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Now on today's part of my take, very special guest. It is Troops, the most electric football fan, not our football, not real football, soccer fan, new colleague at barstool sports. You've probably seen him on streams. He's a wild, wild ride. We talk some footy with him. We talk Arsenal. We have who's back of the week. We're talking a little it's finally March. So we're going to talk a little college basketball. We have some football news as well.


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Today is Monday, March 1st, Ezo 1st. This is March. Yeah, January, February, Izzo, April. We sleep in March.


I still never made sense to me because like you have, the final four is always in April. Yeah. So it's like OK, so ISOs great for the first two rounds.


No, that's actually exactly the point. But he does go to Final Fours. So this is March. We're finally here. It's great to be here. I'm looking most looking forward to everyone doing the. Wow. I can't believe a year ago today was when we found out about coronavirus. Those are going to be fun flashbacks.


Yeah, they're already starting. Well, now is like the time of year when I think this is probably the one year anniversary of big cats saying that he would inject himself those a little later. It was a little later once things started to bubble up. Yeah, I think about this time last year I was in Vegas. Yeah. And somebody on the elevator there, actually, a Chinese family that was visiting on vacation and they started coughing on the elevator.


And the guy was like, sorry, I've coronavirus. I thought it was hilarious at the time. Turns out I probably should have taken that as maybe he wasn't joking. Yeah, maybe that was serious. Wait, you just did the thing I was saying that people are going to start doing. Yeah, no, I'm starting to play. OK, how many people are it's going to be miserable.


It's also going to be horrible to go through this.


It's the one year anniversary of Tiger King. Yes. Yes. Well, yeah, that was so that's a little bit later.


But yes, exactly. So we're going to do the whole thing of, oh my God, this is the day that I found out, like, oh, this is when we were in quarantine. Shut up. This is real.


March. We got March Madness, yet we're ready to go.


I'm dude, I'm very excited. I've started to get back into college basketball, spent all Saturday watching it. And that was the time of year, like late February. What I like to do is if you start watching college basketball in March, yes, you're way behind the times. I started like two days, early nights. So I technically did it in February, got really into it. The Baylor, Kansas game was, listen, you should have seen that coming.


Senior night. Senior night is just it's a mushroom in Mario Kart. Whenever you're playing a team, that's better than you. Senior night is like, you know, Perry Ellis is getting trotted out there. I don't know.


Kids have been playing really well recently. They've they've completely I mean, Bill Self, this is Bill Self in Kansas. They are a cockroach. They just never die. Every year that you think Kansas is down, they're going to somehow just win the big twelve tournament. And that's what they do every single time. And they figure out a way. Jake, would you like to do a debate real quick? Sure. That's thirty eight straight senior night wins for Kansas.


There it is. Thirty eight straight. There it is.


I think Michigan should be number one. They're the best in the overall.


Yes, they're the best team in the country.


I think I saw three. I think people can agree with you and you shouldn't get back.


You don't want to embrace now being you know, I'm down the middle. I mean, when the debate.


Yeah, Michigan is the best team in the country they've done has been insanely impressive. What the that that game against Indiana, I bet on Indiana.


People were counting on me. I have no I would do that a million times out of a million times. Michigan playing beating Ohio State, then beating Iowa, having a game against a very bad Indiana team who might be firing Archie Miller soon. Brad Stevens. Hank, we'll talk about that a little bit. And then a game against Illinois on Tuesday. It was the classic letdown spot. But Michigan is that good. Like, they are just killing people.


And I'm going to do a little shout out to the Michigan fans. What they do to the final score tweets is so fucking funny.


I don't know if you guys saw it on on Howard means, right? Yeah. On Thurso. So Michigan fans have been just every time a teams post the final score within, I don't know, maybe ten minutes, there's 500 replies and it's just all Michigan fan Meems. On Thursday night, they beat Iowa and Iowa, refused to post the final score for like two hours. It was a stand, a stand off I liked. And finally I would post the final score and they were like, sorry, we were checking on a couple of injuries.


Here's the final score. I like the social media. You know, manager is the one who's actually looking at everyone's needs. Yeah. You know what they should do? They should just do the thing where you can select is an option that only people you mentioned are people that follow. You can reply to the tweet. Yeah. And then really shut them down.


Well, that's Wisconsin did that when they lost to Illinois yesterday, which I think that's you have to it's coward's way out. You have to post the final score. But shout out Michigan. And for that, I'm sure this will now become a trend for everyone and it will end up sucking eventually, but right now it's very funny to watch. And they're the best team in the country, Jake. They are the best team in the country.


I think Hunter Dickinson is something in the entire country. And I'm only saying that because he's an AWOL.


There we go. Yes. So, I mean, who else like Baylor obviously lost. That was the big story. The weekend Gonzaga is number one will stay number one. They're undefeated. Any other big stories that we need to be looking at, Jake, right now, I think we have three established number one seeds, that fourth number one seed.


I think if you're a baseball team and you want you want to be in that fourth region. Right. Because there's such a heavy drop off after the three best teams right now is if you're in that fourth region, anything could happen. It could be Illinois, Ohio State, Villanova.


They're actually losing to Butler by ten at the half right now. So, yeah, I think if you're waiting on selection Sunday, if you're in that fourth region, your chances get to the final four are much better.


How about how about Roy Williams getting career victory number nine? Yeah, that that's a dadgum lot of wins.


You know, that means he was wearing some cool shoes letdown game against Syracuse tonight also. Yes. To celebrate. That was a great second half for them.


And he did do the the the humble brag of starting the press conference and being like, what's his name for state coach Leonard Hamilton. It said Leonard Hamilton should be a Hall of Famer.


Like, OK, we know this is about that's classy. He's making fun of Coach K. This is in full. It is all. Yes. Disclosure of Coach K did that. We would make fun, but that's such like an old basketball coach move is to like every time the spotlight is on you intentionally use that to put the spotlight on somebody else. So people talk more about how the spotlight should be on you.


All that big storyline. James Madison Duke's the number one seed in the CIA, but they lost their best player from Duke's here.


It's Duke. Sure. What if what if Jim, you made the NCAA tournament and Duke did it, then they become they become the actual Duke.


Yeah, it's very possible. Hank, how are you feeling about that Louisville state?


Yeah, I mean, it's going to be dicey for us to get how it is. I have confidence. I don't think I don't march. And this is when we thrive.


I don't think Coach K will accept. Stand by. You know, be on the standby list. I don't think he will. We talked about now, but if they it's kind of a..


There's a great opportunity there. But I don't think coach makes noise. I think that's a total slap in the face. He'll see that as a slap in the face and he'll do a big press conference and be like, I want my kids to be safe. I'm not going to have them stand by and hope they can play.


It would be fucking hilarious if Duke was in one of the first four games. Yeah. That they should do that.


You can see that the other day. It's very possible. That would be great. And Coach K and Izzo might both agree to like not even play the game.


Yeah. Michigan, it's been been hot. They've been playing really well. Yeah. Huge game today against Maryland.


Yeah. We're taking this before that. Right. But change. Yeah it's exciting. It's March. It's the best. It is.


It is March and it's, it's the one and a quarter year anniversary. Part of my take, our first show was February 29th that we recorded in 2016.


So yeah, we've been doing it for five years. That's a that's a kid going to kindergarten. Our baby's going to kindergarten.


My phone keeps sending me like updates like flashback memories of things in the past. We both looked so different five years ago. It's insane. I mean, skinnier. Yeah. Just like they just healthier. We both have both had, like, a young naive to us. Yes.


It's I mean, Billy's not here because Billy, you know what? I'm not I'm would be nice to Billy this week. I'm not going to say that Billy just didn't listen to the text messages saying when we were going to record today and then woke up this morning was like, hey, guys, sorry, I can't be there. I was partying all weekend.


I'm not going to say that. I'm going to say, Billy, just not here. That's big of you. That was big of me. Right?


I decided I'm going to be nice to Billy. So everything. Oh, don't be mean. Listen, sometimes he does things that they warrant it, but I'm not going to I'm not going to point those out. Billy's like just not doing his job. He had some projects, three shows a week.


The it's a lot. It's a lot.


Two out of three is not that I am going to Billy getting sponsorships. Are you guys at all walk to that. What do you mean.


So he had the he had hours walk since he started getting like 300 packs of supplements sent to his desk. Oh yeah. And the pounds of rabbit. Yeah. Yeah. Bunch of dude wipes and then he walks by Elmer FUD, he wore the pants that they were super wrinkled. And the next thing you know, our great sponsor Bugsy Jeans stepped up and bought him like a whole new wardrobe and then his mattress gets eaten by his dog.


Oh, weird. We have a new mattress sponsor coming soon, huh? That makes yeah.


That is where he's going to be like, man, I've been coming way too quick recently and if there's anything that can help me, I've been super sober and I really would like a nice cold beer.


And then when I get when I get on sober, I get hung over. Is there anything you can do to deal with that?


I did watch him go to his car on Friday with with just like three twelve packs, of course, light. He sure he does treat the beer here like it is just free beer for anyone who wants to take home.


So he had those twelve packs on the. Which is in the lobby, and I walked past him and he had his rabbit in one hand and he was standing next to all the beer and his lift had shown up. And he was he was like talking to me, like thinking like he was going to make his way towards the door. Once I walked away, I was like, why are you waiting to leave if you're lives here? And he's like, no reason, no reason at all.


It's because he wanted to pick up those cases of beer and walk out, but he didn't want me to see him taking beer for free. Right. It's like, Billy, there's like there's you don't have to be ashamed of being you because my personal preconceived thoughts of you are way worse than anything that you could actually in front of my. Correct. Correct. But yeah. So he's not here.


Let's talk a little football, though. So I have a couple couple of things from the weekend. One is I'm officially done with the JJ Watt jokes of like deciphering his pictures and being I think I saw one that was like, JJ, what is chilling? Chilling start to see. He's going to the Bears. Chicago Bears.




Those those jokes you've got to you've got to do some actual, like, slithery on it on. Yeah. On Friday I think he put up the picture of him doing front squats and I saw there was 315 pounds and I was like, that's western New York area code. Right. That could be a code. But I. But then once you get into. Yeah. You just start digging a little too deep. It's it's been done. It's been done.


So the JJ Watt free agency, though, everyone wants to know where he's going, even though Warren Sapp, do you see Warren Sapp little little little shot across the bow.


He called the Majak today a jagoff. No, Jack, just another guy. Oh, really? Yeah. He's like, who cares? To Jacksonville confirmed. He said just another guy. So Warren Sapp thinks that it's not that important.


So I, I think JJ is enjoying this. I think he's obviously enjoying the fact that people like he's trying to drive cryptic hints like he's like in the summer six now he's a Zodiac killer. Yeah. He's like, really love and people analyzing his shit. But the fact is, like, there is a team out there that's offering him sixteen million dollars a year. And if he doesn't if he doesn't choose that kind of more, I would just take the six million from Cleveland and call it a day.


