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The blast from our past network, hi. Well, this is the composer Richard Band. You might have heard music from a few of my films like Reanimator and From Beyond and Television. But right now you're listening to Podcasting After Dark. A killer or killers show. Lock your doors, close your windows, turn out your lights, fortunes and thrills await you. It's time for Podcasting After Dark with your host Corey Stephenson and Zach Shafer. Stay with a friend.


Say your prayers as grisly ghouls closed in to seal your doom.


Tonight's episode, Summer of 84, starring Graben version Kayla Emery and Rich Summer. Welcome to another retro tactic episode of Podcasting After Dark.


I am Zach Shafer, and joining me, as always, is my dashingly handsome co-host, Corey Stevenson.


Corey, what's happening, dude?


Thanks, buddy. I appreciate that. No one is as handsome as Zach the snack, which is what my my co-host Adam from Cartwright, the Seinfeld podcast refer to you as.


And I'm going to take that one, but I'm going to take it and run with it.


I will take I will gladly take it that I will accept it and and savor it and cherish it. Adam, thank you. Thanks for the shout. I appreciate it. I'm always looked like I, I myself. I'm as self-conscious as they come. And so I appreciate any sort of compliments coming my way. So thank you very much.


That's why I'm a great actor. I feel the same way as you, buddy. All right. But today I'm running the show.


It's my pick this week, as per usual. You know, we flip flop back and forth. And my pick this week really quickly, a couple of episodes back. We reviewed the film Color Out of Space, and that was Corey's pick. And Corey chose that movie because he wanted to do a modern film and see kind of just like test the waters with something new.


And I thought, OK.


What's going to be my modern pick, so I went into the recent troves and I wanted to pick something indie like he did and something that maybe not everybody seen, something a little bit controversial in The Stranger Things esque way.


But my pick this week is the nineteen ninety four.


I know it's it's funny how you just default. You went for the 19. Yeah. And I was like hmm that's not right. But I'll just see where this gets me.


Yeah. And my pick this week is the 2018 horror film Summer of 84. Nice.


Nice. And I'm glad you picked it too, because this has been on my to watch list for a while now.


And right around the time that I did the unboxing video for this, I for some reason saw like a flood of posts online that day.


I don't know what kind of weird synchronicity it was, but I was just like, man, I was like, you know, I've been wanting to watch this. I hope I hope I get to watch it soon. I didn't even know at the time that you were going to even pick it. So imagine my surprise or actually I don't have to imagine it. You can see it on the unboxing video on our Patrón page. And I was thrilled, thrilled to get this.


I was like, holy shit, yes, yes, yes.


And oh, man, it's it's a doozy. This one is a doozy.


Now, let me ask you this, Zach, before you sort of get into the stuff on your end about it with Colorada space, when I picked it, neither of us had seen it.


So for me, it was like I bought it sight unseen. So it was a gamble. Had you seen this before you picked it?


I did. In fact, that's oftentimes one of the what do you call it? The one of the criteria for the movies I choose on our show. I am a repeat offender when it comes to watching movies. You know, back in the day I would watch the same VHS tape over and over and over. You rent it from the video store. You got two days to have it out. I would watch that shit as much as I could because I just wanted to absorb it if I didn't like it.


And I watched it once, I'm not going too well. I can't think of any off the top of my head. But but oftentimes, yeah, I go to Suncoast video buying that shit and like, if I'm going to buy a movie, I'm going to watch it over and over and over again. So that's how I go into modern movies. I have been hyped for this film since the directors did Turbo Kid, which I'm a huge fan of and I'm a fan of two.


And I saw with you the the the you introduced me to Turbo Kid. Unfortunately I haven't seen it since you and I watched it together, which was probably what's probably four years ago, something like IGB, maybe no longer than that I think is before Modi was born.


So at least six. And then that that movie like, look, that movie came out around the same time, like Kung Fury came out.


The retro 80s vibe was like in full effect. Stranger things had just come out.


And I think we had just seen the editor just prior to market. I believe the editor came out first and that kind of introduced me to the whole Astron six thing. And I know Kid is not Astron six, although it kind of like I feel like it's very parallel to, like, the aesthetics and the sensibilities of Astron six. But I feel like if I remember correctly, you introduced me to the editor and I was like, Oh, that's awesome.


Like you said, it's this there was this moment in time around stranger things where people were doing these like big budget images and they're not like the difference is they weren't like doing like remakes of 80s movies, which is what seems to be usually when people get a taste of nostalgia, they like to remake things. But stranger things really sort of gave these filmmakers a desire to just recreate the vibe of the 80s versus actually remaking them. So so, you know, we watched the Ed and then, you know, I don't remember how long after, but they're kind of grouped together.


We watch Turbo Kid and I'm just like, this is so freaking awesome. These movies just feel like they were made back then, you know, but with, you know, the aesthetics of nowadays. And it's just like you get it. Yeah. You guys, I'll get it at this point. But it's cool. It's like stranger things, you know, it's like it's really, really freaking cool.


Yeah. I think, you know, I think in some weird ways it's almost cool to bag on stranger things now, like it's a cool thing to do, like the show is so crappy or whatever. But let's be honest, when that show first came out, everybody lost their shit and everybody thought it was the coolest thing in the world.


Has it jumped the shark pool a little bit, but the first season was amazing.


And I mean, honestly, I'll say I didn't like season two, but I loved season three. I thought Season three was a great return to form. I did, too.


I totally did. And I understand people saying it was like a big commercial for, like product placement stuff, but let's also remember that this is television and they need to find a way to make money and it's just the nature of the beast. So I think when TurboChef had come out, I was expecting it to be parody. I expected it to be Omeje parody, like the editor is, you know, where it's poking fun, but it really loved the genre.


Tarok, when we watched, it was straight up like action, postapocalyptic drama, although like solar babies.


So I was totally down with that. I'm always down for parody or comedic tribute, which I would say Choung Fury definitely is. But I have all this shit I love. I love Cynth Wave, as we talked about in the last episode. Clearly, I love Cynth Wave with Tangerine Dream being to her, the movies to being the basis for two of the movies that I chose fairly recently.


But yeah, this movie.


So when I heard about summer of 84 coming out, I got really juiced for it. I was just like, oh, this is going to be hot shit.


And it's indie is low budge. It's it's very minimal.


They're probably picking, you know, clothes that they found at the thrift store like they don't have a budget like Netflix does. So they can, you know, make sure everyone's wearing the latest gap, 80s fashion trends.


So they did I think they they, you know, obviously dive into that. But but it's a low budget throwback film that really got me excited. I watched it once. And to be honest with you, I thought it was OK the first time I watched it. Then I watched it again for this, obviously, and I thought, holy shit, this is now I know exactly why I chose this film. So, yeah, we'll obviously get in all that and a little bit.




And with you, I actually liked it more the second time watching it and my first time watching it was like two nights ago with my wife and then I watched it today just to take notes and everything on it because I don't want to, I don't want to go into a review, only watching a movie once. I don't think that's yeah, it's fair.


And especially with the movie like this, which I feel very much reward's repeat viewings. So you can kind of hone in on some of the, you know, the beats they were trying to go for. And you realize just how how deep and smart it is. Now, we normally at the beginning of these episodes or at the beginning of our show, we normally talk about like our familiarity with the movie. And Zach, you know, does have some familiarity, but we usually talk about our our nostalgia of it.


But since we don't really have that, since the movies technically only been out for like two years, we're going to give you guys a very spoiler free, very small review at the top just to let you all know what our thoughts are. So if you want to stop the the episode and actually go and watch it before we do our usual full spoiler breakdown review like we did with Colorada Space, we're not going to, you know, stop. We're not going to hold back.


We're still going to do our normal formula.


So, Zac, what would you want to give us the your spoiler free high like just high level review, you know.


Yeah. You know, without spoiling anything. And I really feel like when we do the full on review after it, I almost want to be careful about giving away the ending because I know.


I know. And I, I agree with you. Which is which is why I like to put this, you know, why we put this at the front. But yeah, I know our our our formula of how we review movies does not lend itself to being spoiler free. And I have to talk I have to talk a lot about that ending.


Yes, so do I. And so with that being said, if you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend it. I think it is.


It pays homage to a lot of great 80s movies of the time, but let's be honest, folks like this is Rear Window. This is Alfred Hitchcock. This is looking in your window at the person across the apartment complex or across the street and voyeuristically spying on them. So if anybody says, oh, this is a rip off of an 80s movie, no.


In fact, they are borrowing from Alfred Hitchcock folks.


So that's where it comes from, like it's from the master of horror back in the day.


It doesn't didn't start in 1986 with Fright Night or that movie that came out a few years in the 90s with Shila Bouffe. Like these movies all came from something else. The source material is always there. It always comes from something else. It's it is it done well? And yeah, I think this movie, you know, it centers around a group of kids in a suburb in Oregon and the summer of 84, and they're investigating a series of kids missing.


And this this kid, the main kid, Davy, he's being. He's got the hots for his next door neighbor, Nicky, who's on her way moving away, and it turns out Nicky used to be his babysitter. And so that's awkward. And it creates for some really great comedic scenes. I guess I just spoiled something this guy's going to say.


Is this a review or are you getting into the movie, buddy? Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.


Anyways, quick review. I loved it.


I think it's if you're a fan of Fright Night, if you're a fan of The Goonies, ask Explorers, Silver Bullet, you know, shit like that where the parents don't believe the kids. Then this is a movie for you and I think it's done well. You know, there's a little exile's vibe to it as well. And yeah, that's my that's my short.


But long review, sorry, that's all right. That's not our normal format, so we don't normally do it that way. Yeah, man, I, I think that this movie is a lot of fun. I think it's very well-made. I think that the kid actors are outstanding in it.


I think that a lot of what happens and the dialogue that happens is actually very like realistic of what would sort of happen in that situation. But all of it has just this wonderful, you know, set design to it that that just really captures the 80s and not in a like, over-the-top, nostalgic way. I think they do it in a very subtle way, but it's also very in-your-face, too, and it's very 80s. The soundtrack is truly the the the the X Factor.


The icing on the cake with totally the music in this movie is unbelievable. It's everything from Psycho. You got your Alfred Hitchcock image in there a couple of times to to John Carpenter to to modern synth wave. It's like it. I told my wife I was like, it's like John Carpenter meets FM 84 and and, you know, throw in some midnight, but honestly, probably more FM eighty four.


And the only thing I have to say is that it's definitely more of a thriller than a horror movie. So I would definitely go in expecting more of a thriller type of scenario. Yeah. But yeah it's, it does have a bit of a of, of an ending that sort of twisted into, you know, are kind of sticks in me and twists and just just going to put at the top because of the ending, not because of the situation, but because of sort of what happens makes it a bit uncomfortable for me.


And I think it will lend itself for me to not have repeat viewings because of the crummy feeling that it gave me. But that is not a condemnation on the quality. That's actually me giving, you know, the movie accolades because it made me feel, you know what I mean. So I I love it. I think it's a great movie. And if you haven't seen it, I would highly I would never say this normally, like, turn off the podcast and go watch it.


I would say it now.


Please pause right where you are right now and go watch the movie. If you have if you have Schutter it's on Schutter. Go watch it. Oh, it's fantastic. I love it. I think it's a great movie and it's a lot of fun. And if anything, download that soundtrack. Yeah, that's Limato by the way. And they also did the soundtrack for Turbo Kid. And I would just piggyback really quickly on on your comments regarding the ending.


I agree with what you're saying and I would take the flip side to it. That's why I watched it. It's one of the reasons why I watched it again, because it's such a I'll be honest with you, I it was it was a shock twist that I really appreciated that that you don't often see. And in fact, dare I say on the spoiler version that were that will get to it a little bit.


It's something resonated with something that resonated with me from my childhood.


OK, I, I have actually a childhood trauma that this attaches to or this sort of parallels pet cemetery to and and I'm like, OK.


And it's like, yeah, the ending is one of those ones. It's in your gut and it kind of makes you feel a little bit sick and everything. But if that ending wasn't the case, I think this movie would have been forgettable. It would have it wouldn't have lasted. I didn't want that ending to happen. But at the same time, it's what makes the movie stand out from the crowd in a good way.


And, you know, not that not that any of the acting was bad to begin with, because I honestly I think even without that ending, it would still stand out. But that ending is what is what's going to make this, I think, a cult classic moving forward into the future.


Yeah, I will. You know, you mentioned the about the acting and the obviously will get into a deeper when we discussed the film on our spoiler version, hint, hint, nudge, nudge. But the. Yeah. The kid actors that you had mentioned. Man, oh man. Like sincerely, you know, oftentimes people say, oh, that guy is he looks like ten years older than they make a kind of a fun reference to that in the movie, you know, and then there's another guy who reminds me so much of a young Steven Jeffery's.


And just like, man, if this was in if this came out, maybe for Steven Jeffries would be that kid in the movie.


So, yeah, I'm I. Really appreciate the words you use to describe your feelings on this film and and I echo those sentiments, so I can't wait to hear about your trauma.


So, yeah, that'll probably wrap up our mini review.


And let's let's just do the thing. Yeah.


Let's get into our normal breakdown of the cast and crew or whoever is applicable, you know.


Yeah, it's funny because because both kurenai off air, we're like, well, there's not a whole lot to say about the cast and crew, but, you know, then I started digging a little bit deeper and I'm like, holy shit, I didn't know that guy was.


That's kind of a big deal. So anyways, Summer of 84 is directed by and I'm going to I'm going to butcher their names and I apologize in advance.


Francois Simard, Anouk Whistle or Weissel and Yoan. Carl Whistle or Weissel.


Not sure they make up the group of our guests. That's their that's their directorial name. And like we said, they did Turbo Kid, really cool that they did three have three directors for this movie.


It's an interesting way to do it. There's a great movie that came out in the early 2000s called The Signal that you and I watched together.


Yeah. And I love that movie. It's directed in two parts. And is it two parts? Maybe it's three. It's been a while since I've seen it, folks. Sorry.


But anyways, it's got two different directors, I think, but.


Well, the voice definitely does though. It really does.


Yeah. So these multiple directors make it work. You know, the Duff Brothers are another group and then there is a there's been duo directors back in the day, but I've never heard of a three way, which is the cool thing.


Cool concept.


But getting to the cast. I'm just I'm not going to hit everybody, I'm just going to kind of hit the the main character's playing Davey the the lead is Graham Vasher. I think I'm saying his name correctly. He's in the good son. That's a pretty popular show. I think the good doctor. The good doctor. Sorry, the good son is Macaulay Culkin movie, isn't it.


Yeah. Yeah. And that's hilarious. Yeah. The good doctor. And he was also on one season of Fargo, which I love, man, the show Fargo and his phenomenal plays Davey.


Judith Lewis plays, eats and Eats Judah was in a movie called The Babysitter, which is on Netflix, by the way, another retro kind of horror film.


I think that one's kind of slasher, but also kind of funny, right? Or I might be thinking of something else. I thought.


Know, it's funny how many supernatural. OK, yeah. Yeah. A supernatural thing to it.


I know him from the Christmas Chronicles.


Oh, yeah, dude. Oh, yeah, I love The Christmas Chronicles. I know that was that was a fun movie. Bad, though, honestly, of all the the shitty Netflix movies that are out there, that was actually one that I enjoyed.


Yeah. Yeah. No, dude, I mean, look, anything with Kurt Russell, I'm sold.


Yeah, of course. Of course. The greatest. The greatest.


Well the greatest everything in my opinion.


Then Woody is played by Caleb Emmery, my favorite character in the entire movie.


Ditto, ditto and ditto. My favorite movie was fantastic.


This dude. This dude is so good. He is so good.


And he's he's on a he was on the show The Hunters on Amazon. He's got a fairly big role in that. In the first few episodes I've seen Goosebumps fistfight. Logan Lucky Logan Lucky is actually a pretty decent flick if you've never seen it.


Actually, I really enjoyed Logan Lucky. Yeah. Yeah, that's it's good. And you know, he look, I think I feel like he's an up and coming actor. We're going to see him a lot. Yes.


That was honestly when I that was my thought on all four of them. I was like, oh, we're going to see, they're going to be around for a while. But I do truly believe that Caleb Emery is the standout star of the movie.


I wholeheartedly agree. That guy has got just this Escott quality. He's got a presence about him that I don't think we've I've ever seen on before.


And then Corey Gruder, Andrew rounds out the the four boys. He plays Ferriday.


He, to me, is a spitting image of Steven Jeffries. Dude, he is he's evil, Ed. He's good. If evil Ed wasn't like was was was a part of the crew. And he has he's probably had the smallest amount of credits, but he's had pretty big credits. He was in the show called The 100 on the CW. Yeah, that's I think that's what he's mostly known for. Turns out the producer of that show is a good friend of mine, which is and so I always promote it.


I'm like, oh, go check out the one hundred good shit.


And then Nicki played by Tiaro, Pskov Pskov be SCoPI. Yeah, it's hard to say her name. My my wife knows her from Riverdale.


Yeah. So I've never watched Riverdale. I know it's hella popular hallah. You can't live this and that. And then for you, for you know call people Hecke popular or is. That's ok. I don't know anyways. Yeah. The Riverdale that's. Nuff said. Yeah, I mean, that's that's a high profile show, so I know that one, that shit is like the the Buffy Dawson's Creek of its time right now. Right. It's it's super popular.


Yeah. Yeah.


I find I find the current evolution of Archie to be absolutely fascinating. Not not that I necessarily watch Riverdale, but the fact that they took a brand and spun it in this way, like I am fascinated by whoever took control of Archie comics and went in this direction. And I hope to God we get like some kind of documentary on it, because there's there's got to be a story there of how, like, you know, afterlife with Archie, like Archie just exploded like five years ago when they just did an afterlife with Archie.


And then they rebooted Archie. And then that's what they turned into Riverdale, the show. But it was they rebooted Archie, too, and made it more like, you know, mature and everything. And then CW just ran with it. But I just I love the fact that Archie has been around forever. And then someone, you know, there, the president, whoever was the editor in chief, just was like, you know what? We're going to just do something completely different.


And it worked. It all worked.


I'm very I'm so very fascinated by that story, you know, that that that that you hear and you say it in that way made me think, how badass would it be if they did a version of Flintstones where it was like they didn't know the DC Comics rebooted Flintstones about, I think around same time five years ago because it was with their Archie thing.


