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Today is part of my take, we have Waka Flocka Flame, awesome interview with him, very cool guy. He was awesome. I like him.


I want to be friends with them. I want them in the studio. I also want them. I feel like we can warm inside of us. We could just vibe in our studio. We got to get on a track. We got to get our shadowing, but also not exercising.


Just saying Sony digital. Whenever we drop Sony Digital, anyone in there. Like what?


Like, yeah, it's cool. It was honestly like when we said something digital in the surprise that he had. Yeah. I felt a little disrespected. Like we don't look like we could be best friends. It's Sony Digital.


It was awesome. All right. So we got that. We got some wrap up of the first two rounds.


We had our Monday tournament, which was very bizarre, feeling wise. But we have our sweet sixteen set hotsy cool thrown FNQ stay woak on shrimp in Cinnamon Toast Crunch from Billy Football, who is back with us. I know everyone missed them. I got a bunch of tweets so we're going to have a great show. It's going to be a great Wednesday.


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Today is Wednesday, March 24th, and I have officially entered college basketball withdrawal.


My body shaking the schedule was weird because Monday it felt like a Monday Night football game. When you have something to look forward to all day, that first day back at work and then on Tuesday, there's no match. There's that's you love the match.


I always appreciated as kind of like a hair of the dog from the weekend.


Yes. A little football to get out of all the football. And so there should be a basketball game on. Jake pointed out that was it. The CBA, CBI, Abi, CBI, please don't.


Sorry, I'm more of whatever one the pineapple tournament was.


Bellarmine is playing tonight. I bet on Bellarmine on Muslimin. I say no. I want to say at the beginning of this hour I'll say it how I want.


Where's Bellarmine. I think in North Carolina or no. Yeah. Isn't Louisville. Yeah. OK, Bellarmine is going to be playing tonight. I'm excited for that game so. Yeah no there was, I woke up today and I was like, wait, we don't just have college basketball forever.


I actually thought about it. How many more days could you have done that? I probably I probably would have had one more day in me of just eating garbage and watching college basketball wall-to-wall wall. And then I would have been like, all right, I need to go back to regular life.


It's essentially it was like a four or five day bachelor party.


When you're on a bachelor party and you have that moment, you look around you like, should we just like get a place together and just do this all the time? And then you wake up the next morning, you're like, holy fuck, I need to go back to my family and my regular life and just like, try to sleep a little bit and drink some water to regular people things.


So so me and Hank and Bubble, we got out of there on Monday morning and that's the move. Just like a bachelor party. Yeah. Not staying that extra day, coming back kind of felt like a normal human. But there is there's something about being really lazy that makes you feel lazier.


You know, like I was exhausted from doing absolutely nothing. Yes. All weekend. Except, well, I wasn't doing nothing.


You know what? Self care is important. I was I was actually mentally stimulating myself the entire time. I was thinking very hard using critical analysis. I was working very hard at doing nothing. But you still, even though you don't do shit all day, you feel exhaust. I felt more tired than if I had run like a half marathon. Easily, easily.


But we're going to pick up we got Sweet Sixteen on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.


So Monday's games, it was like everything was restored, the craziness of this tournament. And then you went to Monday and you're like, oh yeah, some of these teams are really good for a reason. Blowout's left and right. The good teams advance. Michigan advances, Gonzaga advances. You know, Michigan is in a little bit of a fight, but Gonzaga was pretty easy.


Oregon, PAC 12 Bill Walton. We need to get Bill Walton somehow involved, like we need to get him to Indy because this is what he has been the PAC 12 has been down for a little bit here. He's been just saying conference of champions, just fighting through it. And now after college basketball season, where all the stories were the Big Ten in the Big Twelve with the by far and away the best conferences in the ACC as having a down year and all this stuff.


The PAC 12 has four teams in the Sweet Sixteen and the big twelve in the Big Ten each have one.


And Billy was right picking two big, big PAC 12 teams right now.


That's not in the same region. Gonzaga and I was in his final four.


Those weren't packed. He didn't take any PAC 12, OK, I guess not.


I talked myself into the take. It was a bold move. OK, yeah.


So Bill Walton is actually I saw him get some shit online today. I saw somebody saying that Bill Walton is actually a bad he's the reason why no one respects the PAC 12. Yes, exactly.


He's the biggest cheerleader you had the conference of champions is what he says over and over. He's intercepted us into thinking that the PAC 12 is actually the conference of champions. And now he's intercepted the teams themselves into believing in themselves so much that they are now advancing to potentially become the conference of champions.


No, Larry Scott was the reason why, and he's gone. So the PAC 12 is officially back. PAC 12 is back big time. The last of the Blue Bloods is out. Yep, Kansas is gone.


First time since what was in 1979, I think the Duke USC, Kansas in North Carolina, Arnon's Sweet Sixteen. One of those four is not in the Sweet 16, there's a the most the sum of all seeds, it's the most ever with ninety four five point eighty eight average. But the craziest part about this tournament, and it's actually I'm going to say it like there are some people like, oh, it doesn't feel real because there's no crowds unless this might be the best tournament.


Just for the simple fact that you have awesome stories, because this happens with March Madness where we root for upsets. But then when the upsets go too far, we're like, hey, this kind of sucks because they're eventually going to get blown out by the really good teams. So we have the upsets, but we also have the really good teams, too, because you have the highest sum of seeds ever and then you have two ones in two twos and a three still a lot.


So it's it's actually the perfect bracket in terms of some really fun stories and also some really fucking good teams that were really good all year that are showing it like Alabama, Gonzaga, Michigan, where three of the top 10 teams pretty much all season. And to have them in the Sweet 16 is great. And it's also great to have loyal Chicago and Oregon State and Oral Roberts and like these other fun stories, do you think that we should reseed after the second round, like us personally?


Not the tournament, obviously. Yeah, I'll do it right now. OK, let's recede. We've got Gonzaga against Creighton.


That's a one against that's one Creighton's first Sweet Sixteen ever, which, by the way, shout out to whoever was doing the PR for Creighton, because that's something I did not realize when they're like, yeah, this is the first time in the in the current set with the tournament that Creighton has made the Sweet Sixteen.


If you had asked me that question, I would have said they've been to at least five would just do the Duggie buckets.


You're right. They definitely won a championship at some point. So I have Gonzaga as one and then I'll put Creighton as a seven.


No, I think what we got to do is reseed the hole.


So so do it the other way. Do it. Oral Roberts is the 16 seed, the only 16 seed like it should be one through sixteen.


OK, Oral Roberts is sixteen, pumping Loyola up to the four. No, no. What I'm saying is it's one. Only one through sixteen is left. Yeah. No, between. You think they're you think they're the fourth best team.


I'm putting them as. OK, got it. Yeah. Sister Sisters-in-law.


Which is actually is terrible because we didn't plan the selection we are trying to do, but it's organized out of.


Let's cancel this, let's can we can tweeted out OK, you can you know what you do. You read them for us.


OK, I'll try it out tomorrow. Give us just a taste. So Gonzaga versus Oral Roberts is the one sixteen game Baylor against Oregon State students.


He's ready for this. I'm just you know, I like this Michigan versus.


Oh, we have three ones. I said two ones. We have three ones. Yeah, Michigan's the three.


Syracuse is the fourteen. Let's go with Bama, the four seed and the thirteenth. Got to be UCLA. He's doing it right now is great. The five is going to be Alabama. Yep.


The twelve is probably Villanova, Oregon. Creighton, Oregon. Oregon.


OK, the six we can do Arkansas OK against Creighton. OK, seven times.


I think the committee got it wrong going over USC. OK, I, well I think it's the other way around.


Yes I would actually yes I would have Arkansas over Syracuse and Alabama.


Oh I forgot about Houston. Oh he does. Well I forgot about. Oh no, no he said he had Arkansas is the six. Yeah. You said the fourteen. Oh I thought he said the four. No fourteen.


OK, I was, I was like why are we calling him out. No I read about him again. This is the worst radio I ever. I'll, I'll type it out.


I'll type and just listen. If that was us doing our Mike Francesa bit on pardon my take.


That was just us naming colleges for about five minutes. Ten seconds.


OK, so other other thoughts. So it is like the perfect the fact that we have these crazy stories with Oral Roberts in an Oregon state and then like I said, I misspoke. Two ones. It's three ones. Makes it awesome. Now, Jake, do you have your updated any one shining moments that were added from Monday? The shoe game from Ohio has to be it. Yeah. The fact that he was playing with two different shoes, why didn't he just put on the new pair?


I don't know. So he broke one of his shoes and they had a new pair on the sideline and he just took the right shoe from his from the new pair and he was wearing two different shoes.


If I did that, I would have to lay down for a week. It was I don't fuck you're back.


It looked so stupid to because it was a grace. You looked like a kicker. Yeah. So I think that probably gets thrown in there.


Maybe. Yeah, maybe archness. So while we were recording on Sunday night, Kade Cunningham had this ridiculous stretch where he saved the ball from going out of bounds, made a three and then made another assisted on another. Yeah, he had like two that two threes in like six seconds. So that's how it's going to get in. And then it's going to be a little montage of Alabama making threes against Maryland because they made, I think like sixteen or seventeen last night.


Yeah, that was crazy. Alabama. Yeah, there's there are spiders they could shoot their way to the championship. Yeah, Luka Garza crying, hugged, hugging Freddy McCaffrey. That was sad. Yeah, very, very sad. That's it so far, because Monday was it was all blowouts. Bunch of talk. It was a bunch of chalk.


