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This week in Fishkill, New York, a raging middle of the night house fire eventually reveals that this wasn't just a fire, but an attempt to cover up some of the most heinous acts imaginable. Welcome to small town murder.


Hello, everybody, and welcome back to small town Merner. Indeed, Jimmy. Yes, indeed, my name is James Petraglia, I'm here with my co-host, Jimmy Wassmann. Thank you, folks, so much for joining us today. We are we're beyond excited today. We are going to do we're going to do something. Well, you know what? We're going to make fun of a place I lived a long time and where my family has some deep roots and I went to high school and everything like that.


So that way it's a lot of fun because I don't mind making fun of where I'm from, you know. No, it's great.


No, no, that's that's wonderful. That's what we're all about. So now nobody complains anymore.


Nobody don't say. Oh, but you're extra mean to. Nope, I'm no, I'm not waiting this year.


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We have Danny Almonte, who was the Little League kid who was blowing everybody away with his fastball and who nobody could believe that a youngster could be so amazing. They were right because he wasn't the age he said he was. And it's a very interesting story. And then in small town murders, we just have an insane rampage. And in Oregon, it's so nuts that I don't think it's even in a small town, but it's so crazy. It doesn't matter.


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Obviously we're comedians and we're we're going to make jokes. It's going to happen. And there's going to be murder because it's called small town murder. And it'd be really weird if it was about like crafts and roller coasters and shit. It'd be a strange show. Everyone would think it was odd. So there's going to be murder and we're going to talk about it. We go out of our way not to make jokes or not to try to make fun of the victims or the victims families.


Why would we do that? Because we're assholes, but we're not scumbags. No, you go work. So that sounds good to you. Buckle up. Murders happen. And this one, as you'll find out, is especially kind of close to home here. So, you know, it happens. So where we're going to try our best, though, to do to do nice with it and to make right by it, as we always do.


That sounds good to you. Excellent. If you don't think the true crime in comedy should ever go together, you might not like the show. You might like it more than you think, but you don't know if you want to give it a shot either way. No complain.


And later, the rest of you that want to hear a crazy story, I think it's time to sit back and shout, Shut up and give me murder.


Let's do this, Jimmy. All right. Let's go on a trip, shall we? Would like that. All right, let's do this. We are going we we've been in we are in Texas. Last week we were now I'm telling you, boy, I am tired as a horse from coming all the way from Texas. That is just too bad you guys couldn't see us record that. We really wish you were a horse on the wall for that one because it was a really.


Listen, I've flown all that boy am my hooves tired, I thought I'd say. And that's how it works. So this week, though, we are going to Fishkill, New York here. And I'm going to kind of veer away from the formula to give you some background information here. This Fishkill, New York, is where, like my dad's side of my family is from. I'm live there forever and. I went to high school, I lived here, so I know this place, Fishkill Correctional, yes, exactly.


Fishcake it's here. We say it kind of yeah. Yeah, it's like Kabakov All of our Dhaka's become guys. It's a New York thing. So anyway, this Fishkill, New York, it's in southeastern New York. It's about an hour from New York City, pretty much exactly an hour from New York City. If you were to drive it an hour and a half up to Albany, if you went the other direction about two hours and 15 minutes to belltower New York, which was episode one.


Seventy four, our last New York show party Marty. Marty, that was a crazy, crazy ass episode. So I still hope he's doing great. I know. I think he is. He's a lawyer now. He's got exonerated on his sports car plates. I think he's doing fine. So this is in Dutchess County. Zip code or zip code one two five to four area code eight, four, five. And if you notice this, I don't even have to look at the goddamn thing because this is just information.


I know motto here of this town, crossroads of the American colonies, which I can say is someone who, you know, my grandparents lived here and I whatever grew up around it, never once heard that. So I don't know. That's just on the on the literature, I guess. But I've never no one ever does it like Interstate 80 or something. I mean, could you explain it a little bit in the history books is a bridge.


No one's ever been at the grocery store and you're like and stuff and someone goes, scuse me. And they go up crossroads of the American colonies. What are you going to do when they shuffle by? No one's ever done that. Never comes up. Not on any signs around town or anything. It's you're never in like a friend's car. And you guys drove through an intersection as parents. Like, that's it right there. That's the crossroads of the American colonies.


That's what happens when you get in an accident. You just go after to. Right. We're at the crossroads. The American colonies. What do you want? Sometimes you get accidents. It's a lot of roads. It was a Fishkill, New York. The bone was thinking of the wall possible or the lesser known town motto that I have heard plenty because I might have invented it. Quote, A good town to smoke weed behind the grocery store.


I believe I that's a tried and true one that I tested myself. And I can tell you it's absolutely true. Yeah. The name of this town, first of all, it's located in the area of the the territory of what was the Washington people at the time. That's what pinschers is the next town over. And that's named after them. Of course it was it started in a sixteen eighty five. Could slow shit is old in this place.


The name, first of all, fish kill. We should probably talk about the Dutch. It means it's fish. Fish is fish and then kill Mainstreamer Creek. Yeah, there's the Fishscale Creek. So all the Catskills the all the kills here. That's because the Dutch named it. That's where their streams or creeks. So that's all the a river. That's what that is. Cats drink. Yeah. There was probably wild cats or some shit around there they called it and that's how it worked.


But not everybody realizes that. Or if they do, they're just in nineteen ninety six Peeter who we know well here they ask the town to change its name to something less suggestive of violence toward a fish. Oh boy. Oh Christ. I get it. You're an animal lover. I love animals. Let's say you're even like a PETA member and you you're all you have, whatever. That's all fine and dandy. This is ridiculous. This is pushing it too far.


I would say it means it's ridiculous. Fish are literally food. It's not only that doesn't mean that what he does is causing people to to jump into the rivers and pull fish out with their bare hands and dare them. Gilfillan, the fuck is happening? No, I don't know. Every time I hear the hear that sound name, I want to just go Buranda salmon. Right.


I want to stick your hand, catch it with your hand and just push up against a rock on a noodle, some salmon. Just I don't know what it is that organizations dumb as shit. Yeah. Well and not get some of the stuff is good and then you get that near like come on Snow. The town said no thank you because you know that would be stupid. Right. So that was that the in seventeen fourteen Dutch immigrants settled the area so very old it was apparently the village of Fishkill was a crossroads, a fucking mortgagor in the Overland Transportation Network, they say.


So this connected New York City, Albany, through Connecticut to the ocean there, to the ports from Massachusetts. Everything kind of runs through here. If you look through the if you look like on a map, you'll see like eighty four, the thruway, the Taconic, those all kind of follow these paths from back there except for the Taconic, which Roosevelt had built. But anyway, the and the Hudson River is here too. So we kind of all that shit goes through the Hudson River.


So the the New York provincial Congress convened in Fishkill in. Of seventeen seventy six, it became became one of the four freedom James. There you go. Fishkill became part of one of the largest colonial military encampments during the Revolutionary War. And George Washington's aide to camp, Alexander Hamilton, who you may have heard of. Sure. If you're a Broadway fan or history buff. But one of the two, he ended up living here for a long time.


Fishkill is every five feet is one of these like New York State historical markers. It's you can't every time Washington took a dump, it is cataloged and they made a hole like an elementary school field trip about it. Washington took a corniest one was his Corney logs were here mainly as soon as this most mealie. This is where his corniest logs fell. This is a more watery residence every time. I don't know what it was, but his stool's really, I think.


Did you see that's where internment camps were for like the world where the civil war and such? No, no.


This is this is Revolutionary War training camp. And this is where all the Revolutionary War American soldiers were stationed. They were here. So basically, whenever they dig anything up, they pull up not only shitloads of Native American things, artifacts, but tons of like cannonballs and shit like that. You see anywhere you dig, if you dig in a ten foot circle, you're going to find something that has taken up history of war. I love it. It's the way it is.


So the Trinity Church on Hopewell Avenue in the village was organized in seventeen fifty six and used as a hospital during the Revolutionary War. Then the Dutch Reformed Church was used as a military prison. So, boy, which one's going to save people and which one's going to hurt people? So yeah, in 1871 they built a schoolhouse on Church Street and the schoolhouse belonged to the fiscal reform church and was used as a pasture land for the pastor's cow. Then in 1876, a fire destroyed all of this shit and they rebuilt it with brick structures that are still there now.


So they were the three little pigs. Yeah, they all get burned out. Now, I know this because in the village of Fishscale, right by all of this is my grandfather's barbershop. My grandfather's barbershop is right by where we're talking about my grandfather to tell you how kind of deep my roots run here. My grandfather, well, my great grandfather, his father, they emigrated here and they came over from Italy in the early twenties. And then my grandfather was born in the mid mid 20s there.


He fought in World War Two, came back here, opened a barber shop, say around nineteen fifty. This barber shop down there, he was the town barber. Like I well might as well say it now because we're in a new studio here. It's very nice because I have to kind of be in two places at once here. So I got to be in Phenix sometimes I got to be in New York sometimes. So I came back and I kind of I'm back in this area now in the Dutchess County area for family reasons.


And it's fucking beautiful. Yeah, talk about all that. But anyway, the house I was looking at, the my father went and looked at it for me and the guy who owned it said, Patrick, hello, you related to the barber. So I mean, even now and he retired in nineteen eighty nine. So they run really deep. I grew up not in Fishkill. That's where my grandparents live, where my dad grew up and I lived there during high school, but I grew up in the village of Wapner's nearby.


And if you're from this area out there in podcast world, you'll know that that is the trashiest, shittiest area and in the area basically. So I have no I will make fun of everything because I am from Remsen Avenue trash. So that's exactly I am you know, the first time I bought weed was on Franklin Avenue and it was dust and it wasn't green because my friend's older brother played a trick on me. That's the kind of fucking area I'm from.


This place is the at all. We were thirteen. That's a nice thing for an older brother. I think I'll give my thirteen year old brother and his friend dust. Yeah, that's nice. This is a fucked up trick. Yeah, I didn't mind it so much, but my other friend who smoked it had to go in a room and lay down for like five hours. I'm going to die. I thought it was fun, but that was another story anyway.


Don't do dust kids. It's bad. But this is the type of area we're talking about. Where are the where were the Yankee internment camps? Weren't they up near that area I'm talking about? I feel like they were accessible because this is your family has a positive reason for being there and a nice historical like it's all family, not inbred.


I just came here by your roots are there.


And that's where everybody, like my family is buried there because they died in Yankee internment camps fighting for the wrong side of history.


Oh, well, that was that's on them. Not around here, but I know that's that wasn't on the field trip stop tour. I think it would have been otherwise because all the Revolutionary War, maybe like upstate, like western New York or South America, all you refind Italians. This is where white trash Weismann Maynards are buried. Plenty of white trash up here, too. Don't worry, there's plenty of everything up here. The trash of all sorts, like I said.


So anyway, I grew up in the village, so I know trash is what I'm getting at. And if you know that you'll go wow, you are. Yeah. You, you know, wonder why you do a show about trash because you just went outside. What the fuck is going on here? What is happening there? So anyway, we'll get into this here now. Here's some reviews of the town reviews here. They've got some bad ones and some good ones.


Some people love it. Here's the thing. Depends on what you're looking at and what you're where you're where you are in life, because it's beautiful around here. Like beautiful like the Hudson River is beautiful. There's it's rolling hills in the scenery. The scenery is gorgeous. Like people come from fucking China to look at the leaves in the fall, like literally like in the top five leaf changing places. It's ridiculous. So it's nice like that. But also imagine going to see leaves change and then seeing a 13 year old smoking dust under the tree you're looking at, well, you wouldn't go to the village of Wapner's to see leaves change either.


You'd be like a nice tree in your yard. Look at that. It looks that fucking right. Hey, what's wrong with your tree? Oh, you gave it a bunch of dust right now. Then have it lay down for a minute. Look, it's not that I'm from there. I lived right by wagon wheel pizza, if you know, which, by the way, is still the best goddamn pizza there. Is there wagon. We'll check that out.


So anyway. Yeah, trashy, trashy, trashy. Here's some reviews and then some of it's shit like City of Poughkeepsie is pretty sketchy. And then Newburgh has the highest number, which is directly across the river from Fishscale. It's where you you know, you could buy a nickel bag on the street, you know, if you drive five minutes across the bridge. Problem is, it's also like the highest murder rate in the United States. And that's I'm not even shitting you.


I saw the list of top ten cities in New York. Mercury wise, it's double the South Bronx. I was like, holy fuck, what are we doing over here? They used to go there all the time when I was a kid. So here's five star review. Fishkill is a unique Hudson Valley town, geographically diverse, ranging from Riverside to mountains, very safe place, plenty of shopping and restaurants conveniently located near eighty four in the Taconic Parkway, minutes from the Hudson Line Metro North Metro Station, the train station and Beacon close to New York City, right near Newburgh in Poughkeepsie.


Nice place. That's a person who does well in life. Probably they probably have a good job in the city. See, that's the thing. There's two types of people that live here and this will piss people off to live here. And I don't fucking care. Someone's going to burn my fucking house down by the end of this episode. Put it that way. Between who I'll piss off when we talk about the murder and just pissing off the town.


If nobody burns the house down, it's going to be a miracle. But I don't give a fuck. That's to show all you fucks down south that I don't care. God damn it has nothing to do with you. We just roast things. It's just how it even if it's against our safety, there's also four feet of snow outside. So you'll be warm. That's true. But I can learn. I can make an igloo, so I'm going to be fine.


So yeah. So anyway, here's a five star. I've lived here my whole life. It's definitely changed a lot with the influx of West Chester in New York City people. But the area is still beautiful, especially around the fall and the changing of the leaves, the changing two types of people work here or live here. People who have a job in the city or Westchester, Mount Kisco, somewhere like that, Tarrytown, they commute Connecticut, somewhere like that.


And, you know, they make good money there. And instead of living around there, they come here where it's cheaper and they just drive an hour. Yeah, there's those types of people. They make real good money. They do fine. Then there's people who grew up here, people like me and people who like my family. You're either lucky, like my brother got a job with the Metro North Railroad. So he has a good career.


Or you you know, there's also, you know what I'm saying. And so that's and there's nothing wrong with ADRAC. But if that's if that's your fucking the reaching for the star, maybe the place is fucked up is what I'm getting at it. That is the star you're reaching for. It's closer to stardom than many others that are available. Stars getting in a way to reach. And I never understood it with people here because I'm like, you're an hour from fucking New York.


