Transcribe your podcast

My name is Jason Bateman. My name is Sean Hayes. I'm Will Arnett and I'm a.. What am I saying? No, you're not. They're not at a meeting right now. You're not. I mean, you're doing a trailer for a podcast.


Got it. This summer because it is this summer. And this is a podcast, not a film.


So we don't always like it in a world trailer. Right.


We don't have to be like this summer. Our new podcast drops, I guess. Would it be drop? That's too hip to hit.


I think that how the show came about was Jason. I were hanging out and and Jason said, hey, went about doing a pod panel.


Will said he was gonna do a podcast. And I said, I think I think I may have snored in on that and shows like, Oh, I want to too. So then Isaac and I called Wil and I said, Well, heads up. Sean, I think wants to get in on the podcast that I kind of got in on. And so now it's kind of a three headed beast. Are you down with that? If you're not, get ready for an excuse.


Cause Sean's probably to call you. Right.


And I can't think of two people that I'd rather do a podcast with right now. I can't think of it.


Right. But just give you a second. Right. If you just give me till it's called smart lists as it less smart, we're gonna have a guest per episode. And each one of us sort of alternates on picking that guest. But we don't tell the other two smart list dudes who the guest is.


Right. You ready for this? You ready? That's a classic Bateman here. Here's a quicker way to describe it. Each week, one of us brings a guest that the other two don't know about. Wow. Says a thousand words when he could say one.


That makes you smarter and more smart. Less. I'm smart. Let's do. I mean, there's. So now we know. I know. You know, I'm making sure the audience knows how dumb I am.


If you're comfortable, subscribe now, subscribe now at. Guys, I'm going to suggest that our listener subscribe now. Smart. Smart, less smart, less smart, less. I've never seen somebodies personality leave their bodies so quickly.