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Potholes and penguins with Barry and Tranby. Monster boasting about being on fire. Start losing by now. And if being home from the spy. And folks ask, asking how to call. Nobody knows if Lance to win the to. It would make the season shy. Monsters box with their flies down, getting hard at the cheap Aldeburgh. We know if Sexton has his way, he would never, ever let Runciman play. And when his brother Stanson green one day, then Johnny Shuli cried.


And so we're offering. The simple phrase. Two different things, one important to. He lost a son. We love you in the game with. Merry Christmas to. Brilliant, brilliant. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, but one real brilliant with a Brit with a hint of fake, little bit of anxiety on the horizon.


I am riddled with anxiety at the moment. I have had loads to drink over the last few days, and now the world is closing in around us, literally all gone. Faik in our Swiss.


So, Joe, no, no, let's skip everything and just have a beer with Caduceus. Only lasted 10 seconds. They were like, Oh I don't drink one more drink to keep me going on boundry brewery in Bunghole.


We are going to try. It's a tropical IPA.


Quite a bit of color going on here today. Dami is wearing his boundary brewery T-shirt, which is very, very, very cool.


It's very nappily. It's that soft kind of. Sort of. It's soft T-shirt. Quality got discounted in those two days. I think they've over tripled. I think it's been over tripled. That's my new name.


How are you getting on? Welcome to clear a fair minded audience. Got it. And I'm going to play you the best in insurance ad off your tits for that night. Oh, that's a beautiful, peerless.


Well done. They're getting it so right. Yeah.


Took 18 months of experimenting with our Push and pull IPA series to discover this Hopp combination of Mosaic and consider yourself discovered sound.


There's a sequel to embargo's.


Well, I believe there's a bond among Galicia's. Among Mongolia is something that I forget what it is.


It featured in a cartoon Ongo by someone in bunghole harder and harder and bunghole with the vengeance embargo and Bongo with a vengeance. Or Bangerter.


Yeah, and Bongo lost in New York. It's lovely.


So, yeah, the world we're all bindery brewing duku for sly sharp. Use that as well. Listen, if you're a UK based, I doubt all our Ulster's supporting UK based listeners will be. They'll be burying their head in the sand pissed off and rage.


And I think it'll only be be just exclusively monster listeners this weekend, I would've thought.


Mm hmm. Mm hmm. All smug as if we supported that Kouichi ticket the entire time.


We we see I feel they've just started listening to our recommendations over the last couple of years.


We were like, yeah, we were happy enough. But we just have a few slight adjustments that we'd like to make to your performances and your strategies. And they were like, oh, yes, please. Yes, please, Barry. Yes, please, Barry. Which would be good.


And they'll stay tuned into the new show every week. And finally, they're starting to make those little tweaks and adjustments to the game plan. And hey presto, we're seeing some fantastic results.


Very welcome. Yeah.


Thank you. You're welcome. You're welcome. So, look, lads, it is misery left, right and centre now at the moment. But it's Christmas week.


So we're here to give you a fabulous Christmas cheer and happiness and positivity. So there's loads to be positive from that rugby.


At the weekend, there was monsters, incredible comeback and win.


There was so. Yeah. So close. Yet so far or not even so far.


Rozier left that one behind him. But it was a brilliant game Robbie. So plenty was wasn't it. It was, yeah.


Yeah yeah yeah. I really enjoyed it. Really enjoyed. I thought we were going to, I thought we're going to talk about Munster. There are also there for a second.


We could do that in part two and we, we did that part for the government coming all the way around here to go all the way back to Munster.


Yeah, Leinster Stotra, Davis. Connacht unfortunately didn't get overline against platinum's Bristol.


But er OK, I think it was a good performance and I actually watched kind of game. I enjoyed it. Uh it's a good performance. You didn't watch it. I'm sure I watch bits of it. It took a while to get going.


Yeah. You're on your it did, it didn't get up to some of the poor boys. I'm going the port. We can have a once covers over.


We can have we party in the port. Of that, oh, really, we can go up there is the greatest when you kind of forgot that you can go visit your friend's house. It is, yeah, but we can't I can't fucking visit anyone.


No, I know.


What's the story up there, Sukhbir? London's gone mental, is it.


Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You don't know. They're gone full on level four.


That was all coming out during the game and people were freaking out obviously like people who were not just London, like lots of other areas.


So they cut their back to the way they were. And that's maybe where you guys are going, actually the way you were originally with the first one. Is it? Something like that, yeah, it's toxified, either Christmas Eve or the 27 28, so we'll have to bang a lot of crack over the next few days will be. And we're the same.


We're going we're locking down from the thing. It's Christmas night because there is there's always so much confusion over what 12:00 am am is what it is.


You know, there's that confusion. They've started bringing in they started bringing in the lockdown time from one minute past 12:00. All right, folks.


One Yeah, but nobody broke our brains last time. Oh, yeah. OK, well well, we've, um, with plenty Rokeby to get through. So will we will we get your seat at little bit because I want to.


I want to get to the rugby yeah, this isn't rugby related, it's not perfect for first lady love. That is probably silly, silly little bit.


Who prints off boarding passes nowadays, who actually uses paper anymore, apart from when you're wiping your bum?


I arrived at the airport with both boarding passes, saved my iPhone wallet and my taxi, pick up details and hotel information saved to an event in my Google calendar. I was standing at the Q and Starbucks at Belfast International Airport with a very exciting weekend ahead of me, all organized, as many of you have experienced. I'm sure I had a 10 second window of inactivity and despite having received no notifications or vibrations from my pocket, I wondered if anybody had been in touch.


So I removed my phone from the pocket of my skinny jeans. It tangled in the way out and the phone came flying out of my hand.


Much like countless unsuccessful highball receptions during my rugby playing career, if only sunny Sunnyside down, extending the period of uncertainty around the well-being and functionality of my phone if I never picked it up.


Did it ever get broken? A similar rationale to a pregnant lady not getting a pregnancy test for fear of being pregnant?


I was at this stage very sure that I was pregnant, so I decided to face the music, bent over and picked up my phone.


The screen wasn't cracked, but the LSD underneath was completely bollocksed. I then decided the best thing to do was to turn it off quickly, as if I'd said the text to the person that the text was about would like to say that didn't work.


Now I was technologically stranded with my boarding pass in my phone and not yet on the flight.


