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What's up? It's your.


Girl, Lex P. And it's your girl, Dre.


And Nicole. You all know we wrapping up the tour, so you all know we had.


To come home. We had to come home. We love a good theme. We wanted to do a theme so bad for Houston. So we doing a freak next thing for the Houston show. It's going to.


Be solid, you all. Yes. November 25th, doors open at 6:00 PM. Show starts at 7:00 at House of Blues. We got Beat King coming through. We got Zero coming through, and I'm telling you all it's a lot more people coming through.


Because we home. We're going.


To be a lot of surprises. We have so many surprises. It's freak next thing. Get your hair done, put your grilles in your spray, painted T-shirts, get real ghetto because we finna have a time. We finna shake some.


Ass and turn up. Yes, period. I love it. Your best 90s attire put that shit on, period. So we'll.


See you all soon, November 25th. House of Blues in Houston. What's up, you all? It's your girl Lex P.


And it's your girl, Dre and Nicole.


And you are tuned in to another episode of Poor Minds.


Where Drunk Mind speaks sober thoughts. All right, it's just us today, per. Thanks. I had to cross my legs. I feel like that makes me look more professional.


So you know what I found out? What do you think? Crossing your legs, this is actually like a whore thing to do.


Really? So don't make me.


Look professional. No. So how you're supposed to sit, this is literally, this is real. You're actually supposed to cross at the ankles. You're supposed to cross at the ankles like that's what's more professional and more ladylike. Why? I don't know. I don't know.


Well, I just feel like if you looked it up, then why you didn't really look it up? Because why you don't know.


All of these things? I didn't look it up. It was like a random fact thing a long time ago that I learned.


And you didn't care to find.


Out why? I didn't care to find out why because I just still cross my leg.


You said I'm going to.


Still be a ho- I'm going to still. Once upon a time not long ago, I was a ho- Just might be a ho- You know what I'm saying? So I feel like I sit more comfortable like this because I feel like when you're sitting like this, if you have a dress on, that gap be right there. That little gap in your dress. Well, I mean, if.


You have a dress on, depending on how short your dress is, like if you sit like this, people can see up your dress.


I feel like if I sit like this and I have a skirt on, you can't see... You can't see. If I sit like this, it might have that little space right here.


And that makes sense.


Yeah. So I feel like I like crossing my legs, but yeah, they say you're supposed to cross at the ankle. Just a little FYI for you all. So now, okay what's been up?


I love a fun fact.


A little fun fact.


I love me a fun fact.


So what's been up, Gora?


Girl, we've been traveling a lot. We've been all over the place, all over the Pimpin, all over the world.


The Vansicals, the women and the cat. Why did he say caviar?


A lot of people like caviar, and I feel like maybe I'm just still ghettoo at heart because my belly is not that extensive, I personally do not like the way caviar tastes. It's way too Fishy. It's just not good to me. I don't like the way it tastes. I feel like I've tried numerous different types, and I just don't like it.


Yeah, I think there's like a certain type that you can have that's supposed to be like a beginner caviar.


But I'm not even a - I tried tried beginner. I tried tried expert caviar.


What is expert caviar, bitch?


The real caviar connoisseurs.


That's what they eat. You a real caviar.


Caviar No, I'm not a real eater. I'm not. I don't like it. It's not...


Why would.


You stick your fat ass tongue.


Out at me like like My tongue is fat. You are so... It's fat and juicy.


Why would you do that? I was drinking my drink. No, you were.


Were not. Let me you you a This is a serious question.


It's not.


Bro, come on. You know me. Yeah, that's how I.


Know it's not serious.


If you went on a date and a man was like this... I ain't going to lie.


I'd probably be like, I got to go to the restroom real quick. I'll be right back. But if he was.


Trying to show you that.


Tongue work. Okay, Okay, well, it depends. Your tongue, at least it's not white. If it was white, if he had a white tongue, I'd really.


Be like... And then he had two two straws. This, he was like this. He was going like this. He was drinking his drink like this.


I would feel violated. That is too sexually aggressive for the first day. Day. Why is I didn't say.


A first day. I just said you all on the day.


If we already doing it, then then I would feel like.


Ready to go? Oh, so you would like like I.


Mean, if we already having sex, then we drunk.


So you don't think it's funny? Yeah, I just don't think we having fun. It's funny. But no, but what if.


He was was No, but if it was the first day, hell no. I would feel fucking violated, essentially assaulted, low key. Why would you do that to me? You don't even.


Know if I'm on that. That. Is so off topic. Thank you. Let me ask you this, though. How do you feel about kissing on the first date? Because you all all I recently have came out that I'm single again back on the the pro. Which I'm I'm okay with because I enjoy dating. I have fun dating because I feel like I'm a good dating. I'm not a perfect person, but I'm a fun dating. I went on the first date and I had actually a really fucking good time. How do you feel about kissing on the first date?


Cheed. If I.




You, you.


You you get kiss kiss me? Don't mind kissing on the first first No. I don't like kissing on the first first even if I do like you. Why? I don't know. I feel like...


I'm not going to kiss you first, though.


You got to like that.


Yeah, you got to go in. It depends. You know what I mean? You got to make the first move. And if I like you, then I'm cool with you. You.


I feel like, get me wrong, I would if the vibes are right. But I feel like I like it when a guy doesn't kiss me on the first day and he's respectful. It's like, okay, you trying to take it it slow most likely if the first date is good, I'm fucking by the third third Wait, I thought we was connecting them. You ain't feel me on that one? No, I just know you.


I knew it was going to go.


Go quick. Oh, my God. I'm not going to lie to you. Okay, so I went on the first date the other day, then we went on the second date. I'm not going to lie. It was so hard not to get... I almost gave them yams up real bad.


On the first day? It was.




Second day, bitch. I'm sorry, my bad. Second day.


He had the Mac & Cheese. I had the yams, and they was touching. It was looking like a.


Thanksgiving plate. So what happened? Why you didn't give it it Because I'm.


Trying to be a lady.


So So just going to wait wait the third day?


Okay, so no wait. Let me explain myself.


One more day, nigger. I don't.


Know what it is about me. I think it's it's I don't don't I always am very open. I like to travel. I'm very open about the type of woman I am. I don't know what it is about me, but every time I meet a man, they want to take me on a trip. Every time I meet a guy, he's like, Where do you want to go? I want to take you on a vacation. It always happens to me. I feel like a lot of times that's what be happening. Usually by the third day, I'd be like, Fuck Fuck we outside.




Fucking. That's what I'm saying. Saying. You know, my last little we never gave him a nickname because that's my homie. We're friends, we're cool now. But our fourth date, we were in Costa Rica. Who? He didn't have a nickname. No, we never gave him a nickname.


Yes, he did.


I'm not going to to No, we gave him a private nickname. I'm talking about on the show with you. Oh, on.


The show, yeah.


I feel feel I don't know. But I'm going to try to hold out. I'm going to try to hold out.


To the fifth fifth.


I don't know. Actually, I'm going to try the 90-day rule again. I'm taking it old school.


That's a little too strict, though.


That's too strict? Being too too I just.


Feel like if you like like I mean, I don't know. I have this theory on making a nigger wait specific amount of of times to have sex with you. I'm not to have sex with you. Because I just feel like if that's what a nigger want, then he going to still fuck you and not fuck with you like that.


No more. I don't always believe that too.


Well, right. Obviously, we're not talking about about situation, like not saying that that's what this specific person is is to do to you or try to do to you. But I just have a theory of if you like somebody and you feeling them and that's what you want to do, we all grown adults.


You remember when Solange had that song?


What song? That I did up in really feeling you. You. Do remember that song? No. That was this guy that I'm digging. I don't.


Think that's how we go. I don't think you're singing it right.


She She said, was this guy that I'm I'm Don't know what I'm looking for. Don't know where to begin. Oh, I do. We've been talking. Not enough. I don't remember that song. Yes, you know what I'm.


Talking to. Now, I swear I really do remember this song. That is so funny.


Okay, I get get it But go ahead.


I think I picked up more on the words because you didn't have a harmony.


That was.


This guy. Okay, Lacey, you don't got to start over. Try not to start over. You do not not to start over. Wait, Wait, what are we drinking?


I can't be off guard. What are we drinking? What are we drinking? Drinking?


What are.


We drinking? What This is... Damn, Damn, was I about to start? I was not prepared. Taw had a few drinks. I was not prepared. Oh, I got it. Okay, Taw, you... Let me tell them what I had on my head. She had a sample of a product. I was really trying to find the Solange talk that she was talking about because I could not figure it out at all. I'm like, like, Tony? The name of it? This one we're going to call the the Cuffing Season, So it's cold out out there. Up. We got first dates popping off. Okay, third day we might be cuffing. Cuffing. Okay, don't know. But this one we have either tequila or vodka. We have some apple cider. We have a little bit of lemon juice and a little bit of our So Mixy and cinnamon de morara for the seasons. And then we've topped it off with some ginger beer. So that's going to give it a little bit of that spice to match with that cinnamon that we have in there. We've garnished it with an apple slice, and then we we some cinnamon on top. Then we have some simple syrup.