You're right there. You take the job, five minutes to the train and get on it. You can trade stocks, man, do anything, come from the floor. They crawl out of caves somewhere in the earth to fucking somehow get to New York to have opportunity. And it's right there. And you're like, I don't know, there's h back. The fuck are you doing, like I said, nothing wrong with Aitarak, my cousin does it does very well with it.


I'm not saying it's you make a lot of money doing it or wrong. Yeah, no, that's what I mean. I'm not disparaging that at all. So here's two stars here. This is kind of honest quote. Most of the jobs are set in stone. That's the thing. You got to, like, know somebody. And everything here is like bribery related and nepotism. A lot of that going on. My mom has been trying to get a job up here for three years so she wouldn't have to travel back and forth between the city and home every day.


She still is not heard back from any of the jobs she's applied for at all. Wow. Three years. That might be a mom problem and not a job that that seems very, very three years. I mean, it's not the length of the problem is the hyperfocus somewhere, I think. Yeah, I think there's something else there maybe that goes into interviews and tells people to fuck off. When do I start. Yeah. Hey, listen, you fucking do the job start motherfucker.


Yeah. Does she call people cocksucker upon the interview. Well, she hasn't been an interviewer. She hasn't heard back from any of the job she applied for at all. None of them. They haven't even said we're not interested. They ignored her. Is there like a murder threat on her resume? She's doing that. She burned my last office to the ground, but I'm flying. I wish. I know. Is there a no higher list somewhere like flying?




And while her stepdad, though, luckily, my stepdad had to work a full year before Toyota took him on full time. Oh. Oh, those are tough gigs, man. When you got to do like a temporary job, that's brutal. That's tough here. They treat you like dog shit. Go on. You do you get. No, you get treated like shit and you're always they can fire you at any time and you have no benefits and go along to get along and smile and take it in the ass every day then.


Good. And they drag it on so they can get bored.


So we've been there, there's three stars, quote, there's nothing here, but it's still better than Beacon. That's a fact. Actually, Beacon's the next town over which has turned into a hipster enclave. They call it little Brooklyn. Now, it's like, yeah, if you've been priced out of that, you can just move to Beacon. It's right by the river. It's right by the train station there. It's all art galleries and shit. Now, when I was a kid, it was a horrible place like Main Street and Beacon.


I know a kid who got shot in the face selling crack out there literally on the block, selling crack. They had all the probation officers were on their beacon. Sneaker was there, which was actually great for sneakers, candies, fried chicken. I mean, it was a fucking it wasn't a like a real safe place. Right now it's selling crack is just that's just a job hazard, man. That's like being an electrician, missing fingers. What's going to happen?


I got a little buzz last night. I got a job. So here's one I've lived in fish. This is three stars. I've lived in Fishkill my whole life. And while it's a sleepy little town, it has access to abundance of things to do a short drive or train ride away. OK, and here is three stars. We have people come and go. Yeah, OK. Yeah, that's definitely some places work. Generally, they come, they go, they live, they die.


They're born. That's life. The sun comes up and fucking then that's weird. And here's three stars. Quote, would not want to live here anymore.


Oh, ordinarily that's a very strange when they're out.


So populations kind of gone up and down a little bit here. I know, like in the nineties when I went to high school, here was when it started. It was it was kind of had its shittiest in the population, declined a lot. And then after 9/11, more people came moved up here and. Yeah, now the town like the village in town of Fishkill. The other thing to understand here, back here, all the towns are like a village, a town and east, this or that.


So like Wapner's has village in town of Wapner's. Fishscale has a village of official town of Fishkill, East Fishscale, all kind of different things. So like the village of Fishscale has like two thousand people in it. But we're going to do with things based on e e Fishscale town official, everything fishscale here. OK, so twenty three thousand five hundred eight people in that town. It's counted as part of the both of the Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Middletown population area and also the New York City Metropolitan Statistical Area.


So they count it. And as far as like New York City metropolitan area, when they do population more males and females by a little bit, no idea why that is. We've driven the females away, as all I can think, because I know a lot of guys there and a lot of them are jerk off. So if I was a woman, I'd move to stick around and want to want to live there when your little brother's under a tree on Dust's.


It's just I wasn't under a tree. Is that a New Year's Eve party at the Imperial Tower thing, their imperial garden behind the nine shopping center in Wapner's, they're back behind that shit. Really shitty place that the hallways look like, the fucking shining. And it was really fun. Yeah. Yeah. So it's a little older. Forty one and a half is the median age here. So slightly older, married population and all that shit. That's kind of right on the money with everywhere else.


Race of this town is almost an exact United States racial breakdown. Normally white is sixty one and a half here to sixty two percent black, eleven point five percent black people here in the country, it's twelve point three percent. OK, so it's all right there. Six point nine percent Asian. It's normally five point three, sixteen point one percent Hispanic. It's normally seven point seventeen point six. So it's a very good representation that way. Anyway, demographically, about fifty four percent of the people here are religious.


But based on the fact that thirty seven point eight of them are percent of them are Catholic because Catholics are the Baptists of the North, as far as I can tell you, that if they're not real into it, this is this is a casual religion, basically point eight percent Jewish. Damn, we just met so close, so close to a Hava Nagila. Maybe next time. Maybe next time. Two point four percent. Eslam, you know what, fuck it.


In Dutchess County, forty seven point five percent of the people voted Democrat in the last election. Forty seven point two percent voted Republican in the last election, five point three percent of the middle. That's why yeah, it's very right down the middle. Unemployment rate's about the same with the rest of the country. Median household income, though, is high because a lot of the people work in the city and make a lot of money. So it's kind of a it's a haves and have nots system going on here.


Median household income, eighty two thousand nine forty six, which is usually, yeah, not bad. Almost twice as many people make over two hundred thousand as normal. Also, that's I mean, you get that group, the cost of living. One hundred being regular average PA here it is one eighteen, so a little bit high. Housing's a one twenty nine. A little bit high. Median home cost here, two hundred ninety seven thousand five hundred dollars.


And welcome to New York. There you go. And the taxes are rough too. So but people like there's a story that I was reading about people who moved here from the city. The one guy's like a dentist and all this shit. And he was like, wow, you know, we bought a forty five hundred acre forty five hundred square foot house for five hundred seventy five thousand dollars. And, you know, it was two million dollars for a twelve hundred square foot apartment in the city.


He's got an acre of land. He's like, that's why people come here. So if you we've convinced you that you need to come to Fishkill, New York, and maybe do some HVAC we have for you or Tost, either one, you have to get dusted and do a HVAC. We have for you to Fishkill, New York real estate report.


Your average two bedroom rental here goes for about fourteen hundred seventy five dollars, which is stable.


That's steep. I found a one bedroom, one bath, nine hundred square foot condo. It's nice. It looks like redone and shit like that. One hundred and fifty five thousand bucks. It's about as cheap as you're getting in anywhere here unless you go get a trailer. That's very doable though. It's not bad. It's a small little place, though. Three bedroom, two bath, thirteen hundred, ten square feet, a decent family home. But it's really fucking purple, like extra purple, like a weird, very strange purple color.


But it recently had a price increase of ten thousand dollars.


Oh. Which price is going up. Yeah. People apparently since covered. A lot of people are moving here from the city because they don't have to work where they work anymore. They also there's a lot of demand to live in a house the same color as shacks. Dickhead.


Well that's what you want really. That's that's what I look at. I usually when every place I've had I bring Shaq in. Yeah. Just to do a to you. Yeah. You got to jerk him a little bit, you know, just to get the blood flow. Get it. I mean that's you know, it is what it is getting down to four bedroom, five bath tea bowl for each and every B hall. Yeah. Fifty seven hundred five square foot.


Huge giant brick nice beautiful house on one acre of land. Seven hundred ten thousand bucks. That's, that's a deal. That's doable. It's real nice of five thousand five hundred square foot house. Yeah. For down on the ground. It's really nice. It's just one of those neighborhoods that they've made recently where. They clear all the trees, so even though you live in a place that's naturally a shitloads of trees, your yard has none. There are like two saplings and it's like, why didn't you just leave some of the fun here?


We moved here for the leaves change. And what we do this, they don't get why they do that.


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Now back to the show. Bad things to do and sorry, we're going a little long on the town, but it's you know, I'm from here, so I'm going to have to break its balls a little bit hard here.


Also got a little more knowledge. It's firsthand knowledge. That's the thing here. So the town of Fishkill Fall Festival I found here. Oh, yeah. This is we love these. Oh, these are always fun. Join us at Geering Park, which I'll tell you about in a moment for hayrides, bouncy castle, pumpkin patch, face painting and more. It's ideal if they're made for kids from kindergarten to sixth grade kids. Wear your Halloween costumes or bring a trick or treat bag.


Fuck, do that. Now, also, what you can do is get really fucked up on acid. Rob the concession stand at Geering Park, get arrested and do a year in prison for it, because I also saw that happen because my friend did that. Geering Park, by the way, the hardest rims of any basketball court I've ever played on in my entire fucking life. And he went from here, will know if the ball so much as grazes the rim, it will shoot off of the court like it's not even like just it's gone.


Shoot over the chain. It's fucking gone, dude. So it's off for three weeks to run a game of fifteen. You could have great players and everyone's dying. You're like three one. You're both, but you can't do it. And the three guys in the rims are like ten, three also. So what the fuck? And an addition to that, the court isn't like concrete or asphalt. It's like tennis court. So if it's even moist a drop, you'll kill yourself.


I slipped and almost broke. I fucked my ankle up so bad on my 16th birthday. I play in that awful place. Anyway, I told the story in bits and pieces, but I'll tell their friends I won't mention their names got high. They were on acid, they were fucking and we were like sixteen. I wasn't with them this night. I was, I think I was delivering pizza maybe or something. So they got real fucked up on acid and decided they were going to rob the Ames department store, which is like a department store that my friend lived right next to in his neighborhood there.


His house bordered the parking lot. So it were like it was after hours they were going to break in through the roof. And I don't know what they didn't have a plan. They were on acid and they thought the inside, that's it. Let's see it when it's dark. So one of the friends apparently was still coherent enough to go. An alarm will go off and we'll get arrested. We shouldn't do that. Let's go somewhere easier to do this.


So they ended up at the concession stand at Gering Park. Those really have alarms, which is which is a garage door on a wall like a shed basically is what this is where they put a cash register and sell Snickers bars and shit out of there. That's that's all it is. So they went in there. They stole all of the concessions, which is giant leaf, you know, garbage yard, waste bags full of fucking candy, lugging them throw it right.


But they were wasted, so they left the garage door open. So when a cop came and did their rounds, they saw the garage door was open, sort of been broken into, went looking for them. Long story short, in the village of Fishscale, right across right there on fifty two where the there's a pizza place and what all this shit there's a big sign and my friends were hiding behind the sign and my friend goes, I'll go check if the cops are coming.


As he walked out he had a big thing of spree candy in his hand. Right. And as he stepped out, three cop cars came right up to him. He's standing there with the spray. Anyway, he got arrested. One guy ended up where at leads the chili ones? I don't think so. The chili ones are the only ones worth the flowers. They're pretty good. The other one terrible. My friend did a year in prison for this because he had a record and he was like one of the Kanae that they took in Satanic Bell.


I told you about that guy. So they say he did a year in jail. He threatened he sent threatening letters to my friend from prison and he was gonna kill him. And then he got out and just moved back into his basement. And it was really weird. So that's the type of shit that goes on here. Fantastic. Every place is trash, is what I'm fucking telling you. So when I make fun of somewhere, it's because it sucks.


And if you live there and you like it, it's because it all every place has good things too. But they also suck. Yeah. We, it's not fun to go. Yeah it's pretty great. Well that's a comedy show. No it's fun to talk about this shit. So that's what we're doing. So crime rate in this town. Well we're interested in here. Property crime is about twenty five percent under the national average. Not bad.


And violent crime, murder, rape, robbery and assault. The Mount Rushmore of crime is about one third of the average of normal. So pretty safe in Fishkill, actually, which is hilarious because, holy shit, you just drive across the bridge and you're in the murder capital of this weird Inupiats, right? You think they get hit by a stray over in Fishscale once in a while? Something so anyway, that said, let us talk about a murder.


Let's do that, let's do it, Jimmy. OK, and we'll get into this as we go here. Let's go back to January the 19th. Twenty seven, shall we? So not housing crisis in full swing. That's still. Well, not yet. I think it just was didn't even pop yet. I think it just explode well into January 2008. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, this is three twenty a.m. on a Friday morning, January nineteen twenty seven three twenty a.m. the en route.


Eighty two in Fishkill to be exact, two zero three route eighty two in Fishkill in the town of Fishkill. A driver driving by it, a woman reports, calls the fire department and reports a house heavily engulfed in flames, according to the fire department. And firefighters went there obviously to put it out. I just went to take a look, right.


Really like, oh, no, I love a good fire. Yeah. Who's got you? You didn't get her. She's. Well, what's this? That's not a smart jacket. It's not a s'more. That's just marshmallows and graham cracker. That's gross. Not putting out anything. We need the pop and the ever wants that. You know what I'm saying? You're demoted. I'm sorry. No, no, not in rank. You just don't get to slide down the pole anymore.


I'm sorry. And you don't get to pet the dog now, Sparky, get away from him. No, he doesn't get the pet. Don't you get a treat? No.


Next house fire. You go in without the mask because that's what's happening and we have one less. So whoever's the asshole that week, you know how it works here. Here, the guy. So, yeah, the fire department gets there. They try to put it out. It's a blazer, too. I mean, it's going once it's put out, the house is pretty much destroyed. Mean it's not it's not anything that's salvageable. It's a it's a pile of rubble.


It's that bad. About three thirty five a.m. there is a report of a car fire less than a mile from this house as well. Oh, so this is what by the way, back. Yeah. Yeah. What's going on in three. Twenty eight on route eighty two here. So the car is a purple Kia purple. Certainly too much purple. What kind of key SUV or a little car. It's a car. It's a car. Yeah.


It's not an SUV. I'm not sure what model, but when we talk about cars does it really matter what it is. They're all shit. Shit Optimus whatever. It's the there are all the same. So, yeah, it's that's a purple Kia, which threw some quick deduction. They find out the people who live in that house who were in that house, that their car is a purple Kia. Oh. So that that the car is linked to the house very quickly and that's from there.


But it's like a mile away. It's like it caught on fire from the house that drove itself a mile away. It rolled down hill. It's tried to get away from the fire, came out the garage. Help me beep, beep, beep.