Right. And be a hero because Cleveland does you know, we discussed it when he became a free agent like that is the franchise you can go to that will embrace him, that you have the chance to possibly win some playoff games that would be like you're the history there. I think that in Buffalo. Yeah. That in Buffalo it becomes something bigger. Yeah.


You become you know, if you're the final piece to bringing a Super Bowl to one of those two franchises, it's a totally different level than signing no offense with the Titans, more with the Packers or with the. You know what I mean. Yeah. So I hopefully does that. All right. And then the other news, Drew Brees is officially holding the city of New Orleans hostage. So Drew Brees, there's a video of Drew Brees working out and he has yet to retire.


And then on the other side, you have the mayor of New Orleans trying to woo Russell Wilson to the Saints and everyone on the Saints. You know, Saints fans being like, could you imagine if we had Russell Wilson? And I'm starting to think there might be a chance Drew Brees like, you know what, fuck it, I'm coming back for another year.


He's mad because, like, Russell Wilson gets all the comparisons to Drew Brees. Right, as being like one of the other shorter guys. And so, yeah, he's jealous. Drew Brees is absolutely jealous of this. And the video came out of him. He was doing Crosthwaite. Drew Brees being a cross. That guy is the most obvious thing ever.


Well, Sean Payton, Sean Payton, Sean Sean Payton did it and got everyone injured.


Yeah, but Jesus was a cross fit guy. Drew Brees is a cross fit guy, which would actually be a pretty good workout to just like take yourself to a wall for three days. Hank, did it look into it? Yeah. But yeah, he was pushing this sled up a hill and he's got here now. He just like he regrew hair, which actually tells me that he's going to TV. Going to TV. Jason with Jason Witten.


Brian Urlacher did that after he retired, but he seemed to be staying in pretty good shape, like he set a record for his gym when he was doing that sled push.


Got that car Ravich going, yeah, yeah, yeah, that Karl. So I think he is jealous of Russell Wilson of the bus, but he wants to come back.


Maybe this is a very good way for like if Drew Brees comes back, I think he actually will lose the city, New Orleans. I think Saints fans are finally like, please, dude, enough is enough. We have a window here. Do not come back. And but if he if he wants to come back, he probably is allowed to write.


You can't say no to Drew Brees. Yeah. It's like Big Ben. Like Big Ben. The money you have to pay him a lot. But you can't say no to a legend like that.


Yeah, it'd be very selfish of Drew if he came back. But like, there's nothing that you could do to stop it. You just be like, OK, I guess we'll do another year of this. But when he walked off the field for the last time in that playoff game and you remember the look that he gave, he turned around, looked at the field, and then he went back out there with his kids and Tom Brady. Yeah.


And they were like Tom Brady throwing passes. And I was like, damn, that's much better pass. And I. Throw it to my own son, and if you if you go back on all that, because we had our Drew Brees heartwarming moment right at the end of that, right. If you take all that away, then I think people in New Orleans, they'll start to they'll be like, come on, man, like we have to let you back.


But please don't yet know.


He I think there's also the element of a month and a half after the season ends.


His body probably feels great. And he's saying to himself, I could still do this. Yeah.


Both my completion percentage last year.


Oh, I was still, you know, sixty five percent on on er you know, two, two, two or three yard passes.


Yeah. All I could do this and his ribs are just starting to get healthy now. Now. But if you're Drew Brees like why are you doing cross fit if your thorax is 70 percent still shattered, like just overhead lifts and stuff that's competitive guy.


I also love the almost the postmortem the post mostly like dissection of Russell Wilson's comments about like, OK, I don't want to trade, but if I do want to trade these teams because people are starting to like dig in a little bit in Seattle and figure out exactly why Russell Wilson is upset and more and more is coming about coming out about the nepotism with Pete Carroll and his sons. I actually think that Pete Carroll is I think I've said this on the show before, but I think Pete Carroll isn't as great of a coach as people sometimes give him credit for.


He's good at managing personalities. Right. But he's not like an X's and O's genius. Yeah. And I would rather keep Russell Wilson than Pete Carroll if I was in charge of the Seahawks, especially because I don't think that's even a question.


He is seventy.


Yeah, no, I don't think that's even a question. If Russell Wilson went to the Seahawks, ownership was like, hey, it's me or Pete. They would absolutely fire in a second. Yeah. You see, the problem is you have to ask yourself, you the Seahawks owner, is Russell Wilson going to say that? And then in a year be like, well, I won out it.


Yeah, but it's very funny also hearing Russell Wilson be like, I don't like the nepotism factor. Could you please trade me to a franchise that's got Deuce Gruden on the staff or a franchise that has Stephen Jones calling the shots?


Yeah, I it will be interesting to see how this all plays out because both the Texans and the Seahawks would be stupid to trade their franchise quarterbacks. But if they really want to push it, I think it was I think we're still made the point, which is a good point, that the quarterbacks in the NFL, like we're starting to see, similar to, you know, all stars or top ten guys in the NBA being able to especially essentially dictate where they go even while under contract.


That's now happening with quarterbacks in the NFL. And we're kind of just getting to that point where people are starting to realize it because think about it, this really hasn't.


You have Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson, two guys who are franchise quarterbacks who are have you know, maybe maybe you want to say seven years for Russell Wilson.


But John Watson has a decade left in the in the prime of their careers, essentially saying, get me out of here. I want a new place and it can happen. Now, this is totally different than than what we've seen in the NFL twenty years ago. It's it's a completely different the players starting to get more power, especially at the quarterback position.


I think that there are still like a lot of older owners in the NFL that are going to be very reluctant to do it. Just depends. I actually think that the Texans might not trade. They'll just like let Deshaun Watson sit out.


And I think that, yeah, there could be a chance to show off that sits out. Right. There would be stupid if he if if he actually is going to sit out, like, imagine if Deshaun Watson is just like, you know what, I've made enough money. I'll just Andrew luck this.


Yeah. But I think that Jack Easterbrook is going to not handle that situation. Well, yeah.


It's all it's all very fascinating. It's also pretty pathetic to I mean, I know I feel pathetic how much I would give up for either of those two guys and watching, you know, all the fan bases that need a quarterback very badly. Just beg and plead. But I don't care. There's no shame in that.


Dude, I would straight up as a Washington football team fan, I would change the name for Russell Wilson. Yeah, the Washington Nielson's.


I'd give Pinky whatever you want to watch Watson to read.


I also am a little nervous that Russell Wilson doesn't realize that the Bears facility is not in downtown Chicago. Like I think he doesn't fully realize that. So he I'm just I'm that's my only nervous.


Like, I think he wants a big market. Obviously, he wants he thinks that the stadium is in the loop. Right.


And so part of me is like, man, once he figures this out and he realizes he's going to be living in Lake Forest, is he really? And cars can be like, oh, shit, it's pretty cold here.


There's not as much natural beauty as there is in Seattle. There are boaters, though, so beautiful but loves the boaters. But yeah, I'm a little nervous about that. I'm just hoping that we can just keep that under wraps until potentially a trade happens. And then there was also the news that the Bears now might just have Nick Foles be the quarterback, which I've already done the process of just selling myself back into that. That is like, well, if so, if he's got a full season.


And maybe training camp Snapp's, that is that is a tough sell because work, it's not going to work, it's going to be a disaster. Anything else over the weekend? We're taping this before Brooks plays. So Brooks plays and wins will play Brooks winning in here.


If we didn't jinx that, there is a story that's developing in D.C. with Dan Snyder and Jeff Bezos, which we addressed a little bit last week. But it's actually it sounds like it's going to go to court. And it sounds like what Snyder is accusing Jeff Bezos of is like it's some billions type shit like he Snider's saying that Bezos paid to have a story planted on this Indian website, saying that Snyder was riding on Jeffrey Epstein's plane in order to get him to sell the team.


And now there's about to be report coming out that's apparently independently done about Snyder and all the bad stuff that he's done it seriously, like billionaires having Dick measuring contest against each other.


Bezos has the biggest dick, though. Well, so it's actually.


It's an indictment on American society that Bezos doesn't already own the Washington football. Right. Because if this were Russia, could you imagine the richest person in Russia wanting a soccer team and not being able to get it from like the fiftieth richest person in Russia? No, no. It would happen like immediately. This is why we keep getting our asses kicked in Olympic powerlifting by these Eastern European and in Russian countries.


So what what's going to end up happening? They're going to go to court and just no one's going to even care and it's going to dance that is going to keep the team. What's your best case scenario? Best case scenario?


I mean, I would I would welcome Jeff Bezos with open arms just because he's not Dan Snyder. Right? I'm not like anybody but Snyder right now.


I mean, he and he would potentially spend a shitload of money because he's got nothing but money to spend. Yeah, that's it is hilarious when a super, super rich guy just wants to buy a team out of boredom.


There's no investment or anything. Steve Ballmer, he's like, I just really want to have I want to have courtside seats and I want to be able to be friends with some of the players.


Yeah, but can you imagine being a bit. Yeah, I know. I'm this let's say you were a billionaire. Call my own place. Can you imagine not owning a professional sports team?


I would call my what what is the doing in becoming the richest person in the world if you can't buy whatever you want?


Yeah, I'd be I'd be I'd be the GM. I would. I would. I would be Jerry Jones. I'd be Jerry Jones. I'd hold a press conference before my coach held a press conference. After every single game I do it all.


I would lurk on the sidelines in a trench coat like Arthur Blank. Yeah, this it would be so much fun. I would probably fucking do. What I would do is if we were winning a game late, I'd like I would come down from the rafters like Sting and be like smoking a victory cigar. Yeah. And everyone would be cheering for me.


Incredible. Landing a helicopter at midfield after the game was over. Yeah. Oh yeah.


Oh it would be, it would be a joke. It's actually it sucks that mostly losers end up buying these guys like Bezos will do will. We'll spend money but he won't do this cool stuff we're talking about. No, that's why we actually in a weird way, we give Jerry Jones so much shit, but he really does own the team how like the majority of people would do a new medaling at all times. Yeah. Thinking that you're smarter than everyone running your franchise into the ground because your own oversize ego like these are the things that are relatable.


That's exactly what I would do. Yeah, it does suck when they're boring. It's like on Titanic when you had the new money, Kathy Bates and then all the old money. Yeah. You want Kathy Bates running your team. You don't want all these pretentious people who know how to act with money and like that's not fun.


Yeah. And they're just got old timey, you know, etiquette and all this bullshit.


No, I want a guy who will go to the bargaining table and talk about chickens, fucking owls.


Yes. And it's also disgusting that billionaires own their own fucking stadiums and the only sports teams and they still charge like ten dollars for a beer. If I were an NFL owner, I'd be like, I don't give a beer night. I don't give a shit about making more money. I've already I literally have a football team. What's the point of having any more money? Yes, it's free beer.


