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This week in Clinton, North Carolina, we look at a story book, small couple all mixed up in a situation that spins out of control and results in a brutal killing and an absolutely insane back story.


Welcome to Small Town Murder. Hello, everybody, and welcome back to small town murder, hey, indeed, Jimmy. Yeah, indeed. My name is James Petraglia. I'm here with my CO. I'm Jimmy Weisman. Thank you, folks, so much for joining us once again, again and again. If this is your first time joining us, welcome. And you have chosen a good episode. Not that there's a bad one to choose, but this wow.


This is a wild episode. And one of those sometimes we say there's ones that are quintessential small town murder cases. I know what this is all about. If you think of a show called Small Town Murder, this is what you'd think of only way weirder. So wait, buckle up, because it's the next few weeks. It is. We have a wild slate before you do graphic. We have a missing cheerleader from the mall. Does it get any more small town murder than that cheerleader missing from the mall?


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You can go to PayPal, use our email address, which is crime and sports at Gmail dot com. Yes. Quickly, quickly. This is a comedy show and I do the disclaimer. It's a comedy show. We're comedians. It's a comedy show about murder. Right. That's weird, right? Yeah. OK, fine. If you're listening for the first time, you go. I don't know about that. Well, you know what? Give it a shot.


It might not be exactly what you think it is. We go out of our way to try not to make fun of the victim or the victim's family because we're assholes, but we're not scumbags. You have it. That's how it works. Otherwise, we're just trying to have a good time with a bunch of crazy things that are happening in a wild story. So that's no good for you then, you know, maybe don't listen. But if you are good with that and you want to have a nice time and we'll hear a wild tale, I think it's time to sit back and shout, shut up and give me my ear.


Let's do this. I'd like it. Let's go on a trip. John, when you say yes, we're going coming from New Hampshire and then also the bonus episode this week that we did down there in Jersey on in Jersey, we're going to go down south a little bit, OK? Get out of the Northeast for a minute here and we're going to go down to Clinton, North Carolina k oh, baby. Yeah, yeah. That's you can hear like the Andy Griffith theme song.


Whistling Bye. You hear when you think of this place, old Clinton, this is in southeastern North Carolina down it's it's down there. It's about an hour to Raleigh, Durham, that area outside of there, about three hours to Charlotte. You know, if you want to go west and about an hour and 10 minutes to Raeford, North Carolina, which was our last episode in Episode one fifty five, which is our last North Carolina episode, you know, and that was a year ago.


Yeah. January twenty twenty, which seems like I don't know, might as well be nineteen fifty seven at this point.


It's so long ago from right now. Unbelievable. Whatever. So this is in Sampson County and area code nine one zero seven square miles. And the motto here, they're selling it hard. I would say they want you to not looking for tourism, I guess, but definitely looking for you to stay, quote, a perfect place to call home.


OK, yeah. So there you go. No creative.


No, this is or or subsequently it would be like the Bronx Tale when they have the bikers in there and they ask them to leave and they won't leave and they break up the bar. So then they close and lock the door and they go, now you can't leave. And that's if I feel like that's what this is, I can't leave. It's a perfect place. And they just go, huh? That's not what we expected. So history of this town, the first European settlers, first white people in this area were around seventeen.


Forty. Yeah. Walking around the East Coast. Oh, yeah. Just wandering through. Took a while probably to get into here. And how far inland is this. Not too far a couple hours. But it's still it's you know, it's rural. Man, this is not a couple hours in a car. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. This is the people that got here on boats. That's a lot. Yeah. Walking through the woods, having to make a path is a different story.


This is not you know, they're not going as the crow flies is a different deal. So I was originally known as Clinton Courthouse.


That was the first deal, their first name of the town. Yeah, it was an earlier incorporated town of Clinton in Mathews County. However, the town folded in 1820. They went bankrupt. FOLDES And it is this is this isn't working. I get up, everybody sell your house is removing the fucking towns shut down Main Street. That's shut down. I've never heard of a town ever just given up. I mean, there's ghost town. Yeah, of course.


It's over time. Like, there's there's only twelve residents in the town of Centralia, Pennsylvania. Doesn't usually take everybody to die before it's a ghost town. This they just eighteen, twenty two. There's never a year when it's like town ended that year and this is folded in 1820 to Gotham. And then the town of Clinton was incorporated the same year. So they danced on the ashes of the town.


Did they get rid of Clinton. Oh shit. Right. That we got to get it before someone else does. That's a good name. God damn it. All of that. Right. That's two two syllables. That's not bad. It's not real nice. It's I think it'll work for us. I mean, we dropped this courthouse business and just have Glen Bastards over there, Mathews County. So they had a minor league baseball team. Clinton really actually in the tobacco state league, OK, which I'm sure it's very common there.


But there's a shitload of teams in that lot of tobacco going on down there.


I remember like in the late 90s, like cigarettes were like a dollar. Twenty a pack down there still is like what is happening down here. They're just encouraging you to, you know, please smoke more every. Meanwhile here, the the taxes man, it was vast, too. If you were smoking in the late 90s, like the early 2000s, like you saw six dollars to twenty five. James, when I started smoking, like actually buying them from a store.


Yeah. To when I quit the fucking eight dollars a pack and it was so fast, so quick. It's been eight dollars a pack for five, ten years now.


Yeah. They figured that was the limit David. So every time you buy a pack of cigarettes for another five dollars, I could be smoking crack. That's true. It is less expensive. Think about it and always think about that. When gas prices go up, I'm like, this is like, what do we buy this shit by the gram? What the hell is happening? It's too much. So nineteen forty six to nineteen fifty. They had this team here.


Yeah. This team had a particular guy on it who is kind of known for being a nutcase. Yeah. And so I will talk about him. A guy named Van Lingle. Mungo. OK Van one word Lengel. Next word Mongo. The last word. Am I, am I. Well I Angeli Lengel OK Van Lingle Mungo who was actually a really good he was a fastball pitcher in the end. This isn't crime and sports, I realize that.


But this guy was nuts in the tobacco league. He's a fastball pitcher in the majors. A good pitcher, one twenty and one fifteen lifetime record three forty seven lifetime era with twelve hundred forty two lifetime strikeouts. He's five time all star who led the National League in strikeouts in nineteen thirty seven. He's from here so. No no he was, he was on this weird team. Got it hanging around. This area for a few years at the very end of his career, when he was done in the majors, so he was even crazier and he's known as kind of a kind of a nut a little bit.


Basically, he did a bunch of shit apparently one time. Most widely told story with him is he went to Cuba and were playing, you know, Lingle, Mungo. Yeah, Linda Lingle, Mungo down there, went to Cuba to play ball there. And he was he was banging a married woman, let's put it to put it bluntly, Cuban banging a married Cuban woman. And the husband apparently found them in the act.


And so he he basically Mongo to try to get away. Lingle Mungo here punched him in the eye, which prompted this man to get a machete. Yes.


And it's the first weapon that I assumed the man has and hacket pretty good in causing him to get stitches all over his body as he ran nude from a crazy man with a machete screaming of a black eye and a machete chasing him. Yeah, that's scary. Black eye, black tiptoe around that one black guy and the machete and a machete he had with them.


Just he's a guy and then he's got a black guy and a machete. So now he's got two people and a machete that's even more frightening or people. So he apparently they had to escape the country because people wanted to kill him for this. He was wanted to be murdered, which actually happened. I know a guy who I met out here who I used to be good friends with. He sold weed. I was good friends with them when I first moved out here and he used to play.


He was an amazing basketball player. I saw him absolutely dominate Mike Bibby's shit in the Deer Valley Community Center there. Mike Beebe used to play there and we're talking when he was U of a no no. OK, this is 2001. Laughs This is this is nineteen ninety eight. OK, so he's like NBA at the end of college going into the NBA. Hot shit, right. This dude would fucking eat his lunch for him. He would steal the ball from him, block his shit.


Yeah. Fake him out. He would, everybody would laugh at him. I wonder if I know him. He would laugh and played basketball. Yeah. He wasn't from here but he moved here. I want to show him he was fucking great.


He used to play like semi, he used to play in the pro leagues in Mexico and shit because he was such a fuck up. So he went down and played like a year down there. But he ended up fucking some cartel guy's wife now and basically was like had to be smuggled out of the country under threat of murder, like so many people wanted to kill him. It was like a crazy thing, like hide out for like two years to not be murdered.


Yeah. So I get what's happening here. This is happening to a guy I know.


That's what you don't do. No, you don't find the exotic chicks hot. That's what you don't do. It's so. Yeah. You're going to get in trouble. Of course. The cartel leader. Why leader's wife is hot. Obviously, they gotta have meaner husbands. Yeah. How hot she is. Her husband's meaner, especially in this environment of the criminal underworld. Yeah. Yeah. This guy was I was so weird to you.


Was like a six foot two white guy. Yeah. It looked completely nondescript. Be reverse dunking on people like it was fucking disturbing.


It is a little crazy to watch. It was weird. So anyway, yeah, he had all sorts of conflicts. This Van Lingle, Mungo with everybody. He tried to get a guy kicked off the team one time for dropping a fly ball, got real pissed off at that, and then made a public, made a big guy, dropped a foul ball, tried to get him a fly ball, tried to get him kicked off the team, and then basically made a public thing, sent a copy of a telegram he sent to his wife, to the newspapers, telling her to pack her bags and come to Brooklyn, because if that guy can play in the big leagues, then you can, too.


And he is also the most heavily fined player of his era, amassing a grand total of over fifteen thousand dollars in fines in that time, which for back then was an astronomical eighteen grand. That's I mean, he probably made fifty and paid fifteen of it and fines. Yeah. So it's it's interesting. Now I have some reviews of Clinton here, so we'll get a little by the way, don't get mad at us for what other people say. Right.


Several times people tweeted me, this is a racist place.


We didn't say you read a review. I said if I had to do a disclaimer that these reviews aren't us because they're not us. This is what people write on the thing. And we find funny ones, you know, because it's a comedy show and don't go with your hometown pride. And it pissed that these people hate your place. Go find whoever this is and help them. It's not like they live near you. Probably. I don't give you this name.


Tweeted them. Yeah, yeah.


Fuck sensitive. Jesus Christ, it's not my fault. This is what other people say. That's weird as shit.


So one star here, one star. Here's most of them are half decent but good God the.


All about fast food place every year, every town people are very concerned about fast food places are, I guess you expect a small town to not have fast food. Is that what it is? Is there just I don't know what it is, but I guess because there's not a lot of stuff in a small town.


So what they tell you we do have rather than what we don't have, and then we bitch about what we do have, I guess. I mean, you could have nothing. How about that? Yeah, I guess that's me being a dad. Well, yeah. What do you want there, huh? The whole town. Yes. You get nothing. Might be a bad. They're mayor is treating everyone like his children.


I only have 5000 overdoses. Come on now. I have not stepped on them all like that.


I unplugged the freezer. They were. Now I know you're all one star here. There are no local concerts except a few times actually. It says no local concerts. Expect not exactly what they mean, except in a few times each summer with activities in the park.


Our community theater is local talent that is really begging to to review the community theater in a town review.


Really that's really getting picky. I expected better community theater from rural North Carolina. How dare they? And local talent. We don't have any we don't have any concerns that come through here because you're Clinton. You know, people like to people that are famous, like to make money while they fucking can. Community theater. What do you expect? Do you think Mandy Patinkin is going to be your resident? Fuck it. No, you're in the middle of nowhere.


These are people trying to start out to get out of here. Right. What's wrong with you two stars here? The people were friendly. There was a smell in the city from the hog farms that was almost unbearable. There were not many job opportunities that you should lead with. Yeah, sounds like this person tried to live there and it didn't work out. That's what it sounds like. There were not there were not many job opportunities.


And the shit smell, which is a bigger problem that and that to stars here. The largest employers are in the agricultural field, hospital and school system. There are very few upper management positions.


Oh, they did your job for you already. You got. That's what I mean. That's why I picked that, actually, because that's pretty much what the jobs are. They're actually right. Three stars here. So this is average overall. Clinton is an all right city. OK, OK. It's a it is a very small town in a rural area in North Carolina. It has it has many a small variety of fast food choices, many small shopping areas and stairs and stairs to hold on a second stairs stay.


Ah, no, no stairs. Like climbing stairs. Yeah, it has a small variety of fast food. Sure. It has many a small variety of fast food choices, shopping areas and stairs, small variety of stairs. Yeah. There are many stairs which are not enough. Here we go. Can't get my stuffs in fuck.


Yeah. Three stars.


A very nice town to settle down and retire. There are many friendly and helpful people in the town and it has a great atmosphere. Can I just go. Just go and you just go. A new I mean thing they've been got just got a new GameStop store in town. Oh that. And soon we'll be getting another restaurant called Potpies. Don't know if you've heard of it. How dare you call that a restaurant?


We will soon be getting another restaurant called Potpies like it's some I don't know. Some chef is opening up a new place here. It's fucking Popeye's. Somebody had never heard of Popeye's and they're like called Popeye Popeye's. Whatever.


They have a theme song. Yeah. Love that chicken from there you go.


So it's not going to be a spinach restaurant. Probably not. Not a vegan place.


So population here, it stayed pretty steady, grew in the nineteen fifties because there were some people moved here, there's some jobs here and then it kind of dipped a little bit, stayed the same for a long time and it's pretty much the same as it's been since about nineteen sixty really. Plus a few here, eight thousand six hundred thirty people here tiny and it's a small town, men and female population way more than the men here. It's fifty five percent female, which is way out of whack, but there's twice as many people over the age of seventy five.


So I think that's probably going to Southern men don't live to be ninety four. That's where you find. Yeah, yeah. Their wives have made them dinners, breakfasts. It's, it's a long term game basically. Like I will outlive him by feeding him the worst. By frying him. Terrible that I know. Not every frying him dinner. We're thinking old timey Southern times back then. It's I'm going to fry everything. He's going to die well before me and I'm going to enjoy the last twenty years of my life.


So married population here, Dutch Oven full of Cresco, you know, it varied population is lower and there's a lot of like farm people that just work on the farms here, too.


