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Everything that happens to the solar system happens to in some way, there is a natural upsurge of energy. If you lie down, you could also harm yourself. So that night we have a celebration, somewhere around six crore people would be watching.


So there you speak so logically and it makes sense to me, but at the same time, you're celebrating the religious festival of Rothery, the Grand Way at the Center.


For a young person like me, these religious festivals seem like outdated rituals. So I want to know what is the relevance of Mohajer right through to the youth. Thank you.


What kind of festival would you like? First of all. Maybe only the Valentine's Day or something. That is also religious, it Samuel A.. All right, so what is my secretary? You need to understand this, there are certain in India there are 365 festivals in a year. Yes.


Today, due to economic reasons and the way we have structured our work and things, a whole lot of them have died. Still, about 30 to 35 are being actively, maybe more than that. About 50 to 60 festivals are being celebrated by different people. But that number also is decreasing largely maybe about five or six are being celebrated in a big way.


So some of them are social.


A few of them may be religious, but hardly any religious ones. Some are all connected to the calendar. Almost every Indian festival is connected to the calendar. What's happening in the solar system?


We want to do something which is conducive for what's happening that day in the rest of the solar system.


Why this is important is because what you call as my body right now, what is human mechanism is has come out of this planet. Most people don't get it till you bury them.


The thing they came from somewhere, you know, this body is. Solar system is working like a Pottersville to generate this, so everything that happens to the solar system happens to in some way. So there is a very keen observation of what is happening in the solar system today.


Accordingly, we have crafted one kind of celebration and we do those specific things so unmatchable, latenight to cut it short because it is an elaborate subject, what you opened up on that day, which doesn't fall in the same calendar and not the regular modern calendar date on that day.


There is a natural because, you know, planet is not spinning like this. It is spinning a certain way. And there's a position to the planet. You know, it's a precision and not precision in terms of exactness. I'm talking about what is precision in terms of the planet. The planet's axis is not simply rotating like this. It is going like this. It is a wobble that is available to the planet of because of the wobble. It creates a certain kind of situation on the planet.


So on that day. Especially in the northern hemisphere, not only in the northern hemisphere, there is a natural upsurge of energy, there's a natural upswing in all this energy.


I don't believe you don't just go sit on the coast if there is a full moon night. Is the ocean rising? So a new Monday for Monday, do you see that the very ocean is trying to rise well over two thirds of your body's water? What makes you think body of water inside the body won't rest? All the fluids in the body are also rising.


So you will see these big things are there everywhere. If you are in a few ever been in a mental institution? No. You could have gone there just for you and see unfoldment days, unhuman days.


People take extra care because those who are psychologically disturbed become far more disturbed.


People think money causes madness. That's why Loana and Lunny and all this stuff. Moonen does not cause madness. It just pulls everything up. If you're a little crazy, it makes you more crazy. Your little loving. It makes you more loving, you little meditative, it makes you more meditative.


Whatever is your quality gets enhanced because it's kind of there's an upsurge in the system this particular day after the solstice happens in December 22nd of December is the winter solstice.


After that, the planetary position is such that there is a natural upsurge on that particular night in a very big way. If on that night, if you lied on. This means. When the energies are trying to more like this, you're kind of obstructing it. It is not only that you lose the benefit, you could also harm yourself in in a very sensitive way. All these things matter to you only when you want to be a full fledged human being.


When I say a full fledged human being, you want every faculty that can be opened up in the home and human being you want it to be opened. Not if you are that kind. By evening, you're drunk and sleeping. What is there also?


You want to kill it. That's up to you.


But if you want to be a full fledged human being, you want a full scale everything happening to you. You observe all this small, small changes that happen in the system and take care of that.


So you want to sit straight, you want your spine to be erect on that night when energies are moving up, where do you want to help it further go up? Not like this. So we created what is called a and that means to stay alert and to stay erect. How to keep people erect just to make them sit. I think they will if I make you sit for another five or six hours, you will simply sit. No, I have to.


And then, you know, so that night we have a celebration from evening six to morning six, 12 hours, nonstop music, Donne's meditation, weariest things being done so that everybody stays alert.


Nearly a million people are in one place, but these numbers were exploding.


So now we have large screens in over 130 cities across the country in southern India to let people gather there. And to many don't come here. But still little running board somewhere around 700 to 800000 people in one place and over 86 channels or telecasting it alive. So how many millions of people are watching? We don't know. Last year, they said it could be somewhere around six crore. People would be watching. This time it's going to be much more.


So it's growing that big because people find the benefit of what it is. You do one thing on that night without getting drunk or drugged. It's just sit alert. You don't like celebration, so you simply sit like this.


It's up to you. So you need to understand this. A human being. Need celebration. If celebration has to happen in your life, you need some sense of playfulness, otherwise there's no celebration. Most people can celebrate only if you get them drunk.


I will show you a million people in one place, not a drop of drink allowed anywhere, but you will see full night. Not one person will sleep. Everybody's on, on, on, OK.


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