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Right, you top it off and up to bat. No, I never go back to 30 now, I'm not even tired.


I promise I'll make it easy on yourself, John, and just let her stay up. No, we said we're getting back to the usual routine. Looks like I have to be the bad guy again.


Five more minutes, please.


Remember what we agreed about a routine. You can finish watching that tomorrow.


It takes a hero to be the bad guy. Healthy routines start with sleep to get bedtime back on track and start your kids on the way to a healthier life for more ways to start. Does it make a start that I brought to you by, say, for the HSC and Healthy Ireland? The OTB podcast network OTB. And this is OTB Sports Radio, Alan Quillen is with us. I think. Good morning to you, Alan. How are you?


Morning, Joe. How are you?


Yeah, good. We Nathan's making the case that Munster are under a bit of pressure this week. I actually think that Munster I have a theory this could be complete horseshit and feel free to disabuse me of the notion that he wants. But I think that monster looked around with the ball deep in stoppage time against Leinster and kicked it, I think. And we'll see in a couple of weeks, lads, and we'll be happy to because we've seen your best shots and we're two points down and we got absolutely destroyed by injuries and we'll see in two weeks.


Let's be having you. Yeah, it's it's not a crazy theory, I think. Look, at that stage, they were they needed probably needed the bonus points and were happy enough to take what they had. The clock was nearly run out and Greg Casey kicked the ball out. He seemed a bit deflated doing that. Maybe he got the message just to put it out. But, look, it was always a possibility that they were going to play.


And I'm sure I think the other games were out of their control. Edinburgh and Glasgow and Edinburgh had won the night before. So it was a possibility, I think, if you asked them beforehand and that's stunning, wants to find that they prefer to avoid Leinster in the semi-final and Leinster probably prefer to avoid Munster as well semi-final. But it is what it is. And it's kind of back to the walls of the, you know, the deflation over to the sname and injury last week, I think.


And getting that out of your system yesterday and and something to look forward to five days. But Leinster will get better. That's that's the issue here. Germans have got to get a lot better. But I don't know, like at the end of the day, they'll still be very, very mindful of how good Leinster are and the gravity of the situation ahead of them. At the same time as well, like. They do back themselves to win this game, I don't I don't I can't see the monster team being in any way daunted by the fact that they're playing this Leinster side, that they somehow already a couple of points down in their own hands.


They're thinking we're just as good as this team, surely.


Well, I think they look back at it's tough because confidence and self belief is something that comes with winning. And, you know, they haven't beaten Leinster insolvencies 2014 and the vast majority results, Leinster have won them and they're not beat on an unbeaten run. So trying to block out all those factors, that's reality. But I think, look, they'll they'll feel there's a deal in the end to side with with Birnbach Kanamori, who's playing very well again, that they have a shot, but they've probably got to get their best performance.


And Leinster Stockland's for a little bit. They have caused they did cause issues from Leinster at the breakdown and up yesterday. So that's an area that they seem to be very competitive in. And if they stop Leinster slow a little bit, you look at look back at that match a couple of weeks ago, Leinster had more possession, more territory. And they just had they created opportunities, but. Still a little bit of having that killer instinct that Leinster have and that standard of taking opportunities when when you get one line break, you make your score to try.


They didn't have many line breaks in that game against Leinster. So, look, there'll be a confidence there that they're not far away. And that's but the reality is they've got to get a lot of stuff right to beat Leinster. And, you know, it's it's a great opportunity. They're off for a month if they don't win this game. So it's kind of throw the kitchen sink at it. But they've got to be a lot more accurate.


They made a lot of mistakes yesterday and were inaccurate in certain areas. And that's something they need to be a little bit better with. But, yeah, look, they'll they'll throw everything at it and there'll be a certain sense of belief in them that they can do it. But they've got to play really, really well to do it.


They cannot answer in the lineout as well. That was the other kind of aspect of it that they set piece that traditionally Leinster had down because obviously they've had David Tollner there for so long, even went on to come on once. They were still dominant at that. So just I just felt like there was enough there were enough questions in that monster pose of Leinster for it not to be the one way traffic that we've seen in these games or had that automatic expectation.


We kind of know what's going to happen in this game. Once they'll be in it for a little period of time, they'll make a couple of mistakes. Less pressure will tell. Eventually, Lance will come off the gas a little bit and wants to come back into the flatter to deceive. Didn't feel like that at all, really. It felt like it was a proper game. They were both sides had the chance to win. Yeah, it did, and Monsters Line Up was very good, just a one twenty one, twenty one, it has been good from the execution has been very good.