They did so much good shit in that. And I think it was a miniseries. It had fantastic, aren't they? I mean, it was still the Flintstones, but they had kind of modern issues that they were dealing with and how with the Flintstones deal with those issues, it was really fucking cool. Dude, that's cool.


Like I'm told, I totally be down for that. You know, they shouldn't do that with the Jetsons. So here's my thing about remaking stuff.


If it's been 40, 50 years. Go ahead. Go ahead. Time. It's ten years. Twenty years. Like, how many times have they redo Black Christmas? Three times. You know, this time around they're like, no, it's going to be totally different.


Who going to be PG 13 or something? Yeah. Yeah.


How dare you. How do you how I said good day, service day.


And rounding out the the the cast of Ne'er Do Wells, this guy, Wayne Mackie, who's who's got a pretty prominent role in the movie, the character Wayne, that we'll get to him in a minute.


But that's he's played by Rich some sohmer. Sohmer.


I think it's I think it's summer. I know him from Mad Men. And then later he was on Glow.


But that's where I'm from. Yeah.


He was his character on Mad Men was he was fine. He was kind of sniveling, like a little sniveling ish. But I could always tell that the actor was good. I just didn't love the character seen him in this.


I have a whole new respect for that. For this actor. Awesome. The third act switch. Yeah, we're in spoiler territory now, guys. I hope you turned it off after earlier. But the third act, which I'm watching it and I'm just like mesmerized by him, I think he too crushed it in this.


Me too. Me too. Yeah, he does an excellent I mean, like you said, everybody does an excellent job. He did a top notch job like just in. Yeah. And I like I said, I recognized him from Glo. I never really saw I never watched Mad Men, but kind of want to check it out now, even if he plays a sniveling shit like Anglo. He plays that kind of a jerk on that, too, so.


Exactly. Yeah. And then on Mad Men, he's not like one of the main characters, but he's one of those characters that's kind of even though they're like they're like a sea character, they're around the entire series, you know. So he does like actually have arcs and does things and actually has things to do. But this is definitely his movie. This is all him.


You know, Mr. Mackie, no doubt. I just want to round out really quick and just see the writers are Matt and Lesley and Stephen J. Smith. You know, we normally don't always shout out the directors, but I think it's it's important for an indie movie like this, a new film. Hopefully we'll see more from these guys in the future. And that's another reason why I chose this movie.


I want to see more from this team, and I love what they do and keep doing it, like just just keep churning out shit like this. This is a nice omeje you. Yeah, you're right. Thriller, horror, elements of horror, the whole deal. And again, that soundtrack, that synth soundtrack. Limato, which is the perfect description. You said Family Four meets Tangerine Dream Mask that's hits nail on the head. So that rounds out summer of 84.


Dude, I'm honestly I am excited to get into this with you, buddy. I very, very much enjoyed my time with this movie, so I'm excited to talk about it with you. I'm excited to dig into all the fun little references that are in this movie.


And before before we jump in, I just want to say, you know, we watch movies like, yeah, well, we watch movies from the 80s and stuff to kind of give us that nostalgia to kind of remember our own childhoods. Then we watch movies, ah, shows like Glow because they kind of like, you know, it's like another little piece of nostalgia. But this is a different kind of nostalgia. This is there's no nostalgia here, you know what I mean?


Like, what it does is it doesn't give you the 80s in nostalgia form. It just transports you to the 80s. And that is a distinction that I want to make at the top here and praise them for it, because it's not like they're like, oh, they're not showing us visual cues to be like, oh, don't you remember this? And I feel like stranger things does that where it's like, oh yeah, I remember that. That's giving me the nostalgic goosebumps.


This just put you in the 80s with these kids. And if you pick up on things, if there's anything that gives you a little piece of nostalgia, that's great. But otherwise it's just a movie that takes place in the 80s. And because of that, it's awesome, you know, like aid I gives you. This feels.


Yeah. You know, it's I watch this with Dialo and and my wife Kristen, and she actually really enjoyed it and he loved it. And he said the exact same thing. He's like, this is this is the difference between a lot of shows that are, you know, like Goldbergs or whatever that, you know, throw all that shit in your face. And this is very subtle. Yeah. Maybe it's because of the fact that it's an indie film and their budget was low and they they got what they could or maybe that was intentional.


I would love to meet them actually and find out.


Honestly, man, you know, you mentioned budget earlier. The only time I ever felt that it had a small budget was at the fair at the end because it just didn't look as big as I thought it should be. But I thought they did a fine enough job like shooting it so that you couldn't really get that sense. But other than that, I never really had any.


I mean, I thought the clothes were awesome. I thought the the the set decoration was great. The only I'm I'll bring it up now only because I'm talking about it now. The only inconsistency that I saw in the set decoration was this takes place in 1984. He wouldn't have really any images of gray aliens on his wall because communion, the book did not come out until 87. And the cover of the book Communion, which later got turned into a movie with Christopher Walken.


The cover of that book is kind of the the the the not the first time, but probably the biggest time that that's when gray aliens, essentially the look of them kind of popped into the zeitgeist. So I don't fault them for it because it's only a couple of years difference. But I saw that. I was like, let me let me look up Communion real quick. And I was like 87. I was like, you know, it doesn't fucking matter.


Does it matter whatsoever? But I thought that was interesting. I just wanted to point that out. So. No, no. To make me sound smart.


No, know, that's a really I mean, I'm sure people are listening to this right now going, oh my God, he knows this stuff so well, which is true.


Corey does know his shit so well, but not as much as Zach does. That is good. I was going to say, you know, I'm not I'm not an expert on this, but I kind of felt the same way about at one point one of the characters wearing a Nike pullover and a Reebok pullover at one point. And those don't look.


Like era or year specific to me, they look a little more modern, but that's neither here nor there, I think it's like that to me. You know, a good a good play can be low budget and you can still be captivated by it. A good musical, good movie can be like they can just pick up scraps and just you can become the character. So, yeah, no, that's a good point though. That was and I love Communion, the communion dope flick.


So one of the best in my opinion.


And let me just say, I mean, if that's what I was harping on, it's kind of a spoiler of like how finally I'm going to praise this movie because my my biggest gripe was the communion thing, you know, and that's hilarious.


Well, no, not now. And seriously, dude, I think there was at one point because Dialo had said he's like, I really like this movie is a really good movie and I really appreciated that because I, I value Dialis opinion. Yeah. And I and I appreciated hearing him do that because I was nervous going into this movie, picking a modern film, you know, I was going to go with like the typical, you know, again.


And what I love like it follows the Gasteyer next. Those those moves may come up.


The main role I see, I'm fairly certain it follows and the guests will be on at some point in a year or so. It doesn't matter. But you got our guarantee on both of those movies, right?


Yeah, let's be honest. It's going to happen.


But yeah, but yeah, some are ready for like like the same like you said, the same reason.


The reason you chose color of space, Richard Stanley, I wanted to do something that was kind of in vein with with the things I love, obviously, you know that Friday night is one of my favorite movies of all time. And this definitely has elements of that break down to like bits of dialogue. But we'll get to that later. So let's just get right into it.


The sheriff's office reports they're likely looking for a white male. The targets appear to be males aged 12 to 16. The carmaker also received a letter from an individual calling themselves the case where there's a serial killer on the loose. What else could possibly be this exciting thing coming to this 12 o'clock guy, Nikki Kasuga? Scientifically, the perfect, better view of my room. And I thought sweet dreams. Emergency meeting house.


Now, Mackie is to keep me safe. Mack, he's a cop with a sick reputation and countless. That's blood, David. Hey, I'm freaking out. OK, relax. You look like you're 30. It's going to be fine. Now go. It's going to get caught either by Macchi or your dad. I know I'm right about that. Doesn't prove anything with me. I don't want anything bad to happen to you trying to save people. Yeah, well, you're not going to love this.


Just let it go. Sorry. Again, you're grounded. I see if I can get you out of this house.


No hard feelings. You're wrong. Oh, everything. Even serial killers live next door to somebody. The movie opens with the narration and it's Davy Narrating, You don't necessarily know that yet, though, because they haven't met the character and I'm not going to read the whole bit of dialogue. But he says, you know, even serial killers live next to somebody. And it's this kind of riff on suburbs in the 80s and suburbs didn't start out in the 80s.


They started back in the 70s. Go see a movie called Over the Edge, which was like very exploitation, dark movie about suburbs in the 70s and how kids couldn't do shit. And then in the 80s, that's when they started hyping up and things were getting rough and everybody knew each other's business or either knew too much or didn't know enough about somebody. So there's a cool little narration in the opening title card says it's Ipswitch, Oregon.




And this fantastic song score is playing over. This opening intro is just amazing. Sets the tone so well. And by the way, I love voiceovers that that set you up. I, I, I just I love the way this movie started.


I was like, oh my God, this, this has me right here, right here and right now from the get go with the music and the voice over it had me.


Yeah I agree. It didn't sound clichéd and it sounded so authentic. And maybe that's the fact that it's an actor we've never heard of. Maybe just the fact that he's just a damn good actor, but I've never heard of anyways. So yeah, it focuses in on this kid riding his bike. He's his paper boy back when there were paper boys.


I remember that shift, by the way, when paper boys in my area started converting to cars and people driving around in a Ford Taurus with the label of the newspaper on the car. And I'm like, that's weird.


What happened to paper boys anyways? Yeah, he's delivering newspapers as the narrator is playing, and it kind of gets a sense of this suburban, you know, neighborhood.


Everybody's got their quirks and he rolls up on his final delivery of the day, which is the Macchi house, Mr. Mackey. And he goes to deliver the paper and the front page of the paper says Freeport Boy still missing. So there's you know, there's this idea of like there's kids missing. And something weird is going on in this town. And Mr. Mackey comes out. To Dave and their friends, their buddies, he's known him since he was a little kid, and Mr.


Mackey invites Dave inside because Dave, he owes Dave money for his for his paper route and he's going to pay them. But he asks Dave if he can give him a hand with something first. Of course. Of course.


Cabinet and you watch this the first time. And I, you know, didn't really believe that that Mackey was going to be anything bad until the very end.


But you watch it now that this movie is so rewarding to repeat viewings, it really is, because it also allows you to watch these interactions in these dialogues between Mackey and Dave, and you realize just how scary it actually is, even though, you know, you didn't at the time, except the music.


The music always knows. It's always informing you what's happening.


And I thought that was absolutely fantastic. Even when I was like music.


I think you were wrong at one point. And I was like, no, no, if you weren't wrong music, you were never wrong.


So the music in this movie is like almost like omniscient. You know, it knows everything.


Yeah. And and I think we've talked about it before. I know we've talked about it before in previous episodes. A good soundtrack can change a movie on a dime or a bad soundtrack can change a movie on a dime. And this. Yeah, the soundtrack is so good, so effective. Yeah. This movie has so many little Easter eggs that if you watch it again, you're like, oh, okay, I notice this now and it's not going.


And it's not just like like 80s Easter eggs. They're like Easter eggs in the movie. Like when, when Davey goes into the house and he's looking at all the, the pictures on the wall and he's like, you have a big family. The first time you watch it, I'm like, where is this going? The second time you watch, you're like, holy shit. You know, like you're right there. You're in the layer of the demon guys.


Full spoilers at this point, you know that. So, yes. Yeah. So that's at this point, we're just going to throw it all on the table. But yeah, because Davey goes into Mackey's house and he looks at the wall and there's all these pictures in the wall, like you just said, talks about the family. And he's like, oh, my family's, you know, all over the place. They're very far away, essentially, and they're moving this giant cabinet into the basement and they get into the basement with the cabinet.


And there's this big, loud kind of shaking, shuddering noise. And Dave turns around. It's the hot water heater, which sounds like a like a like a body shuffling basically out.


It's very charming. And Maggie shows Davey his dark room that he has downstairs. He sees another door that has a padlock on it and he's wondering about that.


Yeah, of course, their interactions are are so good when. Yeah. I mean, the reason that the actor, the guy who plays Maggie is so good is because he is so genuine. He's like, oh man, did I drop that on your foot, you know, like, dude, I, I'm just literally blown away by him. He was he's so genuine and which makes it even freakier when you watch it a second time and you see how genuine and how nice he is knowing what's underneath and everything, man, I'm just like, fuck.


But then, you know, again and also in the second time, I noticed when he said, you know, something about, oh, you know, he's fifteen or something like that. And he goes, yeah. He goes, oh, that's a that's a perfect age. I wish I could freeze it for you. And right then on the second viewing, right. Then I go, oh, that was them telling you what is in his head as a serial killer.


That's why he's killing these kids, to freeze them essentially, probably at that age.


But the second time that I watched that, because writing one to one screenwriter and one on one is your thesis is going to be in the first ten minutes of the movie, like your thesis of the movie. And I felt like that was a part of it, that right there at the beginning was was them saying setting up what Mackey's thesis was for this entire film and it's just wants to freeze them.


It's it's a first viewing or second. It's a creepy line because it just feels like why would he say that and why would he want to freeze him up at that point? You know, full disclosure, when I was a kid, I was almost kidnapped three times. No joke, three separate occasions.


I might have brought up previous episodes. You sure did. OK, yeah. Well, there you go.


So to me, like this idea of kids being naive and being lured and if people go, oh, that's so unrealistic, that would never happen. No, that shit happens all the fucking time. In fact, you know, it happened not that long ago when that chick and her chick, that woman and her, like, was kidnapped and she had to have like kids with this guy in Cleveland. He had. And they all broke out of the house eventually.


Oh, yeah.


Is that what. That's what they turn the. Breakable Kimmy Schmidt, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, when I told Kristen that was kind of based on a true story, she's like, I don't know if this I can find this funny now.


And, you know, this is so horrible and like, well, it's it's kind of like when Danny McBride made a movie with what's his name from social media. But it was about the whole thing about putting the collar, the explosive collar on that guy, on somebody's neck. You know, that that happened in real life when when like a saw scenario sort of happened in real life. And then they turn that into just a comedy movie.


And everyone was like, yeah, I know they made a movie about that. Well, yeah.


And then they also made a Netflix documentary about the real thing. I watched the mastermind, but then they made a movie with Danny McBride where, of course, Danny McBride and I think the other person's they're morons and they're doing that. But, you know, they're idiots. So no one, you know, dies or anything.


But but, yeah, it's a weird thing where you they took a real life horrific thing and then just said, oh, we're going to turn this into a comedy movie. It's like, really? OK, but I mean, I love Danny McBride.


So I saw it and it was funny. It's like, OK, I loved it and I watched that documentary.


You scared the shit out of me. So, yeah, I'll give it a go. I'll give it a go.


Yeah. So so already you're setting the tone out. Kind of creepy with Mr. Mackie next door cuts to the evening time and Davie's out with his buddies playing a game. The game's called Manhunt. And you ever play that as a kid? I didn't call it manhunt, but I definitely played that game.


We just call it we call it flashlight tag. OK, yeah.


I mean, I'm sure, like. Yeah, yeah. And that brought back all the feels dude, because I totally did that shit sweating my ass off in the middle of the summer, being scared as shit, you know, not want to get caught. And of course I did. Yeah. Every time. And that's this.


I guess that's what I am meaning when I'm like this movie isn't like just throwing nostalgia at you, it actually is making you feel like you're in that world. And maybe it's because I did the same thing. Probably not when I was 15. I mean, 84, obviously I was I was a lot younger, but I don't I probably never didn't play like, you know, up until that age. But I was like around thirteen in twelve doing that.


And because when in the summertime my dad and down in Virginia lived like on a on a cul de sac that was like in a development that was like a rural development off of a main road that wasn't even pop to begin with. So there was just no chance of anything really bad happening. Everyone knew everyone, anyone who even came down that street was would live there, you know, I mean, like or a delivery person like other than that, there was no through street to it.


No one else would go there. So do we. We were through everyone's backyards. You know, I just can imagine a random summer. Nineteen eighty five through eighty eight. You know, you just like open up the screen door and you would just hear kids cackling, see flashlights in the woods, you know, running around. And dude, this was my fucking summers for real. Zisman this was my summers.


Yeah. That's what I love. That's one of the things I love about this movie is because they're not saying, oh, let's go to the Burger King or let's go to, you know, 7-Eleven got those new slushies or whatever, you know, where it's very where they're like trying to let you know that it's 1984. No, this is this is taking you, like you said earlier, this takes you back to that time. And it feels super authentic to me.


It did. And where you're with your buddies and you're out and about and you're on a team and you don't want to get caught. Davey, because they're in a cul de sac as well, Davies over by Mr. Mackey's house and he spots Mackey in the window of his house with another kid and and then he gets startled by his buddies who catch him.


Did you notice that when Mackey was talking to that other kid, he was talking into the phone for a second and then he kind of did like the whole like no one's there. You could just tell what that sort of what he was saying. Do you think he was doing the same technique that he did to Davey later by calling, like, a wrong number? Yes.


Yeah, totally. And that is why this movie is awesome on repeat viewing. So what I that's a great spot. And what I went where I went with that was the kid said I should probably call home and let my parents know that I'm running late. And he's like, oh, I'll call your parents. What's the number? You know, and oh, they're not answering the phone. And it's so fucking creepy, man. It's so Mr. Roper in Diff'rent Strokes, like, oh, I've got a video game, video game in the back of my store.


Why don't you come back and I'll let you play some video games next. You know, Arnold gets raped.


I know the famous Diff'rent Strokes episode that you're referring to was his name Roper.


And that one, like with the, like, Three's Company, you know, no shit. What was his name? Gordon Jump. Sorry. Gordon Jump. He was the I don't know the character's name, but Gordon Jump was from WKRN in Cincinnati.


Yeah. Yeah.


I always knew from WRP and Cincinnati, but that is a famous that is famous episode of like from TV History is the Diff'rent Strokes molestation episode. Just look it up. It's famous and it's what's so creepy about it.


At the end, they're like, you know, if this is, you know, if something ever happens to you, call not me and call nine one, blah, blah, blah. Oh, shit.


That should always give me chills, especially being a, you know, a potential victim of that stuff back in the day.


Just so hit a little too close to home. But yeah. Do great, great spot by the way.


So from there it cuts to Davie with his crew, eats Woody Faraday, who right away. And that to me is a sign of a good movie too. If you pick up on these characters names right away and you don't forget them like I instantly knew who they were and they're so distinctly different and they were not necessarily cliches. It reminded me a little bit of Rudy in Monster Squad, but not exactly like Rudy for Monster Squad had a 1950s cool guy vibe eats is like down to him wearing a bad religion shirt later in the movie.