So it's I think you're getting a lot of that know almost like a college student spent on that. Not that they're college students, but they're more of a little more of transient flexibility. They're not like people with. Seven kids don't move here to work the farm, probably the killing fields is a tough, but it's a tough job.


Yeah, a little bit, yeah, it's a little tough. Single with children is actually like twice as much as normal in here, which is strange and single with no children is also higher. So there's just less married people. Basically race of this town. It's pretty even. It's a diverse little town here, forty two point four percent white, which is well under the average, forty point eight percent black, which is well above the average, one point one percent Asian.


So they're still not there. It's just a small town and then eleven point two percent Hispanic. So pretty diverse. Yes. For a small town in the middle of North Carolina somewhere. That's a very diverse town. And the farm is a lot of that. Sure. The farmland draws people in. Fifty six point seven percent of the people here are religious. Not shocking in this area. This is they could poke an extra hole here if you if you lost a little weight or gained a little in the Bible Belt here.


This is part of it. Yeah.


Thirty point seven percent are Baptist. So. Thirty one percent Baptist Baptists are the Catholics of the South, without a doubt. And otherwise, few Methodists are Pentecostal or two thrown in there, maybe a Presbyterian for fun and zero point zero percent Jewish, though there's not a lot of not a lot of not a lot of Southern Jewish hog farmers.


So it's a rare if you find me a Southern Jewish hog farm. Right. I'd love to see him because I think that creates shit that you won't eat.


I don't mean to be stereotypical, but it's probably rare just based on region and production. It's probably something that's not for them, maybe not if they want to, but maybe there was there's a couple entrepreneurs in that business to think, you know what? There are none of us there. I'm doing that. I'm going to I'm going to run this thing, you know, dominate this business because I'm going to get myself in there.


Yeah, really? That's a business that maybe you want to be in. I don't know if I don't want to be in raising hogs. If you make a dollar in it, you are now the richest Jewish hog farmer. Yeah, that's true. Southern. Yeah. So that that it's got to be southern.


So the unemployment rate here is a little bit higher than normal and the median household income is well, lower than normal. It's about fifty seven and a half thousand. And the rest of the country here it is, twenty nine thousand for seventy four for household shit that is rough. Over fifty percent of the people here make under 30 grand a year. So it is not a rich, not a rich town. You could say it bleak. It's bleak.


Yes, it's grim. Poor, it's grim, as they say across the pond there. So it is cost of living. One hundred being regular power average here at seventy eight. And the housing is the low thing. Everything else is a little bit higher actually. But housing is a fifty to the median home cost one hundred twenty one thousand four hundred dollars. Affordable, pretty cheap. Over sixty percent of the houses are worth one hundred and fifty thousand or less.


So very cheap.


And if we've convinced you to mount up and hog some farm, some hog, we have three hogs and farm. We have for you the Clinton North Carolina real estate report.


Your average two bedroom rental here goes for about six hundred seventy nine dollars a month. That's that's pretty cheap. It's like half the national average. When I found houses, a three bedroom, two bath, six hundred ninety two square foot house.


All right. You know, a livable house. It looks concrete. It's a weird looking house.


And it looks like a bunker almost would withstand I feel like a blast, but it's updated on the inside. So it's nice. Like it's the new appliances, everything like that. Ninety thousand. Wow. So, I mean, that's a livable house for 90 grand. It's not bad with a family. Sixteen hundred square feet.


That's that's not bad. We found a three bedroom, three bath. Twenty one hundred fifty six square feet.


That's this is nice brick. This isn't a nice brick house with pillars. Oh two big white pillars. Not real nice looking house. One hundred thirty four thousand nine hundred dollars was like really.


That's awesome. I was like wow that's all.


At two thousand square feet. Twenty two hundred. That's incredible. This one. The next one though I was really blown away by here. Five bedroom. Five baths. Oh yeah. Four thousand six hundred sixty five square feet. OK, big house brick on the outside 5000 square feet. Four thousand six sixty five pounds a shit.


Big goddamn house. A lot of house. Yeah. Brick nice on the inside. The yard's nice beautiful big rolling thing. Beautiful. One point five acres. Yeah. Three hundred seventy thousand dollars.


It's like what half of my life. This would be a million and a half easy for anywhere. Anywhere. It was crazy. Three grams of 374 fucking quote unquote plantation. Well let's hope not. But I mean out with an acre and a half around, it's not bad. Oh wow. Well things to do here. I found the Clinton Square fair. Yeah. A lot of things to do around here. Square, fair, square, fair.


Clinton Square is a place on the fair that's in Clinton Square Squares. Was the theme of this, you know, probably is sloppy, hasty events and things to do here. The Barbecue Hook Cookoff, obviously, if you're down here in North Carolina, it says hogs will be delivered the night before and teams will spend the night preparing and cooking for the day's competition.


Holy shit. These hogs walk when they show up. We're going to prepare them. I don't know.


I don't know the level of butchered out they are. That was a real vague and real vague based on what what could be happening. I don't know what's up with that. Arts activities.


The Arts Council will host a variety of activities in the park neighbouring the milling around art installation. Oh boy. A car show the quote, all lightning rods, antique car show, oh ballboy will be held at the Clinton city market. Oh, wow. You got to register your car. The oldies station will be broadcasting live from the Cavs car show with Bob Stroud and the Boogie Shoes Network.


Oh, there's that Bob Stroud in the voguish. You you got that going on for you and the boogie shoes that I do. I went to many a car show. James as a child doesn't surprise me. Every everything, everything. Beach Boys and Fifties music was it was lot of Tommy Bahama shirts gone that. Yeah, everybody is. But it was not Tommy Bahama brand. It was on board brand. Yeah. It looked like it just had Mustangs all over it or anyone was still alive, right.


Yeah. So did a Hawaiian going on there.


Then there's the alive after five summer concert series. Oh boy. Yeah. Kicking off the season Thursday, May 16th. This is from last year. It didn't happen. This year will be spare change. Yeah. A mainstay in the area say give them a lot of local talent.


June 20th, though, the next month, Jim Quick and coastline will take Sampson by storm is a part of their 2019 farewell tour. Oh, I missed it. Oh, for fuck's sake, Jimmy. This is all I wanted was to see Jim quick in the coastline. It's my bucket list and now it's gone. We missed the whole career, Jim. Back to say it ain't so fair.


Oh, say it ain't so bad at the Alive after five summer concert series, please come back.


At least the coastline. Yeah, like the Wailers played after Bob Marley died. Can I have that? I saw the Wailers. Oh fuck this September.


That's ridiculous.


September the band of Oz. Oh boy Oz like the Land of Oz, the Band of Oz. Any of us will make their eighth appearance on the series. Enough for You Already. And then another one, a regular at the Alive after five quote too much Sylvia. That's the name of the band. Well, close out the season in October. Too much, Sylvia, like the country singer Sylvia. I don't know Sylvia. However, she has.


There's too much of her. I loved that. And watch her on stage. I know who the fuck you're talking, you don't know Sylvia. Oh, my God. I'm going to play you some Sylvia. No, it's country music. I know. Like four people.


She had a song called Nobody, and it was about her answering the phone and the person on the other end, she said, who is this? And the lady said, nobody. And so she knew that her husband was cheating. It's a great song.


That sounds terrible. Moving on, I believe I've heard Joline which couple that covers the whole genre. I think it's enough for me for now. It's all about some good, perfect getting in here on my man. Speaking of steel and crime rate in this town, property crime or, you know, stealing here about one third higher than the national average. So high in July, but then violent crime, murder, rape, robbery and of course, assault.


The Mount Rushmore of crime is just over more than double wide. So it's over double the national average. I don't know what's going on on the farm. Yeah, but holy shit. Watch out.


Watch out. That's enough. Sylvia, you got a walker? Yeah, it's too much, Sylvia. Maybe that's what it is about. And I've had it with me.


How many fuck. I met Sylvia. We're going to wait times. I got to hear nobody, for Christ's sake. I shit too much. Well, everybody. Jim Quick retired. Am I going to do the coastline's. I play it. I got a solid Sylvia I got to look at now.


Perfect. That's my life. So that's sad. How wonderful this town is and sound. Doesn't sound wonderful. Sounds like it smells like hog.


You can buy a giant house for nothing and they have Papy so that's good. That said, let's talk about a murder.


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Right. Why not let's get into it here, let's start out by talking about a couple of people. We're going to talk about a storybook couple. All right.


This I feel like everything they did, they just had John Cougar Mellencamp following them with a notepad.


And that song about that. What are they doing it? Oh, a little pink house because I works. They got a scarecrow look at around town. But this is going to be perfect.


Yeah, I feel like that's that's what this is. This is like small town murder Americana here. Right. Robert Daniel Arnold Junior spoke about first goes by Danny Kaye.


Everybody calls him Dan or Danny doesn't really go by Robert, probably because his dad is Robert since he's a junior. Yeah, there you go. So it's easier to call him by his middle name. He's born in nineteen fifty one. We're going to catch up with these and him and his wife here in the 80s, though, in the 1980s. So he's born in 1951, he marries a woman named Donna Jones and she becomes Donna Arnold and she's a year younger than him.


So they meet, they get married. Beautiful. They have a couple of kids. Yeah, they're doing great. It's the story book deal. For a while they lived in Wayas Cave, Virginia, the cave. OK, no, I don't want my town to be called cave. Anything cave. Do you all live in a cave. That's what that I know they don't, but that's what it sounds like.


Is it like wires w e y e are y and some by somebody like somebody's name wire had a cave.


Oh they named the town and don't got it all know in Virginia and probably was a cave and they probably did live in the cave. I feel like it sounds like a bunch of people huddled up around a fire like cavemen chipping pictures into the wall with like a chisel and a hammer. We'll just wait. I mean, we work in this coal cave, so we may as well just stay. And why is the biggest guy? Why not all that?


That's why I just live here. He gets to have sex with whoever he wants. Imex. I realize us red cheeks now are. It's all right. I'm next to understand why a gets the run of the place is his mind Ciskei. It's his cave so we're going to catch up with him in nineteen eighty four. Nineteen eighty four. They've moved out of here. She Donna was a part time dental assistant for Dr. Joseph Green in Harrisonburg, Virginia and.


And he was doing his thing. Danny was doing his thing as well. Now they live in Clinton, North Carolina moved down to Clinton, North Carolina, but her family's still in Virginia and a lot of their families in Virginia. So they moved down there because they both get jobs at a church down there. And Danny commutes from Clinton about an hour to the Raleigh Durham area to to wake where he goes to school to further his ministry. Got it.


Whatever to get a degree and I don't know, theology of some kind that I guess that helps you get a better and better move up the church hierarchy, I guess. I don't know.


Maybe the buckets follow that they pass. I don't know. I don't know how any of that work because I don't go to church. I never was a church person. So you feel better. I mean, a hierarchy, you get a master's degree or better or whatever it is you. But is that how it works, I assume?


Who interviews the priest now? That's what are the pastor, the minister who's who is ahead of them?


Like who's who how do you not just show up?


It's a great question. Whoever just shows up and takes over is that I get it. The Catholics have a whole system, but the Mormons.


But like in this system does whoever shows up in his most charismatic, he's most full of shit.


Listen to him. He knows more about this people, but took tests. That's what I mean. Is it is it that's I don't know how it works is how do you test. Yeah. Who the fuck is in charge of the guy in charge when he gets there a recall versus was you screaming at him and you can just recite them.


He knows the most of them.


He said the scariest thing, right? He told me the things that Jesus will do to us and it's the scariest of anybody else is he knows everything up to and including the threat.


So let's listen to listen now.


But it's all listen good. Now they live in Clinton.


Like I said, they work at the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Clinton and he serves as the minister of music. Oh. Which sounds like a swinging title. It really does. Like if someone in the 70s that sounds like it would have been like, you know, one a Rick James, his nicknames. He's the minister of music, the fucking you know, the pastor of Pop.


I can't believe it's not somebody that. Right. The minister of music. The someone's the king of this.


Well, why not the most? Because the acronym is Mom. And that doesn't sound good.


But the pastor of Pop or the the pope of Rock, I'm going to be the pope of Rock. That's what I would be if I was a rock star.


The king of it, right? Yeah. The King of Pop was Michael Jackson, wasn't the king of rock. I don't know. There should be, right? I think so. They used to say that about Elvis, but that's. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.


That's he's the king of steel and shit from others. The king of. Sort of really just marginally talented. He's the original one of the appropriator. Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah. Yes, he was good at it. He'd have been on the Twitter shit list. Now, always be they would hate him. You stole all of it publicly. You would be ruined. It'd be bad, you bad. But instead, it's all good.


It's fine. It's not a buggy on the beach. It's not good. A bunch of things you put the jail uniform on and it's around the jailbirds, you know.


So the Emmanuel Baptist Church, he's the minister of music fucking rock and just want to be like outflux because, yeah, of course, I have to let Mr. Amusia hang out and everything.


You know, it's he is a platform hunched, fucking rocking.


I just pictured of all fucking coming in with his hair all along, like face paint, like a Juggalo. Everybody, it's time to rock. You know, on the seventh day God rocked to God is an awesome God.


He ain't going to say plays George Thorogood covers God lyrics mixed in God to the bone man to man.


And it was born and all gathered around one prayer that this boy, one bible on prayer, one by one prayer, no queers that I want that one prayer, no queers announced the Minister of Music.


Yeah, I'm as good the wife here. He's solid. He's rocking it. You fucking jump me on that. But it's ok. It's got out ok. How it got out. It is. So he, his wife is the church organist as well. Oh yeah. She's rocking it while he's up there with the devil horns and the electric guitar. So this is a combination.


Yeah. It's like I want all George get religious music. That's how good his songs are. Simple and you can turn them off because they're one syllable syllable word. So there's nothing, nothing rhymes with everything he makes so good. It's so beer is where it all goes. My friend opens for him. I'll bet I could get.


I wonder. I don't know. I don't know if I bet, but I think I'd love to ask him to make some fucking parodies of his own music. I don't know if I bet I don't. We just do it. I think it's funny. It's great. It's the same thing.


We can get him to play it. Well, we fucking make great weird al thing going on here.


