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Up, you all? It's your girl, Lex P.


And it's your girl.


Drayna Kole. And you are tuned in to another episode of Poor Minds.


Where a drunk mind speaks sober thought.


We got a guest today. We got a guest today. Let me just say this because I am super excited. Because first of all, we finally have a guest who voice deeper than mine. Okay? You know what I'm saying? I ain't got the deepest.


Voice on the couch right now. I feel like my voice is deeper than yours.


Your voice is not deeper than mine. I think it is. Anyways, we got Tray to Trouble at home.


I'm so.


Excited because this has been a long time coming.




Appreciate you. We've been having a ball. Has a woman ever like, baby, tell your voice sexy all the time?


All the time.


I don't know. That's right.


I can tell you use your voice to get out of trouble, huh?


I don't even talk much. You don't.


Talk much? No. Oh, you finna talk today. Okay, so let us know because we have a lot of younger listeners. So give us a little background backstory about who Trey is.


I don't know about the little one, but- You.


Can give us the long version. You can give us the long version. You can give us a long version. You can give us a long version. We got some time.


I don't know, it's just different aspects to me. A lot of people know me from the music, being in the game for over 20 years. Of course, in Houston, they just know me from the streets in general. Now, within the last decade, everybody know me as being one of the hometown heroes, saving people and other stuff. Just all different walks. I mean, whatever float they boat for what they like, I'm there.


That's what I was going to say. I feel like you do a lot of philanthropy. Can you talk about that?


That's a good word now. Go ahead.


I don't really know. A lot of people label it that man, but I've been getting awards for helping people since '97, '98. I don't know, I think that's just naturally in my heart. Just being there for somebody in the field, that's just naturally what I do. Right.


Good. But I want you to talk about how important that is, because I do feel like sometimes people lose that. I feel like a lot of times when people make it and they start making money, they just start feeling themselves. That goes into the topic we're going to talk about later, but talk about why it's important for you to be the face of that. Because I think a lot of times when people see rappers, they feel like they're supposed to be a certain type of way. Like, you're supposed to be hard, but you be outside giving back and doing things like, be really in the field giving back to the community. So talk about how important that is for especially rappers.


Well, I'm going to say important for me because what I won't do is say important for rappers because I feel like, man, everybody has a mentality that everybody has to do different things. And what I came to realize is I can't expect me out of them. I can't necessarily even fault them because they don't want to. That's their business. But for me, it's just important to do that because for me to get to where I am, I have to have the support of the people. Right. So if they've helped grow me and they supported me through my hiccups and everything, that I've had from wins or losses, why not be there for them? I use everything I do just to motivate others who are similar to me. I'll plant that seed to show them what can be done. But when I do it, but I do it from a genuine place. So the thing is, when you go to saying what other entertainers, other rappers, other people should do, it's like, for me, am I telling them to do that more for myself? Because that's just what I would do. Because I don't think nobody necessarily required to do much for nobody.


They don't make it right, but let's just be real about the situation.


Let me ask you this, too, because I'm glad you brought that up about other rappers and doing things and not making them do it because this is something I know a lot of things that you have done for people that you never even posted, like you never even talked about. It's a long list of things of just having conversations. People are like, Oh, yeah, tried it. This, tried it.


I only post 20% of what they see.


Oh, I already know. Look, my ear be to the streets now. I can't be going now. So talk about, because there's some people, I will say you're still doing good. But how do you feel about when people have to post every good deed they do? They got to record every good deed they do. So you.


Have to learn how to use it. Like myself, Mr. Rogers, we figured out how to use our platform for what it's worth. You got to think, man, social media these days is strictly about going viral, some fuck shit, some negative shit. And we figured out a way to use our platform to show the real world. Think about when you take Harvey, right? Yeah, you've seen the Floors, the news people came, but guess what? They came, left, went wherever their next destination was. And people are not going in these homes. They're not going in the trenches to really see what's going on. So when we use our platform and we showing people sleeping in tents, or people sleeping in molded houses with no walls, no nothing, we're finding help. We're motivating people who could help or people who could assist us with what we're doing to even make the situation much more bigger. When I say bigger, meaning being able to help as opposed to me being able to help them get their walls back up. Now I may be able to help them get a new ceiling, help them get new floors. The thing is, it depends on how you showing it.


I'm just a master of... And the thing is, if you see me posting people, I'm probably one of the few people they don't even look at like that. They'd be waiting on me to post because they don't really know what's going on. They don't know what's going on. They're not going outside to see what's going on. Right. Or they may not be in that area where it's going on, so they don't really know. And news pick and choose what they show. And then when they show, it don't necessarily be about what's going on in the lower class part. Right. So you have to be able to expose that in a positive way. But for me, it's always worked that way. You got to realize for the culture, I made it cool to get back.


Right. I can agree.


With that. Think about it. It's not cool to necessarily see me in goddamn boots up to my knees in water with fishing suits on. Yeah.


April is giving out turkey as a sheep.


Yeah, that ain't true. But I think people are respected so much because I just don't give a damn. I'm not trying to fit in. I'm just doing me. Right. You got to accept it for what it is or if not, shit, going on about the benefit.


I feel that.


So can you tell the people that don't know, because us being from Houston, especially me growing up in Houston, I've been knowing about trade. How long? You probably been doing that for 15 years or more now, right?


This is trade a year. This was year 15 that just passed. Okay. I've been doing stuff for the people in general.


Yeah, because I.


Remember being in high school and you were doing tray day even back then. So I definitely want you to elaborate and let the people know about tray day and stuff and what you do in Houston every year with that.


Tray Day was awarded to me randomly, too. I have been doing stuff for the community just in general. I was at an event called No More Victims. I'm part of that with them. It's children of incarcerated parents, kids who've been without their parents for being locked up, been beat up, abused, molested, everything. Ms. Marilyn, she had a team of kids that was graduating from No More Victims, and I popped up to surprise them. We were at Papa Doze. And my god mama, Ms. Kathy, I never forget she came to me at Papa Doze, and she was like, How would you feel about getting your own day? At that time, days were being given out, especially not to know rap or nobody who come from where I come from. I blew off what you mean that she's like, your own holiday. I'm like, you're right. Just kept it moving. She called me back a couple of days later and she's like, These are the options of days. What do you think about these days? I'm like, option of days for what? She said, Man, stop playing. I told you I'm dead serious about you getting a holiday.


I'm still not registering. But when she gave me the dates, my son named Denico, which is my disabled son, his birthday is the 23rd of July. When she's giving me dates, anything I do have to have meaning. Right. So that's what led to it being July 22nd. It was just a day before his birthday. But they wanted to make the holiday strictly for the whole city to celebrate me and me being me. I went against the grain and said it ain't about celebrating me at all. Now we're going to make it for the city. Meaning whatever I can do for the families and the kids, we going to do it. I remember the first one we ever did was at Sharpstown Mall. Little Duvall came out. I think Rocko came out, the future came out. That's how far back people understand the history of how something like that gone.


Yeah, that's big.


We had a station wagon full of school supplies and just giveaways and shit. But that was the biggest thing for us at that moment. Every year, the shit just started getting bigger and bigger and bigger because I felt like everything that I do, I don't ever want to take steps backwards. So when it wasn't trade-aid, I was doing just as much. So if I'm doing this on a normal day of me waking up. I got to make trade a bigger.




It got to the point where I start just doing any and everything that kids from the community never get to see. I brought giraffes to the hood. Never had any seen that brought elephants to the hood, camels, kangaroos, snow to the hood. I was doing so much stuff that they never experienced. For me, it's important because that's lifelong memories that they have. Then I start bringing all the people that they'll see on YouTube because back then, there wasn't really no Instagram like that. So people they'll see on social media, My Space, TV, anything that they could never get their hands on or get close to, I brought in and put it right in front of them.


That's real. So we're going to get into a little ice breaker. Now, you mentioned you was at Papa Do's.




What did you order from Papa Do's?


That day I didn't order nothing.


Okay, but what do you eat when you go to Papa Do's? Let's see how southern you are for real.


It depends if I'm moving fast, I just get a chicken, strips, and shrimp. If I'm just that cooling, then I for sure go for the king crap.


Do you eat red beans and rice?


Yeah, definitely.


I always eat that. Look, I love beans. I don't trust people who don't.


Eat beans, okay? Do your stomach trust beans?


My stomach, right? I have a stomach made of.


Steel now. I don't know.


