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Potholes and penguins with Barry and Tranby. Hello, and you're very welcome to potholes and penguins, and there is so much rugby to get through today, and I did my absolute best to watch as much of it as possible. But there aren't enough hours in the day, gentlemen. The alternations cop came to the most dramatic finished just an hour ago, should be called the Awesome Nations Cup after that finish, with France almost pulling England's pants down. And my God, I would have been so happy if they did what and did when watching them on file hit.


The pair opposed to that penalty. You just see Eddie Jones's face dropping.


I was so happy and put still they came back and won us.


Unfortunately, it was like it was like a senior cup final from schools or something. Because having the class have the coaches pretend that I did something massive, then yeah, I look at the glass is just pure football esque and Eddie Jones getting involved.


And I was it was fantastic watching. And so we'll talk a little bit about that.


And I thought watching the game, you know, the guy who came off the bench at six, I was like, that's the guy who lives.


Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm, Makalu.


Wow. That is phenomenal. Stephen Hawking, Adam Cohen.


Who does he remind me of? And that's exactly what I was going to say.


Even when they gave away that penalty, that final missed. He was he wasn't the one that gave it away, but he was coming in trying to plead the innocence to Andy Brace. And he had that same face that was the guy's name in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Can't remember his name. Yes. That same face when he's confused over something through his mouth a little bit.


He's a good character and he doesn't he is the last fella you'd expect that character to be Larry David. And he worked so well. It's such a good idea.


Yeah. I love Well Done at Ireland.


Showed some very positive signs in their win over Scotland, which will dive into. And we'll also look ahead to the Champions Cup, which is starting next weekend.


And all four provinces are involved, obviously wanted to talk about lockdown's lifted, let's not cross.


We've another eight or even another five days.


OK, well, it is for us and it's been fantastic. I came out last week and I was like, I well, I was miserable at my polling last week when I went out and did all the things that I said I want to do. I went back to work me and erm we played a gig on Friday. Yeah.


It was fantastic. It was brilliant. It's great seeing people's faces. It was weird. It was an online gig like so it was. Yeah, we were just playing to zoom out.


There's a big massive screen in front of us, and you could see all the people at home and the coaches were getting into it like or they just know there were there was there was a couple of funny ones, like where there was like people that were just chewing on éclairs. Did you see like it was it was an older couple just to Niclas. So you're just looking at two people going.


Yeah, it was it. But it's strange. It's certainly not the way forward.


But you're you're just to call you up and not your your porn was not measurable. It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. And it was a lovely moment of vulnerability and honesty. So that was I think I don't think we give you the credit that they deserved last week.


Thank you very much. Cheers. Yeah, it was I was just being honest with you lads.


You know, it's important for us all to don't think he telling us men that we have to speak to each other, talk to each other lads, recite poems to speak.


I've got nothing to say. They leave me alone. I'm not depressed.


Yeah, I've we went to dinner last night myself, and I never had a date and not to go for dinner, although she's good, we again for a few pints beforehand in the cargo hold and one of our penguins or potholes spotted me there.


I put into our Facebook group and he didn't come over and bottle me, which I told him in my poem last week that I wanted to be potholes.


So but he still didn't. So if anyone wants to see me to talk to people and more importantly. But then we went to a place called The Buttery in town for dinner and walked in the door and there was a D.J. in their small cool restaurant was a deejay banging tunes. And I walked in the door and the first thing to come out of my mouth was like, I'm too old to be in here.


And there was all these young people on dates and the music was loud and the lights flashing and everyone was kind of jumping around like, well, the staff knows someone who you just used to going for me.


And I'm used to my sitting room being absolutely mental with the babies. So I was hoping to have a nice, quiet time.


Oh, it's just talk to your wife. Yeah, but then I realised that we've gone on to say to each other, really?


So I was happy enough that we could join the music.


It's when you get away from the kids for a night and then you think, irradiance, we've got a lot to discuss here. And then you realize you actually just talk about the kids.


I've heard people say that before. And I was like, that's not definitely not the way I'm going to be, but that's all we talked about. It's pathetic.


I know that's not age. That's the age, rather, at that stage. Life. Yeah.


Was also, again, eating like going back to my poem last week. My cholesterol is so high that I was like quite what I was eating.


I think I threw up on a tablet for my cholesterol. That was a real part of the story.


And the story is I've got an eight point four cholesterol or something that I never Apollos are penguins or are cardiac specialists.


Give me a shout out. Yeah, right. That's right. That's so not on brand with you.


Like er ba ba ba ba. Alternatively like your you're in a band, you're not the guy with a cholesterol nose piercing. Those are strong.




So I got a scoop my egg yolk out of my eggs that I'm only allowed to have once every fortnight. No I want to thank in tablet for my cholesterol. I mean I'm appalled. It doesn't work.


Does it seem like could this be could this be something that, you know, should we be worried about you? Well, I was I went I must have been for a cardiac test last week, a full once over with the cardiologist person and you know how much it was going to cost me for like 15 minutes with this dude to do an EKG scan, which is like an ultrasound of your heart.


It's going to cost me 500 quid. And even at that point, like what he'll tell you about your heart is like your heart isn't damaged. Or if it doesn't have like an extra valve or something, which I already know it doesn't, because we would have gotten a lot of that kind of stuff tested back when we were professional players. But I want to see if my arteries are blocked, which is why my dad had that heart issue a couple of weeks ago, because his arteries were blocked.


And that's all you really need to know.


But they won't give you that until like a few whatever visits to the cardiac, which may end up costing you a couple of grand.


And it's so ridiculous because everyone we should all be, especially men our age. I think we should all be getting tested for this stuff and it should be cheap and should be made easy for us to do. Right. Yeah, I don't understand the why, if that's if you're sure there's no issue with the number of valves in your heart there, why they're checking that and not checking what you're getting in touch with them, because you to they need a reason to check it.


They need so they need to check the valves and then they go.


Five hundred reasons. Well, I think you can I found out afterwards you can go privately somewhere else and get I think this might be cardiac specialist, that that's that's why there's a guy up in the city's center.


What is Egal large or something like that cardiac specialist.


And it sounds like you go in some back alley door into a HAWKLEY Then I remind them this is just a few parrots. I collect a few parrots, smell a bird shit near my house, eat lunch. I raise pigeons is what the pigeon race and health specialist call or one, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two.


And the funny thing is, yeah, if I, if it was my car and wasn't around and had to pay 500 quid, I'd get it. I'd get I'd happily do it. But when it's for some reason I wouldn't do it for my heart, which is kind of ridiculous. I just felt like I was being ripped off and I was on the phone to the the the cardiac specialist, the secretary. And I got the sense that she thought I was being ripped off as well.




So I don't know, maybe we could start offering them as a service on our patriotic entier team, came up with a cardiologist like Mirch Cardiac do to think if anything ever happened, you thermic, do you think we would just take a week off?


Surely give give the midweek the rest.


Maybe I take over all your jobs. I'd start commentating live.


Ninety five and let's call comes someone asked us to to test your knowledge on a no no. I was like Blanken when I was flicking through it. I knew I should have done a bit of prep on this.


OK, you see uh. You to give a current player or who comes to mind when you hear when you hear these teams player or are person funnier the better, I'd say, OK. South Africa.