Coated with.


Cinnamon and nutmeg along the rim. Is that a Vaka in that one? Yours is going to be Vaka. What's that? This is tequila. Okay, well, give me a a no on I'm ready, girl. I got the prepping season coming around. I'm ready. And you all all know, this is so This is so good. Is so good. What you you say? Tastes like an.


Apple pie. It tastes like an apple pie, and it just feel real cozy and like, fall... It's getting fall vibes.


I like it. I'm saying the wrong song. Damn, I'm trying to sing cozy, but I said, I've got to cool it down. Heated. That was wrong. Wrong. Cool up in my skin.


Had a lot of of though.


You were talking about when Solange with everybody. I was listening to Solange as a teenager. Okay, Okay, me too. Was before shes. That's why I kept that song. Yeah. Remember the song, S. L. I. E. S? She was in the woods.


No, I do remember that song that she was talking about because she had another another song. Solange really used to be heavy heat. Solange has been a.


Creative and been that girl. Girl. Have. I wish.


I could think of this song.




A very, very. Maybe I'll put it as my bap of the week if I can find it. Yeah, fine.


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About to get this money. Money. You know what I'm You all need to enter the contest. It's no harm. If you lose, you lose. But, I mean, you won't know unless you try.


Try. I feel I feel you.


You won't know unless you try. That's the thing about life.


That's the thing about- So you all need to try.


And enter the contest. Yeah. So other than that.


What you got new? What's going on? Let's see. Don't say no gym shit. They know that. What else is new?


A gym.


Is is Lollipop. Okay, don't got to talk about that again for the 30th time. What? Okay, well, let's talk about it from a different angle. You all know I'm very transparent. I'm the transparent transparent Dre is more... I like to let you all know.


How- That's why all I got put in me every week is Jimmy's life. The reason.


I'm transparent because I feel like when Poor Minds first started, this was about our dating life and how we are navigating through this shit because it's fucking hard, right? Right? So I have a newly dating situation. It's very fucking fresh. We've only went on two dates. But let me say what I liked. We were on the phone last night. He was like, Because we're dating, right?


Why do you do that?


Do what?


Do you feel like like they're like, read What?


When I say say what? This is what I like. This is what I I Yes, Yes, oh, man, because this is what the fuck I like. I feel like.


I always know Lex is serious whenever she tap me. Me. This is...


I've hitting hitting you.


That sometimes. God damn. If you're serious, though.


But this is what I liked.




Liked the fact that we were on the phone. He was like, Because we're dating, right? He was like, Yeah, we're dating. We're getting to know each other. Because the thing about it is I feel like people are always so scared of labels, but it doesn't necessarily mean we're getting married tomorrow. But yes, we are dating. We're involved. We're trying to see where things go. We're getting to know each other. For some reason, people hate the word dating. They'd be like, Oh, we talk. I'm thinking. They don't like to say dating. They feel like it's so... And I like the fact that he was like, We're dating, right? We dating. I took you on two dates. You dating. You my little boo. I was like, Yeah, I'm your boo. I think dating and talking is the.


Same thing. It is the same thing. To me, it's interchangeable.


But I don't agree because for some reason, men men their words, they get weird. They get weird about shit. They do. Do. And is coming from somebody who is like, I'm dating. I'm trying to... The niggas get weird with the word dating. They'd be like, because they feel like that's more of serious. I'm just telling you what's going on.


No, I believe you. I'm just saying to me, dating is like you're exploring your options. You could possibly be dating multiple people. To me, it's not serious until we're in a relationship. If we say that we're in a relationship or even maybe not in a relationship, but exclusively dating. We haven't agreed that we together, but we fucking with each other. We like each other. I don't want you dating nobody else.


Right. I agree. But like I said, I just like that fact because like I said, I feel like people always going to be like, Oh, yeah, we talk and we cool. To To is the the end. We know that reason reason not entertaining because let me tell you something. As a woman, when you hear something like, Oh, yeah, we talked, we was cool versus versus because dating is like, like, we talk and we we could mean I just brought her over the crib and we was just just I was just fucking on that ho. When you say dating, it was like, okay, when you're dating somebody, I look at it as like, you really like this person. You all were outside together. You all were going on dates. You were like, really, you all all were, you having real conversations. You all were getting to know each other. I feel like a lot of times men do that, but they want to reduce it down to, oh, I was just talking. I was like, no, you were interested in this person and you were taking her out and you liked her. To To talking, when you be like, yeah, yeah, I talked to this girl and we was cool.


You all all just just I don't even.


Think that's fucking, though, sometimes. Because I guess when people say they was talking to somebody, I don't even necessarily think you all was fucking. I just be like, Oh, it wasn't serious. When somebody say.


They'd be talking to somebody, I always assume you.


All all That.


They fucking...


See, I assume you fucking if you say dating.


See, I don't know.


To me, if you was dating somebody, like if you dating somebody, that mean you you all kicking me. You all be together a lot.


I've dated Nelshae and me and Nelshae never.


Had sex. You and and was talking.


But no, because we used to be outside.


Yeah, but you didn't never fuck him. You didn't like him. Him.


Itried to tell I considered that like- Oh, I liked him.


Okay, my bad. She did like you.


However, I.


Did tell him she don't-.


Let me tell you a story. We was in Miami for my birthday, right? He happened to be out there for his friend's bachelor weekend. We in the car, you all. We in the Uber because he called us Uber. We about to go to the club. Fucking Bryce and Taylor comes on and he was like, She don't want my love. I guess I got to move on. Was like, This is your song, Flex. You need to move on. Oh, my God. I was so... He was like, Fax, Andrea. Fax. I was like, Oh, my God. God. I don't want your your love. But I'm he has moved on and we're still friends. For For No, he's he's moved on. Moved on. Yeah, but that's my nigger. I feel like sometimes.


People need to hear the truth.


No, because why did you say that? First of all.


I was drunk and one thing about me, when I'm drunk, I'm going to let the chop of saying.


You let that chop chop a.


Don't we give it a fuck.


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Pool? I be a little bit of that urine.


I mean, you is licks.


All right, bitch. Hold on. Bring it back now, that goddamn it.


You tried.


Okay, Okay, me. Fair. That's fair enough. Because I realized you all, this is something that I'm truly confessing on the the I have anger issues. It was brought to to and my ex, I'm not supposed to say his name on the show no more, but I don't give a fuck because that's my my like Rapper Bay, me and him him That's somebody who's always going to be a character in my life.


I said, eat.


My my apple.


I want to.


This is getting spicy. I was told good and juicy. But anyway, so you all, Rapper Bay is somebody... For you all out there who know who Rapper Bay is, you don't know who he is, you you fucking fucking him, may be like, I ain't going nowhere. I'm just that girl that always going to be around.


Why would you say that?


Because there's some girls out here that be like, like, Ah. The the girl he was she was a listener. So she put two and two together. She probably don't watch no more. But anyway, so I said all that to say I had a conversation with him and we were talking. He was like, like, He was like, When you're drinking or even when you're sober, when you're sober, like when you are mad and you're upset, you be coming for blood. He was like, It's things that you said to me that are are literally but I love you so much. I forgive you and you're somebody I know who's going to be around. I know it's things that you need to work on. He was like, But you don't understand that chips away at me. I had a situation with somebody and I got mad. I got mad and I released a baby beast because I didn't think I was going hard. The shit that I've done to rap or or I'm not going to lie. When I'd be going in on him, him, it gets ugly in the field. Okay? So I was like, when I called him and I was like, Am I a mean person?


He was like, Hell, yeah, you mean as fuck. Especially when you're mad, you don't know how to express yourself properly. Properly. Like, be trying to break a a down. I was like, you know what? That's my P. That's my urine. You know?




That's my urine. Like, somebody I date, that's why this is is like, it's P the the But the person I did that to, he could possibly say that about me because it was like, this is the second time you've done this, and I don't like it. I was like, fuck, I need to really take a step back and really evaluate the things I do and my communication. When I was talking to you about it this this when we were on the phone, phone, you that to me. You was like, like, I've never seen you get mad, but you saw an instance where you was like, like, okay, this ain't the side I ever seen it before. Let me speak my piece. Okay, go ahead. Ahead. Go ahead.