Justin Yeah. Going off on it. So the about four twenty a.m.. So almost an hour after they got there, almost an hour it takes to get the house fire under control, which you know is a long time when they finally get it under control and they start to push through the rubble a little bit, they realize that this isn't this isn't just a house fire at all. This is something way bigger. This is a cover up of something completely different in the fire is a completely secondary thing.


And they make about the most grisly discoveries you can make. And we will get into that in just a moment. But before that, we have to go back in time a little bit. OK, here, December of twenty six we have to go to so, you know, four months earlier, a month and a half earlier, two months earlier in November into December. Twenty six. Talk about some people. Let's talk about manual, Mari.


The third, the third, Jimmy. And it's a it's a one, two, three, four lineage to a boy is we'll talk about because his son is the fourth Jesus Christ. Absolutely. And he is the son of Manual Mori Jr.. Yeah. So this is a straight third. He goes by Toni, though, Toni Mori. Nobody calls him back. I would too. Yeah. He's about thirty three years old. Emmanuel the Toni.


How the fuck did that happen.


It's I mean it's, it's easier to be Italian I guess. I don't know. I mean fuck Emmanuel then. Italian name is the Italian guy now. Usually not, but I'm usually Spanish. Mexican. Yeah. Toni is just an American of some sort. Tony is just kind of universal back here. Just if you have I know a lot of that's the thing. Like if you got like a foreign guy who's doing something, you don't even know what country is from you, like your name.


You like your name isn't Tony. I know your name Tony. My name people call me Rafael. That's what people call call me and a of but only like that, really, after all the hours. That's my normal name. So, yeah, he is thirty three years old. So he has a few years older than me. All of these people that we're going to talk about in this story went to the same high school as me at different times.


This guy was I went to school with him. He was like a senior when I was a freshman or something of that nature. But I don't know him. I didn't know him. And then his wife was my age at this point, maybe a year older than me. She was twenty nine or thirty here. And she also went to John Jay. So John Jr. High School is well represented here and not in a good way. This is all this is all the worst John Jay can conjure and very, very embarrassing for the alumni.


Should probably make a donation after I fucking do this episode, but I won't because the school really did nothing for me. I don't even fucking graduate. There wasn't heat in half the classrooms. The fucking was a swamp around there. Tons of kids I know got cancer and died when they were twenty five because it's in between five IBM plants with giant high tension wires all around it. It's a fucking horrible place. So you know what. And who John Jay.


Who is that guy?


He was a revolutionary thing. It was also John Jay College in New York City. So a lot of Jonge stuff back here. Bewigged douche bag Jimmy. That's the guy with that. Everything back here is all bewigged do Schary or I hackie radio guy either way. So Tony Morri, the third, like I said, he's thirty three and twenty six. His wife, Teena Marie, her maiden name is Kolar. She is thirty at this point as well.


They live on route eighty two and Fishscale. So they're, they all say they have three kids at this point in time. I've been married a while. They have a family here, Tony, Oggi, Tony here. The third he was born in nineteen seventy three, born in Poughkeepsie Vasseur Hospital. Like every asshole from here is all born Professor Hospital and he is we'll talk about he's recently in twenty six. He quit his job. Yeah. He couldn't stand the grind anymore Jim.


He couldn't do it. I feel your money. He is at this point a quote self employed fence installer.


So this is what the fuck I'm talking about him and Craigslist. Yes. This is why I moved away immediately because I'm like, if I stay here, I can be a self-employed fence installer. And and actually, I even had like I even had like a nepotistic in. My dad's friend is an electrician, and he offered when I was like eighteen to but right before I moved to let me be an apprentice, you know, so I had been in the union I go to maybe would make a one hundred grand a year by the time I was twenty five.


But I thought to myself, that will be my life forever. And eighteen I can't, I can't do that. I am leaving this place. I can't I just can't do it. Not there's anything wrong with that because it's a great living and a great career. But that's not what wasn't my dream. The tough gig too, man. That's a tough gig. And where is there room for, like, comedy, which was always my dream and all that shit.


Not a lot of room for that. And you got to be over like five in the morning to be the artist. That's my style to go. Do you got to be alert, James, at six a.m.. It's not just a like an electrician shit. Yeah.


Yeah, I can do that on a hundred milligrams of hatable I, I wouldn't suggest electricity work.


No land landing for primary voltage. Probably not Netflix. I am stoned and that's what I would have been doing because that's just how my brain works. So it's better it worked out better put it that way. It's more likely you got to leave to come back type of thing. So yeah, he quits his job. He's a fence installer. He's doing his thing. He also likes the outdoors as well. We'll talk about he's always riding around four wheelers and shit.


Oh, he's always got big fan of the leaves, change in the sky. He loves the leaves. She likes to rip through the woods as the leaves change and tear up the trails. Yeah, him and his kids are always on ATVs and route eighty two in that area behind all those houses is a shitload of wood space. OK, so a lot of woods in this East Fishkill area, this is kind of out there. John Jay High School kind of has a couple of different classes.


Basically we had if you were like from the village of Fishkill, side of things, you were that was that would meant you were trash. That was you were the trash people over there and the people who live down. Hopewell There was a lot of rich kids that lived out there. Yeah. So it was very, very odd. Like you had kids who were pretty fucking, you know, having a hard time. Mixed with people who are very, very wealthy, like a lot of high schools, it's just it was interesting here.


This is kind of in the middle. There's some, you know, whatever. So he's got a wife like we talked about. She at this time has also her career path, also very upwardly mobile. And I use that word mobile because she works at the Fishkill mobile station as a cashier. Yeah, that is a gas station. If you're if they don't have mobile in other countries, I don't know. But yes, that's I'm sorry. Mobile.


That's what I mean. That's that's upwardly mobile here. I got a job at mobile. That's what that means. Tough gig, man. Oh yeah. Gas station work is so fucking horrifying.


I know people that worked at the exact stations she worked. And the good thing when I live back here in high school and basically during then every you knew people that worked at like 12 gas stations, every fast food place. So you didn't pay for anything as a teenager. You just go go get the hook up on gas. Why not gas? Gas was the only thing you had to pay for everything else. But kids would come in with, like a stolen credit card and you can have fun and that's how we get gas.


But anyway, I shouldn't give up all my secrets, but we would just go in and pillage these places. We just go and leave with as much as we could carry and be like by the Italian Vikings just taking the Jesus Christ did. They're the the movies we just walk in and it was anywhere fast food. My I had a friend who worked at KFC. He was a big chicken. He used to slip us a bucket full of fucking chicken and shit.


He'd be dancing around. You go out there and he'd slip it to you from underneath. I'm telling my uncle did. Colorado used to take me to his ex-girlfriends pop and just drop a bucket of chicken out the window. I like eleven o'clock at night when they're close and because they don't want to throw everything at the end of the night when they were divvying up the left, leftover the collar and be like, hey, you guys are about to close, throw some more down so we get a load of chicken right before they're about to close.


We did the same shit and I ended up to the white trash and the Chevette in the drive. Oh, God, that's it was my eighty five Oldsmobile Cutlass, Sierra Leone fucking smoke pouring out of the window. That's just now you had to pump the brakes to stop sweet Christ. If the light turned yellow, the fear in his face, we had to blow this one. Oh my God. I had a steering rack problem in my head.


If you don't know what that is, that would be like if you're turning, it would just stop the wheel would stop returning. So when you're going around a turn and you're turning and then the wheel stops turning in your car because hopefully it's enough, right? It's hopefully got it. That was my car. That was so more mass on the gas and fishtailing. Either one just bucket. I'll shoot myself into the trees. So that's the other thing to give you some credentials as I make fun of the area more, I lived on Remsen Avenue and Wapner's.


I lived on West Main Street, right on the corner in the village of Wapner's. If you're from the area, the playhouse fucking theater across the street from there I sat that was my bus stop in sixth and seventh grade. That's where I sat on the steps of the theater was my bus stopped? I lived in fucking Woodhill green shitty apartments. I lived in fucking Montclair. You guys know where the fuck that is? Our shitty apartments. Yeah, I lived in fucking people's basements.


I lived in Cherry Hill in Poughkeepsie. I lived in fucking holy crap. I could I have a list of like forty places I lived before the age of 12. It was a disaster. So anyway, why was, why was your dad running? No, I was my mom. My dad had like four places over the course of this. He was pretty stable. Let's see, running from I don't fucking know. But we were everywhere, I'll tell you that much so.


And in terms of schools, I went I went to Fishscale, then I went to Knox and rode. I went to fucking Evans for fifth and sixth, fourth, fifth and sixth grade. I went to fucking Wapner's junior high so I can make fun of that dump shit hole also, which is still a cool looking building. So anyway, back to this one. Tina here, the wife, Tina, she she likes to cook and bake and shit like that.


So she's apparently a very gregarious person. Everybody seems to like her. She is. She was born in Nyack, actually. She's about two years older than me. She's born it. And I actually kind of has been bouncing from cashier job to cashier job most recently, like I said, in the mobile and Fishkill with her upward mobility. And yeah, people like her now, they have three sons as well. But at this point they have a thirteen.


Rold, who is Tony Morri, the fourth, right, yeah, I got to keep it going, he is he goes to Van Weck junior high. He's a van with kid. I was Wapner's kid. So that was that's if you lived in East Fishkill while you went there. If you lived in Waupun Jurors or village of Fishscale town official, you went to Wapner's. He I think he was on the football. He played football and that sort of shit.


So he also on the wrestling team. So he was an athletic into sports kid here at the time. His brother Adam, who is ten years old at this time. Here he goes to Brinkerhoff Elementary. And he he's a big basketball player at this time, real into the ATV thing with his dad and shit like that family likes to do that. Then they have a six year old as well. Man Six, ten and 13 boys. It's a lot.


You need four wheelers and woods just to just to knock the starch out of them. I mean, that's like. Yeah, but the good thing is they're probably barely buying clothes. They're just buying clothes for the big kid and then just shuttling that down the line as the other ones grow into them. That's true. They're spaced out enough or would still be. It's not like one kid has bellbottoms and then it's nineteen eighty five and the other kid has like Jordache is or something.


It's not it's not that they're close enough in fashion where it still works. Yeah. You know it's couple years or whatever. Yeah. You know, fucking whatever video game they're into it's probably got a part to, it's the same characters and Star Wars is still fine. Yeah. Oh that shit. So yeah they have three kids though and they live at two zero three root eighty two which should sound familiar. That is the address of that fire.


So what will happen now. They are at the time of the fire, they are in the process of being evicted, which is interesting. The landlord, a guy named Tom Scavo with two A's scav they don't have for him. He says that they stopped paying rent in November, having paid rent since November 1st, so they didn't pay their December or January rent and they were in the process of being evicted. And he said that they appear to have been financially struggling in recent months since Tony has quit his job and got into the cell and installment business.


Yeah, here for some reason, self-employed fence installer. I know it's not it's just means you have your own business, but it sounds like you are putting in fences unsolicited, like no one asked you do you come home from work and there's like three quarters of a fence up and there's a bunch of guys pounding posts and they're like, what are you doing? Or there's just one sweaty guy with a business card saying, send the check here. He's got like two sections.


If I like, I'll finish the job. I swear. Just believe I'm almost done. Just pay up. I didn't ask for that. I'm self-employed. This is what I do know. I that's just a fence and solid. I just do this.


This is what I do. I mean, you've got to be you don't want to fence, you don't want a fence installed. You put a fence in to keep me out. Otherwise what are you doing this. I love you son. You as much as it is me. I mean. Yeah.


By the way, if you want to put that fence and I happen to know a guy, just say either way out if you like. I mean that's myself out of fence unoffensive. You want to put your dog down, I'll build a fence around him. I don't care. That's what I'm trying to fucking tell you. We're doing a fence your car in. What do you want? A garden up with ten foot fences around it. He's is ready to fence.


I don't know what you want to get yourself a side fence like that. I do any kind of fencing that you could possibly need. I got this tell you what his you on his mind. We're gonna fence whoever wins gets to build the fence. Whoever wins, gets to decide about the fence is like, by the way, I have some good I got some watches. What you have you if you can get rid of these then you can be the fence.


If you could be the fence. What I'm saying is I deal in fences. That's my whole life. I realize you're probably on the fence about this. I'm understanding this. I got it. I got it. But I think you just want to take yourself. Just take your plane and climb over that fence into the yard of beauty and understanding of what the fuck I'm talking about. I got a fence for you, so put this down on.


I realize the defense in this stretch, but put it on anyway. I love it. So keep your horses. And also, I was looking for very last week following that that guy met this guy. Everything would be perfect. Yeah. So were they good tenants and. Especially what do you think, Jimmy, they're 60 days behind. That's not good in the first place. But Mr. Scarbro does not fuck around Scar Boscobel scar you fuck with that man and his money is 60 days is the most you're getting.


You're getting the fuck out of my place. We'll get you out. So 60 days behind, they probably have been late every single month, too.


Well, let's let's see what Tom Scavo has to say about it. Although he wasn't the best tenant. Question answered. There you are. But he's the best tenant. No next question. He quote, he tore up the yard with his quad. He said that he and his wife threw parties on the front lawn every weekend last summer on the front lawn. What are you doing, by the way? I must tell you, eighty two is like a main road, like fifty two goes up out of Fishkill and then eighty two breaks off of it and goes in the Hopewell and these fish go and shit.


It's like a main road. There's only these two roads that go into that area. So for you to be partying on the front lawn, you're partying just like in like a steady stream of everybody that goes from Fishscale to east Fishscale passing by your house, looking at you're looking at this whole thing. That's why you go in the backyard. This isn't like in a neighborhood. This is right on the main street, this flying. And people don't want to come to our party.


They probably are. Yeah. And they're not like five hundred yards from the road or anything too. It's like, you know, thirty feet from the road as the house is just hanging out in the front yard. So quote, every weekend in the summer they would have parties and it would be a running joke. How many cases of beer would be left outside the house? Oh, that's gross. So you're getting the picture right. Then he says, quote, Whenever I would see him, speaking of Tony Morri, he would never look me in the eyes.


It was odd, he said, that he always wore a black leather jacket, white t shirt and black leather boots. He says the landlord says, quote, He seemed like a throwback to the fifties and a Fonzarelli wannabe, obviously referring to Fonzi from Happy Days. This is this is the landlord. What the. I mean, he's he's awesome. I guess he's been keeping an eye out. Look at him drinking beer, looking like Fonzie. He's drinking beer.


