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What's up? It's your.


Girl, Lex P. And it's your girl.


Dre and Nicole. You all know we wrapping up the tour, so you all know we had.


To come home. We had to come home. We love a.


Good theme. We wanted to do a.


Theme so bad for Houston. So we doing a freak next thing for the Houston show. It's going to be solid, you all. Yes, November 25th.


Doors open at 6:00 PM. Show starts at 7:00 at House of Blues. We got Beat King coming through. We got Zero coming through, and I'm telling you all it's a lot more people coming through because we home. We're going to be a lot of surprises. We have so many surprises.


It's freak.


Next thing. Get your hair done, put your grilles in your spray-painted T-shirt, get real ghetto because we finna have a time. We finna shake some ass and turn up. Yes, period. I love it. Your best 90s attire put that shit on, period. So we'll see.


You all soon, November 25th. House of Blues in Houston. What's up, you all? It's your girl Lex P.


And it's your girl, Dr. Ryan Nicole. And you are tuned in to another episode of Poor Minds. Where a drunk mind speaks sober thoughts. We got a guest today. We got a guest today. Hey, I am so excited. Me too. And let me tell you why I'm so excited because I'm going to say this because we're going to talk about when I first heard of you in a second. But when you first stepped on the scene, I was like, Who.


Is this? Because I heard you.


Before I saw you. And I'm like, Damn, she sound like me. She was.


Talking about her and she was like, Oh, my God.


She's so cute. She's so cute. We got Montalia and the motherfucking Pilly. Mona, Leo.


I'm excited.


To be here.




You for coming. Thank you for coming. I just want to say I really fucked with you all's podcast to watch. Oh, thank you. Yeah, I don't know how I'm going to be on it, but to watch it.


I'd be.


Thoroughly entertained. When I was doing my makeup today, I was watching the one with you all and Mona, and I was so entertained. Oh, yes. We love her. I love her. That was.


Like a perfect little mix between you all and her. It was just chaotic.


The whole way through, and.


I love that. And you know what's crazy? I think a lot of times when people.


Watch the show, they never know what to expect because we get along.


With everybody. And we're like this in real life.


We can.


Talk to anybody. I think it's a Texas thing. It is. It's a Texas thing, yeah. We just have manners, we're nice people. That's Southern hospitality. Okay, so the first time I heard your song, I was in Houston. I think I was at the club, probably. And they.


Was playing the beat, the officer you had to beat down.


The block. You remade it. Houston, the legendary. Legendary song. Legendary songs. And you know what? I hate.


When people touch legendary songs. I fuckingstop doing it because you all know what you're doing. Unless you're going to do it right. And you did that.


Shit so it was perfect from start to finish.


Thank you.


So talk about what... Because you had some.


Balls to do that.


What made you be like I'm going to do that. I did. Let's talk about it. So first of all, when I wrote that song, I was 19. I was 19, which is... No, I'm lying. I was 18 when I wrote that song.


So the fact that people like that...


Like you all. I'm just put it out there you all... Look, I'm on the... They know we're on to the point.


You all are.


Cool bitches.


The fact that you all bitches.


The fact that you all bitches. The fact that it translates well is just really crazy. Just being 18 and I was like, that was genuine, real energy.


I was going through this really bad. My first real... Now in hindsight that I'm 22, I'm like, okay, that wasn't shit. But at the time it was like the biggest deal. Oh, girl, she said that I'm 22, baby. Wait till you're 32. Oh my God, please. Hold on. You're in for a ride, sweetheart, but go ahead. I was going through a really bad breakup to me at the time, and it was just like the end of the world. It felt.


Like the end.


Of the world.


The nigga had cheated on me, got a bitch pregnant. He was.


A little bit older than me, so he was in a different phase. He was only four years older than me, so it was like, he had some other shit going on. I was just graduating high school, so we were in different phases of our life. So obviously, he was probably.


Ready to have kids. So he just got somebody else pregnant and it was just OD. I was crying every day.


It was just, oh, girl, I thought it was the end of the world. And so I wrote that song because I didn't feel confident, I didn't feel beautiful. I was just going through young girl stuff. I'm still young and I still go through stuff like that. But at the time, it was just like I was trying to find myself. And that was the first song that was a coming out, coming into my womanhood. I'm an adult now. I just graduated high school. This is the type of woman that I want to be. And so it was just a lot of manifestation in that song. It's a turn of song for sure, but a lot of that was like... It was pivotal for me and my confidence and the fact that it translates over to your age group. The old home. The old home. And older it's just like it's a good feeling. So yeah, that's the space that I was in. And yeah, now I'm here. When you were in the studio, did you know that it was going to be the way it was? I knew. I just felt when I was writing it, so I was living at my grandma's house.


And I was really back and forth between my grandma's house and my aunt's house because I had moved out of my mom's house. I was going to school on the other side of town. So I stayed with my aunt, and.


Then I was back and forth between my aunt.


And my grandma sleeping on their couches and stuff. And I remember when I was writing a song, I was sitting at my grandma's kitchen table and I had my brother there, my cousin, Jade, and my brother, Jacob, and they were sitting at the table. And I just wanted somebody to be there because I just knew it was going to be, I don't know. You just felt it. I felt it. I knew it was going to be the start of something really great. I had never just stepped out on faith like that. I just really didn't feel like I.




The confidence to be a rapper to begin with, but I just wanted to try some shit. It was just like I was at rock bottom, so the only place I could go was up. So I was like, okay, I wrote it at the table, and I remember I was practicing it. I was reciting it, and I was reciting it to my brother, performing it to them, and they was fucking with it, and I was fucking with it. I just knew I remember I texted a producer, his name is Marion, crazy. I texted him and I was like, This is going to be a hit. This is just going to be my hit. He was like, Yeah, I believe you. And it was. And it was. I'm glad you brought.


That up because it's crazy because the age gap between us, because I'm 34, so we have 12-year age gap. But it was something that you tweeted a long time ago, and you were talking about how, like you said, you were at rock bottom and you were like on the verge. You were on the edge. And you were like, literally, everything happened at the right moment. It did. I talk about that a lot, like my depression and things that I've gone through. So talk about that. Do you feel like music saves you and got you through it? Definitely. Without a shadow of a.


Doubt, music definitely saved me. It gave me a creative outlet to channel all of that negative energy that I was harboring. So I was super depressed, super anxious, just really socially. I was weird. I couldn't go in places in public without feeling like the smallest person in the room. It was one of the worst feelings I had ever felt. So becoming a music artist and having something to channel that energy into was just really pivotal for me. And like I said, I was able to instill that confidence back into myself. If I make music like I'm a bad bitch, that's how I'm going to feel. And that's exactly what happened. Now I feel like nobody can tell me shit. I'm very confident. My boundaries are very strong. I tweeted the other day, I have boundaries of steel. I don't play at all. And I used to really let a lot of shit slide back in the day, and I didn't have any boundaries. I didn't have any confidence, no self-worth, none of that shit. So I feel like making music and just getting those negative thoughts out so that I can focus on what's really happening in front of me.


Because when you're going through shit and you're depressed, all you know is what's going on in your mind. And so it was all those depressive ass thoughts just circulating. And I'm not good enough. I'm ugly. I'm too skinny. I'm too this, I'm too that. And it was just circulating in my mind. So channeling that into music and just weeding that out and really being able to see life for what it was, that helped me a lot. You have so much wisdom to be 22. Thank you. She really does. You have so much wisdom to be 22. That's the pain. That's the trauma.


But to have all of that self-realization at your age is such an amazing thing because I feel like at.


22, girl, I was just.


Still out.


Here winging me. Winging me. I feel like I didn't really start figuring shit out, for real, honestly, until I was in my late 20s. Really? Yeah, when I really had like an epiphany and a damn. I was 30. I was 30. I didn't figure shit out until I was 30. And that's why I said when you twice I was looking at you.


And I'm like, what you said was inspiring to me being older because I was at that moment because at this point podcast, we.


Doing what we're supposed to do.


But I was still feeling like this imposter syndrome. And I'm just like, yeah. You know what? Bitch, fuck that. You deserve that. Look, young, young as you said, you look like I got something to prove. I feel like I got something to prove. So, shit out me and then be acting like... Exactly, for real though. Seriously, I'd still.


Be going through shit.




Slapped the shit out me, a nigger. I'm telling you. But I wanted to do imposter syndrome.


Ever stop? Like, when you in this space? I feel like when I first started, that imposter syndrome was fucking crazy. Like I said.


I couldn't go.


Anywhere without feeling like the smallest person in the room. I feel like.


Everybody had more accolades, more accomplishments than me. And I was like, Why am I here? It just felt like I didn't belong. But I feel like the more that you progress in your career and in your purpose, you feel more accomplished, regardless of whether or not you're getting those accolades, like you're getting certain shit like plaques or awards, whatever the fuck. The longer, the more time that you put in, you feel accomplished. I feel like the more time that I'm putting in, it's like nobody can tell me shit about what I got going on. Nobody can tell me anything about my craft because I'm in the studio, I'm really working, and I'm working on me, and I'm developing that confidence in myself. And that's something that I think is really important, being able to build that for yourself and not looking for that outside validation because that's where you start getting fucked up at. And if people build you up, they're able to break you down. Yeah, you're depending. Exactly. And you depend on public opinion. And I had to really shy away from shit like that. And the more I leaned into myself, the more confident that I became.


And I'm still... It's like an everyday thing. It's a journey. It's a journey. But I can say I'm way past where I was when I initially wrote that song in 2019. I'm way, way, way, way, way, way, way past it. And it's just a beautiful feeling. It's a good feeling. It's a really good feeling. So I want to get a little messy real quick. Every time we've had a Houston artist on here, I always get mad. We don't have Ken on, we don't have zero or whatever. We done had zero. We had Paul Wall. We have Paul Wall. Yes. We had.


Slim Thug, too. At the show. Okay, Slim Thug is crazy. And she was me and Messi at the live show. I could see you all day then. Why do.


People say that?




Because you're both tall.


People always say that. And me and Slim are cool because I used.


To have a character on the show I call and the.


Rapper bag. And everybody thought it was Slimp Thug.


So let me say this right now. Yeah, because you were talking.


About, Oh, I.


Just went to Houston and I.


Seen Rapper Bank. Well, he is Houston but it ain't Slimp Thug. But it ain't Slimp Thug. It should have been. I'm going to tell you who it is because you.


All know each other. You can see us. I'm going to tell you that.


Okay, tell me.


I know him? Yes.


Very well.


I don't know the fuck.


I don't. Well, don't give him no clues. Come on now.


Okay, but let me ask you this. Okay, so Houston, I'm.


Sorry the ladies that took over. I feel like when you.


Talk about Houston rappers, the names they bring up is Mona Leo, Ken the Mead.


Librae, and Beg. Let's talk about the support in the beginning, because one thing I will say, me and Andrea had to leave Houston to get support. And I'm honest right now, I'm sorry. We were in a different time, though. Yeah, put it on the cover. But we still had to leave Houston. So how do you feel about the support of Houston from the beginning when you first started to now? Do you feel like.


They supported.


You from day one?


I feel like.


They supported me from day one. Now, I'm not going to say this about Houston because I love my city and I feel like there are still a bunch of.


People in Houston, thousands of people in Houston that still support me. I will say specifically, though, my friends, like the people that I started with in Houston, my peers that just were local Houston people that I started with, they were supportive in the beginning, and now I feel like they're not supportive anymore because I feel like I got to a certain place in their minds. Mind you, I'm still feeling like I'm working and I'm developing myself. I still feel like an upcoming artist and to them it's like, Oh, she switched up. She, Hollywood. She don't fuck with us no more. She ain't put us on. And it's like, I don't know what the fuck they was looking for me to do. Actually, I was going through this last week and I was just... One of my old friends had called me and was just telling me like, Yeah, I went over there by the studio the other day and they were all saying that they don't fuck with you no more because you don't come by anymore and you don't support them. You don't post any music and you ain't do a feature with them and you ain't do that.