Felix Jones, England. Marion Johnson, New Zealand. Uh, Richie McCaw, Calais, France.


Uh, what are the British Australia.


Um, uh, Kurtley Beale and Scotland. Uh, Stuart Hogg. Argentina. Diego Maradona.


Well, Stephen Jones. Stephen Jones, Japan.


Oh Nechama show an amateur video amateur Yourka Yokozuna Tsunga.


Oh jeez. I've no idea if you left Italy.


Um, scratchy. Scratchy. Uh uh. Sommore She's I've no idea. USA, um, Mattey. MacNeice, Spain. Rawle, Uruguay. Diego for Romania.


I have no idea. Hedgie Portugal.


Uh, luzuriaga that lujah that are the soccer. Absolutely brilliant. Yeah. That's tough.


That's really tough.


You're getting to Samoa and Fiji and um those lads uh I haven't a notion of any of those. Portugal, Spain. Uh, Uruguay. You are gay, ORU is your wife. Right, that was good. Thank you.


The French match, so I didn't see all of it because I, I haven't my daddy box up yet. So I watched it on frontrow sports, getting a link office, and I kept back and failing on me. So I don't know if I'd have ever done that.


Or you go on to these links and you try and find the thingy and you have to jump through these ridiculous hoops. You have to keep clicking different little small reflexes. You're like a little sure. Dog is just going to do this and I do this and it's like you don't even think about it at this stage. It's so ridiculous. We do. And then this green alien with boobs and a big willy pops up swinging a sword.


It's like it's completely normal. 020 up there is that alien at this stage that's normally usually heard because that's like the bus that you have. It's like a tiny little accident over in the corner of the screen and willy nilly.


Anyway, the sword has been swirling around so sometimes, sometimes there's a fake X but it's like thumbnails over the fake X.


You think big X now and you're into Betfair or autobiographies or something is my computer have an absolute conniption. Stobbs is down from a thousand dead by those needles. And so I eventually got that actually had me about a couple of months ago. I was I've got this lovely little window area in front of our house where in the in the inside a little box where I can see it and the sun comes down on top of me when it's when the sun is coming in that way.


And I was sitting there one day trying to guess I can't remember much was I think it might have been one of the Champions Cup matches back in the early September. And the same thing just clicking away. And the green alien with the wheelie and the boobs were showing in the sword. And next thing, there's a tap on the window.


And my parents were there and they came in. There was a good few people there. So I didn't get the opportunity to explain to them, just like my dad was like like the children were there in front of me in the sitting room.


I thought he was past those those days, the green area and poor and the pink power and open mic if you're listening. That was that's what I was doing, honestly.


That's why your cholesterol is so high. But I eventually got into to see bits and pieces of the match. It was like I think the combined French team had sixty eight gaps between them and Yong's has hundred and something on his own. So it was always going to be a tough one for France.


But my God, Michael has more episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm than the French team as well. Tell us, you thought France were brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. And the impressive thing about them, they played like Barrois was classic set up that try in the first half price Dulan was really good. And so they played a bit of a ball in the first half.


But then they kind of they never really got much possession, second half. And they were they were getting bombarded by England like over and over again, like just physical, confrontational carries on. Their defense was incredible.


Sean Edwards has done an unbelievable job because, well, whatever they bring in their second fifteen, it just shows that it's not just experienced defenders making good decisions. Get there's something about the way they're approaching. There's something about their process or their coaching or their system, whatever it is. But and then the other thing is it's not how much energy the team get from that. They get bigger and bigger and bigger as the game went on. Granted, they conceded at the end, but it was class.


Honestly, it was brilliant. Emerald.


Yeah, great way to finish.


And oh, I know the best way to finish would have been a penalty, should I. That would have been incredible. Oh, I was really hoping for that. But we haven't seen that since the Cup final with Cardiff and Lesser was it back in 2005. I'm going to say, yeah, Ramadhan will be missed. Yeah.


I don't think I've seen that since. I mean, now, and God, I'd be so mad at that. Yeah, me too. Is a dracul. Or this penalty, I thought was a penalty. I don't know. They were making sure they went to it was it was golden. What was it called? Like I was like back like you're 096 on it.


Like they or just golden point go is like mixing up the World Cup in 1990.


Studio is back on the carriage, legs back.


I've only taken one ever drop goal in my entire life and hit the corner flag.


Did you ever take on.


Never taken any. Not even in school run. No. It was my first ever Aadland 21 cap against Scotland. What a time to take your first ever drop go. Like what happened to you under pressure. You had to score. No, we were.


I think we're winning. OK, we weren't that far ahead, but I just stood up out of I was in a rock and that someone made a break out of that rock and went down about 10 meters. And then I stood up and I happened to be like directly behind the rock about ten meters back. And Fiacre Locklin just I remember him just looking me in the eyes. And he just and I was like, no, please don't. So your first not me.


My heart will go through the roof. And he hit me and I felt I had to do it like he was telling me with his eyes through it. And it went along the ground like it was so embarrassing.


But anyway, yeah, good way to finish what else happened that I didn't see the the Scotlands or. Sorry, I didn't see the way as much. I did see the Argentina Australia game. Very good result for Argentina.


Again, I must say I do not watch the the Argentinian wagers. I did. I have the home. I want to get my hands on one of them. Savitch, see it, no dark Navy, very cool. I wore I went training the tonight and I wore I've been wearing like woolly jumpers to train and coach the ratings. And I'm getting like, I don't have any rugby gear. And I was just trying to pay taxes. So I brought down a pair of boots, the only pair of boots I have, which are 12 years old, Adidas, and brought them down thinking I'd be slugged.


And they were all like, oh, my God, vintage boots. They reckon I get about 300 quid, 400 quid for them. What were they? Their blue Adidas must be predators or something like that.


It's just too far out of date that you're really young. Yeah. And they're brand like the brand new. I don't think I ever wore them. I just kept them because I had them and but they had to late the tongue, the pullets down with the little strap thing on us. Yeah. If you're David Beckham. Yeah. So apparently that the red and white ones that David Beckham and Jonny Wilkinson, once you'd get a fortune for them, do did you keep any of your old boots?


No, I stockpiled a load of Puma's, so I wore Puma's for the first two thirds of my career, I'd say.


And there was a there were called Puma assholes there, like Puma Kings, but King assholes, they were cold. And it was this really, really soft, lovely leather.


And I said, stand for soft leather.


I don't actually know what I ever got to the bottom of that.


I think it was Acel, they were called. And that's a great question, actually.


But they said these aren't going to be these aren't going to be made anymore. So I got like half a dozen of them. And that did me for like a good few years. And I was still wearing them whenever no one else could get them.


Yeah. Yeah. That are the gun. Yeah, you can get that they don't make them with nice leather anymore. They're all kind of plastic.


That's why my ones are so there were so loving my own so much because they're really hard. They're heavy boots.


Like, it's probably it's probably ethical reasons. Is it. Yeah.


Like a heavy, heavy glove in boxing.


You know, I like killing kangaroos, not because it's better to have a fair amount that Tom Corbett used to have a pair of NFL boots and they had a like right in the toe like like pointing not quite forward, but 45 degrees when you're standing in the front of them was lifted off the ground.


