anthem and they put out a line for it. And I made sure I held all the notes as long as possible so everyone could catch the over and stop doing that forever.


They're like, we can never do this again.


Yeah, that's good thinking. At least this February there's going to be FCS football. So we're going to people forgot about that. They delayed their season until until the end of the FBS. And so we're going to get like James Madison. We're going to get like all the New England schools and the small ones, we're going to be able to at least have football on Saturday afternoons to gamble. And it might not be what you'd want to be on, but it should tide you over.


Yeah. Yeah, you're right.


I'll take that. I do feel with this is different because it's college. You're right. But I do feel like the the fringe leagues that they try to start up in the spring, I, I get excited and then like one, two weeks in, I'm like, who the hell am I rooting for. There's not even a he hate me to to latch on to. Yes. Yeah. All right. I'll try to get February on.


So what's your what's your worst beat of all time. You know, there was one I had Oklahoma State money line, ridiculous money line. They were minus seventeen. So it was on a parlay, it was like minus three thousand. But I needed them to cash over central Michigan and it doesn't get worse than this. Tell me, Mason Rudolph has the ball up four with four seconds left in the fourth quarter. How do you lose that? You he threw he threw a pass that was deemed grounding.


Somehow Central Michigan got the ball back and came down on a crazy seventy five lateral play. And I lost and I don't know, can you beat up four with the ball in fourth quarter and four seconds left.


But that's my action. When you get Mack schools involved like that actually isn't even a bad beat because Mack schools will always have that random thing happen to him. Yeah, true. Those Tuesday, Wednesday night games like you, when you watch them, you it's the unexpected. That's a I almost expect that to happen. You're right.


They should take those games off the board. It's almost unfair.


All right.


So that one any other big ones, I mean, the hot dog eating contest I mentioned, there are dumb ones, I bet la la land. I mean, the worst beats are the ones where you're told you won and you lost. Right? I bet. La la land. I have a four leg parlay with best actress, supporting actor director. I just did la la land. Jimmy Kimmel. My cousin was hosting the Oscars. I'm backstage and all of a sudden three producers with ponytails, men running around scared.


They're like, oh well, there's a problem here. So while Kimmel on the writers are celebrating a job well done, I'm like putting up my fist to a wall because I got my lalala and went to take it away when they gave it to Moonlite. So that's a bad one. I had to pass the Ferentz one at a lot on that Saints Rams game. They make a rule for whenever they change a rule because you got screwed.


I think that's a bad beat on the on the pass interference. Then it became a Bullmann. It was. And what are some of your guys. It's tough.


Well, real quick was was the Oscars, was that just a Jimmy Kimmel prank? Was this like an elaborate ruse or he was just fucking with you around?


Believe me, I looked around for the lipstick cameras and there didn't seem to be any. And yet to this day, I still wonder.


My worst was the Utah versus Duke game in twenty fifteen. The NCAA tournament, and they they brought them back out to shoot free throws. So it's kind of like what you're saying when it's over. I had Utah plus, I don't know, six, five or six. If I go look it up, it's funny. I'll look it up just to remind myself sometimes. And then all the stories that were written are just my tweets embedded, just bitching about the refs and being like this is a travesty.


I can't believe this happened. That's when, you know, you got a bad beat, when it's just you just relive yourself through the whole thing.


Yeah. Well, and also think about now. So now you could live better events and games, right. So what would the Libet line be on Utah after you basically won? Right. You basically wouldn't have it right. You wouldn't be able to live at the other side. So to me, those are the one where zero percent chance the other way where you could start kicking and screaming.


That reminds me of a game that we play on this show every week. We call it. What's the spread? Mm hmm. So do you want to play some what's the spread with us or do some Super Bowl props or do some products?


You tell us we're going to know cheating and he's going to say it, and then you're going to say, what's the spread? OK, a safety to be you.


Wait, hold on. Hold on. I don't think you understand the rules. Do you get the rules?


I don't know if I get the rules. I've been doing this exact bit for 13 years, but.


All right. What's this? What are you talking about? You've been doing what's the spread? What's the spread?


Is a much catchier title than guess the lines, but yeah. What's the spread is.


Yes, mind. What are you.


Why would you ever call against the line once I read blog about Academy Awards right now. What are some of the props you like. It's, it's. Yeah it's early for this I feel like. Have you guys figured out how you've done in Tom Brady Super Bowls. Because I think I'm like, well I think I'm two and seven.


Well, I had the over in the Rams, Patriots Super Bowl. That was one of the finest moments. And I and I still you know what?


I still I remember watch while watching that game, I was like, if they just get one touchdown, either side, this thing will break open. And then it ended like thirteen to three or something. Yeah, that was bad, was it?


I definitely had the Broncos against the Seahawks in the Super Bowl that that was a tough one, but at least it was over.


He came off the back. Yeah. At least first. Yeah. I don't know.


I can't. But betting on him or against him, I have trouble with Brady. Like I said, I think to add and I definitely had Atlanta and it was worth losing just twenty eight. Three. I had three and a half. I bought the hook. So even if the Patriots pull off the impossible, go to overtime, I can still win if they kick a field goal. But now right down the field in and running play is going well.


There's always a thing to it. I guess it's different this year because Brady's on the bucks. But there was a thing at the end with with the Patriots where it was a double loss, because if you went against the Patriots and you lost, you would feel extra dumb because everyone would just reply and be like, dude, how'd you go against Brady and Belichick? Like, that's what I bet on them against the Titans when they, you know, his last game is a patriot.


Because I was thinking to myself, sometimes you'll bet things where you'll say, I just don't want to look stupid. And then sometimes, like Sunday night, we both loved the bills. And boy, did we look stupid, like everyone just crashing us on Twitter. That's a look stupid. When you bet against Patrick Mahomes only giving three points, you look back and you're like, what the fuck was I thinking?


Right. But which is the look stupid side. Right to bet against the better team, which is obviously the chiefs are betting against Brady like, oh, that's stupid. Why did you bet against Brady in the Super Bowl? So I don't know. I just don't think he'll embarrass themselves. If I get three and a half and they're down nine in the fourth, we've got a shot at a backdoor cover or something, right?


Yeah. Just give me a lock on on the coin toss. You've got the coin toss. You have to bet the coin toss all the way.


You know, forget about whatever your company you're affiliated. They now have had.


It's called barstool sports. It's not hard to figure that out. But I'm saying in general, people forget about what you wear. You go, but you can bet heads or tails or you could bet. Will the coin toss be picked correctly? Yeah. And so now I'm trying to figure out every variation of that. Right. And so, you know, I lose thousands before the kickoff. There we go. I go heads. I like that.


I like like parlaying the coin toss. That's next level stuff right there. So you can go really will the team pick it correctly? What is the result going to be and will the team that wins the coin toss win the game? You can do a three legged parlay just on that. Yeah, that's a third level.


I forgot about you all. You all seem to me like another similarity between us is that you. You bet a lot of favorites. Like do you think that the people are wired with our producer, Hank? He loves betting big money line dogs and just rubbing in our face like he had put a money line against McGregor and he was the only one. We're all at the sports book. He's the only one who had it. Do you think that it's something you're just born with?