Yes, HANK Well, that's why you're not a billionaire. Yeah, no.


I mean, obviously everything we just said is why we're not billionaires. Well, we have the dumbest. I do own Alex.


I have an Alex Caruso chase down block in F.T..


This is this bubble's going that could be painful for one day.


The top shot bubble ish Smith, which someone says that someone gets a value shot. Oh, maybe a little. Hank, where are you out on it?


I am at the like, you know, just stick my feet in and I don't know, admit that I'm wrong and just hope that I end up being right over time. But I think I made a terrible mistake. But I think I might. I might I'm not, like, exotic Joe.


I'm never going to financially, you know, here's where I land on top shot, where I hope other people will pull in on it is hold the line.


Don't don't put in, like, money that you ever expect back. Have fun with it. But let's not. Pretend that this is going to be your retirement account. How much have you invested in? A couple of grand. OK. All right. You got an hands paper in my eyes, like a negative 60 percent.


And the bubble hasn't even burst. Yeah, but once once Tocal Falls takes off, I have a Marcus Smart lab that's going to be worth a lot. Julius Randle, it's his first all star season.


So bighead I actually think that the money launderers finding top shot is a great thing. Yeah, it's perfect because like now that's injecting a whole new level of cash into it where you have like once El Chapo figures out that you can buy like a Matthew Dellavedova assist for five thousand dollars and get back three thousand on that return, like that's going to be a good day for everybody.


Should they did this weekend was insane. What they did another drop and it wasn't like a limited amount. Anyone could get one but like you have I got no seventy nine thousand for example. And you had to sit there and wait in line.


Once you get the chance to purchase it, they they're like you. You're basically reserving your spot in line to purchase it in the future. So it's like you're paying money behind and getting the cards until like a few weeks.


Oh no it is Adam Silver just creating money out of thin air, just his own currency. All right. Well well, you know, hold the line. I have a bunch of those of Porter mid range jumpers, which that was the most disappointing part when people started gifting me Otto Porter shots. And then I watched it. And it was the it was the most underwhelming highlight of all time. It was it was basically just Otto Porter rolling off of a pick and then hitting a mid-range jumper in the middle of the third quarter in a game in like January.


That's that's that's the top shot. To see how much I think that's our problem is we need better, better highlight.


I'm going to see how much my Caruso top shot is worth right now. It's stand by.


All right. Well, you look at that. Let's do who's back of the week, who's back a week is brought to you by Kashyap.


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So it's never a good sign when you see that you paid five hundred thirty six dollars for it. And then the top sale out of 133 is five hundred thirty six dollars. Oh so I am, I'm quite literally the sucker at the time. No you see you said in the market. That's right. Yeah that's right. Yeah.


I wouldn't want to pay any less than that. Right. It's like it cheapens a little bit. Right.


Who's back of the week. Think I alluded to it earlier but the Knicks. Yes. Julius Randle going crazy. First time All-Star. They won a game yesterday. They were like fifth in the east. Right now they're game of the Celtics, which is like the the it's pretty crazy.


And there's a video last night of them winning and people going nuts outside the garden like they won the championship.


It was crazy. The Knicks being five was the happiest I've ever seen Knicks fan.


I mean, we've been here for five years. There's the Knicks have never even been in the conversation. There's never been any hope, any excitement, any hype around them whatsoever.


The entire time we've been in New York City, you were you were Team Giants in New York. Yeah. You wanted it for the right. We live. We live. Our officers like you can hit me with a baseball. So it'd be nice, you know, for their, like, sports podcast. You like the hype. You like, you know, big events. It's good, right?


It'd be good if, you know, they're in the playoffs and there's a lot of hype and buzz and stuff, even though, you know, there are a division rival and stuff, it's still it's good to see an actual team in New York doing something good for one.


I mean, from a personal standpoint, just for you would be cool to be able to go to a playoff game like Celtics against the Knicks just down the street.


I'm I'm actually not that surprised that they're having this type of year just because this is what he does. Right.


And he gets them all out, gets the most out of his talent always.


And he plays and in his he's still doing his X's and O's will beat some teams just off of X's and O's like he just being a better coach team can beat some of the other NBA teams that maybe they're not as talented as wasn't.


Julius Randle in our Our Fantasy League with C.J.. Yes, he was. Yeah, yeah. I think we beat him.


And now there was some violence to quell the violence. We was like at his peak, not Chris Bosh. Big J. Oh, he said at his peak is Chris Bosh. Was Chris Bosh ever as good as Julius Randle?


What was your question, Apex? Was Chris Bosh ever better than Pete Julius Randle?


The answer is now one point sixteen thousand drunk with power, which I am. I think it's I kind of agree with that. Yeah. No, no I don't. Also, the big three in Toronto, in Toronto. Yes, Boston. Oh, stop luggage, the next biggest rebound in basketball history. That's true.


Let's go go to Beijing. He literally doesn't get that rebound. The heat are eliminated in six games. Hank, your response? They brought out the yellow rope.


That was that was honestly the most heartbreaking game we've ever watched as a team. That was not my own team. I've never been more upset and like, just truly heartbroken after a loss.


That's where you were for that. It is, won't it? Is it actually tells you how bad the Knicks have been and how long it's been, because I think people are actually rooting for Knicks fans, which that's hard to do.


New York franchise, to have people on Twitter and in general be like the vibe is, hey, we want the Knicks to be good. It be more fun if the Knicks are good, because guess what? If the Knicks ever get really good, you're going to regret that. Yeah. So New York, New York will rub it in your fucking face.


The last time that they were even, like, noteworthy to talk about was like a 20 game span in 2013 when Jeremy Lin Melo took them to the playoffs. But now it's like the best moment of their last 10 years is a guy that's in the league right now.


So if he's on the Warriors. No, I'm talking about Lin. Yeah, no, I think he's on the worse. I think it's G League. Is he. He was. He was.


He's in the Orlando Black. Was he not on the worst one was the other the last year.


Oh don't.


Every team he has about every team was on the Warriors 2010.


2011. Oh he's on the Santa Cruz Warriors. Oh that's that's, that's what I mean. Yeah they. Where's the Warriors. Yeah. Yeah. Wait so that's they're doing a bubble in Orlando. Right. So he's on the he's in the Warriors organization.


Right. Got it. That's where the. OK, that makes sense. Yeah. But if the Knicks ever get really, really good, everyone's going to have to be reminded very quickly that oh yeah, those are Yankees fans.


Be very careful what you wish for, but enjoy the ride because I do think it is it would be fun for the Knicks to be good for a little bit and have a little, you know, buzz going.


And there's nothing like the Mecca. Let's just be honest, boys.


There's nothing like them in our time in New York. We've never really experienced a good team playing in that bill.


No, the best games have gone to college basketball games in the Mecca. Yeah, Florida in the morning was a great, great one.


I was there is really great. Really. Yeah. I flew in from Syracuse. That's weird. Why. Because we were two. Yeah. Boomin and now we're here. That was big cat dabbing and Sadness Raisi now. So we were in the same building.


Wow. Great. Yeah. That's where I met her. I met Jeff DLO in that building for the first time. Oh OK. Yeah a lot of, a lot of green behind the basket so you're far away from each other. OK, it's still same building. Crazy. What are the odds. That's nuts. Jake, you go with your. Who's back. Who's back. Yes. Josh Gordon. Yeah.


Yeah. For the fan control football. Right. Hopefully he can stay healthy and stay clean, make the right decisions and his career will get back on track for him.


You know what a great way to do that would be. Is teaming up to play with Johnny Manziel.


Mm hmm. Yes. Yeah. Johnny Manziel was openly recruiting him, by the way. That absolutely just sounds like they got drunk together. And Johnny was like, no, you should come play. Would be fucking awesome. Josh. He's like, you're right. It was fucking do it.


Let's ball out elite fantasy tandem back in the day. Yes, I was. It was Josh Gordon Brown. The Browns. Yeah, they were on the Browns together. But I don't think Josh Gordon's crazy run was with Baker right now. With with Johnny. Yeah. I don't know. He played way less games than we remember.


Yeah. Jonny, did you take a for Hoyer. Yeah, I remember.


He got, he had that one run I think maybe against Buffalo got jacked up but yeah.


Yeah. He's only had seven, seven touchdowns and seven interceptions as a pro. Yeah.


He played a lot less games and I think we all know. Are you planning the Canadian Football League. No, that was his NFL stats.


Seven touchdowns total throwing. All right. Fifty.


Who's your who's back my who's back. The week is mock drafts, mock drafts with trades. Mel Kiper put out a mock draft version 1.0 last week. But for the first time in the history of Mel Kiper doing mock drafts, he included trades. And it's it's kind of sad to see an old school guy update things just because it's like the way that the tides going, because he's always hated doing trades as mock drafts. But he said there are too many good quarterbacks this year and too many teams that are in a position to trade out.


So he didn't feel comfortable putting out one that didn't have trades. It's just sad. It's just sad. It's like it's like something a story is like Chick fil A not opening on Sundays and then one year Sunday is on for twenty. And they're like, you know what? We got to do it this year just to cash in. Mel Kiper should always be the old school guy who refuses to do trades and not not bowl with which whichever way the wind's blowing at any.


In time, but I guess he I guess he did it, and I do love reading the mock drafts. I love them. Yeah, I the mock drafts with trades are the best. They're absolutely ridiculous. Could you just make them up out of nowhere?


Well, and then you end up trading like picks that are in the third round and now you don't even know where you are. Yeah.


And you can just it's basically just taking you and doing a dizzy bat and having you read a bunch of names.


And you can always say that if you're not, draft doesn't turn out correctly. It's like, well, yeah, that's because the trade didn't happen for this reason. There's one domino that didn't fall. Yeah, exactly. And then you have an easy way out. Mel Kiper should always just be like, here is how the first round is going to go. And every year he gets like two. Correct. And then he just keeps having a job.


Yeah, that's that's what happens in the middle. Kuyper Industrial Complex. Yes.


All right. My who's back is me fucked up. I fucked up. I didn't realize that today was not actually daylight savings.


So my bad. It's next week. I apologize to anyone who thought that it was. Oh I set my clock forward.


Yeah. No I totally fucked that up. I can't believe I did that again. So apologies to everyone. Next week. Next Saturday.


OK, is spring forward. So now hang on, let me set my clock backwards right now and then and then I'll set a reminder to put it forward next weekend. Yes. Yes. Hey, let me just Google that to make sure that you don't screw this up again. And daylight.


My mother, whose back is just March, I'm just so fucking extend for my first day of spring training.


Yeah, there you go. Training is are they playing a full season? Yeah. 162. Oh, they are. OK, so maybe. I don't know. I don't know. Yeah.