But I did wonder if that weekend was going to be a lovely, little interesting social experiment. Every section, every section of the trip was like a little treasure hunt because I could answer calls and read the first half of what's up on my Garmin smartwatch. And once I connect the dots, I thoroughly enjoyed a weekend without my phone being present all weekend. Granted being present by myself. So it was a little bit lonely then.


That's me. So how did you get on the flight? I begged, I was like, look a little help. And it was lady by me with two kids.


And I was I was I didn't want to cause a scene because I was quite near the back of the queue and the lady behind me and everybody else as well. I didn't want them to see me in a fluster. They were actually they actually were pretty, pretty easy about it. Knew easyJet didn't even ask for photo ID anymore under this occasion. They didn't ask for photo ID or a boarding pass. They're like on your passport.


Yeah. Wow. Ryanair started doing that way back where they were like they were charging 50 quid to print off your boarding pass, 250, which Ryanair flight, about 50 quid to press print upon me.


Oh, my goodness. And they're getting Hober overnight. And you get what you deserve, don't you, lads?


Yeah, absolutely.


Fact I, I come back to get me now I swear to God I you come back to get you right.


Er I hide my head in my head many times that I was asking them to go out ok. They're like do you want me to print it for 50 quid.


I'm like Godsil. Oh my worst.


I listen to this for the worst airport experience of all times.


Unless there's a lot I've got along with where we were in.


Were you on that tour of America and Canada with Ireland back in 2000 and eight or nine or something?


Yeah. Yeah, I was, yeah.


At the end of that tour we went I think we were in San Francisco and Santa Fe. We near San Francisco.


Oh no I was not one. Sorry I wasn't on that one. That was when the team kind of combined up with the senior team, but they kind of run into each other. There's a bit overlap. Yeah. Yes, yeah.


Afterwards. Yeah. I didn't go on to the church record co-op. I was allowed to go free after the the tour. The first tour. I've got some myself.


I went out in the batter on the last night after we played America in Santa Fe and then we had a flight the next morning to L.A., myself and Stringer and Dowling and I think Chris Henry and a few of the Ulster lads and I stayed up all night. Right.


I wouldn't go to bed. And the flight was at ten o'clock the next morning. And Peter Stringer told me that he he came into the team room at about seven o'clock in the morning and I was wearing a pair of flippers and a tutu and a two liter bottle of vodka and and I was worse for wear.


So he had to he had this this long story to get me on the flight.


Right. I woke up on the flight to San Francisco or to L.A. couldn't didn't remember getting through the the boarding gate or getting onto the flight. No recollection. And he he was just looking at me, sitting next to me on the plane just like you fucking asshole.


I was like, I like I just imagine to be like Weekend at Bernie's. You don't have to carry the dead body around with them for the whole weekend. They drag me through. I was so pissed off at me because apparently it was awful. I get me through.


I was just mess and fake and flop and he just had a pair of sunglasses on me and a half. And so we went to L.A. and had a night out and we had one night there and we were going to Las Vegas. We're going to Vegas the next morning. So we went out with Brian Greene. Sister Brian Green was a physio for Arnold at the time and his sister was an actress in Hollywood. Right. So she took us out to this swanky nightclub on top of a rooftop.


And she told us we were just pulling up in a cab on no strings was driving season drinks.


We were driving. We just pulled up in a cab and she said, this is very expensive, so just be white. My cost you like thirty dollars for a beer.


And there was an awful crossroads. So myself, my brother who'd come over from LA, we went over and just got to Nagan each and Stockmann or Jackson went into the nightclub and drank the nations and got a bit wild. And String's said, look us, we have to leave this nightclub at 1:00 a.m. sharp because we have a flight to Vegas the next morning. So he went out and sat in the car at one o'clock waiting for us to come out.


And he said he just saw me come and find out the door with loads of random people and jumped into a big cab and gone. He was like, oh, my God, that's the last we're going to see that guy. So the next morning, I wake up at seven o'clock in some random hotel room in this hotel lying on the floor. And there was these three Canadian girls in in a double bed. And I was just lying on the floor in bed, my socks and the shirt.


And I was like, excuse me, where am I? They're like, oh, my God.


We were at a party upstairs and he fell asleep. So we just brought it down here and went to sleep on the floor. And I was like, What time is this? This is seven, sir. I have a flight attendant, so I. Jumped, I threw in my pants on, couldn't find my wallet, couldn't find my phone. All I had was my passport. Oh, my God. Where where is everything? Lost everything. So I went downstairs and walked out the main door and I was on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles and that the car rental place that we'd rented the car was across the road.


And I was like, fuck that. I would be bringing the car back there. So I ran across and they're like, Oh, man, your mates were here like half an hour ago. They're not they're not going to. They're gone to the airports. They're not going away in fear, they're gone. So I asked them, could I use their phone? And I rang Dowling's phone because he left his number on the I didn't know the numbers anymore.


You know, he'd forgotten how to remember people's numbers, but he gave me the phone during dialing. I rang him and he didn't answer. So I just got this cab and I said, fuck it, I'm going to get the cab to the airport and just get out and try and find the lads and then get them to pay for the taxi. So I didn't know where it was going. I just got him to drop me off to get to the election.


The biggest airport in the world I was expecting.


Just pull up there and find there like like a Michiana.


Yeah. Or better still, knock. Yeah.


So he pulled up this poor misfortunate like you never think of a taxi driver and he's just having a normal day and he's just everything's going fine. And it can only happen to someone like a taxi driver where you have to pick up someone and then you have to deal with that person. Shit like this guy was just probably could have been these last taxi journey of the day. He probably had a long night and he gets landed with me in his lap.


And I was like, next, please, no money, no wireless. So I got there and I said, OK, man, look, I have no money. I mean, you know what? He was like a hundred and twenty dollars for this tax. I have no money. You have to come with me and find my friends.


So he was like a lunatic. He was Iraqi fella. He barely speak English. And he brought me in and he followed me around and couldn't find anyone. So he was threatening me. So then I gave him my passport as collateral just to calm him down. I'm not going to go anywhere because he kept he was kept holding onto me and thought I was going to run away. So I gave my passport and then this lady was using a call card or all going off at a call machine.


I asked her, could I use it? And I rang deviling. And if I can answer it, oh, my God, thank God. Where are you?


And is there just boarding the plane like the flies leaving in two minutes.


Another man you need to come out and pay for the taxi. I got out. I'm getting on the plane. These are all your stuff is back at the hotel. I, I'd, I thought he'd brought me stuff with them which I so that.


