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This week in Chickasha Oklahoma a wild brutal and twisted plot emerges after a body is found shot stabbed beaten cut and tied to a chunk of concrete in the river. The question is who here really gets what they deserve welcome to small town murder.


Hello everybody and welcome back to small town murder was James. Petragallo me with my co-host 9 Jimmie whisman. Thank you folks so much for joining us once again today for another Wild for the crazy and we'll tell you this one. Is it an extra crazed? There's like an extra Loop in this roller coaster. It is nuts. This is a crazy cases if last week wasn't crazy. We say it every week. We should just stop saying it because it's you know what you're going to get when you tune into the Shelf a crazy crazy story.


That's it. It's going to it's never just a standard. Well, you know, there was a little disagreement over now, so he's going to be messed up so somebody's dead. Something is happening. Yeah. I know not nothing like that, but just quickly just want to get out of the way here.


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The crime in sports one was Danny, Almonte.


Would be little league pitcher in the Little League World Series Grand National darling who turned out to be not quite a little Leaguer almost a little a little older than a little Leaguer will say so that was a crazy story and then the small town murder one. I'm that guy was out of his mind. We had a family tree that was more like a would we call it a family hibiscus like a family bouganvilla. It's a good Loganville. The flowers are useless. It's a mess. So I'll check that out a wild case out of Oregon and this week coming up on the next week of next episode of bonus will be the prisoner dating game.


Yeah. I got its back again. So that is one of our that's our best thing we do. So check that out. It is it's the most fun thing that we do overall. I don't care what anybody says, it's really you made a fast driving Sports. Yeah, absolutely. So do that and also Jimmy will mispronounce your name terribly at the end of the show. It'll be a disaster, but you'll be a producer and we will appreciate.


And if you just want to be a nice person and also be a producer and have your name brutally mispronounces, you can do that very easily by going to PayPal use our email address crime in sports at write him with that said the disclaimer the comedy show everybody comedy show first and foremost, but also my first importance that's what a 1 and 1A with getting it right also, it's not it don't make anything up. So it's funnier nothing like that. We all the facts are real we go to painstaking lengths to make sure that everything is real and everything like that that that's how we do things.


So we also go out of our way to make sure not to make fun of the victim of the victim's family. We try our best because we're assholes aren't but we're not scumbags that's not know that works. And why do that so you think that sounds great men. Are we going to have fun? Cuz it's a wild story. If not, you think you have True Crime and comedy should never go together. Maybe we're not for you. Who knows?.


Give it a shot cuz we might maybe we are but no complaining for not that's what we're saying. He run along little doggie. That's what we're saying. So for everybody else that wants to hear a crazy story and have a good time. I think it's time to sit back and Shout shut up. We're coming from Fishkill. I'm coming out of my home there might Hometown and heading to Oklahoma Cowboys at that table. They ran to that West and then wagon trains broke down mules died and they were stuck not so much from New York though.


No more. It's still more more more Southern.


Call the cops and robbers a lot of people trying to break in my house. How many I don't know a lot the whole bunch, they're covering every window and entry into it. Let's just say plenty k911. There's plenty of people trying to break in a new number. So we're going to Chickasha Oklahoma. Okay, it's spelled Chickasha. So they really definitely want you to be confused here. I would say that's really how to correct us on a lot of things. I feel like this is definitely one. We're like this.


I believe something off the end. Make sure the conversation starter. Yeah, let's the everyone's going to get it wrong. Survivor stations off real aggressive like like you pronounced it wrong that you're wrong. Nice to meet you and Bob. Thanks for coming.


You wrong ass off. So this is in central, Oklahoma.


That's the favorite for the right to correct on something as a pronunciation that nobody except the few thousand people that live there care about the greatest thing in the world. So it's awesome. So this is central Oklahoma kind of leaning toward the southwest of Oklahoma little bit. It's not far from Dean Texas a couple weeks ago to be on there. Yeah. It's about 45 minutes to Oklahoma City about 3 hours and 15 minutes to Dallas and come down in that direction and it's only 31 minutes to Mustang Oklahoma, which was our last Oklahoma episode episode 180 with that was a wife.


That was a wild one with the woman who killed her husband was like I think a guy broke in and then drove away. I don't know. I was a good one. Anyway, this is in Grady County area code 405. It's a big area of 22 square miles. So all of these are huge because it's it's just spread out so much you can't.


Like anybody who lives in Oklahoma or Texas and has like a you know, like a normal lot like a third of an acre or quarter acre. I feel like they really just sad that you don't live up to your fucking Texas Oklahoma potential that they feel down on themselves, you know, cuz I was watching house hunters in this guy had his bachelor pad news on 10 acres nose like Jesus you Sir Mix-A-Lot up that's a lot. You know what I mean? Like, how many do you expect to be having over?


It was Full House when it's just nothing is just like you said it's aggressive. It's right in your face quote pronounce that motherfucker. So right off the bat like they're throwing the gauntlet down. You got a really good.


Story of this town a brief history here Chickasha was founded by Hobart Johnstone. Whitley sounds like a real party guy. Hope are you in the first name Hobart in Hobart? Okay, honey, look somewhat that up whose idea was that like you be at one of the people bother the mother one of them had to decide that that was fine. They were going to allow their kid to be Nanobots. It wasn't a mutual decision. That's like my grandfather was.


And every time mom looks at that kid She fucking hates them we call him Bart.


Family name the family baby. He was a land developer Banker farmer and Rock Island Railroad executive a lot of shit to get into Jesus Christ. When did this guy sleep with the founding of this town took place in 1892? When the Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railways all built a track through what was then Indian Territory? And so they said fuck it. Let's put a post office in may as well which June of 1892 one of the earliest industrial plants to come here was the Chickasha cotton oil company which established itself in 1899.


So right away, we're getting into factories and shit. Chickasha when it was founded was loaded located in punto Pontotoc County, which was the Chickasaw nation's actual thing and they were like, well Chickasaw will call at Chickasha. Maybe we'll try to bastardize what they have going on.


Gold in art what is that? That's that that's a good smack. That was exactly what that is Nick get the big check Zoe 1908 the Oklahoma industrial Institute and college for girls was established in Chickasha. Oh, that's ya. It sounds very Progressive how much you want to bet. It isn't just left the words unwed mothers off of it and Pregnant out of wedlock. They send you there and then you have to give your child tuner two nuns to be raised or something. That's how it works. Its industrial Institute for girls industrial Institute for girls back.


Then probably went this is how you wash dishes better. This is not the end. I would like to really can't imagine a forced-labor. Yeah, like it sounds wonderful, but you're like, I don't know but a local Rancher named.


Sparks donated the land for the school in memory of his daughter Nelly. She was a Chickasaw descendant in the land had been part of her a lot and it don't care so he gave it to them in there in her memory after he beat her to death for leaving food on the table. I think she had a date with a black Guy Fawkes, but I'm not sure which are not blocked. We can't be sure to talk to a boy about in the back of church at one point.


I feel like that's a bit her memory. So the melas park dormitory commemorated her and they rename the school the Oklahoma College for women in 1916 get rid of the industrial it became co-educational in 1965 and renamed the Oklahoma College of liberal arts. And then and I rename began in 1975 when Oklahoma realized that nothing there is liberal. They said what are we doing this weekend of that there?.


Do they make dream catchers? I'm sure a lot. So I'm sure we loved from their rearview. And I know that there's a lot of Native American art there. These are obviously got these are not who attends school sons of bullshit. That's our talking about. So it was renamed again in 1975 the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma believe that's what it is now health during World War II the Wilson and Bone and Bone fees flying school opened in October of 1941 to train Cadets of the U of U S.


Army Air Force school that that was there and over 8000 Cadets completed training there during World War II that was helpful. I guess the more I've heard after the war the facility became the Chickasha municipal airport, which is normal for military airports when they outlived their usefulness to be taken over by civilians all so this is kind of fucked up all this.


For the Army built and used Borden General Hospital, which is fine have a site now contains Grady Memorial Hospital. Very cool Five Oaks Medical Group Southern Plains Medical Center and Borden Park. So that was all built by the Army. That's good. They also built the prisoner of war camp there in established in 1944. And then when they were done with that and up until now still it is the site of the Grady County Fairgrounds you go there and you get your self a big fried. I don't know some shit that's been fried.


That shouldn't be a rhino near me that has duct tape all over it. Bill checks your ear Ferris wheel cuz that's what he did. That's how everybody met him. So that's who works at Carney's know as you get like a roast beef sandwich deep-fried. We have to tell you that this was a prisoner of war camp. That was a very sad place.


Before you and your children decided to have joy here on believable, by the way since you POP 3 Balloons with that dark here is a Def Leppard mirror. There you go. You one that enjoy enjoy. It's absolutely necessary. If you'd like that also also hears a knock off stuffed Barney or even though no one's there to Barney in 25, it's your kids won't know who the fuck it is. But there you got his money's Blarney.


Comes out for Saint Patrick's Day Baltimore bent who enjoy everybody.


God damn it. I hate carnivals. I hate them a lot of War Campground the 1999 Chickasha was hit by an F2 tornado Ono which sucks which I mean in this area. This is kind of it's a matter of time. You're rolling the dice every day there. It really is too doesn't sound that strong you Helen Hunt survived to an F5 in a in a in a fucking gardening Shack clearly. If you have a belt on you, you'll be fine. So everybody everybody leaving water fight like warm up pants to slap a leather belt over the top of it just in case I feel like everyone has one handy there.


No bra get into ashes get a leather strap. You'll be all right. I'm telling everybody there is beginning a tornado season. It's like guy everybody got their storm Cellars ready at got your belts.


Glasses house without a belt now tell their kids beans and rice in the storm cellar grab your Levi's belts of this town and I'm going to start a thing where if there's a there's good reviews. I'm going to give a really good review too. So we got to give his balance to the whole thing and you can stay. So here's a 5-star review. They love this place. The town of Chickasha is a basic Oklahoma town people here like high school football on Friday nights and going to church on Sundays with an apostrophe.


By the way. If you are looking for a quiet place to settle down this is a good place to be I'm reading it exactly as it's a good place on the keyboard. So I'm not going to blame it on the education system in here, but this sounds like a great place if you like shit like that if your me this sounds like a nightmare.


Sounds like I'd rather be in a prisoner-of-war camp then have to go to watch children play football on Friday night and then go to church on Sunday. That's a lot of people like that and you like what do you want review? Great small town has the basic Commodities like Walmart McDonald's Etc. All you need the people you will meet are mostly friendly cool downtown area super cool with that McDonald's in that Walmart. Just hang out in front of it. Sounds cool and I like real fucking hip.


Here's three stars Chickasha is a very safe place to be minus the occasional mishaps, you know, the place is happy. So when they call Crime mishaps when a family of four was murdered in at the mishap that's Uptown mishaps that happened with that fucking murders all the time who is number one that family of four was butchered alive yet mishaps the Sun.


That really is if I don't know why Miss apps is making me some nights music video. So it sounds like to me is a country guy country probably. Yeah, I don't know it is it's country star going to be country. I would say something. I think that could improve as some of the stop lights around town. I don't know if they're they want to get rid of lawn to meet or improve them. They do sometimes I'll be sitting at a light with no other cars around quote for longer than I should be.


I fucking it's I was there slightly longer than I should be Jimmy. I was no doesn't give at a time reference of like I don't know a minute 2 minutes how long how long is 2 long sir? I mean, it must be it must be tested if that's the picky three stars Chickasha is a town where anything and almost anything can happen. Oh my wow, that's hot enough for that. Fella. You're sitting at a red light and there's no other cars. Why are you sitting at a red light?


That's on you my man fucking go. Yeah. What are we doing? Well, maybe there's cameras there like in Arizona if you pay a ticket now make a right make a U-turn make another right back around it figure it out. But apparently this is a huge problem in Chickasha can be a scary place.