Lex is very non-confrontational when it comes to her friendships. I feel like that's because you always always on the show all the time is because you really value your friendships, I guess, because you never really had a big family and stuff. So you look at your friends as family. So I feel like Lex is not conversational. Anytime me and her that got into it over the years or we that had a disagreement, it'd be be me because I'm Well, not it'd be me, but I'm going to say something. I'm the reason why we having the conversation in the first place because I'm like, look, we true. You done did this. You done did this. You done did this. You done did this. You done did this. You done did this. You done did this. We all like, you have me fucked up, whatever we talk and we talking about it. It. And she do, sometimes she'd be calm, but then sometimes she do do react like, really have got into deep arguments and altercations and stuff. But she ain't never charged at me or being disrespectful or spased or called me some crazy shit. I didn't even know you had that side of you in you.


You. I had been knowing you at this point last year for like, six years. I didn't even know that that was in her. I was like, Oh, she's so nice. I know you disagree with people and stuff, but the way you argued with that nigger outside of the club last last year.


Got real.


And this was not her ex or nobody. This was like a nigger that she was cool with. I guess at one point you all did like each other, but he just never never.


He liked me. I was bored. I was was bored, be honest.


I was bored. Okay, that's fair. But you you.


All talking. We were texting. Okay, you all were texting. We never.


Went on a date. You all was texting, but it was never nothing that was that serious. It never went nowhere. But the way you all she's fast on this thing outside the club, I was shook. She went toe to toe with this nigger.


I was ready to fight. You was like.


Yeah, bitch ass nigger. I was was.


Like- I like, You a bitch. Your mama a bitch. Everybody a bitch. When eventually you have a kid, he, she going to be a bitch and you're you're broke whole ass And I think think Javi was Javi was there. Javi was there. Javi was there. Yes, he was. Javi, do you mind coming to speak and saying your experience? Can I give you the mic real quick? Because now I want to hear it from Javi's point of view.


That was a different time. And then Ryan and Chad and.


Everybody had to get involved.


Involved. It was.


Like Hold on. Let's get Javi's side of the story.


This was last year in Houston. We We on tour. Okay, Okay, let's get Javi's side the most fun part?


I mean, it was just one of them situations where I really can't describe it.


You've never seen that side of her before. Yeah. I'm I'm sitting up here like...


Never want to fuck up, ever. Seeing that side, I'm like, yeah.


And you ain't know she had it in her.


Because she's just so nice and sweet and shit. But it's like, you you Lex off.




Surprised you ain't ain't She was about to.


That's when Brian had to come in because you was mad. It was crazy. Crazy. And as your best friend, I've been on you since I was what? 23, you was 25. I have never seen you be like that with nobody ever. So I'm just like, well, damn, if that is how you be with your niggas, then you definitely got to hang hang your For sure.


Okay, so let me say this.


Like, if that's how you be going at niggas.


That's crazy. And what's crazy? Like I said, when I got into an argument with this person- Thank.


You, Harvey.


Thank you, Harvey.




Your testimony. But I'm glad that he said that because for him to describe me as a monster. You was a monster. I was a monster. But I need to hear that because I always felt like every time I got into it with or any of my exes, I was like, Because you deserved it. This is a reaction to your actions. So I was always always making excuse. I am an advocate for it's not about what you say is how you say say because my feelings are valid, but I need to learn how to express them properly. So when I'm going back and looking at these text messages, I'm like, Oh, my God. This was a little harsh and this is a little mean. Mean. I literally got on the phone with Rapper Bay this morning and I was was I was like, Am I a mean person? He was like, Hell, yeah, you mean. Because he has gotten the butt of everything. That shit that you all saw, that was light work compared to what I'll be doing again. Well, first.


Of all, I have to play devil's advocate here. He'd be doing some crazy shit.


Yeah, of course. No, he definitely does. He definitely does. I'm not saying.


That- I'm not saying that that's an excuse because I am a person who I do feel like if you don't want somebody to talk to you crazy or if you don't want somebody to handle you crazy, you don't need to be talking to them like that. I'm big on stuff like that. So I definitely feel like that doesn't give you a right just because because be doing shit. It don't give you a right to call him a bitch ass ass So that doesn't make things okay. But at the same time, people be doing shit, too. Too. Be doing stuff, too. He'd be triggering you. And that's why why I just ultimately... Point of what I'm trying to say is I just feel like you all are both toxic for each other.




It's just a toxic situation. It's both parties. He'd be doing doing shit, the way you react and then you all end up getting into a a fight. It's it's toxic. You need to be with a man who know how to handle your emotions, but you also need to be with a man who don't make you want to react that way. Because I feel like like can honestly say too, we were talking about this earlier. When I was younger, I used to to on niggas like that too. I used to be like, a a had me fucked up. I'll be on the phone. You bitch ass ass I'll be be off. Now I feel like I don't even date niggas who make me want to react.


That way. Way.


And fine. I would never talk to people that I've dated, I would say, in probably the past two, three years. I would never talk to none of them like that. Especially the the I'm dating now.


Now. Right. Know what? We talked about this a little bit on the episode episode we're in the room, I would So what I'm realizing is I don't want to talk to anybody that way. I'd be in my head head I would never talk to this man this way. I would never do that. It don't matter who it is. I got anger issues.


But I did agree because you don't have anger issues when it comes to.


Your friends. Yeah, because I'm also not sucking your dick and fucking you. I'm not in love with you or whatever feelings that I have. It's a different level. It's just different. I don't have this energy from my friends because I don't know why I I But when it comes to men, something in me is a little bit broken and hurt. I don't know where that anger comes from. From. And probably see it on the show and they'd be like, Oh, she hates me. Maybe it is. Is. Maybe am. But I am finally okay with saying it out loud and admitting it. I have some hurt deep down inside, some trauma that I need to address because I'd be... Even with Nelshaubay, I done said some mean ass shit to him. I'm not nice as I thought I was. So all this stuff, all these great.


Characteristics I have- Why I told you that too.


Yeah, that's what I'm saying. We had a conversation about that this morning. All these great characteristics I have, I've been thinking, Oh, you're this perfect woman. I ain't going to to I had a situation because I'm used to everybody everybody me too. Every time I do something, he'd be like, rapper Bay was always forgiving me. Me. Bay was forgiving me. All these other men because I don't know why. This nigger, he was standing on business. He said, I appreciate your apology, but I don't forgive you. I said, God.


Me? Because he don't have to.


Yeah. So I was like, like, this is an issue. And when I actually was calm, me and and are friends now, and I got on the phone with him. He was like, Yes, and I cannot believe you're actually admitting this and saying this, but this also goes with growth. Like, I'm growing. I'm not perfect, perfect, I'm still trying. But the first step is admitting. Right. So I wanted to talk about, obviously, we're talking about anger issues today. I want to talk about signs that you have have anger issues, and how to help with it. Because Because moving forward in my therapy sessions, I think if you're in therapy out out there, lot of times what I do in therapy is I talk about how people have hurt me and how they wronged me. I never talk about what I've done to add to that. So moving forward in there, I am a victim, baby. I will shoot somebody in the leg and they shoot me back. I'll be like, Look what she did. Look at this bitch. But I ain't tell you I shot her in the leg a little bit. I thought, damn, it was just.


The ankle. But see the thing about me, I'm going to tell you you she shot me. Lexie be playing.


I do. We was.


At the show in Philly. We were at the show. It was in the Philly or DC, whenever we we there. And the girl was like, like, always snitching on on That's supposed to be your friend. I don't be snitching on her. She may be lying. I'm a victim and being a victim.


So I'm going to read some of these things that show.


If- He sip my apple pie.


I'm fucking weak. Okay, so these are some signs that you have anger issues. Like I said, anger issues don't necessarily mean that you are physically violent. I feel like most of the time I'd be spazzing. I'm a screamer. I'm going to text some mean, I'm going to say some mean ass shit. When I was looking back at these texts, I was like, wow. To me, it wasn't bad, but obviously knowing the person I'm dealing with, he didn't deserve that. You know what I'm saying? One of the signs that you have anger issues is reacting quickly and violently to small problems. Like, for example, they put an example, becoming angry when somebody bumps you. You. So I feel like Do you get angry.


About that?


Honestly, I'm not going to to Okay, let me tell you what happens that makes me mad. I hate when I'm walking some way, and this is the things that I have to talk to my therapist about. If we we walk the same way and we in a tightness, but if I move my shoulder, you need to move yours too, and we need to work together to squeeze through this fucking spot. If I don't see you move at the last minute, bitch, I'm bumping you, then I'm looking back at you. Because I started doing that because I feel like, especially with white people, they just don't be wanting to move over on the the and they feel like we should always move. Maybe that's me being too woke. Maybe, I don't know. But if you move, we can move.


Together, bitch. If I.


