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On today's part of my take, we have Mark Titus, great talk with Mark Titus, awesome to break down the bracket. We talk about every team, pretty much every team. Sleeper's who's going to win? Probably Gonzaga. We break it all down. Always fun to have him on. We are going to do NFL Free Agency. And a little programing note. You are going to listen to this show. And for the first 20 minutes or so, 15 minutes, I was living in a world where Andy Dalton wasn't the Bears quarterback and then the news broke.


So you will find that out probably 25. You probably say to yourself, what are they talking about? Andy Dalton is the Bears quarterback. Well, guess what? You get to hear the moment it happened literally live on air. So that's fun. We have fake news, great set of fake news and hotseat, cool thrown. Awesome Wednesday show coming up in a second, brought to you by our friends at manscape NFL draft season is also upon us.


This is the best time of year because we got March Madness Masters opening day NFL draft all in a row. NFL draft season is coming up.


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OK, let's go. Right. How he was treated with violence on the left hand lotion. I'm going to get high. Oh, I'm so glad it's part of my team to fight back. Steve, welcome to part of my team presented by Manscape.


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Plus free shipping. Today is Wednesday, March 17th with NFL Free Agency.


And it be okay. You know what day it is today. Oh, St. Patrick's Day. Happy Fitzpatricks Day.


So there it is. That was it was the best night of my life. Yeah. And don't get me wrong, I'm under no illusion that Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to come in and, like, immediately turn the football team into Super Bowl contenders because we already are Super Bowl contenders. But he is the most fun quarterback that I could have hoped for. Besides Winston, I want to Jamous, but verbal meme. We have James at home, Jameis at home, Ryan Fitzpatrick.


It's the next best thing he makes every week fun. No matter what happens, he's going to have some games where he throws for five touchdowns. He's got some games where he throws five interceptions. He's going to run over the smallest defensive back on the field.


And most of all, I'm just excited that, like, I get to actually root for him as a guy that has a vested interest and not just the Fitz magic, but he's on my team now. Now I'm like now I feel like I have Fitz magic inside me.


OK, so with all that said, do you feel a little bad that I'm just sitting here and oh, I'm now my brother. You going to let you get Andy Dalton? Yeah, you get the rifle.


Did you see that? There was a report that the best options for the bears are to convince Andrew Luck to come out of retirement or get Sam.


Donald, you you got a quarterback? Yeah. Here's the only thing I'm worried about with with with Washington football team getting Ryan Fitzpatrick, I think, like, happens wherever Ryan Fitzpatrick goes, they will now immediately be like, well, we got to draft a quarterback just so that we can put them in front of Ryan Fitzpatrick, because that is Ryan Fitzpatrick's entire career is he goes to a team and they're like, well, we need someone who's ahead of him on the depth chart.


Because you you agree. Fitzpatrick, if he's a day one starter, he's not going to have the same magic. Right. You need him. He's coming looking over his shoulder. That's coming off. That's what we got a primer. We got Taylor Hinoki, who I think is the ultimate Fitzpatrick primer, because he'll get in. He's got a spark, but he's probably going to fuck things up. And so he's actually the perfect quarterback to team up with Fitzpatrick, to have somebody that we give a shot, a young guy, see what the little guy's got.


He goes out there, plays well for like a game, maybe game and a half. They start screwing up. Boom. Fitz Magic. Time to come out. Yeah. Now, how many off the top of your head, how many playoff games do you think Ryan Fitzpatrick has played in?


Zero zero. He's yeah. He hasn't been a play. He's the best story, best quarterback of all time to ever make the playoffs. Maybe the Archie Manning I think never made the playoffs.


I think that's pretty. Marshall never made the playoffs. Yes, that's also true. That's also true. I'm just I'm excited because it's like the best analogy I can make is, you know, that second semester of senior year in high school when everything is kind of set, you don't really care. But you have fun and you're like, fuck it. That's what this entire season is going to be for me. Because if we if we go anywhere, hey, that's awesome.


Cool. If not, I get to just sit on my couch and drink beers and forget that I'm supposed to be doing work double time. I'm I'm very pumped about. Oh, breaking moves. Oh no.


It's created. So it's not it's not bad for years.


I've just I have I've actually been not going on Twitter. Yeah.


I've got chefdom scared to go on Twitter because I know he's going to do the Andy Dalton to the Beristain notifications set up here, one of my favorite players of all time, good friend, personal, you know, guy root for always.


LeBron James has just announced that he's going to become part owner of the Red Sox was ivacaftor, each joint sports group as partners, first, all black partners and FSG history.


I love it. Oh, hey, you are now a LeBron Stan. We finally have our LeBron Steph. I guess. I mean, you have to. Yes, you have to be.


Yeah, I do. I think you love the guy you are you've always loved. You are right. Yeah. You are LeBron through and through.


Yeah. Spaceship's is going to be great. 750 million dollar investment. That's not that's not chump change. No it's not. That is not ashtray. No it's not. Do you see Astra Ashtray. Honey. It's not the Jersey Nets investment that it's not me and swans. Yes.


Oh so he's like he's like a vocal minority owner of the team. Right. You can't see.


Governor, he's a vocal minority leader of the team. You don't know that, you can't see the word, but can't remember you calling him a minority. I didn't say that.


So, yeah, let's. I know. Go, Bronnie, go. Hopefully. Hopefully this means he wants Brawne to come play for the Celtics and he can, you know, do everything here to become a Boston guy.


I don't know.


It's crazy. That's why you're going to have to take some time to figure out exactly how to spend this credit to LeBron, though he now has the Indians, the Yankees and the Red Sox. He should. And it's historically speaking. Right. Yeah. And have a good chance of Liverpool. Have a good chance of getting to the World Series and the Dodgers, I assume. Yeah, he's probably adopted. Yeah. He was rooting for the Dodgers last.




So he's got I mean, yeah, there's like a 15 percent chance that LeBron James will one of his teams he roots for will win the World Series. So thank you.


Are you are fully on team LeBron. You can't root against him. You absolutely cannot.


Yes. Your owner, he owns you literally power your baby, bro.


I got it. I got a commitment.


He literally that is awesome that the town that he like has the most beef with.


He just went and bought one. I wouldn't say that LeBron biggest beef is with boss. I'd say that boss. He literally started the super team and beat the Celtics. I think that the beef would not be on the wrong side.


But if you had to ask LeBron the right city that he has most people probably that because it was when he was young, his career, he could not beat the Celtics. It was like he's trying to get like, go over that hump, win his first championship. Who's on his way? The Celtics. So it's like, you know, the only other ones that could be up there, like San Antonio Mavericks.


Yeah, like, I don't know, Golden State, Oakland. Yeah, but he didn't really. Yeah, but he boom state. But yeah.


He also beat them the last time. Well no they played again. Yeah.


I don't know also because you have to feel like everyone's just happy in the West. I also got to think about them, have awesome fans really.


For some reason some Boston fans haven't been the nicest to LeBron over the years. So that's probably not you. That's not so.


Simmons is going to have to review all of his chance. You just are you just leaving me? So am I now outnumbered? Is it LeBron standing? Well, you've you've Laker. You've flirted with people. I tried to be LeBron. And you're not just too hot. OK, so he makes it very difficult. So we still have a majority on the show. I, I still I respect LeBron is greatness. You're like in the Supreme Court when there's one judge that can go either way.


Yeah. I'm not you so it's me were saying, I mean you can go I'm the Joe Manchin of this podcast.


I'm a LeBron LeBron James Brown intrapreneur fan.


I feel like I've lost a friend like this is now. This is great. This is no, this is I feel like I've lost it. I've been neutered. Yes. You this is I've been neutered. I would say hating LeBron is probably seven percent of your personality. Yeah. I enjoy rooting against LeBron, sometimes more than rooting for my own teams.


I know I spend Hank now. I can't do that. It's the same thing. When I was able to do now though is like you have a tremendous scapegoat in case things go very wrong.


Yeah. Sell the team. LeBron. Yeah. Like if LeBron had the Red Sox ownership already sucks. Yeah. If he had been in Oakland last year, like with the whole Mookie bat situation went down, you would have one hundred percent blamed him no matter what the facts were.


So like that's kind of useful to have somebody to point out to be like that guy is the problem. It's wild times.


This is wild times. All right. Well, that's great breaking news. I hope he buys every team that Hank likes. Oh, man.


Plan to broaden his Infowars clan. Yeah, that's true. Think.


All right. So to go back to NFL Free Agency.


So your analogy of, you know, the end of of high school, second semester senioritis senioritis. So I'll go in an analogy for what the bears are doing in free agency. The Bears are the guy who goes out to a bar and tries to hook up with girls and then instead just gets a big pizza and sits on his couch and be like, I could have fucking hit that. Like, you see that chick? She was give me the eyes I probably could have smashed, but I just want to have a boys night, need some pizza.


Every quarterback that signs the Bears are like, well, we talked to him, we talked to Jameis Winston, we talked to Ben Roethlisberger. They didn't get no chance. You're fucking sitting with your fat ass on the couch eating pizza at three a.m. watching like TV and you're going to fall asleep and feel like a schmuck and an asshole. And that's you. Ryan pacemen. They are cowards. So I think I think you could also put into there, like the Russell Wilson thing, it's just a victory for them to be mentioned.


Like your buddies are like, yeah, you could have that chick you like. Yeah, I know I could. And then you go home and you jack off to porn, which is Andrew Luck. It's like out there. Just what fantasy. Yeah. The fantasy of of what you could have so disgusting. It's going to be any girl I still could get. Russell Wilson.


You probably can I can give you some advice, but go let me give you some advice.


I'm going to threaten Chef. I'm know you get I'm saying I'm going to fucking kill you, dude, unless you do the Russell.


I'm saying I think you're going about that wrong. I think instead of saying do the Russell Wilson tweet, you have to say announced Russell Wilson to the Bears because that presumes it's already done. So you might be able to trick him. No, I just I just announced just I'm saying when we do the tweet, announce it, that's what. The kids are saying, you've got to announce it, I will. I don't want to say that I'll kill Adam Schefter if he doesn't do the tweet.


Good, good. I'm glad that you don't want to say that. I did not say it. If you wanted to say fucking tweet shifty.


I know fucking pee boy. I actually feel bad. I wouldn't kill ChAFTA, actually love them.


I feel bad for four other NFC East teams to have to now root against Ryan Fitzpatrick if it was on the other foot. And let's say the Philadelphia Eagles signed Ryan Fitzpatrick, who would actually probably be the perfect fit in that situation with Jalen hurts. Just kind of like switching in and out, going back and forth from talking to your clit. I would hate rooting against the guy. It'd be tough for me as a football team, football fan to do that.


So my condolences. As a Washington football team fan, I'm sorry you're rooting for the entire NFC East?


I do. I root for the Beast, yes.


But I'm just saying, like, I would not want to head to head matchup.


I would not want to run against Ryan Fitzpatrick, Hank Patriots, Belichick spending spree. Very atypical. People are trying to figure it out.


Gentlemen, this job is one of the timelines. Pretty good Boston Tea Party, but just t o o t o t because they signed Jonathan Smith and Henry the.


So this is genius on a macro level by Belichick simply because he has earned the right that no matter what he does, people like, well, that's genius. So he he knows that he can just sign a bunch of people and everyone will say, wow, what does Belichick seeing that no one else sees?


Yes. Which people can just say classic Belichick to everything. The Patriots. Right. And they sound smart. Right. And it could be smart because I do think there is an element of what the Patriots are doing where the cap went down. Not a lot of teams have cap space. You got an ability to take advantage of the market. I totally see that part. It also could be Belichick like we sucked last year and Tom Brady won a Super Bowl.


And I don't want that to happen again. So I'm outside a bunch of dudes. Right.


And people say it sucks to play here. It's not fun. We don't pay people, boom, pay everyone.


Something changed this offseason, Belichick and it might be along, like not the exact same thing, but kind of how Nick Saban, his best friend, switched up, how he did things after he saw that, you know, he was going to get passed by some people. Belichick saw that what was happening by not having Tom Brady, by not spending money wasn't working. So he's going, like, full in the other direction. He's going, I'm going to spend more than anybody else.


I'm going to change things up entirely or maybe just watched like he got into a weird YouTube rabbit hole. This offseason thinks like money isn't real anymore.


Well, isn't it fucking isn't there something where it's like there's going to be a new TV deal? And once that good sign that the caption go way up and everywhere he's speaking, there's going to be crazier deals in the next two seasons.


So these deals that look like a lot now are going to seem not that big after a couple of years past that.


And the fact that most teams can't spend the most time, don't have money to spend right now, they do. So he knows that there's like a deflated market so you can get someone for cheaper than they would be in a regular year where everyone has money.


It will also be great if you can turn Nelson Aguilar into a great wide receiver just because Philly fans will just be, like, so miserable. Yes. Yeah.


So do you think you think Edelman wants to stick around now, or do you think he if you were to inject truth serum into Julian Edelman, be like, where do you want to play next year, New England or Tampa Bay?


I mean, obviously tainted by that question and every sign Gronk, too.


Yeah, they were trying to reassign everybody, the I think Shaq Barrett. So, yeah, they are going to bring everyone back. Playoff Lunney.


They're rumors about him coming to New England playoff lenni. I saw Seahawks as well in the mix for playoff money. The Raiders make no sense. They have now like dismantled their entire offensive line, which is exactly what Derek Carr needs.