Baby going to happen there is crime in the town but it's not that bad just mishaps. Apparently the town of Chickasha has a few fun things to do such as bowling and Laser Tag while I would think that if we had less food places and more fun things to get us out doing stuff instead of eating the town head of eating the Cattleman about instead of eating the town of Chickasha biggest Mister, They're eating, the town of Chickasha could possible be more healthier. Wow. We have a few playgrounds in the library.


Then there is a thrift store for more more affordable clothing. They already mentioned Walmart. The town of Chickasha is very small, but it is very living with people.


It is very living people Jimmy southers that and here's the soul one star review. I can find one sentence very to the point quote the weather here will surprise. You know, what are people from this town Cleavon Little is from here. Stop it. Fuck. Yes, if you don't know cuz he is I'm fucking Sheriff Bart in Blazing Saddles and a lot of other things. He's a great actor. Oh my God. I love him straight in there. He's hilarious. I love how I love that movie at such a piece of shit.


I used to watch it.


Good watch the constantly as a kid constantly don't want to do that for PS. I hate this movie this week. I love Jim Carrey as a young man before we find out how weird is and how funny is Will him suffering Jim Carrey him trying to play like just a straight row Lori at Jim Carrey into going off is funny because he'll never you don't really ever get to see that again, right? It doesn't happen. Long to get to The Living Color hats if you know Ace Ventura and the mask and Alaska population of this town people 16256 people.


I mean is that close to Oklahoma City driving distance so she can be a suburb more females than males which is odd and kind of a rural area totally the opposite but this is like 52 to 48% median age is right in line with the rest of the country 37 through there about 37 and 1/2 few less. Marry people than usual here.


Which is odd, I don't get why you delete these type of areas are more of the divorce rates higher almost double. I don't know what to make of that more widowed people so they will find a way out of marriage one way or the other. I like in this town out of the race of this town 74.6% white. So normally about 62% 6.1% black 6% Asian. So nothing how many Asians they're going to 2.6% Native American more way more than the normal and then 9.4% Hispanic here religious Jesus 47 and a half percent of religious, which is way lower than Mustang which was only a half hour away and I would like 65% or something.


So I don't know what to make of that most of the people up 27.5% of the people here are Baptist. Yeah as we know Baptists are the Catholics of the tornado.


Catholic Catholic with belt 0.0% Jewish which is kind of crazy force over 16,000 people. That's all that's why all this is it 0.0% Muslim this County in Grady County last election, 17% voted Democrat and 77% voted Republican 5% independent unemployment rate here is about normal, but the income is not that great. Normally it's about fifty seven and a half thousand dollars in the rest of the country hear the median household income is $40,376 flow. All the income levels are low lot of people make a lot of families make under $40,000 a year.


Yeah. Luckily. It's kind of cheap to live here. Do you cost of living?.


Is that 100 would be regular average here? It's about 78 into some of the things are high like healthcare is really high here for some reason, but the home cost at low housing is a 31 out of a hundred really very low. Median home cost are Jimmy 71400 bucks. Is that why are the homes?.


Edible in the places where a tornado can destroy you think that they think you just answered your own question. I think you just answered your own question.


Unbelievably strong making them unbelievably valuable, right? So then so who the hell would move to the middle of a Dusty plane in Oklahoma, if to buy at $800,000 three-bedroom house. I beams and steal your build your pile of shit and you get your bingo card out and help your numbers not called call you can think it's like if you're living in an earthquake area to stay as good as it's going to be but let's face it. If I 8.5 hits a lot of this shit's going to do it.


I mean literally fucking shaking violently ass that we can only build it look decent and then have insurance and who gives a fuck and when it blows away you got well shit almost 80% of the houses here are worth.


Under $150,000 my God, so it's the low thing in life your we know what we've convinced. You you need this we have for you the Chickasha Oklahoma real estate report your average 2-bedroom rental here goes for about seven hundred bucks a month. So the way less about 1,300 in the rest of the country so pretty low. And I found a two-bedroom one-bath 744 square foot house. That looks condemned would be the best way to put it I guess I'm going to have him and Eminem CD does it looks like yeah.


Absolutely. It has dark pink carpet in the bathroom. What could be blood? I'm not sure. I was just about to ask you are you sure it could be attempting to clean blood off of a white carpet now, it's a light pink Rosy looking car.


Yeah in the bathroom around the toilet toilet. Imagine how much urine is collected in there over the years, a little there right around the toilet. Absolutely $38,000 for something. Here's one 2 bedroom 2 bath 1500 5 square feet now from the outside. It looks like a house built and it's got enough stuff on it and siding is painted theirs doors windows inside. It's just framed. It's just frames with what subfloor I know counters. It's literally they've got to put drywall up. I think it's good got it though.


I don't think it's an older house. It is 2.33 acres to that one, that's on 53500 bucks on a 3-bedroom 3-bath 1600.


20 square feet is Brick Jimmy. There's a tornado hold going to hold you can put your belt around this house. That's a decent house 129900 bucks so different 2016-20 but it's doable. Yeah, but that's why it's a little more expensive than I can rip that carpet up from around that toilet for $38,000 and that's what happens, you know, cuz it's just so much cheaper but think things to do here the Festival of Life 00, which should be in parentheses not Hanukkah, they don't mean that but they said that not Disneyland.


Yes. I feel like it's a trap but apparently it's receipt received many prestigious Awards including the regional event of the year. I don't know who gives that out. And how big is that region Regional event of the year on a be a top one?.


Groot event again who the fuck knows National top 25 holiday event Festival of the Year best community Festival event and best place to take out-of-town visitors that there wasn't any good ones James. Yeah. I don't know if it's the same High School newspaper gave out all those Awards or just some of them will contest and then here's another place that I let the muscle car ranch child writes where they raised the Fife a raise and breed. The finest muscle cars in the southwestern me to get this 79 duster over here to artificially inseminate this 69 Nova.


We raise them up from Little hybrids. So they become big old big old must guard drone muscle cars when we slaughter them.


Vi they have concerts there at this place back in the day. They had beyond the sixties the birds in the Paul Revere and the Raiders Jefferson Airplane. Don't call this type of ship Bad Company back in the day. If you have an odd one to throw in the mix there. It's all muscle cars yet. It's what people that have muscle cars. Listen to absolutely.




From else but they have a swap meet there as well. So they have a large swap meet that meets their got to have that and then finally they have a three-day weekend Music Festival. They are called twister Fest what celebrate our Altima tamales everyone off this amazing. They celebrate there's no earthquake fast-growing having lethal injection Festival onion salad. Does Ride the Lightning we're playing at all.


Oh, man, it says to come join us and be a part of the Cyclone that is twister Fest price ship man crime rate in this town what we're interested in here property crime a little bit High about 20% above the national average so little high and then violent crime murder rape robbery and assault as we all know you Mount Rushmore of crime is about 25% higher than the national average. So it's nothing dangerous here somehow. I don't know how things are ruthless people. They celebrate tornadoes. Let's talk about a murder.


Alright seems only proper inappropriate definitely is not going to be pissed that we mention it.


I hope not. I mean I I feel like we gave it whatever do it was we gave it its five star review. I don't know if we want for me. Otherwise, I can only go so I can talk about the rock and roll Ranch talk about muscle car ranch again. I'll tell you what boy, you see those little muscle cars running around to it warms your heart. You just know they're going to grow up someday make somebody very happy to let her come next month. Coming. It's going to be beautiful bunch of little cult.


So first of all of this murder, let's talk about a fella shall we let's talk about a guy named Charles Kean Keene Charles Kean either chocolate chip Taki. No Chas is what they call him.


Walking into whatever everyone there's a lot of people in the story with animal nicknames. I don't know what it is about Oklahoma or what's going on here, but everyone's got an animal nickname that they just everyone call the mat. So I got a box here bucking Buck was born May 5th 1956 and we are going to catch up with buck in the early 80s early 1980s are going to go back a little bit of time. Everyone's hair is nice and feathered hair we go in every region but no qualms.


I feel like the mall. It's going to be harder and harder and faster. I think this is where Bucyrus is Billy Ray is from I think he's from Oklahoma, isn't it? That hairdo would seem that that's not talking about that. Yeah, but yeah, I feel like a big time for the 1980s in the early 80s here, so.


Buck has been married to and divorced from a woman named Vicky Thompson Vicki Lynn Thompson to be exact cortical in Vicki Lynn. So Vicki Lynn Keen now, she's gone by 10. So Vicki Lynn here. They were married. They have two small children both boys at this point in 1983 because that's it didn't work out though, they broke up and they got divorced but somehow I don't know what happened. But it by the time January 1983 comes around he is living with Vicky and the kids again, even though they're not together his back.


They're not together. They're still divorced and it's what it is man. It's the sitcom called Amy breaky heart and buckets back, please. No one mcbuckets back I beg of you.


I fed 1 John Hughes weather like his movies are not one thing that he did that was wonderful is he said no one's ever remaking. My she does not like a state isn't allowed to fucking sell my shit to be remade feel nothing could be remade unless I wanted the fucking be remade and that's why I know they made 45 home alone, but you don't seem like, you know, the lunch club now is like it's a sequel ends a bunch of the bunch of chicks in detention cuz that's what it would be that much a 16 year old girls in detention figure out how to like, you know, I don't know Rick the stock market to their advantage is not the greatest need the the mid-30s are going through a divorce rom-com Beauty and black Ringwald now, she's divorced pissed off girl with a oxy habit years old.


Yeah. She's like 52 years old 3 times divorced two kids.


A box of box of Franzia waiting for at home three Aaliyah. This is a sad State of Affairs things have gone. Awry God damn. It. Just fat and bald and cupboard is beer stain the guy from AirHeads perfectly. You just playing himself future future me. So they're divorced. Now. The problem is the reason why they're divorced is Buck is not very nice to Vicky Bucko for years. The reason they got divorced is because Buck beat the shit out of Vicky many many times. It's a known thing in the family and everything like that not to mention.


She's got like brothers and cousins and relatives all around. He's beating up her younger brother. Who was a yacht.


Wake up early teenager, and then I'll like 13 12 years old. He beat her ass in a buck beat him up to that's William Wayne Thompson who goes by Wayne Wayne Thompson. That's why he's gotten the ship beating out of him at this point to he's 15 years old in 1983 and pissed off at Buck for now. He's back. He's back with my sister is fake and I'm messing with her again. So I don't eat me up god dammit. The muscle car ranch wasn't raining. So also a couple other people in the mix here are Danny Mann and Anthony James man.


So Tony man. So Danny Mann and Tony man are also Vicki's brothers. So I assume different father or whatever, but they're also her brother self. Got a bunch of Brothers hear Anthony James man is 27 years old Tawny man. So Tony has had some issues in the past nothing.


Huge but some stuff off his record at this point consists of second-degree burglary at one point and a charge of possession of marijuana. So I mean the burglaries bad but I don't care about the weed. He received a deferred sentence in a suspended sentence and an application for revocation of a suspended sentence based on a claim that he can feel the stuff the concealed more stolen property being a pistol was done to so he's had these had some run-ins with the law just kind of a local this is Tony yo, that is fantastic.


Her last name is a man. That's incredible Man Ant Man. Yep. That's the guy Anthony J. But he goes like Tony and he that he's just Tony man cuz he hasn't double-end. So anyway on the afternoon of January 22nd 1983, Danny Mann and Anthony James mantoni, man. They show up to Vicki and Bucks trailer is the greatest Duo brothers ever and middle name to just be the.


