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This week in Houston, Delaware, a 911 call from a very unexpected source prompts the discovery of a terrible and deadly scene and one very important missing thing. Welcome to small town murder.


Telo, everybody, and welcome back to small town murder may indeed, Jimmy, yeah, indeed.


My name is James Petroglyph.


I'm here with my co-host, Jimmy Wassmann. Thank you, folks, so much for joining us this week. We have one of our craziest things that we have ever done this week. This is breaking up with the pocket robins of the world and the things of that nature and a classic. This is one of those things where I don't know how this isn't like a household name. This case, it's absolutely bonkers. I can't wait to do it and it's just crazy.


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Yes. And they're very rarely even sports related. It's mostly weird stuff. So that's what we do with our past. One fear that we just got done with was we had a crazy murder in Michigan for small town murder, which you watch. How happy were you? It's a murder that you cheer, which is so rare.


But you go, yeah, all right, then there's that. And then we did for it. He asked for it and then we did it literally. Then we did the death of Steve McNair over on crime and sports. Coming up on the future patrons next week, we have love after lockup for small town murder. We are going to talk about the new season of love after lock up my favorite. Oh, God, do we have passion for that?


And then over on crime and sports, we are going to talk about mafia stuff because you've asked for it. So we are going to give you all sorts of mafia stuff. Yeah. Talk about like the real life Goodfellas kind of thing from a bunch of books that aren't Henry Hill and will be a lot of fun. Patrie on dotcom slash crime and sports. Very quickly, disclaimer. Yes, of course. This is a comedy show. Obviously we are comedians and this is why there's murders.


OK, it's good murder happens. Bad things are going to happen. And it's true, it is sad, but we're not going to talk about a murder like it's something silly. No, we're not. Like, isn't it hilarious how the person was decapitated? That's not what it's about. There's a lot of crazy stuff that goes around a murder that is absolutely hilarious because the idea of, hey, let's kill people is kind of a crazy idea.


So when you think about actually kind of a funny proposal, it's yeah, it's unless you go through with it and then that's when it's not funny anymore. But that's the point. Right. So that's how that works. But what we do is we go out of our way not to make fun of the victims or the victims families because we're assholes, but but we're not scumbags and there's a deal.


That's how it works there. So that sounds good to you. We're going to have a good time. Do you think, true or not true crime, the words crime out, true crime and comedy never go together at all. Maybe we're not for you. I don't know. But you should probably give it a shot. Give it a run. Yeah. For everybody else that wants to have a good time and hang out and hear a crazy story, I think it's time to clear the lungs and shout Shut up and give me murder.


Let's do this, Jimmy. Wonderful.


Let's go on a trip. Shelley, let's go. We are coming from Pennsylvania last week, western Pennsylvania, as a matter of fact. So we're going to go down the East Coast, East Coast coast this week and we're going to head down to Delaware right in a while.


Delaware is one of those states where if you said to somebody, name all 50 states, they'd get to forty five and they'd start to struggle and. There would be one of those ones where they're like, oh, shit, yeah, Delaware, that's right. There is a state over by Maryland over there. I forgot about that. It's one of those, you know, zero facts about Delaware.


Nope. You nobody does level with yourself. You if we are going to house in Delaware. All right. Which is spelled Houston, Delaware, you know. Yeah. Like Houston, Texas. It is Houston, Delaware, but it's Houston, Delaware, OK, because this is one of those ones where I almost will give it to them because Houston came after Houston's the Houston because like there's Houston Street in New York, that spell in New York City that spelled Houston and that's been around longer than Houston has been a fucking place or Sam Houston was, you know what I mean?


So whatever. It's one of those it's a different thing. And it's named after a guy. And that's I his name is Pronounce Different Houston. So. So it's Texas place, right? It was Sam. That was Sam. Houston is a different new s statue. Yeah. This is a different guy. So it's it's a different thing. This is central Delaware. It's all panhandle here. The whole thing will fucking stay one panhandle. It's like three counties broken down in the panhandle.


It's about a half hour over to Dover. If you want to get some dough. Overexcitement. That's a capital. Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. That's where it all goes down, Jimmy. So it all happens. But now they have the statue of, you know, Johnny Delaware out there that's beaconing to the people to come there. You know, Johnny Delaware. People, though, know too. They're like people are Googling Johnny Delaware, which is Johnny Depp actually shortened his last name.


It used to be DeLaval. That's what I thought it was to us. So he changed it. Yeah. So it's just a statue of Jack Sparrow outside in full regalia. That's how it works. Now, people don't understand from the outside, but if you're from there, you get it. It's about an hour and a half over to Baltimore. I'm going to Baltimore, DC area, either one in about an hour to Port Penn, Delaware, which was our last l'eau hour episode, which was Episode one sixty five, April 1st.


Twenty twenty. That feels like it was eighteen to twenty. That's the guy they got.


That's, that was Port Penn named after Penn, right. The guy.


I believe so yeah. Yeah. It's got to have seemed to have got we were saying everything is named after there. This is in Kent County which we've covered before. That's where Mary Dell is, which Brian Peterson, I believe was her name, which was a wild story. Yeah. In the end actually had a happy ending, which was good. And we told the eight days before she died, that was wild.


That's the most I feel like we collided in that. Yeah. She finally can rustow. So strange. Thank God somebody knows my somebody knows it. I'm done now that enough. Very weird area code three out to the history of this town. We'll go through it quickly. It's named after John Wallace Houston, who lived from 1814 to 1896. You've never heard of him? No, no. He's a he's a lawyer and politician that said he was a member of the Whig Party and the back then and he served as the US representative from Delaware and a justice of the Delaware Superior Court, where all of our famous most famous people come from.


Really, you can think of anyone, just name a famous person from history and from history.


Anybody this anybody? The Wright brothers, Julius Caesar. He was on the Delaware Superior Court. Everybody just pick somebody, name them Delaware Superior. They were just, you know, all of them, you know. Yeah. Delaware Superior, Muhammad Ali, Delaware Superior Court, everyone from Caesar to Ali. It's very strange. Larry Johnson called our Superior Court Grandmama's, Delaware Superior Court. So I wish he was in. That would be amazing. I would love that Dungannon people the gap because we're God, that's what I want perving.


So in the sixties, in the nineteen sixties, I guess I should say, since we're talking about history, could it be any time, especially that's an old place in Dover was a center nearby of manufacturing, of space suits really worn by NASA astronauts and the Apollo moon flights. So they manufactured pieces of it here. The suits that were dubbed a A7 l was first flown on the Apollo seven mission in nineteen sixty seven. And was the suit worn by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Apollo 11 mission?


It's the orange one. Yeah, that's I believe I don't know what the fuck.


Either way, they only make a piece of them like a rock or something that they still manufacture space suits. This company, the space shuttle, soft suit components, arms and legs of the suit is what they only fracture. We're incapable of making a choice. Someone else makes the chest. This is Delaware. We have limited capabilities of just making what a weird state.


Arms and legs. Come on, let's go. Someone else is making a crotch. No, the leg stop at the hips. We're building an ass in this thing. We got a crotch guy and we got a chest guy. Well, let's not interfere. I'm not going to encroach on other people's territories. What the fuck is that? I don't know. This place is. The home of the Futuro House is one doesn't know what the future house is, that's where they make sure of tomorrow.


That's the chair as of tomorrow space. Jarrod's otherwise known as Letang. What the fuck is that?


It's a it's like a fucking pond house. Like a like a flying saucer. It looks like the Gravitron with windows, looks like a flying saucer, but it's like just a big plastic, like smushed down egg.


And people live in that. You live in that. Absolutely. You can. There's pictures. Look. He looks happy. Doesn't this a that in this thing. He looks so sad and that's like a poor fuck. He's like, you want to live in this apple? This is a piece of shit. Well, he looks so Ethel, there's no woman in there. It's just the taken. Here's the ads for it. You can like fiberglass vacation home.


What modular design of stressed fiberglass, fiberglass and polyurethane it can be purchased ready to occupy as all this.


What do you do when there's no wheels on it? How do you get it to where you want to go? It comes in pieces and then you put it comes a and that's it. It's made and over. Others are made elsewhere.


Well, it says right here it's the jet and space age way of living. So I mean, do that. Yeah. Who's a who doesn't want that. Can't believe that business is bankrupt. It looks that sounds and looks terrible. Yeah. It was conceived by Matti Saron in nineteen sixty eight. He was on acid when he did. This is like how living like what if I smushed down an egg and it felt like a flying saucer in it but windows up.




And then that's him now sitting like you know, if the aliens come we're going to make them want to make them feel like they're at home. So we should make some some space house. So that way everybody knows we're on the same side. One guy who lives in Chicago, but people rent it is like Airbnb to because it's like they still exist. Yeah. There's still there's a bunch of them around the country that, like, people rent out all the time.


So this one guy says, Richard Garratt from Chicago, I'm going to name him because he loves it. He says a great fine for me and the price is right and goes on to say, he says it's basically like going on an RV vacation. He says being plastic construction, though, rain sounds like Tupperware in a dishwasher. Oh, I'm sure as you sounds like a tent, basically. So this town and I only found one review in this town because it's very small and they love it.


Five stars all the way, quote, I was born and raised in Houston. I've seen a lot in the in the fifty four years of my life. Some of it was great and some bad. As a little girl, I've experienced segregation. The building of a freeway, Watergate and the assassination of several prominent public figures growing up in Houston has its perks. Hold on.


That she made that sound like if you grow up in Houston, you get to see segregation and Watergate and assassinations and a freeway. She thought I was in there. Like those are a lot of really big things. Segregation, Watergate, assassination of public figures. These are these are all and really bad. And a freeway.


I've also seen a freeway off Richardson good and bad. One time I saw a cat eat some string like there is no there's no good in that. I guess building a freeway they needed ones on one side of segregation's is on. Yeah.


I mean, experience sounds like she's saying it's bad. So I hope anyway, population of this town. Four hundred twenty four excessively small. Fifty six percent female because it's such a small sample size, who knows. A huge fifty five year old to sixty five year old population three times the usual amount of people that age. They don't live past that and they don't move here before that and know what the hell is going on. Way more married people.


It's like sixty one percent married. There's a lot of people are older I think is the reason. So yeah. Less kids, things like that race of this town actually different than you might think. It's almost two averages here, sixty seven point seven percent white. It's normally about sixty to fifteen point one percent black. It's normally about sixty one hour. It's normally about twelve three percent Asian, it's normally five. So I mean, it's close.


Not a lot of Hispanics, a point five I'm sorry, thirteen point four percent Hispanic. So that's close still.


So it's almost it's almost though oddly, a 450 person town is almost like it's almost on par, an exact replica of the rest of the entire country mashed into one little weird town in Delaware. It's strange. Thirty three percent religious. So well under the average here. Now, of course, the most is Catholic, but not by a lot. We're not going to give it a Baptist to the north here because it's like one percent beating Methodist. So it's right there.


Point one percent Jewish. So we do not get to sing this week. Catholics apparently are the Baptists of the Mid Atlantic coastal region. Probably so high unemployment rates a little bit high here, a little over the national average, median household income. It normally it's about fifty seven and a half thousand. Here it is, fifty one thousand to fifty. So not terrible. Retail trade is twenty two percent of the jobs, which is a problem. Yeah, that's means kind of.


Yeah. Low, not stable benefits. Aren't there seasonal work. Seasonal for them. Yeah. That's the other thing. Seasonal which isn't helping. Cost of living is regular average here. It's ninety five. So kind of high but the housing is the low part. It's a seventy seven median home cost here, one hundred seventy eight thousand dollars which is under the average and it's not terrible but still a little high for here.


Yeah it does. It seems a little high Delawarean all and it's right in the middle. It's nowhere, it's not on the coast, any coast. It's just boom. There's nothing bringing you there.


Now this is if Delaware had had a bullseye, it would be housed and you just name your dart right at it.


Right in the atheel of Delaware Bank right there, little Ishai, one of the valley, but fifty points.


But we're going with the big picture. Delaware is bent over and that's the way I figure that's it. That's for sure. What they'll hell however you want to look at it. Sixty five percent of the houses here are worth between one hundred thousand two hundred thousand dollars. So, I mean, it's generally affordable more than the rest of the country anyway.


So if we've convinced you, damn it, you know where else to be for you, we have for you the house in Delaware, real estate report, your average two bedroom rental here. Eight hundred forty dollars, which is well under the national superstores, like a third less than the national that are under the national average.


I found a three bedroom, one bath, nine hundred eighty square foot. It's a trailer. Jimmy, I'm not going to lie to you. Yeah, it's like an open area with some grass and some trees. And there's like a there's like a hill next to it. There's a trailer and then some other trailer like structures that I don't know what the hell they are. I don't know. But it might be a park. I've no, no, no, it's not.


It's no, it's not a park. I tell you that much. It looks like maybe the beginnings of a junkyard like the the seeds of a junkyard. It's got the idea for one but seventy eight thousand dollars. It's the deal.


And this little slice of heaven here, I found a three bedroom, one bath, one thousand eighty square foot, actual house, you know, real house with a foundation and everything with no strange meth trailers near by it. It's in a nearby town real close by. Not great, but not terrible. One hundred eighty thousand square feet. Yeah, kind of your average house there. And I'm going to hand the music here for this one because I have a description of something and all of.


And so here we go.


Here we are. One hundred thirty four acres. Oh here it is. And I'm going to just give you the the pitch right from the real estate thing. Just land. Well, let's talk about Sam Yoda's farm offer so much more than an agricultural opportunity. Jimmy, I know you've been looking for an agricultural opportunity. This is so much more. But if it has more, it's more. It's a destination, a place for welcoming people. People, Jimmy, enter the property down a long paved driveway that leads to an ample parking in a seventy five hundred square foot community center with a stage sound system and seating for up to seven hundred people.