I'm going to have to sell my soul to these people for me to have done enough for them because you give people opportunities, you do shit, you invite them out to shit, and it's just like- It's still not enough. It's never enough. And they feel like they're supposed to be attached to your fucking hip and coming.




At the same time as you. And it's like, I'm still trying to get my foot in the door. I'm still trying to get my shit established. And it's like, how do you feel like I'm supposed to do that for you? And I'm still trying to do it for myself. It's not fair to me. So I wouldn't say that about Houston. I feel like they still support me. I have a show coming up in Houston next month on my tour that I'm going on, and I feel like it's going to be packed out. I feel like... Thank you. I feel like it's going to be packed out. It's going to be lit. It's going to.


Be fun. But I'm going to see a bunch of people that I probably never seen before, and that's going to fuck.


Me up.


Because I started with a lot of people.


And that's why.


We have.


The support of Houston.


I feel like we have the support of Houston, but I'm only like, on the inside, like the circle, like the people who had the people closest to you. The people who had the power to pull strings at the time and the people who were closest to me, I feel like.


They weren't supportive in the beginning. It was a lot of people in Houston that had it. Not at... I don't have the power to really be like, I started Dreya and Legs. You know what I'm saying? They had that power in their hands and they were just like, I'm not fucking with it. I agree. I think people in Houston, they do gay keep sometimes. They gay keep and they get to a certain status and they want to keep everything for themselves. And I understand that that's the stigma in Houston, but that's not me personally. But everybody just... In Houston, we just stayed ourselves. We in our bubble, real chill, real relaxed, real reserved. So it's like I can see why people were like, Oh, I'm not going to put her on. I'm not going to... And I feel like I experienced a little bit of that, but when you have undeniable talent and an undeniable gift, there's nothing that could stop. There's no limitations. You all moving out of Houston was probably the best thing that you all could have done. Oh, yeah, for sure. Because now look, we're in Atlanta and you all have these crazy, amazing, wonderful guests on you all' show constantly.


Including you. Including me. You all rotate a group of crazy ass people, and it's good. We got our own little studio space. But imagine your own studio space, that's fucking crazy. First of all, congratulations. Imagine if you all had stayed in Houston. Thank you. I'm telling you. Sometimes you can't grow in your hometown. No, you can't. I don't want to say that about my Houston because I never want to turn my back.


On my hometown, and I always support them, and they definitely support me. But sometimes you got to take the spot.


You got to move around. I mean, you have to move around. And what I will say is I feel like unbusy people will never understand busy people. They would never fucking understand.


I was saying this the other day, it'd be the people with unemployed, and this is not me talking about people- They're waiting on you again. They're waiting on you to fuck up. Well, no, they're waiting on you to fuck up, but then sometimes.


It'd be the people closest to you. That's why they don't support you when you.




On because they feel.


Like you're supposed to pull these strings for me. I'm still trying to make it. I'm still trying to make it, and they perceive you as fucking Beyonce. Oh, my God. Because that's how they look at it. But I'm promise you all I don't have as much pool as you all think I do. I'm still working. I'm still getting into space, introducing myself. I'm still shaking hands and kissing babies. That's the phase that I'm in right now. I'm still on the ground working, and they don't fucking understand that shit. And they do be the people that's closest to you. It was people in my family, people in my closest-to-my-own family, and there's peer groups that I have to sit down and be like, You being fucking weird right now. And I just want to like, It's getting weird between us. And I want to clear the air. What is the issue right now? And they were like.


Oh, I.


Just felt like you forgot about me. I'm like, How the fuck did you figure that? We still talk. We don't see each other as much, but that's not because I forgot about you. That's because we're in different spaces in our life. I'm busy as fuck. Not saying I'm too busy for you, but I'm genuinely doing shit. But I'm busy. Life. Life be life. And I'm overwhelmed. People don't understand. I went from not doing shit, unemployed, I had nothing going on. I was at my grandmother's house every single day in that room. I didn't leave that room. Sometimes I didn't even leave the room to take a shower or eat. I was depressed. I was going through shit. So I went from being completely isolated, alienated to now I'm an artist and I have to interact with different people and it's an everyday thing. I'm constantly in rooms with hundreds of people, and I'll have a fucking social media following of hundreds of thousands of people. It's fucking overwhelming. So sometimes I just genuinely don't want to be around people and they really don't understand or respect that. And that's like my boundary. And at first.


I wasn't securing that because I felt.


Like, damn, am I fucking up?


Am I a bad person? Am I a bad person?


Let me just really sit down and analyze.




After some.


Consideration, I figured out it's not me. What you're saying?


I'm a Taurus, April 24. Oh, Lord. I'm her.


Birthday is the 22nd.


Oh, my God, you're a Taurus. Anyway, while these Tourists.


Is time. I'm about to cut out, Tyra. You see it in.


My face.


I can tell. I'm getting.


The Taurus energy.


Me and.


Her mom had the exact same birthday.


And my sister is a Taurus. I'm surrounded by Taurus.


Surrounded by Tauruses. Power for women.


Now you've got another one. I'm feeling.


The cut out. Tyra, what are we drinking today?


We're going to call.


This one.


The Montaleo Smiles. I just wanted to do a little play on your name. I love that.




Yours is different. She has a strawberry tequila, lemon drop. There's with some Reposado tequila. She has some triple sex. She has some strawberry, puree and some.


Lemon juice.


And simple syrup. For this one, what Dreya and Lex are drinking, this one has some tequila or vodka. It has some St. Germain, which is an elder flower liqueur. We have some leachy syrup, some lime.


Juice, and then we even added a little bit of mint and agave. So that's what this.


Garnish is. It's an actual.


Leachy with.


A fresh mint.


Right on top. I love leachy.




Little bit of leachy. Okay, so she put this shit together. Hey, he's a real bartender for real. A real one. Shut up to Ty. We love us some Ty. And as usual, you all make sure you all check out L-S-Cream, LaCore. You all, listen, whenever you.


Go out to eat, whenever you go to your local liquor store, make.


Sure you request...


Request? Request. Yeah, all right, what did.


You put it in? Say it out for Chris. You all know we love some Illis. I always talk about how I.


Put Illis in my coffee. It's cold, it's getting cold outside. -my grandma be doing that.


-it's so good.


-that cream liqueur? Yeah, it's good. -it's good.


You know we give that little buzz.


It's already warm, but it's going to warm you up even more. Exactly, super warm. And then you all know it's fall too. So not only can you put in your coffee, you can put in your hot cocoa. I'm telling you, it's so good you all. You all need to get you all some cream. Team, Illis.


Make sure you all go.


To the website and get you all something.


You all know they're also.


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If you need help keeping your orders in line, keeping everything organized, shipstation. Com is going to make it super easy. Shipstation. Com and use the code, PORMIND. Okay, so before we get into the topics, you all know we got to do the Reisha roulette. Shout out to Kareisha, please. Okay, you know what? I'm going to Lex. You want me to read first? I want.


You to.


Read yours first. I'm going to.


Go last. And I want to say this on record. Oh, my God. I feel like Lex purposely be picking questions that she know I'm going to have to drink. What's her sign?


Because she know that.


A Leo. Girl, hell yeah, she picked that. She picked that for you.


Yeah, she always do. She be picking.


Shit to be messy because she wants me to take a shot.


That is a messy ass Leo. That is a.


Messy ass Leo. That's all ganging up on me.


I just want to put it out there. She know Leo, too. You all is messy. Okay, let me.


Read my question. Okay.


And liars. We call her Lion ass.


They do. They be lying ass off. I do be lying.


I can't tell you. I knew you was a liar.


I'm not a liar. She said, I can see it.


Over there. It's the green jacket.


I know. The lion aura. I love Leos though. They're sweet. They just.


Be lying. They're just lying and they messy. They'll be thinking you don't.


Know they're lying. I was.


Like, okay. I'll be thinking I did my big.


On you.


When I first became friends with Lex, I used to always try to call her out on her lies. Now I just be like...


You just let the whole lie. I don't lie.


To you no more. You got to lie to me more. I don't have to lie to you.


No more. No more? Yeah. Okay. That's fair. Go ahead, bitch. Okay, take.


A shot if you ever suck a nipple nipple, or are you a.


Nigger that.


Get his nipple sucks? Girl.


Tia's her drink full, I was just asking. You've got a little something. You've been sucking nipples. I have. That's why I said she messy. It's fuck. Sip, sip.


You ain't sucking on nipples. I have sucked.


A little nipple. Oh, my God. You ain't sucking on nipples. I don't suck on nipple.


No, I think that's the 30 year old shit. You all get freaky as fuck. After a certain age you.


All be licking ass.


And nipples. I did that shit at 26.


Oh, okay. Hey, I like to suck a little nipple. I think it's sexy though.


Like you all got to.


Go down. Suck a nipple?


You ain't.


Going to just suck it, though. You know, you have.


A judgment. You having sex already. You just licking it. Sucking my nip and that boy. That ain't going to work. You ain't.


Going to suck at nip and that boy.


He like it.


Would you feel like it?




Ain't going to.


It. He's one.


Of those super hard... I'm telling you.


Look at me. I know.


They'd be them types.


They'd be them types. They'd be you breaking down. Okay, I ain't going to.


Say that about my man because he going- Look, he watching. He's watching. He's going to watch his shit from the.


Front to the back. Okay, read your question. My question, Lord.


Oh, my God.


It say, take a shot if you ever got jumped.


Oh, no, I never got jumped. You never got jumped? You never got jumped?


No, I don't know if you've ever jumped me. I'd be in jail. We wouldn't be sitting here if I was jumped. Okay, Hey.


I'll take a sip. I'll take a half.


You got jumped? I didn't get jumped, but I was fighting a girl. And her friends tried to like... They were trying to.


Help her. They were trying to roll with her. They were trying to roll with you. You're like, rolling it up like fake. You know what I'm saying? But my friends.


Was there too.


They was like, Hell no. Because they didn't.


Jump in. No, they jumped in. I know why they didn't jump in. Why?


You know why. Why? No, this was with my black friends. This was.


With my black.


Friends, bitch. It was white.


See how you all talk about me?


I got a white friend.


Hold on, let me just say this.


I got a white friend. She has to have all white friends. See, if you have white friends.


They got to be crazy.


I got a white friend, her name is KT.


Shout out to KT. She's crazy. She's going to jump in for me.


I'll never forget.


I was at a basketball game. My nigger was playing basketball, and there was a girl from the other side of the court, and she was like, my nigger was fouling real hard. I'm not like, he was dead wrong. But still don't say shit to my nigger. She was on the other side of the thing. She was like talking to the record. She was like, how the fuck are you just going to let your dad out? I must have jumped up. I was pregnant too, nobody knew I had a big on- Oh, this was recent. This was recent.


Yeah, it was.


It was recent. This year I had a big on. I had a big on. I had a sweat on, so nobody knew I had a big on. I had a big on. She was just like talking and I jumped up. Bitch don't you say shit to my nigga. Pussy ass. I don't do that. And so I.


Started walking to the other side of the court. My wife, Kacey, she was right behind me. She was off and everything.


She was ready to get down.




Was ready. Love her. You see that.


How she really...


Because she got that song, I'm a young ass gangster bitch, come get a Winsley. -winsley, yeah. -thug-ass game. -yeah, Winsley, for real. -but, both, for real. -no, you'll be fighting? I don't be fighting. I got kids and shit, I don't fight no more. I'm a mother. I'm a mother. But prior to me having children, I was definitely having children. Having a child, I was definitely like... Because you talked that. I was in tune with people because I just felt like, again, they'd be thinking because I'm like... The same thing you said when you were introducing to me like, Oh, she's so cute. She's sweet. That's what they think. And that's how they'd be feeling like that for real, and they feel like they could try me. And I just always had to have like a... I had to.


