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Episode 8 | "Is This Bars For You?"

"See, The Thing Is..."

  • 3 months ago
  • 02:26:34

Bridget Kelly, Mandii B and Olivia Dope start things off by clarifying a statement to the gamer community (9:35). The ladies discuss the AMA’s, and their feelings toward award shows as a whole. Bridget is wary about how artists are categorized and Olivia shares how rare it is for black female DJ’s in Hip-Hop to receive  recognition (30:42). Later on, Freshly Squeezed music is served and the ladies discuss their differing opinions on Megan Thee Stallion’s new album (1:00:25), Mulatto’s recent headlines spark a conversation around brand posting etiquette and identity as a person of mixed race (1:45:41), Olivia shares a passionate thought about turning the oppression she’s received into a win (2:06:18) and MORE!

Episode 7 | "Ritz Cracker Friday"

"See, The Thing Is..."

  • 4 months ago
  • 02:26:37

On this episode: The ladies return to the studio and the vibes are BACK! Mandii kicks it off with a message to some of the men that listen to the podcast and the ladies discuss reading the comment section (4:00). Soon after, Bridget brings the conversation up around dating men who play video games (22:55). They also discuss Khloe Kardashian comments on trauma from past relationships (31:18), Pam Long admits to falsely accusing ex-husband of sexual assault (54:17), code-switching in certain settings (2:01:27) and MORE!   Don't forget to check out the weekly "Freshly Squeezed" playlist on Audiomack from our weekly Freshly Squeezed segment (1:26:38)

Episode 6 | "Chocolate Starfish"

"See, The Thing Is..."

  • 4 months ago
  • 02:16:30

On this episode: Bridget Kelly, Mandii B and Olivia Dope begin with an open dialogue about   whether or not mental stimulation is a necessary turn-on (7:31). The ladies give their condolences to the fans and family of King Von, Glenn Johnson and Alex Trebek and discuss Von’s child’s mother’s comments regarding sharing her son with Asian Brat (23:08). Olivia opens up about daddy issues (29:40) and Bridget takes on Keke Palmer’s  comments about using EBT cards (52:20)  Freshly squeezed now on Audiomack! (1:12:07) Plus a political check in (1:44:11) and Mandii addresses a comment made by a listener about colorism on the show (1:55:00) All this and more!!

Episode 5 | "Male Groupies"

"See, The Thing Is..."

  • 4 months ago
  • 02:18:47

After missing 2 episodes, Mandii B is back! The ladies begin with expressing their happiness while being in relationships (7:51). In addition, they discuss the upcoming election and stress the importance of voting (15:32), Lil Wayne endorsing Donald Trump (21:11), and highlighting "male groupies" (43:33). Although the BET Hip Hop awards took place last week; the trio gives their thoughts and Mandii shares a hot take on why she believes Megan thee Stallion brought home so many awards (1:34:46) and MORE!   Don't miss out on this week's "Freshly Squeezed" playlist on Audiomack (1:00:00)

Episode 4 | "Back to The Streets"

"See, The Thing Is..."

  • 4 months ago
  • 02:05:17

Bridget Kelly and Olivia Dope keep the show going while Mandii B continues to quarantine. The ladies discuss a few of their recent binges including trending HBO series, Lovecraft Country (13:23). A video of Saweetie sparks a widespread debate via social media regarding men buying women Birkin bags. The two call up Mandii to further discuss   (31:10) Bridget gives a breakdown of the new app many public figures are using called Clubhouse (47:48) and Olivia asks about embarrassing moments as a kid (1:17:48). Kanye West’s interview with Joe Rogan (1:32:47) plus Freshly Squeezed (1:38:30) and Olivia gets a surprise message (1:58:23) Catch all this and more!