No, your stuff is back in the hotel so I had to get there. How am I going to pay for.


And he said why don't you just get I'm hearing is this story goes on now I thought that I was just too much so annoying. covid covered in red wine, my share of lives and those guys are giving off bitching about you.


Oh yeah. Yeah.


Imagine the sweat just coming out here as well as, you know, those panic moments.


That's just intense panic disaster. So I had to ask the taxi driver to bring me back to the hotel that we were staying in, which is another hour long drive. Get back there. And presuming that I go in then and the hotel would give me the cash to pay for the taxi, that would surely would work out. So I got there and I had to get out of the money. Yeah. Yeah.


To bring him in to the reception. The hotel were like absolutely not giving you any money. Get out of our hotel. You've you're already past check out.


So your man was going insane. He was going to bring me to the cops, wouldn't give me my passport back. So I had this brainwave that I had Sterling and Canadian dollars in my bathroom back upstairs.


I ran up there. God has brought it down. And I was like maybe 200, 300 dollars worth of of currency. And I was there, OK, take this. And I wanted to keep some for myself so I could just try and get food you to live.


Yeah. Yeah, live. He insisted on taking it all himself so he just took it and I same thing now I was raw and I this is like the cheeky me telling him that why couldn't he just be a nice person and and see that I'm mean, I'm in an awful dire straits. This has come back to bite you. Karma will come back to bite you.


And he's trying to get away through my passport at me and then walked off and I was standing in reception and the hotel were like, man, you need to you need to get get out of here. And next thing I heard, this big smash walked out the front of the hotel. The taxi driver had pulled out in the road and crashed into some lady and wrecked the two of their cars.


Oh, my God. Yeah. And I just walked over there before we for his life.


Almost everything was fine. Everything's fine. The two of them are just here. I actually had my disposable camera on me and I took an old school selfie with a disposable camera with your man in the background. And he's just I actually have the photo on the wall at home. He's just he's just looking at me going, what is wrong with you?


God and I, I managed to change my flights. And I got to go to the bank and get someone to send me money, how the fuck did I get money out?


I remember I hope my money becomes like when you're disconnected like that, it's it becomes a it's a treasure hunt. Everything's a treasure hunt.


Yeah. Yeah, I somehow managed to get more details of a flight, I don't think I got into Vegas, but three o'clock. Everything was great.


No lesson, no lessons were learned whatsoever.


I was.


Have you ever done the speed awareness course instead of instead of taking penalty points for speeding? No, we don't have that option. I'd love that option. So it's it's measurable, it's true. It's four hours of your life and it's what's it called?


Trimbole. I think it's called the speed awareness course think imagine if you could just get a slap at the wooden spoon across your ass if you were crosscourt 20 or 30 clowned. I'll take the wooden spoon and the articles, policemen, license, registration. You have to options I in your ass.


We'll give you a bites.


So a mate of mine. I've done that course twice.


Actually a mate of mine did it and told me at the end of the course after the show, Yahiye, how you know, irresponsible you are as a driver for speed in all this here and loads of scenarios.


And it's it's quite moving actually, because, you know, with the potential you know, it shows you basically just how your response beyond driving the car and being responsible, the potential of hurting someone, basically. And then he asks for feedback at the end, the instructor and then everybody on the class and they'll say, you know, listen, it's been used to me. And I'm really aware now of how important it is to be responsible on the road.


And I think to change the way I go this way, everybody reacts like me.


It was in a class and some fella, some dickhead goes, yeah, nah, I listen, I know what you're saying, but, you know, I think I'm happy enough with my driver and I my drive and very highly and think I'm skilled enough to cope with anything unexpected that comes up.


That guy crashed his car on the way home from Speed Awareness Course.


Oh, yes, that was the car and stuff like that. Yeah, I, I was I was on like 11 penalty points there. Korsakov for all like really annoying things.


I could I have my. Forget your passport.


Yeah. I was holding my phone while driving the really stupid hold my phone and one of the lads had sent me a voice memo and wasn't talking on the phone but I was listening.


Was there a card and Castro you call RoboCup who just love catching lads on the phone. Yeah. You got called a couple times for him.


Like I didn't actually know, but I. I know that guy. Yeah. He's always pulled up there by the Castro behind the Castro backwater. I got caught twice.


I was late for a gig and I had a I'd like some equipment left at home when I drove in, realised I loved less the equipment. So then I had to fly home and I got caught by a speed one going home.


And then I got the gear and I came back in and got caught by the speed van in the way of my six penalty void's be laid to a gig that was and it was just, you know, doing 60 in a 40 or something like that silliness.




Anyway, we were we take a break and we'll come back and Parata and we're going to dissect the champions probably from the weekend and look ahead to the interpose coming in next week.


Bottles and penguins is an independent production. What I mean by that is. It may sound like we don't know what we're talking about. You might even think Barry's hardly played professional rugby in Derby likes hurling. We want you to think that it takes a lot of preparation, decide this unprepared. We work very, very hard. And what we do, we want to make this show the best podcast in the world. Just a fiver, a month. You can help us do that.


Cotopaxi and I come for slash potholes and penguins, and you can help me make these two fools look and sound even better than I already am, making them look. We start with Gloster. Going to start with you. You were over there, you were there.


You were there in the middle of us talking about all start talking about Gloster. How did they let that one slip? And they I don't know I don't know how good glosser are, so I don't know how to react. I think they look good.


I was a certain parts, didn't they? Yeah. I thought they did, yeah, they just think, Gloster, I know we're not here to talk about Gloster, they they they showed real glimpses and the wee fella, Lloyd Evans, was class three.


He was gone brilliantly and he was kind of like, just Connect and Lincoln guys everywhere. He looked like he's like Ciprian. And all of that was all the job again. And we were talking about Supriyadi last week. Same thing in the build up. Let's talk about Cypriote for a game that he's not playing in, but he always gets the headlines. And then even in the game, we're talking about Lloyd Evans and how he's doing his best Ciprian impression.


But he yeah, he was going great. Chris Harris was going create a lot of guys put their hands up and they were playing really good tempo rugby. And then weirdly, they went into that ten minute period just before halftime with the two yellows, Osram to Yose. And they tried to they were slowing the game down box kicking. And it was bizarre. And I thought like that that's a team who has a lot of ability, but they just they, I don't know, they just seem to not be able to they not be able to read it on the pitch or something.


