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The new TV sports and download it now from the App Store and Google Play, the OTB podcast network, Vodafone official sponsors of the Irish Rugby Team Team of us everyone n now then we have actual rugby to discuss.


The Pro 14 returned over the weekend. Irish eyes very much focused on the Aviva Stadium. On Saturday evening, Leinster come out on top against Munster. It was twenty seven points to twenty five and then yesterday Karnac to effectively have spent all this time training and prepping for just two games before wrapping up again were comfortable winners over Ulster bonus point win twenty six points to twenty. We have former Irish Captain Online Keith Ward with us even Keith.


How are you, Joe? Great, great. Great to have you with us.


And we have the Irish independence, Rory O'Connor, who was at the game. Rory, you we had fake crowd noise in the television. We have no option for the empty stadium experience. What was it I like?


Very strange, Joe. It was I was one of the lucky twenty journalists who were allowed in after the government changed the way that the kind of behind closed doors with work early last week and from the moment you got there and was able to park outside of the stadium, was able to also have to queue for a temperature test, which is pretty stressful going in behind the two ambulance crews. So they're afraid is kind of sweating and hoping I wasn't sweating so much because, you know, you didn't want to get thrown out again.


But then you walk into the stadium and walk up to the press box and, you know, there was music playing for the hour beforehand. But when one store came out that a pitch, that music stopped and they just emerged in complete silence with the sound of one person clapping. And it was just so, so weird that turned the music back on for Lanser. So it was obviously a hometown decision and it toured the designated home team, did the same on Sunday.


And then once it kicked off, it was a it was a better game than I was expecting and what the real joy of it was. But aside from the fact that it was just like a sport again, was the noise that was coming off the pitch and being able that unique thing. I've been able to hear what the players are doing on the pitch. DINKYTOWN at last week, the and the noise levels from the players, the James Low organising a Leinster defence when they're under pressure from one start to hear Craig Casey Young Scrumhalf barking at the team, even though he wasn't on the pitch.


Yes, on diarchy getting stuck in. And he just he's not sort of there. I picked up on the weekend the way Leinster celebrated that Chobe, Tacloban, Johnny Sexton turned over those little moments that, you know, I'd never been able to hear before because obviously, usually it's a raucous arena. You prefer with fans in there, obviously, but and hopefully sooner rather than later, there will be some form of attendance for them. Yeah, it was it was amazing.


It was an amazing experience. It was very different. It was very I felt pretty privileged to be there. And it's great to be back in some respects.


The lingering images, Augie, sname and limping off after seven, eight minutes. Van Grahn talked about it. He said that its name and stole that line. It went from absolute athleticism in the air to despair literally half a second later. I suspect there is a degree of despair here.


Yeah, I think there has to be, you know, the soul and the hopes of supporters, players, administrators, everybody alike, is that these are the two guys to South Africans, to Kjellander and Haymond would come in and to do great things and help kickstart Monster back into winning ways. I think that is the view that's been on them. It's a fairly hefty expectation put seven minutes later. And certainly that just doesn't feel quite as nice. And I to go off at the same time, you sort be looking to try and have people to share the load with just under its current.


And the two other carriers in the pack were both off within within the first ten minutes. So I look like I was deflated twice because for him as a young man it's hard because he's gone to the other side of the world to go and do a job and he wants to be able to deliver for his employers and for his team. And he hasn't really got to know this team fully yet. And he's already off the field. So I'm I don't quite know exactly what the story is in terms of the injury, but there was a lot of negative noises came out on the back of it very, very quickly.


So that's that does know work very well.


No, it doesn't. He's having an MRI scan this afternoon as we understand this. But the noises, as you say, Kate, weren't good. As for the overview of the game, Rory said twenty seven points to twenty five. Three tries to. It was Hayley Ringrose, James Lowe, it was Andrew Conway, it was Keith Earls and Andrew Conway again, a miss conversion really was the only difference had seemed at one point in the game, maybe just after halftime when James Lowe scored that try a twenty four thirteen, it was dead and gone.


Monster rallied.