Move, you move. Just like that. That. I'm not mad at you. Hell, yeah. Hey, DJ, bring that the fuck back. You know, you feel me? So yeah, that shit do be pissing me off. Another one, accusing friends and relatives of disrespecting you or going behind your back. You think you do that? I'm not going to lie. When me and this person got into it, it was because I did something and he reacted to what I did, and then I got mad at him for reacting to what I did. Because like I said, I do play the victim. I will throw a rock and hide my motherfucking motherfucking hands I always think everybody everybody to get me. It's like, bitch, sometimes people not always out to get you. You just be doing stupid shit. So I took that as.


You feeling like- I can't disagree.


You don't need to comment no more. More. I'm not a Shut up. I like this conversation.


It's going well. Okay, I'm taking.


Accountability, okay?


I know.


I'm like, wow. Okay, so this is the big one for me. So when I read this list, I was like, this is the big one. Feeling frustrated with your actions during an argument or regretting them instantly after the event. So this is when I realized I was like, okay, this is me. Because the next next day, we were at the... That incident that Javi and Andrea just talked about the next day at the airport-.


That That wasn't incident, bitch. It was an incident. That was not an incident. What was it? Probably the incident is making it seem like it was small. That was a catastrophe. Okay, a.


Catastrophe is crazy. It It I didn't shut it down. Everybody went home after that. Bitch, they.


Had to put cones on the street. They shut the street down.


Mention my name bring the whole city out. Okay, but what I'm I'm saying That was a wild day. But the next day, now don't get it twisted. I didn't regret touching that nigga up because he had me fucked up. Yeah, you.


Ain't regret how you talk to everybody neither have you told everybody, and.


Fuck all of you all. I said said.


That?, was like, the only person I'm apologizing to is Andrea. Andrea. And because me and Andrea have a business together, and that's my best friend. I'm sorry, Andrea, if I I you. I was the only person you apologize to.


I stand on that. She's standing fuck. Sorry, Harvey. I apologize to you too. I apologize, Harvey. I'm sorry. Okay, bitch. I was sitting and they're like, Uh-uh, bitch. Don't only apologize to me. Me.


No, you was cutting up bad that day. I was real bad. I was about to say that's one of them instances where I wish we had a video, but I do.


I forgot I do. You do? Remember Jordan sent sent to me? Oh, yeah, he did. He did. Okay. Okay.


Because had cameras outside.


Outside. Yeah, did have the cameras, but he was sending it to to too.


That's how I see me because he sent it to to I'm like, you.


Were cutting up. I was ready to fight that man. You were cutting up. But anyways, one of the things about anger management is like the next day you regret it. The next day I regret it, not to him, but when I walked in the airport and everybody was like, because we were waiting on our our I was like, like, this, Hey, you all. Everybody was.


Looking like... Kat was.


The only one that was like, like, up?


Hey, what's up?


Lex P. Lex P, yeah. That's bad. Kat was ready and everybody was like... Dre was like this.




Because you so embarrassed. I could not believe you were.




That way. I know, know, Drea is bad. It bad. I'm really bad. Honestly, I'm-.


It was was liquor, too, though. Which gets.


Into- Go ahead.


Ahead. Thing that they have on the list, becoming angry or violent during or after consuming alcohol...


When I get.


That- Because you would never act like that if you were sober.


Sober. But so this is where I'm like, because sometimes I do, but it's not as bad. But when I'm drinking and you do something to upset me, but this is also the thing. I also give people warnings. I kept telling telling nigger, I don't want to talk. I don't want to talk. You did, that's fair. I said that constantly. He was pressing me. Yeah. So one thing I will say is like, even when I got into it with this person, person, is like, they texting me and I was outside and I'm drinking and doing X, Y, Z. All right, well, well, finna get real real ugly You know what I'm saying? Saying? I thought this was a patriot still. Fuck. Fuck it, you know what I mean? I mean, you ain't lying. But what I'm saying is I just felt felt like you try to back me in the corner, I got to fight my way out. I don't know where this anger comes from. I don't know what, but I'm glad that I've.


Identified it. You was on the boulevard acting real ugly. I was going to let the block up. Yeah, you was cutting up. Look, I get it, though, because we had talked about these earlier, too. And I was saying for me, I don't think I have anger issues necessarily, but I definitely... When that that getting getting me.


I'd be drunk.


I'm a list of chop of sin every time on everybody. It don't matter if you piss me off, it could have been you pissed me off last year. I'm like, bitch, I'm on your ass.


Ass. Don't forget shit. Andrea bring up shit seven years ago. I'm like, bro, that was the first day.


We met. Next we think we moved on At-At-Howe.


At-at-howe, bitch. Never. I will also say this. So today I made a conscious decision, though. Obviously, with my job, job, feel like I'm more comfortable on camera. I can be honest and real. I'm going to drink whenever we we record, whenever I'm not going to just so socially drink as much, though. When I go out to eat or I go on a date, or especially if I'm going through something. Last year when my mom passed, I made a conscious decision not to drink. I wanted to go through that that and I wanted to get through it on my own. I didn't want to turn to to and I didn't drink unless I was working. So I think what I'm going to do for the next few months is just I need to back up on a liquor a little bit and take accountability and really stand in my shit. I need to stand in my shit to really heal and grow and become a better person, for real. Because honestly, when I was talking to this person and talking to Rapper Bay about my anger issues, I didn't even think of that instance. You the one who brought it up to me.


You was like, Yeah, bitch, because that night I.


Was like... Like... Well, only because and only reason I brought it up is because you were explaining to me how you react to them in private and the conversation you'll be having. And then you were saying how you'd be so angry and you'd be spasing. And I'm like, like, I have never seen you act that way, ever towards any of your friends. When me and you get into an argument, I've never seen you react that way. If anything, I would consider you to be a non-confrontational person. But then I was like, like, oh.


I went back to that that time and I I'm not going to lie. I didn't even know you had this shit in you. I was shook. I was a little scared, too. I was like.


What's going on? I would never treat you like that, that.


No, I know, but it's also not okay to treat other.


People like that either. No, it's not. Not. It's not. And something that, like I said, moving on in in I'm going to talk to her about the shit I do. I think a lot of times in therapy, I was playing the victim, victim, I need to stop doing that because, bitch.


It'd be you. But I told you, I don't feel like you play victim on purpose. I feel like you don't never have bad intentions. Right, that's the truth. I don't think you ever have bad intentions. And so because you don't have bad intentions, you could be a little selfish at times. I think that you'd be feeling like, like, well, that wasn't my intention. I didn't mean to do this. So why are you attacking me? Or why do you feel... Or why are you trying to make me feel bad about it? But it's like, okay, even though though wasn't your intent, this is how you made somebody somebody feel this is how you reacted to the situation or whatever you did. This is still what you did, even though though wasn't your your intent. You got to own that.


I still beat your ass, though, so stop playing with me.


Who that man?


All right. Everybody who wants to smoke, bitch. I ain't learn no lesson. Okay, let's move on to the next next time, Andrea.


And is why you need betterhelp. Com.


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But the second topic, I had seen this video that was going viral or whatever on Twitter, and it was basically like a woman saying that you either can have a man or you can have standards, but you ain't going to have both.


Okay. And I thought that that was a very.


Interesting perspective to have because I can see that I canI'm trying to see what she's saying. I want to know how you feel about that.


I want to know how you feel because you you a man. Man. So you feel like all of your standards are still held and you have your man? Or do you feel like you've had to lose a couple of standards to.


Have your your Not lose my standards. No, never that, because I'm never going to lose my standards. I still have certain certain and they got to meet certain things in order to date me or be my man. But I think that it's certain things that especially too, when you fall in love with somebody and you love someone, you bend a little bit more than you.


Normally would. You hit that stanky.


Leg a little bit. Yeah, you going to bend a little bit if you really care about somebody. And sometimes it might be to the point that it makes you maybe a little bit uncomfortable or takes you out of your comfort zone because normally about certain shit, I'm standing on business like, no, nigger, you got me fucked up. But because I love you, because I'm with you, because I want to make this work, I'm like, like, well, I mean, we'll see. We can see what we we do. We can try to figure it out. So I don't want to say you have to lose your standards to have a man, but I definitely feel like to be in a relationship and to sustain a relationship, you have to be a person who is willing.


To- Get that stank.


Of lead. Yeah, so.


You got to hit that.


That stanky And I don't even want to say say because to me, sometimes it's a little further.


Than compromise. Yes, it's not compromise.


You got to hit- It's a little past. What's past compromise?




Stanky Okay.




Stank of lead. It's It's thanky. Because you got to...


And you don't want.


To do it.


You don't want to do it, but you going to do it.


But you going to still hit that hole.


I'm going to still hit that hole because I love you, nigger. But I think that it goes both ways.