One line up and change, win or lose you again. So I think the pressure, Peter, O'Mahoney and Tyburn and but it's really holiday offending which really kind of put pressure on Leinster is is an area that any team would try and try and do it when they're playing against him, because Leinster is attacked from setpiece, particularly after line of is is sublime at times. And there's been a massive strength from the last three years. And he is focused too much on trying to stop the opposition.


It can be it can be very, very dangerous once. Just got to make sure they're far more accurate with the ball and and obviously applying that pressure, but just more accurate, accurate. And when they create the opportunity, they'll take hope from and a lot of confidence in the fact that when they built a number of phases, they created some opportunities and good deal. And then and finally, if they get the kind of ball to to them good quality ball, they can cause problems for for for Robbie Henshaw and Gary Ringrose, who are outstanding players, experienced players.


But they can still impose themselves there. And, you know, Earls and Conway, if they get enough football in the wings, they can score tries as they've shown. But ultimately it'll be down to what's going to happen up front. Leinster will have a number of players back and there probably will be a fair bit of pressure on Ron McKellar to get those lineups right, to get the cooling systems right. And maybe Tottenham will start to get to sort out those lineup problems maybe that they had against Monster in the first game.


It's just going to tell you touched on one of the other issues, Monster Face on Friday night, QUINEY, which is they've got five days, whereas Leinster will change the entire team. You would expect pretty much and have had two weeks. We'll have a lot of these issues, player welfare wise, over the next 18 months. And imagine such as the cramps Callendar did yesterday, do you think it took much out of Munster? It was a strange sort of game and that that at one quite earlier, quite dirty in some ways.


But physically, do you think they'll be able to come back in five days and get to their peak? Yeah, I don't see it as a major problem. They've been off for five of nearly five months. So the players you can say that they're tired and that they're fatigued from a number of games. Of course, you'll have bangs and knocks and bruises after a game like that. And I know from experience myself to go again five days later is tricky because you would be sore from it.


The most important thing for them is the mental approach. This week. They won't do anything too physical. They'll walk through some plays and and try and do some team stuff together, just jogging through it. There'll be no contact and stole from them.


No, I don't think I think the biggest problem with fatigue is mental fatigue. Sometimes it can work in your favor where you get that bit of a battle hardened game and you get that little bit more energy and you get that little bit more fitness you can take from that game. So listen, if Leinster start great and Friday night and are open no scores in the first half, inevitably everybody will say, well, once tired, then start afresh. So once you've just got to try and make sure that they start the game well and Knowshon doesn't come into the game and they start asking questions in Leinster.


But Leinster are so good, there's so much experience. And the biggest strength in the last number of years is the composure and the patience that Leinster have. They don't panic if someone gets a score. They backed themselves to go off the field. And if they concede and fix that situation and get a score themselves, they score the right time in games. But it's the mental thing for months to really this week. I think that game was. It's probably one you just throw in the bin, really, because I think it went pretty crazy when the players were sent off the ill disciplined from from both sides.


In the end, it was thirty six penalties was crazy. Twenty two penalties in the first half and probably set the tone with their their poor discipline at the start of the game and then the cards will win that game.


So. You would have expected would Leinster scored 70 points against conjectures that probably once were still finding their feet a little bit and gelling a little bit, but I think Stephen Larkham will certainly look at trying to get as much quality ball to his back line on Friday night. And that's where they can probably ask the questions. The other key area is probably the back row stander, O'Mahoney and Hooti seven Wallaby. Tell me your thoughts. Jack, Jack. I don't know.


Who knows? But they're really crucial. I think Stenders been fantastic in both games and he's forced a number of turnovers. So Leinster I've seen all that. And, you know, as I said, there's such a quality sites. The narrative that you said, Joe, is probably the one that will will play out to monitor themselves, to try and change that.


The the other big debate in Irish will be over the last five years has really been the strength and depth that Leinster and how, you know, they they will need to start diffusing their talent into the other provinces. They've done that. And still, they're what you would really paint as their second choice team were absolutely brilliant. Like over the course of the 80 minutes, there's all of the hallmarks of the incredibly well coached team that is their first team still in evidence in everything that the second tier team is doing.


And very quickly, some of those players in the second tier team are going to be passing into the first team. Yeah, and I think you said it very well coached as a template there, and there's a standard there that the second string players come up and they they adhere to the the implements and there's a massive hunger and desire. And that's great for any coach to have where you have young players coming into sight trying to prove a point. And that hunger that's in that Leinster group is is what's driving them on, I think.