This sounds like Jonestown. This sounds like you're making a fucking Jonestown. It gets worse. The center holds up to three hundred and fifty people for sit down dining, which can be catered in the full sized commercial kitchen located in this facility. It also includes a sprinkler system and storage area for tables and chairs. This venue has hosted gospel concerts, wedding receptions, family reunions, church gatherings and more since it was built in. Two Thousand for Lodging is available on site with three post frame cottages both behind the center and a campground with forty camping sites.


Start your own Jones Town, everybody. Sky Country Music Festival. No, this is. I'm sorry. This feels like everyone gather in the pavilion. Yeah. Come on, children. It's weird, isn't it. Two million, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. It's one hundred thirty four acres with a bunch of buildings, sound systems. You're not sure what the hell else do you want.


Who would want that unless you're building getting a call from Alicia.


Right. One of the two vying for a job, a cult militia. That's so I guess that was Jonestown. Same thing there. You got things to do.


Oh, my. Obviously so many the annual jam jam and in June Music Festival. Oh, baby. It evolved from a tragedy. This is right on their website. This makes me want to party. This is the first fucking sentence you read when you go to the website to look what's the jam? That sounds fun from a tragedy. The first line is the annual jam evolved from a tragedy that occurred in nineteen seventy eight. And then it describes it three friends were electrocuted while working in Magnolia, Delaware.


They. Accidentally leaned on an aluminum ladder against a high voltage line. You could have stopped it. They were electrocuted. I don't need to know the details of this. I don't want to buy concert tickets anymore. I'm concerned if my all my ladders are away from my power lines and limbs came off as they exploded. One young man sadly lost his life. Two of them survived, but were burned severely. Then it says seven of their friends, including Bob Hartley and John Tassler, rallied to help survivors.


A very successful fundraiser was held at the fire hall, which morphed into the first annual jam. Now, great music and good times while helping others rest in peace.


A little, buddy. We're going to smile about it.


Rest in peace because we have Jason Morton in the Chesapeake Sons playing on the fucking on the card. What year? How many times have they done this now? Since nineteen seventy eight. So like fucking 40 years. Yeah. Forty two years.


It's this year or two. Twenty twenty. The line up Joey Fulkerson and nothing but trouble. Nothing not nothing. Right tenfold. Trouble is the next band.


They put both the trouble bands all kinds of trouble together you could have put. That's like if you're making a comedy lineup I'll put two people are kind of the same next with you both have trouble in your name. Let's put a buffer like Hotwire reunion. They could have put them in there. It's not that hot wiring. Is that a group that's playing Hotwire Reunion? A man died from hot water. Oh, no. It's like with a band called Hot Wire Reunion.


What the fuck is that? Maybe it's the burn people. If it is, that's fine. Then I'll give it too much. A skin graft. Guys heading Hendrix like Jimi Hendrix, I guess. I guess you're patting him. Johnny Neil, the lowercase blues and with no capital letters. Very clever. Jason Morton in the Chesapeake Suns. As mentioned before, scrapple.


OK, just scrapple. That's just the name awful shit that people eat and their headliner. Damn the torpedoes.


OK, that's the headliner I have. They just do AC DC fucking covers and just like play live wire and that's it. Everything off of high voltage.


That was that would be amazing. Just playing on motley crew and that's everything. That's the reference to electricity. Play those songs. That's all fucked up too, because the kickstart my heart, the the motley crew with the one I like. So the year before too is like the same bands playing almost the same thing is almost over and over. But hey, you know what, don't get burned. So crime rate in this town. Yeah, well, we're interested in property crime is a little bit I it's about a third above the average of the rest of the nation.


So strange for a town of four hundred fifty people, I would say. And how do you steal from someone if you think you owe them.


Yeah. Yeah, they know your name. Bob took my shit back. Tommy who took it. Well let's see. That's line all down up and I'll tell you we'll get rid of the elderly and the tiny children and then we'll you know of, I don't know, 80, 90 people. I mean, 80, 90 people. And I'll I'll take a look. We'll see. Gather, gather everyone in the pavilion at the Sam Yoder farm and we'll pick somebody that can hold.


Yeah, we'll make them drink the Kool-Aid. So it's about one third high violent crime, murder, rape, robbery and of course, assault. The Mount Rushmore of crime right about at average. So kind of your average town. Like we said, it's demographically it's broken down, except for the weird fifty five to sixty five giant population. Outside of that, everything is very average in a town of small things like to call them baby boomers. I think so, yeah.


So that said, let's talk about a murder rate because it's a lot of murder and it's just a lot of weird here. So we got to get right into it. All right, let's do it here.


Let's go back. Let's let's go back to the 80s. What do you say, Jimmy? Me and you? I like it. We're going back to the 80s. I don't know. I don't know. I don't want to go take my hat. Jimmy, we're going back to the game. We'll be back here. Don't worry. We'll have we'll have Hulu and shit by tonight. It's not a I'm not crazy here. What are you talking about?


Not out of my mind. I don't want to have a fluffy hairdo and I don't need that. So but we're going to go just temporarily here. We're going to go back and we're going to talk about a couple of nice people.


It's great to talk about some nice people. We talk about terrible. Let's talk about nice people. There's a couple named Joseph Gibson Junior, which obviously Junior is a red flag for us based on crime and sports. Could have been his dad, though. That's the thing. If you don't know if you've never listen to crime and sports, somehow we've done two hundred, almost two hundred fifty episodes of the show and somehow an inordinate amount of the guys are either juniors or name their kids.


Junior, it's the strangest thing in the world. It's math. We thought it was funny the first like fifty times and now it's two fifty were like, oh, downright frightening. This is getting to the point where it's mathematically it's not just funny anymore. It's not just the sample size. It's the thing. It's it's playing out all the time.


So either the dad or the son. Is the fucking problem, something is bad. He and Beverly W. Gibson, who was his wife, they are obviously a couple. They're both from the area they married on September 12th, 1980, one at the White Coat United Methodist Church. Very nice.


That sounds that sounds very brown. White coat. Yeah. No, but it sounds those two getting married at the White Coat United Methodist Church. It sounds like the John Cougar Mellencamp player, he was just starting out. Yeah. And he was like, I know. I'll play. I'll play at the reception, man. I can do it. Then he got Joseph in Beverly and he was like, I just use my wedding song.


I just use different ones for whoever is getting married. It's a little trick I play.


Before I went by all three names, it just called himself Coggs. The Cukes. Yeah, everybody, the kooks. First of all, I want to give a big congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Gibson. We are the kids. Here we go. And the kooks. You don't need to worry about these guys. We are the kooks. But you'll soon forget about them. Hit it. Burn out. Hey.


Yeah. SING-SONG Everything away then you're just scamming everyone. So December 15th, nineteen eighty seven. They give birth to their third child.


Beverley dies. I don't think Matthew or I don't think Joseph had much to do with the delivery. Very little effort. Very little effort in the delivery. Beverly gives birth to a healthy baby boy at Kent General Hospital in Dover. They name the boy Matthew Joseph Gibson. Yep. He's eight pounds healthy. Nice eight pound baby boy.


That's very nice. This is their third child. They already have two children, five year old Rebecca, and who they had about a year after they got married and then one year old John Gregory. So sweet.


Jesus. Wow. All I have to say born a brand brand new and a one year old, which is hilarious. It's exactly with my little brother has. And it's so funny because I'm like, you are nuts.


Yeah. How many more kids you want.


Yeah, you're crazy. There's shit everywhere. I mean, shit. Yeah, it's everywhere.


But nobody's ever planned to have a one not old and a newborn. No, no. That's never happened. Right. I hope not.


It seems like that's a really that's always an accident. It seems overconfident. Yeah.


If you do it on purpose, it's very overconfident. You're really going to be good. Yeah. It's like I'm going to open a restaurant. Yeah. And then as you're doing it, like you're just getting everything going and, you know, you're trying to figure out what you're doing. You're like, I need a dope, open a textile factory at the same time and I'm going to run both of them and I'm going to build it and I'm going to build I run the bare hands at night when the restaurant closes.


That's basically what you're doing, life now. That's what it is.


I'm going to put in an automatic carwash to match.


Well, this this would basically feel like you were just running a small business that will never turn a profit if I have like three small children. Oh, God, what's going on? You're just following them around. Pick five, though. They can help pretty well. A little bit. Can do quite a bit. They can pick shit up, you know what I mean? My daughter was five and my son was born and it was great.


She was a big help, one in brand new Fuck You nightmare and know the five year old can really help out with a newborn around one year old. Either side drop one of those off at the fire station for sure. Pick pick the two you like best. That's okay. But so they live in what looks like Haslet ville. It's spelled h a z l e t t ville. Yeah. Would you think that is that's definitely Hayzlett. That's, that's Haslet ville but it's Heysel ville here.


Just there's two teams that are completely ignored. You have to be kidding and have two silent teams. No. In a row. Now that's a hard D. Yeah it's two teams. That's like top hats off to it.


Yeah. You can't do that. They just said now you know what, those two teams that's a little aggressive. I don't think so. I'm not using any of them. How's that sound. I myself prefer cassette tapes. What. Who decided. How can you not do the tease. It's Houston, it's Houston spelled Houston and Haslet ville spelled spelled Haslet Villard said Hazel Bell. So I don't know what has happened in this area, but it's the next town over as Hazel Ville is where they live here, the Gibsons, and they live in kind of a it's a kind of a remote area.


Hazel Well, that's not really a town. It's a town. But there's no like when I go to look it up, there's not really any information on it. It's just it's an area where it says, like Hazel Ville is at the corner of this road. In this road. That's all it says. So it's it's the town is is an intersection that has nothing to it. It's Four Corners. Yeah. I think they kind of say that the rural shit around it, they kind of call it Hazel.


But it's weird. So anyway, ignoring duty's altogether, too, yeah, that we've never seen that or that is that's ballsy. Honestly, that is just ballsy. It's arrogant venting. It's entitled. It's very tight. That's a lie. You're a liar. You can't do that. You're an entitled liar.


So not these people, but everybody that has anything to do with that is someone is an asshole.


So let's talk about some other people here now that we've talked about the Gibsons, Joseph and Beverly, and they're they're nice children, Rebecca, John and young Matthew. And let's talk about Joyce Kemp Greenwood. She is 37 years old and like an eighty six, she's thirty six, eighty seven whatever. She's thirty seven. So it's intimate 30s at this point as she is a local local gal.


Yeah. She went to Caesar Rodney High School. She's a Houston gal. She was married for fifteen years. She got married pretty young, had two daughters and then got divorced recently. So in the last five years it was the last time which I mean happens, it happens a lot. Mad, common, mad, common.


My parents divorced them. Your parents were. You get two kids and then you realize, holy shit, I don't like you for this. Yeah. I don't even like you. I don't want to run. I don't want to run a textile factory and a restaurant with you. Never mind all this shit. So yeah, she has two daughters but they don't live with her at this point in time. One is like as a teenager, they're both teenagers, but one is like seventeen and think they live with their dad at this point in time.


So by the way, do you remember in school when and it's kind of like a cliche where they say it's going to be on your permanent record. Right. And it's a joke and you go, yeah, right. And then my permanent record. Great. And you laugh at that. Yeah. You remember that. Yeah.


OK, I in elementary school, Joy, we're talking in the mid 60s when she's a child, somebody wrote something down about her and now we're talking about it like almost 60 years later, more than permanent record.


This is it's permanent. They mean permanent record. Apparently when she was in the sixth grade. I'm not shitting you when she was in the sixth grade, there's a report that says that she was a tattler, you not Jimmy.


Permanent record.


Kids, if you're listening and you're a child, I mean, I don't know your parents, you should probably get them and figure out what's going on. But with wireless in us. But otherwise, if you're just if you're a saint and you're just a little too mature for whatever permanent they mean permanent, they're not fucking around, there's going to be two idiots like us saying in sixth grade you were a toddler. Twelve years old. They labeled a snitch, stuck around a toddler.


Yeah. And a constant fighter. Oh, and the toddler. So she'll fight with you and then tattle about it.


Apparently so. Very pleasant young lady, it sounds like from the twelve her sounds like your teacher didn't like her very much. Right. This little shit, she's always fighting and tattling. I don't like her. She's got a mouth on it seems like they'd go in the teacher's lounge and smoke and drink coffee and talk about her, talk about what a dick she was doing. So Joyce. Yeah, that's so watch out for your permanent records. Toddler constant fighter.


But we don't know about her now.


Obviously you change from twelve usually. So then there's oh by the way, here she is if you'd like to see her there. OK, that is a snitch. Yeah.


She looks like Olivia Newton John at the end of Grease while her hair's black, though, she's got like a she's got a helmet of hair.




It looks like that's a lot of hair. It's bulletproof. So preist August eighteen nineteen eighty six.


She meets another man, she meets another man and it's serious. Richard W. Lynch Junior. OK, Dick. Well, actually, he goes by Dickie Lynch, literally what he goes back to when you not Dickie Lynch.


Now Dickie Lynch is about twenty six. Dickie Lynch is ten years, three months younger than her. OK, so yeah, it's easy likes he likes a little bit of an old lady. It's all good in your twenties. Here is Dickie Lynch. Holy shit. He looks forty four. Wow. That's serious. He looks like he looks horrified.


He looks like somebody that Manson would have rejected from the gang or it's like we can't have him around me freaking people out man. He also looks like he's going to attract people. That's going to propel them. I'm trying to bring people into the into the cult. This is the picture. It looks like he can't believe that that technology exists. Yeah. It looks like they're going to capture myself outside. Looks like they're capturing Mosul. Stop at that.


Oh, right.


Well, I got to live inside a little tiny thing now. So now I'm just inside there. I live in there now.


Now, Richard Lynch, local guy again, is the son of Richard Richard. William Senior. So he's Richard. William Junior, huh? Obviously.


Oh, got Dick Billy Lynch, Dickie Rudel, Dickie Billy Lynch over here. Junior Dick Bill Junior. That's no Dick Bill. Oh, decmil, Dickeyville, decmil, how's it going? Well, I mean, all the kids call them Dickeyville. How many fights did you get into? There's no way I wouldn't. That's the look I know he looks like that. He's a fine. I'll call Dick. Bill I Nick Bill for fucking guy.


