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Today is part of my take, we have our good friend Jimmy Tatro on the show. He's on a new sitcom on ABC called Home Economics, but a really fun interview with him.


We've had him on a bunch of times. He's great.


We have a recap of Monday night's championship game on Masters Talk. Little Sam Donaldson, the Panthers hotsy cool, thrown a CU's Jak's one shining moment. We have it all and we're going to do it in a second. Were brought to you by our friends at Norton. It's truly amazing what they expect us to share online. Like, why do you need my location, birthdate and mother's maiden name? What are you going to do with it? Who else is going to get to see it?


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OK, let's go.


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Use that code you get 25 percent off Norton 360 with LifeLock. Today is Wednesday, April 7th and Gonzaga has let us down once again playing a real conference.


Bro West Coast Conference Clown Conference Pepperdine ain't done shit no actually the real story for Monday night's championship game. I'm actually going to be nice to Gonzaga because we're sometimes mean to them. No one in the world was beating Baylor on Monday night, and I think that we spent all year talking about how great Gonzaga was, rightfully so, because they were undefeated. But the real debate now is, is Baylor an all time great team because they destroyed everyone in the tournament?


The only team that covered against Baylor was University of Hartford. I thought you were going to say Wisconsin. No, university. A Harvard grad. That was a twist. Yeah. University Hartford in their first game, I think they scored like very late to cover twenty five point spread. But Baylor was dominating all year. The only hiccups they really had was Kansas off of a covid three we covered it was senior night in Kansas, senior night. So the Kansas game that they lost in Lawrence awful covid hiatus.


And then they lost to Kate Cunningham in Oklahoma State in the Big Twelve championship game. The the story obviously was the undefeated season the Gonzaga was trying to accomplish. Do you know, fun fact. There's actually never been a one loss season since 1976. Shopian. OK, so Baylor is already in the conversation for best champion in the last thirty years. I like that.


Also, the best one loss team of all time probably goes to Gonzaga. Should we say that.


You might say that. Thirty eight and one Kentucky. Oh yeah.


Probably the Illinois team. Right. It's championship though. Yeah. So actually not the championship you know. Right. Embraced to be.


I don't even know if Gonzaga cracks the top five of one loss teams.


I so I don't know what you do if you're a Gonzaga fan. I don't know if there are a lot out there. I did go searching for them a little schadenfreude last night. I went to see, like the hardcore ZAGG fans who were in the point of the night after the game with like if anyone's saying that we have to play in a real conference, just block them and move on.


Well, you should play in a real conference. You should absolutely play in a real conference. Yes, I'm going to say that with my chest. And and, yeah, a lot of it has to do with the fact that there aren't a ton of Gonzaga fans out there, that it's not like we're talking shit about the Steelers for being the worst, what, fourteen in our team of all time. Right. When we say that we get a ton of people, that they make us feel bad about her.


Right. With Gonzaga, it's like Freeplay, right. This one consequence free zone. Everything we thought was verified on Monday night. I like that.


Yeah. Let's let's go back and be like we said this the entire. No, yeah. No, no. Gonzaga was an awesome no, no. We I thought they were going to win. You're right, Baylor. Like, that's the difference between UCLA playing their perfect game and Baylor playing their perfect game. Right. Is Baylor did it and it was never close, Jay. But that's why I'm calling now. Gebo was calling God last night to Jay, but to who is calling God last night.


Hope God's got rollover minutes.


He was fucking dialed in.


He had a moment where when a shooter is so locked in in there shooting into the ocean and it's not even like when he shoots a three, it's when he was shooting free throws and they were as pure as a pure free throw could be where it was just beautiful to watch. Like, you know, not all swishes are made the same like snowflakes. So, like, the way he was locked in was incredible. They were just some more physical team, better team defensively.


I don't want to do the old man yells a cloud, but drew me stroking his mustache when they were getting killed.


You're down fifteen. Also altering the mustache in general. Alter the mustache. Also getting absolutely cooked on defense basically all night. Like here's OK. Here's something nice for Gonzaga fans. Drew, Timmy played so bad in the championship game, he has no choice but to come back to college. There you go.


He should have just shaved everything at halftime. He should have come out looking like Giannis sends in the second half.


Yeah ball just a smooth guy or two for two on Giannis since the week Yeah Oh shit I got bonked again it was you know what it was. It's it's Jimmys and. Goes over Tami's and Joelle's and Jalen Suggs getting obviously the foul I hate the foul rule in college, especially in the tournament, because it reminded me of when Florida played Ohio State in the national championship game and it was billed as Joakim Noah and Greg Oden. Joakim Noah gets a I think two fouls very quickly, only plays 20 minutes of that game.


I want to see the best players play. I think that in the tournament, I know this is probably stupid and they never do it, but they should make it so that you can get six fouls, seven fouls, whatever. The sixth foul is essentially like a technical where you get two shots of the ball, like Jalen Suggs being out of that game two minutes in sucked for everyone.


I agree. I think that that's a good take. It'll never happen because everyone is going to change the rules like that. But yes, you're right. We want to see the best players play. I also think that we've somewhere along the lines, we've incentivized college referees to make more charged calls because they get really into it. There's nothing more than a college ref like then doing the charge call, except maybe like putting your hand on the small of another official's back while you talk it over.


They love doing that.


It's TV, Tedy, TV, Teddy and Bob Borowski both made the charge call. They made the charge card sexy.


They need to figure out a different symbol for the charge call to make it look less cool to do.


Yeah, I'll scratch yourself in the face. Yeah. Scratch your butt. Bite your fist. Yeah, I have a Mike Greenberg's dumb rules.


Don't know if it's too early in the show for this. No, go on to fix the charge rule because this is one of those things where there's so many and it's kind of like annoying where it's like there's too many charges. They should make it so that if you score, it counts. That's what I said.


If you dunk, I think no matter what I like that. I think definitely if you dunk on a charge, the charge is waved off. You're saying just if the ball goes in on a shot. But a lot of times there's no shot that's put up.


Right. I also think you should have to. You have to you should have to attempt defense, not just and you know, obviously I'm probably hurting myself here because I do for Brad Davison.


But you should have to attempt defense instead of doing, like, the hold my nuts and get run over move like you should have to actually try to to block a shot and get charged instead of just trying to get charged.


I don't hate that rule, Hank. I think if the ball goes in, it's fair play across the board. Yeah, I just yeah. I also like what we're doing here, which is in the foul here. We're drawing just massive conclusions from this one game that kind of blindsided everybody basically. But I love that that's when we start really cooking with our good brains. I think that next year the conversation needs to start happening like our transfers, the new one and dunks.


Oh yeah, it's getting all hot and bothered about transfer. So it's like if you're doing the brain mean regular brain is play with for your seniors. Exploding brain is two two handguns, Galaxie brain is one and dones. And then the universal brain is guys that were supposed to be one and dones then transferred to become two and done somewhere else.


Yes, either everyone's getting all upset about I love the I love the fact that everyone should be able to transfer right now. I think it makes the whole league better. I think the whole like college basketball better because I'd rather see the talent spread out. And I'd also rather see, like players that that want to compete for, you know, a job and be starter. And they're like, all right, I'm going to go here. And I don't know.


It just better. I think it's better you you not like it. Jake, I also am saying this because most bus kills the transfers and I want to continue to be great.


If coaches can hop from school to school, not half the way, players should be able to do the same thing. I love agree.


I love it, Jake. So your take on the championship game and maybe your one shining moment, how did you end up doing?


Yeah, so obviously the game was a bit of a letdown in terms of excitement. I'm happy for Hank and Rhea. They get to go on a vacation with their winnings. Great. Well, yeah, well deserved. And production people get their money. They deserve it too. But it would've been great for the sport if we got a close game because there is so much buildup and hype to this game. And from the beginning it was lot nine nothing.


And Gonzaga really never stood a chance.


Yeah, the moment was too big for Gonzaga. That's when their lights were too bright out there. And heck, I'm just disappointed. Clarity. I've worked sidelines on stool screams probably like what, a dozen times. Fifteen times. That's that counts as being part of the production staff. Right.


Well, I clarified it my day to day, day to day. So you are you have made contributions, which I appreciate very much on the side that you agree is a competitor. But, you know, there's a group tax with people that are in the in the mix day to day. You were not in that group. Oh, because because you didn't put me on your group text. Well, you're just not in the day to day if you want to be day to day.


I mean, I feel like you guys don't know you're talking about it in general. Well, if you talk about it more than enough for. No, but that's the thing.


I didn't bring it up today. I just got brought up as not I didn't play basketball. We did just add a spin. Check this game. That was WNBA hotsy. No, no, it wasn't.


That's the thing. It wasn't. I am not trying to be annoying about it. But you. Talk about it so much that I had no choice but to fill in details, so, Jake, what what was the final tally on your one shining moment? I believe it was thirty seven out of sixty eight.


Oh, good. Yes. Is there one moment that was included that you just slapped yourself on the forehead and you're like, man, I really blew that one. I should have put that one on my list. Roy Williams.


Oh shit. Just going to say. Yeah, the Roy Williams along saying I should have I should have included that. Yeah. They weren't in the tournament. So how could you expect that. Yeah, I thought it was a great montage. The only thing that you had they were in the tournament.


No, he's saying they were knocked out. So I mean, she was knocked out so fast. Oklahoma played a second round, right? Yeah.


Yeah. You won their first. Yeah. You had a moment that definitely I thought that you were like levels above their thinking with the voice you think.


Yeah, that one I miss this. The sad Grand Canyon thing I did nail yo yo you victory lap.


Read it to you for great. And you had a kid die and you, you said they'd be in there. No, I'm not trying to take a victory lap.


I'm talking about out of the box. Out of the box thing. Yeah, it was that and then it was the VCU thing. Did you have was there any call that you saw from the game last night that you wanted to translate into different languages?


Oh, I have my twelve. My twelve. All right, let's go. Let's go. All right. I apologize in advance if I mispronounce when I mispronounce because this could get ugly.


Just you just do for to give me give us Japanese, OK, German, Canadian, Swahili.


I have twelve. I have Japanese and German on here. OK, go. OK Japanese door you countercoup Dobra come to go digo possible no rebound due to second Conrow. Simmy shot the championship Dudi night.


That was a pretty good all right German.


It'd be great if they're taking every country that we fought in World War Two here. Yeah. OK, Italy's next. A little more emotion.


Oh Billy said a little more emotion. Billy, you try to do it in English.


OK, go ahead.