We just make like our George Thorogood involved with this so that I do too. Let's get him involved. I love. Is he alive. Fuck yeah. Tours. He's amazing. That's what I want. Oh no, no, no queers. Marinaro. I want it so bad. George.


Oh my God. You wouldn't do it. And now his audience would find out and they'd be like, oh baby. Oh my God. You know what? They'd probably love him. It's they'd probably let you get away with anything. But it's so more of that shit than his old stuff probably would. He should make Christmas albums. He's just a good mix that there. So God damn. Come on, George. You can do better than what you're damned.


You're doing great. But I'm sure. But you could probably do better even if you release some shit. You do this. So unbelievable. We're free mapping George to Logan's career. That's not even close to over like seven years old. George, let us take over from here. You don't know what you're doing anyway. We're going to manage it. So spring of nineteen eighty four. This couple, they have a couple of daughters. You have a six year old.


I'm not sure how old the other one is. I think a little bit younger, but they have a six year old daughter at this point. They have, they're working at the church. Doesn't get any more. It's all church. Oh, it's all church. She wears Don and wears, like dresses down to her ankles, you know what I mean? It is just all church all the time. All small town, southern God pays the bills doing the thing.


Yeah. So spring of nineteen eighty four. They meet a young man who's twenty two at the time here.


Now he's a barber and when they meet him his name is Carl Edwards. Stuff. Yeah and stuff. All is just like it sounds stuff the word stuff. Yeah. With an L at the m e l s t u feel stuff.


So we're going to call him nothing with stuff because I like saying he's twenty two, he's a barber.


Great trade. My grandfather was a barber. You make a lot of money. Forty years or you could you know, that's what immigrants did because they're like that's one of those things where, you know, you know, at some point his father told him, everybody always is going to need a haircut. Yeah, everybody needs their cut. It's never going to stop the had it never stopped growing, it just keep coming Jarvis again. And it's a job killer.


Yeah, that's what they would think the immigrants back then. So I could imagine, as his father was, you don't even have to make it come up.


It just comes up on its own. It just happened. You know what? I did not have to plow the field there just to grow the crop, just to grow. And they come to you and they just cut off. It's a nice you don't even go to them. It's so easy. You do.


So how did he learn to cut hair, you ask? Did he go to like a barber school or.


You know. Yeah. Yeah. I don't think that's the barber. I think that's model in place. It's like I said, well, there's also barbers on the barber signs remodeling. They have barbers, which is the hair side of that. Then you cut the models hair and they take pictures of it.


But that stuff that they put the scissors in, it's called Barbasol Barbasol, right? Absolutely. They should be called Barber as a blue shirt when I was a kid because my grandfather was a barber.


So he had the, you know, the glass jar, big, tall. It's all the blue laughing you the things he had those for the thing. Yeah. The thing you pull up and it's got a screen combs and yeah. That was the coolest shit. When you're a kid. This is awesome. It almost looked like a science lab. Right. Know what I mean. Because like you should have bubbles in it. Yeah. Right. Made the glass.


I wanted to drink that shit so bad I don't know why but of whatever color that Barbasol is is a delicious looking color to make that Listerine blue. It looks amazing. It looked like there's some flavor of heisse maybe. But when I was a kid, God I knew it was poison or a nice watered down blue Kool-Aid.


Yeah, it looks great.


I wanted to believe I knew better, but I still am glad I stayed. I kept it. I wouldn't be here right now. It would be a sad tale, my career. And that's why those things were never even feel bad. You look at that and go, I mean, the world will have got him a drink in the blue shirt that comes around. You didn't have much of a chance in there. You still I mean, there's there in there you give me that would have kept him awake for as little.


Yeah. Tiny shards of hair. But he ran into traffic at some point. So stuff although he learned his trade while in prison for breaking and entering. My God. Yeah. He's got a list. Prison record as long as his arm or he's only twenty two but it's all breaking and entering burglary.


He's into this shit that's not his, he likes drugs and he likes living a basic scumbag lifestyle is what he's doing. But he gets out of jail and he's doing, he's doing cutting hair and trying to get his life back together here in nineteen eighty four. Yeah.


So what happens is this is a guy he'd, he'd taken drugs since he was like ten years old.


He said he's just one of those guys that did not have a good upbringing, found it too early. Who knows what this guy's home life is fucked his whole life. It fucked his life. If your kids are doing if any kids are doing drugs, pretend that's the parent's fault because the kid should be always supervised, pretend so they can't do drugs. And if your kid is like has drugs accessible to them every time, that's your fault. Yes, you should be able to keep physically keep things away from nine, ten year old kid for quite some time.


So if the kid's seventeen and doing shit at some point, it's like, well, yeah, it's hard to control. It's a little more of a gray area. Eyes off him at some point. Yeah, they're almost adults, but eight. That's you that's on you. So yeah, he did that and he also just tons of criminal shit over the years. He's had a bad run of it basically. Old stuff. Yeah. Snuffles had a bad run legally.


Here he now Dan our Dan Arnold here our our main guy we just talked about Pastor Dan, Dan and Dana. Dan and Donna. Oh yeah. Dan and Donna Ann on music and keyboard. They're so he commutes from Clinton to Wake Forest every day or not every day once a week to attend classes at Southeastern Baptist Seminary. Wow. Sounds like a party school.


Yeah. That is a party school. Every year they release the top party schools. It's always like Florida State Assume and the Southeastern Baptist Seminary College in Wake Forest. It's always right there. Yeah, partyin. It's crazy.


It would either be one or the other, though. It's never like it's never just a little bit of degenerate behavior. It's either hard line, nothing. Yeah. Or Fokin.


Everything goes either Baptist seminary or banana or shirts are optional for all genders. Yeah. All the time. So it's crazy.


So he on Valentine's Day, February 14th, nineteen eighty four serendipitous date here he sits down in a barber chair, Diane Arnold and has his hair cut by stuffing.


Oh this is the Valley style shop. Can the Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, it's going to the mall to get a haircut, that's how big malls were in the 80s. I'll stop by the mall and get a haircut. Strange. So anyway, he meets him. Dan entered the shop with the owner's nephew, who he knew from the area, and stuff will cut his hair. He was a new barber and he cut his hair.


Dan talked to stifle a little bit while they're cutting hair and heard about his story.


Is one of these guys who is very much at this point is in his early 30s. He's got a wife, he's got a family, and he's he's into the church thing as far as lost puppies and shit like that. And a lot of the church people are like this.


They like to they they they help people. They talk to people. They find out somebody's story. They go, well, maybe I can get you a job here. I know a lot of people here hear me change your life. Kjellaug off that. And by the way, is right and doing the collection plate.


By the way, have you heard the newest George Thorogood selection this week? It's really cement these thoughts.


Here's the new George Thorogood CD and we'll see you on Sunday and have fun.


Remember this one? The collection plate comes around. That's how it's going to be here.


So watch out. So they meet that day. That night. Dan suggests that they have dinner that night. Sure. Why don't we have dinner? I'm going to be here anyway with the college. We'll have dinner and we'll talk more. So they do they talk that night and they talk about stuff. He tells Dan about his problems. He tells me he has had problems with drugs and he's had problems legally also about it. He's open about it.


And this guy saying, I think I feel like Dan is one of these people that gets information out of people like that because he wants to help them and they feel like he doesn't seem like a narc or anything.


And he's like, look, I'm an open book, administer a music rather than, you know what I mean? It's like, yeah, here are the rapper Bobbie. I am Mowamba and Minister right here. And I need to know everything. I will tell you everything about me, tell you all you need to tell me about you.


So they do they they talk and he tells them that the problems with drugs, you know, my whole life and tells him that. And he says I have legal problems also, including currently I'm out on bail right now, currently charged with larceny of a firearm and looking at some jail time, too. So he's like, you know, my life is just kind of shit right now and I'm trying to get it on track. I'm cutting hair. I'm doing this dinner and they talk about it.


And then afterwards they go to a motel in Raleigh and have sex.


Oh, that was quick. Yeah. However, didn't expect that did you? Whichever one of them that's a left turn into one of them is smooth talking as fuck. Yeah. No they're both, this is, they're both into this. OK, Dan this is a thing as we'll find out for Dan that was fast.


Yep. There's a lot of straight guys that can't handle that. This is on that quick.


This is I mean, in nineteen eighty four though, in rural North Carolina, if you just found another person who was like, I'm just picture myself then when I, I'm not saying for anybody else, but if I was gay then and I there's probably not an openly gay was not a thing there I'm sure. So to find another person who was into that would be like I would have been like, I don't give a shit if I'm attracted to you or not.


At least let's try this because there's nobody else. Right? Literally, this is all there is here. Are you telling you to.


Yeah, let's go. That's all I'm saying. If you were in. I know. Motel. Let's do it. Let's do it. Yeah.


If you were, you know, somewhere so that that man on how he got he probably professed to him. Right. That he was, he's like, well I have a wife and kids but I'm also gay.


So now you tell me all about you. I picture this being like they ate dinner, they talked about it. I don't feel like this came up verbally, OK, in my mind, this is how this went down.


I thought for sure somebody touched a leg in my mind. This went down as there was Vibe's and there was, you know, Ghadar and they knew what was up. And they've not that they're either of them or even gay. I'm not going to classify what their sexuality is. It's as we'll see, it's very much fluid here. So but, you know, I think there was a vibe of some whatever. And I think one of them was like, you want to go to the motel?


They're like, yeah, I'm driving. And I think it was just one of those like, yeah, course one suggested something. The other was like, OK. And then I think it went like that. Wow. I don't think it was like we're going to go fuck in the motel room because we're we both have homosexual feelings.


Right, right. Right. I know that the song said about the Bible, but, you know, I'm saying I feel like it was more like an unspoken yeah. It's going to happen thing.


I feel like he eventually Dan believes that he can help stuff with his problems.


Yeah, he can. I know one problem. He one he fixed a lot of it is the mechanics of that one's got that all taken care of fucking in a motel room he's got to cover done. So Dan eventually starts talking about maybe you can move in to our family home. Oh, boy, and Clinton, so we can help you out, is the wife, does she know? Oh, no. Oh, you can't do this. Yeah.


Didn't didn't consult with Donna about this at all. Just talk to him about this. Maybe you can come stay at my house and have this sort of thing.


Now, when he brings it up to Donna, Donna is like, hold on a second.


So there's this guy who has an extensive criminal record and who's having a drug problem currently and a legal problem currently and for theft of fucking firearms. Yeah.


So he's got weapons. And so you'd like to bring him into our home with our children because that's good, right.


To bring a very dangerous human being.


Yeah. By all intents documented purposes in our family home.


Yeah. That's we wanted and her concern is you want that around her daughter, not that guy around our daughters. But Dan. Yeah. Persists with the Christianity of it all. He says, look, that's the Christian thing to do this person.


This is what we're supposed to be doing, which is very well aware that he's not involved in the ladies. Oh, so, yeah, also, he is hung like a horse. So there's that, too. So you put those two things together are Christian responsibility.


It's the Lord. I mean, it's not me. It's you know, there's no reason I'm pointing up. Yeah. It's the Lord. You know, it goes it's now I can't I don't make the fucking rules.




That and and he hears me having to talk you into doing what he wants us to do. So you better hurry up and get on the board because you're after life depends on this. And he's working the equipment like a champ.


I'm not going to like not you know how you are with the organ. He plays a mean one too. It's he could take your place on the organ, at least on at least one organ that we're aware at least one of the organs. I'm not sure if the church will let them in, but I have other organs.


So Dan, though, was persistent on this? Oh, no, we need to do this. And he took his family to meet scuffle and stuff his parents because stuff lived with his parents at this point.


So he takes his family to meet them. Great outing for the kids. How would you like to be a kid there? We're going to meet. Oh, yeah. Fucking weird. I want his parents that you met. Gross wants to see this. So that's a boring day for a kid. So in April nineteen eighty four, Dan invites duffle to Easter services at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Clinton where they work. Obviously he's the minister of music icon.


And at the end of April here, as this goes on, they decide that he should move into their house basically after Easter comes and goes. Got the OK at the end of at the end of April stuff or moves into the Arnold's house, which is close to their church. You can see it pretty much from the house.


It's right there over through. There's like a parking lot and you can see the house in the church from each other. So this will keep him close to the church, which if he goes to church every day, he doesn't have time to do drugs. Great point. There you go. I think that's what they're going for here. So now, just before stuff moves into the house, Dan comes to Dana with another proposition. Hey, he's going to have this guy move in, which was a big deal.


Yeah. Obviously, we're going to have some guy now. He wants more favors, total stranger, move into the house, be around our kids, you know, to get them off drugs.


Convict, go on. Yeah. Also, you know, he needs somewhere to stay during his legal battle. So that's the other thing. So it's another it's an issue.


But don't worry, he has a job through which he got an apprenticeship in prison. So it's good. It's going great. Not bad. Look at my hands. It does a good job. Tell you what.


So he sits her down. I don't even know how to bridge this, but he sits her down and he says, OK, this is what I'd like for me. What I'd like from you.


Yeah, I would like you, Donna. Yeah. To, you know, stuff who's moving in. Right. Tell you what, OK, because I'm picturing this is how he had to have stumbled into this. There's no way he couldn't just sit this down and confidently spit this out. He had to have stumbled into it. And he said, and what you, Donna, to allow Stoffel to impregnate you?


Oh, my God. OK, how's that? Why was that so so far? How many times have I said the last thing I expect you expect me to say it's fucking case. How does the why.


OK, Dan had had a vasectomy. Oh. But he wanted more kids and wished for stuff to be the. Yeah. For it to be the surrogate. Right. So how. And we're not going to do this scientifically though.


Yeah. Yeah. We're going to do it the old way.


Literally let him bang you, push himself into you over and over until he finishes getting out what I want out of him.


Yeah. Yeah. Try to hold it in and then and then clamp slapshot. Really. I mean vice grips. Do it up. Yeah. Stand on the stand on your. He's going to say, if you can get upside down, that would be ideal. Get it all down and let gravity work its magic. Really, really, really let your fallopian tubes gargle it.