Either you're like the big balls on the table money line, you know, plus 400 guy or you're a scaredy cat like me in. Parlaying a million favourite's hoping it hits no, I parlay a million Farad's, and it's basically and I'm not going to say I'm better than this at anyone else, but I've been bit in the ass. I feel like all through college I would bet on dogs and and they wouldn't cover or they would lose something. And I'm like, you know what?


These teams play to win games, right? So I'd rather have a good quarterback and a big money line parlay, Oklahoma State aside, but I'd rather parlay like four or five of them together over a Saturday or Sunday and try they're all trying just to win. They're not trying to win by six or seven. So I would do that otherwise. You're rooting for some shithead quarterback on an inferior team in the fourth quarter to score a touchdown to bring it within four or something.


Do you ever get involved in the really stupid ones, which I'm admittedly I like to do this sometimes. You bet that there won't be a safety. And I think that pays out like minus six hundred or something along those lines.


Absolutely. I mean, I can't think of too many examples. That's an excellent one. The one thing about the safety is they don't adjust that. They don't happen like twice in three years. The Super Bowl you talked about. Right, the Denver right off the bat, the high snap. And that was a safety. There was another one on Brady got called for intentional grounding. That was the only call ever against him in the history of the sport against the Giants.


That was a safety and they didn't change it. I don't know what the odds are. Was it like that was your first score, though? So I think that was like thirty five to one. It has nothing to do with algorithm. They keep it at thirty five to one, regardless if it has happens five times in a row or never. So yeah but to answer your question, I'm all over that.


I mean that stuff is, is a fun things to bet on, especially the Super Bowl.


Yeah. And if it's happened so often recently, it's not going to happen again. I know that's not at all how probability works, but at least in my brain, that's definitely how it is. It's like the the safest time to fly is right after a plane crash, in fact.


That's right. That's how I think. I think even like even a smaller sample size. Oh, the underdog covered in the NFC championship game. The Chiefs are going to dominate now. Right? It's stupid to think that way, but I. Zig-Zag so many times before.


No, they're all related. It absolutely is true. They're all related. They are the wildcard round this year was was a perfect example. We have a friend who's a big Steelers fan. And and I was before the Bears game started, I told them if the Bears lose this game, the Steelers are going to lose because one of these favorites has to lose outright. So I was like, this is going to happen. So you better be rooting for the Bears to win.


Otherwise you have zero percent chance. I absolutely believe in that stuff.


That's ridiculous that it works out that way. But if you look back in history, that that is exactly how it plays out.


What did you think about the Nickelodeon game? That's one that I bet on the Bears when I was watching it. It's like insult to injury when you're getting slimed and losing a bet at the same time.


Yeah, I'm well, I was in the Nickelodeon thing for like twenty minutes and then I'm like, I want to hear Romo. This is nice. This is nice for kids.


And I get what they would you would want to hear. Right. Romo he named his son Ronaldo. Do you like Romo. This this interview's about to end abruptly. Yeah, I'm friendly with Tony Romo.


Oh great. Can you tell him to just fucking chill out once in a while? What's it like? Who did you vote against?


No, he didn't vote against anyone. He's he's great at explaining the game.


It's when he makes his sounds, when he does the I Jumah and he just gets super, super excited. That's when we're like, hey, just let it breathe, little Tony. Hold on.


You are going after someone for being excitable, showing emotion and analyzing a game like this is really what you're doing too much.


Lays it on a little. It's called letting the game speak for itself. Let it breathe. Yeah, let it breathe. Let the Joe Buck. Let's see now. You know, you can hear the crowd. You can you can feel the ambience. He lets the moment speak for itself sometimes. Tony Romo will interrupt the moment.


Well, Joe Buck is a play by play guy and he's the I don't know, I feel like the ten million dollar paycheck leads me to think that he might be doing some things right.


I also think Goodell is doing a great job, too, because he makes forty million back. So I do. Yeah. Oh, really? Yeah.


What about Mike McCarthy? Are you of the mindset like you're you're just lining up the next coach already or if Sean Payton. We haven't had that room, we're going in a while that Sean Payton is going to move to Dallas after this season. New Orleans like are you all in on McCarthy like Jerry Jones? Are you get this guy out of here.


You know, I'm going to cut him some slack because whenever the starting quarterback gets hurt, although things didn't look promising those first few games when I was there coaching wise, but I'm such a Jason Garrett hater that I need this guy. I can do crap for two years and I would be fine. I really would. But, boy, that you talk about, there's a lot of coaches who have been trapped for not going forward on fourth and one.


McCarthy is the only one who went forward this year and got that crap for it was fourth and twelve that Thanksgiving play, which I'm still sick and vomiting up cranberries from, but. Yeah, the game may have passed them by, but I'm willing to give them another year. Yeah, I mean, I was out on them and then he started smashing watermelons and then all of a sudden the entire season seemed to turn around. That was bullshit, Sal.


You know, that, like is a gambler. My two biggest bets I probably lost this year were when the Cowboys decided to smash a watermelon before the game and then they came out and look like fucking Super Bowl champs. That shit's not fair from a gamblers perspective.


I don't like it at all either. I don't know what to tell you. I don't bet the count. I have like twenty four teams that I can't bet anymore, the Cowboys.


So we had Jeffrey Ross on the show a few months ago. I might have been a year ago this. Do you do you think that you went too far in the prank war? No. He's the postmaster general and all of a sudden there's there's there's rules. There's some kind of Catala brochure we have to check for rules in terms of pranking and and jokes. And Rossano, I think I think it was great. He had the lowest combined score ever for a dancer.


Why did he think why did he believe me when I told him he was safe. That's that's what everyone should be focusing on.


Yeah. He was crushed. Like when we brought it up to him you could tell he, he was still kind of hurt.


It took a good six months. Did he tell you the whole story? Like our Tom Cruise had to bring us together cause I. Kimball's house and watching football. And we did it basically like a trial. And we both pled our case. And he's like, why don't you both just grow up already? And his mother was involved in everything and it was weird. But yeah, back then, like, Kimmel had the heads up as to who was going to be kicked off of Dancing with the Stars because he then had to interview them an hour later.


It was like a prerequisite for a for ABC. So that's why Ross was reaching out to me. And that's why he believed them when I said he was safe. But like I said, he was a terrible, terrible dancer. Why he thought he had a chance is beyond me.


What's the setup like at Jimmy's house on a Sunday? Do you guys still do that? Well, we took a break this year, actually. We were at Corollas Warehouse now and we haven't in the last few weeks because of all the craziness with the virus. But yeah, he has a warehouse full of classic cars once owned by Paul Newman. And outside of that area, he has a giant screen TV. And we we split it into the eight boxes and we watch and he makes us rewind commercials and then he analyzes the commercials for forty three minutes and we end up behind watching the games.


That takes us some fourteen hours to watch six hours worth of games. But it's a lot of fun.


Is it, is there. Who's the biggest jinx there. Who's the guy who like will either be the biggest mosh or the minute he starts talking about how his bats are doing, everything reverses.


It's probably my friend Brad who is he's he's orangish like forty five years old, but behaves like a twelve year old. He shows up with all kinds of candy from seven eleven and like Tiki Punch and he's, he's basically got the same bets as us and rooting him on and then he'll like crash it like ten, eleven, thirty in the morning because he's all hopped up on sugar and we don't hear from them. And you have miraculously, like you point out, our team start doing well until he wakes up again and then and then it's downhill.