He's looking like Fonzie, this fucking guy over on his patio just kicking the jukebox. I'm going to call the Poughkeepsie Journal and tell them about it. But he did get the jukebox working again. I was impressive. And that is a pretty fancy belt around the yard. I will say that I you know, I didn't ask him to do it or not, but I it's not bad. I'm going to be honest with you. So Jesus Christ. Now, also in in early January of twenty seven, Patti Gurche, who it was a gas station clerk working with Tina, she said that that Tina had told her that they were planning on ah, that Tina was planning on leaving her husband and taking the kids to Virginia.


Oh, so that's the plan. This is this is fellow clerks. That's it. I guess they're very close when you work with someone at a gas station. I mean, I've worked at a gas station. Yeah, I worked at the when I first moved to Phenix, I worked at the Chevron at Cave Creek and Greenway. Did you really. Oh yeah. Where you were making making six facts out of cases sawed off twelve packs. Yeah.


Is what they are which is take a razor blade and literally fought back and then make sure you hold it upright so the plan goes there. What the fuck is this. Get out of my store. It's two dollars more than half a case cos that's what it is. So and there's no top on that. So what stuff. Absolutely. And there is no plastic around each of those cans. Those shirts are going all over your floorboard. You know, it's happened.


The cops are going to pull you over. I worked the overnight there some God damn it, James. I had a three fifty seven under the counter. I was not fucking around. It was crackhead. Yeah. That's a tough neighborhood man, you know, fucking around over there.


So it was rough, although that's a very nice gas station for that neighborhood. Like everything was knew it. Yeah. It was a classy place. Shane, what more do you want it exactly. Certainly misplaced is what that place is.


Now they put that cute to never mind. They've got a cutie there to scare the shit out of those employees. Yeah. So anyway, she's going to leave her kids, take them to leave her husband, take the kids to Virginia. That's when she's going to leave. Tony doesn't say why this is happening. She just gives like a heads up, like if you don't see me in a week, it's because I took the kids and took the fuck off.




Yeah, well, the landlord has already described a nightmare situation that I would want out of. I would say so.


And also he, Tony, is described by pretty much everyone around as a, quote, low level crack dealer as well. So this is. Which that's the other thing I need to bring up, and that's the elephant in this room of this place, is drugs are fucking rampant here. And I'm not talking about, like, the new, you know, the opiates of the last five years. I'm talking in the 90s. Crack was fucking enormous here in the 20s.


Crack that meth, crack cocaine, crack, real coke, real threat by New York City and get all coke you want. You don't need to get meth. No one needs to go make anything. It's pouring in everywhere. So this is a very, very cracky area. And there's a lot a lot a lot of people who do and I'm not saying this because people I don't know, but people I do know and did know who are like blue collar people that supplement their income in a place a little higher cost of living in taxes by this sort of shit on the side dealing crack.


This is very normal for someone to, like, own a construction company or be like a a plumber or this or that. And they sell coke. That's really, really normal. Like guys who were just, you know, worked straight jobs. But they do that to make a little extra to make a living. That's right. I mean, watch Goodfellas. If you want an explanation, it's it's there for the taking. So they do it.


And the crack situation here, like when I was a teenager and I'm saying this because these people and more people are going to talk about went to high school with me. So this is relevant to how they came up. And what causes all this shit is I'll tell you a story. I remember I was hanging out at my friend's house. It was Wheaton Avenue in the village of Fishscale right there. And he had his family was pretty fucked up.


And he's a great fucking guy to awesome guy, crazy fucked up family crackhead in there in the mix and all this type of shit. We're hanging out in the basement. You're allowed to smoke weed in his house. That was the kid. So you know that house. Yeah. Where whose house? You know, he's fifteen, but you're allowed to smoke weed inside. It's very strange and it's never a good situation. It's always bad. And the bum can't smell it because she's either smoking a cigaret right now or she's also smoking weed.


Oh, yeah.


No, her boyfriend would would try to take bets on football games from Austin like I have. And then if you'd win, he'd be like, well, I'll give you I'll give you an eighth of weed. You'd be like, no, no, no, that's not worth thirty bucks. That's what you sell it for. It's not what it's worth. Give me thirty bucks and I'll go buy my own. So yeah, he would try to scam teenagers like that and said he was a scumbag.


So anyway one day we're all hanging out in the basement smoking weed and one of my friends who I won't name and Satanic Bell who I just say that because it's a it's just demonic, you know, just just a name that we called him. He they come in and they say, hey, you guys want to do something? And we're like, sure. And then they start smoking crack. So I'm like, I'm not smoking crack. That smells terrible.


And I had done Coke once in my life before that. And it was the most horrific experience. I'm hi. I'm fucking I'm up there enough. I don't need anything to take me to another level. I'm fine. I need weed to knock me down three pegs to keep me reasonably crazy, but not to that level. So they start smoking crack, but they're all doing it in the open. You're having fun. They're laughing. Yeah. Three days later, I come back.


They are in a blanketed off corner of the basement, smoking crack and whispering three days. It's still got to that. No, no, no. That's just the progression of it. In three days later on that week, they were coming in with cigaret machines and pay phones, cracking them open for the quarters. They tried to pour the metal to make a key to open, to make a master key for payphones. Jimmy tried to smelt the key and they got it down, but they couldn't get a metal that was hard enough that wouldn't crack when you turned it.


That was that that wouldn't break off. But they actually smelt it a fucking. That's how crazy these people are, recognized crackheads, you know. So what I'm saying is I'm not above knowing these types of people or anything like that, so I'm not trying to punch down or shoot from an upper floor by any stretch of the fucking imagination here. So I know a lot of people that do a lot of messed up shit, and that's fine. So now he's got some friends as well here that he kind of hangs out with and he sells to kind of sort of said that there maybe they buy some stuff together.


They go in on some shit together sometimes, you know, that sort of thing. Sure. Little small amounts here. And those are that's a guy named Mark Serrano who we'll talk about and a guy named Charles Guilio who will talk about Charlie Guilio. They someone here says, quote, They were acquaintances through the drug connection. Everyone called it a a business relationship they had originally, but they've known each other forever. Guilio and Morri, Tony and Charlie Guilio.


We've known each other since they were kids. And then Sorano hangs out with with Charlie Guilio. And comes over there and hangs out. That's the kind of the relationship, how it goes, they all kind of buy and sell and kind of do sleazy, you know, low level ship here, basically, and do drugs and shit. Charlie Guilio, Charles Guilio, Jr., another junior in the mix. He's thirty two years old in early 2007, best described by me as a quote, local scumbag.


That's what I would call him if you saw him walking and go, that's local scumbag Charlie Guilio like he is he him and he had brothers or cousins by the same name and at the time did the same last name at the time. I don't know. Now they might have you know, they might have the best self employed fence installer company go in or I have no idea what the family is doing now. But at the time this batch of Giulia's Charles and a couple others I won't name, we're kind of known as though the whites of this area.


Yeah, like the wonderful whites of West Virginia, they were like the whites, like I know people who would get picked up by the cops without ID when they were like 15 and they would say they were one of the gilliams. I never did that. But I know people who literally did that. I just said I was so and so guilty. I'll fuck them that because they were like and I'll say, Charles, especially because he was kind of the the head of it was he's a fucking asshole.


He was just an asshole who thought he was a Joe Dirt looking scumbag in nineteen ninety five when Mullet's and all that shit were not cool anymore. Punchline already. Yeah. Oh yeah. They were literally the no everybody the whites they were the fucking whites. The benefit of that is that you are not especially. Yeah. There is something great to being quote unquote notorious. I mean the one white who is missing right now and people are looking for and they know who she is because she's a fucking nut job.


That's great.


You know, if they were a little bit this much more interesting, Jimmy, maybe someone would have walked around and filmed them at the time. But instead, they just he's just, quote, local scumbag. There he goes.


Hey, everybody, just going to take a quick break from the show to tell you a little bit more about that app based game that awesome can't put it down game best fiends. Oh, my goodness. Best friends. You're going to have so much fun doing it. And it's just it's one of those things. It's like it's like you're watching a good reality show or you're like eating something good. You want a good flavor of ice cream and everybody else has gone to bed and you're digging into it.


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So I remember him and his family. And yeah, I mean, the best thing would be like, you know, like kind of that mid 90s, like, metal fan look, but not like the black, just like a denim jacket, mullet, that kind of thing. But like freckly and like real. Like kind of he was a real trashy looking dude. The dirt has. Yeah. We're like tight jeans in the nineties. Are you doing what we like.


You just said. But but not like picking on him for fashion. He was like a dirt bag too, like he sold like he would like sell fucking fake drugs and shit. He was that kind of stuff, you know, and then there'd be twenty people wanting to beat the fuck out of him and, you know, chasing him around. And yeah, it was he was that kind of guy like just always had shit going on here. But he's really, really good friends since childhood with Tony Morri.


They're tight and they often ride four wheelers together all around the neighborhood and people see them and everything like that. So you have you have them now. A friend of Guilio here of Charlie, Charlie Guilio is a guy named Mark Serrano. Now Mark Serrano, he's twenty nine years old at the time. Mark Serrano and I went to high school together and I remember him very well because I used to fuck with him because he was a fucking asshole. Yeah.


And I'd be very, very, very honest here. There was I'm ninety nine point ninety nine percent sure he's got an identical twin brother. He's either got an identical twin brother or a brother that's a year older or younger who you couldn't tell them apart from if you had a microscope. So I'm not sure. But there's fucking two of them. But this is the one we're talking about. I'm not going to involve his brother in this, obviously, but he and his brother and this other guy that they hung out with who I won't name, used to walk around in these outfits in high school like they thought they were.


They basically looked like they were like assistance to the assistance to their leader of a banana republic is what they look like, like a like paramilitary flunkeys. That's how they dressed. Yeah. They had like combat boots, but not like cool dock's, you know what I'm saying? They had, like, boots that were like tied up all the way, like they were going to trudge through a swamp. And I'm like or. Oh, yeah, I'm like, no, no, no combat boots, right, combat, yeah, and with, like, their pants tucked in and they wore like either the like Army Navy surplus green, you know, like jacket or like trench coats and shit like that.


And they acted like the one kid who I called I called them Hitler in the ateam. That's like their group, the leader of this little group who is a fucking dipshit, like had he did his hair and like this like Nazi youth way. And he he just looked like a fuck. You look like a fucking Nazi. You just look like a Nazi. So he strutted around with these boots with his chest out. And this little group used to like, fuck with people.


They used to like fuck with kids that were weaker, like younger kids and shit like that. But they were pussies. So I'd get the whole group and just call them names, called them Hitler in the 80s. And I had a song about Hitler and the team, but I don't remember the fucking words, but I was fucking follow these kids singing behind them to try to get them to say something so I could fight with them because I didn't like them, because they picked on people that they I thought were weaker than them.


So right away, I don't like this kid's character. Like, I know this motherfucker and I don't like him. And I didn't like him then. And I fucked with him for a good two years. And I really wish that just one time he would have said something because it might have changed a lot of shit that happened here. It changed the course of history. It's possible. So Hitler in the eighteen, Mark Serrano part of the team is what I called them, because if you don't know what that was, it was a shitty TV show with Mr.


T. Great club show. Are you nuts? I love it when I'm playing together, James. I watched the shit out of a good show. That van was pretty cool. It was like, if you're going to get my list. Oh, that's the one that's on me. Like I got molested. But yeah, that was pretty cool. It was pretty cool. And a 440 in the minute drive around the block afterwards. So now that's the target.


And that's how cool we're seeing us as kids, not you as well. When we were kids in the eighties, that's how cool the van was to us. Right. We would have taken one for the team on that one. So get a ride in the eight teams and it's on a cross and mark on my back.


But it was worth it. I got Jack Burns on my knee. So so I called them Hitler in the 80s.


That's what I'm getting at. I mean, as much as I saw them and like one of the I think Hitler was in my study hall and which is a fun phrase to say, Hitler was in my study hall, which is don't you don't hear that one often. So if somebody had to do they have study hall back then? I mean, I think maybe not. I think everything was forced. Study Hall back the study where in the hall right now yelling at them in Austria.


And yeah. So yeah, they, they grew up together here, Hitler in the ateam and basically they all, they all went to Jonge like I said. Now Charlie Guilio and Tony Morri are so close that Tony's three sons call Charlie Uncle Charlie. So yeah, they're very, very close. They grew up together and everything like that. One of the neighbors here says Charlie's family and Tony's family were like family to each other, OK? He also said that they had raucous parties and there was always kind of the two of them are the main cogs of these parties.


They would drive the four wheelers all around on the street, around the neighborhood like that. Yeah. You know, the family, they would yell and scream on their TVs and annoy all the neighborhood basically is what this neighbor said. One of the neighbors said about Guilio, quote, He'd act whacked out every weekend.


So there's that great review. A great he was not a good tenant is the one guy that he would whack, that he would act whacked out every weekend. Right. These are this is what we're dealing with here. And and a member of Hitler in the 80s. These are the characters where you got going on here. So, yeah, they all they all do drugs together. They all hang out together. They party together. And, you know, I don't know if they install fences together, but we'll see.


Serrano works for Royal Karting, who is the company that takes my garbage right now. So that's pretty fucking funny. Anyway, he it's one of the garbage companies here if there's like fucking twelve of them. So at the time as well, there's an eighteen year old living in the house named Frances Cannon. He's a John Jay High School student who was arrested for burglarizing John Jay High School. Oh, fantastic.


How do you how do you do? I know you can, but I know. I know a kid who got drunk, guy, he was like 18 at the time, got drunk and broke into the elementary school, Evans Elementary School, and just fucked with some shit. And like, he cut himself on the glass because he was drunk and he bled all over the computers and they charged him with vandalism for like bleeding all over the computers. That was an extra charge.


He deserves it. That's what he said. You guys, I don't know why I did that shit. Every charge, he deserves it a lot. Why would you do that? I could've done it. He didn't even take the computers. He just laid on them. What was he? He was drunk. He would have dropped him anyway. So I was just Jones. And for some math. Oh, my God. I think I've lifted the curtain a little too far back on this episode.


I might have I might have given everybody too too much. Too much with too much inside. Yeah, I think. I think so. I think I try to keep an air of something here. We thought you were stronger and yeah. I've just let in way too much out of the bag. So this is why when we make fun of people on crime and sports and like we know these fucking people, do you understand? It's not like I'm sitting home.


Oh, look at this guy out there. I know that guy. I know I know what he was doing because I was doing it to someone I know is doing it, though. So this guy, this Francis Cannon, he's, like I said, arrested for burglarizing John Jay High School, had been staying at the home until January 16th. He stays there of twenty seven when he goes to jail. That's the only reason he leaves because he's taken to jail.