So. Yeah, yeah. All right. See, Luka Garza definitely has to be on there. And maybe I mean, Kansas' getting warped the way they did.


Was Azadeh Moaveni one of us is. Yes. The Mobily brothers.


Yeah. That's a coach also. Like I like Turgeon after the game. After the game, he basically said, like, this was as good as a national championship for us this year and then went through the list of all the guys that they had out and how many different guys they had playing out of position. It's like this is the best team, like this is the best team I've ever coached. He's basically applying for his job again. Yes.


Yes. He's like technically he did. The thing that we do would like Bill Belichick. This is my best coaching job than I've ever done. I do think if you're a Maryland fan, that's like losing in the tournament sucks.


But losing like Rutgers did sucked way more than how Maryland lost, where it was like no one like Alabama was so good on Monday night, they could have beaten an NBA team.


Yeah, that's the spin zone he should have gone with is just like we ran into a team that I had on on my board as being the best team in the country. That's what he should have said.


Right, right. Exactly. The other, we also had a shout out. Mick Cronin. Yeah.


Mick Cronin and put in it together that put it together right now. In fact, he's been awesome.


Apparently, if you're born in Cincinnati or you spend more than two years in Cincinnati, you become an excellent college basketball coach.


Yeah, they were. Well, that was also what I was saying earlier about how when you have the lower seeds go a little too far, kind of ruins it. That UCLA Abilene Christian game was the perfect example where you watched it and everyone on UCLA was like a foot taller. Yeah, like like this doesn't this doesn't work. Like, if they had teams, it it was it was so unfair.


It takes a certain type of matchup to have two of the Cinderellas play against each other and for it to still feel like another big game. Right. In this case, it didn't really feel like another big game. But Oregon State and Loyola, that feels like a big game to me. Yes. Yes, the eight against the twelve.


But yeah, it does feel, by the way, those teams played in the first two rounds, that feels like it's a four or five the since we are a pro Rick Pitino podcast now, I just want to say I think his quote was fantastic.


He I don't know if you guys saw he said that if Coach Cal went to the pros today in Kentucky, respectfully called me, I would say that's the greatest honor in the world. But I'm very happy I'm staying it. I know it's all class. So that's class hypothetically be offered the the Kentucky job out of thin air, even though Kentucky would never offered the job again because the town is all glass half full is all I know. I think that there's a good chance that Rick Pitino gets off with the Kentucky job and he will turn it down.


I think he's going to be in Iowa for the long haul.


I would just like to comment. I'm a huge Rick Pitino fan. Yeah. Always having your security. So.


Yeah, well, just want to know, I've noticed that a lot of the media out there is taking like some pot shots. I've seen a lot of tweets about Rick Pitino saying things like this can't be the Rick Pitino redemption tour because he got into the NCAA tournament. Yeah, it is. He took a team that had covid all year after spending a year in Greece coaching those guys up and came. And he took that that small school back to the NCAA tournament.


He went dancing. OK, so please put respect on Rick Pitino, whose name I have been for so long. It's just sad to see people in the media joking about it. It's like this guy puts his heart and soul into his job more easily.


Hank was his own nice guy, Rick Pitino. OK, thanks, Providence, Providence, o Providence. There you go, that's nice. Well, you I mean, you're a big E guy through and through.


Right? Right. You regret Gino's career ended when he left.


Exactly. Yeah. According to you. Anything else before would you. Hodzic Oh I saw pro days are obviously back. Najee Harris. So he what he drove nine hours because his flight got canceled. Yeah. Just to get something out.


Yeah. He wasn't even participating so everyone was saying football guy. But like we he wasn't participating. No. Oh.


You're just going to support his teammates. Yeah. Just who hasn't driven somewhere when their flight got canceled. I wasn't that crazy. I think that to get full like this guy wants it more, you have to sleep in your car at least one night.


No, but it was about parties wanting more. He was just going he went there because his teammates got it. We're going to be doing their product. He wanted to be there to be there to help thought. Oh, God, that's that's it's not a football game.


It's a Kings good team is helping Kings get cheerleader move cheerleader.


I like what would Bolnick said. Auburn quarterback Bolnick said there's really nothing that you can do about the criticism. To be honest. Everyone's always going have something to say, positive or negative. One thing that always sticks out to me even go into the cross. Jesus had people talking bad about him, so if they were talking bad about him, they're going to consistently talk bad about me, that's for sure. Why was next talking? Because they were asking about his product.


He's he's not. He's not. He's a sophomore. I was after it was during an interview this year. Got it. Got it.


I was like it was on turning himself in. The protest is the last. And I don't he's not going to be a pro. Oh yeah.


He's going to get drafted. Somebody going to draft bonus just based on his name. Only he's he's not shown it yet.


I think we should have by the way, we should have pro days for everyone because it's the greatest it's the greatest pump up. You basically get to hang out at your home facility, throw to your receivers. Do you adjust your drills like a lot of these pro days for quarterbacks? They just go out there, they throw the same routes. They've been thrown forever. They throw deep a few times. Everyone's like, holy shit, he impresses product.


Yeah, we should we should we should have produced some scouts, come and sit in here and we just tell jokes.


They laugh and it's like, well, good job guys.


Yeah, there was do I think I'm in love with Rondo more by the way, from Purdue. Yeah he's awesome. Five seven. Yes, he's up at five a.m.. Yeah. But he's in his in bell he squats 600 pounds.




No he's a beast. Yeah he's a he's. You dropped him as a playmaker. That's his position. Offensive weapon. Yeah. It doesn't.


Running back wide receiver because I know some people like oh we'll make him a running back. He's a wide receiver but he's a playmaker first and foremost.


That's the guy that you get the ball in his hands. You know what he does two things. One, he's a matchup nightmare, too. He keeps opposing defensive coordinators up at night.


You just have to all you have to do if you're an offensive coordinators, you got to draft him and then get him in space. That's it.


I would just say, if you do want if you draft Rondo Moore, get him in space Super Bowl.


We're trying to get more touches with Rondo Moore.


That's all it takes. Where you say Billy from your protoje, you wish you should have a pro day. You never got a pro day.


I never did. You got robbed of your for what could have been. Well script out your throws.


Yes, I will run the routes for you Billy.


You have like unlimited upside really because there's, there's no college tape of you playing quarterback. Like zero actually zero. There's none. I know, but you were so highly touted coming out of high school that this is a guy that like Billy is a project quarterback.


He's got he's got you know what you are, Billy? You're raw there. He got the right tools. Get my hands on you. Get him in camp, get you working with, like, a veteran offensive coordinator. You know what? We need to get him quarterback guru. I have put Jordan Palmer football in my rearview playing football.


No, I really don't got sometimes you got to leave it alone.


I was a officially. Are you officially retiring right now? Have you filed the paperwork? Are you officially retiring right now? No, no, no, you're not.


By the way, Billy, I haven't seen you in a few days. I noticed that on Sunday night. We didn't get. I love you guys, Tex. What happened there? Did you not get drunk enough or did you get too drunk? No, I was I was actually doing work.


All right. So Billy told me back to the office on Monday that he actually fell asleep. I wanted to love you guys.


I love you. I love you guys. The mountains were blue asking about.


Yeah, I was just doing some stuff. I love. I love the I love you guys text. They will come. All right. Good.


What do you think Jordan Palmer does right after the draft, after he's done quarterback grooming his quarterback so he's been hard to work with.


He just does a bunch of radio interviews where he's like, look at all the guys who got drafted.


So, OK, that's the time of year that we need to get with Jordan Palmer and have him work with Billy.


Hmm. He's free slate, open schedule. Would you come out of retirement for that, Billy?


To be honest, guys, my shot is pretty shot. Billy, come on. Because when I stop playing quarterback, you OK? How great would that be though?


Produce like an accountant gets a pro day and they just sit there and they just do. I don't know what accountants do, like Excel sheets or something.


And so they just invite our. Everyone over and they just sit there and they type in like, oh, good job, like, did you see that words per minute? Yeah. Yes.


Fascinating numbers to hide a bartender's pro day, which everyone should get a chance at their own pro day just to gas them up.


You know, you know who I really love when they do, they're like snot tricks and shit on Tic-Tac is like construction workers when it's like, look how great this guy is at driving and fenceposts. And he does like ten in a minute. That guy should have a product.


Yes. I also I realize that, like, my the first thought I had was accounting because my my brain I've been so out of the real world for so long that my brain is like a children's book where it's like, well, you got accountants, you got lawyers, you got police officers, firefighters, teachers, nurses, and that's it. Postmen, that's it. There's and then you have a society. Yeah. There's you always got in like the postman and the milkman.


You're always in the book.


That's that's pretty much all I got. I'm trying to be a lifeguard. You got to have a lifeguard crossing guard garbage guy. Can't do anything that's in a Richard scorable.


No. Yeah. There's there there are 10 jobs in my brain. Teacher, teacher. Yeah.


Teachers, teachers are for sure. The teacher slash athlete. There was that list that came out today where they asked kids, what do you want to do when they grow up and people were getting mad at online. People are like kids are so unrealistic because the top jobs that they want are like vlogger, you, Touba singer, actor, athlete, slash teacher. And then way down was like lawyer and doctor. It's like, yeah. Do you want kids to be grown up being like, I really want to be a lawyer.