But yeah, he is, he is most Brownstown.


I love that you guys have kind of just collected a bunch of guys out there like your group of friends. It's like the West Coast Adam Sandler's where it's like once you're in our group, we're just going to have you around because we like hanging out with you and you'll be involved on camera stuff, off camera stuff. Who's the weirdest guy that you've collected?


So you probably probably there's Brad. There's probably there's my friend Harry, who I met in college, and he really stepped up my gambling game. We used to we used to bet we got in bad with the local bookie. But luckily, the guy was also around the rec league. Thirteen year old basketball, and and he liked us. So he's like, you guys could ref basketball games. If you want, we'll pay six dollars a game. And I'm like, great, I would still be reffing the game to try to pay off the hundreds of dollars.


It could have been millions. It didn't matter. I didn't have the money. And so Harry and I reefing and then Harry, we got bored and we started betting each other on the games that were reffing. And so that would be like phantom travel calls and everything and charges and foul. And the parents were getting mad, like oftentimes they would follow us out and we didn't have a car. They followed us as much as we want. They wanted to walk because we're walking home after the games.


And eventually the bookies like, all right, we're not doing this anymore. We had to we got fired from that one.


So this is a real question. Like you've had an incredible career, you know, working with your cousin Jimmy. You've been you've done Smackdown. You know, you have the podcast with Simmons on Mondays. What is it what's the key to you being successful, what you do and being the guy? You know, I read my tweet like just being a guy because I think there is something to it that even though you've had all this success, you're very relatable guy.


I think it's the same with you guys. And I watched you watch games and you have the feed and there's you're nervous watching games. Like, I try not to be anything that I'm not, you know, like I maybe don't win fifty percent of the time. Right. I'm not going to go out there and tell people to follow my picks. I went fifty nine percent of the time you'll clear fourteen units. Like, that's nonsense. You know, you get like these stat heads and you put them on TV and it looks like they're shooting like a hostage video.


There's no personality and it's just not real. It's just like, you know, I like what you guys do. I like what I do. I sit there, would be mown our losses. We talk about it on Monday like, oh, we got crushed. Like, yeah, I don't know. I also think people want to hear about losses more than they do win. Because it's more it's right, it's more in their line and it just it rings true for some reason.


Also, people just love feeling smarter than us and so we give them ample material to work with on that side. Like you don't want to you don't want to watch somebody on TV and feel inferior to that person. If anything, you want to do the exact opposite where you like. That guy's an idiot. But I'm going to tune in to watch how dumb he is.


Right, exactly. Yeah.


If there is something to that do in owning your losses is big too, because there is a lot of people on TV, they'll try to call their shots and then they'll pivot and they'll be like, well, I wasn't really wrong. It's I think it's funnier when you like I don't want to be wrong. I don't want to lose. I lose a lot.


But for instance, back to the AFC championship game. I mean, we were we had Mahomes in the hospital and I had the bills winning by double digits. So then when the game happens, we could not have gotten it collectively more wrong. And I think people enjoy that a little bit, even though I didn't enjoy losing the bet. But it was kind of funny watching everything we predicted go the exact opposite way.


But you know what's great about that? And I really I came to a come to Jesus moment about it, just like last week. I'm like for the most part, you could be wrong seven weeks in a row and people will still listen to you. You can yell and scream about week eight, about the about the chiefs in the Super Bowl, even though you came off a terrible prediction, it's like, wow, you're not going to you're not going, for the most part, lose listeners or viewers as a result.


And we're in a pretty good business in that regard.


Yeah, it's true. You work with one of my favorite musicians. I guess you can go. I'm a musician, singer of all time, Dicky Barrett from the Boston. Yeah. The best does he just can he turn the voice on and off? Because I know he's the announcer and when I hear him announcing for the show, he doesn't have that. He doesn't do the thing. Where is a gargling his entire throat while he's saying it? Does he just have like a switch that he turns?


You know what's funny about that?


In the beginning, many years ago when he started as the announcer, he would do it is like Jimmy Kimmel at our agent, James Babydol Dickson said, baby, you can't do that.


It's late at night. People are trying to fall asleep, which is a weird advice to give to someone who's starting to have people trying to sleep during this talk show. But Dickie was insulted, but then realized that that was the right call. And and I think it saved his voice. I mean, he actually lost his voice probably in nineteen ninety three, but it saved what was left of his voice for a while. But yeah, I think he's a great guy, a lot of fun.


So I haven't seen you tweet in support of the Ringer Union. What's up with that.


Good question. All of that. Well I got another gotcha question for you. One of your I guess you'd go to a coworker constantly. I guess you could say he appeals to the dumbest, most ignorant people on the planet Earth. And I'm just curious if you ever get sick of Rousselot talking about weight lifting so much.


I love it. I love the mystery. What are you talking about?


I'm always a good friend. Who are you talking about? Who are you thinking about to shoot Fox-Pitt live? I really thought you were going another way about Rachel Benetta. No. Yeah, I know.


And we're we don't we don't talk Furman. He's a straight shooter.


Brasilia's find a good enough guy. I would talk about I would talk I would tell you a couple of things about the other one that you were alluding to who said, I don't know who you're talking about.


Matt Damon. I got. Yeah, that Matt Damon.


Do you hang out with Matt Damon routinely? Are you just, like, hanging out with him?


No. Now, routinely, I've gone to a couple of concerts with him and he's been to Jimmy's house and pro wrestling. That is that it's not true. They don't hate each other as much as they lead on on television. But good guy Matt Damon. And I hate all the Boston stuff. I believe me, I've had enough of all the Boston people, but he's a good guy.


What what's the most star studded, like Sunday afternoon at Jimmy's house? Like, was there ever a moment where you looked around? I was like, what the hell? There's this many people here, like in there, all a listers, I think.


And it was that day that Tom Cruise was there, the guy that was the Super Bowl, whether it was Aflac and and Damon and a few others. But the Tom Cruise thing was really, really nuts. It was I mean, it's not everyone was showing off in front of them. Karola has this touchdown dance. It's now since been replicated, but he does a thing where he's pretending to read a newspaper and and then drops a football from his anus.


So I think we've kind of seen it. But I swear to you, Karola brought that into the psyche like twenty five years ago and he auditioned this for Tom Cruise and his mother and I don't think they knew what the hell to do about it, what they walked.


It was Tom Cruise. His mom, Tom, brought his mom to this party. She was there. Yeah, Tom Cruise and his mother was a man.


All right, so I know you got to go in a minute so you can't lose them all is out now. Go by the book Ford by Jimmy Kimmel not not. That's on namedrop. That's just who wrote the foreword. So give us this on the way out. One tip that you give in the book that you didn't send to us that we're never going to read. And then one Super Bowl prop bet that you've already got, you know, circled.


Yeah, the tip is don't hedge hedging gardeners and gardeners, but I go through, like, four steps of what people, you know, like if you if you're a homeless man, you find a ticket for ten thousand dollars on the chance to win the Super Bowl, like maybe collect enough cans so that you could hedge that way. But otherwise, don't ever do it. It's not worth it. It's just another extra bet that you're going to lose Super Bowl Prop Kalsi first touchdown.