Switch it on. Every time you rap, you'd be like, I'm.


Going to knock your ass out.


Yeah, true story, though.


I don't know that's right. I didn't beat a couple of holes in my life, but I would never say that I.


Can't be.


Beat up.




That's when you say that. I never say that I can't get beat up. But the way I move now is so militant. I'm never going like... You have to really pray to the stars and the sky and God to catch me just out dola by myself. I don't even move. I used to move like that before a couple of years ago because again, I just feel.


Like I had something to prove.


So I just went, I'm not here.


With no security. But now you're in a position where you can't move like that. Yeah, exactly. That was stupid to me. That was young, now maturing and growing up and having things. I don't have anything to lose, but now I have things to lose. I have a business that I've established. I have a career, I've established, I have a child, I have a family. I have people that I.


Take care of.


I can't be out here just.


Like, going outside people's heads. But that girl had me fucked up in that basketball game.




Your white girl had your bag. She had my bag. See, when I got my... I had my black friends. That's when.


I was hanging on my black friends. And they didn't help? They did help. The girls started pushing and rolling me over then my other friend came in. She should have, yeah. She stole on her.


So it was her craziest fight experience, like craziest, most embarrassing. I would never tell the story again.


Sci-fi story. Well, actually, I told this.


Story on the show before I got in a fight when.


My senior year, I was wild.


I used to smoke.


Of high school or college? God damn it, Mona Leo.


What? I got a ex. She said they both look a lot older than you. You graduated first time high school, god damn it. I graduated 2007.


Damn. Okay. She said I was sick. I was sick. She was.


For real. I wasn't exaggerating.


You graduated in 2007? I graduated in 2007. Okay. And I had one of my best God friends.


She said, times.


Was different, Becky.


Tom was way different. You all wasn't even on the internet.


You were really into it. First of all- No, we wasn't, though. We had my space on the desk. We did have my- But you all have like, phones. No, we had phones. You all have phones. We didn't have apps.


Okay, so was they touch screen or no?


No, we still have the keyboard.


We still had the 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 6, 6.


No, they had a type seven, seven.


Seven for H.


No, you had a sidekick in 2007. Well, I don't have a sidekick, bitch.


I had a chocolate, the LG Chocolate. I don't think what was going on there. What was the shit? What was you.


All listening to music- You were watching Nug, if you buck. Yeah, I'm like, that's cool.


I've been on your dance dream. A little bit.


Yeah. Okay, so what happened? So I was dating this guy from seventh grade. It was my first love, but we broke up. And I have this thing.


I don't know why.


I'm always cool with my exes. This has been a thing since I've been little. People like you.


I know, she get on me.


About that.


I'm always.


Cool with.


My exes. She's weird. Because I don't know how she... Well, she don't do it. But she's weird. I don't talk to her no, nigger, every dating. Once you hold me like, It ain't no beef. We're cool. But anyways, but in this instance, I wasn't over.


My ex.


But I still, I hooked him up with somebody else.


Girl, hell no. I was 17. I was 16 at war. You're a strong bitch.


Okay, so long story short, him and the girl started dating, but I was like, you know what? I changed my mind. I want to back. So I started talking to him again, and we like back then. It was like, oh, you kids. So me and the nigger kids. And she found out she was ready to fight. What? So we got in a fight. And mind you, she was a I said this in the past, she was a big dark hole, Maisy gray. She used to be hooping. She was giving Shaquille a meal.


Okay. Hey, I'm not.


Going to lie, I got out there. Macy gray.


Is about to be like, now what?


No, don't.


Get me in it. Thei said that. That was a song that the Migo said.


I ain't never heard that song. They did.


Say that. They said, big, dark, whole, get it though. Macy gray.


Yeah, I didn't say that Macy gray. They tried to say goodbye. They said that? That's what.


They said? I'm bad and boujee.


But anyway.




I got out there. I fall.


And when I thought about why I fall, it was really my fault because I really hold and disrespect her. But honestly, we got into it. She was lumped up. She made my nose bleed. It was ugly. And nobody jumped in because they was like, let him get a lap because it was a long time coming. Because you shouldn't have hooked her up with that nigger if.


You knew you wanted him back. That's messy. I just want.


To see if he was going to come home.


Oh, my God. Why the fuck would you do that? Because I'm a Leo. I can't never do.


No shit.


Like that. I couldn't do.


It now.


I'm never fucking no nigger.


Up that I used to date. I'm dating or fucked or whatever. It's not happening. First of all, I'm not talking to no nigger that I used to date, conversate with, fuck with, fuck nothing. Like, I'm not talking for what? Okay, it's different. I got a nigger. If I didn't have a nigga, it would be probably different. I wouldn't give a fuck. But I just want to do shit that I expect him to do. And it's like if he's talking to his exes. No, I agree. If I'm in a relationship.


It's different. But I'm not going to lie, one of my close friends, we used to date, but once we started being really close friends, I was like, bro, we had no business dating. That's too mature for me. Yeah, I don't know. But honestly, if I.


Got a relationship, whatever my nigga, if my.


Nigger feels uncomfortable with it.


I really wouldn't talk to him. So what's how long this relationship that you all been in? Me? Girl, like two months.


No, I'm playing. I'm playing. You're talking about me, Wayne.


I'm playing. Oh, my God. Like a year? A year and a half. A year total? Yeah. Okay. It's you. It's you.


It's her. It's you. You are sure.


You ain't giving me no revelation.


I don't know. Because I'm like, hold on.


A year? No, seriously, me.


And Lex talk about this all the time. I get.


Bored easily. I get bored really, really easily. I get tired of people. Me and Lex talk about this all.


The time ever.


Since we've been friends because I like somebody today and then tomorrow I'll be like, friend. I'm over him. I'm over it. I think I want to date somebody else. That's just me. It's hard for me to stay consistent with one person. I think I have the syndrome of.


Feeling like I'm.


Always missing out on something. Oh, the FOMO fear missing out. Yeah. I always feel like, okay, this nigga is great, but what if he's somebody better? That's fucked up. You're going to.


Look up in 15, 20 years have gone by and.


You have no one. And see, I'm a girl. Like, if I dated your nigger.


You always going to.




Like, is she still around? I'd be there. You're the worst type of girl. You're the type of girl that still be fucking with.


The nigger mama, still be calling her. I don't like shit like that. The son and the daughter be active with them? What? Be active. What Lexie? What? The lady with the podcast.


I don't like that shit. And I'm like you. I don't really be friends with my ex, but I did have one ex that I was friends with, but I was only friends with.


Him because I really did not.


Like that nigger no more. Like, we was best friends and I would not fuck with him at all.


No, I can understand that because it'd be like that. Did you all fuck or no? This was my ex-boyfriend. So we was together when I was in college, though, but we was literally best friends from the time I was 20.


To 27. And the only reason we stopped being best friends because he had had a.


Baby and the girl was like, no, you can't be friends with her no more. Yeah, I feel her. I feel her. Because the thing is, it has been different thing. I feel her. Did we meet? They never met. And I don't say I go to this page and that's when you used to have.


The ass out, bitch. She got the ass.


The ass was out?


How dare you have a two-inch waist.


I had on a.


40-inch ass and.


Think you about to be hanging out with my nigga. No, it's not happening. It's not happening. No, fuck you. All of.


You all feel that way? If I did not know.


You, you are not.


Hanging out.


With my nigga. You're hanging out with my nigga.


I tell you that. I don't feel like that's possessive. I don't think I would have a problem with you.


Being in front of my nigga even if you were in the swimsuit.


It's possessive. Now what? Girl, fuck you and your fat ass. Exactly.


Why, you all?


Why we- My nigga can't.


Have no fat ass friends. If your booty too big. If your booty is over 37 inches- Your.


Ass too fat is.


Not happening. What if she.


Don't got a.


Booty, though? It's still not happening. Let me.


Tell you something.


I know my nigga got a type. Like, when I met him, he like them slim ass girls. So I tell you right now, anybody I see, any hell, no... You can't hang with my nigga. I can tell you right... He don't even play with me. He know I'm negative, nasty, deppy, downer. I'm like, when it comes to shit like that I don't do no playing. And he don't do no playing either. So it's like, I respect it. But he know none of that is flying with me because it'd be the holes that'd be in your face.


That'd be.


Right there in proximity.


Let me tell you what I just found out. The guy was dating, I found out we're cool now. I found out that a girl that I was really, really close with. I just found this out yesterday. Yesterday? Yesterday. She told me this morning.


How are you here right now?


Because I don't give.


A fuck. I'd be in jail.


I found out because me and the dude are friends now. We're close friends. We cool. And he finally told me. He was like, Yeah, while me he was like, yeah, why you were dating, I fucked your home girl. And I was.


Like- Let me call my nigga real quick. I said, Al. And see what he got going on. I said.


Al, but you know what? This is my first entrance because you know what? I know bitches have done weird shit to me before, but I'm so oblivious because I just be like, I be in my world in my own little circle, and I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I can honestly say this is the first time I guess I've really found out straight up from the source that bitches be on some.


Weird shit. They be on weird shit.


Now, this happened three years ago. They fucked three years ago. I'm just now found out. For three years, me and this girl been in each other's face. I got a fence tod. So I used to post this when we were dating, I used to post him on my fence. She used to be like, Oh, my God. We were that close. She used to be like, Oh, my God, I love this.


And again, for the.


Record- Weird.


That's weird. I never liked that girl. She always gave me weird vibes. I think I'm big on energy and.




Intuition and following it and shit. It's very intuitive. And she just always gave me weird vibes.


I know the audience is going to be like, this is throwback bay. If you are real.


Throwback- Well, damn, I wasn't.


Going to.


Say who- But what Glarela said, I can't be up in her face. I took a nigger down before.


But she'd be.


In her...


She'd be in.


My face. She'd be in my face. But see, I don't understand people like that because if I know for a fact we had the same dealings with the same nigger, like I'm not being cool with anybody that my nigger talked to. Sorry, not sorry. And it'd be people that I'd be sometimes bumping into. I bump into people a couple of times and I'm just like, let me just go the other way because I know how I feel. And I know what that shit is hitting for, so off from real. I'm just like, That's shit just weird to me. It's just weird that he was talking to hold before me. Let me just say that.


You had a life before me.


How dare you. -he should have waited for me. That's just weird. Every day I think about that shit, and I just be looking at him like you a slut for real. I love you. But in the back of my mind, I just be like, You're weird for that. I don't like shit.


Like that. You don't tell me he had a life.


Before you. Girl, let me tell you something. He shouldn't have. He should have waited on me, and that's how I stand on that for real. He should have waited on me. I could never talk to anybody who I know we dealt with the same nigger. So the fact that she was in your face, in your close friends, still trying to kick it with you, Keke, girl, I'd be in jail. I say.


That all the time. I cannot be friends, be cool with no girl that I know. We used to fuck with the same nigger. They used to be linking up, and I used to fuck with the same nigger.


Now that is weird. That's weird as fuck. It's weird. The fact that I like, we just went out when I was in Houston and she was in my face telling me her business. And I really hope she sees this because I have made the decision on my end. I'm never talking about it. What's her name? Just say it. I'm not going to say her name because a lot of people in Houston watch our show and I don't want people to fuck with her because we have so many with.


Your friends. Just tell me in my ear. I'll tell.


You, but the thing that's crazy about it- You ain't.


Going to know her. She's not nobody.


To know.


You know, Houston is small.


She's older than us. I might. You're not.


My manager, his name is... You know, Toby. Oh, Toby. You know.


Toby, that's my partner from.


Back in the day. No, us with Toby.


Like me.


Which one of you all talked to Toby? Because I know.


You all.


Talked to him.


No. Nobody talked to him. No. Okay, then my man, Toby.


I'm sorry, Toby. I've been on to Toby since I was.


Your age.




Been on a trip since I was your age. We used to date the.