And I had to like source check, source check that because it was bad religion around an early eighties and shit. They've been around since 1980, which I didn't know.


So I'm like, OK, that's cool, that's a notch because that's where I was going with that was oh you know, this is like your communion spot. Like I thought bad religion came on like the late eighties or whatever, but now they've been around since 1980.




And anyways, dude, you're 100 percent correct, right out of the gate. The core unit of this group is fan fucking tactic. They they feel real, they feel flushed out, you know, eats at first I'm like, OK, he's just going to be this character. But no, he's got depth to him, you know, and he's not like an asshole, you know, like he acts like an asshole, but he's not in that.


And I just I fucking loved him and I loved Ferriday and I fucking loved fucking Woody man. And it's probably because, you know, I kind I wasn't I wasn't that big, but I was the big lumbering kid in in, you know, middle school and everything and early high school and then everyone kind of just sort of sprouted past me, you know.


But for a while I was kind of a little bit of woody, but every single one of them is just fantastic. Their rapport is great. They're back and forth is absolutely great. I only I just felt bad for the kid who plays eats because he's going through clearly puberty and they had to take on his his makeup to cover the acne. But and it kind of it kind of reminded me of return the living dead part to where the director was like the only problem with this actor, you know, the guy who played the love interest kid I forgot his name is that he had bad acne.


So I just I just hook them up with Accutane, essentially. And I was like, oh, man, the kid who plays eats should have probably gotten some of that, too, but. Oh, but that aside, he was fantastic.


A part of me feels like that's authentic though. Like I noticed that too. And I thought about that the you know what, we all had acne though. Like that's that's kind of. No, you know, it is authentic.


It's just they caked on the makeup to hide it. So then I was like, OK, that's not authentic.


Yeah, because because at one point he looks like he's wearing full on makeup and you're like, oh come on, you like this, just this do all naturale who gives a shit and say, yeah, we all had it.


Yeah. Because yeah we're introduced to everybody right before that obviously. But you know they're looking at a porno mag. It's such a great moment of looking at a porno mag because, like, we are not going to be honest with you, like, I don't think I ever did that with my buddies, but I know my brother and his buddies did so is like a kind of a rite of passage.


And it just felt very authentic in this clubhouse that they had.


Well, I still like the the the poltergeist reference that they made about the. Oh, you think that your house is just built on Indian burial ground or something. And I was like, that's a Pulitzer guys reference. I know that. Yeah.


There's a couple of moments in the movie where they like straight up like when they used to say you might come over and watch Close Encounters with me or whatever, but shit that that's what you said back then, you know.


Mm hmm. You weren't saying, let's make it a blockbuster night.


And when did Poltergeist come out, do you remember? I think I felt like it was like eight offhand.


I feel like it was like 82 or 83 early eighties. So it's not even like an homage. You probably Dave probably saw Poltergeist and then thought, you know, and then just kind of went down that rabbit hole on his own. So I don't think they are or maybe they weren't even making a reference to, you know, in Omeje. It was actually just a straight up like reference to them watching Poltergeist.


But it's like, yeah, what what what makes the movie great? And now use this as an example of what I was saying earlier about about making an image versus just putting it in that world. They didn't say, oh, like after that time you watched Poltergeist, you thought that there was no poltergeist is just only a couple of years old in this world. So they don't have to say, remember when you watched Poltergeist because everyone fucking saw a poltergeist.


So it's just it's just a fucking thing. And I love that they don't hammer that home for you. That's good writing.


Yeah, I totally agree. I totally agree. Yeah. This this kind of the scene sets the stage for who Dave is, the character, because they talk about they're talking about the kids who are missing in and around the area and. And talking about how Davies, a conspiracy nut, and he he believes all this shit and you get a great shot later of his wall, which is very reminds me of, it's like, well, that's what Fox Mulder must have been like back in the day X Files.




And and I love this because they all go to beat off. Basically they all leave the side. They're like, oh, we're going to church.


I thought that was great. Just the dialogue is fascinating. It sounds like 15 year old boys because they say, all right, I'm going to go home beat off now.


I guess that's what you said to your friends at that age because you were always trying to fucking one up each other and gross each other out or, you know, you're always just trying to shock at that age. And it was just it was perfect. I was shocked that they said it. And then I was like, that's fucking perfect.


It is perfect, dude. It's exactly what happened. You know, I you and I watched so many movies from the 80s and there's dialogue that you definitely can't say. Now, if you did, it would just be part of a different movement. And I feel like this movie, like captured just the bottom line of shit. Kid said to each other, you know, they didn't have to go to vulgar.


Yeah, it didn't it didn't like spin it in a twenty, twenty or twenty eighteen viewpoint of of the 80s. It just was like this is what kid said, you're right or wrong. You know, there was no political correctness then. So for right or wrong this this is what they would say and I think they nailed it man.


And by the way, that yeah. Because they beat up Woody's mom throughout this whole thing, you know, talking about like, I'm going have sex with your mom. So my buddy, my my buddy, my brother Eric, his one of his best friends, Ray, we would rail on his mom all the time. We play a card game called Screw Your Neighbor.


I'm like, can we call it fuck Ray's mom? Can we call you that?


Can be was was Ray's mom as hot as Woodies mom now? But it was like one of those things where we're just like, we're going to be up your mom all the time. Of course, you know, we got to pick someone. And Ray was always Ray, I apologize. I know he's listening. Anyway, a group of boys always target somebody, Mom.


Always he was the target. And he he lost his shit a few times. But of course. Of course. So from there, you cut to David's room and he's got clippings all over his wall of like conspiracy theories of, you know, aliens and abductions and all that shit. Mom comes in to talk him into bed and he's like, Mom, I don't need to tuck him tucking me into bed. And and then, you know, he talks about how Dad's working late dad's cameraman for a news company.


A news station. Yeah.


And then after mom leaves, Davey pops out of bed and he calls his buddies and he's talking about Nicky because he's spying on Nicky, the next door neighbor, and he's got the hots for her. And and as Davey spying on Nicky, which is again, this reminds me of like a little bit of the explorers and a little bit of fright night he spy. He checks out the street and he looks over Mr. Mackey's. And from there it cuts to the next day.


And it's like, so real quick.


I just wanted to say, like like I I know your window is the thing, but I'm going to push back and say this is more of an homage to Fright Night because, yes, Mackie turns out to be what he thinks he is. Whereas in because in Fright Night, he thinks he's a vampire, he turns out to be a vampire, and thus he has to confront that.


I just feel like I just feel like I know what you mean. Like, obviously, without rindo, we wouldn't have got Fright Night. But then I think this is more of an homage to Fright Night because Mackie turns out to be what he thinks he is. Do you know what I mean? Yeah.


Yeah. So so, you know, in Rear Window, he suspects that the guy across the way is a killer. And in the guys like I'm not a killer, you know, he's denying it the whole time. Then he finally does catch him and that's when everything turns out. I'm frightened. I would not have happened if it wasn't for Rear Window. And now this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Friday night. I totally agree. And again, I think it's a beautiful image and it's subtle.


Like, I don't think it's over the over the top, obviously obvious nod to Friday night because no vampires involved. But Mackie is that creature that he's like, I get you know, there's this the potential that he might have left Davy alone. But then we find out that's not the case.


Well, and, man, it's like this movie is all subtleties where he's like in Fright Night immediately, you know, Dary Jean Dandrige is the monster.


Although, you know, if you listen to our review, we attest that he's actually the hero of the movie.


But that's when you start digging deeper. But at the top, you just know right away. Whereas here you've never 100 percent sure about Macchi until you're 100 percent sure about Macchi.


And I think. That's what what you know is a little bit of a difference there, you know, and, you know, in that subtlety comes from like every time they interact, if you if you take out the music with from behind Macchi, he just acts like a normal person. Right. There's literally nothing sinister about him, this entire fucking movie, if you take that score away. And whereas, like, I was always waiting for him to do that one, that just that shot of him doing a smile like a sly smile while the camera kind of, you know, it doesn't do anything like that.


This movie does no telegraphing other than the music. If you take the music out of this movie, I imagine that that the Macchi turn would be very hard at the end. But the music informs everything in this movie.


Totally, totally. And I think more to your point about with Fright Night, the reference to Friday night, if you know Jerry was left alone, maybe he would just be killing people that, you know, being considered at the time like the lowest dregs of the earth. And but if that if you leave Mackey alone, eventually Davy is going to die.


So, you know, unlike Fright Night, where we we think Jerry Dandridge is the hero, Mackey is most assuredly not the good guy in this movie.


The villain. Yes. So from their next day, David's cleaning up the trash outside his house, talking about raccoons, knocked over the trash cans and and his dad is cleaning his cameras. He's getting set up for the day with the news van and just some, you know, exposition on what's going on and the fact that he's got to clean up the stuff from there.


You cut to the Bananarama song Cruel Summer playing while the kids are riding their bikes. You want to you want to tell us the reference you picked up on but that moment.


Oh, no, no.


That's the one I didn't pick up on. That was the Karate Kid reference, right? That was The Karate Kid. Yeah. Yeah. You didn't pick up.


Yeah, no, I did. That was the only reference I didn't pick up on on the on the IMDB list of trivia. So I texted Zach before we recorded on the IMDB, the list of trivia I picked up on everything there except for The Karate Kid one before I read the the trivia thing.


So I texted Zach is like, I just want you to know off line that I can. I saw all the things that they said are trivia. I saw them before I read it. But The Karate Kid one was the one I, I did not pick up on. And I believe it's playing at the exact same moment in the movie that it plays in Karate Kid. I think that's the I think that's the Omeje.


Yeah, that's what I read when I dug a little bit deeper because I picked up them like, oh, because we the three of us were watching the movie were like high school Summer Karate Kid. You know, it's a great song and it's very, you know, memorable. Yeah. Yeah. It's a great little old gray little nod to an 80s, classic 80s film, in my opinion. But yeah.


But the one thing I will say that I picked up on my first viewing right here in the bowling alley that they they kind of go into I love that they cast fucking kids in this movie. They didn't cast a bunch of 30 year olds and a bunch of twenty five year olds to fucking play kids. They cast actual fucking kids. And not I don't mean the leads. I mean like, you know, in the bowling alley and doing stuff. And I'm like, oh, my God, this is fucking amazing.




You know, well, first of all, I want to back up a little bit. The bikes at the riding are so dope, like the old school mongoose BMX bikes.


I love those bikes so much. I always wanted to them. I had a mongoose. I had a silver mongoose. I don't know where my mom got it from because it was so rad. But yeah, man, just roll rolling up in their bikes. And you're right, the casting of the kids, the like the extras is so great. There's a show on Hulu called 10-15 and yeah.


Where the leads, the leads are like thirty years. It's all intentional. The leads are like thirty years old but it takes place in junior high and so everyone else is age appropriate except for them. Which is fucking hilarious by the way. I love that show.


I do too. It's hilarious because the two leads are like yeah like you said, like 37 year old women and they're hilarious, they're absolutely hilarious. And so they're like, but they're playing like, you know, thirteen year old. So they're hitting and they're being attracted to like thirteen year old boys, like in real life. And it's really weird, but it's funny at the same time, you know. Yeah, it's it's a great show. It's a great show.


Yeah. They've never they've never you know, that was all intentional. So I don't think I've ever seen that before. And it's such a great but but such a great you know. Thing that they do anyway is that back to the movie and in the cast, the kids in the bowling alley. Yeah, it's so authentic. Bowling alleys have never changed since the dawn of time. So you could shoot a current bowling alley now and it's still going to look like it was 1984 all over again.


It just they've never changed, which I love. They just closed the bowling alley near us. And clearly because of covid and shit, you know, but it's like, man, I love bowling alleys. And now it's like, think about sticking your fingers in a dirty ball, holes in a ball and just going to nasty.


Anyways, a lot of it. Hey, so I was. I'm sorry. Go ahead. I was I was assuming you're about to bring up a video game reference and before you do before you do if you haven't checked out the watch list episode that I did with David Ion's, our good buddy David Ion's. Go check that out. And in just a moment, Corey is going to bring up the the why I brought up the David Ion's Watch List episode.


Corey, hit me with your best shot.


Yeah, I did. So first time I'm watching this, our gang, our boys are hanging out by the arcade machine. There's two arcade machines. One is on their playing. And I forgot what it's called. But it was it was a machine that I recognized. And then the other one that's out of order. The first time I watched this, I was like, I don't recognize that at all.


And it's called Polybius something. Yeah, I think it's Polybius. And then today, because you did the watch list with David Ion's and you edit it and everything, I didn't actually get a chance to hear it. So I was listening to it today.


And David starts talking about this arcade machine in the 80s that just kind of it's kind of like an urban legend. It kind of just popped up in an arcade in Portland, which was what kind of put. Yeah, I put it all together. Oregon. Yeah, Oregon. So it all kind of put it together for me. And it's called Polybius and it was like made people sick or something. There's a there's a whole conspiracy theory to it.


Right. And you can go look that up. And actually David Ion's wrote a book about it not it's more of like a fiction. It's like, you know, based on it, but not, you know, like a real thing, you know, like more like he's just taking that as an idea. But his books also call it Polybius. And so when I watched it a second time, I fucking was like, I pause it and I'm like, holy fuck that.


Like, I've never even I love conspiracy theories. I'm big and I love this shit. I've never even heard of that in here. In one day I get two references, one from David Ion's and then this movie. And I'm like, what the fuck is happening? Like, you know, that's synchronicity. Synchronicity, shit right there. Yeah, that right there is a great I mean that is such a deep cut fucking Easter egg in this movie that they put this like, well it's actually it makes perfect sense because David loves conspiracy theories and it's one of those.


Yeah, but it's it's there. The fucking Polybius is there and it's out of order because the whole thing was like it kind of just disappeared.


I'm like, oh, my God. Like, what the. That's awesome.


Honestly, that right there on a second viewing elevated it for me. But it's a very personal experience that I had with this movie. You know, like if I didn't listen to the watch list today, like, what if I listen to the watch list tomorrow? I never would have picked up on that. It would have been this would have been a completely other conversation we were having right now. So I was tickled pink when I watched it again today by in that I'd be bringing it up and you'd be like, oh, I never even picked up on that.


Or I didn't really notice. Yeah. So now that you did, it adds to the sadness, the coolness factor of this movie, in my opinion. And yeah, if if you haven't if you haven't, listen to that watch list. Listen to it. Check out David's book. I actually ordered a copy of it on Nice on his Etsy shop because he's got a hardcover, not hardcover, but he's got the really cool, vintage looking old school video game cover of Polybius.


And it just oh, in the plot of it's really cool. Listen to the episode. We'll give it, you know, let's focus on some of it for here. But still anyways, great reference. Yeah. The other game was like it was like Street Space Invaders or some, you know, kind of generic shit like that.


Yeah. It's something that we all know. Yeah. Yeah. It was, it was real. And I was like and I did I mean I'm such a video game nerd. I was like, yeah, that's not a real game. Why is that there? And I even like the first time I saw it, I was like, that's I was like, why is that there? That's something I don't know what that is, but but I'm glad they put it in there.


Man, that is so fucking cool.


Yeah. So cool. Yeah. From there, Dave spots Nikkie his babysitter and then he's eating dinner with his family. I love this. Cuts to the evening. He's eating dinner with his family in front of the TV with their TV dinner trays and they're talking about the the Baathist the the upcoming, you know, festival, the town festival. And and the dad mentions how there's this crummy synth wave band that's going to play that in. And like with Cynth Wave called since way back then, I don't know if it was, but I really don't care because I think it's just kind of a funny knock in the later when you do see this into a band.


It's really funny.


That was I thought that was a little meta, but I gave it a pass. I was like, oh yeah. No, that's that's I'm fine with that. I'm fine with a little tongue in cheek nod to the to the creators, you know.


Yeah. Yeah. And right after that it's revealed that Nikki's parents are getting a divorce.


I think the mom references and the dad there's really, really there's a cool quote from the dad. So cool that I actually used it the other day. Curtains were invented for a reason, meaning if the curtains are closed, it's none of our business kind of thing, you know? And I dig that like it's true, man. Like we know way too much about each other nowadays, way too much. And that's our fault and not always necessarily our fault.


And right. The 80s were a time when we didn't know everything. You know, we didn't know like actors that we saw on screen. We didn't know their back story. We didn't know whether they were racist or whether they did horrible things. We just knew them for their body of work. And and we like them. We have Entertainment Tonight for. Yeah, yeah.


Right. And then as things changed and as technology evolved, we started finding out way too much stuff about people.




And you know, like I wish look, trust me, I do not want to ever support anybody who is a racist or just done terrible things.


But, you know, like there's certain moments in people's careers they probably might want to take back for things they've done or said. And if we never even knew about it, we would probably still hold them in high regard for their body of work, not for who they are as a person. And I think it's important to separate the two.


That's my soapbox anyways.


Hey, everybody, Corey here, I just want to let you know that we'll be right back after these short messages. October thirty first, nineteen eighty one of. It's the night of the party at Jerry's Arcade. It's the night all the kids have been waiting for. It's the night they have been waiting for, there is a new game at the arcade and it's killer.


Yes. From David Ion's, The Writer of Night Wavves, The Reign of Terror Begins. Libby is available now from seven press.


And now back to the show, cut to the next scene, it's Davay spying on Nicky and the phone rings and Davey goes to answer the phone and he intercepts basically a phone call from his to his dad at the news station. And that the the the cop killer who is, you know, abducting these kids and killing these kids is on the loose. Are the Cape May Slayer, I think is what they call them.


They they're the Cape bass player. Yeah. Yes.


And it's revealed that he's killed 13 boys and two adults and they're watching the news. And and the the the police chief is calling it an active serial killer who's targeting kids ages 12 to 16.


And at that point, Davies with his buddies and he's excited.


He's like smiling fucking, you know, from one side to the other side of his face. He's so excited because this is like the greatest thing that's ever happened to him his entire life. All his dreams have come true. He loves conspiracy theories. And finally, he's getting to fulfill one of them with a serial killer in town. Like meanwhile, kids are getting killed and two adults. Yeah, yeah. So from there, you know Ferriday.


I love how he says he's like, I see incoming titties to 12:00 or something like that is just a nickname when there's a guy I loved with each saids when they're spying on him, because if I was there right now, she'd be pregnant.


