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What's up, you all? It's your girl, Xp.


And it's your girl, Dre and Nicole.


And you are tuned in to another episode of Poor Minds.


Where a drunk mind speaks.


Sober thought. We got a guest today. We got.




Guest today. Okay, you all. I know you all be like, Oh, you all got another guest again? But I'm sorry, we have had some interesting guests.


We've been having.


Good guests. We've been having good guests, and I'm ready to talk to you. Because It's too... Look, scoot the mic up a little bit. Sorry, girls. I feel like you'd be talking your shit. So we got OG, no in the building. Okay, so you got to give a girl the introduction where you are, where you from, all that good stuff. I'm shy.


You're shy?


I know you're lying. Yes. Oh, no, girl.


It just be me and my camera.


Oh, this is a lot to you?


Yeah, this is.


A lot. Oh, girl, this is a whole production.


Don't be shy, girl. We like.


To make people feel... If I can.


Feel comfortable. Yeah, don't be shy. We're going to have fun today, so don't be shy.


You all know me. I'm OG Nunu from New Orleans, Louisiana, Uptown. I love that.


That's what I said.


I love New Orleans accent. That accent.


Thicker than me.


I love it. Okay, so talk a little bit about your background, your podcast, and all that good stuff.


Right now I have... Well, I started online doing videos just... Well, I didn't know it was going to be nothing. Just talking, just ranting. You know about girl shit. Regular conversations that we have with our girlfriends. And it happened to go viral and then it became a thing. But in 2020, my page got taken and I basically started all over. So I decided to start a podcast, the OG podcast. Right now, I'm wrapping up my last season, I mean, my first season, and.


That's it. So talk about your first video that went viral and you were like, Okay, you know what? I got some shit to say. And people cared about your opinion. Because I feel like in this space, people be like, Why does what you say? Why is it important what she's saying versus what I say? So talk about that first video that went viral.


Even then, I don't really give a fuck about what nobody else think. It's about what I think. Right. So if it resonates with you, then take it. If it don't, then leave it. I don't really give a fuck. I don't think about who else going through this because I know my audience and I know what I've been through. So I only speak from my truth and based off of my experience. And I think, well, one of the videos that went viral, it was stupid. It was so stupid. And I'm like, I said so much real shit before then. But this was before I knew it was going to be something. And one of them was when I was like, Stop hitting the bitch up talking about you won't chill.


Chill. Or can I come chill? Fuck, no. We got shit going on. Nobody don't want just chill, and the bitch don't want you at her house. I know your mama did it with six, seven, eleven children by herself, but no, this ain't that. Yeah, where you have? I could do it on my own, but come with something like, No bitch don't just want to chill and hang up. So that was one, and then the other one was, of course, the number is always full, how to count your bodies.


Girl, that's funny because we've.


Been saying- That's the first time we went.


By all of these. Yes, it is.


It could be like three. I know if you all went viral from me, I know they was tagging me under it. Yeah, okay.


We'd be saying another is three. Don't ask me about that.


Shit, three. And the number is always four.


You don't need to know that. That's all you need to know.


Only count the niggas that made you come. Only count the niggas that you have children with.


Okay, that's what we're going to get into. Because you said so. You know we're going to talk about it now. I feel like everybody knows I don't have kids, but my sister has two boys. Honestly, I think my sister is superwoman. I don't know how she gets it done, but she gets it done. You're going to be the rich auntie. Oh, and is. You get that. My nephew wrote a whole essay about me in school. He was like, My auntie is so fancy when she comes around, she has the special bags. My baby know what Lurey Kani is. He know. My baby knows. He said, Well, she always takes me out to eat and do because I don't eat real...


Special bags is fucking crazy.


He know what a special bag is. He know he see that two-tone brown, bitch.


And he put that shit on.


In every way, bitch. In every way.


The rich auntie. So I do want to talk.


About that because honestly, I feel like my sister is superwoman. When I see everything that she does, because my brother-in-law, which is also my best friend, he going to get mad when I'm talking about them. But their relationship, I love them. Of course, no relationship is perfect, but I just feel like the dynamic they have is good. He take care of the business, household take care of, and she take care of everything else. It just works. Are you dating? Are you single? Are you with the father of your children? Before I ask this question.




Can ask any questions. Okay, so how is it being a single mother with four kids and doing it?


It's hard. It's difficult, especially coming from the background in which I came from, I'm an only child.


Okay. Me too. Really?


Yeah, girl.


I can't even talk about us bad.


They will be talking about us bad. We a little spoiled and.


Stuff though, I think. Yeah, I spoiled myself, but... I talk about this a lot, like childhood trauma and just mental health. But young, me and my mama didn't have a close relationship. So me being able to judge other people and my friends and how they all with their mothers and shit like that, and hugs and, Oh, I love you. I know she loves me, but just feeling closeness and shit like that. I never never got that. So as a single parent, I try to... It's just me. The father of my two oldest kids is deceased. Okay. I'm divorced, and I'm with the other one. You know you're married.


See, you don't have been married before. She's been married and she got four kids. I know that thing. She's been married and she's got four kids.


That's not good. I thought that's... I'm not trying to tell you. It's difficult. It's difficult, and I think the way that I carry it, some people look at it like it's easy. It's not. And it's glorified. Like, Oh, she's a single parent. But it's not all this cranked up to be like this, it's difficult. But I got a son in college, one in high school, about to come out of high school. In college? Also, that don't count. Okay, I'm not trying to-.


You only got two kids. The two under 18. Wait, I'm not trying to be your business like that. But you look so.


Good in college.


Yeah, he's 19. That is crazy. You're the oldest thing. You're about to be 38.


You're about to be 38. Girl, I would have thought she was the same age as me. I mean, it's not a huge difference.


Because I'm 34.


And I'm 32.


We all.


The same. We're the same.


You all just ain't had it. You all have thrown in a party. I thought you were.


Throwing in.


A party like I ain't.


Hearing you. So talk about dating, though. How is it dating? Because I know dating is hard for me, and I don't mean to be like, Oh, I'm above you because I ain't got no kids. Because I do feel like dating without kids is easier. I do feel like that. But I still have a hard time.


With dating. But it's still stuck with us too.


Yeah, that's what I'm saying. So how is it dating with kids?


With kids is even more difficult because you have so many different things to consider. I'm big on time. Don't fuck with my time. Because niggas will be texting you all day. Oh, yeah, we're going to do this and that and that, and it never happened. It's like for some reason when they said that mean that it happened.


Itry to figure out what you're doing, ass nigga, that's going to what you're doing.


You to this.


I hate it. What are we going to do? Are you going.


To plan something? Follow up. Just look, what you doing at seven? But it's not like that. And then if you play with my time, then I mean, because I got to get a babysitter.


I love a little babysitter.




Having a ball, I love a dad. There's a.


Lot of little things we got to think about before.


And then.


I have a little child-cuddle, and my daughter is for.


Just stupid shit.


I'll be irritated.


Off the bat. So what's.


Something that I mean, I really want to know because I'm curious. Because my sister, she's still with, they're still together. They live together. So I don't get to see the world dating roles of a woman who has children. Because how old is your youngest? Three. Three, yeah. My nephew is three, too. What is something, as I said, because we have a lot of listeners that listen that have children, we don't have children. We'd be trying to relate to the minds that we don't have, you know what I'm saying? So what is something that you just don't tolerate? When a guy text you or you all exchange numbers, what is something that's like a red flag that you cut this shit off and did it in the water?


When we going to chill?


Just for the chilling thing, because you want.


To go out. It's a bunch of different shit. When we going to chill, if I didn't text you right away because I got shit.


Going on.


You automatically say, I'm texting other niggas or some dumb shit like that, because they don't be having nothing to say. It's not that they care, because it's in the beginning, but that's just still eternal. Also, if I say I was taking a shower without me, I'm like, I hate that.


That is so corny. And I just feel like real.


Niggas make plans. Real men make plans. If you want to see me and you're serious about seeing me and you're serious about dating me, you're going to plan that shit. You're going to hit me up and be like, Hey, be ready.


I love when they can say, Oh, this is where we meeting up. This is the time. Yes. Okay, Booky, you didn't say nothing but the words.


You don't even have to be spinning. Yeah, and it should... It don't even have to be spending money. It could be something different. Let's go meet up at the park. Some shit because they always making it about money. Like, Oh, you all want somebody to go all out on a.


First date. And it is sometimes.


Yeah, but not all the time. All the time. Especially when it's somebody that you like. Because we be choosing too. So if we see somebody that we really like and we already know that he that nigger, if he be like, Let's go to the park and it ain't about spending no money, we're going to go.


Oh, so I got a question. Do you date niggas with kids? Because I know sometimes even though women be having kids, they'd be like, I don't want to date no niggas who got kids. I don't want to deal with the baby mamas.


Yeah, it's the baby mamas for me. It's the age of the kids and it's the baby mama.




So if you have children below five, that's a no for me.


Oh, my God.


Because nine times out of ten, you're still fucking with your baby mama. Okay, but you got a child.


Under five. Are you still fucking with your baby then? She just.


Said it.


She said it earlier. I thought I was going to catch her sleeping. What's she saying?


She said she's off and on with him.


Yeah, okay.


Girl, I literally just was telling her this. I ran into this dude. I had went out the other day. Some dude, he was trying to get my number or whatever, and I was being nice, like we took a shot or whatever. And he was like, Yeah, I got three kids. Well, first of all, I was about to give you my number, no way. But the fact that you said that you got three kids, how old are they? If we just make a conversation at the bar. He like, Oh, my youngest two, four and three.


No. But she is different for you all too. Absolutely not. Anyway, because you all don't have no children. So I really don't feel like you all should be thinking nobody with no children.


So I should be thinking like that. Not even one?


Maybe one. But you got to think about the baby mama because in the age of the child. So one, if they seven and up, six up, nothing below- So.


You can feel like if a baby under three, the nigger is still- If you.


First of all, you all are beautiful. If you all don't have no children, you fuck with somebody that have a child under three, nine times out of 10, you all entangling into a competitive situation, some back and forth shit, on and off. For real? Drink some more. Drink some more.


Yeah, on.


And off. My man.


Ain't got no kids. Well, my thing ain't got no kids.


And I've.


Been in an on and off situation for the past year, and he got a kid.


And every time it's off, he go fuck with his baby mama, trust me.


Oh, Nasee. Oh, Lord. You about to make me cut that nigger.


Let me dress it up. I'm sorry, friend. Okay, before we get into.


These side bricks first.


I'm mad. I'm pissed off. I'm weak. Jannie, it's okay.


She definitely lies. She ain't going to say shit to that nigga, but hey, Bucky. Oh, my God. We just got done.


With cringey. But sometimes them niggers don't be hating their baby mama. So it'd be the baby mama's can't let go. So we'll just say that.


That's true. Sometimes they do.


You know what it is, though? I'm not going to lie. I don't want a man that like, if I was dating a man, I don't want a man that hates his baby mama because if they hate.


Her you'd still love her.


Yeah, that's a red flag. If you hate her, no, if you hate her, I like niggas who treat their baby mama's nice. Treat them with decency. I feel like that's the least you can do. This is somebody who had a child for you.