Same girl. What girl? Never mind. Just tell me later. We've got a lot of tell me later. I'm just asking who- That's going to be the name.


Of the episode. Just tell me later, bitch.


Just tell me later. Name the episode, tell me later. We're not trying to tell her later.


Okay, we.


Haven't got into the first.


We haven't even got into the-.


Hold on, did.


You even- No.


Let me read my letter. What's your question? Okay, my bad. Sorry. This is gone. I'm fucking all right.


Take a shot and you all be honest. I'm going to be honest. Take a shower. Take a sip of your drink if you've ever licked someone's ass. It's strict in this motherfucker.


She said you all be honest. Like, she still wasn't going.


To be the.


Only one. Yeah, another one. Give me another one too. I'm the only what?


A drink. You all better lick.


Your ass. No, fuck it. Let's do shots. Let's do shots. We're taking it there. We're taking it there. I don't come to Atlanta. I don't come- We're outside.


We're about to. We're about to do another episode and we got a dress up for Halloween, bitch. I'm about to be Harry Potter for real.


That's going to be cute. Wait, so hold on. I'm going to be in character. So when you licked his ass, what that.


Was like? I love it. I like when a nigger is vulnerable. I feel like I can do whatever I want.


A nipple going as far as I'm going. I don't care.


But you know what this is the thing?


Well, I do the gooch.


The gooch? The gooch between the canes.


I don't care, bitch, I'm going in.


If I'm going to do something I'm going to take it.


From there. We're going to take it to the moon, take it to the star.


You all love that song.


Me too. You all know Beyonce be freaky on her song. She a freak. Beyonce is a freak. She's a freak. And I love that about her because I think what she said when she was taking it to the moon, taking to the star, she going to take it there. That's the.


Earth sign in her. She was taking it to the gooch. She was taking.


It to the booty.


Let me not say that because I actually really love Beyonce.


I know. I love me some dude. But that's crazy.




But I don't.


Feel like you'll ever lick ass. Maybe when you married. I don't know.


They're young.


You don't know what to say? I'm young, so it's young.


But I still feel like when I get married is when I would like eat a nigger.


But it's like, I don't know. I mean, shit. I don't know. I just feel like an ass is crazy. Why? An ass is what? Because it's a nigga. You know how niggas be with their ass.


But I also only do it when they first come.


They don't be always... Niggers don't be shaving, all types of shit. I don't have no time for that. But see, I got the little wipes. I got the wipes. So I got the dude wipes in the bathroom. So I know why they could be wiping his ass. Never mind.


I'm not in trouble. I'm not in trouble. I know it's.


Funny, but still, I'm just not like... We're just not like we not.


And that's fair. I don't judge if you do or you don't. But I'm saying sometimes you reach a certain age and things that your man likes or he may.


Be into. Yeah.


Because the way I got into it, I never did it, but he liked it.


Did he ask you? Was he like, Oh, lick my ass.


No, he was.


Like- He.


Was pushing you. Yeah, he was pushing my head down. I said, I'm already down. He kept pushing down. I went down. I said, I'm already down.


You said that you were just going with the flow.


I was looking like this.


You were stinking. What she was thinking in your head.




Nigger. Help me? Yeah.


But I was like, fuck it. Maybe he want me to go all in. So I said, fuck it, let me just do it because this thing is tripping. And finally, when I did it, he was like...




Moan'd? Because he was fighting.


You never told me this. We were fighting for a good little minute.


You all was back and forth. You were pushing your head. You were like...


You wouldn't say he moan'd.


Hold on. So wait. He is a moaner.


But you're not eating every nigger ass, though. Oh, no.


No, no, no.


But what qualifies for a nigger who ass you would eat?


I'm not going to lie, I date a certain type of nigger. The nigger that I told you that you know, he's probably the most different nigger that I've ever dated. But that's the longest relationship I've ever had. That you've had, yeah. I was dealing with him seven years on and off. Damn.


Yeah, bitch. Now I'm thinking.


I'm going to say you don't laugh, though. It's funny. I'm a cucko, I know. But the type of guys I usually date, I usually date guys that are like... I like squares. I like guys that are like regular, make money, good jobs.




To five. They don't mind go and getting a manicure. They're the guys that don't mind getting a wax or things like that because they're so sure about their sexuality. They don't care like that. So I've done it to three men in my life. That's it.


But the first.


Time I've seen it, it's really not. Compared to the number of them niggas out in.


Front of me.




34. Okay, so hold on real quick. Would you tell everybody what your body.


Count is? It's the body count, I'm curious. You know what? I wouldn't say my body count because you know it's crazy. I'm weak because they'reWhat? Three asses? That's a lot of ass to eat.


That's a lot of ass to eat. For a nigger, that's a lot. The second ass I ate.


He didn't like it, so I only gave it one. So you only gave it one? Then you wasted ass? You wasted ass eating. But I was so excited to do it.


But you ain't never drink it after you. I don't know then you all. You don't even have three asses and you passed the ass to me. No, when I passed the ass to my man and it ain't working I.


Ain't going to lie to you. We'd be out. It was one time I dropped my hookah tip on the floor and she was like, You can use mine. I was.




Actually? Actually? It's okay. No, thank you. Thank you, but no thank you, babe.


No Facebook-y. No Facebook-y.


You all are.


Fucking-i'm trying to think in this mother fucking life. All I got to say is this, I feel like... But you know where that came from? I feel like I like exploring in the bedroom. I really do.


I love that. You're sexually free.


Sexually liberated.


I'm sexually free. I love that.


I love joking about it because it's fun, because I feel like I like to have fun in the bedroom. So if you introduce me to something that I've never done before, why not? You might.




You might.


It. I love that. You know what I'm saying?


But I feel like that also comes with age because I used to feel like, Oh, I have to be a certain way. I got to do a certain thing. But now I hate the fact that people feel like sex is so taboo to talk about. Like, we're all having it. It's normal. It's okay. Yeah, it is. You know what I'm saying? It is, because it's okay. But what you like in the bedroom ain't what I like. We can laugh and joke about it.


All day. No, facts. And I feel like a lot.


Of people leave their bed too unsatisfied.


Exactly. They be scared to speak up. One thing about me.


You're going to say what you want me. I'm going to speak up. Speak up.


I just want to speak up. What are you doing? What are you doing? I'm coming in a bitch. I get a little bit of head. What's up? What's happening? What we doing?


You're not going to start it still. So obviously we've gone... We still haven't got to the topic, and we're already... We're going to do one topic.


Okay, which one?


Let's just take a shot before we do the topic. The pasta can?


Let's take a shot before we get into the... We ain't even got into the show show yet.


We got to get into the show show. We got to get into the show.


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Waterboy. Com/pourminds. Cheers. This is the second time we've taken a shot on.


Camera, too. Yeah, we don't ever take shots on camera.


I'm having a ball.


All right, so which topic you want.


To do like? Do the first one.


Okay, so we wanted to talk about, I don't know if you've seen the clip that Beyonce had that just resurfaced from 2006 when she did Jay Z birthday party. She was doing a speech, and she was saying he turned her into a woman. Did you see that? Oh, yeah. So we're.


Going to be back to.


Play it. So we're going to play it so that the audience.


Can see it. And everybody can see it.


I've seen this, but let me see it again.


Okay. Let's turn the volume. Let's turn the sound on.


Shout out to the neighborhood talk.


Shout out to the neighborhood talk. This is nothing compared to what you've done. And not only me with everybody here. You taught me so many things. I was twenty years old when we first met David. He taught me how to be a woman. You taught me how to be a leader. You taught me.


How to be a friend.


You've given me so much in life, and this is not enough. It's not enough I can give you. I just want you to be happy. And every year I'm even more in love with you. I want to spend every day of my life with you. Happy birthday. And I thank God for you that day.


So we want to talk about she said he tried her hard to be a woman. He tried her hard to be a woman and made her into.


A woman. Do you all feel like a man can really teach you how to be a woman? Yeah, I do. You feel like a man can.


Teach you how to be a woman? No, a man can teach you how to be his woman. Okay, come on, give it to me. I'm for real, not a woman in general. I feel like that's something that you learn on your own journey. But like, a nigger could teach you the type of woman that he wants you to be. I feel like. No, no disrespect to Beyonce, obviously, because she's one of the most woman-.






Is the woman.


She's the woman to me anyway. But I feel like a nigger could teach you how to be the woman that he wants you to be. But at the end of the day, you have to identify yourself as the individual. What type of woman do I want to be outside of this relationship? And I know for sure Beyonce has that established because she still has a full blown career in the midst of having a relationship in children. And that's what I.


Aspire to be like. I think that's what she meant.


That's what she meant, yeah.


But she obviously had a.


Little- I think so, too. I think that's exactly what she meant. Because obviously at the end of the day, we're women by birth. You can be a woman regardless. But I also feel like if you date the right man, he can show you how to be a good partner. All of us are women, and you won't die a woman. But that doesn't mean that you ought to be a good partner.


To a man. Yes, and I think that's what she meant.


I feel like all women do not know, and you can get with the men who don't necessarily show you how to be that person either. You all just in a relationship just doing some shit. There's so many people who got married at young ages, and they just did that shit because they felt like that's.


What it was like. Because they felt like that's what they were supposed.


To be doing. Or they had kids together or whatever the case may be.


That's like, fuck you. The next step is we get married. Or the.


Parents made them. Let's talk about that. Back in the day, people parents used to make them get pregnant when they... I mean, make them get.


Married when they thought they were pregnant.


So it's like you wasn't necessarily ready to be a wife, and this nigger isn't husband material. He can't show you how to be a good wife. You all just got married because you all were in this sticky situation.


Me at 34, you know what I asked when I go on... Because I want, how can I love you properly? How can I be an asset to your life? These are the conversations I want to have because the woman I was for this man is not going to be the same woman that I need to be for you. You know what I'm saying? So these conversations are need to be had. So she was giving that toast to him at a young age.


That's so beautiful, though. It is. And what she was saying, I agree with what she was saying. I feel the same way when I talk about my man. How long.


Have you all been together?


For almost three years now. Okay, yeah. And so when I talk about him, there's a lot of... You can feel the respect and the reverence that she has for her man. And you don't know what they've gone through in their relationship. And same with my relationship, we've been through so much in private. It's just like I have a lot of respect and reverence for him as an individual and as a man and as my man. So I could say the same thing you taught me how to be a woman, quote, to you.




I taught myself how to be a woman in general, and I learned through experiences, but you taught me how to be a woman in a relationship because a woman and a woman in a relationship are two different things. Two different things. There are things that you say and you don't say. Granted, my music is crazy. I'd be seeing all types of crazy ass shit, but I feel like it's a special situation because I'm making music and I'm still speaking on real experiences and real feelings. They might just not be present at the time because I'm in a relationship. But I still speak on Dog and niggas. That's how I feel at a point in time. And that's what translates to the people. So I still make that type of music. But in real life, he understands that I respect him and it's a mutual respect.


So you feel like mother, adding mother into it. Does that change the dynamic of.


The relationship, too? It does. It changed the dynamic of the relationship. It could be for better or for worse. I feel like for my situation, it was for better because we got to have that whole experience together.


That birth was beautiful.


It was so beautiful. Oh, my God. It was so intimate. The energy in the room was just something I had never felt before. And it was just a really crazy experience. And for him to be there and have been present throughout the whole entire pregnancy, obviously. And I was so difficult. I was bitchy. I was mean. I was pissed off majority of the time because I was just like, I was overwhelmed. I was still working in the midst of my pregnancy because I didn't want anybody to feel-You.


Were on.