That's what I need you to soak it on is what we need. Maybe if you kind of shake your ass, you sing them hip hop videos where they make it clap. If you do that upside down, I think it might work.


I listen to some Outkast and they said, you know, Mabern Ying Yang twins, I can't remember. They said to pussy pop on a handstand. I think that's how you get it. I think that's how you keep it in there. So why don't you try it at least at least try it a few times.


Why does why does he want this? So why did he have the vasectomy? Was it I guess he thought the problem or he was just done is done, done that. It's not like now I'm not one another kid. So he wants stuff to do this. So let him back. Not only that, he said, yeah, it'll get him you pregnant, which is we want that also. But there's an additional benefit to this in that this is Wildeman that this was said that Stoffel needed an ego boost.


Also, he's been real down lately, you know, with the president and the drugs in the haircutting and the cheap Raleigh Hotel sex, he's been down. So this would give him this will help him out. He'll feel good about himself if you let him blow you away a little bit here. So at that point, solves both problems. Is he OK? You're right. So I'll go tell him it's cool. Did he hit his head? What's going on?


This is imagine being Donna right here. He's the sweetest man alive. I mean, he's a nice man. This man may bang my wife and I'll raise any child that comes of this if he if he would.


Anyway, I'll ask him. I mean, I don't know if he would want to. Plus, he's looking and feeling a little down.


Pastor Dan, that's amazing. Don't you think that my friend's not feeling so good I let him take a run at my wife. I think that'll lighten the mood up. Not even just taking a run at my wife. Impregnate her yet. Not enough. Good. Please create a financial burden for me. Ratdog, my wife, please. I really enjoy it.


If you talk to my wife, that would be a gift. Something you can have it in her mind.


Good Lord. So I don't even know what to say about right away. We are in. This isn't like a threesome situation. He's. No, no, no. He's I won't be here. No, no, no. To have it. Yeah. I'll probably hang outside, listen a little bit or something to make you guys are deserves. This is OK if you need it. But he's trying to orchestrate what a story this is insane already.


Right. We're barely even scratching the surface here.


So is anybody surprised at this moment? This is a small town murder. Somebody's going to lose their shit. Yeah, this isn't good. This is nonsense. Harold, this is not OK. What bad idea. That sounds terrible. This whole thing. Yeah, this is awful. This is not going to work out. There has not been a one good idea so far. So far there really isn't other than George Thorogood Christmas album as it is like in this whole thing.


Yeah. Not to pat ourselves on the back. Any good idea. We're making the best decisions out of this whole show so far. We're making chicken salad and chicken shit and these people are not so delicious. Now, Donna, she's been asked I mean, I don't know which is a crazy reason.


Thought I'd like you to be pregnant by this man or it'll boost his ego.


Either way, you're like, what am I, a conduit? Like, what am I? I think I've already bent over backwards. Now, you want me to bend over forward? Yeah. I have a convict sleeping in my house, my children. Not a fleshlight.


Right. Just invite people over to boost their ego. Keep an eye on me and gelatinous vagina. What's happening here, kids out of it.


It's a gelatinous butterfly. I think I'll get rubbery. Yeah, whatever. The first thing somebody sent us one. Oh yeah. Right. Yeah. So done is shockingly enough, she doesn't say all right she's like you talking about. Oh thank God. She's like, are you out of your minds. Not on drugs.


This is Masae. So she freaked out a bit about it a little bit.


And Dan Dan got upset about it her. She said no and he started crying and like it was basically hysterical about the whole thing. As Donna says, she was hysterical and, you know, all this shit. So he initially agreed to, you know, I guess no, but he was all upset about it. He was so upset that she finally agreed just to calm him down. She's like, I'll agree for now. And then we'll figure it out later.


But what a wife. He's having a meltdown right now. We need to quell this. I'll bang your little drug addict barber for I'm sure. No problem. Does that make you feel better?


She she's so nice. I guess so. So, yeah. Dan ends up later on, though. He says that, you know, maybe it's not a good idea. I don't know. Dan goes back and forth on it, so. Wow. So Dan later on decides that a. An inappropriate idea, he's like, that's not appropriate. Yeah, well, what was I thinking? Obviously, this is wrong here. Clearly, I was all horned up.


I was part I don't know what I'm sorry. I figured waffling on the stuff kind of hot. You know, I got some stuff, a waffle going on right now.


So he they he ends up moving into the house after all this. First of all, now he's got to move into the house. Right. And like this conversation has happened beforehand, how creepy and weird and uncomfortable will that be?


Even weirder if is like not really on board with the banging of the wife. And he's he was in and then, oh, is he OK?


You know, he brought that up. Dan brought it up to him first. Like, how about you bang my wife? And he's like, would you knock her up? And he was like, I'll knock her up. Shit.


I got one thing I got it's just I keep making it and then he's got to go stand by and just stand by and go. What do you think? I mean, I whack it a lot. I ain't run out yet. So he's got to temper, yank and drag him. Yeah. I mean, what do you think lady. Good. Let your husband talk you into this.


So they're in it. So they move in, he moves and stuff moves in with the Arnolds here. And shortly after they move in, though, the Donna finds a canceled check for a canceled check to a Raleigh motel.


Oh, yes.


And confronts him about it. He confronts Dan about it. Why do you have a canceled why do you have a check from Raleigh Motel? Why are you staying in a Raleigh motel? You commute. That's yeah. You didn't sleep over anywhere. So why were you checking in? There you go. So that's the question. She confronted Dan about it. He made up an explanation.


And, you know, this this was the night that they met, that they met. This was that Raleigh hotel. So at the time, Dan lied about it.


But the next day he they they had a babysitter there while they were doing some stuff. And then while he drove the babysitter home, right before he drove her home, he handed Donna a letter, said, here you go.


Yep. And I can't say it out of my goddamn mouth.


Let me said here's a letter I had and then took the babysitter for uncomfortable ride for an even more uncomfortable arrival. Oh, boy. Thank God there was no texting back then for him. He's about fifteen minutes into that ride his phone. Oh, shit, zing, zing, zing. Oh boy. Soon as you drop her off this thing better Arang. Oh boy. Yeah, yeah.


So in the letter he says that he basically lays out, he says, look, I've been gay since childhood. He said his words, he said he's been a homosexual since childhood. And not only that, he has had male lovers in every place that they've lived together, including Clinton, including in this small town. He's found dudes to bang. Oh, my God. So I have been banging dudes the entire time we've been married, entire time we've known each other.


I've been banging dudes my whole life because that's what I meant to do.


Yeah, yeah. And it's hard to be that in this fucking society.


Hard to be that here. So just give it to ten, fifteen years. You'll hear a lot of senators about this.


So you just go to church every day and that keeps the gay thoughts down. That's how it works. God damn it. Just sing George Thorogood songs and think straight thoughts, I guess was the back then. I feel terrible for anybody that had to go through that and is currently going through all this still happening today.


Oh, absolutely fucking awful. It's awful.


Back then though, it was a I don't know, it was unless you're into both and you can.


Yeah. That way. And you still have one thing, but it's he also you know, he has to have dudes. Yeah. That's a problem. He's anyway. Yeah. It's ruining trouble for a marriage. Yeah. Yeah. It's ruining people's lives, not just hers but also his, it's ruining his fucking life every day.


He's got to live two lives and she doesn't know what he's doing behind her back coffle.


And then he's going to church too where the talented live God and live you and what people know. I mean, I always tell the truth, which is the standard. I think that's the slogan for the thing that's it's on the fly. I think it's on there. Yeah. At least on those boards outside of churches. I put those letters on. So, yeah, he says that and he said that the canceled check was from one of these encounters which was with Stoffel and it was a one night stand they had at after he met stuff.


So she's got to that's a hell of a letter. You're like the minister of music wife and you play the church organ. You have your kids and you wear dresses down your ankles. And, you know, you've got John Cougar Mellencamp taking notes. And life is very calm and very, you know, whatever by the book. And then you get this letter, what the hell squall if there ever was. This is interesting. Yeah. So Donna becomes very upset and rightfully so.


Just to not know this about your husband would be, you know, whatever and leaves the house and drives around for several hours, just goes and drives around just to I guess I to know you got to clear your head. If you find out your husband has been banging dudes all the time, you can't you can't just go. Well, I mean, that happens. You have to take that there. Now, she considered over the course of this drive, she considered leaving.


Dan, you know, that was obviously a consideration. Should I leave a guy over this? But then. She decided she still loved him and that the relationship and more importantly, the family, the children, everything was worth saving. So she said, I'm going to stay and I'm not going to you know, I'm going to stay. I'm going to stay. But the next day, she starts back and stuff.


Oh, God. What?


Jimmy, you expect that one or was that another one that you said? Was that another curveball? I mean, how many left? How many? There's not a good decision. I mean, not a good decision amongst us. Every time you're like, OK, what's the worst thing that could happen now? She'll bang stuff. There you go. Let's look at it worse. I don't know what else she could do. Besides, she developed a cocaine habit like that would be dear Christ.


Yeah. She began a sexual relationship with stuff the next day, which is wild. And according to staff, all this was going on. What he was telling people that they were engaging in sexual intercourse about every other day in the next few weeks. So they're just banging away. Stuff is loving life. He is the stuff in it, in their God. It's really given another. Oh, he's at some at some other some house. He's not paying rent and banging away on this one.


They're trying to get him out of his legal difficulties in the church.


He's having a great life, one nighters in hotels with the guy and having a great time that he is loving life. Oh, he's loving it. Yeah. And he's got a job a couple times. She wasn't didn't want to do it, but he coerced her into into having sexual intercourse three different times by threatening to tell the community about Dan's bisexuality and also insinuating threats against her children. Oh, stuff. I hate you Snuffles ADEC. Yeah, this is not cool.


That's a terrible thing. I'll tell everybody you have the Minister of music. I'll show my butthole. I think he's a minister. Nothing no more. Oh no. Yeah not not great. So Donna. Wow. So they, they have this relationship though I guess it starts out pretty whatever. But then it sounds like it's contemptuous when. Yeah.


It sounds like she did it because she, I mean she doesn't have you know, and if she's going to be able to just do this whenever she feels that's great. But now she has to do it whenever he feels. Yeah, that's no good.


Yeah, that's right. And now after the after Dan's big revelation here, stuff all starts to basically he's trying to like be the alpha male of the situation, starts belittling Dan at every opportunity he can and starts talking shit to women, making fun of him and things like that in his own house with this whole thing about while he's banging his wife. So what the hell, man? Yeah, this has gotten very weird. And he begins to openly declare his love for Donna at this point.


I got kids. Shut up, man in the house. Stop em talking shit while you're gay. What do you care? Oh, my God. Are you banging me? So what do you care? I don't know how you even. I'm like, what even what are these arguments? Even like this? There are two crazy friend. No one's right. Oh yeah. Well this and that. Well that's true. Oh yeah. Well listen.


Well that's true too.


It was nothing. That's why you got to live who you are. Yeah. This is this is a horrible little word. Now there's blackmail threats.


May 18th, nineteen eighty four. Dan goes to his doctor for help with his nerves. He's that Frazey this is and this is May eight.


It took three weeks. Three weeks. He's literally seeking medical help. Right. For nerves. He was tearful, crying and suffering from low self-esteem. He told his doctor that he had seen his wife and stuff all in bed together and worried that Carl was younger and better looking than him and freaking out, basically. And so the doctor prescribed him some mild tranquilizer and told him to shut the fuck out.


And that's not going to help. No help. OK, he needed like a calm down.


No, I think it was one of those penis smoke weed he needs. This guy needed some edibles.


Bad, real bad. At least just a Justin. Yeah. And then the chocolate. That's the twenty mg you really to take it down a notch I think for him twenty maybe that would be a lot for him. Maybe a tenner a ten for him would probably be good. I don't have a chance. He'll make me happy. Twenty, twenty one is a bit much. A bit much.


But you give my uncle the twenty ten. I guess that's a ten and a bunch of. Yeah. Let's concentrate on the fact that a bunch of kids are crumble out of the pen. So he hasn't been the same since.


Good for him. He was so happy. I haven't had this since. Seventy two. This is the most happy and smoked marijuana since seventy two. You may want to calm down. That's a little different from seventeen just like I would hit that lightly.


Yeah well it tastes good so it's not like I used to taste all dirty back then. I taste guys real thing that tastes good. It's like orange juice. That's delicious. Yeah it is. It's like it'll grab you.


Watch out, watch out. Next thing you know stumble. If he had a great time he had a great time at the live show. So May 22nd, nineteen eighty four, four days later stuff all here. Asks a friend of Dann's, a guy named Daniel Statten. He was a friend of Dan's, he asked him, where does he know if he can get some weed somewhere? I'm not going to get some weed around here. OK, so the minister of minister of Rock here is his brother, and I guess he thinks he can get weed by.


This doesn't sound like a good place to get weed, this timpano. So he asked him if he could get weed. Now, his friend here, Daniel Statten, Dan's friend, told Dan about this conversation this year.


He did go find we don't know. He didn't get them. He tried. Dan tried to find out. Dan's friend, Dan Dan as a friend named Dan, asked his friend Dan.


You'll get Dan some stuff. I'll ask O stands for him to get him. Weed stuff is not the guy that needs it. No, I would say not. So stuff Elastica trying to get weed. So this guy, the friend told on stuff and goes and tells Dan, this guy is trying to get weed. Great. Just so you know, because he was here trying to kick his drug habit and all this type of shit and drugs and crime and all this.


And now he wants to he wants weed. So according to this, now, Dan decided that he was going to evict stuff. At this point, this is the perfect excuse to get him out of here. Yeah. Now we got that going on. So the Donna and Dan pack up all is shit. And they found some, like a pretty aggressive looking knife amongst his stash, made him a little uncomfortable, packed up his shit and had it ready to go.


Ready to go. When he came home, he came back in. They told him never to return and that was that. And then he Dan went with Donna and the kids and his friend Daniel Statten, who told about the weed, and they all went to the beach to get rid of them.


Now, let's go have a nice cleanse ourselves in the waters of the of so bad in the Atlantic. Let's do it. Yeah.