But I think Gloster could be a really good side. But anyway, Alster, they should an awful lot of character obviously had to dig very deep to get back into the game, score a couple of tries and get into the driver's seat. And then I think they just maybe switched off a little bit. Then a couple of scrums. That was it came down to a couple of scrums far out. And Gloster still had a lot to do. But, yeah, they they managed to pull all this response down in the end.


And what did you think?


What. Yeah, I think I agree with everything you're saying there. I thought I was actually quite impressed with Gloster.


You know, looking at the other English teams, I thought they were more the more enjoyable ones to watch. I agree. I thought Chris Harris was was class. Very powerful. But, yeah, when you were you were on comes your you made the point that they I think they to win that ten minute period when they were down to 30 men, six nil or definitely Terena anyway, they they did.


That was a huge turning point.


And then I thought Cooney again just has these two moments that offload that he made for Louris try out and nothing was pretty class. And then obviously that the breakaway triay got his kick and was pretty good. I mean, he even left one or two kicks behind, which pretty unlucky they were farro. But you were like, wow, they I couldn't believe they got back to whatever they were.


Thirty four. Thirty one was it. And then just I think the 79 minutes they had or seventy eight minute they had a scrum and got into glass is 22 and I can't remember who it was that knocked on from Kooning's past. It was like seventy nine minutes and thirty seconds. I think it was really, I think it was money Ray. They just needed to keep the ball and I think that will be so frustrating when they watch that back.


Yeah, I've been able to just keep that for another thirty seconds, put the ball out and probably the glass to the twelve to to win the screen penalty line and then score in the end. But yeah, frustrating one will say they were pushing me for for a lot of the match.


I've Heineken star of the match bindery brewing star of the match.


They, they were pushing me for that and it was like seventy seven minutes. This game still in the balance and, and I just, I just ignored them for a couple of minutes just to try and buy myself some time. But they have to put together clips and all, you know.


So then eventually I was like if Alster hold on, it's going to go to Alicorn Corner. If they don't, if they don't, hold on. Please, please don't screw me and give a dollar, for example, maybe last year.


But even even even if it's how to hold on, I was going, I don't know, I still don't really know my way around that part of the match because I think from like a detailed kind of rugby perspective. Like alcohol or what was in the middle of everything. But for like literally a lot of the matches is sometimes just about what sort of a highlights reel can be put together. And then that's good. That's good, obviously. So I think I think the the experience media guy is a bit I should have known this guy is taking himself a bit seriously.


He's actually the best player. I thought the prop for Gloucester was very impressive.


I can remember his name. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, he was really good getting into a few poachers and just look really aggressive.


The the it's a double barreled name is Argentinean, isn't he? He's Argentinean. I was wondering. Yeah, very nice of him, but I heard it's hard to I thought monster monster games really gave to C.J..


I was there. You can't deny C.J. the man of the match performance. But then I thought maybe did I did you see the um.


Did you see the did you see the prompter come off the bench side. Probably come off the bench for glosser. The tight had. Did you think he looked like the crack folks from the mighty Bush?


I can't remember because he was I don't know how I prop up Rob could look like he came running past us in the warm up whenever we were doing the the prematch and Bank.


I I'm still like getting to know some of these folks as I hear bad.


You know what somebody to you know, it's like I've seen a couple episodes.


I was like, never mind for it.


Did you say that until, you know, I didn't send TV set on the podcast to save space?


You can say whatever you want to hear until we get done. Move over. Move over there. Step up, monster. Allow me this moment. What a performance. Some incredible moments to be. What were they. Twenty nine nine down after twenty five minutes. Bonus point conceded torn to shreds really down to fourteen men with Chindia to get in the undercard as well.


They just, there's a there's a bit of a kick in their step or something. They've, they've just grown in confidence. I think that whole squad knowing what JJ JJ is kicking, just keeping the scoreboard ticking over, keeping them within a few scores by, by taking these penalties, taking his opportunities. That was a just real mature play for monster, knowing that potentially getting them into the the last twenty minutes where they looked a little bit. Clairemont looked a bit.


I would you know what they were all for the guys last week as well as this week.


So but there was just my favorite moment, I think Haleys Troy, which came off the lineout off the top and one crash up from Coomes and then on to Domani and onto Hailie.


So we've been quite critical of the lack or I have any of the lack of variation in the monster side and the the lack of ingenuity and a bit of invention. And I think that showed, like I've always heard, that Stephen Larkham had a ridiculous book of plays when he was coaching Australia. Like and I remember watching Australia for a couple of years from seven Cheka, and they're their starter plays was so intricate. And and I think they they suffered a bit because they never had as good a platform to play off them.


But they'd still try these plays and it looked like they were way too complicated. But the other side of that is if they're if you get it right, he's got these complex moves that they're so difficult to defend against. So that one was straight out of that book of plays, I'd say. Ah, so you come off the top with.


Peace straight off the top to reach Marshall, who had Delenda hits hit land, and then you think, OK, he circles, he circles and they think he's going to crash Oprey circles, passes it to Coomes, who's then one on one with Lopez, and he's always going to make five or six yards.


They're so important to to be able to target that tendon that up in that position, isn't it? And then Pete, who was the the the target in the lineout? He gets around like his fitness at the moment. He looks so sharp, he's getting through so much work, he gets around. But not only that, but S.J for the second phase is running a really hard line off Murray and it goes out the back of him to Pete. And then Mykhailiuk picks an outrageous line which you'd never see that line from a fullback.


Right unless it was prescribed move by also love about it is JJ being the first receiver isn't involved in any of those plays. He's way out the back but he's still taking a lot of the attention of the of the wider defenders.


So I don't know. I just I was watching that back a few times, like, well, that's that's so difficult to defend. I'm very impressive.


And I know you're quite critical of monster of Ireland's lack of that kind of whatever ingenuity of setpiece and someone I think I can remember one of the commentators over the weekend made the point that is that's something that's going out of the game. Those starter plays off scroller. I like I remember who was someone who beat sports, said this where we're not seeing as much creativity our first phase as we used to. And I think that was an example of where we are.


So, yeah, that was brilliant. What else, C.J.?


That that was an enjoyable moment. But Joe Tocal and Smile was incredible. And it was so funny. It was so good.


It reminded me of we did something similar, a way to traversal years ago, and we all kind of remember it, that just this one little breaktime or one little joke. Tocal think so Italian guy came in and I took them and then Johan Muller arrived and I said, I've got him, I've got him. And Johan said, no, I have him. And then Kivi then arrived. He goes, No, I have them LUDs.