German trainer Drew Baylor Bend didn't rebound. And then we wonder about this college basketball's MIT einer, Mr. Schostak. OK, that's.


Hey, Mr. Shaft. All right. Now do Italian Italian use your hands.


Coach Drew, Isabella, Létourneau, even Balzano college basketball, Erico Strus, Cono Coan compensator.


I just imagine, like there's it'd be so funny if there was like an Italian AWOL who doesn't even really understand English. And then for one brief second, this is their shining moment.


Yes. This is their first sighting was like, oh, my God. All right, Jake, last one. Free choice.


Actually, no, no Indian do Indian turns in to try to build the Indian attitude. Yeah. Free choice.


So go ahead. No, don't tell us what will guess it.


OK, Hobman lovably Olusola the Russian somo Ouvea room Hadash. He Hebrew. Hebrew.


Yeah. OK, got it. Do you have Russian. Do you have Russians.


Yeah. Russian. Yeah. Give me one Russian. Come on. That's good.


Trainer Drew Ebola czar version. You still live in Boston. Have you seen the basketball. We call that shit. It's something of them. Are you sure that's not Ukrainian. I have no.


Oh no. It's certainly Russian. I said no, no, it's Ukraine. Yeah, I believe it was Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukrainian brand and Russia. Stand up. It's Ukrainian. That's fucking Ukraine. Ukraine always been Ukrainian.


That was great. Jake, I appreciate that. Again, the Grand Canyon thing was not meant to be. No, we didn't know.


It's you get credit. You decided to take a victory lap. I mean, you on vacation when they put it. Are you hoping another round of applause here? Are you hoping another kid dies next year?


You get an easy one on the one shining moment. It's like it's like the free play on bingo.


So I honestly want to say, Jake, that was very impressive. Yeah. The fact that you remember to do it and you did all those, you had like probably 10 others on deck to do, can you imagine if we gave Billy that assignment, if we didn't, like, hold his hand and remind him six times to do it?


No, you nailed it, Jake. And it was a great tournament run. I mean, it was an awesome tournament. I think I think we all can agree. That was a really it was great to have it back.


And it just felt like I get sad whenever the tournament ends because it is really the best pound for pound, the best like three week, four week stretch if you count conference tournaments of sports because just wall to wall, it was so fun.


You don't know what you have until it's gone. Yeah. Yeah. So. All right. To put a bow on it, Gonzaga will never win a title. I mean, they didn't play against a single ranked team in the entire year of twenty twenty one. That's true, well, in the tournament, they played Baylor, yeah, and they lost. Yeah, well, else to Creighton.


Now, Creighton might not have been in the Sweet 16. Yeah. I'm just I'm thinking of who was ranked before the either way.


Not not counting the tournament. Not going to turn. Yes. Yes. WCC is a it's Mickey Mouse. That's right. It is Mickey Mouse.


Like no. No disrespect to Lil Merrymount in Portland State and Pepperdine, St. Portland, not Portland State.


Portland State Port.


Why not one or both Portland, Portland State, Reed College, San Francisco, all the great, you know, places that we all know the blue bloods of the WCC.


Do you think we have a single listener who attends Reed? No, I don't think that we do.


I think that sounds like a weed college. It's definitely a week college. Where is it? Portland or.


It's in Oregon. Yeah, it's no, they're not Portland, but it's yes, it's yes.


OK. I think anywhere there's weed smokers, we have at least a few. So yes, definitely. Absolutely. Read college. Tweet us if you go to read college and also confirm that like everyone gets a bong when they get their freshman orientation, the degree comes rolled up real time.


All right. So other news, Sam Donald is officially a Carolina panther. I my knee jerk reaction was, oh, that's actually not too bad. You know, for both the Jets got something which clearly they want to get rid of Sam Donald and the Panthers get a guy who they take a gamble on. But then I thought about it more. It's like, when does this ever work? Like Santogold kind of probably is what he is, even though he's with Adam Gates, like, is he really going to be incredible?


I got two words for you. Joe Brady, Joe Brady. That's what essentially they're just gambling on Joe Brady, but being so good at coaching up quarterbacks that he's able to undo every single thing that he's learned with Adam Gase.


OK, but here's the problem. If Joe Brady does do that, Joe Brady will get a head coaching job. Correct. And then you get back to regular Sam. I mean, Joe Brady almost got a head coaching job this office, right? Yeah. I'm saying like he he's going to be back, so you got to cram it and then hope he retains it all.




You got a cramp. I hope he retains everything because then you would also have to sign into a long term deal. Well, they picked up his option.


No, I'm saying if Joe Brady made him awesome, they would be like old Sam Donaldson, quarterback the future and Joe Brady's gone.


And then maybe that.


So it would be interesting because they would get to the end of next season. Let's say the Panthers go. I'd say like ten in six would be a great success.


Pfft. Come on, dude. Ten and seven. These numbers, where to put it in the in the schedule every time we incorrectly say sixteen games or we pronounce the Marlins field with an uppercase P. Yeah. We will have to put five dollars into the jar. I would.


It hurts. It hurts because someone someone to tell you the deal. Right. Ten and seven feels wrong. Someone tweeted me the other day, they're like bears are going to be lucky to go seven and ten.


And I was like damn ten losses.


What is this like now. Next we're gonna have to do shit on aggregate. It feels like soccer sucks. So yeah, if they go ten and seven, I think that would be a pretty big success for him. But then at the end of that year, they would still have him for another year because they did pick up the output.


They would probably want to commit to him because they wouldn't want to let him go, but they might not because now he doesn't have Joe Brady anymore. Right.


So it's kind of I don't know how it themselves in a in a future decision making problem that we can see coming from a mile.


And if he's good enough to, like, get them to the middle ingrains and they won't be high enough in the draft to get a nice new quarterback. Right. So it's it's we're in it also asks you like. Right. So why do they get Teddy Bridgewater last year? Because now they have to keep paying Teddy Bridgewater. So my knee jerk reaction was everyone wins. And I think the Jets do still win because they obviously think Zach Wilson is the guy and they get some extra draft capital.


I don't really understand. The Panthers are taking a gamble, but it feels like a precarious way forward.


So I think the Eagles win this trade because of what they ended up getting for Christmas. It's like, wow, we really put the Colts over a barrel on this. Yeah.


So although Carson Wentz did play has played better. Right, right. But that is correct. I think Sam Donnally. Yeah, he could absolutely deal with the change of scenery at this point. Oh definitely. And I think the Jets. Yeah, the Jets are probably going to be happy. The Panthers are. Was there a better option out there that the Panthers could go for right now?


I don't know if there's a better option right now. Yeah, I mean, so it is kind of a win win. Yeah, yeah. I just don't know.


I just think both teams finish this trade nine and eight. Yeah. I just think Sam Darnell is one of those guys, like he was kind of that guy in college, you know, like a lot of a lot of turnovers. He was I guess he had some good moments, but not really consistent moments. I don't know.


It's very rare that a guy is like this for an extended period of time and then all of a sudden he's something different.


The real question we have to ask, is he opposed or is he a kook? Yeah, that's true. Would you die for Samed, he would be perfect on that show. He definitely would be. I yeah I guess it will be interesting to see what happens. I don't, I don't really know. I guess Joe Brady's got to work his magic. Mm hmm. That's my favorite comes out.


That's my favorite thing to say. After we've talked ourselves into a state of just utter confusion, just always wrap it up with it will be interesting to see because it will be. It will be. I'm interested to see what happens.


I also enjoy the new fad of people tweeting out select Sam Donald throws from last year being like, you're telling me that Zach Wilson is better than this. It's like, well, that's. Yeah, probably. Yeah, but I would say yes.


But also any Sam Donald highlight that you see from the last couple of years is it's intrinsically poisoned because he practiced against Gregg Williams, his defense all the time. As we know, Gregg Williams would do fucked up stuff to a young quarterback.


My question is, does Sam Darnel get traded from the Jets if he never gets mono?


Is that the sliding door moment of Sam Donald's entire life? I actually kind of think it is like some poor girl went out in Hoboken when she should have stayed home. But it was just it's allies larger, more effective. Was it his second or third year that he got Monáe? Was it two years ago? It was two years ago. So it was his second.


No, yeah. Second year. When did you get to fuck his motto this year?


It was 20 years ago because we were worried about him. So it was his second year.


So that's an important year for a quarterback. It's the second year and he misses. What would you say, would you say?


Well, because the third year we thought he was going to get Koven is a joke like, oh, he's going to be out with Kovik and catch it all the years.


This last year has completely. He was a very funny joke that we said really ruined, like my conception of time. It's I can't I can't fully grasp time anymore. Hey, guys, it's still March 2020. Yeah, I know. But it sometimes it feels like that.


It does. All right. So he was drafted in twenty eighteen. He played in twenty nineteen and he got mono in twenty eighteen sort of second year. So we're right. So if he never gets mono is he something different. And I actually kind of think yes. Yeah, it was an important time for sure. Billy is shaking his head saying no but yeah I'm waiting for the the first column to come out blaming hookup culture on Sam Donaldson, regression as an NFL quarterback.


That's what I need. Yeah, Prisco, you do. And by the way, I actually saw when we started talking about Jimmy's and Joe's X's and O's, I had a flashback to Pete Frisco's Twitter account. So I did a little search through his timeline. We blocked I absolutely not. He's never blocked. Well, actually, I think, dude, I don't think he has. I think you would block anyone. Yeah, he would block us.


Yeah, for sure.


But he is the king. Like, if you look at his Twitter feed from 2010 through 2016, he was all about tweeting out Jimmys and Joe's X's and O's like all the time because he watches the game grinds that he watches the tape.


But Bill, you were saying that you you don't think that him getting mono was that big of an impact, samed Arnold, in that situation on the Jets, what he went through is like totally Sandahl with a new start way better than anything that could have happened in that Jets organization. Right now we got Salay getting everything solitudes arsala new. You know, he's cleaning house and he knew Donald was a victim of the situation and he would be able to get a lot for him in Carolina.


Get him out there. I don't I don't really understand what that meant, but. Yeah, I agree. I agree. I agree. You know what the Panthers should do? Was it the Liverpool song, the ah, the Jets to do this? We got Salah that died at Dunam Money just fine. Different players on team and redo that song because it's a banger. Yeah.


And Bobby Forni know and we got to know.


All right. Masters with the Masters coming. Very excited for that. Brooks is playing Tiger's not Max. Haoma is partnered with Bryson. And I have an issue that I'd like to address. I saw Bryson with his driver hitting those drives in the practice range. And I kind of like so I know the clip that you talking about, kind of like objectively speaking, it was very cool.