I feel like there's you could just throw out a number. I'm like oh yeah that makes sense.


How many are there going to be this year. At least three. Oh I don't know.


I also the big story this year for baseball, which is going to be great for all the fans, is they remember the dead, the ball. So we're just going to have home runs anymore.


That's going to be sick. Who's back? Small ball.


So excited for that. And I just want to go back. I just looked it up. Daylight Savings Time is in fact, this Saturday night. Sunday morning. You're right this time.


OK, so make sure my apologies again. I fucked up. I'm sorry. I won't do that again next week. Next Saturday, we will do daylight savings. All right.


Let's get to our interview with troops. Before we do that, our friends from Jack Pocket Jack Pocket, you can start playing the lottery on your phone from the comfort of your own home.


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Troops move. All right. Back again.


We now welcome on very special guest. He's our colleague. It is troops. You can find him on Twitter. What's your Twitter troops? Troops, AFC with Z, is it? So if you haven't seen him, he is a London born Arsenal fan. Super fan. Very, very interesting. Up and comer in media world after he will get through all of it. But first, we want to congratulate you. Big win over Lt Chester today.


Let's talk light. Let's check that Chester like is spent like chess.


Listen, we've been talking about Chester City for five years now. When they had Danny Drinkwater and they were 10000 won. You probably don't remember. You just got into EPL. They were big deal.


We know how to pronounce like Chester less so. All right. So let's start with your backstory, because I actually think it's fascinating. You were just a regular fan. Yeah. And you got found by doing them being interviewed outside Arsenal's stadium. Yeah. What was the interview about? We just lost in the cup.


There's the quarterfinal and I said go on another show.


But it was a lot more urban, obviously. Also is a bit more commercial in the UK.


One because football was that football was a funny game in Italy. You don't really get people like. Me talking about football people from my kind of environment, so I was always kind of skeptical to go on it, but in that day my guy was in there, so he was that yo, go on Arsenal fan TV. I was I'm not good. He's got blood. If you don't go, I'm going to be mad. And he goes, I went.


And then literally from then the thing just the team just took off blood.


What was the original interview? What were you mad about? You just ranted, right? Yeah.


At that point it was like Wanga in Wenger out.


Now who's who's Arsene Wenger for the people who don't know, is he you wanted him out yelling at him, but so he must have sucked at the time he was kind of he didn't do well.


He isn't like historically the greatest manager of all time or anything right now.


He's he's top two for us. And you wanted him out. Yeah, because every every story has an ending. Yeah. And that story got to that end.


It was true saying get this fucking guy out of here. I think there's some truth to that, though. Like a lot of times somebody will stick around a little bit too long and you think like, OK, this guy is you know, I can't imagine the team without him because he's been coaching or managing it for this long. And some people are, like, reluctant to be the first person to be like, get him the fuck out. And you were one of the first voices that said that.


I also heard that you, like you stepped into a fight and you you helped to defend the guy that was going on one of these rants. And that's the reason that he pulled you aside. He was like, OK, I want to hear what this guy has to say, because he helped me beat up this guy that I didn't help.


And that wasn't even Robbie. That was Kenny. Ken, Kenny. Ken was doing the interview, great name.


And then he come off and then one of the winger ends, tried to attack him. It was Matt Rosenblatt, Wenger, and we went out. So obviously I'm going out right now.


I've seen the EC that we used to call them ICBM's. Orson knows best because that's what they say. Orson knows best AKB ever follow Hossan.


Obviously they called us the WAPs, Wenger, our brigade. OK, it was like Akabi versus the WAPs worldwide.


So you don't follow.


Like what I just said the joke. I made a true expense about how Arsene Wenger, like he actually is basically Bill Belichick. Right. Like he if you if you went through. He is one of the most acclaimed managers in all EPL history. Yeah. So it's a it's a big deal when people are saying they want him out and he was older and it was kind of past the time. It was kind of like going for your granddad.


Right. But it's it is a big, big deal in the fan base. So it's kind of a right place. Right time. Right.


Yeah, because this is I would imagine that was a lightning bolt through the fan base of who wants a in who wants them out because literally like the I went on, I did my interview on the Sunday.


There was a game on the first day I couldn't get tickets for that game. So I watched that game on TV. Then there was a guy in the stadium, DC, he pulled out the banner which said, Awesome, thanks for the memories, but it's time to say goodbye.


And then obviously Entourage's picks up a lot. He Ian Wright, obviously, you know, right? Yes. That's my hero. My I do like to be cool with him now is a dream. So it's kind of like Brady and Dave. You get me where when you're cool, you're like Rowlatt. It's bigger than Aubameyang. You get me Mirabai. That's like. Yeah, right. He's the one that I did. Right. You went Ferdy tilak saying, oh, you're a prick.


Why are you doing that. I have some class Ratatat and ADT called him, he called himself, he said fuck off you Malazan. And I'm like, bro, this is Rila. How you saying fuck off you Moate Tallat. The legend of the club, like, fuck off, you melt. Yeah, what does that mean?


Melt is like, I don't know, like you one call you douche bag, OK, you fuck off, you jump off that way. Could I call him a jerk off?


I fucked these headphones, but your hair is too good for them to. Yeah.


So from then like he, he was, he was going back and forth with rity but I, I was in the middle because obviously I'm a big Ian. Right. Fan but and I agree with what my man saying about Wangel.


So then on the Sunday now I've gone on because a lot of people are not like they're going against him in that kind of thing. So I, I came out, I was like, I don't know my man at the time. I never knew it was him. After that, me and him got together and Ratatat not together like that. He was where Turtur, me, etc.. OK, got it. I like that. Then I came out on my own.


I was saying like yo, I don't know this but I agree with what you say it like Wenger needs to go now. You get me like enough's enough eating and then from then it just I don't know.


All right. I got, I got to dumb questions. One Arsene Wenger. It's just like a total coincidence that his name is the first sound of Arsenal. Right. Total coincidence. Yeah.


Because they used to call it Austin FC. So we say it's Arsenal FC, not Austin FC 1886, not 1996.


But he did if you do the. Well, I saw top tier matches. Yeah, no, I saw the statistic that it's like games one or maybe it's trophies one in the EPL. He alone is like number four on the list. He has more wins in like Tottenham.


Yeah, he's all right. The other thing I know it's not hard, like understand to have more wins than get me.


What are your thoughts on Hurricane Farnam Muppet's when he talks song.


I know he doesn't, he doesn't like when I say that because you're not supposed to, you don't like hurricanes.


So yeah. Do you know this is hard for like the English national team as you do for us.


Yeah. Yeah, yeah definitely. But is it coming home. Well yeah. Which one is. No one was supposed to come off. OK, not even see the look you gave me like you would, you would sacrifice England. Never going to a World Cup again if Arsenal had a great run. Right. Yeah.


Because England is like every every four years, every two years. Arsenal's we can we out.


It's it's a constant in my life is from August until May there's only a two month gap and then I'm back in again England.


So that that David Seaman gave up to Renaldo in the World Cup when it was a free kick. I was gonna out that Ronaldinho. Yeah, yeah. He's supposed to cross and just like went right over his head. Yeah, that was embarrassing. It wasn't really embarrassing.


The man was like forty nine you get me already won four league titles. You get me one of England's greats ever manages Arsenal's goalkeeper. Sorry.


You get me a black David Simmons, a legendary keeper blubbed in any goalkeeper that paid for that shit was West Ham.


Let's get that. Yeah, well that's I mean, that's a pretty low bar in my in my deep history of West Ham. Yeah. I'm a Hauri compost guy though. Through and through the compost man. Short King. He's not Mexico's goalie. Oh no. That's not the area.


You're thinking what you're thinking. And he done it on the school. Yeah. Just to show him that clip. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


And then he's flip forward and Galab Medisave when Benim with Beckham came out was it, is that one soccer kind of exploded in England too. No, it was probably you deluded.


The only thing that's not big in England is fucking NFL bro. The English speaking, the NFL.


Have you seen the fans dressed up? We're talking about the everyone's jaguars. Yeah. They wear these pants for a day. For a day.


You don't watch. You don't watch. I actually love the troops on Super Bowl Sunday was like, what's the best channel to watch the Super Bowl?


I don't know that you get me, Manadel. It's only on one channel. I'm not bruddah. Do I watch fucking NFL pro? Why are you laughing at me? So when football's on those channels, you can watch.


And if the World Cup finals, when you go on fuckin BBC watch and you can have on ITV and be in it will be on fucking last skydive. A little bit of coverage, but you just have lt was a CBS source.


Yes, yes, yes, yes. Yeah you get me. So I was, I wanted to, I'm trying to get into it. Right so I like that.


OK, so, so going back to like when you, when you first started becoming a football fan, how do different Londoners pick which London team they're going to support? Is it a neighborhood thing? It's just like just like from your parents.


It's it's a family thing because even if you live in London, you could you'd ask for London team.


You get me a lot of my friends like my Airaud. The best teams were also Nouman United. So a lot of my friends also remain united.


And then the next generation on the that is like Chelsea, a lot of Chelsea fans came into the clubs.


You borrow money and then their club came alive because nobody fucking knew Chelsea. That's Obama's come. You know, there was a cup team basically well in the cup competitions. So the fact that the Coca-Cola Cup, they do well in Europe as well, not the Champions League, but they had like a UEFA. Is cop, but when it came to that consistency in the leak, no matter what shit you decide, because it's a team's arsenal, Liverpool Man, United Mansi, Chelsea, Tottenham, all man, everyone that knew what they're not new, but they knew to come into the top of the of the pile because there was only three teams back in the day, Arsenal United Liverpool.


What happened to Tottenham? Was it Robbie Keane that switched around or was it new money coming in? Tottenham was I say they started getting better when it was the Robbie King era. So it was like where Martin was manager. So they had like Robbie Keane, Jamaine defo Michael Carrott before he went to United Berbatov Elements to come in.


So it was from around 2000 and 2005 when Tottenham started to come into the fold.


And you hate Tottenham. That's the big rival Tottenham on Monday night, man, you so wish.


List all the teams in London.


In London. Yeah. All right. In the EPL. In all Manchester United, you dickhead.


That's like me saying. Yeah, the Chicago play. The Chicago Bears play in L.A.. Yeah. I want to talk about Crunchie in a second, but yeah.


Let's listen to them. All right.


So you call Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, West Ham, Fullam. Who else is up? Um. He was in the Premier League. No, Liverpool. Liverpool is in Manchester, Liverpool, Liverpool is about 45 minutes from Manchester, so that's up north.


So you have season tickets worked? Do you have season tickets to. Yeah. And you get like, how does it work? You pay super expensive. I pay.


So I pay like 1500 pound, which is probably about to 2200 dollars over how many get 20 games.


You get all the home games. So that's 18 in the Premier League. More time we're in Europe.