And we were like arguing over who was going to get the credit.


I remember someone said it was Johan said afterwards that was the most enjoyable more I've ever been in. I like S.J looked like he was having the time of his life. There is obviously.


Well, the game was one the worst, wasn't there? I wasn't there. I think they still had to. Oh really? Yeah. No it wasn't. It definitely wasn't because of what it was and why he's so nice to see someone.


Yeah. I'm just doing something that with a smile on their face is so nice. Yeah.


It's, there's nothing worse than getting choked up like that. When you're being held up off the ground you feel sort of feeble.


You're so you've no control.


Yeah. I can't get my knee to the ground. This big freak of South Africa just holding you off like a rag doll.


He also he's saving like fine margins, the fine margin of saving that try and on himself and Tyburn, I think that was when they were already twenty nine nine down and Keppra was at Raqib, was it. That was going over the line. And they flipped him on his back and Tyburn stayed in and kept the ball up.


That was incredible.


So yeah, huge, huge positives for Monster and you know, to come back from that far down against the team, that's, that's what people were talking about.


We should talk about we should talk about JJ first of all, it did as he always had that that higher percentage of goalkicking accuracy as he is he is that his thing? I didn't I didn't I don't think I appreciated that he was known for that. Or is that a recent thing he worked on or.


Yeah, I think so. It wasn't he was always maybe 70, 80 percent year like last year. I was he won the Golden Boot for the pro fourteen.


So he's it's it's gone on a couple of years now, but he's definitely gone up a big step and all be a lot of big kicks like the one that come off the crossbar and got over last week.


Everybody was talking about Ben Healy the whole week it was Ben Healy this, Ben Healy that. And JJ, you know, he just changed everything to flip the script. And, you know, for a guy who is probably reading a lot of that and, you know, feeling a little bit put out, it's I think it's really impressive to see his performance. I thought it was brilliant.


Yeah. No, I, I think Murray played really, really well at the weekend as well, which together I think. They looked way more of a threat. They look way more cohesive, so felt they were a little bit off last week and that's maybe why it didn't run smoothly last week.


But, yeah, you're right. I think, JJ, he's so good. He does still have those moments where he you know, he kicked the ball out in the fall at one point. But what you just can't let him drop his head now is I keep you know, if that if that does happen to discuss to shrug it off and and go again.


But yeah, like going into the pros next week, I'd say he'll he'll start again. They have no choice but to play. And it's gonna be interesting actually. Where what what do you think the. What do you think teams will do for those injuries? I'd really love to see strong teams going out once once the plane lands tonight on the 26, is it Stephen's day? I reckon if Sextants feared, he would probably probably start. Ringrose might start again.


They'll have to rest. Maybe Porter, they'll have to rest. And Chaykin, Hayley and James Ryan. But still, I think would be a strong Leinster team monster might have to rest someone like Conrad Murray, Chris Farrell, S.J or Peace. But you still think. There you have Craig cases that have Hendra and they have kind of like a vaccine daily. Yeah, there's enough I think there's enough established. Even the young fellows aren't just young fellows anymore.


They're young, established, exciting talents.


And they've got like big brands, which is what you know, it's you know, whenever you're looking at approves, it's always assumed that it's always the big names. That's what makes that occasion more exciting. So even the guys who were second choice know there are still big names. So you'll still get a level of intensity from that or a level of excitement around the fixture. But yeah, it is a bit of a Qiam, and it's one of those things about the league.


And boy, there are a few that, you know, it's just it's just one of those things. If you're going to have guys fit and firing for Europe, then you have to kind of take the hit somewhere else. But you're right, I do think this even if they are if you insist on them arresting three or four, there's still it's like I can't wait to see if it is Craig Casey that starts if Connor's rested. I hate it so much.


See that first pass through our second or third pass through when he skipped three players and hit Jack O'Donoghue on an open line, didn't even think twice about it, picked and just flung this 20, 25 year pass like a bullet to great grubbers through. And he also had a little moment with one of the second rose to see that where he was again, feisty again by the scruff of the neck, literally up to his bellybutton.


And what did you what did you think of the performance of Matthew Karley?


I thought he was good. I think he's, uh, he's quite chirpy. He's cranky. Yeah. It's like he doesn't have time for any bullshit or anything, does he?


Yeah, he I my concern about referees is that that they try to be characters. I would be happy for referees to have no personality.


I just just get on that. Absolutely.


It's he doesn't does he. I would have thought he doesn't he's to the point. Or do you think he's.


I'm the type to refer it. It deserved a response. Did you see Rocker on an end to the post.


I'm Carly.


Matthew Carney paced himself and then he started having a bit of banter about it. I think you could hear it more when there's no when there's no crowd support, the referee kind of becomes more of a feature of the game.


But I've just I've noticed that with him a few times is quite it's just all a chirpy and he likes to let his voice be heard.


And it's, you know, like it's like whenever Christopher, you know, what's his name, Nigel Owens. You know, remember he called them Chris Robshaw.


Christopher Chris Christie. I thought just call me Chris Minims. Chris, I try to be a smart arse with this, you know, and I just think Bodyguard's got a little bit of that about a deal.


OK, I was I was thinking I was being quite serious, but I think he's the best one of the best out. He's the best English ref.


No, if not one of the best refs at the moment. I think he's really come on the last few months.


Yeah. We'll have to get listen, listen to give us a bit a bit of inside some of these fellas. Yeah.


I was chatting to him last night actually. We went for a few points for the Bulls Under Eighteens coaches Christmas party.


So we had a few a bit of dinner and a few very big occasion every year, or I'd be a very colorful coaching tickets.


PJ, both myself, Justin O'Connell.


Paul couldn't make it, but he is one of the coaches, Karl Sheridan, that floats this boat.


There's like twelve of us there coaching all these 18 year olds. They've done a real job.


But I was talking to Laci about certain referee decisions and we were talking about the Leinster situation at the weekend where I was a Tom Woods who came in to clear out that I just found a fleer, hit him on the head and Josh, fine, he's tough, but it's tough.


So he got up and just but it was, I think, the trickle trickle tricolours Qualcomm's. And he said, look, it's it's part of the game. I think he was probably reacting more to how Josh Phonophobia reacted, that he was fine. So he was said, look, probably no yellow card, red card. And this I think Twitter went mental then and people complaining about it should have been a red card. You can't make contact with someone's head.