Now, he was told, by the way, the day before he was taken to jail, there was a court hearing and Tina, the wife, had told him, we're going to help you and get you out of this. And then it didn't work, obviously, because she was going to jail. So, Tony, according to his one of his friends, Tony Moore, he kept his drugs in a lockbox under his bed. So that's how he worked this when his three kids went to sleep.


Then people could come over to buy and use Coke. You come hang out with him and whatever, or you could just come by some Coke off him. If you're a friend of his. And he didn't have like a major operation, it wouldn't be like strangers stopping by. It was. That's why do sell to your friends. Every little group has one guy here that gets shit for everybody. That's kind of how it works. So, yeah, that's what he was doing when the boys were awake.


People had to go to his bedroom and closed the door or they'd go down in the basement and do deals, OK, so that when they were kids, when the kids were asleep, you could come in and hang out and, you know, they party up over here. It's a little tiny two story house on route eighty two. So like we said, the friend, the Frankie Cannon guy who robbed the robbed the high school, he lives with them for about four or five months and he helps Tony sell drugs.


You got to earn your keep. Yeah. You know, he's not a freeloader right here. He's a handyman right out of the gate. That's exactly need to put your time in as an intern and really climb the ladder here. He says that that he said that two of Tony's clients later on, two of them who happen to be Charles Guilio and Mark Serrano, he would sell Tony would sell about eighty dollars worth of powder coke cocaine to Charlie Guilio every week.


So about eighty bucks a week worth of coke powder, which isn't really a lot. That's a little bit here. And then between two hundred and four hundred dollars worth to Mark Serrano, a team member, no one or two, depending on which brother he is. It's a bit more. It's a bit more. Yeah. That's that's a decent amount of comfort there. That's you're going through some shit. So he's not doing too terrible. They said about May twenty six, Tony threw a birthday party for himself and his wife from Seattle.


Cos not that right.


What do you think that party consisted of lots of lots of quads and drinking and front and front lawns you think. Ripping up front lawns. Yeah.


That sort of thing. No, that party. I don't know possibly. But maybe they got some new quads for it because the party cost fifteen thousand dollars. What kind of party. What I that's like my super sweet 16 type of fucking party. Like what party costs. Fifteen thousand. Have you ever had a party that cost fifteen dollars that it's called a wedding. I was going to say it's called a wedding. The if the woman's always wanted to be a princess, that's the only time it's going to cost that much.


If she had like a princess thing once again, that's a lot of things. And he's hiring a deejay and he's catering it. Jesus, fuck man. What kind of food that is. Maybe that was like maybe it's like a Tyronne Begins thing. Like it's like he just bought the biggest crack rock he could find or he's just got a very small one from the drug dealer and Pulp Fiction because those prices went fucking drastic changes. So yeah, maybe you just got good stuff this time.


Well, part of it is he bought four ounces of cocaine. Yeah, that's a start. Yeah, it's a lot for a party that's more than half of the 15 grand, that's a lot of money. That's a lot of just like a quarter pound of coke just to fuck it a lot. Yeah. And like a party, I guess, if you have a lot of people. But still I mean, you've got to be certainly catering.


That's some kind of catering. I'm picturing Scarface piles and shit on the guy on a picnic table or worse, on a quad seat. Yeah. If you're doing quartzite, you need to think your life. I would imagine that's a little more cleanly than a fucking toilet seat. People do that all the time, so who knows.


Good point. You know, it's also fucked up. I don't think this house had a fence where it's like the guy that works on cars always has the shittiest car and the lady that cleans houses. Her house is always a pigsty. Know the chef always eats macaroni and cheese. If you do it for jobs, you don't do that shit at home. You think you put it up as a display. Like if you're from all these parties, you could be like someone.


If one person goes, that's a nice fancy go. Really? Well, listen, I can I can get you a nice quote. And at that point you can write off the party. So that's a business meeting. Probably not the Coke, but the rest of it. Yeah. Also weed and plenty of beer. The party lasted four days. Gee. Oh, this. My God. Imagine being their name. There's never been an event in my entire life that I wanted to celebrate it for four days long.


That's never. What the fuck. Has there ever been an event that you were going to do where you had four ounces of cocaine to do over the course of the excellent point that might have turned into four days if that was the if maybe that was the didn't have enough fuel for it. That's all. That's all it was. Jimmy, you were weak. Yeah. You were weak. You needed to get some coke, put up some fences and get your shit together.


So for de beer, booze, our beer, booze, weed and blow party beer, booze, bud and blow party, it's on. So now Frankie Cannon, who was staying there, he's a high school dropout and he had recently been also not only was he kicked out of school, he was kicked out of his grandmother's house. Yeah. Which is seems harder than to get kicked out of the school. That's usually the last place you can get kicked out of.


Yeah. You usually at your grandmother's house because your parents kicked you out while you're there, she'll put up with a lot more shit than most any other place. She remembers when you were little and you peed on her when she tried to change a diaper. And that's adorable. That's all she remembers. It's like, oh, my God. So he said that basically they would go, Frankie, the kid here was eighteen. Him and Tony would often go on benders, staying up for days on Coke.


They just they go crazy. And Frankie likes to rob things, quote, for the thrill of it. Yeah, that's all. That's why he does it. There's no on it's for fun. It's for the excitement. He likes to do coke and rob things I think he likes. This is a guy who you have to push out of a plane first thing in the morning. Every morning. I get to get that adrenaline out of him. Then once he hits the ground, he's ready for the day.


He's got it all out. He needs to be like.


For like ten thousand feet before he lost his day, I think, or else we're all going to have problems. I don't know why, but yeah, he said they would do that. Tony had a small circle of friends who are allowed to come over to buy drugs. Like I said, this was not like anybody in the world could stop by. This wasn't like a spot. He wasn't set up like D'Angelo Barksdale and the low in the low rises in the wire, folks.


Yeah, this is a different thing. This is our friends. Now, Frankie said that this is what Frankie says, that Tony and Frankie would drive to the house of the buyers that he didn't know too well. He wouldn't have them over his house if it was somebody who he was an acquaintance, friend of a friend. They would take the Coke to the guy or to the girl or whoever, but they wouldn't do it at their own house, which is good.


When you have kids around, you want to just be willy nilly. That's showing some restraint, you know what I mean? That's don't have strangers over your house to buy coke, right? When you have three kids in the house, you shouldn't have anybody over to buy Coke when you have three kids in the house. But. Right. Strangers especially, you should be leaving to do that business. Absolutely. So he also says, Frankie does that Tony made a point of keeping doors and windows locked, sometimes to the point of propping chairs against doors.


People who do coke are paranoid about things coming from the outside. So there's a lot of lock checking and people looking and pushing and all that shit going on. That's not surprising. Wedging chairs under the door handles. That's a lot. That's a lot.


That's excessive. I think that's that's I feel like if someone's going to make that big of an effort, I don't think the chair is going to help now. So January 15th, twenty seven. So this is four days before the house was ablaze. Tina calls her mom in a panic. OK, life here. Teena Marie, she calls her mom. She says, quote, Mom, I'm petrified for Tony. He and Charlie had a big blowout and Tony told him to stay away from our house.


That's what she tells her mom. Her mom says that she and Tina said they didn't know what good it would do to call the police and Guilio hadn't done anything illegal. He's just kind of a menacing guy who they're now afraid of because he's that kind of guy. Like I told you, he's a scumbag. So then. Yeah, so that's that's how this all goes. Now, that's the only kind of kind of red flag of trying get that.


She says a few days before that, she tells the other clerk that she's going to run away to Virginia with her kids calls. Her mom says she's scared for her husband, Charlie, you know, whatever told he told Charlie to stay away from the house. So the night of January 18th into the 19th, that is the night of the fire. Like we said, three twenty a.m. fire rages. Passers by call nine one one. The fire department comes once they get the the fire out, they they enter the place, they enter it.


And the first thing they find is what they what looks like a dead body of a younger person. Now, first thing they find and everything in here is absolutely charred to fuck, by the way. And nothing here is it's bad. The residence, they move, remove everything they can from the residence and they place everything in every everything they find or everybody they find in a canvas tarp in the front yard, by the way. Yeah. So later this morning, as they go through the rubble, they find the charred remains of Tony and Tina Marie.


They are on top of each other under a living room sofa is how they find them. They were burned so badly that at first the investigators thought that it was one body to another. But yeah, yeah, well, melded together, pretty much the postmortem here. The exam and investigation reveals that Tony and Teen were each shot, each shot with a rifle. Tony shot once through the neck. Tina shot in the face and in the back could lower a rifle.


Yeah, and facing in the back, terrible shit. And then burned beyond recognition in the rear first floor family room of the home. That's what they found. Now, the youngest boy, six year old Ryan, was found downstairs by the front door where he was running, trying to get out his getting out. Yeah, but he didn't make it to the front door. He got close to the front door before he was bludgeoned with a blunt Good Christ blunt trauma force to the head.


Bludgeoning is what ultimately took him down. Year old FOK, six year old then. But that didn't kill him. He was just left for dead while he. Lying there, suffering before he succumbed to smoke inhalation once place was set ablaze, so that's how that went. The oldest boy, this is the worst. I mean, I don't know how you can say the worst. The oldest boy, Tony Jr., 13 years old, he fought hard.


This kid, he was a he's a bigger kid. And he wasn't fluck. He thought he was a kid at Balls man. He really did. He suffered eighty three stab wounds. Eighty three. That's how fucking hard this kid fought. That's a tough kid. A real tough kid. Kid tough enough to get stabbed. That's wild. You got to really fuck. And a lot of them were defensive, threw his hands into his face and things like that.


It was a lot of defensive. He'd fuck really, really bad stuff there. And then the second, the middle boy, Adam, who was only ten, he was sleeping. He didn't even know any of this was going on. So the younger child tried to run, father and mother shot, and then the younger child tries to run and the older child is stabbed in this brutal attack. The youngest, the middle son, still sleeping. And I slept like a rock.


Yeah, they don't they don't just say, OK, he didn't. He's sleeping. Don't worry about him. They ended up going into his room and he is stabbed in the side of the head as he. Oh, good God, what the knife this is. This is rough, everybody. The knife was this is fucking brutal. I'm sorry about this. The knife was plunged so hard that the tip went into the pillow on the other side.


Oh, Christ, that's poor kid. Yeah. Imagine the depravity that goes into that act. Think about what I just described, what happened afterwards that it takes to do that, you'd have to be mad, furious or children. Yeah, children. And then say burn it to the fucking ground on top of it. This is as heinous, as fucking disgusting, as shitty as the thing that any human being could do here or any human beings.


So, yeah, Tony and his wife were each shot, like we said, and the children were stabbed and everything like that. As we we said the medical examiner and the prosecutors here and the police also, they want they put out basically this because they said they wanted people to know basically they want the family to know how hard the kid fought for his life and shit like that. They said this isn't you know, the kid fought really hard.


And that's that's that's just brutal, man. So, man, the youngest, Ryan, was stabbed and then beaten, by the way. They stabbed him and he still ran and then they beat him to death in the head. That's how it happened. And then and then he was burned. They said he would have probably died from the stab wounds or the bludgeoning. Either one of them were good enough to do it. But the smoke inhalation got him first and all five of them are dead and all five is dead here.


The police said they have no leads at this time. They said, quote, We're checking regional hospitals for anyone who might have shown up with burns or lacerations, particular in particular cuts to their hands because that part of stab wounds, your hand goes down that knife. It's yeah, it's hard to keep your hand on the blade, he says. They say, quote, If anyone knows anyone who all of a sudden has bandaged up hands, cuts or burns, we'd like to know about it.


So it's out there. Then they find, like we said, Tony's car right over there. This was the Morey family car, the purple Kia we talked about that was burned less than a mile from the home here. And it's about it's about a mile also in between. It's basically in between Tony's house and Charlie Giulia's tramcar is how it works. That's that's equal distance between them. So right away, they'd like to talk to Charlie just because that's the trail on there and he knows them really well and whether they're suspicious of Charlie or not or they just think that Charlie might know something about this or know someone that Tony was beef in with or whatever, because he's his best friend, you know, whatever.


So a neighbor who knows both of them, both Charlie and Tony Moore, he said, quote, I've known Charlie since I was eight years old. There's no way that kid did anything. They were very good friends. Another neighbor said Tony would come up here every day riding the quads with him. They're very good friends. And then another one said that Charlie was all crying and upset and worried about those kids and what happened to them. So this neighbor says, no, no, Charlie was all broken up about the whole thing.


He got it all wrong. If you think Charlie had anything to do with it, he was crying over the kids and everything like that. A cousin of Charlie said that Charlie was hysterical after the deaths and torn apart. And the cousin said, quote, He loved those boys. He cried, sat in his house last week crying over the loss of his nephews and what he calls his brother. That's how he described them to me. OK, so they're saying Charlie is just don't even think about him as a suspect because he is he's torn apart.


Yeah, well, he's either distraught for for loss or distraught because, I mean. How do you how do you not feel some sort of feeling if you're responsible for that? I mean, unless you're like one of these like this man or one of these guys who's just like, I don't know, I just cut people's heads off and don't feel anything about, like, one of those people. It's just a thing I do. It's just a thing I do.


I mean, it's not like it's a it doesn't define me as a person. Now, I also install fences that I tell you that. So, yeah, it's a it's a very you really have to have some I don't even know what you have to have no heart or soul whatsoever to say. I'm going to wipe out a family of five kids and I'll burn the house down all, by the way. And those kids call me Uncle Charlie that they're saying that's that would be a really a lot.


So two hundred leads they're trying to track down here. One of them came from a road shack they conducted between midnight and three a.m. on the next day. Basically, they set up a roadblock and checked everybody that was kind of doing a little looky loo late night, like somebody who might want to check it out in the middle of the night and see. Also, the community responds by setting an impromptu memorial up outside the home. They have to build a small wooden fence to do it by, by the way.


So I don't know, say he's going to build a fence. So nothing the guy I mean, it's a terrible tragedy, obviously, but I feel defensive because you have a memorial. That's all I'm saying. So now one of the family members went to the home the day after it was burned and to try to help other family members retrieve any mementos they could, photographs, anything that wasn't completely charred beyond recognition. There's no way there's anything left, right there.


They find pieces of things and whatever. So they're getting photographs. And this family member said he was carrying some photos of the mory children when he met a state trooper who was also, you know, hanging out around there. And he said the trooper said to him, are these are the kids on the pictures? And he said they were. And they said, the trooper, look at the photos and he says, Now I have faces to remember by as I do my job.