Real life. That's when you know that the breakup is mutual.




It's confusion, that's when they're trying to make the nine times out of ten they playing both sides.


And I like to know what's going on. My last situation, he was very vocal and communicated me at all times of what was going on and everything. So I always knew. I always minding my business, but it was still like, I knew what was going on. I've dealt with man, he was like, Yeah, man, fuck that whole why?


What you did? And that's how it be when a lot of times we'd be saying, I hate the name, but what's her name? Like, Skankisha. So she messing with a nigger who had a child. She didn't have none. Now you have one. But you're so vocal about what the fuck he was and was not doing with-.


The first baby mama.


But you don't know that. You don't want to know what he told you. You know what you think you see.




Could think we see a lot of shit that really not going on for real.


I always say that. I always say I feel like whenever niggas be talking mad shit about their baby mommas, I would love to hear the baby mama's side. I'd love to.


It's going to be 95.


Percent true. Yeah. This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp.


What's up? You all with your girl, Xp.


And it's your girl, Dre and Nicole.


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For you. Yes.


Therapy is something that me and Dre swear by. We have been in it for so long now. And when I tell you whether my days are good or bad, talking to my therapist always gets me through.


Yes, it's definitely become a part of my weekly routine. And I also love that it's super convenient with our busy schedules. I can always talk to my therapist or access her or even via message. If I'm having a breakdown or something, I can always text her real quickly on the app.


Yes. And I think the best thing about it, like she said, you can do it from the convenience of your own home, wherever you at. So if you're a busy person and you don't like the idea of having to go up to an office, this is perfect for you. So what you're going to do is go to betterhelp. Com/poreminds. That's better. H-e-l-p. Com/poreminds, and you're going to get 10 % off of your first month. So if you want to do something for yourself this holiday season, take a rest day, get some therapy, just relax. This is perfect for you. I will say this too. In my situation, he never talked shit about her to me, though. I will say that because he was always very respectful. But I will say, anytime a man talk shit to me about his baby, I never... And I know I've said this in the past because I'd just be joking. I'd be like, Oh, yeah, I'd be adding salt in. But seriously, I don't like that shit. You know why? Because I have friends who are single mothers and are baby mothers. At one point when my sister had her first child and they had broke up, she was a baby mother and she was single.


And I know how great of a fucking mother she is. And I know how hard I was raised by a single mother. So if you think you're about to sit in my face and talk shit, I don't care how much I love you, how good the dick is, how long we been fucking, that ain't going. What's the truth? What's really going on? I always say, if I'm dating a man and we're serious and I'm around your child, I need to meet your baby mama.


And on top of that, your turn come in.


Oh, hello. That's why I popped one eye. Because I see what she's going through, it couldn't be me.


Women do be thinking that they'd be above the bullshit.


You ain't above the bullshit. It's just your turn.


Everybody got to turn. Your turn ain't.


Came yet. Just wait a second. And then it kills me because- And that's with everything. Yeah, and it kills me because when they turn come, then it won't sit down and have a Kumbaya.




Then they want to be like, Oh, girl. Or, You want to call me? Our children are sisters, and they've been sisters, bitch. But you ain't care if that- You didn't care. Because you wasn't in a high seat. Now I don't have no holla for you. They could be sisters.


It happens every time, and I think that just happens with women in general. Before we move on, I just have to say that stop thinking you different. When you see how a man even treats a woman outside of his baby mama, just see how he date a woman, see how he treats his mother, his sister, his homegirls. And then you'd be like, Well, he's not going to do me like that. Girl, he ain't doing you like that because he ain't got the pussy.


But that's what I said. That's why I said with everything, because it ain't even about necessarily having a child and becoming a baby mama. It's been cheating. It's been everything. Bitches just be thinking that.


They a bug. But wewomen hate each other.




True. We hate.


Each other. She's not.


Feel that way.


I do, though. I feel like people hate people. But you got to think about it, the root of all breakups or friendships. We're going to go into it about, Oh, this bitch ain't coming to my birthday dinner, or some shit like that. And then the end of it is going to be about a nigga.


No, I do agree with that. I did say that I feel like a lot of times we let men the standards of what men expect from us or fighting over a man, rip women apart. Because I said that on a past episode. I said the reason why a lot of women hate on other women is because this woman, like her, like look at Andrea. She got the perfect body. This is a man's dream woman. I'm going to hate on her because the nigger that I love is always in her comments, always in her likes. So I feel a lot of times conflicts between women is always based on a man. I do agree with that. If you really think about when it comes down to women, when you see women arguing on TV, women arguing on podcast, it's always male based.


Always. The breakups, the pettiness, everything is the competition because it's surrounded around hate and male attention. But that's what I was going to say. Sometimes you all don't just.


Feel like we should just be haters. I think that's just just sitting in some people's. That bitch has got.


Ugly spirits, regardless. But let's talk.


About what we talked about earlier today. And I didn't want to talk about this on the show, but fuck it, I'm going to talk about it.




I've recently found out that a close friend of mine fucked a nigga. I don't talk to the nigga no more. Me and him are cool. But I recently found out that she- Can I get a drink? Come on, bro. Hold up. Before I get into this story, that shit's. We're not about to get into this story yet because we don't get her a drink, but Ty. We going to make you feel comfortable. Oh, yeah, Ty. What we drinking at home, girl? So this one is called the extended orgasm, okay? Okay. All right. And we're using our favorite, L. S. L'occur in this one. All right. So for Dreya, we.


Have some tequila. For Lex, we have.


Some vodka. And I'm going to make your... Let me know which one you want, vodka or tequila. We can go either way.


Tequila. I got you. Okay, you are a tequila girl. Okay, okay.


So we have some of that L. S, we have some tequila or vodka. We have.


Some Amareto liqueur.


And then we have a little bit.


Of that Kahlua inside as well.


And then we top it off.


With some.


Of Cardi.


B's whip shots, which is really good. We tasted it earlier, and this is.


The caramel flavoring for it.


And then we have it garnished with a little bit of cinnamon and.


Nutmeg on the top.


And then an actual.


Cinnamon stick right inside. Well, as you all can see.


I'm a tie to my bean.


I'm fucking with you all. I love it. It's so good. And they definitely need to try the whip shots because that shit is strong. Yeah, it's strong. The whip shots?


Yeah, the whip shots are good.


It's like an actual shot, I'm telling you. I didn't think you was going to be able to taste the liquor like that in here, but you can.


Yeah. So make sure you all check out L. S. Cream La Cor. Go to your local bars, wherever you shop and get your liquor from, and request that this is a black-owned liquor you all. Your restaurant. And you all it's holiday time. So I feel like you can make your drinks at home, some warm drinks, put it in your coffee like you're in a sight. So shout out to L. S. Cream La Cor. You all make sure you all enter the contest.


The 5K challenge, you all need to mix something up, make your favorite little drink, make something that you think is going to taste good, that you think will appeal to other people and you can win $5,000.


Period. Okay, let me get.


To the story. We don't need 5K.


Let me get to the story.


Wei don't know.


I'm on my own.


The 5K. The 5,000. The 5,000.


The $5,000. That's the problem. My band. Bands will make a day.


Yes. So, yeah, make sure you all go to ls creamliquor. Com.


Period. Okay, you all, let me finish this story because we were talking about women not getting along X, Y, Z. We said a lot of times it'd be jealousy. But I recently found out. I found this out like two weeks ago. I'm close with this girl. I'm close with this girl. And when I say we close, it was like, me and this man now we're friends. It's platonic friends. But we dated and it didn't work out. But while we were dating, I really liked him. And we were going through something one time, and I actually cried to her about this man. And me and him, we kicking it one day. He told me, he was like, Yeah, I'm not going to lie. It was on some random shit. She had randomly hit me up, trying to meet up and do... And he was like, I'm not going to lie. I got fucked up. I let her come through. We smashed. He was like, And then shit got weird. He was like, She did some weird shit. And then he found out like she was messing with his homie, which I knew she was messing with his homie because we used to talk about that.


Long story short, you let me cry to you about this nigger a whole time you knowing that you have fucked this man. And I say all that to say sometimes bitches don't necessarily be jealous. They want your life. They want what you're doing.


I really- That's jealous.




Envious. Well, that's envious, and envious.


Jealousy is. We talked about that before on the show. We talked about that on the show before, but I feel like it was so weird to me because at the end of the day, we all been knowing each other for years. You've been knowing this nigger for years. I've been knowing this thing. I've been liked him for a long time, but once we finally connected, it was cool. Why all of a sudden now you want to fuck him? Because you see what he's doing for me and you see the time we have and you think he's going to do that for you?


I just had this conversation with one of my partners. He don't have no children. He's like, 30, he should be like 35, 36. Yeah, you got money. But he's narcissistic. He is an asshole. Exactly. Like, I'd be trying to want to bitches, but this why I know that, and this is my real partner. Women, bitches is poor. Like, just straight up. Bitches is poor. He always have this thing where he might fuck with a girl. He know how to date, he know how to treat, but he's narcissistic. So if that girl is overly obsessed with control, but control in a way that... Yeah, but control, not where you know that, where you feel like you're being controlled is more of a way like, Oh, I love him. You know what I'm saying? That's the way he do it.


I'm going to do what he wants me to do.


Exactly. So he's marketing and he's manipulating you.




So he has this thing with bitches and their friends, and the girl, I didn't watch them fuck friends over and over, and I just couldn't fathom it because I'm like, Me and my homegirls, I could really put my life on the line and say that, right? Yeah, me too. But then at the same time, I'd be thinking, I'm from the hood, so me and my girls probably have a conversation or some shit because that's just where we come from, not even on the... Look, this ain't no nigger you dating you serious with, but this is a nigger that you will be getting money from. But look, he came at me some way, so I don't think about... We get down like that. That's what I'm saying. I don't think that.


You should have those conversations with your friends, period. Me, I can honestly go on the line too and say me and my friends, me and none of my friends ain't never fuck the same nigger.


I don't ever be attracted to the same.


Nigger that- If Drea even went on a date with a nigger and he liked my picture, I'd be like, Girl, or vice versa, or anyme any of my friends. Once my friend hasn't went on a date with you, you bro. You bro, period.


Well, he's super obsessive with friendships. Okay. And the girl was like, betting him. Like, you could never fuck my friend. And he fuck them every single time. Oh, my God. That's crazy. And then they cause them to get into it. And I watch it happen over and over. In the beginning, when he used to say, I used to be like, Why why would you do that? But he get a kick out of it because bitches really... We really be saying, yes, we really be saying, not my friend, not my friend, but bitches are poor. So I say that to say the right play, you look the right way. You looking like he's doing something for you. You know, he looked like he could change my situation if a nigga come at me like that. Circumstances, I might have to do that because the only way I see myself. You know what I'm saying? Everybody not like, I'm not like that. But some.


Bitch is glamping. Yeah, because I was saying I'm like four before and she's been fucking with niggas that got money on money on money.


Yeah, but that's not in you. But that's... Hell no. I watch bitches all day. Look, I have a fence that I'd be on bitches, live.


All day. I'm on Finsca too.