Are you calling a mole on your bucket? Yeah. Dick Bill put the best part is his Dick Bill Jr.. I don't know why that makes it so little, but that's my daddy's big dick Bill. I'm a little dick bill. You know me. That's even better, little Dick.


There are two Dick Bill to Dick Bill's. Wow. So Dick Bill is the son of Dick Bill's senior and Virginia Lynchers, his mother. And they they live in Milford at this point. Now, Joyce Lynch, who are that when he ends up marrying Joyce because they will get married? Old Joyce, there she is, the daughter of Byron Budd. So we got bought in. Dickie Senior are the two dads, the dads at this wedding? Dickie Senior.


But I do know that that was the handshake that Dickie Senior and Buddy and her mom, Thelma, and then Virginia and Velma talks it out. So this is very particular this of old virgin virgin. Thelma had to talk it out. Well, all that well, let we'll let Dickie and Bud meet and talk and we'll just go have a drink over here.


I feel like that was the moment General and film. Now he is raised he was raised in Linch Heights role.


Dick Dick Belgin your last name is Lynch.


He lived in Lynch Heights built by and named for his ninety two year old grandfather. Wow. Who started this whole thing about sixty years ago. Dick Bill is the namesake. Bill is the his family. The namesake.


He is, he's the, the 92 year old Dick Bill, the third Dick Bill's original original Dick Bill areas of Dick Bill. Incredible. Somebody so lynch. It sounds much better than Dick Bill, doesn't it, Dick?


Bill, I think Dick Bill Heitz would have been better. People have known it was going on. Bill Square. I feel like there's hunting in there. Yeah. No, Dick Bill. I'm catching Dick Bill's. What you hunting today? Dick Bill's. We've got our own currency. They run in this time of year when the dick bill's running. You got to get out. I'll tell you what. So yeah, the dick bill's our Dick Bill Junior here, Richard Lynch Junior.


He is the oldest of three kids. He has a sister and he he has a sister and but he also had a brother. But his brother died. He lost his brother when he was a teenager, when he was in an aluminum ladder. That was the thing. And then they as well. This is a nineteen eighty. He didn't learn his lesson. Now he went to jam and thought it was that it was a suggestion. He didn't understand if it was a tragedy.


No, no. Actually his brother died of cancer. Oh fuck. Yeah. That's why I didn't say cancer. Yeah. No jokes. No after the cancer part because that's just sad. A teenage teenage boy dying of cancer is just horrible. That awful thing, man. Now there's there's really nothing funny. Nothing at all. Anybody under adult. But look, there's no single joke about that unless you're fucked up, unless you're like me, know.


Eighty eight playing with house money. Even then it's sad but you're like something that got me. Yeah. Like I feel like if I'm eighty eight I'm like well I mean I was figure I'd be dead the next couple of years either. Right. So what the hell. They say if we lived forever cancer would eventually kill us there. You got to think something but eventually get it at that young. That's fucked up. Ridiculous and awful. So yeah.


No it's fucking horrible.


So Dick Bill here, Dickie Dickie, Billy Junior, he, you know, grows up with what they call in this newspaper article, the typical alife typical of many southern Kent County young men want from that man, from respected families. His family's got dough.


Really. Yeah. This is he's not trash. The bills are killing it. The Dick bills. Yeah, I know that they built a whole neighborhood. It's named after them. They own a whole bunch of property. Awesome. They're like a respected hillbilly enclave. Yeah. This is a this is no joke me. This is their top hillbillies top. A lot of petty blew in that house choking on that one.


That was funny. So he graduated from Milford High School in nineteen seventy nine, worked a bunch of jobs here, you know, in his early twenties. He's not he's kind of a he doesn't really have the drive I feel his grandfather probably had by this age. His grandfather was building a community named after him and he is just kind of loten from job to job fucking around. But I mean, also, it's a different time. This is we're talking in the eighties.


Early 80s, he graduated in seventy nine, that was economically not a good time, it was real bad for a next few years to small towns. Even worse, it was getting real. Yeah, exactly. He was a farmhand for a while. I mean, he's doing whatever he can. He worked at his his father's a contracting business Dick Senior. So he works at the contracting business. He's an employee at an air conditioning. Companies do make HVAC as well.


Tough stuff. Yeah. I mean, you had drywall and roofing to this, and it's a really rounded out resume of a lot of people. I know what I mean. Like how many people do you know what that exact resume, someone got some track. I put up your drywall, did some roofing back in that it's hot. Too hot for that I, I got inside doing the drywall. Now that I did all this, I'm going to go do meth now.


But I did meth while I was doing it. It's hard to roof when you're sober at eight a.m. you do have to forget about it now. So he worked at the track company until he hurt his back. OK, so now he's in his early mid 20s and he's locked up and he's injured and can't, quote, can't work.


So and I say that because we'll talk about it his level of how well he can work or not. But who knows? So now the death of his teenage brother, Joyce always says that since since, you know, she met him, this is what she says, that the death of her of his brother made him really want a baby to carry on his father's name. Really, because there are prominent family. And, you know, Dickie, Billy granddaddy, that the town's named after him.


His dad's a prominent guy and now his brother died. So he's the only one who can carry on the name. So he wants a son.


That's as he's obsessed with that. I guess that's what Joyce says right now. Doing odd jobs with your dad, though, is not the way to do that grinder. You can want it all you want. Just yeah, it's whoknows can do it.


So he's on disability here at this point and where he worked for, like we said, in fact, company and now he's on disability and he and Joyce get together at eighty six and buy eighty seven. They're both unemployed. Yep. Both trying to do a disability. And there's one guy here who worked in one of the state offices and he said he remembers both of them, Joyce and Dick Junior here walking up with canes when they showed up at his business asking for help and getting a workman's comp claim hearing scheduled switch.


There's a twenty five year old guy and a thirty six year old woman coming up. I mean, if they're injured, they're injured, but to be well under forty hobbling coming up in danger like Jesus. What the hell's going on here? Were you in a horrible car accident? What's wrong with losing the two of you together?


So Lauri Richardson, who is his sister, she said that he worked also for the Baltimore area oil company near Milford. That sounds exciting. It sounds like there's a lot of sparks flying around that age factor stuff. Yeah, I. I think it's the call.


You have no idea. You could have asked me thrill as fuck you to ask me something about a space shuttle engine. Then I would have asked me about the NASA uniforms. That's the stuff on the inner lining of the leg of a thing, right. Yeah, sure. I have no idea.


There's a coil in there somewhere. Seems like it right here.


Coyle's the thing that they put that keeps the arm on the spacesuit inflated, I think puffy.


And also it's an H vac apparently. Yeah. Keep your arm cool as well. So let's get out of the tub so that I guess probably. Yeah, yeah. They manufacture commercial air conditioner. There you go. There you go. Commercial ones. So he said a back injury, they'll put them out of work. He's been on medical disability. And so anyway, that one guy, he hadn't received a disability check from Baltimore er Coile since January nineteen eighty six the year before.


Yeah. So it's been going a while here and he's, I've been having hearings before the Industrial Accident Board of the State Department of Labor to settle a dispute with the company. They keep having the hearings rescheduled and rescheduled, which is, you know, the company doesn't care. But this he's not getting a paycheck. So he cares.


Company doesn't want to pay him. No, they're trying to.


Yeah, why not? They're trying to, you know, draw it out as much as possible. So apparently people like donated food to him at something at one point. And him and Joyce here and one point, this guy, this court guy, he says they came in and brought a packet of letters from their attorney and Ball and Baltimore, er Coile. They said they were in dire need of getting this action settled. She said she was going to have a baby and stood a chance of losing their home.


What? Absolutely. So June 7th, nineteen eighty seven. Richard and Joyce get married. They get married right then. Mainly because she's pregnant. Wow. So that's. Yeah. So she's saying she's in there with a cane saying I'm pregnant and we need money. He's got a cane. They can throw dick, he can throw his dickie bone. Dick Bill throws down. Let's be honest here, Dick, Bill doesn't need yeah, he doesn't need to walk now to give it to Joyce and that's what he's doing here.


He's like Compellent, you put that came down and I'm going to I'm going to drop Noki in.


Yeah, that's right. I am going to get us a disability check here. Yeah. So they get married, they move into a little brick ranch house at three to three Broad Street, and that's about May or April of eighty. They do that now. December twenty third, nineteen eighty seven. Joyce gives birth OK. She gives birth here. Richard the old Jenny Lynch, Richard Dick Bill Senior's wife, Bill Junior's mom. They said that, you know, Joyce was already pregnant when they got married, that they knew that already.


And so they were told the night of December. Twenty third there's the baby came, but they didn't see the baby until the morning of Christmas Eve.


And so she had the baby next day. Pretend like Santa brought it. There you go. Hey, look at that. And the stork with a beard.


Yeah, perfect. A bearded start flew in a town with reindeer, even though he's a star and doesn't need, I'm sure. Well, I guess to carry the baby. It's a heavy, heavy load.


All those babies, I would imagine the storks wings are gonna get tired from flying up and down chimneys anyway. Obviously, that's the problem. Needs some fresh legs around.


Well, so he does he cookies milk. So he gets a little sustenance in there. So there's a baby announcement here.


It's in the Harington Journal, which, like I said, these little rural kind of you know, that's not really like I don't think the paper of record of the state, you know, probably the Harrington Journal, but I don't think my not that it's a bad it's not that's a bad, but I'm sure it's a fine paper.


My birth was definitely not announced in a newspaper.


No, but yeah, it's yeah. They said the item read congratulations to Joyce and Richard Lynch on the birth of a son. Yes. At the son's name is.


Oh no. Does it till the third price. Three times the dickeyville.


Patrick two three.


Three Dick bills unbreathable three dick bills. Jimmy triple the Dick bill. Wow. Dick Bill Junior. Yeah.


Yeah. They said that said in the announcement because the grandparents, the lynchers put this up that they were very proud and. Yeah. And Oh no this was, this was her parents that put this up, Bud and Thelma. They're all so proud. They're so. Yeah. So I mean what a joyous time. You're a couple, you're married. I mean, you had to get married a little under the gun, but you're happy you wanted to have a baby.


I guess the disability checks are flowing. And he got the one he wanted. He got the he got the boy on the first try, which is silly, honestly.


I mean, the girl can carry the name, but in nineteen eighty six to nobody.


You ever thought of that even half wasn't even a thought. No.


It was just a woman that did. It was like people who hated her. Yeah. That like who the fuck she think she is. Jesus Christ. Her poor look at her with her pants. Must be a pain in the ass. Look at her wearing pants flats. Jesus Christ, what a pain in the ass. I swear to God she don't know how to cook. I swear I could see it and look at her pants and I could see that she just don't know how to put a decent meal that comes home and has the audacity to ask what's for dinner.


I know. I know what she does, what she comes in. I tell you what style. I'm mad and fucking mad, mad about them.


Everything I keep saying makes my blood boil more and more.


That's what it feels like. So Christmas Eve comes around December twenty fourth. Nineteen eighty seven. A glorious time. I think I got Nintendo that year for Christmas.


I want to say I was very little. I would have no idea. I was little. But I think the Nintendo was a big one. I think it was eighty seven that I got. Was it that year. Yeah. Because it was out for like three years of course of two years or something. It wasn't brand new but I, you know, yeah.


We were kids like us didn't get the brand new thing wasn't we weren't getting it right on the cutting edge.


I had Atari until I was twelve. That's what I mean. I had up until that point, it was Atari, like old Nintendo while their kids were already playing it. Like, if now if we were a little kids now, we would have definitely not got five for Christmas. It would have been like, here's an Xbox 360. That's like the fourth floor fucking Xbox go. Yeah, you're going to it's great. The games are cheaper. Here you go.


In sixth grade at the end of the year, they let us they let us bring in like our game systems and have like just a free day. And all the kids brought their fucking Super Nintendo. And I just sat there going, what is.


Whoa, cool. And who wants to play Calico with me? I got everybody into Space Invaders. Come on over is a game where I got to get a pass. These other dots. It's pretty cool. You want to want to play. Yeah, no. Take the color and turn that dial like the dial. So we'll on.


That what is happening? So five, 30 a.m. on Christmas Eve, two hours there, five, 30 am.


So that's very, you know, early in the morning, Christmas Eve, that's when and kids aren't even up yet. Their five year old Rebecca, the five of the oldest of the Gibsons, the first couple we talked about, the oldest of the Gibson clan of their three children. She wakes up. And, you know, she wanders through her house, so she's doing that while that's happening, Richard Lynch, Dickie Bell Jr. is calling his dad over in Houston.


He's calling his dad, telling his dad that Joyce gave birth to a son and that's when his dad calls the paper and all that kind of shit. So he said, hey, dad, I'm a father. You're a grandfather, very excited and everything like that. So seven thirty a.m., though, seven thirty a.m. little Rebecca and Gibson at five years old, is wandering around her house.


Also awake is her one year old brother, John Gregory. Here he's wandering around to or at least in his crib doing his thing.


Now, Rebecca walking around looking for her parents, obviously, as every five year old does when they wake up because they want things. I'm hungry and Jet and I want stuff.


I'm also scared and I just need to see adults. Yeah, I need to see adults and make sure they're there and then tell them to get things right. That's what I need. So she's looking for that. She's finds her dad, Joseph Gibson, Jr. Unfortunately, she finds him in a bad place, as we'll talk about. She finds him in the doorway in the front doorway of the house with a gunshot wound to the back and bleeding all over the place.


Five year old found that five year old finds her dad does not wake up.


Obviously, she tries to wake him up, doesn't wake up. She can't find her mom at all. She's looking all over the house, can't find her mom. All she can find is dad and her one year old brother in the crib, so can't find anybody else. So she ends up on the phone with nine one one great five year old Rebecca. Yes. Now you wonder how the shit that she find know to do that. Well, she didn't know to do that.