Yeah, I used to call in The Widowmaker, so he'd be wearing them for maybe six months, a year, whatever it was.


And then word got around the league, Tom Gheorge wearing these illegal boots. But he never got called up on it because he you know, the way the those ground check your boots, they're not really checking your boots, just going through the motions.


I don't know if they still do that, but a weird tradition, isn't it? Yeah. And their legs. Yeah.


And so he was ten minutes into the game. We were playing a Welsh team at Kings at Ravenhill and ten minutes into the game for Scrum. And all three of their front row is when he's working like a bird.


So he had a run off and he always brings, he always is to bring emergency birds with them because he knew like it was running out of time before someone gave them and they got caught and it was the end of it.


Yeah, there was a scrimmage. It wasn't to do damage, I presume.


And I don't know if just maybe the scrum, which was the opportunity for them to complain, like, I don't know, because he's right there. I don't know what he was intended to do.


Damage. No. Like actually making what it was. Yeah, that's he's too nice a fella for that, isn't he.


Yeah. He never made any I never knew him to make any returns. And if it is any anyway will we get will we get have a last year. Silly little bit there.


First of all what are we drinking. Beer drinking. Boundary's me as decent multi beverage. I think this is quite an understated name.


Mm. It's nice, I was a bit scared, to be honest, I prefer the ones that are a bit more color in a bush.


Yeah, I know I do, but I guess it's a debatable IPA. I don't get it.


Although, I mean, I wonder what the D stood for. Yeah. What's in it. What's in this one. Learmont It's all the same stuff and it all tastes subtly different. It is lovely this one isn't it.


Right. I really like this. Yeah.


So bindery brewing dot com forward slash shop and the discount code is Will Otterson so get involved. Oh actually. So you're celebrating going out with Aula at the end of blocked on our on finishes and Friday and then there's bindery brewery toponyms night. So we're, I'm going there with a few minutes from school on Saturday.


Yeah. Oh nice. So they've got a ApoB thing.


I think they're, I think they're going Friday and Saturday but I've got to. Yeah. They've had a vote.




If a about. Yeah.


One of them hired a public and they're, they're taking it over and they're showcasing their delicious beers. Yeah. I think they're unsure exactly what way it's going to run because they're so disorganized here. But it'll be last minute we'll probably hear on Thursday night before Friday and what the plans are. But yeah, they're hoping that gets to go ahead. Uncomplaining five, a side soccer tomorrow night, first night back, cannot wait. Shout out to my soccer friends, please pass the ball tomorrow.


Let's not be glory hunters we all know, but no one likes that. Let's all try and score together collectively, don't wear dodgy boots. Yeah, nobody know what to be made. Yeah, it's none of that. Already a little bit. He's pleaded not guilty.


Technically, it's probably silly, silly little mind forward to the end of 2030 and potholes and Penguins is now a huge multinational with 2.5 million full time staff and enormous carbon footprint and controversially professional rugby pundits who actually watch the games.


On the bright side, though, penguins are now considered a suitable domestic pet and a huge cultural shift has occurred in Ireland, where it's completely acceptable to take your penguin for a walk.


Also, polar bears have had their names legally changed to potholes.


So that's the fortunes of penguins, the animals. But penguins, the podcast listeners also have gained some social and cultural capital. We have a penguin in the White House.


She Khalifa in Dubai has renamed himself Sheikh Bari and the leader of Islamic State now goes by the name Osama bin Dermo Baradaran.


Billion Termini own the potholes and penguins rather than island rugby franchise. To Biraj a no compete in the newly formed World League, A Potholes and Penguins backed medical research program has allowed us to clone Will Adderson and play him in every position rather than the vast Metropolis financial hub filled with investment banks and casinos. Lady Gaga plays weakly while the residents of Castle are pissed off as the fishing industry has taken a hit. We now refer to each other as senior vice president of hosting managing director of Silly Little Bits and vice president of Quilty Boys.


And we communicate via email. Needless to say, we miss the good old days of 20/20. Oh, well, that's great. It's going to be very futuristic. You never know where you can end up.


I was going to say we were talking there was something you said at the start made me think that that was nostalgic. It's not it's the complete opposite of nostalgic, but it's making us remember just to enjoy the here.


And I mean, it's nice to put your thoughts down and where you could be like project is not what they say in the secret.


That book that you put it out there in the universe and then the universe will give it back to you.


So I wouldn't mind being the new shake of or the shape of your your namesake.


Well, I'm very much a of your Dubai.


Well, let's year you're the sheik of Dubai, just the sheik of Dubai changed his name to Barry Ockrent just as a.


As a nod and your who you again, I forget oh, no, I'm not. And actually just you and you and me, I decided just to ride. The exciting thing is that, yeah, he's what he wants here again. Oh, yeah. He's he's a terrorist organization.


They pay tribute to me.


The exciting thing, though, is the Potholes and Penguins rugby franchise and Raslan and guts.


Yes. I was going to say, who would you pick without us?


And if you had to pick one rugby player to represent your entire team, how will I know if he really loves me? I say a prayer with. Every heartbeat, I think it's well, he's well, yeah, he's big enough, he could be a backroad. You get around with me, um. He we just have to get by with the Linowitz and stuff, or can we call him and make him taller? You know, he you know, he a good all rounder, Jordy Boritt.


So I remember one commentator this time.


He's the perfect Twains.


You got Scoppa and Bowdon Borra and then you got Jordy Barrett right in between. He's got an incredible skill set really fast, but really physical as well. And do the trick then.


Sponsored by Holland. Yeah. Yeah, he's twere he's he's good.


Six foot four is he. I'd say.


Yeah, I'd say so. Yeah. Yeah. Very good. I enjoyed that, I like I love nostalgia, but I love projecting into the future. So as long as I'm alive in 2030, I'll be happy about that. So that's the bar. If the cholesterol doesn't get me, it's the baron. All right. We'll take a break and come back for part two.


We'll look at Ireland beating Scotland 31 16 in the Aviva.


Bottles and penguins is an independent production. What I mean by that is. It may sound like we don't know what we're talking about. You might even think Barry's hardly played professional rugby in Derby likes hurling. We want you to think that it takes a lot of preparation to sign this unprepared. We work very, very hard. And what we do, we want to make this show the best podcast in the world. Just a fiver, a month. You can help us do that.


Cotopaxi and I come forward slash potholes and penguins and you can help me make these two foals look and sound even better than I already am, making them look. OK, Ireland had a convincing 31 16 win over Scotland, despite being nine seats down at the 37 minute by Tranby, it was never really in doubt, was it? I don't think so, I think there was just or did you say 30, 30 minutes when every seven minutes Aadland got their first try?


I think around the thirty six. Thirty seven minutes I could it and it was nine six down at that point. Yeah.


It's always going to be in the balance. Like you're never going to. Put us put aside, like Scotland, a site with 20 minutes, 30 minutes, like it's always going to be there's going to be a bit of a ball for a while and they'll stay in the game. I think it was it's fair enough. But it's just that seems like a long time. Just because everybody's nervous, just because we haven't had that much consistency and we haven't really put teams away.