They did. And I think firstly, I think you have to pay tribute to all the players for the condition they came back in and the quality of play that they were able to produce. And I know they struggled with the breakdown interpretations a little bit and there was a few handling errors along the way. But really, the quality on Shell was was quite remarkable, given that they hadn't played in almost six months.


And so, yeah, the way it went, it was like the ones that were really lucky I thought could maybe not unlucky, maybe they read, they sold a little bit, but they didn't take the chances that they created during that first thirty minutes. They were they were very impressive at times and they needed a lot of extra strength. They gave Saracen's pretty much a template to work off in a couple of weeks time, one that I'm sure they'll try and work off themselves in two weeks when probably they will play Leinster in the semi final.


They clean them out in the air, both out of touch. And from Connor Murray's excellent box taking under Cormie gave Jordan Chalmers sleepless nights on store numbers. Got a bit of proving himself to do from here on in on. Yes. And then so we're just a more clinical team and Monster got a heads and then got to rise from the opportunities that they created for themselves. Really impressive, even though unlimited opportunity. But even when Leinster threatened to pull away with that wonderful trade, it started with Sexton forcing the choke tackle turnover.


You mentioned earlier off Chris Farrell and then moving the ball line through towns and that lovely delivery. And it just seemed that I say is that monster could easily drop their heads. I thought they running really well. I thought they created some really lovely opportunities to go play.


And we're lucky that JJ fairly reliable, didn't let him down with a very, very tough kick. Towards the end. I noticed Colin questioned why. Great. He got the ball off the pitch at the end. But I suppose in the thick of it all, certainly the two points to to to qualify for a semi final and had to go the length of the pitch to get anything more than that. It was probably more likely that they call it because the turnover in the try would have lost him at that point.


So it was a part of a more pragmatic kind of decision based on fatigue than anything else.


But given the weight who they were playing, given the fact that they lost two key players early on in such disappointing circumstances and the fact that they've been all for so long, there was a lot for Munster to like coming out of it, even though it was kind of the same old story on the results page. And, you know, there's a few things like consecutive penalties for half time or Leinster got on top, but they'll they'll really feel that they thought they'd move on and that sort of thing.


But there was a lot to be different for them. And then Leinster can be happy that even though they were found out in a couple of areas, which is unlike them, they were still able to get the result. And you'd imagine that they'll be the better for someone having shown them where their weaknesses are key to what we were overall impressions.


Well, I went into the game with no real expectations for for quality, actually, and I thought we did get an awful lot of quality and there were mistakes. I just frustrated with the handling forwards, handling mostly monster. I think in the second half I kind of annoyed me a fair, but I was annoyed by little bits and bobs, but I had an expectation of it being an error strewn game and so I was pleasantly surprised by it. There's been little to no contact done.


I know Monster and Peter Martin, he was talking that there were limited to a very few number of minutes, which doesn't fit very well in terms of player welfare. But the reality of the situation with which covid has made it be as such, but with very little contact played, there are going to be a huge amount of errors and there were less than I thought they were going to be. I, I don't want to look good. I would have felt that when you have someone like Delenda and everybody's expecting him to cross the ball from the centre, let's not disappoint them.


Let's give them that. And that didn't really happen enough. I thought we saw more of that from far away. So did a fantastic game. But I would have used one from one of the best players in the world at so I would have let that happen and to test the metal of the ten to have access for the presenter. But other than that, I tell Monster to fight very hard for its. And I didn't. And for me that was the ten fifteen twenty favors from wants to get a score and then that should go down.


Either pick up the penalty, kick it to the corner and bonded over from there. That made it more difficult viewing. And yes, I don't think there's any fear of of Munster dropping their heads because all they wanted to do was to be back onto the field. And I thought some players. It really, really well on both sides, and it was a bloody good game when you looked at us in contrast to some of the roses that were shown in the premiership.


And I got to see highlights of some of that. Maybe the highlights weren't great, you know? So, look, I'm happy enough. I have no real big expectation for the first couple of weeks. It's incredibly difficult for players to go. And, yes, they're going to be put under pressure and training. But the level of error comes up when you're when the level of contact goes up. And that was full bore contact with no prep, which is pretty impressive, actually, as Keith mentioned, Rory.