Danny Mann and Anthony James man. Tell Aunt Aunt Jimmy man. And that man that are the two. Yeah. I don't know. What the hell I did Vicki Lynn itself in a case. I never mind cuz we might do that case. I'll just say that has looking to one case in the guy the craziest guy in this case not this one but different ones name was Billy Mike and I'm like Billy. Mike know you can't be Billy Mike. Just that just means there was a lot of Billy's right and you got to be Billy Mike cuz that's your middle name like Billy.


Mike know so damn man and that man they show up with Vicky to the trailer. This is Vicky in ten bucks trailer to retrieve Vicky's car, which is that seems like a simple operation two brothers and a sister go to retrieve her car. Do you think they got the car from buck? So well now they don't because.


Chase's Ant-Man and Dad man out of Vicky's trailer with a butcher knife. Oh, yeah, when I type with a butcher knife, this is the funny part. I always pictured believable. I always picture what if it would neighbors looking out the window. This is my number one thing which it like this when there's a crazy scene. Imagine this seeing you go out the window looks normal they pull up in the car if he gets out she lives there. So that's normal. She got her two brothers with her.


You probably seen them before they go into the trailer door closes behind them. You don't hear anything. Obviously you're across the street and then all the sudden the door swings open People burst from it running like it's on fire with one of the men chasing with a fucking butcher knife into the yard. How awesome would that be?.


Obviously you don't want anybody to get hurt but that's awesome that made out of in the TV show. If you saw that on live PD you go back to the best episode I've ever seen.


Got a knife you guys this is crazy. This is Dragonite right there a record of the trailer had a trailer with a butcher knife. So after this encounter, they actually did the right thing dad man, Ant-Man and Vicky rather than like, you know going somewhere to retrieve a bazooka and seek revenge on him by blowing the trailer to pieces or some crazy shit like that. They actually went to the deputy sheriff's office. Right? Wow. This never happens in our stories does the right thing so they went there.


They said look, he's in the house. They you know, he's busy beats the shit out of her all the time we go to get the car and chased us out of the fucking butcher knife and the sheriff said nothing we can do about it.


What does a something can be done right now? There's nothing to be done in this house if he didn't want you there. I mean there castle doctrine is so strong. He chose an odd way to object to ask you to leave. But I mean it's kind of up to him how he wants to do. Y'all should just be happy to have a gun we could be doing y'all's asses.


He could come in and say I was cutting the tips off of my asparagus right and they came in the house and I didn't realize it still have it in my hands. And then what then what and there they are I drove all the way out there for nothing. Now. I ain't wasting the County's gas. All right. Y'all go on your way. Now. I feel like that's what I thought. Nothing can be done. What the fuck is that? Something could be at least go talk to the guide.


Yeah. Hey, can you do me a favor not beat the shit out of your ex-wife or try to stab her relatives, please I need something instead. And since nothing to be done there. Tony man says, okay. I fear for my sister's life. Tell you what's this here is a 45 caliber pistol for you. Take that take this hand Cannon home with you. Why don't you take the biggest fucker? I own a big one. I mean really are you if you miss him and he'll be deaf anyway, so it don't.


If you're going to stick and run out the house while he's screaming for his bucking tinnitus that he's going to have the rest of his life is that I feel like yeah, maybe that was the key but you still in death in him. So it ain't no big thing. He'll be indefinite it so I'll 45 inside of fucking trailer doors off a window those plastic tiny windows with pop right out even break they just.


Bo is looking cushon goes through some of the actions by the way when they were running out with a butcher knife all I could think of was I can't remember what episode it was. I might have been Phillips, Oklahoma. Honestly, I'm not positive but there was an episode where two people got stuck trying to get out of trailer door at the same time. That's all I could think of was Ant-Man and Dad man like that noise that they makes when you almost knocked a trailer off its foundation office off of cinder blocks at cinder blocks as you get stuck going crazy with the.


I need to knock the house off the Jacks then Jesus Christ, then what?.


Give me the name of the episode and then that's going to happen a lot 45 so she's so she can defend herself. I consider her defended. It's made out of work a lot of self-defense a lot of got in there before William Wayne Thompson, the young he is that he when he goes by he's 15 years old. He's Vicky's half-brother. Also, he has also suffered. Like we said the wrath of buck. He has been physically abused by buck in the past as well. Sell boxing is like a real good guy.


He's just a chasing people with knives beating the shit out of his wife and her little brother. That doesn't seem like a real good guy that boys can raise them to have wonderful feelings toward the world. I'm sure they're going to be really a well-adjusted I think and happy and never angry at all.


He hears about this whole thing. He Wayne Thompson his mom and he was also Vicki's mom. She tells him, you know, they tried to go over and get the car got chased out with a butcher knife went to the deputy sheriff the whole deal. So he hears all this and he's like Jesus Christ. I don't like this at all. He also saw the loaded gun on the kitchen cabinet in his mother's house as well at the time before it was taken. So he gathers up a couple of his friends and I gathered up a few of his friends here Richard Neal Jones is one of them.


So Dickie Jones were going to call him I Dickie Jones and who's 23 years old at the time. OK 1523. Let's all hang out and another but friend of his named Bobby glass who is 19 years old at the time 15 19 23 hours around I feel like is hanging out whenever I'm whichever one of you still like the same shit. I like drinking. I feel like it is with that is here.


Just drinking so they are and another guy who is. Important. They're sitting around that night. This is the same night of the butcher knife incident and they're trying to figure out what to do. Now while doing that there's certain things you want to enhancements, you know, when planning something or trying to decide a logical course of action if you want to be drinking and smoking weed and taking a bunch of Valium at the same time as your head clearest. You got to throw the clouds. Yeah. Yeah you throw everything in there.


Now, I feel if you have one of the three you can might be able to focus but only the volume or the weed the alcohol industry never allowed three of those things together. I feel like any ideas to come out of that are going to be really poor right? You know, it's late but let's make a pie out of sponges. You're not going to be something like that. It's just that's not a good idea. They had any ideas other than we could take a nap. I mean there's that.


I thought we go down to the McDonald's. I heard I was just in case we could get McDonald's and then take a nap. And then in the McDonald's parking lot. I'm not opposed. They just put in a McDowell's maybe we'll go down there. I feel like a lion will be shorter. So they were all hanging out and this is I'm sorry. This is likely that glass Bobby glass Dickie Jones Tony man dead man's gone now just called him and left hanging out. He's the one with the criminal record.


They're all sitting around. This is when Wayne Thompson the fifteen-year-old. I joined the group to hang out. It's only man is 27 by the way. So this group is 15 19 2327 a large age Gap in his whole group here. It's a fair parking age progression thing on the side of a milk carton. This is going on doesn't make any goddamn sense so far. No, so they're all hanging out. He he joins them. Tony man says pillow.


Go on up a chair little brother. So man has the you know, kind of the oldest in the I guess the ring leader of the group. They had to plan. He says, you know, here's the plan is we're going to do we're going to run Buck off. All right, there's a bunch of us here. We can do it. Now. He can't have that butcher knife all the time. They're going to run him off by beating him up. The guys are going to beat the shit out of him throw them in the car driving out to a highway in the middle of nowhere drop him off with instructions.


Never to come back again or going to get more of that. They're going to Harry Anderson, but with an ass-kicking before I beat him up just put them in the car. Yeah. This is basically like like a 50s Vegas guy who tried to cheat the casino. I want too many times and they're going to beat the shit out of him take him to the desert and go if we ever fucking see you in town again when it cut your goddamn head off. That's what they did face.


Me a favor. I could just dig a hole. I mean but I sent a you know what I mean? It will just take a ride. I think you'll get the picture. You know, that's the plan sounds like a great plan. This will work. They said well the sheriff won't do anything to get him out of there. This is the only thing we can do is to do this too much. Just tell him to go on his own way. That's not by the way just so I've see I want to laugh and continue joking, but that's not what we would do with the dog and I were talking about what a bad person would do with the dog.


That's the point. That's why.


Do you have to clarify otherwise, someone's going to go they should do if a dog ship out of beat it up and dump it off on that Jimmy. How many dogs do you have?.


Corvon, so.


Now Charles Kean Buck. We should say now Buck has had you can see this is the thing. You're you're going all God. Yes, you beat the shit out of bucket dump him off, obviously because he beat the shit out of Vicki totally understandable thought to have and I am especially with the butcher knife thing. You got a lot seems unreasonable to chase someone out with a butcher knife, but this isn't the first incident that buck has had with members of Vicki's family. I'm about four years earlier another member of Vicki's family shot.


Buck in an argument with what with a gun what kind of got them. I don't know the caliber of it because no no charl. No no charges were filed against them because he refused to the whole family refuse to say anything about it. So they ended up the police just drop the whole thing. They all said it was an accident even the gun discharged accident bullshit, but we know that it's not the guy shot.


Perhaps that's a song. I Wish I Was a party to I want to see that what I'm saying. So he's been shot by a member of her family before so when they come in the house and go we're taking the car he grabs the nearest weapon. I feel like it. Which is sort of understandable here. This was because he thought Buck was going to kill his child. That's why I apparently Buck had physically roughed up someone in the family is child. And so this person got a gun and came and shot him.


Someone else's kid. I don't know if they were over there playing smacked him around a little bit. Sometimes you got to Wing a man. Yeah, so that's what I mean. This guy came over and settled the score for his child and shot him. So he survived it old. Buc-ee's a tough one. Just lie and don't look at it. Now. He's a little quick on the butcher knife trigger nowadays is all I'm saying. So no charges were filed in that whole incident somehow he's beating people. He's beating children.


Someone shooting him and the cops don't intervene at the sit all they seem to be figuring it out on their own. I mean that there was a beating the child's name was was you know, it was what was rectified we feel like his reputation was brought back.


His honor has been brought back upon. His name was attending Justice served. Everything's fine. So the next day or that night we should say they go right from drinking and smoking and doing all that shit. They go we're going to do this. Now tonight. We're going to go get him. I feel like a 24-hour planning would have been better. Let me visit this tomorrow afternoon put together a good plan do it tomorrow night. But you know what? Sometimes you got to got to go to the spur of the moment.


So they bring in Bobby glass was there like we said and an old Richard Neal Jones El Dickie Jones, so they go over to the trailer with all of them the whole group. This is Jones glass Wayne Thompson and Tony man. So for strong they come out they show up at the trailer which is a lot for one guy for people to love one of them 15, but still so apparently Buck offers doesn't offer a lot of resistance when they come to get it. They don't come and beat the shit out of him there there.


Taken for a ride and then beat the shit out of him. That's the plan. So they he he goes and gets in the car. I don't know if they told him. Hey, let's go drinking. What do with the people there were Chase to wear one of the people there was chased away with a butcher knife about 12 hours earlier. So I feel like I don't know if it was. Hey, let's make up. Sorry about that earlier given we know we surprised it. We're sorry. We got a full split at 12 call a good we know you're jumpy, you know from the shooting at all.


Anyway, they get in mantoni man drives while Bobby glass and Wayne Thompson sit on both sides of buck in the back so bucks in the middle of the middle seat there and and then Jones recorded this is according to Thompson. The fifteen-year-old Wayne Thompson Jones is passed out in the front seat.


He's out cold sleeping the whole time that guy in the back in the middle on gangsters taking somebody out. Like they got him so he can't jump out of the car. So I got him penned in hand in but I feel like he does but I feel like he doesn't take these people. Seriously. That's the thing a box of big guy bucks big is over 200 pounds is a big guy. Nobody here is like he could kick the shit out of any of these people individually. That's the thing.


He's bigger than all these people but possibly together if they do a Voltron type situation, they might be able to overtake him. I feel like it's what they're thinking. Jones passed out they get to the river okay to drive to the river. Once they get to the river Man Tony man tells Keen that y'all get out of the car and tells Keen we're here to beat you up.