So they were there really people were fucking pissed about this. It's it's one this happens anywhere. And it's one thing to kill adults especially. It's one thing to certain people who do that do certain thing. No one deserves to be obviously killed in their house and all this. But certain lifestyles lend themselves better to certain, like the guy last week that we talked about, his lifestyle didn't really lend himself to being murdered. Yeah, you know what I mean.


He was just he was a plumber and now things like that and whatever. So sometimes if you throw a weekend long cocaine parties, you tend to a different element that you're dealing with at that point. So like I said, not that anybody deserves anything, obviously not even close to it, but fuck, man, that's what happens. You end up with around shitty people. Now, the reaction of everybody, like I said, was round the clock investigation, you know, over time, out the window, everything you want, throw it at the throw everything at it.


The one of the police, the police spokesman said, quote, This is certainly not an average homicide. The Morey family were attacked and viciously murdered in their own home. So, you know, that's different. It doesn't happen all the time to be attacked and viciously murdered in your own home. So Sunday, January twenty, first they keep this vigil going with all sorts of balloons and notes and all sorts of shit at the home. The on the twenty third rumors start to circulate and police deny reports that were actually in the New York Post, I believe Post or Daily News.


I don't want to say which one, but the title of the article was Horror House Boys Tortured. That was the title of it Christ. So I mean, that was they were saying the kids were tortured. They want to come the police come out and say the kids were not tortured. First of all, they weren't. I mean, you could call that torture, but they don't think it was like a torture thing. They weren't doing it.


It wasn't to cause pain. They were trying to kill the kids and just weren't that good at it. Right. I mean, I'm not trying to encourage anybody. But just in terms of common fucking sense, if you were if you were walking around and you killed two people rather efficiently with one particular instrument, you know what I mean? And then you went to another instrument. And clearly it was not as efficient, obviously, as those were like my way.


Crazy, brutal murders were the gunshots, just very loud sounding. And they went, fuck, neighbors are going to hear that. Right? That's all I can think. Like, did you only have three bullets? What the hell was your what was your plan there? You know, shoot everybody if you're going to do at least put them out of their fucking misery. Early beating, beating children and stabbing upwards of 90 times is crazy. Yeah.


I mean, let's stab the ten year old in the head is a weird fucking thing when you could just when you just shot. It killed them fast, like, I don't understand why you would do that, so also the police are also denying rumors that are coming out in the papers that the killers had ties to organized crime. I can assure you they did. So definitely not. They were still looking at hospitals and everything like that, looking for people with wounds and shit.


The Tony's body was identified through DNA. The children were visually identified. And the mother, Tina, was identified through X-rays and dental records. So it was bad stuff. Now, Thursday, January, twenty fifth, twenty seven police report there's no signs of forced entry into the Morri home. And they also have a good idea of what caliber weapon was used to shoot Tina and Manuell. It'll turn out it's a twenty two caliber rifle that did it now January twenty fifth.


Also on that Thursday, once they find out the caliber, they talk to someone and they talk to someone from through a very unique way of finding someone to talk to. Not normal investigative routes, really. This is a mobile plate hunter. OK, what is that? This is a machine that tracks like a computer that tracks plates that drive by. Oh, OK. And it's like that's a rectangular. Like the right registers it as it goes by, just whatever.


So there was a mobile plate hunter installed on the roof of a car, police car that was patrolling Route eighty two near the Morri home early on the morning of January 19th. The device takes twenty pictures per second as it goes. So a lot and anything of anything it sees that has the shape of a license plate. So it really clicks on. So make sure you end up getting a clear one. So what ended up happening is they do a search for license plates on this system of people that they think might possibly be involved to see if they were around there that night.


Yeah, to see how that goes. So they find a photo of a Nissan Xterra with Mark Serranos license plate clearly visible in it from that night, right at the right time where these murders would have taken place. Clearly, they'd like to have a chat with Mark. Yeah. About this. They said they searched data from the GPS system and the trooper car determine the picture of Serranos car captured by the mobile plate. Hunter had been taken about five hundred feet from Maury's house.


This isn't like, you know, five miles down the road, five hundred feet from the house, that one fourteen a.m. on January 19th. And so he couldn't deny being in the vicinity of the house when the shit happened. So this was this was a problem. They had to bring him in. And that's it's hard to talk your way out of that one. Yeah, that's difficult. Well, I just drove by, wasn't on fire when I left.


I don't I sorry him. I heard of him. I don't know.


So anyway, the according to the court documents here, later on, Sorano tells the police at first here, he says that the day of the fire, he doesn't know anything about it. Him and Joe Gilli are Geminids. John, what I said his name was Charlie. John, Joe, John, Bob, Bill, Frank, Charlie, Jesus Christ.


Charlie Guilio here. And Mark Serrano had been drinking beer at Chelios home when they called Tony Maurey and asked him to come over and hang out. Sorano tells the cops here that Tony Morris said no thank you. And Serrano said that he then Sorano himself left Chelios trailer and went home. So and by the way, if anybody would ever think knowing in high school that guy is going to live in a trailer when he's 30, that's exactly what you would think.


And we were all fucking right. That's amazing. By the way, I just have to say that to see the future like that is pretty prescient when he was 16. So in a second statement, given the next day, Sorano tells police that he and Guilio called Tony Morri late night to find out if he would sell them some Coke not to come and hang out. He said that Tony Moore told him he didn't have any Coke. So then three days later, Sorano talks to the cops again, and this time he says he Angelico bought cocaine on the night of the 18th from a guy in Beacon, which, as one does so, they went to Beacon and then Guilio later called Tony Morri asking for more cocaine.


So he said this was just like a secondary. You know how it goes with Coke. Yeah, one batch isn't enough. I was always going back for more. So they said over the next three days, Sorano, quote, offered many different accounts of the night of January 18th and morning of the 19th to. One conversation, Sorano said he drove Guilio to the Morri home, then saw the house was on fire. He also told police he'd seen Guilio carrying a sawed off twenty two rifle when he dropped him off at the Morri home.


Set off twenty two. That's a bizarre weapon that some white trash there. I have a twenty two rifle. How do I make it cool and mobile. I'll sell it off and inaccurate and weak. Isn't that the benefit of a twenty two is its accuracy. Right.


So the one, the shotgun that you saw down if it looks menacing but it also sprays more directly. Yeah it's. Yeah. If you're in an enclosed room you can get everybody right. A bank robbery or something. But this makes very little sense except for I started off cool. Right. Look at that. All right. So I heard sort of sounds scary. Sounds good, right. So also they find and we'll find out how they find it, but they will find DNA evidence of bloodstains found on Serranos clothing and inside his car that came from some of the victims.


Not good. Not a good thing here. So under questioning by his attorney or I'm sorry, by the police here, he just says, I've been drinking beer. We were snorting, just drinking and starting coke. That's all we were doing. He said that he and Guilio finally says this is what happened. He and Guilio were sitting in his Nissan Xterra in the parking lot of a convenience store on route eighty two. Yeah, OK. Collins class and I as a teenager done this many times but I wasn't.


Thirty three is the good fun. But as a teenager you'd meet up at a convenience store parking lot hoping to meet a drug dealer. That's how this works, which I've done, like I said, plenty of times or been on the other end of it. So in order they were trying to buy weed, he says, at ten thirty that night. Right. So they're waiting on a guy waiting on him. Finally they wait and about ten thirty PM Guilio says, fuck it, let's go to Tony's house and just get some coke which is a big escalation from we're waiting for an eighth of weed to.


Let's just go get some coke. I guess it's getting late. They're getting tired. No man. So Sorano says that he drove south on route eighty two, parked his SUV in the parking lot of Gino's restaurant, which was right next door to the property there. It's a different restaurant now. I don't know what the fuck it is, but it was genos at the time. And and he watched Guilio go inside the Morri home. He says he waited about ten minutes, about ten minutes after this.


After waiting, Serrano says he opened the door. He left the car, went to the front door, opened the door and saw Charlie Guilio talking to Tony Morri in the kitchen. He says, quote, They were talking about going out to get cocaine, but Tony said he needed to check with Tina, continue to check with his wife to see if it was cool to go out and get Coke on a Thursday night. All right. You know, anybody who's married would understand that.


Anyway, I don't know if the wife's going to be cool with me going on a Coke run on a work night, you know what I mean? I got fences to install tomorrow. She's not going to be thrilled with us. We got three kids. We got three kids. Yeah, that's a lot for a Thursday night. COCKRAM So he said at this point that Tina said, no, she didn't want Tony to leave, which, yeah, obviously.


And the conversation went into the living room. And this is what Sorano says after that quote, Tony looked at Charlie and then Charlie pulls this twenty two from inside a sweatshirt. He put the barrel straight up to Tony's face and fired the gun. Tony spun around and fell on his back. Now he ended up shooting him in the neck. But if you put it to his face and he moved, that's a very. So that makes sense. It drops.


Exactly. He said that Sorano then heard Teena Marie. Obviously, the wife screamed and said, quote, What did you just do? Which is pretty clear. She said she just yelled out at Charlie Serrano says, quote, She jumped up and pushed Charlie and he raised the gun and fired it at her face. Jesus Christ. Quote, She ran to the door and Charlie fires. He shot her in the back. So either in the face and she ran away, ran away.


Then he shot her in the back and dropped off like that. So he said Serrano said that he began to back out of the room. At this point, he's like, I'm all I was all freaked out. You know how it is. He said, quote, I was yelling, what the hell just happened? He said, Guilio, quote, tried to calm me down, telling me not to worry about it. But he left the house and drove to his home about a mile away.


OK, so Serrano says he ran away, got in his car, drove away right to his house. He said he he was terrified and he ran in the front door lock the front door behind him, got undressed and snorted some cocaine.


Yes, I said those things and that box you look on your face like, OK, because then he takes dressed, so that means different clothes. I maybe the time. Nope, just naked doing some coke after black and white man. So, yeah. So he's sitting there undressed snorting some coke, which is what I do, what I need to calm down. Clearly after about two hours he said he decided to go back to the Morri house, which if you OK, let's say this happened, you went with your friend to buy some coke and you popped in the door and he's shooting everybody in the house and he ran away with you back two hours later just to check it out a bit.


Or would you, like, fucking move to Arkansas and never be heard from again and change your name? Like, what are you doing? I'm sorry. So anyway, he says that, you know, he did that. They asked him, well, what did you see? And he said, I made my way up the stairs looking for Charlie. He said he looked into an upstairs bedroom that he knew was used by Tony and Tina. And then he said he smelled a strong odor of fresh blood in another bedroom.


He is cement, James. That stuff smells so terrible, blah, blah, blah, that. Yeah, yeah.


But a strong odor of fresh blood is not something we hear often in these descriptions. He says, quote, I noticed the older son on the floor. I shook his leg to wake him up and noticed I was standing in blood. He was stabbed eighty three times. Yeah. I don't think you wouldn't notice that shit. You're wading through that my friend. Yeah, that shit is literally splashing. That's ridiculous. And I noticed I was standing in blood, he said.


Then he ran downstairs, slipping in a pool of blood and bracing his blood stained palm on the wall, because that's the other reason they found a fucking they found a partial bloody palm print on a little tiny unburned piece of drywall, which is goddamn remarkable. Yeah. He said that at that point he looked up all freaked out. Of course, everybody's dad, everything's going on. He looked up only to find Charlie Guilio carrying a gasoline can. OK, that's what he sees, he said.


Then he went outside where he saw Guilio jump into Tony's car. He said after watching Guilio set the car on fire a few minutes later, which was also like a half a mile away. Right. He says that he drove Guilio home and went home himself and told his employer he called in the work. He went home and called in the Royal Karting at fucking three o'clock in the morning. You know, the traffic is going to have to wait, you guys.


I can't do it. It is like, you know, well, I guess if you're a garbage man, you have to call in super early because that's that's. Yeah, yeah. Out there to be there. Five a.m., three a.m.. They're already cracking the guys like you're not coming in. Jesus, we're busy as shit down here. Come on. He's not not coming in to do to take out the trash. And he says that instead he stayed home to try to wash the blood off his clothes, you know, because he'd been slipping and sliding and everything like that, you know, back on.


Yeah. So the following afternoon, he said that Guilio asked him to drive, asked him to drive to Duchesse Park Lake. Oh my God.


That's just park. Oh, Jesus Christ. Duchesse Park is a neighborhood of houses behind was the AMP Future Store back in the 90s, which was this terrible supermarket. Anyway, this neighborhood had like some nice pockets of the newer areas of it and then some like shitty older pockets. Yeah. And basically there was a list of about probably forty of us where if we were seen anywhere in there, we were getting pulled over and searched and I've been pulled over and searched no less than twenty five times.


And Duchies Park, it's just it was happening like just not even you could be going ten miles an hour, stop in ten until you're getting pulled over and searched. Not even do you have anything on you. Just get out of the car and start tearing apart. So anyway, Duchesse Park Duchies Park Lake asked him there. He said once they got to the lake, he said that he that Guilio got out of the car near the lake carrying something under a leather jacket.


He said he drove around the block, picked Guilio up again, and then later he also threw some of his bloodstained clothes in the lake. He was like what seemed like a good place to do that. Great place to put it. Absolutely. So the police, based on what he said, went to the lake and found the twenty two caliber rifle, a bloodstained knife and serranos bloody clothes while they searched the lake. So they have all sorts of evidence.


Now, the only thing they have, though, is basically all this physical evidence tied to Sorano and him saying that Charlie Guilio did all of it right. That's basically what they have. They have no physical evidence of Charlie Guilio whatsoever. They've got him, they've got it, they've got Sorano saying he was there, but there's no they have Serranos palm print blood from the victims. Ersin is in his car and blood is on his clothes. And he knew where the knife and gun were.


Right. So that's a that's a tough one. But he is they end up arresting him, obviously, Sorano. And, you know, he had done all these different interviews and they were all different. All of his fucking stories were different. He has no criminal record at the time. That's the thing. Those kids at the time that I remember them, they weren't into drugs or doing anything like, you know, illegal because they were pussies in high school.


So I don't know what they became of later. But apparently this and Guilio, it said, had been in the paper they say had been arrested a few times for minor offenses, which describes exactly what I would have probably said, a bunch of, like, little shit. I bet he's got a DUI and a fucking possession of this and you know what I mean, that kind of guy. So they arrest Sorano and they arrest Charlie Guilio as well.