Yeah, this is again the perfect analogy for Derek Carr is what's his name, Littlefinger from Game of Thrones. Is it Littlefinger? Is this sick game or. No.


Who's the guy that got his dick cut off? Reak Riq. Yeah, so he's reak. So now Gyeon theUN gradually. Yeah. So now now Jon Gruden is entering the phase of his career was like, I'm just going to punish him because for some reason Jon Gruden hates Derek Carr. He's he I'm not going to give you any protection whatsoever and just get you killed for a little bit. I think the hook is going to be pretty quick for four Mariota to get in next year.


I think Gruden should be the hook. Should be quick for him but it won't be. No. Oh he sounds like seventy million dollars. What are the Raiders going to do next year.


They're probably go like four and one and then finish the season. Six and six and ten. Yeah. Like that. Like they always do at this point with crude. Gruden Other news. Jamison New Orleans which is huge. I just hope he gets full starting duty. And it's not like a back and forth with Taysom Hill. I assume he will be the starter, but it's going to be like an open competition in the camp.


But I think based on what we've seen, Jameis Winston is probably a better quarterback than Taysom sucks. I still like watching Taysom Hill just run downhill into a linebacker. Yes, that's always fun to do. But James James should get that starting job. I wish that his his contract had been like infinity dollars for fifty years and one year guaranteed all year. Voidable.


Yeah, voidable. But, yeah, he's I'm excited for for James to potentially get a fair shot in New Orleans and then Joe Duni went to the Chiefs, so that's big for Patrick Mahomes. Everyone's making a big deal about obviously had to cut their fantastic tackles, but those guys were also injured and I think everyone expected that.


But that will be like if the chiefs can figure out a way to fix their offensive line, we'll just snap our fingers like, oh, yeah, remember, the chiefs are unstoppable.


Danielewski already said they're going to go undefeated next year. Yeah. So, Dan, Dan knows 17. You know, if he's dyslexic. Yeah, yeah. He'll get that. And this is a great quote.


So we are amateur cardiologists. We're trying to get better at studying the cap on the show. But the Ravens are not. The Ravens general manager Eric Jocasta had a very good description, I think, that we might be able to learn from. He said at some point, if you're hungry and you have an ice cream cake, you might eat a big piece which leaves less ice cream cake for everyone else. So that makes sense to me, right?


Yeah, but then what about when when you want to cut, when you want more ice cream cake, you can stick your finger down someone's throat and have them throw up some of the ice cream cake and then send them on their way and then people can eat that.


Yeah, you can do that. You can get somebody else's barf. Right.


And then that's that fair at the quarterback.


It has I think we understand like Eric to cost. I think we understand how pie.


How ice cream pie. Yeah, right. Well, but I think the part that everyone struggles with, I actually you know what? I saw the perfect tweet.


So someone said, I can't remember who said it, but the way to look at every single contract in the NFL is it's a two year deal. Every contract is a two year deal, no matter how many how many dollars they throw out there, how many years they throw out there, everyone just signed a two year deal and then they can except for coaches.


Yeah, but that's that's how you if you look at every contract like that, it all kind of makes sense. It's a two year deal. And then everything else after that, like they can either eat some cap and get rid of you and get rid of you with no repercussions. Everything is a two year deal. Just go with that. And it makes everything a lot easier to understand.


It's a little protip if you are looking to explain anything to us, just say it's like an ice cream cake. At the very least, we'll pretend that it makes sense. Oh yeah. Now I get it.


Yeah, I have totally makes sense. Yeah, absolutely. I've definitely had an ice cream cake before. All right, let's do hotsy cool thrown. Then we will have our good friend Mark Titus on the show. By the way, we also on Friday, we're going to have Stanford, Steve, with some gambling pics. So you got to make sure that you listen for that. I think we'll probably drop it a little early so that people can actually get the gambling picks.


And also Blake Griffin, so that people can listen to the show before the tournament starts, before we get to hotsy cool thrown is brought to you by our friends.


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Dotcom breaking, breaking, breaking up, record breaking news. Former Cowboys quarterback Andy Dalton signing one year ten million dollar deal with a chance to earn another three million incentives with the Chicago Bears per sources. Ten million dollars one year. Andy Dalton to the Bears big cat, your instant reaction. OK, we did actually just happen literally right now. Wait, what? What the fuck? Yeah, walk everything.


The bears suck. This is just stupid for baby. God damn it. He didn't do the rush to eat the orange. Fuck that. Cancel everything.


He's going to look good for another day. You know what? This is all destiny. Because that one time I said that ended almost was better than Jay Cutler and the Jay Cutler didn't talk to me. Five. We're going to find out. Fuck all this. We're going to find out. It is going to pop with that orange. You're right, Billy.


OK, so that actually a little behind the scenes magic. Pfft, broke the needle. News to me, right as I was standing up right as we're finishing finishing the show and I had to run and jump on a phone call, I did the phone call. I didn't leave the office because I got even more mad. So here is the less knee jerk, more mad reaction, positive vibes, only the big cat start out.


Say something nice about Andy Doll. I saved his luggage once. He's not Nick Foles. That is correct. I don't physically, he's a different person, action, Nick Foles is actually let me I'm a counter. He is. Nick Foles disagrees. Nick Foles. Nick Foles wanted that. Nick Foles, actually, big cap.


This just could be a good thing because I don't think they're going to start.


Nick Foles. They know Nick Foles is not Andy Dalton. OK, so they're not going to start Nick Foles. They're going to start Andy Dalton this year. Now, when is Nick Foles at his very best as a backup boom? But he was and then he was back. You got Nick Foles, a much a Mario Kart mushroom by getting Andy Dalton on the team. We're in the trust. So I'm going to tell you the worst part about this.


You actually everyone listen to the first part of the show where I was like, I hope we don't sign any Dalton. The bears are just like going around. There's a guy sitting with the pizza. I did the analogy, the coward analogy. I did all that deep down in might like the back of my head. I was like, I think the Bears aren't signing Andy Dalton because they got something in the works with Russell Wilson.


And wrong, every time the bears have the chance to possibly do a franchise altering move, they find a way not to do it. Every time they figure out there's there's a chance. And maybe the Russell Wilson was never a real chance. Schefter reported that the Seahawks were like, we're not trading them. So shut up, Deshaun Watson. They're not taking calls. I get all that. The bears are just destined to never have a quarterback. And on top of all of this, you can say to me that, OK, the plan is not Nick Foles in any Dalton to be the the starters.


All year they're going to draft someone. But Nick Foles and Andy Dalton are just good enough to keep you out of the top five of the drafts. And you know what? Now that I've even said this, I've worked this through my brain. It doesn't matter if the Bears have a top draft pick because we had a top draft pick and we drafted Mr. Miski.


Mitchell, I hate I think these are sucks. The salt.


This is sucks all the fun out of sort of b it's I don't want to be here cause this is the one signing that you guys could make that it essentially ruins the next ten months of your life.


And, you know, that is going to happen. Like, are you is there any part of you at all that's like Andy could do this? I'm excited. See anything? Any Dalton does?


Yes. Yes. Big part of me. Absolutely. I already tweeted the clip of him firing up the boys in the tunnel. I've told myself, hey, Andy Dalton had that year where everything worked perfectly. The problem is the bears now have two guys that are what we always talk about. The everything else has to be perfect, guys. Everything else has to be perfect. Guys, for any Dalton and Nick Foles to succeed and not everything's perfect.


The offensive line still has problems. And guess what? If you're a defensive player, like, I would be shocked if Comac just retired, I wouldn't I wouldn't blame them. Yeah.


If was like, really, you're going to have to be my quarterback. It's tough to have this to look forward to for the future stay woke. I don't think that I think there's a good chance of Russell Wilson never even wanted to leave Seattle. He this might have all just been one giant joke on the bears from the get go where Russell Wilson is like, what franchises would you like to go? I mean, we should have known it. He's like, Russ, where do you want to go play?


And he's like, I'd like to be the quarterback for the Bears or the Jets. I think he was just fucking with you this entire. He probably was.


And you know what, I the worst part about it was I was going to I was literally going to become like a Jesus freak for Russell Wilson. I was ready I was ready to just show up, do this podcast, say lame cliches.


You're going to sit down, take water in. Everyone would be like, why did you change? Like, no, I just love Michael. I mean, that's how much it means.


Your summertime attire is not far away from Russell Wilson. Chic. Yes. Hawaiian shirts, light colored jeans.


I was going to do that. Sneakers.


Yeah, I just go look, it's a sick fit. What do you think? And let's just end here because I actually am like, this is going to ruin my night.


It's going to ruin my favorite week of the year. Do you think Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy, like do you think when they sit there, all the lights are off in house hall?


It's just it's just Ryan Pace's office, Matt Nagy's grabbing his suitcase or whatever the fuck. He's got his clipboard. He's walking out after a long, hard day of work.


And he stops by Ryan Pace's office and he sits down and they rehash like, man, we're nailing this like we're fucking we're crushing.


I think they're talking themselves into. I think what happened was they reached a point where they're like, I think Russell Wilson's not going to come here. And then they said, you know what? We don't want we want guys that want to be here. We want guys that want to be in Chicago. No more Russell Wilson.


andI don't would you like twelve million dollars? And he was like, yes, sers. OK, good. He wants to be here.


That's the guy that wants to be a bear. And so they're like, yes, we did a good job because we could have tried to keep pursuing a guy that didn't want to be here.


And so yeah, I think at the end of the day they did something. They did they they executed a transaction.


I don't like that they're making me hate any because he was a nice guy. Like, he's a nice guy, but I have no choice. You the bears have made me hate nice guys. Like I didn't want to like they just they do this. They're just so in. Competent in so fucking stupid, and they're going to do a press conference tomorrow, the next day and be like, oh, well, you know, we think that and he gives us a good shot when we've got a great quarterback competition.


Competition breeds, you know, the iron sharpens iron, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, competition, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.


Fuck you, Matt Nagy, you bald fuck so we can replace your hair. It's not even that good.


I actually I actually mean, you didn't mean it when I said his hair was good. Don't you mean that.


Yeah. No, I mean it would if you had taken place out now what did they trade up. And they do the same thing they did to Glenanne this time around. Would you be like yeah that makes sense. Good. Whatever, just get a high pick quarterback in here. Sure.


Yeah. If they got Matt Jones somehow I would be all in. I just I have a feeling that they think this is the move like this is going to be we're going to go into the season and maybe we'll catch lightning in a bottle. You know what they are? They're running the bears. The way I gamble, like maybe today I'll get hot. Guess what? I have never gotten hot. They're saying, hey, maybe today the signing is going to work.


It's not. It's just not. It's tough because they got like diet Kirk Cousins to come in. They're looking at the Vikings and they're like, you know what? If we can go with their model and get get it Kirk Cousins type guy in here, then maybe we can make the playoffs.


They honestly should trade for Kirk Cousins. They should trade for Kirk Cousins. You should trade for Alex Smith. Collect them all. Just collect them all. Just get all the quarterbacks that we know can't do anything like of substance but are good enough to just look the part a few weeks of the year. Yeah.


Get to get all the guys that we remember that are on like the end of their trajectories. Get Blaine Gabbert in there, Ryan Mallett, all our own friends, Brandon Weeden.


All right, let's do hotsy cool thrown. I'm just sad. All right. Hotsy cool thrown. Bill, you want to start? Hotsy looking good, let me see. Let me say, Lemi, I like that as a D.A.. Sure, yeah I want that. Yeah we're getting it. I think what we're going to do with the D.A. shirts, my plan for the future of the line is just like we're going to take all the best classic rock album covers of all time and just incorporate Dan Camborne.


Well I mean we need to Dan Talca because that is his favorite band. We'll do Dan Talca. I want to do with Iron Maiden with the trooper. That's going to be sweet.


I can't wait to steal all those from the office. Cool. Billy, you're looking good.


Thank you. Cargo, are you a Ravens fan today? No. You get the cargo camo pants. I like that.


We'll fix it after. We'll fix it after good hotsy hotseat.


The NFL. Bill Belichick going nuts in free agency.


Yeah, we weren't we didn't bring it up. We spent a couple hours talking about that. Well, but anyway, he's going nuts. He is going nuts. So what's your take on that, Billy?


Um, I think he's just knows that he knows he's got money to spend and he can absolutely apologize.


Free agency can utilize money to acquire players, which he's never really done before.


I mean, if you saw that stat that our friend Warren Sharp. Yep, yep.


I did see that he spent like four hundred million dollars in the last 15 years and like one hundred and fifty in the last two days.


Our personnel. Yeah, OK. And your quarter, my cool throne is us because spring is coming.


Yeah. Yeah. All right. Good shorts, short shorts.


If you can't tell Billy just walked in here from driving to work. So that is that's a really good think on your feet. Yeah. That was I thrive on chaos. Yes.


Yes. You thrive on your ass. All right. Hey here. Who's back. My spot is party commentator. Mm hmm.


Drake released three new songs last week and they're now one, two and three on the Billboard.


Oh, yeah, Billboard. We all pay attention that they're they're Spotify now. Hank, we don't listen. I'm sure they're not popular. One, two and three on Spotify.


I don't think so.


No, I'm sure they actually are. OK, well, a lot of people voted for Hitler, too, so.


Whoa. I'm just saying, just because a lot of people like it.


Shit, OK, facts don't care about your feelings.