Stage, okay? I was on stage. I didn't want anybody to feel like my pregnancy would slow me up. And I think that was just like a personal thing that I was feeling insecure about. And I wanted to feel like I had to prove that to people. But he was there for me throughout that entire process. And niggas talk about women holding them down, he was holding me down because I was so mean. He was giving pampoos. He was giving pampoos. I was so mean to him. I was so mean, not to him, but just in general. I was very irritable. You're pregnant. I was pregnant. I was irritable, and I was just not the easiest to work with. And he was there throughout that entire process. And that's one of those things that you go through with your man or could go through with your man that you feel like, Okay, we went through this and I was stronger and you taught me how to be a woman in a relationship. You taught me that this shit wasn't okay. He didn't put up with shit. He definitely corrected me along the lines in the most respectful way that he could.


And that's why I respect him because niggas be crazy. Niggas be OD. They do.


So let me ask you this though, because I feel like media, I don't know what it is about when young women getting relationships that get pregnant because it just came out that Halle and DDG pregnant, get married, whatever they got going on. So I know you felt a backlash when you got pregnant. Yes. How did you deal with that? How did that make.


You feel? It stressed me out.


Because I will say this, a lot of that backlash either comes from women who've never been in that position or I feel like, and I'll say this for the old hoes, we need to stop projecting on these young women and let them do their thing.


Let's talk about it. This generation is different. We have careers and we have lives and we have representation. We have people like Cardi B, Nicky Minaj, young Miami who have been able to have children and still bounce back. And that's our representation. They saw a lot of the older women, they saw people like, Okay, when you're a mother, you sit your ass down at the house.


That was my mom's experience. We saw my parents, she waited to have kids. We saw like...


You're saying too. If you got pregnant young, you sit your ass down. And it's like, That's not my story. I'm sorry. That's just not my story. And a lot of people have a lot to say about that because I feel like it's like a lose-lose. They either feel like, Oh, but you never with your kids because I'm here working. And in the back of my mind, I feel like, damn, I should be at home with my son. I should be spending that time with him. I should be experiencing this. I should be with him. That's how I be feeling. It's like, okay, I'd be fucked up about that. But in the same breath, it's like if I am at home with him every single day and not getting work done, they're going to feel like, Oh, she fell out because she had a baby. So it's like -.


And then your son - But fuck all that. -they feel your son is going to feel that. Because if you're not working, you.


Can't provide for him. I can't provide. Let's talk about it. I can't really provide. And so it's like you got to just... It's a lot that comes with it, I will say that. And I was overwhelmed. I definitely I was stressed out seeing people say like, Oh, she's going to fall out because she had a child. I was fucked up about that because that was something that I wanted in my personal... I really wanted to have a child in my personal life. That she was the one who was in your heart. That was in my heart. That was in my heart. You wanted to be a mother. I wanted to be a mother. I wanted to have that experience. I was really excited about that. I'm financially stable enough to be able to take care of a child. And both of us were financially... We both wanted that. That was something that we wanted in our personal life. And you all are in love. And we're in love.


That's the most important.


Thing about making a baby and having a baby.


Thank you for saying that.


We're in love.


I love, love. We're in love. Oh, I love it. Full blown, full blown in love. I can.


Tell because every time you talk about you, you're like, my man.


I love him. You should. And I don't love that for you. Let me just say this. I don't love niggas. I know, girl. I don't worry. I'm listening to your music, bitch. You get what I'm saying? I have a deep hatred for certain types of nigger. Not all niggers, obviously, but a certain type of niggas. Not all niggas, obviously, but a certain type of niggas I just really don't fuck with. But my man specifically, I love him. And I.


Love the way he loves you because you glow. It's very out loud. It's very out loud. You're still glowing.


It's very out loud. It's very much so.


We were just talking about this today because one thing that men will do, they'll put their best foot forward in the beginning. And they show you this person, and all of a sudden, he disappears and you realize-.




Representatives. -i don't know who I just met.


For me, it was reversed. He was very standoffish and reserved in the beginning of our relationship because he had had his own personal experiences and trauma that he was dealing with from other people that he dated. So he felt like, Oh, if I date somebody, they're going to use me. And I came in with my own shit going on. I was really just... I dropped my nuts very early. It's my world, and he understood that and he respected it, and he adapted to that very quickly. I love that. And I love that. It worked out for me. It doesn't work out for everybody, but it worked out for me.


I will say that. And then I think people need to understand that sometimes it does work out for people.


Sometimes people do. So let's talk about what you have to do to make it work out for you. This is what I want to say, because I've had relationships that I wanted to work out, but they just didn't. And it was because I showed up as a desperate bitch. I'm going to just talk about it. I'm going to just put it on the floor. I showed up as a bitch who needed somebody. I needed a companion. I needed somebody to be on the side of me. I needed a friend. I needed a lover. I needed that. I feel like when I gave out that energy, they took advantage of me. From the top to the bottom. I was always ready and willing to give, give, give, and I never got anything. They can smell it. They could smell it on you. They know. I think they can smell when you're thirsty. They know when you're desperate when you're thirsty, bitch. They know.


They can smell it, and I feel like people definitely take advantage of it. That's why you have to hold yourself to a certain standard because people can smell that too. They can. And then people don't have to play with you.


They know. I know she's not playing- They know that I'm athe other end. They know when you're a desperate bitch and they know when you're not the bitch to play with. And I feel like my nigga, no, I hope he know. Let me just say that because I don't know what the fuck he know because I'm not in his head. But I hope the guy he know I'm never that bitch to play with. Period. I don't put up with nothing.


But I think it's important to find somebody who values you too, because I think a lot of things that I struggled with in my dating life before was like, when something didn't work out, I would always feel like, Oh, I wasn't good enough for him. I wasn't this, I wasn't that. But it's like sometimes people just... I don't feel like necessarily these niggas fumbled me, but you're just not my person. And I'm okay with sitting in that and being like, My person is out there. I'm a Leo to the floor. I love dramatic. I need a man where we're going to get high. We're going to listen to music. We're going to be in the living room. I love to smoke. I started smoking again. I like to smoke with my nigger, listen to some good music. I like to ride. I'm a vibe-a-girl.


I love that. And I feel like you always have to be optimistic about life. I'm so big on that. I'm so big on feeling like when one thing end, it's not necessarily a bad thing. It just means something better is in store. It just means God has something bigger. God has something better in store for you. It's not this sad, whoa, it's me type of story that I feel like some people be feeling like. They feel like.


That, though, because some people don't have a self-identity. Some people feel like, Oh, if it don't work out with this nigger, I'm a piece of shit. I'm worthless. I'm going to die on the cross.


If you don't.


Work out with this nigger. Like I said, I've been on the other side of that. So I felt like, Oh, if it doesn't work out with this nigger, my high school little crush, whatever the fuck. I was like, if you don't work out with him, I'm never going to love anybody in the world. I said that. I would say that all the time. I'm never going to love anyone else. And now here I am.


In love with.


Somebody else. And I love him from the top to the bottom. Good days.






What bottom?


The bottom of his feet.


Okay. Not the... The bottom of.


The feet, not the bottom. That's you.


That's your ministry. That's not my ministry. I thought it was in the street. But yeah, you got to be sometimes, and I want to say this too, sometimes you really got to drop your nuts on a nigga. Even if it's a nigga that you love... Which camera? Sometimes you got to drop your nuts on a nigga. Even if it's a nigger that you love and care about and you love him so I never want to leave my nigga, blah, blah, blah, sometimes you really got to let that nigger know. I will stop fucking with you if you play with me. I tell my man that not all the time, but I have told him that a couple of times. Like, if you ever play with me, I'm going to just let you know right now I'm never going to speak to you. I'm never going to fuck with you. It's going to be very difficult to get in contact with me. Child involved and everything. You know what I'm saying? Even if we have a child, you're going to have to speak to my mom, my grandma. There's going to be a medium. I'm never going to fucking speak to you again.


It's not fucking happening. I'm going to tell you that right now. It's going to be so difficult and you're going to regret ever playing with me on my face. And once you establish that type of boundary, like this is who I am and I'm dead serious about that, they don't play with you. Or at least they don't let it be known that they playing with you. Because again, I'm one of those people no disrespect to because I feel like he's really just taking care of business.


But in my life, though- But he's not a regular nigga either.


Exactly. But in my life, though, I've learned that you can never put anything past anybody.


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You're amazing. How, though? Let's talk about it. To this day?


I feel like niggas just when you're dating, niggas playing your face. And that's why I hate when older women speak on younger women's situation because you have been blessed to find love. Thank God. Thank you, God. And true, real love. You all created a person together. I still have never met a man where I'd be like, I'm ready to have your child. I feel like I want to bring somebody in this world where I'm comfortable, where I'm making another you. And me and you together are going to create like, I don't look at a kid like, no offense, but women be having babies for checks. Niggas be getting women pregnant to trap them. I don't want none of that. I want to create a human. I want to create a lot of shit though. It's rough. Because this is a love and a bond that we have, and I want to create life with you. I haven't felt that. I felt that one time in my life, but God was like...


Let me just say this, though. I'm just going to be completely honest here. Me personally, I feel like because I was so insecure at the beginning of my womanhood, adulthood, whatever you want to call it, any nigger that I talk to, I would have felt that way about whatever the guy I was talking to. So if I was talking to a nigger who was a piece of shit, I would have been so obsessed with him and I would have been obsessed with making him love me. I would have been ready and willing to do something like that. Just honestly speaking, a lot of people are not going to speak on that because they should be lying. Yeah, they do be lying. Everybody want to feel like they stiff on a nigger and you have to develop that confidence. Sometimes it takes a couple of years, and now I'm to the place where I've developed that confidence. But when I met my man, it was genuinely like I was in a very stiff place in my life. And he was, too. And we still was able to gravitate towards each other. And he worked through a lot of me being really not disrespectful to the relationship.


I'm never going to say that, but just I didn't care.


It wasn't a priority. It wasn't a priority.


But why is that such a thing with our... Well, I feel like we in two different generations. Because what generation are you? Are you Gen Z?


I'm Gen Z, I feel like. Gen Z?


No, she is. What's after Z?


She's Gen Z, so I'm a millennial.


Yeah, we're millennials.


You're a.


Millennial too. I thought back to you way younger than me.


I mean, we're never going to be the same age. We're never.


Going to be the same age. Just to remind you how old.


You are.


How old are you? I'm 32.


32? 34. 34. So it's a two year age difference. Yeah, it's a two year- 10 year with me. Exactly. So I'm more Gen Z. So if you thought she was Gen Z, we here with you.


No, she's not crazy. She's not crazy.


You are Gen Z. You are.


Gen Z for sure.


But I feel like even with our age group too, why is that such a thing where people want to feel like I don't have no emotions? I'm stiff on these niggas. I'm stiff on these toes.


Because you go through enough trauma. You go through enough shit in your life to where you feel like, Oh, the next person that I talk to, I want to be the stiffest bitch he ever met. That's what you felt. When I first met my nigga, I was super stiff. First thing he did, I'm done talking to you. Yeah. Click, block him, all types of OD shit. I was just ODing and I regret that. I mean, maybe not because it worked out the way it's supposed to work. But at the time it was just like, damn, I'm OD-ing right now. I'm more mean to him than I have to be. He's a good nigga. He's a thorough person, like through and through. He's a good person. And it's like I'm treating him as if he's the person that I used to date. Like a bullshit ass. Like a bullshit nigga. I'm treating him like... And I was like, I had to check myself like I'm fucked up for that. That's not right. I had to get some type of... I have to just check myself like I'm tripping, bitch, you're tripping. Sometimes you got to be like, bitch, you tripping.


How has motherhood been for you? Because you're very young. How has motherhood been for you?


It's a roller coaster. So when I'm with my son and my man, it's a good experience. It feels good. On the internet, though, and I feel like I always talk about the internet because as a Gen Z.