Chris Farrell was very good. He was given a man of the match by Jim Talent actually on Air Sport, aside from his don't on Sexton on 18 minutes. What else did we see from the Alanda? I thought he showed. You know, he was into a new system, so I don't think we saw the full package from him, but I do think there was a couple of nice touches with the ball in hand. And he did get physical.


You know, he got amongst that. You know, I think they did have a bit of a plan set. Johnny Sexton. I guess it worked for them in December. Twenty eighteen. And, you know, there's obviously other teams are tried it, so why not? Because like C.J. Sonder, who I thought was absolutely outstanding and made a beeline for the line for him off the back of the scrum. And a couple of times I don't think we saw the full year and package, but I thought was a decent debut.


And all things considered, and I think there's a lot more to come from a man. I think I wonder if they knew, you know, knowing that he hadn't been part of the setup for a little while, knowing that playing Leinster in two weeks time, they didn't want to show all of their weapons. And I think maybe having him alongside him released Pharrell to be able to be the player that he was as well. Mean very much like when he did carry Kyrie very effectively.


It almost got over the line just before under ComRes. First try on that. Yeah. I think, you know, it's got it's going to take him a little while to get in. He missed a lot of training because he came over injured and I don't know how much they're going to coach this week because they do need at one point against Coniston, but then a six or seven day turnaround, sorry that they're playing on Sunday, but then they have another short turnaround to the semi finals.


So whether he'll get another run at this weekend to kind of build on that or whether they'll hang onto him for the semi final remains to be seen.


Yeah, you do feel there's a hell of a player in Chris Farrell if he can get a decent run? You know, this guy is getting one of the matches for Ireland back in twenty eighteen. And again, there's just times where he looks fantastic. And again at the weekend, the impact he has from Munster is absolutely massive.


What it is, look, I think Monster are within their background. They're trying to find what their first line is. And if you go to everybody, big fans would probably either rikabi their attention, which was for his fans fees for his pure gas that he has is a ten could open up and off the screen for big guys outside. And so you think that would make it very hard? I talked to JJ, played pretty well. I thought Connor played pretty well.


But the Star show was was fun and the space that was given for the guys outside. And when, you know, when you expect to see Leinster on going away from the game after doing that, if you had to fight their way back to get into kicking distance of a draw. And but I look, I love the fans. He's been very, very big. But he's always looking to offload with the ball once again to get it into their heads that if they're big guys, get over the gain line and get a hand free, that there is always somebody on that shoulder.


And that isn't something that I've done for for quite a number of years. And it needs to fit into it because there's no point just having to, you know, go to ground. These guys have too much quality for that. So you need to be the paultre on the shoulder. So that instance you've got to have Keith are trying to take it, being positive line for if he can slip his hands around the back to see where he get to.


And that's what I think. That's what the change will happen. So the chance of having big guys that can have an impact on the game, it isn't just those guys out of the way. It is about trying to to play them into the game. If Monster wants to progress, they need to not take it for granted that these guys do one part of the job. Other players have to get in on the act as well on JJ Henry.


And the general consensus is he had a very good game, the cruelty of his position, and it ties in almost with that game against Rasim, the draw back in November where he also had a very good game and missed the drop goal at the end and on Saturday misses the kick after missing nothing throughout the game but misses the kick to level the game. Those are the moments, I suppose, when you're trying to pitch in and say, I'm ready to take on this jersey, especially under the circumstances of Joey Kabulis indefinite absence, as Munster termed it.


Those are the moments you'd love to see him get in the habit of season.


Yeah, it was one line from Johan background when he was discussing John Hutton after the game that kind of probably exposed how indefinite period is going to be said. JJ is going to be out for a very long time. So JJ Hunter now has the time and space in a very pressurised environment to make that Jersey zone. And and he was good at the weekend. He did an awful lot. Right? I think he had a really good time then.