Yeah. No, you want you want kids growing up to want jobs that Kanye West would talk about his guidance counselor telling him he was insane for dreaming of. Right. You want kids, you're trying to take away the kids jobs of doing nothing except for talking into a camera on YouTube and making millions of dollars.


That's that's the best job in the world to have you get you decide that you want to be a lawyer when you go to college and you suck at math and you're like, well, guess I'll be a lawyer. Yeah, that's when that that's when that realization looks like you have a couple of friends that are like, you're really good at being an asshole and arguments. Yeah.


Like you you never lose. Yeah. You're good at debating.


You should be a lawyer and then they become a lawyer and then they hate their life spins on all the jobs on the kids list. Can't automate them. That's somewhat vlogger can't automate, somebody is going to automate my job one day, but you just have a Hitler button and a Jesus button, hit it over and I'll smash it smash.


All right, let's go to Hotsy Coldren.


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Oh, they're cash cows, lamella ball and LeBron James both got injured four significant times.


Yeah. What happened to LeBron Way to try to steal the NCAA tournament? LeBron by getting injured seriously.


He got he got rolled up on it. Was it Solomon Hill?


And then he drove on a loose ball and assaulted that chair. Yeah.


And then LeBron rolled over and acted like he got his foot caught in a bear trap. So he's got a high ankle sprain. So who's going to be out for a little bit?


I started complaining. Yeah, he he just found out, like he might be able to come back at the very end of the season, but it's they're going to have to reevaluate in like a month or so.


I thought it was a clean play by Solomon Hill. He's he's getting dragged on line a little bit.


He had to tweet like RHP I think his hashtag was RHP to the mentions, though, when he apologized that LeBron, because he was getting harassed online, it's just a good clean shot a man play.


Well, LeBron was doing the thing where, you know, he takes time off of a year and then in retrospect, is complaining about how he hasn't won MVP. So all his teammates are local branch one people branch one MVP and he got injured. So no MVP for what are you going to do?


You can't vote for him, be MVP. How many games? Right. But I'm sure like five years, you know, people will be like he should have won MVP in 2000.


Sorry. Are you are you concerned that maybe he's going to have to go on painkillers and that'll affect his day to day duties running the Red Sox?


Yeah, you forgot about that.


I just I just could be he should come out for his next game with, like, blood on his sock from where he got rolled up on like Curt Schilling as an homage to his favorite team.


The McCoole thrown up a couple. First one is Mirch death taxes. Aurel the shirt. That's no one's going to wear.


But we're going to put out there.


We're putting out it's going to be, I think, a limited release. I think we're doing 50 of them. I know strictly so that we can't be like, oh, shit, no one's buying the shirt because they're 50 of them. But if they win two more games, yeah, we're dropping it hot to the entire public.


Yeah, the we're talking about that shirt is someone with a bunch. People will buy it in the in like the moment and then when it arrives like a few days later. Yeah. We're that fast shipping. It arrives a few days later. Wait I can't wear this anywhere.


Yeah well you'll have it. It's like the bone zone when I sold the bones on shirts. Could we can bones moment. Could we send a bunch of those to the actual team you think they'd wear.


Probably not because they are maybe the are Christian and yeah. They don't, they don't make those jokes. Well it's not a joke.


It's just I know, I know about what's the joke. Yeah. Right. What's a joke right now. The cool thing is Brackett's. Yeah.


So I put this out a few weeks ago, I said on Twitter I was like is rock, paper, scissors shoot a game of skill or game of luck?


Why didn't you were you hating on brackets? Yeah, but then I realized I felt like I was I was the last one filling out my bracket.


And I was just like when my bracket got busted, I was so heartbroken. I was like, damn, I wish I had a chance to fill out another bracket that I could track.


And we've done that for you. We have a rock, paper, scissors shoot bracket. That's lot today. People in the office are going to be competing. You guys will be competing. We are eating. Yes.


Billy Hank's a little puppetmaster. Rock, paper, scissors. Shoot.


Got to win Tornoe to Intagliata.


But you see what just happened, right? That was easy, right? I mean, fast. And then Jose took a dove.


So it's ten people. It's thirty two people. What. Thirty two teams. Yeah. Thirty two team bracket and it's going to go for the next few weeks.


Tongsun Bob should absolutely have an Oral Roberts shirt. He's not in the bracket you pocket.


That was you just got that one. So I love Tongsun Bob, he's my guy. He's a burner person. Can we get him in? No, come on. Pattie's right just for the Oral Roberts shirt. All right. I'll consider it.


Know what the fuck you could take my spot. OK. All right. Perfect. He's in. All right.


Is that OK? Yeah. To OK.


My hot seat is toxic masculinity because Jameis Winston cried today. Jameis Winston is not afraid to cry. He was talking about Drew Brees and how Drew Brees mentored them and how lucky he was to learn from Drew Brees all last year. This is very bad news for the NFC South because Jameis Winston has learned empathy. That was the one skill set that was missing in his toolkit and he was linebackers. Well, that's what I'm saying.


He's learned to acknowledge that there are other people that exist in the world, including linebackers. Right. So now that he's aware of that, look out. Yeah. You're all in big trouble.


I like it. I like seeing some emotion from from the leader of the Saints now. Yeah. And they said that it's going to be an open quarterback competition. Yeah. No doubt. You really only have one quarterback, right. Team and you have a gimmick guy who you're going to pay 140 million dollars to.


Yeah. Matt, actually my avoided my other hot seat is Cody Pakhi because the Browns during the draft are having they're having people I don't know if it's like technically an open tryout, but they're having people go down on the field to kick field goals through the uprights while the Browns are on the clock.


That's going to be their thing. And this is a situation if somebody gets down there and like, just boots the share of the ball, you've got all the games that are going to be watching. Like this is one of those invincible Marky Mark type situations where it'll never happen. But everybody out there is like, this could be my moment. And didn't the bears do this with Cody?


It was like years ago, wasn't. Well, yes. The Bears had an open tryout. Well, no, the Bears did a bunch of different things. They had ten guys just after practice were just kicking from the Cody parking spot. But there also were some, I think a bar I think it was actually Goose Island in Chicago. Did a Cody like a competition for fans to come out and try to kick field goals. Yeah. And like, nobody hit it.


No one hit. Yeah. It was like snowing and it was everyone was slipping.


I just love any situation where it could be. You could not write a script like this moment. Right. And that's this is March.


This is the start of it.


I think I've heard like twelve different announcers say you could not write a script like this about every game in the NCAA tournaments, like.


Yeah, we actually could. Yes. But you know what? It's been two years, so we all have been a little crazy.


My co throne is being careful what you wish for. So I've complained numerous times on this podcast about my elevator always breaking down, breaks down at least two or three times a month live on the fifth floor. Not that big a deal. I can make it up and down. Fine, but they just announced that they're going to replace the entire elevator.


Oh, which sounds great. But it also means I'm not going to have an elevator for probably like a week down. And so I'm just going to have to do nothing but take the steps the entire time. So if I ever forget anything in my apartment, I'm not going back up for it. It stays there until the end of the day. So just in the future, be careful what you wish for. It sounds like it's nice. I would rather have an elevator that sucks and breaks down twice a month and I have to take the stairs for a week nonstop.


Right, right. Because, yeah, you never know when it's going to break down. It's like, it's like taking the train. You always remember the days that it's broken down. Yeah. All right. My hotseat is the NCAA being just the worst of all time? Not only we didn't talk about it, put the tick tock that went viral about the women's basketball weight room, which was like a joke, I can't even believe.


How does the NCAA really think that that was they were going to get away with that?


The only explanation you should make if you're the NCAA is like I didn't realize that basketball players as a whole lifted weights.


Yeah, it was bizarre if you didn't see it, it was essentially this huge elaborate weight room for the men's teams. And then it was a stack of dumbbells for the women's tournament. And they told the women's tournament that like they didn't have the room, but it was just the stack of dumbbells was in a wide open room, like a huge, like hanger.


You've got to make the room smaller than that. You have to be a closet like the I guess is a workout equipment closet that we have here. And it was when you compare and contrast to what the guys had in Indianapolis, it was crazy. It was different. Yeah.


And then we also had Ken Pom, who everyone loves, Ken Pom, who's got who's become like everyone quotes Ken Pom. Now he's got the A website that he's had forever, that that breaks down all the statistics in college basketball.


He went on a little tweet, it was four tweets, but basically saying CBS and Turner have been quoting his stats all tournament and never giving him credit for it, which I think is a totally rightful gripe from him. And I just like what the NCAA has never done anything right. They can't. They just I don't think anything has less of an approval rating. Yeah, yeah.


No, you're probably right. I was going to say the crystal ball, but that wasn't even the NCAA. It's crazy, right? It's crazy. Like this tournament has been great, it's been great to have the tournament back, but it also reminds us uncivilly just sucks at everything, every literally every everything.


So with Kenpo, how does his formula work? Do you think that he stores his formula on one computer? Do you think he's got like a room that's just like an old NASA office where it's just like a hardware door to door because you have to have a backup plan in case, like, your hard drive crashes if you're right.


Right, right.


And I have actually this is a very lame thing for me to admit. But I have I have have trepidation in the future of Ken Palm updating its website and being super, super sad about it because his website. Yeah, he hasn't updated it in forever. And it's great. It's simple. It's great. And I know that some point he's going to update it and it's going to suck.


He's going to try to give it like a fancy interface to be different. I hope he just stays stays true to form and never updates it. But either way, the instability sucks. And then my quarter on top shot, I finally got a pack. Open it last night. No big deal. Yeah, I had a pack. I got a I got a Wendell Carter dunk in a loss to the Kings in January. That's good.