They're each charged with a single count of second degree murder to start with. This is this is Tony, the death of Tony. That's where they just to be able to keep them and to start. Good start. The police say, quote, We do not believe this was a random act. We believe that we have two people who are responsible for it and they're currently behind bars. They said they have forensic evidence and statements made by both of them.


So they're pretty confident about this. They go to Charlie Giulia's home, which is a trailer, and they search it. Now, Charlie says, I'm innocent. Yeah, this is crazy. I'm a good guy. I'm innocent. He denied ever going to the residence that night. He said, quote, I was never at Tony's house that night. That's what he tells the police when they pick him up. I don't know what you're talking about.


This is Chris says, quote, I didn't do it. Listen to this line. This is a classic. I didn't do it. But if I did, I don't. And he said it very specifically because this comes up all right, OJ. I don't recollect it. Recollect recollects, not recollect. I don't recollect it, which that's perfect. Honestly, I didn't do it. But if I did, I don't recollect it. What the fuck does that mean?


John Jay High School. Oh, thanks, George. I mean, great job, everybody. Good job all around John Jay High School. Wonderful. Thirty fucking two year old man saying recollect in a police interview fighting for his life, he's saying, recollect that fucking idiot. So they're being held without bail. They're going to appear in court. Sorano also faces the charge of first degree robbery. And so, yeah, that's how they do that.


They're accused of the killings. They said, quote, These two individuals acted together and they said it would be difficult to say which one had the larger role. Sure. I'd say when a kid gets stabbed so hard that the knife goes through his head into a pillow, really doesn't matter which one, which one did what. I don't care who held this and I don't care who who moves or who helps you. If you held it or moved it, you're still just as responsible as you're half the business at that point.


So don't care. The police or they say the police received information that Teena Marie told a lot of people that she was very scared of Charlie Guilio. She was worried he'd come over to the house and do something. And sadly, she was right. That's what the police or the prosecutor said here when they searched Giglio's trailer. It's less than two miles from Tony's home. Here Guilio is gas his profession.


Jimmy, the homeless, jobless, unemployed.


No, no, he's got it. He's not employed by anybody. But what's his what's his job title. Yeah, what's his trade. Jesus Christ. I don't know. You know. Yeah. Do I know what. You know what he is. I don't. He's a roofer Jimmy. The fucking sun and the tar. Yeah. And everything. I've and I'm sure there's good roofers and nice people out here, but that's a hard goddamn job.


But they'll hire anybody to do it. I've known like three roofers in my life and they were all crackheads. Not saying all roofers are crackheads, but the only three I've known were crackheads. And now this one, too. You can add to the list of Ruffy crackheads. So, yeah, they said he lived there for about a year and a half, Guilio as a three year old son as well. So, you know, got to have got to reproduce there.


It's a white trailer with like green trim. Great. They describe it in the paper while it's being searched as a white trailer with like green trim surrounded by state police vehicles. Just sounds like the kind. That's the one. Yeah. That comes with that. Right. I feel like now if you buy this model, you're gonna get twice a year surrounded by state police vehicles once a year. They don't bring black. Chavannes as well, you can like to put evidence, it's pretty exciting you're going to like it now Posterous, a Guilio relative here and most more accurately, Galileo's father, Charles Guilio, also here.


He says that he he doesn't think that he did it and all this sort of thing. But other people come out and say that Guilio talked about wanting to kill Tony Maury and burn his house down in the last couple of months before it happened. And so they go back and forth. Members of the Kelly family, one particular member does think he did it. That's his cousin, Dorothy Guilio. She told police and later a jury that she believed that Charlee had committed the crime.


She said she spoke to him several times, follow in the following days after January nineteen twenty seven. And she said, quote, He knew about things, about the crime that were not said in the newspaper. So she said that that Charlie often bought cocaine from Tony. But in the summer and fall of 2006, her cousin was often angry with Tony because he would not give him drugs on credit. So he wanted, he said, to have cash.


Yeah. And he was like, how fucking dare he make me pay for Coke to pay up front? What Jesus mean, I got to buy it. Good God. He said she recalled him saying, quote, I'm going to kill that fuck and go down there and burn his fucking house down. So, I mean, that's pretty specific. Yeah. She also said she'd been a friend of Tinas, you know, Tony's wife who was murdered here, and that when she heard the radio news reports about the fire, she drove from her home to in Dover Plains to the Mollari residence, where she spoke with police and firefighters briefly.


Then she drove to Charlie Gallegos mobile home about a mile and a half away. She said when she got there, Sorano was over there visiting Guilio, and shortly after they arrived, they both began drinking beer and snorting coke as they do. Yeah. So Serranos story of being horrified by all of this kind of doesn't really hold water when you are hanging out there two days later snorting coke with the guy. Right. You were so taken aback by you had the vapors over him murdering children.


Yeah. The fuck out of here. So, Jesus Christ. She said that Charlie and Serrano said they believe the family may have been killed by a pair of drug dealers who they said had recently jumped Tony Moore because he owed the money for cocaine. That was the it's the O.J. defense. I think it was drug dealers. They go, you know, they are. Two days later, she said she returned to the trailer and during a conversation about the murders, she said Charlie said he'd heard that Tony had been shot in the neck and that hadn't been out yet in the paper.


And she said that her cousin said, quote, I bet that. I bet he felt that.


I bet that hurt. You think now she says that she also because later on under she'll testify. And under cross-examination, she also says that she has been admitted to the mental hospital with psychiatric problems recently, which doesn't change anything. Now, she says they asked her why. She said, quote, I shot a gun off in my house. I went over the edge. I needed help. I was depressed.


I lost my family, my friends indoors in your own home. I don't know if that's I was going to shoot myself, change my mind at the last second class. You know, I don't know what it is, but you're depressed and, you know, a bunch of your friends just got wiped out with their kids and you think your cousin did it. And that's that'll make you a little weird. I think they'll make you loopy. It'll change your life.


Yeah. So the Guilio family, though, not having this at all. His mom, Charlie's mom, very mad at the police bad. She said, I am upset and I'm angry at what my son has been put through. This is an innocent person, very upset. And she's very, very mad. Yeah.


Urayasu, I think she's not I don't think so at all. She's only angry with that. She's upset and she's angry. I think that's where she draws the line. All right. I mean, she's not unreasonable, let's put it that way. She's not trying to be a jerk here. She's just upset. Man, I like this. He's throwing synonyms for the same emotion.


I'm upset. I'm angry. I'm furious. I'm mad. I'm pissed. I've had it up to here. I'm mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore. So Guilio Senior, his dad, Charlie's dad, said he had not had a good night's sleep or even enjoyed a meal since his son was arrested. Oh, I'm sorry. How do you think the parents of the family has been murdered? Feel the fucking just. Wow, I bet.


I know. I bet the. So them yeah, their kids and grandkids have been killed. But they're pretty upset, too. I mean, yeah, he says just going to work every day is hard, said the elder Guilio, who, oh, great, is also employed by Railcard. And they're going to fucking no one's ever going to take my garbage up again. I'm fucking myself. So but dude, I'm going to be. You don't understand.


I'm going to have some crazy fucking this is bad. Yeah, I know what I'm doing here. What am I doing. Why am I doing this. I'm just putting myself up for bullshit, you know. I don't even care. Fuck it. I'm going to do it anyway. They deserve it. Fuck them. By the way, don't go to redox mill liquor. Don't go to that liquor store if you're bad in the area. Well, I walked in there to get a bottle of wine to celebrate all of our shit, finally arriving after for fucking weeks.


And the only thing I could hear was the some guy behind the counter and some other guy exchanging insane conspiracy theories. Fantastic of a level that I can't I'm not talking about like. Well, I mean, I heard no, not that I'm talking about what the file is. What the fuck are you talking about? I called the guy fucking ridiculous. Like, why did you do that? Why don't you play in like you guys are three months behind?


Haven't you heard about the spiders that are coming? I actually thought about it, but this guy would then be telling other people who would actually believe the shit he was saying was wild. I mean, it was I I mean, I'll look for shit to laugh at that. People are saying and this is outside of that, I don't know where he heard this shit. It was crazy. You just made it worse. Tom Hanks doesn't even look anymore.


He's freebasing. If you guys are way behind Jesus Christ, don't you know anything? Listen, Hillary used to suck the blood right from the children's necks. But then, you know, obviously it wasn't even that stuff. It was just fucking out of the realm of crazy crazy. But it was like it was passed over that rainbow and fucking three down the line. It was wild, dude. And it was Tom Hanks converted to Judaism just to become a moyal, to suck the blood out of Evan's cocks.


You know that Orthodox. So, yeah, by the way, that was a practice for a long time. I didn't wanna stop that now. And that was not that wasn't an Andrew Jackson moment. Now saying that it's just fun. They've come to terms with that recently, too, if maybe we shouldn't do that. Yeah. So, yeah, the elder Guilio said that I really don't eat that much anymore. This whole thing's taking my appetite away.


He's very concerned with his food consumption. This guy three different times is imagining how this is affecting his food. He's not having a good meal. I'm starving. I'm wasting away. I've lost weight. I had to play the capitally last night. I look, that is I'm not eating this maybe one meatball, but nothing more. I'm just so hungry. But I can't eat. He says also, I can't sleep. I'm up and down all night.


He's having problems. Poor bastard. Yeah. And you know when can't get a not so I mean, yeah, you get another. And he says that the comments describing the to the accused as monsters, he says quote, They don't know Charlie, they don't know us the way I was brought up. You don't talk bad about someone unless you know the facts. I'm upset about what they put my son through. Very upset. He says he could never understand how a grand jury could have indicted him, son, without the benefit of any physical evidence, blood, fingerprints or trace evidence linking him to the crime.


He says, quote, Nobody can walk away from a crime like that without carrying something with them. He said he discounted any kind of testimony, said he especially discounts Dorothy, the cousin. She's fucking nuts. He says literally says he says that that also discounts Dorothy and other inmates who Guilio told about the crime in detail, the stuff that wasn't in the paper. She said that. He said, well, they could all have motives to implicate my son.


And he says that Dorothy, quote, has always been a little unreliable, a little off, you know, what do you want?


Everyone's got that cousin, cousin who's a little unreliable, little off one that murders a family and burns the house down. There's all these different cousins. Everyone has someone. They've got an eight track cousin, he said. He added that she may have been mad at his son Charlie here for providing police with information that had led to the arrest of one of her brothers, another Guilio Darren Guilio, on a robbery case a few years ago. I'm telling you, it runs deep Gemmy.


As for the jailhouse witnesses, he said he believed inmates could be induced to lie in exchange for lighter sentences. He said anyone will say anything if certain deals are offered. He means coerced. Yeah, he didn't. Yeah, he doesn't mean induced induced yet. He certainly did. Yeah. They can produce anything they want. I'm telling you they'll do it so they, they can conclude anything. And another relative said. That Charlie was definitely the wrong person.


He spent the whole week crying, she said, quote, I'm worried about my family's safety. In my opinion, they got the wrong person. She says that, quote, He was hysterical. He loved those boys. He cried. He sat in his house crying all that. I know my cousin and I know he didn't do this, goddamn it. So, yeah, they said it's they've been friends for a long time. I just don't understand it.


I just know my cousin isn't capable of this. They said Charlie's cooperating with police. This is ridiculous. Charlie has so many people who love him and are standing by him. We know he didn't do this. By the way, as the death penalty on the table, because if there's ever a death penalty case, I would say this is yeah, it's pretty, pretty good standard. Now, in 2004 for the Supreme Court in New York, state Supreme Court declared death penalty unconstitutional at the time.


So they got rid of it then. So wouldn't be bad. You'd sure like to punch one of them on the side of that. I'll tell you that much just makes me sad. It makes me so mad that I had the opportunity. Jimmy Yeah. You really blew it. Tried to fucking fight. This kid was like a bad mother watching him do it.


Your plan didn't come together, that's all. Oh, God damn it. Fuck. Maybe it could have avoided this. That's all I know. Or made it worse. I'm not sure. So during the trial that's going to come up here, Guilio is going to say I was just drinking beer and snorting coke that night. I don't know shit. Serranos got his story. Sorano will testify at both trials here, so he testifies in his own trial.


Sorano does that. He watched Guilio shoot the first story. He watched everything happen, slippin and blood, terrified of the whole deal. That's what Sorano fucking gets. That's what they put on him. So that's what he says. December four. Twenty seven. The verdict for him comes in. He is found guilty of thirty one counts. Oh, my guilty first and second degree murder and ten other charges like perjury, conspiracy, arson, robbery, shit like that.


Thirty that's one most charges. Anybody on this show. It's twenty counts of murder like all to get a lot. Our thirty one counts of first and second degree murder. I'm sorry then ten more. So it's forty one counts all together. He's acquitted of one thing. It's forty one to forty two charges. He is, he's, he's put on now the Guilio trial is pretty interesting here. Twenty charges of first degree murder. He is charged with 11 charges of second degree murder to charges of third degree arson, six charges of first degree robbery, one charge, the fourth degree conspiracy, one charge of second degree perjury, one charge, a fifth degree conspiracy.


OK, that's the charges, which is a fuck load. Sorano, he testifies. He said the whole story. I saw Guilio do this. He said they went there to jail one hour. They they wanted to rob him of cocaine and money and blah, blah, blah. Under cross-examination, Serrano said that he lied numerous times to the police about his whereabouts and all this sort of thing. They said, quote, The bloody palm print was yours.


He says, yes, they said, because the gun belonged to Serrano, by the way. That's what he said with his gun. Your gun killed these people. He said yes. He said you knew Tony and Tina were dead. He said yes. And they said, did you call the police? And he said no. So there's that. Serrano also said that he may have helped Guilio kill Tony Maurey and prevented Ryan from fleeing the house.


So under cross-examination, he says, I might have block the kid from running out of the door growth, but only so Charlie could bludgeon him to death. I'm not a monster, Jesus Christ. I mean, I didn't kill him. I just, you know, prevented his escape. Yeah, he said that he also hasn't been promised any break in exchange for his own testimony, which is kind of bullshit, as we'll find out. So other witnesses here described were described by the prosecution as, quote, people you wouldn't want to have lunch with.


So prison people here like jail inmates, they included a bunch of convicted criminals that said they spoke to Guilio in jail and to Serrano, who told them all this type of shit, Dutchess County Jail inmate. One guy, Jack Àngel Vic, told the jury that Serrano told him on the eve of the verdict of his trial that he was guilty. But Guilio was not. So he said, I did it, not not guilty. So he he also said that Serrano had told him someone else had been with him when he went to the Maury home, but he wouldn't give any names.