Good Very formally announced is it from here to beat you up? I must Proclaim by must proclaimed. So at that point he breaks free and runs away from the group when he hears this so they go chasing him around so now they're chasing him around now, there's five grown men running around in the dark the through Riverside going on and it gets even fucking sillier than that. Okay, they take this they took him to a place near 4th Street and chicken shot where that's where they said that they were going to whoop.


His ass chickens originally. Chickasha. Sorry. Thank U glass. Bobby glass said earlier Tony man had given him the pistol and told him they had the pistol with them the one they gave to Vicky before the 45. He says that Tony man have given it to him with instructions to keep it away from Wayne Thompson the fifteen-year-old cuz he's a real hothead.


And we don't want to doing something stupid with the gun. That was the implication here. So that's how it happened. So when the car stopped like we said he runs away they eventually finally catch up to him on the floor. I don't know how the fuck they do it glass Bobby glass and Wayne Thompson eventually try to tackle him and physically overtaken. So there wrestling out in the front yard man. This is what's happening. So Thompson takes the somehow glass has the pistol and somehow Thompson ends up with the pestle the 45.


Okay manages to wrestle it away from Thompson. That's the thing. If you're going to bring a gun you better fucken make sure that someone has to take it from you because I'm in deep shit. He took the gun back away from him and a shot is fired so that like Walter wrestling a shots fired off like in the movie when people wrestling for a gun shots fired by the shot shot goes off.


What is a 45 in the Oklahoma night that rings out frozen gapos goes and goes and goes mad at big kid gets cracking. So I've one shot that's teen ends up getting a shot off. He was holding the gun Buck was when the shot went off glass ends up wrestling the gun back away from him somehow. I don't know. What the fuck do they did but he ends up getting it out of Keene pan. So then teen is about 200 lb and glass is not that big and Thompson is about 115 pounds.


He's a skinny 15 year olds. So this fight is if it wasn't two-on-one. It wouldn't be a very good fight at all. So this do on what I feel like a bum get four legs and one gets the top you can distract the giant. I don't know that's kind of the way they're going out. So enter Myrtle and opossum Brown and her a man named possum.


Alright, so we have a bucket now. We're going to have left but a pop them into the mix. All right, this is his real name Brown Malcolm. Everyone calls him possibly there's enough and it's really funny to see in court documents of varying cuz there's like 20 different sets of court documents for this some of the documents. They just call him popping cuz that's what everyone calls him. But in some of the court documents, you know, someone was like possum that's not proper and they call him opposum, which is not what people call him.


But that's what it is. I called the proper name American opossum. Nope. His name is an O possum. His name is just Poppin. She got it all wrong. So does he like dick to the trash or does he just sleep a lot? I mean, I he's a kind of a he's got kind of a pointy face. I think it's all I know is I don't know. I have no idea what he likes to eat possum.


Do we know he kills possum he wants he fucked opossum in a party in 8th grade is being that we don't know. That's what I mean that people get nicknames in weird ways. So I mean one late-night possum love story could turn it on lifetime of a man being called possum. So Myrtle and opossum Brown here, they live right by the Ouachita River which is where they are the s the word shit is right in that work w x wash ITA is in the middle of your River.


So come on seriously Ouachita instead of what should I Jesus Christ they had been on vacation and got home early from vacay ago. They got home from vacation that night and decided to go to bed early cuz they were tired from traveling so they went to bed early by the sound of a 45 being let off just outside their house and also their dog barking.


At said 45 being let off and five grown men scuffling in a fucking do you know when a river bank and this is crazy. There are woken by that then it's even harder to go back to sleep when a man begins pounding on their door. Oh my gosh shouting quote possum. Let me in there going to kill me, heal, you know them who the fuck they're going to go kill this guy in opossums yard where they thinking like put them shit is happening possum. Let me in there going to kill me.


So the Browns looked outside and open the door there like who that was going to kill her what the fuck they didn't open the door, they looked outside and they saw what they called three or four men beating another man. They're doing it right there in front of the door. Like I'm possums and opossums like front steps. He's like you're stepping on my toes.


So if I feel bad for ponds with more than anybody bought them in her heart so far. I mean he's being drugged into this. He was asleep and not waking me up. Yeah, but finally we get to see definitely my thing of what if you're looking at the window watching then this guy and he watches them beating another man and are they said there was too dark for them to identify who was who they just saw four guys a scuffling out there and they said they heard one of the men say very loudly quote.


This is for the way you treated our sister so that they heard it down a bit. So possum telephones the sheriff's department Sheriff here is like, this is pawsome. Yeah.


I got a camera later this year, you know if he calls them up on the CB so he might put the men left soon after they realize that that possum was in the house. Apparently, they thought possum wasn't home and James cuz yeah, baby. Yeah, so impossible wasn't though so they ended up leaving and I've by the time the sheriff got there their they're not there anymore. So it may have been they said possum said it was too dark to recognize anybody doesn't know shit. They left.


I don't know crazy night. So what the hell ends up happening is this is the way Wayne Thompson puts it. Okay. He said quote this is before the scuffle to begin with. He says quote I was going to even up the size. So I got that 45 and he grabbed it. So that was his thing as we going to he's bigger than me.


That's my working out. I grab me a 45 and that right there. That's my text apps. Will this is why when you're a hundred and fifteen pounds and not that strong and maybe don't usually wield a hand Cannon. Maybe you should because when the gun went off that's how it was knocked out of his hand the kick of it going off. Basically. He dropped it. He couldn't have you couldn't handle a recoil. That's what I needed up happening. And then at that point came picked it up and they said he's got in there to wrestle it away from him glass had said that I'm sorry.


Yeah. It was a classy glass had said that that Keen should let the shot off Thompson says he let it off. I don't know why but I believe the guy who says I fucked up and let it off at the more embarrassing story. So it's probably probably more true telling it makes.


Believe it more fuel apparently in addition to the gun. This is all going outside. This is the fight they witnessed in addition to the gone ones that all happened. They got the gun away from Keene. They couldn't like physically wrestling down so glass went and got a big stick and started hitting him with a stick. So he's running around there chasing him. They had he had a gun. He wrestles it. It goes off. It falls on the floor. He picks it up. They wrestle it away from the one guy beat them with a fucking stick and go and some people who just woke up from sleep in their eyes came home early and went to bed cuz they were tired from traveling.


Like what the fuck is happening in my front yard. And why is everyone call me boss of this is a crazy night. It's a hell of a whole thing's insane. So they have a stick now eventually Keens leg will end up broken bucks Allegra lendup.


Thompson thinks that glass have the stick and that but he doesn't think the stick broke his leg. He thinks his leg wasn't broke until later and there's plenty of opportunity for that later because this gets real dark real fucking fast. This goes from a you know, Yakety Sax Benny Hill sketch with a strong man hitting each other with sticks and then he grabbed the gun and chases him and then he takes it and chases him back because do they stuff back into the trunk of a car.


They eventually knock him unconscious with a stick. That's how they ended up over taking it. They overtake him. That's why they were gone by the time the sheriff's got two possums house because they stuff them in a car when they realized possum was home supply and a half as much as opossum just changed their plans and made them take him with made him go somewhere else. Yeah, cuz they were going to do what they're going to do what they're going to do there, but then they decided not to so they loaded him in the trunk of the car and they drive under a bridge near the Washita River which.


Never good known someone when you hear in a trunk against your will and when that trunk pops open, you see a bridge you're in deep shit. You are in trouble. Just put it that way. Nothing good happens under bridges near water. Nothing never and never happened. Now that you never you never hear about that's that's when I found my jumpshot right there. I'm just changed my whole life and decided to dedicate my life to the sports basketball about foreign investments and vision for the stock market takeover.


I was going to just buy everything I can so they break his leg with a sticker. They don't break his leg either way. They stuff them in the car driving under a bridge pull them out of the trunk. Okay. Now this point Bobby glass will say that he tripped and fell and dropped the gun out of his pocket. That's his story.


He says that that time Wayne Thompson picked up a gun and shot buck with the gun. That's Thompson story. OK shot him once with our that's glasses story shot him. Once with the gun. He's always had picked it up shot him done. I tripped and fell and it came out of my pocket all clumsy lack. He picked it up and started bucking shots overbook. So that's the story that he's got Now Thompson Wayne Thompson says that unknown to his older brother man there Tony man. Thompson and glass had put a cement block and a chain the trunk of the car and got the gun from the kitchen to take with them.


So that's not the story Thompson story is the gun in the cement block in the chain. That was all Me and Bobby the two youngest members of this crew and my older brother didn't know anything about it. That's what he says. We we hid it from him on purpose. There's some other things after mother fuckers. Yeah now glass on the other hand says he ended up with the gun be.


The older brother man gave it to him to keep away from Wayne. So we have two conflicting stories here. Definitely so glass also says that he saw at that point Tony man and Tony man and and Jones remove knives from their pockets and lean over Buck. Okay. So now they got Knives Out There standing over and he's been shot. Once Bobby glass said he saw Tony man cut buck with his knife. So he said he saw him stab him and cut him and man and man and Thompson then attached a chain and a concrete block two bucks body and dragged him into the river.


That's Bobby glasses story there now Thompson Wayne Thompson, the fifteen-year-old. He said that he and glass intended the whole time to murder buck and deposit dispose of the body by putting them in the river. That's why they brought a fucking cement block in a chain.


Do that for no reason. He also said that Tony man tried to stop on the highway to let Buck out at one point and that he pulled the gun out on Tony and told him where to go. This is I don't believe this is the 15 year old town is 27 year old brother was at gunpoint. Now you're going to drive here. His brother would have smacked him with the back of his fucking had to give me that fucking gun before I fucking beat you whether you ass off over here is wrong with I'm taking you home.


Now. I'm dropping them off when I stop at McDonald's like I promised it's over. He's a teenager in addition to this Wayne Thompson hear the 15 year old has a little more story of seems like they're trying to get his older brother out of trouble sure. A lot of this seems like him later on that Wayne said, look, I'm 15. I'll just say I did all the badshit. I'll get off on it easier than you would especially you. Tell me. What a 27 year old with a criminal record not going to be good me on the other hand.


You know, I'm a kid. What am I doing it for years in juvie.


Let me know whatever you're right. I feel like that's a lot of this shit. I misinformed misinformed idea of the legal system by a fifteen-year-old. So cuz Wayne claims that he asked his brother Tony to help with the murder while this was all going on with that Tony refused and he wasn't even around when the murder happened. He was he walked away. He walked down the road. Upset with the plan. He was like, I'm not doing this is ridiculous. Yeah, that's his brother was so taken aback by it that he walked away.


So at this point, this is what Thompson says Wayne Thompson says that he and Bobby glass drug the unconscious unconscious Buck out of the trunk down to the river. He says that buck then woke up and started beating the shit out of Bobby glass but he woke up cuz I call you again. That's right. I was kicking your ass hilarious. It's hard to believe any of these stories there. They all sound bogus. They all sound ridiculous, right? They all sound.


Got the end Buck should be telling it right then. I'll like movies for pain side dump them all in the river. That's what it seems like is going to be the end of the gun fell out of his and yeah, it's a real real hit squad. They put up their don't have teenagers in your head Survivor of that rule crime in sports who had a rule for five years on that show from an old episode and it's never have a teenager in your hit squad because they're not good at that ship yet and it always is going to be going to be so apparently he started Buck started beating the shit out of Bobby glass glass was on the ground.


This is what according to Wayne Thompson glasses on the ground. And then that is when Thompson shot Buck. He said once glasses on the ground he shot buck and that then after he shot him once then Bobby glass grab the gun away from him and shot Buck again. That's the story that Wayne gives and then the two of them put the body in the river.