And obviously what's been going on over the last few weeks, it's become quite a contentious topic. So Johnny Watsonia made a really good point about the a lot of the red cards and dangerous play we've been seeing. And the controversial ones of late are happening when it's a late person arriving to a rock and in the form of some sort of desperation, just throwing themselves in there and not really having enough care for bodies that are already at the rock. So I think he he said an awful lot of the red cards we've seen of late have come from situations like that were when initially when the rock is formed from a tackler and the first person.


And it all happens pretty quickly. And it's usually there's never many high shots or that happen. It's the guys who are arriving late two or three seconds later just flinging themselves in there. And it's much harder to be accurate because players are probably in such low positions when they're trying to pull a ball. So maybe there needs to be changes in the law around that, that the person arriving late to the rock can fling himself in there and has to have child care for the players or in there.


Yeah, that's that's interesting, actually, because it does I know it's not the same situation, but obviously Jacob got took one in the kidneys at the weekend. I thought it was a cheap shot and actually it was legal because it kind of up the arm. If he drops the arm, it's legal. I don't not even sure he really did actually, to be fair. But I'm not knocking himself out.




And he actually if if he drops, I'm not sure again, not sure he has. But if he does, it's actually legal. And to be fair, players are allowed to get away with a cheap shot like that and you could do real damage and that.


And then the the only thing with the Tom would want to was I although hundred percent cannot clip someone in the ad like that.


And if literally all you can see is their head, then you just have to make the decision that you can't. And that's very, very difficult to communicate that to players, because you're accelerating towards this breakdown and you have to make an impact and then. We do we we're asking a lot, but it's right that we're asking a lot. You're asking those players to to make a sensible decision and they're as they're accelerating towards our breakdown. I can't impact this legally.


And it's if I go in here, there's a small window and I can't get any lower.


So it is a lot to ask Tom Wood to get lower than that or not or just not to hit it. But it's right that we're asking that, I think. Is that fair enough? Yeah, exactly.


I thought I think, you know, if there's a connection with the head, it's it's got to be like a yellow card maybe for something like that.


You know, red card may have been harsh. Again, so hard to to decide, you know, just flee or seemed OK. So is that where you say it shouldn't be a red card?


That shouldn't be that shouldn't that shouldn't be a factor there should here see another fellow could get exactly the same hit and not not be put to call it a red card straight away then the.


I think I think that is a red card, is it not, then? Yeah, I don't think so. I do have some sympathy for for Tom with that because he would be very, very difficult for him to pull out of that.


And he can't get lower. But he has to. He has to. And that's we just have to have a higher standard if we're going to eradicate head injuries and potential issues.


OK, well, I think we should get him on there, because I think there's a lot to discuss in that and he'll probably frame it much better than I had.


But we'll move on because we've got part three and we've got a very special, interesting energy of four power provinces of Ireland guest who has a very colorful past and present in the club game in Ireland and abroad.


So take a quick break and we'll come back with that.


OK, welcome back to Part three, the four power provinces of Ireland brought to you by Energy, Ireland's greenest energy supplier. And this week, we have a man who covers many bases comin from club rugby all the way to professional rugby across Ireland and into England.


It is none other than Maurice Harbury, also known as the Ting under wing farmer taum and manager.


Presenter of the club scene podcast and current Northhampton Saints manager, Maurice, how are you?


Good, how are you? Fantastic, man. Come here. I've never actually asked to this. Who who gave you the name the thing and knowing who.


Chris, I actually think it was Jimmy Dock's, believe it or not. I think we were playing to an under 20 game against Shannon and I was getting one of my rare starts that I got off the bench and I just heard I got the ball on the way and I just heard someone shouting from the other side. The defense here is getting out of the way.


Maurice Lomo and Amara's have you. Is that the reason why you moved to get rid of the nickname? And have you been able to shake it moving to different country?


Well, the academy manager here actually was on a few courses with Barcelona, and they talk ourselves before I even arrived over the next time I was here.


And there was. Yeah, well, come here before we dive back into your your club rugby experience in Ireland. You you're fresh off the plane back from Dublin. When I spoke to you on Friday, you were like, oh yeah, sound. Get me onto the podcast more after taking a bit and after of Leinster over and Dublin. But it did not take a bad knee, almost pull their pants down.


But you make it. Yeah. Yeah, I thought we did all right. We, we played quite, quite well. A few stupid mistakes. Customizer particularly. They are five minutes before halftime, five minutes after that. The time that we struggling with that score to try that really killer, but definitely show showing signs of progression. So hopefully we can finally get our first win of the season this Saturday against.


We'll start to see. OK, well, a lot of young fella playing at the weekend as well. So that was to give you a bit of confidence, you know, to go somewhere like Leinster. We were pretty stacked. And, you know, you caused a lot of trouble. Yeah.


St George Bank, I think it was his first time playing. He's starting to I'm sorry. He does play a tiny bit there. He comes on if we're chase the game at about twenty minutes. But I think it was his first start to today. He played pretty well. I think he was training there with with England during the automation's companies at the training camp. I think he was comfortable in fairness. So I was good friends of mine is pretty impressive in the centre.


And so I so good to see see that the depth this is quite decent.


Um, so what's how are you enjoying this. Are you. Is it um you know is it, is it very challenging. Is it, is it a brilliant experience like a you were you were a schoolteacher who took up an opportunity to move abroad. You're probably one of the youngest managers in the league or imagine. So how has it been for you?


Um, great. It's not as challenging as Tom and I tell her that much. So it is a bit easier.


No, it's great. Obviously, you're taking a risk moving to another country. My wife is at home in Ireland as well, so I'm living the dream. Oh, so it's yeah, it's great. It's as I said, it's a great opportunity. It's an opportunity I couldn't turn down in relation, to be honest with you, I just threw in the CBA, which are the worst they can say is no. It was my attitude and they got an interview and got the job.


So I was as shocked as everyone else in Limerick in particular when I got it. But yeah, it's been great. I suppose the one thing that I found most interesting is the job is pretty similar to what it is. And in the likes of Stoltmann or with the large clubs, they're doing the same thing. It's just obviously add to you're getting paid for it full time now as opposed to doing voluntary retirement. So it's an that is fairly similar.




Well talk to me about Tom and then this is a, this is obviously our club section, so we like to talk about what clubs do for the community. Yeah. And tell me what was a you grew up a tournament player tournament with young fella Stallworth.