And that's what keeps standards high, keeps players who are on the starting team on their toes, and they've got to go out and train while every every time and then play well. So the strength in that is brilliant. You look at Scott, Penni, and he came off the bench tonight and had a massive impact with Connors was brilliant. Josh Murphy was brilliant. And Max Degan. So the backroad, that is phenomenal. They're probably a little bit later in the second or James Ryan been injured.


Rainbird played very well against Monster Ball. And it's an area that's probably a little bit lighter for them. And they'll be delighted that hyperlinking get back this week. So that that is phenomenal. And the thunder to keep setting is there for everyone to see to make 15 changes and to beat Ulster by twenty, eight, ten on Saturday. The game probably changed and changed a bit on that intercept with with John Cooney. I think it was a massive turning point.


If Alstott scored there, it could have been a little bit of squeaky bomb time at the end. But I think Leinster were very, very dominant throughout that game and they showed a lot of frailties.


And that Ulster side is the Stockdale a fullback? Is that something that we're trending towards or is that appropriate? And where are we at the moment?


You think it's a real possibility? I think the Kikkan option is massive. I still think he's he needs to be a lot more physical in the air, a lot more dominant. But it's it's something that's such an athletic, fantastic player who has pace power and probably did the kicking stuff. The receiving the ball, the air and some of the defensive stuff is still something that needs to probably be a bit more aggressive and a bit more dominant. But it's really a live option for undefiled.


I'm and he's certainly someone there's a lot of three players, really good back, three players there in Ireland. And it's it's it's an option for them. I think one of the cakes was unbelievable. Out of your out of the twenty two, don't pass the halfway with that left boot. And it's a massive option to have as a fullback to have another kick, an option like that.


Look, you put yourself in our shoes and thinking I need wins because that's early on and we've had the trauma of the World Cup and I was obviously part of that team, but equally.


You want to try and build something for the future, so it's a very unique situation he's going into over the next couple of months where there's that tournament, we're not even sure exactly what to make of the teams. And that's what was going to be. Does he look at these as an opportunity to give everybody that little that chance and build genuine depth and genuine competition so that we don't get to the scenario that we had really under judgment, where we knew the first team because Smith had decided who the first team was like, what's the best case scenario for an Ireland coach not knowing who team is or knowing exactly who your team is and then playing?


Well, a little bit of both. I think you still want to know the vast majority of your players and have a couple of guys really asking questions. And fullback is an area that, you know, Rob currently dominated that position for for 12 years, 13 years and was was outstanding. It was world class there. And that's a position that's opened up now. And and Jordan Armorers players are under Conway.


They can go in there. It's a it's a position you want to try and get a bit of stability. And because it's a real it's a real pivotal area. Most teams kicked the letter off the ball nowadays. And it's such a really important part of the game. You're kicking game. And if you have a dominant fullback who kind of nullifies that, it can really help the opposition. So it's it's a concern that one, because you really want a safe pair of hands back there.


I think a lot of people talk about the attacking ability of fullbacks. And would you go for attack over over over defense? I always think you have to go for defense a little bit more over attack. And and that's the ability of of covering that backfield and being really solid there. In an ideal world, you'd have both. We have to be dominant to be able to kick in game nowadays in modern rugby. It's just it's such an important part for all teams.


And Brandi Farrell, I don't think you'd be mix in a match matching too much. Ireland could still win. The Six Nations would be a windfall of money there for the RFU. So I'm sure he won't have any wriggle room there to to to kind of mess around and play second string teams against Italy, our France. He's going to have to try and win those. I'm sure you can mix it. He'll have to mix and match a little bit in November because of the run of games that's particularly close.


Leinster players would probably have it with Europe as well. So having a team of fifteen nailed down, it's something that came up a lot at the World Cup that we could pick the team. I think there's there's certain areas in the back row possibly that guys can seamlessly transition in and foreign players can be picked both. By and large, the vast majority of the team is is, you know, ten, eleven, twelve players are we probably will know what they are beforehand.


And that's the nature of most international teams. And I want to be a top team and get back near the top again. So you might see some changes for Italy and a little bit of movement there. But undefiled needs to get a hit with the team before we go to Paris for the French game. So it's probably November before you see a little bit of rotation.


OK, so thanks a million for joining this morning on Cheers.


Cheers, OTB. And this is OTB Sports Radio. That was an OTB podcast. Network presentations and Irish Life felt.


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