Yeah, yeah, for And that's what I wanted to get at at because like I said, me sitting in my my I'm standing in my shit this episode. This is what I'm doing. That nigger was hitting that stanky leg for me. He hit that stanky leg real hard. You know what I'm saying? Because even before this shit that we went through in the past year and a half, I was like, damn, I didn't do a lot of shit. I did some fucked up shit. And he was hitting that stanky leg like a motherfucker. So a lot of times in a relationship period, I don't think that you have to let go all of your standards. So in that video, it was like she was basically saying, you're going to have standards standards you're going to have a man. You can't have both. Both. So you got to let go. She said. Yeah. She was like, you got to let go of your standards and then you can have a man. You know what I'm saying? I don't agree with that. And I don't put that energy in there. I don't agree with that either. I don't put that energy in the air because I truly believe I'm going to find a person that's for me.


Now, I'm not going to check check off of his boxes and maybe vice versa. But it's going to be like, nine out of ten of the boxes is going to be checked. It's going to be that one thing I don't mind hitting the stanky leg about. I'm a very optimistic person. I know my person is out there. I'm very confident in that. I don't like to even put that energy in there. So I feel like there's somebody out there for everybody. But a lot of times you all have this certain vision and you all just be looking at surface level shit. This is why sometimes dating is hard for me, because I'm not a surface level person. I realized that too, especially when I moved to Atlanta, because I thought all I wanted... Wanted... You all know, don't even say this on the show no more. I thought I wanted a BDB. All he had to do was have money and be able to take me out and show me a good time and take me shopping and take me on trips. That's like, yeah, that's what I still still want, that's not even what really fucking matters.


Can I sit on the couch.


With you? Not for a.


Real relationship. Can I sit on the couch with you in silence and it's not awkward and you not bother me? What's wrong? What's wrong? Can we sit and have a deep conversation and end up talking for four or five hours and be like, like, where has has gone? Can I bring you... People don't even feel comfortable praying over a meal. They don't even want to grab their partner's hand and pray together.


I feel like you can't be with nobody that brings T-Rex out. Who? Who? Who T-Rex?


You know who it is. I swear. Who is T-Rex?


The person, Javi, was just.


Talking about. T-rex is crazy. I'm giving Jurassic Park.




Said a monster, and you you Jurassic Park?


T-rex. That's That's what about to name this episode. No, it's.


Just more like... T-rex is not the two, right? Right.


Well, maybe I need to call you something else.


Taradactyl. I don't know, bitch. Okay.


But this is the thing, though. It's not about somebody bringing that out in me. That's in me. I need to heal that. Every man is going to bring that out out me because I'm broken and I'm hurt from something, and I need to find what it is. That's what I'm saying. You keep saying, I don't need to date somebody. Every nigger brings that out out me. But I don't don't think so.


Think that when you find your person, the person that you are supposed to be with, I don't think that they're going to bring that that out of you.


I think don't be patient.


No, but I'm speaking from a real perspective of somebody who has dated multiple people in my life. Life. I feel like I have I'm a person who it takes a lot for me to really have real feelings for somebody, for real. But I have dated a few guys over my lifetime and over the time that me and you have been been friends, where it's been that I cared about. Some of them niggas, I used to spaz on them. I used to really go off. I really used to... Why are you.


Rolling your eyes? T-rex? Because those were niggas that you loved, and that's be my thing.


But that's what I'm saying, okay? And that's fair. Those were niggas that I love, but they was not my person. They was not a person who was meant for me. I feel like your person, a person who is meant for you will be able to calm you to to a certain and tame you, but not make you feel feel Not like they trying to keep you boxed in, but just they know how to deal with you. Okay. And so I feel like like the situation that I am in now, I do not react.


That way. But, Dre, you just said they know how to deal with me. So it's like they're bringing it out of me. They just know how to.


Handle it. No, that's not... Lex, no, that's not what I'm saying. I'm just trying to cool cool for I'm saying I can get into an argument with the person that I'm dating now and I would not call that nigger no bitch ass nigger. It's why I would not talk to him crazy because at the end of the day, I respect him. I'm not going to talk to him like that. It's also our communication style is not toxic. It's very mature adult communication. I feel like in my past, it's been like toxic shit. Like, you blocking me, I'm blocking you. You a bitch ass nigger. Okay, bitch, you got me fucked up too, and we blocking each other and we doing all of this extra shit. It's like, yeah, we did love each each other, cared about each other, but clearly you bring the worst out of me. You are not good for me. And I feel like...


Go ahead. No, go ahead. Finish.


I was just going to say I feel like these situations that you're talking about that you've been in is because these are not necessarily good people for you. If If as your friend, I'm talking about the things that I've seen from the outside looking in and the back and forth and certain things that have come to pass since you've been dating them, they're not really the best person for you. And that's why you all always...


And I'm not disagreeing with you, but what I'm saying is I cannot blame everything on these people bringing something out of me. I have anger issues.


But I disagree because I feel like a person, and this is my opinion, maybe we could look up having anger issues. I feel like a person who has real anger issues, but you don't matter who the fuck it is. I'm I'm on everybody. I'm going off on everybody. I feel like it's different that you could pick and choose. The fact that you could be like, okay, I'm going to only go off on on my I'm not going to go off on my friends. I'm not going to go off on my sister. I'm not going to go off on these people, but I'm going to go off on these people. I don't- Or maybe it's selective anger issues.


I don't know. Because I told you, I think I have something with men. It's something with men that's deep in me. That's why I'm saying I agree with you. These people aren't my people. They're not. But what I'm saying is I got some shit deep rooted in me. I have some issue.


With- Where you would be mad at.


At me. Come in a situation like, and then when I feel like, okay, I meet this man, I'm going to let my guard down. We're all humans. As soon as he make a mistake, I'm on your ass, and I'm on your ass super hard. It's like, I don't know. I can say that. That's why I I I agree with you. These people aren't my people, obviously. I have men that I've dated. We're still cool. We're still friends. But at the end of the day, my reaction to what they did, they did not deserve that. Because what I do, I take shit too fucking far. That's what I'm saying. The reason I'm disagreeing with you because I have to stand in my shit and hold my my I cannot blame this person. Oh, just because you don't bring this this out of me, kill or don't, Lauren don't, my sister don't, doesn't mean that that is not in me. You all just don't see that side because I love you all differently. I have something weird with men that I really need to heal and and fix, and the truth. That's why I'm not a little bit of urine.


You need a pe. I'm a little pe a little bit. Bit. When men, we're about having standards or having a man, I feel like men that I've dealt with, they had to bend their standards a little bit because they probably want a woman that knows how to communicate properly. I always thought of myself as being a good communicator because I'm a degree in that. I talk for a living. And just because I'm all these amazing things, that doesn't mean that I don't have my issues and I have to stand in my shit, Dreya. As much as you love love and I've never done that to to you. You don't see things from a different point of view. But that's not what it is. That's not what it is because I wasn't even dating that nigger. You know, I didn't even like that nigger. I have a weird weird I don't know what it is. It's something in my childhood traumas now, maybe, or something that I haven't tapped into yet or figured out. That's why I'm disagreeing with you because I have to find out what it is within me and men. I talked about this this before.


When my sister and my brother-in-law got got I was so mad at him. I remember. I was so mad at him, and I was just just like I was going going mean, mad, nasty. It's something in me, and I can't blame these people for that. So that's why I stay. But that gets into into everybody around me babies me to a certain extent. See what you just did? You was like, what did they do? And there everybody does the same thing to me. They always do like, okay, but these people are not your people, and they bring this this out of you. I don't think.


That's baby into you, though. I think that that's just reality. Like, everybody that you date, everybody that you come in contact with, friends, men, everybody is just not not your fucking family. Family. Everybody just not your people.


People. Right. I will say this, like when people are not my people, like we just talked about on the episode with with I was talking about how my friend fucked my nigga that I was dating. I didn't go off on her. I didn't didn't on her. I didn't do anything, but I had that energy for him, though.


Oh, you didn't spaz on him?


Yeah, like a day or two later, I went off on him and we cool now. But she still don't know I'm mad. And that's why I say it's something, it's something. It's very much something. I just don't know what to leave. So I feel like as much as women, we bend our standards for men. I don't want to sound like a pic me, I don't. Don't. But, you I know men have have their standards for me because they probably like, I don't want a woman who wants to communicate, who's healthy, who can. And I can honestly say I haven't always been that person. All I can do now is take this this right right and move forward and acknowledge that and do things to change. But I think we all need to sometimes hold up the mirror in front of our faces too. You feel me? Me? So us know how you all feel about that. That. Oh, chatty this episode.


That's so good. No, I mean, not really. I think we on time. Now it's time to get into the big... The big... The big... A bow.


A bow. A bow. A bow. A bow. A bow. A bow. A bow. A bow. A bow. A bow. So today I wanted to talk about this because we talked about this on patron a few weeks ago.