I'd be on bitches all day. I have a fence too. I'd be on bitches all day. I'd be on the message all day like, Girl, what?


Well, now and I'll say I never had one of my friends fuck a nigga that I fuck before, but I have had one of my friends go on a date with a nigga that I went... I mean, fucking niggas that I went on a date with.


He told you before?


No, after.


I mean, if you ain't care about them- I'd be feeling like, do it matter, though? Because why do you want.


To talk to somebody who is interested in me?


Yeah, I don't want to talk to nobody because opportunity. Niggas cheat out based off of opportunity.


They be bored.


It's just that whenever we get serious and then he around and then you all feel like you all had a thing before me.


And it's awkward. Yeah. I also feel like, like I said, with my situation, I be posting a lot of stuff in my close friends too. So I think it was a lot of he was a very good dating. He would always take me to different spots, very creative. And I think she liked that. I think she thought that he was about to do that.


She was in your close friends?


Yeah, we was friends. You know what's crazy? I don't even know if she listens to the show or not because some of my friends listen, some of my friends don't. I ain't even said nothing to her. I just haven't talked to her. She done.


Text me. No, I don't have a text.


From her. She done DM me. I don't got nothing to say because at this point.


This is not my nigger no more.


I don't be having an understanding either. Me and him are friends.


But I see you, though.


But exactly. I see you and I see how we moving forward because this is my homeboy at this point. He got a girlfriend. It ain't even like that no more. But I see what type of bitch.


You are. And the fact that.


The matter is we just hung out like a month ago. We've hung out a lot of times because honestly, me and this thing used to fuck around. This happened honestly, three years ago. All this shit went down when they fucked and me and him was talking. This was like three years ago. But at the same time, you've been in my face for three years and never said, You know what, Lex? I ain't going to lie to you. This is what happened.




Up? You all, it's your girl Lex P.


And it's your girl, Dre and Nicole.


And you all know, we are always super busy. We have been on tour on the road. But one thing I love about coming home is actually having a home-cooked meal.


Me too. And it just makes it so much easier to prepare a home-cooked meal when you don't have to go to the grocery store. That's why I love Hello Fresh. All of the ingredients get delivered right to your doorstep. And and they give you the recipe so you can't mess it up. And a lot of the meals are really quick.


Yes, you can make them in 15 minutes or less. Super easy. And like she said, it sends straight to your door. You get breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, macks. They have everything for everybody.


And they have a large variety of different recipes. Like the other day, I had this sunny lemon rigatoni. It was so good. I love a little rigatoni.


I don't even know what rigatoni is, but I want to try.


I thought that was a little cost. It was real good, though.


You getting fancy, HelloFresh. I know that's right. So what you're going to do is go to hellofresh. Com/poremindsfree. That's hellofresh. Com/poremindsfree. And listen, you're going to get free breakfast for life. As long as your subscription is active, you're going to get a free breakfast meal with every subscription box. Who don't like free food?


I know, I do. Me too.


So get your eat on.


Not too.


Much, though. Okay.


Sometimes they just be draining, going over something that happened, like repeating something, having to tell somebody where they had you fucked up at. Because bitch, you know.


You know.


And I don't.


Know you all. Maybe I'm just petty because no bitch, you're going to know we see each other like, what the fuck? Yeah, we see each other, bitch, and I know. I know you fuck that nigga. Why would you do that? We are not.


Cool no more. I don't like the back and forth. Me neither. We're not cool no more. I don't.


Fuck with you. But I'm the type of person Itry to get people to know I don't fuck with them. Me too. I feel.


Like you're going to know when I walk all over you, I'm not acting like I don't fuck with you.


Yeah, I'm not acting like shit is cool. I know.


I guess to me, I just feel like you don't feel my absence. Yeah, that's me. I don't owe you an explanation. I don't owe you nothing because you really, in your heart, felt like that was okay. And one thing about me, I'm a very nice person, especially when it comes to my friends, especially I have a soft heart. I don't have a big family. My friends are my family. So with that situation, I felt like... A lot of times I feel like people take advantage of that when it comes to me. So you thought that it was going to be like, Okay, if she ever does find out, we're going to work through it. Bitch, we ain't working through shit.


I don't have no holla for you.


I don't got no holla for you.


Me either. Me. So at.


The end of the story, the moral of the story is, Girl, fuck you. Okay, we're going to get into this first topic. We ain't even got to the topic yet. That's why I know we having a ball, bitch. We know that I had Noonu to get a dream. Okay, look, we turning up. This is why I love this show. It really be like family time on the couch, girl.


This is good, today.


Okay, so today we're going to talk about, for the first, because I saw a video and basically you were speaking about how titles don't really matter, like when it comes down to a relationship. And I disagree.


Me too, Willabee.


So I want to talk about how you feel about the title and the thing. And maybe your opinion has changed.


Yeah, I think that video was probably like five years ago. Okay, and that's it. Yeah, and that really was being funny when I said... I think I know the video you're talking about when I was like, Go with the floor or something.


No, I think it was a clip from your podcast. It seems like a recent clip from your podcast.


Or when I was saying.


About- If you got to ask the nigger what we.


Is, we're-.


Yeah, that one. No, I do believe that, though. Because if we vibing, why I got to constantly ask you what we doing? I don't think we have to constantly.


Ask, but I feel like what men will do, though, they want their cake and eat it too. So if you're agreeing to suck me, fuck me, I'm taking you on dates. This is for a lot of men in my situation, I can speak for I can't speak for all women. I will be in a situation with a man, he's spending money on me. We going on dates. He's taking me out the country. And sometimes they maybe necessarily don't want a girlfriend. So then I'll step and I'll be like this, Okay, so what are we? What are we doing? Because if not, I'm going to go outside. Because I know at this age, I'm looking for companionship. I'm very straightforward when I date. Now I'm like, Hey, I'm looking for a companionship. I want to build something with somebody. I want a husband. Eventually, I want to have kids, maybe. I don't know. But I'm very forward. So a lot of times if you don't speak up and say nothing, they're going to be like, Oh, shit. Well, she cool with being friends with benefits. I know I got to do X, Y, Z to keep her, but I don't mind doing that.


And I'm like, No, I need clarity.


And I do feel like it puts the pressure on a nigga a little bit too, because not saying niggas ain't still going to do whatever the fuck they want to do, right? But I feel like if he know you in a relationship, he know that, okay, if I'm in a relationship with her, I'm cheating. Versus if we just dating and we don't have no titles, I could fuck with you and fuck with other bitches. And I could... I could be like, Well, we didn't ever have no conversation about this.


Right. But I'm saying if we have a conversation in the beginning and you say, I see that you just down for fun. You ain't really ready for commitment. And I go for the ride, you know what I'm saying? Because I'm liking all of the things that you're doing. We dating, we going here. Now why I'm not letting it go? Why I'm not going with the flow instead of complicating the situation when you told me in the beginning? That's what it was.


I agree with you, but a lot of men don't do that.


Yeah, that's true.


They'd be lying. They do be lying.


They do be lying.


They do be lying. Because I'm not going to lie, I don't feel like I'm that bitch. I show up on a date with a man. He been trying to date me for a long time, or even if he just seen me X, Y, Z, it'd be a lot of, you know what I'm saying? And I say, I'm sitting in front of you, smelling good, titties sitting right, ass-spoken. I got my Chanel on. You see me, hair, lay, make-up, beat. And I'm like, Yeah, I'm looking for X, Y, Z. He don't see nothing. This man may be looking for something or he may just be looking to fuck. At the end of the day, whatever I say, he's like, Okay, I'm looking for that too. They're going to lie because that man wants me so bad. You know how many times I'd have sat at a dinner table and a man be like, Man, I really like you. You don't even know me. And that's what I know. Men will sit across from you because they want you so bad. And not only would say won't you, as far as like really want you, they want to either fuck or they just want to be in your world.


They want something from you and they will lie.


But that's why I always talk about us being authentically us, because a lot of times we lie the most, regardless of the situation. You think women lie.


More than niggas?


Not in a relationship, but in the beginning. When we first start fucking with a nigga, then we see how he is, then we try to mimic what he like. Now that's true. That's very fucking true. And we know we not like that. And so it's only so long that we can do that because it's... But see, I.


Feel like everybody do that because I feel like niggas bring forth their representative in the first few months.


Yeah, I know, but they will. They show their hand way before. They'll say, because that's why niggas get what they want. Niggas be like, I don't want a bad bitch. Niggas be fat, ugly, cheesy, but they got money and they get a bad.




Just like they said. But we tend to date potential and because we be make-pretending like we this, we that, we this and that. Bitch, you know you never cook. Why are you inside playing on the stone? Why are you.


Acting like you want to make a little grill cheese? You want to.


Make a little.


Grill cheese? Come on, man. And you added some bacon in there you talk about the you're a May grill, Chee. Bitch, be for real.


I have a question. I want to know too. How do you all feel like? Do you all feel like sometimes women be wanting certain type of niggas or have certain qualifications, but they don't meet the standards to date the type of niggas they want.




I'll say this, and maybe this is just me trauma dumping. Yes, I do agree. But I can also say because I was that girl. I was that girl that had $3 in her pocket in a bad wig, but I still knew what I wanted when it came to a man. I didn't say necessarily I wanted a nigga worth $500 million, but I wanted a nigga who was going to put me on some game, provide, help me upgrade. And that's what I got. I always demanded that. But I feel like I knew what I had to bring to the table. I knew, like you said, sometimes we fall for potential, but my potential was real. I was going to get there regardless, so I knew.


But you don't feel like everybody feel like they potentially is real, even.


If it ain't? I feel like a lot of people, not women. I feel like a lot of people be capping. That's why I say I don't think that's a man or woman thing. Sometimes niggas know I'm never going to be the niggas making this money. I'm never going to be that romantic niggas. You all be knowing. You all be trying to stunt. I knew my shit was real. So I feel like that's a little bit of the difference. I knew, maybe people felt like I wasn't qualified to date the type of man I date, but a real nigger saw me. And I talk about him all the time, a real nigger, I talk about Big Papa all the time. A real nigger saw me upgrade in my life, and he helped me for real. And I feel like when you real and you authentically you, people going to see that and they going to relate and they going to fuck with it. But sometimes women, yeah, and me, you all be.


Yeah, because we're not talking about potential, we're talking about in real time. At that moment, you're not qualified.


That's like me with four kids. I feel like that sometimes like, Oh, well, I might find us. But that's why it's a certain age that I fuck with. You know what I'm saying? But I attract a younger age and they bother me so much because I know that I look young. Me too. I like old niggas.


I like niggas too. I like niggas too. Like that.


I don't know how they got that lip in when they walking a little bit because your hip hurts. I don't.


Want to on them.


Barbec Sam.


Let me show you some stuff, like some young shit.


Yeah. Butbut you know what? Going back to your question, I feel like sometimes women, they want to, and I'm only speaking from a woman's perspective because I am a woman.


Because you were saying you don't like when young niggas approach you.


Yeah, because I don't think we really have nothing in common. I'm way too mature, and my expectations is way above whatever you could do. But then a nigger that... I don't feel like I can get any nigger that I won't like, regardless of the situation. But I do feel like sometimes certain niggers do look at, Oh, all right, she got four kids, especially a nigger that don't have nothing. So that put me out there, but I might be a nice vibe.