All three tries autarchic did go astray. And if you're going to be at elite level out, have you got to nail those? And also, the Devon Tollner intercepts came from Jades Pass. You know, I know he was trying to push the game. He was trying to win the game for his team. But still, those little things go against them from time to time. They make you wonder whether he's just a shelf below where, you know, I see Johnny Sexton for thirty years and possibly unfair to compare them.


But that's where Munster one. To be monster, want to be the best team in Europe, they want to be the best team, the pro 14 and you know, for all the good things that he did, he's got to just get to a level where those kind of key errors are cut out. And he's not there yet. But I do think the time in the Jersey this season has done them well. I think his confidence is up and he's doing an awful lot.


Right. And he's surrounded by an awful lot of quality there. But, yeah, he was I say he was like he already had a bit of deja vu from that rushing game again and hit the kicking himself. But get a lot of opportunities now to kind of iron those creatures out. I don't think injury permitting. I don't think you'll have the excuse that he never got a chance this time around. This is this. They're going to have to be forced to give him that chance and he's got to prove that he's up to it.


The three of us spoke last Monday and we were wondering about Carvery. And then the news came through and Tuesday of his indefinite absence and just think, why is this is getting very serious now? It was dreadful news for him and I suspect for everybody concerned with Monster on Hanahan. Where is he and where does he need to get to? And do you think he is capable of getting there? What does he need to sort out? Well, I think if if if he isn't vying with somebody for the jersey, if it is his jersey.


No. And he needs to be sustained into it, you know, and I got to say almost 10 to make his game so that he continually builds with confidence so he doesn't force too many things. I one stage in the game before, sometimes a little bit of and a half forward pass to finally have knocked down. It was just a little bit of uncertainty for him. He needs to start his stuff as a 10 year old on tens or cocky.


There have to be you know, they there's no point having humility in return. You need to be there to deliver for your team. You have to take control whether you want to or not. You have to force, not force the game, but you have to force your will on the game. So he needs to trust the parts of his game that are absolutely excellent and just make those flow. That's the way I would put it. I think he's a very good player.


But Monster have been looking for a match winner kicking 10 who manages the game, takes control of it on a road. And ever since Ronan O'Gara. So I mean, that's been part of of of the issue because you're being compared to guys who delivered on an international stage for sort of 14 or 15 years and still cast quite a shadow. So his job is to bring the best when he can be a monster and he has to not worry about anything else.


He doesn't need to be flashy that he's anything else, but he has to impose its will on the game. And so I thought he played pretty well, but I didn't think he imposed himself enough on us. And it's funny when you watch what happens exactly that kind of Murray is playing great I thing, because I know that'll be somebody that people would want to talk about, because Craig Casey just lit the ball immediately when he came on. But there was no thought process for for for Craig Casey.


He's a young kid who comes in and he is fast and he is furtive. And that's the sort of scrumhalf he is, but he is looking to sling the ball. So he first he's not having to have any management of the game. It's kind of that joy of youth, whereas you can almost see kind of being a little nervous at times ponderous, trying to orchestrate what's happening. I think if if JJ takes up that lead and starts demanding, starts taking over the 10, then he can fill the turkey and that better.


Yeah, it's pretty a difficult thing, I suspect, for him to take over with Murray there. You feel Murray need to quicken things up as well then, obviously.


Well, I think the what I taught Murray played well, by the way, and I read through a lot of the the press as well. Afterwards, I thought he's a very good game. I got frustrated a couple of times. Monster went back to having three forward standing up, slow down, pump it out to them. I just don't like that style of play and I don't think it suits Monster to do it. So, like people you know, those guys calling for Murray Head.


I don't believe that actually. But I do think he needs to he needs to trust you can more. And he needs to you know, there's a guy who's able to stand and see what's happening around him and offer more and he has more time to be able to view it. That's the nature of the ten. They tend to control the game an awful lot more. I just think that's where the speed will come. So Murray needs to not be thinking, what should he be doing?


I think he should be hitting his tent and Tenjin should be passing the game.


I mean, look, no further than Jonny Sexton are. Thirty five year old Pitstop in very good shape, you'd have to say. Absolutely, I mean, he if it when you consider his last game was a disaster, Twickenham, and he spoke about it afterwards about how it's been like living with him ever since, which you'd feel for his wife, Laura, and the kids, if that's the case.