Can I get a shot?


I wanted to talk about Bisexual men. Sorry.


Can I get a little apple cider on the side, though? I think I just want it on the side because I don't want a full drink.


Thank you. With a soda on the side.


With a soda on the side. So I want.


To talk about about men today because like a month ago, or not a month ago, a few weeks ago, ago, Dwight Howard and all his stuff was going on. We talked about it on Instagram a few weeks ago, obviously. I want to talk about about bisexual men, or being sexually involved with them. Is this something that you would do, open to? If you're not open to it, why or why not?




And why not?


Because I'm just not interested. Yeah. I don't know. It's not that I see anything necessarily wrong with it. I just want my my to only be with me.


But a man could be straight and not only be with you. What do you mean? Like, a man could be not bisexual. Well, I'm talking about I.


Want a man that's going to only be with me, period. Period. I'm into We get a little girlfriend or something because I'm into that.




That's just not something that I'm into.


That's fair, though.


Yeah, and it's not a problem. It's not not a It's not that I see anything wrong with it. I just want my men to to be.


Only for.


Not sucking dick. -only for me. I don't want my nigger sucking dick. I don't want him sucking dick. I don't want him taking dick. I don't want him giving another nigger dick.


Big it it.


Busting wild. That's just not what I'm interested in. I think that it's okay. I love, thank you, you, I think people that push the envelope, that's crazy. But I I like my I won't mind to stay close. Okay, that's fair. I'm not trying to push you.


You know what I'm more interested in is like, why is that a problem if a woman has a preference that she doesn't want to date a sexual man? That's what I just be curious about. Now, would I mess around? Maybe little one, two, yeah. But I feel like when it comes down to somebody I'm really with, I don't think I would be interested either. But I also don't like men who like you don't like a man that would be interested in threesomes. I don't want to be with nobody but my man. I don't even want another girl in the bedroom for me. That's what I'm saying. So it's not even about this and X, Y, Z. I just want it to be me and and you. Know what I'm saying? But I think that it's so strange. Like, if a woman says, I don't want to have threesomes with another woman, or I don't want a man who is interested in having more than one partner, X, Y, Z. But as soon as a woman says she necessarily doesn't want a bisexual man, it's like a big issue.


So why wouldn't you date or take a bisexual man series? It's just so crazy because I just feel like even with having these conversations, you just want to tread lightly with everything that you say, which I feel like sometimes suck a little bit too, just because if this is my opinion and this is how I feel and that's not what I want, then why could I possibly get shunned or get like, Oh, no, she's homophobic by the community because I don't want that.


Well, I don't think it's homophobic.


I'm not saying you think that, but I'm saying that's the reality of how sometimes people react and respond to when you say things.


Like that. Right, I agree. I think my reasoning is more so I just don't like to share, period. I'm not interested in threesomes, period. I don't care if it's a fucking woman, man, cat, dog, whatever you into, you need to be into me. You need to be.


Into me, period. Okay, but it's not a threesome. If it's a bisexual man, then it could be like, okay, prior to dating you, he was with a man. He was in a relationship with a man, and now he in a relationship with you. It doesn't necessarily mean that you all are sharing him.




He's sexually fluid.


He's sexually fluid. I think for me, I like what I like, and I'm not sexually fluid. Okay. Okay. Am not eating Gucci. I am not interested. I want somebody who is 100 % into Gucci because I'm 100 % into dick. It may sound silly, it may sound crazy, but that is my reasoning because I'm just not attracted to anything anything else, I don't know, maybe it's a mind thing. Maybe it's something one day I'll get get over, I'm not sexually fluid. I think I want, because I am a straight up heterosexual female, I would like like a male.


But I also don't think it's something that you got to get over or one day be into. Into. Like, nothing wrong with that. No, there's nothing wrong with that. But I think that that's the problem. That's what I was just trying to say. I think that sometimes society make us feel like, oh, well, why aren't you open to it? What's wrong with that? Why aren't you... You... Like, I That's not.


What I want. But there's also somebody for everybody. It's billions of people in the world. It's billions of women who love love and they're okay with that. I think think all need to find our tribe. If everybody would just find their tribe and stick with that and love on who love you, because I don't have no problem with the community. You know what I said? We were just talking about Jerome in the patron episode. Obviously, we don't... I know what that sounds like. You know how people are like, Oh, I got a black friend. I'm not racist. It's not even about that. I just feel like we all need to find our tribe and love who loves on us, but also understand that people have preferences and it's okay. It'd be a lot of men out here who would never date me because I'm not light enough or I'm not skinny enough. You know what I'm saying? Maybe my ass is not fat enough. Maybe my waist is not small enough. Maybe I'm too tall. People have preferences.


I like, I like like I just don't want my nigger to like like too. I don't think nothing is wrong with that. Dick is good.


I understand why if a nigger like like I understand too.


You could be a man, we could be the best of friends.


No, now some girl tweeted the other day. She said, said, women be a lot better off if they they every nigger is a little bit bisexual. How you feel about that? She said, said, man is a little bit bisexual.


What did she say after that?




Okay, so no, I disagree. It was apple good. It was because I feel like it had even soaked in in a soap it.








It's juicier than me. I disagree with that because in order for me to agree with that statement, I need a little bit more background on why you feel that way.


She didn't say say She just said-.


I need a little more information as to.


Why- Because you know what? You know what? Because people always say women are a little gay. Yeah. Katie Perry is not a lesbian at all. She came out with a song, I Kiss the Girl and I liked it. When When Minage first came on the scene, she was like, she's bisexual.


She was playing- I only only stopped pedestrians or real, real, real bad, bad, bad, bad.


She used to have a whole thing when she was signing booths. You know, I keep a bad bitch, let me sign. I keep a bad bitch like Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga still is to this this she's been sexually fluid since she came out. But I think for for it's more acceptable. For For it's more acceptable, of course, because it's like a turn on thing or or whatever, I think that's that's too. I don't don't I just feel like... I don't don't I just think people are okay to have their preferences.


From my experience, though, most women is a little gay.


So why can't most women be a little gay, but most men men be a.


Little gay? Because I'm talking about my personal experiences. I feel like most women is a little gay. I don't got not one friend that ain't no little bit of gay shit happen between us. Even from the straightest of the straightest of how you be trying to make yourself seem, you done did a little little shit.


First of all.


I'm just saying. But with every man that I have ever been friends- You don't.


Know that, though. You don't.


Know that. I ain't seen me.


You don't don't.


Know that.


Me say I ain't seen me. Me. You think that I'd.


Be kissing.


You done done some shit that you you to the grave.


You think niggas be kissing when we we I.


Would never know. How are we looking like... And I.


Don't even, Tyra. I'm sorry I don't feel that way. I do not feel- That's not fair. Okay, so let me ask you this. Because I feel like women too, like you just said, it's not looked down upon. So I feel like women be feeling like, Oh, I can kiss my friend. That's cute. People going to double tap it. It might go viral.


Okay, whatever. But I feel like like at the end of the day, if you you as a a to eat a little coochie, why can't a man be a little curious.


To suck a little dick? I'm not saying that he can't be. I'm disagreeing with the statement of what you just said, that girl said that every nigger is bisexual. I disagree. But I do.




Like every girls all done did a little gay.


Shit before. Before. So me ask you this. Even if.


It's like kissing your friend on on a for a picture, that's a little gay.


You kissed me before. That's why I have to cover up my drink. You'd be trying to come over here.


Why did you have to cover your drink?


I don't know.




Let me ask you this, though. I did a little gay shit a long, long, long time ago.


No, you did a lot of gay shit a long time ago. That was very gay, what you did. What you did with me was a little gay. What you did that time was a.


Lot gay. Okay, anyways, would you date a man that.


Like- And that's the point I'm making.


If he sucks, I am very heterosexual. I am heterosexual because I did it and and I didn't like I didn't like it. But let me ask you this, would you date a man who sucked dick 15 years ago? He didn't like it, but he only did it one time. He ain't like it, though. He ain't like it. He was just trying it. Would you date a man that sucked a little dick before? I'm not going to lie, if you did it aout. And you tried tried I don't care if you did it last week week I'm not going to to lie, didn't like like it, least we know that. I don't got to worry about you trying to try it later on while while married.


But what if he might try it again?




You do something once, you'll do it again. I think you will eat a little Gucci again.


I would not.


I do think that.


I think you would. I don't want no.


Gucci, man. I don't know. The one you had was was not I.


Don't want no no If I would have ate some some I'd be around you naked all the time. A beautiful woman. And then, never stay. I would have been ate your your if I wanted to eat eat again. No, you.


Wouldn't have just ate my Kuchi. I would have been like, like, me, bitch.


You wouldn't let me eat that thing. No, I would not.