You know, I mean, yeah, no, I do, I never felt we were in doubt. I thought we were always going to win and they always are comfortable. Scotland, we're living off scraps. They tried they got was was opportunistic. Just one little bit of sleepiness outside of that. Stuart Hogg made a little break in the first half from his own 22. That was, again, just a little bit of sleepiness, but thought as as as Ed Sullivan said after the game, Scotland were pretty brutal.


And what was he saying that deluded the Scottish team or deluded? I'll tell you that, because Stuart Hogg said we've got something special going on here in his Post match interview where Eddie O'Sullivan just shat all over that, then said, no, he don't weirdo's. You're deluded.


He has to you can't give him a hard time for that. Like he's he's the captain. He's the talisman. He has to kind of find some sort of way to get some some sort of credit from that game. Yeah.


Were we too harsh on Ireland? On Wednesday, we came on with Shane Hagen and we were like that rocked the world is flipped.


What's the point in going on anymore? And I know we rightly shat all over certain parts of their performance in the Autumn Nations Cup.


But when I return to being as positive as possible, what I learned on is that fire is empowering as players and letting them take ownership for, you know, a certain length of time in, you know, a certain amount of games. And then he will hope to get the balance between that player led game plan and what Joe Schmidt had brought in, where it was very detailed, focused and coach driven. So it's basically going very far in a direction now where he's given a lot of ownership to the players and hoping that that heads up rugby that we keep talking about.


We build our confidence and then balance it out with the detail later on, maybe in the next six nations window. Which will take time, and that's what he keeps saying, is that it's going to take time and at the end of the day, they've only lost to England and France in the last, what, nine, eight or nine matches he's had. By 12 points is the most they've lost 12, 11 and ace three games, France and England are two of the teams that have probably lost the least amount of games in world rugby over the last since the World Cup.


And you look at New Zealand, Argentina, Australia, South Africa and played, but all of those teams have lost three or four games. Ireland in the last three or four games, France have only lost to, England only lost one, I think. So the two best teams at the moment and they're the only ones we're losing to. So it's not doom and gloom, is it? Am I am I in any way accurate with that description of going very far in the direction of letting players take control and then balancing it out?


Let's think of that as you think potentially that might be his plan to give guys the exposure and the kind of the ownership and then kind of dial it back a little bit.


That's what he's been saying. That's what his is. That's what he's been rolling out, is that this is what our plan is to let the players take control, let it be player driven, let them make their own decisions, which is where we were criticised under George Smith for the last year anyway.


And the World Cup was that the players didn't have a plan B, whereas if you allow them now develop a way to play against, you know, any opposition to play different styles to develop and more of a natural, instinctive way of playing, and then you roll in the detail when you've built up the confidence that they can like kind of what friends have done. Now, like you said earlier on, France, if you can bring in 22 completely new players and they seem to have the same freedom to play with a little bit of structure, but it's more of a confidence thing as opposed to, you know, playing a very particular type of way.


So maybe that's what he's trying to develop.


Yeah, maybe.


And I think you'll probably get you'll get that'll be pretty effective with some young guys because they've not been I influenced too much by what happened in the past. So there's enough new guys there that this is this is the only experience that their only experience of international rugby.


So they like so will conures. You know that I said Jimson gives him Park Quarter. I know obviously he's been involved before, but he's got loads more game time at Tight Head, which is really important going forward. I'm trying to think who else.


Oh, Hugo, obviously, I think I'd say we've moved forward from an individual perspective.


Like I say, the teams probably exactly where they were before the break, getting beaten and beaten pretty badly.


Not in this not in the scoreboard, but certainly second best very obviously to England and France, not before, obviously, but France again. Again, France and England. You're right. I think they are just at another level of that kind of intensity and physicality. And I just don't think we can cope with that just yet. But I think we've proved that we're head and shoulders better than Scotland, Wales and anybody and anybody else really that's in that category.


So I don't think the team has moved much since before the break. But I think individuals I think where we've improved is we've got a lot of young guys coming through getting exposure and that's down to them and will probably hopefully see the benefit that in the Six Nations.


Yeah, OK.


Any standout moments in the game? There was some brilliant passages of play and some nice tries. Yeah.


The run up to the guy with Alfred Duncan. Yes. Duncan Taylor. Joe Carter's Yellowcard.


Yeah that was great. The run up side was brilliant. Really, really good. And it looked fluid and it looked like people look confidently running onto the ball.


Everybody knew whether again, it looked like there was a bit of detail around it, though it didn't just fall into place. There has to be detail and structure to that. I thought we looked really good on that occasion. Bondie might have actually got his head up and just tipped it on just before we be properly or straight away.


But but yeah, I think the big thing over this, I got to talking about the game of the weekend, but also just that block of fixtures for Ireland. Again, a lot of young guys getting exposure and lot of good kind of really valuable bits of game time and experience for them.


But O'Mahoney has had an incredible autumn and early has showed as earlier, just played two games.


Yeah, no, no. Three to two. He didn't play last week. Three. All right. I did. He did early.


He's been brilliant. And Oman, he's been brilliant. So it's not all just young fellas coming through. It's capable of like honestly.


I see he was exceptionally strimmer. Yeah.


We've we've the bar so high for him now that we and I think he I think the getting dropped if you want to call it, which probably was has done in the world.


Good. It takes the pressure off. And I said this Fuks when you get Choppering takes the pressure off him. No, he's not, you know, but every time he steps in the feel that he has to be unbelievable, it was OK. We're going to give you a break and give someone else a shot, and I felt it gave them a new lease of life yesterday, I felt he he was back to driving things. He was playing with just an added kick in his step.


And I know that's hard to measure, but that's that's what I felt when I was looking at he I defended really well.


He was, you know, barking at people. You know, he covered a lot of ground and in the refs ear and just moving the ball quick. His skills are just so good. I mean, he's such a big man. Forget so tall. And it's, you know, law. He gets to the ground, he gets the ball and he whips it out. And you're right. I think Peter was absolutely brilliant yesterday. So at that try fair play to the same reason, you know, Peter was he dropped earlier in the in the automation's company.


He was he was on the bench for the first game. I think that must be in England. Was it was England.


Oh, no, I'm sorry. It was well, Conures was one of the match. It was the Italy game, I think. Yeah. And the bench, wasn't it. Yeah. And again, a lot of people asking questions.


This is a couple of weeks after he got that red card and a way to Scarlet's and he kind of looked like he was going to struggle and he looked like there was going to be a lot of competition, it was going to be a bit of a mindset for him to climb and seriously fairplay to him.


That's incredible. Like what? Connors was brilliant. Josh is playing class at the minute.


He was under pressure. At impact. Yeah, you're right. So whenever someone's under pressure, you find out what they're made of. And I think we find out what Pete was made of over the last few weeks and see the same thing for us. And it's not exactly the same because he's come back from injury rather than, you know, perform. But Early Show first came back straight back into it, playing really well. I think it's it's great to see that balance of young guys get exposure and then all guys just.


Well, we've still got something to say about this. Yeah, no, I. I agree. And I thought Darris was only his carries his his footwork, just giving us that extra extra few yards.


And I thought we, we, we the game plan was pretty decent. Yes. There was a lot of five yard line outs which I think are really, really useful for us. I've always said that when we when we beat the All Blacks in the of that time, there was I go back and watch. I'd say there was a half 50/50, the amount of Lino's to half Linowitz and our five mellitus. And I just think it takes the pressure off massively when our when our set pieces under under pressure gets our ball carriers off the courts.