So that's you get free of the group stage and then you'll get a couple and you'll get the FA Cup if you get drawn at home, the AFL club, if you get own a home.


So it's about it's about 25 games now, the game days. So I would love to go to a game.


We got to go when we go to London. Roland. Yeah, I'm also to kiss you. I love it. I'll get you. I'll get you in the away.


And so you can go with your fans and all that blowing bubbles and shake your bubbles and I'll be fucking popping in me.


Oh, so you go you go like every game day.


You go to the pub for a few hours before and then roll into the stadium.


I don't really do the pub thing because obviously I'm filming in it.


So a lot of matchday if like if the game's on on a match day and I'm in, I'm in the country and we're allowed to go to the stadium, I am so busy for my weekend.


And who sits down and comes up with the songs that you guys sing? Does Arsenal sing?


Yeah, we've got best songs. That's like not better than Liverpool. Liverpool, don't, don't, don't.


The songs on which one is Klara's, which one is we go on in an apple.


Let's go to Liverpool. So do you see like who are you going to intimidate. You're supposed to intimidate the players. It was intimidating to intimidate, intimidate the opposition. So what's yours like?


I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to go saying hello to Tottenham, so. OK, say hello. Hello. We the Arsenal boys. Hello. Hello. We are the Arsenal boys. And if you are a Tottenham fan, surrender or you die. We want all your arsenal. Hello. Hello. We understand it's pretty good. Yeah.


I mean, what if you're talking about I'll say what you think of Tottenham and then the whole crowd will go, shit, would you go, would you take a shit and then someone will go, Tottenham, we go. Thank you. That's all right. We Tottenham, Tottenham, shit like that.


I like that. We've got the scarves, we've got some some wood. You mean just what about him.


Like how come scarves became the thing that everybody has just got to hold it up.


Is that service yours is Karen Blue. Yeah. This is actually a really underrated color scheme.


I like more sports teams around the world should use. I don't mind West Burgundy to understand like we used that beef back in the day.


Your famous hooligan CAS had a team with the gunners back in the day and there's actually a film on it as well.


I mean, street hooligans. Nah, nah, nah. You need to worry. Not not Greenstreet.


What is it, Gunnar. Oh yeah. Yeah. What is it like me to. I got like a patriot. I'm a gun. I'm a gunners. You're a swan. Yeah but I'm. But there are no cussing tomorrow. No cussing, you know.


I know, I know. I only the teams all the. But they're not up yet. You're so sure. I'm, I'm, I'm gonna hear a swan. Yeah but they're not up. You're right now not. Look Picart Swan you're just bad pink portfolio.


Just one to like real talk. Have you ever, have you ever met at night. Yeah. Troops. Have you ever met a swan. Of course I've met swans like fucking they'll break your arm right now.


They don't come up because they're in there in the lethal English English championship. Remember? Remember fucking the aristocrats.


Yeah. When they bought the geese. The French ones. Yeah. When they pop in. And that's just good luck him. You're the drunk. You're the drunk granddad with the half.


Unfortunately he cos he's like that's not unfortunately I'm a gunner right now and there's nothing you can do about the Arsenal fans actually like.


Yeah weird because I like they, they think he's very knowledgeable on the game.


OK, and they like you for some reason. Yeah. I do know a lot about soccer. Yeah.


Especially yeah. He's wearing this jersey. He didn't, he did this just by accident. Yeah. I didn't know that you were going to come in. This is what I wear typically. Usually in NFL games I'm rocking my I got one eye on the EPL, one eye on the NFL. A fun fact. A lot of people don't know this. I scored the highest on the referee test, the fifth ref test of anybody in the history of state of Virginia.


You've got 100 on it. I think people do know that I said it. No, I said on Twitter, I said it to me.


I remember what was in the corridor I was not on. You might have to get involved in the FFA.


Dude, I know everything, but I fucking hate VR not because it gets things wrong, but because it takes away jobs from actual referees like me are very shit right now.


Latvia is the people like it now. People that run it just don't know how to use it. You hate all the refs though. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. They all suck every.


So what's up with Arsenal this year. They think there's a lot of things you get me. Yeah, like tell us what like what do they have to do to to get back to what you were saying, though, when they're the top of the tape, we need to buy some serious players, OK?


And we need to invest it. So here's a good follow up.


Stan Crunchie, what are your thoughts? He's also he's your owner. He's an author. He owns the Rams. He owns Arsenal.


He owns the Nuggets. He owns Colorado Rapids. And every fan base hates him. No, I don't know about that every fucking Nuggets fan base is probably Ramaswamy, you know, the L.A. Rams fans like them because they bought Yeah, browbeats don't fuck with him.


The rapids hate him. So why aren't the only ones who like him are probably the Rams. So why don't you do Crunchie out? I saw you did our Ted out, right.


You let that. I didn't know I am Arteta. Oh, I didn't do all that out but wait different.


You also were you were winger out. Yeah. And now you're Artaud out. Don't you feel like you fucked up. You like hey Wenger's looking pretty good to us right now.


Now because if he had left earlier to me would it be in this position we were in now he held on. I made us drop to that state, to the state we're in now, which is a sad state, which is not awesome.


Right. It's not so well, but maybe this is Arsenal is just what you are. We're not the Chicago Bears. Yeah, but that's like. Right. You could wear a serious team. Like what? You could say we're not clowns. You might not realize it put in like twenty years from now when you are still middle of the table.


That is what you are now. But we're not going to be at the table.


Twenty isn't is the lowest we've ever been in on it. We we was founded in 1886 and since 1886. This is the lowest we've probably been. We've never been relegated.


You guys were almost relevant. You were in relegation position just a few weeks ago and never been relegated.


Yeah, there's actually like four teams, right? Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United have never been broken.


I got renegades. Oh, they did. We had. How do you pronounce Everton now. Sweet. Ever, ever, ever. And OK, so I love it this motherfucker Waddah. So all right.


So what are people like. We're we're soccer fans. Yeah. Football, soccer, football. How can we make the sport bigger in America.


Work with me. Yeah. Well OK. So then what else work. Less flopping.


Would you mean less flipping. Less for diving. The embellishment not diving part of the game.


No one got part. I don't know, I don't, I don't like it but it's part of the game. If you, if you don't dove then the referee's not going to give this. You have to drop and roll like you got shot for the ref to give the decision.


It's not even like a point with seeing where people are like some people dove intentionally, like Kane, Vardy, Grealish Madsen. But I, I irate Grealish. I take him on Arsenal and if he doesn't get a penny, I'm not complaining. If he was against me I'm going to complain. But that's part of the game. OK, but it shouldn't.


I don't think that it should be part of the game. You can play sports and you can fall down when you get hit. No, we not roll over seven times and have them, you know, go out on the field with the spray and the Brazilian wet sponge that they put on your knee and magically your ACL regrows like your you don't have to go to that extent.


I bet you watch games with me and you seen people get tackled and nothing happens. Right. You have the role to get the decision. That is how it is.


If you don't if you get hit and you don't go, oh, that's going to be like you can go out, you know, screaming, you're not rolling.


OK, so part of the game it is how they I do agree in the point that it is how the refs, like the refs, dictate everything.


It's same thing I was in the NBA when when guys flop, I'm always like, listen, if they're going to call it, they're going to flop because they know they'll get the call. So the refs have to be better. What happens if Crunchie doesn't spend enough money, though?


Then he needs to fuck off. How do we get Crunchie out? We call me. Is there a Kraki out?


Yeah, I'm I will fully do Crunchie out like teeshirt that fucking you see that de Blasio thing? I want to do that black cloud. Yeah. Yeah, I want to do that.


Do you get somebody like how do you get an owner to sell a team though. I don't know. I heard Josh Conky lives in New York, maybe we could find out where he lives, got a little visit. We don't have know. We don't have to do that. We have to be, like, aggressive or not just talk. Yeah, we just do. You guys, we can we can we can talk, you know. Do you guys not like it when Americans buy teams?


Not don't mind if they spend money. Yeah. Yeah. I don't care where you're from bro, as long as you spend the money. OK, that's fine. Yeah. That's that's John Henry at Liverpool. He does. He's doing a good job.


That is best season ever. You've got Iglesias plans or not who's put them in debt. But they still give them money so but they may not find they're also not happy with their owners. Got it.


And how many how many teams in the twenty teams that are in the EPL right now would you say are happy with their owners?


Mansi, he just spends he's the oil guy. Yeah, he just spends everything. Chelsea ever. Yeah, Liverpool. I don't want to just.


Oh, not because he didn't really spend a year. That's why I think they've dropped behind, because when you win the league you always have to improve. You can't just stand on your laurels. Everyone trying to catch up.


But he didn't win last year now, but they had their best year. You got to be that's got to be at least like two years of goodwill right now.


But they've had that squad for that four years at the top. So it's getting everyone knows how they play you. You get found out. You have to bring new new firepower to the team for you to kick on and get to the next level. That's where we flopped, is that we haven't added enough firepower. We add up and then it's like, oh, I can let you go get me I it we'll let you get me. It's like you got Gabrial and then David Lewis, you'll get TNT and a fucking Bellarine.


It's like, come on bro. Back in the day it was Ashley Cole, Lauren Campbell, Colque Tory Fiera, Burkham, Hornery, Pyrates Yumba. These players walk into any team in football.


Now it's probably only about me and I could probably get into teams.


Where'd you get the name troops from? That's that's my nickname from that childhood. I'm not a street, so yeah.


My name was Tupac and my mom was like, if you're going to do this, you shooting like obviously you can't go with trooper.


That sounds a bit louder. So I was like, why should I go if she was at troops? But she shows up with a z Z for you, Z for me.


And so I was like, oh fuck with that lot.


And then boom, look at that. Mom came up with the best Mark ever had. My share, my real name, which is WAVY. I'm going to say that. But you got me. She gave me the nickname as well. Bloodsoaked, your real name is WAVY. No, no, I'm saying I'm not going to say name. Right. Yeah, I don't like to scream the government.


Yeah, yeah. You we don't have to get into distrust of the government overall.


I think it's healthy to have a decent distrust of the government. He doesn't trust any government.


Yeah, I'm OK with it. Yeah, I when we drove down to West Virginia together, we got deep into the distrust of the government, which we don't have to talk about. Yeah.


All right. So what what about the. You've traveled everywhere, right? What's the coolest place you've seen a game. You travel everywhere in England.


You went to Russia for World Cup. You've been to America a bunch. What's like the the best the most fun time that you've had traveling for soccer?


Probably the last preseason tour. OK, which is a miracle that we went to L.A., we went to L.A., Denver, Vegas, Atlanta, Charlotte and DC and you guys just go and get drunk and have a great time.


Now it's fucking awesome. Yeah, we got drunk black. We the content still flows in it. We're still with black lives with. It's an enjoyable job. Right. You get kind of that for you lot. Yeah. Way, way. You way.