How's the eats? Dude eats mid, low key. Like like Woodys, my favorite character. But like Loki Eats is my favorite character because he eats is great. He's so good. He's, he acts a certain way but and you're like OK, he's going to be stereotypical. But you find out that he acts that way. You find out why. And it's, you know, the usual reason of coming from a bad house and all that kind of or a broken home is what makes them sort of.


But he's never such a fully an asshole, like, you know what I mean? Like, sometimes you see characters like this and you're like, why are your friends friends with you? But here, even though eats does do say things, you know that that is a bit crude or whatever, you can see why they like him because he is loyal to his friends. He does like he has his own relationship with Faraday. And even my wife mentioned it.


I don't remember where, but she was like, I love how they also have their own individual relationships together. They're not just like the group as a whole, but yeah, do each character is so fucking good, but it's is fantastic.


They're not one dimensional. I say the only one fairly one dimensional character is Ferreti out of out of the four of them he but he's not totally one dimensional. He's got dynamics to them but it's definitely. Yeah. And each has some great lines. There's a line later on where they get, they're digging through the trash and, and he said, and one guy says I'm going to get AIDS doing this. He's like that's the only way you're going to get AIDS.


Yeah, but the translator's like he goes, I love he. If I find a condom in there, I'm going to be jealous.


I was like, yeah, he crosses his lines and he does a good job. He totally does.


It feels authentic. So, yeah. So if I didn't say it earlier, but Davey and his crew are at in his house spying on Nikki and. Yeah. Bood titties at twelve o'clock and then suddenly Nikki turns around and looks at them, they all drop down and it's just Dave in in plain view she of course. Yeah of course.


And he's got this shocked look on his face cut to the next scene.


We're now at the library the next day. And by the way, to you know, this is pointed out to by my wife and Dialo a little bit. You know, they have their blinds open. They're looking in the through the blinds and like, come on, people can see you. Totally understandable. Good point. It doesn't take away from the the love of this movie. It's true. It's a little silly. But back in the day, there's a naiveté, I'd say 15 year old kids don't be thinking about that kind of stuff.


You know, like you're just you're not you're just not as aware of things, you know, honestly, you know, not that I condone peeping Toms, but I think Nikki should have been a little bit more discerning or close or blinds a little bit.


But I don't know. I think she kind of enjoyed it a little bit.


We'll see. But I do I did get the it's interesting because, you know, you're watching these movies and I'm like everything.


I'm like everything's a reference. So I'm like even I'm like the raccoons are a reference to the great outdoors, you know, I can't I don't think that's the case.


But I like I like watching movies.


And I'm thinking like, is everything a reference? Right. And I definitely got vibes, more vibes of monster squad here than like when they were peeping on her than anything else, basically. Yeah.


Monster Squad is a great reference. In fact, I take back earlier what I said in regards to Goonies. I would say this is more monster squad than Goonies for sure. Yeah. And in fact, I love Monster Squad way more than Goonies. I could watch Monster Squad in a heartbeat over Goonies any day. You know what?


I'll I'll I'll die on that hill with you, buddy. I will die on Capitol Hill defending Monster Squad over Goonies.


Hey, I got nothing against Goonies. But if you said to me, if you said to me yet to be in your hand, would you even watch Goonies or you won't not monster squad nine times out of ten. I will say Monster Squad. If I say Goonies, it's because we just watched Monster Squad and it just ended.


But you know what, though, to between the two of them and then both fantasy. That's both. I just find Monster Squad a little a little bit more relatable in a weird way. Like I feel like Goonies too. Fantastic. The Goonies was almost a little too fantastic.


Yeah. Yeah. And look, I love it but but yeah. Monster Squad all day. Every day. So all day. Every day. All day. Every day.


So yeah. Cut back to the library. You know, Davie's popping a boner over the fact that there's a killer in town and that's twisted. It's definitely Fox Mulder. It's like this is a young Fox Mulder. Of course.


Side note, I love Faraday's shirt in the scene. Oh, dear. Today has some of the best costume choices by us. He's wearing like these like polyester blouse shirts that they probably dug up at a thrift store, had some crazy ass print on it.


So that's so good. And yeah, and then, you know, each shows up with his bad religion shirt. And for a minute it took me away because contextually, I didn't know that bad religion was had been around that long. I'm not the biggest. I dig their music, but I was never a big, bad religion fan. I'm sure I'm not a big I'm not a bad religion guy.


So you're you're you're you're kind of speaking to the void here with me. I'm just glossing over my eyes. Yeah. I like 84.


What was I listening to? Wasn't bad religion, but I was listening to a lot of other cool shit anyways from there.


Yeah, there's they're looking at the microfiche about the serial killer and slowly Faraday is looking at it. And I was like watching is like, is this for real? And then when Dave, you know, kind of blows up and I was like, that's funny, that was good because I just was like, is are they really trying to sell this?


Like, what are they doing here? But I know that it was really fucking good because I love it. I love that they have to find these microfiche, you know, devices somewhere. Like I would love to know where they found these these old school library, you know, equipment because I want to microfiche from my house. I think it would be badass, of course.


And of course, on second viewing, you put the pieces together a little bit more when you're when you're seeing the faces and everything, you know, comparing them to the what's on the wall. In one statement, again, this is one of those movies where I think it's even better a second time.


Exactly. Yeah, I totally agree. Cut later that night. Kids are out playing manhunt again and and it's revealed that one of their buddies, this kid named Sammy, is missing and in his crew, they can't play if he's not there. So he'll have to abandon manhunt. If he's not there, they go to Sammy's house to find out where he is. No one's home. And they're just kind of speculating where he where he might be like, is he out of town or are they on a camping trip or whatever?


And they can't play manhunt. And. Cut to the next day. And yeah, this is another thing to David's making a PBJ sandwich and we were like, oh my God, white bread P.B. and J.


It's so good, the weakest PB and Jay sandwich I've ever seen.


Layer that shit on one one little dollop like like just one tiny dollop of peanut butter. I'm like, no kidding. No wonder you're so skinny. But my wife that talk about what takes you out of the movie. My wife goes a 15 year old boy eating that little bit of food and milk. She's like, no, no, no. He would have destroyed the entire kitchen. And I'm like, yeah, yeah, he would have.


You know, I used to put butter and jelly sandwich first. I put butter on it, then I put peanut butter on it, then I put jelly on it that she was so good I had to be in jail for lunch this afternoon.


I love a good TV. And Jamie, are you are you crunchy or creamy peanut butter?


I was creamy back in the day, but I'm in my old age now. I'm in I'm in the crunch. I'm into the crunchy crunchy all day or day.


Baby, I've been crunchy from birth, baby.


It's so, so yeah. So cuts to the PB and J. Davies making a BBJ and he's, he's oh he finds a note on the fridge saying his parents are both working late so they're out and he's looking at, he's drinking milk and he's looking at the milk carton. He sees the kid on the milk carton. It's dusty. Do it.


Who was the kid at Mackey's house.


Dun dun da. He's in a tree house. The ginger.


The ginger. Yes. They cut to the tree house. He's with his crew. Davis convinced that Mackey's the killer. They're like making a chart on the wall as all the ideas kind of conspiracy theory, reasons why he is. And they're like, well, Mac, he's a cop. He can't be he can't be a killer.


He goes to the hardware store. He buys dirt all the time.


Oh, well, that once a week. That's a little suspect.


Right? Dave wants evidence and they want he wants to perform a stakeout.


And the cue the montage of I like this is kind of semi montage scene.


Yeah. In my because I break the notes, I break them down sort of by scene, but I have to kind of give the scene like a title. And this one is Operation Mac Attack and Operation.


I love it. The music is fantastic. The voiceover, as I said earlier, I love me some voiceover all the time. I don't know why. I just do. It's comforting for some reason.


But again, the movie still has this lighthearted feel to it at this point, man, which is really just going to layer on the third act switch.


You know, the tonal tonal shift that happens later is this is all helps to make that so striking later. Yes.


And yeah, it's it's a nice lull. It's a nice calm before the storm because it feels like it's got that monster squad vibe where they're yeah. They're getting their weapons together, their bodies are piling up. But there's you know, there's they're investigating what's going on in Maggie's house and the revealing right now.


There's no right now there's no danger to any of my main characters that I love so, so much. All of them will survive this movie. A OK, intact.


It's all going to be good. Mackie's not even going to be a killer. It's all going to be a misunderstanding. It's all a misunderstanding.


But why why is my gut reminded of Pet Cemetery, too? But why? I don't know.


You love your pet cemetery. Would love to hate. I guess so. So now we're back at the tree house after the kind of stakeout, so to speak, and a Faraday and ites are debating Carrabba's versus Gremlins, which is kind of funny. And it's done in a really short way. Like it's just a quick sound bite. No, what are you talking about, Carrabba's?


You fucking crazy. They were debating iWalk walks versus gremlins. God damn care bears. I have. I have. I'm going to put you on this. The spit for that one, buddy. No crappers bite you. He walks there talking about returning the Jedi motherfucker, whatever he wants.


Carrabba's, come see. Come saw. Yeah I know. Gravis. Yeah. My bad. I apologize. I apologize because. Because I think. No, you know what it was because. Because, because they were each was saying they were like care bears.


Yeah. Or Yeah exactly. Yeah. And so I know. I know. But still God damn it how did. How did. How dare I. How dare you.


I said good day sir.


Fo also personally you can't compare the two ones a monster and one's like a liberating fighter.


Well that's not, that's not the point. The point is that every kid back in eighty four had that fucking conversation and that's what's awesome about it. That's what's great about. Yes. And it's, and here's the thing.


It's like. Yes, especially after just, you know, reviewing Mallrats, yes, Kevin.


Yes, summer of 84 is not the first person, not the first movie to have this conversation. It's, you know, Kevin Smith with Clerks and everything. But this works perfectly because it's a conversation that would absolutely have happened to these kids in nineteen eighty four, because they've all they all watched, they all went and saw guarantee you because the perfect age, they always saw Star Wars, they always saw Empire Strikes Back and then they always saw a return of the Jedi.


And they all have things to say about fucking the walks. Oh yeah. But it's great. It's awesome. And it never felt like derivative or anything, you know.


No. And it felt yeah, you're right. It felt authentic, it didn't feel clichéd. And they didn't do it for a very long time.


I feel like. Yes. Sometimes they just go on and on. You're like, wait, is this movie about showing off how fucking rad we are about what we know about the 80s or like this is just a short little moment. Right.


And that's Kevin Smith.


Like Kevin Smith likes to show off what he knows, whereas this it's just in there for a few seconds just to kind of give you just a little thing, because it's I love when scenes start, when the characters are in the middle of a conversation, you know, and it's it's one of those scenarios.


I agree. I agree. And yeah, because what's going on right now is there in the middle of a stakeout and while they're in the middle of the stakeout, they finally spot Mackey and he put something in their trash and they're and they decide that they have to sneak into his house. They have to sneak over to his house and look in his trash. And because they've gotten his schedule down to a tee and through that montage, we know when he's doing what they're going to go 2011, when he goes running, goes running at eleven o'clock at night with his bright white legs.


His legs are so white and those shorts are so short.


I'm assuming he just wear his pants all the time, except for at nighttime the sun ran out. So there you go. So cut to Mackey's house at night and they're searching through his trash. And that's when the funny line is like, I'm going to get AIDS. He's like, oh, this is the only way you would get AIDS.


Yeah, and it's actually pretty cool because Woody says Mackey could have a layer somewhere. And you again, you watch it and do they are correct about pretty much everything. And that's what's really fucking cool. Just little things like when Woody says like he may have a letter somewhere and it turns into a joke for each. So he's like, oh yeah, he's like Cobra commander. But like you realize, oh no, he does have a layer. That's what's fucking crazy.


They are correct about everything, even their little throwaway comments. They are correct.


Yeah. I think this reminded me of my childhood a little bit because I think when you take a traumatic moment in your life and you get through it, you end up almost embracing it in a weird way. So in many ways, I embraced the the people that. You know, potentially preyed upon me as a kid and like I was fascinated with people who kidnap people or serial killers and all that depravity shit. I was just fascinated by, like, what goes through people's brains, you know, and and to know that this shit goes on.


Yeah. In the suburbs, not just in the sticks like Elgin did in Wisconsin. Yeah. Like but it was everywhere. And your next door neighbor could have this layer in his house and you know, or her house and you don't even know what's going on. So yeah, they there they go through his trash. Nothing, they go through his mail, nothing. And then Woody reveals the layer comment and then he says to Dave as they're wrapping up and they're split because they're like, are we going to clean this up?


And David's like, no, like raccoons knocked shit over all the time. You know, it's he's not even going to care that I'm going to notice. That's what he asks Dave if he can spend the night at his house. And that is the first moment you get like a depth to one of the supporting friends where you go, wait a minute, why is why is he asking? And that is the step away from the typical movies like this where you're like, oh, yeah, there were kids that had really broken homes back then and it wasn't all just like, oh, cue the Cyndi Lauper song, you know?


Well, half the kids on this team have have broken homes. Yeah, and Woody, but that's 50 percent. Yeah.


Yeah. And so we cut to Woody's house and his mom is, you know, drunk and looks either, you know, clinically depressed, crying on the on the sofa and Woody, like, basically checks on or puts a blanket on her and kisses her. And it's so heartbreaking to you because it's like this. This guy is such a gentle giant. Woody is is this you know, they even make a joke. Neither did it prior to this or after.


But he's he's like six foot. He looks like he's six feet tall. He's tallest in the group. He looks like he's ten years older than all of them. But they joke about that. They're like, you know, the fact that he looks like he's 35 or whatever, but he's still the kid.


And there were kids that didn't look like that. You know, I've known kids like I'm sure you did, too. There.


You just you feel bad because they can't control their body. They can't control how they look or, you know, what's going on.


And you feel like they look in the mirror at themselves and they're like, why do I why do I have to look like this when I, you know, like, that sucks, dude.


Like and I don't know, my heart just bled for his character because it's just so authentic.


You're preaching to the choir, buddy. I, I loved him. I loved Woody. And just what happens to him is the reason I can't watch this movie that often is. Yes, it just it hurt too much, you know. And, you know, it's just but but it's also what's going to make the movie stand out and have a longer shelf life memorable by and be more memorable.


But at the same time, I didn't want it to happen. And because of it, it just left me so feeling so bad in my stomach that I just I won't watch this movie a lot, sadly. But that's it's like I said earlier, that is not an indication that the movie is bad. If anything, it's actually an indication that the movie is exceptional because it made me feel. But I fucking love Woody in this movie. So, so much so.


But but bring it back to the scene.


Do you think she looks a little young? Do you think she was like a young mom? Maybe like. Like she. Yeah, like she had one single mom, maybe like like like fifteen or sixteen or something because she was a little too young.


Yeah. She got knocked up probably. That's my assumption. And she's, you know, like a nurse at the local hospital and and and and yeah. And instead of going everybody's house, what we find out later that he didn't he stayed with his mom. Can, can I notice something real quick.


Yeah. I love how Macchi and Woodies mom both single, both having jobs that don't necessarily are not known for paying like a lot of money, at least not until you get like later in life with that career nursing and cops. And because it's the eighties, they both have single family houses on one income, on one income.


Not going to happen nowadays. It's going to happen moving forward. Yeah, right. Life.


Oh, life. So yeah. So from here where we cut back to David's house. Doorbell rings Oh can I, can I to you real quick, can I be real quick.


So Dave is reading a Hearties Hardy Boys novel and I wondered if it had anything to do with the movie. But it's a I looked it up, I Googled the novel and this that particular one is about car theft. So I was like, OK, I don't think that it does. And I'm I'm only mentioning it because we all know that everything you put into movie has a reason, you know? So I feel like they focused on that for something.


I almost wonder if in that story there is some sort of reference that they are referencing. I'm not quite sure, but it's called the Shore Road mystery is what he's reading.


So I know that this was this is kind of a non conversation that I'm having. But I guess the point I'm trying to make is I think that there's something there. I just couldn't figure out what it was.


Yeah. And to be honest with you, I don't find myself cracking open an old school Hardy Boy mystery book anytime soon. However, I do know at that time they were very popular. And I do know I did know a lot of kids that had those books on their shelf. That was like the magic tree house of its time for four teens, teen boys, just like Nancy Drew was for girls old school mysteries. Yeah. So, yeah, that's authentic.


It feels good to me.


And and for that, we're just making the reference that these kids are the Hardy Boys. Right. That could just I think I might have been looking too much into the specific title of that book. I think it's probably just a reference to these kids being the Hardy Boys. But and then, you know, and then the whole thing being like, what would really happen to the Hardy Boys if they encountered, you know, in real life?


Because this movie is it's all these tropes. They they they throw all these tropes into the the hat. They do a bunch of different tropes. But the the one consistent thing that they do is they say, what would be. The realistic outcome of this trope, right, even though it's something that's cliche at this point, even the muse, even the music informs us sometimes that it's cliche, but then the outcome of what they're doing always leans towards what would really happen versus what what a movie tells us to happen, what was supposed to happen, you know?


Yeah, no, dude, I think it's I think it's great. I think it yeah. It's like it's not a fantasy anymore. What's the reality. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah.


And speaking of fantasy and reality, the doorbell rings at David's house and David goes down to answer it and thinking it's Woody and it's Nikki and she walks in and he's and she's looking around.


She kind of just barges herself in and which is funny. She goes to the fridge and she gets like, I think it's a crush soda. Back in the day, crushed soda was so damn good. And she's like, oh, parents aren't home. And and then she walks up to David's room and they get in David's room. And David's like, I've never seen you naked. Like, he immediately just flat out says. And she's like, too bad I've got a great body, which is very funny.


I think it's a really funny line. And I loved how he just blurted that out. Like I felt like that was so realistic. And out of all the realistic stuff in this movie, the only thing I thought was not as realistic is Nikki. I don't know, man. Like I, I look at all the other guys. I'm a guy so I can put myself in their shoes. I don't know. She could be realistically written. For all I know, I'm not a girl.


And I'll say that my my wife didn't have, like, any kind of problem. Like, she didn't say, oh, this is unrealistic or anything.


You know, I just felt like it was a little a little bit with her character. It becomes a little bit of a of a male fantasy, you know, or a boy fantasy. It's it's the movie trying so hard to. It is it's like everybody's dream.