And I think our latches second man in for those ball carries on Darris a lot of the time were absolutely spot on. Sometimes you could see the rocking detail was a little bit lax and that that costs the sort of few penalties but generally thought the kicking game he's very there were varying the kicks like and that's still not right.


It's getting there, but it's not. That's another part of the game plan. They have to kind of give them time there. You know, we always questioned whether we were kicking the ball with enough variety, asking enough questions of back three and they started doing this. They're just not executing. Quite right. We saw that first few minutes when Peter Manley put that chip through and went in to talk to him in the first play, the game like that.


It was the right play perfect. Just a little bit more subtle detours. And that would have been an unbelievable be whoof, wasn't it? It was an old schwing.


Yeah, it was. It was a bit of creativity to get to those little midfield rocks and they just not into the high into the middle of the pitch.


Yeah. Or you've got Henshaw and you always forget. Hi again. His experience at fullback stood to him because he's so good in the air, really good in the air. Like he created that for four hours as well. He blocked one, didn't he.


One year, yeah, Keenan plugged when he poked one and two again, that's that could be, you know, identified a little bit of creativity where files identified or someone and the composite identified maybe how close they get too soon or or Zwinger doesn't chase them across whatever it was like.


We got we got into them there and we did really well.


So, yeah, we're like I think I think you're right. I think what happened on Wednesday with us shot the shuggie was less about us having to go to Ireland and just not really want to disagree with you that much.


So. Yeah, yeah. The idea behind the rabble rabble, I just enjoyed the Mike Castle being too domesticated and is Endi not feral enough. We said that, I said that my description of the episode on Wednesday that we needed to be a bit wilder and looser in our approach.


And I think we, we didn't quite see that a little bit.


But there was one thing we did say the other night was you were saying was it was you were so miserable, not miserable. You hated rugby when you were those last few years. It was very, very, very challenging. Under Joe Schmidt, you were incredibly successful, but it was very challenging, whereas now it's not as successful. But they're they're having a great time. So which would you prefer would you prefer to be very successful and absolutely miserable or would you prefer to be winning, like the Odd Game or fifty fifty and what you're happy about.


And so you're talking about the atmosphere in. No, because I couldn't remember if I didn't listen back to the podcast, but we, we discussed at one stage I thought it was off er about I didn't miss rugby because you know most of whenever I played rugby I find it stressful. I really loved watching rugby and not really caring that much was afterwards wasn't it.


Really. Does it after. OK, yeah. Maybe I can't remember. I remember. I can't remember. I did last night or so. Anyway the question you're asking there is About Schmidt and the environment.


It's really intense and really intimidating at the start. But once you get what to get up to speed with it, it's it's brilliant. I just saw the first few sessions. Schmidt there's so much activity on my the first training week for that Six Nations in 2014. Whenever he was pretty new, he'd done in November. But I was really involved and it was the first week I was involved was the training week before six in 2014. And I had no idea of the level of intensity that he required and he knew I had no exposure to it.


So he picked on me a little bit. He said he hammered me in front of the lads, like for switching off and defence, not getting something right.


And it I'd say honestly, like two or three, maybe four training sessions with him.


I was already a better player just because he sets like different a different kind of level of requirement. And then I just I just got kind of educated. Right. This is the level that I have to get to and it's not easy to get to it, but you just need someone to demand those standards.


So really, really stressful, unbelievably stressful to start. But see, when you get used to it and you actually just raise your level of performance, it's really enjoyable. No. One, you can rely on everybody because they're under as much pressure to do what they're going to do, execute and contribute in whatever way they're contributing. It's so it's so much fun training in that environment where, you know, everything sandstone and, you know, you can kind of rely on the guy beside you and there's kind of a science to it, you know, and it's I love it.


I loved it in the end, but it's just not getting used to it is really, really tough.


And it can obviously you can get too much then that's what that's what happened. Or sounds like what happened in the World Cup.


Potentially. Potentially. I don't know. Who knows. Like, I get to know people on the outside or our speculate.


No one really knows. Yeah, OK, that's very interesting.


So looking ahead, Champions Cup this week, all those fabulous players get to go back to the provinces now and bring the provinces have been Schmoke and the pro 14 for the last few weeks anyway.


So they got to know everyone comes back and there's I don't fuck this up.


We're going well. So just add something to it is connected enough to win. The other night, Monster Ulster Leinster didn't play this weekend, but obviously have been playing brilliantly over the next last few weeks. Also played to lose on Friday night return fixture from womb's that September when they played over there in the quarterfinal. This one obviously is a kingpin to lose, are going to be loaded with probably foeticide. I didn't see them over the weekend that a big win on Saturday night and they had a full team looking strong.


What do you think?


Yeah, they're flying in the league at the minute. And as you mentioned, they're like Leinster, Munster, Ulster, all have lost the game. Leinster bonus point every single game. Osteria from it.


But I don't think that'll, I think that'll do them a disservice. All three Irish provinces. Leinster will be fine I'm sure. Wants to probably be fine as well, but also I think is going to be such a big step up going from Edinburgh. Granted. Well it's Edinburgh seconds.


I heard Richard Cockerill talking there in a podcast during the week about how they had they've got an academy guy who typically would be maybe third choice. They've just I think they're missing like 17, 18, 19 players to the national set up who are struggling as well.


And and then they're just they're they're on their knees at the minute.


So that's crop competition for Ulster and then Ulster before that, whoever they really the beaten dragons, they've Humbard, Osprey's, Cardiff, you know, I mean, that's not even comparable to to to lose, to lose are going to come over.


And as such, it's going to be the equivalent of what Leinster experienced, hammering everyone all season and then having to play Saracen's. And it's going to be such a big step up. It's going to be really difficult, I think.


And I felt like we've been here before. I remember having this similar conversation when Rossing were coming to Kingston a few years ago. Was that last year for the group stages? A couple of years ago.


And it was you know, obviously you want to you don't want to be overly confident going into it.


But Kingston's a tough place to go and they've pretty healthy squad now. I'm native. They should have Dese. And, you know, I don't think to be missing money outside of Wilson, Hindy might I'm not sure what he can what he came off with the other night.


But I actually think I know despite all that, I still do think Ulster hopefully will get the win. Yeah, but if it was to lose, I think it's game over. It's just actually to be fair, it's not it is a it is a big left in terms of your plan. But you're right, I think, Bob, they're usually OK.


I'd say one should be fine as well at home to Harlequins.


I'm very excited to see him wants to play because they've been playing very, very exciting, interesting rugby. That is that's the way frame frames there, the moving the ball so much like JJ, try it. And we talked about this last week.


I don't think we did where he got three touches on the ball within five or six seconds.


Did you see that made or break the play last week? Oscar Zebra, Zebra, they played last Monday and, you know, poor opposition, but it was the manner in which they did it. He got three touches on the ball in five seconds and they scored. And it's going to be interesting to see who starts. I'm not sure whether the you know, either way, I'd be very excited if they go up in heels or if they go at your age.