But they leave out a lot of it like the mutilation that occurs because how many times well you'll we'll find out here in a minute when we find him but I sell by Wayne's account of the events the last time his older brother Tony man have any contact with buck was at the house when he was unconscious at possums house. He said he walked away at possums house wanted nothing to do with it and they all kept driving on and left them behind. So he said that it's very strange cuz he bucks says other people say that buck knowing he was going to be killed.


I think Jones says this Buck said while he was dying. He asked Tony man to take care of his children and said that man retrieve got his personal shit from him at the request of buck is lighter his pocket knife and if Etc and to give to Vicki, so that's what that was Jones The Story So,.


Give me a lot of lighter give Vicky my bic. It's got about half fluid full is I thought I had it for like 4 days on to it for at least two months. It's a bad company logo. I bet it's a it's a good one. She don't want it written in a dreamcatcher. If she's going to want this they'll give her that. That's what they're saying here. So who the hell knows what the real be a source of the course of events are but it's kind of important to know it when link when the legalities Felipe prepend here.


So yeah, this is how this works. Now after this is happened. They kill him and dump him off. This is when they all they leave and they say also this is another witness who was there when they all this for some left the house one witness there said they said quote for going to kill Charles I do but that's pretty clear where you guys going to storm.


Where do take Charles's like if you could get a six pack on the way back that be great. I thought you were heading to the store. So it's just just keep that on his brain. I don't know if you have time when they got back several hours later. They said that Bobby glass was wet from the chest down to the bad sign. His nose was bleeding and he's no longer had the hat that he had been wearing when he left. So he comes in with his hair disheveled wet from to waste a pan with a bloody face like what I mean?


Yeah Buck lost his life for won the fight somehow. I don't know how won the Battle of the lost a war. I guess. That's the best way to put the snow February 18th 1983. So he's just gone for nearly a month. No one reports of missing. No one does anything Vicki doesn't even reported missing even though by all accounts when they got home they were like we killed Charles for you.


Like they were like that but we Kill Buck for you. Just got that out of the way. I don't have to worry about him no more, you know this lesson in just be nice to your lady cuz don't beat the shit out of your wife or his family are really anybody. Yeah. Hey, if even if she has nothing to do with it, she ain't saying shit. She doesn't say if in word know which is so when they found Buck they find he has been quite through the wringer here.


He's been shot. Once in the head with said 45 now. That's a good shot once in the chest as well his throat chest and abdomen at all been sliced open no need so no need and he also had stab wounds and multiple bruises and abrasions about his face and head and his left leg was broken.


And I his body was chained to a concrete block and thrown into the river obviously so pretty crazy and the autopsy revealed that the the gunshot wounds to the head and chest where the cause of death, but I mean they did cut his throat afterwards. So that's how they found him. Did he was he found first? He was ends up being brought did they were before he was brought the police were brought to him yesterday that nobody nobody found him a forensic chemist will later say that blood matching bucks blood type was found in the car used by the men that evening.


That's a bad thing. And also a shell casing was found at possums house 45 shell casing in the front yard. That's that Wayward shots on the missed the one that missed more people hear Benny McCarthy. This one guy, he saw Thompson glass and man at Dorothy Thompson's house shortly after they came back from the river Dorothy.


Thompson is is why Wayne Thompson's mother. So that's how that works. He McCarthy says that he heard man glass and the mother charlesetta Garcia. Oh my God Charles said that's the sister. So the mother and then the sister charlesetta Garcia, they were discussing the murderer in the need to conceal or dispose of evidence about it. We killed Charles. What are we going to do around inside the water? Domino's like the fuck you doing white who brings in their whole family with murder plot to go home and tell your mom when you killed somebody know I was wrong with you if you if you kill someone then go home and tell your mom.


You're not old enough to kill someone put it that way.


You just not old enough. You didn't have to deal with it yet. You need some more experienced then fucking crazy. So they said they needed to return to the river when the in the daylight to see if the body sang all the way down or if anything's popping up. And also I'm to get rid of the gun. It'll go down there and toss the gun. I don't know why they didn't do that to begin with. I'm done isn't the brightest group here. Let's just say he's gone gone home.


And then this is all happening on a Sunday morning. By the way, they're discussing how to dispose just seems like it. You know what let's all have like a cinnamon roll and then we'll talk about it cuz I don't want to do this. They I don't even like cinnamon rolls, by the way anyway,.


What kind of overly reliant on me? I like I like kind of plane dry shit. I like to get to know sees you everyday all day Suites like I like shortbread cookies and shit like that. I like like kind of not I don't like shitt with frosting on it and iron pills and shit. So I don't know what sleep is really sweet put everything together. I'll eat it like that. Yeah. I love Rocky Road ice cream. That's good. I'm just I don't like frosting in like extra shit on it.


You will I know you had seen your stuff you look at nine year old girl in her name is not the ones that was anything ice cream. I'm just I'm a Feen for ice cream things. I love it so much. It's hard not to love that. So good. So hot no more witnesses here.


Discount on a Sunday morning. This is hilarious one later. Sunday morning, Bobby glass ask the Benny McCarthy guy to go with him and Vicky to the river. So they told Vicky about it and brought her down to the scene as well to take a look take a ride with us. You can see see if bucks floating or Not Jesus. So this is fucking wild there two other people donetta Bradford who is one of their girlfriends and Charles data Garcia, who is who is Wayne Thompson sister and also Bobby glasses girlfriend.


That's how Bobby glasses in the mix here. They said that they were told that Wayne told them that he shot Charles in the head and cut his throat. That's what Wayne said. So Charlotte man, who is it was Tony man's ex-wife who the fuck by the way talks of murder in front of the wrecks.


That's not the person to do this with Jesus Christ ex-wife that I had unpaid parking tickets. I would know. How about around the woman?.


Try so they they heard she heard that Tony tell her his mother that fucking was dead. They killed him and that Vicki and Buck's ex-wife who who is Buck's ex-wife. I'm sorry, and also his sister didn't have to worry about him anymore. So Vicky ain't got to worry about him anymore. Nobody does because we killed him as he tells his ex-wife he does his mother this in front of his ex-wife crazy shit. So the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. I think it is analyzed the stain on possums front porch carpet and discovered.


It was caused by bucks blood they found that they found the expanded 45 caliber Winchester Western cartridge in the possums front yard. And so they're kind of putting that altogether also in possums dog pen fabric was found that have the same type and design is.


Has the hat that was missing from the one murder their flea Bobby glass had a hat Carly got thrown into the dog pen in the door. I got it up got me yard in the dogs grab the front of the time with them and shoot it up have to up evidence. But still so the police arrest William Wayne Thompson Tony man, Bobby glass and Dickie Jones arrest of all, okay. This is when she gets really going off the rails here. Okay. Now rather than try them together, they fry them all separately which makes for basically a separate little circus in each one where there's different facts and then different people same different and it's up to the judge to let in whatever version of events they feel like they want to let in so it turns out for bad results are so Richard Neal Jones Dickie Jones his trial his whole story is I was passed out through most of this.


I don't even know we went to apparently we went to get him. I was sleeping the whole time of the front seat. I remember something.


Happened in barely but I don't know what the fuck happened. I was passed out drunk in Mr. Brown's nickname cuz I am now the sleepiest man in town. I am I am I'm not even possible. That's not even possible bosses because of God.


Got to be God. Damn some so hard. I really fall asleep. Maybe that's what it is. Maybe he's just a real liar.


The bullshit artist is a sandbagger possum. That's all it is. Just a liar. He doesn't always go bad in the thing. I don't know why that would be amazing. Unbelievable reason. Why do we call the only reason that's the one.


Help that this deal now Wayne Thompson says that Dickie Jones He testifies that Dickie Jones had been drinking heavily on the night of the killing. He backs that up a both at Tony's house. And then later on at the Stork Club who the Stork Club them highfalutin ship their Gemini Lounge pretty much what it is. It's a little Social Club it shop up bodies in the basement Thompson story is he was ship faced the whole time. So the prosecutor now says this the prosecutor says quote this is while he's talking to jurors that are prospective jurors quotes.


You've heard of Vicky Keene for Charles. Kean is the man that was murdered. So the rights of the defendant are more important important to each citizen in our country like they are to mr. Jones. This is that.


Jones Is trial what do you believe that the rights of a victim has that they have rights to which I don't even know what the fuck that means. So the defense objected as far as a ride or not, since I don't know what direction you're on. It doesn't make any goddamn sense whatsoever. He just said he's talking about overruled and he continued so in this case, you know, it's important that the rights of mr. Jones be protected, but I'm asking that you think each time you hear that each time you hear the and think about the rights of mr.


Jones you will also think about the rights of bucking the man who's been murdered. So he's just trying to do that thing like, you know, he's got rights to the prosecutor also inquired another prospective juror in the following manner. Do you believe those laws are intended for for thee to protect the rights of the victim as well as their intended to protect the rights of mr. Jones and the Jura said yes, and then she said but it's a two-sided coin is it?.


And the dura said yes, so apparently this was a big deal later on as well get into here now Thompson to hear a during this trial. He admitted his own participation in The Killing. He also testifies that Dickie Jones was passed out in the car and he didn't do anything. So according to him Jones had no idea that Kane was going to be killed. He was too drunk to know and then a witness also from the Stork Club testified that Jones have passed out at the club and had to be carried out to his car.


This is just some other guy that was at the club now doesn't have anything to do with them so also and they bring fall down passing out shit-faced drunk man with them. Why wouldn't you just leave him work at the lake we were going to drop off him first. He's not really used to solve area.


Shut off the body to take up that extra seat to keep keep him in the back in the middle. Maybe that's it. Is that what it if you could open the door slide his half corpse ass out and then climb out right after about how hard is that? All you have is 115 year old are 115 lb teenager trying to hold you back. You could do that.


Terrible planning. I think that's what it was though. I think it's just another body in the front seat right there where you live at all so, you know, maybe it's like the carpool lane type of things are so it looks normal. I don't want no one thinks I'm a goddamn taxi driver has three people in the backseat one guy driving that's weird weird to pull them over and check that out. So yeah, so that's the real testifying that that he was all passed out Jones and everything like that.


But also an inmate testifies an inmate from the county jail testifies that glass told him this inmate that Dickie Jones had nothing to do with the killing but that glass would see that everybody got the death penalty. He saw this inmate while see that everybody's going down for this raw getting the death penalty. That's what he said. I don't know why.


He would want him and all his friends to get the death penalty. But he really wants a bad ear. You got a real death wish so here are some statements that are some will some of them will be called hearsay some of the night but here's some shit that came out of the trial testimony from Dorothy Thompson that Wayne Thompson told her that they had taken care of some business and that Vicky Keene didn't have to bother with Charles no more quote unquote Dorothy also testified as to what Bobby glass told her about chasing but came down and the fight at possum Brown's house told him the whole deal blow-by-blow and also Charles getting the gun and trying to shoot them.


Also Charlotte man who is one of the sisters or that's the ex-wife Tony man. I'm sorry for the confusion. She told about the conversation. She heard between the mother and Wayne about how the the whole Kelly went down. She also related your conversation with Tony man wear.


Tony told her that buck was really dead in the Wayne have killed him. That's what she had said and also she testifies that Tony said that Charles was shot cut up and dumped in the river with blocks on his feet and that both Wayne and Bobby glass shot him. So there's that many McCarthy he told about the conversation he had with Tony man and Bobby glass where Tony and Bobby said they had to go out and check on the body and get rid of the gun. He related the conversation with Bobby glass and which Bobby said that he shot Keen Thompson cut them up and the Tawny man and Jones had a glass of beating Keith glass also told him that Jones and man dragged the body to the river.


So Glass glasses telling everybody that Jones was involved. But everybody else the same Jones has passed out the whole time except for glass glass keep saying he was there. So that's what the guy from the county jail said, which I mean who the hell knows we file we've had a lot of those not be that reliable before so,.


