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The OTB podcast network Holtby, and this is OTB Sports Radio Crazy, good morning, Owen.


How are you doing?


Nothing bad. Let's get straight into the fact that you are a monster fan and this morning is pretty disastrous news on the energy front from a monster perspective.


Yeah, I'm not going to lie. I didn't really hear the news until until I woke up there, whatever, 20, 25 minutes ago and had a look at the phone. It's probably what we were expecting. It wasn't the biggest shock in the world to have to say. I think even ever since RG Simon went down injured, let alone when you're on ground after the game, was saying it looks very serious and he was very worried about it.


I think the fact that he was down and had to leave the pitch seven minutes into his debut gave you an indication that best case scenario, this was in the kind of mid range of injuries. And chances are we were probably looking at a longer term thing. But you didn't really want to say it. You don't want to probably do that to a player and, you know, start talking about the injury prospects so soon after it's happened for them.


But, yeah, confirmation today, it's probably what we all expected. I just such a massive blow because he was someone that monster fans had been waiting for. I remember it was just after the World Cup final and the speculation started that they were going to sign and it was pretty much a done deal at that stage. Going for granted, said they'd been speaking to the player. That was the start of November, November twenty nineteen. So we're was eight, nine months down the line and we finally had a chance to see him put on a red jersey and seven minutes into the game.


And I think what was so frustrating was the fact that that injury came when it was right, as the monster fans were getting to see the first little glimpse of what they actually had signed because the injury happened in the process of coming down off a lineup when he landed awkwardly on his on his left leg, having stolen an absolutely brilliant lineup, which is precisely the sort of thing he'd been brought in to do. And to do that seven minutes in was fantastic.


Everyone was, you know, getting getting up off their seat, punching the air. You know, this is this is something we're going to get used to. And then a few minutes later, seeing them walk off the pitch along with a coin as well, who as we know is now for an indefinite period of time. He's got an ankle ligament injury on top of that as well, and compounded all gentling having as part of this injury updates as well, neck ligament injuries.


And we don't have an unnecessary timeline on that as well. So a pretty bad morning for a monster fan, I'd have to say. This morning, last week, sorry, Javi, what are you going to do first? Well, it looked like they had like they had the best defensive line in European club rugby with Simon and Peter Amaney. You could attack absolutely anybody. You could see every hooker in Europe waking up after that game and going, oh, my God, how am I going to get past these two?


I get past the group of maniac at the front. There's the giant at the back. Like it was a it was a brilliant signing. It was exactly what they needed. And it was a real shot in the arm for the club. And just that sense of like actually they're European contenders again. And it feels like that's gone now for this season at least. Yeah, like, I suppose. Yeah, it's a trickle, and I think at this stage, it's just about getting through this these last couple of games of the last regular season, pro 14 game this weekend and then Leinster the following week in the pro 14 semi-final, I think they're still going to have to still have an almighty crack of Leinster because, you know, bearing in mind as well, they did have to play 72 minutes.


But I watched the likes of Simon and Dave Kilcoyne as well. Jeremy Lokman had to play an entire seventy two minutes at Loose Head prop. So they did fairly well considering it after those injuries in the Leinster game as well. So to say they are going to have just a wild enough Krakoff of Leinster in the semi-finals because they don't necessarily have to worry about the Heineken Champions Cup for those few weeks afterwards as well. They know they will be able to get maybe even if it's a small risk, but a small risk nonetheless.


I think it probably does. It definitely does lower the expectations. They would have been thinking they would have been putting themselves back into contention to contend for a title. I'd imagine that probably be looking depending on how long John Allen is up for. They may have to look at a short term injury and a short term injury cover. Sorry for a signing. And that could potentially put them, you know, if they can get the right person, they can put them back into the mix to be challenging for things as well.


At the moment, though, for the next couple of weeks, they are looking pretty slim in second row, pretty much Billy Holland and Finland, which really down to second rows in the in the senior squad anyway, who look, to be fair, we still awaiting confirmation of when Tyburn is actually going to be fully back. At the moment, he's back in kind of like training. But a gentleman, RG nine snowman out injured. And then you're looking down towards the academy, Thomas Ahern, Thomas Ahern, Paddy Kelly and Owen O'Connor as well, who haven't really seen, too.


We haven't really seen too much. We would know a lot about Thomas Ahern from the Ireland under 20s, where he's looked a real, real prospect. And I suppose at the very least, the events over the last couple of days might mean we might actually start to see a little bit of him in a in a senior Munster shirt over the next while. But it is a position where I would you know, two weeks ago, Munster were looking absolutely flush.


At the moment, you're you're kind of scraping around to see what's there. Yeah.


And like when you made the comparison at Leinster to the strength of Leinster, is Devon Toner coming off the bench is not necessarily your James Ryan and your starting spot. That has been the difference between these two provinces for some time. And when you're calling on the starters that are hopefully coming through for Munster over the next little while and calling on them to start over the next few months, that's probably where the difference is going to be evident once again between the two provinces.


But a slight silver lining there at the end. Neil, thanks for hopping on the call this morning.


No problem, guys. Take out like the John Kline thing obviously compounds. There's quite a base there. And like, I completely missed the point that this was actually going to be quite a serious injury for him as well. Like Kilcoyne, I'm with Simon. You obviously have to start. Is there straight away to go back to my point, I just maintainability and end the chunkin strength and depth points, having climbed as an impact. So rather than a starter for monster would have been such a key point.


And had they might actually be able to go toe to toe with the best teams in Europe properly, and that's taken away from them as well. This is really it isn't as bad an injury bulletin as it problems can possibly guess.


I actually think that Klein was there starting it was a partnership that they were going to just keep everybody, give everybody minutes and cleaning because it's going to be difficult. There's a lot of games coming. And he is looking at a year long and busy period where he would expect to be involved in the mix from an Irish perspective as well. So all of a sudden that's taken away, too. I'm just I didn't I don't know enough about Thomas Hearn, but born in February of the year, two thousand nine hundred ninety six foot nine.


Yeah, I thought I saw him play for the under 20s earlier in the year. And he's absolutely incredible and kind of like an NBA player. When you think to yourself, how can a guy this big have such crafty feet and how is he so scared? This guy is really, really good options. I mean, to have him as your impact sub off the bench after it's nine and incline would have been unbelievable. And that's that's the issue, I guess.


And the other thing is that he would have that had the daily experience of seeing what movies do and casting himself physically against Simon, who is obviously that much further ahead. But look, you know, the opportunity knocks Napier, Thomas Ahern and fingers crossed he can step up Holtby.


Right. And this is OTB Sports Radio.


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