I'd be very excited to see how they play. Either way, I'd be I'd be confident. But then, you know, and then they really found his stride now. I don't think that star Casey, again, I'd be more than happy if they did, but I think Conner would slot back in. You'd hope they might, you know, pull ahead in the might get Craig off the bench and kind of give him some proper game time. But a good a good month to pack.


And, you know, domani back with C.J. back and running back and yeah, I'm very excited to fly. Returning to to Limerick as well. Met his daddy today and he's very excited. It's shit that is going to be no crowd there because I'd say he'd get an. Little bit of abuse or to think so, we got this phony abuse like to know whether or not funny people thinking they're funny.


Uh, well, like, well, meaningful abuse or, you know, I guess by his poll, I know the pop the pop star restaurant is Bob Flyer's pub is now a gastropods that actually will be open. That's right. I'm actually doing commentary for the radio for some people to go, but that would be good crack.


I think, you know, they obviously they've been Harlequin's fans there, but Ormond's fans at the game, but but a crack in the pool. It's good for him though, isn't it?


First first season the you get to play against monsters, Bernard. Yeah, yeah, no, well, no, if obviously, like I'd say, he'd probably be you're not want to get beat like I do not want to get a monster get on top of them.


They could do a job with them until he hit that.


Surely that's true. Yeah, they probably will as well. Yeah. Harlequins are going with the plane right now, I think. I'm not sure what the score is, but they're going to write the one one last one. But you look at their team sheet, they're, they're Lacon internationals.


So you'd imagine the ones that would put a John Leinster go up against Montpellier and Saturday in Montpellier. I would imagine they'd get a win there. No surprises, and then Connacht have Racich on Sunday in Paris, which I can't wait to see. I hope, like when Oldster went and paid Rossing a couple of years ago in Rasim and it was an unbelievable game of rugby, Oldster just went out and threw the ball around and got beaten quite well in the end, but they made a game of it.


I hope it's going to do something similar. Yeah, yeah, they could do. Easy enough, they may as well you may as well throw the ball a right and if you try and play a structured kind of set, piece oriented game against them, then they'll just tear you apart whenever they get the ball.


So, yeah, be nice to see court throw caution to the wind. Yeah, bring it. OK, that's great. All the rugby to come up with the weekend. So yeah we'll, we'll be back to talk you through all that.


You do not need the games next week. Yeah. I'm doing the All-Star Game. Yep. It's a friendly Friday night. Gauntlett comes or the of studio arms columns and guest. So looking forward to. If anyone would like me to say anything on this comes, please, miss, just at hello potholes and penguins dotcom. We'll take a quick break and we'll be back with our energy. All Ireland League guests. Who is? Dave loves his sleep, not that he's getting much, but because of the energy, we power all the streetlights in Ireland, we're the power behind Dave's latest night drive that's helping the Lamey nut off finally.


And because we also power Dave's home, we're the power behind the warm welcome from his electric blanket.


When he gets back, if he gets back, energy, the power behind your power. OK, to celebrate the positivity a club can bring to its community. We have teamed up with energy or the power behind Irish Rugby, Leinster and the energy all over the league to bring you a new feature called the Four Power Provinces of Ireland, brought to you by Energy, who are Ireland's greenest energy supplier.


Energy, I want to inject positive energy into rugby from the national and provincial teams right through the grassroots. So each week we're going to put an Irish club under the spotlight to show the positive impact a club can have on the community. And all of its members think Graham Norton's red chair, where we get someone from your club to tell us about the positive energy from the club and how fabulous it is. And of course, any stories that make us laugh along the way are most welcome.


This week, we are delighted to say that we're focusing on TALLA Rugby Football Club, and to do so we are joined by TALLA Club member and player, Mr Tony McManus. Tony, how are we doing? How are you? I'm great. How are you. Good. Not a bad here. Good.


Good. So Tremblant, you have been doing a bit of flirting all week on the test for learning online.


Yeah, I think Tony Tony poked me and swiped. Right. Is this how it started to start with poke it. Yeah.


Tony got in touch actually a while before we started this feature because he wanted to give a shout out to to Tarla and all the good work being done there. So perfect opportunity. Tony, tell us what was so special about Talaat.


Why? Tell us tell us all about the club.


Basically, the club was set up in 2002 actually by the IRF. You it was set up on a project called the Tyler Project where the idea of you were trying to get into obviously non traditional rugby playing places. So it was predominantly set up as a club. So for the first I think it was the first four years, it was just used games. And then I think in 2006 we got our first men's team and we've kind of just kicked on from there.


And were you there right from the start, Tony? I did play you I didn't come into the senior set probably about it.


I think you're finding a founding member.


Finding Penguin with hard copies are probably more of a pile than a penguin and both equally important.


Tell us tell us, what's the club like now? What kind of age groups? The run and you know how many teams you get out?


Yeah, we've two senior men's teams at the moment. So we've first, obviously first and second team with women, senior team with about 150 kids. But they used Minnies at Girls and Boys Brillant.


And now what what level of the the senior teams are what are the men and the women teams?


We were playing junior metro to this year. We were junior Metro six and junior Metro 11, which would be the bottom of the league. It's basically just the development and the first team to share stepped up. So it's obviously a pathway into our brilliance.


And you're still playing. Still hanging in there.


Yeah. Yeah, you're what are you you're thirty five to be say five. You're coming into your prime as a as a tired hair play across the whole front today at this stage.


I'm talking to Mike Ross recently and he said the worst part to retiring is that he was he was only getting into his stride when he got to like thirty six, thirty seven as a front row, that it really takes that time to develop.


And you kind of similar, I don't know, ten, ten, ten odd years as a junior would be proper. Takes it out. Your hips are starting to get a bit stiff.


Tony, tell us tell us about that movement. Whatever they are a you around the tally project. And they came in aju much exposure to rugby. And was it as dramatic as I like to imagine that they presented some amazing the tri scored against Australia in the World Cup in ninety one.


Was it on or something. Some, some amazing moment. And I just fell in love, fell in love with the sport.


Well to be honest I had no idea. I never played rugby till I was about eight. Till that. Till the IRF. You came into skill quarter. I was more of a gay man at that stage which all hallatt man Nadiya's that. But when they come in, I just fell over, they came into the school and I just fell in love with the guy and I just said this is my game and kind of took a step back from Jay.


That was it, it was one of the other, I would say it was one or the other. Yeah, I found that it was easier to hurt people and Rokeby than.


Well, you know, that is exactly the spirit that we're trying to capture this particular feature.


Well, it's pretty clever from the reviews was because when I think Attala, I think it does go hand in hand with sport. There's so many football or soccer players, gay players and boxers especially, I think would have come from Tom. And does he what's the population side?


It must be huge to you, which I think it's I think someone was telling me it's a bigger it's a bigger population than America. Like it's, well, a catchment area, as usual. It's just I take our facilities are holding us back at the minute. Where do you play? We we we have a training ground supplied by the council, but it's literally two containers. One is a kit container and the other one is a. Is a change room with a couple of lights hanging off.


That's a very so it's got a lot easier in the winter.


You got to go through it. We did it for long enough. For long enough.


And Addicott, even cold showers and melodies just adds, we don't even have showers at this moment. We don't. OK, I hope that's our hope is to keep pushing to get them facilities.