That guy's ridiculous. I mean, he has to go over seven and a half receptions as eight with six minutes left in the second quarter. So he's getting shovel pass. A bowling ball passes from the two yard line. I like that at seven to one or seven fifty.


I like that as well. Yeah. What about color Gatorade? Do you lean one way or the other? You know, it's funny, they don't have clear listed but are orange and red, which used to be one color, is now split into two because of the uniforms. But I go clear that people are showing mercy on their coaches lately and they're pouring water instead of the instead of the sticky stuff. So you can find Claire, go for it.


I'm just going to wait till there's some rumor. You know, I feel like the Gatorade every year come Monday or Tuesday is Super Bowl week. There's some rumor of some guy who knows, some guy who's on the practice squad who's like, we always use this and then just go opposite of whatever. That ends up being something we'll always like. I think Purple last year ended up being even money. It's like, how is people even when it was a hot.


It makes no sense. Yeah, right.


Right. Oh, no, no. That was the principle. All right. That Prince Kolbeinn Prince right. Or something. No. Oh yeah.


Well, I don't know why last year, last year just happened like I had so many people hit me up, be like hey heard purple, purple, purple. I actually think we had something to do with it. Might as we spread that rumor, we got like enough DM's from people.


And then I think we them better than to move the line on nonsensical text. Right. It really is.


So watch the line bounce for clear. We'll keep an eye on that. Yes. All right.


Well, Cousins s it's been a throw man and now you have to come back on whenever we ask.


I would love to. I enjoyed this a lot. Thanks, Vallens. I appreciate it.


All right. Thanks, man.


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And now for something completely different. OK, we now welcome on a very special guest, former MLB player manager, World Series champion. It is Ozzie Guillen. You can go listen to Ozzie on the La Vida baseball podcast being Gion on Lavetta Baseball podcast now. Ozzy, we're going to talk a little baseball, but we got to really get down to why we have you on our intern Billy Football sitting in the middle of us right now is fighting Jose Canseco on Friday night.


You tweeted at us multiple times saying, if Billy wants to beat Jose, we better have you on so that you can help us. So is this real help or are you Team Jose or your team Billy?


Well, either way, you know, my friend Jose, first of all, was teasing around, but I know how you can beat them. I mean, you have to move around. You cannot fight it without toe to toe because you're making. But you look around, you're going to have a better chance. And obviously, when you see as a personal, you will intimidate you is a topic. I will intimidate you. But I see, Jose, I'll bet you two and a couple of videos about fighting over the kids and all that stuff.


Ageism is just a hot hamaker, you know, we just I don't think you know how to fight, but you know how you don't know how to survive.


Oh, yeah, I like that. He's a fighter, not a boxer. Will Billy's in really good shape right now. Have you ever better be in good shape because not because what you post on Instagram or whatever is tried to intimidate you or whatever, but. At the mentally ill have to be prepared to know exactly what they want to do. For one thing, I'm not going to say that you just say that I would have knock him now and I would have not been natural.


I've got to be grateful that we go for the right one, for the big punch. But then you move around, you know what to do. Just make him run around you because you want to hit the target. But then you do you can come up with a lot of success.


Believe me, he's a guy. When he put his mind something. I see I see a lot of this. I don't say movies, a lot of stuff, life now, these guys all going to be the best in anything he does, obviously. Ninety eight percent failed, Cooper saying When we play baseball, it is what it's supposed to be doing to me 100 times, he was one of the best player in the game. I went to a couple All-Star Game with them and I see people walk to the ballpark just to see him.


And that's why I was there. But after that fighting. You got to grow with that, you got to grow. You know what, if I just make money or make famous, you're more like me and you stay away for, like, my money. And then you had a good chance to be my man is whatever I say. I will take the winner. I will pick thing the winner. And just to see the wholesale reaction is just so, so stupid about winning that I'd be like, say, when I'm where I say like, OK, this is not a good can you give me a couple of stroke and what a win.


You also to go down at least on the part of me that I will I will fight with one hand, but I got three and fifty seven years old and I was out of shape. Also, I grew up in the street and grew up in the street. Yeah, I grew up in the street and I know how to survive. Just want to throw a punch and hopefully candy to knock your eyes out.


Oh, so you're saying that Billy might have the mental toughness to beat Jose? I think so.


I think so.


You know, when you say, yes, I will set up in the ring with you and I'm not going to let you do all this on repealing the bash man to death, to playing with you mentally only because you'll see how you side when you're next. And you're like, wow. But in the meanwhile. Yeah, well, no, this is more when you talk when you say, well, I had to kiss and say, hey, I got to go out and fight with you, you know, you want to kill.


You know, my question is, you said, you know, Jose, how the hell did Jose lose all his money? Like he doesn't drink, he doesn't use drugs. He's apparently so like, how did he lose all his money? That's the real question.


Grover Vianney, Miami life. So maybe he's he's my son.


You know what? Be honest with you. I played I played a few years. I played with hand in Tampa and I kind of follow him a little bit around. Hoess is a very smart man. I'm in my andrle with the wrong people. I don't want to talk about wrong people, about mentally ill people, about what they do in the street. I don't care. But I hope you just one of the smartest players I play with. And by the way, he's not a fighter man.


Right? So how do I get his head? How is it is not a fighter. I see. First of all, I see Percy, all three of them do real him and how the team was in the middle of the field on which around the dugout is not a fighter. Yeah. He just wanted you to show him respect and love when he was playing. I don't know. Now I can see also.


Why would you would you consider would you consider him to be a bully like a guy who when you stand up to him, he'll back down a little bit, I'm pretty sure.


Yes. Yeah. I mean, I'm five 11, but when you stand up to him and say, you know what I mean, not for sure is right, you will back up. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, he's a guy, you know. Right. I go forward, but when he's not right, at least fifty five percent you are like, oh, let me see what I did, what I did wrong, what what I did.


I just don't think about it. They come up with another another another way but. I mean, it's interesting, you've going to be interesting and I'm willing I will sit down and I think drinking what size? My birthday, I told my wife I got to get permission, tobacco smoke in my house to get some cigars and enjoy because I look awesome.


You're going to be so awesome. I wish I can be in the riverside just to sit around and watch. I want to fuck them up.


No, seriously, like all things considered, I'm going in there. I've been trained for the I've done all the hard work. I've done all the hard work. I remember you, Toinette, me on a Friday night being like, I hope you're not drinking beer. I think I've been, like, going turn my body into an absolute weapon for the past month and a half.


So I'm ready about the way I think the whole thing just and wait.


Yeah, he's going to be saying yeah. And show you how big it is. I will destroy you.




But it's not about a boxing shape up and it's not about how big a hostelry and how he can't look best boxer ever. Mayweather tiny, you know, it's like 110 pounds, you know, let people hit him and he's making all the money. But very smart boxer. That's why I think when you get in the ring is not how strong you can be is how smart you can be. And I happen to want to bet heavy punches in boxing.


You know me, Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson just there may make sure you're not the ass down by just a boxing ring and you don't know what to do. Just want to hold. You got the same mentality. Yeah.


What what should Billy visualized? Like, if you were going to go into a boxing match, would you visualize would you visualize like, hey, I'm going to go beat up Joe West or like who would get you angry should Billy do something like that, get that anger going up?


Who's the guy that you would do that with?