It's no Alex Caruso, but it's good.


I got a oh I got a Jaylen Brown. I think I got a Steph Curry. It's pretty cool. Also finally opening a pack. I get it.


They play like you basically go into the club, they play music and then the beat drops. Then you open your your selected cards and it's fucking cool.


It does look like it's got shiny wrapping paper on to it when they unveil it. It's definitely cool.


I finally understand, like, oh, this is actually fun to like be in the club and just open in packs and be like, oh fuck, I got this.


Yeah, it's Exciter. Got a new daughton. I lost my mind. It's exciting. And on the same day that you got into it, you know who else got into NFTE?


Who. Bryson DeChambeau. Oh yeah. Bryson DeChambeau dropped.


I think he's got a whole list of different events in proportion to the Jambos career that you can purchase and own. I'd buy the fire ants. So, yeah, the fire ants one. He's asking for forty seven thousand dollars for his instead of him, like crying because there's an insect in his juice box.


Dude, why don't we have him? I said right when we talked about no first time. I know making up teas.


This is definitely going to be something that in like two weeks, Barceloneta like we have them and we don't get anything.


Yeah, well, also in like two weeks, people are going to be like, I'm done with NFTE. Yeah, true. Also true.


Billi make us and NFTE. I think I can do that. Yeah. Put it on your list. OK, ok. All right. Great. All right. Bill, your hotsy water.


My hot seat is Cinnamon Toast Crunch.


But if we're going to stay woke you guys fuck it. Let's do it right now again. Marcal No, let's do it now. Stay woak cinnamon toast crunch. Explain it. Look what planers really explained.


There was a box of submittals crunch that was shown to be in spilled cinnamon toast.


There was to string on step back please. Let's try it in English time. OK, Corpuz, anyone who is a recurring guest on this show.


Yes. Had a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. He noticed after having a bowl that there were shrimp tails inside the bag and then he went and investigated it more. It looks like there was rat poop, a string. And essentially he was like, what the fuck? General Mills and General Mills like, that's actually just sugar, which it was very clearly shrimp tails. And now go ahead, Billy.


So evidence, there's two bags. It was a large bulk box, which is evidence.


What we shared all this shit. Yeah, OK.


Basically, there was a hole in one of the bags in the shrimp were found in the first bag. So two bags with damage, one being the shrimp in one bag, second being the hole that was taped up with scotch tape on the second bag.


The box was never like messed with.


It looks like there was some sort of mouse activity, right? Yeah, mouse. But I'm not putting this on our friend Johnson. No, of course not.


By that, like maybe Kozko, just like I'm a big Cinnamon Toast Crunch fan. I don't want to see Cinnamon Toast Crunch get canceled. Right.


So anyway, I don't think that was ever on the table. You just keep eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I will see your body has been around enough wildlife fecal matter.


I'm sure a couple of retards wouldn't harm you.


Statistically, you're more less likely to have shrimp in your next box.


I was right conscious. I was thinking. That's right. Well, I disagree. No, it's like once if once in a blue moon.


No, but it was zero. Like, we never even thought this was possible until today. But it's like saying the safest time to fly is right after a plane crash because everybody is super safe about it.


Yeah, I don't think that's true. It's actually not exactly right. If you read Freakonomics, what exact opposite is right.


So we know the exact opposite of what you think is true is is false. Ignorance is bliss.


I still believe it. I believe I believe in that too. I'm a little I'm a little work on it. It's actually going to be very funny for the toast crunch, like social media person, their next meeting that they have to give to. Lane, why they trended twice in a week and the first time was because UVA lost to Ohio and Chris Long to get the stink off boss ask people what their favorite cereals were. And everybody said Cinnamon Toast Crunch.


And then the second time they trend is because there's a crustacean infestation in their bags.


This could be a case of, I don't know, maybe a rival cereal company seeing that toast crunch was getting all that shine last week. They go into into a Costco in the dead of night with a box cutter and some tape and a couple shrimp tails. And they just try to get the story out there to change the narrative, take some and take a windel and the other chefs down a few pegs.


I think that so it was clear, like, I don't blame General Mills because I do think that it happened in Costco. Of course, wherever there's probably a rat. The problem with General Mills and Cinnamon Toast Crunch is their initial response was so bad when they were just saying, yeah, they were like, that's not those aren't shrimp tails. That's just cinnamon. That's extra cinnamon cinnamon.


There's precedent that other cinnamon formations have been found. Yeah.


That looked like that are actually so resembling shrimp tails that they literally are.


Well, I think that it was such a known response by the company that they found them before that that was their automatic response. Didn't look too much into it was like, OK, anyone anytime anyone complains about weird shaped brown things in their bag, like it's just cinnamon.


Yeah, well, what they should do is they say if they're going to lean into it just like invent cinnamon toast, shrimp tails, just be like two shrimp tails and everybody like like it's Kellogg's Raisin Bran. Two scoops. Yeah. Two shrimps in every box.


This is what they said after further investigation with our team that closely examined the image, it appears to be an accumulation of the cinnamon sugar that sometimes can occur when ingredients aren't thoroughly blended. We assure you there's no possibility of cross contamination with shrimp.


Those are shrimp tails.


The thing is, those boxes are made by machines.


Yeah, Billy, Billy's a big corporation stand.


No, he was. I saw how I know I. What was the text that you sent that there they test everything for allergens.


They don't even let like shellfish into those facilities. What if the shellfish just decided to go in? They wouldn't be allowed there. What do they have someone at the door being like?


You're clearly a shrimp.


You're like, I think their lunches have to be like the the workers and the products.


They look inside their lunch boxes, everything they have. You'll think anyone has ever smuggled a little like shrimp scampi into the General Mills facility. I do not think that's right.


What if there's like a Long John Silver's next door and somebody goes there for lunch and they bring back a couple of shrimp in their pockets? Yeah.


What if oh, guess what? You know what it is right now, isn't it? Lente So people aren't eating meat on Fridays, they're eating fish. Very good point. Yeah.


So I think that there's a chance it could have happened there. There's definitely if you get two shrimp tails in a box of cement toast crunch. Wait, wait Billy. The bags that you were talking about, the one that had the shrimp in it. Yep.


That was not not the one with the hole that was taped up. And also the box was intact.


Either way, it sounds like sabotage to me. All they had to do was like every social media like trend. All they had to do is have one person who is smart in the room be like, hey, we should probably respond like, hey, that's fucked up our bad. We'll figure it out instead of, hey, that's not shrimp, that's just sugar.


But we'll send you a free box news. If I find a fifty dollar gift card to the bar salesperson, really at the end of the day, I just feel bad for you. Feel bad for the guy.


The guy who knows the guy who posted the. Let's get no, let's get real. You feel bad that that cinnamon toast crunch. You feel bad for General Mills?


No, I don't feel bad for him. I feel bad for the person whose job is to respond. Those tweets, he's definitely going to get fired. And probably I prospection manager at the factory that's going to get fired and all because, you know, it became a big Twitter thing where people were like calling for the person on social media to get fired.


Like, that's going to fix the shrimp issue that they have.


And I'm sympathetic to people who misuse social media. Yeah, yeah.


Not so nice. Nice. All right. What's your high school dropout Michael Throne is Jake for just having awesome March Madness coverage?




Yeah, no, I've been caught like he's been my go to source for March Madness. He's done an amazing job. I can't like you guys. What's it. Thank you. What's the catch? What's going on here. What's the catch. No, I seriously, it just was like, dude, he's doing awesome.


Billy, come on. Hey, hey, look at me. I'm still the guy. We don't give compliments. Come on. Let's it's it's it's it's positive vibes.


We're a team.


You got to keep the energy he's doing. So it sounds like Billy needs to cheat off Jake on a test. Yeah. Later on today. No gas in the. What's going on. Billy. I've done this before.


No, I, I'm serious. I want to give credit where credit's due as a thank you.


I still feel like something's up. Thank you, Jake. You're right. You're doing something. Dude, I'm not that this isn't right. Or maybe I just didn't have a cool turn. Yeah, I could be.


He did get a blue checkmark. A sell out. Yeah, way to go, Giavazzi called. Hotsy is tables because in every game there is a table that just went crashing, a player crashed across a table tennis announcer table and we just always go to those fucking guys, always have the worst luck.


Sit next to Jake this weekend. It was it was every couple hours we'd be like, oh, no, another laptop.


Yeah. Yeah. Oh, Jesus Christ. I want to call it a ball.


When I was calling a game, it was passed and I was caught. It should it tell us no more. That was it.


Did you do the thing where you pretended to like Carmelo? No, I was on the air. I was just like and he dribbles it and he throws it to me. You said that? Yeah, I call it the ball. Can we get a club?


I got to take a lot of digging.


It was just from a regular season game and like twelve eight in the first half. Sounds like you know.


Exactly. Yeah. You know, I don't know exactly. Pinpoint the game between. I don't remember.


No, I was Vermont at home game. I don't know. Was a home game. I remember.


I'll try. I'll do my best. Zach.


No I wish I obviously will find it if I can and publish it. OK, perfect NFTE. Yeah, great.


Catch the ball. Well it's not I don't think there's video. No there's not video. So it's, it is still in NFTE is audio NFTE.


It's just audio, video and audio NFTE. There's definitely video somewhere though. You told me that you guys didn't know the ESPN three games. You see the back of my head or something. Yeah.