I do. Hey, I'd be fucking some beans up. I don't trust people who don't eat beans, so I had to make sure I could trust the train.


Yeah. All right, now I have to get into it. I know my limits. I ain't going crazy with the beans. You're going.


To be going okay, I mean, look, I don't go too crazy. You're the only one because baby ain't nobody trying to be walking around gassy, Putin.


I feel like I've been eating beans for so long.


She's walking.




Pootie. She do. That's why when she said she got her stomach to steal. It's the thing, I don't know.


We've been on the side. I thought we were really supposed to be right here. No, come on now. Okay, Dre, go ahead with the next question. God damn it, I ain't gas at motherfucker.


Yes, you are. We're still doing iceburgers. I want to talk about what's something that you could think of that's probably the pettiest reason that you stop dating somebody or stop talking to somebody?


That's a good one.


I don't really know. I do know once you get to that point to getting on the other side of the fence, it ain't easy to come back. I'm one of the people I might let a few things build up. Then when I finally say, fuck it, this-.


You're strict.


No, what you.


Mean by strict? I feel like if I make one mistake or two, you should forgive me.




No, he said.


It's like a few things.




Might not even be saying that.


But see, that's not fair. You're strict.


No, because you got to realize the reason why I don't say as much because I ain't like these other niggas. I'm not going to be insecure, crying and complain about everything. I don't.


Think that's being insecure, complaining. I think that's more so communicating like, hey, I don't like when you do this, or hey, I don't really fuck with that. You can communicate.


Yeah, but I think I'd be to the point where it's like, man, some shit, I'm just going I'm overlooked this shit. You know what I'm saying? But I think the ultimate thing that somebody can do is once I feel played, and it ain't even about when I say played like them messing with somebody, just played like doing some shit that you know I ain't going to respect or some shit that you don't want done to you. If you do some shit like that, then at that point when I feel played, then I'm definitely, I'm off it. Okay, that's fair. Well, then it is going to get addressed. But what will happen is you have some people these days, right? You have some people that's going to value it, understand it, and try and fix the situation. Or you got some people that avoid it and just keep moving like, oh, well, fuck it. Yeah, I did some whole shit, but I'm going to.


Keep moving. Then they'll be mad at you for being.


Mad at them. Right. At that point for me, it's fuck them. It just is what it is. Even if I could have been liking you like crazy like that, it would automatically make me say fuck in my pride. You'd be falling in love. I haven't been in a long time.


When was the last.


Time you felt in love? Last time I was in a relationship, probably five years ago.


Okay, that's not too bad because some niggas be like, I was in third grade with Sally. She gave me the crayons.


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You know, funny shit, my last real relationship, funny, bro. Just being real, I got cheat, cheat. So for her to do that, that damn that fucked it up for a lot. So now I'm the homie more than anything. But it wasn't even no cheat.


That's what I was about to ask.


She knows me. This is crazy. It wasn't even a cheating on the point of I wasn't a solid nigger. What it is is I'm a highly respected nigger. So when you go to exposing people to a lifestyle that they're not used to, and for one, they ain't from the town and they trying to fit in. So you may be out and they may see a group of girls that may be around most of the time as I'm popping up, whether I'm coming out to perform as a guest or just be out with some of my people and trying to fit in with some of the girls and you let them key you up to do some dumb shit, and then you.


End up.


Fucking yourself in the process. She went on about a business and a lot of niggas was chasing her.


She was a baddie.


Yeah, but I ain't-.


He said, you know the vibe.


Oh, wait. You all going to catch, Trey?


Trey said the truth.


She end up one of the niggas who was chasing her like crazy after once I cut off and she seen it wasn't no coming back. She went to have a baby with him. So I ain't going to do your thing.


Damn, why did she found true love?


What do you mean?


With the niggas.


She should have did that when she was with me then.


I feel you. Okay, Dre, what's your pettiest reason?


Probably the pettiest thing I ever did. This one I was like, I'm a little younger, though. I had stopped talking to this dude because he had the little doughnut tire for a long time. I can't.


Shut on.


That man because...


It was months. It was like, why you ain't went and brought a new tire yet?


So you left him? Yeah. I mean.


He was never my man. Hey, he was never like my boyfriend because he ain't have a tire. I was just like, yeah, why you ain't got a new tire yet? What's going on? And I did stop talking to him over there because why is you just riding around with your car like this?


Damn, that sucks. He could have been a solid nigga for you, though.


Well, I mean, I still keep up with him. We follow each other on social media.


Do we got a new tire?


He has a new tire, yeah.


If he did, she's trying out the show. She can go buy my tire, no hesitation.


I know that's right.


You said.


I should go buy. No, I said you could.


I could do a lot of things. I wasn't about to do that, though.


You should definitely do the real shit.


Well, he got to talk about it.


Give back. No, it's not just giving back. You never know when you may actually need... No, that's true for sure. I was looking, right? I seen on social media when they were talking about all the restaurants that you're not supposed to take a female, right? But then I'm thinking my head, but if you reverse it, what if you all would have tried to take us somewhere like that and we sitting on you all in some type.


Of way.


But that's never happening. I'm not taking a nigga on the.


First day.


But just say if you would. So if you say, Hey, Trey, you know what? I want to take you out and you're not taking me to a five-star restaurant. Do I got the right to just cut you off?


You do have that right, but you're not going to. Yeah, you should.


Cut me off anyway since I was too thirsty. Because why am I taking you on a first date?




Need to be wary.


But I'm just saying why is she.


Want to take me on a first date?


So you can't feel the nigger naturally on your own? Absolutely, I.


Can feel a nigger. But I'm not asking no nigger or taking no nigger on no first date ever. You possibly trying to be chivalrous.


Towards me. But guess what? That goes to prove my point. The point that I was is you all won't accept, but you also it's a double edged sword. You won't accept it from us. But then if it comes from you, it's like it's okay for that.


I'm sorry, so- But I've said this because we actually talked about this topic on tour. We haven't talked about it on the show, but I said when I was younger, some of those places that was on the list is acceptable.


To me. As a girl in their 20s.


Yeah, when I was younger. But also, like even what I just talked about with the tire, that was when I was younger.


Hold on, let's backtrack. If you all two was out by yourself right now and you was hungry and there was a goddamn Applebee's on the street, you mean to tell me you're going to be like, I'm in a stall because it ain't nothing.


Absolutely. I'm not going to Applebee's. I don't like Applebee's.


Now, Cheesecake factory. Now we can fuck with some chili.


That's the same as Applebee's.


We did eat chili at the.


Airport the other day. That's the same as Applebee's. But the point I'm making is it's okay for you all to go with it if a nigger take you all there is a problem.


So this is what I felt about the list. I just felt like, first of all, why is everything food? I like creative dates. Okay. So I like to have some thought in it. Like, why are you always trying to feed me? There are so many things to do in the.


World besides eat. But you do know that's what niggas here all the time. The worst thing you could do is starve a girl, right?


Well, I'm not that girl. We're not starving.


My thing is you're not about to take me on a date somewhere that I don't go eat on my own. I would not.


Go to Applebee. Okay, so you said, Chillies. Me and you going on a date right now. I'm just like, man, you know what? I'm moving right now. I ain't got time to stop. Let's go eat the chillies real fast. You're going to be cool.


With it? Why is that your go to?


And if you got to do something real fast, no. I need a date that's going.


To take a time. Let's take the fast though. If I take you the chillies, are you going to be like, you know what? Yeah, let's go eat. You're going to make.


A decision. I'm saying, I got to do something real quick. Let's stop at Chick-fil-A. I'd be like, All right, cool.


So you accept Chick-fil-A over Chile.


It's not a date, though. We just going to get something real quick.


But you see how you're dancing around. I'm just asking if I took you the chili, what would you say?


On the.


First date? Fuck the first date part.


But that's what the list was about.


Right, but I'm saying if me and you, you know what, man? It's long overdue. We're supposed to go out. Come on. I know we ain't going to have time to sit and eat later. That's the chili is right here. Let's go eat before we get.


To moving. No.


You have a problem.


With it? Yeah, I would be like, no, because if it was long overdue to you had- You had time to plan. You had time.


To plan a date. This is.


Not the truth. This is not the truth. What make Cut date better to go to Chile than mine to go to Chile's? Because it's not going to go to Chile.


Because it ain't a day. And we were at the airport. We were in Chile.


I'm asking the question, what makes sure it's better? I ain't trying to beat.


And I ain't trying to beat.