Hey, also, Indiana fans hoping Brad Stevens is coming there on the hot seat. He officially said that he has no interest in going. He's going.


Well, we'll talk to Titus about this because I'm sure he'll have some support. Yeah, but to me, Brad Stevens just kind of feels like the name out there that's more fun to talk about all the time. And it is like the second he goes to Indiana, it's not fun anymore. Yes. Yeah, we'll never know.


One goes from the pros to the college unless they are like shooty in the pros, which is not Jim Harbaugh and basketball and basketball. They don't do that. Patiño Cowpat sucked. Went back. Hmm.


We know. But Larry Brown in the pros. Yeah, I got you. Larry Brown sucked. And then I think you got to get a chip. Yeah. Then he went to the ACC.


He was, he was Cobourg sucked and I on as UFC. So UFC announced UFC 261 is going to be a sold out full crowd in Jacksonville. It's a stacked card. It will be the first time we're watched by the whole crowd. So what is that.


I think a month. Oh, wow.


People are going to jump down Dana White's throat about this, but I actually agree with the location because if if you've swam twenty four, if you swam in that pool in Jacksonville Stadium, you've got antibodies for every vaccine or every disease that's ever been conjured up on planet Earth.


Ousman Massive all too. So, by the way, the hype, the Indiana Archie Miller, it's crazy how quickly like the perfect hire becomes terrible. But I read I read a report. A report. Well, Fred Hoiberg was never the perfect hire.


I read a report that it was all just basically two boosters. Yes. One booster paid ten million dollars to get him out to buy him out. And another booster was like, I'll pay for whatever the new coaches I love about to get him, but we should try and get a big booster on the show.


Like, how much money do you have to have?


I mean, they're all do you like I want to pay ten million dollars to have a fucking basketball coach not be the best.


Hundreds of million dollars boosters are essential if you are rich and your super rich. Like the Texas stuff, too.


Yeah, but you're not rich enough to own a team yourself. So you basically kind of own a team by being a very influential booster who the second you don't like a coach can do. You can say, all right, get him out of here, I'll pay for it. Yeah, you can.


You can think that you own the team, which is the best part of the story. Do own part of it, like the guy who got Archie Miller fired. He is kind of an owner of the team because he essentially said he called him up, was like, I've seen enough of this shit. I'm sick of it. Ten million dollars, get him out it. Right.


I feel like I would like to be a very small booster for a program like just contribute a small amount of money, but enough for me to say, like, yeah, I am I am a booster and then just go whichever way the wind blows.


So when all the big boosters want to coach out, I can be like, yeah, I want them out to. And then I'll get credit for kicking that guy out. Yeah, yeah, having yeah, getting to tell people that you have the power is way better than actually having any responsibility booster. Life's got to be sweet, though.


Yeah, it has to be sweet. All right. All right.


My hot seat this week is going to be Daniel Zarian, Daniel's hearings on the hot seat, because I've decided that I am going to get a six pack and a beard and and just take my shirt off all summer and I'm going to live at the beach is going to be the summer of the beach for me. You can't grow a beard.


Well, actually, six pack, actually. You went with beard first.


Well, actually, technically, in theory, feasible. Well, here's the thing about, you know, your facial hair for the rest of your life.


And it gave me a supplement earlier today. And the supplement, I forget what it's called, it's called like, man the fuck up.


So it sounds like a legit medical product and it's supposed to just grow facial hair on dudes that can't grow facial hair.


I I'll support anything in your endeavor of your midlife crisis. Thank you. Because it's been going on for a while. Thank you. Yeah. I'm going to struggle living at the beach, constantly changing. I'm going to get it. Look, I'm going to get a Jeep Wrangler. Yeah. No.


To be you'll get through it like eventually you'll just be like, hey, I am in my late 30s. Yeah. Like, oh this is this is just how time works.


But not yet. But I'm not going to push you there. But not yet. No, I'm not going to push you there.


You can. What have you guys get on to your HGH already?


I'm I told you, I want testosterone. I have Loti. I believe I just told you I took a supplement called Man the Fuck Up. If you put something in front of me, I will take it.


OK, I told you I will test myself getting you guys testosterone. I told you I wanted some shit. OK, why do you look in the camera?


Was it do you have an at least Felicidad? So you definitely have just like you are super male vitality clinic in Setauket, New Jersey.


What you might call those old people. Young people, Kuusisto, which you are one Sister Jeanne is back. Sister Jean's going to the tournament. I'm not old. I'm thirty six. I'm thirty six. And that's fine.


But I do. I get carded every time I order beer. Yeah. Sister Jean is going to the tournament so I don't know how smart of an idea this is. I like the fact that we're going to get to talk about Sister Jean Moore. This is a drive. Yeah.


During what Sister Jean's life going to be like during quarantine.


It's just a drive. She's like, I don't sit in a room watching prices right.


All day long. I don't think she even has to quarantine. You don't think so?


No. Because she's a guy. Because oh, she's a fan. She's probably going as a fan. I think she's going with the team, though. Oh, well, no, because if she hasn't gone already, the team's already there. Yeah, I think they just they took her I think today to Indianapolis.


I mean, her life is probably quarantine. Yeah. But she's over a hundred. Right. Like nothing is changed.


How old is she. Just changed a little in six. She's one hundred and six is one hundred one. She's born in 1919.


Damn dude gets her crazy. That's when Babe Ruth known him the Babe Ruth. What. That was 1918.


I bet that's crazy. She is good for her still and good for her.


All right. My hotseat is me because the antifa cat is back. The picture that looks exactly like me. It's a bad look. I understand. It's bad luck. Did you see Antifa Cat? Because, Billy, I need you like buff cat exists. That is Billy getting me testosterone in ten years of hard work and diet and not eating carbs.


Antifa cat is like four days of eating wings which I'll do this weekend. I will scarf in a scarf.


I'll be in t forget. That's how, that's how unfair the sliding scale is.


It didn't help that he had the exact same type of facial hair, like the beard that was made three days without shaving gel and just the look of despair in his eyes that you get after an onate night game after Andy Dalton. Yeah, that is Saikat.


Post any post. No, Russell Wilson FOK. And then I had vampire Peter Schrager next to me. So that was interesting too. That's right, yeah.


And then my cool drone I, I, you kind of stole it is it is all of us because I am, I just want to just take a moment here and just say that I was coming into work today and I realized. March Madness, really, it's just the best thing of all time, it's just the best thing of all time. Spring coinciding with March Madness, St. Patrick's Day, just everything feels like it has been restored. There's nothing like this weekend we're going to have and there's nothing like that the first few days of spring.


We've also got a false start. Winter came back, but the first few days of spring, it's just just embrace it. Just enjoy.


I did throw my phone against the wall today because I got an alert from weather saying Snow should expect to start falling in the next 15 minutes. I was like, fuck you. I wore shorts last week.


Yeah, no, I know you had a false start always. And then I looked at so last night I looked at Chicago weather.


We're going to be in Chicago this weekend for March Madness.


And I pulled up the opposing. Maybe it'll be 60 in Chicago. That's not how I know weather works. Turns out so.


But, yeah, spring is here. Listen, this weekend is going to be so fun. It it really is like four days nonstop of college basketball.


I've just filled myself with so much information. I can't wait to just go against everything I'm trying to learn.


And I always like I do, I watch and gamble on college basketball all year long. And I do like have a pretty good grasp of what's going on, but it still does not matter. Yeah, I still just it will be Friday night will be a train wreck. A train wreck. But that's OK.


Have you guys noticed that the bracket industrial complex isn't really cranking them out like they used to? By that I mean like the the brackets where it's like fast food brackets, brackets.


I'm so out. I'm so I, I know. Yeah. I'm saying like it's been done and done and done every single year and they just haven't done it. Did that was there a meeting.


I'm, I hope there was because I am, I'm over it.


The only care I don't want to look at it, only bracket I wanted to see was Billy's quarterback bracket, which I think he finished today. Yeah.


So this one is Trevor Lawrence versus Sam Ellinger.


OK, and that was a one seed versus the last seed. And what's the last seed, Sam Ellinger.


No, no, no. There's the bracket. I don't think it's the mental bracket.


I don't know. It's it's twelve. OK, so you see, I was ten more quarterbacks to name, right. Mental break.


No, is is it one region. Yeah. It's there's twelve in each region then.


OK, actually there should just be two quarterbacks, the one seed Trevor Lawrence and the twelve seed Sam Ellinger. Yeah.


And that's for the champion Sam Overset.


There's a big upset that I've said then we have Sam Ellinger versus uh this bracket does just exist.


And Brand I like this. I keep going. I don't like this. I'm back in Justin Fields. You won again.


He's playing, which was a playing game between Justin Fields and Justin Fields and beat, uh, the NDU kid trailing freelance.


OK, and then Justin Fields beats Sam Ellinger, OK.


And he's in the championship, which is what I like on the other side of the ball on the other side.


OK, we have the Texas A&M quarterback. OK, Mond Mond. Oh Cowman. Yes, Kennyi Football and he played the Zach Wilson. Yes. I should have given you that. Yeah. Plays no chance. That's what it was.


Zach Wilson won. OK, and then he played uh Matt Jones. Matt Jones. OK, Jones once again to Max Jones had a bye because he won the national championship.


Yeah. That's a solid. Matt Jones plays Justin Fields and no, Mack Jones beat Zach Wilson. Yes. OK, so Matt Wilson versus Mack Jones versus Justin Fields in the final right way. And who won?


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Well, why should we wait to put out the winner? Yes.


What about in book deal book compete or you have your book was the guy he's playing in the tournament. OK, we're against Yarkoni. Yes. Right now.


He's transferred Notre Dame now. Oh really? Yeah. Oh great. Yeah. Yeah.


Jackie High School man, that was stressful. Yeah. I feel stressed out looking at you.


All right. That was a great bracket. I got an exam at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.


I'm very sorry, man.


It's tough when you listen to this and it's nice, like that's over twelve hours from now.


I can't wait to you graduate college and, like, figure out what excuse you're going to use when college. I'm got no excuse. Right. It's what you will call, but you will have an excuse. You're Billy.


No, no, no. The excuse will be gone. You'll be like, whoa, whoa. How did he do so much work?


How did he do so well when he had. Excuse me.


You going to say you're a priest? You just graded yourself as well. Yes. Real talk, Billy.


That was impressive. That's the best thing you've done in a long time. Thank you. It's an awesome we clip that I want to crack it so people can vote on it. Will vote on it, right?


Yep. They'll be announcing on the phone. Make your own bracket in the program behind the bracket. You did you did program a voting element, right, in the Cotan.


No. Well, this was through the well, that depends on if it was Yahoo!


Or ESPN bracket that you would fill out. Bill, you have the complete bracket, right? So you guys can make your own bracket. I just see them. Yep. And we'll figure it out.


Just write them down, draw a bracket on here and take a picture of it and then plug the picture. Yeah, OK. All right. Let's get to our friend Mark Titus. Before we do that, a quick word from our friend at Neum.


Yeah, great friends at Neum. If you're like me and you're going to get in hellish shape this summer, a great way to do it is with our friends over at Neum. If you can think about everything you've ever learned about getting healthy, there's a ton of contradictory information out there. And things like that old fashioned food pyramid aren't much help at all. So enter Noom. You know how to chew, you know how to use chopsticks. Maybe you know how to fold a slice of pizza so the cheese doesn't slide off and you get that perfect first bite.


But do you really know how to eat? Neum says if you want to lose weight, it's not about one thing you ate today, but about how you eat in general. Have you ever gotten questionable food advice? I know I have Belisa to tell us all sorts of weird stuff. He used to have us on ketosis, but then replace our food every other day because it turns out that that certain peanut wasn't actually keto friendly. I've gotten some bad advice in the past moving forward.


It's not about what you just ate, but about how you eat in general. So Noom is going to teach you about eating your cravings, how to build new habits. That's the most important thing. If you can build a habit, it gets based in your psychology and noone will teach you how to accomplish achieving those new habits so you can reach your personal health health goals and stick with them long term. You don't need rules to lose weight. You need knowledge with Neum.


You pick the health goals that are right for you. And Neum personalizes a weight loss program to help your aspirations become reality. How much weight do I need to lose, do you think, to get a six pack?


Really? I would say about twenty two pounds flat. I'm I'm rethinking the six pack plan. That's a luxury car. I think we could get you.


That's a lot of weight. Can I build a six pack while not losing all that fat. Yes, you could build the core muscle. That's what I want to do.


I just want to have I want to have abs that are so strong that they poke through the fat in my stomach that they defeat the fat around it and push it around and move it down to like my thighs and ask, can I do that? Yeah, OK. And Noom is going to help me with the eating component. It's going to teach me how to feel better. It's going to help me understand my cravings. It's going to teach me how to shop.


And knowing that no food is bad food, for example, if college basketball is on, I'm probably going to indulge in a couple of chicken wings here and there. So, again, it's based on psychology. It'll teach you a cognitive behavioral approach to losing weight and building habits to keep the weight off. Numazu forgiving your human. If you go off track today you'll be back on tomorrow. Don't worry about it. They just ask for ten minutes a day.


That's so easy they ask you for ten minutes a day. Eighty percent of numerous finish the program and sixty percent have stuck with their goals for at least one year. There's a science to getting healthier. It's called Noom. Sign up for your free trial today at 9:00 a.m. dotcom PMT, a.m. Dotcom GMT. And now here he is, Mark Titus.