We got to find this. It'll take a while. But yeah, I hope it went exactly how you're saying it, because that's very cool of you. Yeah. I mean, I definitely caught it, but did you say any passes it to me. I'm pretty sure. Yeah. That's cool. We'll see. We'll see. And then Cothran. I have to Krispy Kreme Donuts.


They're giving out free for a year if you get the facts and then. Oh well you guys don't see Jason Whitlock.


The only thing you would do to beat coronaviruses, healthy eating, eating green and and what was approved, I think something about green juice.


Does he know he's fat? I know I honestly know the judging going off of his hat. I don't think that he does. You better if I tweeted out to everyone, like, hey, guys, just a heads up. The best way to live long is to eat well and and no vices. Yeah. Like wait what. Have a little self-awareness.


Yeah, I do like Krispy Kreme giving you donuts for getting a shot. Like that's, that's a fair trade. Yes absolutely. You can poke me like whatever shot. I don't care. Krispy Kreme is that good. Where you could put anything that you want into my arm if I don't eat afterwards. Is it unlimited.


I think one day I read you get one a day. That seems like you're robbing Peter to pay Paul a little bit where you're like, I'm going to give this guy a donut eating for me. I feel like eating a Krispy Kreme Donuts program.


We'll give you a free donut every day this year if you've been vaccinated.


Yeah, if you get multiple.


Like, what if I got vaccinated twenty times, would I get it for twenty JJ, The Moderna and Fizer and three for a day. Yeah.


No, I'm actually asking though is there, what's the fine print here. I know I can find it. Is anyone close to getting back to you. Fine, fine. Print it. I don't think they have Krispy Kreme.


Are you going to be the closest. They do know. They sure. Yeah. Yeah. Fuck yeah. Yeah, yeah. What do you say. You've got to be the closest. Right. What's your BMI. Yeah. He's old.


No he's, I had it dude. Can't get it for ninety days. I think it's under our fifteen over now. Maybe in over fifty fifty and over. Yeah. OK today's getting close. That was mean. It's ok. It was. I mean it's fun. You're the oldest. You know what. I'm just going to largest.


Oh it's true. That's I mean eat pray and hope that I'm OK.


Jason Whitlock life and then my other coulthart he just started diet, the Whitlock diet, because he also said, like, I was in Nashville and I was eating too much chicken. Hot chicken. Yeah, he was like chicken. And I agree, dude. And the breakfast was so good. Yeah.


I would be I would be like asking if other cool thrown is women's college basketball, because I tweeted that we still have the CBI there and everyone's like, wait, what about women's college basketball. So they deserve the credit.


Are you canceled? No, no.


I should have included it. So I'm including on the podcast, bigger platform than Twitter. So that's my apology. I'm like a back up apology there.


I think you should have to call a preseason baseball game in Puerto Rico on the Davido bring extra reps.


You like that reference? I was all for No. One reaction tonight. NC State, South Carolina, UConn upset Florida against Syracuse, then Stanford.


You put them on upset alert to do the Syracuse woman play the zone? I don't think so. OK, then I'm going to UConn. Yeah. Give me the Huskies coach Kudo, though. He's great. Yeah, sure.


Coach, cue Quentin Hillsman. Got it.


OK, let's get to our interview with Walker. Are you worried? Because I did mention David dorkiest kids. Billy, I know he's a hero here.


No, he's getting deported. Why don't you ask the party?


He's not a U.S. citizen, aren't deported where you want to depend on US citizen Slovakia.


You got that in the back. There's nothing like the second apology, the second apology never works in like, hey, I already gave a shot at this. Here's the second one second, second time.


You got to you got to bust out the notes that he did. First apology on his third YouTube channel with like the smallest amount of subscribers.


Then all of his sponsors got taken away.


And then he came back with the second apology on Oh Man YouTube channel, saying all the things that people got mad at him for not saying in the first.


What is he apologizing for? Some really bad. Yeah. Yeah, a lot a lot of bad stuff that you probably that an apology won't fix. No, probably not. Probably not. All right, let's get to our interview. Waka Flocka Flame.


Before we do that, we got a quick word.


Lockin I was right. Yeah. Why are you laughing? Yeah, because it's funny. All right. But Billy said Canada.


I thought he was some kind of first marriage. Make him stop off. It can make him live in Quebec. I'll give him a direct flight.


Yeah, that's what we're saying. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Before we get to Waka Flocka Flame Pipsy, you had a quick word from our friends at our best friends at three.


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Go to 3G dotcom. That's the number three three dotcom shopfronts, up to eight vapes, gummies, tinctures in oils. You can make your own homemade edibles, use promo code, pardon in, check out and get five percent off your order. Three chai, check them out are great friends. Promo code part in the checkout. Get five percent off your order. And now here's Waka Flocka Flame.


All right. We now welcome on a very special guest. It is rapper, entrepreneur, NBA scout, maybe Waka Flocka Flame. He's got a new show out March 18th on we TV Walka in Tami What the Flocke, your reality television star. Now to. I should have said that. Hey, what do you know.


Twenty, twenty one. I'm a TV star now. Yeah. So what are we going to see on this show. What are you going to see it through your dad. OK, fine with me now, honestly, mate, this episode is mostly about me being a parent in 2021 any more.


So it's tough. Yes.


With all those jobs that big cat just mentioned, what's your favorite job that you have?


My favorite job right now. I feel like I'm the connector right now. Connector.


OK, you failed the question, by the way, because you just said being a dad, that was typical.


I like that when you get in my face. Yeah, I do see a question and my favorite job is being explained.


Connecter, give us that, because I actually think that there are certain people in life that it's a skill that they don't even really like. People don't acknowledge it. The guy who just everyone wants to be around, who knows people, who connects people, that's an important job. Yeah.


So with me right now, I met a guy he had passed a first see or they raised like like a little bit under two billion dollars.


So that was going into the second round of funding. I think they wanted like five million. And I so happy to just No. Two guys, so I'm I. Let me see, I do. I basically work on a consulting agreement and of getting this guy like seven point five million. And then not end up getting equity in a deal and now is not even a week of phone calls, right? That's good. And so that's your radar.


Yeah. A rainmaker. Yeah, exactly. You're kingmaker. You crown people. So what's your ultimate goal? Like you got all these businesses going. You're a facilitator. You're making connections. Are you trying to. Are you trying to buy the next down the line? What's what's the end goal for you?


I want to be the origin team owner. My anger, not just my team, my NGOs have family office because honestly, I do want to buy sports. That's the I'm I just want the NBA to. OK, I couldn't hold a lead, so I want to only a team and I think you could play in the league, you I've seen your game. How tall are you?


Six, six, six, five. OK, I'll give you the half. Why not give it a shot? I mean, you could be like a glue guy at the end of the bench, you know, is this guy on the right side of my leg called Meniscus?


He has blown his cover once. You know, there's this is going to go. Let me do it.


Yeah. What about you first Master P in his prime? Because I know he tried he tried out like five years in a row.


Did he want to mess up? Come on, I'll take him down right now. Are you are you retired from rapping? I know you've gone back and forth. Are you retired right now? Are you active now?


You know you know, rappers say they retire is similar to wrestlers. You know, we end up come right back on Thursday night smackdown to some Monday rock.


Yes. I guess for me, man, I think it's a of business. You got to learn how to take off. You know, you got to give yourself a year or maybe three just to just to enjoy what God gave, you know?


So that's what it is smart to. If you keep retiring, then every tour that you go on is the comeback tour. And people are like, oh, shit, this might be the last time I get to see Walk Alive. Kiss did that for like thirty years.


I think every tour was their farewell tour. It's a great way to make money. You make yourself scarce smart.


Well, I do have money. I just I really needed to fucking relax. Yeah. That's so when you're when you're filming reality TV, does that feel like work for you? Because I've seen I've been around some reality television being produced and the worst part to me is like they don't let people watch television while they're while they're taping because it's boring to watch people who are watching TV, like, make you turn your TV off. Do you feel like you're working when you got all the cameras around in the men's like a living like that?


Do I want to do. Yeah, fuck it. It's a party.


Yeah, I do anything. I do go have any comments. So I'm not going to be like these, these Boreanaz people shooting TV shows like I think I'm over that part, you know, and for somebody to I can't watch TV, that's like what the hell are you talking about. I have a six year old daughter. It's reality TV. If you want some scripted you know, I do a scripted show and if I feel like foreign, I'm going to do it on.


Kim, have you have you done that? Definitely. Did it make the cut?


Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. I mentioned that you're an NBA scout. You had a tweet, Tobias Harris, the next LeBron James. Now, he didn't turn out to be LeBron James, but I'm going to give you credit because you tweeted that when Tobias Harris was in high school. So you're pretty damn you're pretty damn good. I for a guy who's been a good NBA player, do you think that a team should hire you as a scout? Definitely.


I actually actually was going back and forth with Tobias Harris when he was in high school. A couple of these guys I got hit knowing it was a high school. But I'll be seeing, I think for Tobias Harris, meant to be the only player. You got to have a team. They want to push you to be it. And I think he even speaking on him, he actually put up real good guy, didn't fight. And now he gets his greatest respect.


And now he's seen the team really pushing towards winning. Supposed to be who you start to see those results. Yeah.


Who do you have your eye on right now? Do you have any, like, high schoolers or college players that you're like this guy is going to be the real deal?


Yes. A couple of Mustang. What's his kid name? He's. Oh, I want to see through Louisiana.