Well, she just called a number and started talking to somebody and they told her to call nine one one. No, it was she woke up, she found, you know, her dad that's face down to with the gunshot wound, have traumatic she couldn't wake him.


Like I said, she tried to she just tried to make a call, basically, and just a bunch of no, she just dial the number. She dialed the wrong number. I think she maybe tried to dial like one of her grandmother's a number that she might have thought she knew and didn't get it. Because back then, you just have to remember phone numbers, how we just press a button, right. Even at five, you knew a couple of people's phone numbers.


Yeah. And but she screwed it up and called somebody else and some woman on the other end, she started telling her what happened. The five year old said, I woke up and my daddy, there's blood everywhere and I can't find my mommy. And like this, it sounds horrific right now. The first the woman doesn't know if this is serious or something. It sounds creepy as to how creepy is that?


A baby. A baby. Voice calling Imagine to seven thirty a.m. Christmas Eve, you got a baby voice saying, I found my bloody dad and I can't find my mommy.


Help me be like, what the holy shit, this better be a nightmare.


That's the way that you, James, cannot mind your own phone. Oh, I'd be like, oh, I got a baby. That's something I do now, damn it. I got to help her. Calm down, baby. Yeah. All right, baby, relax. Listen, listen. I'm going to tell you this once, baby. Life's not easy, right? You're learning this now. Usually it takes longer. No, but I mean, honestly, I remember.


How horrible would that be to get that call? You want to make this kid feel better. You don't know what's going on. You don't know if it's a prank. You don't know what's going on. So what she does is she ends up whether she calls 911 one and gets them to get a hold of this kid or she tells the kid to hang up and dial these numbers and whatever. But eventually the kid gets on the line with nine one one.


Wow. Which is amazing and basically describes what's happening, describes what she sees the police realize. They think it's a serious call. This does not sound, you know, like a prank anymore. So basically they have to keep her on the phone because she doesn't know her address because she's five, doesn't know where the hell she is. And this isn't like now where they know exactly where you are and however long a lot of this technology would have helped a lot in this case.


So they they end up keeping her on the phone until they can track where the call is coming to when eventually they find the Gibson trailer. Wow. Yeah.


They get to the Gibson trailer. That's unbelievable. Technology for the eighties. Yeah. They had the man, they had to trace it like that. They had to keep her on the line and like, oh maybe she's here. And they ended up finally tracing this whole thing, which is incredible, honestly. So the tape, the 911 one tape, by the way, is got to be horrific.


That is. I don't want to hear it either. It's I don't know why anyone would want to hear that. Sounds on tapes are the worst. They're the worst. But a child describing I. Nope, nope. Not doing it.


I'd like to sleep for the next six months, do my best to make cancer jokes or try to not either one. But you know what I mean. Like I don't want to. Yeah. I don't want anything to do with that. No. Fucking horrific man, so the police arrive and they find quite the scene, first of all, they discover before they get in the house, they discover mom, they find mom. Mom didn't take off mom to know.


No, she's outside.


She's in her nightgown, slumped over in the car, shot gunshot wound to the back and another to the like the buttock area. And I and dad has a gunshot wound to the back 357. They're thinking that large, large caliber of that nature, 357. Forty four big holes, something that leaves a giant exit wound. Yeah. Not good shit at all.


So she's in the car, slumped over car in her nightgown with a gunshot in the back and in the ass in the ass that tried to make a run for it is what it seems like.


That's unbelievable. Which is crazy. And he was like basically face down with his face, like heading toward the front door.


So he was heading out the front door as well. So something was happening. I don't know if whatever was going on, she tried to run away and they were chasing and he was chasing after as well. I don't know if he got shot and did only made it that far or whatever the hell the deal is. But the Rebecca, five year old Rebecca, one hundred percent unhurt. Fine. And the baby's not a scratch on her. John, one years old, completely unhurt.


Yeah, not a scratch on him. Matthew's missing, though. He's not there at all. Get out. They do not find the baby. The brand new newborn baby is completely gone. That's horrifying. So, yeah, this is the scene. They walk in on a little girl walking around Dad's blood on her. Yeah. Crying And one year old in the one year old in the crib crying. Probably a brand new baby, you know, full diaper and everything.


Missing brand new baby mom. Two gunshot wounds in the car slumped over, dad. Three fifty seven in the back. Oh, boy. This is Christmas Eve.


Merry Christmas, everybody. I just like to walk in on that and then go home to your family after that for Christmas. Like, yeah, this is awful. Oh, man.


So now the police, obviously, investigators are like, wow, this is this horrible thing that can happen.


And it's they say it's actually at the time very rare. They said killings and kidnappings normally are committed at the same time. This is not a normal thing. Normally kidnapping is a sneaking thing and murder isn't. So it's like a there are two separate two separate branches. They don't understand it. It's it's an arm and a leg of a space suit. It's with no crotch or just to connect them is a you know, it's very strange. They put everything in terms of spacesuits here.


It's very odd place. I don't understand it.


So the police officer here, what is his name here? Charles de Flagg. He's a resident agent in charge of the Wilmington FBI office. Oh, he's not a police officer. Yeah, he knows a shit. He said, quote, Kidnapping is one kind of crime and homicide is another. Like I said, the arms in the legs. And but a police superintendent said investigators have established no motive for the killings other than apparently obtaining the baby. Right.


That's the only thing they can tell is the they don't know what happened. I mean, the baby could be in a bush somewhere. They have no idea. But there's no like there's no, like, blood in the crib or anything like in the bassinet, none of that shit. So they said they said there's a lot of easier there's a lot easier ways to get a baby than murdering the parents. Yeah. Which seems like.


And more fun ways. Yeah. You know. Fuck. Well yeah that's no shit.


So all the rumors, I mean this is a small town so this scene does not seem like something. They've never seen this before. So they're saying what is there like? Were they involved in some like drug dealing? Because this is this looks like a hit situation. Surely some some devil worship you have to. Oh, the outside.


Yeah. What were they into literally. But they're like church people and all this shit. So they're very they are not into drugs. They don't do anything. They have three little kids. You have to you know, that's all they do is sit in the trailer with their kids and go to church and shit like then work. They're not real. They're not really crazy people here. They're you know, they're saying maybe like maybe Beverley had the baby, but maybe she was a surrogate for someone else, but she wouldn't give up the kid.


So they came to kill everybody. These are the rumors.


They're all there is. They are going far. Oh, God. There's a couple of mini marts in these areas where people just gather and gossip and we'll talk about that in a little while.


It's ridiculous. They're saying did they steal the baby so they could sell them on the black market because he's brand new and he's like a baby?


Are they going to sell them the ones that are worth the most? The brand new?


Yeah, they're not. They're just they still smell, you know, they still smell like just babies. You can smell it on them.


It's like puppy breath. Yeah. All the smell that baby I've been worn off is a fresh baby. Still smells like French. Is that a fresh baby? You smell of them. Find out. And that's called. Baby, first I was like, yeah, that's it, they're making a drug deal, I don't know, smell them and find out how pure is it your heart is you have a sniff of a sniff that that's pure, baby.


That's 100 percent pure baby. So horrible, though, that that's a kidnapped baby.


And we don't know what the baby could be anywhere. Baby could be in a dumpster somewhere. We have no clue. That's obviously the worst case scenario.


So sorry about that. We lost him. Who knows? You know. No know. That's what I mean. That's where my mind goes. We've after two hundred and seven episodes before this. Who knows anything is possible. So they're doing this investigation by early January. They have no fucking clues whatsoever. They have no idea. We're talking a week and a half ago by two dead people in their home kidnapped one year old fresh baby, fresh baby, big shrug.


Wow, not a clue. Disappeared into thin air. So they have to get creative and they do. Now, I can't stress enough how less how much less technology there was in the 80s.


I mean, it wasn't like the twenties or something, but computer technology was much different. It was weak. It was it was laughable. We call that technology.


That's what I mean. So like nowadays, let's say if someone has a house phone, you could probably assume the phone company could scan and find everybody that's called that phone and do relatively short by a couple of keystrokes.


I could bring up records. There's a print out of it very quickly.


Back then, no local calls weren't registered like that in a lot of places like that, local calls or registers as local calls. That's all it'll say. So you can't it's hard to trace them. You have to go in. And it was hard. So basically, diamond state telephone company computers scanned four hundred, ten million phone calls to come up with a clue to come up with one clue, Delaware. Their Delaware State Police got the assistance of the phone company and they said they were grasping for straws.


They didn't think this was anything that would possibly work, but they had no other ideas. It was either that or go, well, fuck it. I don't know. I guess I guess that's it.


Wait till it turns up. What are they saying down at the mini mart? Underworld vendetta, I suppose. All right, then. What the hell? So they're looking for something. It's either that or listen to them that the guy that had to buy a newspaper today. Yeah. And spout off his theory.


What do you think, George? That's all it is.


They asked the phone company to run a check on toll telephone calls, first of all, made after December 1st to and from the home of Joseph R. and Beverley Gibson.


So let's do that because they needed to be paid. Yeah, like a pay phone, something like a long distance pay phone.


A broader search included telephone calls to other family members, and they turned up a call from a certain person here.


They turn up a call from Dickie Bell from Dick Bell's house, the Lynch residence in Houston, to Joseph R. Gibson senior. OK, not them. Joseph Gibson's father. OK, so Joe Gibson Junior is a junior. We're dealing with double duty here. So Junior, though.


Yeah, they they this Lynch, they didn't call him the father.


There's a call there which makes no sense. OK, so they according to the police here, there was a call to Gibson Senior asking for directions to Gibson Junior's mobile home. Weird. Yeah, Gibson and Beverly's house here because they said they the baby was born and they wanted to contact the mother and call them, bring them a gift because, you know, they're friends of theirs or whatever. So both had a three nine eight exchange. They're for Harrington, Houston and the Gibsons had a four nine two Hartley exchange.


They're both within Kent County, but it's a toll call still.


So that's how they found it.


If that had not been the case, the phone company wouldn't have been able to find the call because it had just been local call.


And that's all there is to it so that they said they were very, very fortunate to at least have this strand of something to connect to somebody that they didn't know who they were. Otherwise, everybody else was like identified. You we know these people. We know these people. Who the fuck are those people? They don't know the Lynches. What's going on here? So the state police request wasn't routine either. The phone company said we try to cooperate with law enforcement and this was definitely an extraordinary situation.


The costs and everything were, I guess, extremely, extremely expensive to sit around for hours like a team of people.


This was like a shitload of people and a bunch of computers. This was not like one guy with a few keystrokes, like on his phone finding out something. Yeah, I'll just send you the PDF. Just download it like this is like a shitload of people trying to find it. It's crazy. This looks like war games with Matthew Broderick, right?


I picture just like wall to wall of screens, the whole thing.


So police would like to talk to. Sure. Dick, Bill and Joyce and find out what the hell they were doing calling them because this. The only threat they have, so January 7th, nineteen eighty eight detectives come to the Linch House to ask a few questions and they do, they get there, they talk with Joyce Lynch and they notice that she has an infant son, also about the same age as, you know, less than a month old, about the same give or take, the same age as Matthew that's missing.


So obviously, that's a suspicious thing. And they're like, whoa, here, hold on a second. So they said Joyce was very cordial, invited them in. They saw the baby. They saw baby toys all over the place, you know, a house with a baby and look like she told them about the baby.


Yeah, we just had the baby and that he's got dark hair like my husband and blah, blah, blah and everything like that. She said the child wasn't delivered in a hospital. They delivered at home by a midwife the night before. That's what she tells the police. And oh, by the way, they that's little Dicky Lynch the third. Yeah. No shit. Yeah, that's what they named the healing's to third. This is this is thrice.


It's too much. Can you imagine that, by the way, this is Dicky Lynch, the third.


They're like, oh God, I can't do it. So the story of the birth, though, is wonderful.


It's you know, it's between Christmas, between the season and also this the story of of a birth. It's like this is really this is almost biblical. It's it's amazing. Here, let's hear it. This is if people heard this story, I'm just saying they might do different shit on Christmas. So Dick Bill Junior here or Dickie Bill, he he says that Joyce's contractions were timed about two minutes apart. This is on the twenty third when she had the baby, when she left, she left in the TransAm.


They have a Trans Am black Trans Am awesome fucking killer man got t tops on that airbrushed Firebird on the hood.


Willes would you had the car. You got the hairbrush.


Farhood So she leaves with a black black Pontiac Trans Am with a diaper bag and his 357 Smith and Wesson. OK, ok, that's what she's good to have a baby just in case the midwife has a little lip.


Yeah, well that's the thing. He says that she left to go have a baby and she says she had a midwife at home. So this is they're both telling, you know, know, contrasting stories. He said this is his words, not mine.


OK, he said his wife asked for the gun to, quote, protect her from blacks she feared might be hanging around the clinic. Oh, yeah. When his wife.


Oh, my. I have never heard of that as a reason to take a gun to have a baby. Baby, hold on. You're having contractions. Wait, take my gun. Is it loaded? You better hope it is. You never know that it could be bad. He could be a bad kid when he comes out.


So out of the clinic from, quote, blacks.


Yeah. Jesus. Now, she came home about 2:00 a.m., so she left with the Trans Am, a gun and a diaper bag, then comes home at 2:00 AM, which normally you stay in the hospital for more than a few hours.


They give you a day in there anyway with blood on her hands, four bullets missing from the the three fifty seven chamber here.


And so they asked her, will Daste Dickey build here? Did you did you find that suspicious maybe that she had four bullets. She went to have a baby. What she do, stop and shoot some cans or some target practice times.


You got to celebrate on the ride home fire if you want to know. It's got to stop. She can figure out the right out the top. It's safe. It's all we got the TransAm with the autopsy, with blood on our hands to shoot at it with the blood. She delivered it herself was like he they said, didn't you find this odd? He said, and oh, God, this is his response.


He believed her. He said, well, why did you fire the gun? And she told me a fire to scare off the blacks. She ran out of the clinic and into the clinic. I'm having a baby. Bang, bang, bang. Everybody on my way. Oh, scatter to scare. What the fuck is going on? What are you talking about? This is the most ridiculous story. And that the blood came from the baby's birth because they don't even wash it off.