Here we go again. No, no, I don't. I know it's hard. No, no. I still don't like him. Oh, I don't like him. I don't like him. Never will. Did you see the clip? The clip was he was like smashing him and then he would get pissed off that he didn't have another ball. Give me the fucking ball and then Haskett and slam it down. It was like he was playing ball.


Yeah. And he has a new driver that he's going to London. How long is very long. So I was I had feelings for the clip. I was like, holy shit, this clip is badass. You put like a little Metallica behind it. It's the coolest clip ever.


But then the article I was reading on the big lead had had talked about his last trip to the Masters this fall and remember how he thought he had covid. And I then immediately hated Bryson again because it said that Bryson thought he might have caught covid, but he did not. In fact, doctors couldn't pinpoint anything that was wrong with him. According to an ESPN story, DeChambeau had CT scans, X-rays and ultrasound on his heart, measuring the blood vessels in his neck infection.


She checks brain scans and oxygen oxygen levels. After four or five months of testing, they couldn't find anything and I immediately hated him again.


Yeah, that's he basically just was like, how how could I have not won the Masters find something wrong with me, Doctor?


It sounds like what they did to Austin Powers body after they defrosted him. Yeah, well, the different medical procedures they put them through. Yeah. Listen, I'm not ever going to like Bryson DeChambeau, but he was mashing those. He does he mashes.


I hate him, but he also does things that I like. Catches my eye from across the bar and I'm like, oh, my God. Well, because it's it's the guy that you would want to go over and watch. You looked like a long drive competitor. I don't think that that's not going to be his swing, although it would be sick. I don't know. I don't think it's possible for him to go out in the courts and do that, because if you were to see, like a spray chart, who knows where that was going?


I I feel every now and then when he gets up there and does something cool, I feel like Paris Hilton just be like, that's hot.


It's so hot. It was it was slightly hot. If I máxima just start doing start doing math problems out loud. Yeah. Next to him on the golf course.


Yeah. Max, you're going to do this. Start roasting his swing out. You'll be sick if during the par three competition. That's today. Right. Tomorrow. Oh today. Today as it's being broadcast. But if it, if he was just taking like sandwiches and doing that exact same swing is hitting the deck at home would be fun.


Oh, I'm. So there's nothing better, though, than the Masters come down from the March Madness.


It is really the greatest like setup because it's high impact, high stress sports watching for three, four weeks and then you get the most low impact good on your knees, napping on the couch in and out, the best type of sports watching.


It's such a great, like, comedown from March Madness.


It's like exactly how you get rid of a hangover. Yeah. So March Madness is just the Reija. You stayed out until 4:00 a.m. and then the next day you wake up and what's the best remedy we'll hear of the dog getting. Gymnast's speaking to you for an entire weekend in a softer voice than he was before. Is the hair of the dog of Jim coming down from sports. So it's perfect.


I'm also sneakers squeaking, two birds chirping. It's just beautiful. Do you think that they were piping in the sneakers squeaking at the incredibly because remember, we were talking about that one. Those are the one that had higher level of squeaking. Yes, there are times there was one game.


I tweeted a clip, maybe like it might have been last season. But there are times when I think that they're doing it on purpose because it's so loud.


Yeah. I just think they were just, you know, fresh courts, more microphones, maybe.


Yeah. Yeah. So there's obviously a lot of storylines we're rooting for. Brooks if we can't root for Brooks, we're going to root for Magnificat.


And if we can't root for Tiger. Yeah, well, Tiger, did you see at the Masters dinner this year? So Dustin Johns, that was my cool Thrawn. We forgot to talk about it. Yeah. Yeah.


So they're saving a seat for Tiger. They're keeping a seat. Oh. For Tiger Woods to talking about the food.


I'm talking about the pigs in a blanket. Oh, it's on his menu. What else is on dust. That's it. That's all like. No, he's got whatever. Who cares about the rest of his menu. He has pigs in a blanket.


He should Dustin should have like a funnel cake stationed in the bathroom stall, you know, saying nobody feels like.


Well, well, come on. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He's got a yeah. That might be that sugar on there. Yeah.


He's going to, you know, make sure you wear your shoes Dustin. Not just socks. Yeah. When you're walking down the stairs but yeah. They're leaving the seat open for Tiger. Yeah. At the champion's dinner. That's beautiful.


And pigs in a blanket though. It does feel beautiful. Yeah. No it is.


It feels like we all made it like we're I'm never going to get to go to Agusta dinner, but I'm there in spirit when they bite into when Jon Rahm and fucking Oost Haven and all these other guys and you know, Greg Norman and Freddy boom boom couples who's going to be there for his seven hundredth and fiftieth masters when they bite into that pigs in a blanket. That's me. You're biting into my penis. Does Nancy get to go to it?


I bet you he said, Freddy couples definitely would bring him in as a plus one for sure. Yeah, I'm looking forward to people finding things to get upset about like that. They're not honoring Tiger enough. This seems like we're off to a good start to leaving him, leaving the seat open for him. Like you think people are going to get mad if the pimento cheese isn't dyed red on Sunday?


Yeah, I'll be I will be mad personally. I will be mad. Oh, Hank, you should leave. Leave Norma's dish empty tonight for Dan hÉireann. Yeah, Harrodsburg.


Also make sure make sure Normy gets extra horny on Sunday to honor Tiger with his red rocket. I can do that. I be great. All right.


Let's get to our hotsy cool throne. Hot Cyclotrons brought to you by our friends. It better help our guys.


We're going to get serious for a second to last year's. Been hard on a lot of people. And that's why we're doing something new and partnering with our new sponsor. Better help online therapy at barstool sports. We truly love and appreciate our listeners. Without you, none of us would be able to do what we do every day. So once in a while we try to bring something good. Maybe it's for you, maybe it's not.


A lot of us take care of our bodies, but with as tough of a year this has been on many of us, we might as well let you know that you got to take care of your minds as well. There's a understanding of what therapy is. It can be whatever you want it to be. It doesn't have to be sitting around talking about your feelings. It can be a lot of different things. It comes a lot of different shapes and sizes.


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You can do it online with better help. Dotcom slash PMG. So go take care of your mind. You take care of your body all the time. Better help dotcom VMT.


OK, Hank Hotsy on hot seat. We talked about a Monday. It was my who's back now is my hot seat the truth.


Paul Pierce. Fired, fired. Ready. Watched. Listen I want you fired. That's good. Who was that. I know the guy from The Apprentice. You for it. It's good. It's Michael Scott.


Actually this podcast should be allowed to go out now. It's Michael Scott. OK, yeah. I got fired from ESPN for his his wild Saturday night. Yes. Honestly didn't look that wild of Saturday night for being on. The depressing part about it was how.


No. Yeah, no, that was bunk. That was in a bunk bed like that. That's like crosthwaite. Like you're warm up by warm up is your workout.


I pre game like you. Pardoel Pierce's Saturday night is is my Sunday afternoon. That was. We need to get a real bonks thing. We should get invited. Wait. We should, we should attach it to this doege that I've got right here. I think it's you know what party in your defense. I think it's the weather.


Yeah. And you're right. Like a dog. It's almost dry season. Yeah. And heat. I got a Neutra you. But it was that's it was depressing about it is the fact that like he seemed low key, like he was talking to his phone when there were dancers all around him, but naked like that's what it was depressing to me. It wasn't the fact that he was like, I didn't feel bad for Paul Pierce. Like, look, what a sad story this guy is having a a ranger with the strippers.


It was like they were calmly dancing. I don't even think music was playing. I think they were just kind of like gyrating in his living room. And Paul Pierce was just looking at his phone. That's what made me sad.


Yeah, I agree. He shouldn't have been fired. It's stupid. Let the man live. I agree.


But let the boys watch it while my cool throne is me.


If Paul Pierce somehow ends up working at Passell, that will be a dream come true for myself. You know, just to be able to say I'm coworkers of Paul Pierce people. What about the guys? When Deon Sanders. Well, that's already a dream come true. Every day I live my dream, but it'd just be like, you know, you guys are my my adult heroes. He was my childhood hero. I feel like people had this reaction.


You guys are a little bit older when we signed Deon and he was like, oh, Deon Sanders, like watching my whole life over, I didn't have that reaction just because he was a little bit, you know, past when I was watching NFL Paul Pierce my entire life, he was like the guy. So be sick somehow. I worked here for me. It was Jerry thought the truth. We signed him while he was here long before then.


He didn't put any through.


And then he came back through my coulthart bonke what? Territorians 50 zero.


Yeah, that's true. That's a ball I think I'm buying. Yeah. Firebombings going to you're going to bonke the Browns. I've been getting too much recently.


I guess you've been too long. No, no, no, no. I like fair. I just listen if you read some majoritarians old columns it's, they were, they were having to call from committer column circa 2000 seem to call columns. Yeah. No they were, there was one that was just like how come we can't win. Do we get back to the age in baseball where we stopped paying attention to numbers and start paying attention to guys who like to get laid.


Mm hmm. Good point. My other cool thrown Aaron Rodgers, he's probably he said it. I don't know if this is on your throw, but he's probably going to be the permanent host of Jeopardy now.


So he's going to retire from football? No, he wants to do both. He should retire. He wants to Shailene Woodley, possibly do with it with a strong, supportive spouse behind him.


I think that he can do it. I don't think he can do by two. I don't think he can do both. Air needs the support of it. And also, come on needs the support of a family, a very close family unit to be able to excel. And he's got Shailene Woodley standing right behind him. I, I do think that this is the perfect fit for Aaron Rodgers. I think it's everything he has to come on.


I don't want I don't want everyone pretending I don't care that he loves. I watch Jeopardy a lot. And it has it features mustaches heavily and it features the host who gets to know the answers to everything. And feel smarter than everybody else, which is exactly in Aaron Rodgers, and he gets to answer things in the form of question, which is very much like him to be like, why would you ask me that question? Yes. Of answering.


And Ken Jennings, not possible because of being that there's been dad and then he's got Ken Jennings has some tweets.


I just like saying just, hey, Ken Jennings should be the next host of Jeopardy, but his friends being dead.


Yeah. What about Dr. Oz that week in the Internet, in the stands? Yeah, I totally forgot about that sort of thing.


You're talking about the shrimp guy, so, yeah, that's one of those things that we experience when at the moment it was very funny and all we talked about for a day. But in retrospect, you did more damage to your brain thinking about being dead for two days than most people would have done to their brain spending 17 years on methamphetamines.