It's a part of my artist. It's a part of my artistry and it's a part of my job. I have to have that general public opinion in favor of me. And people don't like to talk about... People like to lie like, I don't give a fuck what they say about me on the internet. You have to care because that's your entire brand in 2023. You have to be in favor of Twitter, Instagram, TikTok. You have to be in their favor. So it was fucking me up in the beginning because I was just like, damn, they're perceiving me as somebody who's going to fall off after having a child. And they think that I'm just some idiot, green, dumb bitch who got pregnant by a nigga, and they don't know that this is something that we planned in our personal life. After years of dating each other, it's like that's something that we planned for each other. That's something that we saw in our plans, and we were actively trying to make that happen for each other. And they perceive it as, Oh, I can't believe she let that nigga trap her. And bitches always get pregnant and fall off.


Even with sexy red, now they're back in the peak of your career.




Said at the peak of your career. At the peak of your career, Sexy. First of all, I just want to say the fact that people think that the peak of my career was this year is fucking crazy. Right, that's where you all fucked up. I have so much, I have a really long way to go. I'm not nearly at the peak of my career. I just want to say that.


You're only 22.


I'm only 22. That was strange that they said that. Twenty-two? That's how they feel about women who get pregnant in general. They feel like, oh, when you get pregnant oh, your life is over after that. Which is crazy. I can understand why they feel like that, though, because...


Their life ended when.


They got pregnant. Their life ended.


But they don't.


Have the rejects that you have. Their mother's life ended. Let's talk about it. Their moms don't be on shit to this day, 2023. Their moms still depending on them to take care of them because they got pregnant at a young age and they never was able to recover from that. But last.


Time we.


Talked about that.


But let's also talk about too, when you are financially stable and you have money, you have more resources. You can get more help. It's not this career.


Ending thing. I've been telling people all the time money is not the end all be it. But money helps. It creates resources and solutions to shit that you... I would have never been able to have a midwife and a doula if I didn't have money. And that experience for me was really comforting. It was comforting. I mean, for.


Me, even watching that I was like, wow.


It was good. What did you feel when you saw... I'm going to be honest. I was on the fence about posting it because I was like, damn, this is a really intimate moment. And my man was like, Why did you... When I posted that, he was like, Why did you post that? Oh, he didn't want you to post it. No, he didn't want it. But I was like, It's beautiful. I saw... Every time I watched that video for the next week, a week and a half, I was crying about it because I was like, Wow, this is such a beautiful experience. People don't get to experience shit like that.


So I'll say this, this is what I felt when I saw it. I saw a beautiful, vulnerable moment. When you were crying, it made me.


Cry because.


I was like, This shit is real. You can tell it ain't no bullshit. Let me set up. It was just like...


And the fact that you shared that- I didn't even record that. His sister recorded that. I didn't know she had that until- That's.


What I'm saying. So the fact that you shared that with us, that's a real moment. And I honestly feel like when you share real moments and you show that, that's what makes people your ability. And it wasn't like you had been planning to record this, and it was a moment, it was a scene. And I feel like it was like, damn, you know what? I truly was feeling at one moment like love wasn't real. And I was like, never going to have that. I was like, you know what? It still exists.


It exists.


It exists. And it's like that moment when I lose faith, it'll be like a little sign. You don't know what the sign going to come as. And I was like, you know what? That's why I say, us being so big of an age difference, sometimes those things don't matter.


It's a universal thing. That's a feeling that translates over from generation to generation. Being in that experience and I wanted to have a home birth because I wanted my family to be. I wanted my mom, my dad, my grandma. I wanted my man's family to be there as well. And I'm glad that you did that because- It was good. It was so beautiful. I'm glad that they were there.


Because when you have a birth in the hospital, only two people can be in the room.


Because of COVID.


Yes. Really? One person? One person. One person now. But when my first nephew was born, it was way before COVID, and it could only be two people in the room. So still to this day, I still am so hurt because my sister is my everything. And so the fact I didn't get to see Jackson be born like- It's fucked up. Yeah. So now I'd be like, I saw your moment. I was like, that's the option.


For me. It's the option. And I completely and entirely control that entire situation. Obviously, my man has some type of input because his family was there. But I also wanted his family to be there to experience that for him and for us in our relationship, like his mom and his sister was there. I wanted them to be there to have that experience with all of us because it was something that we never got to experience. So it was really beautiful. And at the time I knew that, okay, if I go to the hospital, it's only one person. I'm going to have to pick one person. I wanted my family to be there. Maybe this was a little egotistical, but honestly, I wanted everybody to be there to see that I was able to make it happen, that I was able to do it. Because everybody in the beginning, they were doubting me like, I don't think you're going to be able to do that. Labor hurts. My dad was even telling me labor hurts. You're going to be in a lot of pain. I don't know if you're going to be able to do it.


Everybody said that because that was their experience, and I wanted to show people I can do it. As an individual, I can do anything that God was in front of me. And I did it raw, no medication. I ripped from the root to the tooter. I'm not, that's right. I ripped from the root to the tooter on both sides and then straight down the middle. It was really bad. Yeah, that's how it happened. I don't know how that happened, but I'm telling you it was one of the most painful experience. The last 20 to 30 minutes was so intense. I was screaming to the top... I'm going to show you a video when we're done. I was screaming to the top of my lungs. It was so painful. But at the end of that, I felt so rewarded. I allowed myself to really... Because I have a difficulty with being present in the moment. I really struggle with that. And I always feel like there's a bigger moment to come. Like, there's always something bigger and better coming. Like, Oh, this is not the moment for me. It's going to be the next moment and the next moment.


And it never ends. And I wanted to be present in that moment. So when I had my child, I wanted no pain, mess, no epidural, nothing. I was throwing up. I was sick. Oh, my God. It was everything going on. I was in labor 48 hours, and at the end of the labor, I was just like, I'm so glad that I did it like this. My son came out and he had the cor wrapped around his neck. He came out, I screamed him out, and I pushed him out so quick and then I felt his body. I pulled him up under the water, took the cor from around his neck, and I just held him. I was just crying. My man was there. He was crying. Oh, my God! I love it.


Everybody in my family was crying because they had never seen anything like that. They didn't even know that something like that was possible. And the fact that I could bridge that gap between me and my mom because we struggle with having a good relationship, me and his mom, we struggle with having a good relationship. On his side of the family. It's always weird because I'm the new addition, so it's always going to be some type of weird separation between us. But the fact that we were able to bridge that, it was a moment, and I would never forget that. I'm grateful for everybody who was involved, his mom, his sister, my mom, my dad, my grandmother, everybody who was there to see it happen. I'm glad that it happened.


Like that. I was.


Your healing process.


It was bad, bitch. I was in a bed.


Because you had to get.


Stitches, right? Yes, I had to get stitches. So I had my midwife there and she performed the surgery. So she gave me a couple of shots of lidocaine and my hooha. So you were floating. No, I wasn't floating, but she gave me the lidocaine after I had the baby so I wouldn't feel the stitches, but I can still feel her sowing it. It was crazy, though. I feel everything, I'm telling you. Even though she had the pain, mess, and shit that after the fact, it was so bad. I feel all of that. But I just had my son and my man, he cut the cord. I carried my son from the pool. I got out of the pool and I walked because I had him in the kitchen because it was like the open space. I had him in the kitchen and I walked from the kitchen to my bedroom and it was blood just dripping all down my legs onto the carpet and the floor. It was everywhere and I carried him and he was still attached to my umbilical cord and I felt that... I don't know.


It's a different... You can't explain. You don't have.


To do it. You probably just felt present in the moment.


You wasn't even thinking about the pain. I felt present. I lay down on the bed and my man was there and he was crying and calling his friends, all his like, bro, all his homeboys, he was calling them and wanting to share that experience with them. And at the time I was really vulnerable, so I was thinking to my mom, he called these niggas. I got my pennies all my life. But he wanted to... He was excited and everybody was genuinely excited. He cut the cord and he was able to hold my son while she was there, stitching me up. And my son was just there. He was sleeping and it was just so peaceful. I couldn't have had it any other way.


It was so beautiful. I've never been like a person that was like, oh, I want to have a birth at home. Me either. After watching that in that moment, I was like, yeah, I would.


Definitely do that. I think you should. If you could get a BBL, you.


Have to.




Told you all, I don't want to do a natural bird. You're not going to give you 16 of them. You can have your son at the hour. I'm going to be to the worst of the worst when it comes to surgery. Look, birth of the baby should be nothing for me.


It should be nothing. It's time to get into the bed.


The bed.


The what?


The bed. Bow, bow, bow.


The bed. The bed. Bed. Yeah. We're going to get into the bed. The bed. The bed. B-e-d. I know you.


Want to... Okay. I know.


You want to...


Okay, in my bed. Yeah. So I will say this, obviously this episode is going over an hour. We got Montalisa on the building.


Let me just say we've had a wonderful...


Watch the whole thing. This has been fun. This has been a wonderful... Like, literally, I love you. I really do love you. Okay, so, Andrea, today on the bed, I want to talk about this. I picked this topic specifically for you two. Why? Because I don't necessarily have to deal with this. I feel like you all too do. I feel like you have to deal with this because me and you were like a TLC. I'm getting crazy.


We got City Girls.


Well, no, it's.


Not three of us, but I'm like the crazy one, Andrea is the sexy one. I'm more like left eye and you're chilly. I'm left eye. Be sexy. Yeah. You like my voice?


This time you want sexy.




Isn't the way.


You see it in the found.


This is wild.




But I want to ask this for the bad topic today. And with your image too, you're a rapper. You'd be talking about, it's good, thang good. Keep the niggass coming back from old. Yeah, true story, though. Andrea is like the sexy girl. I don't have an image to live up to when it comes to this because everybody know I'm stupid as fuck. I don't give a fuck. I'm like, sometimes the pussy may be good, sometimes it may be bad. So I want to ask this. Do you all feel like you all have to live up to an image of being attractive, sexy women, and people feel like, Oh, I just know it's good. I know it's good. Do you all feel like you all have to feed into that when it comes to the bedroom?


No, because I got a nigger. I fuck with one nigger.


Yeah, but what I'm saying is-How long have.


We been talking?


Girl, we've been dating for like a year and a half.


Oh, so this is your longest relationship.


Yeah, but I don't want to.


Say, Girl, damn.


You boy. I'm going to put it on the floor. Listen, you got me here.


If you want somebody.


Who's going to lie, you should.


Have got somebody else.


Okay, not bad. I'm not asking from a relationship perspective because obviously you were in the spotlight before you got a relationship. So the expectations, because even you when I was first, you were single.


Properly, yeah, I was single. Yeah, you were single.


So I'm saying even the fact that you all are in relationships, niggas going to approach all some shit because they don't give a fuck about you all, niggas.


They don't.


Give a fuck. I know they don't.


I say that right now, they don't give a fuck.


So I'm asking do people approach you all like, I want to see if it's really what it's hitting fun because you all be talking this hot shit. And when you all was single, did you all feel like you all had to meet that standard?




What's your thing?


I think when you get into a relationship, niggas get even weirder because now it's not even about me. It's about some personal thing that you got going on with my nigga. It's the same thing. Like when niggas get in relationships, bitches be feeling all out of... They want to see what it's here for. They see you doing all the shit that you do for your girl, or that they see niggas doing for their girls. And now they want to feel like, okay, I want a piece of that. I want a little bit of that. And they come in and they try to infiltrate in, and the nigga let them because it's not on them. It's on that nigga. Because the bitch don't have loyalty to that girl. She got loyalty to that nigga and vice versa, and he should be respecting her. And niggas don't always be on that same type of time. But that's why I be telling my nigga, all right.


You play if you want to. But did you feel like whenever you met him, because at the time, he was... People knew him more than you.


He was doing, yes.


This is no disrespect.


At all. No, that's raw.


Shit, though. But yeah, that's right, though. So did you feel like, Oh, I got to step my shit up?


I got to- No, because I already came in the picture like I said, I dropped my nuts from day one. You're going to know the type of person that I am, and you either fuck with it or you don't. There's no in-between. You either accept it or you don't. I think initially he was very slow to come around. I was just stiff. I'm going to tell this story. He going to be pissed off. Come on, I think this is funny. My road manager is here. His name is Donovan. He can attest to this. So the nigger...