She delivers herself. What is this, a tent in the middle of the night of a fucking field? There's a bunch of nefarious people hanging out with a bunch of black people just waiting to take I don't know what they're waiting to do out there. Obviously bad things. If you need to fire warning shots as you approach fire two shots as you go in, just McGartland, put your feet up in the newsroom, catch me, catch me, and then and then two on the way out as I say it head on.


Soon as that baby pops out, you get in the TransAm and it's too out. The top says you pull out the glass as you pull out the parking lot of the T and T top. It's too to bang bang, which is two out the top. That's what he believe. I just figured she's scaring off the blacks.


She entered the clinic is a hasty ass birth. Catch me.


This might be the worst story anyone's ever, ever had, ever. OK, so anyway, when they're talking to her, they're they're suspicious of the baby.


And she says, now is my baby black hair, just like my husband, blah, blah, blah. So they go, all right, we'll be back at school. So we're going to they left to basically check her story out. While they did that, they had some investigators watch the house to make sure they didn't, you know, go to Mexico or South America or something. So they end up checking around. Her story doesn't quite check out now.


Yeah, there's nobody they can't find anybody that delivered this baby. There's not a lot going on here that's difficult. So they returned to Houston until Joyce Lynch there that, you know, with. Can you guys come down to the police station? We got to sort some stuff out and, you know, do some paperwork and bring the baby with you. Please don't leave him alone here. So they get down there. And so they said, quote, It's bittersweet.


We got the baby apparently in good health and unharmed at the same time, our two young people, good and straight people who are dead. Yeah, good and straight.


I mean, I don't know, but I'm not sure. But his last name is Flag, which is hilarious and that a couple of breeders couple is are good. It's not fair. Now, Joyce says, no, this is my baby.


I was born here. I was pregnant. There's a birth announcement. I was born at my home. I had a midwife in the whole thing. But investigators matched the footprints to, oh, little Dickeyville, the third one. They did that with Matthew Gibson. So they're like, well, that's funny. Why do the footprints match? It's kind of like fingerprints. It's pretty similar there. And also, they couldn't find they she couldn't name the midwife who delivered the baby.


But you'd probably know that woman, I would think, if she was in your vagina. Right. Yanking a large thing out of it. Well, you're very vulnerable.


Anyone who pulls something huge out of your vagina, I feel like you at least get the guy gets another name, no name yet. Know something you can pick up out of a lineup. You didn't meet them at that moment.


You've had conversations with them. Problem is, no certified nurse midwives are assisting in at home deliveries in Delaware except in the Amish community. The only place where that's legal at that point there, who is a certified nurse, they give this whole thing. They find this these stats. And she said the woman who helps, there's only one, the woman who helps with the Amish births, they talk to her. She wasn't there. She didn't assist Joyce.


So investigators still are trying to figure out where was she? Where did her baby go then? Because everybody says she's pregnant and there's a birth announcement. She's got a baby with. That's Matthew. So where the fuck is her baby? What's going on here? Did they kill him? Was did she shoot black people? What's going on? Yes.


So that's her story, by the way. That's her fucking story. That's my story. Well, she's sticking to it. Midwife I don't know her name. I don't know some Amish broad like that's her fuck.


I'm never rooting for, like, a murderer to get away with murder, but at least try to be better at what you're doing to try.


We always have some pride. That's what they did. But this is like I have some pride. You did? Well, yeah.


I don't care if it's air conditioning repair, whether it's h back scamming the disability system or murder. Be as good as you can be.


Yeah. Fucking try but apply yourself. Yes.


So a search of the Lynch home, a full search. We're going to check your house out while you're there. They get a warrant. They turn up a baby's garment with a lot of blood on it, which is not not not good in the trash. Also stuffed in the trash.


That's not the worst of it, though. They also find a 357 revolver with ammunition with the, you know, the cylinder missing four shells, not great. And also handwritten directions to the Gibson's trailer. What? Not terrific. Yeah. Oh, and the shells, by the way, they match the bullets that are in the in the Gibson. So it's it's very, very bad stuff here.


It's a it's a it's a fucking automatic conviction kit is what you have here.


But that's obviously not what's going to happen.


So let's talk about on it though. Yeah. Yeah. Because they had blood from the other people and held the baby and so they got blood on the baby clothes so. Yeah. So they arrest them. They're going to arrest the Lynches here, as you might imagine. Obviously they're going to accuse them of both of them of a double murder and a kidnapping. Yeah, they're taken to the court here for the bail hearing. The Ritsch charged with two counts of first degree murder, two counts of first degree murder involving a felony, first degree burglary, second degree conspiracy, possession of a deadly weapon during the commission of a felony and unlawful imprisonment.


A lot of shit. They're not charged. You notice one charge. It's not in their head of all those. What is it, kidnapping, no, no here, no kidnapping at all. No kidnapping charge. Why not? They said because they didn't seek a ransom or make any other demands. And at that time, the state law, what had people just didn't take a baby to have a baby they took away. They were only worried about people like holding babies ransom, which seems insane.


That's crazy. You could just take a person. You just take a baby for ransom, I guess. Yeah, I guess it's just mind now. I guess it would just be like thievery at that point, but not kidnapping. Unlawful imprisonment, I think is what they ended up doing. I guess so, yeah. So therefore they didn't violate the state's kidnapping law, which kidnapping specifically is like a holding it thing, which seems absolutely insane. The state says they're going to go for the death penalty on both of these motherfuckers.


They don't like either one of them. Joyce is being held in the woman's prison. Obviously, Richard is being held at the Delaware Correctional Center near Smyrna. Apparently, they're being held without bail, bail on the other charges, which doesn't matter because they have no bail on the murder charge. Counts are one hundred ten thousand dollars for each charge. So basically, if they could get out from under the murder one, that's no bail.


They still could never afford that trouble. Yeah, yeah. They were handcuffed together when they were brought into the magistrate court. Isn't that romantic love that.


How romantic is that nice. Any couple that they were handcuffed together, if they crime together. That's why I don't think we've ever had them handcuffed together like that, though we usually separate them together. I think it was two dudes, though. I'm pretty sure of that. Yeah. Yeah. This is so much better. This is amazing. Apparently they showed up and there was cameras there and I guess Joyce like was like, oh my God. And she like freaked out like, oh this didn't expect this to happen.


Know they walked in, they had to fill out court papers. They didn't say any anything. They were very quiet. Joyce was wearing a red jogging suit with a Baltimore air oil company.


So they are furious.


She's wearing a jogging suit that he had from a job two years ago. So it's an old company, swag, that's terrible.


But the company still exists and they got a big test. Why did we hire that fucking guy? And a pastel bandana. So very good. Very nice outfit she has there. She chain smoked cigarettes while she waited for the hearing to begin. She turned away and put her hand to her hand each time the magistrate gave details of the murder charges. At one point, a detective asked if she was OK. Her husband, Richard Dickie Balls here. He just kind of to keep the closet.


I called Dickeyville to balls. He just stood there.


Now, police, they they don't know how they picked the Gibsons or how they know they don't know them. So they're like, how did you figure this out to get them? That's the weirdest thing that they can't figure out and that they're thinking like a jury's going to want to know why. Where do you guys cross lines exactly? So they said they had to search. They said several days after Matthew was born, a woman identifying herself as Dawn called Joseph R.


Gibson senior there his father and asked directions to the trailer, like I said, so they could visit and give a gift. Right. So they the Joseph, Joseph and Beverley, the young couple lived on a trailer on the parent's property. That's how that works. Seems like everybody's doing that is a very common thing, very common.


The grandfather happily gave the woman Dawn Directions. Sure, that's great. Short time later, according to the grandfather, a woman driving a dark car with pop up headlights, you know, like a TransAm stopped at the home of a neighbor of the Gibsons asking for directions to the trailer. The way it was set up, you really had to know exactly where it was or else you weren't going to find the trailer. It was like on a property. It wasn't like an address that you can go right here.


Like if they could never get pizza delivered or any kind of an Uber pizza and GrubHub would not work.


No, GrubHub, here you're out of you're out of luck. So they drive. Like we said, they drive an eighty five black Pontiac. Jesus. So the neighbor identifies the lynchers car as the one driven by the woman. So the state police and the FBI also sees several other pistols from the Lynch's home there.


And they were trying to figure out which one they figured out it was the three fifty seven that did the trick. They said, quote, At this time, the only motive is that she wanted a baby. That's it. I don't know if she is. Probably they. But they went they had no lead until that phone thing to which was fucking nuts. Wow.


That's crazy. It really. It is. It's wild. They had that didn't work.


That was it. A baby might be all that's today. That kid would be twenty three years old and I think his name was Deqi build the third. He'd have no goddamn idea. So at this point the baby baby Matthew is reunited with his family. They give him back to the grandparents, which is very nice here. They said Thelma Gibson was holding him, holding the baby and she said, quote, I just knew that was Matthew when they found the baby.


She said, I just knew it was. She said that. She said. Your mind gets to go in a mile, a minute, you think at times they could have gotten away from here, then maybe the baby could still be in the area. They were saying, where do you think the baby was? She said, quote, It was like he was saying, here I am. I want to be fed.


That's the baby. I don't know why that is. Apparently, the baby's gained some weight. By the way, here is five year old Rebecca holding the little baby right there. So that's a nice picture.


Oh, Rebecca, you goddamn hero. Yeah, she is a fucking hero, this kid. So people were suspicious beforehand. Now, neighbors, as you can see, look at the newspaper neighbors found a couple suspicious piercer bandana. But I show you that. There it is. So neighbors been finding them suspicious now for years. Years they all been suspicious. So, yeah, that's a great that's a great newspaper article. It's a very small town thing.


Neighbors found a couple suspicious. Yeah. They say that at the mini mart in Houston. That's that we're going to really focus on the mini mart. And how's the Gaza farm? That's where it all goes down.


Where do you see where do you hear from Mabel? Mabel going to tell you everything at the mini mart. Mabel Moore down at the mini mart. The owner, she knows all the gossip. Now, this he had bought Richard Decky, Bill Junior here, purchased four cans of baby formula from the mini mart two weeks before that. And they said that didn't seem particularly strange. Who you know, they said that he had been saying that his wife was pregnant.


So they had seen Joyce. They she said she was pregnant. So they were asking, when are you going? When are we going to get to see this baby when you bring this baby? And he said pretty soon he's got a cold right now. That's according to Mabel Moore, the owner down to the Houston mini mart. The kids already got a cold. They came out, the baby came right out. The shoot with a duck. What they pulled him out is a a little shit, a viral motherfucker.


I tell you, he's a pain in my ass. I'm gonna give him some Robitussin. See how that works. Kids already costing me on Dimetapp, man. They said it didn't seem out of the ordinary there. Apparently, the she paid a three hundred and forty eight dollar grocery tab with cash right before her arrest, which is strange, and then charged another eight dollars for gas and cigarettes, which is probably a pack of cigarettes and five bucks on tank five.


So in the eighties, you know, that's probably what it was, five on five and a pack of two packs of smoke. It was eight dollars on pump five, eight thirty five.


And then give me two pack of cigarettes, make it three. So Mabel says, quote, very friendly. She told my husband, boy, having that baby just tore my back up. That's what she told told Mabel's husband. Boy, Mr. Miller, what a weird way to say. This usually comes out the front lady. No time of back up. So maybe more said all summer. And part of the winter, she warm the maternity clothes, but she didn't look like she was pregnant.


That's what some of them other girls here said do. Now they're talking all sorts of gossip. They said she paid are usually paid her monthly tab with food stamps and public assistance checks.


A boy and lots of people there, none of the neighbors saw the baby come home, none of that stuff. The police said they no no link between the Gibsons in the Lynches, nothing. They don't know how or why they would choose this target. They don't understand it. They said we don't believe Joyce Lynch was in the hospital at the time of the birth. She wasn't in the hospital, wandered around and went, there's a baby. I'll go take it like I'll planned it.


There was no how do you pick this? It wasn't like raising Arizona where they saw on TV. Historia Oh, they had all these fucking kids. They don't know what to do with them. Yeah, this was just random. So the only connection they could find was not even a real connection apparently. Dick Bill Junior here, Decky bills. He bought a house like two years before that through the Farmers Home Administration Georgetown office where Joseph Gibson worked.


OK, this was well before this, but they ended up moving out and his father ended up maintaining the mortgage payments. But they said that there's no they said, quote, We don't believe that Gibson ever saw these people in his whole life. We're pretty sure there's no connection because Joseph Gibson did not come to our office at all.


So they didn't even they just worked there. But he didn't show up. He wasn't in the office. So there's no way like I mean, there's no way that. But it's weird that they were connected in that way, but they would have never met. There's no way that they could have met. And that's all they could find on them. So they said, I don't understand. And when they were looking, they said that one of the cops said, I didn't feel that someone had come from another state to do this.


The Gibson home is a hard place to find. We felt that our best bet would be someone in Delaware. I felt all along with the child that had been taken away safely and then had probably been cared for, even though it was very bizarre to discover a crime where the child had been taken away with that much violence. It's good that there they they had it all. They knew it all afterwards.


Now there's closure. Exactly how we thought, exactly how we assume just how we thought it was police work. Yeah, that's right. Chalk it up. So. One of Dick Mills high school friends here, it's really like an end zone dance, isn't that? That's what it was like. We knew they'd be playing in the deep zone and we just dumped it off underneath. And we just knew that we could we could get the block to choreographing all week for this shit.


Yeah, it's really funny. Where were you when he didn't know shit? How about that? How about where are those decorative we think the babies care for and safe even though there's one. Where was that then.


How about that Hail Mary you threw with the fucking phone company. Yeah, that's man hours that you game planned for this shit.


That's unbelievable. High school friend of Deqi. Bill's talking there, talking to people all the way back then, ten years earlier in high school. Jesus, they said that everybody was very shocked at this. He says, quote, He was never in any kind of trouble that I knew of. He was just one of the guys. Yeah. That's all. No trouble. Well, that's because he was a teenager.