I swear this kid plays football and basketball. He I, I cannot think of his name. I am trying to think that the whole time. So he literally jumps out of the gym like fucking Vince Carter scoop like you can just let it go.


He is super athletic, like he's unstoppable. He just dropped like forty nine to fifty nine points in the game. And is he in high school right now. Are you in college. Yup, he's in high school.


He great. He ranked in Louisiana.


We got to find this guy. What about what about college players right now. Do you have any, you have any NCAA tournament takes worth. I'm actually kind of like in here. I mean, you know, I'm a dog fan, so I'm always looking for the dogs, regardless of where you draw. But I mean, this year, because I'm so stuck on high school basketball, for some reason, high school basketball is entertaining the shit.


Some kids born, you do you go to the a.A you tournaments or do you like watching the actual high school teams?


No, I literally just watch everything on the Internet. OK, I'm. I'm actually going to work my silence because I'm not following the road and I'm going I'm going to find this guy and make sure our Sindhi I want his name.


Because you are you have the eye. Obviously, that's going to be an all time feeling if you're a high school basketball player and you get that follow notification from Waka Flocka Flame.


Yeah, but I yeah, I didn't I definitely did say you will keep going. You will be a superstar. I won't be trying to demonstrate asylum or nothing like I should be like just sending the motivation like well you actually are great.


Yeah. Like if Chris DiLeo is nice that's, that's what you're doing. If he's a positive person trying to spread joy.


Yes. Yeah. They'd be so damn good. Yeah. Whoops. I'm great again. No, honestly, you got to imagine, like if you're a high school kid and you get to follow from Waka Flocka Flame EDMC, he's like, Hey man, I believe in you. I believe you can accomplish something great with your life that probably makes their year. They probably are in the gym later that day working on their game. Because you know what?


I don't want to let Waka Flocka flame down.


Wow. I hope that's I hope that. Take the motivator. Are you going to run for president again, you ran for president in 2016, didn't win, are you thinking about running against a strong possibility?


OK, do you want to announce it right now on this podcast that you are going to be running for president? No time, Thompson.


I'm a little too young, but strong.


Positive you I mean, you you're a little too young, but you ran for president four years ago and they denied me.


Yeah, but this is the first election where you'd be old enough, right?


Possibly if I if I run against Trump.


So if Trump runs in twenty twenty four, you're going to run against him?


No, I don't. I'm not not not not not in my mind. Frame that I'm in today.


No, I need a little more. I just need to get a little more smarter. I do not have to. Oh no. I'm indecisive, you know. Like one foot in. One foot out. Yeah.


Presidents one of those jobs, you should probably be like, I want to be I want to be president. You should know that for a fact. What would you do? Like is there something that's that's on your mind where you like. This is why I want to be president.


If I run definitely, definitely become president, it's going to be immediate change, but also a strong change like, oh, I to start with, I would make sure like any kind of like food that I know draw any kind of health conditions, I'm like I'm just literally going to vomit weight.


That's all I got.


I'm not I'm not going the laws. I'm nothing. I'm literally going to just abominated like I don't even know I'm around because people don't understand how powerful the intake of food you put in your body and the results of what it do to your mind in a way, chemically unbalanced antibodies you itself in emotional state, physical, you know, in this world. So built on how you look around, rather, people learn how to eat the food that makes them feel great.


So I will start then I'll just I'll go more green. I think. I think we are so used to substitute. We forgot who we were, who we are. I think the world also pushed on creating who you want to be instead of love.


I like that, but I, I have a problem with the food thing because. Are you still vegan.


Honestly I'm a flexitarian OK.


I created that diet. Yeah.


So I'm, I'm a conscious flexitarian. I mean I'm conscious enough to know with everything that I eat is from the if it is any chemicals in it.


Well it was processed et cetera et cetera. But I'm a flexitarian because I Fleck's diets.


So I'm a plant based for two months. What they call vegan, I eat that for a month and I might me a little lamb chop, you know, but in the middle of all that, I always have a cold cleanse.


I have a concoction of herbs that clean out my colon and just like, flush me on you wake up, we'll stretch a little drop.


Is there like a certain feeling you have in the morning where it's like, yep, I'm going to need that colon cleanse today? Or do you have it scheduled out now?


Actually, Gergi, I got powerfulness. The house will still clean at that. So I take this and I take a tablespoon, drop it in 20 ounce water, shake it up, drink it at night. And I'm letting you know right now is going to wake you up. It's going a little.


It might be five in the morning. Six in the morning. Yeah. But I'm not you know, we use a bathroom anywhere between. Three is not too far to the right. Five time for one clock.


It's like wear sweatpants to bed night. You know, you have to be prepared going into that night that that things could get a little messy.


You might. Yes. A possibility you might want to throw a man Ping-Pong.


But what's your favorite mix tape cover? My favorite mixtape couple, you have some great ones, you have some all time great ones, Luke Skywalker is pretty damn good.


You know, Cubase the right man. All right, man, get mad. He had this whole I kind of like holograph in kind of a great city.


I thought that she was so jinxed when I see an SUV like déjame to me that you made the best album covers back in the day, I guess you just you like Def Jam more than no limit.




And and it's everyone does judge a book by their cover. Like I know that's saying don't judge a book by its cover, but everyone judges books by its cover. So I agree with you. The better the cover. What's your favorite personal that you released? Mixtape.


Got you LeBron James. OK, that one's pretty sick crossover.


Yeah, because it was funny as hell because literally all we did was get LeBron James body that was sitting like with his hands on his side and just cut its head on top.


That's what I thought was the funniest covid or that is that's an awesome cover that you're like looking kind of up into the side a little bit.


Yeah, that's really good. It was like a trend. Maruja started coming, basketball players like LeBron James locker room and all my favorite players.


I would never be in the NCAA football cover. One, too, is awesome. Well, yes, fine. I want you should do and Matthew Flocke Vedova, who Black Widow worked with you to tell you when he's hitting that guy in the nuts, he's getting a charge.


Yeah, he's here. He's taking a hard charge. I got to see that. Executing a great my name sounds.


Yeah. Are you are you technically a doctor, by the way?


Oh, you're a graduate with my humanitarian last year there in the Gulf.


How how do you not go by, Doctor? Dr. James. Yes. So you do go by Doctor. Yes. Beautiful. I would only introduce myself as doctor. I'm sorry for introducing you, not as a doctor. So, OK, you know. Pardon my take. Yeah.


Yeah, exactly. Did you did you actually give a job rolling blunts to Seth Rogen. Yeah.


Trust me, I definitely high surf and set and shoot their movies. I waited outside after him getting high and then that forced me to go and have to literally go for job interviews. I probably did like three hundred, four hundred jobs.


Yeah. What's what's celebrity roles. The tightest blunt celebrity roles. The tide is. Yeah.


Nowadays nobody. They all have their guy. Fuck no. Everybody roll big loose finger sized blood. It's like it's just sloppy. The buzz today is sloppy.


It's a lost art. Do you do you think that weed has gotten too good? Because I've I feel like in the last five years, every now and again, I just miss MDs.


I miss being able to smoke something and understand where I am and have like a functional evening.


Well, that's called the drug. You know, I never had that feeling so slow down. But the level break it down. Oh, now, you know, it's just got so much attention like this. You got it. It's just it's it's weird because I tell my grandmother that I go to my grandma. You probably used to my my rifle. Like the reason she is leaving now. No, it's not.


God don't want you smoking. I'm like, Grandma is God made it legal. Grandma, I, I love it to me. We always got a meadow flower. Cannabis we want to name is always going to be what it is for me. I just don't want to smoke. I don't want to smoke. Nothing that's going to make me have an out of body experience or smoke the strongest pack. So I'm cool. Yeah.


I just know it's therapeutic. I agree. You're huge MLS fan. You're huge Atlanta FC fan.


Right. How many games have you been to every home game do you think. It kind of ruins it though. They play on the fake turf.


Hell no. I mean, it's meant to be played on grass.


Don't you think that's true? Yes. No, it's not. But it's way safer for the players.


When who would you rather have if you could rank your titles like The Atlanta winning the title? Was that one of the best days of your life?


Atlanta United man when I tell ya. Oh, I united my bad. I'm sorry. Yeah, you know, hey, this haters don't hate your party, sometimes you have parties, but for me, I never in my life I've drunk that many beers that I don't see. I've never been away.


I want to take kids, adults, friends, colleagues, everybody everywhere in town.


Well, it's nice because you can actually eat Chick fil A in that stadium because they don't play all their games on Sundays. So if you just go to Falcons games, you just have to walk past the chick fillet and that sucks.


It's soccer games are fun because it's exactly two hours. You don't have to worry about like a four hour game. I got a friendship for a fact. OK, hit me DeJohn. No Chick fil A, the Hawaiian fish tacos. Know what I mean.


I'm from when they invented Chiclet they got this little dog house in Riverdale, Georgia. Well, it literally sounds like it's the best way. How are you telling me I can walk to Chick fil A in order a Hawaiian fish taco?


No, the door house. You got to find a door from house. Chick fil A Doll's House, see real chick advocates notice it is only bees and Chick fil A chicken. It looks like a magical place.


I'm looking at it right there so you can go to the door. Yes. Perfect for me. Shit. Is there only one of them that's the only one I know I haven't seen in that place, has winter fish tacos. Yes, it's like a little secret. That sounds amazing. Well, not anymore. We have we have an intern here, and we told him that we were going to be interviewing you. He's a big football player. He played football throughout high school, basically just lives in locker rooms and various locker rooms.