Hey, Donovan.




Donovan. He was.


Shaking his head. He was.


Shaking his head because he knows she put her foot in her mouth. So we was at his spot chilling. So I had my own little townhome. This is my first spot.


So I'm lit. I remember you posted it. Yes, come on.


I said that's just lit. I'm lit. I'm like, okay, I'm a three-storey townhome. I'm 19. I'm that girl right now. I feel like that. I'm on top of the world. And he had just moved to Houston, so he had his own spot. I was coming over every once in a while visiting. I was fucking with him for a little bit, not fucking with him. We was on and off in the first couple of months. I went over there and he fell asleep. He had fell asleep and I wanted to have sex.




Was trying to.


Fuck, but he fell asleep and I was pissed. I'm sorry, I was looking at him and he was snoring asleep too. That'd be the worst. He was good. Because you know that preparation process. You get in the shower, you shave, body soap, and then boom, oil, then perfume. I did all that extra shave, all types of shit. I did all that extra shave, I come over you and we ain't for the fuck. I thought that was.


Weird to me. He was like, no, I'm ready.


To fuck. I said, hell. So he fell asleep and I'm like, all right, bed. I waited an hour. I tried to wake him up. He was dead asleep. He was out of bed. I said, all right, I'm going for the lead. So, boom, I left, I went back to my townhome probably 3:00 in the morning. Couple of hours later, about 6:00 in the morning, he was blowing my shit down. I was asleep, though. He was blowing my shit. He called me 20, 30 times, no cap, 20, 30 times. He had pulled Donovan, can attest to this. He had pulled up to my shit. He was beating on.


My dough.


As he should. I was asleep. He was calling Donovan.




Where is Leo at? Donovan like, I see her location. She's at home, but I don't know exactly where she's... You say she at home, but I.


Don't- Donovan looking like.


God damn. Donovan got put in, I hate it. I'm fucked up about that. He got put in the middle of it. My nigga was beating on my shit. So finally I woke up and I got up and I hear him. So I walked downstairs, I opened the door and he there with his cousin. His cousin there trying to pick the lot with a credit card. He had already jumped.


Over me. Oh, you got a crazy nigga.


Crazy. I love it. He jumped my gay awesome because he wanted to make sure I was okay. That was the one. He didn't even know I was fucked up with him for us not having sex. I'm sure if he knew that, he would be like, Really? That's why you left my shit? And he was like, dead-ass concern. But he had jumped my gay. He was beating on my back door, came to my front door. His cousin was there trying to pick the lock. I opened the door in the middle of his cousin picking the lock. I said, What the fuck? And he was like, Where the fuck you been at? I was like, I was sleeping. He said, Man, all right. Turn around, got in the car, pulled it off. I was like, Damn, maybe I fucked up. Maybe I OD'd him. That's what I knew. This is not the.


Type of nigger.


This is not the nigger I could play with. I could have played with other niggers, but maybe not him because he was dead. Donovan got it.


So you never felt no pressure to be a certain way in the.


Bedroom, though? Never. I mean, no, because I'm me and I know what my shit heading for. When you keep up, I'm going to just say this, man, that's all I'm going to say. When you keep up with your shit and you know what's going on with your shit and you have had prior experiences where niggas be ready to jump off a bridge about you, you already know like, okay, this is not the regular shit. This ain't the usual. And a nigga coming to beat on my door and jumping my game and trying to pick my lock is like, okay, I already know my shit. It'd be.


Sometimes when they do something and you'd be like, oh, this shit hit different.


Okay, J-R-I-N. So I've seen B-King, when he came on you all podcast, he was saying, oh, niggas don't be crazy about good pussy. They'd be crazy about good head. Is that true? You feel like?


I think the older you get, niggas power-size head.


More than this. I do feel that way too. Because head.


Is an art.


This is the thing about Gucci. This is the thing about Gucci. This is my personal opinion.


Wait, so have you had Gucci before?


It had. But it was a long time ago, and I don't like girls. It was a one time experience. I don't like it. She did eat some Gucci. But what I say is...


Okay. I knew it was white Gucci. No, you.


Were in.


The back. My bad. I'm sorry. Leave Motheread out because- I could have told you that.


She's that.


Friend you can't tell secrets to because she's a lot of blood. You can't tell secret truth that she was- Don't look right now. I'm looking at a couple over there.


What happened? Yeah, I'm telling you. But I should have known because.


Every time I said white on the episode, she.


Said white. You can't eat no white. Okay, I'm.




White now. I was young.


You were experiment.


I'll say that. But I will say this, I.


Think the thing about Kuchi is...


Kuchi is either one- Kuchi is Kuchi. There's a difference between good Kuchi and good sex.


Because everybody feel like they got good Kuchi. What qualifies as.


Good premium? I feel like good Kuchi is like, as if like, are you a squirt? Are you a creamer? Is it wet? Is it tight?


I don't feel like that matters when it comes to being good. But no, no, no.


That's why I said- But.


It's always tight though, right?




Tight is- No.


Yes, it is. No, it's not always tight. Hold on.


That's always tight, right? You don't have some loose... Not loose, goose. You don't have.


A loose, goosey. But that's the thing, though. If you have a loosey, goosey, you can't help it. It's genetics.


Okay. It's not always tight.


That's what I'm saying. Look, everybody's shit is not- Don't mean it's not always tight. It's nottie. It's not tight. But this is the thing, though.




Can't help what your coochie brings to the table. It's genetics. It's genetics.


I've learned that. Shout out to my O-G. Shout out to my mama. We always say that. Shout out to my mama. We all give it up for my mama.


Your granny, too. They're my We learned that squirting is hereditary.


I know that she is.


We say.


This all the time.


Squarting is hereditary. We do say that. Because we learned that from a sex expert.


It's literally her-Did you ask your mom if she was a squirt?


I've never asked my mama. I never asked my mama, but I know.




Squirted. I know my mama had that good good in her. I know my grandma. I'm going to ask my mama. My grandma was a wild girl.


My mama got this tramp stamp and she got... No. You know.


That thing was.


Too good. I'm going to say that, mama, don't please don't be fucked up with me. I just got to tell everybody you was that bitch. My momma got a butterfly tattoo on her ass. Oh, she was that bitch. Both wings on both cheeks. I know that she hit for something. I know that she hit for something. Mama, be cutting of that bitch. I know that she hitting for something. Mama be cutting that bitch.


Mama be cutting that. But I'm going to say this, good Gucci is good, Coochie. Coochie can't change how your Coochie feel. But good head is an art.


Good head is an art.




You get older you learn how to do the tricks.


As you get older you learn how to do the niggas. The tricks. When you know what you're doing- What's the tricks? Let's talk about it. B. King said that he said it's all about the hands. But you know, it's crazy when he said that. I was like, Oh, I remember an instance when I was doing that with my niggas. He was like, Oh, switch hands, babe. Do this with your hands. I was like, Oh, it is in the hand. It is in the hand. And then it's like you got to have that-.


It's the hands and it's the mouth. It's the spit.


It's important. That head is important to mouth and it's the spit. Because sometimes, you know what? Maybe I don't want to- It's.


Also the suction too though. I feel like you.


Got to do the- Not too much.


Not too much. You got to do.




Combination. A combination.


But I said sometimes I don't feel like fucking, but I'll give a little head so I can go to sleep because I know that's what's going to... Man, he can't. These niggas can pay.


So do you feel like niggas be lying? Because I feel like niggas be saying, Oh, I never nutted off head. They be lying?


They just be nutting.


Off head. They be doing that. I had started They'll say, Oh, I ain't never nut it off head. They want to see how hard you're going.


To go. They want to see how crazy you're going to go.


I caught on to that. If a nigga say he never nut it off head, he's lying. He's lying. He's trying to see how hard you're going to go because women, we always feel like we have something to prove when it comes to sex.


Always, it's fucked up. I hate that for us. We need more pillow princesses.


Just lay down.


I do lay down.


A lot of times I'll be laying down. I do.


I don't do that no more.


I do that now. I feel like I.


Always- You got a nigga though, it's-.


I do, but I feel like I always got to do fun shit with my nigga. Like, today we had sex in the sauna.


Today? Before you got here. I don't.


Know that much. Earlier today.




Nasty. But what I'm.


Saying is- And I'm not going to say what sauna I go to.


What sauna?




You all.


Are still in the early stage. A year and a half in, that's.


Still- Preliminary, it's still a little early.


But I've been feeling like I got to do shit to be like, yeah.


Do he.


Be doing shit to be like, that's why it's different? That's why.


I'm saying that's why it's different? That's why I'm saying that's why it's different? Do he.


Be doing shit to be different? Like, what she means, sexually or?


Do he be doing shit? Do he be doing shit? I don't know. Do he be doing shit? I don't know do.


He be doing shit.


Be specific. Do that nigga be eating your ass? Let's talk about it. Do he be sucking toes? Do he be all dead? He do. Do he take it here? He do.


He do. Oh, God.


Because sometimes he would be eating but it's like, okay.


I do. I do.


I do. I do that often at the end. But that's what I'm saying-I swear to God.


I love.


That for you. And that's what matters because he matches your energy. If I feel like I'm doing all the work, I'm going to be a pillow princess. I'm not working out for a nigger who ain't working out for me. Shut up.


To the pillow princess.


But I feel like when you really that in tune with niggas, then you start. That's what I was about to say. Because you was like, do we feel like because of the image? She has a sexy image, I guess you feel like I have a sexy image. I guess you feel like I.


Have a sexy. Don't say I get it. You do, you're sitting up. You talk about how fine you.


Are all day.


She talked about how.


Fine she is all day. She knows she got a.


Sexy image. And then boob? Do you want me to tell you? And then boobes is.


Boobing, yeah. You talk about how fine you are and everybody knows. And the thing is when a girl talk about how fine they is and you can't deny it. Some of the girls will be talking about like, I'm fine. Bitch, you're not fine. The drag can say she's fine all day because she really is fine. We just talked about that because you all.


Be face-to-face. You all be cat.


It's a lot of cat. Because what did we all say we walked in this room?


We were like, we look beautiful. They'd be old in with the face too sometimes. I said, so let me say, I said you all are beautiful in real life.






Beautiful the same. You literally look like your Instagram. It's giving the same makeup, smooth polish.


I did my shit today hair on.


Point here. You did your hair on point here.


Everything eating. Okay. Do people.


Still say fleet? I'm old enough.


No, baby. What do they say now? They don't say that. What do they saying? I can see it right now, they ain't saying that. Anything else. If your.


Hair are on point what they say?


Your shit look good. I'm going to just tell you what I'm saying. You all should say your shit is fine. Fyi. Damn, Andrea.


You should have raised. Talk about that shit on Fleek. You all are welcome. You all are always talking about this shit on fleet. You all are always talking about this shit on fleet. You all are always.


Talking about your shit on fleet. She's talking about my own fleet, girl, please. The fuck?


Why would you say that?


Why the fuck would you say that?


I don't know, Mama Le-ho. I'm third of.


Who it was. I can tell Mama. I can tell Mama. I can tell Mama. I can tell Mama. I can tell Mama.


It's fine. Your hair.


Is fine.


Your makeup, fine.


Yeah, look at that.


Okay, so now.


It's time to get into the bop.


The bop. Hey, can we take a shot? One more shot. This is the last one. Last shot. Another one. Another one. Thank you. Another one.


Thank you. Okay, so for the bop this week, you all know we always like to give our bops to the week. You know what's crazy? I've been listening to this man, but I don't know why when I was listening to this album, this is a song I skipped past. You know how you listen to an album? You skip past a song and.


Then you finally listen to it.


This song is two years old. It's by Leon Bridges. It's called Don't Worry. Oh, I love Leon Bridges.