But the movie tries so hard to be realistic, you know, and in and I feel like although ultimately I think she becomes a more rounded character right now, my thought was like, this feels a little bit forced, a little bit clichéd, but I do think she becomes a more rounded character while the movie goes along.


Well, I think and even down to the music, the music is very reminiscent of risky business at this point when she comes in. Yes. And that didn't it didn't matter, didn't it? And and it just reminds me of that. And it is like I feel like it is kind of a tongue in cheek moment of like this would never really go down this way. But let's have a little bit of fun with it. Right. And I think it's.


And I think Nikki. It it's Nickie's very confident and she's cool and she's cocky, but she's not a jerk, she's not a Heather, you know, it's cool and like she's moving in on Davay and and I know and she's kind of like and she's moving in on him. You get the sense that you get the sense that, OK, she's just fucking with them or maybe she's not. Maybe she does kind of like him, you know, we'll find out later.


But then that's when the mom comes home and she splits and is like, yeah, I'll throw her out the window.


She goes, Yeah. From there you see this random kid come walking home at night. And did you notice that when it cuts to this random kid walking home at night, the first shot is a blood moon?


Oh, I didn't notice that. Yeah, like right away. Blood moon. I was like, these guys are great. Like, I love that. I love that nice little, you know, someone's going to die tonight. Basically, it's a blood moon. Yeah.


Oh I love that. That's awesome. Yeah. This OK, so yeah it's clear what's going to happen to this kid. Something bad is going to happen. He sees someone in, you know, nearby and freaks out and starts running. So it's taken off and he runs down the street. You know, he does the cliche thing where he runs down the street and then he just stops, which you just never do. You don't fucking stop running until you get home, even if you get when you don't stop running until you get home.


None of us we've all been in situations where we've had to run or split from something, whether it's a bully or whether it's just something weird or bad. And you never stop running to check out what's going on. But he does.


And it is what it is. The killer grabs him and a car drives off.


OK, so what I loved about this scene was that I'm watching it and for some reason in my head, you know, sorry.


So the kids walking all of a sudden you hear someone running. That's what makes them run because you hear someone running at him, you don't see the person, you just hear them running. And what it made me realize was that that is so much scarier than having a killer like Jason or Michael Meyers or whatever walk at you. And I feel like it was such done on purpose. And and and I was like I was like, oh, my God.


Like, just because the idea that someone is running at you is so fucking terrifying, especially, of course, it's been it's being sold by by the actor who's playing the kid. He's doing a good job of, like looking sort of at the camera over the camera, but being scared, you know. But, man, I don't know. I just I love the fact the sound of someone running at the person, like, once you put it together, that they're running at the person that was so fucking scary.


Yes, they almost did. It makes me realize that, like, the whole like thing that Jason and Michael Meyers does with the whole walking thing, honestly, running is scarier because it shows that that person really fucking wants you.


You know, like, that's that's fucking terrifying. But then going back to I almost chuckle now because you've seen behind the mask the the Leslie Vernon story, right? Yeah. How he talks about how you have to how you have to keep your cardio up. You're right. You have to have your cardio up. And then I think that oh my God, that's why Macchi is running every night, because he is training to be a serial killer, kind of like Leslie Vernon, which is, yeah, like I said, great movie behind the mass fan fucking tactic.


Man, that's a great I didn't put it together until just this second. I love the fact that essentially Mackey's not running to be in hell, like for for health. He's McKees running at night to keep his, like, killer abilities up.


Essentially, he's he's got to keep his killer bod up. He does his killer dad bad. He's got his killer dad bad. He's got d'abord. Yeah. Yeah. He doesn't look like a runner to me, but whatever. I know plenty of people who run and they don't look like they're in shape, but that's neither here nor there.


But yeah, no, dude, you're right. The idea that someone running after you is terrifying, someone walking after you and always being able to do that. I think that was the shift for me as I got older when when Freddie and Michael and Jason stopped becoming. Terrifying to me was when horror films were coming out, where the killer was moving around a lot faster like that feels more authentic to me. Even Leatherface in a way Leatherface would like run after you and.


Yeah, chase you. And that's scary.


Terrifying. That's really fucking. Yeah. Oh my God.


And so. Yeah, and I get that like Jason and Michael and Freddy are supernatural forces, you know, they're not they're not like real people in a sense. They're these entities. Right. Leatherface was a real dude, just wore a skin mask, you know, so that. Yeah. That shit being chased in that way where maybe the guy is faster than you, the guy is going to be faster than you and what do you do. And you're screwed.


Oh yeah. Dude it's. Yeah. Terrifying. So yeah. I mean that scene is a great scene. And the next day Mackey's getting in a squad car and he's driving off and Woody is driving his mom's car and he's freaking out because he's got everybody in the car with him, his crew, Davian and Eats and Ferreti. And he's panicking because he doesn't even have his driver's license yet. And this is when he says, you know, you look like you're 30 anyways, you know, so which I thought was great.


That's great. It's so great because it answers that question of like, why did you cast this guy? He doesn't look like a teenager, actually, but probably age proximity wise. He's pretty young.


But again, he probably is. I mean, like you said earlier, we all knew kids like that in high school, man. And he's fifteen and. Yeah, dude. Yeah.


And I love the way it's just it's great. And it's I mean, again, as you know, it's never becomes annoying. Like it's never like like he never crosses a line when he's like like, you know, jabbing at his friends, you know, that's what that's what's that's what's the great writing in this movie that this movie is all about characters and it does a fantastic job with each and every one of them.


Agreed. Agreed. And so they're in the car and they're giving each other, you know, just kind of back and forth banter. And it's it's important banter, though, because you know what? He's revealing that he never came over to Davie's that night. And then David's like, oh, you're never going to believe who came over to my house? And he says, Nicky did. And they don't believe him, which is funny. And then they're following Macchi to the hardware store.


Were Matt were McKees eating tools and dirt loaded into his car? The dude who's loading the dirt into the car is kind of like the local town stud. And that's important because they think that that's who Nickie's interested in. They even kind of allude to that. They're like, you know, that's Nikki wants to wants to date that guy or something to that.


Well, that's that's each brother that's eats older brother. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So, you know, and that's that's who she wants. But, you know, we later found out that's not the case.


So the macchi gets in car drives off what he follows. They almost hit a car and what he's freaking out and then they see a cop car that pulls them over and they don't show the cop right away. So you start thinking, it's got to be macchi, right? It turns out it's another cop. Officer Cole and Cole knows Woody and he's you know, he's like, look, you guys you guys got to go home.


He's being really cool with them. He's like, I could bring you in. You know, I could arrest you and give you tickets or whatever he's like. But there's missing kids in the street. And you guys need to get home, especially especially because they might even cancel the bay.


First of all. Yeah, I love how he looks in the back seat and he's like Mr. Eaton because he eats. Eats is his nickname because I think his last name is is eaten and dies and eats is like Officer Cole. We meet again and they just. That's it.


That's their little exchange. That's all there is. And honestly, the scene is the only time Officer Cole or Coleman or whatever it is, is in it. But again, this fucking scene is fan fucking tactic because it's just, oh, god, I love it so much.


I love Officer Cole or Coleman, whatever whatever it was, I love his relationship. I love that. Like, we don't get any more of it, but we have a sense that there is more to it. That's what I love about it.


Yeah, me too. And there's there's again, like you said, and I said, well, depth of these characters, that there's a back story that I want to know the back story now. I want to see the prequel when they were all alive.


So yeah. Going another wacky adventures.


So from there, you go home Cutaş Daily spying on Macchi, and then Nickie's at his window again and that's when I think Diablo's like this is every teenage boys dream or something like that. And and so now they're Nikkie and Davey are hanging out. And Nicky's telling gave you about his parents getting divorced or her parents getting a divorce. They're each revealing secrets to each other, personal stuff. And and then he tells Nicky that he thinks McKees the Slayer.


And she's like, he's not you know, you got to stop doing this. He's a cop. This is dangerous.


And then and then she basically says, you know, I like you and that's why I want you to stop cuts to the next scene where it's the next day in Macchi, there's kids playing in the cul de sac of the subdivision.


And Mackey's watching the kids play on his lawn and he calls the kids over to get like otter pops or, you know, whatever whatever he calls them, freezy pops. And he's like, so creepy. He's just, you know, like stalking them basically.


And and so not the entire movie.


This is the only time that you ever get that shot where the camera lingers on Macchi for like too long. And then you see, like, the evil in his in his face. And I feel like every other movie of this ilk, they would have telegraphed that a million times by now. But between the beginning of the movie and that final third act, this is the only time that you get any kind of other than music, any kind of visual indication that something might not be right with Mackey, because you can say the whole padlock thing on the door in the basement.


That's not confirmation. Not nothing so far has been confirmation. He's been nothing but super sweet and super nice.


This and then later with the binoculars and the the walkie talkie on the window are the only two times that you really get sort of the reinforcement that that Mackey is is is the bad guy. This one is for the viewers because no one else but the viewer sees it, whereas the other one is for Davey.


I feel like almost as if this scene was added just for the purpose of informing the viewer, because I wouldn't be surprised if they watched a cut of this film. And they're like, oh, man, without the music, you know, because there wouldn't be a score for it on a on a work cut there, wouldn't they? You know, they score the the the the musicians would score this movie after it was cut together and everything.


I wouldn't be surprised if they watched a cut of this film like it. Just the turn was too hard. I feel like they might they're like we need to have something in there to inform the viewer that he is the bad guy. And I feel like this scene was was just in there for that specific purpose.


I could see that. That's a really good point. It's a really good point, I think up until this point to.


Like you said, and I think the first time I watched this in my brain, I was going, hey, I bet he's not the killer. I bet you it could be Nicky in the next door neighbor. And there's a reason why she's leaving town. And it's not because.


Oh, you thought it was Nicky that I mean, like, I'm like potentially because she seems older, she's older and you never know, like I thought. Is this going to be that movie that turns it on a twist? Where's the twist?


Yeah, what I like about it and what I appreciate about it more second time around, knowing all of the the the truth about this film and the facts is the fact that it is him is the fact that all along. Davis correct.


It's it's more about, you know, people being in denial about that next door neighbor and thinking, oh, that there's nothing wrong with that person. You know, such a nice guy. And oftentimes, like, you know, I just appreciate that they didn't that they went this route and they stuck true to the person that they've alluded to the entire time. Yes.


Yes. I'm with you 100 percent. At one point I was like, is it really going to be Mackey?


But but I love the fact that the kids were right the entire time. I love the fact that there is no red herring. It's just it is Mackey. It's just they aren't doing any of the tropes that we normally you would normally see until the scene comes, until the scene comes is the only time we get this really, really trope up until now. But it doesn't even get used that much even later.


So you don't get a lot of reinforcement that Mackey's the bad guy other than the kids. And I think maybe they want us to feel like the adults in the movie of not believing the kids, even though the entire time they are correct. Yeah.


And it proves that, you know, parents are dipshits and and you should listen to your kids more often.


I so I listen to a lot of paranormal podcasts and there is a, you know, a theme of people talking about their stories and be like, yeah, when I was a kid I saw X, Y, Z, but my parents didn't believe me. I tell I tell my wife all the time. I was like, if our kid ever says they see something, yeah, we got to believe them. Like, let's believe them. You know, let's not be the parents that don't believe our kid.


Well, yeah, I you know, I have a wife that fully believes in all that shit. So, yeah, I don't think my body will ever have a problem. If he says he saw something, his mom's going to be. Yeah. OK, well that's let's. I believe you.


Yeah. And same same as Meira. You know, she's she believes in all that kind of stuff too. And our generation.


Our generation. Yes. And so from there, getting back to the movie, we cut back to the tree house.


And I love that it goes and goes back to the tree house because let's be honest, that's where they that's where they hang. That's where kids did hang. They hang out at that place. I was comfortable. I always hung out the certain comic book shop all the time. And it's like you go back to that same place. You don't have to have a lot of places to film in because kids some kids didn't go all over the place.


They stayed to that one thing that they were comfortable with. So the back of the treehouse, Ferriday has a bottle of fireball fire, some sort of whiskey. I think it's fireball. Are you kidding me?


Well, what was the Firebird or something?


No, it's fucking McCready's whiskey. It's a reference to the thing it says McRee. It says McCready's whiskey like like apostrophe s whiskey. Jesus, I'm like I saw like. Right. I was like, I know Zach's going to going to this one, but but dude, no man right away, like I saw, I was like, oh, McCready's whiskey. OK, ok. Got it. Got it.


That's bad ass. Because I didn't look, I didn't look too close at the label. I'm like, oh it's a bottle of whiskey or or something that is.


And it's and they mention it in the IMDB trivia. But I would just like to say for the record that I noticed it on my first viewing before right before I saw the IMDB trivia. But yeah, that was that's McCready's whiskey is what it's called.


It's so bad acid. I mean, then again, the love and it just adds more to the love of of the eighties. Right. In a very cool way. Like a subtle way. Yeah. You know, no, no.


That's that's I mean, that is like a that's a deep cut reference.


Like if you're going to reference the thing, that's a deep cut one, you know. Yeah. But what I loved about the scene is when they're all passing it around again, eats.


I love eats, I love the expressions like he's like oh you guys are pussy pussies or whatever.


And he takes his hit, you know, after everyone takes their hit and it's all like, you know, he takes his hit and he does such a great subtle like like you can tell that it hits him like, like the ad, the character, like you can tell. And he kind of like does that like one eye blink. You know, it's great that he's like, so tell me about Nikki, you know, but I, I love it how he's like acting all tough and you can just tell that it's I'm just just as hard as everyone else.


But, you know, he composes himself.


Yeah. I love that. And there is always one guy in the group. That is kind of the coolest one in the group. You know, there's always it's always going to be that way. And he's the one that I love that I love that they gave him that like the actor was good enough to pull off that subtle. Oh, it's so vulnerability, you know, like like when he took the hit, just like. Oh, yeah.




Agreed. It's great. It's great. Yeah. And it's yeah. Just that it's a it's a two second moment but it's, it's definitely the best moment in that scene. And that's when Davey reveals that he has this connection with Nicky. And and you know, they're like, oh bullshit. Basically, you know, just blowing it off again. And and then they get back to talking about Macchi and Farida's like, well we've been on him for weeks and we've got nothing, you know, and but Davy still convinced that Macchi is a killer.


So from there, they go to Sammy's gross. Sorry, sorry.


Multiple times in this movie, there are references to how much time has passed.


And I liked that. I liked me, too.


You think that in between a scene, maybe only as a day has passed, but they will they'll say like it's been like a couple of weeks or a month, you know, whatever.


But I'm like, OK, cool. You do. They do a great job of giving you time jumps without actually, you know, putting title cards on essentially.


Yeah. No that's yeah. It's great, it's good. It's not over the head over the like you know hit it doesn't blow your head about it. Yeah exactly.


Exactly. So from there they go to Sammy's house and still no one's around but the door is unlocked which is very suspect and they, they start walking in and I think it's Woody who says he's like, I got a bad feeling about this.


And you're like, and you know what that references, right? Yeah. Yeah, totally. I got a bad feeling about this Star Wars baby. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But then I'm also thinking like, yeah, he's the one that says that.


Yes. And that's, that was my note because which is which is nice that I, you know, taking notes the second time I watch it versus the first time I watch it, I know what to look for. But yeah I was like, oh, that's because the first time I watched it was like I hit Meira and I was like, oh that's that's a Star Wars reference. That's great. Second time I watch it, I'm like, oh, what is the one that says it?


That's foreshadowing right there.


Big time foreshadowing, unfortunately. But don't don't worry. The scene is not that bad. So they go in the house and and they're saying that it smells and there's trash everywhere and the phone rings in their house and then Nicky scares the shit out of them, pops up. They all shock each other. And then she says she's there to take care of their cat. They're at the lake house all summer or they're there at the lake all summer. And and the reason why, you know, the cats got into the trash or something like that, they not the food or that's why that's what's going on.


And in their car, the reason the family's car was there, because they rented an RV, which which I think Faraday said earlier. So when you watch the movie a second time, again, even when the kids are gassing, they are 100 percent correct all the time.


And that is I mean I mean, that's on purpose, right? I mean, the writers are doing that on purpose. But everything the kids say, even when they're just speculating about something, it is correct every time.


Yeah. Yeah. And I love that. I love that. And I love the scene because. You know, Nicky is smiling and Davey and like flirting with him, and then she takes off and then they just they all hug Davey because they realize at that moment it's true. It's like that she does like him and he was wasn't lying about it. But it's such a great moment, really. Yeah. Yeah.


Because even it's just like what's going on. Are you guys hooking up like and then when she leaves they all kind of hug but then she's like in the next room and she can hear them. So she kind of smiles. Yeah.


I love that. I love and I love that she's off camera doing that because in a way it's like. She knows she's hot and yeah, and she's giving this kid like this, this fun experience, I guess, you know, I don't know, but she also likes him, too, in a weird way.


Yeah. And also knowing that, like her, summer is getting turned upside down by her parents getting a divorce.


She's just looking to do anything to kind of take her mind off of that situation. I think so much of this writing is so I think honest and and true, you know, to characters and to people their age. I totally agree.


So now we cut to Davie's the next day and he grabs his G.I. Joe walkie talkies, which I totally had back in the day.


And did you notice the action figure sitting next to the walkie talkies?


I did. It's very subtle again, but that's a turbo kid action figure. That is that they did a Kickstarter.


It was either Kickstarter, but they I forget when Turbo Kid first came out, man, I wish I would have jumped on that. They had so much cool promotional items. They made VHS clamshell boxes that you can't find anywhere now. And they made like the legit VHS tape. They had the action figures. They had super cool retro T-shirts. Now you find them and they're like, it's kind of a generic looking shirt. But yeah, the promotion for Turbo Kid back in the day was so cool.


I love all those cool that the people that make fun action figures now based on stuff, you know, like. Yeah. And the, you know, the homemade action figures and shit like that. But yeah it the little action figure in the, in the in the basket with the next to the G.I. Joe walkies, which again is like super authentic. Yeah.


But, but back to the Jaworski's, I mean those are real. And I had those and I love the fact that they talk about like the fact that they had to upgrade them because they suck so bad because yes, they did suck so bad.


They did suck. They were more of a just, you know, a prop than anything else. He didn't use them. Yeah, he didn't work that well. I think the Wrangel. Ten feet. Yeah.