It's enjoyable. I don't really see as a job, it's just that I'm following my team.


Yeah. It's a dream. What does America need to do to get good at soccer.


I mean, we could be if we wanted to be. Right. Well, you've got you've got a lot of publicity on M&A. You get me need you just need more. I think you need coaching.


So European coaches coming over here so we don't bring Bruce Arena back for like a fifth tour. Do not you need to get like that.


When you got Klinsmann, you had a good team. Yeah. You get me youth academies. You get me understand.


You have to you you have to spend money right, on grassroots grass, not the lower. And you need to get like Europeans in because like it or not, we're the ones that understand the best football. We got the philosophies, we know everything.


If it's basketball, then you can run your team in it. But well, what about South America? South America as well.


But your aim is to get to Europe, so land the European style of play. But wouldn't you say that it's it's an uphill battle because soccer's not the most popular sport in the country, like in England. That's it, right. I mean, what's the other sport that you watch? Rugby, cricket. You got tennis? Well, it's not even close to it, is it is. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


Is rugby still get 80000 sellout. Just like football. But in terms of TV, TV and people watching on TV.


Yep, yep, yep. OK, yeah they watch it because rugby is for the rich people. You get me.


Football's for the common man. Got it. So obviously all the yuppies will watch that. Got it. You get me and. I also just I mean, I kind of got Robby as well. I can't here either team in rugby or they live around Saracen's, OK, because they let you 10 minutes from my house. I like them. I like baths. Oh, I went to school in Bristol, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I went to a game there one time.


Best Seiter in the world. Out West. Yes. Minecart Blackthorne. Oh they so. Oh sure. Zarein all the time in England.


Nah that's a myth. Really. Yeah. You sure. I'm from London. We got sunshine bro.


London's hot right now. Hot.


What do you mean hot. That is February. It's February.


And it's because you are weird with your fucking numbers. But we do it different. Oh yeah. We don't see it. We do so right now. So right now in New York it's seven degrees no Celsius. Yeah, OK. And in London it's eleven.


What is forty six degrees. It's hot. That is hot. So it's nice right now. Yeah. Do you have a beach.


My kids can roll around in just a tracksuit.


No jacket, no hot love in no time. Yeah. Yeah. London's like Manchester rains a lot. Right. London's the capital. So I think like they maneuvered over and they push it up north like you fuckers get knocked down south clouds.


What do you have a beach. Yeah.


No, in London. What are the what are the English beaches like. They're beautiful.


Like if you go to LA Summerset they're very nice sandy beaches. Like you got like colleges along the beach. You get me very nice man. Bratton's a show, you get me bad fucking crap needles and fucking crackheads on the beach and they got Pebble's Slavin's Sandblaster Adella Majesté and then you got bad pebble's going up your Battey and emptying your A.I.s.


I'm acting funny.


Where are the pecky fucking Blinder's from the Peaky Blinders. Birmingham. Do you know Birmingham. They're from Birmingham. Birmingham. Do you watch that show Peaky Blinders. Yeah. Yeah. Is that real.


Do you need some. I'm not sure. Nardoni sometimes. Oh OK. You understand it. Yeah. Yeah. Do you.


Yeah. Yeah.


You know, but I don't understand like we speak English. Why don't you understand. We understand you. Oh my God. Why can't you understand what the problem was that they might wanna blow your teeth.


What are your thoughts on the royal family. Yeah. But you pronounce everything. Yeah. Correct. Then you pronounce everything wrong. Like the Caribbean.


It's the Caribbean f what else do we pronounce wrong.


Chips or water.


Water. Water. It's more. Yeah it's more water. Every word.


Water, cheese, cheese.


What do you take, what are your thoughts on the royals. I like the cream of IRP. Right. She's dead. Let me rest.


Do you like the mom of the Queen. Yes, she was a lovely lady. OK, obviously Princess Diana as well. Right?


You get me and then everyone else, you're like I like I like Harry, OK? Because in a ratio attempting that because he's the one who left. Yeah. He's with me. So he's not even a royal. He said he's a real he's now he disavows. Yeah. No actually because he's one of ours came out and said he's real but he's not doing duties.


No, no, no you can't, you can't have it both ways. He's not a royal you know, so he's moving out. He moved to America. You can't be a royals like Flip and then went to the throne.


Yeah. He denounced it. He disavowed. No, he denounced his work. So he's still a royal, but he's just not doing that.


Well, what did you over here when they go to, like, say that pedophilia. Whoa.


Oh, sure. That's what's his name. Well, that's you, Andrew. Yeah. Yeah, but that's that's that's true. You know what? You do love you.


I love you. Love what you told Jilib. Yeah.


Today Carol I come epstein shit around blood. One of the royal duties for that you go to like you go to I don't know, like you go to children's hospitals, make me make appearances.


You understand. Like going to people don't go to like flipping weddings. Yeah.


Like CENCOM Kameruka Sankaty for the pageantry.


How that sounds pretty good. Does it get dressed up and then you get your picture taken and you leave it things right. Yeah. Hello. Hi. Yeah. Who's the guy that looks like he's dead all the time.


Prince and No. No Prince Philip. So yeah. That's weird brother. No, no, no. Boyfriend, husband, boyfriend, husband got married. So why is he coming out.


Isn't because she's not because she's in, she's in the hierarchy. He's not.


He married into it but she married the husband of the time. It's his blood. It's a blood thing. I understand. But not like he should still be the king for a while.


He's little because he's not blood. That's not you. That's not me, Marion. That's not me. Murray. I don't know. Say you had a sister. She's the queen. I married your sister, but I'm not related.


I've I've met you because you want to know it should be like a bounty on her where like if you are able to marry this woman, then you become who gets the king.


Yes, its king and name can't name alone. Thus you see you're being sexist. Now, why? Because why can't there be a queen. What should be the other way around. The Queen still is the boss like but the king is just like, hey, it would be nice if you don't give him a little. Yeah, he's the prince. Oh it's the boyfriend then. He's a he's a king now. He's a boy. He's a king sir.


He's the prince. He bedded down a queen. You should become king, right. The queen should still be the boss, but you don't have a queen or king. Yeah, right. Because we fought a whole war. Right, exactly. Remember that when we kicked your ass. No false idols.


Yeah, but let's not forget how small we are. We what? Your oxblood. You nearly imagine if we were big on we had a nation. I don't think we had we would talk to shit.


We were talking. You are the world power. We were the biggest power in the world now. But we're like the smallest country, not one of the smaller countries in the world.


OK, New York is bigger. So you're all New York is nearly bigger than England. Yeah, but no bite. You do know that the sun never sets with oh bark. No. Where people bite blood in the sun.


How come you keep fighting wars against the French. Why do you keep fighting. That's like me picking a fight and they're not worthy but they've got nuclear weapons.


I like pureblood know how to do it, but I just you know, I try to.


Yeah. Because you want to own Arsenal. Yeah, I actually respect that. Yeah. I would welcome Putin Washington football team. You know what it is. Yeah.


My my aunt is from Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan, Armenia. OK, so obviously the Russian kind of influence influences, they obviously they don't get onboard. Right. Get me. It's kind of nice but. Oh all right. Wait, I had a fuck. Oh. Who's the goat. Suko. No, no. All time. Oh give me the goat in England all the time. In the goat for Arsenal. I mean Tonry for Arsenal. Yeah.


Hornery for Arsenal and then Michael Owen for England. Now do you smoke.


I played with sixteen notes. Had a great goal. Yeah he was six. Oh really fast.


Paul Gascoigne or David Beckham or Rooney. Oh OK.


Gosule Rooney in the world of press was too mean to Rooney. Rooney. Yeah. That's just the English press. They just go crazy. What. They're just pricks. What is it.


What is it like. There's like they want pictures in, in the magazine. In the newspapers.


Now they even went for me. Yeah. PROPO. It's like paparazzi on steroids, right. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So they just you follow everyone everybody easy out here. Why they go for you.


Because I'm black and the way I talk. I'll take you straight. Yeah. What's different about the way the media they see me as a threat like they're politically correct and they've been media trained and I've come in this world and just should not rocked it.


And it's not a people a game changer. Yeah.


People value my opinion more than these old fucking lesbians.


They're afraid I'm yeah, I'm a fan, so I, I like it. It's more to me than these men. At midday they go to college and shit I'm sure my team.


Yeah. That's what people want to hear. I mean that's like us, we're just fans. Yeah. It's real. So, so, so Rooney he had like a ton of stories. Right. Like Yeah.


Of all kinds of. He's known to he's known to that grannies apparently.


Oh yeah. Yeah. OK, I know. Hating on that kind of like that. Oh the girls. Oh you know Gio's so he could respect a man that likes KFs. Oh do you like ufs. I'm an admirer. Certain guilt. Sure. OK I'm sure you all.


What would you say is a gift from the Queen.


Yeah. I was going a lot more Meryl Streep Queen Mum. OK. Yeah. Meryl Streep. Sure.


You know what kind of girls. They're all beautiful ladies who calendar girls. What.


There's the older ladies. Meryl Streep was in it. What's the name of the game. Judi Dench.


Danger. Yeah. Yeah, it was a movie. Oh, the calendar girl. Yeah. It was like an older ladies, but they were. Oh, you could tell they was all. Do you guys watch American movies. Cause we do. We grew up on it. Like What's your favorite movie. What man. Yeah.


For Scott. Boyz n the Hood, probably OK. My phone is my favorite one. OK, you got me because I named my son's names Trey, and the main character is Trey.


There you go. You ever see the Patriot Mel Gibson? No. You see Braveheart kicks.


Yeah, of course. That's in Scotland. Like, yeah, Braveheart was cool. They make Mel Gibson makes a lot of movies about picking English.


That's right. He's a quality actor. Yeah, I like his films. I think what women want was a fucking hilarious plot. You like that one of it? Yeah. I mean, you have to watch that one. I'd love to. That had to have that have that brought like scene. And he's just cussing like you.


I don't know what you're saying, but you think I don't know what you're saying.


Bloodlands isn't it would be sick to know what they want because Michael never knows what she wants, but I don't know if she's communal gambler. So it would be amazing to get into a woman's mind.


And she says the same thing about you. Now I'm coming all the time. OK, straight guys, you all tomorrow like me a whole lot o quality cross Dennistoun.




What are the words, what are the words that you're not allowed to say on British television. OK, that's a great word. Yeah, that's a football word. What about twanged.


Cos a twat prick. Mm hmm. Beach blood you could say blood was they found what they tried to attract but they tried to stop me from saying at one time, we're going to get back to troops in a minute.


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Tell them pfft since you and now more troops. So we Arsenal is 9th right now in the table now it's have now ten fucking scumbags that literally just happened so realistically.


So if you don't understand the top of the table, top four go to the Champions League, top three go straight through to fourth, goes into a qualifier to get into it.