But you don't want a nigger that don't got nothing?


No way.


No, I don't.


Yeah. I'm saying like a nigger that got everything, but maybe don't have no children.




Yeah. And then I have... I've been out for two years before, so they put me out there because I can understand that you want a fresh family. You don't want a ready-made family, and I get that. But we friends, we still kicking or whatever. So I do agree with what you said.


Well, I feel like with your perspective, it comes from having kids. And sometimes a man will probably, like you said, count you out just because of your kids or whatever, not because of your vibe or you do well for yourself and X, Y, Z. Sometimes, and like I said, I'm speaking from a woman's perspective, and that's what the thought I was going to say earlier, women sometimes... I hope I don't get in trouble. They date out of their league is another time they're looking at Instagram. They're looking what this bitch can. But you don't care about that stuff. You ain't never seen a Kelly bag or a Birkin bag until you've seen young Miami have it on. And all of a sudden now you care about it. This is not who you are at the core. You never even tried Waguih steak, and all of a sudden you want it with the truffle bun. Now, it's just like if a man want to introduce you to that life.


It ain't even about that, though. I disagree because I feel like as a person who I grew up for the first half of my life, I grew up in the hood too, and then my parents were able to... We moved to the suburbs or whatever. But I wasn't necessarily exposed to certain shit either as a child or grew up liking certain shit. I know about a Wagu stank to five years ago, but when I had that shit, I was like, I like it, and that don't have nothing to do with other bitches. Like, this shit actually- I.


See why it's $200. The type of men that you have always attracted out the gate was men who wanted to introduce you to more.


But it's not about men. The point that I'm making is certain things I introduce my own self too. Yeah, that is true. I think you can grow as a person and realize I like this. It does not have to be influenced always by.


Other people. No, I agree. I'm just talking from the perspective that you were talking about as far as women trying to date men that are out of they league. That's what I'm talking about. So that's what I'm speaking on. I agree with you 1,000 %. I always tell the story about how I started liking Louis Vuitton because my mom was into it. I grew up very fucking spoiled, and I always... And then I moved to Atlanta and I was fucking broke. So I had the both ends of it. And then I had a man who introduced me to different type of things. Then I had friends who introduced me to different things. Then I was able to introduce myself to different things that I never even knew I like. I get that point of view, but I'm talking about what you said as far as on seeing a woman, seeing a man or seeing things that they want that you know, I feel the same way as far as, okay, let me say this. When you're out of a man, you feel like some niggas don't need to holla at me.




Feel the same way. Sometimes men don't because I'm not in your league. I feel like men have that same right.


No, but I more so meant just like not material things. I think all women don't even care about material things. Every woman don't want a man to buy them a Burkin or buy them a Louisville Sunbag or whatever the case may be. But I think every woman wants a man who can provide. Every woman wants a man who could take care of the household and all that shit. But I think that women definitely just be sometimes reaching out of their league because it's like you like, Oh, I only want a nigger that make $150,000 a year. What do you do?


You got to go pussy. I mean...


Hey. No, that's what they be saying. And it do help.


No, that's what they be saying.


They just the truth. But I feel like.


Sometimes they do help. But I feel like a lot of bitches got good piss. These bitches who got money, who got good piss.


No, for real. That's true. But like I said, I feel like I talked to Dre about this earlier. We getting in trouble today. We were like, I don't like the bad bitch mentality. I know a lot of people watch this show. You don't like me and Andrea. Do you feel me, though? A lot of bad bitches.


That- It's annoying.


It's the mentality of a bad bitch, a quote-unquote, bad bitch. Okay, I know you're about to be in comment. What is a bad bitch? Okay, to me, this is my definition of a bad bitch. A bad bitch to me is like, honestly, if you scroll back and look at me and Andrea's old pictures of things where you suppose the girls in the bikinis, booty out. They always on vacation. You don't know exactly what they do for a living.


We know what they do.


I mean, we know. But honestly, I don't even put myself in that category because you all know what I do. When you see a girl and she got all the things, beautiful, small waist, fat ass, got on the Burkins, the red bottles, the this and this, I'm not talking about... I'm not dissing all these women, but a lot of times they will fuck with anybody.




Don't haveA lot of times I'm keeping it real. I'm putting you all too much game. They don't have morals.


And don't have nothing. You know how many bad bitches whose houses I went to empty?


You know how many bad bitches I've seen who they driving around in a Bentley and this and this and why Z and they just... Why are you driving a Bentley in an apartment complex? Make it make sense.


In a CPA.


Hey, hello.


This lifestyle.


Has gotten out of control.


It's gotten out of control. We talked about this earlier, and I really hate to say this. And like I said, I feel like all women, I don't like to use the word bitch and bad bitch. I don't want to fend nobody. But I just really feel like we have lost the plot, ladies. We have lost the plot. We've lost the plot. We lost it. We lost it. Because when we talk on this show, I feel like we contributed. I say this all the time because we contribute. Fuck with the BDB. But fuck with somebody who fucks with you at base level. Stop fucking with niggas that you really... You don't even like this nigger. You don't even like this man.


But like I said, bitches are poor. And back to.


What I said, back to what I was saying, bitch. I told you, bitch. These bitches are poor.


Yeah. Instagram is just right in front of us. So we going-.


As a former poor bitch at one point.


She's right. No, I'm saying that because I don't want to offend people.


No, same. So I know. I know I know them. I know them. I can look at what you post all day and I can see exactly what your mind is.


You're trying to get you on. Yeah, you're trying to.


Get you on. And I say this all the time. Lex P went through that, so you all ain't got to go through that. That's not what you want. That is really not what... I want us to get back to doing our own shit and being bosses. Now I'm not an independent bitch. I want a man. I want.


To do my own thing. I want to have my own motion. I want to... But I don't say that about You all can call me and pick me all you want. I don't give a fuck. I want partnership. I want a man. I want that. But I'm paying shit. I'm also going to have my own shit.


I want to do my own thing. I want to do my own shit. I want a partnership. You all come here and pick me all you're bomb. I don't give a fuck. I want partnership. I want a man. But I'm also going to have my.


Own shit. But I'm paying in shit. Yeah, I have my own shit. In case that shit don't... I could still do my own thing like nobody can't send me back the way Im not going back, Stevie.


I ain't going to-.


Remember when Stevie tried to.


Send her back to her? I'm not going back, Stevie.


And she did go.


And she did go. She did. I'd like to Jocelyn. I'd like to Jocelyn. Okay, hold on you all. We having a time you all. We all love when we have people on the show, we just be vibing. Okay, so we had to bring this up because I'm so curious about this because I have somebody that I'm cool with, and she has a son, and her son's father is in a new relationship, and he's engaged his new relationship. She's pregnant, they're probably going to get married, whatever, X, Y, Z. And he calls the stepmom Mama blank. Mama, her name. So I want to know, because I have dated men with children, how do you feel about kids calling another person Mom?


I don't like it.




If this is stepmom, and they're doing everything they treat your kid amazing, you ain't push them much, O'Rouchie.


I agree. I don't have kids yet, but my kid, baby, you want to fuck them. Let me.


Ask you... Let me ask you this though. Come on Lex. Go ahead.


Okay, say you have another man that steps in, right? And you and your baby daddy.


Stopped talking- I don't want him calling.


Him Daddy.


But he still has a baby. He can look at him as a father figure.


Okay, but he can't ever call him dad because he can.


Have two dads. I'm not going to say he can't. You know what? I'm going to take it back. It's how you feel. Don't coach my children to call you mama. I'm not going to coach my children to call my significant other daddy. If that's what you feel, then that's different. My last son, my little girl, that he been there since the beginning of my divorce. Well, since before that. I knew him longer than I knew my husband. So he's been there for the birth of my son, who's 10 years old now, and he don't call him Daddy, but he acknowledges him as that. If somebody asks who is that, he said, That's my Daddy. But he don't say... He don't call him Daddy, and I don't make him because that's not what he feel. When he feel that, he'll say that, but he acknowledges him as that without anybody saying that. He tell all his friends, Oh, I got two Daddy. That's my Daddy right there. He don't see no difference. He don't see nothing wrong with it, is nothing that raises a red flag to him, but he just don't naturally call it to him.


It could be because all of us call him his name, you know what I'm saying? So I would never just coach him, Oh, that's your dad.


I don't do that.


He tell his biological daddy, Oh, my daddy did such and such. My daddy bought me that. You know what I'm saying? So that's fine, but just trying to enforce something, a title just for the sake of your security is not. Do you.


Feel like... But people be all here doing that? Like trying to force other.


People to do something. Oh, girl. No, they do try to force it. But I do also feel like we as humans have fucked up the family dynamic.




True. It used to be one mom and one dad. Now you all are getting married and people are getting... Us as women, even because your divorce, my sister was married. She was... I'm probably going to be beat my ass. I'm putting all this stuff up. But it's what happens. We've learned you know what? You can walk away. You know... You know what this- I.


Don't think we fucked up the dynamic. We learned our words. We don't have to stay in a situation we unhappy in.


I agree. So it just depends how you look at it. Because it used to be, This is my family. I got one mama and one daddy. Guess what? It's not that no more. Because we've learned to walk away. Now, when you learn to walk away, it's things that come with that. It's remarriage. He got a step mama now. So I feel like it's okay to have a bonus mom and you say, Mom, Andrea, or This is my mom too. I got this mom, but I'm not going to forget about, This is my mom. But if I want to call you mom, I don't see the.


Problem with it. It's not a problem. If it's a real family dynamic, we talk about niggas that just be going get a random bitch sometimes, got her pregnant and here she here for... And we know this nigga. So it's not real to me because bitch, it wasn't real with me and you and we've been together longer than you knew this bitch. So I know, you know what I'm saying? We're talking about patterns for real. So for you to just want to come in and say, Oh, yeah, it is mama, whatever. And I know this bitch ain't going to be here longer than fucking.


Six months. Right. Niggas be trying to- They do? Some niggas, I feel like that's more so... Well, I don't know. I don't know. I don't think that's bad. What? Because I got a cousin who be doing this shit too. Because I was going to say I think it's more so of a nigga thing to bring women around, jokees, who you know that you might not be in a serious situation with her, you know they might not be around. But I feel like women would be doing this shit too.


Women would be doing that too. Theyyou're doing? I mean, women will literally, and I don't want to make this a woman and a man thing. I think it's a people thing. It just depends on the people. People will do that. It depends on the type of person that you're dealing with, because I feel like if you want your child to call the stepmother or the stepfather, mom or dad, you need to know that this person is going to be here because the only person you're hurting is your child. Because I can speak from that point of view because I lost my dad at a very young age. I don't even remember my dad. But my mom, she was in a relationship with a guy, and they had to sit down and talk with her. And she said the same thing, If you all feel comfortable calling him dad, call him dad. If you all don't, don't. My sister was like, That ain't my daddy because my sister remembered her dad. She's like, That ain't my daddy. So she still called him. I was like, Dad.