That too. That don't mean too because you take somebody and.


You don't beat them. If you try to beat, you need to put in some effort, goddamn. It's the truth. Trey. I know a lot about.


The truth, man. I'm asking the question so I can get a truth answer. Hey, I'm just.


Telling you. I said no, listen, what's your answer?


I feel like a first day is about effort. Things that were on that list was Waffle House, Chipotle, Church. That's not.


Effort to me. Chick-fil-a.


Chick-fil-a? No, that's not effort.


I'm saying I was on that though.


Yeah, it said fast-food chain.


But she just told me.


I could. It said fast-food chain.


I said you could take me on your way to go where you got to go. To Chick-fil-A. I'm trying to get something real quick in the drive-through.


Okay, let's switch it. If you all really like a nigger, would you be more passive?


No, I don't know if I like you yet.




Just saying, baby. I mean, I have some top quality men, like Slot in my Dans. But until you have time to take me on a proper date and until you had a conversation with me, we exchange numbers. We've had a phone conversation, we've texted. So you have an idea what I like to do. It ain't about to be none of that. It ain't no real quick with me. I got to talk to you now, Trey. I'm an auntie. I'm 34. You ain't just be like, Oh, man, let's pull up a little Applebee real quick.


I ain't trying to do that. I don't eat applebee, but I'm just asking the question, though. Exactly.


When the last time you all.


Got something in Collier's. I'm just asking. But the point is, if a person is genuinely just trying to take you to make sure that you fed, you can't shit on them for.


The process. I'm not shitting on them. But like I said, a first date to me, going to dinner is cool, but I like creative and fun.


First days. You said that a couple of times. Give me an example.


So one thing that was on the list that I didn't agree with was sporting events. I went to-.


You do have girls that like sports.


I ain't going to lie. I really don't even care for sports, but I'd be having a ball. A few months ago, I went to the Astros game for the first day. I was in there drunk talking about, Go team. Go team, baby. Go Astro, baby. I didn't even know that it was the Astronauts. I didn't know. I thought I know it was short for Astronaut, bitch. It is? Yes, Astro... What was it? Short for Astronaut, bitch.


I never knew that.


Hey, I was in there having a ball, and it was fun, though, because I liked it. He was like, okay, let's go do something different. So we went to the Astro games. I was drunk. We had a ball. I like creative days. Like, the second day we went on, we went to this little... It was a rooftop, and it was like a cover band playing old Motown songs. It was just real creative. That's the stuff I like to do. So I just like thoughtful. And those tickets were $20 to the rooftop thing. So it's not even.


About the money. That led to my next point. So then if that's the case, it's not even about the cost or the situation.


Chile is not the environment that I want to be in.


Don't be too many black people enough for you?


Well, we never said. Let me tell you all.


We're in Atlanta, it's niggas everywhere. It's niggas everywhere. I'm even tripping off of the egg. I love going where niggas at.


The pettiest reason I stopped talking to somebody is because I felt like he knew who I was from the show or whatever, and I felt like he was trying too hard to laugh at things I was saying. Because I feel like people know I'm goofy, but it was like, points where I wasn't even.


Telling no jokes.


I was like, yeah, because I grew up in Orange, Texas. He was like, Orange, girl, you crazy. Who?


I'm from Orange, Texas. I used to be in Orange on the regular.


The Golden Triangle. See, I told you.


Real, nigger, all day. I used to be in Orange on the regular. That's why I grew up in Orange, Texas. That's crazy. Hey, you've pulled out the.


Right- EAT, I used to be in them random streets. Now I told you, a Golden Triangle all day. Stop playing with me. I told you fruit city, baby.


Exactly what it is.


Yeah, I just felt like every time I was saying anything, it wouldn't even be.


Like- Hold on, nigger. You making Orange proud right now.


Oh, I love my city.








All... Baby says she's going to be this thing.


All the time. I don't want to ask her, Earl tell me. What's been going on lately? I'm out of.


The past in now. Earl, I just passed you up, my brother. Oh, nigga, you know what I'm saying? They ought to have a parade for you at this party.


I need Lex.


Pee Day. I need Lex Pee Day. I need Lex Pee Day.


They playing on my top.


I've been around the United States. What I do when I get on the stage, Darian? Fruit City, 409. Stop playing with her all day. But yeah, so I had to stop talking to him because it was like, sometimes, believe it or not, I like to have serious conversations. So I felt like I would be saying anything. I could have been like, Yeah, man, because my grandma died. Your grandma, bitch, that whole die. It was like.


All right. He was just doing too much.


Reel it back in. So yeah, I definitely stopped. He was just doing too much. I think he was-.


You're not.


Petty, though. Huh?


That's not really petty.


It's not petty, but I felt like he knew who I was, but he didn't want to say it. You could tell when somebody know what you do. I'm not saying like, Everybody know who I am. That's not. But it was just like things he was saying. He wanted me to talk about the show. He wanted me to bring it up. And I was like, okay, this is not that. So yeah, he had to.


Get to the curb. He had to get the booth. You ready to get into these topics, world?


I am. Okay, go ahead with the first topic.


Okay, so for the first topic, I wanted to talk about do you think men are intimidated by successful women? Because we had actually seen a post on, I can't remember if it was Twitter or Instagram. We had seen a post where basically this guy was saying, if a woman has her own home, like a single woman, he meet her, he start dating her. She own a home. He don't want to date her because she too independent, which I think is crazy. That's how crazy.


It's going to be. Again, that's a double-edged sword. Never supposed to... They're the only weak niggas that would be insecure about that, right? The flip part about that is in this day and age, we used to send woman power, or women power, shall we say. You do have some women, not saying you, you have some women that feel because they can handle and talk reckless to a niggas. I got you. So it just depends. I don't know what he's an experienced, but any real one? Fuck, no, yeah. Nigga, I want you to have your own shit because in the two ways we dating, I'm going to be trying to figure out ways to help you get your own shit so you could be on just as well as I'm on. What happen if I fall off?


Right. I feel like if a woman already own her own home and you meet her, if you all end up being together, she already owns her own home. She has equity in the home. That's building generational wealth. So why wouldn't you want that? His reasoning- That's what I'm saying.


That's crazy to me. Yeah, his reasoning was basically saying because she's going to be too hard to impress. She wants to do everything on her own. If they end up being together. You're going to have to convince her to move out of her house or sell her house or do whatever to her house. He was just saying it's just too much hassle. Women who are really on their shit basically are too much hassle.


Like I said, go both ways because you do have some women who mentality is fuck these niggas. I don't need a niggas for nothing unless it may be the fuck on whatever that may be. Right. So some of that energy definitely can come off at times. But I know a lot of independent women who cool as fuck don't even think because I feel like in two ways, if we in a real relationship or we're really trying to rock as a team, both of us got to be willing to sacrifice different stuff, whether it may be me giving away my place to where it depends on who.


Got the- The nicer home, right? Exactly. You get the point of.


What I'm saying. We could rent out the other one.


Yeah, because you.


Don't necessarily have to get rid of that one. You still can keep the other one. You can keep the other one.




It's just about understanding that point.


Now, in my experience now of being where I'm at in life, I've noticed that there's literally like two type of guys. I feel like at this point in my life, I only attract success for me, and I think that's safe to say. Yeah. But it's like two types of successful man. It's that successful man that they love the fact that I'm making money and I'm doing what I'm doing, and I'm very driven. And then there's a successful man who they don't like that because they want a woman that needs them. They want a woman that.


Depends on them. You have a lot of niggas that do that, right? Just being real. You have niggas that move a woman into their house, make them take everything that that woman may have knew how to do strip them of it, not necessarily strip them. You make it to where they're comfortable, but then they become dependent on you, right? So then when a nigga decide you want to go do something else, you still got to damn to sit your ass in that house because you ain't really got you. You're depending on me. So you have niggas who do whole shit like that. That's the mentality of niggas. It's that or either to get them pregnant and try and stop the next niggas from trying to come with niggas. Do they really work, though? I was just going to say they still feel that way. Niggas still going to try. Niggas are going down to try hit anything anyway. But I'm saying that's the mentality of it. That's just me giving you a game right now. That's just how niggas is.


I feel like a lot of times- I.


Know, I don't date with somebody like that.