Mccarthy also testified that Tony man told him that the gun they were trying to sell was the one that they shot him with. So at one point he was trying to sell it then they decide know we should dump it in the river this weekend the guy with it no more. I don't know that Tony man told her that Charles was dead and she didn't have to worry anymore. He also told her that Keynes last words were to take care of his children Vicky also testifies that Tony and Bobby went back to the river to check on the body and took a quote put the gate back up.


It's probably one of those gates at they have you know, so that works. So anyway, they find they find him guilty of this desire Jones. They find him guilty here Dickie Jones of Murder in the first-degree and sentencing comes around and the death penalty is on the table for all four of these guys.


Including the fifteen-year-old really they're going to push that and he's testifying against everybody and NM cell mostly mostly just incriminating himself and they're still pushing for the death penalty. So I hear that with him. This is the guy that most everyone said was passed out only Vicky glass put some in they say you sir may fuck off death penalty for Jones. Oh my God, they're only one witness and that Witnesses testimony is also clouded by someone saying that he said he was going to try to get everyone the death penalty.


So let's never get too drunk in public that you need a ride call me never never pass out in a bar bad things are going to happen. So I like Johnny Damon getting arrested for drunk driving now I get it. He just didn't want to get arrested and thrown into some murder that stuff in the trunk and tied to a cement block a dump in a river either one sees things going to happen.


Stay in your own car everybody sleep it off in the backseat. If you have to I don't know. I don't know if that's illegal or what your own state check your almost local municipality for that salad. Is there you go. So Bobby glasses trial comes up then, you know he have now already admitted to his part in the murder Wayne Thompson comes up and says his part 2. So basically the the general story is Wayne and Bobby were the main Killers here and even Wayne and Bobby were the two people who shot him.


So Bobby glasses found guilty as well and they go to sentencing for him. He tries to get a little leniency cuz he testified against Jones at that. He's trying to get off but they say you may fuck off death penalty for you too. Good so bobby gets the death penalty to now this is this is this happens and.


1983 you got the death penalty. He's immediately put on death row. That's what they do. And now they had no idea. They said the execution date for like two months from The Trial sentencing and then you go from the appeals process. It's such a fucking waste of everybody's time and money to say well we'll set the date for that even though we know that's not what it's going to fucking happen, but we'll go through all the expensive doing all this shit and everybody file papers and we all have to put the stupidest thing ever.


It's so dumb the way they do that. So they do that. They put them on death row in February of 1984. He's been on death row for like a month now Bobby Glastron the three inmates on death row are being taken outside from their selves for exercise an okay day. This was on a Sunday. They don't know what happened but there's a fight apparently between two of the inmates and they say they don't know if they have these people if they attacked each other or one person was the aggressor.


They can't tell they said this is a prison Warden quote. We're not certain at this point would happen. The other inmates aren't saying much as inmates are they're not they're not that valuable when it comes to this is what happened during the stabbing usually. So what ends up happening is Bobby glass with 19 at the time is stabbed to death in a death row. How many people have been killed on death row supposed to be like the most secure right place? There is besides the whole I mean what is death row?


You're not around fucking anybody. You know who you are around other death row inmates are murderers bar might be pissed at you by the way as well get into here. He was stabbed in the chest multiple times and killed in no chest arms and throat. I'm sorry. So it's a prison shank may just shagged me.


Wild stabbing the person who did the stabbing Richard Jones Dickie Jones stabbed him to death Dickens death row now Vicki if you would he was sleeping through the first when he wasn't sleeping through this one. He he was also, you know how to couple of minor wounds as well. But he's fine. They have been on death row for less than five weeks together.


How could you say those two guys put them to Gasper? Oh, I'm sorry glass have been there for five weeks. The other one. Who did the stabbing Dickie Jones had just gotten there a week and a half earlier, So that its position of a shank. That's what I mean. You just got there first thing is stabbed and killed mother fucker. Okay first and we'll figure out my bedroll. Where's a knife will figure out how to get crossword puzzles after that. Okay, then Sudoku. All right. So Jones doesn't deny that he stabbed glass at all in my fucking the shit out of him.


He says it was self-defense though. He came with me. I stabbed the shit out of him. That's how it worked. I got the weapon away from him and stabbed him and no charges are filed against they can't get any witnesses to say anything. So all they have is his word of going. He's a murderer. He came at me with a goddamn.


I forgot it away from him. Shake them up. Good barely lucky. I got away with my life. He's in here for murder. Guess. What I'm in here for wild. Is that man? So William Thompson here Wayne Wayne Thompson, they want to try him as an adult that even though he was 15 years old. They want to try him as an adult now under Oklahoma walk childhood murders can be tried and punished as long as this is the standard. Okay, you would think it would be like an age minimum pretty much this.


Is it quote that they knew what they were doing. Wow. That's all. But they knew that they knew what they were doing. That's so basically a four-year-old you remember when you had kids over for they did it bad that they knew exactly what they were doing. So if something they did a legal they should be put in adult prison now not child adult prison he knew what he was doing Jimmy. He knew it it was obvious and.


Tried as an adult up for death row. Yeah, it's not even that they knew what they were doing and can comprehend the consequences of such that would be a different standard. This is just knew what they were doing. Unbelievable knew what they were doing was wrong. That's all you need to know, which is pretty wild Now Thompson who is 15 they're going to put his also criminal record into this at 15. He's already got a record. He was arrested four times for assault and battery in his young life and once for attempted burglary as well.


You know, it's not right now. So he's had a little bit of a record Mary Robinson who's a worker with the Justice Juvenile Justice System status hard to say Juvenile Justice System said that the counseling and discipline for these arrests did not work or improve his behavior. Nothing worked on him. So this is why the hell they're trying to decide whether he should be tried as an adult or not. The trial court now decides the Thompson new the severity of the crime scene repeatedly committed and showed little to no improvement in the juvenile justice system.


So the court believed that there would be no improvement on since behavior. I buy crime even with top discipline therefore, he will be tried as an adult. He wasn't mature enough to take the discipline. Well therefore he's an adult.


That's what they literally what they said. What kind of Staggering so the evidence at the trial shows that he personally kicked bucking the head shot him in the head slit his throat and helped drag his body weighted down with concrete and chains that he decided to bring to the river doesn't look good one question that was improper. Apparently. They he asked the prosecutor asked a defense witness whether he was related to a man named Cecil Lee Roy Cloud when the guy said that mister mister Cloud was it was his father's stepbrother the prosecutor said that the same Cecily were iCloud that we sent to the pen for shooting with intent to kill correct.


So they said that was that's what they said who cares. So yeah, but they say it was a stupid thing. There was an objection. They said it was a cheap shot blah blah blah and they said no it's fine. It goes also there's objections to just his age.


They said the prosecutor consistently seeks to characterize him as being emotionally older than his chronological age. That's what the defense says. He says that the defense says they stressed the defense counsel keep stressing his age as a mitigating Factor arguing that he shouldn't be given the death penalty because he was you know, he's young enough to change and improve himself 15 is really young. Can you even remember your 15 year old brain? I can remember the convert literally wore to school and that's all I remember. That's what I mean.


Imagine if you were sitting in prison right now for something that you don't even remember why you did it or how you because you were fifteen. It's so young. It's like, I don't know Jesus Christ. I don't know what the hell I was after they're like, it's the 15 is Young even if you do something really really really fucking horrific. It's there's very few 15 year olds that are like, what the fuck out anything right? Would you hire them?.


World you may be higher like cut your grass or something, but you wouldn't give them any other more complicated job because they're 15 so murder I mean he is so young. You're not even legally allowed to employ them to do anything you like it. That's what I mean. It's said that young it's even like I don't even want this person here, but they legally were allowed to hire at age. You're allowed to make no decisions for yourself like so on purpose because you're not, you know, your brain is developed enough to do that.


That's the whole point of the defense counsel also stressed that he called him quote a normal little boy just like other little boys with some creepy little boy a little boy like all the other hot little boy, you know, how he's just sexy you just get out. I mean just like, you know, you know what I'm talking about, right?.


Oh shit stuff. So they find him guilty because he comes out and says how guilty as he said he did everything. He's covering for his brother. He's covering for everybody. So what they do is for sentencing Lee bring in a doctor Helen Kline was a cynic. Clinical psychologist in probably a cynical psychologist as well being what she does and the Rector of the psychology department at Central State Hospital. She would testify that the sentence at the sentencing sings stage of the trial her testimony is used solely to prove the existence of the probability that Thompson would commit criminal acts of violence that would constitute a continuing threat to society if let out.


She's going to predict the future job is is not a psychologist. It's a fucking psychic. What are we doing here exactly a job is to sit in the front of a crystal ball the outcome of a 15 year old get which is insane cuz I guess I know people myself personally in a shitload others that where they weren't 15 is a list of vast giant freaking where they are totally. Yeah, they were there cuz of an AR-15 a lot of your shirt is reactionary to your circumstances over that you don't control cuz you're fifteen, you know, you don't control your home life when you're 15 and you can't get a job and get your own fucking place and get you don't have control of their decisions will change and therefore I will be a better person probably exactly what that 15 or 18 year olds like a like a dog like a dog is a reflection of the environment.


You know what I'm saying? That's how it works though. It's also a fifteen-year-old will do things to piss off Authority because.


Environments they will go with a happy living Arrangement just to have some fucking difference against I don't want perfect shit all the goddamn time. Let's have some stripe around here mommy, or I guess they there you go now I feel better about myself.


Fuck so I put on Bad Company God damn it. I'm just saying grandma going to my room and play an album. So the they say during the court is hearing hear the victim here in was abducted from his home severely beaten by four men shot twice and had his leg broken throat and chest clash of the night when he attempted to escape and had a chance to call out for help. He was thrown into the trunk of a car these facts athletes support the conclusion that the murder was heinous atrocious and or cruel you sir may fuck off death penalty for the fifteen-year-old.


Wow dilip from all of those things that are so heinous and cruel a timer 15 Pearl did all of that to a man way bigger than him. So they like soap kill a 15 year old.


What is the fact that I took a nap? Let's kill everybody fucking what happened was atrocious. So kill a child. That'll only that's a thing to make up for the whole fix this you want to talk just as I'll show you a God. Damn it. Let's kill a sophomore. What do you say?.


Well, good news. Good news bad news. That good news is you don't have math 3rd. Anymore, so that's great. That's terrific.


What back in time and we are going to sacrifice you to Zeus? No shit. At what point in time. Did we kill judge 15th? I don't think that I'm a virgin 15 year olds because I want it rain. There was a couple that were like, you know, a 15 or 14 year old did some ship never like he's a kid we gave him back to his parents. That was the end of the story like, oh well house and sweep is porch next week. I'll tell you that much.


He's going to do it all written apology written.


Good penmanship to I don't want no bulshit out of you choose a boy. So the Tawny man Israel is last here and the parent Lee the big deal here is the admission of a color video tape recording. They basically recorded Buck's body being recovered from the river on videotape. And as you can imagine a brutally shot and stabbed cut up body that has been submerged in a slimy River for a month and anchor looks terrible coming out of the water algae on it. Was it like that?


It's it's bad stuff. So there was an objection made a trial that this was more prejudicial than probative. Also, there's the introduction of a bunch of color photographs and color photographs are introduced in all the cases basically in there, you know. Topsy fun of their their graphing having to look at. Yeah. Well, I mean you could kill someone less graphically if you don't want that showing at your trial.


Can I do something that doesn't look at that I'll take it. Those are smiling in those pictures a little wound looks worse in 3 days, you know, I mean, especially because then they Decay and that open Mud Digger watch but yeah, I was specially in the water when it blows up or I can blow up around it and stretch it the picture show the mudblood in slime from the river the split in the victim's throat in the entry wounds of the bullet in the chest and had however, they said that it was not do you know anything that I don't know how you could consider?