Oh, OK. We now welcome on our very, very good friend from Fox Sports. It is Mark Titus. You can go listen to the Titus and Tate podcast. Ready for this? I'm going to give you a nice little plug. The tightest tape podcast has the best intro music outside of Electric Avenue, and if you haven't heard it, you've got to go listen in and hear it, because it pumps me up all the time when I hear the technical foul.


Technical foul.


It's a it's a nephew. Kyle Original, I think. Oh, I don't know. I don't know if I'm kidding. I don't know. I don't know where the song. I love that.


Did he ever try to put like candy bars over it? I know that he raps. He probably did. I legitimately have no idea. When we started the podcast, I pitched a an 80s hair metal rock song as the intro in Kyle. And both looked at me like, what is the like? They they're very into not that kind of stuff. So I get I don't know where the song came from. They dug it out. I don't know if they made it or what, but yeah, we'll take that.


It's the best.


And I, I think I can say this because we have met nephew Kyle when we're out for a week. But I still just laugh about nephew Kyle having the one shining podcast tattoo on his leg. Now, I was like, yes, on his leg, not on his arm. It's not his fault. Not understanding that in the media world, people don't just stay at companies forever.


Yeah, yeah. Not everyone is related. And so you have a job for life. It was a place. Great tattoo. Right. But yeah. But that makes us love them, you know, like that's that's what if you didn't do that sort of thing, that's a ride or die guy would love him as much.


Yeah. He has a goldfish on his legs so we can relate like we know that. All right, let's talk about March Madness. The biggest story about this bracket is that next year we'll be looking at one and Brad Stevens will be coaching Indiana.


Let's do it big.


You're speaking my language. I have been very distracted this week with with Brad Stevens. I've reached the point where I no longer know where I stand with reality and the mean world have come together. It is all merged into one. I have made my meme myself into believing that this is a possible thing. I'm watching press conferences that I'd never cared to watch before. I'm on message boards in ways that I never thought I would be. Yeah, I don't know.


I'm talking myself into it and it doesn't matter if it's real or not. I think it's just like the state of the world. We're coming out of a pandemic. We didn't have an NCAA tournament last year. I don't see the harm and wanting to believe in something, you know, you don't see the harm.


So his wife is actually from Indiana, right? It's true.


We but here's the harm he actually has has made this point. I agree with him. If Brad Stevens goes to Indiana, there goes all of our jokes.


That is true. I don't know what I think. We shut it down the I mean, I yeah, that's a great point. I think I shut down my Twitter account.


Yeah. It's like I picked up the mantle from Tril Borland's when he when he left Twitter. And I was like, I'll I'll take care of this myself. True, because we were both like kind of leading the charge, but I was doing it better than I was. I kind of step back and then Tril got off Twitter obviously. So I was like, I guess I got to keep it alive. And yeah, yeah, Rahad takes the job, then it's over.


It's like Heath Ledger in the Joker circa 2008, 1997, 1997, when he says I'm like a dog chasing an ambulance. I don't know what I would do if I caught it chasing a car. Whatever it is, I'm sure John Ross, you know, clear me up on that one.


But yeah, like, if he goes to Indiana, I don't think that's going to be that fun. It's just going to be like, oh, yeah. Brad Stevens is a coach in Indiana. Now, what do we do? Like, we all just kind of look at each other like I guess we'll go home now. Yeah, but it will be fun to go back on Twitter and see, like Tril back in 2012, 2013, being like I'm hearing that Brad Stevens is going to go to Indiana.


There's going to be like all these they already knew accounts like retweeting this guy. They holy shit. This guy had some insight.


Yeah. But if I remember right shrills Drillbit too is he'd always misspell bread. It would be like brand stuff is like so here brand stuff.


And when it comes to the actual job of Indiana, I, I think you and I might differ on this one. I don't think that it's that great of a job people talk about. Yeah. The Indiana job like it's, you know, like you're the king of the world.


Once you get there's the pinnacle of like it's the best job that you can have in America, regardless of profession. I don't think that it's that good of a job anymore.


I, I see why you would think that. I think the reason people are excited about bread going to IU is that I don't actually think it's going to happen.


In all honesty. I don't think it's going to happen. I do think there's more it's greater than a zero percent chance. I think the people that are like, he would never do this. They're just as stupid as guys like me that are trying to make it into existence. I think it's somewhere in the middle. I think like Indiana is going to like Vinita offers him like a ten year contract for double the salary. Of course, he's going to be like, all right, I'll think about it and then call him back and say, never mind.


But he's going to he's going to consider it. Surely it would be stupid not to. But the reason it's the reason, like it gets beaten down that he's from Indiana is because I say this is a guy who grew up in the town next to where Brat grew up. I he was from Zionsville. I'm from Brownsburg. They're right next to each other that the culture of Indiana basketball just seeps into you. And I'm talking about the university. It's like whether you're a.


Fan of either or not, you just like it is it is it is it it is like the pinnacle. It's one of the programs. It's like Indiana, Kentucky, I'd say North Carolina and Kansas. Those are the four that like if you grow up in those states, you can't escape it. You'll never escape it, whether you're a fan of it or not. And there's almost like a sense of obligation to like I feel guilty. I already start thinking I live in L.A. now.


Obviously, I already started thinking, yeah, I don't know if you couldn't tell from Instagram, I, I have already started thinking as a man who is not married, who does not have kids, I start thinking, like, if I have a family, do I need to move back to Indiana so my kids can grow up and play and Hoosier hysteria and I don't know.


Do you feel the draw? It's real. So in that regard, I think Indiana is still a great job for people from India. Not like the idea of like getting a job right. For example, or Tony Bennett, who didn't grow up there like, yeah, that's absurd. They're not going to leave to go back to Indiana, but I don't know if you grew up there. It's it's it's one of those deals. It's just like it's a cultural thing.


It's they have unlimited money. It sounds like like the way the athletic director is talking is like they'll pay whatever it takes to get whoever they want. And I don't know, the fan base is rabid. You're always going to have great recruits. Yeah, that's that's the. Yeah. People bring up Nebraska football. That's kind of the analogy people seem to make between Indiana, Nebraska, Indiana, the state of Indiana, still pumping out like five stars every year.


So, I mean, I don't know.


Yeah, I still see it as a big I still see it as a very good job that everyone should want. Maybe not, like you said, a J. Right. Or someone like that. But they do have the home grown talent. And that's like step one to succeeding in college sports is can you just basically show up, do the press coverage and be like, hey, we're going to lock down the border and will compete?


Yeah, the analogy I would use to to to believe and there might be a slim sliver of hope of going to you is when Roy left Kansas to go to North Carolina, where he was not in Kansas is not the Boston Celtics. Like I'm not saying it's the exact same, but like Roy Williams is playing in the national championship game in 2003, he had obviously a great program at Kansas. Kansas is one of the blue bloods.


But there's something in Roy Williams. I was like, I have to go back home. I have to do this for Dean Smith. I have to. And I think, like Indiana fans have convinced themselves that that same thing is ruminating on Brad Stevens mind. Like, who cares if I do this in Boston? It doesn't nothing I accomplish in my career matters unless it happens in Indiana, because that's just how people in Indiana think. It's like that's the only basketball state that matters.


And Shaka Smart could do the same thing with Wisconsin. I'm excited for that. Absolutely. I'm actually rooting somebody is going to do Tony Bennett. I'm rooting against Texas in the tournament just so I'm like, hey, maybe if he gets bounced early because there was definitely some smoke around. Shocker this year. They've had a very good year. But yeah, maybe maybe this could work and he could go to Madison and that would actually change everything, if I remember right.


It came on the show at the beginning of the season.


You asked me about Texas and I said they were going to be there were high expectations, but they were going to just flounder and end up kind of like the season that they're having is sort of what I expected.


But they got really good. I'm starting to believe in them. So you believe in them then?


A little bit? I do. I the only thing is they don't they're really like when I watch them, they're really that that that big twelve championship game, Oklahoma State was playing unbelievable basketball in Texas, really kind of had that in hand for the majority of the game. I just think that they play like good defense. And I don't know, Shaka, like maybe it's one of those things. It's kind of like when you see Wichita State, who is garbage, by the way, in the tournament, and you say to yourself, well, Wichita State, who knows, Shaka, something about him in a tournament setting, you're like, yeah, he could do it.


Why not?


He's done it before. Right. That's all that matters. Yeah, that's a big thing with college basketball is if if you've done it before, people believe in you. If you've never done it, nobody believes in you. And it's a sport where, as our friend John Rothstein says, the unexpected becomes the ordinary. And yet we go into every tournament, we're like, there's there's no way that this team there's no way Baylor could go to a final four.


They've never done it before. I don't trust them. They're going to choke.


But, yeah, we're the last two tournaments, a 16 seed beat, a one seed. And then Virginia won the national title, which was never going to happen because Tony Bennett doesn't work. And then a tournament was canceled. I mean, those are like the last three things that have happened. Yeah. People will still say this year, like, there's no way it could happen because that just doesn't ever happen.


You know, to answer your real question about Texas. So I think they're like that, that they're in that group of teams, that they don't do anything exceptional, but they do both things. OK, so it's like if they can just do both those OK things a little bit better in a tournament setting, who knows?


The thing I love about Texas is they have experienced guards who are a little crazy in a good way. Like they they have guys that I was in Nashville during the the Maui Invitational, which like you want to talk about a bummer is like seeing Maui Invitational branding all over Asheville, North Carolina.


And Texas was playing there and so, like, I got up close and like I was one of the few people in the arena because it was a bubble situation. And I say that to say, like the Texas Guards, like Matt Colma and Courtney Raymi especially, they're kind of crazy, like before before the tip of every game. They're like talking to themselves and hyping themselves up.


And like, you know, I don't know how else to explain it, but they're like they're they are they are out of their minds in the best way that you want a basketball player to be. And I love that idea of them in March. Just like going crazy. I don't know. Yeah, it works for me.


How much stock do you put in momentum going into the tournament?


Because there's one team in particular that I feel like all the casualties out there of which I am not one, it's like a perfect storm of of people circulating around this one team because they have the momentum.


That's Georgetown. So they won the tournament, right? They won the Big East tournament. And then they've got Patrick Ewing as their head coach. They love Patrick Ewing. They love a guy that goes back to his alma mater. He's their coach, takes the mantle from all the John Thompson's builds on the program.


They've got a cute dog that rides a skateboard across the court. And they've just got one of those names where you remember when you hear Georgetown, you're like, yeah, I remember when they were good, you know, old school, like, tough, hard nosed, no blood, no foul basketball.


I feel like a lot of people are doing that. Plus, it's they're they're the twelve seed. So everyone also knows like a twelve always beats of five. So but I feel like all those people are kind of way off base when it comes to this Georgetown team, because I don't think that this Georgetown team is actually any good at all.


No, they're not. They're not good. But they won. They won the biggest term. You got to give them props for that. Yeah. If you squint enough, the Georgetown looks like the Georgetown of old Patrick Ewing. Looks like John Thompson in the right. You know, like it feels very similar to the big guy, the big imposing figure on the sidelines. The other thing working in their favor, they're playing Colorado PAC 12 teams. So this is old Big East versus PAC 12.


We're going to get like a definitive answer on the softness of the West Coast versus the toughness of the East Coast. The thing that scares me about Georgetown is that they they seem not that they shouldn't celebrate winning the Big East tournament, but that seems like that seems like it feels like they might be happy to be here, you know, and it feels like they won the Big East. That was like their crowning achievement. This is the trophy they're going to put in their trophy case when the twelve five upsets typically happen.


The twelve is usually it's usually a situation like Winthrop and Villanova, where it's a small school that's that's really good. And they just didn't play the hardest schedule. So they get a twelve seed. It's not I don't really I don't really love to believe in twelve seeds that are power conference schools, so I don't know.


But I also did not think Georgetown was going to win a single game in the biggest term and they won four in a row. So what the hell do I know?


And the other twenty five that I think everyone has circled is the Creighton UCSB, because Creighton is the other side of like momentum where they've completely fallen on their face. Obviously they had the P word that Doug McDermott dropped. Senior Doug McDermott senior. Let me just throw that out there.


I ucsb everyone's picking. I'm always worried with twenty five I just listen to like the twelve that everyone loves and I'm like, how is that going to work. Like Creighton is going to come out and beat him by one hundred probably. Yeah.


I don't think UCSB is going to like he's won a ton of games and they're really good.


But one of the things that's weird about this season that's different from from typical seasons when you look at like the mid majors that are winning a ton of games, they a lot of these teams are not playing mid majors typically never play some schedules, but they usually like play like a handful, like power conference teams, the non conference, because a COVA, there are a lot of teams like Colgate's, the most extreme, they played they play like five teams.


Yes. Oh, and you look up and you're like, all right, you're fourteen. And one, you're almost undefeated. But at the same time, like, what does this mean any I know there's no data points. That's what's terrified me about this year is like I like UCSB as a team that I would look at. Under normal circumstances, I'd say I might believe in you, but this year their schedule is really bad. They want a lot of games.


They're good. But I don't it would not surprise me at all if Creighton just like, blows the doors off of them, especially how good training could be when they're good. Yeah, this is not a fun time. This is the worst part of my job. This is by far the worst part of my job, just like this week, trying to, like, predict what's going to happen, I don't know.