Yeah, or more damage than denying your nine year old daughter, Beenz. Yes.


Like that's being dad did to you what he did. Yeah. What he was pretending to do to his daughter. Yeah. It's fucked up.


Mm hmm. Is that it? That's it. OK, right. My hotseat is the son. The Battle of Humans versus the Sun continues. There was an article in the New York Times that scientists are putting together a plan to block the sun out to reduce global warming, to reduce greenhouse gases. They're trying to put in like essentially a giant shade onto the world to block out some of the sun. Finally, we're getting back at that bastard. But I think I mean, there's an easy way to do it.


There's hardware. You could use science like a nerd or you could just straight up look at globe like, yeah, let's do that. Let's paint the equator black, like an outfielder wearing the wearing the stuff on their cheekbones, trying to absorb the glare from the sun. To me, that seems like an elegant solution. And I think that the world would look cooler if it had a belt.


Mm hmm. Agreed. So there we go. Take that science. My cool throne is. Well, yeah, actually, yeah. Hank, it was going to be Aaron Rodgers intellectual curiosity. Instead, it's going to be accountability. Accountability's on the cool throne because Dusty Baker has said that the Astros have been accountable. They've paid for their sins. And now it's a little it's a little upsetting to him. And it really speaks to the world that we're living in these days.


We're just because you cheated your way to a World Series title and egregious forms and then had a year where you didn't pay for the consequences, there are people that are throwing inflatable trash cans off the field and yelling at players in front of their children at the games and they've served their time. Big cat. Yeah, the Astros have served their time.


I don't know if this is insensitive, but just brainstorm for a future. Mel Rushmore's.


Yeah, we should do winners of the coronavirus pandemic because they are up there. Yeah. They they skirted so much like heat and everyone was so mad.


Them going into season season never happened. And then when it happened it was already like there was so much shit that happened in between the scandal coming out and then playing games that and there was no fans. Yeah, no, you're right.


That will be good. Mount Rushmore, LeBron, because he never would have won a title right there fast.


Seriously, introverts and extroverts. Oh, we got Hank on.


Hank, you go in and billionaires. Wow. Those emoji, not just the fact that it is true.


They got they got richer. Yeah. What do you think a rich person would taste like if you were to eat them?


Yeah, I don't know. Only one way to find out if you. Well I won that battle last night too so I shouldn't be speaking about myself. Yeah. In that way.


How big of a guillotine would you need to make four pizzas. He seems like he's a small head or neck right in the back.


They should just. Yeah.


Imagine that getting in your head that would be right through your brain. Like in kill bill where the top of her. Yo, I'm seeing it.


I think they killed I you know. You did. That was my coauthor. My hotseat is Jacob Graham. Jacob NewGround season.


I don't. Was that yours? No. No. Where are you going to say don't worry. I can't believe we're still doing this with Jacob.


Jacob to Graham the Mets.


It was not I. So what was your reaction? Oh, nothing.


You're very reactive, Billy. You reacted to Jacob DiGRA.


You know, just something has happened, but I won't tell you till it's all over. No, you have to tell us now, OK? Basically, all my hot seats and cool sounds haven't been taken yet.


Oh, wow. Oh. So it was a little scary. Yeah. So yeah, you'd be the worst poker player I know.


Jacob Pigram had another game so since twenty eighteen he's got a two oh seven Eora and he's in the Metzer thirty six and forty one in those games. Can you list the run support that Jacob to gromo got the last ten game. Here we go.


One two four to zero three five. Stanley who cares. Get this man a Diet Coke. All right. Go ahead, Billy. First of. That would be incredible. The Red Sox put out this new alternative there, unclassy that every hotseat, everyone was like, what are these?


But like no one knows they're for the marathon. I'm talking about Twitter.


It was like like the tweet where they announce somewhere like, hey, celebrating or writing know. But everyone's like, what? And those have been like the marathon colors for I know a hundred thirty six people outside of Boston don't know that. But I think in the tweet it just said that. But the thing is it's bright, OK, for one blue yellow and they're like, I thought this was the Red Sox over one Brandon Marshall with his chest.


OK, one four two.


Yeah. Brandon Marshall. I was crazy about being totally wrong.


I thought he was so confident in what he was saying that I thought I was wrong. I was. Yeah, I did too. I was like, wait a second. But then 10 days. And then there's the two way contracts, which I don't I and only four players get paid. Yeah. Only four players are on salary at any given time. And I went and Google. Is it true? I mean, he could he could have convinced me that he was right.


He was incredible.


I think when you start doing that ourselves. Yeah, yeah. Just Billy says anything but confidence. OK, you're one for two.


Rappoport went on first take cried Oh no.


For three because it was undisputed No. One four three nine four three undisputed. It was undisputed.


And he also said at the end it was a joke, but it was funny because you could tell because he's such a bad actor that oh, it's so much. Oh, fuck.


Is there any level of you guys that wish that you went harder at Rappaport's so you could have got deposed and had these clubs come out? Well, they're so fun. I mean, I don't want to incriminate myself too much, but I said some things that have been recorded and are publicly available that he probably could have deposed me in one form. Yeah, but he's so incompetent as a human grunt that he wasn't able to come up with his stuff.


And when he was doing that thing on Undisputed, he was. Yeah, he says he was joking at the end. But everything that he was saying, there are things that he actually feels. But he was like pretending to cry about it when in reality he almost wanted. Yeah. About it. And that's that's what the joke he is that guy, he was like, oh, I'm so sensitive.


I'd go and sue a whole company.


He is that guy I he is a clown is a joke. Like he burns every bridge.


But with all that said, I still think the cat killing saga was one of the funniest things ever.


Ha ha ha ha ha.


That's probably why he didn't oppose us, because we were just sat there and been like that dude killed cats. I love cats.


Cool thrown. Bruce Campbell, former Raiders tackle. There was a video accusing him of being in a Wal-Mart fight.


But turns out it was just a random, tall, offensive lineman looking guy.


Bruce Campbell before did actually look like him a little bit.


There was a lot on steroids. Yeah. It was also a really stupid tweak because it was like, now you know why Derek Carr like Sucks is like Bruce Campbell played for the Raiders in late 2010.


Yeah, he got knocked out, basically got knocked out by a much shorter, lighter, skinnier guy. Right. Yeah, yeah. Just all right.


Score now we're game to the garbage ones because I thought, oh, now we are let's see, exhaust next door.


Dash drivers have been beating the algorithm to get higher pay rates on their delivered.


Two, four, five. OK, the jets cool thrown. So you thought we were going to not we weren't going to talk about this. What about sex? I got an extra cool thing for you. I just remembered cool thrown every team in automatic. Oh yeah. Yeah.


It is football in the South for putting having a whole Easter sermon on people who d committed from Clemson and talking about the importance of commitment.


Hmm. Jesus d committed for not being dead. Mm hmm.


The ultimate transfer portal was the rock and that was my high school. All right. Good job. The one thing I wanted to bring up, though, the Falcons are now saying that they are willing to trade their first round pick and. Oh, yeah, I think they're picking fourth. Yeah. And so that is actually a cool thing for every team in the NFL because you get to have a couple of weeks of discussion of maybe it's going to be us.


No one's out of it just yet. Yes. So the bears might do it.


But Cat, now we got Russell Wilson. Jake, do you have anything that we missed? Yeah, hotseat, unfortunately, is you guys, because the all star game is to move the course and the balls are going to fly for the home run. Yeah.


For everyone though. Do. Yeah, exactly. The concept of altitude doesn't rely on Christian Yelich, but so I nervous.


I looked at the dimensions. Jake in Right Field in Cumberland, Georgia, at truest it's three hundred and twenty five feet. In Colorado it's 350 feet. So it's actually harder for a left handed batter to win the home run derby. There we go. So cool. Thrown is my butthole. Mm hmm.


That's the real cool throw in his concession prices because patrons are allowed at the Masters this year. We're going to see that tweet somewhere of how cheap everything is.


Yeah. All right, my friend J.P. Finley from Washington, D.C. is going to the Masters, and he hit me up yesterday and he said, Do you want anything from the Masters? And I was confused by the question at first because it's like, wait, you're you can just pass grass. I might want to bring grass. I could ask him for some grass, but I was. What if you just mailed us a pimento cheese sandwich that works?


You know, it's because of all the stuff that they, you know, like the pro shop is that you can't buy it anywhere else. That's right.


Yeah, that's right. They don't do licensing. OK, cool. So, yeah, I'll ask him, do you want people to do is question would have been better asked.


Do you want people to ask if you've been to the Masters and then you have to say no. Yeah. Because that's really all that would happen if you were a master at official masters and be like, oh sec, what year did you go back.


Well, I didn't. J-P got me.


Yes. Or J-P for listening right now. Just send us a sandwich and maybe some shavings from the fourth fairway. Yes.


There we go and steal steal one flagstick and a pig in a blender. You get to decide which flagstick you want to steal. All right.


Let's do Jimmy Tatro. Awesome interview before we got that.


Get to that, you had a quick word from our friend. Yeah. Before we get to that, this is actually very important. I want to talk to you guys about highway safety and about making sure that you arrive at your destination safely and securely, especially when it comes to crossing any sort of railroad crossing. It can be frustrating, especially if you're in a hurry or if you're running late to find yourself at a railroad railway crossing, waiting for a train.


If the signals are going, the train's not even there yet. You might want to feel a bit tempted to try and sneak across the tracks. Well, don't don't ever do it to the naked eye. Trains often appear to be further away and moving slower than they are. I got hit by a train was on the other day because I thought I could make it across the tracks. Just one example of how trains could be very deceiving with their speed.


They can't stop quickly. Even if the engineer hits the emergency brakes right away, it can take a train over a mile to stop over a mile to stop. By that time, it's too late. The result is a potentially deadly crash. The point is, you can't know how quickly the train will arrive. The train can't stop quickly. Even if it sees you, it ends in disaster. The signals are on the trains on its way. And you need to remember one thing.


Stop because trains can't. The interview is also brought to you by our great friends at Sport Clips, new sponsor alert. I actually have a standing appointment right now at Sport Clips for January 10th to get my haircut as soon as Ryan Fitzpatrick wins a playoff game. Or they might they might actually win the division, get a SO I might have to bump that to the following week, but it's going to be a sport. Clip's going to get a haircut.