And he says that you write the best locker room pump up songs. Is that something that goes through your head when you're listening to a song like this is going to sound sick in an under armor commercial?


No, I definitely makes that people who just want to fuck war. So I definitely want them to be real, real, highly, highly got. Oh, no, ma'am, be honest. I'm not making fun. It's like when I make music. Hmm. It's therapeutic. That's what it's I got a record I put out. This definitely will be therapeutic.


Mm hmm. It's called Drakensberg. What's it called? Sorry. Drag. Swing. Hey, being who I like that a lot.


We work with Sony Digital a lot. So when we're down in Atlanta. Yeah, we've done two tracks with them. Both were pretty successful. You probably heard them start with digital.


Yeah, you can too.


We've been in a studio song.


Sunny has the vibe. Yeah. Yeah. That's the vibe that we came up at. The vibe in his studio is literally the vibe that of my era coming together.


It was awesome. We got to sit in a studio the first time we rented a different studio because he was still building his studio. The second time we got to go to his studio and hung out for like an entire night. It was awesome what he had.


He had a little kickback. Yeah, we had a little. We have yeah. We have two tracks with him. Not it's not a brag. It's a fact. I will call them. I got it.


Next time we're in Atlanta, we should probably go. Yeah.


Yeah I got here. I definitely got Hoosier. What's your favorite cartoon? Dragon Mosi. Oh you're are you a SpongeBob guy.


You mentioned SpongeBob before we started recording.


Yes. SpongeBob was like my house. My monkey's not much much my munchy cartoon we do you how how how old are your kids.


My daughter. Fifteen. OK, do you have any you know, any little kids now.


No, I definitely got a lot of little nieces and stuff you should watch Blooey. That's that's the new card. Oh you watch Silma.


What else I. No, I'm good.


Why overblowing you, you've watched Blooey Baby Shark to the next level, which blooey it's an Australian cattle dog family.


It's fuck. Oh hell yes. Like Blue Heelers. Yeah, they're so funny. I like that. It's a very funny cartoon. I watch it with my son. It's very funny.


That's how it happens. You know, I'm saying every grown man still had a little kid. Yeah. And that's the problem. We give a little kid. We're stuck in my life. We start playing Minecraft and shit.


But no, I don't like the slander on blue. I think blue is fucking hilarious. You've got probably the right. You're right. You're right. You are. You just watched it too much. Is that what happened? You over blew yourself. My niece loved it.


Yeah. My niece three. She loves you. Blew yourself out. Huh. That's what she like all the she's YouTube now. She's learning the YouTube the kids YouTube like they you'll find yourself doing challenges like as a as a dad.


Do you have to watch what your kids are watching on YouTube. Oh yes.


I got no I got a couple of programs that I got to shut things down on a computer.


And also I got some good friends, many games, personal apps where I could censor, ah, everything they use. And, you know, Apple has this feature on you too. And kids, you can actually when kids go to certain sites and certain apps, you they have to call you will get a password to get in it or you could shut you can shut all app use down at a certain time.


So that's that's the way to watch that. You can never watched every damn cartoon.


We have real adult conversations in cartoon.


Yeah. Did you have to reach a point where you you had a conversation with your kids about, like listening to Dad's music and like what these songs meant and what Dad meant when he was saying this? If you had to do any of that?


Definitely, yeah. My daughter asked me about wanting to talk like that. What are you talking about? I stopped being funny. You know, I want to know, like, was you trying to tell them the clap?


What, you remember the video when you do you thought the sign language interpreter was dancing? That was one of my favorites. That's all I have. It's not really a question that was awesome.


Guilty. I mean, that was a great video. That was just you just saw someone feeling the vibe and you're like, all right, let's go, let's go, let's do it.


That's what you want to do. You made it right here. Let's go do it. Yeah, it's an all time crap.


The whole time the first six or ten Rolls Royce people that was def basically.


And they was like, I didn't even know no one that I'm like, oh yeah. Literally it made me take that whole day and just chill, understand that community.


And it's like, yo, I actually want to be like I want to hang with yo yo. When it was funny though, I learned a lot. So I'm literally on a video that's awesome. Like a lot.


That's very interesting.


The video I've heard that the people that are hard of hearing or if they're deaf like totally, they can still feel the vibrations from the music. And they they combine that with like the visual effects of the sign language person and they have a kick ass time at concerts. They probably have a better time than I do.


Definitely. I'm a man only if you live like nine times out of ten every festival. The first couple of rows is full of, like, kids that actually came here.


And some adults, we really want to protect them. Now I know them like no one. My heart will be so.


I love them. We should market this podcast to deaf people. Yeah, I feel like deaf people would really like the sound of my voice. Yeah.


Oh, no.


Do you have any questions for us who's going the NBA title this year.


How about the action that you're going to ask us that. No way. I feel like I know. Go with it, OK.


I think Steph Curry on the West will take, you know.


Yes. No, that's a spice.


I think it'd even make the playoffs. Well, no, Steph Curry definitely not going to LeBron will take him my underdogs.


Steph Curry, is this challenge.


Because I don't know, because you got you have you have the nets, obviously, then you have Milwaukie, then you have the Celtics, but then you have family. Mm hmm. Is Toronto a w e e e?


I think the nets are going to win it in the east. Do you think the Mets. Yeah, they just they just got our our guy, Blake Griffin. So that will be the final piece.


But he's not playing. Hey, Blake. No, he's just break the news to you. Play the way back into shape. No, no, no, no.


Blake, Blake, why don't you see that's the Clippers, OK? Yeah. No, he's he's going to play he's not injured. He's he just played in Detroit for a while to me.


Is out of Philly Celtics and in the Nets.


Yeah. I mean I, I'd agree the Celtics are running up and down the court. Yeah.


They've struggled a little this year, but yeah it seems like they're figuring it out. Are you did you grow up a Knicks fan. Definitely. So is this year are you like are you excited. This is our year. This is the year that we might win a playoff series.


Maybe it's a possibility, but I was mad at the Knicks ever since Patrick Ewing do the thing. Well, yeah, that finger. No question.


That was tough. You're seven feet tall. Go hard at the rim.


I was a Knicks fan back. My LJ was just like your next was crazy, but makes sense to me. John starts John starts with my gut.


I see my best next play in those markets game is Old Dominion. I played with everything. OK, last question.


The Roback question. Use code AWOL on Roback Dotcom for twenty percent off your first purchase are Hobby


And for our guests today, let's give you a Roback performance. Q Zip on us. Use that code AWOL for twenty percent off on Roback Dotcom. Do you have any other questions for us. I mean this has been awesome. We appreciate you coming on everyone. Go watch the new show coming out March 18th on TV.


I'm locking in on my take now. I see the faces behind the voices. You'll be seeing some funny shit. Thank you.


Stupid shit. Very stupid. I bet bad takes. What's your bad taste? What's your favorite moment and part of my take history.


What's your favorite moment. What's your favorite moment? I know you're a long time list of the show and you're excited to see us for the first time. What's your favorite moment going back four years.


You know. You know, my favorite moments are about your in general. Your perception of situations, the way you judge, just like, yeah, that takes you all take a subject, you don't go to shit with basketball and make it a part of basketball, make it a part of football. That's true. That's a good answer.


You're such a good bullshitter. You are a good connector. I thought you're going to say Sony Digital, the tracks you did with them. Yeah.


That's why I'm actually base your watch. Baseball. Yes. Hoolihan Team Cubs'. I like the Nats. Mets, Cubs.


All right. Cuz I will keep that in mind. All right.


OK, that sounds threatening because I'm with Tom. OK, so I keep them OK because they didn't let us win.


That's when they lost in game five a couple of years ago like 20 to nothing.


Oh my God. That was back. I was just what I was trying to prove myself. All right. Well, Walker, thank you so much, man.


We appreciate it, man. It's been awesome. Dr. Walker, our future president, Waka Flocka Flame Oria.


Waka Flocka Flame was brought to you by Bacardi, we love Bacardi Rum, we love patron tequila, we love Doer's blended whiskey, scotch blend and we love Bombay Sapphire Gin. They're the best spirits that you can add to your basketball watch party can order your favorites on drizzly, get them delivered to your door, use promo code, watch with Bacardi for five dollars off your first purchase. Not every day can be a beer day. I had I had one beer day this weekend.


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Get them on drizzly and you can get five bucks off a promo code. Watch with Bacardi.


OK, let's wrap up the show. We got some fake news. Let's do it. Exciting. Very exciting.


What is Billy's show? The pull ratio.


Oh, Cyro undefined. It doesn't compute, does not can be legates. It's a broken selen XL. Yes. Chill the pole. How chill do you get though. Let's ask that.


Oh I get chills.


Fucking like Coors Light at your Max Chili's though would you say. Like what's your chill. What's the baseball. What's it. Twenty to eighty is the Mendoza line. No twenty to eighty is the scouting. Right. I think it's, it's something ridiculous like that with twenty to eighty eighties. The top twenty is the lowest. What your what your skill level. I'd like to think I'm pretty chill. Yes.


I'm sure that's natural and I'm sure how. What percent. Blaker five Pittsburgher. Yeah true.


I you actually wrage no chill. Bill recently said oh shit. That's actually an awesome nickname.


Yeah. No because we chill Bill. No chill Bill. It's not cool. No chill.


Bill that's the guy I've been working on my chilling recently. Yeah. Coors like how do you how do you work on your chili. Cause I know but like I said, like how how was last time you had a moment where you looked around.