So I just want to know when when Mark says the Colgate has played like four teams, he's not joking their regular season. They played Army four times. They played Boston University four times. They played Holy Cross four times.


That was their entire season. And then in the conference tournament, they played BYU again and then they added Bucknell in Laurel, Maryland. It's the craziest schedule to look at and be like, wait, they actually literally only played five total teams.


So so when Clark Kellogg sees him come up against Arkansas and he starts just giggling because he can't stop thinking about how great that game is going to be and how uptempo it's going to be, it's actually a pretty small sample size of defense is that that coalgate offense has played against.


Yes. Yes, it's like like Moses Moodie is 10000 times better than any player Coalgate has seen this season, and sometimes that that's what's yeah, it's never fun, like trying to figure out what the hell is going to happen in this tournament, but trying to sell stuff like that out for this tournament. Also, like trying to remember who's on who's coming off of a covered pause, who who got, like, better and sometimes, like, got better when they went on pause and they came back and they're like somehow better.


Some teams are worse. I can't keep track of it all. I see. But I don't know. I'm I'm I've learned a lot from big. Yeah.


You've helped me a lot today. And it's like watching you fire off your picks and being wrong over and over. I still have the courage to step up. It's terrible to be like I think this is going to happen. It's I I'm torn down with the ship.


I cry every time I put out. I have a burner person now who puts out all my picks because I can't. I shut off the replies. I couldn't. The negative energy was all encompassing when people were just like loser, loser, loser. Like yup you're right. It is. They're all losers.


All this is, this is this is a haters paradise this week for four for college basketball media haters. They just like their living, their lives, just waiting to see Brackett's, their take on receipt's left and right. And we've got to keep her head on a swivel US media types.


You know what, though? To me, it's the man in the arena speech, like I'm I'm out there. Fire Hicks. OK, you want to tell me that afterwards? Like, that was the dumbest pick ever. I'm out there. I'm stepping up to the plate. I'm fucking firing off pecs man in the arena. Put a jersey on. That's me. And try to do better. That's a LeBron speech, right?


Yeah. Yeah. LeBron actually said Teddy Roosevelt stole it from Ron afterwards. From that is by far my favorite speech that any coach can ever give.


It's usually after they just lose. It's just basically saying, you know what, we're not losers because at least we tried. We tried. It's a participation trophy, but it's in speech form that you give yourself. So I always love that. I want to get you on record about Virginia Tech because I don't know if you saw this. We got we got dragged. We got caught for an old take three years out. We had three years ago about Virginia Tech not being deserving of a ten seed.


And so we want to get you in the boat with us. Actually be good. So hopefully Virginia Tech's media department will clip all of this once you tell us how much they're going to lose by against Florida.


Well, this happened to me, too, by the way. Michigan State did the exact same thing to me, took stuff out of context, stuff that my face. But whatever like like Michigan, I said on our show leading up towards the end of the season, the whole point I brought up on the show was that Michigan State still had a path to the tournament. I was like, everyone's bearing. And all these blue bloods, they're saying Duke's done, Kentucky's done.


At the time, North Carolina has done. Michigan State can't make the tournament. I looked at their schedule and I was like, oh, my God, they're going to play like five top ten teams. But whatever it was, I was like, they have a loaded schedule down the stretch. They're not out of it yet. But at the same time, I don't think they're going to be able to beat all these teams. So whatever. And then they clipped the part that I said, I don't think they're going to be able to beat all this stuff.


Yeah, so we're all in this together.


I saw that clip. And so everyone's like Michigan State had a video. You didn't say anything about it. Michigan State's video said like work left to be done. Virginia Tech tweeted, Thanks for doubting us. It's like, yeah, yeah. I'm going to keep doubting you guys. You're Tennesee.


Yeah, but it's good for it's good for the show. It's great. It's great for us. Just like we do stuff like that all the time to people.


Like we'll probably take some you say way out of context in this show.


Yeah. Yeah. Well his blood sugar was spiking so we don't count back, but yeah.


Well we do that shit all the time and so I just charged the game. It's like, you know, I respect what you've done here. Virginia Tech. So how much did you say they were going to lose by again?


They I'm very scared. This is this is a very dangerous trip because Virginia Tech, if they win, they're going to play Ohio State in the second round.


So this would be doubly painful for me to just be like Virginia Tech sucks.


Wait, I just said, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's to just click.


Yes, that's the entire cut of this interview with sucks. OK, so let's talk about your Buckeyes real quick.


They just don't play defense.


They don't. Seriously though. Do not think I have I have this thought and you're going to you're going to disagree and it's going to break my heart.


But I genuinely think Ohio State is the most fun team in the country because our offense is incredible. We are so skilled. We're very versatile. Every guy can can make threes and put the ball on the floor and we're very, very good offensively. We play no defense, we choke away leads. And we every game we're in seems to be close. Like, how is that not exactly what you want out of a March Madness team as a neutral fan?


Yeah, no, they they have absolutely. And they have the big guy who I fucking love, who is a mid 90s reliever through and through with the facial hair in the in the arm sleeve I oh yeah.


Yeah I love him. Yeah, yeah. I agree with you that they are a fun team because every game is just like it could be up fifteen, they could be down fifteen at some point. It's basically like watching Mario Kart like you know by the way, eighth you'll get a lightning bolt and you'll be back. And Fersen. Oral Roberts has a guard who leads the country in scoring and has had multiple forty point games this year. That's how we played in the first round.


And I don't think we're going to lose. Clip that part, by the way, OK? I don't think we're going to lose, but I think it's going to be an awesome game that's going to be worth watching. And, you know, even if we win by like 15, I think it's going to be fun to watch. So that's my I swear we're fun to watch. Yeah.


No one or not, I totally agree with you. I've watched many Ohio State games this year, and it's always been I mean, Ohio State, Michigan game that they played before the Big Ten tournament was one of the best games of the year by far, like Iowa, Gonzaga, that one. And I actually LSU, Alabama, SCC championship game was up there as well. Let's go. Other side of the spectrum of fun. Wisconsin Badgers are just brutal.


It's rare. Usually I'm used to it because it's like I know what the Badgers do. The only thing that I have talked myself into is that USC always does have trouble with Virginia. Wisconsin's kind of a Virginia light, maybe that will be maybe Wisconsin will hit their jump shots and turn and turn Virginia or USC over and that's how we win.


Wisconsin feels like a loveless marriage to me. That's the way I would describe it. It's like they all, like, are looking at each other. They've been together for years and they're like, this just isn't working at the same time, like, let's stay together for the kids and let's just see this thing. They're waiting for the kids to get out of high school is what they're waiting on. And that's that's the end of the that's that's that's going to come on Friday when they lose in North Carolina.


And then they're like, all right, we can all go our own ways. Now they're you know, you realize your best. One of the seasoned Loyola. No, I know you beat sister. Oh, no.


That's just one of the reasons we beat Louisville.


What we beat Louisville to Louisville, almost made the tournament the first four out in bubble. So you're right, though. It's a level you're actually that's a perfect analogy, like the Penn State game to even go mycar on it. The Penn State game was like having some some sex and being like, oh, this used to be fun. And this Penn State came back and you're like, oh, this is why we can never have sex, because we end up fighting afterwards.


Brad Davison winning the game by calling timeout is like sticking to sticking a finger in your butt. You're like, Oh, I feel alive again. And then you're like, oh, but at the same time, I don't think that's enough to say, yeah, you're right. Is that husband is that the highlight you think?


Brad Davison It was it was actually an unbelievable play by him. Yeah. It's the best time out ever. It was it was a fucking great play. And that's the thing. Like they'll do things like Trist will just hit a bunch of threes, you know, or Brad Davison will do like I just you're right. It is. I think this is why and I still am going to root for my hope that they win. I like they all are nice guys, but it does feel like something like they've been together for too long.


It just doesn't work like they should work and it doesn't work. Yeah.


It's the team that I mean, you remember last year they sucked and then they got hot for like at the end of the season. This is the team that sucked. Yeah, they were seen as the team. The team they were all along. Yeah.


They were playing the best basketball in the Big Ten last year in the month of February. Like they beat the last game that I watched. They beat Indiana at Indiana to win a share the Big Ten. And I was like, whoa, watch out for them. And then that just disappeared.


I think the most frustrating part about Wisconsin this year is that they're not even interested in how they're bad, you know what I mean? Like, even when they're bad, it's not like I don't feel like I want to call people and talk about what's wrong with Wisconsin.


I don't feel like it's just it's just like that. I mean, yeah, it's just like I don't care enough to I don't care enough to care.


I can just I can tell because I have like a group text message with with my best friends from college. And it's like as the season has gone along, it's now just me and one other guy watching every game.


Like everyone's like I got kids like I'm going to I got to watch Wisconsin lose Iowa again.


Like, I'll just sit this one out. Let me know when we're in the tournament.


Mark, I want to ask you about I want to get you on some some more records for some fraud takes here. So. All right. I'm just going to have you incriminate yourself if you were to give, like, please do, OK.


Oh, you can only pick from teams seeded one through five. Give me your top or fraud teams in the tournament. Fraud's one through five. All right, let me Seasprite implies that you should be good. It's different for me. All right.


Oh, Houston, Houston's my number one fraud. There are twenty four and three. Two of their losses were one of their losses to Wichita State. They lost to East Carolina, I believe, and they lost to Tulsa. Who these are very bad losses. Houston, I don't know. Houston, to me is what people think Gonzaga is that. That's what I would say. What do you think of Gonzaga is playing nobody racking up a bunch of wins and then probably going to flame out early in the tournament, which is not Gonzaga anymore.


That was Gonzaga fifteen years ago. That's what Houston is now.


I bet I'd be good for you to maybe maybe fifteen years from now. They'll be as good as Gonzaga is now. I don't know. It won't shock you.


I bet on Houston in that EKU game. They were minus eighteen. It was like it was a ran. It was like a three o'clock game on a Thursday. It's got about it. But you're right.


And the good thing that Houston does is they kick the shit out of bad teams like that's like Houston wins by forty and you're like, wow, Houston's incredible. But I.


OK, so what's your second one? So, Houston, the one thing about Houston, though, I will say is they have a pretty I like their draw in the sense of like West Virginia. Is it? I like the idea of West Virginia more than I actually like West Virginia, because you hear that Bob Huggins has a team that can make shots and you're like, oh, my God, that's unstoppable. But then they don't play great defense and they're kind of they've been losing a lot of games.


They shouldn't Syracuse, San Diego, like that whole region, like Houston.


I don't know. Houston might might surprise me and go to the date, but I don't think it's because they're good. I still don't I still don't think they're good. So I can face Houston fans.


Are you thinking Rutgers has a chance in the second round?


I actually do, yeah. Yeah, I'm betting on Rutgers.


If Rutgers wins the second round game, I win a Bitcoin.


Let me see who else is a fraud. Well, throw it out there. True, true, true, true to the Tennessee's been a little disappointing up and down, I think. I don't know if they're frauds, but like they are coming into the season, I felt like they were good enough to maybe make a final four run. And they've been just kind of bloo. Yeah, their offense is really bad. Their defense isn't. I mean, it's good, but it's not like it's not good enough to make up for how bad their offense is.


They have potential tendencies that seem to like you catch them on the right night.


You're like this team could be something, but then I don't know which was this season love that has this season completely swung the pendulum where now it's like if we're relitigating the Shaka Smart Rick Barnes situation, like if you're Texas, you'd rather have Shaka Smart now.


Hmm, that's a great question. Would you rather have. Oh, I think I think in the end, you'd rather have Shaka Smart because it's just like it was just one of the Rick Barnes tenure at Texas. Just got to a point where I think that it was just stale and it was like, we don't care if we have the exact same amount of success. We just want to look at a different face on the sideline. That's really where we've arrived as Texas fans.


Really big shock. That's what shock was for them.


Relate to your sex life again, please. Missionaries all missionary all the time.


You're like, you know what? I think we'd both like to look at somebody else, maybe look at the back of your head every now and again.


Yeah, yeah. That's pretty much all it. Shock is basically doing what I mean, to be fair. I mean, Rick Barnes with the Final Four, so. Right. Is still has he still has some work to do to catch what Rick Barnes did there.


But yeah, I don't I don't know. I'm trying to think of other other fraud's Iowa.


Villanova's got to be up there just because they don't have Cal Gillespie anymore.


I don't I don't I don't trust Villanova without a point guard. I don't know. Iowa.


Iowa is interesting. I think I think I believe in Iowa. I really think they're they're playing better defense. I just want to believe in them. I think if you don't pay attention, you think Iowa is Luka Garza and a bunch of slow white dudes that don't play defense just can shoot some shots. And that's kind of true, but not really anymore. Like they played. I think Joey's camp is going to be an NBA player and he's Joey's camps, basically the next Duncan Robinson that everybody's going to look up and be like, where did this guy come from?


And everyone that's been paying attention knows that he does not miss. And he's like six, eight. And he's unbelievable.


But I don't know, I could see Iowa go.


They're not going to make the final four because they're in the Tigers region. But I can see I will make an elite eight for sure.


I know what you're saying. They are like you think like, oh, classic Iowa team. They're not playing any defense. They play a little bit better, but they still don't aren't great defensively. My problem is whenever Luka Garza and I don't know if there is that well, USC would be that big guy Bagley going up against Luka Garza, like I think Mobley would would would eat eat him up.