If I'm boxing Joe West, I should be ashamed. But that's the only way we're going to beat me. Just eating meals.


You can't knock your West out, though. That neck you like designer Mexican and a piece of Mexican tackle. But I think I'll be honest with you, one year I have a little problem with the media here.


And you got one guy like North, you're going to say Mike North. Oh, my home, my job, my reality.


Yes, we are to talk about marriage. Well, he had a beef with Mike North to be careful. Jay is our senior Icelandic. No, no, my my body, my not one person in my own show, Our Lady, show up and really feel like, hey, man, you know, I thought it was funny to me, wasn't. Yeah. After that, we've got friends, we piss off and we're outmanned. And Jay, you went after me so bad.


Wait a minute. What I ever do to you and you say stuff about me, I get to the point of like, wait a minute, Moriarty's never here in the clubhouse. Why do you think of that information? I said, you write what you read. And I said, you know, what is it talking was personal with Jay and me, that was easy to say around Djupvik.


Whether to put the money, whether we do give the money to charity, you know, what is the answer? OK, I want to do that. I don't want to do a charity.


And I don't want people to find, you know what?


I don't know where it will host it will host the referendum. Mariotti is a world class douche bag, so we will absolutely host it. And we will pump you up. You'll be you'll be our champion.


You know, it's funny because I know a lot of guys in Chicago, including. I know. I know I know a lot of a lot of media and a lot of big sports people are going to be on it watching it and know I could go on for a while.


But I know a lot of people in Chicago will be watching it and I know they'll be rooting for me. Yeah, because all the stuff it did. But in the meanwhile, that that's the only guy I really because I think what I take a little personal, because when you do a manager of baseball, you win this for you. What about a figure, media figure?


Nobody can say a nice thing about you all the time, but you will say it's like a very personal stuff. One thing, this idiot saying, I think he was cheating on my wife. Before he got married, hmm, I say, you know, right nowadays, I would assume, first of all, I was married when I was in college.


I was 16 when I was 20, the same as it was hitting on my wife. I don't know, maybe maybe not because a human being. But you say, what do you make? It would be an enormous line. And I don't think my wife is better looking than my wife to be like, you know her. I like that.


Yeah, that's my life. But yeah, that's a fact. You're correct. Yeah, you are absolutely right. Absolutely.


I mean, have you seen Jay Mariotti?


I don't think that he's not as being a class right now. Everybody see my wife and I think personal when people say, man, your wife, you have to me as a compliment. I don't get upset. I say that that lady's grandma and still hot as a girl. You know why? Because the fact is, I'm asking, man, I know I'm older, but your look, OK. And, you know, it's a lot, you know, a lot of good people.


I mean, that's that's why is I have to face somebody, that's for sure. I'm not going for sharing. I will put my writing in the interim. You just beat the shit out.


You know, I will pay for that. All right, I, I want to see that fight so badly.


So, Ozzy, when I'm at the weigh in and I'm going face to face with Ozzy, what should I do in your in your opinion?


Just go that look in his face and you are looking like you want to eat you up. You know what, buddy, I, I'm not a Cuban coffee. I woke up here to beat you.


Ozzy, how how should we look at Jose to determine whether or not it's actually him and not his twin Ozzy, because he's had his twin Ozzy step in for him at the last minute to box in years past. So we want to make sure this is actually Jose. How can we tell for sure that it's him?


Ozzy, you smaller than almost. It weighs more, weighs more and a little bit slower than home.


OK, because you always live in us. Behind me is always Ozzy, his body, like, you know, everywhere they go to go. But you can see, I think I think as we go to have more hair, OK, now, Ozzy and José is way more bigger than they house.


And you can see the wrinkles. Make sure you see wrinkles. Will wrinkle check.


Yeah. I mean, I see, you know, one of wrinkles. I go to fix it.


So, you know, I should do to talk trash. I should be like, is this Ozzy? Because you look tiny. Yeah. He looks more like, oh, are you Ozzy is tiny. It's good. It's funny because I do love them. It's funny because Ozzy was my son in college.


Oh, I some of the links and I hear you talking about he was teaching everybody to hear the same way and I put all that. So I told my kids, as I say, Ozzy, it could be teaching the same way to every once in a while because one guy should punch and Judy. One guy is five, eleven hundred, ten pound. They're not a guy six a three hundred fifty pound home run and teach everybody like that like it was medium sized natural.


Oh my God. I don't want to want my kid waiting. One twenty.


Wait. So here's the only problem though as is that I'm worried that you are too good of friends with Jose. So you're giving us advice that might be going. It might backfire. How can we are you rooting for Billy? I need you to say you're rooting for Billy.


Well, yes, I know the whole invite me to find. OK, bye bye. All right. You know, it's funny.


I always like people always thinking they are on the right. A guy. I like that you go when you're famous. Everybody go to see. The fight just to see how closely with the Sheringham, it could be that for sure, you know, the type of guy like the posting, stop and listen. This is the way I work now and I work on this. This is my train. And I what these Bryner maybe it's trying know about, but you feel like, oh my God, like 290 years old.


I tried to tell him not to fight. You can learn how to fight in one week. You may know how to kill people by punching it in two days, but this movie throws a few punches. Just just walk around with him. Just walk around and listen and listen to down to the corner.


So, Ozzy, can we get you back in baseball? Are you going to manage ever again? Arrest me. I just to see so many crazy things happening in the last couple of years with the game is kind of shock and embarrassment, kind of sad situation. Now I'm working on TV. I do a lot of cars without being given how fun. I have fun doing it because the guys have I mean, the podcast people thing always going to be right in my kids is the first one to step out of my throws and told me, shut up, you're wrong.


And I want to do the same thing with the same show we have on the air show we have up there. Yeah. What do you think when we're watching TV? One one I think.


And then also just the same conversation we make this show, which is a competition show, we don't have anything to topic as you come up and talk. It's one thing to talk about it when I see the topics and all of the sudden we have something that we should talk about it. Obviously, some topic is good friends of mine. We had to talk about it. I don't talk about it the line all day long. In fact, I really got into it.


So where would the White Sox NBC is for a lot of people when they work for some company. You have to be careful what you say when you say how you say it. And to me, I just going to be honest and fact. That's one I know, I know about, you know, breaking breaking news, I'm not into it that I used to say when they asked me a question, we will ask. That's my job. But I wish we knew.


I want to be marching again. Yes, I do. I do. I do want to be honest. There's no doubt.


What don't you like? You just mentioned that you know, the way the game has shifted. What don't you like about today's game in baseball? What is if you were managing again, what would you change versus how it's going right now?


Well, you know, I mean, I, I'm pretty cenizo. I'm now as we watch in games on TV, when I was a kid managing a team player, change people to probably change a lot. One thing about it, but to me, baseball had to be equal. Thank you. You got to put everything in the balance together. It can be one is stronger and another. And both sides have to sit down together and say, listen, you know what I think about this and you think about this, OK, let's put it that to then and grow up.


Is the organization or of baseball team just not think about big league team? You talking about all organization to put it together with the numbers and in all the computers with with the mentality about gut feeling, know the players, know the background is so many different things. Because people when they walk off there, they don't know anything about downstairs, they got to fit the people down there to talk to them about somebody at the but they don't know really those guys and they don't even know the number and this and that.


And they always pick our superstar.