And he just three or four times a day, nothing excessive.


Yeah, he was he was excellent. And it's getting that consistency either. I mean, we know how good he can be and we know how good he has been. I think the concern at the age that he's out is whether he is going to be still able to do that on a consistent basis for the next two or three years, because it looks like the way Joey Caribous injuries are and how far he seems to be away from everyone else in the pecking order.


Ireland and Leinster are both going to be relying on him in that regard. It was interesting. Isn't the brother just talking about him on Friday and no Parivar and as maybe the guy who is going to come on and eventually push him or push him out number 10 jersey. But right now that's not happening is very much the main man and the sea have dominated like you just underwent after him big time. Every time he got the ball. It was really one thing I love about the game was the bedtime's studious under a jackhole and picked off the base of the scrum and just took off.


I mean, that doesn't happen that much anymore. And it was lovely. It's one of my favorite parts of rugby. And see, just going to pick up the ball and all he wanted to do was had four four for Johnny Sexton, sex stood up to those in need and a bit of treatment. But when Chris finally went after him in the second half, he was able to turn the ball over from that scrum. He just had a beautiful, deft touch that released Ryan Bird and product for that James Lowe try.


And also I thought, you know, he talked about it after the game as well. The way he very quickly go, the way Leinster very they're getting him across the board for Robbie Henshaw's try very like England in the Six Nations. They're learning they've picked bits off that English performance. They've seen the way England have been dissecting things. They've watched what's gone on in New Zealand in terms of the way the game is evolving. And, you know, it's a beautiful picture of the bodies.


Were they able to do it even? And I was listening to it on the forty two podcast this morning, and he pointed out the similarities between the time sex and chipped in behind. And Karmi wasn't able to deal with it. And Chris Farrell had to touch the foul, had to touch the ball down, was online. It was very like Bhattarai against England. Sexton couldn't deal with the ball and stuck on England. Got in to try Cumber, who scored it now.


But it was kind of a mirror image of that. There was almost you there was elements of that England game that they were able to replace in their own thrown England. So yeah, he's in Great Neck is in for a bit of a relentless ride in the next six months. Or I'm not learning an awful lot about how robust his body is. And, you know, I'm thirty five because he's not going to get much rest, but it looks like he's locked down.


Well and the experience is we'll do we'll do some good.


Keith, there was always going to be a degree of attention on Andrew Brace and his interpretation of the breakdown. I know Johnny Sexton used the word chaos at one stage, very stop start. Colin referenced it as well. What was going on there?


Yeah, I'd love to I'd love to give some insight into that because I was very frustrated watching it as well. And it was funny in the first couple of weeks of the of New Zealand by playing rugby, there was countries that's great and centre because the new normal for for for a rough time was just showing confusion because, you know, it's still kind of midseason, even though it's our season of post coverage. But the players are taking a long time to get used to it.


I, I was looking at some of them, so I can't see why that's a penalty. And I'm trying to get used to the referee's interpretation of that as well. But as it turned out, yes, there was a lot of penalties. What I really liked from it was there wasn't a lot of dissension in relation to it. There's an understanding, I think, that this is difficult for everybody and this is having to try and get guys up to speed very, very quickly normally of two or three matches to figure that out.


No, you don't. You're playing in a very big match. You want to do it with one of the major matches on the Irish rugby calendar. And look, I thought it was a bit frustrating. I'm not sure some of them. I was dozing, but I wasn't looking at it. And I he's having a dreadful day. But I think I just think it's difficult. And I just want to pick up one point before and we talk about and Johnny Sexton being thirty five playing very well, are full of confidence, wanting to play forever, which he has said, which is sort of interesting concepts to have.


He won't play forever. If he starts tackling, as he did in the first five minutes of the game, he needs to get his head lower. He needs to talk to Laura. And I know that gave a turnover against fire later on. And I think that was a big turning point for us. But as I would say and say all the time, I want him on the field at the start and on the field at the end, if at all possible, and goes will run at him and target him.