So they do that. And she she they they say that while this happened. Jesus Christ, man, they they go to the beach. At Dan's request, Daniel confronted Donna about her affair with stuff. So he said, come to the beach with me and confront my wife about this for me. Can you bring up a very sensitive, personal, you know, marriage thing with my wife?


What how about you do it? Yeah, you know, I don't know what's going on. So he asked his friend to do this, and it's not good with words unless it's the Bible, it seems like. Yeah. Or George Thorogood lyrics. Yeah.


So that Dan Dan's friend Dan does it confronts her and she never responded, never gave a response but just started crying. So that's a pretty good response. No. Yeah. She regrets that she responds with tears. It's probably a bad probably happened so early June of nineteen eighty four Stoffel is put in the hospital. He's put in the Arnold's kind of have him committed. Oh basically not. It's like a drug rehab but he asks them to do it too.


We asked for help. Will you put me in here and make it so I can't check myself out.


So I want to kick this shit right. So stuff does that. This is the Dorothea Dix Hospital here. This is early June. Eighty four. Now, they would come to see them all the time, though. He's a patient there for about a month and the Arnold would come to see him, which is fucking crazy.


What do they do?


I don't know what we're trying to wash our hands of him. Nope, they can't. They can't stop now. He's there, the worker, the social worker that's working with him in the psychologists that are working with stuff while he's in there basically said that Stoffel told them that he was in love with Donna and and he hoped that she would leave her husband to be with him. I hope she I'm hoping she'll leave him. And he told Stoffel that such a relationship was unrealistic and asked, well, what other options were available when he was released from the hospital.


Let's not depend on her leaving her husband and you guys being together. What else can you do? You know how difficult that has to do. There's so much that has to happen for that to line up. I think about something that's, you know, let's be realistic within grasp.


Week one, where can you go? Yeah, so apparently Stuffies said, quote, Donna and I could run away. And then he paused and these to the psychologist that he looked at him and grinned and said, ah, I could kill him. And but it was like, you know, sarcastic, like, let me get away with that tongue in cheek that could happen. So he said, yeah, don't do either of those things right. Just worry about bad plans.


Yeah. So the Arnolds kept visiting the staff. This guy's name is Dubrovka, the guy who works there. He said that he and his staff members observed stuff while Mrs. Arnold and Dan Arnold here, Donna and Dan and stuff, all huddling together in the hallways. And they said the first impression was that there was some sort of religious thing, like they were praying together. Some, you know, I don't know, they're all in church and shit like that.


So they just assumed they were praying. They said after a while, though, the practice was perceived as, quote, more sexual than anything else, like they were huddling up together in the hallways and feeling each other. I don't know what was going on. But that handjob and that's the staff was saying it was a more sexual thing and they were ordered not to touch one another while on hospital grounds exactly what they're do. I feel like there was some they huddled together so they could not be seen.


And I don't know what was going on and. Actual circlejerk, James. Yeah, that's fucking so weird, he said it was a sexual feeling type of thing, Groseclose Act that is called the Circle Jerk, that is a little weird circle groping, my word, groping, jerking. That's the German version. So they said it was inappropriate and distracting to other patients. So please don't do that. Put those away. Yeah, you know how that goes stuff.


I was sick from drug use, he said, and he called the Arnolds at that point, you know, begging for help. That's why they ended up in the hospital. He called begging for help and they said, fine, you know, we'll put you in a hospital. You can't live here anymore. The sheriff's deputy who drove Stoffel and the Arnolds to the hospital to drop him off said that Donna Arnold was the only one who could control stuff.


Yeah, she could control him. Nobody else could. So, yeah, there was that they after they dropped him off, they had left for a week in the mountains and wrote and called snuffle frequently while they were there. Then when they got back, they went and visited him. They were jerking each other off or whatever they were doing, they got yelled at. It's fucking weird. So they visited him several times a week. So, Bill, do Brick Houses the therapist here, he said that the sexual thing was obviously very weird.


And I see it happening, that's in front of a Coke machine. Yeah, just in a hall.


What are they doing over there? Everybody everybody trying not to look like they're about to pray. Doesn't everybody join Jeni's? Yeah.


Everybody hold the cocktail. Sorry, Donna. We'll leave you out of this one. So the staff asked them to stop touching them. And at one point they were discussion, discussing options for the future, you know, and he said, you know, I just want to run away with Donny kept saying that stuff, said that also the doctor the therapist told Dan at one point that, by the way, he's mentioned several times that he could kill you.


So he wants to be with your wife. And, you know, killing you seems to be an option. We don't know how serious he is, but heads up on that one. You know, just see, you know, maybe you can put it to music. I'm not sure.


So bad news.


Yeah. So Dan told the the therapist that he would lose his position with the church if he didn't end his relationship with Stoffel. But then Dan said that he would rather move than end his relationship with stuff. He'd rather uproot his family and his job and everything and move so we can keep this relationship going. Why does he want it? I don't know. I want this guy out of your life as quickly as possible. So now and this was actually serious because later on, Dan Donna finds a resumé that Dan wrote out and everything, like he's looking for a new job.


And it's dated June 8th, 1994, when stuff was in the index. So it's all it all lines up when he was index, when stuff was index, that really we have to take a second as comedians to recognize that we just had stuff and in the same sentence stuff index with a one word in between them and it was fine.


So July 5th, nineteen eighty four, Stoffel asks permission to leave Dix on a weekend pass and they said, you're going to have a Jonez this weekend and this weekend and so on. Come on back.


Leave it to Dick for the Dicks leaving the Dix hospital on a weekend pass. Dan initially agreed that Sefl could visit them and Clinton for the weekend. Yeah, which sounds crazy. But then he later called back the hospital to revoke his has permission to come to his senses.


Exactly. Right now, Dan was hysterical because he said that Stoffel had told him about her affair with stuff. So this is before Donna descried didn't say anything now stuff all as detailed and laid it out for Dan. So Dan's very upset and doesn't want him to come over. So, yeah, the they said that he was although Dan had been hysterical and shouting and crying when he called to say, don't send him here. Then he called back the next day, they said, I changed my mind.


You could send him my card.


So Stoffels therapist, though, you know, knowing about this craziness and also knowing about the homicidal ideations. That's as far as I know.


Yeah. He says tell you what, he talked to Dan, the therapist, and encouraged him to break this relationship off with stuff. Just just don't do it. So they end up not allowing the visit. This hospital staff sergeant allowed to leave this weekend. Just things in there that weekend.


So that weekend, the Arnold's brought Stoffels car and belongings to Raleigh and told them never to return to their home. So they brought the shit to the hospital. So here's all your shit. Never come back every day. It's different. Come here. Don't come here. Here's all your shit. Don't come back.


Next day they'll be you know, this is a broken relationship. This is so, so ruined already. It's so weird. So it's completely fucked. So the do brick, the therapist, he said that stuff was depressed after the visit and was sure that Donna still loved him and wanted to be with him stuff. He kept saying she loves me and she wants to be with me. I don't understand what's going on. Wow. So July 12th, nineteen eighty four stuff is released from the hospital and now we bring in our next character.


Yeah. Who's got a name that could only come out of small town murder rate between Carl Edwards snuffle and Gerald Junius Taat. Yep. Which they sound like they're looking for a golden ticket to go to Wonka's factory to Gerald Junior's tot get a ticket. Gerald Junior's Hart Junior's you. And I guess this is a man, Gerald Junius Tazi and Carl Edwards stuff. Yeah, they they sound like Dr. Seuss characters. This is ridiculous.


One's got a little curlicue on his head. Totally and big. No one's got no hair on the sides. Just like a poof.


Yeah. Blonde. Yeah, yellow. Bright yellow. So after well unbelievably long necks.


Super long in size. Twenty eight. Yes. So and they walk on the ceiling you know it. So Stupples released from the hospital. After he does, he moves in with Gerald Junius Tarzia, his friend. They've been friends since they were teenagers. They've been engaged. And many, many criminal acts together, you know, they're just they've been in and out of jail together, they do drugs together. It's just jerk off teenage friend. Right now he gets Carl a job for the same maintenance company that he works for so he can, you know, handyman, handyman.


Exactly. So they first met in nineteen eighty one tartan stuff of tartan stuff. It's the worst cop show on television. They are on this Thursday. They're the reason that Angie's List was created to keep a gentleman like this out of out of your home, out of your home, doing you, fixing your refrigerator. Jesus. You should be replacing anyway in the middle of the day. Right? Good God, this is horrible. They met in 1981 and they had committed break ins and taken drugs together and even served jail time together, both as a youth and as adults.


So they're doing great. They go back. Yeah, he he said that that ended up happening now. And he asked his friend, Gerald Junius Taat on July 4th. He said, we do me a favor. Gerald Junior's tart. People love him.


Gerald is our love, his name.


So it's the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life. I was like, if the rest of the story isn't a good enough for a small time murder, Gerald Junior's tart will do it.


Put it over the top. That better be a family name. Oh, my God. Whoever picked that is your great grandfather joining us. We're going to give you is his name. It's your middle name because he created so much. Yeah, it was going to be the Orange Julius, but he hated it. So he chose the Julius Get me an Orange Julius.


Sounds delicious. So he asked Gerald Junior Star. He said Gerald Junior's tart. Will you do me a favor? Would you murder that Dan for me?


Oh, my. Would you do that, please? Murder Dan Fahmi initially Taat said, I guess so. I'm not sure I'll knock them off. What the hell. But then he didn't do it because this is while he was in the hospital. He feels like I'm in the hospital, so we'll know it's not me. So you go kill the guy and I'll go out with a fuck nose, you know, and that'll come out that he's been he has like boyfriends and shit.


They'll think it's one of them. Don't worry about it. He's he does all sorts of stuff. So apparently Taat agreed to it, but he didn't carry it out because a police officer had noticed him loitering near the Arnold home and asked him what he was doing. And he said, oh, I'm just walking here and the cop let him go. But then if the guy comes up dead, that if anything happens, that's the first guy you look exactly at all.


I was talking to a drifter that night, a drifter named Junius.


Gerald Junior's tart's going to stick in your brain.


Well, holler at that guy first. No shit, because I saw a cop and my name is Gerald Junior's. That's why I can't do it, you know. Now start, by the way. So he and taat stuff lintott Jesus and they they all they plot to kill. How are they going to kill Dan. Basically how can we do it before you get out of the hospital. Then he gets out of the hospital. Maybe we can do it after you get out of the hospital.


Let's figure that out by the way. So they're plotting to kill him, by the way, Dan, as a plot to oh, oh, Dan as a plot to by July 17th, Dan is also plotting to kill Stoffel. Oh, this is an arms race now.


Yeah. Now we have a little Mexican standoff this turned into. Now, whoever gets it first, this isn't crazy. This isn't a predator embrace situation. Hunter. Hunter. Yeah, that's I mean, all right.


On that day, he sent a letter to his friend, Bill Poole, stating that he would kill Stoffel if he thought he could get away with it and he was considering how that could be possible.


I'd love to kill this fucking guy. Ideas, any ideas? It is a hand. I mean, he's a criminal. Writes this in a letter, though, and mails it. And why would you do that? He's not a criminal. That's why he doesn't now. So Dan asked his friend to contact. This is what then gets into he's he's serious about this. He gets his friend to contact various drug dealers. Now, Stoffel had drawn up this is how what a scumbag stuff list stuff.


Blood drawn up a list of drug dealers that he knew. Just that guy sells that a list of drug dealers in anticipation of trying to make a deal for that firearms charge that he has. Oh, my God, he's trying to get out of that whole thing. So he's basically making lists of information that he can offer the police exchange for drop charges. So he's got a list of drug dealers at the house. Dan has that list of drug dealers.


Dan asked his Jesus, Frank, all these guys, all these drug dealers. Here's the yellow pages of murderers, I guess.


I suppose here's a bunch of criminals. Call them. And yeah.


So this is Dan thinks like a TV guy. Yeah, well, maybe they'll kill him. I thought he'd seen so much TV. What if they. Yeah, they'll kill him there. And the one thing there and all of it.


Yeah. That's what's so darn help the drug dealers would just kill stuff. All that would be that and you know, problem solved. Yeah. Which I mean that's smarter than the other plan I guess.


So the letter of but the letter says quote, that's what one person says with the letter so says. They're part of it, I have told Donna that in the event I cannot find someone to help me have Khaldun in for what he has done to us, I have it in me to kill him myself. I want him dead and I will not rest until he is.


That's from Dan.


And I can't speak like a seventeen hundreds man from the West. Yeah, this is very if I can keep him done in for what he done, he speaks like he's writing to relatives back east. Right. Yeah. It's I've been in Dodge City for seven months now. I've seen many men.


How many men. A man named Karl has done some things to us. If I have it in me to fix him, if I can, in the event that I cannot find someone to help me have Karl done in for what he has done to us, I have it in me to kill him myself. I have it in me and ellipses. Dot, dot, dot. I want him dead and I will not rest until he is my man.


That's like I that's basically Tombstone. Yeah.


He just laid down the cowboy gauntlet and he's gonna go out there and he's with a jacket on covered in dust like that is an amazing dipped his pen and write his quill and ink and then he did until it's done. And the sealed envelope he used was yes he melted it.


So July 18th, nineteen eighty four the next day is coming to a head this great. So this is on that night, Dan and Donna participated in the service at the Emmanuel Baptist Church. And while at church there, by the way, that day, the weird church conversation members friend Danny Statten. Yeah, OK, Danny Statten.


Dan asked Daniel Stanton to kill stuff like hi at church. I was like, hey, remember I asked you to contact those drug dealers? Well, it's the wheels are moving pretty slow. These drug dealers, I don't know if they're backed up. They got a it's a busy time of year. It's a summer. I don't know if they're on vacation. Maybe it's you. Damn, they take off in July. Right. The drug dealers, I think they take the whole month off.


They go to Paris this whole week. It's Fourth of July. So I can't get a hold of. Yeah. Anybody there. You think you could just kill him for me.


Weird church talk. I remember you confronted my wife for me. So what I mean is this is the same thing, right. This is asking too much. First, confront my wife. OK, I'm out right there. Right. I guess if you're going to go along with it, you're friends with them, that's fine. Then after that, can you call this list of drug dealers? Well, not really. I don't really want to do that.