We've got to be OK. Not too many people like like like the best pitcher in the game. We've got to like trout. I said not too many people can do what they do. And when they follow them, I think everybody have its own style, its own way, its own mentality. Get the best play and be the player, the best opportunity to have success. That's why the manager does leader to me, Leon, is the guy.


He help everyone. Everyone. To be good to compete, that's a little bit is not the guys that my I will go my way. This is the way is going to be our way or no or no way. And that their leadership is when everybody else around.


Work together and and work for the same speed when you're a leader. Do you want to be? Do not say no, I'm the leader because I got the money and the leader because I got this, that and the leader because I had the brains know the leaders as one guy got all this stuff and put it together and work together just to meet leadership in baseball. It's like the United States president. You can be the best president, but the people around you don't don't do it together with you.


You're going to be the worst president in the country. Said, wait, there's a leadership leadership. You just try to put everything together. And now it's kind of hard because they told you what to say, what to do, what to do. And because social media changed.


Everything changed. Yeah. And everything changed for good and for bad, I don't know. But a change. What if I know. Yeah.


What if as again was made Commissioner baseball, we like to ask all of our baseball guests this is there like one change that you would make to the sport?


I go back to normal. I love the idea that they cannot then go back to the gold. I do love that. Yeah, I hate that, that the guy got to face three guys. Hate it because you don't know the matches is good or bad. A good match in the match ups. Let me do ok. I go to gamble with this. I got to gamble with that. I've got to make this move. I know like that that three three rules.


I don't like it. I was on the guy and I played and I didn't make any more. I wish they can put all the top four in the playoff. Obviously a lot of things in the playoffs. I know it's not good for the game, good for the team, but it's good for the baseball. Grow the game. Yeah, because people just want to be in the playoffs like NFL and NBA, you know, NBA, you know, would it be the champ?


Barley's, everybody got a chance to be there. That's one thing about it, the day to day they come up with the at the baseball is more fun with DH and we forgot the last couple of guys went to Hall of Fame. There was the aging Frank Pedro Martinez. And I mean, is another another. To me, I know the position before it was like, OK, the guy on the left, you got more power is now BHP is to me is is the position you got to somebody need a day off or a couple of days off.


You continue to have this guy you line up, put to rest. You don't need to be the be popping to the front of the baby, just d.h, I don't know, D.H is a formula to get one more guy in the water and give you an opportunity to rest a little bit more than the past.


So one of your favorite one of my favorite Ozzy lines that you would tell your team is play hard, drink hard, have sex hard. Do you think that plays today? If you were a manager, that's the stuff that like we need Ozzie Guillen, the baseball back in baseball, because I agree that you see a lot of managers now, they do whatever the front office says and everything scripted.


You are like a gut go with your gut kind of guy. We need that back in baseball. Well, is it fair?


Yes, I don't know. Is the front office they think the same way is. I always say you play hard, you're doing hard on yourself hard and you two out of three and you're hearing from the seven fifty nobody. So yeah. Why not. I don't see players play the hard. People say wow. Oh my God. This guy Hoso. No it's not. Also play the game. Right. Signable, please don't drink anymore because all the media cell phones, why you know a couple of drinks these days.


Yeah, you know, right now my wife is going to be upset before I remember. I remember my manager getting named Tony La Russa when I was a kid. Close the door. Everybody stay here. Everybody have a drink and talk about the game. We Tony. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


OK, I say it's a break. And, you know, I grew up in that situation growing jellylike, like to have a beer and. Twenty one years old. I never drink in my life. Oh God. Well, you know what to drink. Just listen to the big boys, the caterpillars that don't see the hero based a all the big boys talk about baseball nowadays when I was managing. I've got the rules one day I got upset, I said, well, I got to talk to the media, nobody can leave the cloud to I come back.


And I the security people say, why, because I want to talk to the media. Welcome back, everybody. Nobody in the cloud. Wait a minute. We just lost a game. Nobody talk about, you know, why we go nowadays, why waiting for the husband and all the kids got to go to school. We got to hurry up and then have a chance, opportunity to talk about the game. They talk about something out of immediate.


Oh, you see what this going to post or you see what this guy guys say or look at the guy, flip the bat. They're not talking about the real game, how to do now. They know what a game on TV in the game. They go down behind and look in the videos and that's in the video. They just like how that guy gets out. Then nobody talks about it like they used to. So they wait. Nowadays I look at it.


I do not see leaders or leader is the guy with the most. See more pictures on Instagram and be better with the Media Monitor, they will kick your fucking ass. My leader, Tom Seaver, he told me, rest in peace, my man, because I do sort of stupid on the field. Dion went after my shortstop because he will do something wrong on the field. All those guys, a real like, will not play this game like this.


Now, there's no warning. There is no way to find you know, you see what your teammates matter you because, you know, run hard all your life. Oh, my God, I hate you. You know me because I'm Latino and African-American. I'm white before the manager and I have to say anything because the players will take care of that. And that's a real leadership. When I was leader of my team and I was giving one twenty two twenty two fifty, I was needed when I was on a train, was on the road to tackle those guys though our black I was the leader of the team because you know why.


Because I care about everyone with that uniform. I don't care about the guy. He didn't for forty minutes in front of me was the same one. Who was Norberto? Norberto. I will care about everyone, treat everybody the same way. And that's what we're missing in the game. Where are you going? I made the comment about I was glad to talk about Ruza. Went to bat, managing the White Sox people was all over me. Oh, my God, Ozzie know I know a lot of people want me to be the manager for them this year, but when they hired Tony, I was like, oh, my God.


Good. Because I think Tony I don't think Tony will be the same guy who was in 1990 if I hadn't respect that, too. But then Tony had to bring the White Sox, the White Sox need on the clubhouse, on the field. I don't care what they do on the field, but off there. But I been Tony, he's a guy. It goes, guys, listen to Tony La Russa and go out there to wait. Tony, go prepare you to win.


I think this ballclub, you've got a lot of success.


So I'm a Cubs fan, and I know that you were lying when you talked about the rats at Wrigley. Have you been to the new Wrigley? Have you seen do you what do you what's your take on Wrigley now after all the renovations?


Beautiful. Oh, my God. I think the rhetoric gets a minute. I do know I'm doing the pregame show outside the ring.


Do you have to sell a lot? Yes. And I don't see any side anymore because I don't like to involve people when they're working. I go to the field maybe one time, a couple of times. And Mr. Rickey, when I was walking, he said, Ozzie, look how much money you make me spend.


I said, yeah, you taught me so much about this ballpark as it is.


I never say anything about Wrigley Field outside Wrigley Field because Wrigley Field to me is a monument. You come to Chicago, to Wrigley Field, shit like go to the Statue of Liberty. Hmm. OK, but the best around outside right now and the past was Wrigley Field. Wrigley Field goal wasn't awesome. It was the greatest place to be a lot better. So when you walk to the clubhouse, a walk to the field. He wasn't very bright and the rat is a fat guys in a coma with this Sammy Sosa and coach porking.


I don't remember his name right now porking Thomas. And you want to. I said, yeah. Oh, my God. The rats in the cage so big. I said, I never visit the outfield. Never went to the opera in my life just because I a rat, I rat anything like that. I to see a tiger, a guy with a gun then see it little.