I'm sorry pictures of pictures. That's it. Unless they unless the pictures are saved in a way to make it worse. Then you know what I'm saying, like a guy putting his foot in the chest wound to show you how big it is or something that would be egregious probably but outside of that, you know, so so the prosecutor describes man as a quote corpse robber a reference to Tony's removal of the knife and lighter.


How to give to Vicki got it. So the defense called it at our I'm sorry, the judge called it a quote poor although accurate choice of words at the Time Warner Robins yet. But I mean, you know, it sounds bad sounds worse than it is. So also the they they objected to the failure of the court to instruct the jury on first-degree manslaughter and second-degree murder as well as first-degree murder. The contention is based on the claim that there was substantial evidence that that he was incapable of forming a specific intent to meet the murder criteria cuz he was drunk they were saying cuz you've been drinking all night to now Wayne Thompson's testimony is the only evidence offered to prove that this guy was drunk that night and he didn't estimate the volume of anything.


He just said that he thought he was drunk. That's all he said so that's what he's trying to get off on the evidence shows that man drove the car that evening around Chickasha.


Do I to and from everywhere a distance of 12 miles and to two different locations on the Washita River without any difficulty? So how drunk could you be is if after you were drinking all that booze you were driving around for an hour fine and then we went to kill someone and now you don't know what the fuck you're doing like according to Wayne man said to him and glass quote you all know it's murder. So they're saying that he he obviously knew he was murdering someone so they were saying taking his testimony is accurate man.


Couldn't have been too drunk to know it was taking place. Now another leg of man defense in this is a weird one. Is that his sister Vicki should also be charged. What about Vicky? He wants her to get to waste scot-free Vicky. What the fuck is that about? He says that the court erred in not treating Vicky as an accomplice for procedural purposes. Vicki was the former wife of the victim and the you know this kind of vehicle.


Sister the evidence shows that that sheep that the probe that the beating of Horrors what caused the whole thing? I don't know why that would make her an accomplice or Not Jesus Christ when there's no evidence to establish her as an accomplice other than she knew that he was killed in didn't say and tell anybody about it. So after the fact I could see her as like an app that you know, after the fact co-conspirator they do that all the fucking time. That's but they don't deal with her.


Maybe cuz she's got two little kids and got beat on for years. So they were like Nick, you know, we were let's not Oklahoma and also claims a evidentiary Harpoon is what he calls it what the legal term is what he claims. He was the victim of an evidentiary Harpoon in at the court overruled his objection to the offending testimony. The witness was one of the police officers who transported a he was transported man from Eufaula where he was,.


I stood back to Chickasha Mensa asked if they had made an arrest in a different case that has nothing to do with this completely completely different case and man commented that quote pretty bad then cutting her up like that to talk about some girl who got killed somewhere else and he was asking about that if you guys ever catch the guy who did that so the deputy replied quote you don't have much room to talk. Like you're saying your guy's pretty fucked up there man said quote I know but it wasn't supposed to happen that way and the prosecutor offer this as an admission of guilt by man, but he was not like under any kind of Buena.


We didn't read him his rights or anything like that. He was just in the back of the police car. So they claim that the jury thought that he was involved in another crime or in a similar crime and that he was admitting he was guilty to that based on the testimony. He said it confused the jurors that they thought that he killed some girl somewhere also basically so he calls that and.


Then she already Harpoon in the court says now you're good. Now the sentencing hear the there's a closing argument the sentencing and the court for this is what the court will stay later. The prosecutors came very close to causing an abortion of an otherwise Fair trial with their insistence and ignoring the standards for what is proper closing argument. What is with the the verbiage that he says that I believe the actions and comments of prosecutors. Larry Barris Bellantoni Burns during Second Stage closing arguments did not merely come close but did deprive Tony man of a fair trial during the second stage prosecutor drifire the murder weapon and commented quote.


That's the last sound Charles Kean hears. He says that the comment was clearly improper unprofessional designed solely for it's unfair presidential impact on the.


Hurry and cannot be tolerated while I was at the appeals court Bellator site prosecutor Burns requested Sympathy for the victim on several occasions made comments relating to societal alarm saying like, you know, if you let this guy go societies falling apart and stated that Tony had fabricated a defense through his little brother. So what that I think it might be true seems like you know what I mean it cuz he thought he would get off like we were saying here are the facts of the case demonstrate that he was undoubtedly subjected to extreme physical abuse abuse resulting in a great deal of pain and fright for an extended.


Of time before the Fatal wounds were inflicted including being locked in the trunk car and being beaten is there was testimony that Tony man that he knew what he was at Brown's house that he would be killed but he said to try and kill me this is illustrated by his plea for help from the Browns as well as his deathbed request to take care of his boys and raise them, right? Cuz that's what he said basically like the beginning of.


Woodwind Bullock is hanging that guy and he tells him to Ray tells it to him to tell assistant to raise his boys write the same exact thing in Oklahoma when your murdered you have to say.


Do you have to be your last words so through all of this they decide you sir may fuck off death penalty for you to everybody for four of a kind four four four four aces here everybody. So IV death for men originally set for June 1980 for like 3 months after after the fucking the verdict are still with originally delayed. There's a stay granted to do a appeal and all of that. So Thompson Dwayne Thompson being 15, his appeal goes all the way to the Supreme Court like the United States Supreme Court that it's a major landmark decision his case.


Actually. It's a big deal like it has its own Wikipedia page just be decision itself. So yeah the nothing about the case, but just the position in it. So the they said that he was 15 and they decided.


Would constitute cruel and or unusual punishment under the 8th and 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution and under Article II Section 9 of the Oklahoma Constitution. Well pump it up on both side. The current statute is this court unanimously rejecting the arguments found the at that imposition of the death penalty on a minor certified to stand trial as an adult constitutes constitutes. Neither cruel or unusual punishment. That's the statute in Oklahoma. So these shrink here this than we have some of my psychological thing here. The he says that Thompson says that the 5th and 6th Amendment rights were violated because he was not warned of his right to remain silent during those two interviews with the psychiatrist that said he was fine.


Did I basically he says that anything could be said could be used against him. The original record was silent in it, and then he filed for an affidavit on the whole thing and it stated that he was not.


So worn so there's a problem there. The Supreme Court is also held that a criminal defendant who neither initiates a psychiatric evaluation or attempts to introduce any psychiatric evidence may be compelled to respond to a psychiatrist if his statements can be used against them in a sentencing hearing so you don't have to unless it's you requested it basically so they said that when the defendant is face while in custody with court-ordered psychiatric dankery, the state may use his statements at the penalty phase only if the defendant is apprised of his rights and knowingly decided to wave them so that point there an agent of the state the same thing as a side effect of detective or the prosecutor came in the doctor knife.


You can't just use they can't just use that person as a you know, as a trojan horse to get your information, that's not okay specially under the guise of a doctor makes a fucking worse. So unless they know what is born if your for the future Wild Way in the future not even like he could do 20 years and then maybe we could rehabilitate. I'm not even.


If I feel like in 40 years will still be an asshole. Like wow, really? Okay, so the court I need one Justice did not participate in a 523 ruling. Yeah, the court rules in favor of Wayne Thompson holding that his execution would violate the 8th Amendment to the United States Constitution as applied to the states through the 14th Amendment the odd the opinion via Justice Stevens. He said that he noted the quote evolving standards of decency that Mark the progress of a maturing Society. He was the he gave the I'll give you the his his statement.


I'll give you Scalia statement the opposite of what I don't get why we can't kill children 10 year olds Scalia do I?.


New York if you could just look at me a little off the top of your head when they are and who will Thomas wasn't in yet this was an 88 so I'll get to it though. Yeah. Let's see here William Wayne Thompson here. He says that he slept slept a little more soundly knowing that he wasn't going to be executed after this. He said that quote I'm glad it's over him interview will know shit. He said that he was worried about never seeing the outside of Prison Walls again.


Now they say cuz he's going to be resentenced with a good behavior in a decent sentence in a timely parole. He might be out in 10 years depending on what to get sentenced to really you never know. So then he would be like 30, so I'll be high Court's order the sentence of the state. Sorry sentence him and they expect the Criminal Appeals, Ohio, Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals to commute the death sentence to life imprisonment in Oklahoma life sentence equals 45 years in.


He's already survived and then you figure what time served that's probably more realistic. They said what are you going to do? If you do get out and he said quote I'd like to get my GED which is General equipment equivalent. See if the high school diploma. If you don't graduate high school, if you're not from the US and then get into welding auto mechanics or auto body repair. He's got a beautiful dolls that's good. You could go to school when you can grab a difficult for that and you can do it his plans though our to definitely leave Oklahoma if you got here if he gets parole and he said I'll go out to California where two sisters and a brother a living perfect perfect.


Depending on his behavior will ease him into the general population soon. Basically will get him off death row in a minute here he offered this is Thompson Wayne Thompson offered some words of advice for youngsters contemplating.


Crimes in the newspaper for teenagers under 16. The Supreme Court said they could not be sentenced to die, but they will be put in prison if they commit a crime I know it's like beating my head against the wall by saying this but they should keep that very very much in mind kids that they can go to prison. So the ruling here expands on another ruling they said that they would hear more arguments now on this to kind of try to get a standard of how young you can execute people.


Basically, they're doing what what constitutes cruel and unusual punishment and all that sort of thing, which is fucking Wild for the Oklahoma Assistant Attorney. General said we anticipated they would do this. It just happened to be a case out of Oklahoma that made them do that and they they said the judge certified him to stand as an adult. We feel like the decisions of the of the jury should be upheld. That's up. Obviously his opinion now Justice John Paul Stevens writes the majority opinion quote.


We are not persuaded that the imposition of the death penalty for offenses committed by persons under 16 years of age as maid or candy may expect it to make any measurable contribution to the goal. The capital punishment is intended to achieve. So we're just kicking around ass is by killing kids. Basically now Scalia has another has another opinion. He says William Wayne Thompson is not a juvenile caught up in a legislative scheme that I'm thinking. We loved him together with adults for purposes of determining that that was an appropriate penalty for him.


And for his prime. There is no rational basis for Discerning in a societal judgment that no one so much as a day under 16 can ever be mature and morally responsible enough to deserve that penalty.


Really? Yes, if everybody was a robot great with the fact that that you end up with 15 year olds that don't aren't fucking tried the right way and aren't mature enough. Yes, if you could put everybody under a machine and go actually his real age is brain age is 22.6. So he knew what he was doing. But this guy is that would be a different story in this is you know, opening it up two way too much interpretation and people are stupid. So you can't do that.


I'm glad that dinosaurs dead. Yeah. That's what I mean. We hate to say, we're glad people are dead, but he wasn't nasty me motherfuker angry old man is very very angry and hated everybody. I agree with that sell and that's not political. That's just the guy was a dick Tony man appeals. He appeals on that benni McCarthy testimony all this over hearing should all over the house as hearsay testimony. Basically his thing they affirm the judgement against him against.


Any man, but there is dissent. They said unfortunately the appellants right to a fair trial was the victim of an overzealous prosecutor. The record is replete with error committed both during the stages of the trial when it's considered income in a cumulative fashion necessitates at the conviction be reversed and remanded for a new trial but it's not so there's that Richard Neal Jones Dickie Jones appeals. Remember he's got two bodies on a map of map of the body or he was participating in it. Like other people said and Tony Jones are I'm sorry Wayne Thompson was the only one who said he was passed out the whole time, but he took it off of everybody except for Bobby glass.


So we don't know that he says that that the trial court erred in permitting the admission of hearsay statements. Basically the same thing the last guy appealed on and here they said that the statements were not properly admissible in his appeal same exact statement from the same exact people mind. You are not admissible here, but were admissible against man.