One of the hardest places I'd imagine that any team can go to in the league is Fitzgerald Park. Very fairly intimidating. I was talking to father last night who played with Nay's and he said he'll never forget the first time Gonda. He's a Kiwi. He said he'd never forget the first time. Bring in a few, uh, private schoolboys from this down to Fitzgerald Park. And they were like, oh, my God, it scared the shit out of them.


It's a very intimidating place to go.


Yeah, it is. I suppose it's probably one of the only club. Grounds in the world where you can say one of the players run down the wing was shot with a pellet gun, with the opposition, take away our first son. That's where the matter breaks up the way he got shot a couple of years ago. Well, as far as hostile as it is after failed, I think I mean, we've had plenty of people down there after the game.


And that's sort of why I brought my father in law and a couple of his friends after two games to demonstrate the point. So they just couldn't get over how friendly it was, the sense of community. And in the club, like all clubs, I mean, it's it's phenomenal. You have the household names going through it for years and years. The Cusack's really. And it's just fabulous. Generation after generation. And it's just it's great.


Keep as he would have played a good bit. I actually don't even know what age group would Averroes he played.


I actually played under 20. It may well I suppose I can't really claim that because I sat on the bench and watched him play while I was in the twenties. We actually had a very good twenty's team that we can choose, which is why he turned pro and went to Doncaster in numerous other players, a great one. And so I think we won the all Ireland Division two under 20s and then the pause in the quarterfinal, who had won the division one final week before we played it quite well.


And I presume the crack was was always unbelievable on the boss back from the North or Dublin or whatever. I'd imagine the Tollman bosses more crack than most.


Well, I suppose at the end of the day, if you were playing and the reason you're playing it is for the love of the game and four nights out, a bit of crack afterwards. And I know that the Energy are doing the community series this year due to today to the virus and all that. But the one thing you would miss is the bus trips home because you just just can't wait for the after the match.


How does that compare to obviously, as you say. So, Thomond, everybody's there for the croc. That's it. They're there for the love of the game. And there's still quite a few bus trips with Northampton. But is it is the mindset the same as the crackers seem like? Are there a few divas? Like how does that crossover work?


No. In fairness, the boys enjoy a bit about the differences when from and then obviously you don't want to have to go and train. And I'm on that recovery on some dirt, whatever it is. What we also get a bus from Franklin's Gardens. So the boys have to drive home when we get off the bus. So they'll have they'll have one or two. But that's about the extent to which our nice we're going on the rail because, you know, have you had to sing on the bus?


Said, no, not into the singing. So what I when I came in, I had to tell a story. So that was everyone who comes in has to tell an embarrassing story and their first meeting. But I know say and thanks for the God because I literally do not know the words to one song. And what about Greased Lightning?


I probably won't go there.


I heard you of the Dunstone for Greased Lightning, but there are only two words, you know, of the song that was that was one of my more embarrassing moments.


It's full of full of cans and full of confidence up to the top of the balls to sing Grease Lightning and just go agrees.


I was boys dancing and plenty of embarrassing stories.


It that's for sure. I've got a list of them here about one of my favourite has to be. So you were before you were even manager at home and you were you were doing something at home and you were always there floating around, pulled and dragging over something, wearing a suit, bossing people around, like looking while the mayor of Tollman Park for many years. And one of your jobs was to control the scoreboard. Yes. You were the man behind the scoreboard.


Everyone wondered who's the man behind the scoreboard back in the old school days when it was actually you to physically do it? No, no.


It was it was actually just before after that they told me park. So it was that was the computer was the computer one.


And after what, few minutes of the game, you you told us you did your sums and you thought that monster had actually started the game with sixteen players on the field.




You you counted it a few times over in your head and then you panicked and said, oh my God, they have got sixteen players. Tony McGann needs to know straight away.


So you take over. You took you took off across the stadium.


Do I have to tell. I know you do. So I took down the stadium to where the coaches side the door and. Twenty six men on the field, he looked at me in absolute disgust, as you can imagine, and said, go out and tell Sean Penn. I thought he was the manager at that point. I knew I was I was wrong. And I walked straight back to the scoreboard.


I love the conflict. I was born to be a manager, isn't it, if I counted the players on the pitch?


One of my other favorite ones is your your losing record for Dortmund and the clubber, the the the Irish Club side. What was your record there?


One point I recorded a winning round of about 10 percent as a manager. And to be honest with you, we started when I came over in Northampton. I think we were top of the table at Christmas and I was here. What is going on? But we've lost 17 of the last 19 games, so it's cut and the records come back.


We know that that's 100 percent just a coincidence.


But come here, tell us why. So you must miss the ACL as much as as as I know of professional rugby and playing in the premiership and playing in Europe is amazing. But there's as you said, there's there's something about the AFL where you just have to love rugby. So what do you mean?


Of course. It's just I suppose your obviously I'm not playing, but I mean, I loved it so much that I knew I wasn't capable of playing at that level. And I tried to stay in power whatever way I could. So how I did that was because I'm a manager and just being around the change, changing with all your friends. Like you said, the boss journeys home every Tuesday and Thursday and then on a Tuesday evening waiting for the lights to come down to get their stories out from the Saturday night.


It's just it's just relentless. And it's not just, of course, like that for the fun of it. It's obviously very high quality as well. And if you see just look at the weekend to see just what really was once year last year finishing with Tommy Gavin Coombs, who in The Monsters and then Leinster Josh Murphy playing, who played probably last year along with Jimmy O'Brien and a lot of coaches like Mike Prendergast, who actually got Ian Costello, who's been down here before.


I mean, it's just a breeding ground for talent. And there's players and coaches there that a coach and a player in the league that are capable 100 percent of the next level.


So they need this opportunity, you know, and for yourself, like I know for me, when I was playing the managerial role was such an important role, because it's it's the connection between, I suppose, on a personal level, between the the coaching staff and the players. It's not necessarily about selecting the team or is more of a you to really have to have to look after them. There has to be a personal connection. Right. There is that is that you know what you see, your role has kind of been that connection between the players and the coaches.


Yeah, 100 percent. And I mean, in fairness to our coaches here, they are pretty they're pretty personable. But like it is, you have to get on with the players on a personal level. Like, for example, if I go up with the backs every Monday morning and do they do their bit of their speed on a Monday morning? They do five hour chuckles. We go up and run to for the super PACs every every Monday morning and try and beat them.


So I ran out of time there last week, one or two, three, four, five metres, and got called out by Matt Proctor this week. And he absolutely smoked with things like that, small things like that. They love it because our market value to be things like that, you know, very giving.