Yeah, I just feel like a lot of times, though, the same men that try to control women with their money are the same men that get mad when women approach them for that. It's like if you use your money for power to try to control somebody, you approach somebody like, Oh, I can do this X, Y, Z for you. She gets with you. You start doing all this stuff for her, and then you hold it over her head or make her feel like, Oh, if you leave me, ain't nobody going to do X, Y, Z for you.


I honestly feel those used to be, and I can't speak for all, but majority them used to be the niggas who probably back in the day in school, probably used to didn't get no. Probably didn't get no attention. And what happened? They hit, they lick, whatever that situation may be. They came across some money and it's like, fuck that. I want to be him. I want to make motherfuckers feel like they need me, you know what I'm saying? Because any real solid nigga, it don't matter if we're together or not together. Like, for me, right? It's only one thing that will make me not once I feel like a motherfucker trying to use them. If I feel like they're trying to take it to their advantage, and it's like, okay, you're doing this, but you're not even trying on your own. Then that's going to make me like, no, I'm not no sucker. You're not going to make me do that. But if I'm watching you try shit, it make me more happier just to relieve some of that stress. I'm telling a woman, right? Which I'm single now, but if I was dating, a lot of people have women mentality to be like, I'm not doing good right now.


I'm trying to figure myself out. For me, that would be the time that I would come in because I don't want to be with you and everything good. I'd rather show you I'm rocking with you and I could have got my ass up and left, but I didn't know what I'm saying? They just show more how loyal and how much a nigger rocking with you. You know what I'm saying? So that'd be my mentality. I do.


Think sometimes people go in the situation, though, they're looking to be saved. But it's different if you go into situation, you're really trying to get to know somebody and really fuck with them for who they are, and then you come up on a hard time or something, and then he wants to step up. Because one thing I can say, one of my close guy friends just recently went through this, and he was dealing with this girl, and she was just always asking him for stuff. Like, always. I'm just like, bro. I fuck with him, and it's like, I didn't want to sound like a hater. Because I get it. I get it, girl. Get your coins.


But if you really fuck with him, you're.


Supposed to keep it sound. Yeah, I did. I'd be like, hey, she is really trying to run it up on your ass. I hate to be that because you know why I say I hate to say that because I care about him. But I also get it from the other end. He's like, you out here, you're trying to make ends meet. You got to get it how you live. So it's like, I'm not trying to knock her hustle, but at the same time, this is a good guy. He's a good guy. Some niggas deserve for it to be reined up on. They deserve.


That shit. You got to be fed, right? Because that's just like, if me and you cool and I look at you like, sister, and I'm watching you fuck with a goofy nigga, I'm never going to hate on that man. But I'm also going to let you know, hey, bro, you need to stop being short paying attention. If you have a funny feeling, nigga, you need to be making sure you're paying attention to certain things because if I really rock with you, I look goofy by allowing you to look just as goofy. You know what I'm saying? Of course, now you never want to hate, but it's just that. And another thing that people do on both ends is they make you feel guilty to where you damn they have to do something. I don't like that either. You know what I'm saying?


Yeah. It was a very strange situation because I actually... You know, it was crazy because I knew the girl too. It's not like we were friends.


Or nothing. But you knew both of them.


I'm going.


To give you the city later, girl. I'm going to tell you.


It's a mess. Did you end up talking to the nigger?


Yeah, I had to tell him because this is not the first time, though, because he's told me about other situations, and I'm like, and he's such a good guy, but he's so green, though.


I was just going to say, if you say a couple of these, it ain't crazy shit you can.


Do with this stuff. He's so green.


It's a pattern. It's crazy because me and him used to like, we never like, mess, got physical, but we tried to date and it didn't work out. But I'm like, okay, but you the homie. And it's crazy because the whole time me and him dated, I never asked him for nothing. I never was like... I knew he had money, but it was like, it wasn't about that. I'm trying to get to know you. Once I figured out you weren't my person, okay, we can be friends. And then I see all the stuff that these girls are doing. And it was just like, Damn, man, I really felt bad. It was getting too bad because I'm like, damn, nigga. Okay, let me step in and say something. Because the dating scene in Atlanta is a mess. It's a mess everywhere, but I feel like in Atlanta it's extremely bad.


I think the dating scene now is, I'd say, in a sense, premeditated. Everybody planning their future. I don't know what to deal with. Meaning not planning their future like, hey, I probably want to get married. Like, worst case. Worst, how shit going to be working out for me if I go ahead and fuck with this nigga. You know what I'm saying? At least I'll.




Getting this and this.


I got a fallback plank.


I definitely feel like people be planning it out on the first day. So you just never know if it's Jean winning intentions or not.


That's time. And even in time, time don't even always tell because this is what I tell people.


I think people will play their role if they know what they can get too.


Right? But the thing is you can only play for so long, right? Right. So the thing, what I tell somebody if I'm dealing with them at the end of the day, it don't matter if I'm fucking on the first date or a year later, if that's all I wanted to do. I know niggas who can wait that year and go through the process for the challenge, still get done with you and talk shit around.


Oh, my God. I've had to say that on the show before because I feel that way, too. I had a situation like.


That, remember? We waited like six months, and he was a horrible ass nigger. It was like after that, it was like he just turned.


Because that's what he was waiting on.


But the thing is, I only say that to say I'll be trying to let motherfucking know. But you also can fuck with somebody on your first date, and then they can be with you for a lifetime. I got a lifelong friendship. It go both ways.


That's very, very true. Okay, so before we get into the second topic, you all know that this episode is sponsored by L. S. Cream, LaCore. You all this is a black-owned LaCore in this holiday season. So, Drea likes to put it in her coffee to get her day started.


I love to put it in my coffee, put it in my hot cocoa. You all is so good. It's like Bailey's, but way more elevated. I love that it has this coconut-y flavor. You could taste like the nutmeg and everything. It's so good, you all. And it's vegan.


Yeah, it's super good. And so, Treya, we got you. I know you.


Don't drink. You know damn well I don't drink.


But if you got.


A little lady to bring it over, I'm getting to somebody for a.


Little- I'm getting to drink. -drinking on a coffee over there.


Or it could be like a little stalking stuffer for somebody, okay?


You might want to drink it if you want to. What is that? The brown and clear, what is that?


It's not either. It's like a cream liquor. Have you heard of Bailey's before?


I don't know, nothing.


About Bailey's. You don't know nothing about none of that liquor.


Why don't you drink out of-out-of-the-house, you're in a bad state. Have you ever drank before?


Never drink, never smoked. You never tried it? No. So a lot of people now, and in these days, a lot of people do it just for they turn up to feel good. But coming up how we came up, they would do it when they're going through it. That's what would put them at ease from whatever they were dealing with. And I always like to deal whatever I'm dealing with, head up. However I feel at that moment, it's not going to get no worse. Because the thing is, if I was to fuck with it and way off, the reality going to sink in. That shit still happening.


That is some really good advice. It's crazy. I don't mean to get morbid and weird, but last year when my mom passed, I made it a point not to drink because I wanted to feel everything and I wanted to go through it, and I.


Wanted to remember. And wing that and wing yourself to be able to start making it.


Through it. Yeah, because, of course, everybody know I smoke a little weed now. I drink a little drink. I'm just going to have a little one, two, not a wine down. But when I go through things traumatic, especially something like that, I make sure to stay away from all that stuff. I'm glad that you said that because that's a very big deal, because I know when I used to go through a breakup or something or just be depressed or sad, I would drink, I would smoke, and it would just like, spiral, out of control. So when I went through that, it was like, okay, let me just step away from everything and just have a clear mind.


Yeah, that's why for a lot of people, it becomes like a codependency type of thing. Like you were saying, then when you stop doing it or if you don't have access to it, then shit is even worse because you've been using this to cope and now you don't have access to it.


That's how people turn to crack.


And stronger shit.


Facts. You see somebody crack.


That's what.


All people say. I don't want to say crack these days, but- I don't always.


Go to crack for some reason. I don't.


Know why they said go to. I ain't going to say crack, but I do say definitely some strong shit.


They might be trying to find something stronger.


You're really seeing people out there on the pipe right now. People don't smoke crack no more? I ain't saying that. It ain't a lot of them. Not as much.


I don't know if I'm wrong. I don't feel like people our age do crack. I don't think people in our age.


Would do crack. I thoughtI've seen homeless people do a lot of things from stress.


See, I don't know. Honestly, I don't know what people do. I feel like maybe it's like the opioids, painkillers, stuff like that. Take a little perk. I'm just saying. People really.


Think you do perks at this point, I'm sure. She always making a.