Yeah, he would. But I but I think Garza, because part of part of Iowa's problems down the stretch and they're not even problems. I mean, you look at who they're losing to, they're losing to Illinois and like Michigan and you know, they're losing to great teams. Garza is going to feast on big guys who aren't COFI Coburn and Hunter Dickinson and like seven foot four and three hundred pounds. And just like they're they're just cheston each other all game, you know what I mean?


Yeah. Like, he needs he needs some some undersized guys that he can and I know, but mobily skinny.


So maybe that's good for Garza. You can throw his ass into him.


You can just say Michael Potter. Nate Reavers. Go ahead.


I know that's what you wanted to say right there. That's what I did. I mean, Ohio State, they killed Iowa, killed Ohio State and Columbus not too long ago. We don't have any big guys.


And Gaza was killing us.


So, yeah, I don't know. I do believe in Iowa and I understand why people won't want to. But I think it wouldn't surprise me if you looked up and like they are one of the last any Big Ten teams, even though they feel like they're a level or two below, like the upper tier of the Big Ten, you know.


So what about Michigan? You didn't mention Michigan under your fraud watch, but all the talk has been about Alabama. It's been about Texas. That's the Harian is his bracket. There is his region. So with Michigan, like, yeah, they're a little banged up, but they are still one seed. But no one's talking about him.


Yeah, Michigan. I think the reason no one's talking about Michigan, it would be Isaiah Livres. Obviously, we don't know if he's going to be here. It doesn't seem like he's going to be able to play in the tournament, which really sucks.


Also, I think the wind is kind of been taken out of Michigan sails the way they ended the season. They won the Big Ten. I am not putting an asterisk on the Big Ten, but at the same time, I'm going out of my way to say I'm not putting an asterisk on the Big Ten because Michigan won two four games in Illinois. They got their asses handed to them by Illinois even when Livres was playing, they turn around to lose at Michigan State.


So there were already some like warning signs that maybe Michigan at peaks a little too soon or maybe they weren't quite as good because, you know, there was a stretch during the season where people were talking about Michigan being better than Gonzaga. Like you'd see people on TV. They're like, is Michigan actually the best team in college basketball? And I was scratching my head like, I mean, Gonzaga is beating everybody by twenty. So I would probably say they don't beat teams by twenty.


They're probably still the best. So Michigan just kind of come back down to earth and Illinois is kind of taken. That mantle is like the hot, sexy Big Ten team. So I think that's kind of what's going on there.


I don't know I don't know what to make of Michigan because they still have a really good team. Even if Livres doesn't play a second term, they're good enough to win a national title. It's just they're certainly not going to be the same team without him. So we're kind of waiting to see what they're going to look like without him.


I think that's I think that's the problem. The livres is like their ceiling is national title with livres. Without them. It's a totally different it's they're still a very good team, but.


Yeah. His ability to to get shots and like he adds, that element that every team needs, I just I think they're a totally different team without him now.


And he's a guy that, like, you're not necessarily keen on in your scouting report because you're focused on Hunter Dickinson or you're focused on Frank Wagner. I mean, it's not to say he's not one of the best players, obviously, but part of it is just like the trickle down effect of like when you have like five guys that can score and then that gets put in, suddenly it's like four guys I can score. Now the defense can focus on they have one less guy to worry about that the throw out there like Michigan, Michigan's throwing out these other big dudes like, you know, Johns or Austin Davis or whoever might get more minutes and stuff, just start shifting around.


And then suddenly because like that, that would be a lot of liver livers. You get a ton of open looks just and you just like knock down threes because you're focused so much on Hunter Dickinson. And now maybe the guy taking those shots isn't easy livers and it's someone, you know, lower on the pecking order is not as good. And that's where it really is going to matter. But I promise you, it's still really good. And I wouldn't be surprised.


But it's I don't know. I got to wait and see what happens in the first couple of games. I got I got to before I started talking myself back into Michigan.


All right. So I've talked I didn't really talk shit. I just kept on pumping Gonzaga down on my top ten just to get people talking. I knew the whole time I was basically old take exposing myself because I know Gonzaga is by far and away the best team this year. What is the like scenario where they do get knocked out? Because I don't I see them going to the final four. And I guess you could make the argument that in the final four, if there's four really good teams.


No. Like, you know, Cinderella. Yeah, of course anyone could beat anyone. You know, Iowa actually did play Gonzaga really well in that game and whatever it was December. But what is the scenario where Gonzaga gets bounced or is it not is there no scenario they're going to win it?


I mean, I think they're not breaking a sweat to the Elite eight, and even then, they're probably going to play even. You know, it looks like they're going to play Iowa or Kansas the way off the bracket stays true to form. They've already beat both of those teams, beat them rather easily. I don't know. That doesn't always necessarily mean anything, by the way. I mean, in twenty sixteen, I think it was Oklahoma beat the hell out of Villanova early in the season.


They Rehmat, they did a rematch in the final four and Villanova beat the brakes off them. So who the hell knows.


But the way Gonzaga loses, I mean if I'm trying to think of ways to get tripped up Creighton maybe in the the Sweet Sixteen, like, it's just an up and down, you know, like they're both great offensively and great and they just matched shot for shot. Zach is like, we're fine. And then they miss a couple of shots and Creighton his great has scores. Great. And can can fill it up when they got. So maybe but that's not going to happen.


They don't play. Gonzaga does let their foot off the gas defensively. They don't have necessarily a rim protector like Drew, they don't have a guy that's like SWAT shots if you can, if you can penetrate on them, which is easier said than done, maybe that's it. But I don't know man. They're good. They're very good. And I am not a Gonzaga fan. I'm not, like, trying to stick my chest out and say, like, this team is definitely going to go undefeated.


I don't care if they lose. It's not going to break my heart. I just feel like it's my duty to give people PSA that if like if you think it's Zagar is just like every other Gonzaga team in your mind, you're a moron. Yeah, I do think that. Yeah, like this is not twenty six Gonzaga. This isn't even twenty, thirteen, twenty seven to this team would be the twenty seventeen team that was two minutes away from a national title.


By the way. This team would beat them by like ten, fifteen probably. I think like there's so much better. They are so, so good. They have four. They have. This is all you need to say. This is what this is how you would phrase it. They had four guys that were top five at their position in the country this year for their starting five. We're in the top we're in the on the finalist list for their position in the country and the entire country.


And I think two or three of them are going to win their award. So it's disgusting. They're very good. I think it is Gonzaga versus the field. And every time I say that people are people like come back at me as though I'm a moron and they're like, yeah, boy, Kentucky lost. And I'm like, yeah, I didn't say they're not going to lose Kentucky in twenty fifteen lost. And I didn't say who they like.


It's not going to lose.


I just I agree with you though.


Gonzaga is there's so much better than everyone and they do have like their bracket which you should do for the for the team. That is the number one overall seed should have an easier bracket.


The only team I would say that I'll throw out there, Kansas was playing really good basketball before they got shut down with ComEd.


Now they would meet Gonzaga in the lead eight. So it would be the unstoppable force versus the immovable object in Kansas playing really good basketball. But Bill Self being in the Elite eight, which means he will be down his leg, but that would be the only team I could see. I mean, I guess I'm just shitting on Iowa here.


Whatever. Old habits die hard, but I do think people forgot about Kansas and that they were playing a lot better down the stretch. And then the covid thing in the big twelve tournament kind of stole that for. Yeah, Kansas also was victim to all the talk about the blue blood sucking and like every time Kentucky would lose a game, it's like Kansas and North Carolina and everyone else would have to wear it because everyone wanted to talk about how bad the blue bloods are in Kansas.


Fans are like, no, hang on, we're not that bad right now. Like, we're not we're not winning eight games this year.


We're still a decent team.


We're just not as good as we were last year. Yeah, I in all honesty, I Gonzaga, I see them not even breaking a sweat. So I would not be surprised if Gonzaga even has a I mean, if, if this is twenty eighteen Villanova all over again, I wouldn't be surprised at all kids. And, and again, I'm not telling everybody like it's not bravado. That's just like I don't know, I everyone's been wanting to make it interesting all season.


Every time a Big Ten team wins three or four games in a row, really like this team could maybe challenge Gonzaga. I don't know. We'll see. And then they fall off a cliff and then a new big team and Big Ten team rises up. But, yeah, they're they're awesome. And so but here's my question to you, Dan is, as a big tent guy, we were both big tent guys. Do you feel the pressure, given how good the big tent is this year?


Because this feels like a season of Gonzaga has to win the national title or people will never shut up about it like they'll say, you can never you'll never win a national title if you don't win it this year.


I feel like the same is true. The Big Ten with how how often everyone talks about how dominant the big tent is. We have four teams in the top ten at all times. We have in the whole tournament taking place and big tent country. We have to win the title too, right?


Yeah. So I guess my answer to that would be I do feel the pressure, but I also know at the end of the day, if the Big Ten gets eliminated in a terrible fashion, I'll just go to my trusty tried true method of deflecting ignore. So I'll just figure out a way to spin it, deflect and ignore. Figure out. Hey, Gonzaga. Oh, you know what? Here we each other up all season. I got one right now.


Gonzaga is best player. Jalen Suggs. Right. Where's he from. Oh, good boy, Minnesota, great point and country point. There you go. Obviously, this is I do this for a living like this is that's a big 10 win. If Gonzaga wins, that's a big ten win. That just gets Richard Tinos fault for not getting him. We can't be Richard Pitino is not in the Big Ten anymore, so we can't be held accountable for the fact that there was an incompetent coach that couldn't keep Jalen Suggs in state in the Big Ten.


He wasn't Big Ten strong. Exactly. So this is Richard Pacino's fault. No one else. And guess what? We've already rid ourselves from Richard Pitino. He's at New Mexico now. So there is a spin zone. Boom. It's easy. Is that.


That's a great point. And I like that. It just feels inevitable to me that Gonzaga is going to beat a Big Ten team in the title. Yeah. And I don't know what Big Ten team it's going to be, but Ohio State's on the right side of the bracket for that to happen. So I'm crossing my fingers. That just that's what we do.


We do it better than any conference in the country. No conference in the country is is good at losing title games as Big Ten.


Yeah. You know, what actually is going to happen? The real way it will happen is that Gonzaga beats Iowa in the elite eight, beats Michigan in the final four and beats Illinois in the championship.


Yeah, and it's like a clean sweep of the Big Ten. And I'm sitting there like, I don't even like college basketball. What are you guys talking about in the NBA playoffs?


Gonzaga. It's Gonzaga in three Big Ten teams. Yeah, the final four. Gonzaga does it, like Gonzaga wins both games by twenty eight or so.


You said you said they've got they've got five or four players are in the top five of their position. How many Mr. basketballs do they have.


That's a great point too. How many. Indiana. Mr. Basketball. How many guys who grew up play. How many guys. One Indiana state high school basketball titles. That right. I feel like everyone's a mystery basketball.


It's like saying somebody oh, he was a Golden Gloves fighter.


When you talk about everyone, everyone is also a number one recruit of some sort because you could do number one recruit at your position, number one in your state, number one, and whatever. And yeah, they go around. Mr. Barsky, that's a good point.


How do you how does your former quarterback. Yeah. How does one win Mr. Basketball? I know a few states have it. It's like Ohio has it. Indiana has it. There are a couple others, too. Illinois has it.


I don't know. I think you're just the best player in the state. I think that's pretty much ready for you. Yeah, ready for this.


Jalen Suggs just looked up. He won Mr. Basketball and Mr. Football. Yeah. Yeah.


And and Richardson. Geno couldn't keep him in state. That's this is a Big Ten title. This is the most big. He's a football player. He's the most Big Ten player that's ever not played in the Big Ten. I'm not rooting for Gonzaga. I am officially a Gonzaga fan because they are part of the Big Ten.


Yeah. And also when Duke beat your beloved Wisconsin team. Twenty fifteen. Tyce Jones is from Minnesota. Okafor is from Chicago. Yep. So there you go.


That accounted for us. Yeah. And guess what? Spokane, Washington, being in the Big Ten makes just as much sense as fucking Rutgers like. So who cares what there is a good point.


They're part of the Big Ten. That's a good point. Yeah. Go ahead.


Just I want to get you on the record for Wednesday night. Pick for Thursday. I pick it's OK playing mister playing the playing guru Mark Titus.


Yeah. You know, you know everything about the playing games.


So that would be a good brand. Right. Like if you were the guy that. Yeah, that's you. That is, that is that is an untapped that's a freebie for Jake. Maybe Jake March takes the spirit and runs with it where he's like I am mister playing and like you just goes all the little like the four. And then and then as soon as the playing games are over, your wife is saying she's like, have fun, everybody.


The rest of the tournament, I'm out. I just thought, how is your bracket? He is playing. He has a playing bracket on his wall.


He's a top priority of playing my one seeds in the play and games.


Yeah, but so I mean the big one. It's Izzo against Cronan. It's too big, just too big names. Michigan State, UCLA. Give us your lock on the playing game.


I like Michigan State I UCLA is free fall and they were like they were pretty good a couple months ago. And that's not a that's never something you want to say about a team in March. I think a lot like me in on Michigan State winning, especially because if I don't say Michigan State's going to win and they do when I'll have it thrown back in my face. So OK.


Yeah, yes, yeah, yeah. They they usually finished I think they're on four game losing streak.