And then fifth and six go to the Europa League, Europa League, which Arsenal's in right now. Yeah. And so that's like, do you think that the EPL should have playoffs? That's the only thing I like watching EPL. I understand it now.


I think that's the biggest problem is I for a long time I didn't understand all the tournaments and how it all worked.


But do you think it would be cool if you guys had a playoff now?


Because for me, like if you finish top, then you've won. Why should you finish fourth and and get a chance to play for a trophy you've lost?


Because having a playoff really so much. Yeah. That's why you have the cops in it. F.A. Cup, which is a cup. If you've got champions, you got the Europa League and in Spain they've got their team, France, everyone's got their own cup competition.


Explain the FA Cup because I think that's my favorite call. Yeah. And it starts in January and it runs until May. We've won not the most times, but we're out of it this year. We won it last year.


So we're training holders, obviously.


And so whoever wins it this year, that comes in January. And it's just literally normally like without Caronna it could. You play the first one game, but if it's a draw, you'll go to a replay because there's Korona now they've kind of and said if it's a draw at full time, it goes straight to Penneys. OK, so it starts.


So any team in any any football team in England can end up so sick because you could be a grassroots team like just playing Sunday League, which among them. And then you could get to the third round again on Monday night away at Liverpool away. And then that's like what dreams are made of.


Yes. And that's the shit that Marky Mark would make a movie out of. Yeah. Yeah. Tony Danza. Yes.


They call it The Magic of the Cup. And then back in the day, the one game that was always on, that the whole world, even America, was the FA Cup final.


It was always on an in England back in the day, the final the whole day would be strictly for the finals of when you wake up at 9:00 in the morning, they'll have like sections on this team, on both teams are playing history of their things.


It's the Serono. Yeah, it's literally it's yeah. It's like the Super Bowl but the cup one. But it's the Super Bowl. If the NFL played a tournament where like we could have a team play like that basketball team, the Dallas Cowboys. Exactly. And we get killed. But that moment where, you know, they'll have Arsenal, a huge fucking club, go and play like a YMCA team in front of, like a thousand people. Right.


So what's the sense of what's the smallest team that's ever won that tournament?


Tottenham So there's no decision that was set up now?


I don't know, recent years, probably smallest team was Wigan when they beat Mansi in the final.


That was like that was like, fuck me, bro. I remember a man set off in the 85 minute and then Wigan scored not euphony literally 90 minutes mukono boom.


And Wiggins's not even in are they in the West Wing championship. The West Wing is the year they won it. They got relegated so they got reneged on. So they won the FA Cup on the Saturday. They came to us, they played us on Tuesday. We beat them for one.


It really gave them and they put all because that that's the other thing is that there becomes this like do we put all of our best guys playing in the FAA Cup or Europa game or the EPL.


So if is is the FA Cup, would you rather win the FAA cup or the league? The league.


OK, that's not even close, but every cup is second, right? We would say, oh no, not worry about European. You'd rather win.


You'd rather win Champions League one, right? Yeah. So the first one would be a European trophy and that is explain that to people. The Champions League. So the Champions League is in England is the four best teams in Spain.


It's the Forbess Aliased affirmed the right of free Besse, Portugal to Besse, Germany, Germany to Freebasing and the little countries the so to say no disrespect to so to say, smaller minnows.


So not Russia would have won. Latvia would have won. Poland would have won. And then they get split into PFG.


So eight groups of four north six. Yeah. You played half a two time so home and away the top two go for the third team drops into the Europa League. So I ended a group stage. Everyone gets six games after six games top to go through to third one drops into the Europa, the fourth one's out of Europe.


Then it goes into knockout competitions. You have two legs. So every so, so. So after that you got the last 16, you get two legs there, but then you got a waggles. So if you play away from home, if you score one, that counts as two.


Right. So that's why you always like when you get the win, you go away. You always that problem. If we lose two one, that's good. We drew two to. Right. So we're ready. Yeah. That's that.


So it makes sense. Get your way. Go. Yeah. So that is Esmat because you could, you could go, you could win the homelike one new. No, you could so what? So it'd be way better to lose to one than you could on the road, you could you could win your home like one knew, but then lose to one and not draw two. Two.


Yeah, away you're out because the way goes. Right. Right. OK.


You've seen people go through a of schools because they got the away goals and it doubles it. And so Champion's League is so tough to use an analogy for American sports. It would be as if there were competitive leagues to the NFL in like all of our neighboring countries. And then after the Super Bowl, it's like, all right. These for the teams that went to the AFC NFC championship now play the top four teams from Mexico and so on.


But it's not even like it's it's it's not even like because it runs in the same season.


Right. Right, right. Everything. Right. It's every so in the season you'll have you'll be in your league competition. That's a continual part of.


Yeah, because because Arsenal now the big club, they say the big clubs are Arsenal. So we will start off in full competitions because without the league, the two competitions and then the European tournament we're in, there's teams that just have the league. And then you got that EFO company that is always mad. There's so much fixture pile up on. And when Christmas comes, you're playing like you're playing like maybe six games in the space of like 12 days.


So it sounds like there's just so many different tournaments and so many different cups and competitions that you play in. Is there actually like when is the off season for soccer?


So from May until August, that's when everyone has a break. But then when it's international year, you're fucked, because if there's World Cup, then in your football player, you literally finish your may. You get like two weeks off and then you're back. You're going to train with your international team and then you train with them, do your tournament so you get knocked out. Then you go go away for two weeks, then you're back training again.


Yeah. So it's mad. You basically have like a two weeks to go sit on a yacht with a model where your wife and your kids. Yeah.


Remember that. Remember the time the marathon GOSA he had a big fucking boner on the yacht. That was pretty funny. Yeah.


But the Germany guy. Do you remember that. Yeah. I don't remember. It was very funny. I'll show you now.


He would remember. Yes, of course I know. But because that picture went viral, I sure don't try to pretend you don't know what I'm talking about.


Oh yeah. That's a semi. And it was like he just won the World Cup semi, semi, semi. He had just won the World Cup. And then he's like all of a sudden everyone's after him because he scored the winner. Yeah, because he's going to win. He's going to rock hard Boehner and he and he does have a beautiful wife.


I don't want to say dutiful semi. I don't know about that. How can you get mad? How is that insulting somebody? Oh, look at this asshole that just won the World Cup. Now he's got a boner around his hot wife on vacation. That's supposed to be like, oh, owned. That's what it is that they're trying to do. Just that the challenge, that photo in his name because he's done well.


So it's not OK. How can we look at his dick? Yeah. How could we bring him down? OK, look, he's got a boner.


What's a what's a farmer's league. The Farmer's League. Yeah, that's the Europa League. What does that mean? I don't know. But I've just heard a lot of people talk about things like, oh, it's a farmer's league. It's a big insult. Yeah.


Because, like, there's not it's not the serious teams. This is all the big teams are in Champions League and it's the big teams that al-Qaida kind of fell off are in the Europa League.


So that us United Tottenham, you get me. We're in it.


Yeah. What if you took an all star team of everybody that played in the EPL? Every team from there, every team that played in league and every team that played in the Italian, whatever it is, Syria, Syria, everyone that played in the Bundesliga and everyone that played in Spain, which country has like the best players that are currently playing in their league right now?


I don't know my. Sluggo not. Yeah, Russian premier, they've won the most Champions League, have they not now, but when you look at I think I'm right, but if you if I don't know, I think England's got a good team, a very good team. If you put this all starts because you got the Braynon style Sterling, you got Kane the scumbag, you got Bamian, you got who's the best player in the world right now.


Right now, right now, today, the best in the world for me. The best I'd say the best Seattleite. And the best thing for me is Ronaldo. Six, seven. Yeah.


For me right now I'm bopping. OK, that makes sense.


They're not coming close to him, bro. That kid is a nosebleed the way he just goes now. Will he eventually like get transferred to the EPL at some point or is he just going to be PSG for now?


He'll leave PSG. There's rumors that he's going to Madrid. Really? We actually had talks with him. Wenger tried to sign him on a free he was contract was running down at Monaco before he signed his New Deal. We actually had talks with him. But you never chose us. He chose to stay in Monaco. OK, we could have been now.


So last question for me. Explain this.


Transfer windows and like being out on loan as a transfer window is that's that's in the office. So you got Jaswinder from June until September the 1st where you can just buy any player you want, do what you want, Ratatat. So it's not even a trade.


You can just say, I want this guy. Yeah, you want Messi, I'm going to pay two hundred million. Yeah. And now he's on my team. Yeah.


That's why, you know, it's obviously the club have to accept the behavior and in contract talks and whatnot and then you've got to transfer window. So you've got it from June until September and then you've got one in January, January. Not a lot happens. More people go out and loan. The loan is where you can go to another club and then say, can we loan your player for a season? We'll give him back to you, but we'll pay his wages for the year.


OK, what if then he has that old player just really likes it on the new team.


They can you can get in here because if you don't play, you can always put an option to buy. So if you loan him and he does good, then you've got the option to call the club and say, yo, you know what, you've done well here we want to keep him how much you want for him.


So in the middle in the second transfer period in January, if your team is shit and you're like, all right, well, we're not going to compete for the top, we're not going to get relegated. We're right in the middle like an arsenal right now. You can loan out one of your best players, be like, let's at least get some money for it.


Not for that. They don't do that.


No, no one does not know your best players, OK? You loan out people that can't get in the team. You loan out people that you want to play, but you call if you can't get them. Game time now. So you going to send them on loan to get game time? What are you.


Why don't you loan out your best players and then just get a shitload of money? That's what I'm saying. Yeah, that's what we do here in America.


Because in because loan fees are much like loan fees, like a million pound bond, one million pounds.


I wish we had I wish we had that element in pro sports here. Like loans would be so sick. Yeah. We're like, all right, we need a hit. All right. We're going to loan Mike Trout from the Angels for two months and then he's back on the Angels. That would be awesome. That would be I mean, I think that would make sports very interesting.


Yeah. The Carolina Hurricanes, their owner is just straight up like a payday loan guy anyway. Yeah. Like come the playoffs, just load up on guys from these, like, reserve roster. Yeah. Be awesome.


All right. Do you have any questions for us about America? We love having you there. Why do you. Why do why don't you love fucking football? We do we do fuck with you. Don't talk. So. No America on the whole.


So I care more about women's soccer because we win at it. So I enjoy watching the women's national team. I like obviously like when the U.S. is playing the World Cup, I watch every game. I watch mostly like every game of every World Cup regardless. But it sucks. It's very hard for an entire country to get into a sport when we sometimes aren't even like a top 30 team in the world at it. Yeah.


So from my perspective, I think we're getting there. But to me, it's when you have like the MLS, so I watch EPL, then I watch MLS. It's completely different and you can notice it if you watch both. And that's no knock on the MLS because it's obviously a growing league. But it would be like saying I want to watch Division three football instead of the NFL. Like if you have the choice of both, you're going to watch the NFL.