Legs, no, I would not. I get hit.


On by women all the time. If I want to eat a little fine fine Kuchi, I could have have I don't want it. I'm just not interested.


I hear you. But I just- So why.


Can you give me that grace, but not a a I don't give you.


No grace. I'm not fucking you. That's your business. If you ate a little little back in the day, you ate a little kuchi. I just be saying you'd be loving to be like, Oh, I'm very heterosexual. I am. You were a little gay.






Okay. I thought I was.


You did something.


You did- Some Some shit.


Yes, you did. One time. Time. And proving my point.


Of- So you stole that lip gloss from Walmart. Are you a thief?




Don't you you lie. No, not. No, you not. I cannot label you as a thief. Thief. Because I didn't... I don't think Because I.


Used to steal a light.


But you don't do that no more.


I did only steal lip gloss once. I stole lip gloss a few times when I was in.


High school and she- But you've grown. Are you still that same person? No, you would never steal lip gloss now. Now.




You're not a thief.


I'm a reformed cliptoe. Cool. I'll take that, whatever. You are a reformed.


Reformed I'll take that. I was not a a stupid bitch. Let's move on, whore. Whore. I'm like, you before I start fighting.


Anyways, I just feel like if you did something once, you would do it again. I just don't know. Like, if a dude was openly...


Oh, yeah, I need that product.


If a dude was openly with me, he was like, Oh, yeah, I suck at LaDik. Like, last year, but I promise I I like that shit. I probably still be like.


I'm cool on you. Okay, that's fair. I'm cool on you. Okay, so for the item of the week this week, I know we haven't done the item of the week in a while, you all. Okay, so I'm a a I didn't use it today, but these are old curls. These are a week old. I'm a girl. So if you get your hair done, you know, curling your hair is a skill with a curling iron. You got to look at the flick of the wrist. It's all... It's a lot. This tool is going to save your life. You all, this is not endorsed. I got this from Ulta. What's the company? It's Infinity Pro by Conair. It's obviously not plugged in, so it gets up to the temperature of 410 degrees. There's three different settings. So obviously you can't see this, but it lights up because it has has LED light. So you have three different choices, like a tight curl, a mid curl, and like a beach wave. So I did like a beach wave. This is so old. You You I'd be taking off my wig at night. I left this when we went to Philly in DC, so I didn't even curl my hair.


So these are old curls from this machine. All you have to do is stick your hair in it like this, and you press the button and it sucks the hair in and it curls it for you. You can choose the direction it curls. You can choose the temperature and you can choose how tight the curl is. Life-changer. Really? Game-changer. If you cannot curl your hair, literally, and it's quicker. I literally be going like this. Small piece, small piece. I ate that. Hey, it gets the job done.


And what is it.


Called again? The Infinity Pro by Conair. You can get it from Ulta.


I'm going to have to order these.


I'm telling you, I know this shit about to sell out.


That's why I'm about to order.


Before these shit drop. Make sure I put my Amazon link in the bio. I got to make some money because.


This is the shit.


This is the the I'm telling you. You. And I have is like some 20-inch hair, so it works on longer hair. I had my bob with it. I was using my bob, but it works so good, you all. So if you're a girl who I hate using a flat iron to curl my hair, I don't like using a curl iron. This is the one, period.


Yeah, I'm not good at using a curl iron either. I'm definitely the girl that curls my hair with a flat iron. Yeah. But I'm a pro with that shit. I am too.


But sometimes, curl lines, they be too tight. Or they don't... I don't know, it just don't give that beach wave. I like a little that volume, that Fariah Fawcett. When you go to the salon, they always give you that Fariah Fawcett. This is going to give you that Fariah Fawcett. Now I got another product because I don't use that on my bangs, though, because you need that fluff for your bangs. I'm going to give that to you all next week. I can't give them too much. Much.


Can't give them... Give them too much. You can't give them too much. You got to drop it on slow.


Okay, so now it's time to get into the bow. Bow. The bow. The bow. The bow. The bow. The Okay, so my my top the week this week, I've always talked about Alan Stone. Alan Stone is a artist. I would say he does like like jazz, not jazz, jazz. He does like blues music. He gets on that guitar, baby, and he going to sing your draws off. Honestly, when I first heard his music, I didn't realize he was white. I've talked about his music before on the show a long time ago when it was Wined Down Wednesday, he had a song called I want to say it's Brown Eye Lover. Yeah, Brown Eye Lover. Brown Eye Lover is my favorite song by him. Oh, my God. But anyways, I'm a big fan of his. He has a song called Magic that he dropped earlier this year. He opens a song talking about about Abracadabra. Yeah, you put it on on me, that girl. Everything about you is magic. He's so soulful. He is so soulful. It's a beautiful song, but it's like- I.


Love a.


Beautiful song. Song. But it's not like a a He on his his guitar, talking about how cold this girl is and how she feel like magic. Magic. So, that's my Bible of the week. Alan Stone, Stone, I decided I have to go see him. I'm not a concert girl because I don't like big venues and big concerts. I'm more of an intimate type. Type. So a still like... I would consider him an indie artist. I'm going to go see him live. I have to. He's amazing. He's dope. Dope. And constantly drops music and projects. Projects. Yeah, Allen Stone, Magic, Bob, hard. What What been listening to, to, It's.


The one song that I really do like from the the City album. Okay. Fancy ass bitch.


Oh, with Juicy J. We talked about this. We did on the show? No, we talked about this together.


Okay, yeah, because I felt like we was listening to it the whole weekend that we were in Philly in DC. I really like that song.


I love how JT was like- It's so good.


I love a well-produced remake because I think everybody these days, most of the songs are remakes. Most of the songs are remakes these days. I think sometimes sometimes be getting tired of it because I'd be like, where is the originality? But when it's a really really well-produced, remake, I'd be fucking with it. I really like that song. Honestly, international players anthem, like classic, good song.


Song. And as quiet as it's kept, quiet as it's kept, Juicy J. Fucks with.


The girls.


He let Glowrilla redo Slob on my knob. That song is hard. It is. I'm trying to find out. You do the motherfucker, you do the brush and cringe. That's my shit. Juicy J, obviously he loves loves Juicy J is a hottie, and he did the City Girls remade, and he did that. It sounds so good.


It's a good song.


Jt ate that.


That I know people been trying to to on them about their little album.


I like it. It's solid. It's what they do. I like it. I like.


It too. I feel like that's a good song.


Yeah, it's a good song. That was a good BIPA the week. That was a good BIPA the week. Okay, so we're going to get get into favorite segment of the the show. Going to answer questions. If you want your question answered- answered- I to pour your heart out. I thought you.


Wanted to do a.


A breakdown. You know, I I was, You don't want to do it today? Yeah, we're going to save it for next week. If you want to save it for next week. So if you want your question answered on the show, make sure you email us at at com. If you're a patron member, make sure you put that in the headline so you can skip the line, period.


I know this is a long long question. You feel feel deep.


As It feel deep.


Oh, that's because because two cards away.


Oh, and you all make sure when you all send us something in, you all try to keep it short as possible. Okay, period. Go ahead, Lil' Andrea.


Hi, Alex, Andrea.


I like when people call me Alex. Why Why they be calling you Alex? I don't know, I like it. I do like it.


I've been trying to figure out why do they be calling.


You Alex. Because they're Lex and they think it's short for Alex, and I feel like it gives me another identity. Yeah.


Firstly, let me say I love you all down. I have been listening and telling everyone about the podcast since the the episode on 85 South. I thought about writing other podcasts about a problem I keep having, but the way Lex describes her experiences, I relate more to my girls at Poor Minds. Okay, so I'm a young, early 30s mixologist, so I find myself casually day drinking with people for networking purposes. No big deal because I'm not a heavy drinker anyway, so it's never an issue. Every now and then, though, someone presents the opportunity to smoke one weed before or after drinks and meals. My issue starts here because I only do enjoy one to two weeds alone before bed or throughout the day on an off day. So I would consider myself a smoker, but I don't know how to manage staying professional and feminine after I smoke with someone. Whether it's a date or legit networking, I feel paranoid and like I stink immediately after. I smell goods like the Arabic oil sprays, my perfumes and a personal stash of of in my car. Car. It I have.


No idea. Like an air freshener.


Okay, ladies, how do I remain soft and feminine, smelling and feeling for the rest of the night? When you all smoke with a BDB, do you all let him or do you all smoke one weed before you leave the house? Any advice will be helpful. Thank you all so much for the last over the years. Love you all.


So do you all niggas smoke?


No. Okay. I don't really date niggas.