They were ranked and then they just kind of fell off the face of the earth and they lost. Yeah. Yeah. So they've got bounced by Oregon State. Who that one still is is shocking to me. Shout out to beeves. All right.


Any other like sneaky teams that you got on. Oh.


Circled or whatever to to break down help people felt their bracket. Yeah.


I like Ohio, Ohio as a team I believe in, but I'm very biased.


The head coach in Ohio was was an assistant Ohio State when I was there and he's awesome. And they have a they have a dude, Jason Preston, who's going to be the best player on the floor against Virginia. I know Virginia is favored in Virginia. Yeah, I, I think that as an upset because I thought, what the hell, Virginia is coming off a cold pause. I think Ohio is going to have the best player on the floor, Nick.


So that's enough for me and I love the head coach, so I, I really like Ohio. I'm trying to think of who else.


I don't know what to do with Oklahoma State because, boy, it feels like the stars are aligning for something special to happen here with Kate Cunningham.


I know how much you guys have watched this dude, but he is he is every bit as good as he was made out to be. I really enjoyed him. So I know there are seed, but that feels right. I mean, like, what was Carmelo and thousand three? Was it weren't they like a three seed? And when he took him to the title game, I can't remember.


But I agree with you there, especially because that Tennessee Oregon State game like those Oklahoma states should get to the Sweet Sixteen. UConn is another one, I remember I came on the show before the season and you said pick a team that's not going to win that statistic. And you said, come on, have some fun. Pick someone that's not ranked. And I said, we'll keep an eye on UConn. It's the stars are sort of aligning for UConn as well.


I wanted them to win the Big East title. If they won the biggest title, I would have picked UConn with a national championship, I think.


But Creighton Creighton got the better of them. They had like three shots to tie the game at the end. They all missed, but wide open, like. Yeah, I know. That was that was brutal. I like you can't draw. I do like Alabama. That's not a slight against Alabama, but I like a matchup with. But but Maryland's is going to be tough in the first round for UConn. So I don't know, like I'm talking myself into UConn, still having a shot here as as a dark horse.


I don't know. I'm all over the place.


I really do. Like at the end of the day, I just come back to Gonzaga. I'm like, this is all it's just a fun distraction to give Gonzaga a trophy in three weeks.


So if they didn't exist, who would you pick? Oh, if Gonzaga just resist it, who would I pick? We can just keep doing this and I say, can I say the winner, can I say the winner of Illinois Oklahoma State in the Sweet 16? I think one of those two teams, whoever wins that game, if Gonzaga is going to lose, I think whoever wins Illinois, Oklahoma State, I'm right in that. And the Sweet 16.


Do you let me ask you this about Illinois real quick, because I find myself like, you know, Billy, you have your hands on your pants.


Yeah, he does. I literally just caught it in the corner of my eye. I was scratching his he was scratching his penis.


Like, it's always tough because when you play a big ten schedule, you know, you start to hate all the teams. But Handbell watching Eyo and CofI Coburn play like there. And I've always like Brad Underwood, but I was so much fun to watch. And I, I don't know. It's just this isn't even a question.


It is fun to watch you find yourself being like, I don't hate them because I think he's so much fun to watch.


I know. Yeah. That was the most frustrating part. Ohio State loses in the Big Ten title game in overtime. Very heartbreaking loss watching the Buckeyes blow it down the stretch. And I wasn't even really that mad because I was like, this is great for Illinois and also just Illinois. Illinois didn't win the Big Ten, but they felt like they should have their season. So I was like, I, I can't really be that mad. This team's pretty likable.


I am a little worried, though. Get it like it feels almost they this has happened all season with the Big Ten teams that happen Ohio State. It happened to Michigan. It happened to Wisconsin. When you guys beat Louisville, I feel like Iowa had their moment where like where suddenly you look up and you're like, oh my God, we are we might be the best team in the country right now. Like we play in the best conference.


We're kicking everyone's ass. We are so good. And then every single one of them falls back down to earth. And that's what I'm worried about.


Illinois is like, you don't want to be feeling yourself too much. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know, because that's that's been it's ruined. All of I'm worried about a big ten bubble, too. I'm worried that like all these teams, the Big Ten just like beat each other and we're convinced that they're all like, really good. And I don't know, the bar's been set so high for the Big Ten. I don't know how we're going to top it.


We have to basically get three teams in the final four to four or else everyone's going to say, you guys were overrated.


Just you just follow my lead. I'll be the lead blocker. I'll get my spin zones, please.


But I like that answer. The winner of Illinois Oklahoma State would win if you eliminated Gonzaga.


I like that answer. Yeah. I just feel like if your statement is a big ten state, then that should count as well, because in theory you are a target school. You could play in the right. You're breeding ground. You're breeding ground. Yeah, exactly. You're Big Ten and Jason, your large ten. Oh, who do you get? You guys fill out your brackets. You do get.


I probably will take Gonzaga to Kentucky. You win it all. I agree with you. Like I don't I just I think they are that good. And I do see like flaws and all the other teams like we have even talked about Baylor and Baylor, they they're a different team after covid than they were before. And I don't know if they can, like, find what they had before covid. So that's a big question mark to me.


I would say, oh, I like Illinois, but I'm just taking Illinois because I want to have something different, not Gonzaga in the final because I'm different. I don't have any confidence in my picks like in the first and second rounds being that much better than everybody else's picks. I'll just be able to take in. Right and chalk the rest of the way. I also just like if there's if there's a dominant big guy I can talk myself into, like if that guy brings his A game every single game, he can't be stopped.


And that's that's what Coburn is.


That sounds like a that sounds like a Rowville treat of like analytics of like actually you're better off not picking the team that everyone else is going to.


Don't say that. I don't know. I mean, that's basically what we've been saying the whole time, which is Gonzaga.


We all think Gonzaga is going to win. Yeah, but I'm actually I'm saying I know that I suck at picking the earlier games, so I'm just going I want to bet on something different.


I'll put it this way. How about the values better for Illinois? It's they're like plus 700 to win the tournament.


So here's the real question.


So first game, I believe, tips off at noon. Fifteen on on Friday. So twelve 15 Eastern.


I believe so over under three thirty that you fire off the well there goes my bracket to hire to did it.


I did it right when they announced the bracket. I'm already done. I got it out of the way. You got to get out of the way right away. That's the way to do it. All right. I hope I have one last question for you, Mark, because I can't believe we didn't even throw this out there.


I actually have a team. Oh, it's the Roback question. Thank you, Liam. The Roback question brought to you by Roback Dotcom for twenty percent off your first purchase are Obasi K Dotcom. And for our guest today, can you get the Roback thing. You get it Roback Dotcom. Use it. Twenty percent off bookmark. We have this for you. It is a throwback quarter zip. You have to come to New York to get it put.


It is here for you. We're going to put it in a little cubby and says Mark Titus, do not touch. So you got that, you're going to you're going to put it next to the pointy shirt that I asked you for, and that's the way it stands on the way.


Don't worry about that. That's OK. I can't believe we didn't throw this out.


I have a dark horse. I have a dark horse team that I want to throw out there because they are technically, you know, Ken Palmer has become the most popular guy in the world. Everyone is on that site. You know, it doesn't feel like 10 years ago, like, oh, I know.


Ken Pump Perdue does technically rank top 25 in offensive efficiency and defensive efficiency.


They have those two tall guys.


They basically build them in a fucking factory where it's like every year they just have a new seven footer who's lanky and frustrates everyone's. Purdue is like, I don't know. I mean, we shit on Purdue. Both of us should on Purdue a lot. But Purdue produces a great sleeper pick.


Purdue, they they I mean, you saw if you watched the Ohio State game in the Big Ten tournament, the last game that you played there down eighteen at halftime, they they don't give up the claw back into games like they they're very young and they're so young. They almost like don't understand where when you're supposed to fold, you know, like you have no chance of winning this game. So stop playing, please. Like, they're like, no, we're just going to keep playing hard and look up and maybe it'll be closing in.


Treveon Williams is awesome. He's he's a great big dude. He's they have shooters. They have they have guys that can go one on one. Ivy was great. He's he's a guy you can just throw the ball to and he's like, all right, I'll go get a bucket. And Matt Painter, it's weird because like Matt Painter for a long time was a guy that, like you didn't trust in the tournament. And it's always interesting when narratives kind of flip on their head now, like people like Matt Painter is like the second best coach behind Izzo, probably in the Big Ten, you know.


And you know what it is.


Yeah, he basically won like a half a national title by. Yeah. Playing Virginia the toughest when they won a national title.


They have that banner actually Macchiarini that says we played Virginia the toughest that. No, that's all that seriously counts. Like, I think that no, like Paul Ryan was like I feel like people started respecting Bo Ryan when he played that Sean Maye U.N. team in the Elite eight. Right. Better than anyone else. And everyone's like, oh, Paul Ryan.


So like a close loss can do something for your for your street cred.


I also think he's got sweaty over the years. Yeah.


Matt Painter used to be like a top five college basketball SWAT guy, like the old school Gary Williams type. And now somehow I don't know if I don't want to say it's like a Prince Andrew said, but he stopped sweating. He doesn't sweat anymore. And you look more presentable. And people, I think, put more effort in you.


He also we should make it the note that the whole tournament's taking place in Indiana. So I don't know what kind of advantage Purdue's going to have there. You have to think that the fans, whatever fans they allow the building for, is going to tip the scales in their favor. They got they got they're going to probably play Baylor in the Sweet Sixteen. As you said, Dad, Baylor has been a dominant team for most of the season. But since they've come back, their defense hasn't been awesome.


So who knows what that's going to look like a a good pick for who's a good sleeper pick.


I think it's also we're at the point now. We're taping this on Tuesday. But we you basically spend all week just trying to find like what's the team? And you just outthink yourself. It's like going back to the Gonzaga pick. Like, you don't have to find some crazy upset. Maybe it's just Gonzaga is really good. Maybe the Big Ten is really, really good, which I have my doubts as well. But like, sometimes, you know, it's a weird season, but you just go with what the teams that have been consistent all year.


Yeah, Alabama. We didn't talk too much about Alabama. And I said UConn. UConn has a chance to get to Alabama and I like UConn all that. But Alabama is good enough to win a national title. And I you know, I think Alabama fans know that. But they have the formulas. Well, they shoot basically nothing but the reason, layups and they play unbelievable defense. And you add all that up and that's pretty good, too.


So I wanted to shout out Alabama. I didn't I didn't talk about them enough, but I think that's it. I think I think we hit the national champion somewhere in there. I think they threw a wide net. I think we're talking about almost every team, Arkansas.


I think we could clip it up with all those other teams at our next. We can at least find the one clip we like. I like this team. We tweet that out. We say suck it haters. Yeah.


You know, I would like to see that a team that wins actually, like take a clip of us talking about it and be like, thank you. Pardon my take in. Yeah, that's right. You inspire. Thank you for believing in us. Yes.


Yeah. Arkansas we got to say Arkansas, Arkansas, Arkansas. Just so they're my sleeper team. Yeah. And also Kansas. Let's just say the name Texas.


I truly believe in West Virginia.


Yeah. Oklahoma State. You know, Texas Tech. We're not even going to say do not be shocked.


Do not be shocked if Syracuse puts it all together and wins a few games, makes the weekend. Yeah.


I think, I think BYU can do it. Yeah, totally. I've long been a believer in and Coach Izzo as well. BYU has one of the old Purdue guys, Matt Haarms.


That's right. And they just rescheduled them so they don't have to play a game on Sunday. That's huge. That's momentum. I don't I don't think BYU I don't think Big Hearts and BYU has that guy who is fucking annoying as shit is going to make it into BYU.


Yeah, fuck. I forgot what we're doing. I literally just got by by big Purdue guys and I couldn't I couldn't stick to the script.


I think Georgetown, you know, they got they got the pedigree.


Yeah, that's right. They're hot, right. Oh, all right. Well, hey, before I go, Billy, I want to shout shout out, Billy, I know this is old news. Your guys is world, but I for for kickin Hoess ass. I bought the fight. I watched the whole fight all ten seconds of it. And I don't know, I want to admit that I bought the fight just to watch Billy die.


I just want to do my words and sit my capability and say, well this is perfect because Billy and Drew Billy form just walked out of the room and so good. So we're going to cut this part out. So he actually does. He won't listen. Yeah, this is all this idea. When Billy gets a genuine compliment, he's not here to receive it.


I literally only bought the fight because of Billy. Like, I just wanted to see whether he died.


I was like, I'm curious to see if this kid can go at all that I love it.


It's like his dad turning back over to you. But I love you, son. Oh, I cried anyway. All right.


Well, thank you, Mark. We appreciate it. Tyson. Take a listen to it. They go into depth about everything in college basketball. Great time to listen. They do everything. So you guys.


I want to. I wanted to. I wanted to play something else before I go. I'm hosting this three x three tournament at the at the at the final four. And I'm not doing this because I want to plug it just because, like, I generally think it's awesome and it's fun and I think people should watch it. So you've gone and you've seen it.


Yeah, it's fun. Yes. All people do is Jack Threes or try to dunk on each other. And I'm hosting that again this year. And they I don't know. I want to I want to play like that because I think people would enjoy watching that. So there you go. That's coming up in a few minutes.


One last time to see your favorite college players. Even happens in two years. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So it is a good time. Yeah. Anyway, all right. You guys are the best. Thanks for having me, Brad Stevens. You make it happen.