Joke about it. Now we're going to move on. Okay, so shout out to L. S. Cream. Thank you for supplying the liquor part, usual. I wanted to talk about this because I feel like... I don't know. I wanted to talk about this because I feel like people mess with you about this all the time, Drea. I feel like I want to talk about confidence versus cockiness. Because I've always personally felt like Dreya was a very confident person. But I see you know how people be saying crazy stuff to you all the time. And I feel like Dre is not cocky. She's just telling the truth. Who? I just think.


People like to attack me at times because I think my confidence, me or me overly feeling myself and fucking with myself really bothers people who don't fuck with they self like that. So then they make them want to try to say things to you or tear you down to make you feel like you're not what you think you are. I think it happen all the time on.


Social media. I don't see how I'm being tuned.


Okay, I'll give you an example, because obviously, Dre is funny. So she had tweeted something. She was like, the baddest bitches in Houston is Beyonce, Meg, than me. Now, everybody knows. She was like, who else?


Who else? Who you got? But I was obviously kidding.


Let me.


Tell you, before you say that, you got to understand, common sense ain't common these days. So obviously, you're joking. That do not mean they were going to be thinking you.


Were joking. Right.


And I think that's always the case, usually.


They take everything personally.


But at the end of the day, even if she really did feel like that, what's wrong with that? She probably did, right?


Because they say when people joke or say certain shit, they really have to say it. Yeah, I feel like you know, I'd be a little.


True to it. I'd be feeling.


Like you know. She's up there. Come on now.


I'm up there. But I.


Just feel like, but what's wrong with that? So I think somebody had responded. They were like, Okay, Dre, you just be taking shit too far. You be doing too much. It was like, but how are you doing too much or taking shit too far by clapping for yourself? I wanted to talk about what is the difference between being confident and being cocky or conceited? Would you say you're a confident person?


Definitely, confident. But the difference is I'm confident to walk in the room and don't say nothing. My presence is still going to be felt.


This is.


Probably way more than the motherfuckers coming here yelling and doing the most.


That's how I feel, too, because I feel like I have that presence when I go places and when I'm obviously outside of us talking on camera and doing our show. But when we just be out, I'm very quiet and reserved in my business, and I don't be talking that much. I don't be trying to get no attention. But for some reason, I just feel like people just still always feel away.


You got to realize sometimes people be fighting their own damage, their own... Well, their own insecurities, and this issue, confidence and cocky. I'm always going to be, shall I say, confident, right? Because I've always went against the grain and did what I wanted to do and stayed on my own. Even when you go to talk about giving back, there's not shit that was written in the blueprint for a nigga like me to do. I did what I wanted to do. Kucky, I don't believe me. I just don't believe in being cocky. You know what I'm saying? I feel like I don't care to try and make you fuck with me. If you're going to fuck with me, you're going to fuck with me regardless. And it's not to say what she's doing is wrong. Definitely, if I'd have seen that, I'd have probably randomly shout at Tick, like boy, you're a bullshit nigga. Because it's not that she's not cute or nothing like that. It's just I'm playful like that. You know what I'm saying? So I wouldn't take that no tight way. But you do have some people that when you go to saying cock, you got some people that walk in the room and they just demand, hey, I want everybody to look at me.


I'm going to show you all I'm somebody that I don't fuck with.


For me, I feel like confidence is like how you feel about yourself. You have every right. That's how you feel about yourself. To me, cockiness is this is how I take cockiness. When I see somebody that's cocky and I'd be like, what the fuck? Is somebody how they feel about theirself, but it's not necessarily true? You know what I'm saying? No, let me say this, though. You're supposed to believe in yourself. You're supposed to talk highly about yourself. But sometimes it's like, now you know you pushing. You see somebody and when they get on the beat, they really not rap about shit. They can make a good song, but how dare you like, I'm the best.


Rapper alive. So it's two things with that. And I hate to keep saying it's two things. Two things that because in their mind, they made a pump they self up to really believe that's what the fuck that is. The second part is niggas be trolling. But people be trolling.


Yeah, that's true.


But people really do like, if you take a... I got to watch what I say because everybody in it-.


They're going to be watching. They're going.


To be watching. It could be a certain type of male or female that they may have been pushed around, poked at whatever throughout their whole life, and they start building their self, building their confidence up. And they feel like, man, fuck it, I am who I am, unapologetic, and I want to let it be known. That's how I feel. So mentally, they may feel that now what they see may not be what we see. Everybody in this room may see totally opposite of what the fuck they seeing. But in their mind, that's what they see. I just don't do the loud mouthing, doing too much shit. You know what I'm saying? And that's what I feel- Well, shitting on somebody when you're.


Doing it in the process. Yeah, like when you try to overcompensate. You really don't believe what you're saying.


And that's what I was going to say, too. I feel like it's a difference between believing in yourself and having confidence in yourself and feeling yourself. But that's just how you feel about you. And nothing is wrong with how you feel about you. You should feel that way about you. It's for me, when people try to tear down other people or make other people feel less than-.


That's being too cocky.


Right. That's what being cocky is.


You know, I ain't going to lie. Yeah, that shit you got on is cute, but my shit way better than that.


Right. Yeah, that's being cocky because you didn't have to say that last part. But you definitely have people out here that are like that. They try to big they self up based off of what they have and what another person don't have versus it's people who just they fuck with they self and they love they self and they feel like they're shit.


But the genius and solid people see through that. We don't think people don't see through it. People see that shit like, okay, they got to do whatever they got to do to make themselves feel comfortable right now.


You said it right on the head because I think, I mean, we've talked about this on the show before because it was like, when I first met Dreya, I was the person where it was like, I always felt like my personality was a lot. So I would try to... I didn't know who I was for a long time. So I kept trying to mold myself into what I thought people wanted to see or what my man thought at the time when I was in a relationship. I was in a terrible relationship when I first moved out here. I was always trying to mold myself. And I was like, you know what? The people around me who really, really love me, they know the real me, and they love it. I was like, you know what? Fuck it. Let me just be my natural, authentic self.


And if they're going to accept you, they're going to accept you.


Honestly, I feel like that's when the show got better because you really got to see me and Andrea's friendship.


I'm not saying somebody to put you all together. You all knew each other.


We've been friends since we lived in Houston. We both used to... Do you remember Prime Song? When it was open? It was open. It was like off the South main.


Definitely remember. Oh, yeah, it was like -Right by Shipley's. Is there a little bit about...


It's down the street from Carroll. It's literally down the street from Carroll.


That's what we meant. We both used to bar stand up there, and this was like 2015, 20- Shout out.


To Carol. Nice to be.


Having the time. I'm saying you all just randomly wanted to do a show together.


No, so I moved here first. I moved here in 2016 with somebody that I was cool with in Houston, and it didn't end up working out, and then we moved apart. I was living on my own in my own apartment, and me and her were still cool. I was like, oh, you should move to Atlanta, because she was telling me she really wanted to get into media and stuff because we both have degrees in mass communications. So I thank you. I knew she always wanted to get into media and stuff. At the time, Houston wasn't really a place where I feel like you could Excel in it at the time. So she moved out here and she wanted to start a YouTube channel. We started a YouTube channel, took off a little bit, and then we had a segment called Wind Down Wednesday, which was like a shorter version of what we do right now. It was only like 20 minutes, though. And so we ended up changing the name and turning it into a podcast.


And this is what happened. But we were friends first. It was like, natural, but I felt like I was always trying to like, I didn't know. I was like, Oh, I think I need to do this because this is what people want to see. And Dre was like, Bro, you are funny. Just relax and be yourself. And I think that was the first time I really got to sit in that because growing up, I grew up in Orange. I went to all white school. I was always like... Then when I got to college, I was around all black people. So I'm still like, I'm different because it's like this and that. She was like, Girl, you're beautiful. You funny. Just do you. And you're right about that. People can see through everything. I felt like once we really... We both sat back and was just like, because she was more so of not wanting to talk and show her personality because everybody was just like, Okay, she's just pretty. She's just a face, whatever. It was like, no, she's actually fucking hilarious. You know what I'm saying? So It think being your authentic self, people going to see that regardless.


And we say that all the time. That's so true.


That it is. That it is.


Shout out to the people that keep it 100.




Tell me no. You know what I'm saying? Tia is not here today, but shout out to the top of these drinks. Thank you.


Can we open right now? I got.


Some more stuff coming.


No, you know we love with you. I love with...


I'm a gift now.