Dad, dad. I lost my dad at an early age too, and my mama didn't have different men. So I have a step-daddy, and I consider him to be my dad. I tell everybody that's my dad. Everybody knows that's my daddy, but I don't call him Daddy.




You call him by his name.


But see, for me, it was a weird situation because I called him dad, and then once him and my mom broke up, that nigga disappeared. See?


That's the shit that I'm talking about, saying mama this, mama that.




Confusing. And as far as the child. Yeah, and I think I look at things a little differently because I've been through that. But I've also dated somebody with a child, and I was just like... I mean, obviously we never got even close to that point of... I don't know if you've had a child calling me mom or anything like that. But I'm not going to lie, if I was married to a man, I don't care what you call me, but I do want you to look at me like a mother figure. I want you to know that I'm here for you.


Right, and I think that comes with building a relationship.


Yeah. I see so many bitter baby daddies and bitter baby mammas. Let that person be there for your child. It takes a village.


Okay? So if somebody wants to help raise your child, let them. Oh, he got a daddy. He does have a daddy, but he's blessed enough to have a bonus dad. Some people have none.


I don't like to talk about the baby mama, baby daddy shit and the family dynamics, only because it's so many different compartments. Everybody's story different. It's not like a general situation, because then we see so many step-parents, girls letting men in who doing fatherly, seemingly good fatherly duties and didn't kill any children. You know what I'm saying?


Or molesting them, taking advantage of them.


So I can understand why everybody be on high alert with different scenarios and stuff. But I do agree with you. If it's healthy then that's a different story. But that's the only reason I hate talking about it because everybody got.


A different situation.


Everybody situation is the same. And they'd be on the my post arguing for deal. They're like, Bitch, fuck you. They're about to.


Be on this whole argument, too, girl.


They definitely must be up under here arguing and stuff for sure.


For sure. What's up? You all, it's your girl, Lex P.


And it's your girl, Dre and Nicole.


And it is our favorite time of the year, the holiday season. So one thing that I like is when somebody gifts me something that is unique and that is tailored to me and what.


I like. Yeah, I love an original gift, but I also really like experiences. And that's a good thing about Uncommon Goods, too. They offer experiences. So you can take cooking classes, you can take craft classes, gardening classes, all that. Whatever you into, they got it.


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Yes, I love to buy me a little something nice and give back.


Oh, come on, we love a philanthropist.


Philanthropist. Well, you know what I'm saying? Same thing. So what you going to do is go to uncommongoods. Com/poreminds. That's uncommongoods. Com/poreminds, and you're going to get 15 % off of your first order. You all, it's Christmas time. Make sure you get them gifts in. Period. To get 15 % off of your next gift, go to uncommongoods. Com/pore Minds. That's uncommongoods. Com/poreminds for 15 % off. Don't miss out on this limited time offer. Uncommon goods. We're all out of the ordinary.


So now it's time to get into the bed.




The bed topic, we really wanted to talk about like, do you think holding out once they see still holds power in 2023. Do it matter or is a nigger still going to do what he want to do? I feel like if a nigger wants the pussy that bad, it's just my opinion. He going to wait and get it and then still be a fuck nigger.


Exactly. I don't think it matter, honestly.


I agree. I'm going to tell you all something. These niggers ain't got smarter. They ain't got on my game. Pussy. I hate to say I'm putting the niggers on too much game. The value of pussy has gone down because you bitches done fucked.


The game up. No, they did. They fucked the game. They fucked the game. If somebody said the other day they made a whole video, they're like, Bitches, pussy ain't gone down. You all just selling it raw. I'm like, no.


You all don't know what that is. Guess what? As bad as we all are, as beautiful as we all are, a nigga is going to get a bitch that looks just like us and she going to go now.


Because why? She poor.


She going to go. She going to go.


She going to go. The bitches will be on.


Go because the bitches is post.


She's poor. And it's like she look just like you. She looks just like gray and Nicole. She looks just like OG, no, no, I don't know. He can't tell.


The difference. The only difference is she got a synthetic.


Wig, man. And he ain't going to know the difference. And he.


Ain't going to know the difference. This is the reason I feel like now, I feel like as far as me, I go Lex 2023, I hold out a little bit sometimes. But let me tell you why, because I want a deeper connection. The type of shit I'm into, I realized I am turning into the woman I knew I was going to be. I had my eras. I didn't know who I was. Now I know who I am. I know what I enjoy. And for a nigga to really get to that, we got to date. We got to be friends. We got to figure this shit out. I'm not doing that. I'm not trying to hold out to get something done. I'm just trying to see where is this going? It's for you. You know what I'm saying? But women be trying to hold out and use it as like a little barter system a little. You know what I'm saying?


Man, that.


Shit don't matter to these niggers. If you don't fuck them because you're trying to get a bag, guess what? He going to fuck this bitch who all... She just want to go to Nobu and Malibu. And that's cheaper.


Than the burk.


And he going to come back and he going to entertain you until you're ready. He going to work now.


Because you're going to see, guess what? Oh, he took another bitch to Malibu.




Well, let me just see what he's talking about. I mean, we had fun. Let's just- Yeah, I.


Mean, it was a vibe. I don't even think bitches think like that. I think they just- You don't even think they think like that. No, I think they just on go, period. Listen, it is so easy for niggas to do anything these days because you all niggas don't even have to have it. You just got to look like you have it. We talk. And bitches is going to go. So it's so easy for you all to get pussy. It's so easy for you all homeless motherfuckers to have a place.


To stay. Not the homeless mother. Laila, we got to tighten up.


We do. It's easy for-.


Well, not we. Not the three of us.








Outside. It's rough outside. I feel like the value of it used to be so you could hold out and the nigga going to bend over backwards. Let me tell you something. A nigga going to bend over backwards if he.


Fuck with you.


Yeah. Like, he really got a light. You used to just hold out the pussy. Nigga don't even know your last name.


What happened to Sugary? I feel like women don't make men work for sure.


Men? For what? Because he can fuck your friend.


Hello? Well, they.


Don't do anything. Hello? Girl, fuck you. Show to the show if you want to. Hey, security. Man, stuff that.


I'm going to call security if I see them.


Oh, my God. But exactly. But you said it right. I just feel like, Oh, man. I'm not ragging on women today. That's not what we're doing. I don't think we are, but I'm.


Just trying.


To be real. We're trying to be honest.


I think that women, we just need to get to the root of our childhood trauma and just getting to who we are and what we want. Because we be so focused on what a nigger want. I think we taught different, too. We taught to find one man, lock into them, because if we date multiple niggers, then we hold those. But niggers all the while they finding who they want. And we locked into one nigger, and then we locked into this ride or die. Now we felt like we didn't put in so much time with this one nigger. Now we got to stick with it. We unhappy as a motherfucker. Now we're building on unhappiness and all of this other extra shit and the struggle and everything else when really we had ample opportunity to just date, find our right partner. But we really don't free up that space because society and how everybody is how everybody look at us. So then they make us try to make it look like it is what it ain't. We may pretend and we'd be unhappy as a motherfucker. We'd be miserable, we don't have shit poor, and then now we got to do on the back end, do shit like that.


Fuck other niggas. Look for the short way, because we didn't spend so much time on the front end trying to make it look like what it really ain't.


Right. And that's why I said I think we need to go back to putting pressure. These niggas need to apply pressure again. Niggas don't want to apply pressure no more.


Because these niggas is bitches for real. They want to be dated.


They want to be the bad bitches. They want to be courted. Girls will be like, I want roses. I want roses too. The fuck? You don't even know what a Tulip is, whole ass nigga. The are you talking about? You want fucking Tulips? Since when do niggas care? Do you all care about getting fucking roses? No, I don't.


But what I'm saying is on the.


First day, I'm not lying to you. Real shit on the first day, I want a man to bring me roses.


I do.


I want you to feel like, man, I got to step up to the fucking plate because I'm going on a date with whatever your name is. I'm going on a date with Keisha and I need to show the fuck up. I'm going on a date with Molly. I need to show up for her. I don't care who you are, what race you are. These men need to feel like, I need to bring out all the stops and I need to be consistent with it. I don't need to.


Stop loving her. I love that for you because you know what? I'd be too cool. I think it's where I come from. I'd be too chill and I don't be worrying about shit. I need the stops.


I need all of it. What do you expect on your first date? Like...


I mean, just vibes and fun. I don't really expect... It's not about glitz and glamp, I guess, because of just experience. It's about the vibe. If I cannot vibe with you, I don't really give a fuck where we at.


For real.


I'm not even going to hold you.


Well, you know what? I think because of my.


Past situation- The makeup of it don't really matter to me, but it's crazy because afterwards it does.


So you don't have certain, like on your first date-.


I don't have a standard.


Yeah, because I don't know if you'd be on Twitter, but it was this list that was on Twitter and it had went viral. And basically, they were saying, these are the places that's unacceptable for your first day. And it was like maybe 50 things on the list, but it was like, Applebee's, Chile.


Chipotle, Waffle House.






Chain. -i'm like, You made me down for anything creative? -yeah. Okay. I'm not going to lie.


I'm down for anything creative. Yeah, creative. All the dates, everybody was getting on my ass because I was like, This is valid. They would church, a family function. I'm not going to church. I'm not going to.


Meet your family. The gym? If you want to go to the gym, you got to know.


I feel like you're in front of me. And I'm.


A gym girl. I don't want.


To go to the- Me too, but you're not taking me to the gym, you got to know. I feel like you take me to the gym on the first day. Because number one, what is you.


Trying to say? Yeah, you're trying to say I'm fat.




Think you should pull out all the stops. And when I say pull out all the stops, it doesn't matter how much money you spent. Did you get creative? I don't want to eat every day. Why you.


Got to eat all the stuff. It's the thought.


That counts.


Exactly. Not the thought that counts, because I made a video about that. People buy you gifts with no thought into it, but they want you to be grateful for it. It's the thought that counts. No, bitch, I.


Told you.


That I said, I like pink. Why the fuck would you bring me purple? You know what I'm saying? I've been talking. You're supposed to listen to what people say and base your gift for those things. That's when it's the thought that count. You don't just give a bitch. What if I give you a toolbox? You know what I'm saying? So I don't mean it's the thought that comes, but it's creative. Like you say, if you put thought into it, then I was like, Oh, okay. Because you could be showing me something that I never... As a hood bitch, a picnic is like, Oh, he was real. I put your blanket in her bag. I know, I told Dray.


To say my favorite thing to do, we go to the park and we lay out of smoke a little weed, listen some music because I'm a big music head. It's like, we get a vibe.


It's like you really want to.


Enjoy my company.


I'm just like thoughtful days. I think that too, the standard has become like, you got to take me to a steakhouse.


You got to go somewhere fancy.


We're not going to go somewhere fancy. But I feel like to me that's not thoughtful.


That's the bad bitch mentality.


And that's not thoughtful because obviously I think niggas have all gathered together. They done had a nigga meeting and they're like, We're going to take bitches to steak houses. This is what we going to do. It's not even thoughtful no more. Now, if you take me to a candle making day- I.


Honestly think that bitches that throw stand us. I think niggas don't even give.


A fuck. But that's why I fucked up.


You thought niggas would be like, Let me pull up on you. Nigga don't.