I don't know what what I always end up dating men who smoke. So I'll say this for me. This is the thing. You are a beautiful woman. You are in control more than what you think you are. I'd I'd be with these niggas, but I also let them know, give me one puff and I'm done. Stop letting people pressure you to do things you don't want to do. Like, I'd be smoking with niggas who smoke, smoke. You all remember Throwback bag? Throwback bag was a smoker. I never really smoked with him. But then I started dating my other and he smokes heavy and I started smoking heavy with him. When I went to hang out with with throwback he was like, dang, you be smoking. But I also don't let people pressure me. Let me hit it one time and see how how feel and we're going to move from there, okay? So I'm not trying to be paranoid. I'm not trying to be like... Pass me to Reggie if you got it. I don't want no strong shit.


Yeah, I don't really smoke like that. Most of the time dudes that I date, they niggas who only smoke on occasion. They'll smoke a little wound weed here and there. I smoke a little wound weed here and there, but I've never been a smoker, and I've never really dated dated.


Yeah, I've I've dated I feel like when we smoke too, it's like we'll either like, we be waiting. So if we smoking before we go out, we'll still be in our chill clothes. We smoke a little bit, then we'll get ready, put our other clothes on. So when we go out, we don't smell like that. Then when we get back, we chilling for the rest of the night. So then we smoke because I don't know, we ain't never been in public, we smell like a pound. We always smell like his cologne, my perfume. But I just feel like at the end of the day, when it comes to anything, drinking, smoking, doing anything, you the woman, you the baddie, you have control of your situation. If you don't want to smoke no more, you want to hit it one time, hit it one time, pass it. Oh, man, come come hit again. No, I'm cool. I don't want to smoke. Period. You scaring the the whole.


Because I will say whenever I do smoke weed, I'm going to to that shit probably like no more than two or three times because I just know my limit. I know if I hit it any further than that, I'm going to be high as fuck. I don't.


Let nobody pressure me into doing what I want to do because I know what I can handle. All right, question number two. Hey, beautiful ladies. I'm a a 41 year woman, and there's this guy that I have been dealing with, and I really like him. We haven't had sex yet because of my my insecure I have have and he doesn't know. I want to give him that velveteen rub. What's velveteen rub?




Oh, but I'm afraid he won't mess with me once once take my teeth out to show him a good time. How would I go about telling him, okay, hey, man, what is this show become? How the.


Fuck did you know what a Velvotein rub is?


She got a freaky grandma. So this is what I have to say. You do not have to take your teeth out to suck good dick. Let me not call you a bitch, bitch, but why got to take them teeth teeth Superhead don't got got and she's known for giving good head. Now maybe the gums feel different. I don't know.


But if she- You don't don't got for somebody with no teeth?


I'm not going to get into details. She was older. She took out her teeth. What is this?


This? Girl.


So our our style editor he's got hair for somebody with gums and the gummy feels different. So I think think I'm.


Thinking it probably also hurt, though, if you have dentures and you're trying to give head with them in.


Okay, because I mean- So she probably just want to be free. Free. With teeth that stay in.


We're like, there. Yeah, but it's not uncomfortable because these are our teeth.


Oh, so you feel feel.


I feel like it's probably probably uncomfortable her. Yeah. So she probably just.


Want to be free and.


Take them out.


You know what? That's fair because I feel like like this, I lay down with a man at night, sometimes I want to take off my my wig. So you deserve to take out your teeth. You know what? You changed my mind. You're right. You deserve to take out your teeth. I think this is a conversation you need to have with him. And that's him how he feels. Sometimes you got to convince him a little bit. Hey, you know what? Turn the lights off and do it first.


No, because if he turned them holes on and she'd be...


I think you maybe need to try it on him first. Try it on him first. And he'll be like, like, is the best head I ever got. Got. And if a nigga get good head, we all know niggas love good head. If you give them some good head one time, he going to be like, I don't give a fuck. Take them teeth out. He going to be requesting them teeth. He going to be requesting you to show up up at going to say, Baby, I'm taking you to STK tonight. Leave the teeth at home. This? She going to get it real moist. Suck on it. She going to suck on that steak a little bit. Bit. It down. Chew it in the back. Them gums in the the be back a little hard a little bit.


I don't feel like you can chew steak with gum.


I feel like at the end of the.


Day- She need to order bolognese.


So she can chew it.


In the tongue? Yeah, it's already the pasta is off. It's already mashed up beef. But why do.


People with no teeth chew like that? That? Like, can't chew regular. What is it about that? That? I'm serious. What is it about this? And then they hold their mouth like this. Because they don't have no teeth. Just hold it regular.


You can't hold it regularly. Your teeth is what makes your lips and everything look more structured because your teeth is keeping everything in place. If you don't have no teeth and your mouth can't help but be like...


I hate that. Just sit regular.




Can't. I think they should sit like this. Is.


They be doing that too.


They do be doing that too. They do. People who don't have.


Teeth be like this too. Too. Need to fucking.


Stop it. Why they lip be quivering too? Too?


Don't. I ain't.


Never seen it. I think it's because they be getting that food out their teeth. Teeth. They gums.


I But it's crazy how teeth are really really make a though, because I remember my granny didn't have no teeth. Okay. Why would you.


Say okay? She didn't have no teeth for real. She was sucking your grandaddy dick?


No, my grandaddy was already dead.


She was sucking somebody's dick. All right.


Anyways, my granny didn't have no no teeth. Was just so crazy because when I would see her without her teeth versus when she would put them in, she looked like two different people. Like, teeth really make a difference. They really do. Do. A person I had having teeth and then having teeth, it really makes you look like a whole.


Different person. Well, I don't think that she should talk to him about not having teeth. I think that's.


That's going to scare.


Him I think she needs to turn the lights off and suck his dick without the teeth and show him. What she called it? The Velveteen Rub.


Velveteen Rub is... That's, I lied. We're not naming this episode, T-Rex. We're not naming naming it- is crazy. We're naming it, Velveteen Rub.


That's my advice. I don't know. I've never had dentures. I got all my teeth. But I think you need to turn the lights off and go to work on that nigga. Change his life a little bit. And he ain't going to never let you go. Good head goes a long.


Fucking way.


It do. It go a long way. He He said, a said, head with the gums is different. I think you need to put it on him. I think you need to turn the lights off and put it on him. Put them on on make him on a man with me. Put it on on make him on on a Rasheeda knew what she was talking about.


Maybe she.


Thank you all so much for tuning in, poorminds. Com. Get your tickets. We on tour right right and we'll see you all next week. Bye. What? What? What's up, you all?


It's your girl, Lex T. And it's your girl, Dr.


In the cold. And I got some really good news for.


You all. Yes, period. Period. We about to revamp our whole patron. We got so much new shit coming soon for you all. We're about to be doing challenges. We're about to be doing blogs. We're really about to be dropping a lot of exclusive content for you all. So if one episode a week is not enough, enough, you all about to get some more content on.


On Yes. Yes. You be saying, saying, Oh, the episode is longer. I need it twice a week. Well, this is your opportunity to see us twice a week. And also, you're going to get a look into our our lives know us on a personal level. Level. So sure you all signed up at patron. Com/pourminds sign up today. There's different tiers. So if you want audio only, you can just listen. If you want video and audio, we have that too. And also we have a top tier where you get exclusive access to merch, shows, all that good stuff. So go to patron. Com/pourminds and sign up today. Sing in my bedroom. Yeah. Oh, come on. So, girl, please don't be late. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. There's a meeting in my bedroom. In a bedroom. Bedroom. So please don't make me me But you swear you.


Don't like girls. That's why you you saying you're lying. Lying. At my rollie, I see it's almost time. Yeah, yeah.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


I hope you're getting ready, ready, girl. Don't forget.


The wine. Wine. It's all.


How long the thing thing is through. How long the thing is through. How long the thing is through. How long the thing is through. How long the thing is I like having you around, so I got to put you down. I'm trying to put you down.




Be there or be square. There's a a big in my bedroom.


So, girl, please don't be late.


I got it now. There's a meeting in my bedroom.


There's a meeting in my bedroom. There's a meeting in my bedroom. Bedroom. Bedroom, bedroom, So please don't make me me There's a meeting in in See, I.


Had to.


Get it.


I got it now. There's a meeting in my... Step into into Casa. Lay, lay you down. Law, law, law.


Got a little something.


For my sexy mama. Mama. I've been shaking for you since day one.


You're my moon and you're my son. I'm I'm walking into Mi Casa. Lay, lay you down. I'm I'm playing your your loud. So be there, be quiet. There's a meat in my bedroom. There's a meat in my bedroom. There's a meat in my bedroom. So, girl, please don't beI'm getting freaky. I'm getting freaky. There's a meeting in my bed. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Bedroom, bedroom, bedroom, bedroom. So, girl, don't be late. There's a meeting in my bed. There's a meeting in my my Man, fuck fuck this shit. I'm out. I'm hungry. Fuck.