I don't believe any of that. So I asked by the prosecutor why he waited nearly two months to tell anyone. He said that I didn't want to get involved.


You know, I don't my it's crazy. It's a lot to do. I had to get dressed and come here. It's too much. Could have been could be doing push ups right now against my court. Wouldn't that be much more rewarding than this? So state police investigator, he. We are told the jury that he took Chelios clothes from him after he was taken into custody and said that Guilio said, quote, I didn't do it, but if I did, I don't recollect it.


Yes, he said he remembers those exact words because he he pronounced the word recollect as recollect. So he remembered that they all and he was like probably making fun of them to the other cops, I'm sure was fucking idiot. He said he didn't recollect anything, dipshit. He's guilty. Right. Like, let's just arrest him. I'm sure he's he's dumb enough to be guilty. So Guilio testifies on his own behalf. He said him and Tony have been friends since childhood.


And while they sometimes have their differences, they said they were brothers. He said they're like brothers. He faced the jury here. They said, did you do it? He replied, Absolutely not. He said, Did you stab the Maury kids? He said, No way. Absolutely not. He he said that Guilio said that he was drinking and then beer and snorting cocaine with Serrano for several hours on the night of the 18th. He admitted he initially lied to police about some of his whereabouts that night.


He said that he told state police investigators a few hours after the murders he never left his home that night. He later acknowledged that he had gone to Beacom with his four year old son, Kenny and Sorano, to buy cocaine with my God. So he took his kid on a clock run at eleven o'clock night. That's nice. Oh, God. So I asked by the the lawyer here why he why he lied. Guilio said he didn't want authorities to know that he took his son with him to buy drugs.


He said, I didn't want the cops or Child Protective Services to know I was using Coke. I thought they might come and take my kid away from me. Yeah. So this is a murder charge. You can, you know, like you can deal with that later. You can get your kid back or whatever. But if someone's accusing you of murder, you're going to fucking clear all that up first and then be like me. I'll go get my kid back.


I can't get him from prison. He said that after he and his son and Serrano returned to his home after getting the Coke, Serrano left the house about two hours later to buy more from the same guy and Beacon Guilio said Serrano returned with the Coke but told him he had to leave and didn't say why. Soon after Serrano left, Guilio says that he locked his doors and went to sleep on his couch. He's like, I don't know where he went.


I'm going to sleep here. He then cross-examination came and they were like, OK, that sounds like a bullshit story. Let's get into this. So they get to know what the prosecutor says that Guilio told the prosecutor he tried several times to call Tony when he got up on January 19th after one of his brothers told him about the murders in the fire. He's like, I didn't believe it. So I tried to call him. And he said he used the direct Connect feature on his Nextel cell phone to try and reach him.


If there's ever been a more twenty seven fucking alibi. Yeah, that's the one right there. Holy shit like that. The two thousand seven alibi ever. Either that or I had to stay home because I was waiting for a DVD from Netflix. That's the only other thing that would be more to twenty seven. Answering my messages on MySpace. I was sorry. I was trying to build my friends list. I was figuring out my top nine. I couldn't.


Yeah. So this next tells me over until I can get that new Motorola Razr, you know, I'm saving. He said I just got a long beep like Tony's phone had been disconnected. I asked by the prosecutor if he tried to call Tony or Tina on their home phone or on either of their cell phones. He said he hadn't. And the guy said, quote, This man was your best friend and you didn't once try to call his house or anything like that.


What was what do you think he said? What do you I'll give you a guess about Giulia's reply was you didn't try calling his house. He doesn't have a house phone, no more cell phones.


You can try to call. All he did was a Nextel. And he's like, I don't know, a beep. So I said, fuck it. And they were like, he's your best friend. You heard he was murdered and try to call him or his wife. What do you think? I said, why he didn't do that?


I didn't believe it. Quote, I didn't have their numbers for him.


Their phone number don't have their phone number. And I have no no way of finding it very I'm sure no way of finding a call. I never used them. Right. You'd have it in there somewhere. We only CB radio each other. Yeah. Our paths are a long lost dream of a trucker, so we just like a break or each other. Over the years, Eyebeam building the world's longest string. Right. I got a can set up now.


It's a khankan. He got a green bean camp. Yeah, it's a mile and a half long between our two houses. I don't really need modern technology when I can be strong. So he said the prosecutor said you guys were like brothers and you didn't have his home phone number. And I said Guilio became agitated and interrupted several times and they went back and forth and he said the prosecutor asked him why. He told police. Ronno had called him at one thirty a.m. to say he had arrived safely at his home and he said, quote, Mark, getting home at one 30 has nothing to do with you and Kenny and CPS does it.


And Guilio said no. So you got caught a whole bunch of all this shit guilty. The verdict here, the jury deliberates for thirty seven hours over four and a half days, which is that's a rough line. Yeah, that's a lot. They come back though. Guilty on forty one of forty two counts. That's one of the second degree murder counts both of them were acquitted on. I don't know how that worked and I think that was because they you can't say that you basically there was there was the there was the kid who died when he would have died from blunt force trauma stabbing or smoke inhalation.


That's what it was. They became who did what. Yeah. Yeah. But not the exactly. Can't tell what came first when the guilty verdict was read. Tina's mother, Arlene Cortez, you know, had a big gasp and was crying and everything like that. And Guilio started crying as well. And as he was escorted away, he said, quote, I didn't do this. He shouted, he didn't do this to the family there. Now, the reaction by everybody, they they said with a crime like this, so many deaths in the manner of those deaths, I can't imagine asking for I can't imagine anything other than the maximum is what the prosecutor said is going to be asking for the maximum in sentencing.


He says, I'm grateful, but not surprised by the length of the verdicts that they took. It took incredible discipline to consider all the charges. And obviously, I agree with the results. A bunch of people from the area said they feel better now and, you know, feels a little better. We didn't know if we had, like, a mass murderer going around or what. And it turns out it was just a couple of coked up scumbags.


People feel a little bit better by knowing that. So, yeah. Now for sentencing the family Kohler's that's Tinas family. The mother says, quote, My only daughter and the only grandchildren where my heritage and my future, they meant everything to me. I'll never get to see manual. Adam and Ryan grow up. I'll never have the opportunity, opportunity to see Tina become a grandparent, a role I cherished. I'll never be able to see any of them.


I'll never be able to speak to them again. All that's left is a gaping hole and was once my family fucking heartbreaking and absolutely true. She said that she she said, quote, I know Tina and the boys and Tony are all in heaven now. Tina was my number one angel when she was on earth. Now she's really an angel. Her aunt also spoke. She said, my my daughter grew up with Tina. My grandson played with the Maury boys.


Now the family is gone. There's no more birthdays, no more Christmases. The prosecutor talked specifically about the thirteen year old son and his defense wounds and the fight he put up. And a seven stab wounds. Yeah, how you had to really want that to get that done. And he said, quote, I pictured that thirteen year old boy trying to defend himself, and that was the most terror I could think of. No sentence given to Mr.


Guilio will cause him that kind of terror. And so he says he rarely asks a judge for the maximum sentence, but he was convinced it was the proper thing to do in this case. He said the legislature sets a maximum sentence for a reason. Every case is different and I always ask myself if there's a reason the maximum isn't appropriate. This time I came up with no reason Guilio though when they said during sentencing, what do you have to say for himself?


He said, same as he sat through the trial. He was never at their house on the day of the murders, maintained his innocence. He said, quote, I honestly had nothing to do with this crime. He said I did not do this to the Maury family. I loved them with all my heart. The lawyer said he believed his client was innocent and he planned to appeal the verdict. And, yeah, the judge has a different opinion.


He says that he was touched, particularly by a letter he received from one of the Maury family relatives. He said that the author of the letter said that he hoped every night before you go to bed addressing Guilio that you think of the boys. And Guilio said, there isn't a night. I don't think of them. So he was trying to get out of a little bit there. So the judge says, quote, I can't think of anything else that has affected the public here.


Here were three young kids whose lives were just snuffed out. And why? Because of a white powder. It's hard to decipher the brutality and viciousness of this assault in 40 years. I've never seen anything like it. Oh, boy. You don't want to hear that from a judge now. Yeah, he says that then he says, you, sir, may fuck off life without parole. Your chance fucked for going out here. The charges were convicted.


Twenty counts of first degree murder, which is five consecutive terms of life without parole, second degree murder, ten counts. Twenty five years to life for each one. Two counts there. Degree arson, five to 15 years in prison, six counts of robbery, which is twenty five years in prison, one count of first degree conspiracy, which is like a year and change to four years, one count of perjury here and change to four years and fifth degree conspiracy, which is one year as well.


He's got quite a lot going on there. So the Sorano sentencing, they got to him. He gets a little bit different.


You, sir, may fuck off 50 years to life in prison, OK, which I'm sorry, but I should mirror each other either mirror or the other way around either one, because, I mean, I want why he's got the most evidence against him, but also with what happened to that family, anybody walking out of that house that had anything to do with that should all get the same thing. That's what I'm saying. They said that they weren't going to give him any break in sentencing.


Yeah, but I'm not positive that the prosecutor asked for the maximum. So he didn't ask to take it easy on him. But he also didn't say, hey, judge, bang, this motherfucker good for me is what he did with Guilio. So it's a little different. Tina, Maury's mother said, I'm happy with the sentence, but that doesn't mean I've got closure. I didn't get to say goodbye. I didn't get to kiss them goodbye.


That was taken away from me. I'm glad the jurors through saw through all of Giglio's denials and found him guilty and obviously the judge agreed with them. I'm glad we're at the point where there's where we're just about done with the legal chapter of the story. The Guilio family said they were praying an appeals court would grant their son a new trial and he would eventually be exonerated. They said, quote, Mark Serrano is framing my boy and I don't know why.


I don't know. Asked if anyone they said, do you know of any evidence that hasn't come out that could possibly help your son? And he said, You mean new clues? No, I wish I did not. Good. Now, on this story, I found something that there was comments on this on a couple of these sites. Oh, boy. By the way, I have to thank the Poughkeepsie Journal for a lot of their coverage on this.


The newspaper here, a lot of the details that really nobody else had came out of the Poughkeepsie Journal. Also, this was New York Times, New York Post, Daily News was all over the place. So when one particular commenter here said about this is on October 5th, twenty eighteen, somebody said that they deserve what they got the killers, obviously. Right. He said, quote, I agree. And Charles Guilio was always a shit, always a piece of shit bully.


Since he was a kid, he loved picking on younger kids and selling drugs behind the Duchess Mall near the old movies and dream machine entrance, which is fucking true, actually. He's been an evil little bastard since childhood back in twenty eight. Sadly, I was not shocked to hear what he did. That goes for pretty much everybody around here that knew him. They were like, oh that. Yeah, that, that's, that's OK. I expected you to go to jail for something dumber or whatever.


Not something that vicious but wow. Not surprised. Right. So Guilio right now is in Clinton. That's the prison he's in which is you. It's a tough prison. Boy, good luck for you. He is in prison there. It says that he gets all sorts of first degree murder and his his earliest release date is life. So he's fucked up. He's going to die in there. Mark Serrano, on the other hand though, he's at Auburn right now and he looks like will be eligible for parole.


Earliest release date, Jimmy. Twenty forty six January. Twenty third. Twenty fifty seven. I was close. So he's got a while. He's going to get out, is going to be almost 80 and it's going to be much different. It's yeah. Can you imagine that. Somebody give me a phone. I got to make a walkie talkie. What now. I need to Nextel direct somebody. What the fuck is a Nextel. So now the house, by the way, where this happened, the landlord pretty much right after they took all the evidence out, was given permission to demolish the remains and raise the whole thing.


It currently has two houses on this property, like a duplex. I get like two different houses, six bedrooms, three baths, thirty four hundred nine square feet worth of house. Holy shit. Two separate houses, three and one, two. And the the estimate is quote, for his five hundred seventy four thousand five hundred sixty nine dollars for the whole shebang. Yeah. Yeah. It says two homes, one lot close to all great opportunity for extended family investment or live in one and rent the other to help pay your mortgage, move in.


Ready home one built two thousand eight. Yeah, yeah. Built in two thousand eight after this shit offers twenty one hundred and sixty one finished square feet, three bedrooms, two baths. Full basement updates include all this different shit. Yeah, each home has its own driveway and lot may be subdivided, yeah, this is from what I heard. I remember asking my brother about this a couple of years ago, and he was like, they that house was like vacant for a long time.


And, like, they don't have an easy time. Someone's in it now or it's at least sold now. But I guess it was not an easy sell for a long time. I'm sure it's the house where that family was murdered and burned to the ground. It's not exactly how you live, where where the family was murdered and all the kids were stabbed to death and the thing was burned to the fucking ground. Oh, yeah, that's I hear that's nice.


Now I hear they I hear they put fucking tile floors in there. Yeah, that's beautiful. I hear there's marble countertops now. That's good. Open floor plan. I've heard of it. Oh beautiful. Wow. They put a pool in there. Holy shit. Jesus Christ. What a fucking thing. So that everybody is Fishkill, New York. And that's the murder that I've been talking about for a while of about doing my hometown murder. And it's a pretty fucking.


That was a mess, man. Yeah, that's the kind of shit that happens here. So hopefully that happens everywhere was the whole goddamn point. What I was trying to tell everybody, who cares? Don't get pissy because shit happens everywhere and we're going to make fun of it no matter where the fuck it is. So you go enjoy. And if you did enjoy that, you should tell us about it and tell the world about it. Get on Apple podcast, that purple icon, and let us know that you like the show.


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So thank you. That helps a lot to be able to pay our bills. Very nice. And just all the support you guys give us and every single day everything, whether it be just something saying something nice or just listening and telling somebody donating whatever the hell it is that you're doing for us, we appreciate the effort that you make. Truly, I think so much gratitude. Thank you. What if people wanted to say something to you? How could they find you, Jimmy, when they've done it?


They've found me everywhere. And I appreciate it. Thank you guys so much. What about you? Yeah. You know how to Google. Yeah, it's fine. We're around. That's if you want to find us. We're OK. Thank you. Thank you honestly for everything that you've done for us. We really, really do appreciate it. We're coming up on what is this for years I think of the show, it's unbelievable. Very, very soon.


Like this month I think is four years of the show. So just thank you for everything you've done for us for the last four years and six years if you if you're a crime and sports person. So. Right. Just thank you so much for five years. Not six years. Four, five years. Yeah. Five and four. So thank you so much for that. And honestly, we just we can't thank you enough and we're going to keep thanking you and we'll keep thanking you all week and until next week.


Everybody, it's been our pleasure.