It was it was like it was kind of like, you know, getting the little the little compass, the little plastic Rambo knife, you know. Yeah. It was just, it was just a damn prop is all it was.


Those toys sucked so bad dude. Like there was such a money grabbing scheme for those companies and and it's such they preyed upon kids because that shit's sucked.


Come on, make it good.


Just make it good. Don't go the whatever. Anyways, that's enough. That's for another podcast.


Ten worst five worst toys ever made that you really loved. So yeah.


So Dave calls for everyone to play Manhunt. Manhunt is taking place later that night. They go to Mackey's house where while they're playing manhunt, that's a great scene because the weather. So he organizes his the guys to watch Mackey while he's on top of Woody's shoulders up like Mackey second floor, putting in the walkie talkie and like the the Ivy or something near the second floor window. And he's planting it up there. And this kid pops up out of nowhere.


It's like, you big teddy butthole. I got you. That kid was great. That kid's tiny seem awesome. He's only in it for fucking thirty seconds. Any fucking crash is it. Yeah.


His his timing is so good.


It's like bottle you know man we're so cruel to like kids are so cruel to each other back then.


I don't know if they're as cruel now as they were back then. I don't think so. I think it's that we're in a different way. It's all online now. They do behind their back.


It's probably in a very different way, but they're just as cruel, just as cruel. But it's behind their backs, which is even more fucked up. But yeah, it's such a great line. It scares the shit out and scare the shit out of me. Even second time around I saw my. Oh man.


Yeah. So like but also like not just that, but like when, when each gets into his position and then Verity's in his position and Ferreti like looks over and eats and eats does like the thumbs up and then he goes and then so eats like eats goes thumbs up the Faraday and then immediately transitions into a middle finger to Faraday. And the love for your body's reaction was like why.


Yeah. Just like why are you doing that.


But it's so it's fucking perfect. It's almost I mean it's really almost as if this is written by like fifteen year olds, like just for the dial, like just for the kid stuff. And then, you know, someone else wrote the rest of it but like yeah.


You give a thumbs up and then you give the middle finger is like y and yeah fairly fare is like the nerdy kind of the nerdy one out of the group. But again, like, like I said earlier when I said he's like Stephen Jeffries. It kind of has this quality about him where he's like, guys, we really shouldn't be doing this and but he's still part of the crew. He doesn't he's not a nerd. And the fact that, like anyone picks on him and I actually like that, that him and each have their own, like, sort of relationship that's different than anyone else.


Like, yes, I love their own individual relationships and yeah, dude, even fairly like he holds his own, like he always holds his own. He never feels like the weakest link in the team. Everyone feels equal. No one feels like the nerd. You're cast as the nerd. He just kind of looks like it. But he's kind of not though you know.


Yeah. No, you're right. You're right. I love that because you wouldn't pick on your buddy, you know, in your crew. You would just be a buddy. And he's the nerdy guy in the group. And that is what it is, you know. Yeah. So from as far as this is going on. Yeah, that's right. Ferriday is on the lookout watching Mackey and then he's, you know, walking them as they're setting it up and setting up the girl walking up in the in the Ivy and Verity's like, oh he's got he's got blood on his gloves, he's got gloves on, he's got blood on his gloves, you know, and.


And they start freaking out. And then. And then E notices that the windows to the basement are painted over and like, oh, there's your little Friday night reference right there, too. Yeah, with the painted windows.


And so it's but they're able to get the walkie in there and get away as as they're about to get away.


That's when Mackey opens the window and scares the shit out of David.


Yes. Yes. And so, yeah, that's what's going to set up Mackey coming over to his house in just a minute. And then that night, Davian and Woody are at Davie's because I'm assuming that Woodys like spending the night at his house. Yeah.


And by the way, David's room is fucking huge. It's got a goddamn couch in it and shit, man, I would love to have a room that size as a kid.


I mean, honestly, that was a huge fucking house, too, for only a three person family. That was a huge ass house.


Yeah. My my my buddy Mark Fong, he had an older brother, but they lived in a house very similar to that, which is just gigantic in in Sunnyvale. And I'm sure that house would go for a few million dollars now. But back then, like, you know, three hundred thousand dollars, which was like a big deal back then. But yeah. Jesus. Yeah, but but Dave and woodier like talking about how the batteries in the in the gadJo walk your trash and they got to replace the batteries to make it work.


Cut the next day. And Dave is at McKees House and Mackey comes up to him and he's like, oh you know, you surprised me last night or you know, and he goes, well, we were playing Manhunt.


And, you know, your house was like part of a base. That's why. That's why. And I'm so sorry about that. And he's like, okay, cool. Well, let me pay you I owe you money. Right. And he just let me take your arm back and I've got I've got money this time. And it takes him to the back of his house where there's a garden. And as he does, he sees the GIGO walkie talkie up in the up in the bushes, you know, and he's trying to like make sure that Mackey doesn't see it.


And then shitty Citgo walkie on his clip goes off because the he's in close proximity and like it. The feedback's going off and he's like, oh, sorry, it's my it's my old walkie talkie. And he's like, I can give you, you know, a police one there. I've got him in the in the house. Once you come inside and I'll give it to you, it's like, no, it's OK. Turns him down.


And it's just a moment where he's like, yeah, these are the real deal, you know? And yeah. And you're like, wait, is is is he just being paranoid again or is this like still if this is your first time viewing it, you might get the sense that Macchi is not necessarily the bad guy, that he's kind of just trying to be a nice guy, which is really, really well done. I know.


And even though, you know, we talked about earlier the whole like him, that one scene where he was watching the kids playing and like, looking sinister at this point on my first viewing, I was like, was that scene just a red herring? That's what I thought.


Yeah. Because the upcoming scene is Davey spying on Macchi and EMAC is spying right back at him. Yeah. And then he puts the Waukee, the G.I. Joe walkie talkie sitting on the window.


The one he had up on is a man that was Surjit. I mean do that is such a great show like so yeah. Davie's looking through the windows, he's looking at Macchi and he's like looking at the house that all of a sudden he does that whole, like, shift over. And Mackie's like looking straight back at him with his fucking binoculars on. And I even jumped when when Davey jumped and he, you know, he fell down into the hole hide thing and then he looks again.


Macchi has the fucking GIGO Joe walkie talkie sitting on his windowsill, window sill on Mackey's windowsill, you know, so he could see. So Dave, you could see it, meaning he found it up in there. That's when I was like, OK, I'm 100 percent sure that that matches the bad guy now.


Yes, at this point it's obvious. Well, not totally obvious, but yeah, it makes it it's pretty obvious that he's the bad guy. Cut the next day. Faraday and Woody, the plan is the Faraday. And what are you going to follow Macchi when he goes out? On his jog and Eats and Davey are going to dig up his garden because that's he's convinced that's where the body is, that's where he's keeping his body, because when he looked in his backyard, there was like a section that looked like a body was buried there, like body size S.




Yes, you can you can jump to that conclusion when you see the size of it. Exactly.


So they go so they go off and eats. And Davey are doing they're digging up the garden and cuts back to Macchi at his storage shed where Faraday and Woody are watching him from a distance behind a dumpster. And what he's like, I get you know, you should get a better or Verity's like you should get a better view of what he's doing in there. So what he runs over to the the. Storage shed looks under, so Mackey has gone in a storage shed, pulled out, pulled it up, and then pulled down the garage door like half way.


So you can still see under, but it's still mostly concealed. And what he's looking in there and he sees like the bags of chemicals which you later find out are, you know, like dissolve in four four solids, which would break down human flesh and bone. And he runs back behind the dumpster. Mackey opens up the garage, pulls out like an old school VW bug and drives it off and gets out for a second to go close the the garage door.


And then here's something by the dumpster and walks over to the dumpster and Woody and Ferreti are gone. Turns out they're just right around the corner and they scared shitless. Yeah. And then at that point. Yeah. Go ahead. I love that one.


I didn't know until I read the IMDB trivia, but that that green VW bug is what Ted Bundy used. That was his car. Oh yeah.


That's what what I cared more about was on the second viewing, the sound was exactly the same as when when that kid got to gets abducted that we talked about earlier. You don't see, you know, who the killer is.


And then all of a sudden you hear a car start after the kid gets abducted and it's the same car sound. And I was like, that is such awesome attention to detail.


Yeah, that's really cool. That's really cool. I didn't even pick up on that. That's again, just proves how movie's covering all the bases, in my opinion. So from there yet, Woody and Ferriday.


Radio Davay and eats and tell them that they lost Macchi. And that they're heading back, but the signals are kind of cutting in and out. It's not very solid. Yeah, it's an Daviau digging up the garden. They don't find shit and is like, let's go in the shed. But it's locked. It picks the lock. David's fascinated by that. And he's asking him how he did it. And it's like it's really simple. You know, you just stick this thing in here and it just jiggling around till finally opens up.


They open up the shed, which will come into play later. Yes, it will. They open up the shed.


And there's nothing to find DataDot until this Davit spots this MTV T-shirt. It's the same one that the kid was wearing the night before they got abducted, right?




Dusty, do it the other night. The Chinchorro they keep referring to as the ginger. I love that. And there's blood on it too by the way. There's blood on the shirt. Yeah.


And they're like like looks like actually a couple of holes. Like he was stabbed through it.


Yes. Yeah. Ferriday and would he show up, scare the shit out of them. And they discuss what they, you know, saw at the storage shed and Woody Woody is like saying, you know, well, there was a word on the bag of this bag of chemicals, Noam, Noam and Farida's, like, was it not you know, it's not known.


Yeah, because. Yeah, because Woody writes it on a piece of paper, but he writes like in small a, you know. Yeah. And he's like, oh, Woody. Oh typical Woody.


And he rewrites it like in small a big big H for, for sulphuric acid or whatever it is, you know.


And I did like the dialogue and he was like here's like what you wrote is nothing.


What I wrote is sulfuric gas, you know what I mean. But it's like again, it's like yeah, it's all dialogue that is so fucking just it's so accurate to those kids, you know.


Oh yeah. It's totally authentic. I wholeheartedly agree. But at this point now, like Dave is convinced they have Macchi like they they've proven their point. And so the next day, Dave and his friends are telling his parents.


What they think is going on and they don't believe them and they're pissed, his parents are pissed, and they and the dad who has a bad hair dye job, by the way, like his hair is badly dyed. I'm just like it was a little distracting to me. I'm not going to lie.


It's like I you know, for me, it was distracting, but it's neither here nor there.


So he marches the kids over to Mackey's house.


He makes Davey apologize, reveal that Davey reveals that he dug up his garden because he thought Mackey was the bass player. And Mackey starts laughing.


Davey doesn't still doesn't believe him, which is really cool because he's like it's a very like Jerry Dandridge, you know, Charlie Brewster moment where he's like, yes, I believe you kind of thing, you know, or I'm sorry, because he's making excuses after excuses as to why everything is the way it is.


And like, he's even asking about the T-shirt and like, that's pretty baller for him to just, like, straight up say, well, what about the shirt with the blood on it, you know? And it's like, well, that's my name and nephew or something like that.


And he's like, well, I thought that was that around, you know? And he's like, well, no, that's just in time visiting. And and, you know, he cut it. He must have cut his finger or something like. But yeah. But it's very cool moment because. Like he's not letting up, you know. But his dad is pissed and he's like, you need you guys need to go home now, meaning grounds Dave and David's like basically grounded for life.


And this is I mean, honestly, like, you know, aside from the dads, you know, bad hair dye or whatever. Yeah.


Like, I thought like just the way he handled it was, you know, seemed realistic to me, you know, and and just like the fact that he was like, look, I'm sorry, you're going to be just as outraged as we were, you know? And there is there's a little bit of levity here and there. But ultimately, man, I like the guy who played the dad. I knew from he was I think he was unjustified, although it's weird because I watch Justified and I don't even recognize him.


So I don't know who he was on justified. But I thought he was great. I thought he did a great job as the dad. Every actor in this movie fucking crushes it.


Oh, I think so too. It was like a little thing was like that. Just bugged. Yeah. Outside of that. No, he's so he's really, really good. And it's so typical of parents where they just don't they just don't believe they're kids, you know, don't believe the kids at all.


You know, it seems like the older you get, the less believe you are by your parents.


You know, they just don't give a shit anymore. Yeah. So so he sends sends the kids home. David's grounded. David's in his room practicing picking a lock. Phone rings It's Nikki. She wants David to come over. And of course, he does, because, I mean, let's be honest, anybody would at that point if somebody were interested in someone else and they're looking in old photos and and, you know, Nikki saying, like, I can't believe that I'm leaving.


And and in Davie's like, well, I want to leave, too. And then he reveals what? That he's all alone and he tells her what's going on.


And she's like, you just got to let this go. Like, it's not worth it, you know? And I'm thinking I'm like.


Let's be honest, if people are getting killed and you think that this guy is the killer, you wouldn't you wouldn't be letting this shit, you wouldn't be telling people, let it go like you would want to say, like. OK, well, what can we do? To prove this once and for all, you know, like, well, she's older, she's she's, you know, she's more mature. Yes, I get this. You wouldn't believe in, like, right away, but she does clearly later on believe him enough to kind of follow them into things.


Although I do find it funny where right when I was, like, thinking in my in my head, isn't he grounded? She's like, wait, aren't you grounded? And he says, Oh, my parents are out for the night. And it's funny because it was like literally right when I was like, wait a minute, is this a bad scene? Because they forgot that he was ground up? Nope, nope. He just snuck out.


That's all. Good. Yeah, good. Awesome. Which is what you would do. You know, it's totally makes sense, of course.


So from their cuts in the next day is at home and Macchi shows up at his house.


And you know what I love about this scene when it starts, it starts with a POV shot of Mackie walking up to the house. You don't know it's Macchi, you know, at the time, but it's a POV shot. And right away I was like I felt like, oh, that's like a Friday the 13th Omeje or Michael Meyers. I like just the killer POV. And honestly, weirdly enough, we do not get any killer POV shots in this movie other than this.


And I was like I felt like that was a little bit of their homage to to slasher films.


I could see I could totally see that. Yeah. And I actually appreciate the fact that they didn't do any more of these shots because. Yeah, yeah. At that point it just would have been cliche. Yeah. So Mackie is at David's door and and he's there to smooth things over. You can tell that Dave, he doesn't want to hear it. He's just totally annoyed by him.


At one point Mac even says, you really got it out for me, don't you. Yeah. We like the smile on his face too. Right. You know, and. Yeah, and so but then Dave reveals that he's been basically grounded for life and he feels bad.


And Mac, he's like, well, I really want to well you know, initially he says, hey, can I come in? And Dave is like, no, you can't. And then and after Dave, he reveals that he's been grounded. Mac, he says, Do I really want to smooth things over for you? And, you know, and so Dave says, well, maybe maybe you can just call like call your nephew. And and now he's like, yeah, I can do that.


Can I use your phone? And I love this moment because Dave says, yeah, just wait right there. I'll bring the phone to you. And and he's and he goes, don't worry. The Cordiale stretch and. Yeah. And so Macchi like, starts to walk in, you know, and he brings him the phone and he's dialing the number. It's a call. There's no answer. Well I'll try him later. And Dave's like, no, it's OK.


And and then Mac is like, look, I'm going to do everything I can to catch this killer or catch this bastard, you know, like really firm about it.


It's like, you know, I'm going to I'm going to get this guy. And so he leaves and Dave, he goes back to the phone. And I love this.


I love this. There's no star 69 back in the day. He he calls the operator and he asks the operator what's last dialed number. And the operator is telling him the number and he looks up and it it's in fact McKees. Oh, no.


Dun dun dun. That is your moment for me. That's I'm like, oh yeah. He's he's the killer. Yep.


Yep. That's I mean that is one hundred percent solidified. And then, you know, again, second viewing, he has one line of dialogue where he says he goes, you know, because he's talking about, you know, what he can do to help is, you know, Dave, get out of the house like, you know, get ungrounded or something. He as he goes, let's see if I can get you out of this house.


And that is such fucking foreshadowing to the third act when he gets Davey out of the house literally from there, the everybody that David's David's buddies, and they don't want to get in trouble.


They don't want to be involved anymore and. Then suddenly you hear David. Parents call him downstairs and he comes downstairs to watch the news and his buddies are upstairs in his in his in his room. I'm assuming like they're not supposed to be there. They're hiding.


Yeah, because he says because he takes a walkie talkie down with him and says, if if my parents think you're here, I'll let you know so you can go upstairs and basically leave through the window or whatever. But he uses that to turn on the TV, you know, when the TV comes on, which you're about to get to. But, yeah, they're not supposed to be there. But I although I will say this, I find it hard to believe that four 15 year old boys could keep their voices down enough in a house that that, you know, his parents wouldn't know.


But OK, it's fine. No big deal. I just thought that was like that. Their cover would be blown in like a minute.


Yes, they would be stomping around upstairs and you would know they're they're all up there.


But because if there's one thing boys are not one thing 15 year old boys are not is subtle.


Yeah, good point. So they're watching the news. And the special report is that the Cape May Slayer has been caught by who? DataDot Macchi.


Don't Dundar friends don't believe, Davy, that McKees still the killer. Davy wants to go in the basement and he and he needs he needs someone to watch his back and eats. Doesn't want to do it. Ferriday doesn't want to do it. But Woody does. Because what he's like you're my best friend, you know, of course I'll of it and eats and fair. And I agree. They'll give them one, but Verity's like this is your last shot, which is cool, like makes sense.


I say earlier when when I break down my, my notes and everything, this chunk right here that we're about to get into or I should say the chunk that we're, we're in right now, it's called the game plan. The next chunk in my notes is titled The Last Shot.


I like that they're. Hey, everybody, Corey here, I just want to let you know that we'll be right back after these short messages. La, la, la, la. I'm Adam and I'm Corey, and we are the hosts of Cartwright, a Seinfeld podcast, we are breaking down every single episode of Seinfeld as we watch it, reliving this amazing show.


That's right. It's a trip down memory lane for all of us 90's kids out there. You can find Cartwright, a Seinfeld podcast on iTunes, Spotify Pod Being and Patriot.


La, la, la.


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Hey. Hey, Tim.


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And we'll catch you next time. Talking back.


Hello, everybody, I'm Adam.


I'm John, and every week we are giving you a blast from our past, we are the podcast that brings you full on movie breakdowns, TV show reviews, our reviews top tens and more, all from the things of our nostalgic past.