It's going to be great. Sport clip stylists are experts in men and boys haircuts with specialized training and techniques. Cutting guys hair can be harder than cutting women's hair. Sometimes when you go to sport clips versus a place that cuts women's hair, you're getting stylists who are specifically trained to cut guys hair. Sport clips are experts in understanding facial shape and hair texture and cutting to a guy's best advantage. Sport clip signature service is the MVP haircut experience. Do you guys know about the MVP experience and sport clips?


I'm not going to I'm not even going to read the rest of the ad because they're going to talk about their legendary steam towel that you get the most refreshing thing in the world. It's so much more than a haircut. The legendary hot steam towel on your face, the massaging shampoo that makes you melt into your seat. It's the ultimate relaxation. With 1800 locations nationwide, sport clips is closer than you think. And your experience is even better with on DECT text alerts, which means less wait time, more prime time.


You're going to get a fifteen minute heads up when it's time to head in and another text when you're next in line. Sport clips gives you more ways to save time so you can enjoy your prime time text message. Often required message and data fees may apply. Visit a sport clips near you for a haircut that exceeds the typical experience from start to finish. And now here he is, Jimmy Tatro.


OK, we now welcome on our good friend, recurring guest, recurring guest Hall of Famer Jimmy Tatro. He's got a new show. It is called Home Economics. It's on ABC.


Don't know if you heard of it, but Jimmy is now a sitcom star.


So my first question is about the show. I watch the trailer. It's Home Economics. Also, Topher Grace is on it, who is a recurring guest as well.


It's about a family and it's three siblings. One of the siblings is a one percenter, one middle class and one barely holding on. Jimmy is the one percenter. Was this method acting for you?


You know, what's funny is when I told my mom about the concept of the show, she was like, did you write it? I was like, no, I didn't. It's just an ABC show I got cast in. Oh, okay. Sounds like I know it's kind of sounds like onlies.


So what what does it mean it is a big deal, you're you're you're on ABC now.


You've I don't want to say you've made it, but you've kind of made it, I must say made it or it's a sold out.


He sold out. Made it. You are now like I'm happy that you even gave us this time because you're basically an lister. But when you found out about getting casts on this, like, how does that work?


You must have been like, holy shit, this is pretty sick. Yeah, to be honest, I kind of went back and forth about it for a while. I was just a little scared of of doing an ABC show just because it seemed a little different than what I usually do. But like I really like the pilot script. It didn't feel like. Corney and. And I you know, I was I was a little nervous going in, but like every script that I read, it just they they just kept getting funnier.


And I actually was like, oh, I'm really I'm really liking these scripts, which was a pleasant surprise. So, yeah, it was it was easy to be hyped once we were actually shooting. And it was actually a lot of fun.


Yeah. So it must be a lot different because you do come from a background where you can do pretty much whatever the fuck you want as your comedy. Like if you if you have your own YouTube page, you're basically, you know, no one's telling you what you can and can't say. Now you're on network TV. Is there anything that you've like had to adjust are like toned down going to ABC?


Yeah, I think it's just kind of going to just acting in general. There's a lot of things like you've got to tone down from from doing, you know, your own stuff on YouTube. You just got to kind of realize that you're just you're just playing a role. You're just a piece of the puzzle. You can't really dictate the creative direction of things when when you're just an actor, which is something like early on, it was kind of hard to.


You know, it's hard when you don't agree creatively with things coming from a place where you used to like calling the shots, so I just kind of made sure to only choose things from Iran that I like and actually on board with, because when I'm not, I can't even fake it. Yeah.


Are you going to get advertisers for your show and like on like Disney shows and ESPN, like live sports. I always love it when Jim Nantz has to talk about, like a new sitcom that he's obviously never watched. So he's in the middle of the final four and he's like, make sure to check out Chad debuting next week on CBS. Like, are you going to get are you going to get, like, Mike Tirico tossing you up? I guess he might go.


I actually I'm not going to lie.


I look up because I know the show comes out on April 7th. And I looked at I like did the math to see if we'd get any NBA finals. Laughs Yeah, I think the finals is a little a little after us.


Yeah, that would have been nice. Are you worried at all about becoming America's heartthrob? No, not really, no. I don't know if. I'm open to it, OK? Yeah, and also what you guys were saying earlier about, you know, I know you brought up brought the word sell out. I get that, you know, but what were you talking about last time, you know, about me being an up and comer? Hmm.


You know, would you say that this this changes that you just came.


You've arrived? Yes. Yes.


You got that Postnet clarity right now. You're about to do your best work. Yeah. I don't think you're a sellout. I just think that. Yeah, you know, you actually are definitely a sellout, officially a sellout.


But sometimes I feel that way, too.


This is why I have never done an ABC sitcom like we've been offered many times. I think actually he was offered for your role.


I was offered photographers and we both said, no thanks. People will be like, oh, what sellout.


So I saw on passing the scripts and they were going after a PFG type. Yeah, yeah.


There were actually I think I was probably going with the homeless guy. I think that's and you mix it up and you say, Yeah.


Yeah. So actually, honestly, it's our dream to sell out. I think it should be everybody's dream to sell out so can really sell.


It just means that you've got a bigger audience and you're getting paid a shitload of money to do it.


So and a Tesla and it says, do you have a Tesla? I do I do have it in my defense, I in my defense, I already had the Tesla.


Oh, OK. So you bought it on credit. I like that little attention before you got the wait.


Did you pay full price? Did you buy it online? Did you click the thing? And then you're like, oh fuck, I just bought a Tesla.


No, I actually won it through Davido, one of Davidovich.


Oh yes. Yeah. Jake here has won. Steve will do it. Got him one. So yeah. Same thing.


I was really lucky but I commented I think a thousand times and I followed everyone that he followed and I entered to win. And you know what I want. Yeah.


I love those giveaways. They're so funny because it's just the most random people end up with Tesla's. Like I saw the milk boys give some like random like probably 18 year old kid in New Hampshire, a Tesla.


Like I love it when they don't seem that excited to like the winner. They like Face Time, the winner and the winner is like, oh, cool. Yeah.


And they're like, it's me. Yeah. They each time aren't you fucking thrilled? And they're like, yeah, that's cool.


I love the idea of giving a Tesla to somebody in the middle of like I don't know like. Yeah. Like New Hampshire, Vermont. And then it breaks down and they have to pay ten thousand dollars for a replacement part.


They just have no charging situation. Yeah. There's no superchargers within like a one thousand mile radius.


I want to get back real quick. Before we started actually taping this, you were telling a story about a beehive in your backyard that is actually it's fascinating to me. So you you had a pretty substantial beehive right behind you. It was enthralling. I followed it very closely.


Yeah. I mean, I like to say, if if you were a bee living in L.A. in 2020, you either lived at my hive or you knew someone who did. I love.


It's like Studio 54 in New York. Let's go.


I actually wanted to do like a like a little mockumentary of like like called the place to be. That was like a Studio 54 type documentary about like the hottest spot. But then I figured no one will think this is fun except me. Probably. No, no, that was way.


So the place to be. No, that's funny. Yeah, that's great. I don't know, I just did born here.


But about the movie it was really fucking big. Like it was probably like I'm not kidding. It was like four feet high and I was at a college and this was like last April, maybe May. And my roommate calls me freaking out and he's like, dude, like I can barely understand you. I went down and I went down this way to thought and it went down and there was like thousands and thousands of bees just swarming.


And I didn't get home for like another two weeks. They had all kind of they had all kind of died down. And I was pretty sad. All right. I felt like I was doing good things for the bee population.


Yeah. Do you feel like you feel like maybe that's that's a metaphor for your life, like you're now on ABC, Mr. Big Shot getting too big. You might fall off that branch, huh?


Well, yeah.


And sorry things, man, that just kind of sorry for going there. That might be too deep. Yeah, pretty deep.


You know, I wasn't ready to I was ready to dove into that. I hope not. You know, I like to think that, I like to think that all the branches I'm jumping to test it to make sure they're sturdy enough to to hold the high. If I want to be smart, I want to sit on that branch. Yeah.


Not to sound like a stalker. I mean, I follow you on Instagram. We talk every now and then. But you also over the summer you did some traveling and you did like the cool guy living out of a van thing. Made it look really awesome. What was the coolest place you went in America?


It doesn't sound like that unique of a thing to say, but it was definitely Yellowstone. I mean, I saw a lot of cool, cool places like Bryce Canyon was really cool and. You know, there's a lot of like cool places off the California coast, the Oregon coast is really beautiful, but Yellowstone just has it all. You know, it's just like the wildlife, the waterfalls, the lakes, the the meadow. It's like there's literally check every nature box you could possibly, you know, the geysers, hot springs say.


I'd say I'd say Yellowstone. Yeah.


Did you see any any cool wolves up there. I love that.


Or I saw some big ass bison which was. You know, a little scary, but pretty cool. Well, I think bison kill like 10 people a year up in Yellowstone, right, because people try to take selfies with them. They have to put up signs everywhere saying, like, don't get too close to these buffalo. They will just sort of run you over.


Oh, I didn't know that people were dying, but I did see some of these signs I was more worried about, like driving into one of them because they just I feel like that would kill me. Yes. A bison for sure.


Absolutely would. Where did you. Shit. Where do I stay, where do you shit? I saw all your pictures and it looked like it was out of a magazine, it was like, this is so romantic, you're in a van. And it's all like the bed is made in these cool pictures. And I always think, like, that's such a cool life. But you're on the road and you're probably eating combos and Twizzlers. You got to shit somewhere.


Yeah, I think mostly I mean, you know, we cheated a little bit like we didn't sleep in the van every night.


That's so cool. I like it.


Yeah, we were we were staying at some nice hotels too, and we knew the same thing I was going to say when we did a week in California and we rented that sweet ass van.


We're like, yeah, we're just going to live in the van for a week. I think we stay at the Marina Del Ray. Yeah, we were sitting in a nice place.


So, yeah, that is a little a little trick of the trade, a little, you know, behind the fourth fifth wall or whatever you call it.


Sometimes you got to stay at a nice hotel to get a shower.


Right. The trigger the trade is like about the then life is like every now and then you got to start a little five star hotel here and that's part of it.


Put your feet up. Right, exactly. I like that you also picked probably the perfect time to do something like that, like get out, be kind of out in nature for a while. And every city was pretty much shut down.


And really there's no only like reflecting on twenty twenty. And I mean, 20/20 was so fucking terrible and it was just locked up inside like would you do man, travel the world.


Hey you can say that. But I, you know, I was like in a caravan like, you know, traveling America, seeing sights and like I mean, I told you this last time, but I got it in, like, you know, last March, like a year ago. So I wrote for some time. I was like, you know, I got to antibodies.