Really- I'm not going to lie though, but I feel like a lot of times people look at me in a certain way because when they released that list, I said 98 % of this list is bullshit. And people was on my ass. They was like, Oh, my God. But I'm like, you all didn't even go into detail what I like. I like creative dates. I want to go to a rooftop watch an orchestra. I told her my second date with the guy I was dating, we went on the second date to see a rooftop watch... Tickets was $20 a piece. He spent $40 on that day, and we had a ball. I don't want to eat. Why? Every time we hang out, we got to.


Fucking eat. No, for real.


Why is it always based around food? Like she said, let's go make some candles. Let's go to a painting class. Let's go to the museum. Let's go camping. Let's go camping.


What's your sign? I'm a Taurus.


Oh, you're a Taurus. I'm a Leo. What's your sign?




Oh, my best friend of the Sagittarius.


My best friend is a Sagittarius. I was.


Literally with my best friend last night. She is a Sagittarius too. I love Sagittarius women.


We're best friends. My moon sign is a Taurus.




Moon sign is Leo. She a Leo.


I thought you said your boo-sign. I was like, no, it's not. You said my boo? I thought you said your boo-son. But anyway, getting back to the topic. I do feel like we need to get back to demanding more and wanting more. And it's okay to say I had a girl in my mentions because I was talking about the dates. I was like, I'm not accepting Waffle House for her first date. And she was like, I would love if a man took me for a patty milk. She straight-up said that. I swear to God, I can look up. She said, If a man took me to get a patty milk, I would be so grateful.


I can honestly say I would not love them.


But you got to think about the backgrounds you're talking to. Because even going back to the baby mama, baby daddy shit, even when we're talking about that, they have this post, it go around every so often, like the beginning of the school year. And that shit just baffles me because it's like it's a nigger that it's a post. People make up all kinds of shit. So it could be real. It could be fake. But it's a bunch of ugly shit, like three pair of little shirts, tank tops for the child, and three pair of tennis shoes. It was like off-brand or some shit like that, and packs of underwear, pants, or T-shirt. Long story short, the mama made a post and was like, Look at what this nigger bought, and all of this stuff that I bought. And so under the post, it's a bunch of women saying, You should be grateful for that. And I'm looking at that shit like, Bitch, I have four. My children's father, the two oldest ones are deceased, but all of them are very taken care of. He take care of them while he's deceased. So I'd be, Fuck.


If somebody came, I'm not about to accept that. And it's not about the brand, it's about the fact, bitch, you knew school was coming around this whole... It's about the people that we're talking to, the audience we're talking to that's going to say stupid shit. That's stupid to us, but it might be really something to them. Because who are you to tell me, Oh, be grateful because some niggas, I don't give a fuck what some bitches don't have if they don't have a baby. I do. I know who I slept with. So you, I require this from you, and you know that. So this is unacceptable.


But going back to what she was saying earlier about the childhood trauma stuff, I feel like that be what it be too, though. I feel like people went through childhood trauma, and so then as an adult, it makes you accept the bare.


Minimum sometimes because.


You don't feel like you deserve.


What we talked about crack a dust. She called it break a dust. We would have called it.


Crack a dust. And they sit up there and they would really make you feel like you asking for... You got to watch the men because that's how you know them. That's another red flag when a man come around and act like you too much, Bitch, if I'm too much, go find less because you've been fucking with bitches that ain't never had nothing.


And I would say this, and like I said- And they're easily impressed. And that little.


Shit you're doing for me is not nothing.


It's not about the amount of money that they're spending, it's the effort.


Just give an effort. And it's the intent.


And going back to that point you made about the post, black women, this is to black women only that are watching this, black women, please stop creating content, creating skits, creating things that make us look bad. You all are participating in these skits that are fake and people are believing it. A lady did something with a date and talking about bad on Cheesecake Factory. Now everybody's talking about Cheesecake Factory, the 48-.


That was so-.


All that stuff was fake. So fake. Ladies, especially black women. We, unfortunately, do not get the freedom to create content like white women do. Stop doing it. I don't give a fuck how many followers this white man, this Asian man, this Latino man has, and he's going to try to upgrade you because guess what? You're going to get talked about for a week on Twitter, two weeks on Facebook, and nobody's ever going to remember you. Stop creating this fake ass content.


I'm tired. I'm not too tired about the lady from contact. I'm tired.


Stop creating this.


Fake- The what? The fake the house?


Yes. She been.


Having me wanted to go down for the baby. But it was her.


Because they were saying she was married and she was there with her husband.


Yeah, they did say that.


Stop creating this fake ass content for conversation because we already have it hard as black women. And now people are looking at this content. You got to realize these are people online who believe everything they see. If I post right now, the sky is purple, people are going to be like, Oh, my God. Now you know, if you look at it from this angle, because Lex P was right. She said, if you look, you can say anything on the internet. Black women stop falling into that content creating that is like, sensationalized to make us look bad. Please stop it. It's not worth it. You all be wanting this fame. This is not about to fuck fame. It's not making you.


No money. It's not making.


No money. I don't.


Think people care about money no more.


No, they don't. And that's why we're losing recipes.


I think people care more about being famous and being seen and getting popular than they care about the actual dollars.


Hey, hello.


Yeah, talking to a person that was asking me about, What you think about this? And I'm like, Well, that doesn't make sense. They make more sense to do this and that. They're like, Oh, okay, I see what you're saying.


But and then do the opposite because what I'm focused on is dollars and you focus on fame. So I see why you went that route because you want to.


Be famous. You all really want to be famous for this day and age. Being famous? First of all, I.


Don't even feel like I'm famous. Let me say that. But I think that we're- Are you famous? You're famous. I feel like I need this to say that because people going to be in the comments like, You bitches ain't famous. They ain't.


Talk about me, you said it.


I don't feel like we're famous. I do think that the podcast is popular. We're both popular on social media. But I'm not even a celebrity yet or anything like that. But I feel like people are already so mean and so invested and care so much about what you got going on. They always got a comment. It's always some bullshit every time I get online, and it's just like, That shit sucks.


It's mean.


I don't understand why people want it.


How do you deal with backlash? Just out of curiosity, because I know me and Dre react different.


How do you- I'm just bashing on people sometimes personally.


My page gets took every time I fuck with that.


Not that's why your page got taken.


They put me in live jail for six months. Me too. I don't even be saying shit for real. I might be speaking so cussing and be like, Oh, you know. And then everybody else will come up under there and say a bunch of shit. Yeah, no, I don't be saying shit. It just depends on who.


It is.


Because, bitch, if you play with me and I know you.


Now you're.


About to make me.


Act retorted. Do you feel like people be trying to play you because I'm from... Well, New Orleans, you from New Orleans, and that's not a small town, but I'm from a very small town. But I feel like New Orleans is one of the cities where everybody know everybody. I feel like sometimes people from my hometown be trying to play me a little bit. I don't know if they're fun or react. When you said people be trying to play because they know you- Yeah.


No, they don't fuck with me.


They know better.


You don't be the New.


Orleans people. No, I don't be New Orleans people. It'd be people that be way fucking Guatemala. Some fucking world. Guatemala? They'd be on fuck as well. Guatemala? Guatemala's? They'd be in Hawaii sitting on the island bitch your poor. I'm like, Bitch, I know. Who the fuck you run about.


Me for? What you.


Want to do? They be like, Your eyebrows are even...


Oh, my God.


What does yours look like? What you know is crazy?


Most of the time it's men.




Of the time it's men, and that shit freaks me out. And I used to be going back and forth, but I spend more time on my Instagram than on my Instagram. My Instagram is business. I post and then I get old. But in the first couple of minutes, I might react to the comments or whatever, engage and that's it.


We got a social media girl. I can't wait till we start making more money because I can pay her more to run my Instagram. I don't want to be on that hoe. I hate it. Because if you.


Get on on the wrong day, for real, you'll really be.


Going crazy. Bro, spabby.


They don't ruin.


Your day.. They would.


They would.


They would. They would.


I'm sensitive. I'm sensitive as fuck. I take everything to heart.


I don't know, people be saying shit just because. Once I realized that, they don't really know. They don't know too much about me, so they just know what they think.


They see us once a week and they know what they're seeing.


They know what they're seeing, what you post.


Because I used to be that girl. I was on the show. I didn't have a lot of money. When I first moved here, I had a lot of synthetic week. I couldn't afford to get my hair done. I shade my hair.


All the time. And me, I'm a single parent, so I'd be at football practice. I'm just going to be at the appointment, like three football practices.


You'd be.


Running around. Yeah, I don't be giving a fuck. If I got something to say and I get on here or this is what I have to do because of my content or my job or whatever, I get on there and say whatever I got to say how I look. And I'd rather do that than to have them make me feel like I have to be made up every single time I'm on, because then now you all making me be a character and I'm a real person.




Real. So sometimes I'm going to get on here fucked up. But that's what I do like that I have created. I look back at videos, I be like, Damn, bitch, you looked fucked up. Girl, we're in trouble.




Need to go look at some of my first videos. You're going to be like, Oh, they came a long way. I was in.


The call so much there was like, Do this bitch have a house? I'm like, Yep, it's just noisy as fuck in there. I got drug.


At least you have one. I ain't have one. I was living on her couch. It was like I.


Have, man. I have too many people in there.


Okay, are you ready to move on to the next one? Because we are.


Just chatting. No, we can. I did want to talk to you, though, because earlier you were just talking about childhood trauma, like with your situation with your mom. I feel like I'd be having a similar situation like that, too, because I am the only child, but I'm adopted. Okay. And so me and my real mom do not have a good relationship, but I know her. And I just be feeling like, Do you feel like your relationship with your mom affect your dating relationships? Like, how you treat men and how you deal with men? Because I feel like my relationship with my biological mom, even though I have a great relationship with my mom that raised me from birth, my relationship with my biological mom really be fucking me up when it comes to dating relationships and shit.


Because I'd be like- That's the core of it. I always say that because when I make videos and shit, I talk about relationship shit, niggas be under that. They'd be like, Who hurt you? And niggas, that's the niggas you fuck with. And I'm like-.


No, it's not.


I don't even let a niggas get close enough to me. Me either. To do me nothing. It don't matter what I pretend, it don't matter what I said, it don't matter what I cried about. You know what I'm saying? Because I'm a character. So it don't matter about none of those things. I'm not going to say I'm just acting because I might really be hurt, but it don't hurt me to the core like those things that I encountered with my mama.


She'll tell you because I don't not be giving a fuck.


I don't be giving a fuck about me, just for real. I don't be giving a fuck either. It'd be just the principal. So I'm a make of ruckus about it.


I probably seen Dread cry eight times in my life. And say that times it was because of my dad and because of my daddy. Well, yeah, you know what I mean.


But you hold up certain relationship close to you.


That's how I am too. I don't be giving a fuck about these niggas. The dude that I'm dating now, I really do care about him. But I feel like because of the blockage, because of the childhood trauma and shit, it's hard for us to have a healthy relationship. Because I always feel like even if he being genuine, even if he really is, I'd be like, Nigger, you playing.