But you know what? Fine. It's a phone call. How bad could it be then? Hey, you want to kill this?


No, absolutely not. No, no. I'm drawing the line there. And he said no, danced out and said, I am not killing this guy. We're in church.


I go to church here right now. Yeah. Have you are you listening to what they're saying this whole time? Obviously, I'm not into that. You need more classes.


So Dad informed him then. Well, I guess if you won't do it, I'll just contact the drug dealers on the list and I'll see if they'll kill stuff like that. They don't want him. They don't like him anyway. Maybe one hand can watch another. And when you both get rid of this fucking guy, OK, this guy is going to rat on you. And he fucked my wife s and me, so Statten discouraged him from this.


He goes, don't do that. That's that's not right. He said that basically said, look, if you do this, you're going to end up dead yourself. You're messing with drug dealers and crazy people. And it's horrifying. This isn't you, right? You're the minister of music at the church with your wife was the organist. You do. This isn't what you do. Yeah. I don't know where the hell you turned into Breaking Bad all of a sudden, but no, this isn't the way it works.


This is insane.


I don't know when he turned into breaking gay, but this is this shit is weird.


Listen, this is this is breaking down. So, yeah. I got to fix this.


I'm telling you, this should be the name of the episode, breaking gay, breaking down. And I don't really know and I don't know. So I don't know what the hell's going on. So Statten discourage him from doing this. Now, after this, they ended up returning home. They get home after church. It's night. It's like a full day of church, by the way. It's just like they don't go for an hour. This is they're not worried about the games on.


So, yeah. So Michelle Honeycut is there as well. Michelle Honeycut is receiving a piano lesson from Donna. She's a friend of theirs. She's a grown woman who's getting a piano lesson. And I think of like an eight year old and I think piano lesson. But if you want to learn to play piano at any age, it's fine. If it's a bucket list, I mean, who knows? I'd like to learn how to play a little.


So Michelle Honeycut, she says that during the lesson that Donna sort of tried to find her contact lens stuff because her eyes were irritated at her lenses and all day. So she was looking for the solution and all that shit.


So she was looking for and she realized that she left her pocketbook at church that has her contact lens shit. And she's like, God damn left my pocketbook in their relationships in there. Now, what the fuck am I going to do? So she's upset. She tells Dan, I left my damn pocketbook at church. So Michelle Honeycut says Dan said he would go back to the church and get her pocketbook. That's nice. And Michelle says that Donna and Donna, she offered first.


She said she'd go with him. I'll go with you. We'll go together and she said and then Dan said back to her, No, no, you stay here, you and Michelle practice. You're doing that you don't need. I'll be right back. It's right over there. Who cares? OK, so she said, well, I don't have to have it tonight. I have some stuff in the bathroom. I was just looking for it and you know, it's there.


So if you want to go in the morning, that's fine. Tell Donna I'm a good husband. She's like, are you that Michelle can't play piano for shit? If I hear fucked up scales one more time, I'm going to sing.


My head's going to explode. She needs a few more minutes. I'm leaving. Yeah, this is ridiculous. So Dan goes to church to get the purse so I'm about a half hour goes by. No Dan. Forty five minutes. No Dan. I can see it. It's like eleven o'clock right. Yeah it's right over there. It's like eleven o'clock at night though. Dan hasn't come back yet. Firster like he probably got in a conversation with somebody that was lingering and you know, he's social and whatever.


But then after about forty five minutes, Michelle Honeycut says, we'll go, let's go over and look for him since the piano lesson was over. So they get so it's Michelle and they get Donna and the kids in the car, Donna and Dan's kids, they and they drive over to the church. Their one daughter, Dana, is six years old at this point. So this is a quote from Michelle Honeycut as they're driving up to the church.


Quote, Dana was the first to see something lying on the ground. I got I got on her. I said, don't say things like that. She said she thought the child was teasing. She said, someone's on the ground. She was like, don't say that. She thought she was picking on the kid was just joking around, like, what's that over there? Awful.


Yeah. She said, quote, Then we could see someone clearly lying on the ground.


Everyone in the car started screaming and crying. They didn't she said she didn't bring the car to a full stop. She put the car and she said without even putting it near full stop, she put it in reverse. The transmission loved her for that.


Like a cop, basically. What am I, 12 miles an hour park jump right out. Fuck are you doing to pay for that transmission? Asshole lurches back and forth. We have to pay for that. The transmissions are in three police officers. Sorry, I see a fucking speed chase video. I get lawsuits this year. I'm going to save every municipality in this country a lot of money, money, unless there is a life or death chase going on.


Tell the cops to make a complete stop before putting the car in park like they would with their own car at home. When you go to the grocery store, do you just fucking drink? I'll just float in a spot and throw it in park to stop it in the other car parking lot transmission, even though you don't know when the automatic doesn't have any like fucking I don't know this thing cracked clang Look, no, stop doing that. I love what I see chase people and they like pull up to the videos, the body cams when they pull up to an event and they fucking slam it and then they go to jump out of the car and their seatbelt isn't even done.


Take the time. Yeah. While you're undoing your seatbelt, come to a complete stop that you took a second. Yeah. You ruin the transmission, then took a second to take your seatbelt off. Let's just think about it logically. It's like every time I see one of those body things where somebody gets shot, I watch for that part and then I just stop and go to the next. Like, I know how this I don't want to see something so good.


I don't like watching people die. First of all, let's watch this guy fuck up a car. And himself is my favorite part.


So every time I'd watch any a show like that, I'm like, why don't you stop, stop the car, stop that extra second. Is that going to be you murdering my payer transmission? Jesus.


So, yeah. So they're they're doing this. Everybody in the car started screaming and crying and without throws the car in reverse and went to a nearby convenience store to call for help. Everybody was screaming because they just saw somebody lying on the ground. Honeycut here said, quote, I told them just to quit screaming and pray.


No, figure this out for that person could need help. Prayer is not what we need right now.


Medical assistance is probably good. If someone's lying on the ground, you think they're in trouble.


The screaming is a natural reaction that, you know, six year olds exactly get medical help.


And then while the medical staff are working on it, then you can pray about it all you want at that. But let's get the thing that actually works done first and then you can pray and maybe that'll work, too. But I'm just saying that's cuts.


Fine, calm the girls down, but don't tell them. Don't. Yes. Once they get there, they find it is the lifeless body of. Yeah. And you don't even know could if it could be anybody at this point then we'll tell you next week. Dan Arnold now next say to next week to find out who's dead. Dan, it's Dan. Dan, Dan is dead on the ground in the in the lawn of the church, right in the church lawn.


He has been beaten and beaten about the head and his throat is cut and he has been stabbed repeatedly. Oh, my God. More than you can count. Just seven. Just hacked up throat, got beaten badly and bright next to him, lying right next to him, pocketbook is what he's got. Yeah. God damn it.


Wife's purse, still a great husband and a pool of blood with his wife. First, they're clutched in his hand. The really weird thing about this is, if that's not weird enough to find the minister of music dead in the yard of the church is once they do the autopsy and everything, they find out that he was repeatedly stabbed with two different knives, which is two handed.


Very strange, very strange, two handed attacks hard. I've seen that once in my life and I've heard of it once. And that was a kid in high school stabbed a kid with steak knives like that, two of them on the first day of school. He was all fucked up on dust and shit. He did it. And then he went and sat under a tree and the cops just took him. But he brought steak knives and hack this motherfucker up real bad.


And he almost died. It was bad. He stabbed him in the throat. That was what. Oh, yeah. Just a fountain now. Yeah. Yeah. My friend got blood all over my shirt because I was in the of that shot.


So anyway, it was bad stuff.


So anyway the wow. They find him in the lawn.


This is like I said, very hard. The children are crying hysterically obviously about this. They found their dad dead, which is horrible like right away to super fucked up.


Yeah. They said that Donna was who used a tissue to wipe her eyes and nose. She said that she had to restrain Donna with a bear hug to prevent her from running to the body and all of that sort of thing. She said she tried to console her saying, quote, Donna, it's too late. He's already gone. So you could see that his throat was I mean, it wasn't like anything you couldn't CPR wasn't going to be a help at all.


She was screaming and wanted to get out of the car, but she wouldn't let her do it at that point. So after the police and rescue personnel got there, they Mrs. Honeycut says that Donna went into shock. She said, quote, She was just kind of standing there, kind of staring. She said that she had to help Donna back into the car back in there and basically put her feet in the car for a while. She couldn't she was catatonic almost here and drove her back to the house.


So that's weird. So the next day comes up. And Michelle Honeycut is kind of sticking by Donetta, you know, she being a French, helping her out, helping out with the kids, thank God for her at this point. She needs are there, you know, playing bad piano. She listened and Michelle did on a phone conversation she overheard and ended up picking up the other line here because she's nosy between Donna and stuff.


Oh, and yes, this is apparently when Stoffel finds, quote, finds out about this and she heard stuff asking, quote, Do you think do they have any leads or know anything yet? That's what she heard there. And that was the day after, like we said, and she said, quote, Donna told him that we have to be strong and pray. And Karl said, yes, like we talked about last week.


Oh, that's what Michelle heard. So Honeycut was like, OK, that's a weird thing listening to that. And then afterwards, Donna said that he called to say happy birthday because. Oh, by the way, it's not his birthday today.


Yeah, it's it's her birthday the next day.




He she said that she just tried to act like he was surprised is what Michelle got out of stuff. That's what it sounded like to him. He didn't seem surprised to me. So this Michelle is seeing some stuff. She said, quote, I asked her. I said, Donna, do you think Karl could have done this? And she said, real gentle, like, no, he's just not that kind of person. OK, so that's what Donna said.


And another church member said, call Donna because the press was asking about stuff.


Now, one lady said that she was, quote, a classy lady, a model mother, and was very devoted to her husband.


So poor woman. Now some letters are found. Oh, boy, oh, boy. This is some letters written by Donna to stifle, one of which says, quote, Words cannot fully express how anxious I am for Wednesday. By the way, Wednesday. Wednesday is when? Wednesday, July 18th for Wednesday. I have real fears for your safety, though. Are someday is very close. That's what she had written.


Stuff of what the shit the week before also is a letter written by stuff to Donna on August 8th. Nineteen eighty four. So a few weeks later in which stuff Bill asks Arnold to reply. She says quote, I wish I knew where you were all at. I'd come right away if you want me to do that. Gerald Gerald Junior's tart that is, and his girlfriend send their love and best wishes.


He's been real strong through all this, so he's been really strong through all this. Why would Gerald Junior's heart need to be strong?


We are right, because you're crying about the loss of your friend.


Well, it's a little more than that, I think, by the way, two and a half years go by a boy. Nothing. They got no nothing. They don't arrest anybody. They have no leads. They have no nothing. They know there's something weird going on here. Yeah. They're suspicious of stuff because everything was fine. Then they bring a criminal into the house. And now now it's down. Now he's dead. So that's we're getting letters.


There's some weird letters. They don't know by the letters yet, though. So they're investigating this over this time. Donna collects two hundred thousand dollars in insurance as well, which is a lot of money in the mid eighties. Still is now in the mid eighties. It's a shitload of money in my mind. You could buy a fucking huge house there, as we found out for less than that. Now, back then in eighty five, you could buy half the town back then.


That three hundred thousand dollar house.


I'd probably probably Christ two of them I would think back then. So yeah man this is, this is wild. Donna said that stuff well when asked about things now when they talk to Donna here in nineteen eighty seven and all over the years she said that she began that stuff, began making advances toward her after her husband revealed that he was a homosexual to her that was her words, not mine.


She said quote, One day he called me to his room and said he was so uncomfortable because he was aroused.


Oh this is what she said. Yeah. She said, this is what stuff? This is her first sexual encounter. I'm so uncomfortable. My my dick is so hard. It's a weird thing. I can't get this to go away. Oh, man. He kept on he kept on and said that this would be my way of getting even with Dan, which she said at first she resisted, but then she gave in.


So sometimes you got to relieve your friends, your fantasy in plain sight when that guy jerked off his friend. Yeah. I mean, it's just that thing, strangest scene ever that belongs in this thing.


I'm just it will not go away. They say after eight hours, get a doctor. It's only been six. Maybe you're my doctor. What do I do with the nurse?


So while they were at the hospital, apparently Dan and Donna had told Stoffel that they were in love and wanted to be together, but then they had, you know, that kept going back and forth. So finally, February nineteen eighty seven, back to Gerald Junior's tart's, the the kingpin of While the Lynch. This all thing that can happen, right? So Gerald Junior's tart is picked up by the police here he is arrested for some other shit breaking and entering charge.


So he's arrested for that. And he is facing a long prison term because this is like a multiple breaking and entering entries and he's on parole deal. So his mother, tart's mother, who also knew stuff, Stoffel, at this point, produced copies of the letters that Donna had sent to Stoffel as a bargaining chip here. So to gain tart's release, like, hey, I know who killed that guy. Yeah, he's breaking and entering isn't a big deal.


Look at this conspiracy murder plot that I have here. So that's the thing.


My son's a bad guy. Look at this. People were like, so bad, Izzy. Yeah.


So this leads police to Stoffel, who ends up, you know, in a lot of trouble here because Taat Tade is alleged to be the man who drove stuff to Clinton and then back to Raleigh the night of the murder and also who lied to provide an alibi for Stanfill during the initial phase of the investigation. That's that's why Stubbled can get arrested or anything. Or they stopped investigating because he had an alibi based on Gerald Junior's fucking Tandare.


Such a silly name to say in a serious way favorite.


I love them. Police were able to at that point figure out from their what's going on. And they got a confession out of stuff. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Stuff gives it up. Pretty awful things. Yeah. Stuff Helsing's. Now, here's Tart's story because they have different stories, very different stories.


He said he drove stuff to Clinton on the 18th and because stuff didn't want his own car being seen around there. And Toge Cheryll Junius Hart said he parked by a Rose's department store and let stuff fall out. He said quote, I went to McDonald's and I got something to eat and was watching the high school girls go in and out of McDonald's.