I'm going to have to do something special for you.


What is this? What is this?


I can't.


Open it. Hold on. It's a speaker. You know what? Me and Andrea literally always forget our speakers at home. We be on tour. Because we were in the mirror doing our makeup, getting ready for our shows. We actually really need these.


Yeah, and.


We're going out of town tomorrow. That's just what you all doing. You all walking to work out, whatever you all doing, you kind your steps. But I've seen you all support mine. Bunk boxes.


For real. This is cute.


I like these. Thank you, Tra.


Thank you. You know, people don't really be bringing us gifts. They don't. So thank you, Tra, Per.


And it's water-resist thing.


Okay, I like these.


You got a flash. You know that you all could help me, right? Because you all are females. You all give me your perspective. Ig. Let me see that over there. So they're going to release my my glasses. Oh, I love a good. You all are female, so you all can...


Okay, let me see. Let me see them now. Now you know I'm going to be honest. You're supposed to. Now, first of.


All, is the boxing going to come in? Yeah.


Oh, that's nice. I'm fucking with the box already.




Giving casket sharp. I'm just saying it's giving like, I like it. I like it. So the presentation is five, okay? So we're going to open.


Them up and see what they look like.


So this is, what does it say?




Habibi and ABN. Okay, let me pull them out.


Oh, those are nice.


Oh, I'm fucking with these already. I was just saying this today.


And is that red on the side?


Because I love to wear glasses but I need some glasses where you can still see my face.




See. Yeah.


Those look good on you. I know they do.


I can feel it, man. I guess the university then. Yeah, they look good.


Are they supposed to be more geared.


Towards me? I know I.


Look good. I was just trying to do my thing.


I'm fucking with these because I.


Can actually.


See too. I swear on everything today. I was like, I need some glasses. But you had them glasses that you had on in New Orleans. Yeah. And I was like, I need some glasses. They look like them too. Yeah, I was like, I need some glasses that can actually... Because I'd be doing my makeup, and I'd be wanting to be like, incognito a little bit. When I say something, I need a nigger to feel it. I need a nigger to feel it. You feel me, right? All right, so when I put them glasses down, I need to know you need to hear what I'm saying. But I need them to still see this face.


You can see the face. This is right here.


You did your.


You all like those. Those are nice.


All right. No, you're good. I'm going to keep it solid with you. Let me see.


All right, go ahead and try them on. Try them on, Darea. Come on.


You'll go get one out the truck. Hell, yeah.


Go ahead and get me one out the.


Truck, boy. They're not even out yet. Oh, wait. We got the exclusive.


Yeah, them whole five. They're cute. They're real cute.


No, I know they're cute.


I was like, how they look on me? That's what I'm saying. Look cute. It look good on you. You look fresh to death. I like that. I'm feeling myself. I'm fucking with you, Trey. I like it. Thank you, Trey. Look, sorry we going to get you for them glasses over here. I'm fucking with it. It could be a Port Mons collab. They bought me to get 5% off of something.


You know what?


We're going to talk about that. We can talk about it.


I'm all for trying to make sure everybody's able to eat.


Hey, you know me. One thing about me, I'm.


Solid with it. Well, not even that. We're doing better. I hold a conversation. We're trying to design a pair for you all.


Oh, they're like.


Some little pink ones.


You know, that's our color. We like a little pink, a little purple. Okay, so we're going to move on. So now it's time to get.


Into the bed, the bed, the bed, the bed. Bow. Bow. The bed. Bow. The bed. Bow. Bow. Bow.


Bow. Bow. Bow. Bow. Bow. Bow. Okay, so for the bed topic today, this actually goes into what we were talking about earlier, because I always say this, I feel like for a man, the only thing that's better than good sex is new sex. So why do men get bored after sex? Like, why is curiosity? Curiosity is something that gets men in trouble because they just want to know. They're curious.


You know what I'm saying? That's a hard question, right? Because truthfully, that is the curiosity is the main goal, right? The main form of...


Thank you, sir.


Here you go.


Thank you. Yeah, bring my shit back.


Girl. I think naturally, they're just curious, and they don't even... So I can understand when from a male standpoint, they'd be like, no, she don't mean shit to me or what? Because they were just more so curious. They don't make it right. That and you got to think they get bored, too, because they used to... When we first start, you got motherfuckers going all in because they both trying to really impress each other. Once they get content, it's like, yeah, nigger, I'm going to give you this 15 % out of 100 fucking take it or leave it. But they go both ways, though. The thing with child is females are way sneaker, very much more sharper, and they can get away with a lot more. And they will go to the grave without telling you the whole time you have no idea. So it go both ways because when a nigger not doing right by them physically, it make them get tired and frustrated to where they want to go do something different, too.


I feel like niggers are.


Taking to the grave, too. You all just be in cold.


That's why you are not. I'm just trying to tell you all. But nigger is not going to.


Tell you. You got to catch his ass. But the thing is, you all don't even leave enough room for a nigger to catch you all.


Definitely, I'm too slick. You feel.


Like every time a girl cheat or every time she do something she don't have no business doing is well thought out.


I promise you, she is on her A-game. She is gone and will probably be in the same room and you have no fucking idea. Because I'll say that. That's why I hurt niggas pride way more when.


They find out.


Because it's like, you motherfucker. You see.


What I'm saying? Yeah. I'm not speaking for all women. I can just speak for women that I know, and I can speak for a situation I was in. When women cheat, a lot of times they've been telling you, hey, this is going on now. Women never like, oh, this is a fine ass nigga. I want to give him some pussy. Never. That's true. Now it probably can for some women. I can honestly say every time I've been in a relationship, I ain't never been like, oh, damn, this nigga fine. I'm going to go cheat on my nigga. Niggas will see a bad bitch and be like, I just want to see what she.


Hitting fun if she going. But you do know you can say, hey, a nigga fine. You may not move right then and there. But if that thought cross your mind a couple more times, it may take, and you all can go longer before, but it definitely can happen.


But the thing is that nigger can only wear you down because I'm telling my man, Hey, this is what I'm missing. Because one thing about women, we love consistency. We are consistent pressure.


We want to be with one nigger.




My nigger would act right.


I would not be outside.


Look, you didn't hear what I said? The thing is when you're only getting 15 % out of a hundred, then it's like, Hey, take it and leave it. That leave the room for you all to go elsewhere because it ain't going to be no consistency there at that point. Right.


I agree. I feel like when men cheat, though, is because like I said, they just want to try it. They probably will never talk to that girl again. She was probably the conversation whack. He don't even want her. He's just curious.


I'm a get you all card because I'm just transparent, and I'm always going to root for the niggas. I'm a niggas. But you all take it a lot better when you all find a job and cheat on them than a niggas would ever take it.


Facts. That's true. Niggas be ready to fuck some.


Shit up. Nigger fuck some shit up ain't a word.


That niggas be ready to fuck.


Some shit.


Up if they.


Found out. All wars have been.


Started behind pussy.


No lie. Real wars. Niggers have died behind.


Behind Pussy. That is a fag.


Literally. It gets crazy out here, okay? But I feel like it's because of what's expected of men. We just expecting, okay, you know what? This is when I knew I was crazy. This was in my 20s. I was one of them girls that felt like, okay, what was that song? He's mine. You may have had him once, but I got him.


All the time. Oh, you thought if he cheated once, it was okay.


I was like, okay, he fucked you once, but he had a hard time with me.


He mine. No, yeah, that's crazy. That's crazy as.


Fuck, but it's like they made it normal.


No, I don't be like... What's he about me? I don't play that shit.




Strict over here. Okay, so if a nigga...


But let's be real. I have found out before that a nigger was fucking with me, too.


But do you be ready to fight at the end of the day?


We found out. I'm not fighting over no nigger, ever. I ain't never.


In my life. Don't say never, because it depends on what you get crazy behind. Let me tell.


You, the craziest that I was was in my 20s. I don't think I can get more crazier than that. If I didn't fight over no nigger then, I do not see it happening now. I'm going to just walk away. Nobody can make me that crazy. My peace is not worth. My peace is not worth somebody that would disturb me. Because if you would do some shit to disturb my peace, why I'm going to fight over you? Because if you knew that you only wanted to fuck with this girl one time or two times or whatever the case may be, why is that worth what we got?


I always say that niggas get too comfortable with risking me.


Yeah, if you want to risk me, don't try to.