I don't touch on that. That do come from Mama because she the first nurturer. When you don't get that then you don't know. Like, my first marriage, I didn't realize how cold I was. It was like, You're not affectionate. I'm not affectionate. And it's so fucked up because my oldest son, who's 19, I see the same thing. So I would love language is different when... I know when he won't say I love you and stuff like that because he spend time with me, he come lay across the bed, we talk, we chat for hours or whatever. We crack jokes, we send video, shit like that. That's his way. But that's because that's what I taught him. I grew up with him. So I only taught him what I learned, which was what my mama taught me. It wasn't no affection. It wasn't no hugs, no kisses, no I love you, no none of that. I knew because I had everything and it's so crazy because everybody around me look at me like, Oh, well, bitch, you had everything. You had this, you had that, you had all the neighboring. But none of those things don't even matter to me.


It's about relationship and emotional support. And I didn't feel like I got that. And as an adult now, me just working on those things, it is very difficult to open up those doors after being closed for so long. So with my other children, I'm more open with them.


Oh, I love you. Because it was.


Later in life. Yeah, and I'm just starting to learn myself, Oh, I love you. So they do it to me all day. I don't even have to do it to them. But my oldest one, he don't really like touch and all those things make him uncomfortable because it makes me uncomfortable. It was so crazy, I leave here and say, Oh, I love you all with no question because I've worked on me. But with my mama, I would never say it.


Oh, I.


Can't really say it to my.


Real mom either. It's not natural at all under no circumstance. I'm not going.


To lie though, I'm glad you said that because I think I got to a point to where you probably don't even remember this. I think me and Andrea, that's my best friend, it's like my sister. But we had a time where we did not get along, unless you guys know.




It was one time we left, I can't remember if we were going somewhere, we were leaving somewhere. But I seen like, we and you were hugging everybody and we didn't hug each other because I was like, I hug my friends. I don't hug Dreya. I don't tell Dreya I love her because I was just like, we just gotten a weird space, and then it became a habit. But I realized I was like that with my sister, my real sister as well.


And she is.


For it too. And my sister is for sure. But she brought it up to me. She was like, You don't ever hug me when you leave. And I was like, Damn.


She never.


Hugged me, for real. I never. But I make a point to tell you I love you because I do love her, and I do. But I'm like- I.


Think now, but I do think it's different than I think we've been friends for seven years, eight years at this point. I think you got some friends you will make me when you get off the phone you be like, I love you. With me, it's like every once in a while we say it's because you know how I am.


But also it's because it was like the trauma in our relationship. Even when I wanted to tell you I love you, I'm not telling that bitch I love you, I'm not hugging that ho. But now it's just like- But I.


Also don't think I'm really a I love you person.


Isn't that natural?


Like my Sagittarius best friend, the one I was just... Because Lex is my best friend, too. But my Sagittarius best friend, she be, I love you.


I love you every day. She's my best friend. And my best friend is a Sagittarius too.


And so I think that we have that type of relationship where I say that to her all the time because she say it to me. I have a male best friend, he's a Pisces. You know, water signs, they emotional as fuck. He say that shit to me all the time. So we just have that relationship. When we get off the phone, I love you. I love you. I feel like me and Lex, we never really had that. But as we grow as friends, we try to be conscious of saying it more now. Because you're not really an initiator for that.


And I'm not either. Yeah, I'm not an initiator because I'm a Leo. I'm like, You're supposed to.


Love me.


When you walk in the room you're supposed to.


Hug me. That's my oldest son.


You know what I'm saying?


Oh, he's Leo. Yeah, he's Leo.


Okay. Yeah. So I feel like, but that goes with I grew up in a Taurus household. My sister is a Taurus and my mom was a Taurus. So it was always so much of me initiating things, then I became a donor. I was like, no, you all need to be loving on me.


Because you.


All have the exact same birthday.


Oh, Jesus. Her and my mom have the same birthday. My sister's birthday is two weeks after that. I've been around Taurus' mom. I can't escape her. But I do feel like one thing about me I'm learning is I need to be with okay. Like I said, I'm becoming a woman, and I'm okay with expressing my love. This is who I am. I'm a lover. And I'm tired of trying to fight it and trying to pretend. I just need to surround myself with people who understand it and accept it and don't take advantage of it. Right. It's a safe space. It's safe space because that goes into that childhood trauma. I won't say my sister and my mom traumatized me, but they were just tourists.


That's fair because like she said, people do always say tourists are-.




Hard. Yeah, you all are stubborn. Just when you think you got a wall down. No, because you all motherfuckers know how to tell a truth... To tell the truth without telling the whole story.


Like piece by piece. I know, girl, you ain't got to tell me.


Now she's reading us down. I ain't going to.


Read you because you know, let's let her join in today.


I'm going.


To turn this way.


Okay, we got to move on. Okay, so now it's time to get into.


The- The bow. The bow.






Bow. I'm going to talk about my bow first because you all know I'd be on some different shit. I found a new artist. I actually found him from TikTok. His name is a Goldberg. He has a new song called Orange Blossom. Now, if you're a person who likes the vibe and energy and feeling things, this is the song for you. Like, if you want to pour you up a glass of wine, smoke a little wee, get on a little shroom. Oh, my God, this song is going to put you in the fields. So the song Orange Blossom is just basically how he feels like it's fall time. He's seeing different colors because he's in love. Oh, my gosh. He's explaining how he's seeing different things and feeling different things because he loves this girl. And he just... It's a beautiful song. He has a beautiful voice. And it surprised me because when I first heard a snippet of it, I didn't know he was white. It's a white man singing the blues.


I know.


That's what he did. He was going through it. So yeah, Goldberg, Orange Blossom, that's my bop of the week.


Okay, so my bop is... And it's actually... Okay, so it's off of Offset's album. Fire. But it's the song with Offset and Don Tolever. And you was actually the person who put me on.


Right. I put.


You on this? Okay. No, you put me on Don Tolever, even though you're from Houston. You was the first person I ever heard that listened to him. So that's my Bob, Worth it. Bob and Don't Let Me. And like you said, it's the Bust a Rhymes beat. Yeah, Fire.


I'll say this, Offset album is fire. You all are not talking about this shit enough.


First of all- Let's say she think that Don't Let... I mean, not Don't tell her. She thinks that Offset album is better than Drake-O.


You want to say it.


Out loud.


Okay, I'll say it, bitch.




Is not coming on Poor Minds. Aubrey makes amazing music, album is Fire, but Offset's album is better than Drake's album. After further review, okay?


I don't listen to Offset, but I'm going to have to try- It's a.


Fucking Fire album. It is a good album. Second of all, him and that song, Cardi B and Offset, it's time for you all to do a joint album and do a tour. You all need to do it. They make amazing fucking music together. You know, some people just make good, like how Meg was with the baby or Meg and even Moneybagg. You all make great music. Sometimes people just mesh well. Cardi B and Offset make that song Freak that they got together, Freak, Freak, Freaky. I'm like, Hey, Cardi be eating the track up. So yes, Offset, Cardi. You all need to do a joint album and you all need to go on tour. Offset album is fire. So yeah, I agree with you.


It is, I agree.


It's so fucking good. The intro is fucking fire. But anyway, okay, girl, what you been listening to, Bookie?


I don't really know the names of the songs because I'm old-school. I just been letting the shit play. I was on Spotify, give me a playlist and then I learn them. But I've been on Hotchow. Okay. I've been on.


Hotchow too. What was.


The song that he first had when he first came out?


Your Friend? Oh, no, I don't know. But I've been listening to the one with the video, your girl, Gloss.


Yeah, because him and Gloss is a couple of friends.


Now they're in love.


They are? Yes, they're.


A couple. I thought.


That was just.


For the video. Oh, see, I didn't follow up. That's just me.


I am upset.


Oh, he had.


That song, Let's Get It.




Don't want to play because we going to... But- How do we go? I can't remember.


Okay. But I've been listening to 7:00 AM and they hold the friends with Glaciana.


Okay, I.


Like I'm not sure. I'm not sure. Shout out to Puncho. And I don't really care for new artists like that because they be annoying.


No, girl, I like to listen to the same.


Thing as well. Yeah, me too. They hate getting in my coat. And then I'll be singing them like.


They brand new. And it'd be like the old school. I'm talking.


About 90s or anything. I'm a Drake fan, though. I'm a Drake fan and Fabulous fans.


Me too.


Girl, she just rolled her eyes. Lexie Haley. She will not listen to Fabulous.


I do not listen to Fabulous.


I do not listen to Fabulous. Dre'a love Fabulous now.


I know, right? I know. I do. He make good music. He really do. Back in the day, he was always going to have a one-bar caption for you. I'm just saying.




Now, somehow it's time to getit. Let me move on from my- She.


Would always blossomom her ass on her ass.


She would always get mad at me. Get your.


Ass on somewhere. Okay. She probably only liked the song because she was imagining herself in the video. I walked. That'd be me.


You all are delusional. You all know what I.


Used to do with Ashanti? I used to sing. I used to do that when I was younger. I mean, you.


Don't got to convince me, bitch.


I know you. I love to act out.


I can believe it. See how you did it.


She caught my teeth.


She's delusional. So now it's time to get into our favorite segment of the show, which is Pore Your Heart Out. I don't know if you all have any questions that you all want to send us. You all can send them to askporeminds@gmail. Com. That's A-S-K. P-o-u-r-m-i-n-d-s@gmail. Com. Send us your questions. Send us your testimonials, because sometimes we'd be fucking you all and you all be telling us about that too.




Want to know about all of it. So come on, Thad.


Come on, Thad, with.


The T. You said which one? This one.


Me. Come on, Thad.


You already to give me the long question.


Go ahead, little Dria.






Fuck? Okay, that's how they'd be doing it.


That's the essay. It is.


It's the essay.


Okay, hi, ladies. I am a faithful fan, 28 years old and a working single mother. I need some bad advice. Girl, what you mean bad advice?


Poor minds.


She said, I need.


Some bad advice. So I have been dating this guy. I met at my job since 2019. Mind you, I was pregnant when I started talking to him, and his BM was also pregnant. Oh, my God. I should have never entertained it, but I did because I was lonely, hormonal, and more so lonely. He had a really good conversation, so we would talk on the phone every single day at work all day. To this day, fast forward 2020, we both have our children literally a week apart. Me and my child's father didn't last after six months because he cheated, but I was pregnant, so it was very complicated and I wanted my baby. Fast forward to now, me and my baby daddy not together, but he has been trying to get his family back for the past year now, but he is not dependable financially at all. Hence, I say single mother, but I know he loves me and is genuine. And the nigga I fuck with at my job is, and in fact, a BDB. My bills be paid, honey, but he lives with his baby mama. Claims he can move with me but I don't know if that's the right answer either.


Here we are, four years later in the same limbo. What should I do? Continue to fuck with him in this horrible situation? Or I love him and feels he loves me. Or am I being delusional? Fuck with my baby daddy again? Or just move on. I probably should have did five years ago. Help me.