And Tony, how is everybody how are you keeping in touch with everybody during lockdown with no role being played? And is there is there anything going on and any quizzes or people around? Positive.


There was a good bit of poker being played online that's very open to chat and a fundraiser as well.


Yeah, we had a big fundraising with poker and we did a big fundraiser there.


But I think it was about a month and a half ago now where we were we had we are meant to run a relay race from Tomen Park to HomeGround, but obviously we're cool with it. Go get cocounsel the week before. I think that l'escalier. And we wanted to. That's right.


So you couldn't run you couldn't run across the country now. So we decided we'd just do it around our pitch. So we did.


Twenty four hours running around the pitch, which is right around the Bay Area, 24 hours.


Holy shit, how bad it was for two people out to get out.


I think we covered a little over 300 kilometres. Oh, my God. And it was Bajrang. And I think that was so originally.


The plan was to run across Ireland to Tollman Park from Tohmatsu to Rome, told me to get back and tell you where would you like where would you run your role at the end seven.


So it was a cold. It's not the M7.


Yeah, well, I know we were I think it was all back country roots. I think the lads had a root canal.


That's such a good idea. What was how long is that going to take.


It was they had twenty four hours to run us. Yeah. It was really like, wow, everyone was down about five. And you do as you do this, if you've got a busload like take, I think that we raised over 60 grand for a so that's good.


It was at a fundraiser for the club to for four facilities are or.


No, no, we we did it for awaya for mental health just because everything that was going on with covid fair play.


Well great stuff, Tony from D'Errico, Colignan and Quinlan on. Oh, really, so what? Yeah, they pushed us and they promoted on Twitter, they didn't go to Twitter and we had one of the lads was on game on with Doneck and stuff like that.


Brilliant. That's great. Yeah. Tony, tell us. Tell us. But the division of the ambition for the club, are we going to look back and say it's going to be like an Irish kind of Exeter or what kind of rags to riches look back and we run three hundred K around the pitch one night and then 10 years later we won the European Cup.


Are you thinking like realistically, are you hoping to get into the energy ale or what?


Well, that would be the dream. That would be the dream. I'd like to think in about 20 years I'll be there, I'll say. And I was there when we were playing in the city and now he's out playing Friday Night Lights.


All the spoiled brats giving off boys don't even know you're board. Exactly. Exactly. Now, the dream is to get to reality. Brilliant, brilliant, nice. Yeah, I'd certainly I'd love to see it. It's a it's great to see the game spreading far and wide, especially to places that, you know, have such a history of sports.


So, look, we won't we will have to stop in some time when we're open to doing our live shows or whatever we get to Tyler.


We had we had donors of a couple of months ago. Deji. Yeah. Handing out jerseys. It was he was that he was in our local watering hole that we used as a W as a clubhouse drinking water.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. We would we wouldn't drink water. We're not talking.


We get stuck in cordial, cordial. Blacher Cordial.


All right, Tony, thanks so much for coming on. Man, we really appreciate it. And look, hopefully, will we get back in the page in the next couple of months and yeah. Keep growing the game. And Tyler Fairplay. Thanks a lot, Tony, take it easy. Great work. Thanks. Bye bye. OK, to finish up and send you on your merry little way, pottering around like little penguins for the whole week.


We're going to finish with some penguin or pothole correspondents, whichever way you look at it. Dharmic, over to you.


Heated discussions on our Facebook page this week. Whether or lose is the best winner since Simon gig and discourse effects.


There was a big split in the camp, wasn't there?


Yeah, I find this I find this a little offensive.


So, I mean, I, I look for someone to leave like at some point that's what he's going to say. I don't even think anybody I don't even spot that zero zero best figure since Gagan Hicky, a classic 53 comments.


People are really getting behind this discussion. So I'm going surely I'm human at some point in this thread, I'm going through a transition to him, not to mention that there was one towards the end.


I with me, it was you know, it was you.


I played I played on the wing for Ireland to get mentioned once the sport of tribe, one tribe from one appearance.


And the wing I find offensive that you think that you should be offended as much as me.


I wonder where I rank the thing I'm doing on the rank and the 50 the 50 wingers. There couldn't be more than 50 wingers. And so I'm getting there all the time.


And where do you think you should rank em and what other winners were mentioned in the group say often then read on?


Uh, I have to say, Tommy both Simon Zebo, Quito's Dennis Hicky and. Probably it was it. Yeah, tell me. Luke Fitzgerald, wasn't it? Tommy was the one. He was the was the big to be. It wasn't the big one between Tommy, because Tommy had played in the test to test Lions teams in 2009 and 2013. So obviously, Keith just overtook him on that score.


And yes. So the pinnacle of the career of being in the Lions. So that was the schtick that they were being built with because Tommy had played in two Lions test teams, which is obviously. But then I think whoever I think was Paul O'Connor who started the thread, said that it's hard to judge a career on the Lions because it only comes around every four years and due to injury or form. But the luck goes on in the meantime, which is a fair point.


But the fact that Tommy did it on two separate occasions is pretty impressive and. They're just two great players, so I don't exactly there are two great players, there could be a little bit of recency bias early, like a fine wine he's got like he I always, always loved Rosie, always thought he was incredible, but he's just got even more incredible recently.


But let's not forget Tommy and his like in his prime, there was about three or four there was a three or four year period where everything Tommy touched turned to gold like he couldn't do a thing wrong. They're both incredible. Not make our mind up. No. Yeah. And we've got Tommy. We'll sit down for a chat with Tommy this week.


Yeah. Tommy is going to be our weekly panel on Wednesday. And I'm going to ask him straight out in Portland, do you think you were better when you're in Keita's?


If you were watching, would you bring a butler? Keytar are a butler, Tommy Boy, over to your model ourselves. He was like about the book first, William Butler book first.


And no, he's not because Tommy can last as long as there is a Tom is a cheaper way in the early but just really delicious for like four years. Roses wine is like a really tasty but I just lasted longer than Tommy's four year. I don't know what the analogy is, to be honest.


I don't know where I'm going to go. I don't know what I am. I'm some flash in the pan drink that you would have drank back in two thousand days. Baby, begin your Mickey for your keep your Concorde make even than then. Let's make friends for the shade green drink that you relaxed into your back into those age for a to your. Yeah. After a point of fasters because that was the cheapest thing by any student. Where did you ever drink pitch.


Concord. No. Like in Concord and the. No it was just like a cheap cheap wine in the sand dunes and Portrush were fifty.


Someone told me the other day that you are the. Oh yeah. This is, this is interesting.


So that guy that did the Gollum voice for us, remember, he is involved in Florida rugby team in Florida. I can't remember the name of it, but he said they signed it and I would have from Dublin and he moved over and they were chatting during the week and.


Brian True is the guy's name. He said, oh, my friend, does this Rokeby podcast part of the Penguins? And your mom was like, Oh yeah, I love it. I listen to all the time. And he said, Oh, I was on it there.


And he was like, you're your he worked your golomb. He's like your.


And he said, yeah, that that is so random. He said, I'm undeterminable. Came to my school when I was a kid talking about Jesus or this is so weird.


I had a I was I was thinking about this the other day. It was black rock black and a Markham's there. Their we have talked about this since.