Hold on. I love Leon Bridges. Love him.


Okay, so you in your R&B bag.


I'm in my R&B bag.


What? Okay, so I'm about to put you on some shit real quick. After I talk about Leon Bridges. Leon Bridges is so fucking talented. He's so fired. Because he's giving like, R&B with a mix of jazz. And this song, he features a girl named Ink. And when I tell you her voice is different, and I know you sing. So you know, when somebody sings and it's a difference between singing and like, singing. Yeah. And you can feel how she felt like it felt.


You can feel the soul, you can feel.


The energy. I feel like they were really arguing... I'm sorry, what is that? What is that? It's a song. Because it's basically a song about two people who are in love and they've both moved on, but they know they really want each other. Oh, it's such a good song. It'd be like that. Yeah, Leon Bridges. It's called Don't Worry.


That's the Leon Bridges, Love Him.


Now, have you heard of King and Dickson?


No, who's that?


He is an R&B singer. He's new. And when I tell you what he does is he samples artists, samples like two... I'm going to send his music to you. He's so good because I know you can actually sing. And I think that you could actually do an R&B album, and I would love for you all to work together.


Would you listen to my shit if I did it? What? I'm good. I think.


You had that song with... What's the girl? Come on.


When you were singing the song about God is a woman.


God is a woman.


I love Flo Milly. I love Flo Milly. I don't know that. I was like, Oh, I can't have her.


We know we love her. I said, Oh, she's out here right now. You all.


Should have her. We were.


Just in L. A. With her a few weeks ago. You can sing.


Yeah, thank you.


You really.


Can sing. You can, yeah.


Let me ask you, you like singing more.


Than raping? I do. I grew up in church and I grew up playing the piano and the flute, so I always love that melodic side of things. Twin. In the cut with my twin, we're vibing. I used to play the flute, too. Shut up. Why you picked the flute? Because when I picked the flute and when I started, I said, why the fuck.


Did I do this? I'm not sure why I picked it but I was stuck in chair. So you were that girl. Do you remember Man? Man. The song.


From Houston?




Moe. Oh, my God.


That was the first song.


I know you got a video, but can I see?


I could find you. I can ask my mom. She definitely got a video.


She got a video.


Show me. I just want to see. But yes.


That was my vibe. I always liked music, instruments, melodies, that was my whole thing. So I grew up singing. So yes, I love to sing.


More than I love rap. I'm going to put you on the list. I think you all can do some work together.


Please put us together.


Yeah, I'm.


Going to give that to them. And you give me very, I don't know, this is a woman that you're exuding right now. I love it, and I just trust your opinion.


She has a.


Really good music taste.


I trust her opinion. This is what I realized.


Tops here.


My music tastes a little different.


You could have been an ANR in your.


Past life. No, I'm going to be an AR now. I'm going.




Say this, though, because you know how Diddy... People are asking what Diddy does.




Going to do an album, bro. Whenever I.


Hear it- You should. I triple.


Dog dare you. I'm going to do an album. Do it. Because I know.


I can. I do feel like you.


Got that ear. I dare you to do it. Don't be just talking about it on this podcast. I'm going to do it. I got to get my bus.


Okay, so what's your Bapa the week? Who's going.


For you? My Bapa the week... No, my Bapa the week, fuck it. My Bapa the week, let me see. Okay.


What you been listening to?


Oh, my gosh. I've been listening to this song. It's called My Love, mine all mine. It's by this artist named Mitsky. She's so fire. It's good. It's just like a cool little vibe. And basically in the song she's talking about the only thing that she has in this world is her love. She doesn't have anything tangible. When she dies, all the tangible shit is going to be dispersed. You're not able to take any of that shit with you or leave any of it. So the only thing that you have when you leave is your love and the love that you put out into the universe. And that's basically what the song is about. And that's been really resonating with me because I've been trying to figure out what my place is in people's lives and what is the mark that I want to leave? What is the legacy that I want to leave when I die? And one thing that is consistent across the board with anybody that I've met, I always meet them with love. Even if we stop talking to each other, I always show up as myself. And the person that I am is very giving, very loving, very considerate.


I love that. Empathetic, all of that. So that song is like the embodiment of that energy, like empathy and just being a really loving, caring spirit. So that song has really been resonating with me.


I love that because people are not going to remember. One other thing I will say, I want people to remember how I make them felt. How did I love you? How did I make you laugh? How did I make you feel?


When you were in my presence.


That's what you're going to talk about. You're not going to talk about if I paid your bill or if I helped you with this and all that because a bill will get paid.


Yeah, you're going to talk about the impression that I left on you, the energy that I left you with when I left you, period. You're going to talk about the feeling that I made you feel at the time.


And I'm glad that you talk about that because you know what? I will say a lot of these young girls that's in the game right now, they are mean.




I'd be like, damn, you all bitches is rude. A lot of times, man. I mean, I think.


Bitches have been mean over.


The decades. But the.


Past 200-300 years.


Bitch has been mean. They have that thing in the middle of them that's just like, okay, I want to please the people that I'm meeting with, the people that I'm... They have that people-pleasing thing.


But that's because of social media, though. I think social media has fucked shit up even more. I think bitch has been mean. Bitches don't like competition. They don't like to feel like you doing the same thing as me, but doing it better. I just feel like now because the social media is...


You all are straight.


I feel like it's even worse because now it's on a platform. Like, it's like, I can't be nice to this bitch because everybody else see it.


Okay, what's your vibe, Andrea? What's your vibe?


What's your bob? I'm a first person shooter by Drake and J. Cole. Okay. Oh, yeah. So I actually went to Toronto last week for the Drake concert in Toronto.


You're a reenc... You're a Drake type. Am I? Yeah. Well, yes, exactly. She is. You're a Drake type. Well, I.


Don't fuck with Drake though.


You should. You should. I'm just telling you that.


Yeah, you are Drake's type.


You should be fucking with him. If you're not fucking with Drake, who are you fucking with? Okay.


Okay.. But shut up to that man you've been talking.


To for a year and a half, but I'm just saying it should have been Drake. But no disrespect to him.


I fucking him.


Come get her. Come get her.


So-come on the show.


Why you're at it? Right now.


Well, Drake needs to.


Come on for her mind. Like, if he see this, if he happens to see this.


Come on for her mind. He's going to see you, Drake. Come on, poor minds. He going to say, Drake, come on, poor minds. Stop being a weird nigga. And he loves Houston Girls. He loves you all. I don't know. I'm a used girl. He loves you all. He loves you all. I'm a used girl. He don't love me. I got a nigga. I don't, too.


Let me say you all, Drake would not like you. You're not fucking.


With that nigga, for real. Montaleo, I told him that is my man. Okay, but if Drake... What are you telling me if Drake-You.


Mean to tell me if Drake tried to-You're trying to tell me if Drake.


Come through right now, you're not fucking with him?


You mean to tell me if Drake come through right now, you're not.


Fucking with him? No, I'm.


Not fucking with that nigga. You didn't answer. I'm not.


Fucking with that. I'm absolutely not. First of all, never mind. I'm not fucking with that nigga. I love my man. I love my man. You love your man. But I'm telling you right now, if Drake walked through this building and he's trying to talk to you, you're going to fuck with him.


And I think you would too.




Think you're for Jake. I think you're for Jake. You don't know me.


I don't think you don't know me either.


You don't know me neither.don't budge.


You think she's the one that you're budging.


You got to think I have twice as long in that relationship. I'm twice as long. Man, Drake come through this... She's talking to that. I'm not going to look at Drake. I am old. Because I know my nigger. So I'm going to just look like... It ain't got nothing to do. I'm going to look off. I don't think either one of you all are budging. You got to think, I have twice as long in that relationship. I'm twice as long. Man, Dre come through this, but she's talking to that.


I'm not going to look at Dre.


I am not. I am old. Because I know my niggas. So I'm going to just look like... I know my niggas. I'm going to look off.


I don't think either one of you all are budging. Now see me, I'm trying to be at home. I'm like, what the hell are you trying to fuck, homeboy? I'm going to put you on.


I'm going to.


Put you on. I'm going to say which one of you? Who are you trying to fuck?


So, yes, you all. I went to Toronto for the Drake concert. Going back to what I was saying, I went to Toronto for the Drake concert, which was his last show of the concert. And it was so good. And he brought out J. Cole. I thought they was going to perform He Did in the morning because... I'm not a fan of the song, but I know they were just like they...


Og song.


But they didn't.


They performed that song. And it was actually a really, really good song. Okay. I had heard it on the album, but it hit different when I heard it in person.


Especially in Toronto.




Okay, so we're going to wrap this up because we have gone so over time. I'm sorry. This is amazing. You said you had a tour.


You're on. I do. So I'm going on a tour.


So talk about your tour, talk about where they can find you, all that good stuff.


I'm going on tour next month. I'm going to six different cities. I probably might add a couple of cities, but right now I'm going to Chicago, New York, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Those are the six cities that I'm going. So we might add a couple more, but you can find the ticket links in my bio on any platform. Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, go to @themonolio on all platforms. You can find a ticket or you can go to themonolio. Com, buy a ticket. Come see me in person. The energy is real. I'm a real bitch. We love you.


You going to pull up to our Houston show? I am. It's a freak nick theme. We're going to do a freak nick theme.


You got to be. I'm going to do the freak nick. Are you going to.


Come to our Huston show for us in December.


I'm going to do the freak. I will come. Are you all coming to my show in November? I'm not missing it. You all coming?


I'm not missing it. Let me tell you.


Something, I'm not. If you all come to my show, I'm coming to you all.


I swear to God. No, I swear to God. I'm going to be there. I love the Houston girls. Y'all are going to be shaking ass, titties.


You ain't shaking anything. We're shaking everything.


We just opened up for Ken. Ken was out here. We opened up for Ken. We opened up.


For Ken. You all opened up for her?


Yeah, we opened up.


For her. What you all open up and say?




Ain't never been to a show, she don't know. I haven't been to a live show, I don't know. We got you. But we.


Going to come. Open up for me in Houston. Got you.




Do it. That would.


Be so fun. That will be so fun. Montaleo, you all follow Montaleo on all platforms. Follow me.


She on.


Tour, Fire. Love her. Thank you so much for coming.


Thank you all for having me. I really appreciate you all again. You all are very beautiful in person. Energy is beautiful. It translates. I understand why people come on the show and feel comfortable enough to talk to you all. And I will say I've had a couple of interviews. I've never felt this comfortable. It's a good vibe. Yeah, really. You might mess with my needs now.


I think.


It's because you all look like me. You all give me big sister vibes. You know what I'm saying? You all give me the big sister that I needed. And I love that about you all. So, yeah, best.


Interview that I've had. We'll see you all next week. Bye, you all. Bye, you all. Hey, all.


So make sure you all go to my websitemusebeautycollection. Com and get your limited edition Dray and the Call T-shirt. This is one of the shirts, and then Lex had on the other shirt in their limited edition, you all. So once they sell out, they gone. Www. Musebeautycollection. Com, get your T-shirt and get your lip gloss, period.


What's up, you all? It's your.


Girl, Lex T. And it's your girl, Dray.


And Nicole. And I got some really good.


News for you all. Yes, period. We are about to revamp our whole patron. We got so much new shit coming soon for you all. We're about to be doing challenges. We're about to be doing blogs. We're really about to be dropping a lot of exclusive content for you all. So if one episode a week is not enough, you all are about to get some more content on Facebook.


Yes. You all be saying, Oh, make the episodes longer. I need twice a week. Well, this is your opportunity to see us twice a week. And also, you're going to get a look into our lives, know us on a personal level. So make sure you all signed up at patronaut. Com/poremind. Sign up today. There's different tiers. So if you want audio only, you can just listen. If you want video and audio, we have that too. And also we have a top tier where you get exclusive access to merch, shows, all that good stuff. So go to patron. Com/pourminds and sign up today. Here we go.