If he's a BDB, why he got to move in with you? Because you was like, oh, he want to move in. He's not a BDB if he got to move in with you, first of all. So I feel like even your side, other nigger option, and then why stop fucking with people that you work with? It's never going to work out well. You know how much money he makes? So it's like, can he really get you out of a predicament? Because honestly, I feel like I'm not saying you all on the same level because he could be your boss. He could be somebody above her. But I feel like if I'm working for you, why am I working? For real? For real? I should be doing something else at another company and we're doing the same shit, making the same amount of money. That was just a stupid shit. I don't know. I mean, I'm saying, like, Girl, you.


Need to stop fucking- Not that it was a waste to our time.


It was. Because that needs-.


You all should be getting me.


That- Both of them they just tried to blame her. We were a little tipsy out there with her. That's why I don't see our sister. What do we call? We always say, blame it on time.


Blame it on time? We blame.


Every- You all didn't tell me that. I should have.


Known that. We have a whole episode called, blame it on time.


Because she going to have you fucked up.


But I know, but you're like, Your baby daddy ain't shit.


Your co-worker ain't shit. Why are you asking them? Because you know how the nigger treat your baby daddy ain't shit. You started it off with that. So what-.


Then we don't have no baby daddy.


But honestly, on top of that.


A lot of these- That's a flex. You all don't be using it, but that's the flex. I don't feel like that's a flex. Me either. Because you.


All want children, that's the flex. We're I'm going to sprinkle with that Baby Dood stuff. She got.


Some baby dust. No, she got some fucking baby dust. But I feel like this- I think in a year or two I'll be ready. What I've realized with this show too, I love when you all write in, but a lot of times you all be asking this question because you already know what you want to do. You just want me to confirm it. I'm not confirming that shit. Don't ever let a nigger move in with you. A nigger is supposed to be moving you in and you're supposed to stack up your bread and case shit go wrong, you can dip. Never never let a nigger move in with you because if you all move in together, everything going to depend on you when he decide to bounce.


I need that clip. Hello?


I need that clip. You know what I'm saying? Stop doing that. Stop doing that.


You know that- You need to be able to leave.


You need to be able to leave and your baby daddy ain't shit. You know that. Your baby daddy ain't shit. He had you and his other baby at the same time. He shouldn't even be in the... Why are you even still talking about it?


She said it five times.


No, and she said they started fucking with each other when she was pregnant. A nigga, they fuck with a pregnant lady who do not care about nothing.


You too horny.


You want the person too bad. You want to fuck with somebody who is pregnant with someone else's child? That's crazy.


What if that was in.


The beginning?


Oh, my God. Okay, well, maybe.


You're right. Maybe he didn't know.


Yeah, that would have been.


But then.


She told him that she was like, she.


We know. We know. We've been like-.


No, weIf.


He didn't know. What if he didn't know?


But she knew.




It ain't about her.


I'm talking about the niggie. How dare you let another nigger nut on another nigger baby head? I took it too far. Too far. Okay, my bad.


They say that's where the soft spot be coming from. That's what they say.


See this is why we got to wrap this whole up. We got to wrap this... We don't want over 30 minutes, bitch. Oh, Lord. My lash coming off, bitch. I can't stand this motherfucking show. This why we never going to get sent to Cain, bitch. We never... Abc said fuck these whores. Okay, next question. Hi, ladies. I am 23 years old with no kids, and the dude I'm messing around with is 36 and he has two kids, one boy and one girl. We have been messing around and hanging out for the past year now. We have bomb ass sex. He is always there for me. He comes through for me when I need him. But usually he doesn't talk about his little girl. He's always talking about his little boy. I caught him with a hicky on his neck, and when I brought it up, he admitted a drunk girl did it at a bar, but he didn't fuck her. I still continue to fuck with him afterwards. Plus, I got my get back. He haven't told me he loved me, but he wants me to move in with him. I recently confessed and told I had someone paying my bills and sending me money and he got mad and said he didn't want to deal with nobody who's getting tricked on.


But I told him it is what it is and we haven't spoken since. I like him a lot. My question to you, girls, is should I reach out or should I move on? What should I say if he reaches out to me first?


I want to be out the room. Why did you say that? Because it's the reason I kept laughing.


What's she saying? You should have seen the faces. Because what would you tell on yourself, stupid bitch? Why the fuck you taught on yourself? You getting your bills paid, guess what you should have did? I'm mad because guess what you should have did? You should have told a nigga who was paying your bills that, Hey, I got something going on. You're doing a lot. I'm about to move back in with my mama. But I still need you to send me X, Y, Z moving with... Run it up. You god damn it, I'm tired of you both. Run it up. You taught on yourself. What should you do? Bitch, find some new tricks because you lost it. And it's.


Him admitting to him getting a hicky in a bar from a random girl for me.


A lot of women, for some reason, we like to let niggas trick us into being real with them 100 %.


They'll never be real.


They'll be lying.


Let's talk about it, though.




Whole time. They'll never be 100 %. So it's like you tell the shit that makes sense. You don't tell every single thing.


Hello? Yeah.


Let me tell you something.


You ain't got to tell a nigger to interest me. You all be thinking they're going to find out. That nigger ain't.


Going to find out. Because they don't.


They're not going to find out unless you tell them. Let me tell you all something, ladies. I'm all for being honest, but this is what... This was not your man. First of all, you all been in with each other for a year and some change. He never told you he loved you. You all are not in a relationship. Why are you telling him the truth? Like, why? I'm really trying to understand. Maybe I'm being.


Why are you telling me the truth? That's when you tell the best stories in the beginning. I still have one of my niggas beefing with an imaginary niggas.


You say you what?


I still have a niggas beefing with an imaginary nigga that treated me so fabulous, but I just didn't want it.


I thought.


Of the story lies to this.


He's competing with somebody imaginary. Now, if this.


Is your man- If this is your man.


Is this your man? No, no, not like that. But this is a nigger. You all.


Been dealing with each other all for a year. He ain't never told you he loved you.


Yeah, you play games with the niggers that won't play games.


If you want to play, let's play.


Let's fucking play.


Let's go. I keep better present my control.


You were getting your bills paid and you told on yourself. Man, I'm on you all ass today. Let me.


Tell you how the nigger has still been paying.


My bills. It's a less P versus the women today. I've been on you all ass all day. I'm tired of you all because you all making it hard for me. I'm trying to find a husband, baby.


And you all embarrassing us in front of Nuno. Why is you all asking these dumb ass questions? You all, we're supposed to show out for Nuno, baby.


She was like, these are the questions that these.


Bitches be asking? Okay, Nuno, let's know where they can find you, your podcast where they address what you got going on, all that good shit.


I don't have nothing going on but the OG podcast, find it on YouTube, Apple Music, iTunes. Oh, yeah, what it is? Oh, the OG code. That's the blame it on tie. It's that fucking tie. It's that fucking time. It's the blame it on time.


Yes. So the OG code, they can find that on Instagram. And then what's your personal Instagram?


Og. New. New.


And this is N-E-W. Right, yeah.


And it's the same on YouTube. Everything the same on TikTok, everything.


Okay, so they coming for you now, girl. They want to know where you be at, what you got going on.


I'm not for fussing with you all, bitches.


Now we're on tour right now, so you all make sure to go to poorminds. Com and get you all tickets. It's up and it's stuck. We having a ball, so you all going to make sure you all want to come through. We got Atlanta and Houston next. We closing it out. So you all make sure you all come through and fuck with us. Thank you so.


Much for coming through. Thank you all. I enjoyed you all. Even though my eye was killing me, my eye.


Was killing me. But you looked through and you gave it through.


Yes, and I hope that.


Tequila helped.


You feel a.


Little better.


I almost asked for another one. Hey, you can't do it. Look, we got a.


Little fun. We got a little fun. We'll see you all next week. Bye, you all.


What's up, you all?


It's your girl, Lexie. And it's your girl.


Dre and Nicole. And I got some really good news.


For you all. Yes, period. We are about to revamp our whole patron. We got so much new shit coming soon for you all. We're about to be doing challenges. We're about to be doing blogs. We're really about to be dropping a lot of exclusive content for you all. So if one episode a week is not enough, you all are about to get some more content.


On LinkedIn. Yes. You all be saying, Oh, the episode is longer. I need twice a week. Well, this is your opportunity to see us twice a week. And also, you're going to get a look into our lives. You know us on a personal level. So make sure you all signed up at patronaut. Com/pourmind. Sign up today. There's different tiers. So if you want audio only, you can just listen. If you want video and we have that too. And also we have a top tier where you get exclusive access to merch, shows, all that good stuff. So go to patriot. Com/pornminds and sign up today.


Here we go. Hey, I want to talk where you got it, I'm the hottest around. Look at Noah's seed when a rile is around. I need.


A soldier with a top down, feeling the sound.


Quick and vibrating your thighs right and hard on the guide. Come on. I'm I'm going to sign with them. Lay sitting at you. Tell them, don't even try. Shoot it. Shoot it with Cherle, Kelly, and Holly and Bee. You got to... Bee, you ain't out of the league. That's what you call making you want to go out. What? Can't be pain, keep that whip cleaning.


I always be talking that country.


Saying we like that beat that beat and the back, be in. I'd be so low from the chief in.


Love when.


He keep my body screaming.


A rule boy.


That's good to me with street credibility. That is ain't here.


I ain't checking for him.


Better be straight if he looking.


At me. I need a soldier that ain't scared to stand up for me. No, they can't read me. Big things, if you know what I mean. If ain't here.


I ain't checking for him.


Better be straight if he looking at me. I need a.


Soldier that ain't scared to stand up for me.


Can't read me.


And you know.


What I mean. We're going boys up.


Top, from the BK.


Remember we all said it? Bk know how to flip that money three ways. I always thought of being on the freeway with that East Coast line that a.




Girls we like. Low cut, Cezars with the deep way. With the stash of your Beyonce. Your Beyonce. Coming down, popping all way. Telling us that.


Country girls, the kind the girls they like.


And the hood. I'm checking for a Middle Beach street. If you lookingat me. I need a soldier.


Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Girl. What? I'm sorry. Why don't you do that? You know I'm a little tongue. What? I ate that up. I'm sorry. I ate that up. I'm sorry. I ate that up. Okay, you can go. Go ahead. I know that we ate them, but we ate them because I'm not going to eat them. I'll be thinking on the wrong words. It gets so weird. So where they at? Where they at? They want to spend that on me. Where they at? I know some soldiers are here. Where they at? Where they at? Where am I putting that on me? Where they at? This is the part you wanted so bad. This is not Lil Wayne part. Oh, Tia. I'm not going to lie, Tia. We don't remember this verse. We wait on Lil Wayne part.


Okay. They don't see me on the block. I ain't trying to hide.


I'm being blinged with the hood.


I'm camera fly, bandana tie. So, Mommy, join my troupe. Now, every time she see my name, she's the loop. I like the boys over here. They looking strong tonight. They looking strong tonight. Just might be on the phone tonight. On the night.


Hold me and a dicky in my zone tonight. In the zone tonight. He don't know it might be on the night.


It might be looking good and he's talking right.


He the type that might change my life. That might.


Change my life. Every time I look at him, my girls be like... The girls be like...


That one might be the one tonight. You all bitches are shouting.


No lie. Let me say this on camera.


Michelle used to have the hardest version. Every time? She do, though. On every... They do. She doesn't even know how to do it. They do. She used to have the best parts, period.