And having to put out fires that I'll always remember.


I broke I broke a window in Scotland with a snowball through one at a time. Someone missed them and went straight through from window of a pub. And we just scattered was after a match. And Nigel Donovan was approached and and they accused one of the players of breaking the window. And no, it'll absolutely double down and told them where to go. How fucking dare you accuse my players of doing something like that and then denied it to the ground and then came back in is like, really?


Which one of you fucking broke the window when I see you on a night out?


And I certainly wouldn't like to be looking after you, that's for sure.


Fair enough of.


OK, so would the dream be someday to come back to Munster maybe and and get into a managerial role at home in the home city? It's it's funny.


A lot of people assume that that is. But to be honest with you, I haven't really thought about it. I be quite happy to to stay here and see how that takes me. If I have to go back to teaching, I have to go back. And I don't I don't necessarily see myself as, oh, I have to go back and do the monster job. I'm quite happy to have made a step from being into professional rugby, and I'm quite satisfied with that.


So, I mean, my wife is going to move over next year. So we'll see.


See, of course, Britain's Fair Play and Career, the club scene podcast, the course flying the flag for the island and the good energy. How's that going? Obviously, there's not much going on in the in the area at the moment. So you keep it going or what's the story? Yeah.


So we obviously, as you said, there's no there's not many games going on. What we've done is we've done three trial back episodes so far. So we did we did a trial back episode with Shannon as far Shannon, which by lot of our blood. So we have to talk about that. I know now I had two titles and we did one last week with St Mary's College in Dublin. And we actually had Chris Boyd on from Northampton just to talk about Kilberg Cobwebby, New Zealand in comparison to comparably.


And so we're trying to do two different things to keep people entertained.


Well, look, we we should cross pollinate again. Yeah, 100 percent.


Absolutely. This is the way forward. Look, Moore, thanks so much for coming on. And I know we've been Schlag antibiotics already here, which is my opportunity to do this to you, because that's all you do whenever you see me. It's just like if anyone thinks I'm being mean, he deserves. But on a serious note, fair play to everything you've you've done, it's incredible, as you said, to see the ER produce and players and coaches and management that can that can go out and represent Limerick in Ireland in in in the Premiership and further afield.


So fair play and best of luck for the rest of the season.


Thanks for having me, lads. Thanks very much. Cheers, Vice President. OK, welcome back, part of the penguin correspondence, few bits over the last few days, Tumbes under a bit of pressure here to get back to his family because it's Christmas time. So we're going to wrap this up nice and quick.


Thanks for all your input. All week long, we've been on the ball. It's so impressive. Andy Killen sent us a video of potential aliens and humanoid creatures floating around in Texas, strolling around, checking out, looked like they're trying to rob someone's car and they actually look like either penguins or aliens, which is I thought that was brilliant. So thanks very much for that. Jack Martin sent us a lovely image of you walking into a barbershop. Jimi, all is very good for brilliant super.


Who was also abusive again? Yeah, well, that was my next point you got you got tons of abuse again this week and actually actually I think we've got less abuse.


There was one I think one one penguin thought that they would lead the way and start the torrent of abuse and put up a picture of me.


But the problem was I was dressed actually very well for BTE and I was standing quietly and actually there was quite a lot of positive feedback.


So it kind of backfired. He's got a boys and he actually looks great. I'll be Jack.


Very smart. Choose your quads. Looks strong.


You spent a lot of time. I've been on the bike a lot. A lot of time on the bike and the Khwaja looking strong. They're looking bumps. Maybe that's why the phone broke because the quads shoved the phone over your pocket so quick.


Uh, yeah. Yeah, that could be it. Yeah. Don't don't cycle too much quads.


You got too big and then you'll have Neubauten Pass explaining and explaining that to easyJet.


Like I'd like to be sure they will tell you where to go rather than letting you onto the flight to like get this guy out of here.


Uh, what Michael Kassidy got onto us wondering, what is the story with also in lockdown Lawsie? Is there going to be any professional group there or what?


Over the next, it was their talks. That's what apparently it's finally. There was the initial announcement was no elite sport, I think that's because there was there was chaos up here last time around because, again, it's it's a green and orange debate, as everything tends to be.


And there was a fallout over whether there were a lot of Irish Irish League football and came out and said one thing. Do you think you mind said one thing after they'd already come to an agreement and then they know they fell out of the disagreed over that. So I think they had to come out specifically and say something about elite sport, obviously, and they said no elite sport.


But then they obviously went into more detail on way apart from Ulster.


So I think actually football is the only thing that's not been shown. But Ulster, I think definitely they've got go ahead for the Ghana game on Sunday, isn't it? Is it Sunday? Yeah, whatever. I you think so. Yeah. And to enter into that world. No, we don't know what day of the week it is. Yeah.


It's No Man's land isn't it. Yeah. Yeah. So look, thanks for all that. We better say goodbye. We better say happy Christmas to on the side. There's a little thing I want to say actually. First of all, it's about the IPCC, which is and not a government funded charity in Ireland. It is just funded by us people. Very, very important charity looking after the welfare of our children. And unfortunately, in these tough times, there has been a rise in domestic violence and and children basically are being looked after being abused.


So if you can do anything to donate, they usually have this ISIS be ISPCC charity to afford charity on in the tree ring every year, which raises huge amount of money. But unfortunately, they couldn't and is probably the biggest source of income for the charity every year. And they couldn't do that this year. So they're asking people to check out their website or the Instagram picture line and donate. And I think if you donate like four euro. Yeah, text Hexton five or three zero five zero three zero zero text childhoods to five zero three zero zero to donate for year old to is PCC and very, very worthy charity.


So please do that and then just have a wonderful Christmas, everyone. Mm hmm.


Cannot wait to see. Won't be back for our weekly Pottle this week. We'll do something after the intro into prose next week.


We're well over 40 episodes in No 40 episodes. Well with nineteen main episodes and we've eighteen or sixteen bonus episodes. Holy crap. Yeah. No.


Yeah. No weekly pothole this week. Just pothole your families instead.


We're going to leave us alone. Yeah.


Yeah. Look thanks for all your support earlier as well. Yeah. Big time. I can't believe it's been that many episodes and we've already gotten to Christmas with this show. Feels like we've been around forever. So thanks for your support. I have a fabulous Christmas from all of us here at Potholders and Penguins. Merry Christmas and Periton party on.