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Check out get five percent off your order at three chai dotcom. I'm not a drug guy, but I am a three chai guy.


OK, let's wrap up the show. We got fake news. I misspoke at the beginning. I said guys on chicks. Let's just pretend these are all from girls. Yeah, let's pretend these all girls. I also like the idea. Sometimes when we do something in the show, we say we're going to do this today and then we just don't do it. And and it just I imagine there's just one guy who's listening who's super high and just sits there staring at his phone, like he said, guys on chicks.


And there's no guys.


Those are the lost tapes. He like tries to fast forward to the evening. And actually, like studies have shown that if you make a list of stuff to do at the beginning of your day, it's better for you even if you don't do all. So, yeah, we might say that we're going to do stuff some time. That's just for our own mental health.




OK, Hank, why is big cat so bad at gambling and when is he going to talk himself into Wisconsin making a run only to get crushed?


OK, first, I'll do the second question first.


I have talked myself into Wisconsin making it run. I actually did that this more taping this on Tuesday night. I did that this morning. I said to myself, you know what Roy Williams like, he's not a good coach. They're going to fucking turn the ball over. They're going to they're going to win. They're hit the jump shots. So I've done that. Yeah, I'm bad at gambling. What do you want me to say? Everyone's back gambling.


You're supposed to do it for entertainment. One 800 game. If you have a problem. I don't know how you know. I'll say this about Cat. He's he's bad at gambling. Yeah. You know, some people out there like Big Cat really stinks of gambling. You know what? They're right. But he's responsible.


He at gambling. Yeah. And I very I never give up. You are the worst responsible gambler that I know. I'm fine with that.


I here's the thing. I think it's. Way worse to be bad at gambling and pretend you're good. That's like a terrible person.


Maybe then I just tell it how it is, like maybe every every once in a while get hot and I'll tell you, I'm hot. But we all know where this is going to end up. It's going to be me losing. But guess what? I have fun. I enjoy it. It's my number one hobby in life. I love it. I'll never stop doing it. I fucking love it. That's it. I would say the gambling telling people your records, it's a lot like height, size.


So even if a guy can be six foot seven and the program always say six, eight or six, nine on it, if a guy is like the guys you gotta watch out for are the ones who are like five foot eight. And then they tell everybody that the five foot ten is like, that's a red flag. Now, you, on the other hand, you're like, yeah, if I were to extrapolate to height, you're like, I'm five eight.


But in reality you're five seven. Right. Which is more like four left. Yeah.


I also just as a as a clue to everyone because I do think people like well sometimes they go, oh, I found this guy is really hot. The people are really good at gambling, they don't talk about it, they don't exist out in the open.


So I just know that when you get into it, if you're telling my picks, I'm not good and at least I'm honest about that.


Have you considered moving the studio to another location, i.e. Miami or another spot where the cost of living is so ridiculously high?


I know there's a lot going on at the main studio in New York City as far as content put them, but the pandemic has shown you guys can still be content regardless.


Could be cool to have a secondary location somewhere warm, maybe in I dunno, maybe in Scituate, Massachusetts.


You wrote that movie Moving Cold there.


So the answer is yes. In fact, I was just having this conversation the other day where if we if we were smart, Miami would be at the start of the current situation this year would have been perfect for us to just not be in New York City for like an entire calendar year. But we were like, who knows? Like, we didn't know that we were going to be out of the office until August or September, however long it was.


So, yes, I think about it every single day in my life. I also have a child.


Yes. So I can't just, like, get sex covid thing like, hey, let's just go to Miami and throw out would be tough.


Well we could you could Skype in to me and Hank. OK, got it. Got it. Thank you.


Why and how did Big Cat start clapping.


We get every show interview that was actually rundown. Yeah.


Because Hank used to make me clap on the run down and then I for some reason in my head it's like Pavlov's dogs where I can't start taping anything until I clap. And it's Hank told me he broke my heart like three years ago is like, you don't need to do that. But I still do it right. Sometimes they'll come out with the slate. If we're filming something, they'll slate it and then the guy will walk off and I'll clap.


Right. I'll fucking steal his job.


Yeah, that was it was A-Rod Corp. Things like we do the slate. I think they were good. And then New York. All right. Through to unclad.


Yeah. I just, I have to clap. I don't know. Something's wrong with me. Hey guys. Hope his foot is all better.


What's the worst injury anyone on the show has suffered in the pursuit of content in the pursuit of content buckles set them.


I think Leon was coming to work when he broke his foot. Yeah.


Allegedly he got hit by a car. He yeah, he ran. I think Liam ran into the car. I think the car hit him. See the car? Yeah.


They almost died in the ring. Thank God he survived.


True. Yeah. I've it's actually really tough when you get a paper cut and you have to blog and you have to type. That's happened to me a few times.


I did break a rib demolition derby back in the day. What's. Yeah, you did. Yes I did. I had a fucking broken rib. That's why I'm a rib expert bro.


I don't remember that. I remember that because that broken rib I broke might have been very badly bruised. I remember we like in California. You tap me. Yeah. That no, no. He broke my balls. That was not California. That was indeed. That's how they found this was on the beach. I tried to do the worm on the beach and I broke my arm.


Did you hurt yourself very badly? I broke no. I literally I went to the hospital. Yes, the x rayed me. I actually had a fractured rib trying to do the worm on the beach because I didn't know Jesus. I had never done the worm before. So I was like, fuck, it looks easy. I'll try. I didn't know that you land like on your legs and then you ease your way down to your chest. I just did a swan dove.


Yeah. Into the hard sand, I think. Probably the only person that's broken rib doing yoga. Yeah. Yeah, probably some fellows. Question for Pat. Is your vision fucked up from wearing sunglasses all the time.


Yeah, absolutely. 100 percent. That's and I can blame everything wrong that I do my a bad vision too. So like if I suck at war zone. Yeah. My eyes suck because they're shielded from light all the time. But yeah absolutely. When I take my glasses off after a show is over, I'm pretty much walking around like a blind eye.


Do you ever worry that our ears to like I've ever I've talked to people in the industry and they're like, yeah, my ear. My hearing is shot because I've just had headphones on for I never thought of that.


But we're probably. In that regard to that, sounds like it's soft to me, that sounds like oh, all right, well then I'll need the name Scott Van Pelt. Yeah, that's soft, Scott. Scott doesn't even really wear earphones.


Well, he did used to do with hours a day. Three hours a day.


Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. I don't know. That might be. How old is he.


Which is 72. He has birthday was last week right. Yes. He was born in 1919.


Mm hmm. How did the joke of being in his 20s start. Because you're in a midlife crisis.


I'm not actually in a midlife crisis, but I don't feel like I'm 36. So when I turned 35, I was like, hey, no big deal, I'm 35. But then for some reason when I saw the six, I was just like that. That's late 30s. That's old and I don't feel old.


It started with Kevin Stefanski when we're saying he's 38 and was like, that's old. And I was like, dude, we're thirty six and like, well I don't feel 36.


Yeah, I just went from there. I feel like I'm 28. I really do. Honestly, I feel like I'm 28.


I'm going to work through 28. When you said Beach weeks ago and you're like, I can't wait to lose my credit card in a bargain. Well yeah, that's not something you should be doing at 30 Liveing. Remember living, baby. Absolutely.


Listen, you can be big negative all you want.


I'm going to be having a beach house. I won't be terrified. I'm not being negative. I'm like, I'm not putting a shirt on for the entire month. I didn't say you're going to be able to grate cheese on my belly. I didn't say anything.


I was on your team. Who did you work your successful next year when you wanted to wear a cowboy hat? I was like, do it. Say a word out that. No, no, wait. I did not say I cowboy hat. And then I said to you, I won't say a word. I did not say a single word every day when you came in the studio and then put on your cowboy hat and then took it off and then put it back, I say a fucking word.


I did not. I'm will let you work through everyone, whatever you got to work through.


Who schedules the interviews and how do you constantly have three solid interviews lined up week after week?


Jill Kelley and Peggy Wow. Hank went straight for path. We got Kelly Kelly and we do a hold takes expose on Hank. Yeah, Peggy Kelly, great guest book. It actually is the easiest part of our show are the part that's gotten easiest over the last five years because we used to book every single guest ourselves who were. And then people be like, why are these guys texting me again, especially at the start, huh?


We still do some I mean, like we.


Yeah, we still do. Are like seventy five.


Twenty five. Yeah. Can you guys do an episode or at least an extended segment where you all pretend to be slash mimic each other like big cat would be Billy.


Billy would be Jake.


Jake would be happy to get something along those lines or he did the SpongeBob table read of Breaking Bad series.


Wait, all the voices. How does it go again. Big Cat would be Billy.


Billy would be Jake. Jake would be pfft. It'd be Hank. Hank the big cat. OK, ready. Go. Hey guys.


Wait what will you. Jake. Oh God. Who are I just shoot myself but I'm going to blame it on.


Who's Billy. Who's Billy. He's Jake. Oh that was wow.


I was really mean. I run bro. Like literally like literally I was in war mode.


I suck at video games. My dog always has a boner. All right. Let's go to the next question. Wait, this is a quick way for us to all hate each other. This next question is brought to you by stool's dreams.


This is a quick way to wash down on the flavorsome. Yes, do it. Do it. Hey, big daddy cat. Squee and honk for every game. Retired NBA shooting guard Jason Terry.


This is too much information. He would sleep in his opponent shorts. Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals said that he reportedly likes to try and have sex before and after every game. Jason Giambi used to try and break hitting songs by wearing a golden thong to games. What pre-IPO show rituals do you all have that Edwards may not be aware of? The cookie?


We slap each other in the face like Marshall Henderson and then stay in the hallway and just hit me harder right as we finish. So we finish it. It varies because sometimes when it's like super late, we won't do it. But we all get together. We just do one quick kiss right in the middle. So it's like a six. It's gotten harder because it's six of us now. So it's just a quick one. And then we kiss and we say, see you guys tomorrow.


Yeah, later, buddies.


We used to play light as a feather, stiff as a board before the show. So that was fun. Those were the days.


Trust falls every day. We go on. Yeah, we go on a two week vacation every year together. I don't want to say the V word.


What are what's the deal with those camps? Like, how come every business in America is like, you know, what's going to make my salespeople better? I'm going to have them go take a zip line, I think.


Yes, I think it's really they just they want to give everyone it's what's the old Rome thing? Freedom.


What is the bread? And it's bread and circuses. Yeah. They basically are like you just can't beat them and fucking and throw free drinks at their ass.


Have them do a couple of games and they'll be like, wow, this job's really sick. You know, it's a great thing for your PR organizations. Just strap them into a ballet for three hours. Yeah, once a year. Last one, two parter.


What is his hair routine and will we ever cut it? And will Bechet ever have any of the potty crew babysit little cat?


They can really? Yeah. Billie maybe not.


Billie what's the order power?


Pfft. You know, Jake might be one Jake. Actually, you. Yeah, I, I don't, I don't see that's fake is one to. Hank is three, and I was thinking about Hank is definitely three. I know CPR, then there's a big drop off. So to Bubba who still can't stop getting hit by cars, then there's a huge drop off to Billy.


I'm the only one who could save his. You could have my son getting fucked by a chicken in like 20 minutes. True or false character building.


Yeah, right. Yeah, exactly. What was the other part? My hair routine. And will you ever cut it. I will cut it. I need to.


So I've actually fallen into a little bit of a rut here because it used to be when Danny Woodhead wins the Super Bowl, I'll cut the hair. But then Danny is unfortunately, sadly no longer in the NFL. And I've been searching for the next Danny Danny said Quenton Nelson. But that didn't really catch on for me because I want to.


But I'm not a big kid. I got it. I got it. I got USA wins World Cup. Ryan Fitzpatrick starts a playoff game. No, no, that's wins a playoff.


No playoff, no wins wins a playoff. If he's ever been to the playoffs, it's Ryan Fitzpatrick wins a playoff game. I will cut my hair short like shoulder sharbel.


No, you can do shoulder ear look. Yeah, lower than it would be weird if you wouldn't like actual like fun. Yeah.


Like shoulder, shoulder and my hair care which is like I watch it every couple of days. Yeah. Shoulder. Yeah that's about it.


I like that Ryan Fitzpatrick wins a playoff, a playoff game for the football team. No, I think it's, I think it's, I think it probably is last year. Yeah. But you get it forever right. Never say never with Ryan. I'll say it with my chest. When Ryan Fitzpatrick wins a playoff game, I will cut my hair. I love it. I love it. Now we're all right.


Well, actually, no. I kind of like your long hair, though.


I don't know. Is that weird to say? No, we like your hair brown.


We have a look together. Yeah, I like your hair. You're an antifa and I look like I'm at Woodstock and Hank never shave his beard again.


Thanks, Sinnett.


Seahorses are the only fish with me at ninety nine. Hey, hey. Depending on what you think about, he said I had to keep like at fifty five and still I get one hundred. I love that qualification because I do think about eels a lot.


Oh it's like the I'm never not like the body starting. It's like if a dog wore pants like if you were to cut off in Isla's head on a guillotine where would it go to things I think about the most in life or Lou Daughton Eels. Love you guys, I.


Jan, I don't know what. Jake stopped by to pay the fines you got away. Be. Oh. Say about yourself right away. Don. Just the way the is always. All the things I've got to go. Well. Donna.