I'm invincible now. So I was like, you know, in that way for a bit, yeah, I'm a covid survivor as well, so shout out. All right.


So when you have the forebrain. But what, like a covid fog brain, big cat, like I want to say yes, I just can't tell if that's Colgrove, if that's just, you know, me. Yes.


Yeah. I'm just getting dumber and older. And it's that American life is just covid. Or am I just like, stupid? Yes.


Stupid is the answer most of the time. When is the next real brose? Simi Valley. I'm working on that right now, we're trying to make. You know, I want to just finish the show when we know how the show needs to end and we want to end the show, there's a couple couple of things that we need to work out. You know, with where, right? Yeah, I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say about it, but, well, I brought it up because I had to make it happen.


I want to make I want to I want to make more.


OK, I brought it up because how can you walk us into the script for a quick cameo that would be appreciated because I do love the show.


That would be no problem if we if we make a season for that. And that is, you know, we'll make sure to get some PMK. Yes. Involved or at the very least, some part in my flex will be a concern.


Yes, I like that. No shrimp tails, no shrimp. That's the carrot. I just I'm a big fan, you know, I love I love shrimp ponds. And when I saw that you guys were rocking with pardon in my flakes, I was just like it was almost part of my Jak's.


And then that's the reason why we left his name off the word search on the back. Unfortunately, he was pretty broken up about that. But for clarification, Jake should have been on the back. He's looking at me like he's angry. Yes, tough. Do you think that that comedy in the year 2020 is going to age as badly as I think that it's going to age, like everybody making the exact same jokes about zoo meetings, social distancing, face masks, like I feel like no one should want to go back in time and listen to anything that came out in the year 2020.


I agree. And that's why I've, like, shied away from, like early on. I was like, should we write something, you know, about this or like write a you know, some kind of spin on the pandemic. And I don't want to watch that when I'm watching when selecting anything on TV right now. I don't want to watch anything that has to do with 20, 20 a pandemic or even life on Earth right now. I just want to watch, like.


Space stuff and like, you know, I want to be I want to be in, like the Marvel Universe or like some other universe, I'm like I'm not I don't even want to watch stuff that has to do with this planet right now.


Yeah, yeah.


I mean, it's definitely true. So do you think that the Lakers might win their first title with LeBron this year? I see what you did there. Well, it didn't count. You agreed you actually were here. I remember you were here in the middle of the summer. You're like this. This one clearly doesn't count.


I don't know if those were my words. I feel like. I don't know. I said that, actually. I think I definitely said it counted. You definitely said all of those words. Yeah, I don't know if it's in that order, but they weren't in that order like you could have. So you agree? You said it, Frank and Frank, in spite of me saying. Right. Saying what?


It doesn't have the fog brain damage, but OK, I think I think the Lakers had a chance if we can get healthy. Mm hmm. So you obviously don't want to see the Lakers win. Who do you want to see win? Lest the Lakers are the net we love. We love the Nets, we're good friends with Blake Griffin not to not to name drop, but he is one of our best friends in the whole world. So we are big time nets guys now.


And also we we came to the realization actually the show we taped last night that the nets are they have to be like the least imposing fan base and like championship. That could happen. Like no one's going to bother. You know, Nets fan is going to bother you.


And I always judge like my teams can't win. I judge on like, hey, why don't we have the Padres win?


I don't know any Padres fans. Like, throw that out there so that you just don't get bothered by it.


I get that no one being bothered by Nets fans, but I'm bothered by the Nets.


Why? Oh, you think that it's not right that they made a super team. Unlike everything I've done, everything KD goes to, he makes them whack.


You know, the Warriors were cool. You know, they had their thing going. And then Katy showed up to the party and it's like, wait, guys include me. And then and I hated the words. And then, you know, he went to the nets and now they're like, you know. They need every single day, they need six superstars if they don't win the championship, they're so like, oh, you're doing that, OK?


I do respect that, though, because we were saying the exact same thing about the Lakers with LeBron. But I mean, every argument that you make against Katie, you can make the exact same argument against LeBron.


Yeah, no, no. Yes. LeBron. LeBron has won with, like, no help.


Well, what when was that? Did I miss that LeBron Dellavedova.


Yeah. So I in Kyrie.


Irving Green. Yeah. Yeah.


Great. Know how. None, none whatsoever. They were hurt. No, no, no no.


Before that was a year when they lost when Kevin Love hurt his shoulder and Kyrie broke his kneecap. Yeah. Yeah. Because you remember Kevin Love, Kevin Love, put the lock down on on Steph Curry on that last three and then Kyrie was the one that won that championship. Yes, he did. With that three pointer. Yes, he did.


You guys who say that you're equating LeBron to Katy right now. No.


You're saying everything that LeBron has done. I have no problem with super teams. If you look at the history of the NBA, there's always been a super team. It's just this is more player movement, which is good because players should get to decide where they're going. But LeBron has done everything to them.


Like if the Lakers are talking about getting like like LeBron 80. Yeah, obviously I'm thrilled about that. But then when they start talking about getting like Kawhi on top of that, I'm like, there was a story like I'm not like opening and welcoming a super team. I just like I want to win, but I don't want everyone to hate us the way that I hate them. That's right.


Windhorst just had a report that LeBron has been like actively recruiting stuff.


I did see that the Lakers defense team actually I just realized congratulations. We played ourselves like every single argument that we're giving to you about why you shouldn't hate Katie. We're also making to ourselves about why we shouldn't hate LeBron now.


But that's it is different. LeBron. It's totally. It's LeBron. Yeah. Katie needs the help. It's fine.


Whatever it is. LeBron, I mean, you know, Katie made thunderstruck. The movie, I did not see that, no. Oh, wait, no. What is that, a real movie? Yeah.


Oh, it's a kid's movie. It looks like a Disney Channel movie starring Kevin Durant. That's awesome. Yes. Sick watching my son. But that's that's the thunderstruck one.


Right, is the first thunderstruck that he's not writing. I'm not happy about space Janta. I wish Space Santa wasn't happy.


Yeah. Did you get a call for that? I didn't know. And that's why I wish it wasn't happening. Yes.


Exactly how happy were you on a scale of one to ten, though, when the Clippers imploded last year?


Pretty happy. You know, we talked about this last time. The Clippers are just, you know. Always, if they just were getting ahead of themselves and it was nice to see them get checked. Yeah, no, I mean, it was funny to see, like a team that everyone had anointed, myself included, Fall-back part in such a hilarious, like in terrible fashion that they did.


Right. You know, it's like when you're playing against your little your little brother and one on one and you want to give them some points so that, you know, you feel like we're playing here. Right. Right.


So do you you actually hate the Clippers? Oh, yeah, I hate that. I didn't used to hate the Clippers like, you know, back in the day when the Clippers just knew that they were they didn't matter. I didn't care about the Clippers. It was just that once they started getting a little bit good, all of a sudden these Clippers fans, everyone wants to talk now, you know, where were you? Where have you been in you know, when freakin Darius Miles was where were you then?


Where were you? And you know, the guy I'm blanking on his name calling the guy with the friggin headbands around his biceps.


That's a great look. Yup.


So then when Richardson, according to you, what would what would a franchise like the Clippers have to do, like you said, that they they didn't take the baby steps. They were too big, too fast.


In your mind, what's like an appropriate way to change a franchise around that would be OK with you as a Lakers fan to silently winning, silently being good for a little bit before you just start yapping?


OK, that's tough to do, though. Very tough. Yeah. Yeah.


When with grace, when with class. Act like you've been there before even though you haven't.


Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah. OK, I got that. Do you feel like you were slighted or the that the entire film was slated for King of Staten Island for not getting nominated for an Oscar. I don't know, I mean, I thought it was great. I thought it was a great movie. I honestly didn't see any of the any of the Oscar nominated movies. I just looked at all. They're all so heavy. You know, it's like whenever I sit down and watch a movie, it's not really.


None of the choosing those ones you just talked to, those people are going to be so mad about that we get that all the time. Whenever one of our phones goes off, people are like, God damn it, that's OK. That was Jimmy's fault. He's an a listener. Who is that on the other line? That Tom Hanks.


That was that was my girlfriend calling. Oh, Sinnreich.


He's got a girlfriend. Jill White Boy Summer. Do you know Chad Hayes?


I don't know, Chad, but I have obviously heard of. Yeah. He makes me laugh. Yes, he's going like he's similar to Kevin Durant in that I used to hate him and now I actually think he's one of the funniest people on the planet.


You think, Kevin, or at least people on the planet. Oh, he's more likable. Is wrong to say. Like when he was going at ha ha ha, you fuck you, Mike Rapaport is DM's like, that's objectively funny to have, you know, one of the best basketball players on Earth calling this field actor a cocksucker.


But the yeah, I think I agree with like I had heard of change before, because people were telling me, like, you know, you should get this guy in real gross. And then, like, I just started seeing the white boy summer stuff. And I think what really made me laugh was just him, him opening the video with lots of loved ones.


Yeah. Or no, he says, you know what's really cool? He goes, I'm a tap in real quick. That's a very cool way of saying you're on Instagram. I think you should act like the reason why Chet Hanks is so funny is that we're all laughing at him, not with him really, because he doesn't realize like that the picture where he he took on a plane where he didn't have a mask on. He's like, we haven't been able to take off because there's someone not wearing their mask.


You have a mask in sight like it was a selfie. It was like, dude, you're the person and he doesn't. So I think you should invite him to real pros of see me and not give him a script or anything and just let him kick it. And I think you would get gold.


I you might be right. You might be right. Just let him set an improv. It's it's real. It's actually actually happened. Yeah. Yeah.


The camera's even. Yeah. Like it's a real reality show and we just want you to come hang at this kick back.


And he would like I think he would be a breakout star on that show and he probably would be like those guys, he'd be like Zanders the fucking sweetest, like I want to take that guy and I take this whole patch off and he's just like, whoa, whoa, dude, his brain falls apart.


Yeah. On that selfie that he put up, he actually goes, the plane can't take off because some idiot won't wear their mask.


And it wasn't like a mask on his neck.


It wasn't to get a mask on his neck or anything. He had no mask in sight.


That's why I love him. He is a character. He's he's a character. He's funny to observe what I want to, like, hang out with him or cosign on a loan for him.


No, but I think he's fun to just look at.


You know, I just thought that I saw that name that was like it's an excellent case study. If you name your kid, you get a check. And if you didn't, you could call and you get a call. And yes, just like the polar opposite. Yeah. Yeah.