So please join us every single week on the blast from our Past podcast.


You can find us on Spotify, Stitcher, Apple podcasts. However you listen to podcasts, you can find us. And we would love to have you take a trip with us to the land of nostalgia. And now back to the show. So the next day, which is when this is all going to go down, his parents leave.


Also, the day of the the the the Bay Festival Bay Festival in Davis, like Oakland. Can I go, please? You know, it's like pretending like he really wants to go to this thing and they're like, no, you're grounded.


And we got to sorry, Dave, you know, so they go off to their Mayfest. And they cut to the baby fast in the synth band is playing, and it's really cheesy. It's really a cheesy moment. It's a very low budge moment because it just doesn't feel very 1984 to me. How? Because, let's be honest, the 84, they would have one of those cheese ball bands like they had in tough turf at the at the country club playing.


Yeah, they fast they would have something like that or they would have a high school kids band playing, doing covers, you know. Yeah.


My my only problem or my biggest problem with this scene was just how how small the Bay Fest Festival felt like. And, you know, it's just they couldn't do any like like, you know, crane shots or anything because of the budget. And you could just tell that it's like all they did was rent a dock, like a pier, you know, and there's I mean, there's literally like only 50 people there where you're supposed to think that it's like hundreds, you know, especially you're being everyone in the cul de sac is leaving at the same time to walk down there.


You're being very generous because I think I counted like eight, eight or 10 people there.


So, yeah, it's it's the one time in the movie where I was like, I get it. I totally get it. You're budget like you don't. I know that you want to have a big thing and you don't really need to show it. But at the same time, by not showing a big festival is really is really doing a disservice to the story. But at the same time, I guess you don't have the budget for it. But yeah, this is the one time that I was like, oh, the budget kind of shows through.


Yeah, totally. But they they make it work. They do it. It doesn't matter.


It doesn't detract from this movie at all other than the fact that you and I are fucking like, you know, breaking down every goddamn scene. It was like one of those podcasts where we only review this movie for an hour. We probably wouldn't even mention it, you know?




Yeah, so but as but as we encroach on three hours, we're going to mention it cause every little detail down to the fact that Faraday is scoping Mackey and he's, you know, eating a candy apple or something like that. Very awkward. I want that candy that I wanted it to show back. But I'm like, dude, you don't even know how to eat that candy apple. But that's pretty funny. Anyways, it's leaving cuts to eats, leaving his house.


And you hear his parents yelling at each other, screaming. He goes out to the front yard and Kyle, his older brother, offers to drive them to wherever he's going. And, you know, it's basically tells him to fuck off cuts the Davay at his house, he cuts, grabbed the camcorder from his dad's news van. He and he and Woody go to MCIs and they're going through them through Mackie's front window. Woody goes in what he's just supposed to be outside, basically watching out for him.


But what he's like, you're you know, you're my best friend. I'm not going to let you just go in there alone, which is such a moment of, like, dude, so sweet.


I know. But also the moment that I knew that Woody was destined for death because in the scene prior, Davey says, I'll take all the risk. Right. You guys, this plan. Yeah. And everything they've said so far is true. So he lays out the plan, you know, where we're supposed to, you know, supposed to watch the the fair or the festival. It's supposed to sit by the the bus stop and watch. If, you know, Fairdale loses.


Obviously, Macchi, you know, eats is the next line of defense. And then the third line of defense would be Woody. But right away in the scene, Woody, choosing to go in, sets up the dominoes of the plan, failing ultimately, even though it doesn't fail, fail now. But ultimately, the fact that know saying I'll accept all responsibility type of thing, he seals his own fate. Woody seals his own fate right now by going in, unfortunately.


Oh, yeah. Totally, totally. And as he does go in, Nikkie shows up out of nowhere and scares the shit out of him. And she like that great scene.


Yeah, it's great. It's great. I just love how they scream. I love all these scenes where they're all screaming and everything. Yeah.


It's so, it's so believable, so real. And she wants to you know, she's she's Davie's buddy now at this point.


Yeah. She's invested at this. Yes. So all three go in and see over the next several minutes you're cutting back and forth between the festival eats and you know, Mackey's house and you cut back to the fest. What's going on there?


A whole lot of nothing capac the matches and matches Dave, Woody and Nikki are going into the basement of the of McKees House. The lights don't work.


I'm sorry, but right before they go. So they find out from Faraday that Macchi and a bunch of other cops have been doing this big gardening thing for the festival. And that was the reason for all the the that was the reason for everything, essentially. And that's what Faraday says. And Ferdy's like, it's over, man. It's over. We're done. I'm done. That's it. You know, he's come out, he's 100 percent cleared.


He's out, you know, and honestly, Ferriday is the domino that that takes down, essentially, Woody, sadly. But yeah. So so right now, Ferreti essentially is tapped out, which will eventually lead to the domino of ites being tapped out as well.


Yeah. Yeah. And so, you know, you cut back to Maggie's house and they're in and Faraday's saying all the shit on the Walkie-Talkie, but Nikki still wants to go. Nikki still thinks they should go investigate anyways, which is awesome.


I mean, they already broke in there. They're they're already dead. It's already being E so who gives a shit? Yeah.


Might as well finish it out so the lights don't work going down to the basement, which is a bad sign. And first of all, you know, cuts back to eat sitting in a bus stop and he's zoning out. He's not even like really paying attention to anything. He's probably thinking about the fact that his parents are yelling at each other and being beating each other up cuts back to the three, Nikkie, Woody and Dave. And they're looking in the basement with the camcorder light.


They're using the camcorder, which is very creepy. Yeah. And really cool.


It's such a it's a subtle effect, but it's so it just it's it's very creepy. Yeah. So everything's scaring the shit out of Woody. Every little sound, every little creak, the the hot water heater. They get to the lock in the door, the door, the door that's locked and Dave picks the lock. EADS is still at the bus stop and then Friday scares the shit out of him and Faraday says it's off. The whole thing's been called off.


And and then EADS asks Faraday if he can spend the night with him. And that's the moment where you're like, you know, this is where EADS is having his moment of humanity. And like, he's got that layer to him, you know, that he's not just some kind of cocky, you know, the cocky dick of the group. He's actually probably dealing with a lot of bullshit at home. And this is the way he processes. Well, yeah.


I mean, that's I mean, this is what this is what honestly makes this movie next level awesome is just the layers that are that these kids have to them is just fantastic.


Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It's yeah I love that. It's just a it's a short scene, but it's super effective in the way they kind of dug a little deeper with with eats. You come back to Maggie's room that day that David just broke into and it's decorated like a little kids room.


And what's creepy about it is that, you know, there's like a bed in there, like wallpaper. It just looks like it looks like a where he would hold a kid, you know, and. Right.


But it's but ultimately, it's a replica of his room growing up. Yes. Because they find that baseball where they are like, you know, to, you know, keep it up, slugger. You know, they realized it was to him and it's from like nineteen sixty five. But I love the little the little comment that I think Nicky makes. I don't know if as Nicky or Woody, but they say, well this house wasn't even here in nineteen sixty five so like.


Right away now at this point now and then just moving forward, I love the fact that they don't explain anything about Mackey. I love the fact that they give you these tropes, but they don't give you any explanation behind them. And that's what makes it fucking freaky.


And I also feel like they don't need to like you, just like he's fucked up. He's fucked up.


And that's actually what I what I love about it even more. But. While they're creeping out over this bedroom, and you think that maybe they're going to find something in that room that's even worse, they don't find anything in there, but they hear a weird sound coming from another room that's connected to that room that ends up being the bathroom in the basement. I'm getting chills just thinking about it. So they they go into the. They crack open the door to the bathroom and there's a.


Bathtub in there with a shower curtain closed, they walk over to the bathtub, pull open the shower curtain to reveal a dead body. Who is it such a great just a fucking awesome dead body do fantastic dead body?


Yeah, very like, you know, halfway decomposed body in the tub. And it's in fact, the ginger. And that's that's the dead body. And then another and then a hand comes out of nowhere and grabs one of them, the hands are duct taped and it turns out it's the other kid that was running earlier in, you know, in the movie The Blood Moon scene. Yes.


So they're they're helping the kid out and they like this in this moment, in this scene for me, I'm like, how long before Maggie shows up at the house and just closes the door? And now they're all trapped and they're all going to die? Yeah.


So that's the way it's going to end, because because oftentimes with like, these Thriller type movies.


In nowadays, not in the 80s, but nowadays, they would end it like that, where they all just die and it's just super dark, horribly dark. Everyone's dead in the movies over that movie. Don't speak or think where the guy is blind or something like that.


Oh, yeah. Don't breathe. Don't breathe. Don't breathe. Yeah. Where you know, which actually really kind of enjoy that movie. But yeah I think we saw that together.


Yeah. Yeah. No I know what you mean. It's a modern trope that like. Yeah. That this would go sideways right here and yeah it does go sideways. Just not right here.


Yeah. Not, not right here and not exactly what you would expect. So anyways as they get him out, this is the point where he looks on the wall of McKees wall of family photos and it's all of the victims of the people that he's killed. And then what's the last photo that he sees on the wall?


It's a family his family photo of his mom and dad and him down under which I mean, I thought that was I thought that was awesome.


But like, the one thing that I loved and I noted this time is the photos that they use on the wall. I am so happy that it's not the exact same photos that they used on the microfiche when he was like looking through it, you know, that a lazy, you know, filmmaker would have totally just used the exact same photos. Yeah, but no, they didn't. And I applaud them for that wholeheartedly.


I fully, totally agree. They filmed all this, hence the camera. And they take that tape to the police where the cuts to the police station and the chief is watching the video and he sends all his cops over to Mackey's house to pick him up. And he says he's proud of Davey for saving the boy's life. And David's outside cuts to David now outside. And he's with Nicky and Nicky sitting with him and she kisses him. And that's like a moment of like, oh, yeah, things are going to be OK now.


And she even says, like like, you know, my parents are even talking to me now. They're like, you know, she even says, I don't you know, I don't think that this is going to change anything. But like, you know, you did this and everything and it's it's a sweet scene. And you know what?


Everybody I say turn the movie off here. Just turn it off. Yeah. Because you'll. Yeah. You'll feel so much better from that.


You could you easily could, because at this point yet it cuts the debris in the car with his parents and his dad apologizes to him. And it's a very heartfelt apology. It really like it feels like what would happen if this shit all went down and then he tells them he loves him.


It's a really heartfelt move. I got a little choked up in it. And it's you know, it's I just I just did I just did do it.


I'm with you, man. It was it's fucking fantastic.


Woody spends the night at the MCIs, which is like, when do you want to be with your mom? Even if this shit went down.


Yeah, but they do say that she's at a shift. She's at like an overnight shift, which makes sense. But the fact that Mr. Armstrong, Davey's dad, says to the kids, especially especially Woody, that they're safe now, like, oh, yeah, no. Like when I was watching this for the first time, I was like, oh, no, why? Why is this all still happening? Like, why am I watching this move?


Why is there fifteen minutes still in this video? Because nothing good is going to happen here.


Yeah, because at this point, yeah. David's dad's like, you know, you're safe and it's over. We've got him and I'm like I write down in my notes. I go, you know, Maggie has not even been caught yet. This this is not a good sign. Yeah.


Right. Yeah. Yeah. So sorry. They they say they do say that, that, that in the car with the dad they said they haven't caught Mac yet but dad's like but you know, everyone's looking for him so you know they're going to find him. Yeah. Yeah.


And so it ends like that. And again you could end it right there to now will be OK.


You could stop it right there. Right, kiddo. Do and you know, please do just turn it off right there.


You'll be fine. There's an air of mystery right there. But now, same night long dramatic pause. It's 2015, the evening everyone's asleep. There's a long tracking shot through the house into the hallway right outside. David's bedroom door scared the shit out of me, the ladder to the attic. Opens up and starts rising down to the floor and down steps, Mackey.


Oh, my God, do you know what I got? You know what? I was like OMEJE to hide her in the shit that was called Hide Her in the Attic, the movie with Gary Busey.


Oh, yeah. Hide her in the house, I think. Yeah, I think so.


Right. Yeah, that's with him. Right. And he's like, he's in the attic. Attic. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


So like I was like is that anonymized to that movie. I mean to me that could be it. You know, the movie itself is not that great, but the first 15 minutes of Don't Want a stranger calls when they reveal that the killer is in their house. Yeah, the babysitter, you know, and she and he's killed the kids upstairs. Oh, my God.


He yeah. The whole thing is this creepy as fuck. And so, yeah.


And we honestly, we haven't really talked much about the cinematography, but that shot from sort of like from from David's bed at his doorway as Mackie's like the shot lingers for a few seconds before Mackie actually like enters the the shot.


It's so well done. The cinematography in this movie is it's fantastic. The entire movie is such a so it's so well crafted. It's it's amazing.


Yeah. I wrote down at this moment when he walks into David's room, the soundtrack. At this moment, the dramatic music is so creepy. It's so creepy. And he he starts to wake up and he puts like chlorophyll over his mouth or whatever, like a rag and knocks Dave out. Yeah.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God. That was so, so fucking good.


You could turn the movie off at this point and could be left up to a mystery. I think this is going to be a recurring joke for the next ten minutes. You could turn it off at this point and that would be OK. Or you could continue, which is what we did. And from here, Dave is in Mackey's car.


He wakes up. What is there to the car's not moving. They're tied up. They entered each other. Mackie's not in the car with them. And then suddenly Mackie shows up the window outside of the car just to fuck with him. He opens the door to let them out and they run into the woods. It's a squad car and he's calling out of the squad car that they're going to pay.


They're going to play Manhunt for real. And when he says for real, I'm like another frightening reference, dude, and you're the frightening guy.


But I picked up on that and I was like, this is Fright Night for real. And this is when I oh, man. I don't know, man. Like, I don't know. Even if I knew what was in store for at this point, I kind of did because again, Pet Cemetery too. I knew the fat kid was going to die in my heart of hearts. I knew it because of Pet Cemetery too.


But that I was like, I love it.


I love how multiple times in this movie they set up the manhunt scenario for the kids. And now it's happening for real, like like down to the flashlight. He's using the fledgling everything. It's such it's such good writing, you know?


Well, it's it really is. And, you know, I understand that maybe people might not like this last 15 minutes of the movie. Like maybe it should have ended at 90 minutes. And I get that and I see the valid points of that these last 15 minutes. And I think we've seen it a few times are what set this movie apart from. All other thriller, yes, teen films around this time, it's just it's different, and I'll be quite honest with you, you know, both you and I have seen umpteenth horror films, umpteen thrillers since we were little kids.


We know the cliches or we know the conventions. We know the whole set up buildup, yada, yada, yada. I honestly don't think I've ever seen a movie that ended quite like this where you're like, yeah, bam, we'll get to it. Folks were on their way at this point.


I didn't know where it was going, although looking back hindsight 20 20 in my heart of hearts, I did know where it was going.


I did two on one. On one hand. I didn't want to believe it. I didn't want to accept it.


You know, it happens and I'm going to I'm going to just start going because people are going to be like, yeah, what is it? What is it? So. So, yeah. So Macchi at this point is now fucking with them. He's chasing them around. They're turned around. They realize they're on an island that has one road because they keep hitting water wherever they're going. They slip into a pile like into the mud and they wind up in kind of a ditch.


And where the ditch is, there's a pile of bodies everywhere where obviously Mackey's keeping the bodies. Davy says, look, I'm going to go I'm going to go distract him while you go to the car and you get out of here, right?


Yeah. And in the for the first time is why I didn't pick up on it. But the second time I realized, like, oh yeah, that's the smart play to make Woody go for the car because he knows how to drive. Like I didn't pick up on that the first time, but really. Good point boy. Oh boy. Am I haunted by the phrase that Woody says, I can't die here tonight. My mom needs me.


Yeah. It's I mean I probably just talking about it once. Makes me want to throw up.


Yeah. It's, it's so so. So David. Thinks that this is a good plan, but right after this happens, David gets stabbed by Mackey. Well, hold on.


David gets his Achilles heel sliced by Mackey. Yes, that is the pet cemetery. One reference.


Yes. With with with. Yeah, with Hermione's name again. Yeah. Herman Munster again. His Achilles heel sliced. Yeah. So yeah. And then Pet Cemetery to reference will be coming up very soon.


Yeah. So you know after this happens Mackey says wait here. Right. And takes off and David's yelling trying to warn Woody we guess because Mackey doesn't kill Dave.


You're right there. No he's he, he may which makes sense. He leaves in there because. Whereas what are you going to go or where's Davey going to go. Yeah. Cuts back to Woody who's who's made it to the car. And as soon as he makes it to the car, Mackey comes up from behind him and slashes his throat. Fuck, dude, I mean, it is for me, too, he fucking slashes it and then holds his head back.


I mean, it is it's gruesome and it's horrifying and so. All right. So my personal bit of trauma, me and my buddy Luke, you guys know Luke, I've only ever seen Pet Cemetery two once.


It wasn't a great movie, but the entire movie, like he Eddie Furlong, his character has a fat friend with curly hair and his back friend gets killed.


And so me and Luke were like like like at the time, like, it just didn't that didn't follow the normal tropes.


Right. Like the fat friend shouldn't die like it was supposed to. It just it shocked both of us to the point where, like, it's kind of a joke between the two of us now. Like if I said to him, like, if I say something to him, like, oh, the fat kid, like in a pet cemetery to like, Luke would get it, you know, because it shocked both of us that the fat kid died.


And I keep saying that because the moment that this fucking movie started, the second this fucking movie started, I was like, this better not be a fucking pet cemetery scenario.


And guess what? Sorry, it's a fucking pet cemetery to scenario. Sorry. So like I was and I was traumatized by that as a kid and I'm traumatized by that as an adult because I was a fat kid with curly hair growing up. So like I related the most with fucking Woody in this movie and with fucking Eddie Farallones fat friend in Pet Cemetery too. So I can't watch Pet Cemetery one again because I fucking hate Zelda. Zelda terrifies me to no end and I will never fucking watch that movie again because I.


Because of what I hate Zelda and I'll never watch parts of Missouri too because I was traumatized by the fat boy but the fat kid dying. And now here we go. I'm reliving my trauma.


Thank you, Zach.


And your welcome to your world. Would you like a podcasting after dark sticker?


Yes, I would love more coming.