And you you gave your your your sales pitch, your speech and then you said if you have any questions so far goes how much do Benge like whatever you know.


I can't remember. I can't, I don't know. That's what I was told. No one is buying more than us. Uh, no. No. Yeah, no, no, no, no. You can convert. No, no one was keen. So Mad's was was a child. Yeah, well, yeah, and then, yeah, we had that like we were on tour together in in Toronto. Whatever year that was, and much like I was there that day and again, it's it's like a similar story to what you're saying just to two completely different worlds.


Just come together.


You were golomb, you recall. I don't believe you.


I thought it was so good to see these two fellows over in a rugby pitch in Florida talking about death so random. What the hell are we talking about there to get answers? I don't know. All right, here we go.


Question number two are are forever correspondence number two, Matt McKnight. Cause if Ireland had to take five penalty kicks from a total elimination scenario, who would you pick as your first five?


Well, to be honest, my my first five would be David OLeary, Dennis R-1, Jokhang, TJ Reed and Tony Kelly.


These are rugby kicks. No, fuck that.


That's a good grade, Matt McKnight voice. Was it OK, the five from the weekend Sexton, Murray, Jacob Henshaw and Earls. Salis. Yeah, I'd say. I don't know if I'd give it to Jacob. The reason Jacob's the only reason Jacob's in my head is because he triggered a I think it was on Instagram there, I actually put it up and I think he hanged one from halfway. I'd still be afraid where he could be.


That guy, you know, when you when the penalty shootouts are happening in the in the soccer, you're like, oh, he's gone. You know, when he's walking away, you know, he's going to bodiless and then they rarely do they get it right.


Why would you be afraid of Jacob, your son, like John Lennon? Because you know what he did at the weekend.


He has something in his head where he just assumes Jacob's going to cock up.


He he does because there was someone made an offload to Jacob and Lennon made the comment. He said, and stock deal in position as in it was surprising that he wasn't in a position.


I see people like there's so much baggage.


I think people carry with someone on the libels, the high ball that he dropped.


I was like, oh, my God, Jacob.


And then the other one that he nearly dropped out but nearly dropped is not dropped. I know, but it's nearly dropped is not my fault, OK, that he has me put me in this position.


I think I'd be going Hugo Keenon. But this is where it would get weird. You'd pick Hugo Chenango and he's going to be safe as houses like the Garozzo gate are. Stuart Pearce. I'm just thinking of English teams that have stuffed up.


And John Terry, you kind of go, yeah, you wouldn't pick the flamboyant one because you think he's going to make a bollocks of this Jacob being the flamboyant one you pick the solid one with a solid one could be the one that lets you down. That's a very tricky situation. So I let them pick themselves.


That's that's what I did. Jack Charlton in in in to Jack Charlton documentary come out last week. It's on real, by the way, in 1990 against Romania.


He allowed them in that semi quarterfinal was a quarterfinal or or second round. He said, you decide who's taking the penalties. And they that's why David O'Leary was the last one to take it. I don't know why he was. He was he just reckoned he could score.


Yeah, but, Jack, that spineless, spineless just make. Well, Jack, that's what Alaskans did to me and told me when he picked us both in the wings.


And we're like that because he we both like to play on the right here. Do you want to give us some sort of direction?


He goes, are you to work at this one week about today? Yeah.


And who wouldn't he. We just went week about oh, when we took turns until someone dropped that for ulcerated froster gas. That's ridiculous.


It is. Yeah I know what you mean. It can be spineless. But Jack, I'm not I'm not a kissy kissy spineless with business class. I love kids.


But Jack Charland spinelessly what he he he had this issue with David OLeary for some reason. I don't think he felt he was too much of a ballplayer as a center half. So he never picked him. And David O'Learys in the documentary is quite annoyed that he he reckons he should out of another forty caps for her. And what didn't have us and Jack Charlton's comment, it was always like a use when a idea and then did what was called probably the most one, the most famous goals, if not the most famous call for art in full time.


And then Jack Charlton, would that song put him under pressure? Did they need a number of senior adviser David Bowie and Jack Sheridan answering Freddie Mercury and Vanilla Ice under pressure?


If you have it, if you're not a patron, you're like, I thought, oh, yeah, have to give a shout out to our patron.


We put out our first boner episode there before the chain Haugen Mutely Pothole last Wednesday, when I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed that. And thank you for all the lovely responses. It was loose.


It was wild and wacky. Wasn't this extra loose. So we'll be doing another one of them on Wednesday with Tommy. So if you want to check that, I would go over to our Patreon page and you can sign up for just a fiver and you'll get some bonus episodes. And we're also going to put up our album of songs in the next couple of weeks that we've some time before.


Twenty, twenty, thirty. Yeah.


OK, have we any more points? I want to give a shout out to Eric OSullivan, who got us on Antonsen Instagram because he's an our only I think afficionado. Maybe we'll Adderson is an official penguin as well, but Erica Sullivan is an actual penguin and he got his first cap for Ireland on Saturday. And he has such pretty eyes.


I love his eyes. He's gone. He's gone brilliantly for Ulster and for a long time gone brilliantly. And he deserves his chance.


If he'd be playing for Leicester, he would have been everybody would have been talking about him for the last eight months. But he's gone brilliantly and deserves a chance to explain to him that he's gone the other way around.


Yeah, yeah. Maybe so he, him and us in our true professional penguins.


Any other professional penguin to let yourself notice, I'd like a Dell guy who scored the trade for Argentina against Australia the weekend. He's so handsome. He's beautiful. I found myself looking at him. Sorry. Now I'm just on this little bit for moment. He's so handsome. I saw him walking back with the ball, said, look at these Argentinian. That's ridiculous, love. He was a penguin and it was.


So I'm trying to see. I try.


I think that's a long shot.


That he's a penguin is a not to get on to Fedi and see if he knows the score or the number nine ran at Kuribayashi and did that Ryan Giggs thing at him where he ran and turned him inside out. And Giggs used to do that. Did two step. Two step overs. Yeah. Did he get Sarasohn. Ninety nine. Yes.


Buried in his of course his brother's wife sort of raised him straight into the sand.


Yeah. That's what it was like. Turned kabaddi inside out and the offer was fabulous. Right. So I enjoyed that.


And then last thing we have to say is Spotify released their numbers this week for their 2020. Whatever your favorite shows or music or whatever it is that you listen to. And we got an unbelievable response from people saying that we were in the we were there. No one in their top three. Most listened to podcasts in the world, which means an awful lot to us, even some people getting on saying we were the number one band from the screen and the number one podcast.


Yeah, it's interesting because I feel like Spotify is going to take over the way our way. We listen to podcasts like do you find you listen to podcasts and Apple. Like, we all have iPhones, right? Three was a rifle, and so do you listen to a podcast in the Apple iPhone or Spotify Apple?


I listen for me to have kind of been stinging me.


Both sometimes seems useless. I use Apple Music. OK, so everything goes through.


OK, whatever, whatever tickles your fancy lads.


So we just really appreciate it. So thank you very much. And yet we, we will leave it there. It's been a wonderful evening. Thank you very much. Have a fabulous week. Whatever you're doing. And we'll see you on Wednesday for the weekly Pottle and then we'll be back next weekend. All the champions, Colin Powell, John Party on.