Tom Hanks knew what he was doing. He was like, this one is my Chet. I'm going to party with this one. When he gets older, the other one is going to take care of me when I'm in a nursing home and pay for my bills.


Oh, so good that this is where Callie Culture Zapato, if you had to like realization, because I do think a lot of American culture comes from California and now Chet Hayes is kind of he's kind of the president.


Yeah, he's the forefront. He is the president of California culture, which de facto makes him the president of all American culture.


Wow. That escalated quickly. Oh, wow. He really, really just stepped into the forefront of American culture there.


Well, sometimes you don't choose a position. The position chooses you. And he he was the right man at the right time, although he made one misstep. I thought so. White boy, summer started out. It was fun. I feel like everyone could get behind as a positive movement. And then he put out the white boy summer research, which had like severe American chopper style calligraphy writing for White Boy Summer, and it put that sinister vibe on it.


So he just needs he needs a better merch guy, soften it.


I think what I think in comics, in Chet's defense, if you go like, hey, build the T-shirt, it was the first font. Yeah. So I don't think that it's really his fault.


He just he thought maybe there was only one font available and it was the same font of the last name that he tattooed across his back. Yes.


It's the sublime font. That's what it is. He's he's been looking at the back of the self-titled album for too long. He's like, that should go in the back of every single T-shirt. Yeah, every book should be written in this font.


I think the only font you're allowed to tattoo on your back if you're doing it for doing last names, is he have the last name.


I would guess he does have the last name because I mean, I think it's a pretty good bet that he does. He's got like an AJ McCarron thing going on on his chest, I think. I don't know what's on his back. Maybe angel wings. Yeah.


I mean, I like his tattoos. He definitely has the tattoos.


I wish I had just. You have tattoos. I don't. I wish I had a tattoo. Do you have a tattoo? I don't want to you know, you know why? Because when I was like 13, 12, I was so passionate about getting a barbed wire fence tattoo on my bicep. Like, I just wanted that so badly. And I wanted it for like five years.


And then one day popped out of it and I was like, that would be so wack. Yeah, I got it.


I think it's starting to play now. Yeah. Pamela Anderson. Brian Urlacher. Yeah, there's some. There's some. And I wanted that.


And I wanted you to also wanted I wanted the Jordan Jumpman on my cat.


I love when people get Brandes tattooed on their body.


And I thought, like, you know, that was how I designed all my characters and like NBA, they all had those tattoos. And then I snapped out of it. I was like, damn, like I wanted both of those for a really long shot. Yeah. And I haven't had any ideas that I've I've I've worked for more than like five years. So I've refrained.


I think I'm going to get a plaid half sleeve on my right arm. No plaid tattoo.


It's no lectern. No. Are you white boy summers. Very clearly. No plaid. No. You know, flannel. Oh, all right.


My first flannel and I'm not going order to say no plaid because he's cute.


He said no flannel. He was very specific about saying no flannel and I'm not going to get that tattoo. I've just been saying that for like seven years. It's a great go to someone's like, do you have a tattoo? No, but I'm going to get a half sleeve applied. It's going to be awesome. And then you just never do it. So, yeah, it's kind of where I'm stuck.


I wish I had one. I just you also have to be in tattoo shape and I don't think I'll ever be in tattoo shape.


Yeah, but you could be I mean, not like, you know, it's like jacked up rip tattoo shape, but you could be like cool tattoo shape, you know. Yeah. Some random words maybe if maybe that's all.


Yeah. Maybe if the Nets win the title I'll do like a Brooklyn, you know, sleeve on all the Nets players.


Mousie I'm going to hear James Harden stomach tattooed on my stomach.


Yeah. LaMarcus Aldridge doing a set shot right on my forearm.


It'll be beautiful. Jimmy, what was the last time you shave the stache. If you had that for like what, six years.


No, this was actually I had like an attempt at a beard during the during the shooting of the show. And then they wanted to do a flashback where we are supposed to look different. So I convinced him to let me go mustache. And I ended the show with a mustache just like I planned.


Oh, spoiler, dude. Now, it's not OK. All right, good. I assume that you're at the level in Hollywood now where you can just pitch a show and it gets greenlit immediately because you're an A-list or you drive a Tesla. So when I was looking up the details about your new show, I Googled it. I think I just Googled like Jimmy Taito, a new show. And the first thing that popped up was like a Peaky Blinders type movie that's coming out.


And I thought for a second you were doing like a comedy spoof of Peaky Blinders. And I was like, that's going to be fucking awesome. You should do that. I feel like you'd play really good, Arthur Shelbie or Tommy Shelby, but like a funny version of it and maybe one we don't have to watch with the subtitles on.


Wow. I feel like this is something you touch because someone's going to take this.


No, but it's the only hope. Is that your agent told about the idea. Well, that's that's Jimmy's agent.


He's going to be in the next Avengers. I would love to be the next Stenger's. Oh, and he's winking at us now, so it's clear that he's already been cast. Damn, I would run. All right. So I had one last question. It's the Roback question.


Use code AWOL on Roback dot com for 20 percent off your first purchase, Arico, B, A, C, K, dot com. And we're going to give you a Q zip on us, which you don't even need. But I use it for like a dog bed or something because you're so rich. But Roback does make unbelievable Kuzbass and we love their gear so check them out. Roback Dotcom use code. All right, elevator pitch. The Home Economics premieres on Wednesday night, April 7th, on ABC 830.


I want to say, why do people have to watch it and should they tweet at you? Pictures of your face zoomed in and like shit like that? Yeah, for sure.


Send me pictures of the of the screen. You know, that's always a it's always a great marketing tactic.


Why why would you watch it? It's you know, it's fun. It's it's easy watching and it's funny, you know, and it's it's not it's not like a heavy thing to consume right now, which actually, like a lot of things are, you know, jam packed with trying to tell you something or, you know, making you more woak about certain things. And that's cool. But this is like a fun family comedy show for when you just want to chill out at nighttime and have a good time.


I like I think people are. Yeah. Are you going to watch it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I saw the first two episodes and they're pretty good.


OK, and you're rich in it which is cool and I am rich. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Which is I didn't get to drive the car that they that they had for me which was upsetting.


Was it, was it just a lesser version of the Tesla you own. You're like, I don't want to this this it's like a little like two or Mercedes that was just like parked in front of my house the whole time. And I never like not to pull in, you know, like drive it up a little bit, you know, that's why. Fingers crossed for too.


Yeah. You know, you get to drive the car. Yeah. Live out of the car. Season two. That's actually that's the reason why people should watch it. We want to season two and we want Jimmy to be successful because then we can be like, hey, we knew him before he was America's heartthrob.


Sure, then the next Hanks', yes, that's Faucon. Yes, yes, we're going to he's going to be that check that said, you know, watch the show if you know.


Well yeah. If enough people watch, I mean, Big Cat will be in real brose. Yes, there it is. Yeah. And Hank. Yeah. And especially Jake. Yes. Especially Jake. Because he didn't get on the box of cereal. Yeah.


If you if a season two happens and we'll all be on real pros, we'll just use it that way.


I'm sure you guys. Yeah exactly. OK, you guys will be OK. That's a good incentive right there.


Yeah. And if it gets to season three, Jimmy will get a barbed wire tattoo. Then we will cross that bridge when we get there. OK, so that sounds like a deal. Perfect. Jimmy, thank you as always. Always fun, man, and good luck with the launch of the show. We will be watching. I'm excited for it. Yeah.


Thanks for having me on, guys. Good to see you as always.


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OK, let's finish up. We got some fake news. Oh, huge guests on Friday, by the way, massive future Hall of Famer for sure. Some say no, I would definitely say.


I also say that Hank's best friend, great looking dude, what is the best ploy for cheese?


Yeah, bonke got the best color for cheese.


Pimento I what question is that.


What is the best color for cheese.


I had a cab driver once from LaGuardia who is like if you want to live to 100 you got to eat only white cheese because in many you eat your cheese, you're going to kill yourself.


You miss out on the sweet creaminess of Velveeta.


No, but that he said that I was like and he said it was he was kind of like Brandon Marshall. He said it with such authority that I was like, damn is he. He must be right.


I will eat cheese no matter the color, except blue cheese, blue cheese, favorite cheese. If you had to go with one cheese magnolia mud kaso, it's white.


I don't know if I'd go in a bunch of cheeses combined.


No, it's white cheese Hank. You've never had it so far. No. Smokable KeIso is melted cheese. Yes. Smoked Gouda. So just take the hard cheese that you can pick a hard. You can't make cheese hard cheese and crackers.


White cheddar. I was going to say either extra sharp cheddar or smoked gouda but I'm going to go with extra sharp cheddar.


I'll say this. I like American cheese. I don't care who knows it. American cheese tastes good.


So I could use more. Just that's like a volume shooter thing.


Like I could just pop cross signals to judge me for eating cross signals. It's like a snack dude. I mean, I've string cheese on deck all the time. It's awesome. So so white is the answer.


Mm. Parmesan out of context. That's not great. Yeah. And you can take a lot of things like a show in context, I don't know, wanna start playing that game? Oh, no.


Yeah, you went through all this. I'm trusting.


I'm trusting the cab driver. All right. The cab driver was right. He said it. And I didn't even ask. He just was like, he's like, what's up, man? You eat cheese is like, yeah, look at me. He's like, better eat white. And I was like, OK, fuck whites only.


Yeah, pretty much.


OK, can you differentiate between the top and bottom of a tube of toothpaste please. Explain what. Yeah.


One's got a hole. I think it means like the hole is a giveaway. I think he's saying the the toothpaste inside.


Yeah. The part that has the ingredients. Is it like coffee like his, you know, top of coffee versus bottom.


Oh yeah. Yeah. The first squeezes are always great. Yes.


I've been working on the last like three squeezes my current tube for it feels like a month. I'm getting a decent chunk out of it. I'm getting a good load for my toothpaste container every night. I just don't think that there's an end to it.


There's there's the other move is the the body wash and just adding water and letting it keep going, just like at the end. I'm just washing with water. Hank, you're like a little soapy water that. Oh yeah. That before you open up the top, get some water in it, mix it up. You got fucking new body wash.


Maybe you can do that. You can do that with shampoo for like three different wash over. Yes.


No, eventually our Nyquil, it's just like it's like double like lightly soapy water that you're watching yourself.


That's actually a good invention for you, Hank. You should you should pour the Listerine into the toothpaste container and then you get both best of both worlds them. All right.