Risk me. I'm not a perfect woman. Go look for your options. I'm not a perfect woman, but I do feel like I really give my all. And it's like I like to work through things. I like to communicate. So if you're okay with risking that, that's on you. So if you want to risk that, I'm gone. Now, Ovi would have been like, Uh-uh, he loved me, girl. But now it's strict in this motherfucker. You're sitting.


In the ice tray. Man, I ain't telling you all what you're saying is wrong at all.


I got you. All right, now.


So you all single or taken?


I am single. I'm single.


I'm saking.


That's why you said saking.


Saking is crazy.


What the fuck is that?


Saking is crazy.


What is that? A situation?


Single and taking at.


The same time. I don't know. Elaborate.


Staking is wild.


I thought that was the only one with the part. That sound like an S instead of a T. But go ahead. For example, what that is?


I made a wrong word. Because, I mean, it does perfectly explain it. I'm not going.


To be a good mother, because I'm listening.


Okay, so I'm in a situation where me and my man is not really together right now. We was, but now we're not. But he's still take care of me. He do everything. I feel like I don't deal with other niggas for real because I'm still dating him. We still spend time and stuff together, but I think we're just trying to figure out whether or not we think he could work as a relationship between the two of us. And from what he tells me, he ain't dating no other girls, but I don't know. I know how niggas speak. I don't necessarily believe that.




Still out. This niggas is faking.


Yeah, I'm faking.


I like that.


It's a little complicated, but...


Okay, so now it's time to get into the bot. I'm using.


That shit. When somebody asks you, I'm faking.


The bot, oh. Out about. I'm sorry, I'm enjoying my glasses.


She's always in her own world.


I do. I don't have my glasses on. I'm a little tipsy. I'm feeling myself. You all feel me? Okay, fuck you all.


So what's your bop week?


My bop of the week. This song came out a little second ago. It's still technically new, though. But Megan came out with COBRA. And you know what? I love it because I feel like everybody wants to complain about the girls. They only doing pussy raps. They only doing X, Y, Z. And she was really honest and real. She talked about her depression. She talked about wanting to commit suicide and how she made it through that. And it was so crazy because the song is called Cobra. In the video, she was like, shedding her skin. And it was a beautiful visual. But people were still in the comments not getting it. I've seen somebody was like, How are you rap about you miss your parents and you're naked? I'm like, Are you all stupid? I really think people... I hate to say this because I don't like calling people stupid, but I was like, I really feel like the comments I saw it was just so disheartening because it's like, damn, how can a person really bear their soul in this song and really giving you themselves? And you all still are choosing to miss the point.


But shout out to Megan, dealing with depression and feeling the way she felt and then making it on the other side because there's lots of people who did make it to the other side. There's a lot of people who are not here with us today. And so I'm glad that she is fighting and she's still working and that we still have her here to enjoy her artistry. She's an amazing artist. So yeah, I fuck with it. Meg, the Stallion, Cobra, that's my BIP of the week.


Okay. My BIP of the week is Tim's Me and You. I love that song. It makes me want to be on a beach somewhere on a little island vacation. She really do make vacation music, and it's just like a feel-good song. I feel like it's one of those songs you wake up in the morning, you could play while you're getting ready, while you're taking your shower, getting ready to go to the gym, doing your makeup. Just a feel-good, nice little song, make you want to.


Be in love. Tims is beautiful, too. She is. She is very beautiful. Trey, what you been listening to?


No, honestly, probably Stuck in motion right now. That's all the fuck I get to hear because from the time I wake up to go to sleep, I'm doing press and if it ain't that video performance. So right now I'm stuck on stuck emotion right now. But I love all type of music, man. I think my favorite type of music is when I'm just rolling and I'm listening to the 80s and 90s R&B. Okay. Like the high fives, the different stuff like that. Teddy Pendergry? I'll say Gatlin for Teddy.


Okay. All right. We love the '80s and '90s R&B. We do.


I definitely feel like I want a coldest playlist for sure.


You're going to have to share it.


With us. Yeah, you got to share.


It with us.




Trying to figure out how to share the playlist, but you all just... Okay.


Okay. So who is an artist out right now? Like a new artist that you would like to work with that you haven't worked with?


I've damn never worked with... Everybody that has worked with.


I knew you were.


Going to say that. I really have. Okay. Man, that's a hard one. I got over 2,000 of these records. I have records with everybody.


But of the the.


New kids? Everybody. There's probably a handful of them. What I tell people is I have real relationships with people, so a lot of the times they don't really be about music. The music is the bonus. So even if it's a handful that I haven't physically laid a track with, it's probably already there anyway just based on our relationship this one this time. But I don't think, unless there's some youngsters that I'm just not familiar with yet. Right, got you. And I'm one of the ones that I'm one of the few of our town that embrace everybody. It's like, damn, I'm a gateway because even with the youngest they first thing is, man, I got to get some with OG. You see what I'm saying? And then every time I watch them start to elevate, and it's been that way for the test of time.


Right. Okay, that's fair. I'll let you slide with.


That one. It's the truth.


Okay. So now we're going to get into our favorite segment of the week. If you want your question answered on the show, make sure you email us at askporeminds@gmail. Com. If you're a patron member, make sure you all put that in the heading. Let me tell you all something right now about our patron. We about to revamp our patron again. Shay is our social media manager. If you are not subscribed to our patron, I promise you, you're going to want to get on there. Yeah, right now. It's getting real good and real juicy.


Okay? So patron is like where people pay for bonus content, extra episodes. It'd be a.


Lot of people that'd be like, because Poor Minds drops every Friday, and they like, I need more Poor Minds. So if you're one of those people who want more Poor Minds, sign up for the patron. We drop an episode every week. We're going to start doing extra bonus content.


Like behind.


The scenes?


Behind the scenes. Behind the scenes. Sometimes we post stuff from the live shows, from the tours or we'll post the whole live show because we don't post it anywhere else. So you can watch it on patron.


Yes. So go to patron. Com/poreminds.


Tune in. You all both hold a paragraph.


Well, no, mine is actually short. Oh, you want to switch? Which I'm surprised.


That shit is...


I've seen her.


It's actually not bad compared to the other stuff we've gotten.


No, sometimes they'd be longer than that. We always ask that you all keep it short. Keep that in mind. Question number one. Hey, Lex Andrea, I love you all so much, but straight to my question. I'm planning to visit Houston for my birthday in February. I'm going with my man, my man, my man. I wanted to know what are some food spots that are a must for my first time in Houston. Clubs, branch or day activities. Anything will be appreciative. Love you all and keep going up. Thank you in advance.


Well, I would tell you all to go to Turkey Leghust. Okay. We don't know what's going to happen right about here.


But you all ain't here that for a while. Turkey Leghiz is going to be there.


Okay, no. You all know it's... If you are in Houston, you all know it's getting messy. Now, brunch spots that I like to go to, Grace's.


Is good.


I like Grace's is good. It's cool if you want like a chill vibe. Yeah, yeah. Like, if you want something chill. Okay. What else?


The Honeyhole. Y'all been there yet? No, I ain't been there. Neither go though.


I still like Prospect.


Definitely can go there too.


Prospect is so good at it.


Y'all got to get the truth truck. Okay, to the truth truck?


We got to come to the truth truck.


What food they got?


You got the truth chicken sandwich, chicken suya taco, steak tacos, the elote corn.


Oh, no, the.


Chicken suya taco sound like it's busy.


Okay, so we're.


Going to check- The chicken sandwich itself is going to fuck.


The game. It is? Okay.


Now, what are the clubs now? I don't be going out. I don't know.


Maybe you're going to be going to the.


Address 50-50. Address on Wednesday, they have probably one of their biggest nights. They do the R&B nights. Now they bring an R&B artist every Wednesday. A classic R&B artist, not just the new.


Yeah, I like the old school ones. I feel like Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.


People be going to Secade.


Yes, the cars are.


Opening back then. That's on Saturdays or Fridays?


A Friday, Saturdays and Sundays.


Okay, you got camp.


Camp. Sundays, Chapman and Kerby 50-15. But you know what? Let me shout out this influencer. This is actually the perfect because she creates content in Houston, and she always shows you the best places to go in Houston. I started following her. I love her content. It's Searching High with Lo. She's in Houston, and she will show you everywhere all the nice restaurants to eat at. So go on Instagram, follow Searching High with Lo, and she going to put you on all the good spots in Houston for real.




Sorry. Go ahead and say shout out to her.


I'd be feeling bad when I cut people off.