I knew him. What the fuck are you. I didn't really murder people when I know I'm average or so I'm a decent guy.


Backup fullback on the football team doing that. Never talked to anybody in high school. If you're going to interview anything about me, James, I won't never do that. They don't know high school. They know nothing about it. I mean, you know, he could roll a blunt. And I'll tell you what, I was at a party one at one time with him. He held it up real nice, you know.


Oh, come think of it. I think he drinks, I think. Yeah, I mean, there's some booze in him. He had like a nose. Yeah, yeah. Hands, if I remember correctly. That too. Nobody knows anything.


So someone who does know, they talk to Joyce's seventeen year old daughter. Maybe the you know I have some insight here. And this is Tracy, her name is. And she said that she said her mom was pregnant over the next few months. They bought baby clothes and furniture because they're still like, where's your baby?


Right. If you were pregnant this long? She said, quote, I have lived with her for sixteen years. I would never have believed her capable of any of this.


That's the person you talk that, sir. She's I have no idea. Now, Mable Moore down at the mini mart. She got other opinions here. She said we figured the baby was dead or out of the country.


That's her statement. Yeah. Grimble is fucking she's not just grim.


We thought maybe there was there was a we we smelled some fire, you know, somebody barbecuing a baby. I just think she just with a spit roast, just turning them like a suckling pig. But I you know. Do you like Old Hickory? I said they are like maybe Apple in his mouth doing like a dance around him. Maybe it was them blacks that hang around the front of the clinic. That's why I bring a three fifty seven, because otherwise they'll do a have a ceremony around your baby fucking made.


Mabel's nuts is dark.


Yeah, she's looking grim. She said we would have never thought it right here in our own backyard. Safe Walltown murder. That's it right there. She said, quote, She came in in maternity clothes and one of the girls asked her if she was going to have a baby. Her stomach was flat.


I could see she wasn't pregnant, she said, she said, but it didn't register because of her preoccupation with other customers. Everybody knows everything after the fact, which I find odd, new everything. Right. But I just at the time, I was too busy to say nothing. She said that's her theory is she wasn't pregnant.


Surrell Baghi in maternity clothes and I was like that. She became pregnant. Hold on a minute. Now somebody needs gas between Christmas and New Year's Day. Richard Linch here. Deqi bills showed up at the store for gasoline and informed Mabel Moore's husband, David, that his wife had delivered the baby. He said, well, my wife had a baby. She had a little baby boy. And he said, congratulations, and they were happy for you, blah, blah, blah.


They said that Joyce was putting off bringing the baby to the store. She said, quote, Having a baby really tears your back up.


She tells everybody that she'll tell everybody. Now, Lola O'Day, who writes a social column in the Harington Journal, she writes about all the happenings in town. You know, whether Mabel Moore is talking to so-and-so and having a tea and sandwiches for sure. Holy shit. What's the book club doing this week, ladies? Which is it's actually even worse than that. It's not even a book club.


What does it say here?


But I knew she was on vacation for several days after Christmas, the social column lady and asked for social news for members of her crafts club.


Yeah, craft club. Right.


One of the members was Thelma Kemp, Joyce Lynch's mother. And she said, quote, The girls in the craft club told me that she had the baby. She announced the news with congratulations in the journal. She later learned that obviously the baby turned out to be Matthew Gibson. And she said, quote, I was just sick. I feel terrible for all concerned because she put out a big thing in the paper. I thought I was a good journalist.


I thought I got a scoop right craft. That's why I joined Craft Club. That's where all the hard your hard news comes from. Everybody out there, you hear a story, you're like, wow, I mean, Watergate that was broken and craft club, obviously, the whole other thing. It's all a cover up for Craft Club. It's that's what it was telling. Stories are broken. Big things. Dick Gordon Liddy hates crap. He hates it.


It just it blew the whole doors off everything for Prevacid, took down the whole Nixon administration. So evidence against them. Let's talk about it. All right.


They got well, witnesses here that week before the killings said a woman with with brown hair driving a black car resembling a Firebird or Camaro drove through the neighborhood asking for directions to the trailer. They obviously have that car and she has long brown hair. Joyce Lynch's description on a police tape of the exact position of Joseph Gibson's body when Rebecca Gibson discovered it Christmas morning, Joyce also described the position of Beverly Gibson's body as it lay slumped in the family car and just get just get lucky.


Guess they also said that they think that the lynchers acted together to fake a pregnancy so they could kidnap a baby. Wow. That's what that's what the theory is. They talk about the bloody sleeper found in the trash at the house, the bullet casings from the murder weapon, a note with directions to the Gibson's trailer and a partial right print of of the thumb was used to link Richard to the crime to find a partial thumbprint at the scene.


Was there to be was there to as many as 70 Canton Sussex County residents with the last names of.


Right w r I say, wow, I slept two hours last night, so whatever.




Yeah, we're a target of the plot. Apparently the prosecutors found a list bearing the names and phone numbers of seven different families named. Right. So apparently they were going through looking for the right baby. Look, they they picked a name and they were like the rights. We'll find a right and we'll go through. And that's who they were. They were going to investigate that. If they're going to like name by name Smiths or next then the Joneses, what do you want to bet it got?


We'll know when it's right. Yeah. What about right. What about. Oh, that's the one. Now there's another pregnancy that we need to talk about here. Let's talk about this. Richard Lynch, I guess she promised him a Christmas baby. She kept saying, we're gonna have a Christmas baby. But that's not the only guy that this has happened with, apparently enter Michael Levitsky. Yeah, let's talk about him. He is, as it's put in the newspaper, quote, an invalid.


Now he's disabled in some way. The newspaper, they call him an invalid.


I'm like, Jesus Christ, that's not nice. That sounds awful. So, yeah, he's in a wheelchair. And anyway, Joyce Lynch and he were an item in nineteen eighty five very recently. He she told him that she was carrying triplets that he fathered. Oh. But eventually offered separate excuses for the loss of each fetus as it went on. Well lost a lot of them. We're down to two but one out of three ain't bad. I guess literally that's what happened until they're all gone.


And she said, he said, quote, Levitsky said, it put me in a tailspin. I didn't know what was happening. I was hoping we could salvage at least one child.


What she said, that's fucking grim. And anyone saying that from a wheelchair makes it even grimmer, doesn't it? Makes it even sadder. You just want to hug the guy anybody can salvage as they sit in a chair. Yeah, I think you're getting out of a pile of shit over to see if it's dented or anything and thrown it over a shoulder. Sore spot. Still good. I think it's good. Still like a cantaloupe. He recounted salvage.


He recounted various escapades he shared with Joyce Lynch since they first met at a Philadelphia rehabilitation hospital for the disabled in nineteen eighty four.


He was just fucking in the hospital where all of our couples meet, but not a Philadelphia nightclub or a Philadelphia restaurant or a Philadelphia rehab hospital for the disabled launch. Joyce Lynch was there to get therapy for a back ailment she received while working at Milford Memorial Hospital in the early 1970s. Levitsky broke his neck in a diving accident when he was thirteen, and he's described as quadriplegic but as some upper body movement and was able, with some difficulty to like he can grip a microphone.


He's got a very limited upper body movement that is fucked up. That's messed up, man. So when he was released from the hospital in March nineteen eighty four, Joyce Lynch decided not to return home to her family and instead moved into an apartment with Levitsky. So they met while they were recovering in the hospital. And when they both got out, they said, let's get a place together. Yeah, because, you know, we've been living together almost anyway, so they lived there until August eighty four, he says.


After an argument, Lynch went in the bathroom. They got in a big argument. She scream and yell and went in the bathroom. Then Joyce came out and said, quote, Are you happy now? I just lost one of your children. It was supposed to be three boys. That's what she said.


So by the way, when were these three boys do? Yeah, Christmas Day. But Christmas fucking day. Eighty five. Every time we fight, I lose a part.


That's it. You upset me. Babies fall out. So they introduced records showing that basically Joyce listed four different men as a contact person during her frequent hospital visits or trips to the emergency room in the last few years. So she's had all sorts of different people she's been with, which doesn't matter. He's our Levitsky said, quote, When I first met her, I don't know how to say this, but she she was almost flat chested and her breasts began to get larger and there was milk seepage, you know, that's what she said.


I don't know how to say that either. When we were making love, it would be there. Oh, no, no. But by the way, he's mistaken.


Guys, we'll talk about or she might have been taking some kind of medication that causes that because that could happen. But we'll say this is I will say it's one hundred percent impossible for things that he's saying that that could have happened, happened or way to lubes.


Gruene, she was Lactaid. Well, now just the whole thing. I asked her myself. I said, you are small. You don't look like you're carrying, too. Now, this was after the argument. Obviously, she said she was always carrying small. That's how she carries to others.


That's what she does. She said during her first marriage to Frank Greenwood. She had the two teenagers, you know, that she has now. They were both small. Yeah. So after Joyce Lynch returned to Delaware with Levitsky, they moved into a trailer. Joyce claimed to have lost the second fetus by slipping on a handicap ramp installed for Levitsky.


You and your fucking ramps, one of his wheelchair ramps today is ruined. My chances of having babies. You pissed me off, baby. Gone slip on your arm. That's no to blame everything on here down on, I guess. Jesus Christ. This is two months later. Joyce tried to commit suicide, Levitsky said. I guess Joyce drew a circle on her stomach and eyebrow eyebrow pencil to outline what she said was the head of the remaining embryo.


He's right. Here it is. When her parents arrived to calm her down, Levitsky said. Joyce told them she planned to stab the unborn fetus with a butcher knife. Holy shit, that was the that's why she drew a circle that was a target, the bull's eye. I'm going to stab it in the head with a butcher knife. That's what she told her parents.


So they were like, let's not how about let's go have a hospital stay? So she's in the hospital for a little while, but I don't know what kind of hospital, but one that you go to when you want to stab your unborn fetus with a butcher knife. Horrifying.


Yeah. So I guess hospital stays at nineteen eighty five and January, Levitsky gets a call from Joyce. Joyce claims to be in the hospital emergency room rather than where she actually is, and said the last of the triplets was stillborn after she was kicked in the stomach by her teenage daughter during a fight.


OK. Wow. And now I have none of your baby, none of them stillborn. Teenage daughter is an asshole. Real asshole. Here.


After the call, Levitsky said nurse at Milford Memorial Hospital asked him if he was involved with Joyce Lynch, whose married name was Greenwood, obviously at the time. And Levitsky said yes. And the nurse showed him medical records. Doc, you, by the way, highly illegal to show a person someone else's medical records, but he needed to see this or not.


No, no, I can't do that. No, you absolutely can't. But he's sobbing, saying she just lost the last of our triplets and blah, blah, blah. She says not supposed to do this, but I have to show you something. Here are her medical records that document her 1978 hysterectomy. She's not she can't even have them. She has not been able to have any baby since 1978. So all of this is bullshit. Everything all the pregnancies are bullshit.


It's all bullshit she wants. But she's not physically possible. Not physically capable. She said I was thinking. He said I was thinking more of my feelings. And with my brain, you can add your dick in there and you got an accurate thing there. So Joyce Lynch, I guess, started to. He brought that up and he said that the nurse was a liar, you know, they make up medical records all the time and she started to get sick of Levitsky.


And so she ended up getting a little scheme together to get him out of the trailer so that Richard Lynch could move in because that's what ends up happening, Levitsky Jesus said. Lynch said Joyce told him she arranged surgery for his bedsores. Poor man at Kent General Hospital. Follow up treatment was to be done at Rehabilitation Care Center in Smyrna. So before they left, Levitsky signed over his Social Security checks to her so he could, you know, she could take care of business while he was in there.


The hospital admitted him for a few days until he could be transported to the rehabilitation facility that Joyce told him about Delaware Hospital for the chronically ill. It wasn't a rehab center. It was a nursing home. That's where she said that she put him away. She put him in a fucking home and took his Social Security checks. Because he knows. Because he knows. Yeah, she tried to just stash him. He said I had no idea it was a nursing home.


I was sort of tricked in there. I was lied to. Poor bastard. This is the I'm so sad for this man. And he's just stuck in there, stuck. It's fucking horribly end up getting out. Obviously, a friend of hers named Valerie Brown, friend of Joyce's from Farmington, Delaware, told police that in March, Joyce discussed the idea of faking a pregnancy. I'm I'm thinking about faking a pregnancy this year. You're going to tell somebody that she said Joyce had been talking about wanting to have a baby, but she knew she couldn't.


So she said maybe she would adopt a child but wear maternity clothes to her friends and family would think she's pregnant. That's what she said. I'll maybe I'll adopt a kid, but I'll pretend it's mine. She said that she wasn't, quote, wanted to have a Christmas baby. It had to be a Christmas baby.


She's got an obsession with Christmas, baby. She's a lunatic. I would say so.


So, Richard, also, they find testimony from a woman that Richard was seen visiting a patient at Jack Kent General Hospital on December 17th, the day Matthew was born. She saw a man later identified as Richard Lynch peering in the nursery window, picking one out.






Now, the mother in law also believe this, Richard Lynch's mother. She said she totally believed Joyce. She said Joyce asked me if I would like to feel the baby. She pulled up her top. I saw her whole belly. OK, well, she said that she felt something move in her abdomen. She was hungry. She had ribs and then fucking yeah. She's like, I got to set this Doose this. But before I do, you want to feel the baby kick the deuce deuce loose.


But before you do that with so much is how many times have you ever had. But I feel like someone who talks like that and say I feel like somebody who talks like that often goes. Do you sense that with so much right to say it to Sara after dinner? I've never been the best man. And she's ever they have ever said or heard that jinx. It rhymes. And I feel like a right back with the alliteration is nice this newsletters.