So you never saw a rat, you just heard about rats and then decided to to say that we had a rat problem. Oh, well, we need to renew the bowl party was all over Chicago. Well, I mean, there's rats always all over Chicago all the time. No, no, no. I live in downtown all my life. I know. I live in the sober atmosphere. Right. The last seven months. Why don't to go live with me, then walk around.


I just thought about that time was more and more because everything that you feel is outstanding.


I love it. I love to go there. It's a fan and not to go. There is a word. Yeah.


Ozon, last last question for me. I was just wondering on that same vein, does Jose have any phobias like rats, snakes, questioning animals?


He's scared of this. I was going to ask this before.


You know, I was scared to it. What if it's Safe Pitch and Kerbal? Yeah, OK. So we got him to go in and yeah, that commitment. Alamo's telling the truth. Mostly family dogs. Yeah.


And try giving one hundred percent without aid of steroids, child support judges, all those things. Yes. Scare him. You know, that's what I say.


I was so smart because I have the opportunity to do a lot. I don't know how to make it so many mistakes in his life.


I think there's a big there's a chance he might not be as smart as you think he is.


Maybe I don't want to wait. Hey, yeah, that's good. Talking about finding that one day her baby. His baby. What's your name? She's beautiful. I think she's a model right now.


Jose Yeah. Jose He follows his wife, beautiful woman show. We hang around with a beautiful woman. It's staff. And one day we're coming out to play with my kid and her show her panties by mistake, not like us. They do that every go to their basic instinct. Me, if you never did. I wish you did. But you never did. You never basically by mistake did that. God will happen here too. I think you want to pick Jesse.


Pick it up on. Sure. Dress or dress. I look at it, I walk to the clubhouse and I'm making fun of Jose Halsy. Ping pong balls aren't going to want to talk about it, but not the next day, I say, you see the ping yesterday. I want to talk about it while you wait by mistake. She was playing with the baby. I saw her panties.


And you want to kill our out. I said, that's easy to pick my head. But I told you what I did. So by no, no mistake. By not you know me be stupid. Or while Boggis want to help you keep going and going. And no, because I just so I guess I just wanted to be mad at me and he bit me. But, you know, I mean, I, you know, I would think that guys, I thought Hosain was very smart.


I think I'm the way I ended.


Don't want. Yeah, no, you're smart.


I was going. Hey, do you still last last question me. Do you still hate Nick Swisher? I love that feud. I've never I never had any. Is that human being was a guy. I did it. I hate tennis a player. Yes. OK, that counts. Yeah. No, no, I'm going to say it. I mean, I hate him as a person. I hate is a player he has because to do so many things in our team, we never see that before.


And then a comment from me that coming from a lot of guys in the clubhouse, even even a general manager on the field on the field was horrible. Happy, what a mean. But of the feel great guy. You got his own life. They don't care about anyone. You just don't care about me. But I'd make that comment it just because I care about what they did on the field. But off the field, I don't know, you know, I mean, you do whatever you want to do.


All the feel of on the field is what great it was. Ghufron, my son Ozzie, I think he was married or dating somebody in that particular time was you spend a lot of time in his house, you know. I know when I was in somebody's house, you know, you do drug testing.


Did they say that you hung over? Yeah, I guarantee you that then. But I know that is a person. Alikhan is a person. I don't really mean by a player. When you play for the white stuff, I don't care what he played for. Cleveland, New York, Okami, what are we playing? They might have better hopefully they have a better view than meet next reaches as the baseball player. Yeah, we make a mistake, man.


This picture went through your body. Now I got body first. What a stupid monitor. What idiot I sent you, buddy nine. When you're watching your body and all of a sudden you go to the White Sox, you need I'll be there.


Your next Twitter, you'll see seven people just to go home tonight.


I think I've got a plan now.


I look at myself like I was an idiot. What a stupid monitor you have when this guy is biting everybody. Now, you go to the White Sox, you batting first. That's why I got fired.


Yeah, well, Ozzie, this has been awesome, man. Play hard, drink hard, have sex hard. We're going to Billy's going to do it on on Friday night. Rough and rowdy. I do want to point out that Billy hasn't been drinking or having sex. So so should he's going to play hard to fight hard. Billy fight on Thursday night. Yeah. After work. Yes. Celebrating. OK, really after the fight.


Medically, we have to get you laid on Thursday. No, no. I have to go after the fight.


How long are you married. No. Yeah, no, no. He's not married to the game. He's married to the game. He's married to the fight game.


OK, well, you know, marry you, do whatever you want, but after the fight, it's three times to some agreement. Play hard during.


Ha! I'm probably going to just play video. You're going to have sex. No. Yeah, I, I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure. Let's do this. Let's make a T-shirt. I don't have it with me right now.


I'm pretty sure we might.


We going to kind who rule the roost. The rules nowadays. Now take your time.


How do you get fiber. Well yeah.


Well yeah. Maybe we can do the guy or the guy or guys. The rooster guys. Yes.


Work hard. Wait no no hard. Play hard. Drink hard sex. We had sex. Ah yes. OK, you know me and through my career I'm the only one play hard. The rest of that. I feel sorry for my wife.


All right. Thank you so much man. We really appreciate this. Great talking to you. Thanks for the advice. You tune in Friday night. Excuse me.


Not today. We have a yes. We watch it. We watch it. Then I thought we had a family reunion. We're going to watch every five, everyone, every five, everyone. We go to watch it and asking me how I were to watch my how it's nicer.


And, you know, the kids can go to sleep there. But I'm not convinced that you can talk about the fight. You guys want to. Yeah, I mean, because I think he's going to be great. I think we need more of this.


Yes. Yes, we need more. And you don't like me? Like, you know what? We should do this entertainment. Yes. Let's do it. Think we need more tools. Great idea. Hopefully people copy that idea. Yeah. And hopefully hopefully you'll be able to say because we'll pick the winner.


OK, perfect. I love it. Ozzy, thank you so much. You're a legend. Thanks. I appreciate it. I thank you so much. I see it.


Oh, OK. Let's wrap up with guys on chicks.


By the way, we got what Jeff Bezos is going to be doing post Amazon Life. Lenny Dykstra just tweeted, I'm Jeff Bezos. Now that you're stepping down as head of Amazon, let's meet up and discuss a potential joint venture you and I can do together. So there it is. I love that.


That sounds like that will be two days shipping on sextants. That's going to be listen, you get those two minds in a room. We're really good.


We've been talking about on the moon. A lot of the sky's the limit.


Yeah, Hank, I mean, it's very clear that this is just an extension of his midlife crisis, right? Probably he just got divorced and he's like, you know what, more cargo pants being a CEO is taking time away from all the pencilling I to and dinosaur bones I'm buying.




Hey, party boys, especially Sigge, Bat and TFP. Oh, I don't know why they always like that. That's my boyfriend. Seems to be obsessed with the belly button. He claims it's a joke, but I think there's a good chance he's serious. He calls it his honey hole. He constantly reaches to put his finger in and sometimes will beg for lint on romantic nights.


I'll put on laundry and he still goes straight from my belly button. So do guys joke about that kind of stuff over my dating a maniac?


Well, I know Brett Favre did that to dad all the time, but that was for just for convenience purposes and things fit together.