So I think when we're not we don't have the best league because you think about it, you know, NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA, those are the best leagues in the world for those sports. MLS is not that way. So I think it's a little bit harder and I think they're getting there.


I don't know if it's growing.


It's never going to be the top tier. No, it's just not going to happen. But can it rise to top free top three? Which one are you kicking out?


Every NHL I because I wouldn't be shocked.


I'd say, well, NFL in the NFL have always been on the watch like basketball and in football. Well, not always No. One, that's thing. So you could make the argument that it could because it has you know, baseball was America's pastime. Right. And and now NBA and the NFL have jumped it. So I, I you think in 50 years there could be a world where it's NFL, still No. One NBA and then maybe soccer.


I mean, you go over and take over. Yeah, no, it's not impossible totally. Because things do change in America. Like like you said, horse racing, boxing and baseball used to be the biggest sports, just horse racing. Seventy years ago. Eighty years ago. Things do change. And I mean, the game obviously has global appeal. And the more that America becomes a melting pot and more people from different cultures moved to this country, you're going to see television stations paying more money for those rights because they're like, oh, shit, now they're like thirty million people that might watch soccer on a Sunday morning as opposed to ten million people, just a couple like a couple of decades ago.


So it's going to grow. I don't know if it'll ever reach over like baseball or basketball. Maybe hockey might be able to get hockey more goals to.


Yeah. Make the goal. The goals, like you have to say, I've seen it twice this year. Now, Arsenal has played two games where the opponent has scored a goal in the second minute and then that's it.


That sucks. You know, and you could say the same about baseball.


But even in baseball, when it's like a one nothing game, then it's a pitchers duel, you know what I mean? So when it's a zero zero game, can you ever walk away from it being like that was electric?


Yeah, because there are some games that are just you can't have a great no no. Where it is end to end. Yeah.


It's just it seems like the keepers are the ones that just move him. We like home runs. Touchdown.


Obviously you like goes Barbiere. You're American hero. Here's what you should do. We what we did here in America is we we sat down and we took our football and we said, you know what? If we just make every time you score net worth seven points, it seems like there's more scoring. Like what if every goal was worth five? That would be cool. That we get like a five nothing game.


Yeah, you guys would be like Chester. Fifteen to five today.


That's you see that doesn't that's way more exciting. Nah, that's us. That sounds like tennis but that's weird. So how about fifty. It sounds kind of score goal.


It's worth four and then you get an immediate penalty kick for the extra point. Yeah I like that. And yeah. And then maybe every corner kick is worth a third of a goal.


Yeah. Nah but not you and then. Yes exactly. Also also troops. You can use your hands and if you carry the ball over the end line that's a touchdown we'll call it. No, that sounds like a cool sport. And then you wear pads.


Well keep it eleven on eleven. That works. The only possible way to shimmy but no head guards, no mouth guards, no shoulder blades, none of that. And you could tackle each other physically, tackle each other and you could throw Mahomes plays.




This sounds like a good sport. Not I think that sounds bullshit. I think you just ruined it.


We'll get rid of, though, and we'll have Mike Pereira just to keep Kaysville. Just get the people to fucking. That's it. So that's good. I feel like I'd be very good at that is to be like the VA guy because you got your bad blood pressure. Like it or not, nobody really knows what a handball is because it's so subjective. Changed the rules so much, they change it so much. And really, if you try to legislate what a handball is and isn't in soccer, you can't ever reach the perfect place because there always be an instance where you can say only if it's an.


Intentional, handling your hands, an unnatural position. What does that mean, like an unnatural position? Yeah, but it's tough because sometimes someone's causing the bull you're doing.


So I'm not sure it leaves too much up to the officials sometimes looking like a hot dog.


Yeah, you get me everywhere. Everyone go listen to Troops podcast Wizz.


It's called Back Again With Troops is like a little redundant of a name back again. No isn't the same thing as the catchphrase.


We're back. You'll come back again. Yeah.


And we're back again this week. Yeah. Arsenal wins. You're like we're back again. Again, 10th in the table. 10th when I bring you luck.


That's average. When I bring you luck, Savarin, I'm going to I'm going to be back again and you will come back again. I'll bring an umbrella. Brings more than an umbrella, whatever. I bring a vest oh pads so we can play some football song.


All right, troops, thank you everyone for I appreciate you. Let me come home and watch. His live watches are awesome. So any time Arsenal's playing, he's live on YouTube. There's so much fun. Thank you much.


Yeah, I appreciate you. My big cat, your troll. But you get me. You're my guy.


PFC Ready Fucking Blood Troops is brought to you by our very good friends over at Noom.


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We've got a couple of segments. We have a stay classy for our guy, Max Haoma, who did not wear red on Sunday in honor of Tiger Woods.


Shame. Who does he think he is?


Shame, Max, how dare you? Unbelievable disrespect. People are actually mad at Max for this because he he didn't know that Tiger Woods was going to get into an accident before he packed his clothes to fly to this golf tournament. And so now people just decided a couple of days ago to wear red and black on Sunday.


They all. Well, yeah, I think a lot of them are. But Tiger is not dead, is you know, it's just it's kind of weird, very weird to be like we're doing this to pay respect to Tiger.


Right? You can you can maybe just wear socks that are red and black. Yeah.


You can hope that Tiger Woods gets better and plays again and lives a long life after this and also be like, hey, the reality of it is he's not dead.


So we probably shouldn't Mimura memorialize the guy when he's not dead?


Yeah, it's strange, but people are actually mad at Max for not having prepacked red and black uniform. And they're like, why don't you just go to the store and buy them? And Max is like, well, I'm not I'm not super rich and my sponsors that pay me.


That's tough to say that. Yeah, they're cash in the check. Well, he didn't say I'm not super rich, but he did say like the sponsors payment. I can understand how, like you're contractually. Obligated to wear certain things, you know what, you told me all that. I don't care if Maxtor canceled. OK, Sam, I see you, buddy. All right. We got a sorry not sorry. This is from Tommy Färm, who had an unfortunate incident in October.


So October, he was stabbed outside of a strip club and then apparently because of spring training. And he's back he's back healthy. But he told Bob Nightingale that doctors told Tommy Pham after he was stabbed that if he wasn't so muscular, he would maybe be dead or paralyzed, which is the greatest flex of all time being. Like if I was a weak, fucking scrawny bitch boy, I'd be dead. But instead, I'm an alpha male with a shitload of muscles so I can handle a stabbing.


That's that's the Aaron Donald excuse for training with knives. He said, I can do it because I'm 300 pounds with a six pack.


Imagine the doctor saying that that's you be like, listen, man, if you were a bitch, you would have been dead. So so his his AB muscles were so strong that the knife couldn't cut through him and had his spinal cord. That's pretty fucking cool.


It's got to be one of the greatest things that a doctor would ever say to you. I don't know if they phrased it that way, but I'd like to imagine the doctor came in and been like, dude, thank God you did those fucking crunches all those years.


Oh, you think the doctor just walked in and said, who did this? Yeah.


And then and then he pulls up a picture of of a virgin. He's like, see this guy? Dead, dead, dead. Yeah. I mean, Chad, you're you are alive because you are so goddamn strong. And then finally, we have kings, they kings. This comes from Kevin Garnett. Kevin Garnett went on Jimmy Kimmel's show and he said that MJ talks such great shit. And then he so we all obviously know those stories. But he added on a story that he saw Michael Jordan recently and CGY started talking a little shit.


And MJ responded was like, I put whatever, like 40 on you one night and CGY try to dispute it. And MJ pulled over a guy who was like, here, show them. And a guy just walked over with with all the highlights, ready to go in a phone. So now this is probably going too far like we probably are.


Just assuming one little anecdote is how MJ lives.


But I like to believe that MJ has a full staff walking around with highlights, ready to go depending on which NBA players he runs into.


I think it's even one level further than that. I think he has. You remember the Jeremy Renner app Jeremy Renner made just for fans of Jeremy Renner, like Facebook for foreigners stance? Yes. I feel like Jordan has an app that he developed for himself that nobody else really has access to. He doesn't care if you or I can log on to it, but just his guy has the MJ app and depending on who he runs into, you just search that person's name and the MJ app and the entire game.


Highlights of MJ giving that player his career high. Yes, that comes up immediately for him.


And the guy just walks over, shows it to you, and then walks back into the like PAC.


Yeah, he's so rich that he developed an app just for himself to use. Right. And he has someone he doesn't even know how to use it himself.


No. He's got one guy else he knows how to use. Yeah. Who understands how the entire app works. I just love this story because we can just assume that that's how he operates all the time.


I actually. I do believe that. Yeah, absolutely. Because what else does he smoke? Cigars. Gamble's watches basketball and then just holds grudges. That's his full time job.


Also, MJ is at a point now where he any interaction he has with someone, he can just make it so much more memorable and have that person just go tell the story and then his legend grows. You know, I mean, like any little interaction, like, you know what? I'm going to do this to this person when I see them next. And I guarantee you they'll tell the story on a podcast or show wherever it may be, because that's what that's going to be their best story.


Think about think about how cool that is to be. Like any interaction with me is that person's best story of their life.


That is that's that's their Jimmy Kimmel late night story. I'm going to do you a favor by being an associate.


I'm going to give you a story that you can tell is an ice breaker for the rest of your life.


It's actually he's the nicest person in America. Yes. That yeah. I like Michael Jordan, such an asshole that he's actually really polite.


He's been making small talk interesting for the last thirty years. Yeah. Good job. Just by giving people stories.


Anything else LeBron could never, never, ever, although he did see he had a little back and forth with Zlatan.


Yeah I did see that Zlatan was like stick to sports. Yeah. And then LeBron is like, I'm not going to stick to sports.


I also would like to see I feel like it made no sense. Zlatan interview was it was just one little clip. I didn't see the whole thing. Well I want to see the whole thing.


I mean Zlatan just gives out his bits of his advice and he just says, yeah, he says ridiculous things for his entire career.


All right. That is our show. We'll see everyone Wednesday. I think we have a big guest on Wednesday. We'll see how it goes. Hall of Famer.


Yes, yeah, yes. To all fans, to different Hall of Famers. Oh, yeah. Love you guys. Wait. Oh, no. And an animal fact. Oh, look, a. The annual fact all year round numbers, ninety nine, eighteen twenty one, oh my God, it ain't think it's. It's 22 or 20, 93, was it 93, 93? Studies have shown that while chimps and guinea drink fermented palm sap, which contains about three percent alcohol by volume, another first timer, 93.


Whoa, back to back first timers.


Oh, your may well be always shall be your fantasy. I'll be all right. I'll be on the field every day of. So. Oh, God, I'll you of.