And then you can before I do though, you feel the baby thoroughly grossed out that trust yet not my man just sounds all of it does. And that that's the point. Was a woman the kidnapped babies. I'd say that yeah. This virgin. You said that her stomach grew progressively larger in the fall of nineteen eighty seven until November. She said, quote, She was ready to bust. Then she said she listened to Joyce's stomach through a stethoscope and heard a heartbeat.


Yeah. Joyce's because there's nothing in there. Me when you put a stethoscope on a body here, it's horrible fucking dumb. She said I, I had no doubt she was pregnant. I thought, I'm done. I'll put those in the easy to fake shit when you're surrounded by goddamn idiots. That's the thing. No one seems to have a clue. It's no one. So then there's another dude they talk to because she was also messing around in the side during all this.


Andrew S. Paulsen told told the cops here that Bout died October of this year.


Two months before all this happened, he was working as a parking attendant with the Lynches at the Delaware State Fair Raceway in Harrington. Oh, yeah, both the lynchers and him. He's a parking attendant. And while Richard would be working in one section and Drew and Joyce would be in another section and they'd sneak off to the TransAm and tear her back up. That's right. He said we would talk. She would she would talk. We would talk.


She would talk. That's it.


That's like I mean, I didn't do much talking hard to get a word in edgewise about, you know, maybe she's a lot like Mabel. He said I would talk. Kiss, I put my hands on her breast, I put my hands on her leg, on her stomach, she did not feel like she was seven months pregnant. He said she wanted me to have sex with her, but I never did know about that. He said that she wore maternity clothes.


And while he thought, quote, in my head she was not pregnant, he said, I continued the friendship because, quote, I was determined to find out what she was up to. Thank you, Detective Palsson. Appreciate it. Listen to what he said. Everyone at this, I knew it. I just had to. I damn knew it afterwards. They know everything. Everyone in this story. This is the most the hindsight. Twenty 20/20.


He says he he had sent her a bunch of letters. Also, they found out this palace and said, Joyce, my wife, she's a liar. Just send her a bunch of letters. And he said, quote, They were only intended to keep track of the lynchers. Right.


He said that he sent Joyce Lynch a piece of baby clothing as a Christmas present to maintain the contact, but only to feel map just keep in close contact.




He said that he has epilepsy, which causes him to have seizure seizures, which Joyce says she has also, but no one's ever actually seen happen.


So, you know, everybody in this story has major health issues and problems. And I don't know what's going on with the spacesuit factory, but it's spitting out some weird images and some chemicals out there. Yeah. And also they found now an FBI agent also says that they found blood on Beverly Gibson's bathrobe, which is not good. That carried the same genetic markings of spots and spatters found on an infant sleeper that the police took from a trash bag at the Lynch's home site, Lincoln.


There, they said, quote, You can see every marker on the sleeper matches, every marker on the road, and that they have come from the same person.


That's special. That's I can't. Jimmy, Special Agent Michael Vick. Yeah, he drowned two dogs. Yeah. And then he said that Jesus Christ special. I mean, at this rate, they're giving him everything else. I mean, what the hell? Make him a special agent. Here's a bachelor. Go find people killing dogs. Seven Jesus. They asked for given that guy.


Forget about it. Well, that's an interesting whole other story. Yeah. The prosecutor says, quote, It is a capital crime. Yes. We will be pursuing the death penalty. As far as I know, not fucking around. That's romantic. They could hold hands for better content conductivity and it'll be very nice. Yeah, that's great. Isn't Hurst's. That's awful. Jesus fucking Kirk is the electric chair still? It's obvious he's.


Yeah. So they were doing it in Florida until what, three weeks ago. Me is Ted Bundy.


Bundy one eight eighty seven May nineteen eighty nine. Joyce's trial. Joyce's trial is first. They put the strangest thing in the newspaper.


They do a well, they do a profile of every juror in the newspaper before the trial. Why do you do that? Right. Why are they allowed to do that? Because there was a ruling right before this where the newspaper was going through something, trying to get it. So they were allowed to do that. And a judge ruled that they're allowed to do that.


This should be so much anonymity, crazy law passed.


I mean, that's can you imagine if, like, that's fucked up? I mean, if it like a mafia trial, if you put these people in danger. Right. So and the way they talk about them, too, they they like described the way they look. Let me read you a couple. Hazel Riley. Forty two Dover married wears glasses, is stout parts of her short is stout.


She's a pig.


She's parts of her short brown hair down the middle. I don't even know what that means. Oh. Parts her short dark brown hair down the middle before being selected. She told told the judge she remembered reading about the case when it first happened, but assured him that she was and can remain impartial. She's the four woman. She's the only one stout enough to handle it. She's the one in charge in case she gets out of hand and y'all got some opinions.


She's one to take it out on.


James a la gates. Twenty sixth of Dover average build divorce. What does that have to do with anything? Stout average build. Divorced father of three children ages eight, two and one. No, leave my kids out of this. But he has a mustache, wears jeans and is the youngest jerk. He told the judge he could be impartial despite the fact that he is a son. That's the same age as Matthew Marion Mahallah. Fifty four of Milford Married has two grandchildren, ages two and four, in case you want to kidnap them, who live in with a daughter in New Jersey.


No, Jesus. You can find them in Jersey. Short brown hair, stern expression, what is, let's say, not real hot, not turning me on its best. Don't really jerk it. You are not going to to her later. George M. Dixon. Forty eight married address unknown. That's good. A white haired. Short man who wears tinted wire rimmed glasses, a guard at Delaware Correctional Center near Smyrna. How is he allowed to be a juror?


Truly, he's going to fucking deal with this. Probably. That's where that guy was. That's where her husband was. That's you can't do that. That's not right. Said he knew of one of the witnesses who works in the canine unit but didn't know her, said he would not judge her credibility different from others. Donald Francis, NIESR. Fifty six of Smetana, married, retired military officer, used glasses to review its juror profile form but does not wear them normally in court.


He is of average height, has short black hair that is beginning to gray. Fuck you. He has a deep voice and a stern demeanor. Oh my God. Mary Lou heard 50 Dover married short, stylishly dressed woman with short brown hair with specks of gray one a few jurors during the selection process who spoke clearly and directly to Ridgley when queried about her ability to serve as a twenty three year old son. I mean, I kind of want to fuck her.


Yeah, I mean, she's pretty hot.


What is a veteran? A Guntur twenty seven address unknown, married to a prison guard of whom she told Ridgley doesn't discuss work with me. Went on jury duty three years ago. She complained that it was a waste of taxpayer money to keep so many people sitting around doing nothing all day. Is a mortgage loan adjuster for a bank. Theresa Whalen. Sixty eight, married and retired grandmother has curly white hair. She likes a single strand of pearls with her outfits and admits to a hearing problem.


This is a dating profile.


As soon as she reaches her CD each day, she immediately untangles a hearing device about the size of a transistor radio and places the orange ear plugs over her ears. I don't use it all the time at this time. This is just like a back up, she says.




Oh, she has plenty of extra batteries, whether she says Norman Yanquis, a corrections officer at the prison near Smith, another corrections officer of these people. Yeah, like juror forces, hasn't had any contact with the Lynches who are being held separately here, mostly bald, with connecting sideburns that lead to close-cropped, beard and mustache.


What does this matter, Laurence Maroney? These are just great. I'm going to keep God. He's from Hayesville so he knows. Wow. Yeah, short and round with thinning black hair. Remembers that quote. One was shot in the doorway and one in the car and that the baby was missing said in spite of what he knew, he had form no opinions. He's been to see Mabel. He's formed a fucking opinion. No, I'm just going to sit it out and see what happens, he says.


Robert Lee Bloodsworth, tall, balding and thin as a three year old son and two month old daughter. He said that that wouldn't affect his partiality. And Oscar Collins, heavy set, balding gentleman who relies on black rimmed glasses as he often sits forward in the jury seat. He has four grown children and four grandchildren. They give their ages to Ridgley asked him during the process he works for a gas company. The last time he read about the case was, quote, when it happened.


And I don't know what year.


OK, so like I said, that's unbelievable. And that guy thinks he's being a journalist, right? Yeah. He thinks he's going to get to the bottom of a fucking a news story that everybody needs to know. But what you're doing is invading people to see. They need to know the jury for a woman's facts. They need to know that that man is unattractive. Otherwise, what's going to happen is know how blind and deaf these fucking ugly people are.




So Joyce is her trial comes up here. Obviously, they bring in all the evidence that I said before. Michael Levitsky comes in in the wheelchair and tells this horrible story of how we put her, what she did to him and all this shit and faked pregnancies. And they bring in her ex-husband and doctors both to verify that she had a hysterectomy. They put her medical records in. That's it. It's ridiculous. She definitely wasn't pregnant. We know that for a fact.


Joyce testifies. And the Joyce's thing is they're being tried separately. And Joyce's thing is she's being tried first. Their strategy. She is a public defender, by the way. Also, Richard has a lawyer in his family, bought him a lawyer because they got Dick bail money. They got Dick bail money. She gets public defender.


Their whole case is Richard is a monster who forced me to do this and controls every move that I make and wants and made me do this. OK, OK. And I didn't do anything. I wasn't even there. He came home bloody with a baby in his hand and was like, here, take care of that basically is what she said. You get easy but even more dramatic. Right. She said that she and she cried on the stand.


She said told the jury how her husband subjected her to nightly vaginal examinations with a flashlight, spoon and knife. I don't mean the lab because that's horrific, but I don't even know how that works at the trailer park. What is? A flash like boom, he went out of fires and he looked like those guys that were lost in the mine down there and oh my God, are you kidding me?


I don't mean that. But I feel was, though. I mean it, if that's fucking ridiculous. There was two percent chance it was true. I wouldn't be cracking up. That's horrible. But it didn't happen. That's the things that I didn't like. That's the torture that she was put through to see if she was pregnant. Yes. To make sure she was pregnant. That's how much pressure she had to produce a baby. And that's how bad he wanted a baby, bad enough to where he'd examined her.


And then when it didn't work out, he'd go take one, he'd take a baby. She recounted incidents when he injected painkillers into her buttocks and acted as the go between with her medical doctors. What he was shooting her up because he was the one dealing with all the medical things.


What she needs were all injector, don't worry. And then he came home and did it. That's not, you know, the night of the murders, she said that he drugged her, forced her to the Hazel Ville trailer and threatened her as she tried to prevent the shooting of the fleeing Beverly Gibson. She said, we shot, you know, Joseph first and then Beverly took off and and and Dick Bill. I couldn't stop him.


He was just close. And then it was over. She said, quote, This is on the stand. Quote, I went over to Richard and I jumped. I just jumped on his back to stop it. She said he said the same thing could happen to me. And he shoved me against the car and he shot her twice. All right. So just cold blooded that Richard's get off me, bitch. We're killing her and we're taking his baby.


She just cried, clutched her pearls, the cardigan. They both have canes, which is capable, I guess, with an ass full of oxes. You can do that, apparently.


Also, she said that the gun accidentally went off and doesn't have a safety. And then they brought an FBI agent to come on and say the gun has a safety. Actually, this gun does. And you're talking about. So she's lying about that. And also the contradicted a statement to the police about the night of the murder. A couple of things. So closing arguments come up.


And this is this is Joyce's lawyer here. Quote, Richard Lynch's desire decmil his desire to have a boy, a boy to carry to carry on the name transferred into an obsession. Joyce Lynch was a wife who tried to cope with her husband's obsession. You're going to see a pattern of how a young, vivacious woman transformed into a withdrawn individual who had lost many friends to a point where only two people in the world of Joyce Lynch were.


She and Dicky. Yeah, that's it. He he just stopped and she could do Joyce. Lynch had no control over her actions on the night of the slaying. She said, quote, We have no idea the quantity of of of of Stargell.


That's what that is. It's I guess what am I looking for? Killing a painkiller. Stav All stad all I don't know that was injected into her. We don't know that he was injected or he told the jurors that his client had lied to the police about his knowledge, her knowledge of the killings to protect her husband because she was scared, because he said that can happen to you.


Also, she said that the lawyer in the closing said that she passed out after two injections and then when she came to Richard Lynch, put a baby in her arms, it literally said, here you go, take it, take it. Now you take care of that goddamn baby.


You better make yourself lactate. So he reminded the jurors that Joyce Lynch had insisted to police that she told the truth during the thing. And Lynch told police that that on the night of the slayings that her husband took took her to the Gibson's home. She remembered stumbling around in a drug stupor, hearing the gun, going off, seeing the bodies of the Gibsons. Then she passed out and woke up with a baby in her arms. What a story.


What a story. And so, yeah, the state says that she they said, quote, The state says she lied in her statements. You're darn right she lied. She lied to protect Richard. And because of her feelings of ambivalence towards Richard Joyce sat there the whole time. The prosecutor says that a lot. Joyce's defence that she was too drugged to be guilty of the crimes is valid only if Lynch did not understand the wrongfulness of the crime or if she did not intend to commit the crime, quote, she doesn't even believe it herself.


He says she didn't. She says she didn't do it. She expects you to acquit her of these charges because you don't. Because you believe her. Yes. So during the closing arguments, Lynch said they also said that she never said she never believed she was pregnant and they talked about her hysterectomy.


So it looks bad. Yeah. June twenty second nineteen eighty nine is the verdict. We're talking about four counts of first degree murder, two regular two in commission of a felony and all that they find her. Guilty on all four counts of murder. So what do people think outside the courthouse? Oh, I'd sure like. Want know. Let's talk about what do they think her sentence should be? Because it's going to be death or life.


One juror I'm sorry, one person outside the courthouse here, Beth Webb, who's a cousin of Beverley Gibson. So, I mean, obviously, she said, quote, I think she's going to get what she deserved. I'd like to see her get the death sentence or as harsh sentence as she can because she caused many grief. Now, I think it's our turn. Many grief, many, many people, many grief, much grief would have probably been smoother.


But the murders were senseless here. Joyce Bane's, of course, she's not just the lady on the street. She said, quote, She's getting what she deserves, but she should get more like electrocuted.


Wow. Wow, that is rough. Start a whole jamboree after Hoofy.