So it's fucking interesting here. They said that the statement is not hearsay. If the statement is offered against the party and is the statement by a co-conspirator of a party during the course and in the furtherance of a conspiracy, they said it's essential foundational requirement that the statement be made during the course of the conspiracy. They said this wasn't he just overheard it later on. Is it in the context of a murder case accomplished by two or more co-defendants this Court held that the statements relating to the conversation between the two alleged conspirators days after the murder.


We're not admissible cuz that wasn't during the course of the thing so that guy hearing it was you know, it's out self. Also, he appeals on the account of the overly nice is overly graphic pictures as well. They said that there that was a big deal the two code photographs of the same ones. The other guy does objects about their ones covered. It went where are the bodies covered in algae and slime a factor which quote led to its gruesomeness and lessened. It's probably two values.


The algae partially covered the wounds to rate the the pictures before we put the kind of deal. We got to go PG-13 and the other one was the ones that aren't they covered the moon so they just showed him cuz they were asked they looked extra bad. It doesn't even help but it doesn't even show the wounds. So finally they also add prosecutorial misconduct and the court says we agree with the appellants assertion that the prosecutorial conduct in this case the Flies another basis for decision to remand for a new trial.


They says prosecute the misconduct was won the prosecutor repeatedly requested Sympathy for the victims during the voir dire the same one that got rejected for the other guy. It's all the same shit engaged in an improper prejudicial closing argument all the shit the prosecutor began asking the jury. Sympathy for the victim. I think every prosecutor does that. They are all thing they're so otherwise, they'd be like.


You're a fuck that guy. But you know, we're saying right listen, everybody deserves some sort of punishment the but all we think he just got a little too carried away with this one. Yeah, he's a dick but does he deserve to die? Yeah. Well, there's this one. They said there was that a try to inflame the passions of the jury and they also said that the comments during closing arguments that it was the job of the defense attorney need to quote get the client's off. So they were saying that that implies that they're saying they can do illegal things and untoward things to get them off rather than just it's a job.


So they said they said it was a gross Miss statement of the role to be fulfilled by the defense counsel the basic duty of the lawyer for the accused hose to the administration of justice in this disturb, the accused counselor as the accused counselor and Advocate with courage devotion of the utmost of his or her learning ability according to the law and rights of the accused that's their fucking job.


You're burying murderers. They know it's super necessary. So they also said it's unprofessional conduct for a lawyer intentionally to misrepresent matters of fact to a quart to a lot of the court. So the verdict here is reverse really new trial of her Dickie Jones whole new trial not just the sentence whole thing is reverse new trial 1988. He gets a retrial basically after that appeal no evidence is allowed in basically. The only evidence that'll is allowed in is Wayne Thompson's testimony and his testimony is he was asleep the whole time.


I did it. He was asleep. I did everything he was asleep the whole time. So now the whole thing the prosecutors are trying to get it basically they're trying to get it in that he killed his main witness against him feel like he stabbed to death is the main fucking witness against it.


They were like shit. What are we do here?.


So this is what happens when you.


And Sully the reputation of a defense attorney now you.


Hard part that's how do you spell position? So they said although one prosecution witness testified that Dickie Jones admitted during a conversation in jail that he helped Keen C help kill Keen. That's the only thing they have against him. Everything else is nothing. So not guilty verdict. Happy Burger two people for fucksake. Allegedly one and then definitely to do so out of everybody. That's a fucking that's crazy and he's a guy who gets let out not guilty. He is free to go after the decision. They just open the doors and let them out.


Wow. They said that his lawyer said the quote. He just cried he wasn't able to say anything for quite some time. He underwent a religious conversion down there and it should we did the verdict to God's will.


Dicky Dicky balls self 1994 comes around and Tony man loses another appeal here 1995. He has another deal and this is one he is a totally new angle down. This is for a conflict of interest with his attorney. Okay. Check this out. Man's attorneys Red Ivy one of us attorneys names is Red Ivy Jimmy. Would you hire a person in Red Ivy to represent you in a fucking death penalty trial? No. Thanks, Jesus and Steven buzzin Lose It Be uzin. I'm going to call it buzzing because he didn't do his job very well, Losing Stevens boozing.


He's boozin that Red Ivy.


They had a conflict of interest in representing man a trial because they both represented another key murder defendant Dickie Jones in an earlier trial. You can't do that part of Jones's defense was to insinuate that man and William Wayne Thompson were more culpable and had more motive for committing the crime so they were when they know.


Has more culpable it's like a pile of resources of like evidence is nothing then they can build it out to which case they can what the fuck is that it's awful. So they said after Jones was convicted in January 84 Ivy and blue and boozing went on to represent man and March of 84 the court finds that the multiple representation of man and Jones placed Ivy and Buzz in an ethically impossible situation with the actual adverse consequences for man one consequence of Rose when the attorneys with the option of having Jones testify in man's trial is that really sucks everything they needed him for that but then it Fox him so what are you do they decided against it?


Because Jones is testimony could be turned against himself in his appeal. So they protected one client at the expense of another which is tough part of men's defense was an attempt to show that he did not premeditated killing teen and he opposed the slaying of him during the abduction Jones is testimony would have balls.


The defense theory of his non culpability because he said he walked away but even they wouldn't let him testify cuz it would hurt him cuz they wanted him to be a comfortable to the whole thing's a fucking mess man. So they said out of all this he must receive a new trial new trial for man as well here. They said we really feel like mr. Man's involvement was greatly less than others and we filled the death sentence was unwarranted and the conviction was unwarranted. So this is why the death penalty stocking hear me out everybody even if you love it not because killing complete assholes is necessarily a terrible thing problem is we just can't do it fairly enough because people in general suck at their jobs, that's why.


Not all of them would enough of them to make it a thing. I was reading this book and it's a h John Benjamin was like Archer and fucking all that and Bob's Burgers and he was talk at the book is called. What is it a failure the.


God, dammit. I've read it twenty fucking times. I can't remember the name of it. Now failure is an option called. It's all about his failures in life. And he talks about how and every situation every profession out there. Maybe 10% of people are actually good at their jobs that you know, he went through like this is how many Carpenters there are that many people will fuck up your shit if you higher than like, it's just the way it is most people suck at what they do. So I don't know how I'll know how we can expect the entire judicial system to break that rule of human law just doesn't fucking work.




Exactly. So man ended up being convicted again. And this time you sir may fuck off. He sentenced to life without parole this time. So now he's in Forever 2000s off death row though. 2003 comes around Wayne Thompson's up for parole. It was 15 at the time now, he's like 35 he the parole and pardon and Parole Board recommends him for parole and he is sent to a prison work program that gives him greater freedom. But the governor Brad Henry ends up declining to sign off on the release and they send it back to jail.


He says Nope attack the University of Oklahoma law professor jobs in case before The Supreme Court that he never completely understood. The reason behind the rejection. He says Wayne falls into this abyss of people who are not sentenced to life without parole, but if we are not given a decent here.


The basically what they do is they sentence you to life with parole, but then you didn't never give you for all so it's just the fact of life without parole they call it there's been a big kerfuffle over at here. So I over the years he earned his GED. You also got an associate's degree took computer classes and became the administrator for his prison 12-step program. So he's done everything they've asked him to do everything they've asked and he still fucking there then so.


Get recommended for it and then see.


Nothing about this says no. Nope. Don't think so. So 2016 here after what they called years of exemplary conduct as we explained Thompson does get into trouble he gets into trouble for drug possession in prison, nothing violent, but that completely fucks his chances for parole though because now we can't even say he's perfect prison guard caught him with a half ounce of weed half an hour and a half ounce and a half ounce of meth. Oh, I'm sorry half ounce of weed in an ounce and a half of methamphetamine.


Whoa, that's he's the fucking drug dealer and his lawyer said besides the drugs. He's basically followed the rules his friends that say and his family is Mom specifically said that he was trying to sell the drugs in order to make money to support himself in prison, which that makes sense. That's why people do that prisoners often depend on family and apparently nobody was sending.


Money, so he doesn't get you know, if you need like toiletries phone calls food. That's not shit that sort of thing you need money for that shit. So I get stuff for him to hear his siblings by I am kloot shoes and clothes and they said quote he doesn't even like us to do that. He doesn't want to be a burden to the family that for the sister Cindy said in 2018. He's up for parole again and the pardon and Parole Board denied his parole again and investigator of for the parole for the board recommended in a report that Thompson be rejected quote not cuz of the drugs quote due to the nature and circumstances of the crime.


So they're still yeah bagging them for that 2019 comes around. He's still in jail. He says quote. I went 17 years without a misconduct and still couldn't get parole. He said it's been really frustrating now. I looked it up here and apparently juvenile life without parole prisoners re sentenced to life are don't get rolled a lot.


So they yeah baby when they give you life with parole that basically means go fuc yourself. Anyway, they said the 2018 the Oklahoma, pardon and Parole Board voted favorably to recommend parole for only six point three the only 6.3% of the time in violent offender cases. So he beat those odds and still got rejected by the governor. So yeah between 2018 and 16 the board voted in favor of parole for violent offenders just 3.56% of the time on average. She's not likely to get it there. They said wall of the state need not guarantee eventual release to a juvenile murder or defendant sentenced to life without the possibility of for our with the possibility of Parole in order to be constitutional such as such a sentence must present the defendants some realistic opportunity to obtain really sure which is very fucking Fair.


They had said they have Oklahoma has some juvenile offenders serving multiple consecutive life sentences, which juvenile sentencing reform people say R Us.


Constitutional that means we'll be in there forever. He said there were essentially life-without-parole sentences without being called that soap and around basically, they said nobody wants to take a chance because they don't want to be blamed for the one in town who might do something which is true. I don't want to be the ones who was a Hoover paroled in right traditionally the pardon and Parole Board of always looked at the question of why should this person be let out but we are now being asked to look at why these individuals and stay in that's that's a lot.


So they said that Thompson won't be eligible for parole again till 2021. So this is his family's launch to Facebook group to try and gain public support for his release. So he said I've already been tried convicted and sentenced aren't you supposed to judge me on what I've done since then so it's hard to argue with this kid hard to argue that he deserves a shot because I'm number one to he wasn't the ringleader. This is the difference if he was the ringleader of a group of 50.


Year old that would be slightly different cuz that's like an adult skills to organize that I hit crew and all that. But if you're the youngest by far in the group, including your brother who's 12 years older than you was in the group, you're not the shock collar man, you know, like I'm so no matter what he said or no matter how he tried to call. I'm a kid I can I say, I did all this it ain't him man. It's just not no matter how bad you want to be a baller you think that but you ain't you ain't so lately Thompson High School girlfriend got back a hold of him.


Then that a Bradford who had testified against them. She believed she said she believed she said she's the only way that she did it because he thought it was the only way to protect the family. That's why you killed buck and the two of reconnected since he's been in prison and she says quote he shouldn't have done what he did, but Wayne was a kid who pretty much didn't see any other way to stop it.


The adults were not taken care of it. That's the point right there. That's what I mean with a fifteen-year-old their reactionary they do with their environment makes them to basically that's so kids were just the way it is the same as a dog same as a dog man. It's whatever you put into it is going to be going to get out of it. So I mean, yeah, cuz I'm some kid dropping perfect environment and they can go off and kill people some kids come up and terrible environments and they just get straight A's and get scholarships.


But the beverage of it is basically a reflection of your environment that happened. So he's in there. I guess if you want him to be out of prison, you can join the Facebook group or whatever if you don't care fucking who gives a shit, but either way it's a great story and we hope you enjoyed it a lot cuz it's a wild one. We had a crazy time selling it. So if you didn't try that story tell the world about it tell most of all Apple podcast that purple icon GIF.


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