Oh, it's it's it's gruesome, man. Fuck it. You know what? It fucking sucks. And I applaud them for doing it. I feel like it needed to be done. But I mean, it's the reason I won't watch this movie multiple times is because of it, because fucking Woody was my favorite character and like a kid, dying is a big fucking deal. And again, I'm just going to say it's a testimony to how good this movie is, is that I care this much about this character.


Yeah. I want to go into what happens next a little bit before I kind of. Yeah. Go into more of my feelings about this this overall sequence, because I love what happens next.


What happens next is absolutely amazing. Yeah. Because Davey gets to the car and sees what happens and then Mackie grabs him in, you know, and hold them down and says, you know, this is your this is here's your another frightening reference. He's like, this is your fault. This is your fault. You forced me out of my home. I wrote down Friday night. This is totally Friday night. It's like, oh, it is like all I want to do is kill you, but it's not enough for you.


I want you to imagine what I'm going to do for you. And when I come when I come back for you and he leaves Davey after that, and to me this is like this is the nightmare, dude, this is the nightmare. This is not this is not the guy. This is not the killer getting shot. And then the cops go back to get the body and the body's gone. This is not, you know, the killer being impaled by a spike and then jumping up and grabbing you one more time.


This is real life. This is the guy going, I am so ruthless. If Ted Bundy could evade the cops for 20 years or however long he was able to do that, there, there's a serial killer who was just caught the other day, got the Golden State gone the other day, OK?




And like he'd been you know, there was a guy who shot a cop 50 years ago, something like that. Maybe it was 40 years ago and they finally just got him the other day.


You know, people can I can see this like this character being gone for longest time. No one could find him. He's a cop, so he knows how to evade shit. And dude, fucking rich. Summer Sohmer, however you pronounce his last name.


Holy shit, dude.


Like like I said, man, like he was so like Shrimpy on fucking Mad Men and to see what he could do right there, that scene where he's telling Dave this.


And the thing is like he has his forehead against like Dave's forehead and he's like, I want to kill you so bad right now.


But I'm and it's just he is a fucking crushing it man as an actor. Like, seriously, I'm watching and I believe everything. And it is absolutely terrifying. It is absolutely fucking amazing. It's what makes this movie fucking amazing. And he is just holy shit, I can see why he took the role, you know what I mean? Like, this is it. You know, this is the scene that he read and was like, oh, no, I want this so I can do it.


And he's so believable. He's so fucking scary. And he's like, I want you to think every day, even when you're older, like, I want you to go to sleep thinking that I'm still alive and this is going to be the day that I kill you because it might fucking be the day that I kill you. Yeah, I believe every bit of it. And it is. Amazing. It is fucking amazing, what's amazing about it, too, is like this is a loss of innocence film.


That's what this is. This is this is the last American virgin, you know, where the end credits are like, no, he didn't get the girl, the girl and put him back up with the dude that, you know, her ex-boyfriend or whatever this is. These are these are the moments where you're like and that's why that movie stands up over a lot of other teenage sex coming back. Then because of that ending. This is this movie is going to be, in my opinion, it's going to be remembered because of this ending.


You kill the most lovable character and then you and then you have no satisfaction at the end, because really quickly, this movie from this point on, you know, Davy hobbles out to the street, gets. Yeah, yeah.


With his with his Achilles heel sliced with his attorney. Sourceless. Yeah, yeah. And he pulls out a car, finds him, he's, you know, cuts to the hospital. He's crying in his bedroom. After that he's in the hospital, he gets discharged, he's crying and he's in his bedroom crying.


And then the narration which I love that I'm sorry for the narration. I love that they fucking show the PTSD. Yeah. Like, you never fucking see that in the movie. And now it's what goes back to my original statement, which is like this movie. It takes all the tropes, but it follows them to the realistic conclusion, not the fantasy conclusion, not the movie conclusion. It follows them to the realistic conclusion and the fact that, like David's just there's that shot of Dave in his room, just like in a ball crying.


Yeah, your best friend's fucking dead because of what you did, you know. Yes. You did the right thing by by bringing this killer to life. But you to light. But you caused the death of of Woody, you know, and you know and you think about it in a way, if you think about it, you know, it's what Charlie did to evil Ed.


And it's like what evil Charlie should have been feeling at the end of Friday night about him, about his, you know, supposed to be his best friend dying. Yeah. It's so effective in in the fact that it doesn't go with what you expected. Like there's a movie called The Collector. You know, that movie I love I love the second one.


And what I love about both of them is it didn't go that route of like everybody dies at the end. And it's a dark ending to doing. You know, it's like, wait with the good guy actually wins when you didn't expect that to happen.


This is like you expected Mackie to be shot and killed by somebody or you expected him to get arrested. I could have totally seen Mackey getting arrested, putting in putting into a car. And then later a news reports saying he's escaped from jail. And that's ends and ends like that. But for you to for for them to go that really ballsy route and and kill the most likable character and leave your lat and leave your hero, quote unquote, lying in a puddle of his own, you know, sadness.


It's really commendable in my opinion. That's and again, that's this is this scene is the reason why I chose this movie, because I'm like this is what sets it apart from I love I love retro shit.


I do. Everyone knows that about me. And so knee deep in nostalgia and as you are to.


So that so I love that element of this film, but what I what I love even more is just the way it ended, you know, where, you know, he kicks it ends with the narration again, just like it started out and narration. And, you know, he sees he's riding on his bike and he sees Nikki leaving in her car looking sad. And then he sees eats and Faraday throwing stuff out of. Is it.


Oh, no, that's no, that's that's the first time I was like, what is that? The second time I realize it's the tree house. They're they're dismantling the tree house. It's over there in and like eats doesn't look really at Dave, but then Ferreti kind of makes an eye contact with them and I realize like, oh, they're probably not friends anymore because they probably blame Dave for their Woodys death, you know, and like but the fact that I love I love that like I love it.


Eats in Ferriday are going to be good friends, probably moving forward and everything. And and it's great because they're so opposite, you know, like one's nerdy and one's not. But like I just all felt so realistic, like the group is over, you know, that. It's like you said like you said, this movie is about the age of Innocence Lost or innocence lost, I should say, you know, and we've all we've all had those.


I'm not saying it's the same, but we've all had those moments where we had a best friend or somebody that was like we were so tight with. I did. And then something happens to make a rift with that friend. And suddenly you're just you're not friends. And anymore at all, you can't even look at that person. You can't even walk down the street. You feel weird walking on the street. Yeah. Like that. Hit home to me dude.


Like, yeah. So I really quick I brought a I borrow this kid, this kid in elementary school, he had a BB gun he showed me at his house and he let me borrow it for the night and he called me up that night. He's like, you got to bring the gun back to school tomorrow because my dad's going to beat me up, you know, and and he's like, if you don't bring in, my dad's going to beat the shit out of me because he didn't I wasn't supposed to take it.


So bring this gun back to school. I got the BBs in my backpack. It's it's and I'm in class. And we would switch classes back and forth for, like, science or something. This is like sixth grade, I think. Anyways, the kid's desk I was sitting at in the other classroom, he had his Walkman stolen. They thought I did it because I was sitting in his desk. So they sent me with a fake note to the office.


And while they sent me to the office, they were searching my bag, which had the gun in it. And I think a BBS, I'm coming back from the office and I just happened to look in the window next to the to the classroom and I can see them pulling the gun out of the backpack at the exact same time. I come in the classroom, I sit down, everyone's looking at me like, what did you do? You know, I'm scared shitless.


The they call me back in the office. Principal deals with that aspect of it. Like he points the gun at me.


He's like, you know, this can do. And they thought I was going to use it on the on the on my sixth grade teacher at the time. And like, they thought I was going to this is way before Columbine said, who knows what nowadays would have been a whole horrible story. But back then when it went down, you know, they didn't even call the police. They called the police before they call my mom. And the cop knew that I hadn't done anything wrong.


He's just like, you know, you just made a bad choice bringing this to school. Well, needless to say, and it's a longer story, my mom's like I'm holding onto this and now I got to get back to my friend. She's like, no, you don't get this back ever again. And she hit it in the house. I didn't know where it was. She wouldn't believe me that I had to return it back to my friend.


And he got the shit kicked out of him by his dad. Blamed me for it, rightfully so, you know, but it wasn't necessarily my fault. Right, because I.


Yeah. You know, and from that point on, wanted to kick my ass at school. So every day I showed up at school, he would taunt me, yell at me, scream at me, and like I would find I had no friends. I change school districts because of that. Just pretty much at that point, it felt like my life was ruined, you know?


So I'm watching this movie and I'm like this death of this character is a metaphor, you know, for that moment in everybody's life when you've had something so horrible happen to you that you don't think you're ever going to recover from it and maybe you don't, you know.




And it's and that's why I put this film on a higher level than I would, you know, a typical slasher movie or whatever. Yeah. Yeah.


So it's I mean, no, no, it's it's OK.


I mean, hey, my God, your trauma just just I every time there's something new, I'm like, oh no, I know, I know all of Zach's trauma now. NUPE, something new.


OK, yeah dude. Like, like yeah.


I'll just I'll just go into my final thoughts on the movie. I mean. If you needed anything more, I pretty much put everything on the table right now, but like, it's such a fucking good movie, it's really it's really I mean, it's fantastic. It's well-made, well acted like well crafted, well written while directed.


The music is fan fucking tactic, but I'm not going to watch it a lot because of Woody, and it's because I felt so connected to them. And it's it's not a slight. I like it. Don't ever take it as a slight on the movie, but like I felt so connected to them, I loved every character so much. The fact that Woody dies is the one the character that I'm most connected to just was was a hard pill to swallow, but a very brave thing, I think, for the for the filmmakers to do here.


And I think a very like on purpose thing. Honestly, I'm not going to lie. The fact that he has curly hair and kind of heavy I really do think it was a pet cemetery to reference. I do truly believe that, especially since, like, David's Achilles heel gets sliced, you know, beforehand, then, like, you guys are like backing him up back to back that cemetery, one in a pet cemetery do. And I wouldn't be surprised if I asked them ever at some point in the future.


And they're like, oh, yeah, totally, totally from the get go. That was the pet cemetery, too. I wouldn't be surprised at all, you know. But for me, that was a that was a personal bit of trauma because like that was like one of the first times in a movie with Pet Cemetery to when I was a kid, when I was at Luke's house, that like it wasn't the first time, but it was one of those times where I was like, oh, when you take tropes, I didn't know that was the word for that time.


But when you take these things that are always the same and every horror movie you twist it, it can do something to you as a viewer, you know, and it's just like, holy shit.


And, you know, I think I think honestly, the first time that ever happened was with from beyond where Barbara Crampton jumps out the window when the explosion and then gets the horrible explosive compound fracture of her knee. It's like because as a kid, when I was a kid watching that, I was like, oh, like, you know, if you jump out of the movie, I get out of the window and everything's exploding. If you're the hero like Bruce Willis in Die Hard or something, if you're the hero, nothing bad is going to happen to you.


But where is from? Beyond says, no, no, you're still human. If you jump out the window, your kneecap is going to explode. Right. Or in there or in pet cemetery. Just because you're friends with the protagonist doesn't mean you're safe. This movie kind of draw drew that parallel to me and just made me feel uncomfortable, but also but also nostalgically made me feel like a kid again because I was watching something for the first time.


And man, this movie is just. Excellent, just excellent. So when it comes to just crafting, dude, I loved everything about this movie, absolutely loved it, even the parts that I don't love, which is just Woody dying, I still love it and I respect the movie for doing it. And I mean, if you guys have gone this far with us, then you've seen the movie, hopefully. And, you know, I'm curious to hear what you what you think on social media.


But me, corny man, I fucking love it. I love having it in my catalog. I will love to show it to people kind of like hereditary, but I will not watch hereditary a lot, even though I loved it and I will not watch Pet Cemetery to ever again, even though I enjoyed it when I watched it. You know, and I will probably be hard pressed to watch this again, except for the soundtrack man. The soundtrack on this thing is Bananas is the only thing I can describe it.


It is beautiful. It is amazing. It is haunting. It is just a work of art like this movie itself.


It's a work of art and man, that's what I'm going to leave it. I fucking love this movie and thank you. Thank you for, for doing it.


But well it's my pleasure dude. Honestly, like, like I said earlier, I feel like it needs the praise you just gave it I think is very much merited and, and earned. And I will say this really earns it.


He earns it. This movie earns every feeling, it earns the feeling of disgust that I have for it. You know, because of Woody, it also earns the praise. It earns every bit of it.


It doesn't it doesn't like like like just just saunter into to an accolade. It fucking earns its accolades. Yeah.


And and honestly, like for these for these filmmakers to take that choice to do that was was a very brave, bold choice because I think they clearly knew Caleb Emery was the best part of this movie, in my opinion, the best actor in this film. Like and like you said, everybody had fantastic performances to be even done, that little kid, that manhunt time.


But you know, McCaleb, every atsumi stands out the most. I think you're going to continue to see more of him. By the way, he's very active on like Instagram. He was anyways and very nice guy, like, very personable with the people that follow him and are fans of his. Just going to throw that out there. And I will say to any sort of leg injuries are probably the worst because you can't run if you don't have your legs in a horror film, you got nothing.


You lose an arm, you do something near your upper body. You're fine because you can keep moving. You lose your feet. Yeah. Trust me, I love die hard everything about it. But the most fucking unrealistic in the fact that, you know, he's running around with bloody feet and all the good stuff.


But anyways, yeah, you take out your legs, you got nothing. But dude, I'm glad you liked it. I will say just a cheap plug again for Diabolique DVD or Diabolik DVD. That's where I got this through them. It's kind of like a pressed on demand. So if you like having the hard copy of something.


Which Corey and I very much do, whether that's a good thing or a bad thing, I think ultimately much, much to our wives chagrin.


Yes, yes. But I will I will say it's very reasonably priced and you can get it on there, support your local businesses, your little mom and pop shops, even on the Internet. But, dude, I'm glad you I'm glad we could do it. I'm glad to do it. Like I said, this is my contribution to a modern horror thriller drama, you know, whodunit kind of thing.


And from here on out, it's back to for the better part of this upcoming year, it's going to be some wild shit.


So strap yourself in some business as usual.


No, dude, I think this movie will age really well.


Yeah, I. I think so too. I think I think the chances this movie took, I think the soundtrack, I think the cinematography and the fantastic performances by everyone that's in this film, I think it's I think we're going to see this movie be around for a while.


Truthfully, I agree. I agree. Yeah. Couldn't have said it better myself. This was fun, man.


This was like and honestly, like I will say this, this was one of those movies that I actually enjoyed more talking about with you than than watching it. And as I just said, I loved watching it, but I loved talking about it more with you.


It was like it was just fun, dude. And. Yeah, thank you. Just just thank you. Thank you for getting it for me and everything. So you're welcome.


You're welcome. I'm glad I'm glad it surprised you and shocked you for better or worse. So and it brought back a lot of trauma for better or worse.


Yeah. Yeah. It's, it's my turn. My turn for the trauma. Oh man. Oh Corey.


Where I was going to say to you seen him run running this episode. Where can we find you, Corey. In the Internets.


Yeah buddy. Oh yeah. You could find me every week talking to our buddy Adam about Seinfeld on Cartwright, a Seinfeld podcast. And we actually just kicked off, um, let's see by time this is happening. Yep, yep. Season five, we're just starting season five. So it's it's a good time. Love talking about Seinfeld and always having a good time. But Zach, my man, we're going to find you, buddy, online.


You can find me and you can find me at Zach Schaefer video dotcom.


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Yes, I would like to recommend The Heart Bochner interview.


Oh, thanks, Bobby Hons. Bobby, let me tell you. Yeah. If you don't know who it's funny you brought up Die Hard earlier heart Bochner played Alice in Die Hard.


You don't know who that is then you don't know your 80s movies and I can't imagine, I can't imagine a single one of our listeners not knowing who Alice was in die hard.


So someone actually a fan, a listener pointed out to me the other day, they're like, he's basically Donald Trump Jr..


I'm like pretty much. Pretty much so. I heart.


Bochner, though, is a guy who's been in for horror fans. He was in Terror Train, which is a fun Jamie Lee Curtis slasher movie on a train with David Copperfield. And he was in Urban Legends Final Cut, the sequel to Urban Legends, which is actually pretty decent horror film as well. But he's been in a shit ton of movies. He's got a crazy story. The guy didn't want to be an actor. You want to be a director.


And then he did. He became a director director, one of the funniest 90's college comedies ever called PC. You see, you PC use the shit. In my opinion, it's so good.


But he's got a great story and very great personality. I appreciate you plug in that one. But we have we've interviewed Eric Roberts. We've interviewed Vince DeCola, the guy who did the music for Rocky Ford. Transformers and yada, yada, yada, bada bing, Barbara Bowman, we got a lot of other people coming up, just like we do on our Patreon page with exclusive interviews of people like Steven Jeffries, who I pointed out. And we've also got Jonathan Stark, the from Fright Night and how spilling coal, baby coal, baby coal killed.


But then we've got Tom Holland, another I mentioned three frightening alums right there. But we've got way more than that as well. We've got John Philbin, who is turtle from North Shore, but we have Tom Matthews, who is Tommy John 13th.


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Yeah. I want to point that out. I guess people like what we're doing right. I guess so.


I want to point that out to like the your messages that you send to us or write us on Instagram specifically, but also Facebook to it. It's really meaningful, like it really means a lot. And then Corey and I have said this on previous podcast that for you to take the time for anybody to take the time to write something positive, we need more positivity in this world than negativity. So like for you to take a moment to, like, not shit on something you don't like, just to be like the the person that wants to shit on it, but to actually like, say, hey, you guys really love the show, keep up the great work of anything, just know it's always, always appreciated.


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Yeah. And now he's like, you know, he's going to do another watch list with me down the road. I'm not going to say what it is.


Hey, Dolson, don't monopolize David, I, I wanted to go watch.


I mean, he we he pitched it to me. That's all I'm saying. So I get it.


David, if you're listening, I wanted to watch your body.


It's going to happen. It's going to happen.


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Thank you guys so much. Yeah, we'll keep you as long as you guys keep listening. We'll keep doing so.


As Dirk Diggler says, we're going to keep rocking and rolling. That's right. That's right. Zach, man, fantastic man. This was a great episode and a great fucking movie. So thank you. Thank you again for introducing me to it. And I appreciate owning it. And I love you, buddy. I love you as always. We'll catch you on the dark side.


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