These are this. These are all ladies. Still Trute boorish 28. She said, quote, I think she should get what the Gibsons did. They got the death sentence and I think she should, too. Wow. Yeah, these people are hardcore. Harry Donovan, 67, he attended the first in the last days of the trial. He's an observer here. He said, quote, There was no question that she was guilty. There's too much evidence.


The baby in the gun, there's not enough. There's enough to convict them. He says, quote, I think anyone would take another anyone that would take another baby's woman and kill the woman. And her husband deserves what she gets. And Margaret Chambers of Smyrna says there's other ways of getting a baby without killing. There's adoption, foster children, sex. Very true fucking. Yeah. So the next day, sentencing comes around. Life or death on the table.


You, ma'am, may fuck off life without parole.


Oh, they're going to hang on to her forever. Forever. Life without September. Eighty nine is Richard's trial. OK, now pre-trial here, there's some shit they got to go over some evidence. First of all, there's some juror things. There's suppression hearings to keep the jury from seeing photographs used to identify Richard Lynch as the man seen in the hospital looking at nursery people. OK, so they're trying to get that ID out of court. They don't want that because that connects him to the baby right there.


You get him out of that out of the baby thing and then you've got a case. So they do that, I believe. By the way, Your Honor, this is a but what do they want? Pictures and witnesses. This is a court of law. There's no place for evidence here. You're on it. This is ridiculous. We have to suppress this.


You have to admit, Your Honor, that picture looks exactly like my client. I'm sorry. That's not fair. I mean, clearly, that's I mean, they're going to find him guilty if they see that the jury is five women and seven men, they say that it's going to be the same as Joyce's trial because it's the same they have the same fucking evidence. And they were they were there together. So it's all kind of the same thing, minus the hysterectomy.


Basically, they don't know whether to go for he knew she was faking or they're just going to try to concentrate on he was there, killed people and took a baby with her. So same a lot of the same evidence here. So they do all of this. And the state contends the couple conspired to kill the Gibsons after visiting the county's two hospitals to select a baby that Joyce could legitimize as a fake pregnancy. And they said that, yeah, that's how that was.


But one thing here is that crucial to the defense's case is the theory. They have psychiatrists that have examined Joyce Lynch and say she suffers from pseudocyesis, commonly known as a, quote, hysterical pregnancy, which sounds like it's from the 40s. Cheer up, bitch. You're having an hysterical pregnancy. That's cheer up, bitch times.


Yes. There's a baby inside you and you will get it out. Yeah, Larry, stop being hysterical. It makes you feel better now. Thank you, Doctor. Fucking ridiculous. Anyway, they said that condition, which makes females have imitation symptoms of a real pregnancy. So it's not actually historical. Oh, it means to psychotic behavior. It's a psychosomatic pregnancy, basically, where you feel like you're pregnant. Actually, you have symptoms and you imitate it and pregnancy.


And they said that worked with Joyce's mental instability to lead her to the scheme. The old I'm a dummy. She's crazy defense because he says Rich Richard's defense is he's just a gullible guy that to go along with. I'm a dummy. She's crazy. That's just crazy defense. Oh, perfect fucking defense there.


So she's just fucking crazy during the trial. You can't go any other way, though. What else do you do? I'm a dummy. She's crazy. That's it. What she said she's deluded. She's real smart. She mean that's all you can say. I don't even know what else to say. Yeah.


So in the middle of the trial, Steven, are Steven Geovanni talking about Dickeyville? He. Oh, because the one guy's name is Steven B. Potter. That's his attorney. That's why they make a formal complaint to the.


That's Dick Bell has been getting the shit beaten out of him by prison guards at the correctional center. They said they punched him in the stomach, quote, after he got finished visiting with his parents on Sunday, two guards assaulted him while his hands were cuffed behind his back. My client would never provoke anyone. They said, quote, They said, we got a call and we'll have an internal investigation.


Who the hell knows? Nothing ever came of him. Who knows? Maybe they didn't rough him up anymore.


So back to the trial. Defense maintains he's a gullible man tricked into believing his wife gave birth to their son at a Milford clinic where she had to bust off three fifty seven shots to scare away black people as she entered it and then ran out with blood on her hands, still under way, in and out, etc.. They also let the mother still have blood all over on her hands. Just leave. Take your bloody baby and get the fuck out of here.


I a box of shots. There's a lot of black people milling about, laid out there. Bases is Christ doesn't get it doesn't get light out for a while if you know what I mean. You better be careful what is happening. So yeah, having and also Potter the lawyer, Potter describes Joyce as having a split personality, one that believes she was pregnant and the other that knew she wasn't. That's the hitch here. So the judge allows the psychiatrist to tell the jury about the diagnosis of a Florida woman who had a similar anti-social, manipulative personality as Joyce Lynch, not even about Joyce Lynch, just another person.


Here's some evidence of somebody else's life. Basically, this exists as a thing. That's what he's doing with that lady, too.


Apparently committed murder and baby theft was diagnosed as suffering from the same thing, false pregnancy.


It was a 19 year old that did this that he was talking about. Yes. So that's how that ended up happening. Now, one witness here is they bring in the psychiatrist is John S. O'Brien. And I guess he was the first to make this diagnosis. So it's kind of it's kind of you know, it's controversial whether this exists or not.


It's something that he said. But, you know, either way. So, anyway, they other people said, though, people testified that they saw Joyce's stomach and it looked like she was pregnant. Like lots of people, the 20 witnesses said they saw her pregnant, thought she was pregnant. Richard had no way of like I was right next to Richard. We both thought she was pregnant. Like, I don't understand how he would know. Like, they're saying that he has no idea.


They contend the lynchers. The state, though, says the lynchers, plotted and committed this on purpose. They did it together.


They stalked people. The whole deal. They said that the analysis of Joyce's personality was based on incomplete evidence because the psychiatrist didn't interview her. Her first husband, who was married to her for 15 years.


He should know shit. They only talked to a bunch of ex lovers from the last few years. What the fuck? Virginia Lynch, Richard Dickie, Bill's mom testifies that about her son's character and that Richard was Richard was easily manipulated by a woman like Joyce. So the closings here, they talk about how state police interviewed him at his home. They took two statements and he admitted that he gave false information to the one statement when he gave another. He said in his second statement, he began to realize his wife might his wife must have been involved in the killings.


You know, so he's like, oh, boy, what am I going to do now? They said it was possible that Richard Lynch was taken in by his wife's false claims of pregnancy. He said Joyce Lynch was mentally disturbed, domineering woman who is obsessed with having a child and described Richard Lynch as, quote, docile, immature and subservient. I'm a dummy.


She's crazy as the worst three words to put together the özel immature and subservient, he said. They said expert witnesses. They said that they contended the police lied about how Richard Lynch's thumbprint ended up on a note bearing directions to the Gibson home that was found there. The saying it was a big lie. They did it on purpose. They said that Richard Lynch testified that he saw the note for the first time and touched it after the arrest. They said they showed it to him and he picked it up.


And that's how they got his fingerprints. The first time I ever saw it, the first time I seen it and touched it. Now, like I said, he wasn't with her when she was seen stalking around in the car and asking directions to the thing. So who knows now he said he said, quote, to protect the slender thread upon which the prosecution rests, they said that the police have lied and that's what happens. Second note, bearing directions to the Gibson home was found in Joyce Lynch's purse when she was arrested.


That's not good. That's real bad. That didn't have his fingerprints on it. So she said, you know, why would she need to notes then? That's what the prosecution said. If she acted alone, why would she need it twice? The other one was his copy. So the prosecutor said that several of the Gibson's neighbors testified they saw a car resembling Joyce is speeding away from the Gibson's driveway after shots have been fired. Another neighbor claimed he.


To have seen an off road vehicle closely resembling Richard Lynch's small four wheel drive truck leaving the vicinity of the Gibson home at one point, he also pointed out that that spent shell casings from the 357 were found in the trash in his home and that ballistics tests obviously matched them. So they're the same case against him, although it's a dummy, she's crazy.


So the verdict comes in December 2nd. Nineteen eighty nine. Decky verdict. Not guilty on every fucking charge.


No way across the board. How eight charges. Not guilty. They love him. Not guilty. How do you all that that damn Joyce.


Not guilty. Wow.


Just an idiot. Acquitted. They believe that he told that. She said, I'm going to take this gun to protect myself from the blacks outside the clinic and then came home and said that she believed that. And the jury went I mean, I would have believed it seems plausible. Wow. Maybe they should have done profiles on these jurors. This the other fucking idiot, Stoneville.


They didn't do profiles on this one. Oh, that was the other one. I mean, they need to do it on these people, whether they got it right.


So the prosecutor said, quote, It should be fairly obvious that we are distraught with this obviously destroyed. He said, I don't know if we can say there's one thing that was significant that made it happen.


Just they don't know the jurors. Listen to this shit. They interviewed the jurors. One juror, Robert de Dennis, who served on it, said, quote, And Richard Lynch Jr., quote, just seem like a normal boy in love. That got all messed up.


Wow. That's how much they saw a normal boy and love got all messed up. Yeah, that is wild. Thomas P. Dickie, who's another juror, all the dickeys said, quote, I don't want to have an I don't want to have to say anything he said he said, but they they apparently offered they said, quote, You should talk to the state attorney and superintendent of police. The state had to prove beyond a doubt that he was guilty.


So they didn't, in our opinion. There you go. He said, quote, It was once said, quote, I feel sorry for the Gibson family, but you can't let that interfere with what you're doing. He said they apparently kept cutting down in Olympe. They took the initial vote and then kept cutting down and eliminating the differences in the verdicts over the next three days. And they said, quote, When a young man's total life is at stake, you got to be sure you did the very best.


We weren't there to impress people and we did our best. Not here for us. You we're trying to do this, right?


Yeah, we think that they do it.


The defense attorney said, fuck, yeah, that's what he's gonna do. You did that. He said everybody had him convicted. But the matter of the fact is he was innocent. Victims relatives are pissed, obviously. I'm sure one here, Barbara and Stat's, who's the sister of Beverly Gibson's father, said, I just can't believe it. The Gibsons in Webbs are a dignified family and what we feel is better left unsaid. They bought that whole thing.


Yeah. Then she said, I can't believe it.


Another one. Richard, who is this? This is Jeannie Stat's. That's the seventeen year old cousin of Beverly. She said, quote, I have a question for the jury who made this uncalled for, shocking decision. Did you honestly listen to the state's attorney or were you sleeping?


Uncalled, uncalled for.


Now back to the mini mart. Mabel Mabel said they asked, how are people feeling? Mabel said they're upset. They're upset. She said that, yeah, there they feel like they're they're of equal guilt. The Lynch's customers expected a conspiracy conviction, saying they couldn't believe Richard Lynch could be so gullible that his wife faked a pregnancy, murdered and stole the baby without him knowing. They said, quote, He might not have pulled the trigger, but no one can tell me that he didn't know about it.


Yeah, he had to have some kind of knowledge about what's going on. One customer says, yeah.


And they said that that Joyce Lynch was not familiar with weapons and would have had a hard time firing a three fifty seven four times in any accurate sense, because anybody with any of their super accurate. Yeah, you can hit shit with them, but especially from close range, you got to be able to hold on to it.


Yes, exactly. They said that Decky Decky was a well known hunter and they said, quote, Justice was not done. That's what they said there. I tend to agree. Decky Lynch said himself all Decky bills. He said they got it right. He said, quote, I feel sorry about what happened. Ain't nothing I can do to change it. It's exactly what ain't nothin I can do to change it. That's how they quoted him. So dickeys a free man, they let him out of jail.


He's like, is this for real cop? Is Ashton Kutcher gonna pop out somewhere? I know that show's coming up soon because I feel it in my blood.


He said they ask him, what are you going to do? He goes, I'm a pursue a divorce, first of all. Yeah. And his wife said Joyce said she's been trying to pursue a divorce, also to file her own divorce from a jail cell. But it's difficult. He gives a bunch of interview. Use gets phone calls from people, hangs out. What was your first day like? He said that and his first day off, him and his old friends went to the Elks Lodge in Milford, a favorite hangout for him and his wife.


Yeah. Before they were charged, obviously, they said that, you know, we as parents used an answering machine to screen out the harassing phone calls. Obviously, they said, quote, We had a couple of kooks come up. That's Virginia Lynch. One caller threatened, lynched and left his name. Another man roared a truck into the Lynch's front yard, refusing to leave the truck, but blowing its horn to stand in the front yard, doing a blowing the horn.


We want to get away for a little while, Virginia, Lynch says. But her son plans to stay in the area because, quote, everybody knows he's here. And the guy who owns the lynchers house where the baby was found and all that kind of shit, he's bought the house and he says it's great. He said publicity hasn't bothered me at all. He gives tours of the red brick ranch, are pointing out the small room where Matthew Gibson was Guro.


That's where they kept him right there. People come over as he works for a railroad firm and his friends are like, think he's crazy? He said, it really doesn't affect me. They didn't kill him here. If they had, I don't think I would have bought the house. That's good that everybody is housed in Delaware. Tell me that's not one of the craziest Philipsz, Oklahoma level stories we've ever goddamn had.


Real life raising Arizona, minus killing Nathan, Arizona. Yeah, minus brutal butchering of the two parents. His name is Nathan Nathan, Arizona. Yeah, I'm the wife. I couldn't remember. I don't know and I don't know. Bethany, I was going to say Nathan and so and so and then I didn't have it so I just had the Arizona moment and then once.


So yeah that is, that's a crazy story huh. Holy shit. Yeah. They both were there. I think they both went in. She held the baby while he shot them dead probably. And, you know, she rounded up the kid and got the diaper bag and all that shit. That's what I feel like happen.


Can you imagine killing two people and their two other babies, slept through it, slept through three fifty seven shots? Those kids are good sleepers. Yeah, that's a good sleeper, man. That's awesome. You could watch TV. You can fuck in the next room. Sure. Whatever you want in that house. Good man, good kids. They raised them well and it's a shame that they're gone. And anyway, if you like that show, holy shit.


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