You're like, I'm at optimal chill levels right now, so no ozone. Wednesday, the sun was out at St. Patrick's Day just sitting like, get some vitamin D just chillin.


You weren't you were not chilling on St. Patrick's. I saw the hat that you were Billy really looked like it was on. Looked like a roadie from the Dropkick Murphys on Saturday. You want to to somewhere.


I was it I was sitting on a couch and my dog is sick for a fight. You really it was not your wish. Somebody would come through the door and you wanted to.


Yeah. You wanted someone to step though.


OK, you. I got legal hands. I can't fight anybody. No seriously. Like legally I can get, I get murder, not manslaughter.


If I get to a fight with someone that's the least chill thing he said.


Well I got it legally because I was registered in a professional boxing match.


If I get into a fight with somebody else, I don't think it's a professional. Officially an amateur. No, it's a professional event because he went professional to fight a fight.


So I had to register as professional. I don't think anything about that is true.


Billy, if nobody beat you up, I'm going to say something nice. That's a cool thing. That's cool thing to be able to say. Like, Yo, I would fight you, bro, but I'd have to go to jail.


It's one of my no chill things. I'm like, fuck, like like what if something happens? I go to jail. I wouldn't I would be terrible jail.


No, you know, you got weapons, you got your weapons.


There would be like that guy has no fucking way. You know what they would have to do that they'd actually have to cut your hands off before you went to jail. Anyway, they don't let you bring in weapons. We'll be your mindset.


When you went to prison, you guys would never go to prison unless you unless you beat somebody else.


Well, that's never gonna happen. I would let someone beat me up. I'd rather not go to prison. All right. So you're so people are going to step to you to be very funny, stupid things.


Billy Guy Billy had to get a lethal injection for being not cool enough. You learned so much about the drugs that we're going to go into before.


And I want this shot. Yeah. Oh, no.


That's the perpetuates my nipples. We're sorry. Go ahead. What's up?


Arad's co-host and Arion Fosters co-host. You've had David Spade, Adam Sandler, Tim Meadows and Rob Schneider on the show.


Great guests, all of them.


Any chance you can get Norm MacDonald on to keep the mid 90s SNL theme going?


I'd love to talk to Norm norms of big sports gambling guy, too. Yeah, my favorite thing that Norm does is when he's just live tweeting golf events, but he's doing it like ten minutes after they happened. And but they're the most bland tweets ever. It's like and Phil within seven feet, they're a great shot. And that hole happened ten minutes ago. I would definitely have normatively on as well.


Some guys, especially Big Ten cat, my dog died in August. We are incredibly close. It's been very tough.


We got a new puppy just before we put him down. My wife already had a dog.


Now the puppy likes her more than me.


So she's both dogs favorite person. How do I talk her into a third dog and hopes I'm the favorite? You keep getting dogs, maybe we don't work on the puppy. Yeah. Hey, maybe I walked. Maybe just be, like, more dog friendly, play with her dog, play with your dog.


I, I would try to like not always use the word kidnap, but I would like to make sure the dog only saw me for like a week nonstop at night because at that age they will, they'll imprint on you. So just take your dog to work.


You could also you could also just like pretend that you work at General Mills for day and just line your pockets with shrimp and just walk around your house and your dog will love you if we're in the trust.


I really spent like four straight days with Norman and I came home. I would have said I was, you know, the favorite, the dog favorite. And I came home and he just like wasn't even interested anymore. I think I lost, I think being away for that long. I've lost the lead.


That's honestly the best way to do it is just every time the dog sees you, give it a treat, just drive it. And then and then if if your significant other asks you like if you're giving the dog too many treats. But no, not at all.


But just do that for like four days and you should be good because you can just show norm support.


No, no, no, no, no, no. He's neutered.


What. So he didn't get the bonus I wasted so. Well that's all we talked about it.


Why don't you get him just like a real hot stuffed animal?


Let's talk about it again. Turn your boy into a man like when I'm there and read is not there.


He got his kids, like missing a girl and starts humping. Oh, sample. Rhia was by himself all weekend. No humping. Wait, so Norm is the fucking.


Everyone hates that dude who's like when you're hanging out with the boys and trying to chill like yo where we're the chicks. Yeah. Like we need some chicks here. Let's go out, try to get lead.


That's Norm I guess. Hey, so where's my stuffed animal.


I know. Chill. Norm's got no chill. Can't just hang with the boys. Would you guys ever recorded that the guys in space with your record an episode in space, you know.


Yeah. No. Yes, I don't think so. Yes. Now let me know for me. Why not. I don't like heights. OK, are you actually from outer space. Yeah. Is that. Hi. I'm saying yes.


Why not. I agree. Can this, is this what. Did Elon Musk write this.


I don't think so. Yeah probably. Um where was that question. Sorry.


I want my body jettisoned into outer space after I die. There is just to be floating around the entire galaxy. Eventually somebody will find it, put reanimate it, put me in a zoo, put you in a DirecTV satellite so you can stream red zone every week.


OK, yes, I'll be sick. But then they're going to sell to ESPN. It's going to be an issue.


You talk about having a PMC group chat, but do you also have a secret party group chat that doesn't include so you guys can talk about. Yes. Yes, I know.


I started that a while ago.


Yes. That's where all the real good stuff happens. That's where we're really OK now. It actually is.


And it's really we have a separate chat without Billy that is solely for plan making that we know Billy is going to ask a billion questions about that we can just get it done with. And then we tell Billy, hey, this is what we're going to do. Do you guys? That's that's all it is.


Billy, you wouldn't want to be on it anyways. Ignorance is bliss. Yeah. Do you guys still make seventy five thousand dollars per episode?


Also coming up on Vanny Woodhead with inflation, it's like one hundred. Yeah. And then, yeah, it got bumped up a couple of years ago. I think now we're at like one hundred and seven thousand bitcoins per episode.


Yeah I'm, I actually get paid in Dogecoin.


Yeah. It's not, not a big deal.


If anyone had I'm actually gonna try to fix it up for the summer. OK, great. Yeah. It's going to happen. No seriously. Yeah. No. Yeah, yeah. It's going to apps. I'm 100 percent confident you'll get that done.


Yep. When I graduate I have so much fucking time. Oh yeah.


Well you already got to get us an NFTE, huh. You got to get NFTE of Jake's voice. You got to fix Vanney Woodhead. You got to finish the bracket QB bracket.


Well he needs to get its winner. Yeah. You got to find my avatar. How's that going.


Mm hmm. OK, I'll actually do that soon. OK. Got it. All right. All right. Last one, sub fellows, not to be a downer during the best time of the year, but have you guys given much thought to if when you retire from the podcasting life?


I like to imagine you'll be doing this until your death bed because I don't want to live in a world without party. Also, Billy, as a host, it won't fill the void. Sorry, Billy. Oh, wow.


I know that's fair because you go on Chris Long's show, Billy. I haven't. Oh. Oh that's ok.


You can OK. Yeah. Well you asked. Yes, I'm retiring like three years. I think it's probably going to be like.


Have you seen those videos of Arnold Schwarzenegger on his farm with like his giant ponies? That's probably I'm just going to have a farm. I'm actually going to turn into Billy when I when I retire. I'm just going to have a farm with a shitload of animals. Just chill.


I think as soon as I'm like, it's funny being old right now, but then when I'm real old, old, it'll be like. It sucks, and then Billy will be able to take over and then we can do a reunion tour when we're old, old, old variety contracts, that would be amazing because you guys Imperial's his senior season.


You guys back together for one more.


You can get a movie made on you guys. And so we say our life is going to be like a movie. We'll know like the movie, the documentary movie, the burger.


Who do you think will play? This is Pellis way of saying, hey, I want some cash. Can I direct this?


Can I produce have zero quality scripted script that has never stopped you? Also, what's a Billy I know.


Come on Castle, real quick. It's actually a very easy casting job. I'm the rock, right? I'm Triple H. Mm hmm, or yeah, Hank is the dude that looks like Hank. Yeah. From Verizon. Yeah. OK, cool. Perfect. All right.


All right. All Screenplay. Yeah. James Ravell Bubba is who's like I was I going to make a joke, but I'm not Jeremy Renner.


No, don't make don't make. You know what I've decided. You know, be nice to Jake week.


If you can connect those dots, you can connect those two is Brad Pitt and meet Joe Black.


All right. Very.


Let's do it. Let's let's do the numbers. We're back in the studio.


1998, Tony. I'm actually eighteen thirty two lost track of what I'm supposed to. Nightime funeral for Nancy. Yeah, that was my teams, but yeah, that's two balls in there because we did a oh no, no, no on Thursday.


It was a random but it was 19. It was the computer version. Right. But I feel like the ball 19 has been hot in the last month.


Now, 19 was the first time two times ago, OK? And in fact, dolphins are not the only animals.


Besides, humans have sexual pleasure. I love you guys to the one I was going to say, whoa, whoa, whoa, it's all there.


And it turns out any animal with the orgasm by definition. Oh, yes, he was he was yelling about my baby, I'm making. No, no, darling, I don't know what I'm going to be saying, that word I just love, you know, I like and that doesn't. I don't have to leave that no, please let me do my thing for this thing, but I'm almost done. Let me get back to it. Not allowed in a whole lot of money, because if I could.


I'll be going up against the big guy, but I can make it back as I walk around with boxes that are bigger than my box right now, and that's why I say my back is not going over my right. No.