He's like 22. Yeah, but still. Yeah, I returned to my car and waited for him. When he returned, he was bare chested from the waist up and had something rolled up in his t shirt. When he turned up, he said, hurry up and get out of here. I noticed he had blood on his forearms and on his hands. I asked what had happened and he said that he and Dan had gotten into a fight. So heart set on the way back.


Stuffing's said that, quote, said he wished it wouldn't have happened, but he couldn't change it. And then he told him to stop by a creek or a river. So that's a weird thing he said on the drive back. Stop by the creek or the river. All right.


He said while stuff was changing in the spare clothes, a scuba knife with a blade about eight inches long fell from inside the rolled up t shirt.


This is Tart's story. When Taat stopped by a creek scuffle got out through the rolled up clothes in the knife into the creek. And then he says, quote, We went back to my house and showered. I picked up my girlfriend from work. That's Gerald Junior. Start by now, February nineteen eighty seven.


I didn't do it. I'm only creep enough to eat at McDonald's and stare at high school. You know, I'll just eat and stare at them. High school girls. He had a Big Mac. The chicken nuggets just came out a couple of years ago and I'm pretty good. He got for thirty nine cent and I think he did it with no drink. Yeah. No drink and a cup of water.


No ass. That is the most disgusting thing.


So February nineteen eighty seven there is Donna to parastatal and they arrest Donna. So Donna is arrested in Virginia where she's with her family and she fights extradition really while she's in Virginia. They give her a bond and let her out of jail in Virginia while they're trying to extradite her. Here is a picture of Donna going to court. Oh, Donna, does that look like a woman who you'd go, oh, man, she's a wild and crazy lady.


Oh, look at her ankle length angle. Wrist length. Yeah, everything covered. So conservative. Yeah. That lady is arrested for the murder of her husband, that lady.


Wow. That is fucking while I haven't seen her just yet, she looks like the most conservative librarian on earth. Absolutely. And we'll post that on our hot murder smile on Twitter. That small town pot on Facebook, very small town murder on Instagram. We'll post that. So the police talk to Donna here. Let's let's get her story and see what she says. She says several months after the murder that that's that scuffle or I'm sorry that Donna, she said that she had been involved in an affair with stuff.


She admitted that after the after them several months later, she said, OK, fine, I wasn't an affair there. She said she found out about her husband's gayness and after finding, I don't know, whatever after indiscretion, no, it wasn't what he did. It was the point that he wanted to fuck guys all the time and not be married to her, probably.


So I don't know. That's I figure that's the essence of his gayness is a bigger issue in a marriage. But it sounds like person, it doesn't matter. But in a marriage, it's a problem. Sounds like royalty. It does. His royal gaynes. His royal gaynes. Yeah, sir. Daniel.


That's what she said, a minister in the Ministry of Music. So after finding in his jacket stub, she says the receipt for the ah, the chancel check for the hotel. Yeah, she said that stuff scuffle forced her to have sex with him three times by threatening to expose her husband's, quote, illness is the way she put it, his illness. Wow, lady.


Yeah. So she told them that she encouraged that he had encouraged her by saying that she had an opportunity to get even and all this sort of thing. She says they only slept together three times. That's it. Three times. And it was all coerced, her stuff, her and stuff. And that's how other people know that she hears stuff here. Yeah, right there.


Oh, what young guy really look at him. That he looks like a banker.


Kind of. He's got a beard. He's a dirtbag. Not the beards make it but an eighty five. A beard was not the same thing. Everybody was clear cut and it was not a fashion statement. Now it was just like I don't want to be lazy and I yeah, I can't get a razor that works.


Right. I'm tired of this just so he says that a few days after he moved in with Taat, this is this is stuff his story now that he and broke into was a scuba diving shop stealing an assortment of equipment, including knives and spear guns.


You know, that's what they were planning on what they they had stuff says they intended to murder Dan with a spear gun, with both of them having spear guns. Jesus Jesus Christ. But after target practice and tatz guard, I can't. It's they deemed the weapons were unsuited to the task. They said they're more accurate under water because that's what they're made for. You know, they're not made for shooting the minister of music in a church parking lot, fucking nutcases not to be used in a church parking lot.


I say right on the box, not for shooting, you know, through the air at human beings.


I'll try to avoid that. This is a last ditch effort to save you from Jaws, is what it is. That's what it is. It's just in case Jaws is coming.


So taht swore by by the other hand, this is Snuffles got one story starts got another tart's said he did not participate in Stoffels burglary of the scuba shop and then he never had any spear guns in his house. However, Tart's former girlfriend said that Tartans Stoffel visited the scuba shop the day before the burglary and she saw speargun and tart's closet.


Oh my.


So stuff will further says that he and Donna said that that she would leave her pocketbook at the church on the evening of July 18th. And that, said Danford, giving Stoffel the opportunity to attack.


How else would stuff? I'll know he's going to be in the parking lot. She tried to talk him out of it. So that evening Scuffle says that he and Gerald Junius tart's lay in wait in the woods near the church until then popped up. They said that it's duffels says that he and Taat killed Dan. He said that he and Donna were in love and that she asked him to kill Dan because she feared that a divorce would be too hard on the children.


Yeah, dead fathers, much as finding their father's corpse is much easier on me. That's fine. He agreed to kill Dan only because he loved Donna as what he said. Now taht this is what Stoffels says, Sevil says Taat first hit Dan with a slap. Jack, I got a weapon there. And then stuff all stabbed Dan in the chest and then Taat finished him off by cutting his throat. That's what he said while making up for the two knives, just to be hard for one person to beat, stab, cut throat with two knives.


It's difficult, but also he's only accounting for three wounds at this point. Yeah, well, he means stab wound. I'm stabbing away and he's got in the throat. That's what he was saying. So I was kind of that deal stuff claimed that that definitely helped murder. And he even said there was tato inflicted most of the wounds. He's got his throat and then hit him at first. But Taat stated he says, no, no, no, no, no.


Only part I played was to drive him to the scene, let him out of the car, start some high school girls. Yep. And then get back in. Yeah. So prosecutors have to decide what the fuck they want to do here. How do they do this? Who do they charge? How do they charge? Like you're the prosecutor. Who do you charge here. You have Donna, you have jail junior start and you have stuff.


I mean I certainly charge her for sure because she is it his story is that. And that's exactly what happened. You know what I mean? Yeah, I might I might use him to prosecute everybody, use him as the as the guy that that testifies.


But we charge everybody who I use snuffle as the testify guy and then charge everybody, OK, what they end up doing.


The prosecutors give Gerald Junior's taat full immunity.


They believe him.


They believe that he wasn't there, that they're going to it's more convenient for them to believe he wasn't there. So they believe him when he says, I just waited in McDonald's, he gets full immunity to testify against Stoffel. Yeah. And they charge Stoffel and Donna with second degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.


I think that's absolutely crazy. It's pretty fucked up. It gets worse, though. It's it's pretty interesting here. So they give him total immunity. They. Stuff like a retard is just a he's just a witness at this point. Yep, he just admitted that. Taat also maintains that he first heard of Arnold's death. The first time he heard for sure about Dan's death was on the six o'clock news the following day. They asked him why didn't he suspect foul play when Stoffel returned to his cars and the cops talked to him, stuff came back to the car with blood on his forearms and his hands.


And Taat responded, I've seen a nose bleed. Oh, boy, that could have been those guys had to fight so much. He's lying like he's an asshole. He's a fucking liar. Darryl Junior start while a patient at Raleigh Hospital. Stuff will start to Kelada, like we said. And Ayata testified that when he saw the blood on Stupples Arms Tarus, what happened? Snuffle told Taat that they'd been in a fight with Dan and that, you know, Carl told he said Carl had told Dan that he loved Donna and that's how it went.


He's also said that after that night snuffle expressed remorse over the subject of the death. So there Tatz testimony. He said, quote, He told me that he could get him out of the house the day after the Wednesday night service. He still said that he would leave something at the church and then they and then he said that he would pay me if that's what I wanted. And he said that stuff had mentioned money could be left in Mrs. Arnold's pocketbook for Taat to take after the killing.


So this is the plan. I'm having a huge problem with the with the charges based on the fact that if if he'll say if Stuffier will say what he did and implicate his friend to he's implicating himself in oh, I stabbed him right in the chest first stab me.


I did it. Yeah. His story. His story adds up. His story adds up. More than tart's more than anybody. Sorry. So to testify, he said that he would testify. He later will say that he said he refused to kill Arnold after the third time that stuff asked him to. He said after I was supposed to have killed Dan, I just told him I couldn't do it, that I didn't go, that then I didn't go to Clinton.


That's what he said. So he said sometime after this, Taat said that he went to a Raleigh swimming pool where the Arnolds had taken stuff along a day pass from the hospital. He sat on the edge of the pool and Taat said that stuff introduced him to Donna Tartt said that Donna was standing in the in the water talking to him while this was obviously when Dan was still alive, while her husband was playing with their daughters about twenty feet away, Taat said, quote, She said that she and Carl had been talking and asked me if I could help them with their problem.


I told them that I didn't think so, adding, quote, one of them and she said, quote, Money would be no problem. She said, OK, thank you. And turned around and went back toward Dan and the children. And then Carl said that he would like to drown Dan right there.


And then, ma'am, your husband's right there, right there, literally asking me to kill that guy. I can point him out.


I mean, he's right fucking there. I get to do it now. He hurt us. Yeah. One of the so comes up. There's a bunch of Donna's friends come forward here, talk a little bit. They say a couple of them say that Donna was not the typical grieving widow after the death, pointing out that she even played the organ at his funeral and also for a wedding three days after the murder. She sucks. She played an organ.


But under later on, though, another neighbor said that she also often becomes Donna, often becomes withdrawn under stressful circumstances. And a Clinton locksmith, they found, he says, that that Dan Arnold had hired him to change the locks in the house after the Stoffel thing and that Arnold had that Dan had told the locksmith that stuff had threatened to kill him. So this is a completely honest guy, is just a locksmith. He doesn't know shit from shit.


Yeah. Also in March 31st, nineteen eighty seven, snuffle is in court. And what he does is he's going to confess and he is going to plead guilty because he's charged with first degree murder. First he is pleads guilty to a reduced charge of second degree murder in exchange for his testimony against Donna, who's been fighting extradition still at this point. He admitted that he first implicated Don in the murder on the morning before his plea bargaining. He said that because at first he wasn't really implicating her.


He was just saying it was the two of him and his friend. And then he kind of put her into it here. He said that he said that while in custody, he came to believe that Donna only used him to kill Dan, since he now believes that she was having an affair with somebody else at the time. She thinks that he was that was her game. That's what Stoffels saying. Stuffing's swore that he was telling the whole truth in spite of the fact that he had lied to the police basically for two and a half years his whole life.


So at this point, Don is depressed.


She's depressed. The pastor of her church said that she went into a deep depression after she was arrested and even attempted suicide in mid-March, which, yeah, I don't believe that nobody should commit suicide. But I get the feeling her psychiatrist termed it a major. Oppression and incarceration could have an effect on her competence to stand trial later and on her ability to assist in her own defense if she were freed on bond, however, she would not put herself in danger or represent a danger to others.


Should be fine, obviously. So, yeah, late nineteen eighty seven. She gets bail. Why set her bail at four hundred thousand dollars. Now here's a quote quote We're more than elated. I don't think it will be a problem raising the bail money. Do you know that quotes from who's the pastor. That is from Robert Daniel Arnold Senior. What that is from Robert Daniel Arnold senior.


That Andsnes dad is bailing out the mom, elated that I got bail and is happy to bail her out for the grandkids. They're her biggest supporters. They think she's innocent. Why? Bail was set here. They testified as character witnesses for her and everything. She's freed on three hundred thousand dollars bond and back with her family. Yeah, one of the people who chipped in on it said, quote, She's an exceptionally fine lady, a very reserved, devoted wife and very attentive mother.


Oh, my gosh. So nineteen eighty eight is Donna's trial. It's moved due to publicity because this obviously was.


Oh my God, everybody knows this. How would you not know about this. This is crazy. Oh my God. That was really hard to pick a jury for some reason because there's not a lot of people to say they really went through a lot. Pick a jury. Like by the end of the first day, they have no jurors, really. They end up with six men and six women on a jury. So even here they are, they still have the death penalty on the table for her on a verdana.


They're looking at that possibly for her. The defense argues that the case against her should not be treated as a capital case. And she's being charged with second degree murder under a plea agreement since duffels being charged second degree murder. And so that wasn't offered to her. Why is he going to get off and not her?


And they were like, yeah, that's how court works. Listen, you know.


Yeah, there's strategy involved in this. That's yeah. The judge said that he, quote, did not have the authority to rule on the proportionality of the sentencing. And such a decision, if one had to be obeyed, would be left up to an appellate court and basically complain about that later.


They also tried to impeach the credibility of Stoffel who implicated her in this whole conspiracy. The lawyer filed a motion to allow the defense to show the jury transcripts of Stoffels plea agreement, as well as copies of other statements, blah, blah, blah. The prosecution opening here. How do you think they're going to portray this thing? Oh, she is a monster. Have you ever seen the staircase? Yeah, OK. Yeah. When they're doing that trial that's in North Carolina, that's in the nineties, that's well past this time.


That's when gay is a lot more accepted. It's a very similar thing. We to people around then. Yeah, we have a married couple. We have this guy who's also got, you know, men on the side, things like that.


They the way the stank that that prosecutor had on her voice, she would say gay to the jury was like, he's dirty, it was thick. And that was in North Carolina. Ten. So eighty four.


They were way, way, way back. Yeah. But they had to make you know, they also didn't want to demonize the victim, obviously, because that's not what the prosecutors are going for and not what we're going for. We don't care how gay are. We just wish you would have gone and been gay, lived his life or been bi or whatever his life was living and not be embarrassed by it. Run it and shout it from the mountain.


Yeah, yeah. No, I don't want anybody being blackmailed for what they know. It's crazy. It can ruin your life in some of these different ways. Just the pressure of society alone to dress like a man and whatever the fuck. It's so dumb.