It isn't just targeting Johnny, the numbers, the way the game has changed lately. Again, if no, he has a better opportunity to make contact with the opposition ten. So that's going to happen and it's going to happen. I think that ship has sailed even remember that tanker with Bastardo, how many years ago now? I don't I don't think he's returning on that one.


No, I don't think he is. But the world suffers. Continue saying it just to annoy him.


Rory, give us some realistic expectations then for twenty one year old reinvade. Oh, well, I mean, the world's his oyster. He looks like he's James Ryan 2.0, and that's not putting too much pressure on his shoulders. I don't think I think he's following the same path.


He went to the same school. He was very, very good for in their 20s. He probably is genetic profile. I would suggest that he's capable of doing a lot of the things that James can do and he has the handling ability, has the confidence, like he dropped the ball when he first given it after two or three minutes and it didn't bother him. He pulled off a couple of really extraordinary pieces of skill. And he did like I think he needs to learn how to run the senior teams line out a bit better.


And that's something that was a massive responsibility on the shoulders in tandem with another young Michael Clayton on the calendar. And it's something that went drastically wrong. So I wouldn't give him you know, he has a lot to work on to get to that level. Plus, I think he's he's a very gifted young man with a huge amount of potential. And Leinster are fully confident in his ability to make it. And I think having given them the dry run last weekend, he's now proven himself capable of mixing it with some of the best players around.


And I think he's got a big role to play for Leinster in the next couple of weeks.


OK, kind of twenty six to twenty, then two tries in each Afrikaner by dint of Glasgow the night before Ulster went into this game knowing they were already through to a semi-final where they'll play Edinburgh, they thought they would need two points from two games at the outset of this mini series. And McFarlane Keith was wasn't really impressed. He said it was disappointing to put out that kind of performance in any game, especially when we're playing. And I don't want to take anything away from contact, but that was a shadow of our normal selves.


He clearly feels they didn't pitch up connected and they took a bonus point.


Yeah, I think he made a comment that the their attitude had stemmed from the cell phone the previous day. I think that was the most interesting comment to make. Also interesting for Mostert to to not try and say, you know, fly out of the out of the blocks. I mean, the opportunity to play when you don't have a huge amount of pressure happens rarely in rugby. And you do want to try and take that to see if you can push things a little bit more.


But they just they were flat and didn't quite seem to have. Oh, I can't say that the interest of all these guys want to do is play rugby, but they didn't quite get to the pitch of the game at all, whereas in contrast, connect with sharp, energetic vocal. And they were playing for something and they weren't really, you know, so that's the it's kind of interesting. I look for me, there's something that I've loved about for the last number of years, ever since I came in.


I know that a hiccup since then, but they seem to have got it back again. They're one of the teams that play with joy and freedom. And, you know, I think it's I think those guys have to be enjoying themselves. They just they look like they are they're having a shot at all the stay at every single stage. They want to be able to try something a little bit different. I thought your character had a great game, by the way.


I just come to he just looked like he looked beaten down after the World Cup and he. No, doesn't, you know, and that's that's a good place to have him.


Yeah. It's rare that you get to watch two games in perfect conditions atmosphere. Exactly the same stadium, exactly the same out did that.


How did the flavour and intensity of this 80 minutes compared to what you saw the night before, even when the teams arrive at the stadium once or Leinster kept himself very much social distance before the game, whereas the notes come onto the pitch before, they're kind of almost laughing and joking amongst themselves. It was it was much more pre-season. He failed. And I thought that reflected a little bit in the intensity of the game, albeit got it right. Once the ball was the whistle went, I thought they brought a real physical edge and a real energy.


And as I said earlier, being able to hear the players on the pitch laconica allowed team, whereas Oldster, you know, I don't I just don't go straight sort of made massive improvements in the environment, but they're still not good enough deterrents to not turn up and get a result. You know, they got to still bring an awful lot. So I was really impressed by it. I mean, I think one thing on defence is probably doing well is because they have this weird scenario where they've got two games and then they're after October, he's told them fifteen of you are playing this week and fifteen if you're playing next week.