This one is long, so I haven't actually read it. But I'm going to give a shot if if it doesn't make sense halfway through, I'll stop.


Now, you got this. It was that more because you're going to say some words wrong a little bit. Hey, Horny Hank, tee ball commentor and ball cat. Why the fuck do you continue to let William football convince you that ketosis is a good idea? First and foremost, there's nothing to prove that three balanced meals a day plus exercise isn't the best possible diet and exercise routine ketosis has only been proven safe and effective in the short term. People who use ketosis as a quick weight loss trick are super prone to gaining lots of weight back, meaning you relapse.


Your body was literally designed to create energy from glucose, which is release. Yeah, which is released. I lost my spot. Oh no, you were brave.


You took a victory lap after glucose washing that he really you did just look up. You hear that glucose is a very sad word. I want you to do a celebration like spiking a football after you pronounce G.L..


Yeah, I want to I want to say Glew Soucy, but I didn't say your body was literally designed to create energy from glucose, which is released from a breakdown of carbs.


Besides that, a balanced diet gives you more freedom to eat things that you like, even bad things in moderation. You should be thinking fifty percent carbs, 30 percent protein, 20 percent fat plus exercise. Billy is a smart kid, but just because you knock the shit out of Jose doesn't knows what's best for your health.


Take it from a medical student, not Billy. I want you guys to succeed on your weight loss journey, so thank you to this person.


But pfft. And I had a conversation yesterday and we have also come to this conclusion.


Yeah. So we did a little bit of independent research and found out that ketosis is like the worst diet to go on. If you have a history of kidney stones, which I know you don't listen to every single show, but both me and Big Cat had kidney stones in the last month, so that's probably should have been a red flag for you.


Also, I want to take a little bit of exception to what this person said in the text when when they're like you can eat everything that you want in moderation. I think they're misunderstanding what makes these crash diets so appealing to Big Cat in me, people like us, which is I want a diet where when someone's explained to me, they say you get to eat all of the blank that you want. It doesn't matter what goes in that blank. But if somebody is like, you can eat all the meat that you want, I'm like, I'm in, that's Chitose.


And not only that, but I also like the diets where it's like do this diet for seven days and you lose forty five pounds. Yeah.


So in actuality I do know that. But the thing is.


Oh so you're trying to kill us. You know it's but you can see you get down you know, because you get there.


No try to do a diet with. So their diet right now is probably 90 percent carbs.


It's not true at all. Percent protein. So if you tell them no carbs then they're going to end up with that. Fifty percent carbs, 30 percent protein, 20 percent fats and other stuff. So it's kind of like, you know, shoot for the moon land of the stars type thing.


You don't know anything about saying that's not ptosis knowing there's no chance to go into details.


Right. But they end up eating a balanced diet because of it. No, Sebelius, it's it's. Yeah, it's like. Is claiming that he's doing to us what he would have to do to himself to go on a diet, which is just lie to you and then knowing that you're going to lie back.


They are. Yes, pretty much. Yeah.


I mean, I guess they'll know just now that you lie so much that you just assume will lie to, you know, you lied to me when you did ketosis.


No, never got into ketosis. I was in ketosis. I tried the cheapest and I tried. But you lost the weight. If you look back at pictures of the summer of 2011, I was able to supersede the picture game as a game you never worked out for anyone.


You videotaped me peeing onto the ketone strips and then put my penis on the Internet was right.


But you got in and out and you never stayed fully there.


I'm even saying Monday through Friday, that's all you get for me. All right. And let's see where it goes.


And was that was that noise. Oh, it's just I think I was really happy that you're going to die early. Hmm hmm. Hmm. Real shame.


I can't believe I came in yesterday. I caught Billy sitting in my chair.


Yeah, just just just taking out.


It's crazy, I. Yeah. Hi, this is Jake. What would it be like today if Passell Van Talk wouldn't have been canceled?


We would all be super mega rich film stars or dead. Yeah, dead. That's my go to answer everyone. If anybody asks me a question like that's like, yeah, I would have died within six months, we get it first fucking seven days.


And I was pooping blood that might have been unrelated to the television show.


That's neither here nor there yet because we kept on going up to ESPN and we kept on getting Colonie Pizza with the hot peppers and it was so good.


Yeah, my dad asked me to look something up on his phone and I noticed he has lots of tabs of porn. Oh, how do I educate him? Cognito mode or do I act like I saw nothing? Cybersecurity is important.


It is. You can use express VPN. I would I would just not say anything like. You don't want to have that convo, dad. No, unless maybe you just send him some recommendations in the future when you stumble across something you think that he'll like. It's like sometimes I send my dad an article about it because I know he'll get into that. So are like horse riding. Yeah.


Hello, Cat and committer. Can we expect a tandem bicycle ride anytime soon.


Yeah, when the weather gets nicer, I think that that's the first thing we're going to do actually. Actually you know what I look this Friday, it's it's going to rain. It is going to rain.


You know what would be better then? Because like everyone's like, oh yeah, we should do the right.


You'll be even better is if Jachin Billy did the right and we just, you know, saw them during the ride, we like, you know, maybe we'll meet them at certain checkpoints. I think that would be very funny.


How about this? Why don't we cut off like a little bit of our hair, just like a tiny little bit, and we'll give it to them.


And that way we'll be going on the ride with do you guys think you could make it around Manhattan working together as a team? I know.


I know it doesn't sound like a team. That's exactly the opposite of a team, the ability to pull some weight when it comes to the uphill portions. But I think I can do most of it. OK, OK.


I mean, it's an island, so it's not really the Phillies laughing at you right now. No, this doesn't support Bycroft. That has some sneaky uphill stuff.


Yeah, well, we can avoid the Central Park region because you're doing a lap around the outside of the island then. Yeah, I should be fine. OK, OK, teamwork.


Did Miley Cyrus have a better performance than Gonzaga?


Yeah. I mean, without a doubt she should have been one shining moment. I it sucks.


They fucking suck. What's up fellows. Especially three. My question is for big. So would you welcome that savages especially people then.


Actually I yeah I think it's actually it was brutal for both of us that was has.


Hey would you welcome Matt Ryan in Chicago next season. Yes, why not.


Do you know how bad the Bears quarterback's been? I don't ask me. I'm not going to ask question. Yes. Go down the list. It's like forty people.


Teddy Bridgewater, Sam the dead dude, Nick Foles and Teddy Bridgewater in the same locker room.


Sam Donald, thoughts and prayers. I will be Gronk. I wish I would have given Sam Donaldson.


I don't think he's good, but I would have I would have talked myself into it. It would have been fun to be like, hey, he was number three, pick.


What's the best thing to do during a solo car ride? Listen to music, listen to podcasts or call people you haven't talked to in a while.


Not the last one. Because the unless the people that you're calling are also in a car ride by themselves, they can tell that you're getting a call because you're bored sitting in the car.


I like to do the last one I like because I never talk to people on the phone. So it's like almost a throwback. It's just like, hey, let's chat for catch up for a half hour.


I just don't think people like I'm sitting pretty much at that point, like and I feel like Billy's way younger. I don't think you ever talk to people on the phone.


I would, but I know it's like I don't like talking to people on the phone, but when you're in a long car ride, it's like I haven't talked to this person in a long time. Let we catch up. I mean, it's kind of nice.


I hate answering my phone. I never pick the last. I got two calls this morning from my urologist. Send it to voicemail. Yep, got it. In fact, got my text me bro.


Also I just will throw on a full like Grateful Dead office show and then listen start to finish. That's always fun.


The goat move is just picking up some combos died Dr. Pepper, some sculptures, pouches. And listen, just turn the radio on black buffalo.


Black Buffalo, who's a sponsor. Black Buffalo, which I do have in my pocket, which is delicious.


It is no tobacco, not a question. Just still upset with Bearcat for not being on Texas Tech in 2013 until the national championship. He is the ultimate mush.


Fair, totally fair. But you know what that game brought us, Brandon Walker. Brandon Walker doesn't exist for that game.


Also, you are a crispier guy, though, I love Chris, so you can just I'm sure this one should be happy if you just go head over heels into Texas basketball.


No, because the biggest scam people know, they they they basically called out Dave saying, like, he wouldn't actually bet like three hundred thousand dollars on Texas Tech. And then he ripped them a new one. And then Brandon Walker came into our lives.


What a world. Yeah. Last one. With the introduction of vaccinations to the general public, will there be an in-person 2021, a great stream Toynton mix of both this year? That's something that we've discussed.


We're going to try and knock on wood, but we're going to try to combine training camp tours and gret week in August.


So May's not going to really work because I don't think the world's going to be totally vaccinated by then.


We're not going to get access.


But in August, hopefully the world will be in a place where we can get out on the road to a full week on the road, go visit some places and have ourselves a fucking great time.


I think we probably could get on the road at the end of May. But the problem is, if we try to go to different facilities, it's going to be so near the end of the vaccination period that most teams aren't going to be comfortable bringing structures that look like us.


And I yeah, I won't be vaccinated at that point. Yeah. So August, when you're not you're never A.F.. Yeah, but yeah. August we have we have yet to determine exactly where it. Right.


Yes. That is true. But we will determine where and it will be fun. And you Aaron Rodgers will interview you. Mm hmm. Dude, come to you.


We'll come to you. We said we will take you anywhere spruced up air.


And if you're listening, we'll let you host just a trivia contest between all of us. That will be the interview. And all of our questions to you that we're giving are going to be just interview questions. Yeah, it actually works perfectly in the format. Yes.


Yes. Or is that a show? That's our show as our show. Get Excited Friday Future Hall of Famer, huge guest and masters. See that. Love you guys. Are we going to do both.


Oh yeah. Flamingo's are born.


Put the balls back in. I kind of like when we want to keep you out of the thumb on the scale I keep a few out. Ninety nine.


Thirty eight eighty and then I reset. Jake says eighteen ninety nine eight eight eight eight. He gets twenty three. Thirty two. It almost got that forty five favorite number. There you go.


I love you guys talking a lot of what I'm saying. See today's another day to find me shying away. I'll be coming for your love. OK, shying away from the upcoming book. You love talking to a young lady to say she doesn't teach Shalaby. A couple of key chains don't need any clear. Nicole. Needless to say about said it, but please don't say to me it's better to be safe than sorry. Same to me. Well, it's better to be safe than sorry.


Take on me. Take me out.


Are you going? Take a. Take me, I'll be. Having same. But you got to remember. I'm coming to you anyway. To be all right. They got me taking. Oh. Biegun. It's pardon my tape presented by barstool sports.