Oh, you're good. Okay. I ain't a diva. So you're right.


So it's also this dude that I follow on Twitter. His name is Eric Eats, H-T-X.


Oh, yeah, I follow him, too. And he always...


You all, he'd be posting all of the good spots in Houston to go eat at like, I'm talking food trucks, hauling the walls, in the club, in the big restaurants.


So he like to do... So I just learned about the dude you all got out here. Keith Lee? Oh, yeah. Itried to talk to Keith. He's from Dallas. And I seen him from the skits that everybody been making lately. Well, Keith.


Lee is from Vegas, but he came out here.


And took Atlanta up.




Clearly. Oh, my God. It was so crazy.


With no.


Expression on his face. He came out here and he tried all the restaurants and he had a lot to say. I mean, he wouldn't lie.


He wouldn't lie.


He didn't tell a lot of that. The food out here is great. We have good food. I feel like nobody got better food than Houston, though.


And New Orleans.


And New Orleans.


Yeah, Louisiana. I'm from the world. Larry Margot. We ate at...


Yeah. Shut up the big...


I call him the big Larry.


We ate at all his restaurants.


She is still talking about them gumbo, pot, stickers.


Some little dumplings, wins. We went to his little tax restaurant. We went to Marlowe's. We went to, what is it called? Mondays. Man, I had a time. Shout out to Larry. We don't have Larry on the show. Okay, I hope we gave you enough information. Question number two. Hi, ladies. I've been listening for years now. Love, love, love your content. I have a dilemma, and I want to make sure this isn't all in my head. I'm turning 36 this year, and I feel like I'm too sexually inexperienced. I'm a single mom. I was with my son's dad from age 17 to 27. He was super vanilla. So we didn't do very much exploring in the bedroom. After our relationship ended, I didn't get much support from my family or his with my child. And since he had behavior problems, I couldn't keep consistent childcare for anything other than work. I was very depressed for years because of this. Only one of my friends has children, so my friends were listening ears, but I never wanted to burden them with my childcare issues. Now that my son is older, we're both in therapy. His behavior is better, and he's a teen now, so I can leave him home for short periods if I want to get out.


I would like to date and find love again, but now I worry that my lack of experience will be a deterrent. Is this all in my head, or do men really not want an inexperienced partner? Thanks for your help. You all want to answer because I got a good air.


I'm not answering that shit. I'm listening to you all.


Okay, well, I'll go first, man. I'll say this. I feel like when you are really dating somebody, it doesn't matter if you're extremely sexually experienced or not, everybody has their different wants and needs in the bedroom. So whether you're experienced or not, a man that wants this and you want that, you all going to have to teach each other in the bedroom. Just because he likes it bent over that way and your leg up that way, that's not how he wants it. So no matter what, if you're experienced or not, you're always going to have to learn in the bedroom with your partner, period. I feel like everybody should be open minded when it comes to sex. So you being sexually, in experience shouldn't be a problem for a man who really fuck with you. Because as experienced as the next girl may be, she has to be open to learning what that man likes. Because there's people like, sometimes people feel like you can't teach your old dog new tricks. The best thing you can do in the bedroom is be open minded. That's how I personally feel. You don't need experience to be open minded.


That open mind, whereas definitely I'm debating on that because some people might be doing too motherfucking much. I mean, they.


Might be, but.


That's for you to decide. I know that open mind is a strong word. I knew.


You were.


Strict, Trey. I'm not strict at all. I'm not extra.


You ever had your little toe suck?


No, hell, not. You don't want your.


Little toe suck?


You're a little nipple? Fuck, no, my nipple playing with. What's wrong with a little nipple. Man, come on. You got- You just imagine- What did she pinche? Hey, come play with my nipple. You got nerves in that train. You're going to be looking like, bro, what.


The fuck? No, I'm not. I'm like... I feel like.


Some niggas like that. They like a little.


Nipple play. Don't do that because you might be telling on staking right now.


Oh, no, I'm not telling on staking.


Okay, so let's stop it. No nipple play.


No nipple play?


No, nothing play.


Okay, so you like vanilla sex.


Which is fine. No, I am good at what I do. I'm good at what I know that's right. I'm not doing none of that extra shit, though. It's just not.


Going to happen. I know, that's right. Okay, do you have any advice for her? I feel like.


You guys give advice. I definitely think you have to be open minded. Everybody doesn't like the same thing. So would she what one person might consider sexually in experience? Another person might not.


Even be into that. I was just going to say that because my thing is who gave the term and what that is? Because even that what if you were super experienced, but the person you're dealing with is over extreme? Vanilla. No, what if they're over extreme? So even with your experience, it's just say look. They like when you're doing shit.


Or you could be You might get to a little nipple sucking and you may get in the bedroom and they don't like that.


They might.


Pop you on their video. This is a rap right now. You all are cutting right now. Poor minds. All right, Trey, let us.


Know everything you got going on, where they can find you at, all that.


Good stuff. The album is stuck in out now. Instagram is the only thing that I really deal with hands on, which is @traeavn, T-R-A-E-A-V-N. Facebook, I don't know shit about. So whatever I post on Instagram, it finds its way to Facebook. Tiktok, my kid is showing me that I don't really know nothing about that.


Okay, we're still bad with TikTok too.


Don't feel like that. X, it gets whatever post on Instagram. But now you got to be all right. I had Twitter so long and you'll go to following some of the baddest women back then. Now I'd be scared to open it because it definitely look like a porn website on Twitter.


Oh, Twitter is crazy. I don't think you'll be calling me ex. I still be.


Calling you Twitter. Yeah, it's crazy. It should be called X for real, though.


Because it's three. You open that shit at the wrong time.


Oh, my God. Every time me and Dre be at the bar like this.


You might be having a hurry up.


And start scrolling then.


Exactly. Well, I had a ball today, Trey. Thank you so much for pulling up on us. By this time, I think we got one show left, the Atlanta show. So you all make sure you all go to poorminds. Com. We're wrapping up the tour. Get your ticky. Yeah, for Richard for Poor 2. Make sure you all go to musepudtycollection. Com. That's Dre's website. Get your lip gloss. That's what I got on right now. What else we got? I think that's it. Sign up for Patrick and thank you again, Trey. This is amazing. And we'll see you all next week. Bye, you all. What's up, you all?


It's your girl, Lex T. And it's your girl.


Dre and Nicole. And I got some really good news.


For you all. Yes, period. You all, we are about to revamp our whole patron. We got so much new shit coming soon for you all. We're about to be doing challenges. We're about to be doing blogs. We're really about to be dropping a lot of exclusive content for you all. So if one episode a week is not enough, you all are about to get some more content on LinkedIn.


Yes. You all be saying, Oh, back to the episode is longer. I need twice a week. Well, this is your opportunity to see us twice a week. And also, you're going to get a look into our lives and know us on a personal level. So make sure you all signed up at patron. Com/poremind. Sign up today. There's different tiers. So if you want audio only, you can just listen. If you want video and audio, we have that too. And also we have a top tier where you get exclusive access to merch, shows, all that good stuff. So go to patriot. Com/pornminds and sign up today.


But we introducing trade the truth and the truth note.


Okay. Period. Because we finna eat this though. We ready, Harvey.


Let's go. I'm ready.


I'm on a perfect day.


I know that I can't count on you.






Not possible.


Tell me can you weather the song?


Because I need somebody who.


Is stand by? Come on. Yeah.


Through the good times and bad times, she will.


Alwayswhat would she be?


Would be, always be right there.


Give it to them. Sunny days.


Everybody loves them. Tell them, baby, can you send the rain? Can you stand up? Canyou stand up?


She don't care.


Thorns will come.


This we.


Know for sure. This we know for sure.


Can you stand the rain? Your love, unconditional.




Not asking much of you.


And girls are making laugh. And girls are making laugh. I'll do whatever needs to be done.


Come on. Because I need somebody who will stand by me. Sing Andrea. When the.


Queen won't run, she will always.


Be right there. Give it to her, come on. Sunny days.


Come on, Lexie.


You're boring. Everybody.


I'll beat like a moth, but come on. Can't get standing.


Oh, I know. I know. Man, I know. Man, I was about to try to true. That was a damn good karaoke. I don't care what you're...


We're taking bookings right now. Make sure you all holla at them. The truth and the.


Truth notes. And the truth notes.


We all sigh. Yeah, we ate that one little thing. We might be in Vegas too.


Coming to your city in 2024.