Fuck you. So the the district attorney here said that Donna had intentionally lied to police during the investigation and everything was on purpose and it was a big conspiracy. The defense opening here. The defense says that she's a victim, OK?


She is a victim of a surprise, attacked her with gay, a quote, a victim of a, quote, evil and dark world boy who allowed herself to be manipulated by a homicidal and homosexual maniac.


Those go together. That's her lawyers, David. She's allowed. She's I'll say it like him. She's a victim of an evil and dark world who allowed herself to be manipulated by a homicidal and homosexual maniac. And the jury went, whoa, damn. Yeah. Defense said that stuff used Arnold's connection with the church to avoid a conviction on the gun charge and also used his, quote, homosexual encounters with Arnold to bribe Mrs. Arnold into having dirty, dirty sex with him, added the dirty damn.


He said that stuff manipulate manipulated both Dan and Donna and Donna, quote, like puppets on a string, on a gay jizz covered string, on a gay, just a jizz rope, just dope punches can't climb because it's slippery, which is rope.


He told the jury also that she's a victim of two criminals efforts to keep from going to jail. She said that she was a, quote, naive, trusting woman trying to protect her home and loved ones from knowledge of her husband's illness.


Here to Jesus Christ, man, I hate that so much. He's sick.


That's why he's doing this sick. Danny's parents testify for Donna. Oh, yeah. Lots of support, too. She's supported by all our friends and family. They come and they pray weather and all that. Well, here's the reverend. She's a very, very fine Christian, dedicated person. Wow. She was another one. I really haven't met a dear person than Donna. This is another church person.


So many people, Snoad, some of the pediatric dentists she worked for said she's a, quote, very, very fine person who works well with his young patients and told the jury that once she's acquitted, he's planning on putting her back to work at my place because I know how innocent she is. So you let her out if you're keeping her from my fucking eight o'clock tomorrow morning, kids that miss her down at the dentist's office, that's what he's basically said, characterised her as too meek to speak out in her own defense and said she was he was proud of the way that she's standing up in trial here.


Danny's parents, Wolfboy, man, they can't believe that.


They said that. They said they were determined to keep.


She was determined. She's a good woman who was determined to keep her husband's sexual homosexuality a secret. That's what it was. He told the jury. This is the father. That father is ashamed. Yeah, he always son. Absolutely. That's believable. Or at least the at least the son thought he would be one of the two. He said that he.


And he is. Yes. He's testifying for her. Yeah. Yeah. He's he said that he first learned his son had homosexual tendencies a few weeks after the murder. When he asked investigators to show him the case file, Arnold said, this is the father. The dad said that one of the investigators read a letter written by his son in which Danny revealed his fear of and hatred for Carl Edward. Snuffle confessed murder of the Jews. The guy confessed to him here, and he also found Mrs.


Arnold sexual encounter with Stoffel and his gayness. Everything is all in these letters, he said. The investigators told him they suspected Donald Arnold left her pocketbook there on purpose. Both Arnold Senior and his wife Marjorie testified, and they testified that they have full belief in her innocence for belief. They said that his wife confronted Donna with the fact that they were aware of all this type of shit. She said that I hoping to wee wee since she was suffering inwardly with this grieving process, they helped her get like, you know, help for her grieving and everything.


Since then, he said Donna told them that she was sorry, that they found out about the affairs and all the all that stuff and it was not necessary for anyone else to know.


She said it would only damage her friends and her family or friends in her church. And she said she mentioned nothing about herself. She just mentioned her daughters and things like that. The father also said she always respected that. This is the mother. This is Marjorie. She always respected Danny. And what Danny would bring bring forth as a husband, she always supported him. Parents also say they'll get her a job, they'll get her a job.


They said even now, you'll get her a job.


They said even now you have the highest regard for her. And he said, even now, oh, boy, they don't give a shit. So they bring the letters in. Of course, like we said, these are obviously in there. They're postmarked before the murder, July 10th, July 11th. Those letters we discussed before, Gerald Junior's heart is on the stand.


Of course, you know it. He's here.


He's ready to rock and roll. He said that he gave him a ride so that that stuff could kill Dan, so they could start a life together. He said that and he did that. He said he just drove them there. That was the thing, Sam, with all the blood, blah, blah, blah. Now, to discredit taht they her lawyer calls Tart's former girlfriend, who testifies that she saw an underwater speargun and tart's closet and and was with both tarde Landstuhl when they were when they were casing the window of the dive shop the day before, looking at the equipment that they ended up having.


Later on, Arnold was stabbed and was stabbed and slashed with knives there. And the defense, Donna's defense contends that stuff and stole the knives from that store and used them there. Another defense contention was that they were going to shoot him with the spear gun because I had said, ah, that's that stuff it said. But yeah, they couldn't be shot out of water. And now Taat denies ever having going to this to the scuba shop at all.


And then his girlfriend comes in contradiction. Donna testifies in her own behalf, which is she's got to go up there and go, I'm a nice church lady. I didn't kill my husband to present exactly what everybody's saying about you.


Yeah, she's charged with first degree murder, the whole deal. I mean, she's got to get her ass up there and do some dance. And the district attorney asked her if the letter she's the letter sent around back and forth. Is this your letter?


Blah, blah, blah, you know, all that type of shit. The she said that at trial she testifies that scuffle raped her, which is this is the first this has come up at all.


And that's just even in the letters. This didn't come on tricked was one of the things about rape. That was definitely not.


That's a very serious allegation, ma'am. Yeah, well, no murders there, too. They're all there and she's got all the big ones and then coerced her by threatening to expose everything there. She did not tell investigators she'd been raped because she continued to feel threatened by stuff, is what she said. Now, she also said that she was an obedient wife, giving in to her husband's wish to allow stuff to stay in their house. She said that even after she learned that her husband and stuff will have had had sex in a sleazy motel, she said, I really didn't have any choice but to stay.


Dad knew I really wouldn't leave him. And yeah, she said I you know, she just gets on the stand. She denies everything. I didn't do anything she said. No, sir. I never talked with anyone about killing my husband. I love Dan.


And they bring up that letter or all that part. No, that shit.


She denied. She said that it's a forgery, but she said there's a forgery and Tart's parents had this forgery and they tried to get experts in to say it was a forgery. And the judge was like, this is ridiculous. We're not like this. We're not going to have a whole sidebar about the letters. This is not going to happen. There's testimony that's plenty. So, yeah, they do. All of that stuff is set to testify, obviously, because he made a deal.


Right, for testimony. He testified earlier at his own thing that the relationship was voluntary and lasted several weeks and that he loved Donna very deeply at the time. During this, he invoked the Fifth Amendment. Say shit about her, about anything. Yeah, going won't answer his question. He says, my name is Carl Edwards stuff. And I take the Fifth Amendment to not incriminate myself. He does that won't say shit, except for that. He's like a gangster.


He's like a gangster up there on her trial. At her trial. Yeah, I won't say shit. Yeah. Which is ridiculous. Now, the defense is pissed off that they're doing that because that's because he got a deal. So. Yeah. So the defense calls him so the prosecution won't call him because he says he won't testify. He says I'm not going to answer questions. So the prosecution says, fine, fuck it then. Yeah, no need.


But the defense says no, make him testify. You know, that's what we want. Make the defense says make him testify. But the judge says that part of the plea agreement called for him to provide truthful testimony in the case. But he also said the agreement wasn't made with the defense. It was made with the prosecution. So that's their problem. You can't request that he does that. You don't have an agreement with him. You're the defense.


The prosecution could enforce their agreement with him, but that's none of your fucking business. So carry on assault. Wow. That's how it worked. So, yeah, that's how that work now. Clause. Oh, my God. Closing arguments come up here and there's going to be so many problems with this, isn't there?


There's a lot like closing arguments come in. And this is a five week trial. This is a lot here. Obviously, the her lawyers here drew stories from Genesis and all this shit, the Bible, not Phil Collins.


The Your Honor, I'd like to call I like to call Peter Gabriel to the stand.


And then when that doesn't work, we're going to work with we're going to work with them.


So they call the evidence he cannot dance yet that he says it himself.


So he says they compare her attorneys, compared Donna and her husband to Adam and Eve and Carl resembled Satan the way he wormed into their lives. They had to bring a religious overtones.


You know, it was going to happen March 16th. Nineteen eighty eight is the verdict here. And they could have done these three things with Donna. They could acquit her. Obviously, they could find her guilty of first degree murder or an accessory before the fact or find her guilty of second degree murder on an accessory before the fact. So first or second degree or acquitted, basically, OK, the second degree murder instruction was made over Donna's objection. The trial judge stated he was submitting the second degree murder charge to the jury to be fair to the defendant, since Autofill had an opportunity to plead guilty to that offense.


That's what he said. She did not affect. She did not affect the trial court's instruction on conspiracy to commit murder, just that the whole thing, just the added second degree murder jury deliberates for three and a half hours.


That's quick. Just pretty goddamn quick. They come back with a girl with a verdict of guilty of conspiracy to commit second degree murder and guilty of murder in the second degree. Oh, well, not the first and the second. So murder and conspiracy, Donna, passes out. I'm bad again. I bad catatonic here. Yeah, she. Two hundred people watched her as. Here's a picture of her being carted out on a stretcher.


Oh, wow. Yeah, that's her being taken out of court on a stretcher. Is that did he get that looks like stuff right there, the beer you get out. Are there any other bearded men in North Carolina? Did he get out and get the paramedics? I think so.


I'm making the best of my life now in the sentencing here, which is interesting here, the judge says, well, you, ma'am, may fuck off consecutive sentences of 15 years for murder and 10 years for conspiracy.


Twenty five years. Yeah. And you got to get paroled on one to get out and start the other.


And the conspiracy that was the Maxcy Maxtor out on the conspiracy charge shall be eligible for parole in eight to 10 years, they say they said she said the judge said, quote, that that Donna had, quote, taken advantage of a position of trust and plotting to kill her husband. And yeah. So she appeals this or she does based on the court. She says error a court error by submitting a possible verdict of murder in the second degree, which is what she got convicted of.


So they the court said the conspiracy conviction was fine, but she's appealing. The murder conviction in the North Carolina appeals court overturns the murder conviction on the second degree, not the conspiracy, but the second degree murder conviction and but said her conspiracy should stand. She was convicted, obviously, of second degree. She she is pretty. You know, the judge at this point said, quote, Even if this is one of the jurors, the North Carolina Supreme Court justice said even if the evidence was overwhelming that Mrs.


Arnold procured or counseled codefendant Carl Stoffel to commit the crime, it's not readily apparent that that said caused stuff to commit the murder. So she said he was in on it. A myriad of reasons for killing then Arnold is what they said that stuff like had, but not really her.


So what they end up doing, basically the evidence presented in this case clearly shows a premeditated, premeditated and deliberate killing. The trial court arat in submitting the possible verdict of second degree because the evidence supports only a possible verdict of murder in the first degree. So they overturned the murder charge. They can refile. They can refile with first degree murder. They can do all of this, but they don't. They choose not. They choose not to. So she has a ten year conspiracy charge, which right after this appeal, April 30th, nineteen ninety one, she is paroled from jail.


Now, Stoffel has life in prison is what he's got. Plus ten years for conspiracy. So it's 50 years. Is the life then? Ten years for conspiracy over sixty. Yeah.


So she's paroled April 30th. Nineteen ninety one. So she did about three years. He's going to be for this 2011.


He is released on parole as well. Stoffel is let out. Oh my. Why are you letting this guy out.


Is he the guy you want to let out. Really. No, no. He's this guy I want to let out. We'll Maxim Disney now.


Shit was six. It's not even sixty. Oh, it's my father. Kiesel spry enough to go dangerously spry enough to be dangerous. They're pretty crazy. Sleep tight, James.


Sleep tight, everybody. Our small town, North Carolina, there was a book written about this called The Hymn of Commitment by an independent newspaper. Yeah, yeah. Cheri Matthews wrote that. And then in twenty sixteen they made a low budget movie out of it, three hundred fifty five thousand dollar budget, which is that's low for a like a murder story like this, like a big murder story. It's called tarnished notes. And the plot is because they change names and stuff based on true events.


Tarnished Notes tells the story of a love triangle murder between a Southern Baptist minister of music, his wife and their lover. In 1984, Jim and Judith Daniels moved to small town eastern North Carolina as they began their new life. Jim meets a young man with a troubled past, Judith. Judith does whatever she feels any mother would do to protect her family.


Thinks it's hot, thinks it's hot. Yeah. Three hundred forty five thousand dollars. The actress in it, Carrie Moscow, was appeared in the show One Tree Hill. Oh, interesting. I think she plays the piano.


She plays the tree that he's found on her. It has a seven point one out of ten on IMDB, but it's only like ten ten rating.


So it could be just to see family movie.


And Robert Daniel Arnold Junior is buried in the Springvale Cemetery in Clinton, North Carolina. And he's obviously not moving. Everybody is out.


Everybody's out. Oh, my God. I have a job about. Yeah, I'm very horrified by this old shit.


Well done, North Carolina. Good job, everybody. I don't know what the hell you need, like a post game show to talk about what? The hell should have happened, what could have happened, I don't know about the TARP thing, I feel like I feel like, in my opinion, that stuff Lintott killed Dan together. Yeah, because two knives and a beating and all that sort of shit. That's two people. I'm sorry. It's two people.


That's two people, I believe to stuff. I believe when they got stuff in there he spelled it. Yeah, I believe he went I'll give a fuck anymore. Sure we did that shit because I'm fucking him fucking this one. Fucking that one. I don't care. I'm going for murder anyway. He's everybody's blowing it.


North Carolina's just says justice systems on board doing the same. That's what I mean. Good Lord. He was he said that, you know, taht cut his throat. But he also put himself in for stabbing him in the chest. So he wasn't like I stood by horrified while Taat murdered. I couldn't believe he did it. That would be bullshit, obviously. But this one you go that sounds like the most likely story. Probably. I mean, I don't know.


It's allegedly in our opinion, I don't believe for fuck. I don't believe him for Fox. No, I don't believe anybody. I'm the only person I believe is Karl and he's the biggest scumbag and the worst guy in it. I don't understand that he's the most somehow the most believable out of this all deal for me.


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