My honey hole. Oh, my gosh. It's kind of weird. Isn't the bellybutton like a sacred place in certain spiritualities? Sure. Maybe. Maybe. Is that where your key is? Yeah, dude, I don't know.


But I do have a lot of lint in my belly button in the world. Actually I John Cena tried to fuck mine so it can happen. We also asked people to send it.


They have advice for Billy. You don't get to get their advice. Oh good. Good. This person says I have some advice for Billy. Head, body, head, body.


Yelich, Billy, who's going to be in that ring fighting me that no, no, you not you not not you know, you had bought it, but all of us, Billy, you have a nation behind you.


I have so many people coming out. Oh, yeah.


We know you had a guest list of like 150.


Yeah. Well, you know, a bunch of people wanted to come see me fight, but we don't even have guests. Again, I got a text this morning. I know that. Hey, guys, just wondering, Billy seems to be under the impression that he's bringing 40 people with him. Yeah.


Did you guys tell them to do? And then it went and then I got another test text today that said Billy invited his entire football team. There's a hundred people he won't do.


OK, look, I'm really bad to people. Yeah, we can tell. It's like the only thing is people rich. I'll be like, oh, do you like I can't like, you know, there's no there's no one taking it so hard to. No, it's taking ejaculates world. There's never been any higher out I believe in endemically but like think about it like you know, once, once I said, well I was trying to like, you know, in negotiation, yeah.


Shoot high and then you see how many people you can end up taking.


So that's let's real quick. Hey, what's up, Billy? This is this is Lance. We Troy and Troy. Hey, can we get forty tickets for the fight? We just want to be there to support you. We want to trade Shiva.


So it's a pandemic. You cannot come. Oh oh you pussy. You you think coronavirus is real. You've changed Leyb. Who would have dibs. Billy. We were born to drink at my dad's house school and we also have fifty more guys that we want to bring. We got to get us plus fifties though and our guns.




Make sure there's room for our guns. Billy can't say no to the person bringing a gun. We're all right.


You guys try fighting saying no to people who are supporting you. You should be focused on the fight.


Bill, this is like it's actually Super Bowl 08. Yeah, it's outsource all those outsourced. All the solutions to who? Hank. Jake?


Well, yeah. Yeah. Have I focused on the fight.


Just be like Jake Jake's taking care of all that stuff for me. No, I didn't sound like you're about to throw some shade. I was gonna throw some shit.


All right.


Hey, big cat. Happy belated. By the way, I was wondering if something my boyfriend does is normal. Somehow I get him to stop. He is obsessed with peeing in empty water bottles around his room.


Feel like every time I go there's nothing wrong. He has a new set of pee bottles. One, two, three at a time. He says it's because he never knows when he needs clean pee to get drug tested. Yeah, I don't think he's even being drug tested. He's also constantly smoking weed with his friends, so it's never clean pee despite the pee.


He's very organized and relatively well-kept guy. Is this normal two guys peeing bottles for fun or is he just fucking weird? Also, how do I get him to stop?


This guy definitely thinks that if he just like let's he thinks that if he puts in a bottle and leaves it for a month, then it will be it evaporates. Yeah, it'll be good.


The weed like you won't test but yeah we get, we get thirty days or so out of the people on leave it if you leave it in the sun for thirty days actually turns into vinegar's.


Oh man I like nothing's wrong with nothing's wrong. You know you're, you're, you're the one who's wrong.


Yeah. It sounds like he's a pretty normal guy or he definitely thinks that people don't realize this Carol.


Yeah. He's dating them like wine bottles and he's like oh this is my April batch piss.


You could also just get like some some houseplants and put them in the corner.


I bet he'd be more likely to pee into those or whatever happened to just putting something fun in the toilet to aim at. Yeah. You know, Cheerios. Yeah.


Rubber ducky or the worse is the the unions have the X and that pops back up right now. The B you name it to be the the urinals they have the X like the little. Like the screw. Yeah. And so you aim for that but it just pops right back up.


So you guys are you aiming to be the be all. Bilyana should have ice in it. That's all the ice truck. This is the goat.


He needs to not get hit in the face while also hitting Roy Boy in the face. OK, that's actually really good.


Conor McGregor didn't follow that rule. I know. I've been working on that.


OK, he's got a small face though, doesn't he, compared to his body, he's actually got a pretty big target.


Had to be real. What's a tapering off here? Are you still sparring? Oh, no, no.


My last sparring session was on Saturday, OK, because I just had to point that out because there definitely was a world that you would like spar on Thursday.


Well, that was one that you needed to bring your sparring partner.


You said that at one point, like, I get my sparring partner down there so I can spar before the fight that was said to me, you know, that was to warm up because it's a three minute fight.


It's like there's no time. Yeah, well, I was yes. Well, before he was like, when you spar, you don't always get hit in the face.


Sometimes you're just working with the guy that would be so you to come out already bleeding. Yeah. Know you should do really just to, like, get your heart rate up and get your adrenaline going. You should pay the guy with a gun to hunt you when he gets hospital. Yeah. And then just spend your entire day trying to employ. Some people are very responsible with guns. No, I'm breathing heavily. I'm a good guy. You tell him to hunt.


That's a terrible duty. What? No, those good guys have guns on anyway.


So, yeah, I'm very poor. I might just play video games all Friday because I just want this fight. I just I wish I was like right now because I just want to get it over with because I'm done. The hard part, the waiting now is just aggravating. What's this thing that you just want to say?


There's so there's two songs and with this last visit, Nancy, Hey, Billy, don't zig when you should zag and vice versa. And then this person texted us a a tune.


I thought we could all try and sing it together and then we'll have a real song. So I think I think I know the melody.


What is it? There once was a man to fight hos in the name of the band was Billy. No way the right to use his balls struck down. He blew up on Twitter.


Say Billy the Berserker, OK, he was going to shed some bezerk or come to destroy Hosai and Internet scum Friday when the rest Billy take his money and go soon made the girl come to just royalty.


And that's come Friday. When this is done.


Billy take his money and go dude I mean it should be soon made the Billy Man come. Exactly.


Either way this is a better song ready somewhere out there. EDM remix it. Love you guys.


Here's here's Billy's Real Numbers song before we play some thirty two elephants have religion eight.


Pray, love baby time eight eight ninety five elephants have belief systems. All right. Here it is, the world premiere.


What was the style of Imagine Dragons. Me and Ron singing punched 95 by.


You're going to hear talk about how he's going to eat your lunch. He's going to fucking drink your car out. You're going to get punch and the Dundy is icing and thunder. I got caught up in the storm and I did manage to run it because he put out of work and you got screwed up by Madonna because you act like a virgin.


And to put it quite simply, he's like O.J. on the loose, looking so pimply. He must be back on the juice. Your imploded because you bailed but didn't, did you? An actor and you broke the back of your head. Your twin brother ruined your life, but no one carrying coke because you're sharing your wife. They get knocked down like he's on a fucking break, you can't count your morning game on your phone and get knocked down, he's going to eat you like.


He's gonna fucking break your cock down, you're gonna get five feet six, you can't get hit, swing in your car, wash your like no fuck off your head for that one run. But you're going to get knocked down. But he's gonna fucking great. You knock out your born again like. Look out running tonight, he's gonna fucking great and down your ticket by see it's pardon my tape presented by barstool sports.