So those guys probably won't want to be on the bench this week, but like most of them won't have another game until October. So that was their chance to impress. And if that was a chance to impress on your friends and when you see the way and the landlady, I thought before the question was really, really excellent. He's not really unheralded player in the comics. And then Bundakji, you know, for the players, took an even for the game.


He was one of them. And he. I've been a stand there on that he never took a backward step the whole way through the game, I was so, so impressed with the way he played. And from minute one, he just set the tempo. He's just a talisman for comment. That's a bit of a cliche at this stage. But like what a signing. It was his 100th appearance for comment. Pound for pound. The mighty players have contributed as much, having been brought in from outside both both to comment on Ireland.


I thought he was really, really outstanding and he set us whatever like laughs and jokes about on the warm up. You know, once they got out there, he set the tone physically from the start and, you know, they played off his energy and brought some lovely stuff around them. CARRAMAR And when it was excellent, John Porche, the Aussie sevens player who's become a really important player for them, was very good. You couldn't help but be impressed by the way they went about it.


Yeah, Marion took his World Cup mission very badly, by all accounts, and maybe he's had a bit of time to go away and lick his wounds. And it's going to come back in a big way because, I mean, Jazy was in fine form for such a long time before you go. So Stockdale was back as well as the hair, Sean. So between Stockdale, Earl scored, Conaway's scored twice low scored. Give me your two there.


Yeah, I would say Scott was looking gorgeous with his bald head. Yeah, that's right. Well, he's either very hairy or both know that's what it is. So it's kind of interesting. Twist I finish was phenomenal. And he got himself into a perfect position to be able to capture kept his balance first. Conway has been has been playing incredibly well. He just he is used for the whole of last season and he was just putting his hands up.


I thought he was very good. Stockdale still has an awful lot to do. Michael Lahmar was for me, was uncomfortable at 15. And look, the the law are not allowed to have a changed, but they have been viewed differently. There's a lot of interference on highballs now that didn't happen three or four years ago, automatically penalized. Now, it's not penalized at all. I think for safety reasons. I think they're protecting the guy goes up in the air, but he never goes to the ball at any stage.


He was jumping and it was three or four yards ahead of him. So he was a monster exclosure that often actually monstrous kick again, which was pretty decent as well. So for me, the two wingers were the two months away and they got the opportunity to score.


Rory mentioned that about Lahmar earlier on. You don't want to be an international fullback with a reputation for being uncomfortable under the high ball. You need to just get on top of that.


You do. But now he's taking over from a guy who was the safest pair of hands for a high ball of all time in upturning. So he doesn't want to he absolutely doesn't want to get into that position. And I'm uncertain. Yes, but stuck to it. Fifteen. But these are young guys, and we need a guy to come through to take over the fifteen jersey. And I thought change really did very well. I thought he wasn't tested anywhere near as much as armour.


Rory, when it all comes out in the wash, he'll end up being the go to fifteen over the next five, six, seven years.


And well I think in the next five, six, seven weeks it might be Rob Karenni for Leinster because this brother about injured, they don't have a huge amount of resources. And in that area, because of the different injuries and he's on a short term deal to the end of the season, I may end up getting the final farewell to his career, possibly deserves the mindshift lahmar to fourteen long term. I would say antivirals having a bit of an influence and getting stock down to fifteen.


I think he wants to see what he's like there. Already didn't get much of the kind of test that Lahmar got really targeted. But that says a lot about where Munster Leinster had vulnerabilities. Yeah, I think Lahmar gives you too much on the inside to ignore. I think he can be Ireland's version of Christian Con for Ireland and what he's got to sort of part of his game. He's Hideko games like he started the Scotland game of the World Cup, these Hideko games for Ireland.


My position is against for Leinster in opposition. But he's got to got to consistently. Right. It's a difficult skill. I do think Lowe will have an influence when he comes in. But to talk on my communalist, definitely, as Keith said, and did everything they could to hang onto that jersey.


OK, fellas, we'll leave it there. Excellent stuff. We had Rory O'Connor from the Irish Independent and we had former Irish captain Keith one as well. Thanks, gents.


First Monday night, rugby on Off the Ball with Vodafone, the OTB podcast network.


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